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The Joy Ride #98

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 2, 2022 5:00 am

The Joy Ride #98

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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June 2, 2022 5:00 am

Welcome fellow Joy Riders to the Masculine Journey Joyride Podcast! On this podcast you will hear funny stories, exchanges, and thought provoking moments that will amuse you, make you smile, and draw you closer to Jesus Christ in your journey of life.

This week the guys are talking about being too busy, and how we can use that as an excuse as to why our focus isn't on the right things. The Clip is from "Alice In Wonderland."

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On the 40% of the people have to walk 30 or more for clean water.

Two thirds of the world population could face water shortages by 2025 something the day your gift to help install Jesus well providing water for the entire village with 25 year wages install 30,000 and they need your help to give life to thirsty people join Truth Network in supporting this cause go to or call 855573751 the spring of living water to the world. This is the Truth Network. He welcomed Philip the masculine journey joyride podcast is a brand-new show from the guys you know, talking of course about the band of brothers my name is Keith and I'm the producer for masculine journey management journey. After our podcast we hear funny stories stranded and thought provoking moments. I will make you smile and jogged closer to Jesus Christ, your journey of life. Joyride is nine-week joyride this week's clip is all about beginning with saying the clip this week is about to give me one second year okay by dousing the clip you're going to hear Isabel okay okay I can get responded real fast real quick and I and sin.

Okay you know more distraction this week guys are talking about being too busy in the clip you're about to hear is me getting cold. So if that was someone you cared about and that's how they were living their life. You probably say you need to slow down.

You're going to drop that you have a heart attack or stroke out something to happen here, you can go to end up in the rabbit stew yes exactly right.

But if it's you, you have the same advice for yourself and you justify well you just a season is just a busy season that's going to get better will really get better will really just be a busy season, I think, rather than just a file you want to use the word rationalize weed. There is no real justification for Jesus didn't do that.

He was the most productive man ever and we can always justify what we are accustomed to think is the right thing to do only think it's normal. At some point it's very unique nose that irritates because you can't be very unique and uniquely you down the road. This is the Truth Network

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