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MON HR2 022822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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February 28, 2022 11:59 pm

MON HR2 022822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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February 28, 2022 11:59 pm

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR welcome back to your Dr. drill work after you mentioned earlier with the felt. She flew around the world to come on for little while and Ruth Ruth with me tonight is big John returned and the John. After listening to the tape literally wanted us to hear. I thought so just wrote to you know what it would you make of it will have to be half as though I was distracted of something came up. I was distracted and in good not here most of the way I could get all you do bring up the topic to talk with you now. Well basically a brother Peter was there. He was saying things are not as they seem. And he was making it more like he was saying that the Russians were doing this carefully and that they were during the surrounding community and that there were just going first. After the military and were trying to avoid all the siblings because they want to take over the country, not just destroy what they want to run capture. It was his words, but he was talking about how Zielinski in the press, you know, kind of payment sunlight. They were conscripting the young people on the matter up to 60 and throwing them into the military and he was talking about how apparently they wanted all these casualties mass casualties for the press with overweight looks of it, get more sympathy and it was, showing a totally different picture making the Ukraine look a lot more evil and wicked than you're seeing in the press and the iPhone. Some of the things he said. True, but the others. This KP made it the night of the 26 the third day of the invasion and I think things have really changed from what I'm seeing is today the Russians are starting to really up their game.

They are starting the bigger bombs in fact informed Presser talking about their rough dropping these cluster bombs that are against the Geneva Convention that their rough really unleashing the airpower blitz and things are getting a lot lot more violence in the tracking, more more people. I think what my opinion potent did not think that the world was going to react the way it did, and I think he was caught off guard.

I don't know so much is advisors military but I think he understood estimated the world's reaction. I'm looking at articles the Swiss banks today. I guess this is a place that most of the Russian oligarchs put their money and they decided to day they would freeze Russian financial assets.

This is something that been a neutral country forever.

They are joined with the European Union and are going to penalize Russia. I think when Pruden said he might have to use nukes if anybody interfered or you started threatening illness quote in response a real horrible response. I think the world set up and took notice.

Germany is running and has given the okay to all the countries that have German military equipment that they can now give any of that equipment.

They want to Ukraine.

Berlin itself is going to send all kind of thousand. Antitank weapons 500 Stinger antiaircraft defense out of their own arsenal and granted approval for the Netherlands and Estonia to ship their own German originated weapons. Ukraine, this is something that's never happened in my memory Germany sending its own weapons and actually authorizing other countries. They've always said we give you weapons. You can only use them when we give you authority as been the German rule and today they went against all that they say Russian attack made a turning point and they are going to up their donation to the United through the NATO forces there sending this equipment paying for shipping and authorizing those other countries to give anything they want. This is earthshaking news. I've never seen the world react this way and I think it's caught everybody including potent off guard when you think why. Literally every word you said. I agree with 100% of the be the thing that I've learned about diet I was following this was going on in Ukraine, from a distance. I was following it regularly, but not getting deep into it until the war started and I found out about Lewinsky and the more I found out about him is likely he basically is handpicked by the Sorrels and he was global import long by one Sorrels, age there will money for him to get going, distorting and acting little event today brother Joe.

I heard from a minister or none of the gospel political minister, political him yet in the Ukraine. She said that they're doing this for the Ukraine women Ukraine citizens expanding into the New World order permitting and then the Sorrels came out today anything United States has to do everything it can to protect Ukraine so there's a slide of this that I really really really fast drill. I mean, it is not good. When we see the New World order. The deep behind the Ukraine. So the way I look at it now when you take the New World order. I look at this is going back 80 years ago 85 years ago as Hitler and Stalin reported that I've gotten look me against Ukrainian people because the New World order is really just exposing himself now. Vince level of behind the scenes for years there out there more more or less out the Oakland now and will I see them backing the Ukraine like this identically because I like good so I don't think we have any beef with Ukrainian people, but it did the puppets behind the scenes that hear something really big going on here that's what I was thinking there is so much more happening that I think is coming out I think.

And when you're right. They've been pushing for this one world order and potent was trying to do was to reconstitute the old Soviet Union. I mean he's come out and said so I don't think that's a false narrative and I think the powers that be pushing the one world order saw this as a way to unite the world to come together to work together and would help them promote the one world order that Sorrels once dearly wants and some of the other great leaders want, and having a crisis like this. Don't let a good crisis go to waste.

I think the big players are taking advantage of the power play between Ukraine and Russia, and this is a way to unite Europe and bring it even Finland came in now in Sweden and countries like that that avoids been neutral. All are giving up their neutrality and coming out against Russians and I think there that everybody's reacting to the fear of nuclear weapons, and I think the world using up to help bring about the one world order. So I think the end result is bad for freedom in the world. Although it looks like the world uniting to fight for freedom in the long run it will be losing freedom that sounds crazy but that's how I see it. Well the way I see also use we went through a medical crisis year with and I know what I shared many things on furniture what he shared. I'm sure you do run that was normal but legit.

I mean the way it started was not legit. The overblown reaction was not legit. The shot that shot when a legitimate leave and that he reported developmentally redid the stories about cement shot got to the hospital I call the death by covert because the first light of recovered but died from a bullet to the brain at all. The server know that there was all this lies and deceit whenever you have to have lysed the seat and put out the narrative, the faulty propaganda you got a look to see what's really behind what you know exactly nothing but a power play to give the government yet power exactly right.

Well must be population were several things going on right several so the reason I brought this up. We have just seen. This was on a worldwide basis in fact were still coming. What what took place here what they tried to do a year in Canada we we believe just seeing this.

Not too long ago two weeks ago in Canada we seen Australia nearly then in Great Britain many many countries thought.

With that background, that what what I believe is going to happen that has been identified as the bad guy threatened nuclear weapons of meaning that he is a bad guy. Politically, anybody begins near him or any opposition to get near him. I kind of invented a new word of July: inside here we have our idea, and then they have inside and beneath supports the enemies of Israel.

Iran big time Syria is blocked and elected to ease back on right passenger. This is a perfect opportunity for unlimited amount of both legs blame on everything that we just went through the last two years and all I mean one count of old flag after another after suppressing the truth depressingly cured. So now they call Schwab has been talking about and gates that matter. David talking about the terrorists attacking the electric grid and the infinite coming down.

But when they start talking like that. I take notice and I listen why it's like the photo to do that. Just before 19 we were warning them that kind of thing. 30 years ago saying you guys we have and harden our electric grids we have protected different things. And the interesting thing is they have always left that stuff open all these years all of different parties all the different people in power they talk about it.

They had meetings about investigations on it and you know they didn't take any action that tells me that they almost wanted to have that vulnerability or they would've fixed it. Yes yeah yeah so based on what cloud call Schwab's been saying, and the gates is been talking about a worse pandemic coming and he's also talking about smallpox about smallpox on putting this altogether and am looking at it and I think the situation building up real soon real soon building the Ukraine with Russia more of your uniting sort of against Russians that is a perfect opportunity to them for them to pull down the electric grid and say that it was question for motion. Well, I'm wondering. I'm also looking at what else is going on. Remember the peoples convoy. The patriot convoy started going across the country. All of a sudden for the holidays.

We haven't heard a thing not tomorrow first of March. That convoy is going to be in Sullivan, Missouri but it wouldn't noted by listening to most of the news channels 4 March. They're going to be there in Cambridge, Ohio, less people go to the website and look at the schedule get the news off of their dislike. There is a news blackout on the convoy of dreamtime Bidens course putting up fences around the people's house and yet we know these people in the convoy. They want to do this peacefully, patriotically, like in Canada. They tell people know violence were not going to go break a lot of laws or cause real trouble were trying to get attention.

So what it is, is there overshadowing that stories like right now the US border war there is a Mexican lawsuit you know about that against US gun manufacturers yes yes yeah I am where everything okay, so Mexico is suing that were made.

Maybe my will explain it is suing the US but what most people don't know is now 13 states liberal states like Massachusetts, California, New York, the District of Columbia, are joining Mexico and going after US gun manufacturers like Smith & Wesson Barrett firearms Ruger colt and Glock and there are those of the main ones that I know of. This is the first time I've ever heard a foreign nation is suing our gun manufacturers for our loose border security for criminal cartels if the guns, the cartels were smuggling into Mexico, that thereby there tried to sue our gun manufacturers because our government will close the border and there cartels on the borders so there's putting immigrants and drugs. One way taking guns.

The other way there running the border of Mexico is going to sue our gun manufacturers and they have the help of all these wacky liberal who one of governors states that want to get rid of our second amendment. This is this is insanity. It's stupidity.

It's idiocy but is evil is not well Joe what it is is it. It's really not stupidity. A concerted effort to destroy everything about America. The First Amendment Second Amendment. I mean to turn the criminals loose in our cities. This is all gone by the New World order all sold many of these mayors and a couple governors so many of the mayors of the Dist. Atty. Atty. Gen. have been put in office by money from the New World order circles in particular.

So it's an F it's a nationwide effort to destroy the having the borders open like they're doing. This is one of the plans of the ways they want destroyers run completely overgrown alleged that the city then not a allowing the terrorist groups allowing black letters black lives matter, allowing Antipater run loose and so many of the cities and the damage they did millions and billions of dollars vapor sections of Washington down a church or without pictures of church growth the White House to burn fat yeah yeah yeah so there is no and how about stopping the pipeline that pipeline there and made us one from oil not not meant as applying it to the world. Now we get imported and where we getting them from a lot of from Russia and yet the list goes on and on and on what the fight and all plan Joe all when to systematically destroy the United States well.

The Democrats love what power the one thing they love is power we saw from the last election will trump they will do anything to regain their power and they see their power base slipping. So one example, one of the headlines.

February 28 from Bob under their world world news daily confirmed 200,000 ballots in 2020 counted as Mitch miss match signatures in Merrick County and Maricopa County Arizona officials now admitted that their wording of these thousands of ballots counted with mitts. If she can't say that fast best match signatures that were reviewed and they come of the numbers closer to 200,000.

That was a study of the county's mail ballots. That year, commissioned by the Arizona State Senate and this was a report out from just the news and their clean about 200,000 of these ballots were miss matched, which means they should of been thrown out. And then of course they talk about all the other things that you and I have talked about on the radio about the mail-in ballots and Mark Zuckerberg's 400 and what was at 20 $40 million that went to get recruit Democrat voters from heavily Democratic districts. All these different things that were going on and so received. Again, this is out of the news.

Nobody's talking about the election fraud that put Biden in power. Nobody's talking about this lawsuit, where we have a foreign nation suing our gun manufacturers. We could lose if these gun manufacturers go out of business that does not help the Second Amendment does it. If you can't buy a gun because the suit to put the big manufacturers out of business after the stairway. Other people to make bullets and everything else I see that is a threat and you're saying they're trying to repopulate the cities with what Democrat voters. All these illegals across the border don't mind breaking the law. They're coming here now all over the world different races before the hundred and 44 countries and the first thing they do is end up they get free education, free healthcare and they get all these benefits, they go on welfare were paying for and who are they going to vote for the people that let them invited them in rights over to change the voting in key areas all across the nation. So everything that's going on. You are saying it's planned in its attack against our constitutional Republic.

Yes, it is good business plan and they are evil geniuses they really are.

They thought this out and executing it may have their people in positions and everywhere they have in politics.

They have a mint while they own the Democratic Party. They have in the medical look at the medical dictation that are all literally under the control of these people we see them over there there out obvious that pharmaceuticals are owned by the soul. The education system is a whole bunch and the educational system limit agree with animal own Bible. The agreement yeah they had. They have a real stranglehold is finally on those mean there they got this throughout the world is quite this is quite a conspiracy so no years ago I like to keep being a conspiracy yard novella it here now brother Joe. Without Neil all over the world.

The liberals are in charge of education in most of the civilized nations. Their teeth are dumbing down the children most places but more than dumbing them down there programming them to be good little servants to the government. This is rule number one is teaching them obedience to the government were seeing the destruction of the middle class and I've been watching the business news and with all the stuff going on the ones that have survived the pandemic were what the big multinational corporations.

Walmart these other big companies because they could take and hired private smaller ships to get around the mass of the harbors they could fly things in and if you're a small business all of a sudden now all these problems if you're a businessman when the be a lot easier to deal with this great big huge company that you can just give your order to know that the orders going to be fulfilled knowing is going to be shipped. You can work with one or two large general entities instead of maybe two or 300 small medium businesses that you've gotta work with all that's way more work, more complications or what were seen as the smaller businesses going by the wayside, especially those middle size corporations all losing out to big business, big Pharma, the military-industrial complex. Whether this is a takeover of the giant organizations will end up ruling the world because they have the power as they work back and forth with each other. They destroy what the little guy you see anything wrong there. Well that is the back to Trenton.

Trend is for you Joe. This reminds me of these.

I like the James Bond movie couple likely and James Bond was always going after Spector which was moral Corporation right. It wasn't election. While some of Muzak corruption. It was Spector and it was this world Corporation that was trying to take over and I am Fleming. He was the irrevocable James Bond series that made the movie from during the war to you was ahead of naval a British Naval intelligence, and he was right in the middle. There also knowing everything behind the scenes going on in Great Britain and those books that he wrote course, they were friction, but there was a lot of truth behind them.

I was kind of tipping us off if you understand his and he was in the it was ahead of naval intelligence, and he was running he was at the head or eyeball to eyeball with the new world order as it existed that no course was nothing then compared to what is now so he saw this world Corporation, the tentacles of the mole and that's with the James Bond novel, but quite a few James Bond movies came from P: Spector and I forget the it's an acronym. I forget what it stands for. So that in the New World order.

Really, if I've studied it. I tried trace it back to the late 1800s and the AU family with Cecil Rhodes.

If very much yet yet he seemed to be the catalyst and it will be you world only order we know now and then you get the big industrialist with him you that you had like the Rockefellers here in the Ford foundation, Morocco: tropical foundation and the Rothschild and the counselor Roman all the other things fell in the places and war in one of the Fabian Society.

There was all sorts of things gelling the road seeing the beauty the catalyst for Laporte and Kempton were one and is a good argument to be made about they called it the only we get into that, but will want to bring into right after World War I, the league of Nations and our our Senate was smart about back then the note we have no part of it right you have the and it really didn't have much power, much teeth, until after World War II. Then we had the United Nations and who was the one to put the money in Florida and the land in New York City, but Rockefeller right and will World War II through gasoline on the New World order, and then in 1973, was a huge year when the trilateral commission came to be with Henry Kissinger and that you not some Prensky and David Rockefeller late – when this thing here really, really, they they focused on technology for the Council on foreign relations and again you know there are several other long the Council formulations goes back to the 1920s, what I mean is the oldest of these things in there. I was trying to help you, your about a minute were going to go to a song, but I should finish up and counter bring us in because this is been a long time in the making of it sure has. I was just thinking all those different groups in return. I don't like one minute yet yet one and all LOL yeah. Now you got like they Vos like naval gun/wall behind it. This is an good technology is allowing them to gain control likely never, never could now with their right in their lap. This advanced technology and that you use again, exactly, there were usually all this technology from their pharmaceuticals businesses. How we shop our bank inner money and hand folks were coming up are going to have a short break and read up to this break will you be back with a whole lot more. So stay tuned until I know so that I can about all of but I remember when I was in Bethesda with the new English churches for five long day in one I better you.

I never read about a child who seemed able. He's coming back but I know I am. I I better welcome back there listening to what's right what's left radio ministry. The voice of the Christian resistance after Ernie helping them with their job return for patent attorney Hughes got covered and we were just asked to keep him in prayer and that he gets healthy, John. We were just talking about how this all is, coming together under one world pattern and the expanding to try to get people's minds not to make them afraid to see the picture and remind everybody. God put us here for time like this. He brings victory in his own time in his own way, but he brings it when the people are obedient to him, and this is America's great fall of failure right now is that we have not been listening to God.

We have not been obedient to God and God is said if we turn from our wicked ways. If we repent and start obeying him.

He can heal the land he can change everything County can join am glad you brought that up because I was thinking exactly along the line you just spoke this is bleak.

Folks, but there's always hope when the church repents and cries out to God of mercy we have to face the fact that we are a very wicked nation and we doing the very sins that God listed in the Bible, it will destroy nation will more don't want to hear that they don't want to believe it. Yet that is the key thing all through Scripture when God waited till about the people tried everything they could their own way and then when they turn to him look like it was hopeless and he would bring a victory to his people, but that way everybody knew it was his victory and I think it's one of those see you… Yes, to fight the good fight and why we talk about that we don't mean run out and grab a rifle over government to that of physical battle, but this underneath everything is a spiritual battle of good or evil. If the forces of the antichrist against Christ and his followers, his church, and it is where Joe battle.

It hasn't changed. It just got more complicated right exactly and so folks in one sense we have a great advantage because this behind the scenes wars that you had to know where to look to see is now out in the open, making each move to take over the takeover and to do that it had to manifest itself. So we we see in our job is to stand in the name of Jesus and to intercede for the nation and one of the things we have to face the sin. God literally judges nation of sins that we quote that is right. We must do that we must have repented, and then one is repentance and we cry out for the work he hears our prayers so we don't have a choice folks we don't have a choice black and white, right in front of us. If we do nothing and ignore it. Joe we weekly terrible judgment and great hope is great hope and not just for the here and now, especially for eternal life. I was just thinking in Luke Luke 11 Blessed are they that hear the word of God and keep it wanted to have blessed.

That is a good thing because God has given us an opportunity to what Lampson crowns and treasures in heaven. I've often said in the radio. You can't win a trophy at football or basketball is here are not there, laying in the game and too often the church hasn't gotten involved in the battle and the use of metaphor of the sports game, you have to have the team on the field win trophies to have victories right away camp grounds and treasures in heaven without something to do. Go do for the Lord and look at all the words.

Remember one night I tried to write them all down all the different action words you know what you think.

He says to pray to testify to witness to preach to exhort the storm the gates of hell to run to the battle to stand in the gap to fight the fight to save those B led the slaughter to reprove the wrong know what's wrong with the void.

If that doesn't work rebuke to visit the sick, to feed the hungry, to love your neighbor to know. Always she says what obey me. Be a doer of the word be a door of the work the door of the law, that sounds like a lot of action words and somehow some. Some of these pastors out there and listen to their preaching is so passive and yet these are Jesus words, every one of them is a very highly active action verb correct of the joke that was excellent.

I was listening to that very early morning. What you said yet Christianity is not a passive folks real the real thing. The room brought by the Bible says be ready to preach goat in season and out, ready to share to be ready to share the gospel with anyone that asks you for the reason of the hope that lies within you so we can miss what God wants folks and he's one of these. If the church service in response we can we can win this and when this until Christ comes for us and we go to be with them because we know from the Bible of Joe that Satan is going to have his day on earth for a short period of time. Right. The whole world will be on the wickedness of and it's destroyed at the second coming of Jesus Christ. So yes wickedness.

We know but Christ is coming for his bride.

That's us right: blessed hope, looking for that blessed hope and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ. We could stand now and get victory only comes for us and the good thing: Joe is that when Christ returns like we talked about is going to destroy the evil on the earth. The Bible says we returned with them on the Lord thy God shall come in all the saints with eyes so we don't return when the leave and return with them when he comes. That's our future, but right now we have a job to do and not the calendar in front of evil, but we know what the word says, in the words of Stan doing all that you can do stand therefore stand in the name of Jesus. And I don't know if I put that word in there that was there.

I think I'm yeah and I had a few minutes but more of you know I had.

Bernie get Pastor Joe had this to explain the works of darkness with the mobile unit. Right now the works of doing tonight I realize that some what we are doing. Pastor Ernie does on the show. I mean all the time. We are literally exposing the works of darkness bring money for the watchmen does write the watchmen on the wall is exposing what the darkness, the evil of the dangers. Whatever form their coming in and you're exactly right.

That's what were doing that. I want to throw in something for humor because occasionally folks our enemy is and is fearful as it sounds. Today I saw the new FEMA guidelines came up guidance and help with all this threat of nuclear war. The Russians threatening to use nuclear weapons. FEMA came out with guidance. John get this to be sure and keep your 6 foot apartment where your mask in case of a nuclear attack by you when you're ready or Bob shoulder make sure you have your covert mask in your 6 feet apart and don't worry about the horrible explosion, the ball of fire.

The radiation, the electric bill but it says quote my wife wrote this down for me evidence about many people already feel fear and anxiety about the coronavirus. The threat of a nuclear explosion can add additional stress. So just concentrate on following the guidance School River. They used to have nuclear that a case of attack. They had just sit at your desk or colander to desperate your head down and going. How stupid I saw the pictures of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The humor here. The stupidity of these people putting this out when you're crawling into a bomb shelter. Make sure your 6 feet apart on the bond shoulder will you have any more of a joke. I really don't know what will bomb shelter anywhere around bribing. We have storm shelters in every small town in rural Missouri because of tornadoes or people that don't have basements or a safe place, especially the people in small towns are usually a shelter in one of the schools are a community center that database method set up with the water and whatever, but they're not exactly bomb shelters, but the closest thing but do realize over in Ukraine. They were putting the people and subways and telling them to going to bomb shelters so but somewhere I don't think I'd want to be underground in the subway when their big bombs sitting above collapsing.

I don't this is one of those dumb things but 6 feet apart folks for sure and wear your master agreeable war.

These are the people that are in charge.

If we have a national disaster so I would put my faith and trust in God not seem II just had to follow that if I die, don't think I've heard anything so absurd in a long time and I've heard a lot of absurd things from our government. Yet there near Gilliam in the Salinas comes out constantly with these people constantly tell you much time I'm psycho and mighty things happening now. Pastor Joe is is this all unfolds.

I don't see all of a sudden saying well in all of this invasion of Ukraine was gone going back home. I don't see him saying that and the more intense the gifts in the Ukraine. The more I think the world is going to harden against him and in the end of Joe. What I say, basically, is that I was trying to destroy us so we cannot defend ourselves.

Then you can take everybody out. He said that it would be it would come so fast on the west and the exact words he used, they would not be able to repent these Lord that's what finally woke from the world upright.

Think of one good thing is they realize there really is evil in the world and a lot of people woken up to the not all the leaders are saying see things the way I think we need just people out there to speed. This is the kind of thing where Lord wants his people to be in prayer and be praying for the innocence not the evil leaders that are behind things but that God would save the especially never talk about love underground groups or in churches and groups of people praying and that this keep keep it up all over the world for the Lord to help protect the innocent and the cover them and see that the now doesn't get too far aligned IQ said if we obey him and do. We couldn't count put a halt to things for a long time till he comes that if we don't pray if we don't the do do what he asked us to be in a rather unpleasant time to anoint absolutely, absolutely. So there is a God lays it out right there in the word and you mentioned that earlier about repentance and what God will do when we when he will heal our land. The Scripture says we have to face the fact we've got very doing right now is in line of the very things that God judged ancient Israel or and drove them off the land and very things he destroyed over other nations work through that open late, early sexual sin, killing the children they sacrificed them to Malik, the pagan gods and today we are killing them in the womb by the will. I don't I don't know the number is now I €70 million but we don't live in huge yet yet much time do we have left about 4 1/2 four minutes. So while would you like to do an invitation tonight, the auditor will find, although it if you will and you will begin to give you set up okay three verses and you take it further because you were talking about the problem with our country in the world of sin. First Peter two who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live under righteousness by whose stripes ye are healed. That second Corinthians says in chapter 5, for he has made him Jesus to be sin for us, who knew no sin that we might be made the righteousness of God in him and in her through Jesus. And finally, Romans three verse 25 whom God has set forth to be a propitiation through his through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are passed through the forbearance of God you got three minutes to finish this up yet well will not release without the was in the previous five with God. It was a trade made when Jesus Christ died on the cross the Bible for the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord was the sin was only begotten son of God and that the penalty to have eternal life with God.

Penalty for sin that must be paid go, so he paid the price for it on the cross and shed his blood to pay the complete penalty for our sin and what happens then is he ought literally as the Scriptures said the little red sin became sin for us, and then he was righteous even commit one that righteousness is imparted into office we receive Christ right so that's the offer. I want to give now is that if you are willing to repent of sin.

That's the turnaround from a life without Christ and living in, and to a life of following Christ and his word and confessing. The Bible says, for whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved, that God will take all your strength. Everything will apply upon Jesus Christ and then his righteousness will be placed upon you and you will have assurance of eternal life left. The two things about about Christ dying on the cross and the person on the other one is probably Rose that the gospel is how Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures.

It was very brave the third day according told anyone that will confess Jesus Christ, repent of sin, confess Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior guaranteed based on the word of God, he will hear you forgive your sin grant you eternal life, and now you begin to become a disciple in his word and prayer. That's part of repentance. Following Jesus Christ by don't care what your background is noble.

There is no hindrance what your back tried to be the worst sinner in the world as long as you're willing to repent, God will receive you and confess Christ was very loving and kind. There, that's the thing and focus time to say good night God bless always always always listen to the voice of the Christian resistance hosted by Pastor Ernie send their learning more about our ministry.

Please visit us online at www.WWM please tune in next time was right. Once left preceding program is sponsored by right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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