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Actor & comedian Rob Schneider in studio; Tulsi Gabbard talks leaving the democrat party

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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October 12, 2022 1:10 pm

Actor & comedian Rob Schneider in studio; Tulsi Gabbard talks leaving the democrat party

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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October 12, 2022 1:10 pm

[00:00:00] Rob Schneider

[00:24:58] Tulsi Gabbard

[00:36:47] David Avella

[00:55:10] Rich Lowry

[01:13:32] Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR)

[01:31:55] Martha MacCalum & Bill Hemmer

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Fox news studios and fastest-growing radio talk show. Brian kill me what the blade is moved to the right kill me Joe it's gonna be big. Our company where with many plenty of surprises, including the newest non-Democrat impossibly Republican the future Tosi Gabbard with us and of course the number to call 1-866-408-7669 or write me a break kill a lot to discuss. Opposing ideas can be heading out to the West Coast doing some fundraising's can also stop in Colorado.

Hitler remarks on protecting and conserving America's outdoor spaces maybe going to try to secure that Senate seat because Michael Bennett since really feeling the heat, so let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's 33 name you present recent history is gotten much done as I have not a joke.

Can you have anything time how many can we name and what you got done is not looked at as a plus by a lot of people at state economists and people care about foreign policy present. Biden speaks and sat down. CNN brought no cards.

It lasted 15 minutes. As of this morning there were 28 missiles, of which 25 shutdown shutdown to Paris cruise missiles would help sitting on parts, one person saved thousands of lives. Thank you for that presents a lengthy waiting in in the Ukraine, talking to the G7 coming to a head the free world stays united behind Ukraine as Vladimir Putin, rockets, urban centers, while Zielinski needs what facility needs and how bones in a circle, perhaps, is turning on why my perspective in the house is not a question of whether Republicans when the housing McCarthy's margin is in the and in the Senate that still the enemy topper and come down to some of the problems the Republicans created for themselves. Yeah that is true, that is Kimberly Strauss of the Wall Street Journal, the returns raised by race issue by issue with the Fox power meter says and how Senate and House should be by election day lacking change last two weeks but we go to the podcast use click on podcast where you get a more foxy with me in studio one of the funniest guys in America. Brand-new movie out Rob Schneider, Rob, I was able to grab you from Fox and friends I ring you up and was in my eye has nowhere to go and that hurts my feelings, thinking I'm a great leader of that I have always enjoyed you Bryce with the supplies I feel like I know you because your how many hours you did you do a day minimum 66 hour yeah and then you have fun afterwards when I get Saturday show going. So one of the Saturday to get now the I thought you were fan urinary services to our 70 6 o'clock that's dinner time.

Sometimes I hate you and the tape the license on the hill I get like I punch it in and the vendor on the test line. I got like it is like a month old and I listen to anyway. Why is that Eric wisely putting on an important part yeah there is going on with that.

Yes, that's Eric right over there.

He's Jean and that's Pete.

So Rob piling working for the other thing is, which I found unique as a comedian who's an actor you dress up when you look like you look the part to thank you want to put this is funny because I think it's working for the new movie I'm doing and I told the Taylor nice at tying Vito I said hey don't don't don't take it out because I'm to lose weight is okay but just in case you don't believe in a way of doubt.

Can anyone believe in me. I know this guy knows him a liar. My body knows Mullane was here that all try not to lose weight okay but just in case you thought I got a fix that I missed on those characters then let you do those anymore no use to his wife because anything outside and I don't know I'm part Filipino and German. I don't know what I am and so but they did. You see, you know anybody outside your units cultural appropriation.

I got the whole point across cultures was to be appropriated, let give us take this like you and have fun with it and have fun with it. I member insulted the whole country of Spain on time because I said something was playing and I took a picture of it and the ice were 750,000 people in Spain really that's not that's not that's comes with rabbit asparagus and I don't know what that what you Mabel stuff on the rice okay now come with a please we do know I think was Jill Biden that compared all Spanish people.

What was it was best people to go for something nobody nobody use the word Latin X5 and was married to my wife was Mexican for 13 years. She's never says in online next it and it's just it's insanity right now so but there's so much insanity going on right now, which is why what you and movies they want to get away with. That's only because of the graciousness of the left of the Hispanic community that the Joe Biden didn't get crucified for that couple of things and this is what I do find is a few things you are saying you go that's genius and here's something nobody has jumped on this know he got less Hispanic votes than any Democrat in a long time and and trumped up more and now they seem to be shifting more more to the right as you know that you go Chavez is not you go Chavez but Cesar Chavez is Bost is at his desk in the Oval Office and I think that is over it since when is a guy from Delaware and Cesar Chavez. That's a push like my community come back that the assumption that the Latino communities get a vote just automatically for that's what happens is like they just assume that this voting blocks can continue when they're not serving those particular interest groups at all and so that you know why I say this to people in performing his services like the eye enough Hispanics don't want other people coming in this country illegally said I don't want some company in this country like the job I just talk just okay now you can… I got a dog and also but it was a word you to the gadget you come here look that the fact of the matter is you. We do need people to work in this country and who were willing to work hard and do jobs that other people want to do when every guy walking someplace now is deal during the whole pandemic seeing anybody working anywhere in getting people coming back to work was incredible Saturday somebody work is what I would shake their hands and thanks for working today exactly because a couple of things is that in New York the front page of the New York Post today. There is something like 5500 children.

They gotta be worked into the New York City system, 90% of which don't speak any English at all. So you teachers in their walking and they can't communicate with kids in the back. These kids are softer fault. The other third graders and fourth graders and you have kids they come home with first grade homework trying to adapt to level out the whole class and they can't even understand.

They simply don't understand. We won't for a decade. The real you know the real problems that are going to come from what from being behind and from the emotional problems they're going to have another two years behind, and it's especially the poor children have it even worse because I think the you know the sum of the numbers were out, you know. Was it is incredible. The losses that were gained. You have like poor families and "people of color that had that their reading standards were climbing in class climate also dropped off the face of your pandemic. When I saw some kids outside a Starbucks in online and see personally trying to get the Internet during the pandemic with their computer because they don't have it at home so the assumption that this is just all gonna take care of its oppressors was very shameful. I'm in it I think it's coming out now that the everybody knows and you talk about this that the lockdowns were worse than yeah don't make the cure worse than the problems of using Rob so we were really good at coming up with a plan to destroy everyone's lives got gotta get want to hear your protected with a plan to get these kids caught up with our present United States or governor that says my problem is my like the grades of dropped him like the people to put me in office there kids there their grade levels drop so into a massive effort is going to be couple hours extra school day working to get Douglas with extra money in our budget to get up Huntington learning center instead of filling a beast. Give it to them to get these kids go to extra school because a lot of these kids will either not miss going to school.

Maybe if the kids maybe the schools had a Ukrainian flag out in front of it. They would get the funding it with this money having the extent that we were behind before this yet understanding in Europe, the school years longer and I do think we need to extend it and we have to we have to we can have to throw money at the problem and that is a problem we need to not only catch up to where we were were were where we were behind we have to now catch up to get these kids up to where they were two years ago and I think you could enlist parents to do a lot of that they could help out absolutely know that there overstretch a ready so listen Rob is here because number one. He hasn't said it yet, or to anybody else, but he wanted to meet me and also dad daddy's don't you dress very very dress very well.

I okay what went when John got fell ago that she only got suit looks good right yeah as is. Brian looks good easy obviously works at which you need to do while his guys can cruise in their late 40s early 50s gave that guy still looks really good, but you gotta spend some time in the gym absolutely gotta get in there, I do. I don't have. I have an unforgiving metabolism by coming to the one thing I do. I don't eat until after 12 so that help sign and then put them when I start eating.

I'm really starting you.

I just want to make sure everybody knows you looking for a movie that you and your family to skinnier daddy's daughter trip is in theaters. What you think is so cool and my sons, the biggest Rob Snyder and Adam Sandler fan. In particular, and we why you watched every show effect the movie that you got shot on Long Island. He would have just watch the shooting of every free moment he had what I think the people love is a sense of family so your movie. You bring the Sandler sailors in the movie he brings Rob and you have the Adams wife please your wife in this movie again yeah you daughters in this. That's kinda cool is a nice little scene where like where were you because I'm such a moron in the movie the and in real life. By the way I see that we lose our place were living in it. We have to live moving her friends house and then her daughter that our daughter comes in in the movie, which is my really don't my real daughter Miranda. She walks in she says mom I can't sleep. Can I can I sleep with you. She says absolutely anything to see the way Jackie Adams and his wife Jackie Sandler to see the way she just gets up and you know she's done this a thousand times Sheila to gets up and go and go sleep was just such a visit. One take that say we can't do any better now so this is a nonactive question.

When you see your daughter and your acting and you gotta act goofy and maybe without the values and ethics you just begun. You see your daughter or you channeled interest to a character in a comedy. Is it different is what by this you connect different characters over at this point, you know, because I had a really goofy wig in the movie and she she's a natural.

I didn't have to give her notes.

She knew what she was doing this when you see her, would you say you see your daughter. I do you know what I see as I already see a young young actor and I know that she's into it and loves it and I'm about halfway through she understood there was a job because in the beginning she did and she said okay were done.

Is it okay and you're done that daddy Stern's daddy had to get inside him to shoot and she is. She didn't understand that particular time to be who does know slower she does her side. My daughter and then he was superior, such as she was eight and moving to her side. Whatever. And then she said okay were done I can leave now and then we have to do it again honey while she's the one I what I want of it.

I just did it resident in a sense it is not that you didn't do a good job you did great just now's daddy Stern and so it was just of that stuff was the only part but she we practice for months and months and months is my my favorite scene. The whole movie is called the stars seen and it really is like we sit in the car the side of the road as it were broke family doesn't have any money dictate to take my kid on a fun spring break so just pretended take her like a water park at tickets or carwash you know and so it's it's these kind of things that will see a drive-in movie were open behind the fence. We can't really hear anything. I got Paramount was very nice to get me Jerry Lewis is a movie from Jerry Lewis, you know, family jewels from like the early real estate and they wide pay for but they were nice enough to give me a break. But anyway so were just watching this thing so and then at the end of the night. We look at the stars would tell each other how much we love each other. It's really beautiful because it I love you because we practice casino at her house as we say this in a week before she is asleep.

I love you all the way to that star and back thousand times. She said I love you to the end of the universe and back infinitely it's it's infinity.

In the end, then end and we just change it.

I love you all the way to my nose into my ear and halfway back in and she she said is beautiful and she said… I love you always my index finger to my thumb and they're touching and is she just it was so beautiful that is awesome to see her real father and daughter. We watched paper Moon a little bit of it. I was holding Glenn my daughter because she's 81 or see a real father is Ryan O'Neill Tatum O'Neal and a movie together and it's really magical to see to see that again ever.

So when I was young I think I'm Tatum O'Neal's age, or some like that garage again. Yeah, you can see the comfort level of the two of them had together. Rob I knew used to doing the podcast with the with the pictures going know you have but I have to actually take a plastic commercial dry pay for this right is but one story for the next step.

Another segment intimate arms back and educating, entertaining and enlightening.

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I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on its podcast listen to Fox news you so busy he'll make dear, kill me, Rob, Sgt. studio tour privilege. If you want to Fox nation Robert until you're on television.

Still, your streaming yeah and is really to make you famous. You not to give it a walk outside his new movie is called daddy's daughter trip is leaders starting Friday right is expanding and it was the started in Arizona. Now it's going out there and Cinemark. Thank you for taking me taking me out wife cowrote and cowrote the movie rabbitry see she's great, and you, my buddy is your buddy now Jamie Alyssa right yeah me was your friend for so so I got my first I want to back and he he raves about you someone for you to what happened in stand up disco this woman Ariel. Elias was on stage and she asked her test taking questions from the audience and she ends up getting a beer thrown at her. Here's how it sounded. I will is is is so so Rob would have to the beer, the boyfriend of the husband of the guy through the trump support or worry or whatever she like her through the beer at her. She picked up and drank it so from doing standup from see what happened to Dave Chapelle and see what happened.

Chris rock. Do you worry about this. I have actually secure my shoe this idea yeah you got dismissed due to politics at all little bit but to get laughs immediately. I mean, it's about getting laughs but at the same time you have to talk about what's happening in society wave. If you're a comedian of a certain age like I am in my 50s, you mean you gotta be influenced by Richard Pryor, George Carlin. They were commenting on what was happening in society and I think, and in any artform, whether it's us. If you do sculpture whether you know if your musician, especially if your comedian have to tie what's happening in your culture at the time the enemy is not about relevance it's about you know it's about getting people the only difference between artists and everybody else are good are good writers which comedian should be is that they know themselves a little bit more because they spend the time and most people are busy going to work to take care of the kids are coming back there tired. You know they they're inundated with with enough stuff. The driving ordered on the bus water and soap in on the you're trying to get to work, commuting so it's that knowing yourself a little bit more and delving into it, but you do have a strain of intolerance like the way that comedian handle that she wanted to have a conversation with somebody who spoke who who who agreed with her and saw that same echo chamber. She didn't have anybody to want have any discourse know today is not about the suasion is like she's going to talk to her own people and you learn nothing only talking to your own people you have to have if your ideas are good enough to hold them up to debate price. You can talk better than I was just about silencing someone shows a different political you know the gender than she was right and Rob Weaver short short timeout come back for another five minutes and have great Rob here goes. He's moving daddy's daughter trip precise personal powerful is America's whether to follow your Fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscriber. Listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your project Fox news podcasts network. These ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox news or wherever you get your favorite projects information you want to truth you demand. This is Brian kill me show marijuana like maybe he celebrated with them a little because yesterday I gave a speech at a car factory and open with this restart offered to words made in America while well let me respond with two words, Jesus H Christ, and then heard criticizing the White House for shouting questions and questions like what year is the current president so that's is AG as I've heard S&L gain no Snyder. The whole point is to make fun of whoever's in power, whether it's Democrats or armor. One time we were making fun of the Clinton's and Julia Sweeney played played the daughter you know what's her name.

I care the clay Chelsea Chelsea Clinton and in that we got phone calls liking from the Democratic Party. That's too much fun of you can have the children's book braces on and everything. Anything you have to make fun of the people in power and I'm glad that they're doing it because that's what needs to happen. Rob is not happening.

I mean just hasn't happened yet. Remember in this again one of those observations did you that Brian is really smart looking. I'll drag right thank you. Look at buying was out of it.

And yes, it is done yesterday displayed him when they were doing a mockery of the Democrats debate is having fun. He was making fun of me is no was going on is talking to Larry's interrupting.

As soon as he got the nomination they bring the guy they just asked normal as opposed to trump what you did the S&L brass Lord Michael Jessee. I'm just concerned that a Republican to win with a trouble getting of the term and just throw comedy into the back. I think it's also effective, like really was me, Dana, Kari and I were talking about Sandra. Dana carved into the bus rider.

But no, but Dana said, like when he first hit his impressions or he's the greatest impressions we've ever had concern. I light my fire does great Bible and in his Biden said when he first started doing it the audience that you can laugh at that yet because true because it's like you know it it's like seeing like you know you want to let dear gets hit on the side of the road are some of the is Kenneth Dino jumping around her brain which they call man enough. It's like it's it's a car crash. It's like when his bike fell over right I am's know if Biden when he got up and said pulled made that bike, it would've got a laugh.

You know, it would've yet but I did so I do think there was that the tendency but you have to make fun of the people in power, right me that the idea that the Democrats is you know just manufactured this guy to run to become president because he was the least offensive of all the candidates operating centers yeah and they scared him and his word Lynn Seurat how do you feel about going on social media now doing shows like this and come out Sam Republican while you just have to know you going to get the. The ideological barrage of moronic of people saying horrible things about you and that's okay. I don't look at me truthfully me that I don't know what the Democrats are complaining about. They have all the tech companies they got it they got the Washington Post New York Times. It's funny with people complaining about like how like you know if you will en masse by Twitter. It is billionaire having a billionaire by this and you don't you work for the Washington Post. Is there any irony available in your brain at all and simply it's it's like we have everything up and can we not what what what conservatives we have one news channel and the guy that sells pillows right. Can we have that on that channel yeah perfectly I am my towels absorb water.

Every towel absorbs water right but the thing is, it we will have like my next guest is toast Gabbard and will have Democrats on. We have Harold Ford on and people give their opinions on I will be Democrats on the couch. Yes. Will let me. If you look at Tucker Carlson's ratings.

It can't be all that's not all Republicans is the it's the only it's there's rational news there's I absolutely you allow oppositional thought here and it's not allowed right is not allowed on the on C&C. I look at rational to is what we are in an oil and gas shortages is my 1970s, we have enough oil and gas why are we not using it well. Because of this religion called green energy work is no irrationality it doesn't work in me this beautiful documentary actually produced by like the most left the sky. There is his executive producer and was a made it's called planet of the humans.

Do yourself a favor your listeners watch that okay they just basically shows why green energy does work.

I wanted to work it doesn't work and that's what you have. California, one of the things it's it's out of you like Island of Ohio car is no more new gas stations about California let you know it's crazy said that he's there was of great video on Twitter, of all places where everybody was lined up for hours trying to charge their Tesla and they couldn't do it mostly for their own terminals. They still can't do it now and it ended. Also I love that the governor of California like a listen, don't you can charge don't charge her car. Don't charge my car. You just get a car that I can afford those aren't the cheapest cars and now I can't charge my car so it's lunacy does not one part of that's why like I could never, I couldn't stay in California and I couldn't definitely say Democrat anymore is not one aspect of your life that the Democrats don't want to get one and involve themselves in of your life, but according to reports, Democrats and Republicans will love daddy's daughter trip to that got you your money is just as good. It's newly printed. If you're liberal would love to have you write is each one of these nondefensive apolitical movies that is just for people like families. It's about family, about dreams and families and about to hang onto dreams. If you have nothing you can still make some beautiful right toast Gabbard snacks Rob you been a wonderful surprise for audience for the last 45 minutes is just the first of many appearance. I'd love to come back you think that means that call me. 186640 in a sentence access got back a moment, one more. Brian download the podcast had Brian kill me,, every effort so exclusive interviews on demand more. Kill me coming up will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscriber list Fox News by just from his mouth to your leaders Brian kill me watch out for the next superstar policy, Gabbard is a rising star in this part altogether should be here tonight. The reality is we do not have enough young veterans in this party enough young women this party and the people: this party rising the Democratic Party that a position of leadership and the Democratic National Committee tells the story is really I think tailor-made for Holly. What I half expected department to be vying for the role anything. Now this story is not to be believed.

Watch tonight at the dancing she's an Iraq war veteran. Yesterday she was promoted captain to major in the Hawaii national tissue certainly is a rising star in the fact that you got here. Whatever reasons is on that battle.

I want her in my trying to ride. That's the coveted CNN endorsement that was there for toast Gabbard early, but you couldn't tolerate it anymore in last 48 hours. She is decided to leave the Democratic Party but we always love having Ron toast Gabbard former Congressman from Hawaii Democratic presidential candidate Kelsey welcome back.

Thanks Brenda morning to Starkey so II want to put I heard some of this on Tucker last night. Eric was able to grab it. I did not realize how high esteem the Democratic Party had your new yet a leadership position. What was it like that. Look, when I first got elected to Congress back in 2012, I was welcomed with with open arms and it wasn't because I was really any different than I am today have always been an independent minded person, an independent Democrat, but they saw my story. My background and provided me with opportunities to speak to the American people, which I took advantage of. I think the thing that happened was once they realized that I was not someone who was just going to go with the flow.

Read the talking points and you don't play along for the advancement of so-called political careers or ambitions, and they start once once they saw I was speaking out against the regime change, Lauren and new Cold War nuclear arms race.

The issues that are impacting us here at home and I was speaking out about protecting our freedom of speech thing started to change right and join the Republican Party existing independent. We do, and I made a decision to leave the Democratic Party alone and really because of the fundamental problems with this ideological leadership in the party.

I you know might my commitment my oath.

My loyalty is to our country and it's always been the country's first and to be associated with the party that is driven by the book insanity essentially opposing and undermining our freedoms is not something that I could do any longer. So what's been the reaction since you made the announcement, Kelsey my phone was ringing off the hook text messages not a lot a lot of messages coming in from people across the political spectrum. Frankly, I mean, some of them are from former colleagues of mine in Congress and many others came from people fellow Democrat who are as sickened and disheartened by again this this fanatical woke ideology that the Democratic Party of today is choosing to represent sickened and heartbroken that for a while now.

Democratic Party leaders seem to have forgotten the vision of people like Martin Luther King the leadership of people like Pres. Kennedy may have forgotten the people and they have become the party of elites who care more for their themselves at their own political ambition and power, and more than they do about actually fighting for everyday American pictures, which is the reason I joined the Democratic Party 20 years ago, for example with the Republican Party give people the Republican side that said this is a conflict worth fighting and backing Ukraine yet Republicans who say you should absolutely not be in there, but no one's canceling anybody you can sign what you want. So, okay, I disagree with Lindsay Graham. I agree with Tosa. Garrett, whatever it is but it's it's an exciting debate. That's what you have to go to the channel to get a debate so what.

And that such an important point Brian is that you know when I when I was 21 I was running for the statehouse in Hawaii and I would not affiliated with the party didn't have any interest in politics before I saw that opportunity to go and make change and that was one of things that drew me to the Democratic Party was that big parent inclusive party that encourage debate that encouraged people with different views to come forward and that has not only been lost if you bring forward a view that is different from whatever you know the delete woke leaders of the party. I have chosen is the issue of the day. The narrative of the day and they will do everything they can to get to destroy you weren't look. I think there is potential the Republican Party have become very diverse. The Republican Party has become the party that actually fighting for lease. A lot of people in the party are fighting for the American people who are struggling every day who voices aren't being heard in it. It I think it's important to note WS Mitchell basically destroyed the D&C I meet you spending money and a big SUVs in her hairstyle and the left nothing in the coffer so we could to tell you the same thing. There was nothing there for the time she got the nomination that was seem to be the ear and what you want from leadership to skeptic would what really hit when the rubber hit the roof for you is your leadership position to bring us back to that whopper about what you say about Debbie Wasserman Schultz is true but also the problem is much bigger than her. She's a she is just one representative of the bigger problem that the Democratic Party has had an and continues to worsen, but I was I was a vice chair. The D&C when Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the chair I was pushing for transparency I was pushing for greater opportunities for voters to know exactly what Democratic candidates are standing for.

If you recall, at that time she unilaterally was trying to essentially limit Hillary Clinton's exposure and having to be challenged by Bernie Sanders on this late stage and Eno introduced a rule again unilaterally had no input or say. For many of the vice chairs or officers of the party saying he hates it. It any other candidate any other candidate goes and participate in a former debate that the DNC has not sanctioned. They will be banned from all future D&C debate how undemocratic is that for her tyranny and leader of the Democratic Party to make that ruling it so that it was that a number of other issues that I just I knew that I could make more of a different elsewhere and resigned as vice chair of the D&C so they could actually go and participate and speak freely on behalf of the American people in our country's leadership may be the backing of most of the party to me. This was a moment did stood out, and when exposed, Harris to be the the inept politician that she is. She took out Joe Biden by saying I was that little girl that you that you were against busting into all-white neighborhoods and then the next debate had you next to her.

Listen to this exchange. Harris says she's proud of her record as a prosecutor and that she'll be a prosecutor present but I'm deeply concerned about this record there too many examples to cite. She put over 1500 people in jail for marijuana violations, then laughed about it when she was asked if she ever smoked marijuana. She People in prison be on their sentences to use them as cheap labor for the state of California and she thought impact for people in the worst kind of way.

So she never recover from that. When did you realize in her record need to be examined will look I made it all you'd have to do with Google, Harris record, and indeed the things that came up, but these are issues that I've been working on in Congress that I felt very strongly about. We had a person running for president, who she claimed to be very proud of her record and so I took the opportunity to hold her, to account for that and explain to the American people why she did what she did, Harris is a perfect example of everything that is wrong with Washington and the Democratic Party of today. I pointed out at that time that she made light, joking and laughing about the fact that there is a double standard.

Nothing happened to her when she smoked pot but she was very happy to keep people in prison and put people in jail for doing the same thing. And as we all thought the other day she still laughing about this is onset. Myers still making light of a broken criminal justice system still making light of the fact that there are rules for others but not for her to turn people like her who should not hold these positions of power because they don't believe in anything except pleasing and serving themselves in their own selfish ambition, so the total seating you made this move career move would be next for you we we will you see yourself now. Yeah, you know, Brian. I never ever approached politics as a career.

Might my life is something that I've dedicated to do my best to be of service to be of service to God and to our country. That path is taken me in and out of politics at different times and still continuing to serve in the Army reserves as a Lieut. Col. and I continue that mission of service to continue to speak up for freedom for our Constitution and Bill of Rights and fight back against those who are trying to tear our country apart regret leaving the seating Congress. I don't you know Congress unfortunately has become so dysfunctional and again that the woke leaders of the Democratic Party. There would not allow for legislation to move forward, or any kind of attention to the to be brought to issues important to the American people that they did not sanction understood, so hopefully you get here means every time you run. I know everyone loves seeing you, even if it doesn't matter if you agree or not. Everyone knows that you bring that you bleed red white and blue. I think that's kind of a relief to see politician to feel that way. Thank you Brian, I appreciate you having me on. Always, always enjoy our conversation absolutely tells you Gabbard thanks so much appreciated. Thank you all right, toes. Guerra makes a big move please Democratic Party once one of the hottest politicians did on the left says I rather not be involved in your party so that is big news. Thanks much for listening.

He finally got it right Hope to see you November 12 at Tulsa K RMG listeners November 13 at Tulsa.

I should say November 12 and Brandon, Mississippi, December 2, you work orders are always seeking solutions first sewing.

Brian kill me. I will look at the latest moments of the brain to Michaux so glad you're here. We're coming here from 46 in midtown Manhattan around the country around the world bodily which Larry will join us for national review and right now David develop you watching Fox nation. You see David though all of the channel seemed especially now during election season go back chair and GOP strategist David welcome back. So David, it's not all about politics and approve it. Here's my big three stories you need to know Brian's three, sponsored by crunch fitness interested in owning your own business in a growing $30 billion industry checkout crunch fitness number three.

Name your present recent history is gotten much done as I first not a joke.

Biden speaks prison sat down with CNN he brought no cards. The interview lasted about 15 minutes will bring you the highlights.

As of this morning there were 28 missiles, of which 20,000 shutdown terrorists cruise missiles without single mom pots. One person saved thousands of lives. Thank you for that and thanks Derek, I so one of those shots.

It's amazing taking out of a a missile with a rocket that you hold in your shoulder coming to head the free world stays united behind Ukraine is let me put and rocket to urban centers was a Lenski needs what he needs and how Vladimir Putin's inner circle might be looking to close it in on him from my perspective in the house is not a question of whether Republicans when the house think McCarthy's margin is in the end in the Senate that still that of a topper and come down to some of the problems the Republicans created for themselves.

Yeah, that's true. Perhaps James Russell of the Wall Street Journal midterms race by race issue by issue with the Fox power meter says now about Senate and House seats in which you happen election day were about 27 days out David, first off, when I saw you in August 1 as optimistic as you must feel right now. The wave continues to rebuild and you see it in these battleground states were Republican turnout continues to be high and intensity amongst Democrats is down give you one example in Florida in the above the big 53 are predominantly Democratic counties, Broward, Palm Beach, Miami, and the primaries take Broward County, for example, you had a 68% Democrat turnout so far in the general are 57% in Palm Beach, 63% turnout amongst Democrats and the primary 52% in the general and Miami through mail-in ballots primary, 48% in the general's down 41% you're seeing that around the country.

Stacy Abrams has talked about it in Georgia. In fact, the former Mayor Keisha bottoms now is working in the Biden administration talked about how she didn't see Democratic base turn voters turning out at levels that they should base all of that you take a strong Republican turnout you take independence which you and I always talk about is really the vote deciders and elections were to independence line up right now there lining up with Republicans. Hence, whether wave rebuilds so I understand the crime ads played a big role in these competitive house seats number one on that is new, but it's not because the Republicans are geniuses. It sadly the truth we watched three cops get shot this morning. We see what is happening in New York and a regular basis. The random acts of crime and add a guy with an action McDonald's gets 18 hours in jail and goes back and gets arrested again last night. So with this is the reality and you cannot say the Democrats are the party of law and order. The direct result of the Biden administration's policies and not enough focus put on these rogue prosecuting attorneys who say they won't enforce the law cries and are in Philadelphia is a great example. But as you said you praised by Lieut. Gov. Fetterman trying and why Fetterman now has his challenges may turn out perspective. Temperate Republicans are out registering Democrats by 10% in the city of Philadelphia goes to your point, you just made would just have to keep screaming too much of minutes on voters. They see it with their own eyes every day in their communities.

You don't need a Republican to stand up and say I've a great economic plan always to say is it's not that because what you see with the rescue package would you seeing with this latest new greenfield package which is the inflation reduction act.

It's not aptly named people know it and then what you see is when he says inflation is transitory and it is and when he says a recession isn't too negative a growth quarters and it is.

That's when people just say I don't even know if Republican to tell me I know I can't believe that they and you see that particular with independent voters that not only do they not like the direction the country is going under Biden they blame him and his economic policies for why we are where we are particular when it comes to the green new Dior, the inflation reduction act or whatever were calling it these days. So, couple things to one thing I understand election integrity doesn't rank it almost every top-five list of things that matter and one thing the Democrats outrank you one that takes off independence when you question election results that presence been very quiet of late. I'm sure he is and change his opinion. How do you handle that because a lot of these nominees got their job by saying present. Trump was right. It's interesting if if you're going to make those accusations. You have to have credible evidence because an interesting underneath the numbers while people might be concerned about voter fraud. They think their County Clerk of the official that handles and presents our area are okay.

They think they do a really good job. So if you're going to make accusations and this is almost at your both sides making accusations about voter fraud are certainly the Democrats make their accusations about voter suppression, of which no evidence suggests that turnout in Georgia is very strong despite the belief by putting Democrats that in Stacy Abrams that turnout would be down, but it's not down in some voter groups. It is, but not overall it. If you're going to make these accusations.

You better have credible evidence. So what you hear when Joe Biden said last night and about the Willie what he said to Jake Whenever they taped it. He says this about what he's done.

Cut three.

We still have real problems we got done we we we we passed so much legislation that significantly makes it that makes a point about, you know, for example, the American rescue plan legislation to deal with inflation.

On the inflation act. We moved along.

I'm either somewhat suspend accomplished you want to take him on and that he has testified legislation. Every president thinks they fast more than any other president so his comment isn't necessarily new for a president to say that impact and you will have an impact he has had impact.

Unfortunately, it's been a negative impact as we just said the direct result of his policies are why we are where we are economically and went when you raise taxes on Americans when you make when you got the energy industry when we were a net producer of energy that producer and we gave that up and said were going to start buying oil from people who make it dirtier not as healthy and charge us more for those are all a result of Biden's policies and that's why his approval rating is in the 40s interesting to the chairman to go back says that attacking Democrats are really news when Jamie diamond does. He's the chairman of the newborn, the most probable bank of the country. He says we should be the number we are the swing oil producer. We should not be asking Saudi Arabia for anything he said we should have increase production of oil and gas, the minute this war started and we should have been in full throttle come March. It started in February and then the present can honestly say I had to look by the left-wing my party and stare them down and sanded to is better for my country and you let out a harder sell in the midterms may have but were that's not where we are and then you have Sen. Joe mansion, who tells us he's going to get the permitting bill and that he can't get the permitting BellSouth's email check Republican work with Republicans in the little bit of so that the support he enjoyed amongst Republicans immediately went away. They were happy when he was stopping the Biden administration. But when he fell in line.

He became just like all the other Democrats, but you bring up that your initial question brought up her brought up an interesting perspective which is it's not just Republicans criticizing up now.

You have Democrats in Congress openly saying it's time for someone else. You had Tim Ryan let out say that you had another congresswoman running for office or bladder name and yet more Kelly basically disparage the president say I don't agree with his border policy and his energy policy on the stage and the problem the more Kelly and pate truth either publish or screw their authorities to keep that job as always he wanted but he's an astronaut. DVDs of military officer show no courage, no courage of the border.

No courage to do would mansion done 90% of the time and curtain cinema has done. He didn't even stand up for Christensen which is been physically accosted.

You think you need to do a press conference with her and say that's not okay. Every Republican candidate. What should asked Warnock Walker Shabazz Warnock. Should the president run again in day in Colorado should be asking Michael Bennett. Should the president run again.

Should is his policies worthy of a second to match that of every Republican candidate should be forcing their Democratic opponent to stand up to Biden or fall in line with Biden.

Let voters know yeah couple of things that we come back. I want to hear from I want to play Fetterman for you. A reporter got a chance to interview for the first time since his stroke, and they have to use closed caption awful awful laptop in order to communicate with him because he sees the words he does understand what they mean. He needs to read or he hears the words he needs to read the words. I feel terrible for, but if I had that problem.

I couldn't do this job. They would say Brian best of luck. We have insurance you can come to work until you can speak he can speak and what that means for the race. What it means for Herschel's race. Tom cotton was just down there and a lot of people are looking with tapping Wisconsin's Gov.'s races as well as was happening in Arizona for governors races and finding a war in a flat-footed tie will will need to put put them over the finish line will talk to David Bell about that is chairman of GOPAC to move, giving you you need to know your Ryan kill me talk show that's real. This is Ryan kill me show my lingering. As a result of this small time prior to close captioning was up and running.

He had a hard time understanding our our conversations that is such a burnt of MSNBC talking about an interview with John Fetterman everything in yourself is the first one I heard in row, you're absolutely right. He's going to do a debate a week. It's a week now and he can't do any interviews. His his offense last 10 minutes.

David Avella hear from GOPAC did what you think hearing that reporter from MSNBC recount. What was I talking to John Fetterman if you're an undecided voter at this point in the election. It certainly can continue to give you pause, which is why Dr. Oz is being very strategically smart by getting into those swing areas of Pennsylvania and reinforcing his image as the Dr.'s and not the politician's running for office use his words were pretty smart in saying this affair. The voters forget about me some fairly the voters. You deserve somebody representing you thinking they can do the job clearly can't do the job.

So Fetterman this is so little from that interview is 13 seconds of the content are soft on crime.

Of course not, I'm actually effective on crime and I believe in second chances and I've run on that record. Good luck with that in Philadelphia to just one carjacking go back out there best to look the follow-up question would've been what's one thing you've done is Lieut. Gov. will bring crime down. Nothing he touted his factories made it worse by teaming up with Krasner in Philadelphia and making it so that were not can enforce laws you don't, here's the other very deceitful action that many of these Dems are taking, which is there talking particular, these prosecuting attorneys and attorney generals. They talk about how they're bringing the crime rates down there bring crime rates down because they are not enforcing laws of the lower lower law that couches are making arrest and the retiring and it's it's it we got to get moving in a different direction on this is a country that's right, you and I wish it was those minor issues when we talk about same-sex marriage. You talk about that and what it means to society. Cultural issues. This is a five alarm fire happening on a regular basis.

As you know, in the middle of the show today.

Three cops shot in Philadelphia so all the sudden weight we grew up. We woke up and there were two cops on photo. Yet, these are three different cops in there about 700 cops down.

They can hire them.

They're coming to New York. The New York King Philip and Academy. We know a thousand cops down in New Orleans the capital the murder capital of the country and you have a Mayor who says it's too dangerous for a black woman to flying coach that that's what you get to use city funds to fly first class and one in trouble going to the Netherlands today. So these are decent moves that Democrats have to somehow rationalize it's a disconnect between the reality that the constituents they represent are facing everyday and what they're telling people they're facing. So let's get into the numbers, foxes, these power rankings and know exactly as they do with the science behind but I'm sure it's competent other Democrats projected to take 204 seats plus or -16 GOP projected to take 231 seats plus minus is same 31 House races deem tossup does GOPAC have 31 races tossup. I think you can ultimately save Republican somewhere in picking up the north of 45 seats.

The selection pretend there down watch six right but you and in particular you look at states like Florida were in a pickup's congressional seat throughout the Midwest were to pick up congressional seats potentially two in Texas, but it's going to be a strong nice for McCarthy and getting a solid majority of men and women who hopefully want to get to Washington to get something done so in the Fox's power rankings looks of the Senate, the Dems have locked in their mind. 47 seats GOP is locked in 49 seats for Senate seats. They have tossup if you want to take test to this Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania first on Arizona Blake Masters.

I only saw clips evidently just steamrolled Kelly on that debate how much is that matter that it does matter, proving his credibility to voters wine to it goes back to and we talked about this in wave elections. You don't win one competitive ration when I'm all because it is a it is one team is particularly motivated to go vote and the others are not in going back to what we talk about the very beginning to close it out. Yes, in close elections are tried and all these are close it is you, the team that is most motivated team up with independence get the independent vote. That's when you win big and so whether it's Arizona, whether it's Nevada where let's drill down that animal axle does not trailing almost any poll I've seen up to three points of truck. What is your read while you add to that. To underscore how well like salts doing the incumbent Democrat governor is down to the Republican lock nominee Lombardo and trickle that down and an area that GOPAC focuses on state legislative races as well as federal races is the in competitive state legislative races. The Republican is either tied or up in three of the target statelet so just as a state. Again, it goes that trend that you don't win one competitive ration when a ball Herschel down by a couple of points with this controversy would estimate do you still give him a shot still give him a shot. Absolutely Warnock has to explain how voting for the inflation increase act is made life better for George Pennsylvania seems to be on a roll. We just talked about the mean Oz is smart going into the swing areas of playing the doctor. Not thank radio show like no other Democrats of some of the rental contract we know what what are they running poorly for their well they want to put Social Security on the chopping block every five years and the other leader comes once is no every year and should be a photograph, Medicare, Medicaid, and the first thing this is the inflation reduction. I don't know if the four that is Joe Biden would be politicians to the other side has nothing they're not running at anything I can give you living on things Republicans going to be running on and I think Joe Biden knows it. He was to focus on what Scott said and that is Rick Scott, one of things he did to to much to the chagrin of many in his party. He put it on paper that nondiscretionary spending needs to be examined and that of course would be Medicare or Medicaid, which is 1/3 rail for seniors and seniors vote which Larry knows all about the center of – review authors a case for nationalism. Hey Rich, the Republican bathing to run on heaven. And what going on. And yeah, right. Biden was running at Rick Scott couple wayward idea looks like 200 ideas or so and one of them is looking so security every five years.

Whatever it is, what seems reasonable to me. But, of course, Democrats have been demagogue gain on security and Medicare for about 50 years that's what the reflexes but that's not that's not a major issue anywhere right on its economy, inflation, crime, and then down the listed abortion and that's the main thing they been trying to make hey hey on the main thing that going to at the end here.

Stacy Abramson tried to do it to regain her footing as Brian Doesn't appear to be working with Mont Mandela barn is going to in Wisconsin will see that one can't close but it's rare to have Ron Jaffna had any polls and he's been leading in the last five or six poles that one actually looking pretty good for Johnson.

So now that I have a lot to run on the Democrats not at all. You read today we see the inflation rate city .5% suits higher than they thought. It's getting closer to nine instead of love closer to seven. And people feel that a regular basis. Some staggering numbers about people that have to skip paying their bills. According to some surveys having trouble doing it and that is there no wait for the economic data on Thursday and Friday. Rich, these are everyday people. You don't need the going on out in a local shop last week here outside in New York City and they said our prices are the highest they've ever been to this entire inflationary episode so I don't think they're updating you know it's food prices been driving a lot of it and that's just the direct hit at everything American family and inflation erodes wages right and make your paycheck worth less and people feel that is why it's it's right at the economy of the top issue this campaign so we understand to the house in which Amy Dimon said I mentioned this to David Bellows just here Jamie diamond is to me leans left it pretty obviously went out of his way.

After after a couple of meetings just to be against the trust administration, but he came out and said the administration made a huge mistake when this war started not upping the oil and gas production. We are a swing oil producer. We should not be asking Saudi Arabia for anything. So that is the man who is chairman of the number one bank in the country that resonate it when people are looking for real answers on political answers and any ideal that punish Saudi Arabia. The best way to get leverage over Saudi Arabia is to pump more oil and gas here at home and that's one thing they want to have this quasireligious commitment to fighting climate change, which means fossil fuels.

Gotta go.

So the even though this is been in one of the main thing the main thing to eating away his political standing. He hasn't reversed on and he likely won't reverse on it.

This is a deep-seated moral commitment. Although misbegotten one on the part of the Democrats in which you bring up to is this new push with with Sen. Menendez with Sen. Dick Durbin to punish Saudi Arabia for not pump for cutting back 2 million barrels of oil production today.

Can we just Menendez who's been on the forms of foreign policy committee for what, 10, 20 years, who knows that the Iranian deal is a bad deal. You leave Saudi Arabia incomes China and it lets you tobacco Ron you really have no choice. They know that she did to talk in a blustery sway about the evils of Saudi Arabia is also understand this horrible nation called Israel and being sarcastic says I could deal with Saudi Arabia. I would wear exchanging economic values and programs were flying back and forth. They actually set the table for the Abraham accords so to act in a in a blustery temper, Ted. Have a blustery temper tantrum right now is just dumb yeah I know you have no illusions about his nasty transaction yeah but but it's just realpolitik better than the alternative in the region right to Connecticut Saudi have to go the rain and and that would be insane and then they vary hugely influential and there sitting on oil want them to pump more you need be really friendly to them and and this is the bizarre thing you can you just pump our own oil and be independent and maybe be down on Saudi Arabia worker not to pump our our own, then you have to go hat in hand and Saudi Arabia and be really really nice to them in an Biden done neither the well pump her own oil is not an account out of the Saudi and federally think about how they can be a rogue state and doesn't add up in, and it creates a kind of debacle forcing that it's bad for our standing around the world. It's not bad for ordinary people here at home is just a debacle around so much as this report last night and I know people are little dizzy about this blues of the last four years and I was wondering what was really going on this whole Russia hoaxes even worse than anyone thought it when people talk about things were wrong with the election. Forget about voting machines and forget about the pickup trucks to drop off ballots will leave them onto the table.

That doesn't matter. No one could ever prove anything.

Forget it.

But if you want to know what affected the election.

You could say the hunter by laptop being suppressed needed sayings 50+ Intel officials say is classic Russian disinformation and that all of a sudden gave Facebook and others a reason to sideline it so the story never got out so yesterday a former CIA officer joined Brett bear who signed the letter. This Intel officer.

They asked some questions about the threat behind Ukraine and would Vladimir Putin's house. Stability is in here is bread asked him to justify him, writing a letter because the New York Times and Washington Post and New York Post all agree look either frantic. The laptop was real.

The interactions were real.

The business relationship that means the child that Joe Biden had exists now in the White House. Here's David press a priest going at it with Brett bear cub 34 you regret signing on the letter. Absolutely not as words are so true as it has all the class outcome election will absolutely not know this is all it wasn't true. The classic earmarks, but it wasn't true. What is not true was Russian disinformation is not what we said in the letter read the actual letter we sent you not know if this is Russian disinformation has made the classic earmarks of a Russian information exactly the difference in training information. This information cannot get to candidate address automation campaign is not my fault I is is the first of your take on that exchange. Well, they didn't write it orally way, they didn't actually sales Russian disinformation but is written clearly to meet everyone to conclude that and have all the reporting on a letter saying that's what they were asserting so. His defense just gets to the central dishonesty of the whole thing and it was no reason they needed to write that letter.

Except for to try to bail Joe by now and try to suppress discussion of the laptop so that it was all it had all the earmarks of a classic political operation that these people as intelligence professional shouldn't of been within 100 miles of it and I said repeatedly. This should be one of the one of the top things that Republicans investigate when I take the house.

Why do people sign on the letter who organized it and what you getting getting to the bottom to the extent we can, of the suppression effort around a totally legitimate highly significant political story that was just inconvenient to Joe Biden and near the election. They had everyone falling in the place to try to keep people from learning about it and that's what the 2020 if you wanted if you were present trumpeting to be on the stumps. Forget about the regional Yanni farcical cases which you do is you bring up these in things that happened leading up to the selection to prevent the American people for having everything they needed to make the boat that was necessary to vote for the candidate would be best for the job and you can't say that 74 million people is not that he had no support.

It's not that he was Walter Mondale hey Mr. Perez, he lost 49 states, you know you you at 74 million votes and you came within 2300 of taking Arizona Wisconsin Pennsylvania so that's the issue and forget about this whole. The election was stolen know you had the Intel agencies working against you, you realize something about this rich bit the all these Intel experts were duped by a crackhead sexual addict dropped off a laptop and the independent computer repair shop. They were duped by this.

This is classic Russian disinformation or a crackhead son of a presidential candidate. Either one showed great sophistication. Is there any difference they wanted to be duped on the net that the fundamental thing right.

They didn't care what the truth was entered for it.

When I first heard about the laptop had been showed up at the repair shop to kick the tires on the story you want to immediately say this is 100% accurate.

They don't immediately go the other way and say it must be rushed. Russian disinformation which is again the impression they wanted to make without letter and then you know you have to kick the tires is pretty clear. It was legit and certainly should been a matter of discussion and debate which twitter and all the rest of them didn't want which is fundamentally un-American and unfair that these people should be ruling for that Michael Hayden was a fan of. I don't know what hell would happen to him.

He got from syndrome.

They John Brennan is disgraced every day. He opens up his mouth and little everybody on there that they should not be looked at.

The same, some of which are friends of the shell but you actually saved at Leon Panetta, former CIA director you signed on to something without even making the phone call to find out. Hey David Archer this is Leon Panetta you are a partner of Hunter, but yes I will look at emails and correspondence on this one was that you and then or you and when Leon Panetta was a Democrat close up David Archer, a friend of the Bidens.

He would pick up the phone and then you call up a few others is that you make it after was so listen in my because persons information, but the emails look real. The people I actually got him on the phone and they actually admitted in then you have the CIA go up to Hunter Biden on the under threat of perjury is this real is this correspondence affected this email to you is this your voice leaving a message for your father is at your father's voice leaving a message for you so know anything that you and I never went I don't think I got a check my resume. I don't think I went to Langley for CIA school. The guy was on reported pressure.

Whatever his name is Leon Panetta. Guy a graybeard is that the highest levels of multiple administrations and have him go in for the basement of the disinformation operation. That letter is really disappointing average 1321 more thing that I just seem to be examined and that is what's going on with the dorm report and they have this to Schenkel character work was from Russia was a source for the source for the steel dossier and I actually was on the payroll of the FBI. He is now being tried for lying, and they backed up this story. This was backed up by a guy that was knee-deep in the hundred by the investigation that they after steel dossier was given to the FBI they gave steel $1 million to prove it. What you took of taxpayer dollars $1 million to prove that Christopher steel the report that he handed in was real because we can figure it out.

Excuse me you got hired by the Hillary Clinton camp to go get dirt on Donald Trump and now you could give him $1 million to find out.

The dirt was true and then when you find out that he can't.

You still use it to get phis applications and they want this is what we should go for Papadopoulos to go for the other guy quarter page and you did continue this force and hi Robert mowers a special counselor for 2 1/2 years at the cost of something like $30 million government at work. The million dollar detail is amazing looking you needed another thing laptop you want to kick tires you kick the tires on the dossier, it immediately falls apart you know if it's a jalopy rough it out till happy in any competent FBI agent would've been known with like 24 hours. Like some Google searches that there are things in there that didn't add up. Besides just the facial implausibility of the whole thing and that they they spent more money trying to check it out that there is the guy who created the falsehood in the first place and then drag the country to this year-long drama it's it's it's hard to take just such as this in 69 steams call me Trump tower is to present you have a second. Yes, we got this dossier. It's out there. I just don't know for strewn. I just want to tell you about it, causing the distrust between those and for ever seeing his reaction and then chronicling it in the limo outside.

They continue to build like a tornado until the point is, America was distracted and maybe the cause of additional unrest with Russia that can never be repaired and I'm not saying versus an evil regime, but we were coexisting. This put it over the top and we want to break the president about it.

Also that that creates the predicate for the media reporting about it and coming in or whatever. He's not an idiot and he played this very cleverly for his purposes and he was one of the prime movers behind the whole, the whole hoax in the whole year year-long drama deserves to tar that goes along with it now.

A rich Larry – review.

Thanks, Rich) I come back and then try squeezing some calls. 1-866-408-7669 something new every day, Brian kill me show the more you listen more, you'll know Brian kill me to the American people here for session no will say this now every six months is six months of it hadn't happened hadn't been there or has there is no there's no guarantee numbers. I don't think there will be a recession if it is will be a very slight recession.

Let me say seven. You have two quarters of negative growth. A lot of people think it arrived and we have inflation 8.5%.

A lot of people feel it arrived when you have unemployment great.

I'm so glad and slow but taking up a lot of people say it's arrived when they find out that six were 66 out of every 10 listening to me right now living paycheck to paycheck DP people feel it arrives. That's why Jake Tapper usually does a pretty decent job during interview gave them layup after layup and I thought the biggest layup was the biggest disappointment. Tony Bob Linsky actually called Jake Tapper out and said Jake call me I will tell you the real story about how the big guy Joe Biden is involved with Hunter Bidens of finance deals with other countries but instead when he brings up Hunter Biden is one question is the easiest question the world from the answer and that is my son's in attic takes on a more 32 by the way this thing about are gone.

I didn't know about a five turns out that when he made my application to purchase a gun. What happened was he stated I guess because she did ask the question, are you on drugs use drugs. He said no and he wrote about saying no book so I could conference myself love and is on the straight and narrow and has been for a couple years now anyone I'm just so proud of what I say. Like many families have had this happen to get hooked on drugs overcame. It is establish a life.

He is confident that he is what he says he is in and does are consistent with what happens.

That's his manic deal.

That's his idea of saying his son was once a drug addict, not by the way, you are truly a drug addict. You never think you cured.

You never think you're over. It's easily using drugs.

For now, he wrote a book about it. He's not running from it. In the plea question would be what about the finance deals it implicates you Mr. Pres.'s fastest-growing radio talk show. Brian kill me have on what delays will bring to me Joseph that you're here this hour to be joined by Sen. Tom God Mark McCown Bill Hammer will then blast into her studio in this hour will fly by on the number to call to talk to all of us.

I see up there 1-866-408-7669 euros for the podcast of Brian kill me Also, it's official.

Brandon Mississippi as well be live on stage you want to catch all of you there, especially for streaming in a family of affiliates of the VIP opportunities I can meet and talk to you about the history books, including the president freedom fighter which is coming out on paper back on 25 October brand-new stuff in it.

Be able to talk about having the news. What happened in our past, then in Tulsa, Oklahoma K RMG listeners on Sunday, November 13 and December 2 in new work New Jersey beautiful theater of their new work that will be on a Friday night, December 2 solicited to the victory stories you need to know Brian is 33, namely a president. Recent history is gotten much done as I have not a joke. You got stuff done but is it good.

That's the key. Biden speaks presence is down 15 minutes would see then you need to know, courts will talk about scale. As of this morning there were 28 missiles, of which 20 shutdown shutdown to terrors cruise missiles with the help single mom pots. One person saved thousands of lives. Thank you for that coming to head the G-7 get-together shows the back of Ukraine. They want to missile defense system Germany in US post to help.

How does this thing ends. Linsky says no chance to be talking to Vladimir Putin. I don't think he wants to talk to you from my perspective in the house is not a question of whether Republicans when the how big McCarthy's margin is in the and in the Senate. That's the topper and come down to some of the problems the Republicans created for themselves. That is generally stressful because she does not think republics but destroys candidates out there.

I have no problem with rookie candidates returns raised by race issue by issue with the Fox power meter says now about Senate and House. Should the election be today was presented Tom got to spend yesterday with Herschel Walker in Georgia. Welcome back sooner.

Well, levelheaded go yesterday.

Great campaign rally in western Georgia Republican stronghold Walker.

Huge turnout because you know that about 1 GB rocket 1 TB 96% of the time is noted for $20 extending caused record high inflation waddle American oil and gas production reduction, which is why we have such high gas prices started to go soft on criminals, Bible trees on issue after issue Warnock to campaign with puppies couple years ago.*Not be a lapdog Joe Biden. Herschel Walker will be a bulldog. Georgia would how does he handle the controversy and the allegations about abortions.

He may or may not a paid for, you know, Brian, Herschel is been very upfront with the people Georgia but he is an imperfect log person as we all are found on many years ago is been redeemed and saved by grace, and you have people like that he's heard as well.

Like his ex-wife have now accepted apologies. He's done right by them by fully support this right. I think Herschel is a great redemption story for the people of Georgia, and in particular, if you read his autobiography, the struggles he had mental health which caused some of the problems later in his life allows him to see exactly what families are struggling with a somewhat mental health challenge challenge, which again will allow him to be a strong voice for the people of Georgia on the abortion? Probably Brian on all my campaigns across the country on rats are trying to dolled up to 11 abortion. Speculating about what public majorities might do as a hypothetical, but will have to speculate about them. Brian we know exactly what they would do. They all voted for Bill earlier this year that would mandate every single state allow partial-birth abortion up to the moment of birth and would force you to pay for it with your tax dollars to Democrats to radical abortion I want you to Graham said because it is the Exhibit 23 points.

Either way, Herschel Walker's up or down, and then yet this controversy. Warnock stayed quiet. Why because there's domestic abuse allegation against him is like a child support allegation against him is all types of controversy. This is, you know, Sen. Lindsey Graham IQ center cotton salon success campaigning in the South cut 18 Pierce Herschel's problem is being outspent three to one needs to run as talking about Warnock voting against border security and increasing the IRS by 87,000 votes he needs to run ads telling the people in Georgia that Warnock has shut down domestic oil and gas production in the United States make this more dependent on foreign oil and gas and he also needs to tell the story about the double standard here this October surprise against Herschel you think that's an accident.

They waited this long to drop it right before the election. So here's what you can do to help Herschel Walker and help your own family. If you live in Georgia both for Herschel. Tell your friends to vote. Herschel, if you don't have a friend go make one if you don't live in Georgia you can tell people you know in Georgia about Herschel so you just can't get down, get dirty. Is there that type of hustle in the commercial code camp yesterday, Brian and Molly are all like it's final is on the line the right if you live in Georgia don't just go for Herschel but said yesterday the most important advertisement is not that you talking to your family and your friends, your coworkers and want to trust your judgment in your opinion and say Herschel. While I hope you will be too late on the case, why don't Warnock rubberstamp merger by secure order are 87,000 new IRS agents are supposed to border patrol agents we needed border crackdown on smugglers $20 of new spending is costless record high inflation. If you want change if you want to break on the Bidens Democrats agenda about Herschel Walker, if not Georgia dollars and communicates to those voters will talk by communicating I've never seen anything quite like it. John Fetterman just barely does 15 minute appearances does almost no interviews will only agree to one debate and needs close captioning because he can't understand what people say but he can understand with a by reading feel bad for him, but is he capable of being Sen. listen to what was on MSNBC last night, this Dr. Burns was able to do an interview with them and this is what you observe, cut six a could read my questions because he still has lingering processing issues such as a result of the stroke just in some of the small talk prior to the interview before the close captioning was up and running. It didn't seem that he had a hard time understanding our our conversations. I mean that's obliquely in the Senate years of experience center you need to understand when people talk and you need to be able to talk very well. I would watch what happened on anyone and I'm sorry and I do hope he makes a full recovery, but two points about John Fetterman first is that irrespective of the worst condition is now going it's plain now that you misrepresented to the people of Pennsylvania over the summer.

The severity of his condition.

It is very hard work in the Senate. If you cannot have discrete private conversation on the Senate or in someone's office.

Maybe please close captioning at hearings, and other public balance but a lot of work happens behind the scenes and John Fetterman misrepresented the severity of his condition of Pennsylvania voters. I wonder what else you may be misrepresented and second is his recovery in the paystub.

It is the least of my concerns about John Fetterman. I'm much more concerned about his radical record especially good record on crawling his history as a member of the Clement seaboard in Pennsylvania of boating collect serious violent felons out of prison early and just think about this body was asked. When asked what magic wand what's one thing it wasn't to reduce inflation and it wasn't to close the border.

It wasn't in the know epidemic. It's going to make a shebang as it wasn't able to find a quarterback for Steelers.

It was two and long sentences for murderers, that's what his priorities are.

That's not the power to come to mind about her like that ought yeah I mean that nothing insane with the stroke but if I had a stroke I couldn't do my job.

I must, that wouldn't get benefits and Fox wouldn't have compassion like I just couldn't do it. Your top UB center you be filling for me and I recovered know what you will. At Ivy League education with infantry background with golf session in Congress into terms is a Sen. I think you qualified I want to talk to about Ukraine and seems to be the Vladimir Putin circuit inner circle is closing in his a barrage of rockets, while devastatingly cruel to me shows it a little bit of desperation because he cannot win on the battlefield you fought in close contact you were to find the infantry Ukrainians are destroying the Russians in face-to-face contact. The Russians are not committed to this fight. Here is Vladimir Zelinski on out on what he is seeing so far, cut 22. As of this morning there were 28 missiles, of which 20,015 friends. Almost all of the moderate income veterans mostly show sounds them on October 10, Dimitri Chomsky showed excellent skills on the reaction. Showtime shut down to terrorist cruise missiles with the help of sitting on parts.

Not one person save dozens of lives. Thank you for that.

They want to missile defense system. We said we get in there and said Germany supposed to help, and we are going to looks like. According to Wall Street Journal greenlight a something goes beyond with the hi Marshall do in the field of battle with do you know well. Brian target this week have been another barbaric action by tell you that the actions no matter the strategic standpoint is what you started beginning. It's the front line infantry and artillery troops in eastern and southern Ukraine. Currently taking vital territory. These barbaric missile attacks as gruesome as they are and despite the loss of life that caramelized are not to have a strategic impact on the war.

Anything that will simply burger the Ukrainian resolve if that's possible against Latimer and against this invasion. If this is the new phase of war. Though no question the West needs to provide more air defense systems to you crying so they can projects protect civilian population centers. These are not escalatory is the binding ministration help Moore's about the nonoperative weapons are simply divine to protect civilian population centers just like we help our allies around the world, South Korea, Japan and the Middle East protect against missile strikes as well. And frankly, European governments need to do more to provide those kind of systems as well on the way to end this war is to back Ukraine to the guilt so they can get Russian troops off of Ukrainian soil Republicans who don't want to do this anymore. So you know we need so if somebody needs here with 32 trillion in debt were giving money out when not following through and making sure it's and giving out arms and making sure that it's getting word supposed to.

We hope it is. But there's no follow through with it. What you say to people that are saying that I'm not sure we should be in this conflict well started crying. Always wanted to reclaim Ukraine for the greater Russian Empire is not anything the United States were not fighting this war. We are simply going Ukrainians to fight a war for their own soil. As Churchill wrote the primary right of any people to fight and die and especially to kill their own land, and the best way to bring peace to Ukraine and recently establish peace and deterrence in Europe is to allow Ukraine and its own territory when you see the news about how much money is being spent in Ukraine. Remember, that's not simply spending money on giving Ukraine money can span it is mostly the in-kind value of the locket of the artillery of the other weapons systems that will buy most of which is made here in United States, much of which is being bought here with those tax dollars to help provide good high-paying American manufacturing jobs are defense industry workers in South Arkansas been working overtime for checkbox to ensure that Ukraine has.

They need to backfill the mission is the backfilling going on. This concerns of Oliver North and others that it's not being done. We are emptying all conference were not refilling them.

Do you know for sure it's being refilled – not Brian.

That's why legislation substantially increase spending on America's munitions. What we need certain date in the order allotments and the appropriations for these companies that make systems like the chaplain or like the Highmore system more like the shelves that go with those artillery systems are not advanced weapons of any wrong or not it still wider. They're not aircraft carrier.

They don't take years to make.

They can be made with a strong commitment was all about the money that we ourselves and our partners want to invest in them that these companies can open up a new production line that I can run a clerkship production line duty to substantially increase our rate of production of these kinds of weapons. And we can if we show the resolve and commitment to do so right on top of the center know you will send Tom can't help out Herschel Walker was there's a spring now 27 days till midterm election day center.

Thank you God we come back with me, then on the welcoming Bill Hammer and we'll see if they'll talk to each other's makers and news.

First, I only show if you're interested in Brian's talking about your with Brian kill me anymore that one along with my last essay or time. Connie spent yesterday with Herschel Walker and we have him. I am sorry that I missed that tape I like to ask you little bit about. He said that he's on on message and Herschel made mistakes in the face that his face sort of dropped when Herschel Walker started talking about the cows all getting pregnant.

I didn't see that part the talk about cows getting pregnant. Herschel Walker yes he did tell the joke about how he sent to.

He said I was tell the story about the cows, then there is the ball is out in the field and there's three cows out there that are there already pregnant so you want to jump over the fence and try to find the ones that on the other side of the fence and Tom cotton's face kind of like the things that are actually going at this particular moment in your in-your-face cell people have jumped all over it in other places. Now he says it's just funny to you tiles by fast funny story that you might want to be you know right around there. I just think it's probably two three-point race at this moment. Anything I think Sau I think that people in Georgia, you know, he felt that the well runs deep for him in Georgia. I think people love him and I think that Warnick has issues of his own and he and his race that are of a similar nature to question whether or not one thing can actually say that Herschel Walker is that he no PSU yet.

Yeah, he doesn't really ferment and he says not even look at the grizzly bear and I'm in a fight you now write like I did on iron sell what happens.

I'm not race and I can month the six room radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show you what your message to Democrats like you like with Don but are concerned about your age and will concerned about when naming a president. Recent history is gotten much done as I not a joke and so I just think there's a know it's a matter of is anybody done more in the first two years of administration forgot who was saying this about my age for since I began to run and so no when you workout me in the morning right so Joe Biden think 70% of the countries concerned about some of his cognitive issues including 52% of Democrats. It's a study that was out this week. Martha McCallum and Bill Hammer back together reunion tour.

You guys have reunion shows which approximation I whenever I am invite outcome on the story with me and afternoon and I to his shabby Wednesday morning, who's been on the ship was put on the American Martha comes on the anchors from Rikers oh you want to line up Dana Perino) in reverse order, share anybody Sandra Smith yes Martha McCallum yes I think there was a short spell with Allison Cammarata really maybe maybe not all that was at noon. Sorry. I wish you right and there was Megan Kelly and you let me Kelly was the first yesterday I I don't think I missed anybody. It's a rotting line out. It is a fantastic lineup. Only one man can handle. We would crush one man can handle and we would crush family feud you would have the way the end of the line, you know, we will hilarious so we just hearing Jake Tapper talk to other prison essays. I thought about. I have a sense that Tapper wants this job and if CNN was going to change their mission to be more balanced this with you and him to be the representative that is given some tougher interviews to Democrats of late. This might be the moment that was in the interview on what was omitted, harming the border was obvious right came on I was a hunter. Biden questioned Weaver to talk about this and I think the problem with the hunter vine question is that they only went to the first part because there is an American human being who can't sympathize with someone who has a family member who has a drug problem or an addiction problem right that's part of the problem is not that that is a understandable human condition.

The problem is that while he was doing drugs and no possessing an illegal weapon because he was doing drugs and shouldn't of had it in his possession. He was traveling on presidential aircraft to China and Ukraine to do business deals with high-ranking officials whose businesses were intertwined with the government of those countries problem okay so you have to then press and say yes sir, I know you said that you didn't. Just you missing in. 33.

I'm proud of my son.

This is a kid who got a kid is a grown man who got hooked on like many families that had happened hooked on drugs is overcome that established a new life so I'm confident that is what he's says and does are consistent with what happens should find interesting, but that was it Beasley at that weight. Not only did he ask a question he is good not only an easy question to question made him look sympathetic as opposed we really care about LIN that is what Hunter did with the big guy involved as he said to Bill Bill 20 published a Jake Tapper call me at the end of the hunter.

At the end of the Tucker Carlson and I think we all do these interviews were we look back and we think Manor should have asked that white and have time to get to this Anderson so there's a level of regret that you always have. In hindsight, would you agree that something is always something.

I mean for my money I would've said was the big guy you think I are you the big guy, Tony, but was as he met with you three or four times eat all that snow I just got just the big guy, I don't you talk about you to know you talking he would send heat he was at a time up while Sarah was there any agreement after you were going to leave office to have a piece of this company or this business now and if he says I it's interesting even that answer not have in front of me, but he kind of back battles about what he doesn't when he knows he doesn't know about gun laws as well. I guess you could 32 by the way this thing about a gun. I didn't know turns out that when he made my application to purchase a gun.

What happened was he stated I dish that asked the question, are you on drugs used drugs. He said no and he wrote about saying no book so I could conference myself love and he's on the straight and narrow and has been for a couple years now. I'm just so proud of. Look, if he's my son on to say that to not begrudge him defending his son. I'm sure is a difficult time but you could've said you the big guy and is done on your side. I we will we all got better. I don't know what Jake was going for. I wasn't there but I know what I would've inserted Martha I think you know what you would've inserted absolutely as to its natural follow-up there because the issue as I said is not a family member who had a drug prominence now banner everyone is glad that the sickness mantis is doing better now. The problem is while he was so addicted and we seen the videos we know that he was a mass he was also doing business deals with Ukraine and China, while his father was the vice president that is the issue that's the issue, and does any of that color.

The president's opinions about how he handles these countries in any way. That's the issue. Will said I would bring up something else. A bread bear, let's bring up this this to issues like to bring up Wonder Bread bear finally talk to one of the CA. The intelligence officials. It signed off saying that Hunter binds laptop was indeed Russian disinformation. He has since changed that spar and in the sparring session last night, the first getting his take on Ukraine and how much danger. Vladimir Putin may be in they went over to the fact that this guy Bill press of priests signed off that the hunter by laptop now proven.

We knew it, but they New York Times was imposable degraded their experts concur that was legitimately Hunter binds laptop and so with the contents of legitimate why did you sign up on a letter. This is classic Russian disinformation cut 34 he regrets on out of luck.

However, slowly, not as words are so true as it has all the class outcome. Your election will absolutely not know this is all it wasn't true. The classic earmarks, but it wasn't true.

What is not true was Russian disinformation is not what we said in the letter read the actual letter we said we do not know if this is Russian disinformation has right of the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation exactly referencing training information is documented.

This information cannot get to candidate address automation campaigns. Not my fault I will ask a couple things here. I'm glad he said yes to come in on the program. I think Britt's team is been looking for a long time for a lot of people signed that letter night. I think he might be the first person who said yes I I think after yesterday, no one else will agree to an interview.

My understanding is that a gentleman is not even a Russian expert and he signed a letter that said this is Russian disinformation classic system to read a book on how to get rid of the president.

History's guide to removing did not know that to removing unpopular unable or unfit chief executives in 2018. There's talk about follow-up questions. So yeah, here's a little more cut 36.

What were trying to do is point out.

This has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information campaign not to say it's Russian disinformation but to say that the propagation through American media and international media has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information campaign because mixing it over and over and over again. They love to. So these kind of divisions and exacerbate them.

That's not American that's Russian I got you, but it ended up being a Biden information campaign because he used it in the campaign and that the bank to encourage you to ask him about that and I will so he was stoop so all these Intel officials were due by a crack at crackhead dropped a laptop override a independent computer repair shop and I'm just saying. From my perspective. Could you have called David David Archer's business partner directly before I put my name on something my reputation on the line when you've conned all those pre-person would've picked up for a Democrat, hammered to Leon Panetta signed that letter, we are Panetta you think you get Hunter Biden on the phone thinking get any of these people on the phone/103 is this real, what about this issue daughter Hunter's tissue daughter and then you tell the FBI Mike I can sign this absolutely comes lamp that was outside on the fact that from day one. No one in the Biden camp ever said that my laptop never they never denied that it was his laptop since the truth is laptop, you better believe they would been screaming at top that is not his laptop but they never said that and it really is time you know how to sort of simple levels. Why why why should we trust his intelligence officials who I will introduce a little homework before the willing to put their name on something that really great investigators and repair the political operatives, absolutely.

So what emerged yesterday from the dorm trial would emerge as he was opening arguments on both sides to shake out in what ways is extraordinary. Bill well I mean there's a witness who testifies at base of the FBI offered $1 million to him if he could prove the information on the dossier and he did take the million dollars because he could prove the information but yet they still took it and dropped it into the case for a running presidential candidate several weeks for my presidential election. I would usually 16 to 2016 correct if they can do that to Donald Trump or anyone that they can drop this into the case file of any American today. I agree this is a huge story and also let me just remind everyone what what we just sent this is October 2016. This is weeks before the election now. Also keep in mind that John Durham is not sitting behind at the bench. John Durham gets up out of his chair. This is my guy Brian Otten.

I want to ask.

I'm in a question him personally said drunk did this investigate did this cross-examining examination himself.

He took this guy through all these questions yes we offer and I is that the knowledge I used before one you and I were talking Brian is less senior reporter and you go to your editor you say I got a huge, huge story here, but I only have this one source and I'm not sure it's actually accurate to say I go back get me two sources to confirm that the resources to nail it down. In this case they said we will pay you $1 million to give us a good source okay and then went around with it because I have a serious band, a serious agenda I need and he doesn't do way and pretend that it substantiated so so amazing.

Can you prove the document you handed in his real so that investors receive the document they look at it, then the land is owned document so often testify. This was three that we got our reporters, Brian Otten testified that he and a group of FBI agents went overseas in early October 2020, 21 to talk to Christopher Steele about the reports that later became known as the steel dossier during questioning from Gorham often said that there their doors during those meetings. The FBI offered Christopher Steele $1 million if he could corroborate allegations in the dossier, but that still could not do it. So the whole thing that could change coming so confusing. 26 and Mr. President-elect Ganymede. I discussed this information might be true might not be true, but when I tell you from that moment on James Comey and Donald Trump at a problem from cousin being set on the coming new for six years right why we just find out about this now.

I think that's on Durham frankly well I don't know I think is trams timeline was slower than I think anybody wanted to be but now it was in the middle of it and I don't know what only he can answer that question. But here's the thing, said the person that they thought was to substantiate the story that was told to steal was Egerton Janco is on trial for lying to the FBI and it turns out this is the case that they're making that the sources that he said he was getting this information from. In some cases, don't appear to have existed or phone calls that were never made or trips that he said he was taking to gather this information, which are not to be for some other personal purpose so he could say II just went here and I went there and I got this information that the person he was in touch with was Dolan who was a PR-the campaign right so when we have Russia, Dolan was there when Yeltsin was friendly and we are trying to help them transition to capitalism, to a degree, so Dolan stayed his contacts went through the boom years, and was time to set up Trump. He was trying to set up. He couldn't do it.

And with this guide to shake was hearing hearsay help put together the steel dossier and then the kicker which it was a novel I go chemicals and waste my time, he worked for the newspaper. The FBI rally shakeup reason traveling to the FBI but while he's on pair of FBI's payroll insane father saying that Carter page, who was also on their payroll. At one point never lies. That's why we have to investigate him find that application happens to be a very peripheral foreign policy advisor. I think he went to never eating, never met Trump meant he's the guy that we have to nail down here and just think about Jim Comey sitting in that room with Pres. Trump then candidate Trump and thinks there I had to say this this is pretty bad. We are this this is getting it printed. Reporters have the story about you and the prostitutes and in the hotel in Moscow and heat and think they bought it from that from Buzz feed and ends up being published, and then people debated for the next three and half years back in a moment educating, entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill me breaking news unique opinions.

All Brian kill me show Martha Bill Hammer, could you is if I asked Martha show yeah 3 o'clock Martha so let's see, that's why I said this morning when I was reading the story about her last night when it came after Jacobson was basically vilified for trying to warn Pres. Trump that there was something going on that was trying to take him down in minutes met that it didn't smell so great about what was going to get to Devon as about his reaction that a million valid dollars couldn't buy a solid story from Christopher Steele which I think is extraordinary on were also going to have Mark Penn and Mercedes Lachman organ talk about with planning the Fetterman research. I just find it interesting. Great piece today by Selena Zito about in Africa for even if you put the kind into step aside for a minute take a look at Braddock the town that he says he saved the dump. It's a dump and want to be saved and show up as Lieut. Gov. would never show up and do his job lived at home to his 40s. Bernie Sanders is his political idol he doesn't want to Frankie. Once the criminals at her prison. These are all the things you don't get to the nomination. October 25 is the date that is on the calendar for that debate you think should happen by way I do say that Fetterman told NBC yesterday there were Friday when the interview that he would be there will happen, but I think I think with the NBC reporter said is very interesting when their off-camera and just in casual conversation she noticed that he had a really hard time picking up what she was trying to communicate to him so I sent an excellent job is very fair and she explained quite clearly what is situation. I cannot wait for 3 o'clock. I can wait for your show from 9 to 11 tomorrow.

I can't wait for everything right and can't wait for its next over 100 meteorologists handle worldwide resources. The Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not just

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