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Mon HR2 040422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 5, 2022 12:07 am

Mon HR2 040422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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April 5, 2022 12:07 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR that Joe see if this here really reflects on the death of his party in government. The Congressman and this is said by the communist Foster with them. The end justifies the means. Whether his tactics be legal or moral or not does not concern him as long as they nice talking about the good communist man as long as they are effective. He knows that the laws as well as the current code of morals are made by his enemies. Consequently he ignores them. So far he is able. Vincent it suits his purposes.

He proposes to develop regardless of the Misconceptions of legality, fairness, rights a wrong great power than his capitalist enemies have and then here he goes on to say, we do not believe in morality we expose all the fables about morality of law, morality, religion are also many who judge they will move him. I have a hard time setting couldn't get my lives working the booth as a whatever behind which was a bourgeoisie I set up behind which lurked in ambush.

Just as many which was a interest.

Now, here he goes on to say to his.

He says we hate Christians and Christianity on this is a limited charge Q Russian Commissioner of education for South exactly like our Commissioner of education right exactly what you read.

Cognitive sorrow very repairs laws are made by our enemy well in this country. The laws were made by God's general teaching of the New Testament Torah laws came from. So we see things we hate God.

He says we hate Christians and Christianity. Even the best of them must be considered. Our worst enemies Christian Christian love is an obstacle to the development of the revolution down little love of one's neighbor. What we want is hate. Only then can we conquer the universe so that he goes on to say that this look at this racism occurred during the current school and everything is quite promising.

Racism they are creating their creating more people. A lot of people were not racist at all are beginning to take to fear other races because of what is being projected by the Democrat party. Here's what the official statement from the radio Leningrad sin August 27, 1950, the struggle against the gospel and Christianity must be conducted ruthlessly with out with all the means at the disposal of communism and then again, here's one another. When this is Joseph Stalin. We have suppressed the reactionary clergy. Yeah, we have the unfortunate thing is that it is not been completely liquidated antireligious propaganda is a means by which we wish the complete liquidation of the revolution. The reactionary clergy must be brought about cases a core when certain members of the party hamper the complete development of the antireligious propaganda. If such members are expelled. It is a good thing because there is no room for such communist in the ranks of the party countering that there is no room for anyone with mercy or compassion is exactly ready to set right yeah now here's the here's another thing here were going to take a look at what is taking place and we talked about the bio weapons, but we will also will and in these weapons. How that they are they been targeted for different nationalities of people and so this is a clip he going to hear well go ahead and Andy take her away state of Israel has led the way with vaccinating their people. They were the first to legitimize mRNA technology. This technology clearly be something that changes us, corrupts us but Israel acted legitimize that and even paid Dr. Faucher million dollars for the reward.

The truth is, we've learned a lot since beginning in 2020, about the origins of violence, even the development of vaccines, a forerunner, I'd say someone very early and some very great, who spoke out about my weapon labs in Ukraine.

The corrupt nature of patents and other delicacies. Natures of this virus this vaccine.

This bio is Dr. Arianna Lawson is my pleasure to welcome distributorship once again backed up about how when you are on just a few weeks to discuss the bio weapons in Ukraine before anyone would discuss this topic.

Many said is this really true, is it really true. What's going on Ukraine when you've been vindicated sure limit more about what you were discussing: more into detail about the truth by weapon labs biting and other countries using Ukraine as a as a cover for very far as a series, including ethnic violence. What I think some of the main points that I want to talk about is how Ukraine was the Qatari Empire. It was the land Kazakhs as artists were chased out. They had a big Empire. There is part of Ukraine George part of Russia and the Russians chased them out and have their inner and they've always been trying to get that land back then. This is what it's about its territorial and the Cazares being the asking.

See acts nine season a bit but of a mixed sort of the Talmudic and Satanic Apollonian cultish ritual on statement them with Judaism and he pretty much hijacked it and this is how the trip towards you feel about it. So when the Cazares which is you know they thinking that these are advocate Cazares are like the Rothschild when they occupy Palestine and the Palestinians use the Sephardic Jews which have always been recognized as representatives of authentic world. Judaism, they were opposed to the desires and the state of Israel and also assignments Zionism was created by the Cazares is another branch for control. So a political ideology that says that Jews are the chosen people and they can do whatever they want.

The rest of humanity, and they can steal this land and in you know you pogroms and genocide on in the name of today and this is the painful part because the true Torah Jews comprise about two and half percent of what's considered world Judaism today 97.5% are cut our Oscar Nazis. So it's the Ashkenazi race that had desiring an Mafia just like the Italians have an Italian Mafia.

It's the cut. The Ashkenazi and I don't want to call them Jews because they don't have that on DNA connection to Abraham or to the land of Palestine, so they had been masquerading on enough for the last 72 years and occupying other people's lands.

Now they did the same thing Ukraine assisting I think they backed the neo-Nazis.

The Swiss and Jewish oligarchs.

Tina funded day that I stepped Italian and brought them into a position of power and they infiltrated into the government then date on establishing violent labs and basically Russia and the because ours are mortal enemies. This is what people need to understand historically is very important for people to keep researching and wrap their heads around it, and so basically, Russia is protecting its territories its editable borders, and they have exposed something to the world that is has riveted everyone and that is that these bio weapons are ethnic specific, they are targeting specific eczema is a mean that it's ethnic specific well there genetically on programs zero there using nanotechnology so they can target certain genetic ethnic groups and make the bio weapons more lethal for that ethnic group himself with a have died and and we have studied. At first the Russians.

They said that they they said they have evidence David Ewing security Council, this ethnic and specific violence but also there was a study that came out in December of last year that show that it which ethnic group is most targeted by the bio weapons and most genetically modified backed European so it's clear that the Western nations are the ones that are most targeted right now because they want to bring down democracy in order to bring in this new world order, the Cazares have been working on this for very long time and they are incidentally immune to these bio weapons to any genetic modification of these bio weapons so that was damning evidence that was acknowledged by the on because it's peer-reviewed. You know the scientific journal was acknowledged by world's leading experts, doctors, and in their field in the scientific community so it's it's sent to ripple and you know I do feel vindicated because I have been targeted by these these group of people.

The Cazares for talking about them and they accused me of hating Jews when I don't. I love Jews and I defend you but they have hijacked Judaism and it is true Torah Jews to themselves status will Dr. love you love humanity by exposing Best Buy discussing things you love humanity because you would want nothing more than this bio weapon to be stopped. Development of these terrible bio weapons to be finished and what you just said here is very important that you're saying that there is substantial evidence peer-reviewed studies experts, the record say that Ashkenazi Jews are actually immune to the bio weapons be developed Ukraine we talking about the by weapon shots. We talk about other bio weapons not only the ethnic specific, but they haven't ethnic exclusion and immunity prebuilt but doesn't affect Ashkenazi Jews that correct. That's right, that's the most damning evidence and the biggest revelation of the last two years. In my opinion, right there that that points the finger at the culprits and noticed how after we have 63% of the world population injected with these bio weapons there very very hard to get out of the body. Then we have people like you. You thought you most hierarchy professor at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, coming out and he's the chief advisor to class Schwab and he's a complete eugenicist ease and you know he thinks Jesus is fake news on he's, you know he is a psychopath clearly and he's revealing that no free will. The days of free will is over and stuff like that. This is the mentality of the because ours this is the leadership of the Israeli state their psychopaths. They are eugenicist or supremacist, and they do not like Christians. They do not like Jesus.

They do not like anyone and this is clear in how they design these bio weapons they want to do away with their their their agenda anti-human.

So what you've laid out is a pretty solid case for not only putting more scrutiny on those that dissent, the more so even took a look at the war in Iraq and Russia and Ukraine is a something and that's an Angels flight. He said the case ours because ours this is old Empire.

That's the real reason why the Russians are finding Ukraine. I think a lot of you could say has has entered into this this discourse.

As I said part of this and that there is a Russian heritage is a Russian sovereignty is a security risk of which he wanted to secure cannot allow the West or others to control your grade uses a puppet state for by what the special ethnic specific bio weapons, but we could if we look at the conflict from that that lens is actually little easier to understand why the Russians have committed as much of is what they've committed basic risk a lot by going in there with her voluntary risk potential defeat to. If the West actually intervenes level that Ukraine was hoping that what you're saying there a truer reason that Russia interviewed and Ukraine was not over night or maybe a minor turtle dispute over the lines or stolen gas is age-old fight against because our Empire is that correct yes absolutely and desires. Nothing that the Russians there mortal enemy, and they took out the star family this very goes back they they were. They were the bulk of the Cazares with the Bolsheviks they take on different forms throughout history they wiped out what 20 million Russian. I mean, it is the blood between them, but it's they really did because ours really hate everyone you know their tile notice they're not following the Torah not following Judaism. They hate Judaism and their ethnic specific bio weapons are targeting Jews to the true Torah Jews which have the blood connection to Abraham they can they carry the DNA minister, scientific fact so true Torah Jews are also a target ethically speaking the fact that were in the age now where you can produce a weapon by weapon, and specifically attack people based on bloodlines, that's incredible. I don't know if many people know about that we know about ethnic bio is from the development by the South Africans we know about the development of ethnic Bible was actually wired magazine cover there for 2000's about the development of the to kill Eric's lease release were pursuing this is a way to deal with the uprising. The intifada wasn't in the resistance by the Palestinians in the land which they occupied the land which they are being occupied now being oppressed and been treated like dogs and slaves five Israelis. That's the conflict. In a nutshell. But what you're explaining now is that by weapon labs and Ukraine were essentially testing grounds, producing weapons to kill people all based on race me this is a generous as you kill small based on a race that's a genocide, but you're elevated now that this is a spiritual genocide is not correct. I think absolutely it is.

Think they're worshiping the Antichrist and we can expect you know and again there antihuman agenda and they've been testing a lot of their weapons on the Palestinian people in 2014 they dropped a note to 2500 pound bombs on entire homes. They they exterminated 89 different plaque Palestinian bloodlines killing 18 people in the family. 27 people in one family wiped them out off the face of the earth, so destroying bloodlines wiping out bloodlines is nothing new for them. And this is been going on today reverted converted to Judaism about 1100 years ago something like that, roughly, so it's been going on for centuries, and on and they very interesting because when they occupied territory they take on the student, the identity of their their enemy that they just conquer. So for example in Saudi Arabia.

These are because ours, they, they, they, the Royal Society. Royal family on our they brag about being Jews, but they're not Jews there because ours and again they assume the identity of Muslims. For example, but there they create their own stacked Wahhabi-ism, which is not based on the Koran or Islam, and especially rejected by the majority of Muslims is not been part of of of Islam, but this is just one example of how they assume the identity of the enemy and they pervert and change and conquer and divide us and it is the Cazares that had divided Jews, Christians and Muslims and it's time we come together because we need each other.

Now we are being attacked biologically are genetically our children injected by small group of people who are supremacist and think that we are less than animal and it is in their intoxication from childhood, so this is what were up against. And we do need to stand together in my opinion we reprinted his knowledge or DNA under siege. Doctrinal outfits always a pleasure to speak with you and hear your vast knowledge of all funds on this subject many others. Thank you so much Joyce. Damn distributorship. Thanks for having me at the second amendment. The rest of the Constitution is just a piece of paper to clinical government is guns finish their Quran plotted faithful never to full support will be more tempted but don't worry, you're not alone. Patriots played on today from guns, America's oldest and most trusted online platform for buying and selling the guns that keep your loved one safe join the millions of gun buyers who shop their monthly private sellers and gun dealers blister sales for free. No fees for transactions within 50 miles of selling fees half the cost of auction sites when you shun appropriate guns you get exclusive access to guns America digest delivered every Monday on his gun reviews firearm instruction and wisdom from America's most popular gun writers.

You also get guns America this week. Don't miss any important Second Amendment stories and shovel monthly magazines on hunting, prepping long range shooting. When you sign up today guns you get $10 off your first online gun purchase join the fight. Today guns Andrew you're okay were back Joe Peter what she just said about that. You've all know of are already with everything she said was true.

In fact, mighty Andrew if you could play just a couple minutes of the big clip the useless leader clip where he's talking about getting rid of the useless leaders of where this guy is peaceful. Israel he's wanted close to shrubs. These numbers number one guy and here if you will board display would play couple minutes. That's all you need to hear because of the first of all, he's the one that says there is no God and he's mocking God and mocking Christianity and the but he is one of those because they're in that she was referring to these.

These are all Antichrist to keep bring that up and play couple minutes of indulging just Terry would report okay that he's going to be doing that so here we delete got until there's been so much misconception out there today for the will aware that anti-Israel like a book in Israel today. I know when I was in Israel, the people Joe I went to a Baptist Church. These were Palestinian Baptists and this church of they were under attack by the Muslims. They were under attack by the Azeri and Jews okay and they were under attack by the Orthodox. And so you know these these folks had the church had been bombed 14×14 times and you know you go into but they still made and the and I and I just praise the Lord of the these guys they really know what it what it means to be it will cost you did to meet and have fellowship and worship. There is so help her of her Kennebunk shoulder yeah and they all and all through Israel that everybody got Bob Childers in Israel and so we are by Cartersville Sawyer were incorrect. I was thinking you were taught about the communist made a trip right they can't work with love. They have to take out some of the headlines today Sacramento six bid multiples. 6 to 12 people wounded another national fraternal order of police officers shot in the line of duty since the 2001. Increased and then in Baltimore. They have the hot I have a murder rate is higher than El Salvador. The city is 60% black.

Yet almost every murder victim is black and almost every murder is black and yet we have this black lives matter and what you're doing is this is all about promoting the hatred and this is what were seen in America for teaching our children to hate this idea of white supremacy white privilege. All they're doing is promoting hatred and this is what the kindliness of always been divide and conquer.

Using hatred including one class or color or race and all of the Jews in Nazi Germany. It's always been something that the key is, those who promote hatred and division. Instead of God's brotherly love. This is the enemy play a few minutes of that just is what she was talking about with this deal, they'll know a Harare and again he's both squad's number one man.

Go ahead and publish here so much about the promises of technology in these promises are certainly real technology might also disrupt human society and the meaning of human life in numerous ways, ranging from the creation of the global useless class. The creation of the global useless class to the rise of data colonialism and digital dictatorships benefit digital dictatorships first, we might face up evils on the social and economic live automation will soon eliminate millions upon millions of jokes much worse to be irrelevant to be exploited. Those who fail in the struggle against irrelevance would constitute and you useless close those in this struggle against irrelevance and what constitutes you and you useless people go. He goes on, Joel. We may play the whole clip here later but causes useless leaders and useless leaders are people that first of all, the believing God it out. The Christians that that are not of what they call the global elite where you know they want to keep the planet minnow for the inner 10% of the world population who they believe should have the planet.

The others can be eliminated.

Remember, their goal is to cut the where were heading towards 8 billion people and they wanted eliminate that down to 500 million 1/2 a billion. So they want to know other people saying the secret of the world survival to help children otherwise role the elderly society with no one to take care of us or work with us and it will just create really starvation and total chaos in the world that's that's where you read this and so they want to go right so you know that lady that Dr. love she had it right on the head of fast fast announcement to my evening from 5 to 7. You're going to have the patriot pastors is going to be a patriot pastors and ministers in the Themis bringing Ohio back to God and is going to take place at the house of restoration at 146871487 State Route 131 State Route 131 in Milford, Milford, OH 45150 45150 and then will be from 5 to 7 PM. It's a time where an evening of prayer, worship, and discernment. And again, these are gathering up the those who believe that we need to take America back to for God and so you know, this kind of like a the black robe regiment supposed to be so there you go. That's tomorrow evening over the phone number in case you want to call you can call 513 if you need more information in call 513-575-2011 513-575-2011.

Okay Joe, I wanted to say this will quick to CDC admits it hid covert data to help Democrats will surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise, and inquiry. We talked about that only in a different way. We knew what they were doing to help affect Dr. Merrill Nash just came out today know she is quite something like artist, she is long winters to regular practice file logical warfare epidemiologist and choose develop models for analyzing epidemics to see whether they're natural or man-made. Consulted for the World Bank and all kinds of art.director of national intelligence argue, not all kinds of things.

Anyway, she got great credentials and she said there's new evidence out from the CDC from the UK United Kingdom. The covert vaccines are failing. The vaccines are failing to pervert revamping illness there failing to prevent the deaths and should gather article basically was now. She said so why do they use them and why do we wire we using them.

They do not work, they are not preventing the illness or not preventing the staff and she has figures from the CDC of a huge big blind study in the United Kingdom Seneca results is the natural people natural immunity survive better longer less deathless hospitalization, even among the general season citizen crowd and she's just talking about this is so stupid because the medical facts show that there were close and they fiddle present either the illness or the hospitalization that she's not talking about the Delta by vaccines used by devout faith there failing or what they were designed to do and they were designed to sit out the population that's exactly with doing the feeling they're doing exactly what they were designed to do and that was to thin out reduce the population of the relation of the park. Sure didn't understand, but I knew you would. But it's interesting that a expert in biological warfare said they don't know cheat.

She understood that you know what would happen if she was to come out and say that all the crew yeah I don't of was wondering about that you have languages trying to get people to quit using them and the right of just thought that was the way to stop the use of it goes to show that they are ineffective already. That's what's going on with the go to quick break will be back went into this job. He was born of Elizabeth, the son of Zechariah is my God the father claim #he was as bold as a lion. The needle an awesome man. A big Baptist John.

John in the wilderness of Judea. If you could. There he was reading and it was very loud.

The generation of five hours worth the read that… There is preached to the center. The Milliron only one way out of that burning, like I truth under this righteous man knows the believing promised land that John Johnson chosen by the father to baptize the sun. It was there, and then Jordan saw something was, the Holy Ghost ascended as if it were at work, mighty voice thundered and none of the this is my son in whom I will leave John Brandon none greater than eight total people about God the son he never lived. Great job was done.

Big Baptist John John med.

2000 years later historians will be told how he was going to prison for being so bold was monitored him. It was on. He earned himself a man evidently a big John Johnson amazingly perished in the shame John to the Saints Hall of Fame now in heaven above the Angels understood John preach repent. Getting good Baptist John that there is one thing John wanted to know. It's a terrible matter to lose your own so to call upon the Lord while you still can better take the advice of this mighty righteous man a big Baptist John John the Baptist, John John McNabb John that John and John big Baptist. Already we are back and you know Job, we should probably make it very clear we are not anti-Israel by any means here. We understand unit where you were not Ludlow Landers. There's a lot of low low land considered bill that that they say that Israel cannot do any wrong know Israel's done lot around just like America here.

America was was great because she was good, America is no longer good are our government and the Israeli government is just as corrupt as any other government right now in the world. I mean there really be not corrupted totally corrupted people need to face the truth in that so so and again, the Lord Jesus, the apostle Paul says in Romans nine, the Lord Jesus said in John eight and also Revelation 3 that those are Jews who say they are Jews but are not but are the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews but are not but are the synagogue of Satan. That's who she was referring to is an attitude you just like that the world, the national Council of churches, the apostate church. Things are not real Christians, those that they cling to everything.

The guys with the Bible calls offensive because of sin they embrace and so they claim to be Christians but they embrace everything to God's word call sin. So anyhow I will open the phone lines and take some calls so the phone lines are now open at 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 Joe, do you know what in settling sustained is Joe right now but I don't and as Cecily's is that the lien cystine is something that is very very effective against the coronal virus shots and all all different other kinds of bio weapons okay all and so right now it is in the crosshairs of the US food and drug administration under paragraph you yet are trying to folder market decline. The bandit's like they did with hydroxychloroquine with all the stuff that done.

That works lately. Again, what were telling their goal is to depopulate the planet. They're all about death and that that Department of Health and Human Services is filled. Again, they've they've all been corrupted.

There is a saying the reason for getting rid of this may not work or you can find it or anything so came okay on the region article by Ethan Huff because of how effective it is against the will and coronavirus cobra 19, and other viral weapon. The NSS a lien cystine is in the crosshairs of the US food and drug administration which is trying to abandon a powerful antioxidant. You can learn more about it. One of the earlier articles Max helps to detoxify the body of harmful compounds, including potentially despite proteins associated with the Fauci flu. The first phase of the font detoxification involves oxidizing harmful toxins in order to break them down and move them through the bodies detoxification pathways consuming foods which are rich in antioxidants, urges the vitamins vitamin C, magnesium helps to activate these pathways. It's it is a little like the article so I'm a minister out there, but again, more more people now that have taken the first shot those that have taken their trying to find out how they can undo that there there are more more more research we've had is how to undo the bio weapon that that big Pharma has put out, but all the people. Okay, what did you say we had first failure in their LOL Michael Michael of Judaism. We could start a fight. Note she was saying that the real the real, actual seed of Abraham.

Those with the genetic genetically related to Abraham was very very small population. A very small percentage. The vast majority arc is Aryan that technically because you know we know that Malbec Israel gets along with Saudi Arabia right and she was saying that the Saudi right yeah McGrath for the length of therapy.

The thought of that, because it is so right now is really the control by the very thing yeah yeah so maybe that's why the getting along with Saudi Arabia, but that might make public well we have a whole lot of them right here in our Congress and ascended to call before that moment from I want to be careful little way BAL speakers member that will all start and was the truth I don't dislike your people, but the bottom line is like you said you can you can sugarcoat anything at all hours that certain perfect being the you know I mean yeah and I think that I think that I thought you might according to much on people who get on another finance debate. There are some you know yet.

The point up. Dominique yeah, you're either going to either be at this America racist throughout the game know that there are anti-Semitic people out there for sure, but and there are races which are but the opposition those people in the fake news media. Anyone who goes against their narrative is racist.

Okay, know it doesn't matter what it is you've done it because you're racist so badly.

Marilyn and Blake didn't walk very yeah I I would say so and lift up your work. Jackie Schumer absolutely I would say so I thought what we have good body like you said, what the company you know I don't know like goodbye just be administration opportunities in the hopefully get better. We like the other guys that like the I like it started out in San Diego. John over the godly time to die slowly, well spoken, yeah bye-bye Becky lightly for three more years as Dyke know we can't heal Hill the country will be completely destroyed your God like you guys like you thought you might like to thank you all right and we have next area near their hello Erin, you're doing a great job after thank you.educating the public a question that I had and I was wondering what Christ has in common with the 6.5. Think of the 6.0, the symbol of Satan. But another thing I wanted to point out like that. Abraham begot I Zach, Isaac, Jacob, and he thought and pick up all the perks right from you thoughts like he was on the run to Rebecca's mother told them to go to her brother Laban. When Jacob was in the desert. He was fighting with the angel. The angel said relief.

Jacob said I will not release you, tell you flatly and the angel said henceforth your name is Israel. It's not a country that people in his 12 children are the tribes of Israel.

Israel did not exist as a country, even if you look at any map. There was no Israel.

It did not occur happened until 1948 when the Jews stole it from the Palestinian. This is very much a spiritual warfare. Basically they hate that that's that's not exactly, you see that land was the Lord said he would bring them back into the land and when they came back was exactly the way he said it would be. They came in that the place was taught was like a desert planet was a wilderness.

It was nothing that live there and it may change that, but that's that was prophecy being fulfilled and he brought them back into the land. There anyhow let me that Angel that Angel that you talking about the angel of the Lord. That was Christ Jesus himself when he said all right I'll bless you okay but Yep he did but I got them about running out of time rapidly but thank you when we have next after yeah yeah glad you I got a call we have a per request her important out by Kurt like everybody to pray with me for a young woman named Whitney series of sister. One of family relatives, but as a child.

Add horrible injury had to have a factory built and then later in life had to have it redone and I guess she was just doing some yard work.

Something bad happened and she being flown medevac to a neurosurgeon on don't have a lot of details, but it doesn't sound good so like your buddy pray with me for Whitney that the Lord would just blush her in every way possible. She is been through so much as a husband, child is trying to be a wife and mother run a business and and now third time going in for some very dangerous problems and Lord, that you would just heal her strengthen her that the unnamed do all the tests that maybe they will find that everything is been repaired and that you, your glory would shine in your healing power be made known that that you were just cover curriculum mercy healer and bless her in every way possible. We just sent this in Jesus name on the email I lightly got coach twinkle chewing near good evening after good evening Joel, God bless you guys think I come to I got a special prayer that you would clipart juniors in the hospital tonight. Nobody knows that my nephew got super high blood pricing with the heart doctor again today and they put a man they get it that the water retention in both of his legs. Another doctor coming and I talked a little bit. They want to hope that this thinking to cause kidney conditions to where you can be dialysis with Dr. there really monitoring stop by. I would have to be passed if you would pray for clipart.

Okay, let's do it right now. Heavenly father would get. We just want to hold him up Lord God.

We know the cliffs love the Lord with all his heart reverting preaching here. Time and time again, and it's a father got again we would just ask that you would bless him in every area where he can receive that blessing and father God, Lord, that you would restore him.

We need we can afford to lose any more of our people at him aware up against and we need your help. And so also Lord I would ask father got for everyone listed for Cliff and for all of us, Lord, that we would all turn our desires toward you. More and more every day in every way in all things at all times as weak as we look for your return that we know your return is coming closer.

Father God, let us when you come back catch us being doers of the word not just hearers. In Jesus name we pray.

Amen Iron Man….I'll get off out the guy already gave there you go already. Who was who else do we have their genuine there.

Similarly, stunning. Bob brought up tonight are actually Bob brought out on global research and an archbishop led by the name of large Christian Pagano bringing some of the very same things out that are been actually attempted by the entire yet I know I played him I played several clips of what he had to say here over the past couple years that they told us that Brendan Pruden invaded Ukraine to support his expansionism, but in reality the main purpose of Russian military operation is group rent be aggression of the deep state. I would add the US deep stage and make fighting against the same correct globalist delete that hold all hostage and that he was invited to spring it at that one about current rallies and that I asked that the site left for my own position that these deep state. The warmongering policies are bipartisan by the Democrats and the Republicans and I think we got the always remember that rightly being manipulated to taking sides and pointing fighting over partisan that difference is that I don't really exist and that this output good nonuse that this is not a war between people is not the Ukraine people are persecuting their aggression abruptly talking about… Not the hand who have been killed by the tens of thousands by the Ukrainian US reported that government but a puppet government supported by neo-Nazi military motivation that had been installed by the US claimant buys you what and well crank bipartisan night. A policy well yeah you're right it's by the CIA are the ones who supported and trained the Nazis but but you know who else but equipped that that neo-Nazi party no I think about it really yeah the Israeli government yeah right into so it's not a matter of book, bring it to medically criticize the corruption of that government, but they're trying to make up any criticism that government somehow as a dirty word. Anti-student estimate to submit your cry and well it's because the yeah is filled with considerations the entire media. That's why, with but I'm out of time now but thanks for: Joe, you got how many minutes treatments are all answered know you the truth and the truth will set you free.

And that goes on many things. I was just looking and most hymnals as responsive readings and most of them and in mind I was looking through the eternal life, and weekly, how do you get eternal life. Well, we know that Jesus told Nicodemus that you must be born again and to become born again is just a simple simple process but before that, you have to understand, verily, verily Jesus that I say and do you hate it here is my word, and believe if on him that sent me hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation but is passed from death unto life. My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me.

I give under them.

Maternal life and they and they shall never perish down never perish. Jesus also said he was the resurrection and the life either believe it fit me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. Scripture is just full of verse after verse that talks about those who believe in Jesus won't die. The son of God came to bring life and bring it more abundantly. And that we were to seek God wants us to have eternal life. To do that we have to become born again and that is a simple process of our going in prayer praying to the father asking forgiveness, the forgiveness of the sins that we have committed. Jesus Christ came to what is the propitiation for our sins to take our place on the cross of Calvary. They died a substitutionary death. He died in my place your place pastor needs a place for all those he died for all those who would receive his grace and his offer of mercy. So we pray to the father and were safe, I am a sinner and I desperately need to be forgiven of my sins. I'm sorry my sins put Jesus on the cross. Please forgive me. I want Jesus to become Lord of my life. All of my life without reservation. I want him to be my Lord forever.

I want him to send me the Holy Spirit to come to dwell in me so that I know that is the baptism by faith that is your real baptism. Your spiritual baptism that down payment of the Holy Spirit. The indwelling on eternal life because Jesus said Ivan the father. The father in me and I am in you by the process of the Holy Spirit.

We become then born again we become part of the family of God, a joint heir with Jesus and everlasting life.

We become this child of the kingdom and we are this new creation are now in your spiritual man with everlasting life, and you will find peace and joy even in the craziest of times, even in this world is dangerous wild world you will have peace, security knowing right didn't know was no one's ever regretted getting born again.

Those that were regretted having eternal life of blonde meditators a whole lot in the other place that regrets the detail work without a time until tomorrow. We want to say good night God bless you and always, always keep fighting, fighting the fight.

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