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WH Begged El Paso Not to Declare Illegal Alien Emergency

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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October 18, 2022 3:13 pm

WH Begged El Paso Not to Declare Illegal Alien Emergency

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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October 18, 2022 3:13 pm

Clearly, the White House is more concerned about optics than they are about the safety of American citizens. Shameful and impeachable!

Betsy DeVos, Gov. Mike Huckabee, Rep. Mary Miller, and Megan Basham join the conversation!

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Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM delivers universities through you in Memphis Tennessee is America's conservative. We are that you have chosen to hang out with both the pre-read on to spend three hours screaming at you would like to have a conversation here on this on this radio network broadcast to border coast-to-coast across the fruited plain 20 days until the midterm elections and the opportunity for we the people to stop the communist Democrats dead in their tracks, books, we've got a great show lined up for you today. Lots of new polling data to get through some big debates last night and want to get your take on the on the debates, our special guest Gov. Mike Huckabee is going to be here. Also, former Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos is going to join us. Congresswoman Mary Miller from Hanoi and Megan Basham from the daily wire is going to be here, so an action-packed day. But the most important people we ever want to hear from are you ladies and gentlemen the audience of the Todd start his radio program.

I want you to write on her telephone number.

You will need this if you want to call in on the program today 844-747-8868. Again, that's 844-747-8868 so the big story over at Fox news today is is one that I am intrigued by fascinated by and disgusted by no major city in America has had a greater problem with the illegal alien invasion than El Paso Texas. They are right there on the border and they have been through holy.

You know what, so the mayor of El Paso was considering a lot of the city Council to declare an emergency state of emergency in the face of the onslaught of the illegal alien invasion both what I'm talking about a few dozen people on the tour bus coming up to Martha's Vineyard were talking about tens of thousands of people want you to put yourself in the shoes of Mayor Oscar leaser, who by the way, is a Democrat. The White House gave him a telephone call and they said Mr. Mayor. We understand that you are preparing to declare state of emergency in El Paso and he said yes that is correct and then the White House the Biden White House. The binding of ministration. Ladies and gentlemen told this mayor of an American city undersea. They asked him not to do it.

They said Mr. Mayor. We got to ask you work on public election. You gotta help us out here. We cannot have a major city controlled by the Democrats declaring a state of emergency. Now I want to read from the Fox News P0 declaration has been expected in recent weeks as the city's immigration struggles have become more prominent on the national level. By the way, have you noticed something about Fox News and their reporting of the specific issue they're not illegals anymore right there called migrants. That's what they're calling them migrants. The city's immigration strip was not the city's immigration struggle. It's the illegal immigration struggle at least three of the eight El Paso city Council members of Artie asked leaser to make an emergency declaration. This week the Biden administration which is faced enormous political pressure over the nearly 2 year crisis announced a combined border operation with Mexico. That operation involves increased checkpoints and more resources to handle the migrant search El Paso is launched a new migrant data data dashboard to give a glimpse of the extraordinary numbers the border city is seeing as part of the ongoing migrant crisis racking the Southwest border and they go on from there. But according to the data I just want you to hear these numbers and you think about this. You people in Gainesville, Georgia you people in Bartlesville, Oklahoma you good people in Portland Maine. I want you to hear this, according to the data.

The numbers went from less than 1700 releases per week into the city. That was during the summer to over 6800. Just last week, but numbers of illegals and border patrol custody has also jumped from fewer than 3000 to over 4500. And here's the money here's the money nugget.

The data shows there are more than 1000 illegals being released in the into the community every day, every day in the city is providing more than 900 meals a day to hungry illegals Fox News because the migrants are not migrants Fox News there illegal aliens, but I know they're not allowed to say that over Fox News and apparently what's going on here was very clear to me the Biden administration is putting optics. I had a public safety were dealing with some very bad criminals were dealing with murderers with robbers, thieves, rapist, you name it comes across that border. A lot of these people are straight from the Middle East are also dealing with the possibility of terrorist coming into this country to do us harm to blow us to kingdom come in the name of the religion of peace. So there's a lot of really bad stuff coming across the border and the people in El Paso saying hey we got have some help here, somebody's gotta do something for us in the Biden administration is saying no were not going to do that and when I can. I'll let your local people do that because it would look bad for Democrats going into the midterm elections.

That's what's going on, so all I can tell you folks is that elections have consequences, and you gotta get out and vote on election day. We gotta do what we can do to save these border towns in these communities. And if I were the mayor of El Paso, Texas, I would. I would tell Biden where to stick it on the walking bowling. Yes, you heard me guacamole.

That's what I would've done.

I don't care visit. Democrat or not.

By the way, have you heard the story, Biden tried to spell spell out a website, you gotta hear this.

Got one any questionable calls. Please tell us by going to report fraud, report fraud, DOT,, or I'm calling this up right now to see where it takes us all if it takes me to a place called Level 3 on what that means. Grace Baker, FTC ID theft affidavit. Geez, I probably also watch was now yeah probably try just like got a virus on your computer so we didn't know that is not like DOT is not innocent.Mr. president.words are hard work. Yes, they are clearly say oh my word so folks looked really take a break here. What is the big concern for you, going into the midterm elections. What is your big concern is that the, the, the invasion of our nation's of the economy. What is the big issue facing you and your community as were going into the midterms.

844-747-8868 fence or toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 during the break. It's a great time to head over to Todd's Click on the alliance defending freedom, banner folks, we are were not moving the needle. We got it we got it.

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He would not let the Fox News anchors go on the late-night TV shows it with Bill Marr or at the time it was with David Letterman. He just wouldn't do that. He wanted this us versus them mindset any end date. He enforced that and and I appreciated that, and I respected that and the whole point of that. I'm not sure a lot of people and there's a lot of my colleagues were very upset with because there is this inherent need among a lot of conservatives out there to be a part of the the high dollar exclusive cocktail circuit. They want to be loved by the New York Times own a beloved by the Washington Post wanted a little walk down the red carpet at fashion week and the met gal that theirs is need for that. So when Roger Ailes was fired from Fox. Then all of a sudden the Fox anchor started showing up at all these fancy gatherings. One of the things used to drive me nuts.

I love you guys. I'm not getting name names you could just Google it for yourself but there were a lot of high profile primetime Fox News host who would go out after hours and they would party and socialize with the very people that were on their programs. For example, some of them would pal around without Sharpton and I never could've my mind understand. I couldn't wrap my mind around the idea that an honest-to-goodness pro-American conservative would be not only breaking bread without Sharpton but would be supporting Al Sharpton financially. I never could understand. But you know what whatever you gotta sleep at night you have to answer to before your makers so that's on but they would go to all of these big parties I'm not a big party guy and Grace knows this. I we got all these invites. I'm just an old homebody. I like going home after the show. I like reading like doing research I like going to all go out and Doug to the walkover at the park.

A simple man a simple man, Grace Baker, just to be meat and potatoes like guy that's all I ask. All that to say there is still this Wiedemann people to be accepted by the New York Times. I don't get that and one Donald John Trump is topping the list, so this is according to Maggie Haberman, Maggie Haberman, the New York Times reporter wrote a book. It is a bestseller across all platforms and president Trollope gave her hours and hours and hours of interviews during his time in the Oval Office and now it's coming back to bite him in the behind. But it gets worse, because as bad as Maggie Haberman is, ladies and gentlemen, I can't think of a more despicable journalist than Bob Woodward and this news coming for meteorite Bob Woodward announced that he is releasing an audiobook die which books just hear me on this just your illness. It's one thing to sit down for an interview and tell the reporter you can't record be you have to take notes because then when the book comes out. You can always get up in front of the cameras and your defense can be. They misquoted me, it's fake news. I never said that and you might be able to get away with it. But that's not what happened. Bob Woodward is releasing an audiobook featuring more than eight hours of interviews with former Pres. Trump and guess what C and in the most profane name and new sign.

Big road network. Thank you, Judge Joe Brown always there for comment. CNN got an exclusive lesson New York Times correspondent and CNN analyst Maggie Haberman open.

I mispronounce my apologies analyst that's it's Tuesday. CNN analyst Maggie Haberman currently sits atop the publishing world with her controversial but much buzzed about book Providence man. The making of Donald Trump and the breaking of American but she could soon have stiff competition.

According to a new report from CNN's Jamie Dingle Elizabeth Stewart and Jeremy. Is it herb or herb. I'm not sure if the pH is silent.Shelley: herb Jeremy herb. The book is called the Trop tapes I married you because we have not seen this, but CNN has Trump's take on his relationship with Kim his admission. He did not have a broader strategy behind the threats he made about having much bigger nuclear button are part of the new audio that Woodward is releasing the book contains the 20 interviews Woodward conducted with Trump from 2016 through 2020.

The interviews offer unvarnished insights into the former presidents worldview and are the most extensive recordings of Trump speaking about his presidency, including explaining his rationale for meeting Kim his relationship with Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin and trumps detailed views of the US nuclear arsenal.

The audio also shows how Trump decided to share with Woodward. The letters Kim wrote to him and so on and so forth. The book is called from interviews dating back to 2016 and as recently as 2020. So here's my question folks and again it's I mean Donald Trump can sit down and do an interview with whoever he wants to, but do you think it was a good idea for Pres. Trump to bring CNN political analyst Maggie Haberman into the White House Oval Office. You think that was a good idea you think it was a good idea for Donald Trump to allow Bob Woodward into the oval office for hours and hours of interviews on the one any really think was going to what good did the president think was going to come out of it but I say this because he's not the only one I mean every every conservative political lawmaker wants to try and make nice with the New York Times and you cannot do that. These are very bad people. The New York Times reporters hate you, they hate conservatives. They hate our values, they had our country and they hate you so you think somebody who hates you is going to make you look nice in the New York Times will of course not. That's why we don't talk to because nothing good ever comes from talking to the New York Times, nothing at all.

Nothing at all and I really do wish these Republican politicians of all sorts would step back and realize that the New York Times is not their friend will never be their friend. They want to destroy you conservatives they want to make you look bad. 844-747-8868 that's your toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 should Trump have done those interviews will be right back.

Illegal drug trafficking has turned our southern border into a war zone.

It's a war that no one wants to talk about. That's why I urge you to see border battle but use export limited documentary series from turning point USA that exposes the sheer evil and inhumanity of drug cartels and the illegal drug trade. Fentanyl has killed tens of thousands of Americans it's so dangerous just three grains of principle can kill you border battle reveals how illegal immigration, human trafficking, and America's drug crisis is only been made worse by decades of government neglect. Today's drug cartels are militarized with sophisticated weapons tanks and drones that drop explosives on their drug competitors right on our southern border. We've never seen this before in the history of our country hear directly from drug and border patrol agents about the horrific conditions along the border and what life is really like on the front lines watch border battle now download the full six part documentary that sale welcome back to the Taj radio show. So with so big debate last night in Georgia rural race.

Brian And member pulley numbers campus will really doing a number on Stacy able Stacy Abrams called out because of her decision not to concede the last gubernatorial election. She says the election was told but she says she never did that got number nine play Stacy Abrams Dennis Abramson 2010, you didn't concede to see the governor Talk to systemic problems with the states election system. This election you commit to accept the outcome of the vote regardless of what it shows and you stand by use of words like rigged four years ago describes the selection system in 2018. I began my speech on November 16 acknowledging the governor camp and won the election would simply not true. It is fiction, which she should be well-versed in seeing how she's a romance novelist. Let's go back and let's listen to what Ms. Abrams had to say. Back in 2018, number eight I got but we won't know exactly how many because how the change I did with my last job were robbed of the election season, the word rigged using the words dangerous going and explain going down because we can actually know is it was not a free and fair election� Don't Georgia. I believe it was stolen from the voters. Thousands of Georgians had their voices stolen valid and can guarantee that their votes will be counted 2020 if we don't do this right will very go ladies and gentlemen, that is Stacy Abrams so she lied. She lied last night, and these reporters, these debate moderators. They just let them get away with. They just let them get away with allies. By the way, here's Brian Kemper who did a terrific job in the debate. I'm very impressed with the governor and how he's been handling himself in the election cycle.

Cut to what I ran for governor in 2018. I promise to put hard-working Georgians. First, ahead of the status quo in the politically correct I said shortly after being sworn in an old work orders your governor every single day for all Georgians, whether you voted for me or not.

I'm so optimistic about the future of our state. The lowest unemployment rate in history of the state. The most people working in economic opportunity in all parts of our state. No matter your ZIP Code or neighborhood Stacy Abramson. George is a worse state in the country to live for Marty. The girls and I disagree we think George is a greatest state in the country to live, work and raise our children and Aslam asking for your vote in support to keep it that way.

Are there you go, and I don't have a lot of listeners in Georgia and I'd be very curious to know how the elections going.

Have you guys gotten the the ballot issues taken care of your Secretary of State was supposed to be doing that and if in fact that's the case, it could be a very good night for not only Brian But also for Herschel Walker who of who by the way Herschel Walker won the debate a few days ago there were two debates.

He showed up for what he did not show up for the other. And I think he won both, I really do. Herschel Walker asked about Joe Biden cut number three. Can you name one thing that Pres. Biden has done that you support when he's done that us for the lanai screen or anything policy.

Why was he wasn't he done us. Well, as you I mean you got like Herschel Walker. He's that he's the unifier he's the uniter was any thought about it, he's awake, there's gotta be something that I can find common ground on with Joseph Robinette by and is not corn pop. It's not that well know is not corn probably works in your corn pop because he's from Puerto Rico. I wasn't corn pop. It wasn't sitting poolside and letting children.

Fondle your leg cares it's not sniffing it's not sniffing the hair of innocent children at campaign event so it turned out to be ice cream so you know it's hard, but at least at least Herschel Walker is going out there and he's trying to find some common ground with Joe Biden what flavor of ice cream I'm a vanilla guy myself, Chris, but I know that shocks a lot of people yeah I'm more of a chocolate gal, St. Todd Sturges raises no I just like to know ice cream lesson everybody can agree on ice cream.

I don't have ever met someone who doesn't like ice. I do like a little bit of the chocolate sauce on the top like you like it hot like just say cherry on top.

I'm good percentage think I tried yes you did so anyway, there you go. That's the latest from the state of Georgia where the polling data looks very good for both Herschel Walker and Brian Rafael Warnock man. He is coming under fire, especially with the suffix and subpoena of the church is been evicting a lot of people from this apartment going bail sorry very Christlike behavior then again the preacher of the, the preacher, the pastor of the church supports the killing of unborn babies are going to talk about our good buddy Mike Lindell know this is not a commercial.

This is that there's an honest-to-goodness story about poor Mike Lindell. He was in Humboldt County, California. That's over Northern California.

Here's what you need to understand Northern California outside of the San Francisco Bay Area. It's mostly conservative, so they are Mike Lindell was in Northern California and I guess he had a hankering for a burrito or something chilly really and I don't so Little Mexican Joint Pl., Chile's pickle source. It stands for three hot peppers. That's what that means. So anyway he goes in there and a couple of the stamper was go. Holy cow, it's that my fellow guy and then will have a lot of celebrities you know when you're in a restaurant and your your you see a celebrity come in and you will you go over and you say hello.

And so the bartender waitress go over said Mike Lindell. We love you my fellow guy and so they asked were reported to be pose for a photograph of his shirt, no problem. So they did. The restaurant's owner, Michelle Hill nine would not of taken her for the owner of a Mexican restaurant but okay that's good. Michelle Hill told San Francisco gate, which is a newspaper that the two employees recognize Lindell because they use the bipolar products they had no idea that the guy was doing hold the national politics.

So this is not about politics is about pillows. Mrs. Hill said she allowed a manager to post to post a photo on the restaurant's Facebook page because her staff was excited that a celebrity like Mike Lindell had visited so it wasn't meant to be a political statement.

It was this Mike hello my fellow guy came and got some tacos pose for a picture she says, quote I don't get in the politics we knew nothing about him apart from his light-colored guy my standbys as follows his sheets his socks. There were just excited to see someone famous like, but some people around town took great offense at the visit from Mike Lindell and their demanding that the restaurant take down the photo there saying that this man is a bad man and the restaurant had no business serving food to a pro-Trump supporter one Facebook user wrote it's not about politics it's about crime and sedition yet don't just post photos with other terrorists so I start with TM well I'll tell you why you moron because he's a celebrity.

Mrs. Hill said she only learn more about Lindell.

After researching them online. She said, and this is the best part of the storybooks. Mrs. Hill said even if she had known about Mike Lindell's postelection conduct. She still would've allowed the manager to post a photo. Lindell is famous, she said, and she would post a photo of her staff with any celebrity who visited the restaurant regardless of their ideological leanings. She said if Joe Biden or Donald Trump or Martha Stewart or George Clooney had come in, they would have done the same thing you will grace we undergo in your picture. Let's do it. I love to me.

Hill said the restaurant's gotten threatening phone calls. People are enraged death threats wait.

This all started with the pillow guy and hot sauce that's it and tacos I don't know. I don't know what he wanted. I sent him a text which is unlike quesadilla like my earlier work of God.

What is your order at the Mexican restaurant and how spicy are we talking that's a good question anyway. In spite of all of this and now they're planning to boycott Teresa Chile's pickle source there threatening to boycott the restaurant unless they take down the photo and Mrs. Hill said the photo ain't common down and I say you go girl or Se�ora you go Se�orita that's what I said folks is how you deal with the cancer culture you just shove it right back in their face, that's all you're very nice and polite about it but to shove it right back in their face. That's what I would recommend art we had to take a break or 844-747-8868 that's a toll-free telephone or that's 844-747-8868 may I tell you about my because there really are some nice deals or you're in a final search of great stuff including a one time free gift when you order today. All you have to do is go to my and you will see all sorts of great bipolar products available for you bipolar geezer dream bedsheets, as well as 3998 also the perk Hill sheet sets as low as 2998.he is my promo code Starnes by, there is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the Biden ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd start and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds and traditional markets. You are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your goals it's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time. Legacy precious is the company I investing in gold.

They can help you hold your retirement account into a goal back IRA still own the physical goal also ship precious metal safely and securely to your house.

You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox called legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit them that's like a CPM investment back to the time Starnes radio so you really good about the elections, got any concerns any worries. Any fear will give me a call and I will do my best to help you work through those issues live on the radio 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 coming up a little bit later on. Betsy DeVos is good to be here Secretary of Education during the trumpet years.

Also, our good friend, Gov. Mike Huckabee is going to weigh in on some of Pres. Biden's most recent gaffes in the meantime, let's go to the phones 844-747-8868 Anna in Georgia wants to talk about my fellow hate and I what's going on out how hello hello and got three Powell I Got a Bedroom. She and I love every bit at him and Nightingale is a good creation and faith. Though Shelley Democrat Algonquian hail wide open. Thank you.

You know you're very you're very welcome. I will say this about Mike Lindell. I was talking to our good friend Franklin Graham a few days ago, and Franklin was telling me that that Lindell is down in Florida and was giving away, literally thousands hand delivering thousands of my pillows in the bed bed sheets and things of that nature to survivors of the hurricane what a good and decent man. He is wrong hot godly Democrat better get out there late. I like the way you think and and I will just say this site. I think this is somewhere in the New Testament, but there are no bipolar products in the lake of fire.

So I will know what a good nights rest.

If you want a good nights rest. You better go to heaven because that's only pleasure to get a good my fellow that's why God sent our job while you're trying to say that thank you and all right let's go to the great state of Maine, W.

L old be the big lobster. Well what's going on and I will think you little while ago. If you have any concerns about the and myself like probably 99% of blisters are concerned because the inconsistencies of electric never been addressed and my opinion.

There was a lot of cheating that will with media, social media in a coordinated effort and me.

There's a lot of proof when you turn on the new and everybody's reading from the same. That tells me there's a coordinated effort, and it reminds me of how the media is run in rock and so you don't vote because America.

I believe in our democracy, but I just don't see how working to stop achieving in the upcoming election will be a consent glide on that. I'm happy, I'm happy to do that. And one of the things that makes this different word were dealing with localized elections are not dealing with a national presidential election here so if in fact you're a group wanted to try and steal a race that would be very difficult to do because they would have to have boots on the ground or they would have to have access to computers all over the place and I don't think there to be able to do that but the other issue here is arming the voter fraud issues. Some states have addressed them, whether or not whether or not it worked well. We don't know yet. I will say this, if we go into election day and it turns out that the Democrats are going to be able to hold onto the house and the Senate. I do believe that would be voter fraud and and I think at that point, you would have conservatives rising up and marching in the streets again not doing violence but demanding that that that something be done because you're right, I mean overall from a federal level. They haven't done squat but on the state level, there have been some states controlled by Republicans who are making efforts to fix the loopholes that would be one rank boating and I don't know how much you know about it and I drink a lot of that is rigged rain. Choice voting is rigged for the Democrats. It always is because you have some lunatic Republican some fringe Republican stealing away votes and it's always screws up. That's what just happened in an Alaska. By the way, will, and the other part of this is that Republicans have to start being smart with their candidates. You gotta pick the right people and I I think were to be okay. I really do.

I think were to be okay.

This election cycle, the presidential election. I don't know. Well, that's my God's honest truth answer. I don't know which I did.

I will gotta run, where I get like for break your appreciate the call I II really do wish I could say with out beyond the shadow of a doubt that we fix all the election problems. I wish I could say that but I cannot say that what I do know is this. If you don't go out and vote and that's that's on you. I mean really that's on you, so we do have a responsibility to get on a boat you conservatives out there.

You have a responsibility to go and volunteer to be a poll watcher. Why let all the Democrats take those jobs you get out there you volunteer your time well I don't have time. Tana got a job and I got into the country club dumpling off. Gotta take kids to soccer practice about like to know you got us put some priorities in your life and you know whatever he fought for years every two years you can take a day and you can go and volunteer and want to make sure these Democrats these gondolas even Democrats don't steal another election. That's all I gotta take a break here 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number hey Todd is a website get over there and give a few dollars to align your things to you great Americans.

My pillow is an amazing company. Mike Lindell has an amazing offer for my listeners on his finger in my pillows. The standard my pillows normally 6998, only 1990 also can get deep discounts at all my fellow type of towels toppers my slippers was that of Michael.Renee listers to get Mike's my fellow for just 19 9483 9506 and use the promo code start my pillows made in USA comes with a 10 year warranty. So you know and the 60 day moneyback everything you have nothing to lose it's time to start getting the quality sleep we not only want, but the my or call 800-839-8506 is the promo code starts to take advantage of Mike's special offer on his Peter Michael promo code start or call one 808 nine �85 University studio in Tennessee Charlie since conservative Germans vary from Joe everybody on Todd, we are now 20 days away from the midterm elections an opportunity for people to step up and undo some really really bad stuff is happening in our country folks hope you're doing well. Write down our telephone number.

You will need this if you plan on call again 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 one of the things that that that I truly believe that came out of the China virus pandemic.

One of the great things that came out of the pandemic was the awakening of moms and dads across America coming to the understanding of what was really happening inside those public school.

Those taxpayer-funded classrooms and many parents across the nation are steaming up and they're fighting back at their demanding change. I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line and were honored to have with us.

The former secretary of education under Pres. Trump Betsy DeVos Betsy good to have you with us today.

While great Gail you know I looking back over the past couple of years and to see moms and dads finally standing up and and saying enough is enough. Moms and dads getting involved in re-engaging in the education system.

How important is that where we are right now in American history. What it really is a moment and you're so right, the last couple of years parent that had a front row seat to see what their kids have been learning or in many cases, not learning, and they spend alarm didn't yell out whether it material that is totally inappropriate for young children are whether it is curriculum that is so robotic and stole light weight parents aren't happy for a variety of reasons and rightfully and we seen them find their voices starting last fall with the governor's race in Virginia where it was a very clear delineation between Glenn Young can standing up for parents and for kids and Terry McAuliffe, who was totally aligned with the system the status quo. I headed by the teacher union in all their allies so it's a really important moment to move to education freedom where families will actually be able to control and direct how and where their kids learn and we saw the same thing happening in in Florida were Gov. Ron DeSantis actually got involved in some of the school board races.

You have groups like moms for liberty popping up and you saw some of the largest school districts in the state and one of the largest in America. Actually when conservative leadership on the school boards yeah that's so important.

Great people getting engaged in school board rate is where for many years.

It was hard to even figure out when school board. Board elections took place, but importantly, also working many state legislatures now actually legislation that is going to free family and empower families with the resources that are already spent on their children to take it to a place that's going to get their values and meet their children's needs. Arizona had taken a giant leap in that direction jumped a couple of months ago I passing 8 feet wide universal education savings account program so every family and innovative Arizona.

If they don't like the school that their child is assigned to art that school not working for that child can take 90% of what this statement bans on that hammer and they can go and buy their children's education wherever it can work so much more creativity.

So many more opportunities and that things like the start of that one room schoolhouse for the 21st century that we saw started out of the city during that call that lockdown working many more of those.

I continue to grow and proliferate because it's going to be the right setting for lots of kids safety family had discovered that and more.

Want to have that opportunity Betsy and I'm curious from your time as secretary of education to earlier. Now what do you think the greatest threat is that we need to be concerned with when it comes to public schools, public education, well, there are many threats that I have been aware of for the more than 3 1/2 decades. I've been involved in the fight for families and kids.

It has been one side it's all industrial model down controlled monopoly that is kids across America have been forced to be part out now for many kids their school work for them and they're doing just fine. Many other kids, for whom their schools aren't working and they haven't been working for many years before called it, you just look at the results.

The academic results from the years leading up to the many years leading up to when we look at ourselves the United States as compared to the rest of the world. We are failing on multiple fronts on it in terms of the leading 13th in the world before called it in terms of science clear 18 and 30,000 and Beutler all ranking before called it yet and do you have Schools closed far longer than almost every other other other country in the world and our kids had suffered harm as a result, I am personally concerned about critical race theory. These radical sex and gender revolutionaries as I call them. There's a report out of Montgomery County, Maryland, 45% of students now identify as non-binary. I mean this is it's an it's impossible and it's gotta be evidence of flat out brainwashing and indoctrination of the classroom and late and all of these things were being treated well before the shutdown in the lockdown and now I thankfully parent that had a front row seat NAT what's going on in there and and are not happy in many cases, and rightfully so. This is a trying time to remind legislators that parents are the ones that are the kids first, educators, and they need to have the ability to decide where their child learns and frankly what values their children are being taught mean anybody who says that K-12 education is being delivered value free had not actually paid attention to what's going on. Families are rightfully at that and now is the time to change policy to support family and kids, and the ability to make the decision for your children's education and to expect the balance for your children. A Betsy DeVos on the patriot mobile newsmaker line today folks.

Betsy, I'm I'm curious I would hear you talking about wanting to abolish the US Department of Education. Why do you want to do that while Department of Education was founded in 1979 as a poem about payoff by Jimmy Carter to the teacher union to that year endorsed 76 endorsed a presidential candidate Jimmy Carter for the first time ever.

It was a down and since then that the it was founded with the present purpose of closing achievement gaps between the top performers in the lowest performers now over $1 trillion later at the federal level alone when fat expressed mission in mind. Not only has the achievement gap not closed or narrowed. In any case it actually widened in many cases, so the department has been a failure in its mission and taxpayers. I have been on the hook for the department role in that.

I believe it's time to return control certainly to the state and ideally directly to the family to be able to make the best choices and demanded a badge for their kids and an end break the one-size-fits-all monopolistic approach to how kids learn that we now that then motive of the K-12 education, but that wasn't originally designed as a factory model to have all children go in learn the same things and basically come out the other end thinking the same way doing the same things prepared for the same thing. The world is very different today than it was 175 years ago when Horace Mann founded it and it's time for again for families to take back control and for creativity and American entrepreneurship and ingenuity to be introduced into the K-12 learning experience and model and when that happened were going to be so many more good learning environment that are going to ignite the innate curiosity and the innate talent that every child in our country's Betsy I was I was a big fan of yours during the Trump administration.

Of course I went to a Christian school where of the divorce family donated lots of an elite university in Tennessee so I've I've known about you for a long time.

I was curious though and I'm I'm I'm with you on abolishing the part of education, why didn't you do that while currently start that process while you were there as secretary of education was or something that that prevented that from happening actually to budget that I presented what had started in that direction. We propose to block grant all of the funds that were not expressed for expressive purposes elsewhere black grant all the discretionary funds in the department back to the states for them to decide and control where the highest and that youth was. I presented those budgets to Congress. Unfortunately, we didn't have to many members of Congress that wanted to have that conversation. I guarantee the conversation would be different today.

The last couple of years and that's why I believe it is time for those who talked about it actually put a plan behind it and an advocate for it on.

I think there is a time there is a window of possibility there and I encourage our Republican lawmakers to embrace it and pursue it. I'm with you. Will Betsy thank you for serving our great nation. You've done a wonderful job back on backing this effort a thousand percent a let's return control of the schools back to the local communities.

We really appreciate your time today and we love to get you back one of these days� Look forward to it are my heart, Betsy DeVos, everybody, former Secretary of Education, and I do. I mean, you heard me save us, and again I know that Darrell there a lot of talk coast and they want to have somebody you know on like Betsy DeVos and maybe they been saying the same thing when they come on. They will ask the tough questions boy like to ask the tough questions on this radio program and I do think that when she was name Secretary of Education hurt her only priority. What is what it would and should have been to eliminate her job and to abolish the Department of Education and let's hope that happens during the next Trump administration. Ladies and gentlemen.

Would you like to see the Department of Education destroyed, abolished, would you like control of your schools back at the local level DCCCXLIV-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8860, it will be right back. I'm sorry I just need to warn you if you're eating a ham sandwich or if you are a liberal today and you're eating some sort of vital raw fish product just set it aside for just a moment because we don't want you to choke on Pres. Biden is delivering a speech all by got there just there so many soundbites coming out of this bird a play about three of them in a second, but Grace said there is one scene now where Pres. Biden is robbing a girl's face. He grabs her hand and doesn't let go for a solid minute I'm watching it right now. Oh my God, that old person thing like where they grabbed the hand and they just keep holding it. Is that true, I think so. But when I say old I mean like telling the woman say the lots in Naples and any other disease of the women stayed there like he's like oh my God, he's only my literacies like I don't know about this we hear how to get teased by the Secret Service.

No Mr. Pres., my talking and watching this in real time. Still building the night my gosh and then he got and it is still holding her hand does does he know that he still holding this woman's hand at something posting this on were reposting this on ourselves. We had opposes on Todd So while were doing that, so Grace let's let's get that ready and word oppose the videos of people to see for themselves on Todd but, LII wanted to go there and play some audio here. There are three clips or maybe more, but were to play these three not one after the other. All offer some commentary. Clearly, Biden is off his meds cut number one ER where the United States of America there's nothing beyond our capacity so vote vote vote.

God bless you all my God protect our troops.

Thank you.

I'm sorry, so that's not that's not it is our stop stop right so let's play the three audio clip side. I just asked for any questionable calls. Please tell us by going to report fraud, report fraud, DOT, FTC.okay so what we'll do is we'll regroup after the bout of the hour. We got three cuts that I believe we've got the from this gathering here a grace turn your microphone on so we can figure this out here working to do this on their art so other three. We got three soundbites are from the speech that Biden just gave yes we do okay can we get those yes sorry let's all right, let's get those will get those out of the top of after the race but we do that all right. Thank you very much. Clearly Joe Biden is off his meds.

I've never seen anything like this. Nothing at all but is going around one point_REIT I'll just read the soundbites were Biden says the right thing. I pushed hard and I finally got changed to married couples in the privacy of their bedroom. I know what that means.

Biden says again and I want to quote the right that I pushed hard and I finally got changed to married couples in the privacy of their bedrooms.

How bizarre, and again this whole this whole thing about touching the woman and this is not going viral on social media to get this up on our website. Todd but keep touches her cheek and then he fake punches her. It's very he hits her with a fist. Yes, but not very hard is not like a little top.

Yet it was a love tap. I got kind of fool we just had a couple days ago with Biden you know sniff in the girls hair again basic calamities like enter here air sees me in her ear giving her unsolicited dating advice saying low serious guys to your 30 and the girls just looking at him like are you crazy so again were just think back to back to back to back to back Biden just honestly creeping these poor teenage girls out.

Normally this happens, you know, multiple speeches very few times have we seen this much happened in one city one speech, but I starting to see more and more gas close together, don't you think worse, it is getting worse. It's getting very it's it's pretty bad, all that to say men. If you have a wife. If you have daughters I would keep away from Joe Biden just if Biden is coming to town. Take your take your wife take your daughters hide them out of town somewhere. Forget about Halloween. This is the scariest thing. Unbelievable. All right coming up and asked Gov. Mike Huckabee about all of this I we already had a list of abiding gas to go through so will go through the all the brand-new ones here coming up. Also, Congressman Mary Miller all the way and Megan Bassett from the daily water. This is the Todd surgery was about everybody. This is the Todd Stern radio show they have today. Let's go to the paint removal newsmaker line, our good friend, Gov. Mike Hunt, Gov. hope you're doing well today.

Yes sir I am doing quite well. Gov. just a few moments ago we had some bizarre Biden And I Want to Play through These and It's It's Pretty Remarkable. I Will Do All Three and Adjust Back to Back to Back Tile and a Gimbal at the Governor, Gov. React the Right That I Pushed Hard and Finally Got Changed to Married Couples in the Privacy of the Red Room Screaming I'm Thinking about the Dobbs Decision. Imagine I'll Get to the Second Court Substantive Due Process Presence Including Griswold into the Whole Idea of Contraception.

Lawrence and Ofer Are Where the United States Of America There's Nothing beyond Our Capacity so Vote Vote Vote. God Bless You All My God Protect Our Troops. Thank You.

I'm Sorry I My Mother Be Very Angry. I Was Talking with People with My Back to the Governor, the People Get Married in the Privacy of Their Bedroom Kind of an Unusual Letting You Know in the Course of My Life. I've Actually Performed over 400 Weddings. I Never Remember Being Asked to Perform One in the Privacy of Film. That's a New One and Then the Griswold I Think You Could Watch Too Many Clark Griswold Movies the Vacation Series and Maybe This Was an Oak Vacation and National Lampoon's Vacation Goes to Washington DC in the White House.

Honestly, between He and John Fetterman. It's Just Truly Unbelievable to Watch People Who Are Running for Very High Offices and Hold High Offices and yet Can't Get It through without Completely Butchering It up. It's Just Amazing It's It's Simply I Know It Is What It Is and and Gov. Were Proposing Some Video during That the Handshaking There's a There's a Young Lady and He Caressed He Rubs Her Face and Then Kind of Gives Her a Fake Punch with His Other Hand and Holds onto Her Hand for a Solid 60 Seconds As These Visiting with Other People of the Poor Young Ladies Is Laid out While I Do Doubt What, What's the Protocol Here in All of This Frankly Would Be Different If He Was Leaving the Country to a Record Low Gas Prices in an Extraordinary Economy in Which Everybody the Kitchen Table at Night While Dad We Can Afford Stake. That's Great. Now I'm Excited Were Going to Get to Take a Vacation to the Grand Canyon This Year Rather Than Just Going across the State to See Grandma Be Different, but This Is the Guy We Could Forgive Them for the Gas If You Were Leading the Country in a Very Effective Way.

We Wouldn't Probably Care but Here's the Issue Is Gaps Are Simple, Symptomatic of the Leadership of This Presidency. Our Economy Is in Tatters.

78% of the Countries They Were Going to Wrong Direction.

I Wonder about the Other 22% Who the Heck Are They Look at How We No Longer in the Nation Respected on the Net International Stage. He Goes and Begs the Saudi's to Please Give Us the More Oil They Say No Well Would You Please. Maybe Not Do Anything Drastic until after the Election.

Help Me out Here and Can You Help Her Brother and They Tell a No Go Pound Sand. And We Got Plenty of Sand That You'd like to Pound It. That's What's Really Tragic Is That America Has an Opportunity in the Midterm Elections Make a Big Change and We Better Take Advantage of It.

Yeah, and in the Polling Data, Inasmuch As You Can Believe That Certainly Looks Good for Republicans Right Now Gov. I Think There's A Lot Of Momentum. Somebody Shared Some Pictures of Some Rallies Were Katie Hobson and Carrie Lake and Maybe Just a Handful of People at the Hobbs Rally and Standing Room Only for Carrie Lake Hard to Read You What We Should Read into That, but It's Looking Pretty Good Right Now for Republicans. It Really Does Carry like She's Been One of the Most Impressive Candidate.Senior Cycle. I Didn't Know Much about Her until the Really the Primary Sober. Quite Frankly, but When I Hear Her Speak.

She Speaks Not Only with Clarity but with Passion. And She's Bold and She Pushes Back on the Stupid Stuff at the Press Try to Throw to Work Because She Was a Newsmaker and She Understands That the Whole Game That They Play and I Just Think She May Be One of the Rising Stars of Our Party.

I'm Just Thrilled with Her and You See Other People. JD Vance Just Spoke to Tim Ryan Apart a Minute That There Was a Woodshed in Ohio. Tim Ryan Is Still in It.

Trying to Get over the Smarts That You Got from the JD Vance Spanking after Their Debates so Resent. I Think Some Significant Things Happen across the Country. I'm Just Hoping That across America in Places Where Republicans Have Never Want like the New York Governor's Race Release.

It Is All That Is in Striking Distance of The Local People Will Say You Know What These Democrats Are Really Book about the Thing and Let's Give the Republicans a Chance and Quite Frankly Republicans Don't Come True Okay Fire Them into Years, but Give Him a Shot Because It Couldn't Make Things Worse.

It's It's a Good Point, As Matter Fact We Actually Have Some Audio from That JD Vance Debate Last Night.

Cut Number Five We Have a Hold on TV. So This Is Discussing Exactly What Happens When the Media and People like Tim Ryan Sees Me of Engaging the Grace of Great Replacement. Settling What Happens to What Happens Is That My Own Children like Biracial Children Attacked by Scumbags Online and in Person Because You Are so Desperate for Political Power. You Accuse Me the Father of Three Beautiful Biracial Babies of Engaging in Racism. We Are Sick of It.

You Can Believe in the Border without Being a Racist. You Can Believe in the Country without Being a Racist. And This Just Shows How Desperate This Guy Is for Political Power. I Know You Been in Office for 20 Years Them. I Know It's a Sweet Gig but You're so Desperate Not to Have a Real Job Will Slander Me and Slid My Family. It's Disgraceful and Gov. That's How You Do It. That's How You Fight Back. I Was so Proud of You in the First Debate the Way He Bought Back on Ryan's Attempt to Make It Look like an Extremist on the Abortion Issue. I've Been Saying This Entire Cycle. Republicans Need to Quit Playing Defense. They Need to Grab the Ball and Run for the End Zone and Take It Right Back to the Democrats and I Think Some of Them Are Realizing the There Trying to Make Abortion. The Big Issue Makes Them Look Stupid.

Because Here's What They Will Not Answer, They Will Not Say If There's Any Limitations so There's No American with a Grain Working That Honestly Think That You Should Abort a Baby Right up until the Moment of Birth, but You Can't Get a Democrat to Agree to That Because They Don't Want within the Bar Radical Crazy Left. So What You End up with People Who Believe That Life Matters and Those Who Believe That You Could Shred the Body of a Baby inside Her Mother's Womb. 13 Minutes before the Baby Was Coming Out Of That One. Gov. Mike Huckabee on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line This Afternoon. Gov. Big Show Coming up This Week and What You Got What You Got on the Program, Helping Gabbard Is Going to Be with Us in Studio Were Very Excited about That She's Making A Lot Of Weight. In Fact, She's Been out There Campaigning for Carrie Lake This Week in Arizona and Will Be Fun to Talk to Her about Why She Left the Democratic Party Match Lab Will Be with Us and We Got a Wonderful Country Music Artist Clint Black, His Wife, Lisa Hartman Will Be with Us This Week and on the Music Portion of the Pretty Fun Show to Be a Great Show and a People Can Actually This Is There's an Audience You Can Actually Get Tickets to Watch the Shows That Right Absolutely, They Can Get We may not have any this weekend. I don't know it maybe already full, but go online and book tickets is the only thing that the tickets are free, but you do have to get the reserve.

About the only thing a natural it's free so it's worth coming out about that all right will. Gov. always good talking to you. Appreciate it. Thank you. Thought Gov. Mike Huckabee and the big show this weekend on TBN and they film back in the old Twitty city studios are now owned by TBN up in Hendersonville tendencies of you in the Nashville area are you're just driving through a bring the wife of the kids in the family. It's a fun fun show.

I was on there with Wynonna Judd and that was up. That was quite the show. She showed up on stage without any shoes on so selling see the what he called the medical marijuana style is pretty entertaining, interesting story up on Fox of this, just post a little while ago.

It turns out that Joe Biden was upset over Joe Biden. Her husband's last solo press conference.

She was upset that nobody in the White House tried to stop him from holding the press conference, the New York Times reported on Sunday that following the president's solo press conference in January where he did not follow then press or detergent sake is cuter wrap it up the first lady tore into the White House into the into top White House officials demanding to know why no one intervened with folks you just heard it for yourself. Just a few moments ago.

These are this is unedited, unscripted burbling by the president of the United States, the leader of the free world brand clearly is not in control. He's not in charge of anything. Then you have Joe Biden out there who I suspect is running the White House with the help of Susan Rice and Barack Obama lashing out at the White House communications office were doing their job. Are we to take a break your 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 all this week we have been raising money for really all this month we been raising money for our friends at alliance defending freedom.

When we take a moment or two to remind you about what's going on with ADF, the world's largest nonprofit legal organization committed to protecting religious freedom and they've already won 14 cases of the Supreme Court, but new academic outrages and challenges to our religious freedoms are rising every day and we need your support at Todd star' just click on the alliance defending freedom better to make a tax-deductible gift of $100 or donation in any amount, isolating Hopper's head of ADS academic freedom project. He says he previously spent 16 years in a top legal firm, but about seven years ago I joined ADF because I really want my kids to understand and realize the same freedoms that I have. These are eroding. Over time, and I don't want that. I don't want my kids to experience a a less free society than what I did and so I joined ADF and and I love being on the stand up for their rights, but for everybody's rights when they get a victory. It's a victory for everybody. So will You Do What Tyson Ln., Harvard, and will you stand up for academic freedom and religious rights of your children and grandchildren, all you have to do is go to Todd's and make a gift to allies defending freedom right now, a generous donor will match your gift. 100%.

So you're literally doubling your support or if you prefer to call in with your gift. You could do that 855-417-6556.

That's 855-417-6556 to stand with alliance defending freedom.

I'm still trying to all right so Jill Biden very upset.

He doesn't want her husband in three any questions, so she's clearly, clearly, all of those and I think we've all suspected Joe might what is it he was 30 she was 12, so there's a pretty big age gap there of. Between those two.

So she is quite frankly, very power-hungry and she loves this.

She loves the kid she wants to be Dr. Mrs. First Lady. That's what this is all about, for it doesn't matter that her husband is suffering from senility or dementia or whatever kind of mental illness. He might have that doesn't matter. She wants the gig and she probably and she's probably pushing him to run for another term in office. Could you enhance of the debate between him and Donald Trump. I mean geez a little America. Meanwhile, you have this item for us from the world of the non-binary transgender's cut number 10, and here's what I've learned so far also be cruel. I'm doing my best boy rule. I was kind of sore only 200. We had so much to experience again just getting started. Thank you for being my openhearted feel so no more shame and carefree being a girl is you would agree were doomed rehab. We have a really significant mental health crisis in America right now. Literally I hear that Ethan went a few hundred of being a girl I was like what day Ohio.

I like I didn't know we had like a counter for that but do you do that you don't dance and sing and dance sometimes but not like Sam's icing but no, I've never posted a video of myself sitting I want yet.

That makes no sense to me.

This is some new trend on tick-tock with that music in the background and you like rap to it, but he just took it took it too far.

Man, that is a dude trying to look like a woman. He is a dude is a new minute that the dudes until the dude is a dude so I'm not quite sure who he's trying to fool here.

Day 200 and being a girl day 200 and maybe I will maybe Biden can perform the wedding of that's true in the privacy of the bedroom. Perhaps it's true, we pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Griswold my word there you go folks.

It's I'm telling you. Biden is nuts.

Just nuts. Earlier, by the way, a Biden tried to spell out a website domain cut number one any questionable calls. Please tell us by going to report fraud, report fraud, DOT, FTC.please don't do that.

I think you can get a virus just don't do it.

By the way, yesterday they announce your parlor. What's the guys in Kanye but they calling J. G. Decon G, John J. The guy needs help.

He does need help. So anyway they announce they were selling and so they were sending out an email to all of their VIP people there about 300 and I'm one of the VIPs and instead of the BCC so your website, your email address is hidden from view. Of course they CCed every bodies emails. I thought it out every prominent and I'm not calling myself prominent but every person on this list prominent. Every person on this list is now.txt that's and grace I have been getting hundreds and hundreds of emails suggested and parlor was like being at the irony is see.

So anyway, if you guys send me an email. I don't be surprise a little while before I please. I posted hours really think so, Congresswoman Mary Miller fast as universities.

Do you see will learn with 844-747-8868's or toll-free telephone number that four 474-7886. By the way, we now have this video on our website. Todd's Pres. Biden just a few moments ago. Mentally, he behaves really creepily around girls and young women and we have this video of the president walking up to a to a line of people and he he robs this woman's face with his one hand, and then gives her a fake sort of like fist bump on the other cheek and then he just continues to hold her hand for a solid 60 seconds while he's greeting other people in the alliance we have the whole video there for you deceivers over not making this up a business. Very bizarre behavior from the president today and then the door Mark see Dave which are just we don't understand. Is this really it's it's garbled it's it's garbled messages and we just II just can't even begin to explain what he's talking about. It's very odd anyway.

844-747-8868's or toll-free telephone number of the patriot mobile newsmaker line from the great state of Illinois Congresswoman Mary Miller, Mary, hope you're doing well today I'm doing great here on our family farm and it makes me think of that song worked in a thong that they a beautiful birthday. I got great on me and we are truly a blessed nation and our country is worth fighting or even awareness.

Situation right now Americans are waking up and I'm really starting to be in the condition I'm in for the opportunity from voting, but also to regular people to get off the sidelines and fight for the freedom and opportunity that America provided you Congresswoman a lot going on out there.

Now we get your take on the midterm elections, but I know the freedom caucus. You guys have been urging the your fellow Republicans to reject the defense authorization bill unless it repeals this vaccine mandate.

How is that effort going well will help ghostly kind of boat but the freedom caucus is leading them anyway. Were which would then for the last two years. I think you'll see we've been calling for Mallorca to be impeached over the information on the southern border and then now freedom caucus is United hosting NDA, unless they repeal this vaccine mandate and the low policies that are undermining our military Democrat are you know putting all the woke up in our military and it's really, I think hindering out recruitment. I believe the Army recruitment goals are at like 40% or less, and bottom line.

What what people want our military to be lethal and ready we have the horrible situation where we have to defend ourselves. The heritage foundation of this is from the Wall Street Journal today to have an opinion piece up the heritage foundation actually read in the US military as week and that growing risk of not being able to meet the demands of defending America's vital national interest and this is that it's down from marginal a year earlier is the first in the index is nine year history. It looks as though there has been an effort Congresswoman by the Biden administration to somehow weaken the United States military and I think that's a very alarming thing I can with what what the Biden duration Democrat all Native American good Derek hacking and tearing apart. You know they have some of them have come out that they want to fundamentally transform our country in order to do that here down for and I believe the actual distraction of all that made our country good and including our military that I know we we had gone and grandson that we discouraged from joining the military because of the woke policy in particular. And I believe it is really hurting recruitment, pushing all the transgender things. Greenback deal climate project and then now this vaccine mandate, and they are all failed denial of exemption request and and and number one, the pandemic is over and number two. This vaccine doesn't prevent transmission. We know that people have alleges reason not want to take the vaccine.

No doubt about that. Congresswoman and by the way, Congresswoman Mary Miller on the patriot mobile newsmaker line curious to know how the campaign is going. It was like midterm elections.

Polling data seems to show significant gains by by Republicans.

What are you hearing from your constituents.

Well my rate particular, the Democrats are running a placeholder opponent against me.

I'm going to win because my district is very pro-Tromp pro-life and pro-Second Amendment in the state though we are excited to have me think that Gary Bailey running against JB Pritzker. JB Pritzker is continuing, the structure of our day. He had locked down for unreasonable amount of time promoting the hypersexual lighting of our children and then just the terrible thing is the safety act that has promoted and it's going to go into law on January 1, unless Darren Bailey is elected he will definitely repeal that law that JB Pritzker pushing lawlessness in Illinois. We will have to be releasing murder and violent criminals onto the street because of the safety act all right. Congressman really was there before. Let's go tell me about this farm. Are you guys growing crops. Do you have livestock out there.

Once at once. Life on the farm like beautiful by and were happy to be productive. American farmers seen with the breadbasket of the world. So many people I don't know what that number is now how many people each farmers feed.

We grow corn and soybeans and wheat and we raised cattle also raised children, raised seven children on the farm and a lot of our grandchildren are involved. To that I do have to say agriculture is a challenging field to be in now. Just like regular Americans are suffering because of inflation, food, feel and fertilizer prices are skyrocketing and we have supply-chain issues. All of the man-made due to the Democrat policy all right will Congresswoman.

We thank you and good luck on election day elections just 20 days now until the midterm elections and we wish you the very best, Mike. Have a great day. All right, Congresswoman Mary Miller from Illinois, the 15th congressional district, hang out with us on the farm today to geologist were looking for gray psychologist looking for a casual conversation about what's life like on the farm so philosophical. Shoot the breeze.

Yeah, I know your time to get some cows out in the field had to get a birthrate about the cat will bring in fresh country air and subject ends and how do you know the exit they did in the cast-iron skillet, drinking my cup of coffee missed opportunity was a missed opportunity. It is what it is. I gotta take a break 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 may I tell you about our friends over at Newsmax in there doing some great work for America or former president from just made a big poster is true social what he's praising Dick Morris's new book, the return of trumps is Dick Morris's bestseller is a great book and he urges you to get it. The return reveals Tromp is running again.

He will even when it's even predicted recent events of the return alleges prophetic.

The return alleges that big media big tech in the deep state have formed a secret alliance to stop Tromp.

No matter what, but Dick Morris predicts they will fail.

Tromp calls the return fantastic Dick Morris, a real pro Newsmax as the return is the book of the year already in number one Amazon bestseller, you gotta get yourself a copy of Dick Morris the return in bookstores everywhere.

Or you can check out the free offer from Newsmax and are to be able to save $28. Just call 800 Newsmax that's 800 Newsmax or go to the return 911.

That's the return to get your copy today. Polling data out of Minnesota where Republican Jim Scholz is now tied with Minnesota Atty. Gen. I Keith Ellison this is this is according to Minnesota post admin post poll that was released on Monday.

They found Scholz and Ellison tied at 47% among Minnesota voters. So now the question is what about the 5% of undecided voters there and in Minnesota yet another another blue state that could be going red in the midterm elections of the story from Fox news Boston University researchers are claiming to have the have developed a more lethal coded strain alignment what what why would they do this, why would they go out of their way to develop a more lethal strain of the China virus. This information coming from Fox news. The variant is a combination of omicron and the original virus in Wuhan is an 80% kill rate among the mice that website that were used in that were infected when mice were only exposed to the omicron they experienced mild symptoms.

The research was conducted by a team of scientists from Florida and Boston, yet you know what needs to happen.

That is to be shut down right now and all those researchers need to be hauled in on believable folks and how do you think the China virus started in the first place only go back to this conversation that we had with Congresswoman Mary Miller from Illinois a few moments ago I referenced a story from the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal if they are there very alarmed at the increasing weakness of the US military.

We have a lot of military veterans, a lot of members of the military. Listen to this program and I'm curious to hear from you what what your experiences have been like in the Biden military are you noticing these declines in readiness, especially in the Navy and in the Air Force. The heritage foundation released a study and that's what the Wall Street Journal based their internal board of post on the heritage foundation's 2023 index of US military strength. Heritage ranks the US military as week and at growing risk of not being able to meet the demands of defending America's vital national interest. The week rating, which is down from marginal a year earlier is the first in the index is nine year history.

The index measures the military's ability to prevail into major regional conflicts at once.

For example, a conflict in the least. And maybe a fight on the Korean Peninsula Americans might wish that the world be a simpler, less threatening place. The report notes, but these commitments are part of US national security strategy of this is most disturbing heritage says the US military risks being unable to handle even a single major regional conflict but drug administration's one-time cash infusion is dried up Pentagon budgets are not keeping up with inflation and the branches are having to make trade-offs about whether to be modern, larger, ready to fight tonight. The decline is especially acute in the Navy and Air Force is that true good listers of this program are you guys hearing these kinds of reports 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868, the Navy says and has been saying for years and needs to grow to at least 350 ships, plus more unmanned platforms. If the Navy has shown persistent inability to our restroom reversal continued to menu ration of its fleet by one analysis by one analysis. It has under delivered on shipbuilding plans by 10 ships a year on average over the past five years from 2005 to 2020, the US fleet grew from 296 ships from 291, China's on the other hand, grew to 360 from 216 so the concern is that China may be outbuilding and outgrowing its military and the Air Force is not doing well either a pilot shortage continues to plug the service. The current generation of fighter pilots is actively fine for the past seven years has never experienced a healthy rate of operational flying. Why is that all they're blaming a lost $59 billion and buying power due to flight budgets and inflation, the Army, by the way, is shrinking, not as a choice about priorities but but because it cannot recruit enough soldiers nearly 20,000 short in fiscal 2022 and in their surprised by this we go out there and we tell young men� Be honest or for second the military.

By and large, is made up of young men and what we do. We been telling her we been telling our young men the young men of America from the time during preschool all the way till kingdom come that there's a problem when young men act like young men. When boys behave like boys so what are they do, they they medicate them or they convince the young boys that they may be young girls was and so then you have a generation of confused young kids young kids who are uninterested and then you have the scouts and the other young guys who grow up in this is what they want to do, but they don't want to join some sort of awoke military, where they have to go to class to learn that you know what they're the problem with the world because of the color of their skin or because of how much money they may or may not have their bank account. I did a big investigative story many years ago when I worked at Fox News as a journalist and someone from inside the military sent me a training manual and it was all hundred 50 pages in the hundred and 50 pages covered the issue of white privilege and basically the gist of this hundred 50 page training with manual from the military is that you white people are the problem in the world and that white people bear the responsibility of white people need to apologize for their whiteness, so most young men are not gonna want to join something like that.

My father having a big problem get people to wear the uniform of this country. We gotta take a break your 844-747-8868 this is the sod surge radios back to the Todd Stern's radio show.

Turns out Ron Phil Warnock's church has filed three more eviction proceedings is terrible. Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. They own apartment building and according to Brantford. They filed three more eviction proceedings. By the way, and just to get this just a couple of days before Rafael Warnock claimed nobody had ever been evicted from the building and that thanks to the goodness and generosity of Herschel Walker Walker is actually offering to pay the bank rent so that people won't be evicted from the church owned apartment building.

What a mess that is all right church leaders early on we saw a lot of church leaders align with Dr. Anthony Felty and now there's a big investigation of the why. That is why is it and how is it that these church leaders align with Dr. Val. Cheap to discredit experts opposed to the China virus mandates, while our friend Megan Basham who was a cultural border for daily wire joins us on the patriot mobile newsmaker like Megan good to have you with us always. Let's talk about this crazy story here on the grill even you've really been triggering a lot of these the evangelical leaders of late. Their endowment report air and have gone unreported now and yet I have spent a lot of time on it and Dan inflated story With an organization called bio logo that was founded by National Institute of health director, former director, Colin a.k.a. Anthony County thought and what exactly did he do because I understand his a lot of connections with many evangelical leaders somewhat. Even within the Southern Baptist convention yet tell you now, here I really to report on and on evangelical leaders, including an people like Christianity today. Editor-in-chief Russell Moore at Billy Graham Center director at Gartner and in patellar B Rick Warren and matter big name you had platform.

Printed comments become online and their pride Did you interview the hand you Ryan at Doreen advocating for him basically and we need you to Christian back brother. We need to listen to hand in the back and find that old report on earth Doreen intent week wet pipe that was that it and his organization at Franklin Colin at found it out eight statement can't be love your neighbor get that shot and went even further, because it would eventually lag that a variety at Christian leaders and including people like MP right very famous theologian Christian author Philip Yancey And break my heart at Christianity today CEO Dalrymple seminary Pres. Jackie count creator felt better sign this document we promote accurate scientific information from Trent Brady birthday, and a crime and health counter information and conspiracy theory nine content and when you wonder okay what did he mean by contentment in the document states that when Dr. Southey leading infectious disease expert.

That's what scientists have learned to do anything here that out by that name and contact medical diffidence like them really informed and medical opinion.

Like the authors of the great Barrington declaration are people who thought like lockdown polities weren't a good idea who had been questioned about the vaccine argued against now and eight everything that was medical expert should not be written you because they are not part of the content on that pretty remarkable that they not only that, but not an interview that discussed the topic. I think that we lag behind our faith in Jesus Christ to take a position on publicly and we lag to suppress the nine content that scientific opinions and it's in some of the things I pledge to do get vaccinated, which led to many many people die and I suspect that's going to be the ugly story when historians look back on on this time in world history. They told him to wear masks because Jesus would wear a mask or something on very odd umbrella at love your neighbor and what where why King that an ingrate non-Christian people pick up on you. Love your neighbor as courtly thought couple of weeks ago Gov. California governor got a new template billboard arguing that at loving your neighbor me supporting abortion at Dachau might term has been made, elastically announcing the national and that the Asian evangelicals a very large and influential, and influential evangelical group home to some 45,000 churches today have argued that loving your neighbor mean at lobbying your legislator for new regulations against fossil fuel.

At that) he that met doubt that the started movement you use and the Christian faith Christian principle in service to progress regret the principle that it becomes starving and in-depth plan.

Again, the thing that really struck me and I with that they were training a black and I think that it's one thing to have the debate it's another thing to say and you're only a Christian liberal policy.

You see, that's what gets me and Megan I'm wondering big picture here when you when you look at the church's response to the China virus when you look at the response to CRT and now you got even some mega pastors within the Southern Baptist convention urging pronoun hospitality. It's almost like were seeing the dismantling of the unraveling of of the American church.

Well, I have our own and encourage people and commitment in the lab and that particular pastor married a crafter president, former president of the who advocated for pronoun hospitality Netflix back in. There's been an ugly public outcry after years has reversed and he just recently came out thinking I was wrong to say that that's not the right condition on we shouldn't lie and say that men or women and women are meant now I yeah I call that a win and I being at you moment like that and I'm starting to go. You know what I think that they're starting here on in their starting understand that it could not be accepted and on, but it makes a little hard to separate the sheep from the law, but I am glad that they are at least getting the man picked back and trying let's take great care is not acceptable to anyone anymore Megan what's what's been socking is to see the level of attacks directed at you and you can you been exposing a lot of a lot of I would call it moral corruption within the church community and man have are you doing okay because that's an ugly thing with a been doing to you, and I really connected my local church and not really how to write out okay Lord I'm a rock on Tony and I did not that I don't know why Mark confirmed that that need to be countered and felt very much like an app the marketplace in the Temple's moment is where were at night that many people telling grant that idea and under the guise of biblical principle in the temple and it pampers and cabled to be turned over and that they'll bother me even in a fight at and like that. I'm starting to the nonpositive movement so I can really get it� Well, I'm glad I am glad that you are encouraged Megan great writing a book should go to the daily wire and read all of Megan's work how church leaders align with algae to discredit experts opposed to covert mandates again. We also have a link to that on our live show block Megan, always good hearing from you. Don't be a stranger. Thanks that all right there you go.

She is a fierce fighter on say that much and yet a lot of these evangelical leaders.

They hate her guts and the reason why it's very simple. She just writes the truth. And when you expose truth when you expose corruption well there and come after you and they certainly done that in her case. I will say this.

Working on the new book and it should be out either. I think early next year or late next year. In 2023, and one of the most one of the most disturbing things that happen in all of the China virus pandemic was this effort to shut down American churches, but it wasn't the government's decision to do that. It was the religious community and their willingness to surrender their Bibles to surrender the hymn books and and shut down and padlocked the church doors so that people could feel safe. Got a big problem with art. We had to take a break your 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 I have to tell you about our friends at patriot mobile. America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier and patriot mobile has some wonderful deals just for you.

Patriot That's patriot, if you make the switch. You're going to be helping patriot mobile support conservative causes all over America.

By the way they have plans to fit any budget. No matter how big or how small. And if you're a veteran of your first responder there to give you an additional discount it super simple patriot

That's patriot be sure to use the promo code. Todd will come to America the land of sleep time with your double peers is always one more line episode to watch the world may want you to sleep only to sleep experts at mattress for the right price on junctures in-store or online mattress today, Gov. Mike Huckabee is in the program. The lake is running for governor of Arizona and currently is no nonsense type be interesting to see how she governs a once she's elected, but she was asked a question in this little bit of a lengthy piece of audio but I want you to hear this and hear her response some answer a question about our culture and the culture has done to men specifically cut number seven is someone like yourself.

I just feel like what you bring spiritually to this office could do a lot for that. What would you do to help inspire young man to be dad. I'm a mom to a belay that I got a baby highly center on the mama bear with little baby cup who is avoiding the baby cut was a girl so I'm worried about a young man.

Culture has really done our men wrong and I'm sure they're going to write about this. This camera set men are not equal to limit the complementary God made us that way so what we've been telling our boys for a long time now is in you talked a little bit about what that's maybe what you are hearing the black community but were also telling our boys being masculine is toxic to prompting, which is basically telling our boys being a man is a bad thing.

We need strong men we need strong men for the future and the survival of our country for the future and survival of our family.

I am a huge believer in fathers are the most important parent.

I really believe that I'm a mom and from the family of nine and I think for the first four years that mom is so important when the nurturing part after age 4 that is so critical in a child's life.

I was primarily raised by my dad. My parents were divorced when I was seven years old and I lived with my dad, and in all these girls. We had eight girls and one boy and he was a very strong figure for us.

When you have a strong father in your strong woman is he. He defined shifts. I just says hi heavenly father defines us. Your father defines you. And if you don't father in the home. You look for somebody else to define you figure out who you are so important and I look back at his and manufacturing in factories shut down across this country started the decimation of the family fathers went from having a good job to not having a job to spare set in depression set in.

Families broke up we can trace it all back to that time and we saw inner cities crumbling, and I think that's when things went south.

We need to build that backup.

I want to see strong men being men. I want to give our boys permission to be strong men there's no such thing as toxic masculinity. That's a bunch of BS and I want to encourage fathers to be in the home there so important, and in meetings just one person, one person's voice, and I guess I had a loudmouth talking about how important + but we do need to make that admission because we don't have fathers in the home it's bad for not just mom and kids for the spirit of that man is well and then he's lost. I believe in mothers and fathers and families and we want Arizona to be a great place for families to work.

So glad to hear her say that because ultimately that's really sort of the problem with America right that the family unit has just been decimated. There are very few homes where there's a mom and a dad now you have a lot of broken homes and that's not to say that if your single parents are to do the best you can do, but it will be a heck of a lot easier if you had a mommy and a daddy right that's that's the way the good Lord intended Ronald Reagan many years ago, said in a speech in and it's one of these great speeches and there were so many great speeches, this one does not get a lot of attention but he he once said that American exceptionalism American greatness starts at the dinner table and it's the idea of of spending time with your family, spending time with your kids asking your kids questions, not just perfunctory. Oh, how's it going today how was school today, but really really talking to your kids educating your kids.

I really want to buy books. I think it was a God bless America that it's it really should be the responsibility of the parent to teach their kids about American history to teach their kids about the freedoms that they enjoy under the United States Constitution that something that sadly, many children are not learning a public school and why is why is it that kids are not teaching one up. Why is it that kids are not learning in the schools are not teaching about the Constitution, why are they not teaching about the Bill of Rights white suspect the answer is pretty simple.

I a lot of people like to get philosophical of the stuff and I think there's always a simple answer to everything, and I think the answer to that question is that they don't want the kids to know what the rights are because of the kids don't know what their rights are, they'll never know when those rights are being violated and were really seeing the dumbing down of society. The dumbing down of the American public in this been going on for quite some time to well over a decade that this is been going on and I appreciate Carrie Lake speaking out on that issue about the family and about why it's okay for little boys to be rough-and-tumble little boys why it's okay for for for men to be men who hold doors open for women who walk into burning buildings and pull people out and save their lives.

There's nothing wrong with nothing at all. So we'll talk more about this real plenty of time on the radio three hours will talk about stuff like that of folks it's it's getting close and I and I hope that your encouraging people to get out there to go with both genes and the political process volunteered to serve as a fully safe whole life.

There's a lot of everybody

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