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October 2, 2020 9:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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October 2, 2020 9:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses and compares recent conversations with LDS, Eastern Ortodox, and atheists.--2- Where was Jesus Christ born-from---3- Is it biblical to baptize people in just the name of Jesus---4- When Hebrews 8 quotes Jeremiah 31, is that only applying to the Jews- How does that fit with Luke 22---5- Can you explain the reasons for Lev. 16-17-18- Was it sin or merely uncleanliness---6- If a person turns away from Christ, were they ever really saved to begin with---7- Can you clarify limited atonement- How is that fair-right-

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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt like why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research ministry found online at the car and got more you have questions about Bible doctrine is a max likewise glances called in responding to your questions and seven Matt slick back show will have a great weekend and interestingly let's story so I this friend about two hours from you so young guy left Mormonism became reformed, got married, new baby, you know just how it is with your new new young family and saw him brought a whole bunch of books for him. I went out Joe great guy. Great men of God and without little bunch of books and hamburgers time. We had a good time to bless him and he blessed us and you do stuff like that is really good and is thankful able to go places and talk to people and enjoy people's company Swanson around last night and the dogs watching TV because it's Sunday night Max is having a good time and the then you'll text my phone from friends debated right now.

People in a room and this court picture one and I go in there I don't know who, what, I don't know what's going on called oldest son like so well to 1/2 hours of mayhem home. Man oh man oh man go this guy could argue his way out of a wet paper bag and you had to get a PhD in philosophy, which I strongly doubt because he makes the mistakes or just just critical thinking he wasn't able to to articulate problems, logic issues very well. I was like actually wanting to get a PhD. I don't see I can't see it and he would get this incident. I bring this up for.

I wanted to go to Scripture. Let's go to the Scripture, looks at the Scripture says and he kept saying no, we can't go to the Bible until you tell me how we got it. Now we know it's true, except that I tell you why the Bible is what it is but I answered empowering the witness of the Spirit to how God works through the Christians through church history, and counsel something like to recognize the word of God. I told it like the answer is what he said.

He said the same thing is what he said and he said that the Holy Spirit would bear witness? That's right I said, yet I was the one who was wrong for saying the same thing he was. I found that we had this guy come in his first name J all now only tell you something. The group of people that have treated me the worst is the Satanists. Okay, that goes outside Satanist groups, families, the next worst group with the Universalists they are, you'll teach about God's love for everybody are they full of vitriol, hatred and condemnation and then I would say that some atheists fall into this underneath the Universalists, but for the most part the atheist been pretty good. You will be with them and some are some jerks there but the most part of in pretty decent cake now. Aside from the first lists just which group is treated the absolute worst.

It's the people from Eastern Orthodox, it's not the only time to counter them. I I'm telling you I don't know what their problem is full of accusation rudeness insults condemnation mockery. They show no love of Christ whatsoever. It was really shameful and I concluded.

Finally, I concluded last this guy having people interrupt and Ruby road and saying you know I'm for that.all things like that.

I concluded that with Eastern Orthodox people do is replace Jesus with their church because the church is the way the truth and the life. Nobody can come to God except through their church, their church councils their church scriptures their church tradition the Bible itself has to be submitted to whatever their church tells you you can't just go straight to work and even though I brought up scriptures where they did exactly that. The guy ignored the Scriptures. It took me an hour maybe an hour 20 minutes to get him to finally go to the word of God and look at Scripture to see. Let's see if what you teach. You don't agree the Scripture, and he say now you can go to Scripture until you could tell me her hermeneutic principles are true and blah blah for the struggle to this like we just read it except if you don't jump 11 435 Jesus wept and I just type it up was that I interpret that I often interpret to mean that Jesus wept scrubbing my right.

It took 10 minutes from say yes all was that they needed church council for that. No, let's go read the word and we finally after about an hour 20 minutes got to Colossians 213, 14 and I read it. He would even look at it and explain what is telling you this is my we can do for me this is a good day is a good time for me. I don't know what it is what's wrong with me.

I have a friend named Dave and he has. It is a condition he needed in the name of the condition and he's listing. Call them tumblers or someone knows when he gets capital and he laughs when it's painful. He laughs it's a it's a disorder and is a name for excellence in the early painful half of these crazy laughs which I've seen him funny stories like I saw him once get smacked in the fingertips by something was pretty hysterical and he was laughing so much paid any rate, so is the same kind of thing for me when I encounter heresy that I enjoy. I don't know what is wrong with me but I enjoyed it and then when it was my day. That was my model is that evening and I enjoyed it. So if you by any chance of you heard that comment for your two cents in and in the meantime while we just jump on the line to get to Kent from North Carolina can't welcome you on the line you I will recommend what you will you you again okay here we go through, which is origin and nature. The human nature or divine nature, probably on. I got you were born in Bethlehem and go from the okay so right like you that you will owe a great day long. god ordained it that way all question when we way way way way: sick do you believe that God is in control of all things.

Okay, so God's hold on hold on. So God's in control of all things is he in control of the New Testament documents is his control of the New Testament documents you okay okay so he's in control New Testament documents. I'm glad you know that so do you agree then that God's sovereignty ordained the New Testament to be written in Greek, you mean God did not on what we have these cities in control of all things and so you said he is not in control of how the New Testament was written percent is a hard question for me. I've moved 40 times of my life, literally 40 okay so I don't know where anyone states and lived in a bunch of others. Okay, so just having a name my name is Matthew which means gift of God. That's what it is. Matthew selects and slick come from the German Schlichting that shortened solution adjournments. So what so what. So Jesus the name is this how many times the word in Jesus which is Jesus occurs in the New Testament times, no, no, not 10,914 times. Okay so did God ordained that the word Jesus the name of Jesus we are the recorded 914 times New Testament documents Now that there are New Testament documents older than Constantine's time way over 200 years older. With the word Jesus in it so that argument doesn't hundred years ago the bank 2000 years ago just came EA's is telling I'm pronouncing it for you EA since okay it's not okay Eta Sigma omicron epsilon Sigma E. Jesus okay you says this is where you changing the word of God.

Cults do that and cults change the word of God to make it fit your theology cults alter God's word.

So why do you alter God's word where you change the negative fit when doing you are not on the Christian NYU changing God's word what cults you changing God's word. You know this Hebrew Israelite idiocy. You are nothing more than a cult deceived by these people you don't know what is.

I've given you the evidence on 914 times at the word Jesu Jesus occurs in the New Testament, and many of the documents are recorded way before the time of Constantine, you, Chris.

You're not informed in your about the truth. So what will you do folks because it's like Argus wall.

Sometimes in our practice, argue people like this are little wallet have an argument with it. Okay, now you done this many and you don't the same effect pay for you to call one open line 877-207-2276 look at the Philip from Orlando Philip welcome you around here. Where are you going I'm doing are you good start this question on all God I live in you to think like the backyard all in the name of the father in the front of the Holy Spirit you only privatize people in the name would you cry that biblical desire. I yeah now that word got there.

You know word what yeah I do hold on and will answer okay they felt to write that Kathy's messages that I call 770770, out of breath. I had during a break. I had to run downstairs and I had to put something outside for some to pick up.

Then I noticed a big package was there.

We ordered a generator in the flows to heavy cider run around in the house open the garage run outside, move this heavy thing from you hundred 50, 200 pounds and then run back up here so that's my 63-year-old self trying to catch up with the breath and get this my wife is listening and she's an out-of-state along with Barb so hey Annika love you and Barb, how are you my saying hi to both of you. Hope you enjoy the show today you have questions that you can ask, all right, let's get back on the air to with the Philip from Orlando, Florida hey it Philip welcome you back on. Okay, so they Jesus thing you will like you would like all of 20. Show me Scripture in the book of heart were dated like they don't do that you there's not one is not one recording with a baptize cloaked in the name of the father-son Holy Spirit." It's always recorded as a baptize a name of Jesus that was always says. And he's quoting those anything that's a proper formula for baptism right yeah okay Aminah so here's the know that I mean I don't write me could and map you got card in the name of the author.

Without brightening him to give you an answer. Okay Matteo was going yeah all right. The phrase in the name of these by the authority off. We pray in the name of Jesus.

This, by the name of Jesus that this person does this and that. So when you go to next chapter 4 verse 7B known to all of you and all the people of Israel, but that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom you crucified, whom God raised solution by that that this name that's what they're doing their single where begotten estimates verse nine of verse seven says when they had placed them in the center. They begin to inquire by what power or in what name have you done this on the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus means by the authority of that's why he goes on, and he says it's in the name of Jesus that whom you crucified that this man is able to stand by that authority. So when you baptize in the name of Jesus.

What you do is you baptize this way, I baptize you in the father-son Holy Spirit because that's what Jesus specifically commanded. Matthew 2818 through 2005 that was going on. So generally, people who do that are in oneness cult, the oneness people do that. They say has been key to snake and they they don't understand, and they couldn't execute their way out of a wet paper heresy so that is going on talk.

When he got hurt people in the name of briefing the Trinity.

Yes, like the Trinity right because the oneness people young Pentecostal, United apostolic, they deny the Trinity, so they try and find a way to get around that evening baptism so baptize name of Jesus and that some of groups will say there's dirt derivation of the group. Some of them will say the name of God is actually Jesus and Jesus is the one manifestation of the true living God because there's only one person in the Godhead, not three father-son Holy Spirit so that they do. This is just a cult but does this in the sky, probably occultist right right I so what are my godless buddy.


All right. It's good to Tom from Raleigh, North Carolina Tom welcome.

I'm not looking at Hebrews chapter 8 and in Hebrews chapter 8 the author Jeremiah chapter 31 and 80 referred to there being a new covenant and let me frame the money quote is from Jeremiah 31 way quote that the days are coming, that the Lord what I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and without Judah.

I will put my law into their minds and write them on their heart I will be their God and they will be my people, and each person will teach us develop the defendant each his brother. The third thing you know the Lord will not because they will all know me from the lease of them to the great so it definitely applies the thrill in the house of Judah, probably in the millennium on. I know you're online about one Jesus return, but there you think that the author here is a lying bit quote patient from Jeremiah all the church that Jesus and it is the new covenant which he refers to in Luke 2220 will. Here's a problem with got and the problem is with my understanding explain what I mean in Luke 2220 talk with new covenant to the side of the new covenant is the communion when we go through Hebrews and I did this a while back in and was one of those were you looking you staring Your forefinger and your chin and you kinda because I noticed maybe you did that the new covenant here in the context of Hebrews seems to be applied only the house of Israel. So now I have to do is go through and look at in any and every instance of the new covenant spoken of in the Old Testament as well as New Testament which I have not done yet. I need to do this and give your phone call remind me and get motivated tonight or tomorrow to come to a study on it because the issue of the covenant.

We know there's new covenant, and most people take this out of Jeremiah and Satan write my loss in your heart, but I think he's talking to Israel and I believe because I'm not a replacement theologian of because I don't Israel perk for Romans 11 2526 I think the new covenant is related to that now were grafted in, because the Jews rejected Jesus, and so we, the Gentiles are grafted then because it covenant faithfulness but God is still faithfulness covenant so I have to to take a look at it as it says in Hebrews 88.

Behold, data coming, says the Lord, when I will effect a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah. Not like the covenant which I made with the forefathers will I'm not the covenant I'm a gentleman. My from the house of Israel or the house of Judah. So I will perplexed so far by how people will take this new covenant, Satan belongs to us and I don't. I just don't see it gets up. That's right, Matt. I have asserted it in depth enough no name, and you have to because you asked some who don't know anything yet. Good thing that were grafted into the house of the throne. There is no distinction between Jew and Gentile. Now it would you gain from the reading of it that we are had Israel leave the Gentile are grafted in, and we have God's laws written on our minds and our hearts right and then when Jesus return, then the Jews will believe it just like that of the Jews.

All the new covenant in there's a lot of truth what you said because seek Jesus was sent, not to the whole world hears only sent of the lost sheep of the house of Israel perk.

Matthew 1124 is what he said so the covenant faithfulness requirement that Christ had to come for the nation of Israel. He did not, he was not sent to redeem the whole world, but only to redeem Israel to be their king.

They rejected him and so we, the Gentiles are grafted in the course as prophesied in Genesis 12 three into Paul quotes that in Galatians 38: if the gospel in you all the nation shall be blessed. So God was certainly aware of the rejection of the ship of the Jews of the true Messiah.

So we are in a sense of replacing Israel for a time, not evidently completely pulled on the pay socially right back after these messages, Matt slick, why call 770727 charismatic sling.

Tom is still there. I'm hey guess what I did break I went my Bible program I did a search for the phrase new covenant, it appears eight times in the entire Bible is new American Standard, and that's really interesting and the reason it's interesting is because in Greek and Hebrew.

The letters are also numbers and so when you write letters are also running a set of numbers is called the matryoshka really interesting relationships, but nevertheless the good match for your first Yaesu priestess is Jesus Christ is 888 which is really interesting and hundred 53 fish that he caught is a time 17 was known as thinkers and were eight people on Noah's Ark and your circumcised on the eighth day and is eight people so eight is a number of new beginnings.

And it's interesting it says it's the new covenant that occurs eight times. I just think it's interesting, but nevertheless you can motivated me to to do a study on the new covenant see how it's used and the thing go through it you do that all right well okay what you think about what you and if you study it to you live know what you find.

Call up some time hanging.

I found this and that, because I don't have all the answers but I always want to find out what people are to teach and and discovering so that we can work together. I'm sure okay what about thanks have a good day you two got bless all right is gone there with Randall from West Virginia Randall you're on the air. I Matt I listen to your debate with (three years ago. Love it with great but there was the topic you guys are talking about.

I don't want to be unguided G rated normal product, you know, okay right but third athlete in Leviticus and I just came up on. I was reading yesterday Saying Bert Dick being through 18. Let me read it and have been right about that one topic, probably by a young man more than than just about any other topic about worked in the church and everything per year near but they never thought there was anything in the Bible about this, but it is every think the media have a kind describe what it is because of the nature of its will be very vague and so people understand often right young males at certain ages as her maturing developed the certain things that develop because of their maleness and also in the Bible it is talking about is seeing certain emissions and becoming unclean until evening, and is talk about a specific thing alright so hope I got the cross with something to her children right so why why is that okay are you asking in light of that are you asking. Are they then unclean is interesting. While novel Lambert thing thing that right man and met eight pain, the man and the woman, and neither one of them thing decided start sanding it did that their unclaimed delayed right in the recent, but not anyone is right. The reason you have a reason to have this kind of loss about cleanliness is one it actually was health-related and the other it was a spiritually related note, the issue ultimately ogled reverse of the spiritual issue is that in Deuteronomy 17, one cannot offer sacrifice of the blemish, the idea of purity and cleanliness before God and so God called Israelites to be separate from other nations and so these cleanliness laws were there, in part, to demonstrate their separateness from other groups of people and ultimately with point to the cross of Christ because the perfect clean person of Christ to never send first Peter 222 is the one who offered the sacrifice of purity before two got a father.

So this is why this ultimately is like that. Also, these things are – possess certain health benefits and the idea of being strict in certain areas particular in a culture like that we don't have a lot of running water, antiseptics, etc., is to remain clean so that germs, etc. don't spread it didn't understand a germ stop. Incidentally, the black plague, which I think started in Vienna in the 1500s informational memorize all the days 5044 sitting 44th it was was abated when the powers that be started implementing Levitical cleanliness laws. Believe it or not I don't talk about this in history because it invalidates the Bible and secular still do that to God.

This is what happened and so the Bible does know about these things in and out between the two. The spiritual and the physical. That's why okay want to run on that map never studied and out and out it out right and I you work, etc. Lambert, but I thought the NI Margaritaville you that anybody got fan right and that's I like that that is going on sink when you don't is a general idea to help if you read something in the Old Testament doesn't make sense. Not every time, but put Jesus in it and see if it makes sense. Why would the issue of these so bodily fluid… Stuff be such an important thing will watch what Christ got to do with it will everything in the sense of its representative of purity. This is why these things are to be there to be unclean until things are taken care of because ultimately it's a demonstration of cleanliness before God and the reason for that ultimately is because of Christ was his perfection and sinlessness and his representative to the people of God and in the Old Testament. It manifested in the law and in the New Testament with us.

It manifests in our heart to follow God love God and love your neighbor okay well I'm writing explained that I did some time with people bring that to all young people not directly particularly but that question and novel tell my wife didn't, you should writing an outgoing, but I didn't want to call you Dr. you and Matt and think that it will, I hope it helps.


I okay got bless okay hey folks, if you plan to the want to give me a call either Nico or Barb can both call 28772072276 was for the Dustin from Pennsylvania, Dustin, you're on your outgoing though I've been watching your your little on, I wouldn't call him debating I will call it more like no apologetic but it is enough yet and not for that. The point of winning the accommodate winning the person goal but I can relate to the Turbine batch and learning cabinet and I pretty much come to the conclusion was that it need you to either nay or yeah okay okay alright so I DQ 3626 27 and to get the new heart, which is like a surgery on his behalf that that you thing and then it confirmed again in Greek. 1015 Bevington and Dan John 219 pretty much the impression that what the person of faith. They are saved current domain and not bathe never been paid. Is that correct yes I will down payment on you know, according to John 1515 felt indefinitely to the got the knack opened the door all the glory. All look sick before you go you just said something know if you realized you. This is something that is critical. You said and she gets all the glory. That's, that's a sign of understanding to sign of maturity spiritually that God is the one who deserves a glory not us.

And so the fact that you said that really that that that's me, was most important and you are correct, but I make that I had to this word I like to do it but that I do say so I did when I started the target was so giggly that you're the guest now and I think the word of God. I only Am I getting a little bit of the glory. If I am I'm wrong though I'm off like God not get all the glory and it freaked up to date in, and that I've come to the conclusion of coming out and it might felt you on 31 okay you I get you your way ahead of a lot of people. Okay, that is exactly the right thing to to approach the word of God with us with a state of humility, God receives the glory were saved by grace recalled by grace justified by grace were glorified by grace were kept by grace were loved by Christ.

He didn't take us to clean and could do. He didn't take us because he saw what we could do if you were to do something with us a certain way. It wasn't because of anything you guys was because of everything in him so therefore he gets all the glory. He even grants to be believed as 129 and stepbrother Deborah to go okay to go there the break I alright got bless, but I later they fall to feel the lines of you want to give McCall 772-0776 max Y call 770727 charismatic sleigh ride. When will show two thirds of your on the current thanks for taking my call option or not for me to get something blocking limited atonement it hard to comprehend why God infinitely powerful, infinitely merge the fall which is done for only a limited number created and let the rest are forever more than just that theological debate really I think question that a lot of people have a lot of occasion fighting think it's worth thinking and last okay to meet the need to get in or do you realize that the statement and I'm to this very delicately. Try to be very gentle here that the statement you're giving is emotional. It's an emotional thing and not invalidate on emotions, but people say will wait a minute, why would God do this because it doesn't feel right doesn't seem and what they're doing inadvertently numb 20 very gentle here with her inadvertently doing is saying I have a standard of righteousness that I think the word of God, and God himself must adhere to the people don't realize it, or doing when they mass the kind of a question I'm not accusing you of being bad or nothing like that is just the same thing like way the methods the soundtrack until I went to the word of God says who are you old man with his back to God a thing moment will not seep to the molder wattage make me like this will is not God have the right to save for the same lump to make one vessel for honorable use another for dishonorable use as Romans nine 2223 God has right to do that and he does God's answer to those kinds of questions is in this is the slick version God's answer is you're not God shut up and sit down now. That's the slick summarize version but on the other hand is not exactly the most satisfying answer because we do have emotions and we want to be able to answer this, question well, the answer lies in Scripture, God has the right to do with his creation as he desires and his ways are not our way.

And think about this when people say that Jesus paid for their sins. When you think that means Jesus papers. We think that means now. I thought what you're saying and I agree that get in.

When I agree that God had the right to do it. But I think that if anther picture… I good I'm I'm not okay to me that Armenian make a pretty decent Kate from Scripture that the idea that you died in the world like God love the world, which are carried desires up day later the world I can answer those in very easily felt the all world mission was okay. Would you agree that when it whenever it says that Jesus died for a receiver that was a Christian, has died. It only means a believer the Christmastide to send guide to the world died to self, would you agree to never speak only referred yes that yes, I thought I understand understand, I'm asking a question.

Trust me, I would list for about 30 years. Okay, so nothing at all the answers but when I asked the question. There's a reason okay because we see in Scripture which says that we have died to sin.

Romans 61 and two we died with Christ. Romans 66 were crucified with Christ. Romans 68 and Colossians 3124 talks with his having died so it's not the unbelievers who died with Christ to have died to sin. We don't see any place in Scripture were says that the unbelievers have died to send guide to the world to themselves. We only see that referencing believers okay.

Everywhere that you understand okay that is a diverse second Quintus 514 for the little Christ controls us have included this. That one died for all, therefore all died. Who's the all who died.

Who's the only route I think any other lecture I just dictate that one either, but I asked you a question. I have to question in light of the Scriptures. It teaches that only the believers died with Christ died to send guide to the world and he says he died for all, therefore all died. Who's the all who died. That's the question I think believer okay so that it is at the unbelievers is at the unbelievers know he died for everybody ever live there for everybody ever lived died and would make sense. See when he says that God's love the world, you know this word world there. Some people say it means every individual overlap.

How do you know because in Matthew 1524, it says that Jesus was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. He was not sent to the whole world did you know that is not like okay I just quoted you a verse where Jesus says, I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Matthew 1524 I just read Dick's quoted that to you. That's what Jesus said so you cannot say that he was sent to the whole world because he said he wasn't.

That's what right know there is not you. You understand Jesus said this in the reason he said this is because of covenant. A covenant is a pact or an agreement between two or more parties.

God covenant with the nation of Israel to send the Messiah the 10 Commandments are covenant documents of tenant to go to that some other time because the, the suzerain and the vassal, the big King. The little King got copies of the covenants, the party making it the party receiving it.

God covenant with Israel. The covenant required that Israel follow the words and the law of God, and to recognize the Messiah, but because the Messiah was rejected by Israel. They broke the covenant. Therefore, we Gentiles were then grafted in.

That's the theological understanding most Christians don't know this was pastor don't teach this because they don't study covenant theology, but that's what it is in the skipper's teach Matthew 1524 Jesus says, I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel as a restrictive statement cannot say he was sent also to the Gentiles wasn't used in the gates that but it's prophesied in Genesis 12 three God says to Abraham in you all the nation shall be blessed and pull quotes that in Galatians 38 calls of the gospel because God knows that the covenant will be broken grafted in. So when the Jews were walking around the Messiah was never to be for the Egyptians. They would never have sought that thought that the Messiah was coming for Israel is always how it was so, when the idea. In fact, Jesus even says and I think it's Matthew get this message 10, five and six. These 12 Jesus sent out after instructing them. Do not go in the way the Gentiles and do not enter any city of the Samaritans, but rather go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

Jesus even instructed the Jews, his own disciples not to go to the Gentiles, and not to go to Samaritans but only the Jews because Jesus was under the law. Galatians 44 had to fulfill the lobsters covenant required so that's what it means. So when it says God's love. The world is talking about all the nations. That's what it is and when you quoted John first John 22 where he's a propitiation on threats to listen to the whole world. The word world are means all the nation groups all the ethnics and all the people and also I'm going to assume we don't understand or don't know that word propitiation does not mean that it has the potential of satisfying God.

It doesn't, it means is the sacrifice that actually removes the wrath of official Tory sacrifice actually removes it by the act of the sacrifice is a propitiation political loss must that's what it means.

So if he is the propitiation that removes not makes it potentially remove depending upon if they trust or not. It's not that that's not what it means. It's actually removed on Yom Kippur, the high priest going an offer of official Tory sacrifice in the holy of holies, a spike in the blood on the mercy seat and in so doing, the wrath of God was removed from Israel by that set offering right there it that occurred. He's a propitiation for the sins of the whole world is enmity remove the sense of the other of all, the whole world is ending every individual it can't because then people would have to go to hell go to heaven, everybody can't have to see the thing is, people don't study with these words mean to say what he means all well.

I can show you. Romans 518 were says through one transgression that resulted condemnation to all men, so also through one act of righteousness testing to sacrifice their resulted justification of life to all men.

Justification means are saved. What is the only night you can't mean every individual ever lived. I would say that it got everybody's just fine so everybody is justified right at that.

If you look at the parallel in Romans 5:5 on their parallel in Adam at the last Adam. Adam all die, though, and write something he likes virtually sitting here with us for tooth for candy to write Jacuzzi all who make a long. I think all balance then redemption either every bit as great at the account, Adam. I got back while more so even more great. I got the mask it says Romans 518. The resulted justification of life to all men. Justification means that the declaration of legal righteousness which is accomplished by faith in God. Romans 320 Romans 45 only occurs to believers says resulted justification apply to all men whose the all. I think it's all men like people are so you're saying that all people, all people are justified that all people go to heaven, noticing that so your Universalist will Romans this way. Matthew 329 with 2546. Revelation 14 to 11th 2010. Such people go to hell. So how can they go to hell if their sins are forgiven and all justified well you're taking birthday ballet and so you're not you are universal and okay look, but universal is a busy Christian hair rally as a Christian heresy and what you're doing is failing to understand what the word of God says you did not.

The fact of that fact. I go homework for first Samuel 314, where God says that he swears that the iniquities of Eli's house will not be atoned for by sacrifice or offering forever so they cannot be saved because God said there's never been your Universalist living area heresy.

Folks, we are out of time. Clay North Carolina called back about the LDS stuff Tom tomorrow okay start this job the Lord bless you all and by his grace back on your tomorrow

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