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WED HR 2 090722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 8, 2022 12:09 am

WED HR 2 090722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Future doers with three kids workshops don't how doers get more done was my last donate and listen to the podcast WR back and we have with Diane syringe is an independent candidate running for he shall receive their in New York for U.S. Senate Diane before we go any further, we want that we want to level the playing field best we can for you because of all of that dark money and I mean dark dark money that Jenny Schumer has told telephones out there how they can help you in your campaign. Thank you. I you can you can donate, you can find a and I'll spell my last name. It's for letters S like Sunday SAR EE FOR Senate SCN that's my website. People can visit you can also find me on Facebook and Twitter and I just started doing tick-tock. I must say that I find spectacularly alarming. Every time you turn it on.

You get assaulted by half dressed people shaking things.

But if you can avoid that. So stare for very good. The listen love people don't know this but I do. There are a lot of folks out there. My age that don't have computers that are not on the Internet.

In fact, some of those folks don't like computers at all like me and what about a phone number. Can I get out of phone number that'll work that will work okay great it takes for sick 328-1932 okay 646-128-1932 646-328-1932 of you folks and look New York. Here's here's someone who beat the cheese managed and she had to do really work hard words he had to really work hard to get all those signatures because again is not a level playing field. I think we really need to send the message to check in Schumer we really do. And Diane, what are you going to diving their year like I said you're not only just dark money, but election fraud Chucky Schumer you talk about corruption, election fraud, you can't yet expect the very works right. Well, sure, and I have to say I'm really a group called New York audit which had been doing some phenomenal work and they are have been proving I certain fraudulent practices in New York and they are working with candidate there they cannot endorse you know it they want their entrance. Aaron election, but there are certain measures that can be taken before the fact because frankly, since we have a secret ballot after the election there really you're hard-pressed to prove how weed we tried this once with with Linda LaRouche. Why work with the last 33 years and this was before my time at the political activist, but LaRouche and colleagues prove that when Jimmy Carter got elected. There were millions of dead people who had voted and they went to court and the judge said, well, okay, you've demonstrated that a lot of dead people voted, but you can't prove that those boats went to corridor ballot right so we have to clean up this process before the election.

Everything we can do to that end, and I'll tell you I think American if they had confidence that the process that their vote had been fairly counted one and their neighbors vote had been fairly counted one and not all kinds of other crazy shenanigans. People would put it, they would say okay, suppose you live through your candidate lot that you know. I guess I maybe misjudged what my colleagues were thinking our I'm going to do a better job campaigning. Or maybe I did make my case clear enough and they would fight and they would they would do better the next time. But when you have a system where you are certain that your vote is not fairly counted, then it's extremely problematic. Similar to the question of justice.

If you feel that you cannot go to a court and get justice. What are you left with how what can you do and and I think this is one of the worst things worth being American have this terrible sense of powerlessness because these crucial instruments of of a Republican form of government.

How do you have representative government will have to represent your view.

If you have no pathway to make your views known, or that it has a key that your congressman can stick his tongue out at you and say I don't give a damn what you think because it's all locked up. Well, that's the problem but I will say there's been some work going on here, which I think is quite promising will it be in time will we have everything cleaned up by November. No, probably not, but I think we can get some areas from district. Some municipalities are cleaning things out and they are going to have adequate observers and someone and I think it's heartening you know this is the American process. People are refusing to give up to pressure. This is because here's a question. Love you this, it will you know I agree with everything.

To say I agree with everything. To say the problem that is just going to take votes away from the Republican candidate and he may not be the best buddies is better than Chucky anybody is meant as an independent she doesn't have a chance to put with the reality is this that the there actually are more independent of voters out there than there are Republicans or Democrats okay and so and all how I would say that a lot Democrats have had it and then I can about Republican and I'll give you another example of the New York Post had a poll which said that 52% of the voters would vote against Schumer, they didn't name the candidate 52% of people would vote against Schumer if it were Schumer versus the Republican nominee Joe Pinion I Schumer would get 51% and Pinion we get 36% it would be by straight party line state right so it's just not the case.

Schumer is terrified of my candidacy because I and Shannon to bring up these issues like his push for drug legalization. He nominally Jewish is funding Nazis in Ukraine.

He should answer for that, you know, why are we supporting a not regime which marches around the wife because you know this is this is what he supporting these things have to be raised and what I'm hoping is by having so many volunteers as we demonstrated with the successful petitioning campaign that by word-of-mouth by circulating literature. I published monthly newspaper because I knew that the social media and other things could be controlled.

So in a sense, my campaign is very real. It's right there exactly saw in the streets with the literature with the sign with an person-to-person organizing. That's why we we have you here tonight we wanted. We want to help you in this we can and we we have to stand that we have supplied victim you you mentioned before you were talking about the Britton's.

Let me just read your article here. London mayors suggest Brits will starve and freeze this winter unless they take preparedness measures the soap here. Masturbation is coming to United Kingdom along with people freezing inside through unheated homes. Alyssa government comes up with a solution. According to Linda and they are set to come in between sconces that he has seen nothing like this before, reserving specifically to runaway food price inflation soaring energy because supply shortages another supply chain problems that were facing the winter were for millions. It will be about choosing between hitting or eating tragically been able to to afford. Neither this can happen.

He had nothing that the British government needs to step in. So the people can meet their basic needs. Let me limit just ask the should people be concerned as well just as long as the Queen and the Prime Minister and of the world as long as long as they have plenty of food and should the should the people I meet today mind having high gas prices was much higher than even here or a having to give up all of this so that the Antioch you know in the the squat and Bernie Sanders in the environmental wackos, and I mean wackos could so that they can be happy because they're not going to starve right well yeah I'll mingle at the Royal Star already truly know and I'll tell you.

I think this is why they want to destroy the electoral process could impose starvation and freezing in the dark on people you don't want them to have a voice so you destroy the electoral process so that people have no mean to express their grievances, or to organize otherwise. I sit in meetings Diane with a will. World Health Organization. The Sierra Club plan predators and the ACLU when no one knew who I was and they would conduct their meetings know you can do that. No, because today the they know who I am an action would have people looking for me but I've set a limit is when I spoke openly and they bragged they brag about ways to depopulate the planet and you know they were talking about. For example, the there was a they cheered when they talked about how in Africa that the gates use vaccine.

These these girls that have this open, what is it that the school to help me out with that that all it the right one. Yeah it's so pop-up pebble Omo yellow bar that Paloma virus yeah how eight times as many young girls died from the vaccine that died from the virus and they cheered about this and so this this is October.

You it's it's all a part of healing on yeah you know, Henry Kissinger actually wrote a memorandum which was only declassified in the 90 and M 200 national security study memorandum 200 and people can look it up.

And in this memorandum, he named 14 nations, and he was very explicit, he said.

Population growth is a national security threat because nation to grow in their population are going to become clinically influential and to consume their own resources, they won't be so open to have us come in and grab everything and therefore he said we should use food as a weapon. We should do in voluntary sterilization. It's all there in black and white 1975 paper II mean not see it like policies really and and I think I want to tell you about something because I think you'll find this very interesting little on the heavy side, but in terms of Linda LaRouche, who I worked with for so many years before he passed away in 2019. He wrote a book called so you wish to learn all about economics and he said the first law of economics and just be fruitful and multiply, subdue, and replenish the earth, however, your exact wording or translation of an he said that the whole essence of physical economy that what human beings can do which no other species can you make it possible for more people to live on a given area of land per square mile at a higher standard of living right and and you can measure that if you think about the difference between burning wood and nuclear power.

How much more energy do you get what can you do with more energy. What can you extract from the earth. Can you irrigate the desert. Can you desalinate water. This beautiful quality of optimism in and and that is actual physical economy. So when you do, and when you make a breakthrough in energy and energy density. That means you can sustain more people with the same resources because you figured out a way to use those resources more efficiently now.

As soon as you go backwards like what's happening in Europe with the sanctions were Germany, Poland, with the wind there literally giving out licenses to people to cut down the forest because they're not can I have oil or gas so they can burn wood when you go backwards and you go back to a less efficient form of energy from a more advanced form of energy then you're also lowering the number of people you consisting actually going to increase the death rate with.

That's the purpose that's exactly the goal and are not an accident, not an accident right ribbon telling the truth on the drydown of a couple nights ago.

Starbuck how hundred years ago, but a half-million people were your guys from climate events the last decade it was very 2000 through four year last year was 7000 year microclimate as our technology improves dress was drawn down writer. Look at that Ouija but you break it up between heat and cold for the half-million of the last nine years died from coal, a cold, but only a half-million died from problems with the so you can build is a huge difference between half-million informant half-million between the planet being too cold or too hot and the electricity after all this is innovation to somatization. Lydia factors Israel came up with a way to do so will make all the ocean water very well to her gait and I tried to give her told her Arab neighbors and none of them wanted to instruct United States didn't even take their plan. There were trying to give the world. This plan free and nobody took it.

It's amazing we did the severity or member faster.

Yeah. Also remember what she's talking about going back to 1975 I believe that the that if I remember right, to the Seth Galbreath and myself discussed what Henry Kissinger had to say the win-win list of came out but you know how famously said I never mix morality with politics like that girl breaking story because the private environment so bring your talk about the election and critical recruiter all people would go to the Gateway pundit Gateway pundit. They have a two series of investigation and the findings of the Detroit dropbox surveillance videos from the 2020 election and I was looking at that today they have a whole series of these, backs up everything that we were talking about the movie 2000 mules and zipped up. This is all brand-new footage and this is something we can't show particular 13 minute video and there's got a broken down in the different people in different sections and you can actually sit there and watch these people, and I handle this one woman washer came in at about 50 fellows another woman, though there were both were in master your pictures videotaped or for proof and more and more every time one of every week goes by we find more and more troops election was so especially mill envelops and were true drawn but we need to go back to one person one vote in person or were you I do yourself and you Treat, but everybody knows you will make sure everybody knows where to vote, but only one vote that clip chill part of the there was a problem with that. In the video was really good of the problem with this with they would when they were showing you these people dropping the stuff off infectious just also the social worker deals are from the work on one though that video that you were talking about the 13 minute video and what would happen was in in the 2000 meals is different because you can. You see, you can watch it and then when we try to play on the radio that would happen is when there when you're watching these people drop things up. There is the just showing that the news did silencing it on there was a problem that we have with them.

But here's another one – leg records.

Mix together sugar and cream out there winter thousands of hours of security camera footage. To put this together to show the retreating but the whole point is, people can go there to the Gateway pundit part one and part two of three. What you just call the all postal workers treating so you go there and asked us. For yourselves and the people in New York of conserving my bill for the like on your website Diane where they can go look at that stuff and three it was really sorrowful watches people commitment sheet and all the pictures of the life to work for. Here's the thing Joe postal worker and also developed Joe. We have set out over 300 of those 2000 mules. No infant folks to listen to us.

I know that you have been waiting nine years will we haven't been able to get them, but they just notified me that that the they got them now and they going to be shipping them to us fairly soon. In other words, they had they had to hope to reach to be able to send out 2 million, but they've gone over 22 million over 22 million. Now the last of them, so it's probably by now up to 24 million since I talked to him last. Think about that home so these 2000 mules in just two people watched each video you know that would be 44 million people of their of that that of saying this and that's this is killing that the fake news media, NBC, ABC, CBS that really add Fox News. It really put a big dent in their credit would credibility they had left. But here's an article the last battle.

Never forget the big lie. Democrats told manufactured votes from poor white people to throw the election to Joe Biden in 2020 Pres. Trope when were boasted in the sitting president in US history.

Trope increased his total votes by 12 million votes in 2020 over over 2016, Biden won a record low number of colonies in the 2020 election by an alleged winter only 16% of Pres. Trope when Ms. Perry votes Pres. Trope one more female votes. Pres. Trope one more black clothes. Pres. Trope one more thought might votes and Pres. Trope one more immigrant votes would somehow Democratic Joe Biden Joe Obama's we call it who did not campaign him who can barely string two sentences together.

Supposedly, one 81 million votes.

The same guy who can get 20 people to come out and see him when he travels around the US today. So how did Joe do it. How did Democrats still 2020 election from Joe Biden. We know how Democrats use several means to score legal votes in several states we witnessed them counting ballots behind closed doors where you an endless, endless piles of ballots they have today.

The after the election. Lucky Republicans out of the counting room, spoiling boxes, a balance of 100 tables when all the observers were sent home driving and vandals of balance in the early hours of the morning, after Joe Biden fell far behind. And you know Diane, we watched them invert the numbers right in front of our eyes.

We watch them flip when Trope was way ahead come midnight and all the sudden boom and you know this is worth where Fox News bread pillar and a number of them. They lost all their credibility when they joined the echo chamber is where's the evidence when they know and and hear all of that evidences in the 22,000 meals.

They refuse to look at it.

Fox News refused to play it and so Gordon Proctor were an interview anybody not yet so interesting to me is that even with these incredible blackouts and attempted censorship. How many people are finding their way to know what is true or not. I find that very heartening. Here's what we can do is open the phone lines and let and I'd like to especially for folks from New York goes to New York to call, especially New York so we can over the phone lines and within the questions for you with Diane Cyr who is running for just waiting to get a check to Schumer and she can beat them with. If you folks out there help that there's enough of you out there that will help her, you can beat Chucky Schumer.

He thinks he's got it all tied up. Okay what he's probably got his deal with the deep state but don't the number is 888-677-9673.

That's 888-677-9673. We especially would like New York callers tonight New York callers already here you go. Tens of thousands protest in Prague against skyrocketing energy prices are doing.

Like you said the same thing like in Germany there cutting down there for us for firewood. Prime Minister calls them pro-Russian extremists. No Western leaders taken a page from Biden you Western leaders from US, Canada and Germany.

The UK and Czech Republic are determined to sacrifice their people at the altar of globalism and in the war in Ukraine. You know we we talked about that here you that whole thing in the Ukraine is not likely to hear. We live in brain information.

Would you talk about the dissolved the Nazis over there at the Aswan battalion battalion yet and so here it and not only that, but there Pres. This guy was a drag queen yet diligently yell in it. And now they've got there. Comparing Vic comparing him to Winston Churchill rinses to the amazing thing isn't anything meaningful you and the whole thing is the run from London DC and NATO Ukrainian government really doesn't exist. Even Zelinski actually tried on two different occasions to negotiate an agreement with Russia to save his kind you now save his country and stop the slaughter and NATO and Boris Johnson in the second case in April. Boris Johnson personally intervened to make sure Zelinski would not negotiate will send you more weapons will send you more troops will send you anything you want.

Don't negotiate. You should fight the Russians till the last Ukrainian dad. You know what here.

You have always had and really doing everything they can to weaken and destroy our military is sending all of our ammunition over there to Ukraine, put a stop in use in the fight is being sold on the black market yet and you and you know people in this country. The will and Alice take some calls and we have okay we got will and long island will you are in the air. I would pretty much vote for any Republican in New York right now so unfortunately I like to hear more about you. Your your your plans and and you know what you could do for you are considering to be a senator but the I just don't see how any Republican can beat the Democrat machine in New York. We literally have a bunch of uneducated constituents that boat for free stuff and as long as the Democrats promise free stuff to use our tax dollars to buy votes.

It's almost impossible for Republican. At this point in New York when almost even the congressional value on the island they could pick up a couple could work were read in a lot of areas of the world state certainly be a center here, but the rest of the state, considering what they've done to New York City.

How can how can you win well. I'm not a Republican. I'm running as an independent and I think that is not actually very good in this time because the Democratic Party has totally abandoned people and they're actually not handing out free stuff except maybe drug. I mean this is the thing that so while they they are rather blunt about the destruction that they're going to bring on with their green new deal and everything else and people have been so brainwashed they may tend to go for it, but I'll tell you what we found in the petitioning because I want to give you a sense of of this I we met people like one African-American woman coming out of the door and she said I am a registered Democrat. I have voted Democratic my entire life and I just paid hundred and $48 for two bags of groceries and I couldn't even find me and I am never voting for a Democrat ever again.

Okay. However, I'm not an independent. I have been registered in the penetrative 1994 okay so you know that's great but I look at it this way do not handing out free stuff while I can get into all the free stuff actually are handing out between section 8 between the increased entitlement programs in New York State. The increased Medicaid that going out to you know people that aren't even citizens. Actually, that actually overstates a bucking colostrum were still people parable them out food stamps and EBT and that is all been increased to the point where driving up food prices on competing with my own food prices by paying for your basket and my back. I watched people throwing filet mignon in their cart at the supermarket playing with the EBT card will I have to pay work very hard and make $20,000 a year in property taxes I have to buy ground beef and chalk state because I can't afford to compete with the people that are getting free stops all II do disagree a little bit that they're not handing out free stuff is not handing out the people like me. The people that held a knife handle crack like you, I would just that the Jacob read building this evening not going on there knows of the nature yet they had arsenic in water. They just discovered arsenic in the water no one when I wake up bureaucratic New York State that that handout. Can't get their section 8 right and winds up giving tons of money to landlord that don't take care of their properties and because now they wind up with arsenic really wind up with no heat, so now somehow what they're going to need more money to fix a problem that they couldn't fix all the money that they have to begin with… I bet the very you. I know that you're in and I'm telling you 100,000 people, many of whom vote if they think there's someone to vote for a lot of these people have so given up.

They've been screwed over so many times that they just don't vote, but if they were to vote they would vote for someone like myself because I'm there and talking to them and I can tell you how things have shifted in parts of the city where they used to like Chuck Schumer and now they say you know what this guy come. He shows up to get the state found the camera whenever a building burned down the rehab. It is after and then they give nowhere to be seen and the remedy to the problems that are being caused never appeared and again they do know what ship and get rid of Chuck Schumer okay yeah don't think it will be his retirement and another Democrat poised to take the position like an AOC type can make you think anybody and I don't know where you stand on fiscal conservatism. I have no idea if this because you're an independent. That means that you're not in effect fixing the nitro problem will be by adding more bureaucracy and handing out will billions of more dollars you able to do it that way and we had a communistic system and our bailout of Wall Street. We have spent prop 23 trillion+ bailing out people like Jeffrey Epstein, which is what that culture is down there…… They currently with a 23,000,000,000,001 yes we bailed out Wall Street on Wall Street. A lot of companies pay back the bailout log now you know you bailout. Not yet. Hank Greenberg walked out with $69 billion in a minute. We gotta move on. Right now we have next during the year hello and hard to follow that caller but never last warming that is all right for you.

I will say that they shared getting pension I was. She brought us something very important concern duty Ukraine is the I think one of the most important things that are going on because the baby globalists continue to matter makes people feel sorry for a very Ukraine government coordination people alive in their pocket part taxpayer dollars going into all bailout the 20 think is believed to be addressed. Talk about media just not doing and could call the whole world like I do change in a heartbeat to do here is Diane I and he is completely correct and I would say today. I just took part in a very incredible conference because I am actually on a blacklist which is some have said correctly if they kill that you have the center and I have had to change everything that I do to protect my security because our Congress voted Schumer Angela Brandon everyone else voted to fund this totalitarian unbelievably corrupt government.

But it's really not damages run by what you call the deep state. Here the British and made out and they put out a list of so-called Russian propaganda and they are calling us information. ^ And war criminal and got greater you may know you went former UN weapons inspector who blew the whistle on the nonexistent weapons of math direction in Iraq made the point that this is a kill list and he said it a crime against the Constitution for our Congress to fund a foreign agency which is I stomping on the First Amendment rights of Americans than putting their lives in danger and particularly for Schumer to be doing this when I am running against them to put me on this. This left and what we were discussing is exactly this problem.

You can't tell the truth I went I had after the press conference. I had an interview with a very active woman from Harlem which run for city Council and various things.

Then we get on and she's doing tick tock tick tock lies interview and she said Diane I really want you to talk about Ukraine because I believe the propaganda and now I realize this is a very bad situation and it's not what it appears and that we started to get into it and finally tick-tock shut down and the little you know emergency light sign came on and it said your your lifestream has been ended. Then they shutdown her entire tick-tock account and said it was on account of us writing beach so we have a censorship regime in place and people know what you had Donald Trump, president of the United States thrown off of twitter.

His main way of communicating with his supporters just weeks before the election, so it is it is a real challenge in this country to get out the truth. But again, I have been heartened by how many Americans are seeing through it there. Figuring it out and they say things that catch you off guard I was speaking at a boxing club in the Bronx and I brought up the Buffalo shooter having BM black fun Tutor on his body armor and some of the same thing as the aims of the Italian high school Puerto Rican you know in a boxing club in the Bronx and he knew about the ease of Battalion will they find out about the slaves programs like this were the ones that right.

The put the wheel we've been talking about that for a long time and that we can continue. In fact, we have a lot of really good still scheduled the to come up when we have next to the skill with Joe Joe.

You're in there. Hello hello you in their head. This is Joe from Staten Island. I meant to call you. I tried to call you last week. Couple of quick facts Andrew Cuomo made an announcement wanted all conservatives out of New York State that might've been using. But the reason I called the Congresswoman Mount caught Nicole mail your package is a wino report supports abortion, they keep it quiet and she's a flip-flop she was going to do some about the MTA with this black hole of a terrific amount of money being wasted and stole what they do, they take billions of dollars. They shut the whole railroad subway system.

The biggest country in the biggest city in the world and the country rather and all the people that use the system at your screwed. You know, and they just shut it down quickly. Don't train their employees properly. I worked on two railroads. I was a locomotive engineer what they do with Joel about their longtime record and also list safety record to the management so she's a flip-flop, but she's bad news it's all about her, you know and and I just turned you show on tonight about 11:15, so I heard some of what this lady you have on saying she sounds good but I was probably one of the first Independence Day were that left the Republican Party and and the reason being is state don't fight them. They don't fight so so that's where Iraqi we got nobody to follow forth. But I am not vote for Nicole mail your wackiest cycle amount. We will whack us.

She's nothing but trouble. She's a wino sheet for abortion and this railroad tunnel between New York and New Jersey, the Pennsylvania Railroad made six tunnels took him four years it might've been 1903. Okay England and France 97 taken it in three years to trundle this tunneling admitted from Manhattan to Jersey will take at least 24 years. I say they can't do it this bankrupt this country doesn't collapse from bankruptcy. It's going to happen because the stamp tunnel correct only in town that should die this damn Manhattan should die.

So what you think about that good Diane. Oh well luck as I was starting to say to the other fellow.

We we have like kind of a thickness which people measure everything in terms of money, they don't look at is the question of productivity or the power of the individual producer that is obviously if you're a welder and you have electricity you can get a lot more done than if you're a welder and you don't have electricity or your plumber with no endorphin other words, you have to give human beings the power to transform nature and money is only an instrument of credit has no intrinsic value whatsoever. So we have all these can't look what they're saying now about the hyperinflation rent a lower interest rate rental rates interest rate both of them will kill you. The only thing that found hyperinflation you have to increase your production of physical good not pornography and not you know hot shop and all the other crap but actual physical production infrastructure things in the real world and that will get rid of inflation and that will create the conditions where we could be which people can even imagine right now and I don't know how old you are right there with Heineman United okay. You may have a glimmer of when it was possible for one person working 40 hours a week to support a family of four, five or six people that your rent or your mortgage was paid in one week pay that with two weeks pay.

You basically covered all your expenses and you had money to set aside or put into college or whatever vacation forget it today people, the more you work the more in debt, you are unless you know you're some billionaire Crocker something so everything is staying as I it's all up when I made the borrowing money to easy and they push the money and another thing I was in business over 30 years with the houses and property in New York and other places in the country.

They have created a falsified economy. The Purposely pushing up the prices of the houses we are financially financial. Let me tell you what I never got married and had kids. It makes me so mad. These kids don't have a chance in hell should be a new house 200,000 that will make sense their own right in their million 200,000 and you're totally threatening absolutely send that absolutely correct and gelato and get it on the head, but you can't you can't stop the waste of the money and that's the big thing because it's easy money for them and it's not right. And while I'm writing about what others look what they're doing to the farmer farmers are getting paid almost the same amount they got paid in the 16th and what are their expenses, who was making all the money the middleman right the Wall Street traders. The people selling the derivative. The farmers are going broke and you when you go to the store to buy the food you're going broke and the guys in the middle are losing all of us and that's what has to stop and we have certain problems right. The Federal Reserve Federal Reserve is a private bank is totally unconstitutional. It should be. We should take it over and it's have to become a national bank that you run as our Constitution says, which is by the Congress number and have to clean out the Congress. Obviously, which is why I'm running for U.S. Senate, but I it.

I'm telling you were on the cusp of something big.

This demonstration project that we were just hearing about with tens of thousands of people in the street and end up tying in the Czech Republic. If you say anything positive about Russia you go to jail does not like they have a free country. There you attend of thousands of people in the street saying no more. Thanks and no more NATO, and it was everybody from the anti-immigrant whatever to the communist party. Everybody said hey you know what we all need food we all need energy. This policy stock and where in the street already think were not that far from that here hopefully. But it has to be have to be principles and I have to be nonviolent.

All right. Thank you. We have next click here and there.

Yeah, I want to bring up two quick things for some doing this audiobook science of you say the right side of the brain. According to this monumental is also sure the left hemisphere is like the trees and not the forest. Look at Chuck Schumer.

This guy would never talk like you're talking he would never go off his own reservation is very similar to Adam Schiff, the guy is a windup doll you would never have him saying a thing you're saying you would never even talk in that well is stuck on 1/5 grade reading level in terms of how we called and he never feels never so the got the guys a windup doll.

So that's one thing so it's that's just refreshing that you hear someone like you talked as compared to the second thing is look at this drug thing.

Now a girl from here on Long Island was storming for freshman classes in Alabama this past weekend. She supposedly never used cocaine someone hamburger cocaine at a party.

It was Weiss that all she dropped dead on the spot. How can someone like shoot Schumer in a practical sense support promotes drugs like cocaine and marijuana where the stuff is now being life sucked all like climber? Let yet he's a total liar and I don't know if you seen his press conferences because he says none of the horrible ever happened. That's is exactly none of the horrible happened when when states like Colorado, by the way, the legislature in Colorado passed legislation that they now want to do a study on how much damage they've done with their stupid drug legalization and and let me be very clear because some people say how well they put so many Schumer pretend that he's talking about decriminalizing nation only had a terrible war on drugs to put all these people and just know what he pushing these hot shop. The dispensaries and it sounds like you already know they have 99% PhD incoming American lollipop. New York State already has had a thick fold increase in children going to the emergency room because of marijuana.

Because of these dispensary and we haven't even got: going on and this is just the first year it is mass murder.

He doesn't give a damn, and it will. It's just to capture the income stream because there's two parts of the legislation. There's the hot shop dispensaries and then there's Nadler legislation, which is to make it legal for all of the drug money to be officially in the system.

Not that it's not there already. But to make it part of the economy to its rightful exclusion. We are we are running out of time for tonight. Joe, you have four minutes you think you can give limitation of women's conflict.

I want to start work reading scriptures encrypt their chapter 77339. Therefore if any man or woman. Christ is a new creature, old things are passed away behold all things are become new. And all things are of God work reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and are given to us the ministry of reconciliation with God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their current specials under them and have committed under was the word of reconciliation.

Kind of a beautiful way of explaining being a born-again believer. God sent his only begotten son down to take your place my place upon the cross. The penalty for our sin were Jews in certain drugs that his death he sent his son Jesus to cleanse us of our sin to make himself a lamb of God, the Lamb, the ticket for where the sins of the world. Also for John the Baptist said so we want to accept the sacrifice that Christ made for us. It's called becoming a born-again believer. We pray to the father. We have to be forgiven of those sermons are certain because Christ else go to the cross by we have to be forgiven and then we ask your son. There's only begotten son to be Lord of our life we want to give ourselves to him, make him our Lord without any question without reservation, without visitation and then we can ask him for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. That is our spiritual baptism. Water baptism is our symbol to the world. But although baptism is spiritual by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and that is how we become this new creature, all the old things about your past away, we become a new child of the kingdom of Jordan or were Jesus and everlasting life and we are now sons and daughters of the living God himself. We are adopted by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. The greatest thing that you could ever do is give yourself eternal life.

Nobody can help you. Nobody can do it for you. You have to do it because you truly repent of your sins and you want to ask to become a child of the kingdom you want Jesus to be your Lord, you will never regret it.

Of never met a born-again believer that any reservations or regrets of being born again and you will find your life is much filled with joy, happiness and peace. And until it happens you won't believe me that you will note to thank you for being with us here and we want to continue to try to help you between now and November you so much and thank you Joe that was beautiful.

How is your there was the officer expects yeah Joseph, a beautiful little like the girl is so good that I have the face for radio already.

I know what you mean Joe would die again, thank you for being here with us work it will do this again. Let's keep in touch and keep me informed on how things are going out there with you.

Okay okay now. Thank you so much all right and where the point you do will remind folks a prayer breakfast tomorrow morning doers of the word Baptist Church, 14791 Sperry Rd., Newberry.

Also in the afternoon and him will until tomorrow. Get a good program come in tomorrow to a believer. So until then, we want to say good night good night God bless truck lot. And always, always keep fighting the fire dreamed up. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. Once hosted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WR W. Please tune in next time for another edition of what's right and left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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