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Radios For Africa!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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June 1, 2022 7:00 pm

Radios For Africa!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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June 1, 2022 7:00 pm

Stu and Truth warrior intern, Kolby, are at a McAlister's Deli in Cary, NC with John Summerville, Truth Network partner and Director of Radio Station Partnerships at Trans World Radio (TWR), talking about the mission of TWR and how to support it, so they can get wind-up radios into the hands of Africans in need.

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On the 40% of the people. After 30 minutes or more for Clean Water Act two thirds of the world's population could face water shortages by 2025 do something the day your gift could help install a Jesus well providing water for the entire village for 25 year gospel for Asia's install 30,000 of the belt and they need your help to give life to thirsty people join Truth Network in supporting this cause go to or call 855573751 the spring of living water to the world. Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network in Cary, North Carolina Adam McAlister's deli sit next to one of my good friends and you're going to talk to were to have a conversation date.

It's unlike any other, is to be loud and crazy clamors are trigger injuries. My left holy always a lot everybody has gone John Sommerville makes for being a great friend, a partner with Truth Network all these years later but not with me in the studio and on the massacre. Reference. We have a lot of fun together stably related and that is nobody that can walk in the studio. 30 seconds before the show was on the air with the music already playing ready for you to step in the chair and you just don't miss a beat and it is not hard when I have you wait for me in your sweat and all the crazy people there there. Try to put it together also got swing, but something treasurer radio just to keep watch away from your God out of this area. Q. it is thought out a Cary, North Carolina the Gospels going out all over the world.

In particular, we just got through the campaign, Bibles, Africa needs Jesus we got the word of God going out over radios were getting radios to people they can hear that we take for granted about here in America but what you're doing right from here is that get you excited talking about the same thing Truth Podcast Network doing and we do it every single day overdoing on steroids were doing it 300 languages 300 languages around the work means over hundred 90 countries are responding and that means 4 million people can hear the gospel of Jesus Christ how they got here without a radio and that is the project we've been working on together getting windup radios into the hands of people in Africa why windup radio because of windup radio is perfect sense. Many people in Africa don't have electricity or electricity is hard.

Buyer may be very expensive.

Same thing with batteries reach very challenging batteries and so windup radio basically wind up like a clock and let it go for an hour or two hours they can turn in trance will radio here.

Great teaching people like David Jeremiah Charles Stanley all the good ones.

The truth broadcasting claim you are splitting the and the different languages that would broadcasting in Africa you have these big master blaster signals going out 200,000 W for AM to FM's always asked him hey John. Where exactly is this reason, he smiled real big is like.

Or is it not region but big chunks of Nigerian down in West Africa and all that whole area but what's there is are the signals and God bless.

Treasurer radio we powerful signals.

But what we will need is a simple radio and so people listening.

If you think radios that you're wrong again because radio is alive and well in Africa, but they need a receiver they need is like if you want to call relative and you have a phone but they don't have a phone will how you get a call right so you get to go see him.

And sometimes when their 15,000 miles away.

It might be tough for John is simple as a radio so fundamentally is what I love most about what you're doing treasurer radio people stateside who I go places and people here. I was hates to love your show. She radios change my life. We get letters from all across the Truth Network. But listen to truth talk on all other wonderful affiliates that carry a program like Wilkins radio network AFR to carry this program and the listener will write us a man, your station, your show is change your life. That interview I heard a message in God took my heart and I got saved. But John Sommerville, a beautiful way for a listener who's been touched by any Christian radio to help someone have that same experience and on the other side of the world is just get one. These these radios basically like or didn't think about this radios impacted your life every day.

When you turn on that radio God is using it to bring you closer to him, people in Africa need that same challenge that same encouragement each and every day you need every time when you pick up a radio turn on the radio you have the opportunity to be able to put radio into someone's hand and give them the gospel to give them more than a radio you are giving them Jesus you give him life saving salvation found in radios a powerful tool powerful in the hands of the Holy Spirit you think about God's word goes does not return void is commerce the purposes for which you sent. This is the word of God going out treasurer radio again. They do what your grade Christian radio networks are doing in American English they do in these all these languages of Africa.

The people need radios of breaking a horse. I know there's a number of you will recall that they can right now order radio they can buy radio for selling a 500 radios amount. As you know, the widows might rate whatever God's giving is not yours anyway so God saying to get your grubby hands on my money and bluster is ready. Maybe see that you've used John, how's work if you go through some pretty painstaking details. Your team does logistically to get a radio to a village.

It's also quick testimony and tell our listeners how they can actually do something to help you help someone else find the work that I had the opportunity to be in Mullally and passing out these windup radios personally to people as were returning from one of the radio eventually passed out these radios and just had some fantastic fantastic people who are saying how much they appreciate them were driving back and are director's name is Victor Victor says he will stop at a Random House and give away a radio now this is not something we normally do when I was a little skeptical as I don't stop it. Random House United States is not something I would normally do and so I was a bit on the skeptical side is another be a case of Victor picks out a house full in houses made of homemade bricks. They make their own bricks to build their own houses. It's got a truth it's got a line of laundry hanging out in the front yard and three kids playing in the dirt.

Victor walks up and since I am from trans will radio and the mom's eyes light up trans will radio is, do you have a radiologist is no wood your husband allow us to give you a radio choose the lighting some significant wait a minute, wait a minute. If she doesn't have a radio, how does she know about trans will radio and so we asked her the question and he says well every day when we go out in the field. Our neighbors bring their radio and we listen to it while we farm together now have their own radio taken their house in a small little homemade Brickhouse and be able to listen with the kids each evening. The ground identify a needy family needy area to get the radios to them. People hear the word of God helps them really construct a systematic theology like it helps them sound grounding in the word goalie real quick question for John. You know you're a student here at liberty University here about people on the other side of the world gospel to these windup radios you house we we as students as college students, how can we get involved even if were at another part of our country. How can we get involved. Trans will radio to help y'all continue to bring out the mission of God over the intern. We do internships for college students all over and fact we got a couple going to been in Africa in a couple days that many of my arriving today in our carry offices to be trained on where they go. Some will be going to Bonaire Summit be going to Guam and they'll be a couple of who will be staying here in Cary, North Carolina which is where our international headquarters is an love working with young people and not just go get your go get our coffee kind of an internship, but we put them directly to work, giving them specific projects to do and many times the internships turned into careers with trans will have time to swing by the Royal Gorge rental rate will I would let him see that cool towering in the building and meet some your awesome team, great team, great studio brother Lauren all the team there amazing support staff, John Rybicki phone number.

I know you want to give in support. There's also a website and go to as well. All right, we can always go to or you can call it the old-fashioned way pickup your smart phone call us a 888 988-5656.

Again that's toll-free 888-988-5656 call pleasure radio about how much is a radio cost. Everything together windup radio $50 get the thing built and shipped and in the hands of a dear African friend who may be Muslim or who may be in the animus you know the stuff the witchcraft which Dr. whatever but they will hear the gospel right on so talk about Muslim. One of our staff members. His name is Robbie O'Reilly is in been in, that's out on the west side of Nigeria every day.

Robbie Agosta work.

He has to go through a toll booth and at the tollbooth is people are Muslim and they would always give Robbie a hard time there Muslim.

He's Christian and Rob.

You decide one day to give him one of these windup radios teaches him how to find trans will radio tells what time to listen well and now for long. There no longer getting in trouble coming through and that couple days later they want to know. Can we get a second radio is what we want. This is everybody the tollbooth or listening to it. I want to take one home to my family.

That's the kind of impact you have your making a gift today understand a lot of these folks haven't had the privilege the luxury of Americans who grown up in schools. Learning to read, so there's a lot there's a high level of illiteracy. Someone told me Africa is like 40% illiterate or so, but they can listen to a radio right John and hear a spoken word. You can share the gospel in that way radio makes the perfect missionary because it can be there every single day. It speaks in their heart language. What lesson goalie angers you to anybody. Does that what you just said is an incredible because we can always go and be there every single day, but radio Canon being able to have your signals all across the nations is really fulfilling the great commission were actually resembling what you just said right now because I can't go to every deli in America and sit down and tell everyone in here and people are probably listening, given us a look at that look in the sideways about how to get involved in reaching social Christ that we can do this little interview on this little recording device here it onto thought going out 200+ affiliates and so now were inviting everyone else to come in. I think you're someone it's got a phone no call this number and no place 50 bucks hundred bucks 500 bucks. 5000 bucks and it's got money for Pete's sake is not ours that will reach people with the good news of Jesus Christ. They neither got we all leave the gospel okay on Monday and them I need the gospel.

But what I want to do is I want to share my time, my talent, my treasure, my interview landform with truth. Talk with friends like John Sommerville who are doing Summit about a chunk of the more time our phone numbers, 888 988-5656 can 888-988-5656 and just tell them you heard about it from studio in the guy was an amazing baseline jumpshot John several he fills up play basketball together a lot we can. I'm a broken foot, and we share the gospel through that. It's another to just radios a tool that's also told share share the good news of Jesus. We noticed got Searsport as we know the shape of the gospel upright guard is call would love to hear from you. This is a great project, and the more you dig into it. I think the more you're going to fall in love with what God is doing through TW are after Truth Network together holding hands as we go through bring radiused Africa AAA 988-5650 6888 988-5656 11 sheet of your website natural civil TW establishes John Sommerville be a party giving. If you can't go give you can give prey let God use all that to reach a world that needs Jesus. That's why were still here to keep some back to take his own who you taken with you. This is the Truth Network

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