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Not the Social Gospel...the Social Media Gospel!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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May 27, 2022 7:00 pm

Not the Social Gospel...the Social Media Gospel!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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May 27, 2022 7:00 pm

Stu talks to Rashawn Copeland of Without Walls Ministries about his new book, "No Turning Back: Escape Your Past, Empower Your Present, and Experience God's Best For You."

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This is Robbie Gilmore from the Christian car guy and kingdom pursuit where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it and share it but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network network. This is the Truth Network Internet phone is personal social media you got a follies of legal he is Ray Shackleton he's on fire for Jesus. He got a new book is getting a baby. He had a gun to his head and directly saved him through a simple God loves you message to love one because Deborah absolutely brow will still thank you so much for having me so yeah years ago I was drastically impacted by the love of God in my darkest moment, and I can help, but at least, I love that he's given me so freely sobbing doing it through social media and true you know anything I can put out such as books and notice different piece the content podcast that is so yeah that's where we're at now discounted dream about what were going do is Fars kingdom lies with events in the gospel digitally so I look to you. Your vibrant year were here this high level networking.

Mary and Co. were her friend David Dwayne always awesome folksy nightlife coming together to guide all these amazing leaders, heroes, all of our heroes in that room were going there to have lunch with them and we dated and everyone but real quick. You're a dark moment may not. Not so long ago mean but God your car and in life is about infertility when taken. When that moment what happened, absolutely, so I literally saw what I do is I jump out the car. I went over to my my house where I was living in the valley at that time.

Brian, the rocketship of social media fame signals in this room and I began to get notifications by friends and people I love even the girlfriend. They said they're pretty much done with me.

It felt like God was stripping all the idols all my heart off my heart you know so here's what happened, though bro, like I was like the lowest moment went down the hall got a pistol to go with the pistol walked back down the hall got on my knees and I put the pistol in my mouth from shaking him sweat again ready to take my life in all of the site in man, by the grace of God. The phone lit up on my bed and I went over to the bed. I put down the pistol, I picked up my phone, a powerful powerful verse came in by the only Christian girl I knew from Baylor University that spoke out of my darkest hour with this powerful truth). The Truth Network take this out. Oh how wide is said how deep, how vast the love of God is in nothing. All creation, can separate us from his love is, Christ Jesus. When I began reading a re-net us are weeping and weeping.

I gave my life to the Lord. The best I knew how that my his presence fell upon me in the I realize how sinful and broken game and how much I needed a Savior that night in his love was really what took me over the quarters the goodness of the Lord, and now it is interesting you know God are testimony to testimony by the testimony of the Christian killer. The murder returned missionary is in the Bible more than any other narrative in the New Testament. Besides that, the passion of Christ. By the way, knowing to be. But you know what happened on that road to Damascus Road and there you have your Damascus Road experience. It is important to our testimonies and what you're doing is you're taking people from shame to grace with your your post which you going to a Walmart and you just talk about the goodness of God and people chime in like while the sky I just smiled at for the first time in 10 years you just wrote a new book talk about the new book will quick absolutely brow thank you so much so my first book will start where you are.

This is the logical next step, but don't turn back and no turning back. Is the book titled the like we all have this phase of this moment where we come to Christ, and we began the journey we think it gets better and better and better. But what happens when discouragement, doubt, delete disillusionment, even death comes we have this urge or temptation to turn away from the one who called us and I want to diss encouraging one out there continue to walk in that conviction that God is giving you that is entrusting you to, which is the gospel message of Jesus to grow in holiness and to appreciate and to live it and be everything the world needs which is the light Nelson you can go on a quick little video on the grammar on tick-tock or somewhere before inauguration on nice people see it live to be change that's what you're doing is why when that room right there, you know we were here a little bit in background noise.

All these amazing godly international missionaries digital missionaries are having this meeting and I'm under the kind of dumb Christian radio guy going in there.

I wanted to be like take radio they will all your kind, but we want to take this radio your message and were just trying to overreach the truth for the youth right at your message to people after struggling down frustrated what you message about shooting. The Bible says evil company corrupts good morals and Lotta kids are not actually poison, nevermind. They're looking at postage this bad stuff? Harvest like corn heat stuff and what your message you want. Parents, grandparents, young people out there about posting the word of God to see the word faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word absolutely so that the so powerful like literally, we need to train our mind is on the train track, the truth, all of us are I in what about the person who who doesn't know the truth, for they live in. Contrary to what the truth is we need to be faithful as the winds were listening to this to to continue to proclaim that do so in love but on the other hand, there are folks out there that just suppressing suppressing this oppressive I was taken to to keep them in prayer and you know a lot of times just like you said. Bad company corrupts good character, but the Bible gives us the ingredient to success for Psalms 1 and then Joshua one Blessed is he does not walk in step with the take away sympathetic to become a monk.

Blessed is he who delights in the law of the Lord right where he of the process is like.

So we need to remember renewing your mind. Not only meditating on it but speaking and declaring it proclaim it. Overall lies is so vital. Day in and day out, you're my favorite people in Flanders. He loves Jesus. He's got the best smile of anyone like literally every trade like Best Buy would both be billionaires lightly want to reach going to people with the good news of Jesus, you, Ray Shawn: what your website thought your MO everyone.

How can people find you. It will be hard as and when they find you do not believe you love the man.

Thank you so much. Students are finally anywhere on social media were Sean Copeland, Ari hit me up on Amazon to get that, but if the book title the book again. Over time, no turning back. Escape your past empower your present and experience God's best for your life is told bedraggled crazy messed up disciples. Jesus said, follow me, and there was no turning back. And I decide to follow Jesus in this written a book about that in what happens though. Now here's a problem ration if you will hear this podcast appeared to get your book in the Navy's target ensures about Jesus and they start following him coming me. Should we put like a warning sign on this like chewing horn because you know parents you your kid you connected any gunfire to start on the pillow. Jesus looking on mission trips will start sharing on Wall Street or on Main Street or as last year and what we do be careful as this is a dangerous message they can lose their microphone Christ absolutely in. From what I know in seen throughout the Bible we get real.

I got real comfortableness or having babies like and all the family thing. I get it, but at the end of the day again. He that wants to keep his life will lose it. He that loses life a money thing will gain it for eternal like we think other think eternal and like less than a month, you know, yeah muscle what's temporary what's here just on the yeah not want us to do and doing it's time we took that burbled up early pressures.

Let's go sell everything we can to get that hidden treasure is Jesus Christ. Is he worth it, but he did. He conquered death.

Did he die was erased from the dead is he coming back again so we can live in mediocrity so we can keep turning back. But the message is don't turn back follow him back for no longer do what Paul said. No longer do that by draining words towards what is blushing and I Sean Copeland, the man, the legend, the mythic the animal great man of God using social media to reach social Christ with his new book, no turning back. In all his books follow him to work anymore stuff you think this is the Truth Network

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