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A Missionary To Muslims

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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May 20, 2024 5:11 pm

A Missionary To Muslims

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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May 20, 2024 5:11 pm

Join Stu Epperson for an engaging episode of Truth Talk Live.


This is Rodney from the Masculine Journey Podcast, where we explored manhood within Jesus Christ. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Sit back, enjoy it, share it. But most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. Welcome to Truth Talk Live. All right, let's talk. A daily program powered by the Truth Network. This is kind of a great thing, and I'll tell you why. Where pop culture, current events, and theology all come together.

Speak your mind. And now, here's today's Truth Talk Live host. It's a Monday missions moment to Muslims. We have a missionary to Muslims. Muslim friends out there, if you're listening, God loves you. And we are going to share the good news from a man of God who came to Christ in the Sudan, who's having a huge conference in North Carolina that everyone listening to my voice needs to sign up for and go to.

There's a whole youth track, it's going to be a blast. He is with me right now. Brother George, first I got to catch you up on some headlines. I'm Stu Everson. It's good to be back in the seat on Truth Talk Live. We're going to take your calls here in just a bit. We're going to bring our special guest on. A couple big news updates.

The Iranian president and foreign minister have been killed in a tragic helicopter crash. This has been reported on all news outlets. There's still details of how this came about out there. They're investigating and all that. So there is a lot going on there. Of course, you know about the turbulence between Iran, the U.S., Iran, and Israel, and supporting and, you know, helping Hamas, which is awful. So there's a whole lot in the geopolitical world swirling, and of course, those of us who know the Lord and love the Lord and love the Lord's return, there's a whole lot in the Scripture about, you know, prophecy about this and all that, you know, that's going on.

So keep that in your prayers. There is another report that just came out from the Jewish press that over 50 tunnels connecting Rafah to Egypt that Israel has discovered and that whole thing. Wow. There is another story that's interesting from this news source called Spiked that Donald Trump is making big headway in the multiracial population.

More and more African Americans and Hispanics are coming out for Trump. It's something we're going to watch. Of course, we're debating, we're talking about this on this show.

We're talking about, you know, how, what do you do? You got, you know, two vulgar, you know, people on the ballot. Who do you pick, you know? But what about the, you know, do you vote for policy or personality?

And see, America is a country where we like our candidates nice and curated and this and that. But at the end of the day, who's going to stand up for the unborn baby? Who's going to stand up for marriage? Who's going to stand up for, you know, a fiscal policy that doesn't defraud the lender and the student and the, you know, who's going to protect our country from the awful atrocities coming in with the fentanyl and the human trafficking and all that. And so, so we're watching that, but it's interesting that his message is for somehow resonating. Of course, there's this whole court case.

We haven't done a show on that. I don't know how, what angle we would take, but we're going to move on to another headline. This is from the headlines. Joe Biden's Title IX rule, a disaster for women.

Friends, this is one of the saddest things. There's a full-blown war that our government has declared. It's not against the jihadists. It's not against the enemies of America who are trying to destroy us. It's not against China.

It's not against anyone that's trying to undermine our economy. It's against women. Our president and President Obama and all the people that are involved in running our country have declared an all-out war on women.

And this is the Title IX. They're basically saying a man can go out for a woman's sport. So a man, you feel like, you know, maybe I'll go back to school, you know, and play some ball and say, hey, I want to make the whatever college's women's team. I can just go right in the shower. I go right in the training room with all the women and they can't do a thing about it.

If that's just how I feel, because they don't, because the law is set up now not to hurt people's feelings as opposed to keep men out of women's locker rooms. So it's an all-out attack on women. And I'm lining up, by the way, I'm lining up Riley Gaines. We're going to try to have her on the show. She went to Cal State Berkeley to fight for women's rights. Now think about that.

Cal State Berkeley, you think that they would have a huge parade for her. Well, what happened? Men, two or three men, jumped on her locker room and punched her in the face. This happened. Don't take my word.

Just Google Riley Gaines. They attacked a woman because she says, I believe that men shouldn't come in my locker room. I believe I should be swimming against women and not against men because they feel like they're a man. So this is happening in all these sports now and people need to wake up because it's the law. And what does that mean? That means that you're kind of like, well, I'm in my church and I'm kind of worshiping God.

I don't really speak to this stuff. Well, if you speak to the fact that God created two genders, that's hate speech, according to certain laws that they're trying to pass right now. And Title IX is one of them. And this is called misgendering. And now they're passing laws to put you in jail. I mean, what if the cops pull up? You're in a coffee shop, cops pull up. And your pastor's sitting there on the patio because he preached a sermon on Sunday about how we shouldn't have men going out for women's sports. And he misgendered and he used the wrong pronoun to describe a man. He called him him instead of she. And the cops put cuffs on him and says, you are charged, sir, with a felony.

Read him his Miranda rights. Oh, that'll never happen. Well, that's happening. It's happening in Canada.

And that's coming to the U.S. of A. courtesy of our president. Elections matter. So let me see. There's a couple more headlines. So many things going on. This is another story from the commentary from Town Hall that the jihad on our campuses now.

So remember, we did a show on this a couple weeks ago. Instead of the KKK on our campuses yelling death to black people, which would be shut down, I'm telling you right now, that would that would that would last about nine seconds. You have a different KKK on our campuses saying death to Jews. And you have crickets from the left, crickets from the media, crickets from the president, crickets from President Obama. President Biden and all Kamala Harris, crickets. You know, it's unbelievable.

And so this is a well organized. They're tracking money to people like George Soros. They're tracking money from people who are paying people to go to campuses and disrupt and say death to America, death to Jews. And so anyway, just ask my daughter.

She was looking outside of her apartment in New York City. They're burning American flags. It's like, what's going on here? This is our country. So, you know, we just forgave all your student debt and now you're burning the flag. Hey, God bless you. Thank you. It's like, you know, you light a birthday candle for a birthday celebration.

You burn American flag when you get forgiven half a million dollars debt from your school. So those are some depressing but real headlines going on. We try to keep you up on the issues of the day from a biblical perspective. Now we talk to our special guest, Brother George.

What a testimony. Come closer. Put that on your chin. Put that mic on your chin.

God bless you. And welcome to Truth Talk Live. Thank you for having me. It's good to have you with us. We're going to get your mic accelerated.

You got to talk to that, you know, bring out that deep baritone radio voice. Now you are, tell us the name of your ministry. It's a network. It's called Ministry to Muslims. Our website, Ministry to Muslims Network.

Our website is ministry2, which is T-O Muslims dot com. Okay. We're going to give that a bunch this hour. And this is what makes what we're doing here special. This is why we're so glad you're on the air. We got a guest that wants to call in and we're going to jump right to him. Probably after this break, because we're coming up on the break. We got a couple of minutes, right, Grace? I know we're here right now. Saved in Sudan, full-time missionary to Muslims, putting on a killer event in North Carolina in just a week or two, really. It's coming up. We're going to advertise on the Truth Network. We're going to hear your testimony. And how do you reach Muslims? The answer is not missiles.

The answer is missions, right? George is going to tell us more about that when we come back. Wait till you hear his story and your calls on Truth Talk Live. Hang on.

So there you are. You're at the post office or maybe you're in a neighborhood meeting and you come across a friend who's Muslim. And you want to share the good news of Jesus with them, but you don't even know what they believe totally.

And maybe you mistake them for being some radical nut out there doing this and that when they are actually some of the nicest people and they're very hospitable. And there are how many Muslims in the world, George, would you say? It's showing close to two billion.

Two billion. So, hey, they're there and do they need Jesus, George? Of course. And this is what you've committed your whole life and passion to, right? Yes.

I love it. Especially in this country here where we have the freedom to share the gospel. So far we have the freedom to share the gospel with Muslims.

Most of them, they came from places where they are not allowed to have a Bible or to hear the gospel. There's very limited access. Like, for example, Saudi Arabia. In certain areas of Saudi Arabia, like the Kaaba where the black building is, they don't even allow an airplane to fly over that. Why? Because the airplane is the shape of the cross.

They're afraid of the shadow of the cross. No kidding. In the land. Wow.

But we have over 100,000 Saudi Arabian students in our campuses across the country where we can share the gospel. Isn't that something? Well, you know, I was in Paris, France, and I was at the Eiffel Tower. There's an amazing pickup game there.

You got to go, guys. If you're ever there, hop on the bike, take a basketball, play ball. And there were a bunch of, a very diverse crowd playing basketball, to say the least. But a bunch of them were Muslim. And so I shared the gospel like I always do when I play basketball.

And my nephews were there, my son-in-law, we were all there hanging out playing basketball. And I had a New Testament, and I gave it to a young man, I think his name was Masood. And he said, oh, I can't take that, I'm Muslim.

And I remembered a verse, tell me if I did okay here. I said, hey, the Muslim says that every good Muslim should read the book of the Jew and the Christian. It says that in the Quran, doesn't it? The Quran says to Muslims to believe in the Bible. Yeah.

Also tell me as a Christian, the people of the book, which Christian and Jews, is we have no ground to stand upon unless you act according to the Bible. Isn't that something? So that's in the Quran. Yeah.

Yeah. The Quran ordering us to follow the Bible. So cool. So I want to hear your story. I want to hear your testimony.

We're going to go to the phone lines. The crazy thing about that is he took the Bible. He was very grateful. He'd never seen a Bible. He'd never touched a Bible.

He'd never held a Bible. Isn't that wild? So we gave out a bunch of gospel tracts in French and in English right there on the basketball court. And we played some good ball too.

My nephews, they brought the heat. And I just passed the ball and hit a couple of threes. And I'm getting too old for this stuff, George. But we were able to give him a Bible. And after I shared that, though, thanks to friends like you.

And that's why you're here. Friends, we got to reach two billion people. We're going to end the show today at five because that's Eastern time. So our listeners can go out and reach the two billion Muslims that are out there. We got to get aggressive.

We got to wake up, right? Now, you're passionate about this. We wonder how you got saved. Just hand me three books. One is Islam Unveiled. What really Islam really teaches. One is the Islamization of American Schools. The Critique of the Course and Textbook of Islam taught to the seventh grade students in the California public schools. They would never dare teach Christianity the gospel, but they are teaching Islam. Taxpayers are paying for Islam. The Islamization in seventh grade of this children across the country.

Unreal. And then finally, Christian reply to Muslim objections. We're getting all this. We're going to dig deep.

It's an all Monday missions Muslim Moment talk show. I'm trying to think of more M's. But while I'm thinking of those, we're going to go to Bucks Man. He puts the M in Bucks Man. He's on Truth Talk Live with Stu, our special guest, George. Bucks Man, go quick.

You're out of the air. Thank you for calling in. Thank you, Stu. And bless you, George. I want you, if you would, I have a dear Muslim friend.

He has a small business. Every time, George, I go to my friend Saeed's business. He hands me a soda.

He hands me a water. And I realize that that's one of the pillars of Islam is to be hospitable, just as Stu said. So if you would, pray for Saeed.

And I can't wait to hear, brother, how I can reach my dear friend Saeed with the gospel of Jesus Christ. He's amazed that I know of Ishmael. Well, I know my Old Testament, George. And I know that Ishmael is the son of Abraham through Hagar. That's right, that's right.

And I'll tell you what, George. He's blown away that this Christian knows the Islam history. So he is extremely connected to me, sir. Yeah, so Abraham, Ishmael, they're venerated by Muslims and Christians alike. So there's a common ground.

Talk about how can he reach his friend Saeed? First of all, that yes, they are very hospitable and more is the culture than Islam. For them to treat us nice as Christians, it has something to do with them being nice people, not being nice Muslims, necessary, because Islam does not teach that. But they are.

We go to Dearborn, Michigan, for example. They always invite us in for food and we eat with them and they're willing to talk. They are so open to talk about religion.

Yes, maybe their ultimate goal is to convert you to Islam. But I just want you to encourage you. Pray for that individual regularly. Don't hesitate to share the gospel and talk to him about Jesus.

A lot of time, I love friendship evangelism. But the problem is if friendship evangelism become the goal, the ultimate goal, then you will become very afraid of offending him and losing that friendship. You need from the beginning to share the gospel immediately with him. He needs to hear the gospel, the same message that everybody did hear. But I really encourage you, if you don't have a Quran, ask him for a copy of the Quran.

And when he... I bought one, George. I bought one just for this purpose. Yeah, I went ahead.

Go ahead, George. Yeah, because if someone doesn't have the Quran, I encourage them to use it as an opportunity. If you ask them for a Quran, then they have to take the Bible back from you. And also, I encourage you to pray for these countries by name, not just for the Christians in these countries where there are wars, but also for the salvation of Muslims in these countries, for the peace of these countries, because it's really powerful. I see when I meet a Muslim and tell them, I've been praying for your country when I found out what country they are from, that just breaks a lot of walls.

And they recognize that my heart, I care about them and love them. But I really want to tell you also that they have no assurance of salvation according to Islam. Abu Bakr, Abu Bakr, the first successor after Muhammad, he said even though he was promised paradise by Muhammad, Muhammad promised him paradise. But he said when he was dying, he was so scared.

They told him, why are you scared? He said, if one of my feet foot inside heaven and one out of heaven, I will not trust the deception of Allah. And he was referring to chapter 3, verse 54 of the Quran. They deceive and Allah deceive and Allah the best of all deceivers.

Wow. It's very, very sad that they are, in their book, in black and white, is saying Allah is the best of all deceivers. We know that's the father of lies. I'm not telling you this is necessary to share with Muslims. It's not about just argue with them. It's I want you to recognize these people are victim of Islam. They are blinded. They need to see the truth. They need to see Christ.

And the only way is to share the gospel continually. Live Christ, let them see Christ in you and be available to answer their objections. Offer them a Bible. Offer them a Bible as a gift and tell him, I have a Quran. If I have any troubling thing in the Quran, can I come to you for a question? And then welcome them here, a Bible. If you have any problem, come to me and let's talk, study the Bible and the Quran together.

Can I ask you this, George? What would be the best English translation to give to a Muslim? What translation? You mean for the Bible? Yes, sir. I usually in Arabic, I use the King James equal, but the problem is the English is very, very hard to understand.

ESV is really good translation. We're going to continue this conversation. Bucksmith, thanks for your call. Hey, tune in all hour because we're going to go deep, diving deep. And we're gonna hear his testimony. Born again in the Sudan of all places. Now he's a missionary to Muslims. He's on the show all day today on this special Monday, Missions, Reach the Muslims Moment with our friend, George.

More coming up after this break. Hang on. One of the fastest growing religions in the world, over 2 billion Muslims.

How do you reach them? If you're a born again Christian, this isn't an elective. This isn't an option.

Oh, well, maybe. Well, I'm gonna delegate that to the preacher. I'm gonna delegate that to George, who's a missionary to Muslims, who has a wonderful ministry called Ministry to Muslims. Add a little dot com to that, you have his whole ministry, who's bringing in a panel of powerful speakers and scholars. Friday, May 31st from 6.30 to 9. Saturday, June 1st from 9.30 to 5.30 in Kannapolis at the charity Baptist Church. You're holding a conference. You're inviting youth. You're inviting people to come and learn how you can reach Muslims with the good news of Christ. Why is this your passion, George?

Let's get to the heart of the issue right here and right now on Truth Talk Live. I was born in Sudan. My grandparents from Syria, they left Syria in the 1800s because, oh, let's say the end of the 1800s, because of the Turkish persecution toward Christians.

Oh, wow. Sudan at that time was, I guess, a peaceful place, and then later on it turns to also persecution of Christians in Sudan as well. We have over 2.5 million Christians being killed in Sudan. I had to go to Islamic schools most of my life, and I was required to study and memorize the Quran even though I was not a Muslim. I was born in a Catholic home, but I did not really recognize the difference between Islam and Christianity. But as I studied Islam in the school, I recognized that they have absolutely zero assurance of salvation.

I see my friends at the school. They're very sincere. They pray five times a day. They fast for Ramadan from sunrise to sunset time, and they work hard to please Allah. According to Islam, they have two angels following them, one in the right shoulder, one in the left shoulder, one writing all their good deeds, and one writing all their bad deeds.

They always know the one on the left-hand side working over time. They know they cannot make it based on doing good work. They know they cannot make it. When I came to Christ and I recognized the difference between Islam and the true Christianity, I came to Christ through SIM, Sudan Intermission. They are out of Charlotte here, and they have a mission in Sudan, and I get to hear the gospel from them. And I came to know Christ as the Lord and Savior, and immediately the Lord put in my heart to reach out to these people with the gospel. Because I thought that when they hear the good news that Jesus paid for their sins, and they don't have to have that burden to carry, I thought they would accept that immediately, but I was very sad to see that many of them are blinded. But I did see also so many that coming to Christ, and the sentence of leaving Islam is death.

The sentence of leaving Islam is death. And you need to recognize that when you share the gospel with Muslims, yes, it is very hard for them to overcome that, to take a risk of committing also not just to be killed, but also committing the unforgivable sin in Islam. By believing in the triune God, they think we believe in more than one God.

And actually, they don't think that. Allah, the God of Islam, he thinks that in the Bible. There is a conversation between Jesus and Allah in the Quran. Allah asking Jesus, did he tell the people to take you and your mother to gods beside me? And that's showing us that Allah of the Quran, the God of Islam, he has no clue what the Bible teaches. There's nowhere in the Bible that Mary is part of the triune God. But in their eyes, that believing in the triune God, that's believing in more than one God, this is the unforgivable sin called shirk, to believe in more than one God.

And that's why. But I continued to reach out to these people when I came to Christ. And the Lord brought me to this country here, and I was amazed with the freedom we have to reach out to these people. And I was just, my heart was broken for them because no church wanted to do the work. So many churches at that time, when we started in 2001, no church willing to push the outreach to Muslims.

And that's something. So you could be the Muslim evangelism pastor to all the churches. Like you're, hey, come have me speak and I'll help train your people on how to reach Muslims with the good news of Christ, right?

Yes. And like this conference right now, you just mentioned, if they put Truth Network as a discount code, it's free. Almost free.

They pay like two dollars only, from $30 to two dollars. I just want to see people coming to learn how to share the gospel. So it's in Kannapolis, right out of Charlotte.

Yes. And people can come and learn how to share the gospel with these amazing speakers. You got a great church that's hosting it, Charity Baptist Church. So folks, pack up the school bus and do an amazing event.

It's 30 bucks and students get half of that off. So it's two dollars only if they put Truth Network. Okay, so our listeners can do that. Just go to

And we're going to try to run some announcements about that on the radio, too, to let people know. But what a beautiful opportunity to equip people, to reach people with the good news of Jesus Christ. There are thousands of refugees right now from Afghanistan, from Syria, from Iraq. And these people are in need. They have needs. They need to see the love of Christ. We need to not just share the gospel, but also help in meeting their needs. But when they see we care about them, they will listen.

They will hear. I remember one family I visited in their home and I was talking to them for a long time and they were not objecting to my message. And I asked the guy, I thought maybe he's misunderstanding me. He's not hearing me. He's not objecting to Jesus deity. He's not objecting to the Word of God. And he said, I understand exactly what you're telling me. And he repeated what I said.

And he said, how can I reject that? This is the message of the people that helped me. Those that reject your message, those are the ones that caused us to become refugees. They kicked us out of our countries. They need to see the love of Christ.

And this is what's happening. My friend Kalim has done a lot of work in Lebanon. These Syrians are pouring into Lebanon and they're trying to meet them right there and say, hey, we love you. We'll feed you.

We'll clothe you. And here's the gospel of Jesus Christ. And so this is really an opportunity. There's never been a greater door, an open door to share the gospel with Muslims.

This is a huge segment of the world and it's growing. And now Muslims are coming to Christ. Talk about some good things are happening, how they're turning to Jesus. You know, the majority of Muslims coming to Christ through dreams and visions. It's unbelievable the number of people that Muslims seeing dreams of Jesus and led out of Islam and coming to know Christ all across the world is happening. But we do need to confront Islam. A lot of them, the more passionate you are, they believe that your message is true. If we just tell them Jesus loves you and walk away, that doesn't work with them.

We need to be ready to give a defense about defending the Bible, defending the crucifixion of Jesus, defending the deity of Christ, the Trinity. We need to be ready for that. But also we do need to be ready to challenge the teaching of Islam as well. Not all Muslims like that. The refugees is different. They are so open. But when it comes to real Muslims, hardcore Muslims, we do need to confront.

And guess what? The harder Muslims they are, the closest to the gospel. You know why they're hardcore Muslims, why they are so tough and all that? Because they think the God of this world, because the Quran claimed to be revealed by the same God of the Bible. As a result, they think the God of this world, the one he created this world, he commanding them to harm us.

They really sincerely, just like Paul, he was really sincere. He was going to kill Christians like he was militant. He was a terrorist going to murder Christians, because he really believed that they were blaspheming the Jewish faith. And he was a part of that contingent of Pharisees and others that were going hunting them down. In the same way, there are radical Muslims that are doing things like 9-11, and that are mercy killings.

If your daughter leaves, the dads will go kill them. Yeah, but you know what? Jesus is the same. He's the same one that confronted Paul and changed his life.

He is able to do that today, and we're seeing this happening. Wow. In the United States and other places, we're seeing even terrorists, God changing their hearts.

Isn't that something? But when's the last time you prayed for a Muslim to get saved? When's the last time you witnessed and shared the Gospel with a Muslim? When's the last time you were their friend and just played a little basketball with them and hung out, played pickleball with them, and said, hey, you know, we have a lot of differences.

In fact, we come from two different countries, but you know what? The same God that made me made you, and I want to tell you about the true God who truly loves you, and you can have that assurance of salvation. Because a Muslim, at the end of the day, they don't know where they stand, do they, before God? They don't know. They have no guarantee to be in heaven. And also, I just want to tell you this.

Google, or not Google, let's say it is June, actually. June 17 is the sacrifice holiday. They're remembering the sacrifice that God provided for the son of Abraham. If you have Muslim friends, get a chocolate bar, whatever it is that's a gift for them, and use the Bible and wrap it, and give it to them as a gift. If it's your coworker, or a student with you at school, or neighbor next door, go to them in that day, and tell them about the sacrifice, the great sacrifice.

How? Don't argue about Ishmael or Isaac was the son. Don't argue. Just let's agree he's the son of Abraham. Let's focus in the lamb that God provided, which is the shadow of Jesus Christ that's coming to die for our sins, and connect the lamb with Jesus by the words of John, when he said, this is the lamb of God, take away the sin of the world. I really encourage you to reach out to your Muslim neighbors.

They are so open today, more than ever before. Wow, and go to this ministry to, so you can register for Our Strong Tower, the third annual East Coast National Apologetics Conference. You're training people to defend Christianity, to challenge Islam, to reach Muslims.

The answer is not missiles, the answer is missions, right? Amen. And how to reach them for Christ. Tell us how this ministry started. So you came to Christ as a younger man in the Sudan, of all places. Tell us where you went from there. And how you started and launched this beautiful ministry to

When we come back, we'll take a quick break. And if you have a question about reaching Muslims with the gospel of Jesus Christ, maybe you've been stumped, maybe the Muslims are trying to confuse you about the Trinity and you want to reach them, you want to love them, call us at 866-34-TRUTH, 866-348-7884. More with our friend George, and reaching Muslims on this Muslim Missions Moment, Monday, on Truth Talk Live. Hang on. Now this is going to get interesting, because we're going to learn some things that Muslims believe that you have no idea about.

Some deeper things. Islam Unveiled is a book that our guest just handed me. We're going to learn what they're teaching seventh graders in all of California public schools. I don't think they've read Separation of Church and State, which by the way is not in the Constitution, it's not in any of our founding documents. But if you mention Jesus in any public school, they're all over you. They've come up with it, they cite Separation of Church and State. But Islam is being taught in the public schools in California, right? Tell about that, George, our special guest.

Actually, it's not just in California, in other states as well. The problem was, I don't mind if they brought an Islamic book from seventh grade curriculum in Sudan and taught it here, because no one would like it, or no one would be interested in it. But the problem is, they will talk about how fast Islam grow during the first few years of Islam, and then asking them to write an article describing Muhammad. The kids will think, oh, if all these people converting to Islam that fast, most likely he was a nice guy. But they don't mention the killing, the sword, the force of people that surround the country. They give them three options. They become a Muslim, pay jizya, protection money, or to be killed.

They don't tell them that. Or his many 12-year-old wives, which is historical fact, but they won't talk about that. Yes, actually, when he started that relationship, she was six years old, and he was 56 years old, but he... I was off a little bit on the 8th, sorry about that. The marriage was... Our fact checker got me here, okay.

The marriage was official when she was nine. But, yeah, her name is Aisha, it's very sad. It's very sad, but even when you're witnessing the Muslims, you don't necessarily have to go and attack on the...

Absolutely not. Because you could deeply offend someone without even getting into the gospel. Like, you need to share the good news, but you need to talk about the law, which condemns all of us, and how the gospel offers grace, which is a foreign concept in Islam. Islam is you got to earn the five pillars, you got to get on that treadmill, right? Yes, and the reason we have these books available, because to prevent the conversion of people, because in the Middle East, people are leaving Islam, but the problem is in the West, because we are ignorant about what Islam really is. People are converting to Islam. That's why we see it's important to put an awareness out there for what Islam really teaches.

It's really important to balance between the two. We do love Muslims, we want to see them coming to know Christ, but our problem was the teaching of Islam. I agree 100%, the majority of Muslims, the majority of Muslims are very loving, kind people. They are very nice people, but which make them... Which I always say, praise God, the majority of Muslims are bad Muslims that are not following Islam.

That's why they are nice people. Yeah, and that's a big misunderstanding. I think what people... One of my friends said this, and I want you to fact check me on this, but my buddy Alex McFarland, a big apologetics guy, after 9-11 happened, he said, September 11th is an example of... Everyone's like, well, the Christians did the Crusades. They were horrible. And then the Crusades, I'm not trying to defend that on any of that thing, but he said basically, he said in September 11th, the Muslims were following the Quran. They were true to the book. In the Crusades, the Christians weren't following the Bible.

I don't even know if I'd call them Christians, effectively. It was a kind of a bloody ordeal, and there's all kinds of history, and there's all kinds of ambiguity too, and folks have come and rewritten all that stuff. But the Muslim faith, effectively jihad, it's not peaceful, is it? No, Surah 9-29 is clearly to kill the people of the book. They translated in English, fight, but actually the word qatal, it means kill. Qatalu, the word being used, is coming from the word kill. It is a word that you enter, not by speech, not by pen, it's by the sword.

There's absolutely clear, there's over 160 verses in the Quran about violence, cutting hands and feet and all that stuff. And this happened. This happened to the Armenians that were slaughtered.

This has happened to a whole lot of folks over a new time. The Jews that they surrounded, was it 50,000 Jews or some that were executed? Like even right now with the issue of Israel, they're asking for going back to 1948, but I really would like to go back to 680, because Muhammad, he took Saudi Arabia from the Jews. He killed three tribes of Jews in order to take that land from them. He killed, the last tribe he killed, it's called Bani Qurayza, 900 men he beheaded them within a matter of hours. It is very sad, the commands of Islam, but you need to separate Muslims from Islam. Our problem was the teaching of Islam, but Muslim people are people made in the image of God. We want to see them coming to know Christ as a Lord and Savior.

That's our ultimate goal to see. And I tell the truth, I have quite a few people that came to Christ as I prayed for them and shared the gospel with them, but I cannot claim that I am the one planted that seed. It was planted way before I met that individual. It's very important when you're talking to Muslims, seek the Lord, ask the Lord to guide you as you're talking to that individual, because the Holy Spirit in us knows exactly what they need to hear. It's possible that already they hear the gospel before, and now they are ready for you to grab the fruit, and it's possible it's time just to plant the seeds.

Now show an example of an opportunity you've had to share with a Muslim friend and lead them to Jesus. One individual, he regularly, he was coming to my parking lot, I was having an Arabic Christian bookstore in Anaheim, I started that way first. And he was, quite a few times he came and he would have fear coming out of his car and getting to my store. He would just come always and stay in the car and leave. And I did not recognize that until later on he told me that.

And one day I was coming to open my office and he was right there reading the time, what time I'm going to open and stuff like that. And I started sharing the gospel with him and he said that he started feeling hungry to be around Christians. He just wanted to know more about Jesus. And he came to that conclusion because many of his friends, years prior, they shared with him in Egypt, they shared with him about Jesus and they shared the gospel message and he knew there is something unique about them, but he did not recognize how unique they are until he went, came to America. He was not, he doesn't speak English, he was only with the Muslim community, but he started missing that Christian friends.

Their treatment to him was different than his Muslim friends. And he started searching more and he started thinking more and he said, a conclusion come to, it have to be Jesus that he changed their life and he's able to change my life too. And he was seeking when he heard about us that having an Arabic Christian bookstore, he came there to know more and praise God.

A few weeks later he prayed to accept Christ as the Lord and Savior. And you and I met at the Arabic Christian Festival in North Carolina. Brother Kaleem and his brother Salim, the pastor, and Kareem, your brother, I mean all these, you know, brothers in Christ, and they welcome Muslims to come because Muslims come to this festival and they eat the hummus, they eat the yummy food that is offered, that's here, that's normally in the Middle East, and they see the culture and they're welcomed, arms are open, because that's the invitation of Jesus, right? He welcomes all of us to come to him.

Absolutely, and there's so many opportunities. You can go to a Gaza station, you can find Muslim cashiers there, just go regularly to that Gaza station. Be kind.

Building that friendship, let them recognize who you are, show them Christ, the way you dress, the way you talk, they need to see that difference. One important thing, in Islam there's no separation between government and people and society, everything is one. Islam covers every aspect. It dominates everything, the government, everything. And when they look at America, they think America is a Christian nation. They think whatever they see around us, when they see Madonna wearing a cross and dancing with her underwear, they think this is Christianity. And it's very important when they ask you, are you Christian?

That's not a question to answer with yes or no. You need to take advantage of that to share your testimony. What made you Christian?

That's right, that's good. What is it to begin with and share your story? Now, real quick, how did you start this wonderful ministry, You're hosting an event coming up at the end of May, and we'll be playing this program over the next couple of years.

So if you missed the event, but you don't have to miss it if you're hearing this in real time, because this is coming up, this is going to be huge. It's an apologetics conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, in Kannapolis, right outside of Charlotte, a national apologetics conference, May 31st. Information is at George, you saved as a young man in Sudan, and then you've traveled all over the world, Lebanon, Syria, to share Christ with Muslims, and quickly, how did you start and why did you start 1996, I came to the United States, and I got into this life, American life, worked longer hours and pay more bills.

Until just that day, I remember that morning leaving the house and looking at the TV and see the Twin Towers falling down. I knew Islam is here right now, and the Lord really put in my heart a few weeks before that, or actually a couple of months before that, I met a brother that he was asking me if I want to start a Christian Arabic bookstore, and I started that Arabic Christian bookstore right before September 11, but when September 11 happened, I knew that we have to turn it to an outreach, and for three years, we were doing local outreaches in California, but then I recognized there's a big need across the country. We started Ministry To Muslims Network to partner with speakers and teachers and those that know how to write gospel tracts, and our desire also to partner with those listening today with us to reach out to the Muslims.

Love it. So you're inviting all Truth Network listeners. You can come in practically for free, I mean, just a couple bucks, and you can get to this two-day conference. It's awesome, and it's coming up in the website again? MinistryTo, which is,, and lunch is included, too.

It's not a bad deal, and I want to thank our friends, by the way, at Mighty Muscadine who helped bring us this program. They're on a health crusade. I handed you some of the vine-tastic. You have that right there.

Yes. No sugar, no carbs, no calories. Just reading right off the bottle full of quercetin and resveratrol and all kinds of healthy stuff. Thank you,

Our friends at Le Bleu Ultra-Pure Bottled Water started this. They're on a health crusade, and when you go to, enter the promo code. If you enter the promo code TRUTH, you will get... Truth Network. Truth Network is to get into this conference, okay? Truth or Truth Network, then you'll get savings for this. Truth Network at to get savings for the conference. Amazing. You're offering our listeners that.

We'll have you on again next week and maybe some of these special panelists that are at your conference. We're just grateful for you, your passion to reach Muslims with the good news of Jesus Christ. Your quick word in the final 30 seconds to a Muslim out there listening who doesn't know Jesus.

What's your quick word in 10 seconds? You have an opportunity here to stand and say, I want to turn around and follow Jesus. Maybe in your country, you have no opportunity. You have no option. You will be killed for that, but praise God.
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