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Not the Social Gospel...the Social Media Gospel!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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May 27, 2022 7:00 pm

Not the Social Gospel...the Social Media Gospel!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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May 27, 2022 7:00 pm

Stu talks to Rashawn Copeland of Without Walls Ministries about his new book, "No Turning Back: Escape Your Past, Empower Your Present, and Experience God's Best For You."

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But most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the Truth Podcast Network. If you're not following this person on social media, you got to follow him. He's unbelievable. He is Rayshaun Copeland. He's on fire for Jesus. He's got a new book.

He's got a new baby. He had a gun to his head, and God radically saved him through a simple God loves you message. Tell everyone what God's doing, bro. Absolutely, bro. Well, Stu, thank you so much for having me. So yeah, years ago, I was drastically impacted by the love of God in my darkest moment, and I can't help but to unleash that love that he's given me so freely. So I've been doing that through social media and through anything I can put out, such as books and just different pieces of content, podcasts, all that. So yeah, that's where we're at now, just trying to dream about what we're going to do as far as kingdom-wise with advancing the gospel digitally. So I look at you.

You're vibrant. We're here at this high-level networking, miracle work. Our friend David, Dwayne, all these awesome folks at Unite Life coming together, all these amazing leaders, heroes. All of our heroes are in that room. We're going in there to have lunch with them and with David and everyone, but real quick, you were in a dark moment.

Yeah. I mean, not so long ago, but God, you're in a car and life is about to end for you. Tell everyone, take everyone to that moment. What happened?

Absolutely. So I literally, so what I do is I jump out the car. I went over to my house where I was living in the valley at that time, riding the rocket ship of social media fame. I'm sitting off in this room and I began to get notifications by friends and people I love, even the girlfriend that said they were pretty much done with me. It felt like God was stripping all the idols on my heart, off my heart.

So here's what happened though, bro. I was like, at the lowest moment, I went down the hall, got a pistol, picked up the pistol, walked back down the hall, got on my knees and I put the pistol in my mouth. I'm shaking, I'm sweating. I'm getting ready to take my life. And all of a sudden, man, by the grace of God, the phone lit up on my bed and I went over to the bed. I put down the pistol. I picked up my phone. A powerful, powerful verse came in by the only Christian girl I knew from Baylor University that spoke out in my darkest hour with this powerful truth right here on the Truth Network.

Check this out. Oh, how wide it said, how deep, how vast the love of God is and nothing that all creation can separate us from this love that's found in Christ Jesus. When I began reading and reading that, I started weeping and weeping. I gave my life to the Lord, the best I knew, how that night His presence fell upon me. And, you know, I realized how sinful and broken and how much I needed a Savior that night.

And His love was really what took me over the core. It was the goodness of the Lord. Praise the Lord, man. And now, and it's interesting, you know, God, our testimony, the testimony, by the way, the testimony of the Christian killer, the murderer turned missionary, is in the Bible more than any other narrative in the New Testament besides the passion of Christ, by the way. But, you know, what happened on that Damascus road? And there you have your Damascus road experience.

And it's important to tell our testimonies. And what you're doing is you're taking people from shame to grace with your your post, which you go into a Walmart and you just talk about the goodness of God and people chime in and they're like, wow, this guy, I just smiled. I just for the first time in 10 years. And you just wrote a new book. Talk about the new book real quick.

Absolutely, bro. Thank you so much. So my first book will start where you are. And this is the logical next step, but don't turn back.

No turning back is the book title, the new one. Like we all have this phase or this moment where we come to Christ and we began the journey and we think it gets better and better and better. But what happens when discouragement, doubt, disillusionment, even death comes?

We have this urge or temptation to turn away from the one who called us. And I want to just encourage anyone out there, continue to walk in that conviction that God has given you, that he's entrusted you to, which is the gospel message of Jesus to grow in holiness and to preach it and to live it and be everything the world needs, which is the light. Something else. And you can go on a quick little video on the gram or on TikTok or somewhere. And before you know it, Ray Sean, millions of people will see it. Lives will be changed.

That's what you're doing. That's why in that room right there, you know, we were hearing a little bit of background noise, all these amazing godly international missionaries, digital missionaries are having this meeting. And I'm, I'm the, the, uh, kind of dumb Christian radio guy going in there, but I wanted, we want to take radio. Hey, well, well, you're kind, but we want to take this radio, your message. And we're just trying to go reach the youth truth for the youth, right? What's your message to people out there struggling down, frustrated?

What's your message about? So, you know, the Bible says evil company corrupts good morals. A lot of kids are got absolute poison coming in their mind. They're looking at posts. It's this bad stuff.

And I'm not just talking about harvest like porn. I'm talking about hate stuff. I'm talking about people. What's your message that you want parents, grandparents, young people out there about posting the word of God, the seed of the word, which will faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word.

Absolutely. So that's so powerful. Like literally, um, we need to train our minds on the train track of truth, all of us, right. And what about the person who, who doesn't know the truth or they are living contrary to what the truth is. We need to be faithful as the ones who are listening to this to, to continue to proclaim that, but do so in love.

But on the other end, there are folks out there that just suppress it, suppress it and suppress it. I will say, continue to keep them in prayer. And, you know, a lot of times, just like you said, bad company corrupts good character, but the Bible gives us the ingredient to success for Psalms one. And then Joshua one blessed is he who does not walk and step with take the way sinners say it's in the company of Mark, but blessed is he who delights in the law of the Lord, right? For he will be prosperous.

Like, so we need to remember renewing our mind, not only meditating on it, but speaking and declaring it, proclaiming it over our own lives is so vital day in and day out. He's one of my favorite people on planet earth. He loves Jesus. He's got the best smile of anyone.

Like literally, if we trade back that smile, we both be billionaires, but you know what? We want to reach billions of people with the good news of Jesus. Rashawn Copeland, what's your website fault, your M O everyone, how can people find you? It won't be hard.

Cause when, and when they find you, they're not going to leave you. Man. Thank you so much, dude. So if you find me anywhere on social media, Rashawn Copeland, or hit me up on Amazon, go get that book, get the book and then title the book again. One more time. No turning back, escape your past, empower your president and experience God's best for your life. You know, those, those 12 bedraggled, crazy, messed up disciples, Jesus said, follow me.

And there was no turning back. And I've decided to follow Jesus. And you've written a book about that.

And what happens though? I mean, if, if, now here's the problem, Rashawn, if people hear this podcast and they hear that they get your book and then they start getting serious about Jesus and they start following him. I mean, I mean, shouldn't we put it like a warning sign on this? Like, shouldn't we warn? Cause you know, parents, your, your, your kids are going to, they're going to get on fire. They're going to start telling other people, Jesus, they're going to go on mission trips.

They're going to start sharing on wall street or on main street or as landscape. I mean, what are we going to be careful? This is, this is a dangerous message. You know, they could lose their life for following Christ.

Absolutely. And from what I know and what I've seen throughout the Bible, we get real, I got real comfortable when I started having babies, like in the family thing, I get it. But at the end of the day, again, he, he that wants to keep his life will lose it. He that loses life from what I say will gain it for eternal. Like we think got to think eternal and like less on, you know, yeah, less on what's temporary.

What's here just doing the, yeah. What does God want us to do and do it? It's time we took that parable to Pearl of great price. Seriously.

Let's go sell everything we can. Let's go get that hidden treasure is Jesus Christ. Is he worth it? Did he, did he conquer death? Did he die? Was he raised from the dead?

Is he coming back again? So we can live in mediocrity so we can keep turning back. But the message is don't turn back.

Follow him. Right. For the, I no longer do. What did Paul say?

I no longer do that. Forgetting what is behind it, straining forth towards what is a bless you, man. Ray Sean Copeland, the man, the legend, the myth, and a great man of God using social media to reach souls for Christ with his new book, no turning back. Get all his books, follow him. And we're going to do more stuff together. Love you, brother. Thank you. This is the truth network.
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