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If We Can Arm Ukrainians, We Can Arm School Security Guards

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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May 25, 2022 3:10 pm

If We Can Arm Ukrainians, We Can Arm School Security Guards

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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May 25, 2022 3:10 pm

It makes no sense that we are sending billions of dollars to Ukraine when American elementary schools are left unguarded.

Mat Staver, Gov. Mike Huckabee, Martha Zoller, and Mark Hancock join the conversation!

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See full for welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by the legacy precious metals. There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM investments… The legacy PM investments.job University studio in Memphis, Tennessee Bible, including the horrible American radio therapy to be triggered today to drop a lot of troop across the country and it is it is what it and yesterday during this program. Of course the breaking news that happened when we received word of a school shooting after the program, but we we started to learn the horrific details the last count 19 children killed two adults also killed and then be the evil attacker and there's there's been a lot of a lot of debate. A lot of conversation already and I and I want to say I got a lot to say about this, because we're dealing with a big problem in this country and the problem is nobody wants to talk about what that big problem is they think the big problem is something else and that something else is in fact not the big problem now a lot of people are saying Todd we've we've got to get that we gotta get the guns we gotta get the guns. There's no reason why anybody in America needs to have an AR 15 that's not the issue that guns are not the problem here folks. Guns are not the issue.

Other people say Todd we've we've we've we've got to get God back into schools. Hear me that's not the problem either. The problem is, is not the guns. The problem is not the fact that God is not in many public schools. The problem facing America is that God is not in your home. That's the problem, and I I waited last night as long as I could to weigh in on this and II waited specifically on the the killer and writing anything about the government until until the facts started coming out until we had enough information out there where I could I could ascertain what was really going on here and we should not be surprised we have we have some exclusive details about this 18-year-old monster and the and and his his life. His family background clear to me.

There were enough warning signs just like the, the shooter in the Buffalo New York attack. There were plenty of warning signs.

There was there was interaction with police and law enforcement that should have prevented the Buffalo gunmen and now this government from obtaining any sorts of weapons so the issue here and weaved at and there are several, but it's not what the mainstream media want you to think it is now. Rob Reiner, the the Hollywood actor and director. He played a guy called meathead on all of the family back in the day. He says the blood of every child that dies of gun violence in this country is on the hands of the Republican Party. Once a load of crap and he knows that by the way, all these people out there, including Pres. Joseph Robinette Biden last night.

Every single one of these people who are calling for the confiscation of guns and by the way the reporting is that this that this teenager had a handgun as well. Are they are they calling for the confiscation of all handguns as well. Look, you can confiscate every God in America from every law-abiding gun owner, and the only people are to have guns are the government and the criminals. Yes I know that's an oxymoron but you know what I'm talking about. But all these people, Joe Biden, the Hollywood actors. All of these lawmakers on Capitol Hill. All of the people that are out there condemning this gun violence and can and saying that we gotta take guns away from law-abiding American citizens. Every single one of those people are heavily surrounded and guarded by men and women who have guns.

Now if you want to have that conversation find relinquish her security details and then we can have an honest discussion, but it looks to me like the government is just chomping at the bit chomping at the bit to take away your guns to confiscate your lawfully acquired, lawfully owned firearms and I don't know about you but I have a problem with that. Now what we should of been talking about last night were those beautiful children and the brave heroic teachers who gave their lives trying to protect those kids.

We should've been talking about the border security agent at the border patrol agent who ran into the danger zone and engage the government and took him out this brave border patrol agent who was wounded in the in the attack.

That's what we ought to be talking about well to be talking about the grieving families we ought to be talking about ministering to and caring for these families. But nobody wanted to have that conversation and I'm afraid even some folks in the conservative media are going squishy on the issue of the Second Amendment.

I want to play some audio this morning from Fox and friends. This is mainly Ainsley Ehrhardt and she was invoking the name of Jesus in this cut number 10 I'm just sitting here thinking I had a phrase in church science. We all are involved in our church is that how we all think Jesus on the cross.

It wasn't just one great if we were all guilty and that is handed down across our sense I think about is this all of our Fox I need as a country were so divided. We are to hate someone else because they vote a different way than you do.

That is, first of all, how do we know this has anything to do with politics. I mean we and and I need to get to the background of this of this government but this kid was messed up. Grew up in a home where the mom was a drug addict had to live with grandma. No dad in the picture you can kinda figure out for yourself how that went down, but now you got the Fox and friends host say oh you know what maybe we all bear responsibility. Maybe we all we all bear some response I don't I don't I'm I'm not responsible for what happened down in Texas. Anyway, here's a hearty good thing you think about what his parents are going turn on never seen a chance again, and even if they have three cats. It doesn't replace the one that they lost the left bathroom on one child and she will never be a grandmother because this man went into the schools and did that's what we need to do to heal as a country and to make sure that he's gunmen like that do not are stopped before they get to this point. Parents take their children to church.

I don't know what's going on in these individuals. Heart they had a void. They have a hole in their heart and their evil and there, I'm happy to help and to get help and I know it's not always the parents fault because the parents are trying, in many cases when there's mental illness involve sometimes you're at your wits end and there's not much more you can do that. I don't know what the solution is I don't how to fix this and I do know love your neighbor as yourself.

That's what the Bible instructs us to do. It doesn't say love your neighbor if he or she is a Democrat or Republican in our country has gotten so divided. I just am tired of all this evil and I don't know what the solution is that we definitely need to love each other and come back to where we were. After 9/11 we were one country. What is she talking about what this has nothing to do with Democrat or Republican.

This has to do with lawmakers coming out immediately after this attack and demanding that guns in America be be confiscated.

I mean you work with Chris Murphy on the Senate floor.

It was this guy on hinged somebody get should've given the sky medication.

Why do you spend all this time running for the United States Senate.

What you go through all the hassle of getting this job putting yourself in a position of authority.

If your answer is that as the slaughter increases as our kids run for their lives. Nothing what are we doing why are you here, I'm here in this for two day to literally get down on my hands and knees and begged my colleagues find a path forward here work with us to find a way to pass laws that make this less likely.

I understand my Republican colleagues will not agree to everything that I may support, but there is a common denominator that we can find you know what exactly what sort of a gun wall to prevent or what happened yesterday somebody explained that to be what sort of law on the books would've prevented what happened yesterday in Texas, there are already plenty of laws on the books.

Why don't we try enforcing those laws for change. Why don't we have a conversation about mental illness. Instead of putting people in hospital and treating people, which is what they used to do now, the mentally ill are walking among us, and I'm not saying every mentally ill person in America is going to go to school and open fire wheel even know if this kid had mental illness already just threw that out there. I mean, I would assume just at face value.

You have to be slapped crazy to go would do something like this, but there's been no official diagnosis of mental illness and I'm hearing people out there, including people on the right.

Well we all just we all have a role to play, know we don't gunmen walked into a school he shot up at school and killed innocent people. And thank God for the border patrol agent who went in there in the line of fire and took this monster out. That's the story, but the Democrats and and again. Well, the Republic know it's not no it's not. It is the Democrats who came out and made politics out of all of this and then when someone comes, like myself, and tries to explain that we shouldn't be going down this path because there is no path to go down. It is the wrong path. Well Todd, you're just playing politics now on the bodies of dead children know I'm not now.

Yesterday Pres. Biden and II got a given credit. He opened up his remarks and I was riveted I mean this is what he said was absolutely presidential and hope you can imprison the massacre value Texas elementary school is second third fourth graders how many scores of little children who witness what happened to your friends sister the rest of their lives is a lot we don't know yet what we do know parents who never sees her child never having children. Parents will never be the same.

To lose a child is like having peace in your soul follows your chest you feel like you do something to be able to get out suffocated his record to say this severely shared by the siblings and grandparents and family members community this up behind Scripture says Joan I've talked about this in different contexts.

Another context, Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed spirit spirits soon. I fascination to pray for them. Parents and siblings, and strength in darkness feel right now. Now had the president ended his remarks at that moment the entire nation would have applauded would've saluted and would've honored him. What he said there was presidential. It reminded me of of the of the speeches that Ronald Reagan gave in the aftermath of the of the.

The space shuttle disaster and the, the attack on the Marine barracks in Beirut. It was a somber moment, but he did not stop there.

It's it's as if it's as if mean Biden turned a switch on and he declared war on all of you law-abiding gun owners as if you guys were personally responsible, all you hunters were responsible for what happened in Texas at that grade school in order to get it.

I gotta take a break here, but I can open up the phone lines. Here's what I think needs to happen. We spent $40 billion $40 billion, giving money to Ukrainians so they could arm themselves and defend themselves against the Russians and you're telling me we don't have anybody to armed security guards to protect American public schools on American soil. I find that very hard to believe but here's what needs to happen we need to have armed security guards at every public school in America, whether it be full-time police officers retired police officers, military veterans, anybody who is a legal law-abiding gun owner who passes whatever test needs to be passed.

That's what needs to happen here because at the end of the day no matter what an element reselling elementary school is always going to be a soft target for these evil animals. 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 this is the Don Stern show. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the Biden ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd start and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds and traditional markets. You are vulnerable.

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He also lashed out violently against peers and strangers over the years, a female classmate said she remembers a least five times the suspect had fistfights in middle school and junior high and the police were reportedly called to the home several times because of violent blowups between the gunman and his mother who was reportedly a drug addict. One classmate said that he called his mother. The B word she wanted the police to throw him out of the house. He was very aggressive so people knew that something was not right here but but they turned a blind eye and why is that because of the same reasons that we've seen this happen in the school shootings we've got these messed up kids and the school districts not allowed to do anything because of Obama area of Obama era policies going back to Parkland high school in Florida where the teachers are in the educators are not allowed to get these kids out of the schools.

So again my question is why was there not a file kept on this kid. Why was he able to go over there and purchase these weapons knowing that he had these issues in his past and not so recent past. So look really go to the phones here right after this break, we got Ronnie and Oregon Herriot Texas Connor in Boston, 844-747-8868 what's the answer. How do we keep the school say folks, how do we do it 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern's radio will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full four which allows me to do more things at once. Much better now. I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take you to to list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full four president from the message over them as Americans handle real leadership of the top politicians and part of his right eye. He says he is going to honor his commitment to speak in taxes at the NRA convention this week and he says he's got it going to deliver an important message to Americans for Pres. Trump announcing he will in fact speak at the NRA meeting.

I believe that's in Houston. He says in the meantime, we continue to pray for the victims families and our entire nation were all in this together and he's right. We are, and that's the kind of message Joe Biden should've deliver last night instead of literally throwing a fire bomb into the culture are, let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Ronnie and Salem Oregon KY Katie of the great affiliate Ronnie. What's on your mind go County but my thing is this shootings under 20, 2118 whether the one about the wonders and all whatever you want to arts on the parents of these kids is the question.

California's good cook looks like It was mostly gotta still middle-class America with the community punishment program, you don't stand down so you know I'm get that thing is there's my mentor like you Salem area and inch in the real world looking on T-Mobile throughout the Valley Valley find this communicate to commit suicide over the last two years in the Ronnie. Ronnie limits up in every minute. So, according to the New York Times of this gunmen Salvador ramose I'll try not to say his name a lot but ramose was a passionate videogame not logged fortnight and call of duty. Those were the those were the big games of someone who used to play video games with them could overhear him arguing with his mother and using all sorts of exploitative's clearly all that to say this kid was living with her grandma who he shot and she's alive, but it's there was no family home. There was no family structure. I made this kid clearly was raised with with no moral conscience at all likely less time to talk to family that was clear what my Swedish mother must got his mother, my mama Pat or anybody else because they did not waver up. That's about. It's about a family I Ronnie Donnelly with their God bless you sir, thank you for listing that is about was Ronald Reagan's American exceptionalism starts at the kitchen table. It's it's a mom it's a dad in the household being mom and dad not friends are. Let's go to Ernest in Mississippi. Listening to us on the great W PM oh Ernest what's going on okay shut down that you want it. But a year ago.

The government is always talking about going thing with something happen if you remember the enemy of good stuff to do research all the cases where on social media people have been there and happy, looking at the shooting last year in Florida shooting in Buffalo and several of the shooting merits of being away you get my point. All majority shooting even at the school for some issue on the social media but but yet the rich parent GoToMeeting when all the other red flag leave just in Buffalo that the growth is shooting all the better if Greg wears out. If the Atty. Gen. that that's what I wanted to say all the technology we have going up the wrong people.

And when Obama was in high school to downgrade these teenage commit a crime.

All that that has an effect and I lost you sleep, take out the Fort Hood major in the Army.

He may be imprisoned when your falcon research, but he still get it. Military benefit the shooting. He caught they take every opportunity to blame but their fault because they're letting people get through who are being red flagged or should be red flag.

I want to stop there, but I can go on your spot on accurate. I mean we talk about red flag laws okay what about this kid who was clearly on the police radar. There is plenty of evidence that he was posting very disturbing stuff on social media and you're right, Ernest. Instead of going after these actual threats there shutting down people like Mike Lindell and Pres. Tromp and their sick of the FBI on these moms and dads who are raising concerns of the local school board minutes. It's a fair thing euros Ernest thanks for the thanks for the call, but you are one of the one of the friends of this of this monster says that he would leave his mother's house stay with her grandma for several days after a big fight and it seemed over the past year that he was actually spending even more time at the grandma's house. By the way, one of the one of the officers arriving at the scene. I am not making this up.

Eric Estrada from from no is not and is not that Eric Estrada but it's Eric with CK ER I CK Eric Estrada, not the chip sky border patrol agent. By the way of this is coming from the Associated Press and this is this is the hero, yet a border patrol agent who was first on the scene and he rushed in the end of the school without waiting for backup and he shot and killed the gunman, who was apparently behind a barricade. The agent was wounded and was able to walk out of the school after taken out the monster that God bless, that agent will find out who that agent is unassuming and upward, and honor that guy are let's go to Connor in Boston, Connor, what say you, you great under all I so so guided by what what happened here you hear a lot you ball a lot… You're your not talk about growth, you're going to get work… While you go an area heavily armed with automatic weapons walking around all the while you are armed required number were being ignored. What you're not quite talk about got a got a monster like you really a jerk. Anything told beautiful children. How effective are the other girls always right on your back, like Eric.Connor this is fascinating. The Washington Post actually ran the numbers back in 2018 and eight they want to know how much would it cost you present a trumpet if you remember Pres. Trump is always right about this stuff.

Pres. Trump actually suggested. Let's arm the teachers let's get the teacher is unarmed so they ran the numbers they said it would cost about $71.8 million to send every schoolteacher in America to training to learn how to operate, to learn how to fire a weapon when you think about it that's not all that bad.

I me considering were spending what $40 billion. The last aid package to Ukraine and lordosis going to be higher than that. But Newt Gingrich actually suggested about 6 to 8 guards in the class and in the schools and others saying that would cost upwards of what 50 something billion dollars. Okay, we just spent $40 billion last week and Ukraine doesn't seem like that big of a stretch for what you. I think about the bargain right talk I think not talking about Dr. and delivered him to help for my taken out Bob ground while I'm with you, but ultimately a lot of these guys that's with her wanting they want death by comparable suicide by cop I say let's you know let's identify who these people are there are warning signs, and for whatever reason, just like in Buffalo, New York police took a pass. There was no report filed no no flags so that I was able to go out last week or week before last, by his guns get his ammo and go kill a bunch of fourth graders and their teachers and and we just can't allow that to happen. Connor got a run. God bless you good hearing from you all right, Harry.

Hang tight here in Texas we we got a couple of lines open your folks 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868. Have you heard the big news Greta Van Susteren is back.

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I watch all the time and you should too. If you are looking for my fellow you will not find it in the big box stores and the reason why it's pretty awful. My fellows think canceled by the canceled culture Bob.

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He would've been treated if he if this it happened in Memphis Tennessee a more Mulroy was a district attorney disc. It would've been out on the street.

That's how bad this is a very dangerous situation. Anyway, go and block me Mulroy but were still going to come after you, sir. All right. Shame on you. Let's go to the phone. Sierra Allen in Georgia WT UN hey Alan what's going on there.

Glad to talk about today simply because that would work a career law enforcement and after I retired, I thought the NRA program that will field for a while around the country. That's the way all American girl help prevent and I know you touched on a lot of the day especially when they read like the people in and keep in touch with them but some of the most separate things that can be. We thought were heartening. Your Europe parameters. Looking at all the way people can come and go under Things like camera. The people can with the command.

One of the biggest your doors locked up one way into that building one way out. When school is in session that somebody at that particular door, especially wanted be bulletproof that can fit somebody walking up that will fill out the purpose involving all the school resource officer in that building who is our who can come to that.

If the person who's betting look like there's somebody that does this look like a problem probably thought everybody so will actually it come and go but keep all their doors open. People can come and go, baby. 20 doors and go the athletic department always delete those going up the ball field. Leave those doors unlocked the kind of stuff that can't be prevented, take a lot of money to take a little bit you need an SRO unique body that can that people coming in one door you let the fair come and go, but start running teachers know or in class. Nobody could let that come through that window and Alan I look. I think these are brilliant.

Very practical suggestions and we ought already be doing that on these all the school campuses. The reality that when you talk about a great school and I heard someone talking about this on one of the channels last night. A high school you at the football team.

They're going to try and help take out that guy, but you're talking about gradeschool kids, you know that the only person there is the schoolteacher it and it's it's a horrifying thing to know what went down. You cordon the reporting the guy walks into the classroom and just announced everybody you're gonna die today and took all out to me, that's just horrifying. Never got in the you're right. You're absolutely right dark luck only let people in one door that about that door like that bulletproof glass that in their checking ID come to that door and asking why are you here what your part. Allen is law enforcement. How do you feel about about having retired police officers or military veterans guarding those schools so I'll probably that anybody writing about finding something that can be all go even for people if somebody can't afford to put your deputy police officer in a school in a city or county. Then they think will have got experience they can be an SRO and omitted it requires somebody vigilant you can't be decrepit.

Leo that you definitely can be a person of retirement date fill his position for the county or the city can't afford all right Alan that's that's great information for us appreciate you calling in today. Thanks for listening to us over WG went right out Ron and Harry hang Thai guys were running up against the the top of the hour here but Ron wants to raise a point about videogames and why are people going after the video games I made a draft of the gun. The gun manufacturers and that's a great points will hang tight guys were going to get your calls coming match Tabor from Liberty Counsel has been one of the first people sounding the alarms about the World Health Organization and folks there. American sovereignty is in the crosshairs.

To me that's just there's no other way to say that the map American sovereignty is in the crosshairs thanks to Pres. Biden's were going to talk to match Tabor a bit about the very latest on the surrender of our sovereignty to the World Health Organization by countries gonna be here. You folks in Georgia.

What the heck I me that was a blowout win by Gov. Brian By the way, not just But also reference Berger the Secretary of State were Georgia voters sending a message to Pres. Trump of the rest of the nation 844-747-8868 were to talk to Gov. Mike Huckabee Martha Zoller from WG. Let's get a beer. Folks were just getting started. This is the Todd start radio show. My name is Joanne this is my father. I know what's happening but I will be able to take care of myself when the time comes to get more support for your parents care can help you find qualified caregivers nearby. What would help me is somebody there that could check in on you. I realize I have to do the best decisions are made with care.

Find help for your mom or delivers universities to really see his torch. The more I read about health organization is with this sort that the United States is about to engage in the more disturbed I'd be I become.

This is just unbelievable of the World Health Organization and by the way, walking to the Todd Stern's radio show everybody good to have you with us today of the world health organization recently announced plans for an international pandemic treaty, now a part of this treaty is tied to a digital passport and a digital ID system. This is a very dangerous piece of legislation. It would basically shift governing authority now reserve to for example Washington DC to the World Health Organization during a pandemic. And what's even more disturbing is that the World Health Organization is the one that gets to determine what is and what is not a pandemic. Now I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line were honored to have with this match Tabor from Liberty Counsel Matt was one of the first to alert people that this was coming down the pike mad good to have you back with us to be with you so mad right out of the gate. I want you to address the. The so-called fact checkers out there because they're saying that the United States is not backing a a WHO takeover of national health policies. What say you all you have to do is read the 2005 original international health regulations that George W. Bush got us into. And then, more particularly, the Biden amendments that he has snuck by not only Congress but by the American public gave it to the UN, who in January, bypassing notification of Congress and then it was discovered by researcher in April. He publicized it briefly on May 6, but only for 24 hours yet to sign up within the timeframe in order to comment, but only if you're a specific person of a recognized minority groups. Obviously, it is a bruise. He wants to give more power to the he's not been faring well in the American courts with his mandates. Most of them have been struck down by the courts except for one and so he wants to now transfer all of that power to the food and this is to a single individual of the director general would have unilateral authority to declare a public health emergency. Even if there was not a real public health emergency. Imagine that he has unilateral authority just say this is a public health emergency, even if it's not a real public health emergency. Even at the science and facts are contradictory and let me jump in. You do a great job of laying all this out of this essay the dark history of who over events you point out and it's a great point that this is about health emergencies and health emergencies to include climate change, gender identity, abortion access, among other reason why we say that it's because that's part of Biden's amendment actually includes environmental and even animal-rights end of whose already come out recently in study that climate change is a public health emergencies.

They've already stated that these amendments give them who the ability not only to look at viruses and disease but also public health with respect to climate change. So they could then impose on the United States and the other 193 countries United States its own rules with regards to carbon emissions, which obviously it also includes certain special interest groups that are specifically recognized that they have the opportunity to include them as special status. One of those that already have the special status is gets to Bill Gates who is pushing the climate change and also the vaccines and depopulation. He is the single largest funder of the who in January 2020, 21 to September just in those nine months. He gave $750 million to the who you think of is not gonna listen to what he says certainly they are they do and they also listen to China.

Who was I was responsible for covering up the origin of the Lujan virus. Santa came from a wet market rather than the rule on lap so this is very broad. What about abortion access with Roe V Wade being overturned. Hopefully in the near future.

With the release of this opinion, and now there is this argument is as well. You need to have more access to abortion because of the public health issue that who could jump in there as well.

Same thing for gender identity boys and girl sports or of the surgeries to have plastic surgery and hormones for LGBT Q agenda. All of that would be under the use amazing incredible authority to dictate globally. Now some of the fact checkers at well. How's that going to enforce this, but let's just take an example, look at Florida back in 2020 was wide open, August, September, 2020. New York didn't like it so your compose travel restrictions on Floridians 14 day quarantine that happen again.

Who's now in charge and who doesn't like Florida or South Dakota being open. Who could pressure the United States and surrendered Biden they would have an ally, but certainly in addition to Biden. They also have other governors that could impose those kinds of restrictions.

Moreover, the who can restrict borders under this particular amendment states he could do this outside of the United States.

They could do that. So, for example, travel outside of the United States.

They couldn't pose border restrictions on whether we could leave or come in people to come into the United States. They also can restrict the food distribution. One of the areas of the new powers would be authority over airline and shipping including food distribution and other supplies so they could expect a train coming and going food supply chain. Travel on airlines travel through the shipping industry.

They have an incredible amount of power not the least of which is to be able to haul the United States before the world court for fines and other kinds of penalties it's just unbelievable folks, but it's all there in writing a match Tabor on the patriot mobile newsmaker line man.

I know that you are last on your own. You told our listeners to start making phone calls to Capitol Hill. Can you give us an update.

What are you hearing from friends in Congress started messaging.

They didn't even know about is not surprising because Biden tried to hide it, but this week we've had some movement in several fronts, both domestically and internationally. The freedom caucuses now come out with a statement opposing these amendments.

Some senators like Langford have come out with the opposition.

Gov. Rhonda Santos of Florida has come out with a specific opposition if you look at internationally, the Brazilian president just yesterday came out very strong rebuke of these amendments as has some African nation. So right now I were gaining some momentum to stop these.

But here's the other thing Todd not only a retarded buddies amendment.

This is part one of a two-part process. In August, August 1. Their meeting on a new treaty and they want to roll out this new treaty which will even give more power to the who they want to get these amendments passed so they can shorten the timeline and speed up things and gain more control then they want to get more control after they have their meeting coming this August August 1 stance in this digital disc, digital passport and ID system is a little creepy. It kind of reminds me of the New Testament book of Revelation as you know, in fact in March that who launched its global vaccination passport. This digital passport with your health and your covert and all the other information that would be necessary for travel and other kind of shopping and movement within your own country and as a result of that to continents already have jumped on board so were talking about 2 billion people on the planet under this potential vaccination passport vaccine passport that the who is launching so you can bet if that who gets more power through these amendments and then later through another treaty they will impose this global vaccination passport which means you gotta show it on your QR code or whatever kind of system you have in order to shop, dine, travel, about domestically or internationally, so that real quick. Where are we at now is there still an opportunity for us to stop this from happening is that there is in fact we have a website WHO that you can contact your members of Congress. Both House and Senate and make sure that they do everything in her power to stop this, who continues to meet for its annual meeting up through this Saturday so we have including today for more days of meetings we need to stop there.

Then we also need to stop the tree that's coming up later this summer. But if further worst-case scenarios actually adopt these amendment we have six months to opt out. That's going to be a harder lift because once you're in, hard to get out. We don't want to get Anthony to stop the amendments right now.

We have until Saturday to do it and then if we can stop the amendments we have to be on guard for the next phase and that is there bigger treaty that were given them even more power. That's really where they're going great soft man appreciate the hard work you put in all of this folks, if you want to get more information at thank you thank you my pleasure just unbelievable. It does remind me of the hallmark of the beast thing very very New Testament if you ask me 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 books I like to tell you, America is facing his challenges, soaring inflation, alarming crime rates are what's happening in our southern border radical ideas being forced on our children. And that's why you need to join an organization that loves America I'm talking about a Mac the Association of mature American citizens. America's conservative 50+ organization, my friends, in a Mac are action oriented.

They fight every day to represent your interest on Capitol Hill with the a Mac advocacy team join today go to a Mac .us/Starnes to get some incredible benefits like discounts on travel cell phones and restaurants, all while fighting to preserve America and the causes we care about $16 a year everybody 16 box you can join forces with a Mac and 2.3 million Americans who share our values.

I am a proud member of a Mac, you can be one to just go to a Mac .us/Starnes and join today my name is JoAnn this is my father.

I know what's happening my body. I won't be able to take care of myself when the time comes to get more support for your parents care can help you find qualified caregivers nearby.

What would help me is somebody there that could check in on you. I realize I have to do the best decisions are made with care. Find help for your mom or friend Gov. Mike primary day in several state and it was it was rough going for a president trumps dies in Georgia except for Herschel Walker and MPG and they just they hit home runs massive landslides for both of those candidates.

But I've never seen anything quite like what just happened with Brian What he won by somewhat 50 points. Congressman Jody Heise without a good friend of this program.

I was really surprised by that by that race which was, not really all that close Jody Heise losing to a reference burger for Secretary of State and so I have a question for you Georgia and I'm I'm really fascinated to hear from our Georgia listeners why, why do you think those two guys, one why were they able to defeat trumps candidates being Jody Heise and David perdue was. This was this a message that Georgia voters were trying to send to the rest of the nation that it's time to move on past whatever happened to the 2020 election with the steel 844-747-8860 inches. I'm curious 844-747-8868 let's go to Maine Ron on the line W LOP. He wants to talk about those video games hey Ron, what's up. Thank you. Always so quick to go out and videogame by Dr. videogame diaper again with me all about great question there Ron. I'm clearly they've got a pretty powerful industry and lobbyist and I think the easy thing is for people to jump on the gun bandwagon guy get the gods.

Gotta get the guns but to your point Ron.

I mean my my question would be okay.

Video games, music, entertainment, the culture how much does that play into all of this ambitious factor into little helper around and around in our day.

We got direct about they got to go hunting.

I remember that you don't have to worry about that when I was growing up by Ron dear the opening of deer season was actually a holiday for school so because a lot of the kids like to go hunting with her dad's are your other uncles or whatever so all right Ron, that's an interesting point and I know I'm I'm fairly sure some of her audience will want to weigh in on that but Ron wants to know what what what about the video games.

Those have any sort of an influence in the makings of these these wannabe monsters that are plenty of folks out there. Ron, thanks for the call. There plenty of folks out there who play these videogames and that they don't go out there and shoot up schools.

I let's go to Randy and Georgia W GUN Randy what in the world happened last night in the selection was predictable and we knew going in because he didn't like or trump didn't like that you know even stand up with them on January we trump supporters voted for camp in Georgia because he done very well about them and Perdue could not even beat Warnock last time he's a politician why we didn't vote for. And so yeah this was predictable yeah it was a great garden but I tell you that I wish it on was Latham Sadler.

I think back so qualified. We got to meet him up close and personal and yeah he's going to be a new gotta watch for these these really good guess really surprised that Jody Heise went down to defeat. To be on a committee and I was saying to myself I wasn't really up to date on this. You know it's interesting. I was looking at the map and it was clear that outside of his congressional district. He didn't have much name recognition and it was because he won the areas where he was known it was the rest of the state that that did him in, but I was surprised that Rapids Berger was able to survive.

Especially since trump directed most of his wrath at reference burger you're on Secretary of State. So what if you look if you ever look up Latham Sadler work, but probably was a great guy did a great job for you.

Maybe still like Berkeley, the whole 9 yards and this guy was so good. Well Randy I I'm sure a lot of folks are disappointed there.

Randy appreciate the call. It's good job of listing to us on W GUN. All right, Jeff. What say you okay I would thought about this today and it came to me that Herschel Walker is such a big name and everybody loves this guy that he do it, Democrat voters to vote Republican just for him okay and what they did. They recognize you know, and Rapids Berger name. They voted for them also and that took Jody Heise out so you think this was operation chaos on the Democrat side that they don't go to Republicans correct.

It was operation chaos in reverse. Intro six. You know, I asked a mentality about that a couple of days ago and you know Towery said he didn't think that was gonna have any sort of impact but Towery also said that he thought that that Senate race was going to go to a runoff. And it wasn't anywhere close to that now Herschel anyway. I think he took I think it that's what have that was huge. Jeff got a run for a bit. The newsbreak here. Good call folks again. It is just fascinating to see that the numbers there.

That's very unusual, especially when trump is involved. By the way your keeping tabs hung dread to 600 endorsement endorsements 16 lost not too bad Mr. Pres., 844-747-8868 this is the time surgery will know someone who does not work and no chill. Trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full fork which allows me to do more things at once.

Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxies evil for what's fascinating about yesterday's primaries actually had the best night of all and it was not in the state was not in the state of it was actually in Arkansas, Sarah Sanders, Sarah Huckabee's getting 83.2% of the vote in her primary that is a crushing defeat in a massive win nearly 300,000 votes cast for her and that's what when you look at the Democrat side barely barely 75, 81, about 80,000 people voted on the Democrat side. In other words you're looking the next governor of the Georgia governor of Arkansas all go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line right now. Gotta be a proud dad, the former governor of Arkansas himself by God to be a governor good to have you with us on.

It was a great night, week by their margin getting just over 83 about which is amazing in itself but here's the big number. I think it was the take away if you take all the vote voted for governor in the Democratic Republic and primary combine everyone like Sarah got 65% of all votes cast for both primaries.

I would just say that bodes very well November for the young lady I'm with you right there governor and what you attribute the wind to what is what's on the minds of Arkansas voters getting other than the brilliant father is something other than that maybe I could mention of court. Actually, I think the one that in spite of her dad, I would say that people know you and any attempt to paint a something else fell flat. In fact it back backfired spectacularly. Anyone trying to say that Sarah was a rhino Republican in name only was laughable. She is one of the most pro-life conservative young lady, the country knows and people know that about. She's been articulating that message past 20 years in the public square. She's been at every level of the microphone from local to international like a big part of it if they knew her. They trusted her but also the message that she's been giving and her campaign is resonating as she's talking about issues that matter to people around the dinner table to make in their job. Can they pay for gasoline about grocery with her kids be safe at school and get a good education, not an indoctrination to left-wing nonsense and what and so people realize that here someone who understands the issues and articulate them, but she has the I guess the fierceness of a tiger but the tenderness of the mom like that. That's a good line.

I was looking at Georgia and what you speak of the rhino label and that's this kind of drives me bonkers because you're right. I mean Sarah's credentials are pretty impeccable, David perdue yesterday on this radio program actually called and I asked her to go back and ask him if if I was hearing correctly. He actually said that Mike pence is a rhino and I I mean really, I mean this guy is you know an evangelical Christian pro-life.

I mean he checks every single box. I just don't get that. Well I loved you. I wish it turned out like that for him to end his political career like a Senate blanket was on a good job. There was no reason to throw grind out of the governor's office because people knew that it led well during the pandemic and so there really wasn't a compelling reason to say able to get rid of the guys doing a good job. I was a couple but here's the bigger problem I have people start talking. The term rhino that you're talking about a Republican that love actually take the Second Amendment, that doesn't believe in life and believe that once the funding the public dollars and doesn't believe in a strong national defense and thinks government ought to be at the federal level, local level. Okay, that might be a but when someone says this individualism rhino. My first question is, who died and left you in charge to decide the Toronto Star. What an arrogant fishing to take.

Whether it's me or someone else to say.

I personally get to set the standards of who the real Republicans are funny ones are. I find that incredibly offensive speaker message with conviction.

The voters will sort out the most conservative are the conservative most like me. It's not for me could tell the I got a lot of confidence.

God in the average voter in Arkansas. The rest of the country. They'll figure this out. Just tell them what you stand for and let them side and I think that's exactly what with the folks in Georgia did and I can't tell you how many people would call up and say you know what we love president trump bods on this one were gone, with regard with with governor And and I will say this I was I was somewhat surprised that Rapids Berger was able to survive.

Jody Heise is a longtime friend, a great guy and that was a tough loss for him. But ultimately the voters had their say and governor. The question now. Do you think do you think that the voters in Georgia and elsewhere are going to get together as Republicans make up and let's focus on the big issue which is taking back the house of the Senate got Raffaella Warnock is one of the most liberal member of the Senate.

I just can't imagine a person standing in the church and saying that he believes abortion is a wonderful thing, yet he does that. Got home. The other big issue is Georgians need to in the career of Stacy Abrams in her ambition to be something she still has not conceded the election of 2018 right. I never have understood by Democrats and the media thought that it was okay to question and even define the election results of the governor's race in 2018, but God for bid Donald Trump question anything about 2020 and so Stacy Abrams is been planning this Jim Crow nonsense for so long. The truth is more people, more minorities in Georgia about it almost quadruple than ever in the history of the state. So can we just asked Stacy to put a sock in it and quit whining about how the voter suppression because clearly there is not voter suppression it easy to vote in Georgia if she wants to make it easier to vote somewhere go to Joe Biden's home state of Delaware it's a lot harder to vote there is in Georgia and I think it's time for people to quit talking this Jim Crow nonsense including Joe Biden needs to stop.

Speaking of Joe Biden like I was watching his address to the nation last night and for the first couple of minutes. I thought wow this is really powerful and compelling and he had me and then mean Joe turns on and he's yelling about gun rights are taking guns away, hunters and deer wearing Kevlar the idea that the Democrats are playing politics. I'm not surprised but it's just just downright despicable Mary or even remove all I'm saying. You have people on the floor of the Senate and the White House already did fine that this is about the weapon and not the person who used it and use the same old argument that you when it simply changing a log work. It's already illegal to murder someone.

It's illegal to take a gun into a school and fire and police officers.

So what law are you in the past, and I felt people if I'm open if you can tell me how we can get any child never being murdered like that again.

Now don't just get me these political slogans bumper strip ideas.

Give me some concrete evidence show me the numbers back get me dad will tell me that if we pass new laws that somehow it really will make a school stapler and children much less vulnerable to these kind of horrific and just absolutely gutwrenching attacks and governor to your point earlier to bring back in this whole rhino business. This is when that issue becomes very important because God forbid we do put Republicans up in the United States Senate who are in fact pro-gun-control. It could be a very different story and it could have some lasting impact on this country and our rights under the Second Amendment and that's what we have to be concerned about it, and can be rewritten for the left wing wall crowd in the first and we can lose freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly getting on grievances to the government without being a last we've already seen that with other school Board Association trying to push the Justice Department to label anyone showing up at the school board meeting disagreeing with the school board is being a terrorist. My God, that violates the basic tenant of the First Amendment that I can address my grievances about the government to the government and the government can't stop me from doing that you got people now on the left just absolutely shred the First Amendment and I promise they would tread the second as well and I think Joe Biden is in the front of that grade with the baton waiting it up and down our governor was coming up this weekend on the big TV show tell you first about our musical guest. I'm telling you we take the show the other night.

It is Memorial Day weekend.

We got Peter Rivera from the band where an magic it's actually magic and so if anyone grew up in the era of the 60s 70s and remember the nominal music of rare earth don't miss it.

Governor Tate read the step he is with us will talk about their abortion case. That is the one that bubbled up to the Supreme Court could be decided anytime and gosh I love take readings for leadership he's brought this Mississippi case could well be the catalyst to end the nightmare of abortion on demand, as we know it from the federal level will go back to the state could certainly change the whole future of the art of the issue is to be a great weekend. The folks got a catch. Huckabee and governor. Again, congratulations for the great when yesterday in Arkansas. Thank you God. God bless and let's remember our veterans this weekend and are heroes that left it on the battlefield and gave us this great country well said Wilson Gov. Mike Huckabee everybody and we have links to the governors of the pages over on Todd all right before we got a break I will play this audio.

It's a little long but your love this Kelly and Conway going on the view and go at it with Alyssa Farah Griffin now listened of Farah is one of the former Trump staffers who went woke and is now a never Trump burner. Let's let's take a listen. This is great not something you said last segment #on Air Force One in October 2022 very senior advisors to the Presidente boxing quail and athletes turned to me and said we would be winning this race if it was Callahan running the campaign. So I think that there is there some real truth to the direction when the second time around and perhaps you having a more senior role.

What is change that is something we serve together briefly in the White House.

My second time. I admired you the first time as I think her parents are very clear and more comparable roles. I was in a more general the first time I broke with the president.

January 6 on the big lie started think Sharon I resigned in December, December 4 and I spelled out after January 6 I saw a violent mob salt and how do you sell defense and you still think he could be a good president after he tried over turn our democracy for my children have for them, my mom is exactly what I think the whole month after the election having a problem with that. I wanted to help and your staff change here every petition Donald. I think there is a lot wrong with 20/20 campaign. I think the words were from her boss Mark is a terrible thing for a global pandemic. A reelection campaign to protect George claims murder matched the sycophant showing to come before the resident finally both Arizona and Wisconsin on January people have to get out of the capital. What are you doing What is going on here saying that somehow you think think you're talking maybe second term. He never did announce Donald right now is we don't have is when working with the same thing can there you go you know what I heard my theater I heard a want to be somebody who's complaining about Donald Trump but you know what you wanted a paycheck, which is why she didn't leave should resign in protest… Pharaoh still coast. She's she is stuck around because you wanted a paycheck and now she's trying to make a dollar on national television by bashing Donald Trump every single there you go you live with yourself.

You just can sleep at night, more power, I gotta take a break your 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number.

This is the Todd Starcher someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to me but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for right down the Georgia Diana Georgia hang tight working to get to you after the other top of the hour news here because ripple over the breaking news coming out of Texas.

This is bizarre so you got the governor of Texas are Greg Abbott and are having a big meeting a big press conference in basically just giving people the latest information on what's happening down there and all of a sudden that'll all report.

Remember better better 00 roar who is running for governor crashed the press conference and he starts he starts yelling at Gov. Abbott, who is just trying to hold a press conference and in trying to get information out to the general public about what went down. It's just unbelievable. I let's take a listen to 916 and this time I will test the mic to listening to Dan Patrick is his excuse. They are out of your outline six all right, so that's what happened. And it goes on for little bit but we gotta take a break the news. This unbelievable but I'm telling these Democrats. This is downright evil, downright evil with surgery. Are we had to take a break 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 over the website.

Todd started sometime. We got the video. It's just unbelievable.

I will be right back America because their parents are getting older doesn't mean they don't have lots to do a little help and you will find people who can take them to appointments and events help pick up groceries and cook great meals. Whatever it is they like to do the right caregiver can help. And since everyone it's background checked, you can be confident that you are getting support from someone you can trust find qualified local senior caregivers for your parents and University studio in Memphis, Tennessee since conservative coming Terry from our way. No posted over our website you guys just so will get more than just a little while we do have a pack issue to share with you yesterday Pres. Biden last night to be exact. Pres. Biden said this, the idea need to know. Could walk into a gun store invite to assault weapon's just wrong what God's name do you need to solve it for except to kill someone during a run through the forest with Kevlar vests on for God's sake is just sick. Okay, so we ran that by our professional team of fact checkers or the Todd Stern's radio program and we can confirm to you that dear. In fact, do not wear Kevlar in the woods.

Dear do not wear Kevlar in the woods so there you go, in case any of you folks were wondering of that coming from our official fact checkers or the Todd Stern's radio program all right. I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line are good. Her Martha Zoller host out over at WG UNR great affiliate in Gainesville, Georgia Martha big night for you guys and I'm curious. Were there any surprises in the in the votes last night me to court early and handling think I going I mean, that would probably make it right night Frank camped out about hundred thousand more about Herschel Walker. Herschel Walker was called early Grand Rapids BRCA1 runoff. I mean the list goes on and if I did not like it but it looks like the Democrats are cracked over the that is about 1/3 of the Republican electorate that it still very influenced by the Trump endorsement in about two thirds the Col. I think the way they are wondering, I'm with you that that was a staggering defeat for David Purdue. I'm wondering go with the numbers you know Martelli told us that a lot of Democrats were probably going to switch over and vote for camp this ticket to Trump, and I wonder if that's the reason why there's a discrepancy in those numbers versus Herschel Walker I don't know number candidate Herschel Walker rate while the candidate demonstrate for 13 besides Purdue hardly got anything like you know About them, but I need to calm people in your good point there, but I do think that in general, it's the economy stupid, you know, I mean Georgia the economy pretty good why rock the boat. I think people are feeling uncertain about what's happening federally and said they think that in general, the ship is being managed pretty well in Georgia you really surprised me. I thought Judy Heise had a really good shot at the at the upset at the Secretary of State race. But when you look at the map Martha clear to me. He just didn't have name recognition outside of his district 3 weeks ago because all he needed to her name. 90 carried it can't represent any larger number of Republican primary voters are now I think that Brandon did a complex thing.

First of all, he went anywhere after becoming regardless of whether they were friendly or not, every 2020 election and he picks why give me 12 minutes to explain my story and then I'll take questions until you're done, and he did that in community green and GOP meeting and you name all around the state that I can't quantify that he hired and trained hundred thousand coworkers to come in and help along with local election board back into that trap that those people were going home and paying getting trained really well, but effective really and you can masturbate 100,000 people that were needed to the Secretary of State prompt that are now working for the day or that cop pulling anyway. I think that something that might have had an impact there. We got a couple callers from WGN, of all places, and let's bring them in.

Let's go first to Diana Georgia Diane good to have you with us and you're on the air with Martha Zoller I Todd and Mark.

Good to hear from you regularly. One comment I have to make is that I had an older family member that was involved in small town politics and southern part of Georgia for many years, and one of the things he told me he said it's over never again. He said what we'll David, when they had the primary will go I will vote for the week is Republican because we only have one running on the Democratic ticket will vote for the weakest Republican and income know that and will vote for him and get me so that come November he's gonna live and he said is not right. He said why not. It's perfectly legal and not right and I hate W5 Gbyte agree with what you folks just worry too much about this kind and make me so mad that you know I've heard some of your own say that if Gov. camp on the primary they would not vote for him to come November, and will see how many of those crossover voters did that very thing that family member was some kind of poking at me about Martha is that really you think you are there Republicans in support can't were prior to the primary. I think one thing I can't get help and let the people but when it comes right down to even say that they really want the governor.

I think that may like across the ring. Rush Limbaugh did operation came. Everybody vote for Hillary Clinton because she was the weaker one candidate. Sometimes we think that in the ninth District. It is typical for 7 to 10% of Democrats crossover about in the Republican primary.

Because we are stacked a Republican district if you don't vote in the Republican primary. A lot of times you can't but Commissioner share can't but orcs, the school board races that really impact you the 90s when I know there's a lot of Republicans that looked about in the Democratic primary for the same reason really hard to master. Better yet heard, but I don't know it actually is ever been successful yet. I think that you have to have some diehard people out there doing Diane appreciate the call right call, and Martha Yolen writes in on our live stream from Logan's Bill or Loganville, Georgia and he said Todd neither got my vote. They were an embarrassment on their debate. I think the other two candidates for governor should've had a part in the debate Candace Taylor won my vote and she did pretty good. I made all things considered South Georgia. Not a lot of name recognition and you know she turned out some good numbers last time.

Several times he will. I think he will likely agree to pay and I ended like Frank camped okay by I Andy thanks right I'm ready for David Belisle because I thought that he went to his website yet that plant but I think primary about voting for the content you believe can barely think I went to mid-November and then I you know any go if you can use a party process that you can get behind whoever the party crack that pretty. Let's bring in Keith from Georgia listing to us on W-2 you and keep you earlier with Martha Zoller is enjoying the show today.

Thank you. Have a little more so that I haven't heard anybody bring up everybody in the state of Georgia that's on the tax rolls three days or so before the election got a $250 check I was unannounced.

It didn't make the news people I know are surprised there's a $250 check. Some called to see if it was a mistake but at. It was some type of an unannounced tax refund state tax refund and a course in the bottom right corner and big bold print.

Brian So you know that curious on the timing, to say the least. Three days before primary. I mean it went through the whole legislative profit debated during the whole like plaintiff – and what happened with each the reply and the governor did what we always want Republicans to do it reduce the overall income tax rate. Then he bad we don't have all the money left over mainly a lot of it had related. He is related think like that, though he gave a pack rebate to every family 250 for single filers and $500 for married couple, and I don't think everybody dying and I haven't got mine yet but they did start going out last week ended April 4, find it in after that. But it was passed by the legislature and whether get back. The time is exactly how we want the public and we have quite get it back to the cat. Well, I suppose. I think he's I get where you're coming from. I think this is the power that Brian Kemp had he had a lot of power at his disposal as the governor and that he took full advantage of it and I suspect David poorly done the exact same thing if he had been in the same spot. All right. Keep appreciate the couple there. Martha final thoughts here. Do you anticipate Tromp backing Brian Kemp here or do I mean or is it going to come back to hurt Tromp that he actually said Stacy Abrams would be with you guys will be better off with Stacy Abrams or Branko out his relationship like I'm not mad mad at me. I want anybody to help me beat and you have Herschel Walker winning the nomination, he is a longtime friend of both Donald Trump and Frank here went a lot of that are hoping will happen if a current will be reached on, you know, I don't think the president is going to change the way he looked at what what Frank can't get her did not do after the election, but I do think that he want to I don't think he wants Georgia to go to state that you know you have a lot of things. Sometimes it doesn't really mean I though I think that eventually there might be a day, there I don't know if they'll ever be a friendship so broker a peace deal.

Sort of like there so qualified to do that note and no doubt about me. He really is and they have a very long-standing friendship. There are a Martha. Great stuff. Great insight and wow what a crazy political cycle, and is just getting started.all right. Thanks, Martha, Martha Zoller, everybody great talkshow host, smartest lady in Georgia when it comes to politics. I'm telling you she knows her stuff aren't we going to take a break your 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 will be right back. As we get older we start to notice our parents could use a little help, help with grocery shopping, getting to appointments and keeping up with things around the house for the times when we can't be there makes it easy to find senior caregivers who live nearby and know just how to help. And since all caregivers that are background checked, you can be confident that your mom or dad is getting support from someone you can trust. Find senior caregivers for your parents you is downtown so here's how it works. You can actually leave a voicemail message to me and will play it back on the radio show. So if you want to say something nice not so nice. It's okay. You can you can go to our live show blog just look for the block. This is live and you'll see the. The link to the app click on that link and you can download our app is free of charge and the benefit is you can listen to 24 hours of conservative talk radio, no matter where you are in America. It's the K WAN is the K WAN app and you'll hear my show 2 to 3 Eastern but you can if you click on shout out. You'll see those three bars at the top click on shout out and you can leave a recorded voicemail message and we will play those back here on the on the program. It's a pretty neat, pretty neat deal. I let's go to the phones here Mark from Florida at the villages, America's friendliest hometown mark what's going on, you know, I strongly 18-year-old nevermind need to be addressed now.

There are many people who are who are responsible use them for whatever others but don't punish law-abiding war light may have had them for years. Start doing more background check the age of 21 start evaluate their mental stability. Indeed, in these check to secure our school. All the money they are giving to illegals in Ukraine and we can't secure our schools and protect them one or two people in there, get some volunteers expertly stop or go by. I don't know why this keeps happening.

I know why it's happening because your ministration money into the wrong area with happening my brother's a criminologist like it needs pretty well don't like about things got up to talk like that but I will today and we need the mental stability of the people that are getting wet when you walk into thinking that the problem and another problem is I need to start securing the school that I just stated got put in place that you need to put more people in place and start focusing on our school are it marked the governor of Texas just a few moments ago laid it out. He said there are real gun laws preventing quotes.

There are real gun laws in Chicago. There are real gun laws in New York, there are real gun laws in California, but there are more people shot every weekend in Chicago than in public schools in Texas and the governors got a great point there.

When you look at Memphis, Tennessee. There are upwards of 1015 people every weekend that are shot. Many of those people die. I made at end again. You want to talk about gun laws.

What we need to be talking about is again who missed who missed the red flags here. Clearly, the police had been summoned to the kids house a number of times why was that not in any sort of documented record. So this kid could not of gone out there and purchased a God that that's that would be my question. Great California big talk with Pete my ability. What's going on. If there's any help showing signs of a problem with happening and drastic thing they need to lock down the school when you get in there when you leave. Previous caller stated that law enforcement. One way one way out. That's it… Around my friends, good hearing from you. And folks, that's were talking solutions here. What is the answer. How do we secure our schools, 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 was marked for life USA. This is because our parents are getting older doesn't mean they don't have lots to do a little help and you will find people who can take them to appointments and events help pick up groceries and cook great meals. Whatever it is they like to do the right caregiver can help. And since everyone it is background checked, you can be confident that you're getting support from someone you can trust find qualified local senior caregivers for your parents and after falling out of this NRA convention their meetings this week and in Houston and were getting work. By the way, Pres. Trump says he still going. He'll be addressing the delegates there at the NRA convention, Sen. John Cornyn from Texas, says he will no longer attend the NRA gathering and Congressman Dan Crenshaw.

His office says he will not be attending the NRA convention either so there you go. I hang tight.

If you're on the phones I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line a great to have with us. Our good friend Mark Hancock, the CEO of trail life USA Mark, hope you're doing well today I am doing well.

You know Mark we been going through and analyzing the. The background of this shooter and one of the things that really struck me early on is the fact that this was clearly a bad home situation though dad in the picture mom and alleged drug addict of the kid living with his grandma, what is this tell you is your is your getting this information across a great tragedy unthinkable takes your breath away when it happened but going about trying to solve these issues really need to get the court in the last 56 shooting, only 18% of the shooters had a steeple able and the others didn't have a father in the house. 82% didn't have a dad like figuring out maybe there's something in that make that's what we need to make sure that boys have a dad or dad like showing them how to be responsible member. Our site and yet, society will tell you that there's really no need to have a dad in the picture.

Yeah that's really unfortunate because I know you all I ever made aware that where there is a father and mother present household. There are so many things are everything covered level education level II lower teen pregnancy, lower drug abuse lowers the magic that is that mom and that dad is not household making sure that can have what they need. The 72% of public school teachers are female and one for houses with the boy is not that a lot of these boys only have as leaders in their life when it they don't have any sample of what someone left them. Looks like as a leader and do some of about that I find relatively recruitment.

If you want a son of the program program. It doesn't habitat and can't find what they need to be a successful godly man let's talk about that because again, this is a positive action point people can actually do something here. I want you to give our folks at the other elevator pitch entrée life USA what you guys are doing sure that your character leadership boys in kindergarten or in all 50 states have over 900 churches that have drawn USA troops about 40,000 members across the and then doing what you would expect an outdoor board uniform handbook camping and hiking Whitewater on all that. But we do it in a Christ centered and Mr. were not an outdoor organization having a Christian experience. We are at our core, a biblically conservative Christian organization that uses the outdoor strict broke boys and the godly man and it's working, all of the countries know what is in the numbers and the people that are joining trail life USA is just phenomenal and moms dads grandmas grandpa's you know if you have a son, grandson, this is the kind of organization that you want him to be a part of and it's it has our full endorsement here on this program, you know Mark I want to go back to this idea of a uniquely masculine environment because the Boy Scouts now drop the boys are just scouts. Why is it important for boys to have that uniquely masculine environment in scouting you have to start with client. Girls are different. I know that they are cited today get stoned part but that's just the true boys and girls, at any engaged parent. Note that most teachers know that boys girls boys need programs that are aimed at their strength so that they can succeed and we try to get boys into reading way too early when the brain start ready yet printed out more slowly, so we have set them up to be behind from the beginning, academically, and now they are behind girls every single academic cute pure boys and girls going to college.*Pre-doctoral degree.

The highest writing was great right now is boys and 14 years of age. That's just tragic not paying attention. We love encouraging girls. Girls need to be encouraged, but it just seems like it's not popular to encourage boys to recognize their strength when you look at our history is winning and focused and helps fight. We have to get back to recognizing the power of social disease that need to be eradicated. There's something in a boy develop properly through winning and focused men who are leading them. That boy becomes a wedding Mark Hancock on the patriot will please make her line from trail life USA Mark real quick. Here I were were seeing the narrative already being spewed out of our TVs and it had started last night that the solution to all of this is done control.

What say you were smarter than that with the right to that the solution to this.

Looking at boy and how it is in your culture way to getting them. We were discounting them way that were removing them opportunity to access stock you think any prominent purpose, young man got to engaged well said Mark working people really want to get information on maybe starting a trail life USA chapter or finding one trail life to elemental, and that You can find the map United States troops that are nearby does not want your bike after the start of the running love and are marked great insight. Great information. We really appreciate some of the program today. Thank you… All right, that is Mark Hancock trail life USA jumped the statistic your folks of this is from a 2016 study by Dr. Peter Langman and he found that out of a sample of 56 of the school shooters only 10 grew up in a stable home with a mom and a dad 82% either grew up in a dysfunctional family or without their parents together. I mean, there you go.

I think Mark is on to something here or let's go to the phones 844-747-8868. Joe and North Carolina WSI CR great affiliate there hey hey Joe what's going on. I was calling had a few quality quality and indicating that 18-year-old should not be able to purchase firearms, but we encourage kids to go into that momentary at the high school and the firearms they get are a lot more powerful than the ones that they can purchase from a gun store yeah it's a great point Teresa Joe so I there plenty of families in rural areas and start shooting, and hunting when their six and seven again as tragic as this was this was a horrifying horrifying tragedy, the governor of Texas brings up a very good point. More people are killed on a weekend in Chicago with handguns. So, I mean what you know. Again, it's been a death is a death under all tragic and we should mourn the ball but the reality is they got some of the toughest laws on the books regarding guns in Chicago and they got probably one of the biggest problems of violence of the entire country gentlemen had on the on the patriot line indicated that lack of fatherhood and household and that that I think is tremendously important factor and unfortunately the government does not encourage that and unfortunately with paying the price for it. Joe is a great it's a great point and a great thought. God bless you. Thanks for listing all by the way Bado has been ushered out by police. So he had an armed escort out of the building. There one a mess and now he's raising money for his political campaign based on what just happened are, let's go to North Carolina. Jeff on the talk station Jeff what's the user. Todd good afternoon looking I'm looking forward to you as well. Is everyone with a voice to call out our politicians, including those that we favor like habit of Texas. The answer is there. Everyone was confused about what we can do with it but no one can get into his office to shoot him. No one can get into my courthouse yesterday.

One of the courthouse.

My judges are safe.

My legislators are say our federal employees are safe, but everyone act like it's a mystery when it comes to the school now.

Those people also by larger percentages do not send their children to public school.

It's not the gun that has caused the problem is the access to the school and it's a probably fixed in every other sector of the thought right down to our homes, but we don't do that for our children. Why do we let everyone have a pass when they raise their hand and say take her gun instead of giving them the answer and demanding they do something about yeah Jeff, I mean this is a great it's a great point of even our church houses. Many churches now have security teams whether professional or volunteer or mix of the above to keep people safe on in church and the reason why is because I'm going back to the 1990s there were so high-profile attacks on houses of worship and people realize, hey, wait a second, those churches can breeze and they were soft targets and so that's where you got all the security teams into your point, we haven't done that with schools and I do have a question for you.all right answer question Heather middle school sitting in Chicago because everyone will talk about gun laws in Chicago and how stricter laws are and how many deaths they have any of the been in schools not to my knowledge. Most of the been out of the street what what correlation does not have for someone like Texas Gov., fan of the key point to point out to us how many people die in Chicago. Every time that happened in their gun laws there, at least not killing her children will not in school anyway.

Well, I would.

I would contend yeah and I want to go to the numbers. Bilotta kids are getting shot and killed on the streets of Chicago and the point he was making his moral laws on the books is not going to work that's and that's the point he was trying to make Jeff. I got a got a run here, sir. Got a run appreciate it. Folks gotta take a break 844-747-8868 this is the job search galaxies. He slept for all these new taxes might not like I just did in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for its contract and fit perfectly galaxies. He flipped for his line.

The boys your hearing is Don McLaughlin he's the mayor of you valve the taxes and the battle work was running for governor literally interrupted the press conference the governor's press conference and try to get this important information to the community and but is making a complete jerk. So anyway are good for you Mr. Mayor for calling about police were summoned and of the work was physically escorted out of the room and now Bado is raising money, but it was name is his name is Robert Francis he's a fake Mexican so it's Bobby Francis he's he's Irish, and anyway he was escorted out of the room and there you go sleaze.

All right, let's go to the phones. Here Paul in Georgia on the line Paul what's going on. I will call any comment on the ground and I'm glad I took him out of that place thing about it is there in and I lives in the body, and all these places and he talks about what a tragic. It is in any sense there and start talking about God is in God that I'm think a lot.are you talking about you. You reference because it don't seem like the same one that I like your policies take him out of the environment out all of life and you sit there back all the little children being killed abortion and all that kind of stuff and then when this happens, you will come in and invoke the name got just really gets to me.

I think a lot.are you talking know we are a nation that does not value life and that is reflected through will be weighed but is also reflected Paul and in all of her movies all over entertainment. Look at how we are entertained as a culture we are entertained by watching people die. Whether it's a video games or movies or listening to music. Yes, early dollars society. And I wonder I really wanted that young man that went out and and you know he did this tragic thing.

I wonder how many people out of our churches today. Did anybody ever go to him and try to reason with him or talk to one. I mean yes I did and he refused. It is all now coming on him, but I never even tried that tragedy right there because a lot of people growing up without fathers, without any kind of role model and I'll just ungodly stopwatch and all the ungodly enlistment all the ungodly stuff.

Now this book and we got leaders in office promote all the and then we wonder where all this sounds wrong when you care about how you have let you know Paul is a great question and one that we all need to consider Paul appreciate the conversation and thank you for listing.

Let's go to Statesville, North Carolina WSI see Scott what say you, I'm along for 30 some years but anyway it's it's it's of easy fix. Just have to get people of previous caller mentioned security teams get those in school. My wife was a secretary at Cleveland elementary and we had a retired Navy seal that worked there as a teacher – a counter person that there are in all schools across the world across the United States. You arm them. You don't advertise their arm. Something happens. It stopped quickly, not to mention there's a deterrent factor, because no one knows where this person will be and are these people for that matter. And it just is such a simple fix. We just have to quit being afraid to do something and laws are not going to do it there just an inmate evil in the world don't care how many walls you put up sooner or later somebody's coming inside.

You gotta have somebody there to try to stop messing with sorrow officer cannot do it Scott you're right and we've got to get a handle on this week we've got to do it. We gotta protect her kids start we got a run. I love to talk to you more. I just call back and folks will will be covering all of the developments over our website. Here's what I want you to do tonight. I want you to pray for the families of those who lost their children in this great tragedy.

I want you to pray for that border patrol officer who was injured taking out the suspect.

I want you to pray for all the first responders who were incredibly traumatized by that crime scene yesterday and I want you to go and hug your kids and I want you to get on the phone and I want you to call your Congress folks and tell them we gotta deal with this week we've got a deal with the diversion of important to take care of the Ukrainians. We gotta take care of our own people as well, folks, get out there and have a great day were back tomorrow. This is the Todd Stern's radio show progress on such a screwup walk in closet. If you have more storage in the unfinished basement. To me, no matter how much you love it more knowing you and your home aggressive situations

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