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A Father to 10,000

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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June 4, 2022 1:00 am

A Father to 10,000

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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June 4, 2022 1:00 am

Nikita speaks with Milton Wallace about God's many Blessings that he has given to him and through him all across the world.

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This is the Truth Network. Some have one child. Some have 10 I have a friend that has 14 children. I played golf the other day with one who has 12 siblings raised by a single mom but what about 10,000 over 10,000 children wait, what not possible Nikita. Wait till you hear today's story to man up. I have a special guest just recently met my guest at the NRB national religious broadcasting convention in Nashville Tennessee. It's the really kind of the Super Bowl of broadcasting when it comes to the that the Christian world.

But Milton Wallace welcome to the man up, show on glad to be good morning. Thank you for inviting me. Well, I am grateful for you, for many reasons were going to jump into it to sell me your story herein and let folks know who you are and what you're doing in and that you and I are going to have.

It appears to be a a long-term friendship peer relationship based on that that meeting in Nashville but will get into that in the moment, but our listeners out there.

Milton that like what like where were we were you based out of Alyssa start with that. Okay, I am located in a small town in East Texas. Kyle Chandler, Texas, is when I thought of Tyler, Texas ranked right outside of Tyler and MLI by her to Tyler Texas as their university there for well their university University of Texas in the Texas College. Though the two and Kalispell College in college, but most people know Tyler now because of Earl Campbell and Italo Road that Jimmy had a no about Tyler Earl Campbell, there's a name for the pastoral you football fans out there, man, what would a beast he will expect Rybak and his dad that some of the biggest guys that I think on the planet in in his time by the oh my gosh, what a running back and what you know and I am familiar with the use of the junior-college right yet. How do you yeah you know because I played a little jingle ball back in my day side, some some do know that some don't know that. But, and I remember I seem to remember them being in the national junior college football polls in my design manner.

Obviously football in Texas is pretty big right rear. Yet talent normally college in college and in the county junior-college with you and we in between those two location that you have pretty good about things. A lot of the kids go on from there to the major college yeah play for your interest in a course high school football me.

I was blown away, but cite some of the high school's football stadiums.

I saw Milton. I mean, 10,000 seater stadiums in an even being into and I'm like wow when they say everything is bigger in Texas. They are kid well yeah, football. The king year infected and is one of the manga. You will get people to get them together about the drawing card that's pretty amazing out now.

Milton was born and raised in Texas are you just living in Texas now I born and raised here in Chandler. I would my mother was a schoolteacher and modify the word of the Curtis method with a major television. My mother was a teacher and I asked with the school in Terrell Texas with you about 50 miles from here, but as the home of genuflecting know is the home of Jamie Foxx and so I went to school there. But yeah business where I was born, no raising the dairy so silly to you that there your whole life that well yeah pretty much. I mean I was around working other places with mine as an administrative my job that I have but basically I've been infected. The not infected all my life while born and raised. That's that's pretty amazing in and and siblings today.

Yes no similar denial. I'm an only child. He was there when we know you was called know now, would my father you believe I'm worth it no know there was no time to be small. You had to work every day and he is making working audit. He did so and was no time to lay around and did that did have a good time. So he instilled in you what I'm hearing he instilled in you a real work ethic most definitely an and I really appreciate that. Now you know back then I didn't understand and what I was billed for.

Because we were always doing something, but you know and have gone through life and in my experience it is really paid off in the moment that he to call. I am excited to hear you did not get out anyway Facebook go all my new fan page. Fans and the like, and follow your listening to the Truth Network and Well there is something to say about laying the foundation right for you.

Know for those parents who have who have done that very thing right that that didn't.

You might say you know hand-to-hand handed a silver platter to their to their children but actually made up. I used to say this mill, you can probably relate to this. I would imagine I got. I would like my children would come to me and add it with her hand out you want $20 or something. I would say well there's money in the vault but you hold your hand out, doesn't open the vault and airline will likely mean dad like with anything allotted for them to first grab hold of this concert like a well I go always remember this, you will learn more by what you earn them by what you're given restaurant. You'll learn more by what you earn and what you're given.

Now that's not to say I didn't give my children things I did. Don't don't don't misunderstand what I'm saying out there listing them but bought I like like your dad wanted to teach my children and at the work ethic to to work and earn a living and earn what you acquire and achieve and and so they would go okay so how can I earn 20 satellite well you know the grass needs cutting or this needs done or I would have something even if I had to just come up with the hate stuff these envelopes with this brochure right something that would imprint in their mind. I had to earn this $20. It wasn't just handed to me and I say all that to say you know the mic you might catch on this is my proud dad moment here, but you might catch that all four of my girls have a real work ethic that they have good husbands that provide as well, but ever not one of them are where have been afraid to go out and work and earn a living and and supported take care of their families and so very radio I'm grateful. So what is so Milton, what about you so so so children are to tell us you know your well. We have no children. Okay, my wife and I we had three miscarriages had three miscarriages and at that point we did was that it wasn't going to be and we didn't want to continue to put up for that. Yeah. At that point we just said okay we give up on this, but at least in it. Keep moving in my well that was the deal with that. I understand well and and I had experienced some of those as well. I liked it. I like to sit this way. There I envision. Just bear with me here, but I envision for those out there listening. Maybe you suffered through some miscarriages of your own but you know I'm I am reminded Milton of of the Scripture that your several scriptures come to my Nino Psalm 139 were gusset.

I knew you before you ever even warm your fashioning your mother's womb, as I just envision for you, myself and others to behoove experience miscarriage that there'll come a day because God know in his sovereignty, for whatever reason they were born, but nevertheless I feel like one day to meet those children who he knew before they were ever formed or fashioned in their mother's womb, and so I hold onto that and I look forward to that one day so that sad and so did you guys should you have any pets or anything a dog you know know I really didn't have time to be ready.

Really. Anywhere.

I'm not a doubt, and it either. I mean, I'm I would my father had an They were around but I did never heading for one. Take care.

I was in high school principal. So I raised about 10,000. He had been doing over the years that I worked out I did it for 30 years of the principal 25 to 30 years last night and figured out it was all about 10,000.

While went with the monster thought I would principal of the school and often will you know I had an impact on those children and in any show that now you know when I see him in the councilwoman. They like to thought you know I go with that as my what you know my accomplishment and that this essay, I guess, what we call it like a surrogate family that mediation right but I've been over 10,000 students that you have the opportunity to impact and add I'm sure there's numerous highlight so so you have students Milton that that you will cross paths with a run into that that if Mr. Wallace Mr. Waller the right. They come on to the end it go and tell you a story how you impacted their life right well yeah, and my out of them empty to start with and they know the kid they think that I was to and but when I found is that of those five figure that out. The man most of the boot made the job that they went into were math related type jobs.

A lot of them. I didn't really the impact that hand until Facebook came alone and I started week that you know they reject me.

I read that them examine what they were doing and I would see you know that a lot of even now when I see them. Some of the things that count them they come back and recite them back to me. I'll leave 40 some years now ago tell you know that you know that when I said to them what I count them and impact alone and at the moment.

Go to the pond. It wanted to become like my godchildren out there no stepping and then into the pan of their parents when own impasto. Whatever the situation might be an tile from the top right stop number one thing this is Nikita Cole and I want to thank lemons carpet for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon at 1230 on the truth that were you're listening to the Truth Network and this in there's no telling that the ripple effect of right of that right. I mean how no you know how how we just do any none of us know right. None of us know the ripple effect of what when we encounter somebody whether it's being at a math teacher, a principal out there in the workplace in the workforce appearance just the of the of the impact and the influence we have on others and in I'm convinced Milton. Maybe you are as well that that will will never fully know that that the repercussions that our or the. The impact of that until we get to heaven one day in and then find just really find out just how much influence we had another people right right when it best to look out you know little thing come up along the way I'll run to interactive maven wanted to, young man, he echoed. I went where he was most principal it was about 5 feet to two and half hours from here with two of the management to the student that I had in my room and when I moved when I retired and moved back to Chandler who did not run into when I got here. They were both here in town about the negative people and new in town and it was like oh I thought I would add you out for the last time and but at the amount of time that you known constantly talk about the old days and that you know that I keep up with their family and Hennepin things like that again. You just never know what impact you have on Kyiv or you know what their daily lives because it comes back years later in another way that's that's a pretty cool start.

I'm just envision the eyes you talking about you when you were math teacher and in a hard on the kids and Michael Corsi working here. That was tough with you. It's a subject you to be tough with all the all those surrogate children of your all right all of your stew that you had in your class year ending your outing and what did you enjoy let me ask you this. What did you enjoy most about being a principal.

Anything that stands out for you. I would able to make different and in so many cute lives you know that with CVM be successful when it was my my big deal. I really enjoyed seeing them do well accomplish things that they had unicameral with the dreams where this even to be able to accomplish those dreams and go graduation puts. That was a big day for me because some of them going across the state. Being able to know that they made on the struggle that they had to go through to get there in the see them make it so it was a very rewarding opportunity for me in on teaching the principal out of it when you left it for what it was a note that that's so hard that anything, but it was very rewarding to see you know the rate the success and indicated probably Mr. Clark from bikinis and moving out like that and that but I think in anything you just tell Fatima the well you know I'm just here to support you to help you to be the best person you can be the young you didn't get foundation when you believe you can go anywhere in the world and be successful in life that I've seen a lot of success in the kids and in and had the unique opportunity to execute a principal of two high schools and one time I found going through transition in Denton, Texas when I was principal will growing and they were trying to work at moving from one school to writing up in the moment in the press… Goes to Haskell that want. I was really proud of that because at it with no I don't think very many people been able to do that. I've had an opportunity wow. That's quite an accomplishment. And in the word that was popped in my head as you were speaking was the word rewarding.

It sounds like what you did was very rewarding. Let me ask you fully transition here one more? Question related to that, and in so what would you say so a lot of rewarding things. What would you say was the hardest part about being a principal, whether it's one or both school or just even one school that was the hardest part about being a principal you're listening to the Truth Network and I will be sure to check out the man up show now available on television broadcast and podcast go to MorningStar or the truth radio network. Check out your local listings or better yet, download the Truth Network app today.

You're listening to the Truth Network and Believe it or not orders for about being applicable to read it when the kids were not the problem. I had a good relationship with them and appears really were not either.

They were very supportive and I lived in the dim, but it is really not parent of Bill because the system would run by a note and sometimes you know it wasn't what was best for the needed.

It was what was best for the system in an amount up whether you know the make the system work and to me that that hinder a lot of opportunities engrossed for the key while we didn't try to be the transition teeth and then try to make sure that the kids get what they really needed and I'll still be able to meet the standard from the state and requirements, and although think that was the part that was a killing thought with dealing with.

Note that a thing that you had to deal with a kid. I can only imagine.

I can only imagine what this lets the stomach transition here in and in Segway because you're in media multimedia.

I mentioned going to the top of the show we we met at the NRB and in Nashville Tennessee at the broadcasting convention there and add you, Ron, and operate all nations, TBA and so couple quick. How did you transition into that you found that end, and/or give us a little metal on all nations that immediately reboot. That was the it had to be God." This is not what my plan was my plan was to teach school for 30 years and then I was going to retire at the end of that 30 year in April. My father passed so I had to leave I was going to have to return anyway because my mother did not live by myself so I made plans to move back into the area and everything felt weak as that is moving in with her to make sure that you know she had the proper care. If you need and I was my goal was that I when I return I was going to be a traveling and I was going to see the world and traveled till I was 65 and is enjoy life, but it was 14 years and the God had a different plan and so I was here and why my friend he had was when the local cable in the area. Local cable related station is been doing that in felt he decided that he didn't want to do it anymore and 30. The little one is friends and he was out of it the week but we know stated that they told me that there was a new product coming out called Roku that he had read about and live it up it was going be a big deal and that you know we really need to try to dump on and I don't I know nothing about teaming. I don't need to be involved in it and to cool off here if you're needing to buy a car and have marginal credit for considering using buy here pay here that's worse than taking the Russian sickle Winston-Salem motorcars will put you behind the wheel of a car you can rely on while helping rebuild, repair or establish your credit score conveniently located on Silas Creek Pkwy. in Winston-Salem. Be sure to check them out today at W. S.



The number because you are number one you're listening to the Truth Network and I can contribute anything to Andy. Oh come on, you can be about the atonement. It will you get other people in looking into other partners and MB and will you come and be a sound input so I said okay that's what I'll do. And so I did that and in the process of time him in the other two. They were still working job and I was the only one who is retired so it took them more more things that happen, and I needed to address and deal with, and them so that it got more more in what I had to take on more more responsibility to the point that the other Sidwell notes is you're doing it with his let you do know that Anna had ended up being at the head of everything right it because out of the account following into the positioning guided movement as easy to ramp down get me in that spot, you know, and so I love it. You know I never would've thought I would've enjoyed it but I really do because you give me an opportunity to meet people to make a difference in their lives to promote God's word, all those things and indent that with no dear to me well and it would help think that's amazing what two words. He said that I would highlight but God and I just had to laugh because you like never thought I would be doing this in play and at what I can relate to that. I mean it. I never thought I'd be an evangelist. Never thought I'd you know be doing men's conferences and camps and have a TV show on radio show on podcasting write books and what God right. I mean like you have a 30 or play your selloff in the sense of your travel agent to play pro football for 10 years going to coaching for 20 years then sail off into the sunset right but God. Right, there will that's pretty amazing so and and and the networks been around for 10 years is a is everything you week starting point. Well may have been paying you in a few months and you know we've been at we wanted to do it without you know we didn't go out with a lot of sponsors and it would benefit them in. We want to, but we weren't going to compromise the what we were trying to do and that was to get God's word that we were not going to do that and we wanted to make sure that we gave the people that were just getting started at a smaller ministry an opportunity to be seen and heard that we went to go that we try to stay true that the what we do class and wanted to make sure that that name all nations TV that we were appealing to the whole nation, so we even had a weight a unique way we set up a time flat, so that we can relate and adjust to the time married people well and add which is one of the reasons I'm grateful one for this conversation to that I met you and in Nashville because you're going to your ear get married.

It also I get them out of radio show were talking on it in a course the podcast with the just a few months ago I was in the process of filling the man up TV show and you graciously said we loved it air that show and so that's launching on all nations TV the man up TV show which you can air them as you just mentioned multiple times. I think four different times each week.

So that's in you all the different markets around around the nations, and which is exciting is like our podcast the last count was downloaded and 64 different countries and so on. I'm excited for for your network up Telstra quicker were almost on time, but some of the some of the different programming and and and I know you guys want a bunch of awards I pulled up want to hear you. You want to know the kingdom image awarded 2019 you were nominated by a media outlet in in one the kingdom. 2019 kingdom image award so patellar. Our listeners are some of the programming, maybe couple the accolades and how all nations right is where the unifying run all the programming the man up showing in all your other program lipid take a minute and tell us about some of the other programming and some of the accolades you guys of one Milton.

Okay well one thing that we like the product up in that we are out to support the ministry no matter how big or how small you might be this to help you get at foundation get started. We have no zone with with Tony admin and Perry Allard, and the others from around the country, but we also have some of the local Molly ministry that area and around the country that are part of what we do so we also have some cooking shows we have. We had a you sell one show without Bible of Babel. I think what was it like a contest game show type thing and so we we have concealed it shows is whether we try to make it with appealing for the family. What we have good quality, wholesome type of program for them got a few shows coming in matter that we get ready to broadcast the from the NRB their award show for the film then moving things like that will be broadcast and that we tried to reach all the different factors of people that are out there that you don't love God and care about the family and that we have community or any show that as well so like that week we we do that we tried to reach the community around the country around the world and when we did that, is that we set up time schedule. Those four different times a week.

The sale will be known. All for that same time every week, but we didn't. That way, so that it staggers so that you may be only 2 AM one day in in this vein, the time that you reenter rightly but make family might be think there might be anything you write on it that way so that way it is not you know if that's the same time and if I live in China in my b-day. I want to make it was daylight where and when to get out work they can see it not haven't been there for three or 4 o'clock in the morning and I think that's when the unique things that we do well on it yeah and and and Allison so quite a variety of programming 24 hours a day seven days a week right and the split was that got him all nations TV all nations Milton Waller standoff man I hope you've enjoyed his story today, and I'm excited and and really humbled at the same time that you guys get to be airing them.

The new man up TV show and so grateful and feel blessed Milton thank you so much for that opportunity and it and working to direct we will eject a lot of people your way and hopefully going to come up a lot more viewers of all nations the man up show TV show and Milton, thank you so much for sharing some your story today fascinate you as well and I want one last thing, that if they if you have Roku, they can also see it it it it we have in only 50 Roku families well will be able to see if there is little alright so head on over there to Roku. If you have that and thank you for tuning into another episode of the man up show radio version with yours truly. The Russian nightmare.

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