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Classic Cars & Breakthrough Basketball

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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June 4, 2022 2:43 pm

Classic Cars & Breakthrough Basketball

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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June 4, 2022 2:43 pm

Today's episode features Robby speaking with Clark Chilton from Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church and Coach Willie Williams of Breakthrough Basketball. Listen as they share about the upcoming Classic Car Cruise In and the Breakthrough Basketball Camp.

For more information about these events visit


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This is Amy Thomas from the masculine journey podcast where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network kingdom versus where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion kingdom pursuits now live from the truth.

Your host Robbie Gilmore. I am so glad you a cool things coming up this number and boy we got some lined up today really, really outstanding know all the camps start shows are going on all sorts.

All it comes to today. First up we have coach Willie Williams who has got the breakthrough basketball campus, June 14 through the 16th right here in Winston-Salem, North Carolina family be in Virginia are your in Ohio today and be worse when it really for. We get there to death and so it's for third through eighth grade boys and girls right is yeah little bit unique where we are really beginning to throw ball out and so really cool my standpoint breakthrough basketball tell me about that word yeah man is really interesting is your house vessel coach received a try this. Everything's I received a basket, but I almost know. But I end up replying back to it just to see local so connected by six years ago.

I just stand as far as the key on the gate, not just size and on top of that is about holistic person developing all about me. Sorry things that really got puts coaches and young people's lives. Things in understanding what he's doing and so that's spectacular. Also we have with this Clark Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church and all my goodness today have a car cruise incoming because that's next Saturday, June 11 and you guys actually have Kyle Petty is going to be there correct. Yes, Petty will be there. Petty family allowed us to use STP NASCAR race cars will be there. Bill Blair is sort of a racing legend in High Point. Will also be there NASCAR simulator yeah NASCAR is supplied like a booth with a couple of steering wheels on it with screens all the evidence and pretend you are will bounce houses, ice hotdogs people are classic cars into screws in that morning and we have a lot of parking available that's coming up next Saturday night. It starts at 10:10 AM to 2 PM 25 Chestnut those of you are listening, though I'm probably going to go here. So let's go there so speaking of cars yeah I guess it's time so speaking of cars you know if you thought about this and Chris. When is a car not a car. I don't know what is a car not a car is parked car cruise in is a car not a car. I think I would know anything for boiling turns into a driveway absolutely so yeah your band get that one and then you know I could work out how to fasten my seatbelt. I was working on it were, all of a sudden all of a sudden click oh, and this one, but I was in a relationship with a chauffeur, but I just gone anywhere. You know why it felt like he was just driving me away always. I do like this one. Alright, so what if, why did the poor gentleman drive his Subaru into the lake. Not one had no idea really. I don't Clark to make it a scuba room. Always wonder why you driving Parkway it's She's a Military Patient OSHA I Tell You What Part of the Car Is the Lazy Lazy Part of the Car Wheels Are Always Tired, so Confucius Says I Understand That a Man Who Runs behind a Car Gets Exhausted but the Man He Runs in Front of the Car Gets Tired Yeah and or Worse Yeah and I Bet You Can Get This One Really Want to Really Think Okay What Kind of a Car. Yoda This Remember What You Think. Jackie Got It. What Kind of Car I'm Sorry You Got a New Name, and Evident My Beach to Call Me with Everyone. Yoda Heard This, I Don't Remember Christian, You Want a Shot at the Toyota As He Drives a Toyota so We Have a Great Bible Riddle for You Today. Pretty Easy When Actually We Got Great Prizes. So, Which Cars Are Mentioned in the Bible 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Which Cars Are Mentioned in the Bible and Take a Guess That Christian, There Was a Fabulous Four Pack for the Winston-Salem Next Thursday Night against the Grasshoppers Pretty Easy One. What Cars Are Mentioned in the Bible 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Again Playing the Greensboro Grasshoppers and so Were Were Talking Major Rival Game and Four Pack of 1-866-348-7884 Coach. I'm Curious You You Had a Really Cool Basketball Career from Understand Where Did You Play in High School so I Went to Law School, Rasco McCook Went There and Had up to Go to State Junior Grease. This Aggressive Christian Because My First Two Years.

It Is a Great Experience There and Transferred to Greece.

He Proceeded Teaching Degree. Jim Shipley's New Year so What You Seizes You to Go out You Know Great Experience Great Guys My Guys, Just Text Me Article Anniversary Came up A Few Days Ago Success of the Article Is That in 2008 Power Access to My Son Was Playing at UNCG That Was Really Don't Know.

In 2008 He Went to University in Northern Arizona. First, and Then UNCG in 2000 but Another Email We Got to See Them Take to High School Fun Playing in LA Night.

As You Know If Any of Those Regular Truth Blisters Are Paul Stu Epperson Bike and Loves That Most I Know You're Not Surprised That Stu Had Something to Do Try and If You Had a Chance to Play Was to Know. I Have Not Personally but You Know I Got the Invite to Connect. I See His Videos. He Is Imposed As Bad Shots, but Not yet Silly at This Very Cool Coming up.

It's Called Breakthrough Basketball Camp June 14 through the Sixteenth. It's Right Here in Winston-Salem at Carolina University Which Is on Broad Street Fun As That Is for Boys and Girls Third through Eighth Grade and That Really Were to Talk A Lot Moaning That Much to the Car Show, Cruise, and I Should Call the Show Is Not. It's a Cruise in Kyle Petty and the NASCAR Simulator All at Stuff Going on Wesley Memorial and Method Next Saturday at 10 O'clock Will Be Right Back All and Uses It to Build the Kingdom Was so Fun. Today We Have with This Children Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church and They've Got a Classic Car Cruise and It's Coming up Next Saturday, June 11 Featuring Articles Is Kyle Petty and the STP Car.

They Got a Masters NASCAR Simulator and It's Right There on Chestnut Dr. in High Point as well as coach Willie Williams with a breakthrough basketball camp coming up June 14 to the 16th at Carolina University family Piedmont international right which was his Christian University there on Broad Street Winston-Salem for grades four through eight ways and girls and I'm shocked and dismayed. Nobody is called into image tickets for me missing my hardluck partner in the Bible, 866-348-7884 I know you're out there. I know you want to go there asking their free, there's like four tickets.

How easy is this and by the way, nobody is ever called in.

In the history of kingdom pursuits that I was posting on five adjusters that those numbers damaged it anyway is ever gotten an answer all possible as we will figure out how to make it right that I was able to have 634, on 866-34-TRUTH 87884 so far, member you grew up in Clemens. I did yell my family from Winston-Salem and on my dime to Wake Forest was recite high school and went to UNC Asheville from undergrad, so were you there urine.

You look like you'd been crisp all these a little younger than me. She went to Haines on his middle school. I graduated high school 1997. I think he was like 2001 Leavy so we we did play in the same court at Haines so I like to think maybe a rubbed off four years earlier on. Probably not. You like basketball I conceal. I do, I do are not as good as Willy Willy run circles around me, but not all yacht I like the jumping part is it's the landing part and troublesome not you had 40 and so how did you get interested in Wesley in becoming a pastor all my gosh were to begin with. Alan became a Christian, age 20 and mailing to search my whole life. But it was really campus and serve that I had a really conversion experience from a campfire where I had about born-again moment with with the Lord that change the trajectory of my life. And then I felt called to ministry a few years later discerns I need to go to seminary and through the law youth ministry positions in Charlotte.

I worked a lot of churches down there. I worked at the Graham evangelistic Association building appears in Charlotte part time I was an evangelist or anything, but it was a great experience working there and nonconservative churches for over 20 years now and I would know, it's amazing to me and I got I saw with my own kids. What camps do or say right because the other used guns_whatever the church but now they're in with a group of of other people and they have a similar interest right there playing basketball or whatever and then now how cool it said after aligning with which the Christian University and although you're not going to be. It is part of the curriculum of of spirituality. Nonetheless it's it's front and center right yeah you know it's really cool that you athletics is a great avenue to spread the gospel rather through words or by actions you know and so it does have an all Christian staff there. You know coaches along with the players you know these kids get the experience they want to be near little kid you want to see the high schoolers. The college players know asked for autographs and all that kind of stuff they can, you dog. Can you make step.

Three. All that kind of stuff to get to see that they get to see them witnessing just how they interact. No you don't man I mean I know that the injuries I made this a fairly going around yeah you know I hundred people passes that could dunks area like I let you know I'm saying unhappily relaunching it launching it will.

Speaking of dumb shots we got all kinds a caller so you know if if you don't necessarily if you hear the answer. First, you will be sure to hang on because I still want to talk to you and we have bonus prizes so if you got an idea. By all means stay with this. Don't give up if you'd if you're not got the same answer as Elston so we got. Susan is also in High Point related to Clark in any way shape or form, or talk Susan, you're off the thick good morning. I'm so glad yeah so are you related to to Clark or Chuck okay you can still windmill is a search I I should've known I should've known will then that's an automatic winter you Marty Wyman. Yet even answer the question.

But anyway, what cars are in the Bible all that's that's that's no doubt they were in accord and were guessing it was a Honda variable on a very biblical very biblical. Thank you see a great answer. Enjoy the in the enjoy the game and by all means go you're not a Greensboro family taking the nonanswer.

If this is the usage: God bless. All right.

Next up we got Jamaal is in also in the triad area so Jamaal you are on kingdom pursuits good morning hours form for I'm doing wonderful so I bet you we can find some of the tickets for you. By the way to live.

Figure out a way to get some to you but if you get another car that was mentioned in the Bible probably come up with the answers are shot. Now don't scripture about. I think not worshiping. The buyer right that you know everybody loves a good cherry right yeah they made a lot of 50s and they were of iron two by the way, so you I will what they did Jamaal appreciate you called in today. God bless public. All right, so getting back to the to the basketball camp. If I was 1/3 grader right from your perspective, I'm I'm curious because I played basketball in your beef focusing on the fundamentals.

What raters learn how to dribble. Yeah, I mean they really watch the NBA great players there is this a translate to you know. Grader of entry middle schools was like straight line drives as far as I know one or two dribbles versus dribbling all over the place you look at the fund was a shooting night really building shooting threes quite yet, but I now realize that stuff. Dad and limbs are shooting threes two is a freshman in high school year now and so really and I'll try to focus on the proper technique there and then what's it look like to move without the ball that is standing with her hand up same pass pass pass pass pass. You know you get to the cut and I remember I was in seventh grade. Believe it or not I was 6573 I weighed about 128 pounds is like a walking stick last basketball coach was very excited that I have this excitement so can capsize by the other trying to teach me to dribble because that would have been in palms the most uncoordinated and you respond mind is what I gather, growth spurt seventh grade did not like God except following faced by what he would do if he just put me under the basket and any would say I just want you to stand here and make a layup get strongly bank go to the other side like a lamb from that side go back over here like a liberal, not just at any just had me stand there and do that literally. Most every practice that's all I did was stand on the back basket get my only bound throwing back on the other side that my only boundary know what to do. I mean, what a difference it made throughout. You know, playing basketball over the years is just so much fun to get rebounds and to get that stuff and we really just try focus on that, breaking down to the fundamentals of give some kind of plan succeed in the negative officer working on it on their own so and and you know they go home. I have all summer night since he kicked off right now and so how about you Clark not Chuck is going to show me what are you now that looks like a check as I do and that Chuck look to my middle name killed my parents were cruel. So what what you remember of your basketball coach. I'm curious because I know you know well. Thankfully my father is my code for a couple seasons there, so he was really he didn't yeah he's a great great when hang great man. No, not Haynes, my coach Haynes was getting Cal stampede played at Wake Forest actually wow great guy, really tall and we will talk about high school just yet. Not on the cursor at the station all right when we come back to you more about the cruise in coming up next Saturday in the basketball camp coming up June 14-16, which by the way.

Both of these are kingdom you can find out all about them as links and those are just a few conflicting get involved are so cool be right here how God takes your passion kingdom so funded.

They love summer time we get to talk about these camps.

Opportunities for people to come to shovels and also to stuff so if you know me as a partner, like a cruise and that some I can jump right into and one away to get people that you know where you know a lot of guys don't go to church. You know right Chuck Clark. But seriously I mean I was gotta the idea of the churches you know we need we need to figure out things that involve men more and in what were doing speak you know so that they can see their interest in you know it that's gonna work for me and my niche in the world of of using cars is a platform right to your involvement with the Bible. Yeah well I think some some guys this is the judgment that some guys can have the feeling that being a person of faith is somehow feminine pursuit or something like that which we know is a misnomer, but that you can have spiritual intimacy with your spouse with your family and grow in your faith in action. Make your family stronger. But yeah, I mean we know a lot of people in the area of High Point at own classic cars.

There's a big car club lot. Probably every city listening, but to really engage in that way was Memorial campus is also pretty stunning. It's just a beautiful cathedral really one-of-a-kind, church really see it makes an impression on the first time you see it and we just want to leverage that to let the community know hanger doors are open. We want a great place to be.

The church is growing a lot of people joining the church this year. This is an exciting time and since cruise in right as a freebie. I mean really right. You just drive-in in whatever it is that you can't claim that make it look good is there in the end.

Not only do you get freebie entrance right that you got freebie food yeah hotdogs popcorn will bounce house for the kids simulator simulator of the racecars and in the stars that you guys are bringing again just a great afternoon and I did and invite your neighbor that might like.

That's right yeah I mean I have a 2005 Honda CRV I'm I can pop the hood on that thing.

This really is a contrast the other cars with better file may have thought the hood short of forming a by the same token, right did you know I believe this is an opportunity for a lot of parents get the kids involved in something that naturally wanted to yeah and so you know it when you talk about third through eighth grade. A lot of times if this is their first opportunity to play some organized and we get wide range of skill levels on their son. This is her first basketball others that you and I really just wanted take my game to the next level and so it actually fits all the different skill levels that come in trying to be the fundamentals you known opportunities to have fun fun environment is pretty quick basis versus being able to, you know, in good working, get out now and so on and doing on a college campus which is pretty cool you North Carolina versus a good experience for our kids absolutely and so fundamentals we talked about offense have you know this was not necessarily focused on the deed. Decide which is right because I'm a defensive minded coach knows last year killing mercy were the number one nation so I'm a big defensive my act like we have defenses while Sandra Seca defenses more effort were offenses of more skill indefinitely.

You know you can bring defense every night.

You never know if the ball is always good going on beyond today and you know and so team really put a lot of work into that really good job. I got a now I'm so tell me Patrick on African Carolina First yes so we at we can adopt a data pack line defense Virginia and we we tweaked it a little bit counterfeit.

We were in our personnel and so we would say that they Defense and guys after its flying all over the place. You know, we had 3 kb where our five guy actually matched up one on one with the other five guy and we had formed for the rest of the time and so they are those four guys are flying all over the place itself. It's get out, get after a type of defense you know so you can see if you got that seventh eighth grader somebody who's played some basketball or you got the third grade in whatever situation is you know that they now have an opportunity to talk about their interest. Somebody that really understands really gets it and then still at the same time, really loves online. Definitely. Yeah, you nominates a quilt invited to get to really develop some good relations with the coaches that are helping their noses. Some of my players and everything to get to come to build good relations interactive so you had some your players yes of the players in the common there and help in the Coaches you know and so it's good for them. To me they get to go and elect while I really need to work on the skill myself that you now and set out as a great opportunity yeah yeah yeah. Again, it is breakthrough basketball camp coming up June 14 through the 16th Carolina University which is on Broad Street in Winston-Salem formally monitor national and so it's for third through eighth grade boys and girls right and so you have grown coaches to right now are working on having a few of that from the women's team come over and help out that experience because you know I remember my case I had two daughters and my younger daughter because she saw her brother excel so much in basketball that she wanted nine and it was really fun and an interesting religious versus side Nasional that you know Stu's daughter Gracie and Mariah are exactly the same age and so we had a team were still in coach and Gracie and Mariah but it was it was really fun back the day Calvary and any know that was a way really to get a lot of people men involved in church that way is this is true basketball. So tell me your passion, I'm interested all our talk is Fars church 2020 noise as an associate pastor kind of tell us what your role is, how does it work will my role is over the contemporary worship service 9:45 AM Sunday so I preach there weekly really I'm passionate about about teaching about preaching communicating what you teach on right now. We just finished a sermon series on prayer that was about six weeks and help wrap up this Sunday in the next. Also, tell me what what just man you just excited as you can be tomorrow to share what about prayer. Well are the other associates preaching tomorrow. So what you are for the site about last week. Last week I read John 17 which is the longest recorded prayer Jesus in the Bible that we have utterly fascinating to see his train of thought and how sometimes he's laying out requests to God.

And other times he simply just communing with God is just affirming the truth of who God is and is prayer. Sometimes it's good for us not to succumb to God with this good to come with requests.

Of course, but also just to just to be with him and share your heart be open, so I passion about preaching, teaching, and also evangelism. I'm over just evangelism at the church is trying to on communicate the gospel of the messages always stay the same of the mediums change culture and history's overtures were always trying to branch out with mediums from television 7:30 AM on Fox eight or stream live just trying to reach to reach the world and are trying to reach our community for Christ alone, so I'm curious about a lot of things are split evangelism there. What what once the structure how you how you go about doing that well you know we don't necessarily do an altar call, thing very much, but I'll get back to that after the brass happy happy doing well as putting time to prepare that answer you okay plate offers a good baby LOL go on one segment, we got Chuck willing and all this is again lifting of The car show and the breakthrough basketball state takes your passion to build the kingdom. We are so blessed having a great time with Clark Chilton with the Wesley Memorial United Methodist church thoracic cruise in next Saturday, June 11 Kyle Petty in the NASCAR simulator there on Chestnut Dr. in High Point as well as coach Willie Williams with breaks to break through basketball camp coming up June 14-16 Carolina University Broad Street in Winston-Salem against third through eighth grade boys and girls. How exciting.

That's can be going on. Coming right up in those camps are amazing, but lonely Lester hero Chuck.

He was/car Clark. Our current. He was good. Tell us about evangelism. It was yeah well I mean the Wesley movement is always originally prides itself on reaching culture around it, especially in the early stages of the United States of America. We were massive 80% of culture was Methodist huge movement circuit riders and horses going on planting churches massive movement of the Spirit at time and so were we know were really trying to rekindle that that spirit of moving out, being in faith, loving our neighbors as were commanded to do tangible expressions of the grace of God the world around us, not just saying it, living it and so we received this car Cruzan as the son of a vehicle.

There's a little pond for you guys vehicle unlike before vehicle for this an open door, letting people know he's going to general not tired of my children and keep on going to keep her away from me is spectacular will of Plato. Yeah it is. And so we bounce over to you through the was a veterans balance over the coach. Willie and and so you know for you. How about you when you're in third or eighth grade was recently came alongside you that helped you remember some like that mean you're going to get attached you are high school players want to play varsity someday. I want to do that in going to the camps you got to see them and actually seeing how hard they plate nothing of the biggest effort. Are they played in their coachable you know we had a really really great coach in high school I did as a coach, Joel.

He's your godly man you know and so I got to see how that looks like on the court is a great example is players at the same itself for me to be able to witness as a marijuana also have an impact. Someday you know and seller open to these camps, they were able to have that impact our youth often.

I love radio as I do. I wish that our listeners could see what I see most of across from these two guys both have a phenomenal light in their eyes that I would like man I would want my kids to go that fast as I see the light. I would want you know my friends to go to that Cruzan because you can see that love of Jesus is is all over these things and and you know how neat that we hear the Truth Network and support these in any way shape or form.

So you know again if you go to kingdom you can find out all about both events and of course register the case. The camp invested in a require that. But the Cruzan. It's a free app for EE rebate three something that meant not me. Things are free in this world has to and then added our simulator alone do you have to paid to do that. I think we did have to pay a little bit mean the church about the people that are going to do it. They don't have to pay it now $0.50 or anything you need to sit down in the incline display and eat yeah and and enjoy cars as spectacular yet so if you have car you want to bring just come up to the front circle lot and let us know that will probably tell by looking at you, you're breathing something sweet is not sweet as we bring you and so like event is left. There are that there are some pintos out there strict. I need to be there, especially a vague Vega vinyl interior you had a vague identity yeah horrible car. I will publish a really maybe they had a problem with her four-cylinder engine. I can give you the whole history they were they were using aluminum. It was a great idea and realize that you can't put this deal be at least a steel sleeve and an aluminum engine and that they only want about 20,000 miles and then I was it for the vague. Those people up at 350 V-8 in their Vegas now let's work on all the weight is adamant to me. The Vega was on the prettiest cars I have of its aramid it was a beautiful car you just 20,000 miles later white vinyl interior man that was cool you got a very good time gets stuck to it. That was an inferior error of the gremlin.

Did you ever one of those. I see my dad still has went to this day. Yeah I am glad to street race not legal definitely is far ahead show is over. Right when we get to the grammar. Remember Wesley Memorial's their classic cruising coming up next Saturday is going to be there June 11 as well as a breakthrough basketball camp June 14 through the 16th. All kingdom now.

Stay tuned yet so much truth, that you church prayer followed by how the masculine journey starts here 12 noon and then it's time to man up with a lot. Imagine the truth. This is the Truth Network

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