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Q&A With Koloff- #50

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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January 4, 2022 1:00 am

Q&A With Koloff- #50

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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January 4, 2022 1:00 am

Today marks the 50th Episode for Q&A with Koloff. On this mile stone show Nikita speaks with Brad and Sharron Kimberlin AKA Mr. Rooter and discuss what God has done in their family and business.

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Hi, this is Roy Jones with ManTalk Radio Podcast. Our mission is to break down the walls of race and denomination. Your chosen Truth Radio Broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds.

Thank you. This is the Truth Network. Nikita Kolov here. Questions and answers. Q&A with Kolov, the devil's nightmare. Welcome back to another episode of Q&A.

Questions and answers with Kolov. And the format of this show is the opportunity for my guests to ask me questions. So I'm typically the one asking the questions, but on this show we flip it around, we reverse it. And today Brad and Sharon Kimberlin are on the show with me today.

And I have no clue, I should say, what kind of questions they're going to ask me. But great to have you guys on the show. Thank you for coming on. Thanks, Nikita. Well, it's great to have you here. And, you know, before we, of course, let's just do that before we jump into the questioning.

Brad, Plumbing, Mr. Rooter, you've got a plumbing business. You guys work together. You've done that for many, many years, right?

Yes, yes. How many years have you guys done that together? 22.

22 years. Mr. Rooter, located in Kannapolis, North Carolina. That's correct. But you service a pretty wide area there. Yes.

And in the Concord, Kannapolis, and surrounding areas. And Sharon, so working with your husband for 22 years, has that had any challenges with that at all? Oh, yes, absolutely. I thought for sure you could. No, no challenges at all.

It's just been smooth sailing the whole time. So, well, I mean, marriage in itself is challenging enough, right? Yes.

Let alone working together. So do you guys, let me ask you a question, Sharon. Do you guys ever, since you work together, and I know you do different aspects of the business, but do you ever find that you do need to take a break from each other since you're together that much?

And do you find that? Oh, yes, yes. You know, I may, I need to go run this errand. I will be back soon, honey. I love you. That's it. I love you. I'm going to, yeah, I'll be back.

I'll be back. Well, and that's just life, right? I mean, do you find it more, how would I, I'm not afraid.

Is it, would you say more challenging? Like, you know, a lot of couples can't work together. They've told me, they've said to me, I just, I couldn't work with my husband or I couldn't work with my wife and it has nothing to do with loving them.

I mean, you know, I love my wife, love my husband. We just, we just can't work together. Right. But you guys have made it work. And so for, for our listeners out there, what, if there was one little nugget here that you would say that you made it work, what would you say that that nugget was? Oh, prayer, press into the Lord when, when that occurrence happens, whatever it is, that conflict just, Lord, what do you say in this? And yeah. So conflict resolution at the foot of the cross. Yes. And what would, is there something that you would add to that, Brad, or would you just, just agree with it?

Is there a nugget for you? That that has been a catalyst that's made it work? Well, basically, when we put, we put Christ in the center of our business, but just, we submitted to what God gifted us both with, and, you know, kind of stay in our own lane. You know, she's gifted to do far more things than I am. I'm just kind of the technical, technical and physical guy, but she does so much behind the scenes that God just spoke and said, look, you may want to do this, but this isn't her gifting. You, you stay in your lane. You do what you've been called to do. Let her do what she's been called to do. And together, y'all can make the whole work. That, that's, that's great advice. So let me summarize it. We're going to get to these questions here for, let me summarize by saying, so what I'm hearing is she's the brains and you're the brawn.

That's what I'm hearing. Pretty much. All right. Well, hey, let's flip it around. Let's have a little fun here. And whoever wants to go first, go ahead and throw your first question out to me. I want to ask how does fitness, your training now differ from your training in the past before the Lord, like in your wrestling days, your workouts, how do you put the God in the workout now? That's a great question, Sharon, because there's definitely a shift for a couple reasons.

One, my age, I know I look a lot younger than, than I am. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. But, but definitely, definitely my age is a factor, but the Lord is also a factor. That's a great question because I have been now consistently, and I've taken time off here and there. I mean, a week here, a week there, or, you know, if I've traveled overseas and didn't have access to a gym, you know, I maybe had to do air squats and pushups as opposed to bench press and, and dumbbell curls, right? So I've had to learn over the years, depending on the setting situation, where I am on, on how to adapt. Let's just start with that.

Okay. And, and consistently 50 years now, a half a century, man, it sounds like a long time, I guess, cause it is right. 50 years I've consistently been in the gym. So, so way back when, especially during, let's just say the wrestling days where I might spend two or three hours in a gym, like daily, like an hour on one body part. And I might do four or five different exercises and three or four different sets per body part. All of that has shifted and changed to where now I tell people, I'm not trying to impress anybody when I go into the gym. Like for real, I'm not trying to max out with a 500 pound bench press or, or, or any of that.

Right. I'm just trying to maintain and take care of this body and which, which I'll transition to how the Lord came into the picture. So where I once would go into the gym to try to impress myself and how I looked in a mirror, as well as impress others. Once I surrendered my life to the Lord, I come to realize one, my body's not even mine. You know, scripture says 1 Corinthians 6, 19 and 20 says you were bought at a price. Your body is the temple that houses the Holy spirit and it's not even yours.

It's it's his. And so the body's now, I look, the way I view it is on loan to me. And so I have a mandate. I feel to, to do the best of my ability to take care of this body when it comes, not only exercising, but eating and just that whole picture. Right. And so my motivation now, when I go to the gym is more to honor the Lord with, with this body that he's given me that it is to go in and try and impress myself or anyone else.

When I go into the gym set, does that make sense? Does that answer the question for you? That's a great question. I don't think I've ever been, been asked that at all before.

That's a great question. Awesome. Brad, what you got for me?

Oh, ready for some spiritual questions? Sure. Yeah, we this, this is something that's come up lately.

And it keeps coming up for change. So for, for some reason, it's a, it's always nice getting another viewpoint of it. Men or women submit to your husband. Okay. See so many people taking that to an extreme to kind of put women at a lower position.

Okay. And instead of honoring their, their women and or wives, and, you know, showing the love of Christ to them. How would you address that with someone who's just browbeat on women submit to your husband? Yeah, I think, I mean, even just that word submit, I think on both, on both ends, you know, the, the, you know, the enemy, the enemy tries to, to twist everything, right. And, and the word submit, the word submission seems to have such a, for whatever reason, a negative con context to it, right.

Like, like, oh, I'm not going to submit to you or I'm not going to, right. But nevertheless, my, my view on that would be that, that for, for a man, it's not that you're an authority over, over the woman in my view, it's that she's a helpmate, but she's there side by side, right? It's, it's not her being under your thumb, or under a man's thumb under a husband's thumb. It's recognizing, you know, as we have said, as you have said, she has gifts and strengths, I have gifts and strengths. Let me, let me, let me honor the strengths that she has, brings into the marriage. Celebrate the differences, because there's differences in, in every personality, every person, every, every marriage, right.

Let me celebrate the differences. And just recognize as, as the husband, as the man of the home. Yeah, I'm the spiritual leader, but that doesn't mean, that doesn't mean I'm a dictator. And she's under my rule, you know, because she's in my home. No, it's, we're, we're, we're, we're in partnership here, just like we're in partnership with the Lord, right?

As the bride of Christ, and Jesus as the bridegroom, right? We're in partnership with him. He's the head of the church, the man's the head of the home, but we're working together side by side. And so even, and then for the woman, in my view, it's, it's, it's having a level of trust that my husband's hearing from the Lord. And, and, and, and even if I have a difference of agreement with him, if I submit to that, if he misses it, then hopefully he's man enough to come back and say, honey, I'm sorry, I missed it. I thought I was hearing from God, but I missed it. Or for the wife to say, man, I'm, I'm so glad you heard so well from the Lord on, on, on this XYZ, whatever the decision is, right? Fill in the blank or whatever.

But more than anything, I guess I would summarize to say, it's not a dictatorship. I'm going to lead, but I'm going to lead, I'm going to be a servant leader in my home. Sure.

Yes. So I'm going to lead by serving. I'm going to serve my wife. I'm going to serve my children and take that approach to the marriage, that approach to the family. But more than anything, we're, we're in partnership here. We're side by side.

It's not me ruling over you. Does that answer the question helpful? Oh, yes.

So good. Okay. Another question Sharon. What is wholeness to you? Wholeness.

Well, that's a good one. I mean, that kind of lead, that would lead into the vision God gave Lex Luger and I in developing Man Up Conference and developing Man Camp. He gave us the scripture first Thessalonians 5 23 to be whole in spirit, soul and body. And, and so what our focus is through the conferences and through the camps and even just conversations outside of those settings is really to encourage men and women to pursue being healthy. This kind of ties into the workouts, right?

And the eating. Being healthy spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, being, and, and the goal being, being in being whole is if I recognize that there's some of these areas of my life that there, that that I'm, I'm fractured or that I'm wounded or that I'm hurt or, or that I'm maybe uneducated on is, is a couple things. One educating myself on what I'm lacking in these areas of my life. You know, what, what, what's missing and then be willing to receive, whether it's received counsel, like let's say counsel in marriage or counsel in the area of health and wellness for me physically or pursuing a deeper, more intimate, more passionate relationship with the Lord that would help me be, that would help enable me to be whole in these different areas. Whereas where, and recognizing that I, that there's areas of my life that need improvement, that I'm not, you know, that I'm not healed or I'm, you know, I've got wounds or is that, is that address it or we can, we can expand on it. Is that helpful?

That's helpful. Yes. It's that body, soul, spirit connection.

I know I came from being disconnected with my body from past pain, like you spoke about. Yeah. Yeah. So that is, that's great. Let me just, so I'll take some, that's, that's good.

Cause I'll take something else onto that. And cause what I found is, is if I'm suffering in one area, like I'm not healed or whole in, in one area of my life, let's just say you said body, soul, spirit, let's just take my soul, which is your mind, your will and your emotions. Right.

So I'm, I'm an emotional wrecker. I just, I just know I'm not mentally whole where I haven't fully submitted my will to the father. So, right. If I haven't fully submitted it, then I'm not whole.

Right. And so if I recognize that I'm suffering in one of these areas, it will affect the other areas. It will affect me physically. It will affect me spiritually. And so my focus, I need to focus on, on, on not just one particular area. I need to focus and balance all of these areas and evaluate my, my own life to do an honest evaluation, look in the mirror and say, am I whole, healthy, healed mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically.

And if I, if I could admit that I'm lacking in one area, then be willing not only to admit that, but then work on it. Yes. That makes sense. Yes.

So that's cool. Um, all right, Brad, time for one more question. You got, you got one more question. All right. Uh, let's go to some wrestling. Let's do it.

Any decision choices that you made earlier in your career that you wish you had done differently? Ooh. Oh, whoa.

Um, gosh, it's a, that's a, that's a great question. You know, I, I look back on my wrestling career with, with of course fond memory. Sure. Um, I mean, the unique way that I broke into wrestling with no experience, no back, I mean, thrown into the fire, you know, thrown into the ring in Dorton arena, having never been in a ring right on television, no less in front of a sold out crowd. And, and I say a heated building, it was summertime and it was hot in the Dorton arena, you know, and, um, and so what, if I think about the, the launch of my career, and then you might say the meteoric rise to, if you want to say stardom, um, grateful, thankful to, to have experienced both as a good guy and a bad guy.

Oh, yes. Grateful for the career I had in the NWA and WCW and, and traveling to, I mean, I went to Japan several times, Kuwait, the Middle East, over to Guam and Saipan and Puerto Rico. And I recently did a podcast, uh, for, uh, one of the largest, if not, I think the largest Spanish speaking podcast on the planet. Um, some great questions about Puerto Rico, of course, up to Canada and all over, um, never won the world heavyweight title. Although I had many, many matches against that, that blonde haired guy that would go, whoa, I'm sure all the listeners might know who I'm referring to. If you want to be the man, you got to beat the man and walk that aisle. And well, I walked that out many, many times, never walked away with, with the 10 pounds of gold. I don't necessarily regret that. Um, in fact, on two different occasions, he offered me the belt and I respectfully declined. I'm probably one of a handful of guys who ever turned down the world heavyweight title. Um, the other thing, if I look back and say, well, you know, if you did a reboot or reset, you know, it might've been fun to get in the ring at WrestleMania with Hulk Hogan.

All the fans tell me that would have been a major draw and what is so made a boatload of money, uh, had Hogan and I had to run with each other. And, uh, and so just thinking back, I mean, you know, you, you kind of think of those things, but I summarize all that to say, I really no, no regrets on my career. Even, even the way I walked away, you know, at age 33, again, very unusual in the sense of not only how I broke in, but how I walked away from wrestling. Um, and little did I know though, 11 months later, I would find myself at, at, at the foot of the cross.

I would find myself at an altar, surrender my life to Jesus 17, October, 1993. And then the last 28 plus years, now the Lord using wrestling as a platform to take me all over the world and, and spread the good news. And so I'm grateful that I had the, the success I had, but all of that honestly pales in comparison to what I've had the privilege of doing the last 20 plus years. So great questions, guys. Great questions, very unique questions.

I don't know how those before. Well, guys, thank you for coming on the Q and A with Koloff and appreciate you guys. Thanks for having, uh, coming in the studio and, uh, just appreciate your friendship.

Yes. Thank you. Thank you for having us. Awesome. Well, join us again for another episode of Q and A questions and answers with Koloff, where you get the opportunity to ask me, Hey, if you'd like to submit some questions, go to and perhaps you'll get a personal phone call from me.

And you and I can talk directly and I can answer your questions. Thanks for tuning in. God bless you. If you've enjoyed the man up radio show and or the man up podcast. Well, guess what? It's time to man up TV style. That's right. You heard me 2022, the man up TV show, the man up show on

That's right. Tune in, dial in to man up on This is the truth network.
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