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What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 4, 2022 11:29 pm

Mon HR1 040422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content.

Portions of the following program may be prerecorded by radio) what's right what's left is coming out now. So with that we the man who has the dials of these with a smile. Little of the mighty mighty was his name again. Andrew is right, I'm here okay the way out yonder.

I'm not going to mention anything about dusty trails or back roads were preaching person but we have Parson Joe Larson the 100th redeemed by the blood of the lamb trial them forever. I am quite all right. Very good. That's better than being called little fully. A request from a lot of people. After the news today, click here. My friends wanted prayers for the people over there in Ukraine with the horrific pictures that event out the children. People tied up the street from the graves, and all things are going on just go through a prayer tonight. There's a lot of horrible things happening, but let me tell you there's there's a lot of things that aren't the way they seem that are being staged and, in fact, we've got a clip and I'll probably play that maybe Wednesday night where they've caught where the mayor of that that one town who love the fact I've got an article here where he said that the Russians came in. I believe it was unlike the 29th he left and everything and he was good became the left and you know everything's not in good shape with nothing big. Nobody was killed and then all of a sudden two days later. Dead bodies turn up all over the streets and in some of these dead bodies were headless so on so forth. There's there's something going on and will will play little clip on that for sure. We don't know what's going on. Herbert God says one thing I do know there are people over there from bombing 093 more bombs going off from people dying and that is the hell on earth and now would be depleted playfully for sure. Pray for the innocent. There's a lot of guilty people on both side of the loving innocent people in the middle that reduced out already. So I guess I've all start and if you want to join us during and after okay anyhow you window right now yeah I like structure without your heavenly father you wonder wonder in your word, there would be wars and plagues and famines and there would be some bad times for Mr. and as we watch and we see cities being bombed and we see people dying receives horrific pictures of war, and some of us know how horrible that is like the sounds and smells and screams Lord I'm not sure what to ask for. So I would ask Lord I will would be done, that the slaughter of the innocents would set somehow there could be an end of this crisis.

I'm not sure what website is for.

If any site is good.

We are just that you would have mercy on the innocent Lord that you would take the those that are your children home, especially to children that are killed, they were come home and be with you find peace and safety, and Florida just our hearts go out to the innocent to the victims and just ask you to bless. As you may, in Jesus name, amen little again. I'd like to play to play for here.

Father God with what's happened in this country.

Lord, these oligarchs, those father God, who are who are profiting profiting Lord by supplying both sides in these wars, the they sell both sides to make money and and what people are dying, they could care less. The they as class tribes that these are useless people who used was either is all they are Kate Zavala got.

I would pray Lord that you would come against all these so-called oligarchies wicked evil men and rich people. Father God in the Lord to win the most horrendous things I've ever seen is was happening here in America, funded by an evil wicked wicked government and evil wicked and corrupt corrupt, so corrupt government we have in this country.

Lord guy with taken babies and even paying wicked evil women could carry it about a child to term deliver a full term baby and then take the baby when it goes a little bit in and out, they can do it now up to 28. They only want to do it. Up to 20 days. In some places. After the birth and then remove its origins, whether baby is alive not given anything for pain because that would include the organs they have to be fresh so and then take any to evil people wicked. I mean ungodly wickedness is based their animals in this so-called judge that who wants to wants to be in the Supreme Court to Tanzania whether Japan whatever her name is Tangie. She's wicked to the core.

She's wicked to the core file guided anyone and everyone that would can is your word says that would vote for her has sinned against you. God sinned against us, only a very wicked and evil people would vote to put that woman hundred Supreme Court so we can Lord I would pray father God, Lord, that they want death Lord they want death so bad. Father God either bring them to repentance or give it to them. This I ask in Jesus name Amen Thomas I'm so tired of seeing innocent people hurt by the wicked, wicked, evil people and help.

We got a lot to do tonight and so the title. The message was. I am angry. And here's the reason why an organist art can I gather that God is angry but wicked. After that, we are angry. Right yeah well going to go through this part of what is we get through. You see why I'm angry is because God is angry and were angry that the very same things. So what to the start and Josh was seven read verses one through five and then stop right but the children of Israel committed to staffing the accursed thing breaking the son of Carmine assignment that I put on Sarah of the tribe of Judah took of the accursed thing and the anger of the Lord was kindled against the children of Israel, and Josh was sent men from Jericho to AI, which is the site for favoring on the east side of stake. It is them saying go up and view the country and the men went up and viewed AI and a return to Joshua and said to him, but not all the people go up to 3000 men go up might AI and make not all the people to label for the labor and other they are so there went up to that of the people about 3000 men led for the men of AI and amended AI smoked them about 36 men, for they chase them from before the gate even under sure mom smoked them in the going down or for the heart parts of the people melted and became as Western water already. Do you know what the accursed thing is, yet there were some things that were taken when the they taken the city of Jericho and Aiken stole silver garment than a wedge or Gold Wing about Shackleton had hid them in the floor understand in the ground under discount okay was the wicked thing okay so go back to Chapter 6 and read verse 17 67 and the city shall be accursed, even it and all that therein to the Lord only rehab the harlot shall live.

She and all that are with her in her house because she hid the messengers that we sent okay now we verse 18 and being in anywise, keep yourselves from the accursed thing that she make yourselves accursed when you take of the accursed thing and make the camp of Israel occurs and trouble it but the silver and the gold, and vessels of brass nine consecrated unto the Lord, and they shall come into the treasury of the Lord since the accursed thing Joe was everything, everything in their okay and right but except what the, the silver and the gold of the vessels that would be taken and put in the Lord's treasury right so so they would say they were to destroy everything. So here chicken goat horses real whatever donkeys people, men, women, children all say okay so here, so now what happened. Joshua said cemented the spy and then he said we would. We need an incisive look. Don't worry Bilbray don't trouble them labor all of the people because we can take care of them to 3000 men that they don't have is that that many of them there and so judgments a go ahead was what was Joshua's mistake. There he made a major blunder I don't know his blunder was he didn't consult with the Lord. He didn't go to the Lord all and asked the Lord okay okay how do I do how do I handle this God he didn't.

He decided to do this on his own and them so he found out in a hurry that he should've gone to the Lord and now what happens. Maybe just waiting for the Lord like Rick Turcotte to tell them what to do or didn't say anything that was up to him. Now he was supposed to go to the Lord first before you can pray about it when he said the men there to go spy. He should've been praying to the Lord and ask him okay tell me, Lord, well, how do I wish I should handle this Lord would've probably told him long for the mega back but what would happen here when when they lost. Is it really put the fear into him because Joshua knew that the Lord had had threatened if you disobedience than I will depart from you now hear what happens today. If God did not protect the nation of Israel today would happen to the nation of Israel.

There were three already destroyed it surrounded right now at 719 countries that hate yeah so you know you he is surrounded by a billion people that want to take it out and and so you've got in Israel 5 million Jews in total about 17 million.

Most of living in a more people, more Jews live here in America than they do in Israel. Okay.

And so here without without God's protection and believe me, you know people think it's well it's it's all American on that God has protected Israel not not that Israel deserves any protection.

The Israel so very, very, very simple country very stiffnecked and it was wishing that throughout history have and so here if if God had his own message. Joshua thought God has departed from us work were toast where history and so on. The pick it up in verse six and read all the way through verse 10 Antioch program to close and help of Eric upon his face before the ark of the Lord until eventide, he and the elders of Israel and put dust on their heads and Joshua said Alaska Lord God wherefore hast thou at all brought this people over Jordan to deliver us into the hand of the Amorite to destroy us.

Would to God we had been content, and dwelt on the other side of Jordan, oh Lord, what shall I say when Israel turned their backs before their enemies for the Canaanites and all the inhabitants of the land shall hear of it and show environments around and cut off our name from the earth and what will about do what will about do unto thy great name so you mentioned that word environments and archaic word that means in the Hebrew that would need to surround to surround and so here he says to surround this round surround all around you. Okay now this is what he should've done first before he should abrade ortho for you he went out toward okay now here when we delete take a look at this and we look at the accursed thing that they had up to this point right now because of what Aiken did you have many men had already been killed. Israel was paralyzed with fear. Here the leaders even Joshua faltered okay and what was he was confused just would wasn't sure what happened. God did he leave us here okay and God said that he might withdraw his presidents. If something didn't take place. Okay so that that what what he's talking about. Go ahead and pick it up in verse 10, read all the way down through verse 15 and the Lord. Defendant Joshua For alliance outlets upon that faith will help them than they have also transgressed my covenant which I commanded them so they have even taken of the accursed thing and I've also stolen and disassembled also and they have put it, even among their own stuff. Therefore the children of Israel could not stand before their enemies, but turned their backs before their enemies because they were cursed. Neither will I be with you anymore except you destroy the accursed from among you sanctify the people and faith sanctify yourselves against tomorrow, for thus saith the Lord God of Israel, there is an accursed thing in the midst of the old Israel, thou canst not stand before that enemies until you take away the accursed thing from among you in the morning, therefore you shall be brought according to your tribes, and it shall be that the tribes which the Lord taketh shall come according to the families thereof in the family which the Lord shall take shall come by household and the household which the Lord shall take shall come, man by man and it shall be that he that is taken with the accursed thing shall be burnt with fire. He and all that he hath because he has transgressed the covenant of the Lord is because he hath wrought folly in Israel light. So here now the Lord said to Joshua get the wherefore place though is faced some like get the wireline done in your face.

There, Israel has send and they have also transgressed my covenant and I commanded them, for they haven't even taken out the accursed thing and have also stolen and disassembled the you know what that word. This settlement separated. Well, it's a means deception and lies.

They have lived use deception and lies also and they have even put even among their own stuff. Okay, so he's telling him they have stolen some things here and now you Joshua.

You think God knew it wasn't that it got it he had that figured out, but no, Joshua was going to be tested so why do you think it it it out this way.

Okay, had let's just say headache and we gotten away with it. What that message with that of said to the rest of Israel they could get away got there be no punishment, no judgment directed also to file the Lord by the Lord down there, was there with you right so what are they do these he says in the house to house. Well, actually tent to tent the family the family there and auntie and they wanted. He wanted to do this to everyone would see everyone would see the consequences. Okay I'm sitting against God. And so he said the house in Houston and then they come in Glen Pigott November 16 now I one thought out. Scripture tells the wages of sin is death and really good comes to mind yellow Joshua rose up early in the morning and brought Israel by their tribes in the tribe of Judah was taken and he brought the family of Judah, and he took the family of those types as he brought the family of his hind man by man and that guy was taken and he brought his household man by man and Aiken, the son of, the son of a zip tie, the son of Sarah of the tribe of Judah was taken and Joshua said and Aiken, my son, give I pray the glory to the Lord God of Israel and make confession under him and tell me now without hast done. I did not for me and Aiken answer Joshua and said indeed, I have sinned against the Lord God of Israel, and thus thus have I done when I saw among the spoils a goodly Apollonius garment and 200 shekels of silver and a wedge of gold of 50 shekels weight than I coveted could get the page coveted them and took them, and behold, they are kid in the earth in the midst of my count, and silver silver under nothing… Limit this to sky Aiken. Did he really think the guy when watching I mean here, God is talking directly Emily just spoken and in no he's in a but I and yet worse is happening today in this country. What people are are are no doing disrespecting God even in a much worse way today okay like a feather killing children are going to be part of her sewing young children and sexual slavery. There taking advantage of the old and the second we can robbing the poor and they are also not now there anything to support the Lord or his character is work so it gets worse is, hard to imagine but I think we've gotten worse and a lot of the children of Israel today. The American art, accursed things American National sinful abortion, the LGBT Q the Bible says this is an unclean thing to not do not touch the unclean thing LGBT Q is an unclean thing, CRT calls thing abomination.

Critical race theory Disneyland pedophilia mainstream media you talk about disassembled boy. There's nothing you can be bigger liars in what is called mainstream media today burned out and murder the entire death or credit kindness, collective the transgender feminism, dirty cops, dirty judges, dirty politicians the world and national Council of churches, and today you've got witchcraft is is on the is on the rise and under witchcraft.

We will with a broad craft. They brought in under this witchcraft now. We were just watching that temptations of this but there forming these these groups and I can't think of the name of the group put others group. They have what you call they promote hot wives, open marriages and them all. There is another thing called cuckold cuckold in the these are all of these things, along with the welcome movement along with the will of moving all of these things, God's Word, the Bible calls unclean.

Now I think today people no longer believe. I think a lot of people no longer believe there is a God. They mock the concept of God, and I think it will reach the children of Israel knew there was a God.

They try to trick you that he was weaker than he was didn't understand that he didn't know they underestimated empathy for the day. I think it just quit believing entirely whether going to believe you know well that's that's what they did before the flood that all those people that were there before the flood are all believers today. Now here the worse out of all of those worse than all the rest, the judgment will be greater, as is the apostate church.

The apostate preachers remember what Jesus said to those if you had not been shown to be had not seen what I've done. Have you not heard what I said you have no sin, was that you been seeing heard what I've seen what I've done or what I said you got no cloak for your sin Reichert your damnation.

He is remember the term damnation for greater that's a stronger term than condemnation will be greater will be back all we know what hangout we got within a play clip show what I was telling you that the things are not always the way they seem in organa do a little history of love, the CIA and Ukraine might Andrew take her away in a mighty, are you there I'm one of the things the CIA did right after World War II with higher a lot of Nazis guys have been who'd been Nazis were now recycled and brought into the CIA on the rocket Nazi rocket scientist Von Braun went to work for the United States develop developing intercontinental ballistic missiles without the past, the Nazi path was forgiven and Nazis went to work for the United States, including a guy named Reinhard Dylan who'd been the Nazi intelligence, military intelligence officer in charge of operations against the Soviets in the home, Eastern Europe, and this guy Galen became the head of the CIA's main intelligence operator into all East Berlin and and areas like the Ukraine where he had with the Nazis had intelligence agents during World War II and the sky Reinhard Galen on behalf of his new CIA masters. This activated all the agent nets that he had during World War II. Same thing was going on in your cradle though. The Ukrainians very much on a large swath of its population were fascists and were actively involved against the war against the Soviets and the were enemies of the United States and World War II. After World War II, they became assets of the CIA so the CIA has been developing fascists assets in the Ukraine for 70 years and every year since 1948 when the CIA was went into operation and has not had a station in the Ukraine with a CIA officer who is running operations and those operations have all been directed against.

First, the Soviet Union, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union against Russia. There's a lot of momentum that has built up over 75 years. Vast agent nets have been put in place. Sleeper agents have been in place for decades and they're all working against Russia, which is why nowadays it's so hard for the mainstream media and the government to shift and and and and even consider for a moment, having good relations with with Russia, NATO, the whole it's whole mandated tolling reason for his existence has been to threaten and rollback Russia and eventually sabotage and subversion subverted and put it out of business and Ukraine. The CIA's operations in the Ukraine are the cutting edge Vanguard of this effort. So if you look at recent events in Ukraine.

You have to see him in that context. How for decades the CIA has been trying to recruit Ukrainian politicians Ukrainian business that who are sympathetic and compatible with Western American ideas and values and and interests of being of fighting against the Russians and recruiting them and putting them in place and the setting them up with bank accounts, giving them paramilitary training. Everything the CIA does across-the-board that Ukraine has been the vanguard of this operation against Russia. The details are in my book, the CIA's organized crime.

How this works. At the very at the at the agent level how it how the CIA would go around and work with after the crew that throughout a pro-Russian government and installed a pro-American anti-Russian government. How the CIA already had had security services and military people in place who are able to create private militias that would then work against individuals in the Ukraine, who were pro-Russian, how they you know it just like treating it like South Vietnam or any other country that the United States occupies an that is the situation in Ukraine, United States occupies Ukraine its government. Is it then an occupation government that supported and funded and directed by the United States and that and the businessmen of the military people in the politicians that support the Americans benefit and those who don't are put on hit list and their targeted and and that's basically the history and the summary of what's going on in Ukraine and that the CIA through its agent operations which have been in place for 70 years, and set the vanguard of that of that operation. So is the intent and purpose of the CIA and American involvement in Ukraine to follow Russia the vulcanized Russia absolutely but also to steal Ukrainians to take it. Although the natural resources that are available there on the prophets that that are conducted to have the minutes it's capitalism all nationalism, American nationalists, who businessmen any as soon as the CIA arrange that crew and install a pro-American government Joe Biden's son became the head of one of the biggest oil companies think it was in the Ukraine, you know, I mean American businessman just swooped down like vultures to take over only if you know any business that could that the black Mafia of Dobson ballfield, but you know gangsters that they could steal everything from, and that's exactly what they're doing and especially in eastern Ukraine, where a lot of the natural resource industries are based. That's why this is so contentious, there is the CIA through its assets in private industry is is is trying to bring all those people all those people who are considered compatible into the American fold. You don't see it at its dirty level, the level of blackmailing people delete the level of extorting people the level of the CID CIA using its underworld contacts to squeeze these people at the fourth and out of business intent and to make life miserable for them so that they give up their their associations with Russians and Russian businessmen. But that's what's going on at the very basic level and in the militias are being formed to terrorize anybody who supported Russia and and you know Mike and Don Bass and places like that so all the details again which you would have to spend years studying to understand you know Google suggest you just read the books to see how good the CIA has relationships with the security services in Ukraine and is suited the coup was launched it took over control of those security services and it started drawing up the hit list, that of targeting people that it can go after and the reason it's targeting the people at target targets most highly of the people that are sitting on natural resources that American businessmen want. It's not going after you know plumbers and carpenters. It's going after major businessmen and that's with the CIA does. It's it paves the way for American business interests by using illegal methods and by using illegal methods to install politicians in the Ukraine that will follow the American line things that everything that you don't know about that is going on and that you're not told about by the media, which I should add is well aware what's going on but just doesn't tell you is good for their business to. We are back in line meditate that he was right on. He was exactly right on and Joe American oligarchs are these billionaires guilty of being involved in domestic terrorism biological warfare incident article by ST Wells and that here.

Why isn't the world are the word oligarchs used ever to describe American billionaires, oligarch means that very rich business leader with a great deal of political influence and they don't have to reside in Russia, China or Iran to fit the bill effect several American billionaires support the highly corrupt tyranny that currently runs Washington DC because they control big Pharma detects why are they called oligarchs to words are the easy answer to the question fake news there making the news these American oligarchs control the mass media in the entire narrative and that circles out and down boys that exactly right: radio today is our enemy. They are biggest enemy of America because they height occurred. They promote the narrative. They promote all the lies and sometimes I think the media's controlling a large part of the Democratic Party. It used to be. I thought they were this supportive arm, but I think now some of the people behind the media have more control allow the party insiders some three today the enemy within almost number one is the media's yeah well here it says yes, we are living under dictatorship right now in America. It is not just resident Biden and his cohorts know letting Michelle it's got autocratic. See to express it out aggressively attack p.m. when by American oligarchs, including Jeff Baeza knows where that hundred and $80 billion Bill Gates with 125 billion mark Zuckerberg with 100 million and a cabal Pharma executive, you know, Zuckerberg took a big big hit. There face what they really think we can Facebook in here and go to another Zuckerberg that a lot of people firmly believe that Dr. sworn election from Crump Biden lay says he did he eat amounts of money. He said he spent 370's million dollars to eat to swing a city that he had this waiting for 15 million votes. The survey that affected more than that of their group is right there saying he's gonna change his vote. They have the power to spend money registers all Democrats and everything his money does support the Democratic Party. So really) a election was stolen. One way just by him and his money and if you look at all the stuff that's gone on the trunk. The narrative Russia Russia Russia right Russia collusion story. They lied about Crump.

The 1619 project that they've been pushing about how we know our country wasn't really found it that way.

That was supposed to drop of the Russian agents in, on and on and on, that they were in lied to the Pfizer court. All this false information. The media was behind all of this and one story I saw the other day caught my eye. There was an Asian American reporter got fired and he got fired because he was out at a Cowboys rally and he was just in a recording it. Jonathan show is American internal studies, Asian background and he was at a rally at Washington state capital city Olympia.

He was called a neo-Nazi, a fascist of white supremacist all kinds of stuff and when would it eat what was his heart. He was 50 video grid of a videographer taking pictures of that peaceful rally and that's the trouble this Cowboys rally was peaceful there was no swearing, no violence finds nothing, and the fact that promoted this group looking peaceful (Stennis and Sophie got tired fired for being a journalist fired for telling the truth so it is a tell you about the media. Well, yeah, we knew that the cable of tardiness with a lot of people might be the truth. They need to see they got fired for just reporting the facts, not in all the couldn't find anything to show the bad luck the narratives. Remember the these people are, they contracted a gate. They contracted to tell the narrative whatever ally they told until whatever likens them from the top and they do it in lockstep yield you can turn the stations and they'll use the exact same words over and over all of them okay and you know the does come right out and tell you if you tell a lie long enough and loud enough people will believe locally but would that the latest thing that the legacy tell you if you say that if we all say the same things. Remember we did that same time yet. Probably leave us yeah and soon all say that the same thing at the same time. People will believe is yeah still here Jonathan reporter Jonathan show you the funny thing was the only bad thing in the whole video with some of the people on the sidelines. The opposition were giving the middle finger heckling calling names and he filmed some of that and that was his crime show the opponents of the crowd noise is the ones who are vile, contemptuous, and during that things so you know when you go back and look at these oligarchs will you you look at JetBlue basals was supposed to be the richest man in Elon musk's past him. Not now now and guess what, Elon musk is not he's not he's not in the going to be calling him to be calling him a racist. Again McCauley who will not see that the fate million would be going after everyone and why he bought almost 10% of the stock of Twitter because he is for free. That makes him the largest single owner of Twitter is lies in stock so right Denise for free speech and caring for them. Talked about the fact we put out a question that you know what should be done. What should I do it. It was talk about starting his own media group is a wonder Crump started currently at the Trump website is not doing well and people couldn't get signed on as having a lot of problems for whatever reason I don't know problems from within and among such lack of money or just the tech people want good but a lot of people are like, 19, 90 you got it. No general unity in the opposition. The parasitical dislike Dave date the inner from within and date the bill the patient to do whatever they have to get is liquidated the trunk before 12 Trump was surrounded he was in a snake pit. He didn't know who he could trust everywhere he turned and got betrayed the gate. I still happening right digital media attempt is failing and I don't think it's their fault. I think even appetizers like you said, yeah that is the deep state he's working against the look, the FBI, the CIA, all of them, that of turn dirty.

They've all gotten very quick eight 51 agent lied about the upside laptop and intelligence agents of growing provide what else are they willing to do right now we read that we read the names up in the air and supplier that you've already said how moral you are your already short. Let me let me read this part here is American oligarchs, biological warfare and domestic terrorism. Bill Gates is on video and attend conference saying we we had a had this video that we played the audio of we can reduce the world's population by a few billion people. If we do a really great job with vaccines and healthcare media vaccines that sterilize and kill people and lots of abortions to halt reproduction of the rest. That was a few years before that. So novel gain of the functions: broke off and was released and like I was telling you to sit in their meetings and they would speak openly about how to how to murder people kill people. How many people around the world are often plagued government there was anything that they didn't think was good.

Skilled enough people limp is one good thing it is happening.

A judge blocks: 19 vaccine mandate for entire Navy for the entire Navy now, so US military: 19 vaccine mandate had been blocked for all Navy members seeking religious exemptions.

A preliminary injunction that previously covered 35 Navy SEALs now covers over 4000 others who had their religious exemptions, US District Judge Reed O'Connor George Bush appointed who entered the original ruling in January greatly expanded in part because all members who have applied for religion. Since then, things have all been harmed in essentially the same way each sub employee and I hope they sue that I hope they sue the Navy a subject is a Navy code 19 vaccine mandate.

Each has submitted their religious accommodations request and none has received accommodation without relief each.

There was man faces the threat of discharge and consequences that accompany it, even though their personal circumstance. Me factually different in small ways. The threat is the same. Get the job religion. Get the jabber leisure job and so here, the Supreme Court recently sided with the Pentagon, in the case growing the Navy commanded commanders can consider an members vaccination status when deciding on deployment and so the of means anyone the U.S. Navy whose religious accommodations from the vaccine mandate as was denied is not protected from any sort of punishment or involuntary separation, things like that, said Mike. Lawyer with the first liberty Institute, which represents the plaintiff says good. Same time on the back page. Department of Homeland Security and this is as before April. And this comes from the daily signal homeland security is the 20th agency to have created or proposed tracking list for employees requesting religious accommodations from the COBIT vaccine mandate is on how their collecting information on all these people and following after that. That's a long story but basically that's what they're doing all these different federal agencies are tracking regarding keeping information on American citizens have a religious exemption. Here's the big headline the Pentagon is investigating extremism in the military and now they have looking for extremists in their checking people's twitter accounts in an email and all kinds of things and these people that are out asking for religious exemptions. I will bet tender one.

They come up on one of the extremist lists Millie in Austin.

Their job is to completely disarm and destroy our military. That's what they're doing harmony we've had in what now 50 years that right there doing everything abomination.

The man of great great sin this this antichrist. He is an antichrist abomination, the dark Prince. He he put these people in their and they were put there to destroy our military absolutely destroy you and I were talking about how they put the mentor the FBI they put them into trade. The department of education they put them in the State Department. They got out of the IRS. They were putting their political hacks and underlain in almost every department that they could find in government creating the deep state so the military wouldn't of been exempt from that total transformation what it no elite we have to do is we have to take a country back in.

I know that the people out there. This is like people no longer the date nobody they don't trust the government even even a lot of the death of Kratz no longer trust the government where it is. You know it's it's kind of a strange thing because many of those right now the death of Greg party. Even they are against with globe like that. Joe Obama is trying to do what he trying to completely open our southern border if they come in by the literally millions bringing bringing drug traffickers, human traffickers, and in the Biden crime cartel. Joe is been working hand-in-hand with a drug with the Mexican drug cartels and the human traffickers they been telling making sure that that there are people are security our border guards at the standdown. Let these people and now they want to just open it completely and the word is going out binds. Is everybody. No matter, I come here. I don't care what you are coming week.

If your drug dealers your human smugglers who whatever you are coming or just vote that the credit vote at the grant and in other words, the entire Democratic kindness collective is become totally corrupt, totally completely corrupted. If there's nothing Joe about it entire Congress is become corrupt corporate done, they realized there a war culture war is turning on them.

People are waking up and they finally realized the only thing they have left that they could do is have more democratic Republicans and that's whether bringing all these people in fact if you look at I saw something there were the border people are saying there's 2000+ getaway spheres are not just ones that are turned in, these are getaways per day that 2000+ that's over 60,000 getaways a month just the ones that sneak by, and Nicholas the getaways are the ones that we know got away from us that we couldn't catch and there are many more that we didn't see that we we can count getaways because we didn't see them or have any evidence of it. These are just the getaways. They are all warehouse. Think about that they could be another 10,000 20,000 30,000 getaways a month and then more than half the people return themselves and get led into the country were looking at a complete change in the demographics of a lot of the cities. A lot of the voting blocs in this country. This is a revolution. This is the takeover were leading an army of illegal immigrants to calm their illegal aliens is the correct term and just the other day there was a deal on the TV work.

They can't just a matter of days. Several almost a dozen people rapists and murderers. People that wanted convicted of murder and rape commandment that all these are just on the multithousand a few days and the ones we caught in that 2000 a day that getaways. How many other really deplorable drug dealers and rapists and murderers Through and then there were the ones that we don't even know anything about that.

We know others snuck through because we asked 200 miles or more of the order. This totally unprotected because there's no one left to manage. We don't know what's going on okay to break coming up to a break here and when we get back. I was going to reach some quotes from linen inside and out. Literature is key so quickly I can restricted slowly to the ideas of communism must be combined with the ability to make necessary practical compromise to maneuver to make agreements to zigged to Zach to retreat and so on to accelerate the coming end of the power were coming up to a break after the break I wait a couple more. This is exactly the philosophy of the death of Betty Kime's party here in America today. Be right back into this.

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