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Dana Loesch Show
Dana Loesch
December 26, 2023
The Dana Show wants to try to see if they can draw artwork similar to Hunter Biden and make millions Meanwhile Dana hides her phone in a secret Faraday bag after her content from YouTube got taken down Please visit our great sponsors All Family Pharmacyhttps allfamilypharma com danaSave with code DANA when you order today at https allfamilypharma com dana [... more]
Dana Loesch Show
Dana Loesch
November 10, 2023
Another day another montage of mumbling amp word salads from the two most powerful people in the country Also Dana is upset that Kane doesn't play video games with her Plus Dana hides her phone in a secret Faraday bag after her content from YouTube got taken down Please visit our great sponsors After Deathhttps angle com danaSee a never-before-seen glimpse into what the next life could entail in After Death in theaters now Rated PG- Black Rifle Coffeehttps blackriflecoffee com danaChange the lives of Veterans and their families with the Boot Campaign with every purchase of the Ready-to-Drink Coffee [... more]
The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk
October 18, 2023
Why does almost every movie and every TV show sound like propaganda for the left It's because for more than half a century the left has steadily hijacked America's organs of cultural production The solution The right needs to either reconquer the culture or restart its own from scratch Jeremy Boreing of the Daily Wire discusses their new upcoming Snow White movie and the Wire's other projects to create non-woke mass media Then Andy Biggs gives his assessment of the power struggle in the U S House where there is a rising danger of a compromise speaker chosen by the [... more]
The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk
October 09, 2023
In this special double episode Charlie reacts to the shocking and horrifying events in Israel where a surprise attack by Hamas has claimed nearly a thousand innocent lives taken a hundred hostages and driven Israel to declare its first war in half a century Charlie explains what happened what will happen next and what the best posture for America is amid the chaos Rabbi Daniel Lapin and Will Scharf weigh in on one of the clearest clashes between the forces of civilization and the forces of barbarism in living memory Support the show http www charliekirk com supportSee omnystudio com [... more]
The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk
September 20, 2023
The Democrat bid for permanent domination on America is built on the assumption they will always win a supermajority of non-white voters But right now that assumption is falling apart New polling suggests the GOP could gets its strongest results with black and Hispanic voters in more than half a century Crime Inc author VInce Everett Ellison talks about the issues from transgenderism to open borders to inflation that are devastating Democrats with their traditional base Plus Charlie responds to the calculated hitjob against Russell Brand which has nothing to do with sex and everything to do with his new [... more]
Amy Lawrence Show
Amy Lawrence
June 16, 2023
On a free-for-all Friday Who are the best coaches managers in sports The one's who can make a difference right away Rob Manfred says he feels sorry for A's fans The Mayor of Oakland says the city definitely wants to keep the A's [... more]
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
May 09, 2023
Marriage is treated by many as a temporary thing easy to dissolve and walk away from But as Skip explains in the message The First Wedding God's design is for marriage to form a permanent bond between man and woman [... more]
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
April 19, 2023
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So What?
Lon Solomon
October 25, 2022
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Focus on the Family
Jim Daly
September 22, 2022
Dr Randy Schroeder returns once more to Focus on the Family to discuss habits you can integrate into your marriage Jim talks to Randy about pursuing the daily essentials of affection in your marriage promoting emotional closeness and leaving and cleaving properly Part of Receive the book Simple Habits for Marital Happiness and the audio download of the broadcast Forming New Habits For Your Marriage for your donation of any amount Plus receive member-exclusive benefits when you make a recurring gift today Your monthly support helps families thrive https donate focusonthefamily com don-daily-broadcast-product- - - refcd Get more episode resources [... more]
Family Policy Matters
NC Family Policy
February 14, 2022
This week on Family Policy Matters host Traci DeVette Griggs welcomes Sue Liebel from the Susan B Anthony List to discuss the potentially landmark U S Supreme Court abortion case Dobbs v Jackson Women's Health Liebel shares how states can be preparing themselves for a post-Roe v Wade world and what abortion laws currently look like in North Carolina [... more]
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
January 08, 2022
Jesus said that nbsp He nbsp would build His church But how does He build it What means does He use to call people out of the world and into His church The answer is simple nbsp Evangelism nbsp As the early church and any church shined it s light by proclamation and by practice people left the darkness In fact in the first stages of the church unlike today quot joining the church quot and quot being saved quot were equivalent statements Let s see how the first church did evangelism This teaching is from the series Church Who [... more]
It's Time to Man Up!
Nikita Koloff
January 04, 2022
Today marks the th Episode for Q A with Koloff On this mile stone show Nikita speaks with Brad and Sharron Kimberlin AKA Mr Rooter and discuss what God has done in their family and business [... more]
So What?
Lon Solomon
July 18, 2021
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