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With 21 days until midterm elections, Biden's recession is all but inevitable

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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October 18, 2022 12:45 pm

With 21 days until midterm elections, Biden's recession is all but inevitable

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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October 18, 2022 12:45 pm

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The fastest-growing radio talk show and kill me back to be there but is the brain kill me, Joe. It's Tuesday we're joking about stuff is gonna be here in a matter moment Lieut. Col. Allen West and were tabbing at the border. As we find out that a Democratic mayor has basically been threatened by the bond administration not to keep sending illegal immigrants to New York. What a joke that is. And of course will take your calls and get your emails trying to me to die, they just click on comments and I'll be able to get them and read them out loud if you ever want the podcasts brain told me and then will show you get there where you get your podcast let's get to the big three stories you need to know. Brian stage III sponsored by crunch fitness interested in owning your own business in a growing $30 billion industry checkout crunch fitness number three people at the from the VHS or stretched to fit. I think what it is anticipated by the surge of resources most likely be repealed upcoming repeal of title 42 of absolute river disaster on their I do know maybe they will, but they also have remained in Mexico never Venezuelans. So what's going on that is met Whitaker acting Atty. Gen. at one point border pressure not on keeping illegals output on Democratic mayors not into to New York. I'm talking about El Paso as we find out more.

More illegals are going from the border to the homeless shelters that the American dream. What happens is that my own children like biracial children get attacked by scumbags online and in person because you are so desperate for political power that you'll accuse me of engaging in racism. Yeah, that is IGD Vance going out with Tim Ryan to be the next senator from Ohio and WHI all listeners know about that state-by-state debates are more and more as we see the 21 dates outlet 21 days until election day. We are the highlights the poles and the issues driving the nation CEOs today are more challenged and I've ever seen this in my 50 years of career you take everything you got and you talk about inflation you talk about supply chain you talk about labor. Yeah, that's Robert Nardelli who ran Home Depot and Chrysler.

Among his many accomplishments. The economic reality for the bite administration is impossible to ignore insured before America and and should be for all Americans there now buying less and have less if you're the grocery store. Bloomberg, economist model now sees 100% chance of recession within a year bring you the details, but first upbringing Rachel Campos Duffy Kohl's department this weekend who's been forced to deal with me anymore. Have you been complaining to other people because I go to the lunchroom and I hear let the buzz of five yeah and I go to the water cooler. A lot of people feel as though it's really a burden to work with me like people to think he's tough that he's not.

He's got a soft center any bad coffee to tally every other day every other day writing to Campos Atlanta and the thing is, we do not know that you like milk yeah I like a lot of cream right in my in my coffee and what you know about me. I you like a very filthy like a friend when I hear I am embarrassed to say about a cup. It was a joke, right, I thought you were like like trying to pretend like you're being a male in your order that you actually were checking that I didn't know you define your toughness by your drinks goofy girl drinker but I'm right yet that works for you. I so let's talk about what's happening right now their economy at the Robert Nardelli since he sitting on the sideline now apolitical Jamie diamond, apolitical when you bite Bloomberg. You know, we leans left now. But, for he ran was mayor of New York as a Republican.

When these people just look at the numbers we're in a recession and the ministrations keeps denying reality on this corporate America really got behind the Democrats and the Democratic Party is the party of corporate steel tanks don't understand why this is happening. All I can think of is that big government and big business generally like to get together to keep the small startups out but I don't think this is getting work out for that because the economy taking every day people are suffering people not going to restaurants anymore.

People are cutting back on buying things that they wanted for their homes on wearing a recession battling information to the inflation rate is 8% of the grocery store I high-rise fire and I know because I go to the grocery store. I feel the pain. I know there are people right now are choosing between. Steve said today on the show it out filling up their gas tanks or food companies also sent for older people done on fixed incomes.

They're having just like making a seat. My home and I cannot find my medication is really scary time to look there to other things and sometimes are tough times you go to war sometime his depression.

Things happen 2008 was a catastrophe that was building up 25 years. Sometimes things happen. This seems preventable, and there were four judges checking for 14 other nations have lower inflation than us India lower China lower Japan lower and then you ask yourself of France lower Australia lower Mexico lower. So ask yourself, ask yourself what we've done to get it lower, maybe not. Zero Boca Raton hello stop spending like drunken sailors number one and do everything you can to get fuel costs down here is Robert Nardelli expand the Chrysler and Home Depot got cut six well the one number to keep a KPMG survey, 59% of the CEOs care what you hear out there.

59% of the people responsible for spending on ESG said there been a fullback said they're going to pull that so that's another bolt of reality that were dealing with. We have, we have to go back and re-create the work environment that can do attitude the spirit which got our country to where it was and not dampened by this administration. No first day the first day of the inauguration. We shut down our independence we shut itself inflicted on this country so you say you want to go electric with the people that are making it said I can make it.

You know I when I was with the CO Ford or Fox nation thing he made the four lightning so the four lightning runs greatly supply any rare earth I need the lithium. I need the cobalt we don't have it so don't ask me to mass-produce these things and as a government not tell me how to get this Congo controlled by China. China controls China. So go find it and by the way you strictly you would to duly strip mine jubilantly strip areas of a country over the environment use child slave labor in Africa. At this thing is totally unethical to boot. And sometimes you brought up that clip was what you were saying yesterday so important because it's not just that it was preventable is used. I think it's intentional, you cannot cut off American energy and not know this is going to happen not know this can drive up prices Democrat party and donors were telling him that if you start spending like that you can drive up inflation, but more importantly I think this ESG component because corporate America bought into it on they went, hook, line and sinker. It includes you know the racial stuff as well, but the kingship is still important and they're paying the price and they should by the way, and he jumped on board with Mr. right and to take take oil and gas and energy companies out of people's put your phones with portfolios that not only great jobs but if you're an investor, you with your 401(k) or your an individual investor and you say you want to invest in this company and that company that mutual fund is not investing in oil and gas company for political reasons.

That to me is anti-capitalistic anti-American Michael Shellenberger who's a Democrat I think is left that party who's been for he said. Apocalypse never heroes of the public's never said this to Laurel as I cut seven were the biggest oil and gas producer in the world recently unleashed on gas, but Biden has leased fewer acres of of public land and of offshore offshore waters for oil and gas drilling than any president since World War II. It's in saying he is waging war on the oil and gas industry, nine states while begging the Saudi's and the Venezuelan supranational oil training. Our strategic petroleum reserve.

This is it's at its it's not just it's humiliating what's occurred is, of course, OPEC just rejected Biden's pleas to increase production but is also dangerous me push the Saudi's closer to the Russians into the Chinese and now the Iranians yeah you know it's not just waging war on American Lancaster want American families waging war on poor people on working-class people on people on fixed incomes. I think we talk enough Brian about the cruelty of being green and that's what it is. It's between first cottage industry behind Thursday night.

There's a lot of big there's a lot of companies donors who are benefiting from this at the expense of the working class. It's really cruel and by the way, these policies then end up hurting you know the Third World famines now because of so many of these policies so you talked about ideas for more than 9% off on the whole, all food up 13% surround bakery products 16 dairy 15 nonalcoholic beverages. I don't think there should be nonmedical beverages 12% fruit and vegetables 10 meets 9%.

So go get some meat everybody.

It's on sale.

Thanks. Our eggs are up. You should see me and shot like yell at the kids when they're wasting their Sarah think that you let her eat every bit of that now of my parents forgot to check what was actually in cereal in the 70s. There was devoid of the nutritional value you as parents. My kids were big cereal and leaders Woody Woodson, your house, so only Cheerios which I'm not even convinced is so great that any like the honey not kind. But that's that were pretty and we do a lot of manor house which by the way that's that's expensive to what I used to do and by the way this was bestowed on me by my mom.

I would get serial and if I would make sure to put sugar on one or put putting sugar in my would never let my kids right was the 70s you to write like why don't why do we have less diabetes then don't say a lot. Why we did not have phones. We actually went out and played off that sugar oh yeah we ran off the manna we have the energy. Yes good time anywhere.

I think 70s and 80s as a good time to think. For me this is a mold of the new. It means high school children by the gram is a graduate high school, 82, Brian, thank you. I was aiming it still I have two things to tell you one my latte. I take pain apart and never to take so I wearing makeup so that when you marry to guided tall man. He wears flannel he's a lumberjack so we domesticated them. I am we were together in our bedroom. You think you see my powder. I might imagine. We first got married and used to chop wood on my kids were up and out early on. I think my whole life had been on file. If there was a bit on Fox so used to dads make a better dad your makeups over the town does say that the makeup on the David Beckham tried to launch a line of male makeup just for people want to go out and work of the Americas ready for all. I think America's well on the path to that. Okay, maybe your unit at different America now.

I think that this whole blurring of the genders is happening were on path yell I'm not supposed to be a mother of a birthing person and anyone can be to find out because I was I felt very confocal you a birthing person just seemed to just close of the launch a makeup line on the first will start with rouge to file a 70s term for black. I want you I want Erica is that I have old makeup to update this ticket to our support.

Together sounds good challenging conventional thought and wisdom. You're with Brian kill me, Fox news punk asks network Domino's Fox News contributor daily newsletter.

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This is exactly what happens when the media and people like Tim Ryan Hughes me of engaging with great placement. I'll do without knowing what happens. What happens is that my own children, biracial children get attacked by scumbags online and in person because you are so desperate for political power you use me the father of three beautiful biracial babies of engaging in racism. We are sick of it.

You can believe in the border without being a racist. You can believe in the country without being a racist. And this just shows how desperate this guy is for political power and that soon a bit about the debate Rachel Campos Duffy little bit about the debate between JD Vance and Tim Ryan, it's Tim Ryan coming out is a reasonable, moderate against JD eventually want to say is an extreme trump disciple who used to not like trump. So that's why 223 point race trump on this easily and poorly won by eight. Tim Ryan voted with Nancy Pelosi 96% of the time this idea that he some sort of working-class guy like you cares about the working class is so not true and JD Vance made a lot of money in the finance world comes from there. Something I come from a working-class family to and you know I'm I'm doing better than my dad was choking when you know he's tired but those values that you have just as you make money, you lose those values, especially if you come from a town like a steel town like JD Vance comes from this point also that he's making their trying to say luck your doing this replacement theory.

This racial replacement carrier your accusing the Biden administration of opening the border and trying to change the demographic of America and why they opening the border and by the way it about race, it's about votes right there. But why bring in more people that they think will vote Democrat in the proof of this is that there are now 16 through those coming across the border defining those who are most likely to be antisocial, so they were against the Biden message was against title 20 well and balancing Cubans and stay in their sift through the brown people to get out anyone is anti-Communist antisocial. That's fascinating now because plaintiff never thought about that in Washington DC there thinking about allowing noncitizens to vote even illegal immigrants to vote and as people speculated that this is going to blow up on the Democrats could see exactly Republicans are saying come here illegally and bone dosing.

Of course you can vote to your citizen in this a well they try to New York and that stopped the court stopped it over the court. That again is not easy. Brian attention when we were talking about yesterday. We talked about all the people who are financially benefiting from you.

Now the ESG climate you know what I call big green right the same thing here. There's also big immigration.

There are these nonprofits that are making millions and millions of dollars from taxpayers and also from George Soros and their driving the policy when you talk to the yellow townhome and in those type of people and you asked of what's really driving that NCL their ideology. And yes, it is about votes, but there's also money component. There's a lot of nonprofits and the Catholic Church. You and I talked about this to the Lutheran Church people making money off of illegal immigration. Catholic charities rejects 45 seconds left. James Gordon, the only guy like him late night got banned temporarily from an upscale New York City restaurant because he was obnoxious he says of Knox's anyone they've ever had. So we spanned from a place called ballasts are but I guess words are valid is where all celebrities go court is usually a gifted comedian but a tiny cretin of a man, according to the owner and the most abusive customer to my ballot source are the bouncer servers have ever had is 25 years how abusive and rude messy theater in New York City. You are the most abusive and rude person ever. I love you to join me. December 2 in Newark, New Jersey. I believe you invited me uninviting.

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Subscribe and listen no Fox News by just the talkshow that's getting you talk your with Brian kill me people out of war from the trust for Christian family can do all the work for his daughter. My understanding from both down the earth are taking people off of inspecting anything but packages, or other things come across more just so they can deal with the migrants that are coming across the border. I think what it is anticipated by the surge of resources most likely be appeal upcoming repeal of title 42 of absolute river disaster on their I don't think the word in English language there, can accomplish what's going to happen after the repeal title that is met with the acting Atty. Gen. one point Lieut. Col. West joins us. Col. in El Paso as Democratic mayor of send more people to Chicago and New York, then governor of it and now it turns out, is revealed. According to sources he's been pressured by the by demonstration to not declare El Paso Texas a emergency and they'll be reimbursed to be just leaves people there and stop shipping them to New York at least three of El Paso city Council eight member of the eight have Virgin Mary lesser to issue an emergency declaration and he won't and he told friends during a private conversation last month they'd been directed otherwise by the Biden administration. You do what is your reaction to the story and can you expand on it will know about the bottom of it with the bride and the other thing is that you have the Department of Justice opened up an investigation on Florida Gov. Ron 50 illegal immigrants go on tomorrow marks were talking about thousand out of El Paso going up to Chicago so just the same as we saw the Biden administration and the Saudis to not you will reduce their all output until after the election about their display in politics. They really don't care about what's happening on the more they really don't care about what's happening in El Paso or anywhere in the amount of place America special. You just think about the fact that the print can all benefit. We have seen in the Biden administration is greater than the amount of soldiers and military members. The loss or loss in the career of the Vietnam War combined. This is a war that is going on and the fact that we have China shipping from Pinole into Mexico and the cartels were finding it and bring it across the poison our people and the fact we have this huge flood and now we found about this memo. Note at the Department of Defense want to, you know, members of the Department of Defense to come down to basically be a maid service illegal immigrant unbelievable what happened. I know that you have.

I guess you known Tony Gonzales Republican whose district covers rural areas there in the border town zero Paso also said she's heard similar accounts for the Biden administration. So rather than solve the problem. They want to silence the politician, and now they said the guy must maybe stop sending people to New York. You know what they're doing. They come to New York to Century City. Now they can't say anything because they look like hypocrites and now they say that 66% sees me 76% going to these shelters so the shelters already overcrowded low in New York City. Now they have illegal immigrants there and a lot of them were fairly simple in the shelter system.

It's terrible.

They got no jobs. Some of the kids get to school. Most of them don't have anything to eat, so it's just a losing situation. How is he getting away with this quarter. Home in Mallorca in the White House.

The border secure the border and we continue to have a better complicit propagandist left this media allow them to get away with that law that delusion. But yeah, I think you start to see that this is one of the critical issues for the American people now to get rid of it hold here pretty soon for the midterm election so there doing away with it because people are allowing them especially the media to get away with it, but you cannot.

You know the structure your eyes to what you see the videos that are coming out because everyone is going out there and seeing what is happening at all you have to do is talk to any person that lives in the border county here text and they'll tell you exactly what is up so suggesting to us. I know Chris Magnus is a CBP commissioner political has a story today that he keeps falling asleep in meetings. These unengaged job that he doesn't attend White House meetings at all on the border badmouth other agencies and colleagues and superiors. That is not the relationships within the CBP and across other agencies, he fell. He falls asleep during multiple meetings including one earlier this year on how to handle the current swell of Venezuelans question to the border so is got. They got corrupt people, bad people and disinterested people will wonder momentum is switching Republicans way what is happening in Texas. I don't like to go there with the border patrol sleeping though.

And everybody else what is up and down here that people just trying to hang on you paramount believe four counties here in Texas that declared this to be an invasion there fall back on article for export cost to ship again, were not giving the border patrol eight is down there being pulled off what their normal duties would be would get outposts that have a checkpoint that no one manning them because the cartels are very smart there flooding us with all of the family, cortical family, and I would say we need to do immediate DNA testing to really verify bigger families and so that's kind of the resources and so what do they do a notice on the military age males drugs, the sex trafficking, human trafficking, that's what we're missing. That's what were not on top so they uploaded the zone if I can use, play basketball, football, curb they flooded the zone and they are overtaxing our resources and since you got sleepy up there. They have a CBP not paying attention but he does know how to reallocate resources properly with foxes to policy. What matters to you what he says extremely or very concerned about 89% said inflation and 79% said crime 374% said political divisions, 73% Russia, Ukraine and what is taught in school. 72% and abortion 71% of all them. The major issues that concern Democrats looks like it's seventh gun laws, 69% border security, 67% climate change is 11th, so the Democrats with 21 days left.

Can't say that they are playing a strong hand right now.

Not recently saw Barack Obama come out into the Democrats until the stop talk about so much you cannot back off of this whole abortion issue is not which so-and-so really what is happened for the Democrats they have nowhere to go, but have no messaging whatsoever.

They can't talk about economic security. When you look at inflation but cannot talk about energy security. When you look at gas prices going back up now. Talk about releasing more bearable petroleum reserve which is not to comfort is failing energy policy for us what we have a true emergency. They can't talk about border security that can't talk about national security but can't talk about foreign policy. They can't talk about domestic security what's going on the street but can't talk about education. Education, freedom, or, you know, school choice, because of what's happening in the school systems they got nowhere to go and so I think is going to be a disastrous night for them. Coming up here November 8, possibly, but don't worry did have an explanation for the inflation which has its 14th in the world before we have 14 from the top you knows ahead of us.

Australia China Japan India France all have lower inflation rates than we do here is the president on what's going on about with the wall, his policies, why don't they seem to be working.

Karine Jean-Pierre is at the helm cut to hold him now is that is contributed to inflation. Here's the thing with the president has done the issues that he has worked on Medicare eating the healthcare energy cost. Think about inflation reduction act and think about the chips popular. They are popular with the American people. There's always more work to be done, but we are making we are taking the steps to get Christian Republicans doing nothing, absolutely nothing, doing nothing would help. All this spending is killing us 3.7 trillion since he took office. You feel better now that she explained know of course never thought I was.

When you think about the chips that go on that the American people what chipset people have no clue though. How can she say that people satisfy with bells inside baseball bat you know really you know certain segment of the of the economy, industry, and really really benefited time and so nothing that they're doing is working into the worst thing you could do when you're in an inflationary period is to increase government spending and talk about rate of taxes, which is exactly who they're talking about doing this so now you have a Federal Reserve distraught to cover the mistakes economic and fiscal failures of the body ministration by raising the interest rate look what's happening with the housing industry. Now it is stagnant because these high interest rates and mortgages is based on mortgages. People are going out there buying homes of people that will sell the home because they were about to run about one and even with new car sales because of interest right there. So this is just like a thick catastrophic all the way around and no one is believing the lies in the illusion that Karine Jean-Pierre tried to get this idea. Lastly was With the governor's race.

Ben O'Rourke. I know he left a trail fold there while I don't see much about it now Radix, have a low profile national profile what's happening inside Texas. How close is a race there. There is a little bit more of them was Robert Francis O'Rourke got me a lot more signs of everything, but I still think it will pull closer than a lot of people would be comfortable want to see this right is not going to be great for the 20 point victory is something less than 10% that will be different and that will give the Democrats hope that they can finally switch a blue if that indeed happens but will see Allen West. Thanks so much Col. Thank you, Brian. The Executive Director, the American constitutional rights, union we come back I'll take your calls first time today 1-866-408-7669 both sides all is so busy. He'll make you kill me.

My question from assignments tonight is how many Democrats were how many Sheriff's state publicly endorse or Mr. Kemp what you are attempting to do is continue to live people so many times I think you believe it's the truth I support law enforcement and did so for 11 years worked closely with the sheriffs Association.

I'm probably the only person standing here is ever actually written this SOP for Police Department when I was working for the city of Atlanta from assignments refused to answer the questions. I'll let you know that the answer is zero, no sheriffs or endorse in her study. Why because of her stances on wanting to defund the police and that his brain can feel good about where he is right now because he's got four years to run on Stacy Abrams up-and-coming star in the Democratic side, certainly bright, experienced and talented just is not on the rights of the issues in black lives matter was raging, it was good and was a positive thing to tear down cops and tear down cities she be winning, but it isn't and never was and never should've been, anyway, and I was at an event with Herschel Walker and it was he was addressing about 250 sheriffs and I can tell you date Stacy Abrams spokesperson.

Yes, new scripts very. As I mentioned, really appreciate as a communicator. However she does in a positive message to the law enforcement no one is buying it all came up to me while she was talking it was getting little embarrassing saying we don't believe a word she says she is against us.

She works against us. She be a nightmare for us. They were saying in full voice to me and I don't think she had any support in the room.

She spoke to the sheriff. She needs some support. She's maybe hoping to win over some, but for the most part, the biggest problem is not enough cops and met many, I think, understand, there was only one party, tearing them down the retired and active are making their families and making their job harder to do and put painting them as racist and terrorists who love beating up on people but right Kemp evidently did well in that debate again. She has to close about any point gap more from Cut nine were going after the people that are doing these gun related crimes. And that's what were doing going after street gangs. In this regard and monitor public safety plan is stiffening panels. Penalties for gang gang members are recruiting our children and I believe that most Jordan support that and I'm committed to working with all law enforcement to make it there so he was saying that your Stacy Abrams coming back at him on crime cut 11 this is a governor who for the last four years has beat his chest but delivered very little for most Georgians. He is weakened, gun laws and flooded our streets.

He has weakened our privacy rights and our and women's rights.

He is denied women's access to reproductive care. The most dangerous thing facing Georgia it's four more years of trying See him gently with the net with the country saying in almost every poll with the same inflations number one number two crime rates that doesn't say crackdown on bad cops. It says crime rates, not like this is my priorities to buy the way political divisions.

I think that's a huge problem. But if you can continue to destroy the oil and gas industry pretend as if ESG is arrived allowed to make a reestablish relationship with Venezuela leave Afghanistan.

The embarrassing way you did. Continuing to give way to slow Ukrainians. The missile defense and the armaments I need to be successful in the slow pad in the slow fashion. If you continue to allow China to make gains or military to dissolve 20,000 military officers told to quit or military members told to quit because they're not vaccinated that the division I have nothing against Democrats but those things I am not negotiating we go on Russia. Ukraine is another major concern. Some people concerned were there at all.

I respect that that's debatable that debate would start in school should subtleties in approach and methods What curriculum we got will agree on roughly the same thing now in Texas you want talk more about Texas history as both Virginia talk more about Virginia history and New Mexico talk about Numa I getting what you should be talking American history we should understand it, don't whitewash it said abortion is now eighth gun laws right after that. But I have to say I know many people are not with me on this.

I am not against wood center. Corning did with Democrats on a compromise gun bill because basically they left it up to state if you wanted to you know if you want to talk about red flag laws. You get this type of support and this is the criteria somewhat way too aggressive a red flag laws. You have to back that off.

Some have none you if you want some money to put that in, and I was told by red flag laws.

For example, when we know about the shooter in Buffalo ahead of time, but they did not because he was under 18 and they wiped out his they wiped out his background. When you see was happening with the Orlando shooter ditch.

Finally, on trial. Sadly, he's going to live all this stuff people identify by the could neck as it were minors. Some of those things. After that, border security, I would have that fourth or third or second or first election fraud. The coronavirus pandemic still angered by the way we handle that in so many ways this is a break and we chose.

So glad you hear Brian find out will be on stage. Don't forget, especially K RMG listeners in Tulsa, Oklahoma November 13, always seeking solutions first selling is Brian Kelly. Thank you want to be nearby. If the right to me shall come in here from 46 in midtown Manhattan heard around the country heard around the world.

So glad you're here to simulcast with Stuart Varney at about 45 after John MacLachlan, CEO and partner MacLachlan Associates long-term respected poster of Donald Trump will be with you shortly.

Tell Trumbull loves his balls with you two always provides insight 21 days until we have our midterm elections just a quick reminder coming up on December 2, Newark, New Jersey. I'll be on stage talking about what made America great LB with Fox nation will be televising that one to and be part of it in the arena. It's like no other, have a chance to move through the history books and just talk about American history.

From 1776, 1916, 19, and be able to take you called and it's a lot of fun. Probably the most fun I will have as much as I love radio so it's good to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three people at the war from the trust for stretch to fit.

I think what is anticipated by the surge of resources. Most likely the repeal of common repeal of title 40 for affluent river disaster on their worst border pressure not on keeping illegals out but on the El Paso Mayor, the Democrat for shipping them out to New York and not declaring a state of emergency, will discuss the pressure.

The body ministrations putting on Democratic border mayors.

What happens is that my own children like biracial children get attacked by scumbags online and in person because you are so desperate for political power you use me of engaging in racism which ideas a stretch to say the least. JD Vance and Tim Ryan Cohen added state-by-state debates and more as we look at the post 21 days to election day. We had the highlights and more CEOs today are more challenge and never seen this in my 50 years of career you take everything you got and you talk about inflation you talk about supply chain you talk about labor that is Robert Nardelli I want most respected CEOs in the country, Chrysler and Home Depot among too many companies that he read economic reality for the body ministrations and possible ignored should be for Americans to because they are now buying less the grocery store and Bloomberg economist model now sees 100% chance of recession within a year. What is that mean for the midterm elections, and for you was discuss with John MacLachlan, John, welcome back back hey John what's changed since July of this summer as which are now three weeks from election day watching the big thing is that inflation is as compared to a surgeon at work.

We have a new national poll is coming out today where in August we had the generic book Congress type 4545 and then last month it was 48 Republican 44 Democrat this month is 49 Republican, as of today, while 39 Republican 43 Democrats and what it is a 65% of voters are the countries on the wrong track. Among those who say it's on the wrong track, two thirds, 67% are blaming Joe Biden's day they see economy. The top issue is economics. It's it's it's 48% in a related inflation economy. Spending taxes, only 6% abortion, and also the national crime wave.

I mean, you and I both live in New York and Lee Sylvan is in single digits of Kathy Hogle where you can discount the sienna pole with an outlier, partisan, am I work for. We felt some apartness and that I make full disclosure works of trauma work for PK network for legal numbers at the number numbers but like the fear Republican out today.

You know, I know their spokesman Democrat electronic stuff. Lots they had us at 17 last time you note down it was wrong. This is 11. Trafalgar has been to marriage presence within a stump shown. The Democrat houses down 650 to 44 and the sienna pole comes out to try to keep up double digits. 63% oppose over 55 I don't know why it's cute like that.

Also they have there's inconsistencies in the polar 20% of the African-American voters disapprove of Kathy Hogle, which where she and Chris climbs the top issue and she still winning their vote, 92 to 2. That's not right and you 39% say the states on the right direction. The rest say wrong track and she's got a 52 doubtful it differs differently with the valve impose what we believe it's a single digit race very close to lease closing very quickly so so that's but that's the way I want to hear resulting yesterday with Jessica 23 from the economic standpoint people. The struggle for the surviving kids they increase your taxes more New York and New Yorkers are deciding even if they can afford to pay it. You know what maybe I'll detect this other state without charging him tax there so many different reasons why New Yorkers feel like there at a breaking point on your glazing tarnation population loss and what you Republican, Democrat, Independent red County blue County.

It does not matter, people realize we have to save our state in order to do that this corrupt governor has to go. I would think that would be one thing. The problem you guys have. Johnny's sheet is one debate one debate on not on New York 11 debate by the way. They don't want to mention the word cashless bail because that's what went last year will work for the Nassau County Republicans were elected in Donnelly, the district attorney's came out of nowhere to win plane flights help when Bruce Blakeman, account executive, and this year. Cashless bills got worse where Lee Sylvan is going into Queens today to hold a press conference where somebody was pushed in front of the subway tracks and killed every day and she kept going to Hogle payments announcement about catalytic converters but doing something to stop the spiral assessment that will guess what that that law is covered under cashless bills, you've still summary catalytic converter. You don't have to go to jail you have to post bail. They distribute appearance to let you go. That's like she doesn't want to debate to have to defend this radical law that's causing a statewide and possibly contributing to the national crime wave that's going on that all the Democrats are suffering from right now, which is extremely constant crime wave and only suck all about New York. I was about the country. But Mayor Eric Adams has the testing approach is the Biden approach. What crime waves 24 with actual crimes. Those eight homicides that we deal with the perception of fear that people assume that's a combination of numbers it with the professional's perception and the actual crime we can't get away from the fact that 3.5 million people using the subway system. We have to be honest about that and those average of six crimes a day is not given the impression that our system is out of control. So he said with a big deal. Denial also working full disclosure about of Connecticut and there was a Palacio day in the media that hasn't down six William Balfour, and what really happened even after those polls were completed, the tragic killing of two police officers in Bristol is no respect for the police anymore. It was unbelievable what these poor police people please people going through where in virtually every police unit in New York State has endorsed Lee Sylvan because they're doing their jobs and their being restricted by the laws that were passed last year and you know it's New York City that have qualified for the police they can't do their job, they can't keep us safe and you have these crazy laws that they let people go, it's it's you know if it's just but it's a nationwide problem where you know the Democrats are now trying to run from a new thing.

It doesn't happen or this thing all know we were really full funding the police would defund them, but it's it's you.

You have an Oregon you have a Republican run for governor that's in a dead heat with the Democrats because Portland's out-of-control New York shutter control. You know it's it's spreading around the country have Ron Johnson ahead in the Senate race in Wisconsin because the lieutenant governor. There was in favor releasing criminals.

John Fetterman was running for Senate in Pennsylvania. He wanted to let 1/3 of the president spoke The whole coherent and Gov. Cuomo before the last six years they have released and paroled 34 cop killers so used to be the death penalty then became life without parole. Met life without parole. Now in the last six years in New York. They have paroled 34 cop killers so was the message. It is a difference. So I told you that you have to go. You more cops in the street got cracked in a crummy save easy bright center-right message you might be the best we should abatis on the right message and then in July was all about the Dobbs decision and abortion, but now it seems as though most people are agreeing that the demo with three Democrats in full power.

No one is happy with inflation went out with crime and nobody sat with the border what you find your polling about with the Republican governors were doing fine these illegals to other states like New York, Chicago and Washington and Joe Biden and now Joe Biden Mr. Mark may go back to a trump policy) and trunk. The border was secure and by the way, trump you know he would be Joe Biden decisively in a race for Pres. if it was held today, 50 to 44 and he said the absolute you know of front runner in the Republican field could last month we had in all 12 candidates in my going against him. Whatever with him you had that he was winning 55 to 18 run famous effectively serve places like Prince at 6% so those policies that work. Whether was he was espousing law and order.

He was espousing the secure border you had a growing economy with no inflation. There is a lot of buyers remorse and for those of us that are older. It's kind of like when Ronald Reagan was in 76 and Jimmy Carter was president.

After four years. It was like okay were to let Reagan be president. Now you're out you're gone.

Joe Biden did it in less than two years. He didn't like a year and wrecked the economy is rector cities of the world you know you got Russia invaded Ukraine because the United States is so weak we can't. The term so right now you're saying a search among Republicans who are like and and also independence. What about Republican and common sense Democrats you're seeing, you know people who can't wait for the 21 days to come so they can show up at the polls and vote for Barack Obama said kind of a little bit trying to say to people stop the cancer culture teaches credit he says is all the time is understand what the hell happened since he left, but didn't help it when a lot of things that happen he could've reigned in. But here's what he said yesterday cut 33 right L2 professorial started when I was behind the podium is supposed when I was in a crowd. There were times where I get you sound like I was given a bunch of policy gobbledygook and that's not how people think about these issues that they think about them in terms of the things that I care most deeply about my family my kids will not not being a buzz kill you. Sometimes Democrats are. It's like sometimes people just want to not feel as if they are walking on eggshells and that's really what Democrats have foisted on the country and people like Bill Moore and others are and now he I guess the former president feel the same way you guys doing you know would live in a perfect game can be canceling up with him.

Nobody left we keep canceling and youth political correctness is currently on the other hand, stories, Google, and some of these other companies. The Republicans are running down credit thoughts in somebody's writing the algorithms for this.

Where were getting suppressed and censored, and you know he did doing about it so so is talking a good game now and I complement them so that, but you know right now a lot of Republicans are finding ways to get out information so that you know there is a balance you know what Roger LG's call for her balanced view of of the campaigns so convert 2020 Pres. Trump's one-sided and you and censored taken off a big pectin. It's for efficient happen in America free speech is a is a something that makes the United States extremely unique and special in the world, clocking with the CEO and partner McGuckin Associates polling were advising for political candidates, John Arnold you capable of doing it but just up from what you see in terms of the numbers you get the sense that the house is firmly the Republican side question of how many seats and you know you can never people voting right now you have lot of religion absent clear person. George is going on right now it's either vanish Herschel Walker down to Herschel's campaign has them internally up to so you know that the voting is going on now, which is why hope you want to bake New York consultants but you have absentee mailings mail ballots going out early impressions, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania most of the outcomes on election day.

What's bad about Pennsylvania's they didn't change their election that asked 77 election law where you know ballots can come in after election day.

They can be cured where if something is wrong with that. It is not a legal ballot. You can fix it and in Georgia I work for the house Republican majority and speak of alternately change the law with the dropbox is a secure, you have you still have early in person voting, but they don't and they have no cheese absentees, but tighten up the walls that didn't work and it will see a result that day and not have to go through what they went through in 2027/state officials was consummate the law so since it is as close the gap further. Do you think of� That's a close race now on. They're going through all the machinations about settlement and you know with this health but hopefully gets better, but he suffered a stroke and now there playing games with weather how he debates whether you get the Teleprompter staying close captioning minutes. It's now I remember work for Mark Kirk when he won Obama sleep workers were election, but suffered a stroke in the Democrats had no mercy on him when he was running for election, but started and it's now is to put up touchups on his record because he's really radical and people in Pennsylvania don't want that. I so it looks like I have the momentum to win that race. I John, thanks so much that's locked down the stretch. We talked again, thank you got 186-640-8766 on a come back, take your calls for the next two boxes in the right to make sure no move your knowledge base. Brian kill me show information you want truth you demand. This is Brian kill me show you understand Democrat messaging is trying to build anything know is that prices are sky high top business owners and they say they feel like talking to people who have a steel company last week and he said this reminds them of 2008, which was the great recession. I don't understand why Democrats aren't saying we feel your pain. We know this is bad when you're saying actually the economy is great and it will feel like they can't trust them at all and actually constantly due constantly. Afghanistan was a great success. Let's focus on the amount of people that we got out the two weeks in which the whole thing collapsed when you promised it wouldn't let's out. Let's talk about how Republicans are to blame for which because they didn't cooperate for the war on cops because they didn't cooperate with the rescue package really rescue packages block grants to states for the pandemic and you're saying that that was for cops. There were things that just don't believe your eyes.

In fact, on one nation. I was able to put together about 10 examples of this administration says saying here's the problem as something to fix it then. Then debating on how their metafiction, they would. Tonight is a problem and they quickly blame other people from Vladimir Putin as Saudi Arabia and now what I think is horrible to get 50 million more barrels out of our strategical reserve input into the market just to keep prices down.

What it jeopardizes our security and never was supposed to be used for this we come back I'll be able to take.

I promise I get your email text would undertake some calls. 186-640-8766 I Brian kill me show from his mouth to your earlier Brian kill me lower documents in Castle president was aware and potentially involved in his sign for Sen. Chuck Grassley in a letter to Atty. Gen. America Online Dir. Christopher Wright and David Weiss, the attorney for Delaware leaving the Hunter Biden investigation records that suggest the voluminous and significant evidence related to the potential criminality of Hunter Biden's adventures.

So that's kind of interesting that Sen. Grassley wrote a letter to the CIA during the FBI director said this was going on with this. We got the whistleblowers coming here. I gave the information.

Nothing's happened he asked Weiss the.

The DA over in Delaware would scar the US attorney looking at this in Delaware.

What happened he asked.

He's asking Garland what happened, what you doing why you not investigating this NADH is obvious because Democrat because it's a Biden because it's bigger than Hunter but this is so overwhelming that you would think that you gotta act criminally.

You got. I take action criminally and just see where this goes mean how do you investigate some before years we have is a few weeks here and there on on what exactly happened that Brooke Seaman getting a lot of this information was picked up in today's New York Post, so that's was going on with the Hunter Biden situation, but I think that we might think.

Worry is is it Hunter but have no interest in what and why he was leading the charge of the family business.

I find really intriguing, disturbing, and I cannot believe how long it's taken to get to the bottom of this.

So just give you an idea of how involved. This is and what exactly is change the feds wing charges against hunters outcome after this two-year investigation. Here's what he said it is unclear where the FBI follow normal investigative procedures determine the truth and accuracy of the information about what's going on here and here's what the GS to the heart of what Grassley wrote to Garland and Ray based on recent protected disclosure my office. The FBI's has within its possession significant impact on voluminous evidence in respect to the potential criminal conduct by Hunter. These new whistleblower disclosures which follow it when these guys take over if they do in fact get the send house willing to see these whistleblowers. I hope at the very least, you see them but you just see their outlines their drop shadows.

These new whistleblower disclosures think the question in light of the allegation that I have brought to your attention.

Whatever the FBI and Justice Department to include in the US attorney Weiss done to investigate notably the just department FBI has not disputed the accuracy of the allegations that have made public, may states been public since May 31.

The just department FBI continued silence in these matters is deafening and further erodes their credibility. Simply put, enough is enough. The Justice Department FBI could come clean to Congress and the American people to respect to the steps I have taken or failed to take and they go on to say this about what Hunter Biden is up to, and some to do and I know you heard this before for his mom. Grassley said the FBI has a series of documents in his possession relays the information on: Zaleski just know this is the owner of Bruce month Ukrainian natural gas firm, Hunter sat on their board of that company documents in the FF position include specific details respect to conversations by nongovernment individuals relevant to the criminal conduct of Hunter Biden and possibly James Biden. These documents also indicate that Joe Biden was aware of Hunter's business arrangements may have been involved, says Grassley, he added. It's unclear where the FBI follow normal investigations.

You also include with the US attorney Weiss has performed its own due diligence, Joe Biden, but the vice president time and running US Ukraine relations and policies for the Obama administration also pointed to a summary of FBI interviews with Hunter Biden's ex-partner, drumroll please Tony Bob Wilensky in which Bob Linsky stated that Hunter and James Biden rated a business arrangement with the foreign nationals I just mentioned who are also connected to the Chinese government while Joe Biden was vice president so at the very least, how do you say that you doing your job and not following up on information not the Republicans gave you yet technically they did, but FBI agents came out and discussed it and in the FBI agents it said we are disgusted by what's taken place. Here's a little bit more about the Russian oligarch get this, the former mayor of Moscow's wife cut 40 countervailing Hunter Biden real estate company received dollars from Russian oligarch Elaine about every nine hours.

Hunter's relationship in that arena and billionaire window of a corrupt Moscow mayor has already been flagged as alarming after she wired $3.5 million to real estate company links to Hunter Biden as a consulting fee, Ukraine, Russia, China, Bob Linsky says they're working their way towards Brazil nice Brian using over Florida hey Brian, darn good one you knew anything about Chuck Schumer reclining truck offered to Philip the reserve in 2020. No I did not know that. But we should've done it and we should be doing with their own oil and we should be done, but the fact is, the fact is that they really see 15 others and 15 million barrels of oil.

Again, just to keep prices somewhat down before the election.

All hell was going to break loose after the election will concerns be bright. Thanks for the call is that the ministry stuck in mind that much because it'll hurt them politically, but if you don't with the midterms heard her help it doesn't matter. It's done when those prices go up more more people be saying give me a electric car and that's what they want, even though the infrastructure is not there.

Could Bob be turned off forever. Even though dealership saying we can't. We don't have enough of them, and even no car company so we can make him have the rare earth in which what why this is all significant today relates to the trial, which is now a jury on the shank of the second tier are probably the final one first was Michael Sussman found innocent.

But if you read the revelations, it just talked about how we really set up this whole investigation, the Russia hoax, even though they said that he wasn't guilty. Everybody knows he's guilty, was to the jury. Washington DC. But now this one with the shakily gorgeous Schenkel provide a lot of the information to the Christopher steel report and the seal report the said this is hearsay, still wrote it is fact and then still say listen, we can't go with this is hearsay. Can you find out of its back. Here's $1 million. They said Nelson. Some of the revelations already emerge are really beneficial to to for people to know how deep the corruption was, but any day, any hour. I think we can find is relatively simple case with the Schenkel was going to be found guilty or not.

Here is Matt Whitaker on the investigation and what is taking so long. Cut 41 should have a special counsel work into this or be in charge of this months ago if not a year ago. Instead, they've kept the Delaware US attorney from the trumpet ministration in place to do this investigation but you know it's it seems like nothing is moving very quickly. We see another investigations and many complain only on the right thing. That's considerably much quicker when looking into people like Trump or his associates or others involved in that in that circle, but at the same time this Hunter Biden investigation just seems to be on really slowly moving in the end it's time for the FBI and DOJ to do something. Yeah, but my fear is to say Hunter is you tag did not declare those taxes paid him back believe that he had a benefactor payback millions of dollars in taxes.

Crazy right seem to put them up in Malibu. No idea why free room and board for a guy that should have something like $50 million. Where is that money and then begin to say that he had a gun and a light on the form to fill out the gum when asked if you're addicted to drugs and not believe in our drug addicts check no. So they get a slap on the wrist to sail bad it was and then it gives few speeches on the need to break addiction in the presidency about how happy he is and he still more relatable as a parent. That's why worry is not the case for me. I'm glad she should tell other people how we got off track. If indeed he did. But that's a silent switch move on if we can talk about happened yesterday. Herschel Walker at eight town hall with Sean Hannity last night, at which time I think you fully gotten through all the controversy, room two weeks ago when the sun came out and ripped them and bills emerge that shows that he may or may not a financing abortion for a family for a ex-girlfriend who also is the mother of one of his kids. I think one of his sons. Here's Herschel Walker last night talking about the attacks on him.

Cut 12. Right now we must realize that they will say and do anything to retain power. So it doesn't matter what it is a matter who they have to go through.

They will say and do anything to retain power. But I told early.

They don't know to mess with right now I God for family photos moment right here and told us guys will waken a grizzly bear. Now and identify and Jim Scott was here. Lindsay Graham was there and we know the time. Cotton also campaign for him so he's got the Republican heavyweights there.

They believe in and they like missing part is very hard not to like Herschel Walker. If you meet him hang out with them also. Don't let anyone tell you is not right. He is extremely bright and there's just no way that he can handle the job of you new to politics them.

I feel he might need some directions when he gets into the building. You might need some guidance when it comes to procedures but in terms of the. The issues that that's other guys got it down I like to study, we come back to the simulcasting FAN with the great Stuart Varney was in the writing to let you now that Brian kill me show joins FOXBusiness's Varney & Co. with Stuart Varney live on your radio and on FOXBusiness.

Here's Brian kill me. He will go back everybody will get to culturally first simulcasting FAN fastest growing cable station in all the land and of course are celebrating their big anniversary this this week there over the NASDAQ ringing the bell there and Stuart Varney will have me on a matter of moments, and that which time going to talk more about Hunter little bit more about those whistleblowers and their talking already impeachment when it comes to you. If Republic is in fact get the house to talk about impeachment of prison by bullets. He will you 1051 and here is Brian kill me).

I saw with this call was from Elise Stefanik says Republicans could move to impeach Biden next year. I think that's a rotten idea Brian.

I don't think people want another impeachment fiasco on the post to it. What you say I am too, as she points out to Saudi Arabia when she said would you do me a favor if you going to limit your production of 2 million barrels a day.

Can you do it after the election, at which time they said reported up enough and with the election.

Satish came back and said he had everything to do with the election we understand it and the answer is no.

And of course he talked about the Hunter Biden things with the present could be involved in what happens is a vote on partisan lines in the whole country styles for two and half weeks and I don't know what any but maybe somebody writing a book that's couple people want to buy, but for the most part it's a waste of time. In less of course you have seen corruption and I would love to see that cycle of we don't like that person so it's impeach him stop from exactly the trumpet was just as bad for the country. If the applicant without her doing it. That's what the mayor of New York is downplaying the city's soaring crime discourses for second row with Dylan with actual crimes. Those eight homicides and we dealing with the perception of fear that people are feeling.

That's the combination was that with the professional's perception and the actual crime we can't get away from the fact that 3.5 million people using also assisted have to be honest about that and those average of six crimes a day is not given the impression that our system is out of control when the second one is brought the perception of crime comes from all those people. Rob Beaton stabbed in broad daylight on camera. That's where the perception comes from. That's why were all afraid yeah yeah I mean walk around within reason going to be heading to swivel with you that the subway get pushback against the walls, no doubt about it. When I seen everyone's getting thrown the tracks, but the bottom line. The randomness of the crime, the perpetrators that the recidivism that were seeing the fact that no one goes to jail. The fact that were seeing these horrific things happen over and over again and we catching them on camera because their cameras everywhere because you don't have cops everywhere have combined to give the people the sense that maybe they should even bother riding the subway which is clogging the roads up even more was there taken away, but there's no doubt about it. Overall crime is up in New York, 36%. Take for example data night.

345 the morning 56 Street right up the road from us smashed into a jewelry store in and out three minutes take 500,000 or $750,000 worth of jewelry we see in Chelsea yesterday. One guy sitting there punched a woman took a baby carriage held another woman says I want to cop to come so I can get killed by a cop. Turns out this guy was arrested 12 previous times. This is what's going on in New York and what happens is you have to empower the police get rid of this this immunity. While these these cops want to get to be immune from legal action against them, and then his power than pay them a decent wage and that is things back. It's obvious I got a digress for second Rachel Campos Duffy claimed on Fox and friends, your show this morning that I forgot her name during the live town hall yesterday Brian I have to say that I didn't not forget tonight. I simply had a senior moment. I've gone to side with you because of for the most part Stuart is said a senior moment when you're doing a live show and he got but by God 200 people there doing a bunch of things you look over and sometimes you steer people use me to pause a pause is different from forgetting, and Rachel was so honored. You asked her she just casually mentioned at one point you forgot her name being that you are tightly see each other all the time but it was funny. We did not know at 7 o'clock, you lived actually 640 when a storm onto the set and then come back and get it seven and dominating give us huge ratings right after you got your live shows excellent yesterday. Thank you very much for on your far too kind and with us all these years can you occasionally. Thanks Brian Seifert again real soon. I get a Helpful yeah that's thank you. Let's go to John's NW DBL in Orlando hey John hey Brian how you doing question for you Dorian you think you know about our history and you say before there's always been partisanship between Republicans and Democrats from the time that the two parties even started my question is I am so like many other Americans frustrated with all the facts coming out that are just blatantly wrong that Democrat know just as well as the rest of the and at what point did Democrats stop being American and start displaying party politics.

It used to be that when something was going wrong. We were all the same. The other beat every division, but when it came right down to national security and major issues that were right and wrong. Even Democrats would make decisive in the best interest of people as Americans that like it had come to a complete screeching halt.

Why do you think that it is a few things I think goes back to the impeachment of Clinton in terms of why what I got really personal because he went into Whitewater. They never trusted the Clintons they know about to have things with their marriage.

He couldn't believe he emerges the present United States got off to a bad start, but then he was compromising.

He was compromising along the way. When he lost power in the Senate in the house with Newt Gingrich, but the impeachment way to wade over the Democratic Party divided our party they want to have the 2000 controversy and then afterwards, people thought that Bush was not candid when it comes to the Iraq war which we know that 76 both the Senate everybody was on board for, but they felt they were being candid on that and then you have Barack Obama who had 65% approval rating within the first few months and then after that he does Obama care on a pure partisan basis so little by little divisions Going. The moderates kept losing elections.

Now you have people in the way right in the way left it with someone breaks the mold like mansion cinema they become heroes or villains used to be a whole bunch in the middle.

That had to be persuaded anymore persuadable sin right fastest-growing radio talk show. Brian kill me pay thanks much we hear about is the brain can only show Piers Morgan, my first guess is my whole open. I can't believe it, but I am his first I think of your first broadcast appointment today, correct correct so I'm honored you on is what would you be little day yes working today about Michael yeah building you never leave right but you don't want to rational Larry Carlos at the bottom of the hour and he of course making a business visit Susie and he's no more guy business and he came over CNBC. Here you never thought I would be successful here, why not transfer controversy appears like you might be able to use career trajectories is the same as Winston Churchill which is which is the definition of success is going from failure to failure with no discernible loss of enthusiasm right you brought of all people should know about that really hurts when I maybe slow when it comes insult some very quick takes me a while, but not that not that way to Pierce's.

It's been great to get to know you get here and have you on and the one thing I've learned from interviewing you, as opposed is watching you, is it every segment matters. I cure into every segment.

So you're like okay I'm going to do this and I just got your Fox and friends for a while. I feel like we every sentence he thought about you know is impact that pretty much comes across in your shows when with what was that a reality with you II think I think to be a good journalist who broke Ostrava and can't get out two things you have lots of energy and lots of curiosity, so I'm genuinely curious about issues about topics about guests.

I want to find things out to learn every day. I think it's a learning right having a good day as you think you know everything not well well no part of the gospel that I'm also very pleasantly surprised to learn things right.

That's why think she does try to speak to people at least as smart as you will sponsor present company excepted because I think you can always learn from people and you can always change your mind and we should be afraid to change our minds well-liked about doing folks and friends. Yesterday was that we will stop you having a genuine disagreement about Ukraine, for example, the best way to do it. That's healthy. In a democracy the idea that you can't disagree about big issues because just so tribal in your thinking is only one way to allow driving. Whether you're on the left or right. That is a danger zone for me. I want to be in either of those radically tribal Council want to be an account with somebody persuades me I'm wrong with genuinely good argument. I'm prepared to change the mind allows her to let her the times you make your payment you actually talk to the sources so you would talk to Zelinski so you like it. It's different in Mycenae would have a different opinion.

Will you over there and see the players will see the sincerity is very different in what you realized Zelinski could've left on the first day when the Russians attacked like a honey it was off of the trust disappear, and instead stabilize people went on video, which personal social media life, addressing his people. He said I'm going nowhere until this is one I thought that was extraordinarily heroic disguise to be in television and I was literally a TV star and TV budgies. Suddenly, as a president is going fine and then within a year and 1/2 is a wool and yes my calculation do I put myself my family trust would look at the country first people to put the country before the run safety to me always heroic right and usually victorious when it's your place yes so and you seeing right now no one even a letter Putin told didn't tell his soldiers with her about. They have no experience fighting.

It turns out they might be a superpower in nuclear war and nuclear weapons. Only annotated just my opinion.

When you see how they were using 1980s version military equipment. When you see the tanks that they were operating to see how things were kept up to stop. How then no one was trained how generals were forced to leave what condition you think the nuclear weapons RN well I think also there's a water point. The nuclear weapon issue is supposed to be at the Terrence for the countries have a deterrent to other powers to attack them with nuclear weapons because you also have them and therefore it would be wipeout teaching is been seizing on is the fragility of mindset. I think on the west that only has to do is rattle his nuclear weapons. Others we run a mile.

We don't have the stomach for that kind of conversation were afraid of him using his nuclear weapons. We forget that we buy. We are coming in at night so have just as many nuclear weapons as he does. We forget that. Actually, he's almost certainly bluffing what he's using is using his nuclear weapons as a protective shield to commit horrendous war crimes and ordered on genocide in Ukraine. He's grabbed 15% of backcountry. I would simply say to Americans were wavering about where the moral line is it when Saddam Hussein tried to grab Q white America and Britain was straight in there to kick him out because we understood. You cannot do that to a sovereign country.

What's the difference also moral difference is not and when people when dictators a time to grab the whole cut he got the whole country will open when people want. Something they can just help themselves to sovereign democratic countries land when I was in Ukraine, you're right to to mention this because when I was that to a man and woman all ages.

When I said to them, should there be any kind of deal. No, no, no, we don't want Zelinski to give 1 inch of all land to that to that monster and the more people appeasing kills the harder and more entrenched forget. I second knowing Americans if if we British once lay claim to your great land.

If we decide we we find since some are exact right if we want to come back and we want to say 50% of America back as we British East to write what would happen with you and will just do a deal to do list to festivity Texas is give you Florida hell, I'll give you a better example which is more practical and I believe it was that Hitler that offered it to Mexico get involved attacked America and will give you Texas and Arizona back in California so if Mexico was powerful and decided that historically they do they deserve to have the 1845 Texas was part of Mexico. New this new country want to back and then we should negotiate so they only take 50% back in some other country should decide what I give back and when I should stop fighting you would say no across the board and you have yet impeaching someone who's writing fake referenda to basically attend. People in Ukraine and that land back to power in the Russians which we will love is completely bogus. 93% of Ukrainians polled to the want to give an inch to provisional do any kind of deal. I know I just think in the end, if we let preaching wing. If we let him take control of Ukraine was much of it which is to have does anyone think he's gonna stop that once he knows he cannot seek and threaten nuclear war and get what he wants to keep threatening nuclear war and him keep taking all the land back, which he thinks Russia was wrong to lose what it was the Soviet Union he wants to restore the Soviet Union so I talked to Gary Kasparov on Saturday night and he I lied to his connections in Ukraine as well as Russia.

Pretty strong, and obviously his passions. There, he's worried that the review that conservatives because I'm really see much wavering on the left lobe Bernie Sanders has no idea why were there but is one do anything these words can serve as a start to waiver because it's because number one they don't involve another far more to me we have no choice at all and numbered number two is the questions we have assumed stats about what Vladimir Putin stability is emotionally and politically. And he believes Russians don't lose a war without losing their government so the minute becomes clear that they can win this war and nuclear weapons are not even practical was going to blow back on them even tactical weapons. I'm going to change the complex complexion of the battle.

He thinks the whole governments gonna fall, at which point brushes, gonna break up that's that's the that's how he sees his thing playing out by the spring about light that would be in the interests of the world that happens to Russia.

Preaching is a very bad man shouldered his math thinking is exactly what he's doing is done it before seen them doing around the world is somebody that believes he has an entitlement to other people's land and I'm afraid that is what a dictator believes what I don't. Hitler did this in 1939.

If the response of the world based on sleep when looking to get involved because he may kill us all that he would've taken over the world.

Instead, Britain and America together rose up and said when having this right to fight for freedom and democracy. That's what Ukrainians are doing, but we we waited so long.

We had to fight a way back into Europe.

You guys had to escape at Dunkirk for your own set for your own salvation and then civilian ships famously save them bring them back and you guys kept fighting by yourselves.

It took forever and when you see you chronicled it a documentary worth its salt is put together must've been maddening to be the Brits. This I do understand what's going on, but an American site that we won the war. I should like why don't we just agree that we helped each other because we did not bait in a Winston Churchill actually did his bed and I think is very important that we are. I do think the special relationship is is is is none. I do think it was founded on the fact that we both rose together to defeat Hitler Piers Morgan here. I'm sure you know that so so here's a couple of things I believe that free trade agreements gotta be done between our countries. The breakfast that happen seem so bent the Democrats at a shape to once again figure out remember it because Barack Obama said don't do it, go to the back of the queue set up that free trade agreement. Why wouldn't that work for present buying 78 years old has to know that we have to actually help you guys out and us out in the split off from Brett the split off from the EU has worked for Britain. Why not help you get the rest as I would say I voted against breaks. Our site is no evidence until the Briggs what to do the opposite. Now it's been clouded by the pandemic is been clouded by the war in Ukraine clouded by a lot of people to time, but there is a moment no discernible think and you like making your own decisions. I do, but I also believe there is power in numbers. You're stronger together we all, the United Kingdom, for example, you now have Scotland wanting to break away you have on the potentially want to go back to United auto in the breakaway. You can see the breakup of United Kingdom. I don't agree with that either.

I think United Kingdom is stronger together as the UK, I think that Europe actually is stronger together. I didn't agree with us breaking away from European Union joy central banking system right yes middle of independence to this idea been no independent lot of independence but the bottom line is the Briggs and supporters of gall to show tangible benefit at the moment is all the negatives I'm not seeing any benefit not very open-minded, the country voted to embrace it and think big 516 70 million people on both sides when they voted to leave. I said okay my side lost. My argument was was defeated. Now let's make it what I want this to work because of the country. Benefits believe that about democracy generally level winds you want them to succeed right if I don't succeed, rather like a scene with Pres. Biden right now you might say, look, it's an American national interest is president succeeds is getting all succeeding so I will point you look for alternative.

I do the same way about Briggs writer saying it can't work. I'm not saying it's definitely going to fail. What I'm saying is that a few years after we did it. I see no evidence of anything actually working so I would love to see the US help you through that through the special tribulation pay one half of the good Biden I think believes there is a powerful European Union and he's on the low pressure from the French and Germans and others not to make Briggs a success you know if Briggs is helped by the Americans to succeed than a colt, the French and German peoples will site will handle a wide Britain getting always favor the right Americans. We want to have the same thing again. I went to the special relationship to make that work, and then you guys to let them figure it out. I would love love to have it yeah but I see the danger of us being allowed to have. I just don't know why Trump hesitated that something he could've gotten done yet right before he left a Piers Morgan tearful when Lessie storms that we could have a terrible conversation the break and could come up with one more segment and then you can start the rest to broadcast a double educating, entertaining and enlightening.

You're with Brian kill me talk show that's real is Brian kill me and show so Piers Morgan here. He's hosted on Fox nation building in New York this week. Peers who you have on tonight we have the SunAmerica Mike Tyson right talk because now which are, and then on together.

Other victory following each other back to know what is your main question to Mike Tyson.

I machines to entice where he is now is variance to place was an iconic figure in America is been through some months opsin.S highs and lows where easy. Now Mike Tyson but himself. He's got cannabis found that he's now making her so you know he's getting to fight some planes with people abuse it was not his fault with the both my stupid bass just all go to Mike Tyson I'm I just find them a really fascinating character of none of the long time into many times I might just refer them to biggest script is a story on Lawrence and Larry is what is going to say what he cares about right now Tucker socket surveys city in England is a festering so the figure because he's been so polarized as fall rights by his enemies on the last I think there's a lot of misunderstanding about suck. I was say that what I was talking so I find myself agreeing with about 70% of every night, which is a pretty good ration for someone like me who's really up right wing SIII don't really understand the over demonization of them.

I think he's a compelling contrarian. I think he's a great debate says to think that all stirring things up I do to. They were quite similar in that respect is what lie I have a CNN and other places. I know if I supposed to get us I think will be a noble if you would suck the word again, not unlike out to biggest script tool planted too much.

A small I hate you Tucker Carlson what you think you will run so is that what you approach the morning show when Danlar before minute segments in six minutes I signaled us. You will look at the same as a father I would say my piece. So how would you prepare for show without reading the news.

I was always reading all day every day, everything that Saturday so I was incredibly across all the new watching to watching, listening, or the social media so I was very informed I was for my own opinions about stuff.

What I really love today which is free will would guess that assembly compelling on like a talker like a Tyson and Alyssa and listen to them and go with the flow a bit, you know, what are they exercised about Roslyn you telling them what they should be. So when you wanted to CNN different landscape I get you please Larry King he was too nice about it. He said after a month of me being that he pretended to be happy about young bright guy taking his his prestigious real estate that he was also a break topic, but a month into my tenure.

What you think of business on you and you know what he said is like watching my mother-in-law tried my favorite Bentley over a cliff well and we had anything I was awestruck by response. A few days later when Larry nuzzled about mother knows he's out eight of let's also did anything ever.

When you go over there. We know crazy. It is now with more people getting out and there is little success in anyone's really had their dad appreciate your confidence every night, i.e. I did like I was there nearly 4 years. Having a soda at three times a day around the world. It was an amazing privilege to sit down with some human canoes every day. Yeah, because it's green presidents and the biggest awesome but I felt to run out of steam to do when that's the big entry started to beat everybody else. I felt we would talk about us in the bright light. I felt like I really missed the culture of my own country just to test it when you live full-time in other countries are there for four years in New York and LA I really miss going into my local caf� just talking about English football soccer is you need to hang out like everyday people everyday people like just having a conversation about stuff like about cricket, for example, the conversation about cricket and the New York Ave. I can't think doesn't allow stress to you guys say if I took you brought to put you in London for four years you be chairing a harrow is you want to talk about the New York Knicks or whatever it may be, except I do like soccer.

I'm not a big international guy, but I find I would deftly dive into the game as a cultural absent, and I think you got understand that when you live somewhere else for a long time. I DVR to go over you never go back hugs, but I'm glad your factum graduate. Foxley of free snacks absolutely never have a spine test radio show like no other, kill me. Most of the companies around that time were trying to sell expensive cars to Richmond before. That was the market to go after his strategy was to fill scholars the lives of every cars electrical light that is the voice of Larry Kudlow.

He's part of the brain of the series is continuing called American Dynasty years Tuesdays today 9 o'clock Eastern time on the FOXBusiness network. Larry, of course, it shows on every single day at 4 o'clock and I'm lucky enough to be on it once a week when they'll have me.

Why welcome back Greg Bryant donated my great pleasure to know that I I am an amateur historian, I forget that we both are. But the guilt that the so-called gilded age, which was about usually defined 1870 to 1907 or 90, you know, the liberal Dorians called robber baron you know the ultralight yet the Gilded Age as negative overtones, Bryant. This was one of the most prolific economic growth.

In American, I mean that's why I'm so keen on the example of Henry Ford, he didn't even want card. The rich report wanted cars for the middle class. Here is what he did.

He gave assembly line workers 85 dollar raise and write about 1900 okay now I know day five box was a lot. Guess what, the five dollar raise enable all workers by model T Ford the most brilliant idea and all of these people like comic edits are okay, Edison invented the electric light. There were bodies all right they were here.

You're exactly right. Well edited, by the way, and then the telephone invented the pelvic creek okay John D.

Rockefeller found oil and spindle cop in Western Pennsylvania right they originally use the carrot thing. Then I had so much of it.

Then they figured out how to use it and refine it into gasoline power. Henry Ford cars.

I mean imagine that Andrew Carnegie invented the Bessemer steel process. During this period, the Wright brothers invented the airplane.

And meanwhile the proliferation of railroads across the country. Linking all these commercial city together that also occurred during this period the marks most remarkable. They provided with respect to the so called robber about the guy bill colleges, universities, library, hospital, and there were unbelievable minded people and they completely transform the country into the greater economic power in the world and let the historical never given credit. But this is the most remarkable. I know it's pretty amazing to I went out and did something for Museum for vaccination on history Henry Ford and to see what they were able to do, and in indefatigable way in which he worked and the way to World War I happens. He says hey how can I help and the government.

So it is set up was there. They basically ended up he ends up building tanks and they end up leaving in the residue of that and he ends up finishing off his car company you're exactly right that the one exactly exactly right may be people were among the greatest American nurse our consciousness.

And we all a lot them progress and the thing about it was aimed at the middle class business great thing you know the open TV series the Gilded Age, which makes them all look bad, but if you go back. This is great being with you know all standing in front of the building and the guy pulled the switch and the electric lights go on that had never happened before electric light lit up and it never happened before. Think about that. I mean yeah and it's like when those people become rich and successful. I want to be rich and successful. I want innovators, the ones who come up with the polio vaccines who comes up with a covert, 19 vaccine who comes up with a medicine that allows people to survive AIDS and they kind of make become. I want to be rich because we need these people because they also train other people they hire the people they inspire other people to move our country forward ultimately and to speak about moving our country forward. Larry, when we when I was Jewish over the summer there was a sense of the Dobbs decision was going to drive the midterm election stop the red wave have you. Did you ever believe that and what you believe now.

I never believed I never believed I saw Paul a lot of call that wrong questions but what happened now is ironic that they pass the place reduction act, which was in all fraud and the inflation numbers in August and September went up okay even though Gathright falling direct but went up and real wages continue to fall. Look at the new round of calls. The Rasmussen reports Paul New York Times, Siana Paul, New York Times Paul K. Now showing Republican are running away okay and it's interesting also the number one issue by far. Brian is inflation and then you know if you have inflation/economy that like 5% and you have to go way down the list.

Abortion is dropped like three or 4%. Climate change is dropped like two or 3% felt what happened that the country that this big government. Socialism, the economy is in the tank. Inflation is still high and they're going about their pocketbooks and you're going to have a major to out sweep a major to how sweet. So what I think is also important is he new to this whole time when your show is. I like people that I can really figure out what political persuasion they are like Jimmy dining came out last week and see why were we drilling and then I love other CEOs who you know we left to see Mike Bloomberg, who obviously means left see some fundamental problems. Even though these fundamentally environmentalists and everything screened to him is also practical.

He also had a fight crime. Listen to Bob Nardelli who was on Caputo show yesterday and here's what he said. The reality is the former CEO of Chrysler and Home Depot cut for the reality is that it's not if were to reset it when I have a recession latest forecast I saw that we have 90 years, 90 years of reserves in the ground for natural gas but let me comment a little bit about how we got here whenever we heard to be transitory. Treas. that's from the chairman of and we heard from the secretary of transportation that is possible but not inevitable. Well, that's like standing in front of your house watching a tornado come in once it blows it away. So maybe it was inevitable. He believes it's here you so these of these Bloomberg economists 100% said a recessions here you believe is here yet. I do, but I one thing you mentioned Jamie will I know very well� Have been attacking the Bidens the owner the lot by drive through this. Though Brian here's the thing.

I think were either in a recession or in the front end of the recession, the decline in GDP in the first half of the year with largely because of how the spike of inflation including NL gaps in various energy prices, natural gas, electricity utilities, heightened by the bad which is going to continue because the inflation rate is basically running about 7% underlying inflation we haven't really felt the brunt of that though there, you know it's still in front of the now one caveat that third quarter, which ended September 30 I think is going to beat up. Now the GDP tracker for the Atlanta Fed which is a pretty good, he now takes every number that comes out and filters that then what the quarterly GDP.

My luck there close to 3% and you had a pretty good manufacturing number this morning so you know that you go by the light lit sessions are interrupted, sometimes by pops up in GDP so that that you know that out there and make confused the issue even more.

The Wall Street Journal survey of a cotton that you probably thought of the weekend there all paying 2023 next year. I think that's about right. But my hunches, we've actually start disrespecting the soft underbelly.

It's been real wages falling out to 18 straight months. Consumer spending is very, very soft and business prices are there's a story in the paper today are the stories I might have been on our website at the end website. The Biden acute Corporation jacking up the fact that companies are paying more for the things they pave that consumer talked company actually had a worse inflation, though you know consumers yet well you know if it been trying to do that had I would say Martin said, but when the producer prices arrived back in the consumer price is at the very bedside it also suggests a profit decline profit that the mother's milk of thoughts from the lifeblood of the economy.

Look, I think the economic outlook is very bad. I think the stagflation outlook and when the Republicans when the Congress, the House and Senate are going to be a crisis to be a phony crisis but a real crisis in the country want them to act immediately to come up with a program to solve the high inflation falling economy crisis.

I talked to Kevin McCarthy about this at some length on the show last night and I think he is ready to go. I get ideas but it's going to be a crisis situation on January 3, when the GOP takes over how much you how would you think I means I'm economists decide use of your finance background, but how ready. Do you think Republicans are to be positive rather than just be a roadblock outside with the commitment to America's pretty darn good. They're hitting on all the hard topic points, including inflation and recession and like getting rid of the IRS, defendant God, not much right Nick Nick McConnell bought again a commitment to America or contract with America.

I felt that the time that was a mistake. Rick Scott countered with his own plan, which had minor tax law which corrected but the here's what I think that your good fee efforts by the Republicans through through appropriation bills and reconciliation bills and the Congressional review act which covers regulations they are going to try to unwind and revert Biden damage which is basically strangled the economy. Now they only need 51 votes in the Senate to do that. I think they're going to get that 252, but then you go you know Bidens going to want to be dealt this right is going to be like Bill Clinton but if you and I were talking on our show Friday. No Bill Clinton, though, in order to overturn a veto takes two thirds and I don't think I have that some Democrats might in all put their finger to the wind and say they got a move but I don't think I whatever safety tugboat starts going to be difficult. It's going to be a very difficult session but it will be a crisis session and the public will want changes. Biden will those changes so the story may you know have to go on for 24 mL was okay 21 confirms you to some horsetrading about this yeah and and that's the way our system was set up to be done. If no, the present as we discussed you when you show the president deserves almost no credit of the gun compromise almost no credit for infrastructure, it was going to negotiate, the Senate bubbled up and he signed it he almost blew it by demanding to go back better be be linked to it.

So if they want to work something out and work something out at me. Maybe we'll get there.

I would love to see something done and I love the C 87,000 IRS agents jobs not get fulfilled. We'll see if that could do something to betray down Larry whose computer showed for Dino, do I know I do know Kelly and Conway be on my show. Blake Masters is going to be on my show and I think pleasure modeling Rick Perry I'm been a Dubai monologue on the Gilded Age and I'm going to get back the kind of return to free-market capitalism that would get this country back going again that's going to be my rep tonight Gilded Age to get your radio show two on Saturdays on 77 WBCs United New York and getting on stream right yet live stream it on the end that Larry Kudlow to get you back on that right do you do five shows that I know. But I'm here since you don't have much of a budget. Larry and I want on weekends to cost you guys always try to escape by the mind I know is running out of money.

So thanks so much America dies, the American Dynasty airing tonight at nine a show save for in his radio show on Saturdays and 77 WBC I Kudlow. See you soon back in a moment your knowledge base. Brian kill me show the more you listen more, you'll know Brian kill me early that was the most green just the trail of our nations constitution in its history by US Sen. I believe it will be your legacy. Sen. Lee is still casting doubt knows Leah McMullen McMullen within six points from Republican got independent in Utah Utah. By the way Mike we not getting any help from Mitt Romney, which is terrible.

This I think it's awful and McMullen is just PCs like those of you know we just an anti-Trumper, who couldn't take the party anymore which is fine besides a run is independent. I am pretending is conservative most likely caucus with Democrats but he was referring to the January 6.

He said for Mike Lee.

The vote against that. Listen likely had nothing do a January 6. He said over and over again at the do.

Jerry thinks he had a problem like other people with some of things that happened the election is affiliate with Donald Trump but he did not act in any way to instigate a crowd to storm the capital. In fact, he like it McCarthy over basically hiding out and running for their lives.

I think, was actually in the building but that's his best approach due to Democrat thing. Do the Liz Cheney thing to the Adam Kinsinger thing and try to link a Republican with the worst day affiliated with Donald Trump but I really think doubt related to a January 6 that the giving of the rally doesn't happen.

That's about it. Meanwhile, thanks much for listening. I'm don't forget go to Brian kill Tulsa, Oklahoma November on November 13, November 12, in Branson, Mississippi, and don't forget Newark, New Jersey, December 2 over 100 meteorologists and online resources of Fox box whether podcast precise personal powerful subscriber.

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