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MON HR 1 022122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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February 22, 2022 12:28 am

MON HR 1 022122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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February 22, 2022 12:28 am

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A lot of the other news medias don't pick up the news items like he does. And bring into light the enemies of freedom who are out to steal your rights, your children, and enslaving you. You really get the truth out. I can tune into your show and hear the unvarnished truth.

Thank you. This is What's Right, What's Left with Pastor Ernie Sanders. Good evening and welcome to another edition of What's Right, What's Left. I'm Radio Pastor Ernie Sanders and indeed this is the voice of the Christian Resistance on this 21st day of February 2022. And we have the courageous Craig on the board. Good evening everybody. And we have out there the parson Joe Larson out yonder in Missouri. The highly unpaid professional assistant is here.

Yes. Joe you're going to have to try to keep up with me tonight. We have a lot to cover and I mean a tremendous amount to look. So we're going to have to move very fast.

One I wanted to say tonight my sincere condolences go out to the family of Joe Zuma. We've been trying to contract Joe for three weeks. For three weeks. He had called me from a hospital and AHUSA and when I had talked to him and so when he wasn't calling I was calling back and he didn't answer his phone. He had two phones and he wasn't answering his phone and so finally we called the AHUSA, the hospital over there and the people there told me they had no record of him being there when I know he was there. Okay well we tried to find some other avenues of contact in him and they failed so I went over to his house today. I didn't know where he lived. I've known Joe for a long long time. Well I knew about where he lived but I didn't know exactly so I went over to his house today and his neighbor told me he had died three weeks ago.

That's about the time you know obviously he stopped calling us because he called me just about two three days a week. And so I just wanted to say for Joe, Joe was a very very good long time friend. He was a very very pro-life patriot. He loved the Lord.

Joe is a fellow, he was a statesman in my opinion. He put other people, always would put other people before himself and he couldn't understand. He couldn't understand why he was suffering the way he did for so long. But he's not suffering anymore and I'm still trying to find out if there was a funeral. I'm his pastor. Nobody contacted me at all and when you go into these places, normally Joe, you fill out a form and in case of you pass away and he had told me that he had put me down to be contacted should anything happen to him, yet nobody contacted me.

And you know one more, one more of the Saints you know have died and again. Oh the suspicious when the hospital claims he wasn't there and he said he was in the hospital and told you which one. Yeah yeah so this is him over the hospital, sorry.

Oh believe me I do too. We're going to look into that. Now again my sincere condolences if anybody out there listening know, I know Joe had one relative Frank but I think Frank passed away. He was his cousin a while back. We've tried to contact him too, couldn't do that. But you know the Patriots are dying off one by one and again I wanted to just say that to you know today and when a society out there we have so many especially in politics lesser people Joe was a greater person and we're gonna miss you buddy we do miss you a lot of us miss you but you're in a much better place now. Remember that. So and then we got another situation I'm going to tell the folks out there tomorrow night I may need for you to I might give a number out I'm gonna give them one day. Thursday I went down to the prison hospital in Columbus and Franklin Hospital and Joe we before we drove down there and I mean it poured rain it poured rain all the way down I mean it rained all day three hours three hour drive and before we left we called to make sure that we let him know we were coming and they said yeah you're you've got reservations and we're waiting for you so we went down there and we get in there Joe and we waited for an hour and 15 minutes before a lieutenant comes down to tell us that Andre is in isolation and he can't have visitors I was not a happy camper they could have told us that they could have told us that before we came down there yeah three or four or five hours before yeah they had all kinds of opportunities even halfway down would have been better than have you wait there an hour after the three hour drive right and so almost like they were just trying to get even isn't it well I don't really think the woman that I talked to the the corrections officer she seemed like a very nice lady and I don't think I don't think she did they let her know I don't think anybody bothered to tell her okay and so anyhow but I don't I didn't think that was funny Joe no no I put a call in I put it so they're supposed to call you back within 72 hours I put several calls in and they have not returned my call now while I was there I told this lieutenant I said when I leave here I expect to hear from him he says well right now there's count I said after account I expect to hear from him he calls me often if I don't hear from him then I'm gonna be I'm gonna think something's happened he says he will call you he will call you hunt so he promised me well he never did yeah so I got a call into the troubleshooter who works with things like this the liaison and I left a message saying that I don't hear from him there's gonna be a real problem now what I might do tomorrow night if I don't hear from tomorrow you folks out there listening to me okay I'm gonna need your help I'm gonna need your help and this radio ministry has been there for many many of you over the years we have we we do it every day we come to the aid I make phone calls I talk to bosses of people who are being mistreated and and so on but I might need your help to call if I give you that tomorrow night I want to see a thousand phone calls going into the governor's office see that's the only way you get things done in this in this state here and if you do that enough of you call that governor's office tomorrow and I'm gonna I'm gonna wait till I hear from my contact if that don't happen then I want I want a thousand people to call the governor's office and I want to I want somebody to be responsible because I got a bad feeling that they don't want me to see him I got a bad feeling see this is a Christian man and they put a Satanist he's an elderly man he's an elderly man 75 years old and they put a Satanist into the to the cell with him and a younger a younger guy and who who attacked him and beat him and so folks they do the stuff they do this stuff on purpose they do it on purpose so if I give you the word tomorrow I want you to respond believe me do I want you to respond so all right after saying all that we could we're going to we're gonna do some prayer little later on because you know baby Castro has brought you in troops these are these are jack food thugs these are Hessians they're the Hessians from Germany he brought in the Hessians from Germany to go out to attack and persecute the Patriots there and so we're going to be talking about this a little later but right now we got to get into the message show and like I said we have a very fast-paced program today so do you remember what the title of the message was he will destroy them that destroy the earth that's right and that verse comes right out of Revelation chapter 11 but we're gonna start tonight in Hosea 4 so would you read me Hosea chapter 4 verses 1 through 3 sure here the word of the Lord ye children of Israel for the Lord hath a controversy with the inhabitants of the land because there is no truth nor mercy nor knowledge of God in the land by swearing and lying and killing and stealing and committing adultery they break out and blood touches blood therefore shall the land mourn and everyone that dwelleth therein shall languish with the beasts of the field with the fowls of heaven yea the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away and you could change that verse one that children of Israel with children of America catch them that will that would apply to America it would apply to just about every country in the world today to Canada absolutely and hear the word of the Lord new children and of course it really does apply to Israel today to Israel a lot of people don't understand there are those out there that again I preached on this I think a week ago that thinks that there are those that are very anti Israel and I run until I talk to them and they think that Israel can do that Israel is the cause of every evil and then there's the others that the think that Israel could do no harm could do no wrong and so the truth is Israel is an extremely wicked nation like America like America and it's an extremely wicked nation it's got a very high abortion rate very high prostitution rate they had one of the world's largest sodomite parades and and so that's the reality they've there are stiff-necked people now here he says that the Lord had a controversy with the inhabitants of the land you know you always like to quote those Barna reports and I just had one of those Barna reports here the other day and Barna has figured out that the church in America has become officially apostate well we kind of figured that out a long time ago okay we did mention it a few years back yeah but we're the we're the remnant okay the vast majority of people that fill the pews now are biblically illiterate especially those that Philip Hughes of the entertainment centers the prosperity churches the mega entertainment centers out there that are supposed to be called churches and so let me tell you folks if you're in an assembly or a congregation and one you don't your pastor if your pastor is not an activist pastor but it's not bold okay and he's not activist he's supposed to be a leader he's supposed to lead lead you he is supposed to be extremely biblically literate and to be preached from from the Bible but he is to be a leader there and if he's not and I would and if he's not preaching from the King James Bible I would leave there in a heartbeat I would I would leave there find a church where you have it's an actual church unregistered New Testament where the pastor is is a real man of God and I mean a man to a God now here he goes on to say because there is no truth nor mercy nor knowledge of God in the land that applies to America so great again we there is such biblical illiteracy today Joe it's unbelievable and you know it's in a pulpit to where does judgment begin Joe in the house of God in the house of God that's exactly right there in kid we've got over half the pastor surveyed in America rejected two or more of the five basic tenets of the faith so you know half the church's rotten because of fish rots from what the head down that's absolutely right but because of biblical literacy people don't understand that they sit there and many of them don't have Bibles they have the New Age perversions of the Bibles and they're they're totally oblivious to their surroundings see they just don't get it okay and so here he goes on to say by swearing even some of the good churches you see a lot of people on Sunday but Wednesday Bible study or something people don't go to Bible study anymore just a very very small remnant go to hear the word learn draw closer to the Lord and love and knowledge that's the biggest shame of all is the lack of people attending Bible study that's true but there's an extreme an extreme dearth of courage from the pulpit there's an extreme dearth of courage from the pulpit now by swearing and lying and killing and stealing and committing adultery they break out and blood touches blood first of all that right there Joe is the platform of the death of credit communist party in this country that that is Nancy Pelosi's platform that is Joe Obama that's his platform that is the death of credit Communist Party platform there are wicked and in very evil people everything that God's word the Bible calls sin there is no redeeming merits at all nothing from the death of credit Communist Party there is nothing there's there's nothing in there that has not gone totally dirty totally bad Joe and so I sure not gonna argue with you on that one because it's you're right they've accepted every sin and they lie they cheat they steal whether it's your money your elections your children your the country's future I mean yeah they are the enemy they are the enemy anti-christ system the enemy of God if you are a Christian if you are a Christian they are your enemy they're you're absolutely right they they hate God and remember some few years back during the 2012 when they actually voted God out of the out of their platform yep and then they realized though defended a few many people so they tried to stick him back just because not because they believed he should be there but because well we lost a few voters we can't have that well what happened was they knew there's the chairman in other words when he looked and he saw the majority when it got out when it got out of there he knew that hey we do this what the Democrats will use this to tear us apart and if we do this those those death of crash that aren't totally corrupted that's that might be have a little bit of a spark any kind of just the least bit of decency left in them when they hear that and they and they say well you know no I don't want to go up against God I you know I might be a sinner but I don't want to they're gonna leave the party and they're gonna take their money with them that's that's what happened so that's why he lied he looked out there and the majority of the death of grants there at the convention wanted got out of it but he lied of course that's what they do by swearing in line by swearing in line and killing again I want to say that in this country our sewers from coast to coast our sewers run red with the blood of innocent children and old people were they trying to do the euthanasia get rid of the old useless eaters and killing people off by the thousands with the with this so-called by a weapon that they call vaccination that's another vaccination and and so now he says there's therefore shall the land mourn and everyone that dwelleth their ends shall languish with the beasts of the field and with the fowls of heaven yes the fish of the sea shall also be taken away now remember I will destroy them that destroy the earth and so here he's telling you it's not SUVs it's not gasoline powered or that it's destroying this country it's the sin sin is sin this is what God God has ring God's judgment and it comes with all kinds of everything from drought to flood you name it right yeah it does in fact Joe let's let's look at one of those sins here I'm going to do an article real fast and that is this one psychologist claims unborn babies can give permission for abortion this you know first of all Joe Joe do you know what profession out of all professions has the highest rate of suicide I bet it's a psychiatrist or psychologist you're absolutely right and where do people go who are suicidal they go to these people so you talk about the blind leading the blind most of the stuff I remember years ago back in college way back you know reading where most of the people went into psychology or psychiatry as a field because they had these problems they couldn't fix for themselves and they went on a self exploratory by taking the courses in school and from what I remember some of the studies they were some of the sickest people around you're absolutely right today they become socialist workers so many of them to you okay so now let's listen to this article I want to repeat yeah go on that line was just psychologists psychologists claims unborn babies can give permission for it to be killed to give permission in other words she's saying the baby in the womb can give its mother permission to kill that baby here's what this sick woman Claudette and that tell what this very very sick woman you know you know it's kind of you can read about her writing God's Word the Bible Joe did you know that over and over in Jeremiah chapter 2 verse 34 it says this also in my skirts has found the blood of the souls of the poor innocent and I have not found it by secret but upon all of these in other words it's her it's what she has set like what she just said right here in this article that condemned her that condemned her in her skirts has found the blood of the innocent but listen to this Joe lift up thine eyes into the high places that's where they kill babies right and where thou has not lain with in the ways has thou set them as the Arabian in the wilderness and now has polluted the land with thy whoredoms and with thy wickedness therefore showers have been withholding and there have been no later rain and thou hast a whores forehead thou refuses to be ashamed that's exactly that these death locratic women that's exactly they they refuse to be ashamed they've got absolutely no honor no integrity no decency at all now listen to this these women and I've heard them bragging about using baby killing killing the child is birth control and they brag about it they brag about it okay I remember we shout your abortion we did several of those stories shout your abortion be proud of it yeah these are whorish women very very whorish women but here's what he says about him how can thou say I am NOT polluted I have not gone after Balaam see the way in the valley know the way that thou has done thou art like a swift geometry trap traversing her ways as a wild ass you know isn't that interesting to use a wild ass and that's the symbol of the death of credit Communist Party party used in the wilderness to snuff it up the wind at her pleasure in her occasion who can turn her away and all day this seeker will not worry themselves in their month they shall find her in other words that's what it is like a jackass and heat that's that's what these women remind me of okay and this article let me go back to this article in the article conscious abortion engaging the baby in a compassionate dialogue in the journal parental prenatal psychology and health psychologist Claudette Nattel encourage these women to commute communicate with their baby before they kill it tell them how much they love them say goodbye and even get their child's permission to kill it this this woman is this woman is sick criminally insane in my book yeah Nattel admits that the baby's humanity defines the baby as an unborn the fetus is an unborn in the mother's womb at any time for conception conscious abortion hinges on the belief that the baby in the womb can hear and understand the woman's thoughts and even tell if that tell that pathically communicate back family doctor man G McGregor suggests that someone having an abortion meaning killing their baby should have a heart-to-heart conversation with her baby in the womb explaining how this is not a good time for her to raise a child reassuring them that they are deeply loved that is not a family doctor that's a sick person of that G McGarry McGarry that's a very very sick person you know and and G McGarry better hope that he never runs into me okay believe me okay it's important for women to make sure their babies know them know they love them before they hit before they have them dismembered or poisoned McGarry has guided women through the process and it says many of her yeah it's a it's a it's an unclean a very very unclean woman a very very unclean evil and wicked woman and I can't even read any more of this article I'm so angry it's sickening it goes on with deep love and concern ask the baby to live to leave you know to go ahead and die don't want to die it just the longer you read the sicker it gets it does okay Joe we're gonna have very quickly we're gonna play this quick song and then we've got a clip to play in this clip folks you want to listen to this out there because some of you out there listening may not be a human you just don't know it go ahead take her away some people say that no one should be condemned to die they say that it's unhuman and it's cruel they say that it's not right but those same people carry signs saying they support a woman's right to choose but you might be you show mercy to the ones that never show it and none to those that need it most of all you've got the nerve to call yourself a Christian when you'll see a killer walk before you'll see a baby crawl down through the years the churches have been known to make a stand but now we see some churches bending to the will of man they used to set a standard and they seldom let it down church used to change the man now it's the other way around the world's population or at least those that took these shots for now into a new species they're no longer humans for purposes of law according to the genetics genome sorry myriad genetics case so what are they they're they're people to you and I but from perspective of definition in the law what are they and what rights do they enjoy and it just strikes me that you know these people could do this they did do this without ever stopping to ask why and it strikes me that they view themselves as gods right we are creatures of God we're in the image of God and it seems to me that they decided that wasn't good enough and they should make a whole lot of people creatures of their own imaginations August of last year 2021 the military mandates came down the Secretary of Defense issued an order that all military whatsoever active reserves National Guard all had to become vaccinated I use the term vaccinate only because it's simple and everybody knows what we're talking about that mandate actually can't exist in the law because the Secretary of Defense is the one who made it this has all been done before in the anthrax scenario about 20 years prior where they tried something very similar my co-counsel in the case actually prevailed and and as a result of that came some new law in particular at issue is the informed consent rights so here we have a phase 3 clinical trial to be very clear about this none of these mRNA adenovirus vaccines again our FDA approved they are emergency use authorization which means that informed consent requirements come into play in other words nobody can force you to become a lab rat so here comes this order from the Secretary of Defense requiring everybody to enjoin into this this experiment 1.8 million people to be exact at the same time a lot of service members were complaining that I've already had the bug it's like 200,000 or so military had expected to make that defense which is actually part of military regulations as to why not to get this so we we follow suit on a number of grounds number one of which is that this has already been addressed in 10 USC 1107 coming out of the anthrax case which says only the President of the United States has the ability to waive service members rights to inform consent not the Secretary of Defense not anybody else so the order itself is illegal on top of that there are specific exemptions entered into army regulation some of which go back to 1908 that talk about prior immunity that one goes back to 1908 disability religious beliefs and finally administrative if you're not going to stay in the military's and then what's the point of doing this all of those were disregarded all of them so then we looked at you know how did we get here and why are we here what is the emergency first and foremost because this has got an extremely high survivability rate even today and back then it was ninety nine point nine eight percent or something along that line not even taking into consideration we're talking about military people who are fit as a function of their job go through annual physicals you know aren't allowed to be unhealthy effectively suffer diseases so there was really no reason that we could quantify as to why this would take place in the first place but we filed lawsuit against the Department of Defense Health and Human Services and the FDA in an attempt to number one stop this getting an injunction or asking for one and number two calling into question the the reasoning behind bringing a mass experiment to the market when there were already efficacious drugs 37 of them we came to find that could treat the malady at this point now your clientele is huge you're you're representing how many people in in the in the army and military in the military so the entirety of the military it appears it's somewhere around four hundred thousand people our case was dismissed on procedural grounds on the 18th we're filing a notice of appeal we haven't had our day in court and by the way all we were asking for in this anyway was a declaratory judgment we wanted the judge to tell the military to follow their own laws but four hundred thousand people or so this is a huge case but what it led you to find is say even more stupendous it's more mind-blowing than just the they're not following their own rules they're the president has to do a waiver they're just doing it anyway we've interviewed all sorts of military men and women I just had on a Navy commander Rob Green who was telling me that you know despite his filing for religious exemption they were denying everything they're doing a pro forma thing which is ridiculous whistleblowers shown that they're not taking anything seriously and these are good faithful men who are giving for their country giving is offering their lives for their country and they're forcing them to take this experimental job which for many of them is abhorrent because it's abortion tainted and we've done shows on that as well but what did it lead you to find that is so hair-raising about gene therapy and what this really is in all cases you're always trying to figure out what the defense is gonna get ahead of it we did quite a bit of research in so much that we were largely ignored by the DFP for a long time and so we started looking around is there is there any other way that they could defend this because very clearly they were not getting anybody's consent they were coercing threatening taking punitive actions towards the service members all in violation of the law the Nuremberg Code was brought into the uniform code of military justice in 1957 very clearly the DoD is violated almost so it made us think what what possibly could be there and it turns out that circa 2001 the the DoD NASA other agencies started down this road genetic modification we also came to find that the informed consent requirements are significantly less and so that made us think you know maybe that's the defense is that you know this is experimental it is gene modification therapy otherwise known as gene therapy so maybe we're just off on our legal analysis so that's what this is really about and I think that it is let's stop there for a second because I want it right away dispel the fault you know the the charges of falsehood because there are charges of falsehood everybody saying oh they're calling a gene therapy give me a break so let's just go to this clip of the head of Bayer telling Bill Gates and all sorts of high-profile leaders world leaders that this indeed is gene therapy and that nobody would have accepted it before COVID but now they all have take a look the mRNA vaccines are an example for that cell and gene therapy I always like to say if we had surveyed two years ago in the public would you be willing to take a gene gene or cell therapy and inject it into your body we would have probably had a 95% refusal rate I think this pandemic has also opened many people's eyes to to innovation in the way that was maybe not possible before so Todd tell us in addition to this being mentioned on display you have documents that show that Pfizer or Moderna they're admitting themselves that this is gene therapy is that not correct yes they've never hidden it from the very beginning they said that they were going to use lipid nanoparticles to deliver RNA or messenger RNA or even synthetic DNA fragments to the the user for the purpose of making that users body creates by proteins by led by itself is is gene therapy so now that we've dispelled that this is just you know some kind of imaginary thing let's return to that NASA document first of all what what year is that NASA document from 2001 future strategic issues future warfare circa 2025 this is from 2001 so in 2001 they're projecting to 2025 which we're coming up to now about these kinds of things give us if you will their sort of their mindset from 2001 when the US military excuse me NASA is looking at this it is it's a combination of NASA and other agencies including DARPA and well for instance the NASA Langley Research Center that's part of it the CIA this is a combined effort there's a few things that I take away from reading this aside from the fact that it goes on for 113 pages and that's just a PowerPoint it's it's actually not not written text to traditional sense it's all about threat assessment it's all about how how somebody else going to kill us and how are we going to kill them and you take away from this thing there is no survivability the technology is such that both sides every side is is going to end up killing everybody the part that disturbs me most about it is that the author uses a whole lot of exclamation marks so yay we have directed energy weapons exclamation mark we have nanotechnologies next generation by 2020 nobody will be able to escape it it talks about all of those things and including you know effectively the bio net of things harnessing people's humanity harvesting their their being into beyond what they call beyond artificial intelligence I think that's where we're going right now and then they compare the whole thing to our planet being a spaceship the this is its own microcosm and and we're stuck here and by the way we better do something about the population because there's too many of us not enough resources all of this is predicated on really one thing and that to me is the absence of spirituality absence of God this is all about man's creations this is about men killing men and you walk away from it at least I did fairly depressed to think that somebody put this time energy and effort into trying to figure out how to kill as many people as they could it is truly unreal the analogy to the spaceship and then they said how they're adding too many people to the spaceship and we need to do something about that so population control is built right into the system and it's really a it really does show the mindset but where did you go from there knowing their mindset knowing that this is a a sort of outlook from the US militarily but different government organs in the US where did you go from there in your research the predicate to this whole thing is that nowhere in here really does it talk about peace instead of threatening each other that the presumption is that there's going to be a war massive casualties and here that talks about you know why don't we try something else like you know getting along or something along those lines so we ended up looking at a variety of other things including what is the law around this being lawyers and there actually isn't hardly any along comes a case in 2013 however that it relates to intellectual property rights as it relates to synthetic DNA in particular so it's the myriad genetics case and I don't know if you've seen it but I can cite it exactly if you prefer and it is called the Association for molecular pathology versus myriad genetics so what's it about so this is about the intellectual property rights developed by the use of mRNA in particular and what happens to the synthetic synthetic genome as a result of that this is an argument over intellectual property rights in the new genome that they create from genetic therapy genetic modification right and presumably they're talking about lab animals that they're going to modify their genes that's right in this particular case mice it wanders into a variety of things and I guess that's the point it's that they look at this as whether it's a human or mice or anything else it's almost irrelevant there are humanized mice right they use them in labs all the time to test new drugs so we're chimeras already exists and they don't differentiate a genome to them as a genome what did the court's rule this is it and this is a US Supreme Court decision already that's right this is what we call good law meaning it's already happened there is no higher court this is the decision of the court the only thing that can happen as a result of this is people follow it as law or if the legislature doesn't like it then the legislature theoretically has the power to change it and they do on occasion so in this particular case the holding is what really bothers it's on page six about halfway down on the sentence begins with it is also so it states it is also possible to create DNA synthetically through the process similarly well known in the field of genetics one such method begins with an M RNA molecule and uses the natural bonding properties nucleotides to create a new synthetic DNA molecule and and that's it so you can't in the world of intellectual property you you cannot patent something that already exists in nature if you change that however into something synthetic that need new genome is in fact patentable you're creating chattel property intellectual property rights and that new genome and that's what this case holds now this is the same kind of thing we're doing with the vaccines because they are mRNA vaccines both the Pfizer and Moderna and so if you can explain what is that and is that actually creating sort of a new genome within us within people who take the vaccine so not sort of it it does so the Supreme Court case says if you use that's what your RNA to create a synthetic genome that new genome is your intellectual property rights that's that's the holding of the case right so I've heard people say well maybe it's just the synthetic DNA in that new genome that is you know the intellectual property rights how does one separate that if these shots which we now know go throughout your entire body they're not stuck in your arm they go everywhere if they're genetically modifying billions of your cells that's the plan well then how does one separate billions of cells from the other billions of cells the simple reality is those that took these shots that's your RNA ones for sure according to this document are now the chattel property in the patent holders this is totally not come up for discussion right now but actually in documents you sent me it has come up for discussion before that's what I found so fascinating a document that you sent over that is from the UK Ministry of Defense along with the German Ministry of Defense actually takes this up I'm gonna read a rather lengthy quote from it and then get your reaction to it because I I found this just incredible that I think it was from 2011 they did envision this very thing and what to do about it this is of course in defense talking about defense and therefore soldiers and so on and that of course your case is taking up the soldiers cases but here's what they said so if this the document explains by the way this is document put out by the UK Ministry of Defense in partnership with Germany's Bundeswehr office for defense planning it actually says human rights and property law are examples of legal fields which may need to adapt as technologies become integrated with rather than merely used by people people have legal rights and machines do not but human augmentation will make it increasingly difficult to adopt this binary approach as machines are integrated with our bodies potentially at a molecular level which is exactly what we're talking about as an example they give that is the discussion about possibilities that humans may become cyborgs in the future the term has many mythical metaphorical and technical connotations but it reflects the idea that humans no longer merely used machines we increasingly depend on them for our most human like activities then it goes on and says ownership of human augmentation technologies and the data they use and collect will need to be carefully considered if implants become integral parts of our bodies for example people who wear pacemakers often they do not have any rights to access data gathered and transmitted by these devices within the European Union this problem is in part managed by the privacy law general data protection regulation GDPR which regulates access to personal data it's incredible that they envision this back then because they knew that they're going to get into this kind of gene therapy gene modification that it's going toward super soldiers are augmenting their military and then finding out what that will mean and yet here we've done it on a global scale without this discussion really taking place yeah a global scale still phase three clinical trials so the entirety of the user populations billions of people are effectively lab rats I'm unaware of any of them getting proper informed consent for the law and and I don't even know if anybody cares it's really quite remarkable in what you reference I think it's part three of that particular document it asks questions about ethics you know should we be considering these things the horse is already out of the barn it already happened and so you can tell going back to the NASA document the 2001 document this was a plan right this this didn't just happen they've been planning it for a long time and the military seemingly has been doing genetic modification experiments since 2005 on their soldiers with very limited informed consent requirements they're separate set of informed consent requirements the only the only thing that's come out of US law that I think has any bearing whatsoever on this I think take that back to number one is the genetic information non-discrimination Act that came out a few years ago and that's great you can't discriminate against somebody based on their genetic information it doesn't talk at all about how about not genetically modifying people giving them a choice secondarily when you look at the law and the totality of it around the planet it all seems to be based on environmental protection the focus Australia's is a good example focuses on if there's an inadvertent spill and we did an intent to genetically modify you know some cows over in this field or whatever the case may be that's their concern not not whether or not somebody has a voice in this or an interest in doing it to themselves it's a foregone conclusion and you find that in a 2001 document from NASA all of this is happening irrespective of our desires here we have the doctrine so how did this figure into your case with them not caring you you'd mentioned earlier about how why were they not paying attention not even concerned about it how did that figure into your case it hasn't at all the response we got out of the department since the Department of Justice who actually defends them was a straight forward denial you know the law actually can't be more clear on this particular subject and they kept kind of referencing things that weren't weren't even salient and not nowhere did they enter in the genetic modification part of this or it really didn't even address informed consent even though this is an investigational new drug investigation a new device it really wasn't addressed they've just ignored it just like they did their own regulation ar four zero five six two it's it's in their own rules and they just ignore it it's absolutely unbelievable one of the I guess you could say things get really strange when we go down this path and that people don't know what to believe anymore and that's why I wanted to bring you on to get the evidence out there so people could say wait a minute there's actually something to this because it seems so far-fetched it seems impossible for one thing the military has kept a lot of what it's doing behind the scenes anyway but for another it just it sounds so much beyond our realm of possibility one of the things you mentioned is the liquid nanoparticles that are used here the documentation is there for its use what what do they do so the lipid nanoparticles yes they're throughout the documentation there and all the protocols there and all the patents this is one of six that I see delivery devices and what they're delivering are payloads and those payloads are fragments of messenger RNA RNA and DNA some of them the other shots we use adenovirus vectors to deliver the very same kinds of payloads the the point of those payloads and in my understanding in the Pfizer shots there are eight different types of fragments that they're delivering eight different types of genetic modification that they're creating at least is they have to slip past your your body's immune system okay so historically apparently the nanoparticles lipid nanoparticles have been in our food I think there's 3,300 products or so on the market today that have them our bodies do a fairly good job of defending against it so they've actually included other proteins taken from the HIV studies again back in the 2020s to disarm our autoimmune system to slip the lipid nanoparticles their their molecular size fraction frankly into the user cells and in this particular case it's the cardiovascular cells for the purpose of reprogramming those cells to produce these s proteins the spike proteins what do you see as the grave danger there with regard to the use of the liquid nanoparticles and the payloads because there's no end to it so we did mass spectrometry studies on both the moderna and the Pfizer shots and what we found is that the ingredients are effectively the same a huge amount of polyethylene glycol they mentioned lipid nanoparticles and adjuvants the point of it is that nowhere in those documents do they actually talk about what the payload is what messenger RNA are they delivering what DNA fragments so we we don't know what's in these because it's not disclosed in the filings with the FDA it's in the patents you can see that and if you read through the patents you look up what all these different things are one of them probably turn you into a flying monkey i really don't know some of them seem to utilize for instance e-coli chimerically blended i guess for lack of a better word with marburg you know elements of Ebola all these other pathogens seem to be actually included in these in these payloads we're really in the midst of quite the experiment more more experimental than than people perhaps even know because it's not only yeah we couldn't have the time to develop this properly so we developed a quick vaccine sort of that we think will work hopefully it will we'll just go for it anyway it's much deeper it's it's much beyond that it's a totally novel technology that's never been used really on humans before um and and given and foisted upon you without uh without consent of any kind um so what is your conclusion from this what's your takeaway we're going to bring you back on to get more into this but what's your takeaway right now and really what's your takeaway for uh the people out there what should they be doing the takeaway the takeaway is this and funny enough i think it was in uh jurassic park rhythm you know the scientist the mathematician says you stood on the shoulders of giants and never stopped to ask whether or not this should be done just whether or not it could be done and that's exactly what's happened you transfer transforming the entirety of the world's population or at least those that took these shots for now um into a new species they're no longer already uh that folks again uh was attorney uh todd calendar and he represents 400 000 military uh addresses in this country we're coming up to a break so we will be back right after this don't go away more to come be right back one more thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the christian resistance to support this ministry head to w r w l dot org that's w r w l dot org mail your donations if you missed part of tonight's program you can check out the podcast at the word the word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries the voice of the christian resistance stay tuned the second hour is coming up next
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