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MON HR 2 022122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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February 22, 2022 12:29 am

MON HR 2 022122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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February 22, 2022 12:29 am

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Genetics case. What are the other people you and I from perspective of definition in the wall are and what rights do they enjoy it just strikes me, these people could do this they did do this without ever stopping to ask why strikes me that you know sells is God's right, we are creatures of God really image of God, and it seems to me that they decided that wasn't good enough and they should make a lot of people creatures of their own imaginations.

Since it's blinding to me how arrogant distance.

Unbelievable stuff.

Todd calendar. Thank you so shopping with us. Tell us how can people find out what you're up to where work in the working to get in touch in the name of our law firm is disabled, rights advocates it's it's on the web. It's easy to find.

We have a good close association with website Kovacs choice be a double X where there is constant updates and information. We will be aware of some blogs have been created as a result of that is really a large community of people around the planet that are looking for legal self-help. We provide their and of course Byblos people coming to our firm and try our very best work with them and she felt foundation in particular to tell people's best we Thank you so much for what you doing for for life, for faith for family and for freedom makeup lesson. Thank and back. All right we are back in the joke that was, again, attorney Todd calendar that he represents 400,000 military out there today and would generate an inherent goodness that what they were saying what we been trying to tell people that the court the calls of self-supporting. They have actually we live actually ruled that if you've taken that shot and your DNA has been changed. Now, under that mRNA that those that hold the patent on their you. You're the property of their property now. That's what the court is ruled uncontrollably unbelievable what made me think of listening to Ecclesiastes 93.

Also, the heart of the son of man is full of evil madness is in their heart while they live and after that they go to the dead: madness in their heart, were driven where you want to speak in the madness.

The Department of called the Department of Defense. It used to be the police to have a Department of Defense military spent 6 million man-hours show 6 million man-hours unwelcome training under under Joe Biden urged Obama Obama Obama Little Joe under little Joe here of the United States military spent nearly 6 million man-hours and extremism standdown is standdown and diversity equity unite. In other words they say and how to surrender her telling the tellers teaching a military on how to help learn how to surrender and an inclusion in others. Remember the red high heels. Remember that the training equal outcomes.

Wait a minute in the service. We don't want equal outcomes. We want to win. We have to be the best.

We don't want everybody being equal, we want the best soldiers in the world of greater again, like that psychologist earlier this is a form of insanity. People are mentally ill. They are so full of themselves and so full of power and evil that the they can't figure out what is the fate of the been blinded and all from the truth. Okay yearly headland hold one second I was trying to get the message into the phone that go ahead okay no I got the message all right there you go. Now. Now they go to get the best go-ahead you follow through. Click in infinity. People are so wrapped up in their own ego their own sense of power and an importance that of they just their eyes are blinded got city would blame their eyes so they couldn't see the truth and they are totally blind chairman of the Jeep of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark my ability, provided that dated to the Senate armed service committee Republicans a response like Tober request. Another was yet another was their job nudge Obama in Austin. These guys are anti-" listen to gloomy according to God's Word, the Bible according to the word of God. These people are antichrist. These people are antichrist to understand what I'm telling you, just so you know this or their job is to destroy our military, and that's what they're doing out there.

We told you for eight years went with Obama was in office. There every time he purchased the general. He replaced them with these these anti-God anti-American anti-Constitution, bootleggers, and that's what they were bootleggers and now they have Austin and Millie. There are these filled with you and I have been in the military. We know people are funds in the military.

Right now in our military. By and large is full of really good people dedicated faithful patriots. Most come from the Midwest from the Bible Belt. They've always come from the heartland of America. It's the leaders that are corrupted for leaders that are full of this diversity, equity inclusion, then analyst of the training the people to be good soldiers in the quick piano, setting them up to be a lethal fighting force. We're turning them to be social justice warriors select specular defeat like right now tonight. Ms. ordered his troops into the two breakaway provinces. There in the Ukraine and the tanks are rolling tonight as we speak.

We do not live in a safe world of at all.

And these people and their equal outcomes. You gotta think they're just crazy. How would you think the soldiers feel want to take order to go into combat with people like Austin and Miley most people in and in charge.

I just minutes unbelievable to me honey think they feel the men would ask me, I would say don't go in the military. Right now I couldn't take orders from people like that.

No, no horrible with. Gotta take the country back to we got it we get to take the country back for its unbelievable. Biden expands US Biden extends US national emergency over code 90 did it very quietly I came Joe. Obama said that US national emergency that was declared in early 2020 duty: 90 will be extended beyond March for citing that what he called a risk to the public health and safety. What a liar. What a liar he is.

What a liar is not because of what true goat.

Yeah, it's all about control. The House of Commons in Canada just passed a motion to extend through those emergency powers act and all making him God dictator is now in charge of the all the financial corrections of transactions of all the people in Canada and that no and that the boat was in the house. A communist house was see you when you come and she had to add the rest of that COM them all in US gaze look hundred and 85 traders hundred and 51 patriots was 185 traders in a house, a communist, 251 patriots there in Canada well and Marie three Biden trying to do the same thing honey not too long ago we just announced our current go was the food.

When media is talking to the House of Commons and talking about the swastikas and everything and he got third and the majority people. Canada is no longer free country. It is Matt's communist country is a nickname his estate. It is in the end they are afraid of death yet or little Castro lit the cathode fear Constitution have been annulled is been totally ignored and we have a fascist government employees to our north and Job your Obama is working on trying to do the same thing here folks, this is for real. You are watching communist takeover country go communist in front of your very eyes. That's not a game. It is real as it gets. Yeah, and I'm having him hearing people already say look, you American John to the teeth. It's time to move noon. Another words they think they were there.

They want a real hard-core people are getting afraid now but you know all of these people that are pushing for for the armed insert well when caught insurrection revolution fits in some of the insurrections taken place out of Washington DC Democratic the deadly credit communist party and was noteworthy for cognitive authorities accuse you of doing what they're doing.

So when they call us insurrection or because that's exactly what they're doing there being the insurrection absolutely Joe is some of the things happening here to you know they're there pushing the pushing hard in all the bulge out of Joe. Obama is pushing it with all of these to get a war going over the Ukraine.

They want a war of the military-industrial complex and are truly that's that's money and then in and they want to keep things going, pretending okay that you believe me I would buy would much rather have food any day the Joe Obama and so here in and I and I don't want food but I mean I would rather have food them. Joe Obama and but here again the idea keep the attention off the durum case durum is uncovering things in NY well why why won't you hear any of this in the clinic. Absolutely, totally, completely corrupt, fake news media like NBC, ABC, CBS P, MSNBC, is because they don't want because their co-conspirators and know here Joe Obama was up to his eyeballs in active fake news that Russia Russia Russia fake garage area on all he he was up to his eyeballs and all those in the fake new news media will listen until we heard them they were all co-conspirators. That's why they don't want any attention going to the durum report of one for programs like this one here. People were not not hear anything but misleading. All that information leading directly to Hillary Clinton. Everything that Trump said is coming to pass. Here's an article Hillary breaks out the other end word in response to spying charges and here's the queen of mean that Hillary Clinton finally has responded to allegations made in the court filing by special counsel John durum who holds the assignment of investigating the origins of the deathly grants now debunked total 2016 theory that reported that Donald Trump campaign was late and indebted to Russia. The charges that her campaign hired eat tech companies to spy on Donald Trump during the presidential race and after he took office that here now Trump Duro's Blockbuster revelation came in a recent court feeling and charge the Clinton campaign spied on Internet traffic of Trump Tower. Remember when they caught that fella we we reported about it and that kinda just went away. They caught one of the deep state dirty cops inside Trump Towers right, and sodium happened right. Nothing to find in Cubs New York city apartment in the White House in an effort to frame Trump is a resident which is student that such an nefarious activity might have been going on already had been supported by other evidence such as statements that the CIA chief John Brennan. He lied to Congress he lied to God, he committed the crime. John Brennan collide to Congress and he walked right away because of the deeds that you know why because we don't have a Department of Justice Reading bar was in there anytime and bar like it like all the rest of betray to country and and that and briefed Barack Obama on Clinton's tragedy to try to tightrope to Russia in order to take the public attention away from her own emails she now charge that she has been described as doing age actually what she has been described as doing actually is what Trump and others are trying to do to her now that is desperately spinning up a fake scandal to distract from the real ones that's exactly what Hillary's good and is staring at Becquerel what's going on in the mirrors dear member a while back there was a Pulitzer Prize given through the New York Times and the Washington Post. She's a member and it started quote for deeply source relentless reported coverage in the public interest that dramatically furthered the nation's understanding of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, its connections to the truck campaign. The President-elect's transition team and his eventual administration.

Well, we know that that's all been proven false.

So the question there. Then one of the headlines that I'm working out will the New York Times, the Washington Post returned her Pulitzer Prize for misleading Russia collusion story on strudel was deeply source the anonymous sources report relentlessly reported. All you night and day corrupt Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia they repeated that so many times I thought I wanted to throw up.

And yet here we are.

How this was total lies, total total total lies in fact I here's what I was looking for the Pulitzer Prize.

Joseph Pulitzer once said our Republic and express will rise or fall together for repeat that our Republic Granada democracy were Republic rule of law and express will rise or fall to gather the press will either be an instrument of keeping the Republic strong and healthy for the press will be what causes the Republic to fall. Boy was he right absolutely. I mean it's it's really sickening when you look at this and I got pages and pages of stuff for they go through, point by point where the media just basically lie promoted fabrications told stories and Nikes at the durum reports looking at this all what was really amazing.

Remember Russia spent $100,000 and some fake book as well, they were just all over this, but the Clinton and Trump campaigns together spent 81 million on Facebook and alone. 81 million on Facebook and between the two campaigns and yet what the media focus on hundred thousand dollars that the Russians present for a few rads, I never saw one of the Russians had made it was assistant significant hundred thousand compared to 81 million, and yet all you heard about was Russia Russia Russia limited ability.

Mark Twain yes Samuel Clemens actually said this if you don't read the newspaper.

This would apply to the New York Times while you are uninformed if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed misinformed you and I'd rather be uninformed then misinformed yet. John Adams said this about lawyers many years I've come to the conclusion that that will welcome one useless man. One useless man is a shame to is a law firm in three or more, is Congress fearful of moral law firm in three or more Congress hate go along with that, I got a story I've got to tell.

There is a democratic Democrat.

He is a U.S. House candidate for the US House of Representatives while she's under fire for a boozy profanity laced tirade at a preteen slumber party.

This Oklahoma Democratic congressional Democratic congressional candidate Abby Broyles, candidate for Oklahoma's fifth congressional district went to a friends house, your February 11 and became more and more aggressive as she continued to drink wine throughout the night and she allegedly started calling one girl and asked me F word and hurled multiple insults called one girl with Hispanic F word but put it this way. She couldn't speak without using the F word. She vomited into the laundry basket. The girl shoe all kinds of other things. Now, now that that tells you right there she's going to be nominated for the judge. All you now know for the demo. Nancy K came out and said all know I didn't do this. Somebody's trying to set me up. I don't know these women. I don't know what's behind it, but it's not true. Well, they took pictures of her and they posted on the Internet and after she had seen the pictures posted or see you now shattered.

These allegations were cooked up and that the mothers were now using this as a political attack after seeing herself and she said well one of her friends gave her medication which gave her an adverse reaction that caused her to hallucinate to talk about for years I struggled with stress and anxiety and insomnia and and you know I have all these mental problems for years and when they gave you and she gave me this medication. I've never taken and all I hallucinate instead of going to sleep. I hallucinated I don't remember anything till I woke up and I was throwing up in the hamper, but first she totally denied knowing these people didn't know who they were, said that there were just out to get her so she totally lied lied lied lied and when she saw herself and then at the pictures and they approve it.

Also now with the I took her medication after she denied even knowing the people she was spent the evening with so this is the kind of person that makes up a Democrat and no doubt a couple others this. If this doesn't tell you the type of person running for office people man, you really cannot vote for people like that they have no values, no morals in a situation like that if you got drunk and did some stupid. The only thing to do is say hey I had too many things to drink. I got stupid and I'm sorry you don't lines they have never met the people have no idea what they're talking about and then have to look at yourself on Facebook now you know it's an interesting thing to remember G. Gordon Liddy not sure I had them in the program here and yet did you do know of is he still alive and anybody is anymore. I don't know. I can't remember if I heard the pastor not I really have is what here's what Liddy said. He said a liberal is someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man which that decomposes the payoff with your own money with your own private.

Here's another when this is EEE you parliamentarian representing former communist state because I'm international community to isolate tyrannical Trudell regime Christian terror has a member of the European Parliament representing Romania. Former communist nations here, terraces a member of the Christian Democratic national peasants party group on Saturday present post of the support for protesting freedom. Freedom fighters and truckers in Canada and so I what I want them to know we are standing with them, Justin Trudeau and his federal government must be isolated by the Democratic international community to show repulsion at his tyrannical actions in Canada against the peaceful protests I told you could Joel put in a lot of the police officers. Those that had even the least bit of integrity. Even the smallest amount refused to arrest the patriots there in Canada. So what are they doing. He brought in Hessians he brought in a budget. Hessians from Germany.

German-speaking Hessians who will man we saw we had certain American reporters people were going up and down talking to the truckers and they were out about their children there they were doing barbecues. They were dancing thing that that there was never a single act of violence at any reporters that I watched and I was carefully watching this and then try Trudell comes out. These people work, including those not see swastikas and they work violently causing trouble during this eminent. Just the lies, the left puts out and you could sit there and watch the peaceful protest. Truckers kept saying we are going to do this in a very peaceful manner. Were going to do it according to our Constitution because were using the Constitution to get our constitutional rights back and when you watch governments lie like this. We've got a government that lies even as bad if not worse than Trudell and the American people better wake up and realize you cannot believe a word out that administration right now not a single thing they say I don't think I've heard him say one thing that's true, since Biden took office, since you know the amazing thing about all this is in God's Word, the Bible. All of this was prophesies 2800 years ago let me read this article and will look at that. But here Justin Trudeau in his federal government must be isolated by the death of Craddick international community to show repulsion at his tyrannical actions in Canada against the peaceful protesters who have been trampled under horse hostess children have been Bataan by federal security agents said scenes reminiscent of China will lose government he wants to imitate, not to Western Democrats. Remember, a member of the European Parliament Christian terror has said, I stand with the Canadians and the right in their fight for liberty MEP Kristin Perez continued reacting upon dramatic events in Ottawa, Canada where a convoy of freedom protesters were trampled with with the dirty cops who were implementing the emergencies act. This is this is pure communism. This is the been there no difference in those Chinese to run the people over the tanks there the same invoked by Prime Minister baby Castro who was eager to switch to repressions of critics of his covert dating policies is got nothing to do in color, 19 this is the reason that this is about the populating the planet.

This is about taking and putting people under total complete total communism. The first three major incidents Friday, February 18 under a form of martial law were atrocious. They don't all right will you know who would come in up to a quick break here to London all right you that I think will open the phone lines white all I got one more identity Joe this when we got to do that. The credits roll out a desperate strategy to defeat and blame their failures.

Here is a picture of Chucky Schumer and a bunch of the death of credits buzzards binding unless the goal is to receive fax labs from psychopathic mainstream media is not a good time to be a death or credit things in a lapse in ways that didn't seem possible.

Over the last six months. Sure it was expected that the party in power would seem so regressive when at this level. Inflation continues to be a top concern among Americans with January's number clucking in at the another multi-decade multi-decade hide. People are seeing their buying power rotor with gas prices set to explode a Joe, you know how Jenna how Americans listen to this because I'm brilliant and brilliant you okay and I got this from Trump well I didn't get a permit.

I knew this would Trump understood this to and that is the way we can defeat Russia and China is by coming becoming totally energy independent, likely work wardrobe was in office and we project the economy in the world that's exactly had that when Trump was in office and Joe Obama's job was to come in here and destroy America. He was hired, bought and paid for by the communist Chinese descendent there to destroy this country. That's what he's doing, doing a wonderful job of it.

Now everything Biden is doing a bad job doing exactly what he was a denier to do the ready will be back after this. Don't go away.

More to come in and out anywhere now this is already we are back in Joe at steady rate, my old buddy. He recently texted me telling me how he chased his wife in the bedroom taste around the bed and placed her on the bed and finally he caught her knitting. He couldn't remember why he was chasing her and then it became today because he saw the remoteness and effect. Another cadet will that's prevented that story you started what the claim was that Democrat desperate strategy, Sen. Debbie Devin out came out and gave the example she said that in a briefing.

The GOP has failed to offer solutions to inflation, the Republicans have done nothing to lower costs. They Propose nothing to lower cost. Think about this. Folks, the Democrats control Congress they control the president and yet the Republicans job is to propose solutions what we've been proposing them.

But the Democrats won't listen to anything. They're the ones that stop a pipeline.

The drilling stop the natural gas that shut it out of the ones responsible for the inflation, with all the cash with our energy crisis. With our money situation, but that's what they're doing there gonna blame the GOP because we haven't given this solution there when you know Joe Winston Churchill had he had a comment about the Democratic policy. He said I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle and that's exactly right already much okay with it. On the left offer solutions for problems they created right to open the phone lines it takes and because no joke. You know, last week we got knocked off because the bad weather and so we couldn't complete a pledge week because the weather was so bad here. I mean it was bad.

And of course you had a before we did leading. I don't think you got the snow like we got acknowledging that much snow but were irrevocable bad days. Yet what we had symptoms as I didn't want to call the people in to answer all the phones because we are you aware we had couple took falls already and so tomorrow work with in the Lord's will include in a pickup pledge week for the next three days of the week starting tomorrow to finish off a pledge week because we have to do that right now. Joe very good by Thursday because the weatherman says that here in Missouri were looking at a order to what happened iced over Wednesday and Thursday. Well, you may hope it doesn't come your way. Hope it's people like you, Joe.

The drive those trucks and those gasoline it's because the global warming is inequitable in warmness, it might my trackball right in your tractor and I called because I think that helps make food for people. Now he knows and those Semites you know.

Remember if you bought it. A truck brought it and it is the saying goes with their because of global warming and should only be food and things like that for the very elite, not a minute if the people didn't order good by clothes and furniture and lawnmower and all mixers and all kinds of things hairdryers spent we wouldn't have to have truck drivers delivering it quit eating quit buying" buying utensils. Quit buying things in red have no problem yeah let's take some calls okay and we have first Mike Mike from Cleveland you're in there. I hello Mike Gove go for you during your go in yet arrogant going on.

Our government, why don't we get together and fold out without deceit.

Gonna watch Mike right now because you gotta do it the right way. In the end, and you start with your County Sheriff a note from desolate resolutely do you gotta get a real County. I made a significant legal activity make up the lawn think that you were going on here. Well we we don't want to be like them. If we are like that. We become complicated and so what we have to do we have to be ready to defend this.

These are communist that that there is no longer a Democratic Party argument is no more looking with a quick call and I was you by number hanging up.

We don't we don't take the Lord's name in vain on this radio program okay we don't do that and so and and I hope to get you able to cut that out, because that's that's an people to do that will be banned forever from his radio program when we have next okay Jackie Rainier want to talk about the situation in the Ukraine. One thing that it accomplished is by noted on the mainstream media is not talking about COBIT anymore immediately got that off the new site you know I I look at this thing and I can see inside of that that this is in the national interest certainly is not in our national interest.

What is in our interest is the southern border, which were healed. Biden is allowing a full-scale invasion to occur down there worried about between Russia and the Ukraine makes no sense.

Class I look at what were offering the road to diplomacy were offering is nothing which only pollutants are where the highway and basically all put never wanted was a written guarantee that Ukraine would not become a member of NATO, which you know, it sounds pretty reasonable to me. Now he's tested all of its nuclear weapons on Saturday that it is certainly sending a message body playing for keeps on this one and I are so many things that could be done. That's probably too late now the couldn't diffuse this. I mean, I would've offered to make Ukraine a neutral state neutrality or what they call observer status which is with the Vatican and Switzerland and which mean Ukraine would not be allowed to join any military alliance like NATO would be allowed to have offensive weapons but also no country would be able to traverse the Ukraine with its military equipment. In other words the text. I think it would be neutral on the other thing I was thinking of is what if and when this would neutralize China make them the odd man out in all countries wanted security. What if we offered Russia membership in the NATO, the only other option is what we did to diffuse with the Cuban missile crisis. And that's where we agreed to pull articles out of Turkey that the Russians would take their missiles out of Cuba that fell that ultimately without we could have a similar type of agreement.

If Russia would get out of South America, especially Venezuela and we give them the guarantee that Ukraine would not become a member of NATO.

This would be everybody get epic debt negotiation that diplomacy but once the United States said that you were offering the road to diplomacy, offering nobody to wrap Biden what are you offering it, offering it my way or the highway right. Here's what here's what effective 530 today. While the mayor pollutant had to say about what you're talking about. He said this, that it is not called the declaration of war, at least not right now. My colleague bocce and all and all the details input and gives a bonkers speech in Ukraine drops the last puzzle piece in place for that's what the headline was the bottom line is that Putin declared he would recognize the de facto independence of the pro-Russian Dansk and the husk re-regions of eastern Ukraine. If you are shocked by this. I would submit that you should back away from the video game console and start playing attention, supporting an autonomous state's stench status for Dansk and Lou Haskett has been Russians position since the annexation of Crimea.

Since that time, Russia has issued Russian passports, which implies citizenship to anyone in Dansk and the hot who wants to watch them. The date is today at about 20% of the population has taken must go up on the offer and in the context of this again crisis. He is that life is not at all what the news media's been showing you like that to that all of these people in the Ukraine are totally anti-Russian they're not there. There are some that are, but the there's there's parts of it that would like to go back to be a part of of Russia so mother can write about the negotiation thing. Here are your spot on but again our government didn't do anything. Biden. If you think about it. He wants to talk about negotiating a wants to talk about looking into solutions for the problem. It's all rhetoric. There's no action will not will investigate will talk will look into this. The time for action was a year ago. Two years ago are many things that could've been done and you're right about a lot of the solutions but we have somebody that really didn't want solutions. I do believe that the attorney said the military-industrial conflict complex complex wants to build weapons wants to sell weapons and it is nice to have a war to do that there licking their chops. That sort yeah, and then he helped us kill you. Gotta blot a call is one of okay Sean in Michigan, you're in the air. I saw on. Thank you for the late no one else think the want to talk about the 11 I will destroy the world targeted individual with a mechanically audio civil rights and experimentally department mainstream and I'll let get vinyl you have a positive talking downloading several of the don't leave really happening at Beatles son to its bid and it was posted yesterday and bid one of the targeted people. I eagerly was no one to know about back very nice things for: how would we have next time you're in there hello there hi hi another layer. I agree with you that Obama has a lot to me that it will start country but better than another layer of the New World order. Thank involved, think that the Republicans parents. That's George W. Bush actually got pregnant and outstanding Obama law and on top of that, the New World order wants to have a monarchy. They decided about over a decade ago and I got this from a relative amount of space. Prince Philip and the British monarchy was chosen to be the New World order monarchy and because it was such a big job they decided to make the Bush family secondary monarchy. You tell me the implications all that live in the application is Hillary had to say.

Well, you know to expect expect to be lowered and here I thought, but night or something like were both night is act like that, whatever the status did you guys know you know so was… Lick Jagr for the Rolling Stones in the yeah who's the guy that plays the Linda plays the piano that the hot the side of my John John, yet he was clearly I tell you what if they they would ask what tonight me I would refuse. I would B any part of that chaos nonelderly want to keep no action back and explains why Republicans sometimes don't act like Republicans and Democrats don't act like Democrat Lon Lamothe gone on and want to be on the winning side and want to have a title.

This comes now that I hear about the I gotta move on because weekly geckos in name only. They're not really Republicans, not at all their working for the opposition. One more call. We got one last call Deborah, did you say Deborah okay here and there and pray for it Ukraine and remain intact and when our art that part of it and want Hallandale to Russia go to Russia, I would. I would pray the Lord would come back in his people, he would find repentance that his people would do exactly what he told them to do. If they did and they repented of the people would repent then God would within the seed and the blame he's got the answer for all of these things, but unless that happens the best that we can pray for is for him to come back soon because of the world is exactly exactly where his God's Word, the Bible said it would be for exactly where he said it would be right there today and so when all of this stuff this is what you call right now the time of sorrow or the birth pains. And Jesus said this, that you would there be wars and rumors of wars, but the end is not yet so there's a few more things is gonna happen. But our job is to we start with where that's an offense of and then our job is to run to this battle and and fight like Christian soldiers would arise upon the cross. You're welcome already were out of time. Joe I was 10 we have okay he got three minutes. Joe, can you do it her for God sent not his son and of the world to condemn the world, but that the world through him might be saved. John 317 for the Son of Man is not come to destroy men's lives but to save them absolute 95 556 Jesus said I am the resurrection and the life in either believe it than me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. And whosoever liveth and believe it than me shall never die and leave this file.

This we are all dead to sin because of the sin nature of the flesh, and Jesus came to be the propitiation for that sin. He came in he took your place my place*place went to the cross of Calvary died for you and for me and for Pastor Ernie for all who would accept his offer of grace and mercy. The most important decision you can make in your entire life is whether or not you accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. If you call upon the name of the Lord in the you confess your sin that you're sorry you repent of your sins. The sins that put Jesus on the cross and then when you repented of your sins, you asked Jesus Christ to come into your life. All of your life to be the Lord of your life and to give you the indwelling of the Holy Spirit that your down payment on the Col. life. This is called being born again being born of the spirit and you become a joint heir with Jesus and everlasting life. You become a child of the kingdom you become this new creation, the born-again new person in spirit and this decision only you can make and it is the only way to get that heaven is the only way to have a personal relationship with God. It is the way you spend eternity in heaven not help and it something it's one of those tests and I have met a lot of people over a lifetime.

Never ever met anyone who regretted becoming a born-again believer becoming saved person.

Amen. Amen. No one's ever regret this. So just like you said you gotta do. First of all, repentance is absolutely necessary. They repay pray to the father made a very simple ask for forgiveness recognize the fact that you need forgiveness right then called by the name of the Lord Jesus and asked him to be your leg Lord and Savior completely and totally without any reservation got 21st is what he said and then you will be you have God's word and indwelt by the Holy Ghost, a new creature and it don't get any better than that. I got a reminder close to Joe that tomorrow morning the missionaries to the unborn missionary to the unborn good people first responders will be at 12000 Shaker Blvd. there in Cleveland out there saving babies and they could use some help. They really could use some help tomorrow morning 830 12000 Shaker Blvd. votes are there if you can come out and stand with them tomorrow morning at 830.

They could use your help were out of time so until tomorrow. Good night God bless and always, always key Friday night flight out.

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