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A Pre-Election Poll About the Elections and an Interview with an Ex-Trans

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
The Truth Network Radio
October 26, 2022 4:30 pm

A Pre-Election Poll About the Elections and an Interview with an Ex-Trans

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 26, 2022 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/26/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. We're going to get your feedback on a very controversial question, and then I'm going to speak with an ex-trans woman who shall tell us about some great resources to help your kids. It's time for The Line of Fire with your host, biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice for moral sanity and spiritual clarity. Call 866-34-TRUTH to get on The Line of Fire. And now, here's your host, Dr. Michael Brown.

Thanks, friends, for joining us on The Line of Fire. Michael Brown, delighted as always to be with you, daily radio five days a week since 2008 and loving every minute of it, 866-34-TRUTH, 866-348-7884. That is the number to call. Bottom of the hour, I'm going to speak with Erin Brewer. She's got some really important information for parents. How do you deal with kids in today's world, today's trans activist world?

How do you deal with these issues? She herself struggled with transgender issues years ago in her life. So we're going to have a really practical, important conversation about an issue that's affecting our families, people we love, care about in a very real way. But first, we're going to talk about another very controversial subject, but this is where you get to weigh in.

I want your take. We're approaching the midterm elections. The consequences of these elections could be very extreme. If you do not approve of the policies of President Biden, if you feel he's leading us in a wrong direction, then having a Republican controlled Congress would stop him from implementing some of the things he wants to implement that you think are destructive or wrong. On the other hand, if you think he's doing a great job in pointing the country in the right direction, then having a Democratic majority in the Senate to join those in the House would push his agenda forward at much faster speed. Either way, the consequences are very, very high. Of course, I have my own views. You know, I'm not a fan of President Biden's policies in any way, shape, size, or form. But I also know that my hope is not put in a political party.

At the same time, I would rather see certain people in office than others as far as politics goes. Here's my big question. Here's my big question, 86634Truth. Do you personally believe that the 2020 elections were stolen? Or are you convinced that that is just a myth, that that's just propaganda? Do you think they were stolen either by padding voting, the 2000 mules movie, and bringing in people to just keep illegal or non-existent votes, making them into votes, right? Do you think that something happened with the voting machines themselves, with the programs on the voting machines? Do you think, no, no, no, that's not the issue. The issue was social media censorship.

The issue was social media controlling what sites you went to and how that influenced voters. And that's how it was stolen. Or by the media suppressing certain stories, like the Hunter Biden laptop story and things like that, that there was an overt attempt to steal the election, to shift the votes, to change the outcome in an unjust way through any of those means that I mentioned. Do you believe it was stolen? Or do you say, no, no, of course it wasn't stolen.

This went to court, if to court, if to court, if to court. And none of the courts, whether it's 60 cases, even up to the Supreme Court, and in no situation did they feel there were adequate reasons to overturn the elections. We have a system. It ended up working pretty much in accordance with the polling that we had leading up to the elections, so it wasn't stolen. Do you have an opinion?

Have you studied this? Now, I would think that if you believe that in some way there was electoral fraud, especially within the system itself, not just through media censorship or social media censorship or playing with algorithms and things like that to affect the outcome of the election. But even more, if you thought that the system itself, when you went to cast your vote, that it could be changed, or that other votes were counted that were not actual votes, and you felt that the outcome of the elections had shifted, that would be a cause of massive concern. This is no longer a free country. This is no longer a democratic republic. If someone can push a few buttons and change the outcome, which could change the direction of the nation, which could change who's in the courts, which could change what's taught in schools, which could change our international policy, which could change our border policy, which can change where we stand with abortion and on and on and on, that would be massively important. Now, you might say, I trust the sovereignty of God, I'm a believer, and I trust the sovereignty of God. And maybe he's giving us over to judgment, maybe he's giving us over to deception.

That's another position that you can hold. But if you really believed that you cast your vote, and that vote was somehow stolen or not adequately counted, or someone's illicit vote was counted against yours, then naturally you would be very concerned about where things are going. Now, we could say that other races and primary races and things like that, they've all seemed to go according to polling. There haven't been changes, shifts that have been that dramatic. But what is your take, stolen or not, fraud or not?

And why do you hold to what you hold to 866-348-7884? I pulled this on Twitter, I just posted it, what, four hours ago, so I posted it late this morning. Do you believe that in any real way, the 2020 presidential election was stolen, either by the intentional censoring of information by the left, or by outright voter fraud? And I gave four choices, yes, for sure, maybe, no way, and not sure. So we had 359 votes so far in these first few hours.

What do you think is the top category? Yes, for sure. 44% didn't just say yes, but yes, for sure. Now is it because they're being duped? Is it because they're just believing nonsense?

Or is it because there really is evidence? Maybe it was 22%. So that is over, well, right at two thirds, 66% saying yes, for sure, or maybe. And then no way, 24%, so only one in four said no way. Not sure, 10%, so 90% feel either maybe it was stolen, definitely was stolen, or definitely wasn't.

Only 10% say not sure. Very, very interesting. 866-344, truth, going to go to your comments momentarily. In fact, I was going to read some on Facebook, because I've been polling on Facebook, and you're getting polar opposite positions, polar opposite positions. I'll tell you my own position, which is not going to be a revelation to those who've listened to me for a while. And it's not going to be anything particularly, oh, wow, amazing. I didn't know that. All right, it's just to give you a heads up, all right, there's not going to be anything dramatic with my position.

But I want to hear from some of you first, let's start with Rebecca, welcome to the Line of Fire. What's your take? Yes, I do believe that the vote was tampered with, I think more through the media manipulation and the big tech manipulation, and determine what news as the country we received or not. But I definitely feel like in the end, Biden got more votes than Barack Obama.

And I just find that impossible to believe. And it's clear that the media and the big tech people have been democratic leaning consistently for years, and much more so in the past 8 to 10, 12 years. And I just think that was a culmination of them manipulating with news and with facts that needed to be brought to light.

Got it. So Rebecca, is there no way in your thinking that there was so much hatred for Trump, that that prompted so many people to vote for Biden? Does that not seem to be an adequate explanation to you? Well, there were quite a number of haters. I was surprised to hear the venom coming from a lot of them. However, I really think, again, if the media and big tech had not been so manipulative with the news, it wouldn't have been so venomous from the other side. I believe at least a few people would have said, well, you got to look at it that way too. Got it. But there was none of that. Yeah.

And Rebecca, thanks for your comments. So let's put this in a few categories. Donald Trump did enough to have many enemies and to provoke a lot of hatred.

There's no question. But many also believed extreme exaggerated reports about him that made him into a monster beyond who he was. And I say this to someone who voted for Trump twice. So that's one thing, but you get biased reporting on both sides, the left and the right.

However, what Rebecca is talking about is different. For example, when the New York Post went with the Hunter Biden laptop story, and this is like the fourth largest newspaper in America, I believe, and one of the oldest, it's still running. When they ran that story and posted it on Twitter, Twitter blocked them. They effectively shut the story down and New York Post has to delete.

They would delete. Well, anyway, the media just didn't cover it. Media research did a survey after the elections and found that what was 17% of the people it was, it was a, it was a healthy amount were unaware of many of these key stories that said they would have voted differently if they had known more about Trump's accomplishments and more about some of the alleged scandals, they would have voted differently, which would have shifted the whole election.

Hey, Rebecca, thank you for calling in. Let's go to Dayton, Ohio, Glenn, what is your take? I think much to the same point that your previous caller just made, I think that there was definitely a lot of media manipulation. But if you still stay up on this at all, when Joe Biden shows up in public, there is very few people that show up in support of him. And what Donald Trump was in Texas a few weeks ago, they can't get all the people in the building. I know when people, when he comes to Ohio, he packs the place out and people still they don't care if it's hot or cold, just to be close to the facility and hear him speak.

They pack it. And I just have a terribly difficult time believing that there was so many more overwhelming people, because even if you take the Christian perspective and the hardcore conservative perspective, Donald Trump is only the figurehead of the president, but people around him are what really makes that up. Hey, Glenn, thanks for getting that in before a break. It was a puzzle, wasn't it?

Trump would draw these massive crowds, tiny crowds you see everywhere, these Trump signs and how they need Biden signs and the vote was so enthusiastic for Biden. That is a puzzle. Isn't it? All right. We'll be right back. It's the line of fire with your host, Dr. Michael Brown. Get on the line of fire by calling 866-34 truth.

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Not that you want, Ask Dr. Brown Ministries. Tell a friend, share the word if you enjoy it, give it a good rating. All right. Waiting for your comments about the elections.

I'll give you my own view in a moment. An anonymous caller from North Carolina, welcome to the line of fire. Anonymous. Hi.

Good afternoon, brother, and thank you so much for what you do. Almost definitely, definitely was stolen. As far as, and then Hillary Clinton, I mean, I just, I know that I'm supposed to pray for my enemies in the Lord's prayer, you know, for giving the trespasses as we forgive me our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us with good gracious, it's just to me. Well, why do you think, what's the biggest reason that you think the election was stolen? Well, there's more people that showed up as far as is interested in Donald Trump, you know, and especially saw all the good that he did versus Biden's past record, his working mentor, you know, his, uh, yeah, that was just, it was, and how could they take down the country, you know, as fast as they ever tried to if, if Donald Trump had been elected? All right. So in your view, then it's so crystal clear that the enthusiasm was for Trump, that Biden's policies had failed, that there just wouldn't that be that many people that would get beyond obviously the people that oppose Trump's policies and thought Biden's record was good, obviously very different perspectives between different groups in our country. But thanks, thanks for weighing in.

I'm not pushing a position here, as you'll see in a moment, I just was interested to know what you thought, how you felt, had a conversation with someone about this yesterday. So just, just interested to know, uh, Yolanda in Florida, welcome to the line of fire, which you're a take. Hi, Dr. Brown.

Thank you. Um, well, I, I'm a Trump supporter. I actually voted for Donald Trump and also worked on the black forces for Trump campaign. We had a opportunity to participate, but we also had been praying for the president and I knew Donald Trump wasn't going to win because the Lord told me he wasn't going to win. I didn't share it till later with my pastor, but, um, we had been praying for Donald Trump and, um, I really heard, who do you all want Trump or me?

And what I saw was the body. A lot of people had, not us, a lot of people had made him an idol. I do believe there was something interesting going on with the election, but I believe God allowed it.

So that's my big one. I believe God allowed it, but I do think something interesting was going on because he allowed it because they had made something. I don't know if Trump don't win, but I happened, it's going to happen that it's going to happen. And the Lord wasn't going to allow that. And so I believe he put Biden in office for the purpose of bringing others to repentance, especially the body.

And he also showed me something about the Biden administration. Um, I heard you talk about the, the trans children, um, four years ago, the Lord gave me a dream and, um, he showed me that this administration was coming out for the children, but because the church was complacent in it, they did it from the few demons and he was coming out to the children and he was, let me just make sure I say this correctly, Satan is a counterfeiter. He cannot create, he can only, um, counterfeit.

So God has children and so anyone wants children, but he's going to create his own children and the church allowed it and they need to repent for allowing this administration because they are coming for the children. And so I just want to say that I do believe you want, but I know God allowed it. Yeah. Yeah.

Yolanda. Um, that is really interesting to hear in terms of your perspective, I'm going to take one more call and then I'm going to share my perspective. So you'll, you'll definitely want to be listening, but, uh, I want our call screener to get your address. I want to send you copies of two recent books of mine, the political seduction of the church and the silencing of the lambs. You will find your positions to be very, very much in harmony with some things that I've been saying. So the political seduction of the church and the silencing of the lambs, I want to send those two books to you as a gift. You'll know why when you get them. If you already have either of them, feel free to give one away, but our call screener will get on with you now, get your address.

And I want to send you those two books as a gift. All right. Uh, let's take one more call.

We go to Julius in Raleigh, North Carolina, sir. What's your take? I listen to your show constantly, Dr. Brown, and my issue is I cannot understand why people still believe that the election was stolen. Donald Trump is the reason that he's put all these intricacies in people's minds that the election was stolen. He's a type, his character is such that he doesn't believe he can lose anything. He's destroying our democracy.

People keep believing that we're not going to have a democracy. And I'm, I'm really shocked. I voted for him the first time, but he is so depraved, man. And, and the way he was brought up, you know, he had all the riches.

He'd never had to, uh, want for anything. He didn't even bar told him that was bull that he said, you see what I'm saying? I just can't understand why people cannot think on their own and not be influenced with such a depraved man.

So Julius, just super quick, I apologize for interrupting, but I want to make sure I get this in. You voted for him the first time. What was the main reason you didn't vote for him a second time because he's depraved. He's a liar. He's like, he just lies all the time.

Donald Trump, there's some good things, but he's just a liar, man. I'm a Christian man. You know, I'm not saying I got it, but my God, my God, man, come on.

Even you know that. God, hey, good person. I enjoy your show.

Your show. But man, come on. No, listen, I understand my wife did what you did. She voted for him the first time with tremendous reluctance, but voted for him the first time absolutely not wanting Hillary Clinton in, but couldn't vote for him the second time.

So the closest person to me in this world, Julius, voted for him the first time and not the second time as you. Hey, thank you, sir, for being a faithful listener. Okay. So let me share some perspective.

And I'm so agreeing with some of these colleges that way with their opposite sides. Okay. So a couple of things and thank you. Thank you all for calling in.

So I got to jump in here because I got a guest in a few minutes. I just want to say a few things. Number one, I agree with Yolanda that the church put Trump on a pedestal, look to him in an unhealthy way. Only he can do if he's not in everything crumbles. But it's an unhealthy way to look at things and an unrealistic way to look at things. And as Julius reminded us, we're still dealing with a very flawed flesh of the human being. I personally believe that if the church did not look to Trump in such an idolatrous way, and if he had just become more of a decent human being, he'd be our president right now for the good of America. That's what I personally believe.

That's number one. Number two, whether or not the election was stolen, I have never studied it. My friend, Dr. Jim Beverly, who was a careful research scholar and was not a Trump, Trump's the man, but he's Canadian anyway. He studied it intensely, spent, I don't know how many hundreds of hours and believed that there was fraud.

I don't know because I never studied it. I never felt called to. My position was we have prayed and prayed and prayed like crazy for the outcome, right? And as Yolanda said, this is the outcome God gave us.

I don't think he just allowed it. I believe it's the outcome he gave us, all right, whether it's judgment on us, giving us Joe Biden and the current administration, whatever his purposes were. I also believed that if there was fraud, that ultimately it would come up in the courts.

However, I don't know because I haven't studied the issue on either side. And I know thinking people have and have come to very, very different conclusions. But for sure, we prayed earnestly for the outcome. We prayed earnestly for God's will to be done.

And this is what we ended up with. So we pray for our president. We pray for Joe Biden. We pray for Donald Trump and others. We pray for God's best in their lives, that God would deeply, truly, wonderfully save them and work in their lives in powerful ways.

If they know the Lord on any level, let it take them deeper. We pray that for other elected officials, those we like and those we don't like. But right now, we trust that God has given us whether it's what we deserve or what. Here we are.

Do I believe that 2022 will be fair? I believe it. But my wife Nancy said the same thing Julia said that Donald Trump put it in our heads many months before. The only way he could lose was by fraud.

That part was set up in our thinking as well. May truth triumph. This is how we rise up. It's The Line of Fire with your host, Dr. Michael Brown.

Get on The Line of Fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I am holding in my hand a book, Parenting in a Transgender World, a handbook by Erin Brewer, PhD. Here's where the mother of a child who identifies as transgender says in the back of the book, Dr. Brewer writes with compassion using easy to understand language, a must read. Her situation might be totally different had this book been available when our family was unwillingly dragged into this ideology, definitely worth sharing with parents.

Friends, this has become one of the great critical issues of our day affecting our most prized treasure, namely our children. So Erin, great to have you back on The Line of Fire. Thanks so much for joining us. Thank you for having me. So Erin, aside from your own life experience that we've talked about previously where you struggled with transgender identity earlier on, what have you done on the educational front that ties in with some of these studies?

Well, that's a really good question. I have been interviewing detransitioners, therapists, teachers, and parents who have all been dragged into the transgender ideology just to get as much information as possible on how to help families defend themselves from this incredibly dangerous and harmful ideology. What's your PhD in, by the way? It's actually an instructional technology and learning science. So it's for the College of Education at Utah State University. And you wouldn't think that it would have a lot to do with this, but actually, I studied pedagogy and how children learn, so it gave me a good foundation to see how incredibly powerful this ideology is at indoctrinating our children. Yeah, exactly.

And that was the interface that I was curious about. All right, so first, let's just talk about how pervasive this is, why we're even talking about this issue today. What's happening in the world today? What are you hearing from parents? How far-reaching is this in terms of impacting the thinking of this younger generation? Well, I would say that every single child is being impacted by this, and that's even children who are in Christian families and being homeschooled. I've had reports from families who have homeschooled their kids, and they took their child to some kind of an extracurricular activity where their child was indoctrinated. So this is really leaving no child untouched. Every single child in public school is being indoctrinated. I haven't heard of any school where this ideology hasn't been introduced, and increasingly it's being introduced as, you know, preschool age. We even have cartoons like Blue's Clues, which are targeted at very young children who are pushing this gender ideology into families, so it's almost impossible to avoid it.

And that's one of the reasons that I decided to write this book, is that I realized that parents have to arm themselves or else their kids are going to be vulnerable. Yeah, Aaron, I was thrilled when I saw it, because we get bombarded with questions. What do we do? What do we do?

What do we do? We've been shouting out warnings for many years that this was coming. Now that it's here, I mean, it's been in the schools for some years, just an increasing measure now, and parents are just finning out about it. Share some horror stories. What are some of the real life cases, people that you've talked to, be it parents, be it children, be it detransitioners?

What are you hearing? Oh, gosh, there are so many horror stories, and it is just heartbreaking. I think the most powerful stories are from detransitioners, who have gone through incredibly invasive procedures, such as having their breasts removed, their genitals removed, taking toxic puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, and realizing that none of those interventions help solve the underlying issues that caused them to take on trans identity in the first place.

And in fact, made them worse. So these are kids often who had sexual assault, sexual trauma, who had some other kind of underlying issue, and they were not addressing that issue, and said they were being told that they were transgender, and they believed it, went all the way down the pathway towards, you know, becoming as much of the opposite sex as they possibly could, and then realized that it was a huge mistake. And these are often young adults who are left with complete sexual dysfunction. They're infertile. They have lifelong medical problems. Many of them feel like they are going to die decades younger than they would have otherwise because of all the damage done.

And then the parents are watching this. Oftentimes, we have parents who are watching their kids go through these interventions, and they're just devastated. I think the most heartbreaking story of all is that of Abigail Martinez in California, and she had a daughter who identified as transgender. Abigail did not affirm her daughter, and the state of California removed her daughter from her home and put her in foster care because they deemed her not affirming her child's trans identity as abuse. The daughter started on testosterone, became suicidal, jumped in front of a train, and died.

And I can't think of anything more horrific for a parent to have to endure than to have the state agency come and remove their child and then to find out their child has committed suicide because of the interventions the state provided. It's mind-boggling. I mean, if we talked about this years ago, everyone would say, we're crazy. This could never happen in America. There are people listening right now saying, no, no, this couldn't happen. It has happened. It's happening. Right, it is happening.

These horror stories are real. And there are some lawmakers that really want to make this the law of the land that if you are very increasingly hearing, I think it's in Virginia, there's a lawmaker who's introduced legislation that would make it a federal crime for parents not to accept their child's transgender identity. These are, you know, this would become a felony. Right, and the kid would then be taken from the parents. And then California has said, hey, we're a sanctuary state. If the kid can make it here and the parents aren't affirming it, then come here for the surgery.

All right. So people have referred to this as chemical castration, genital mutilation. You just give us an absolutely tragic, real life story that will never go away. This mother will never have her child back. This child will never have her life back. This is not something you can fix.

OK, this happened. People have referred to this as as as the worst medical malpractice of all time, a massive human rights violation. I mean, it's mind boggling that this has been allowed to happen and is being encouraged and our current administration is pushing for it. Oh, yeah, it's just it's unbelievable to me that the Biden administration has decided to take this on and to promote it to such an extent that he has. I mean, it's just it's unconscionable and it's an indication of how unhinged this ideology is.

And I think a big part of it is that Big Pharma is making so much money that any lawmaker who's willing to get some of those profits in the form of donations to their campaign or some other way are willing to support it at the at the great cost of our children. And as you mentioned, when children go down this pathway, you know, they can be transitioned if they if they survive it, they can be transitioned, but they're they're permanently damaged. And so I'm hoping to help parents to figure out ways to stop their children from ever getting caught up in the ideology, because once a child is in it, there's going to be lifelong trauma, there's going to be lifelong damage, even if the child doesn't medically transition just that that encouragement to dissociate from who they are and become somebody else is going to disrupt their normal development. Yeah, friends, the book Parenting in a Transgender World, a handbook, I want to get into some of the contents of this in a moment, but check it out, friends, parents, educators, young people as well want to get educated. Erin Brewer is the author of this important book.

She's got other resources as well, but this is the one that that I really wanted to focus on one more thing before we start to get into your book. Kelly Nugent, the world knows the Scott, but Kelly Nugent, open shouting at the top of her lungs against the transitioning of children as someone who quote transitioned as an adult and will get up and sit in and here she stands with with a with a goatee and and looking like a man saying I'm a woman, I'm a mother, but there's no way back for her in terms of where she's gone and and she's screaming at the top of her lungs about this. So not only has she said that greed is driving this because now you have a lifelong, excuse me, a lifelong customer, right? So the it's hormones for life, it's pills for life, it's medical treatments for life and people see money and and the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. But Kelly has told me that she's talked to hundreds of people that quote transition and only a couple of them really claim to be happy and satisfied years later. We're told I mean, it's wonderful.

This is going to save your kid's life. It's either this or suicide and there's so many great stories and we see some of the people on TV and you're a trans model and you're a trans this and that and it's celebrated in your own research and just be dead honest with me. Do you find a lot of people that transitioned years down the line are happy and satisfied with what they've done? I think the key to that question is years down the line because what a lot of people don't understand is that girls and young women and actually pretty much any woman who takes testosterone is going to initially feel really good. They're going to get a boost. Testosterone is a controlled substance because it has the potential for addiction.

It has the, you know, it's very much like other controlled substances where you start taking it and you feel the sense of euphoria initially. Girls who are struggling with depression or anxiety are going to feel better initially but over the long term that testosterone is going to do irreversible harm to their bodies and so oftentimes what we're hearing is girls who have just started taking testosterone talk about how it saved their lives, how they feel so much better. We're not hearing from women like Kelly who's been so brave to share her story and speak out and talk about how much damage has been done to her body by these interventions. We're not hearing those stories.

Those stories are silent. Oftentimes when a girl or a young woman, a man or a boy decides this was the wrong pathway for them and they decide to detransition, they're ostracized by their community and they're silenced by our social media platforms. It's very hard for detransitioners to get their stories out there so initially oftentimes these kids do feel better but we don't give kids alcohol or heroin or other dangerous drugs in order to make them feel better in the short term. We help them to identify the source of their anxiety, the source of their depression and help them resolve it so that they're much more functional as adults. Yeah and remarkably, remarkably a major doctor involved with setting up the guidelines for kids transitioning, we acknowledge that there are all these problems that they really can't give informed consent now and later they realize they can't have a kid or it's hard to adopt and but hey, we want to keep them happier for the moment. All right, madness, friends, madness, the book Parenting and a Transgender World.

This could be one of the most important books you read as a parent by Aaron Brewer. I want to come back, get into some of the contents of this book with Aaron Brewer. Stay right here. This is how we rise up, heart is beating faster, feels like thunder, magic's static, call me a fanatic.

It's our world that you never have it. This is how we rise up. It's our resistance.

You can't resist us. Carry on the line of fire by calling 866-344-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Friends there really isn't a lot of salt on your kids to indoctrinate them, to brainwash them, to plant ideas in the minds of impressionable little children that they never would have come up with on their own, to tell them that the struggles they're going through emotionally or dealing with changes in their body is due to them being trans and then they make terrible lifelong choices and the parents think they're helping do the right thing.

It is something we have never ever seen in the history of our nation, but it's upon us. I'm speaking with Erin Brewer. She has written the book Parenting in a Transgender World. So, Erin, how will your book help parents?

Take me through what you do in the book. Well, I'm hoping that it will help parents in a couple of ways. It starts out with a lot of information, just general information that people need to have about the transgender ideology and transgender activism, giving them a vocabulary. Because oftentimes parents hear words that their kids are speaking about and there are generation gaps and parents may not understand that these terms that their kids are using aren't indications that they are being preyed upon by people in the transgender ideology and that it's an important time to really swoop in and intervene if their kids start using these terms. So, providing a nice overview of the language for parents and then explaining to them the different kinds of people who fall under the transgender umbrella. Oftentimes there's sort of this cultural narrative that a trans kid is a child who's born in the wrong body and that's who we're talking about when we talk about the transgender people. And in fact, there's a whole slew of people that fall under that umbrella, including predators who are impersonating women in order to gain access to vulnerable children who are often grooming children into this ideology.

We hear predators talk about cracking eggs, which is a term that they use to indicate that there's a trans activist who's targeting a child and hoping to convert them to this ideology. So, providing parents with a kind of an overview of what this ideology is and then providing them with some very clear techniques for helping their families to resist this ideology. And I suggest it starts as soon as a child is getting books read to them, as soon as they're going to Sunday school, as soon as they're starting to watch TV programs. But that's when parents need to start talking to them about this ideology and employing some of these techniques. Oftentimes I hear from parents say, oh, I don't want to talk about this unless my child brings it up because they're very uncomfortable with it. But once your child brings it up, it might be too late. And so, there's a lot of suggestions and they're very gentle ways to help your child become grounded in reality and to be able to repel this ideology. And you can start that again as young as toddlers and continue that until they're grown up and out of the house. So Aaron, let's just say there's a boy that's five years old and he's, you know, mommy, girl, you know, whatever he's saying, whoever he's expressing himself, whether the language he has, but he's expressing a conflict or he's embarrassed about his private parts. He's seven years old, you know, whatever it is, he's somehow identifying as trans, wherever he got it from, he's identifying. Do you help parents deal with this now? Okay, he's already taken these steps.

He's already believing this and he seems to be happiest when he's wearing a dress and, you know, all the standard stories that we hear. How do you help parents there? Is it in your book as well? Well, there's actually another book that I would recommend for parents whose children have adopted a transgender ideology.

And that's Maria Kepler. She says, do trans and detox. And she talks much more specifically for parents whose kids have already adopted this ideology. But when you're talking about a very young child like that, there's, I believe all the techniques that are in my book will help those parents because that's a child who still, you know, that it's a big difference between a, you know, five, six, seven year old and a teenager.

So at five or six or seven, I think it's really easy for parents to, first of all, identify what the influence is on that child and remove them from that influence and then start to employ some of these techniques, you know, bring out the family albums, talk about, you know, the trips that the child has been on, show him when he was with the family, connect him really carefully, you know, closely with the family unit. And then very specifically talk about the fact that there are all kinds of ways to be a boy and that he is a boy. Be very clear about it.

Don't ever, you know, don't ever waffle on it. Always be very clear that you're a boy who's comfortable playing with dolls or you're a boy who's who likes pink and that's okay. But never accept the premise that that child is actually a girl because that's just not true. And as soon as the child starts to hear that affirmation that they could potentially be a girl born in a boy's body, then they're likely to persist with this ideology. And what's the name of that other book, Erin?

It is Maria Kefler and it's a book specifically. And I would say here primarily for parents who have either teens or adults, it's called Desistee Talk or Desistee Transee Talk, Getting Your Child Out of the Gender Cult. And I think, you know, she talked about it being a cult. I think that it's really important for parents to understand that this is a cult and many of the techniques that are used to pull kids out of cults are what we recommend parents employ because this is this is a cult. And so she's done a really good job to address these issues for parents who have kids who are claiming that trans identity and very adamant about it to help them pull their kids back.

Excellent, excellent. And you've been involved in some activist causes as well, actually showing up at different places and bringing a counter narrative. What are you seeing in California or other places? Well, it's a little bit, in some ways I have been seeing some really positive signs and in some ways I'm just horrified by what I'm seeing. So when I go, you know, when I'm out on the ground, when I'm talking to people, it seems like the vast majority of people understand that this is just a very dangerous ideology and that it's harmful to kids. I go speak at legislative hearings and talk about the fact that we need to ban these interventions, that children should never be given the impression that they're born in the wrong body and that the only way that they're going to survive is to become somebody else. We've had some successes in legislative efforts to prevent children from transitioning.

We've seen that in Tennessee and Alabama and a couple other places. We've seen some legislation passed to prevent males from participating in women's sports and so there's some really positive signs. There's also, just seeing what the Biden administration is doing, they are systematically indoctrinating our entire country into this ideology with policies and it's just shocking to me how widespread those policies are. Just taking away the whole concept of there being sex-based differences and that we need to protect the rights of girls and women and really, as we saw with this appointment of Richard Levine, who pretends to be a woman, and this is the Assistant Secretary of Health, I believe, and he is telling people that these are life-saving interventions and that's a lie and so it's really concerning to me to see our government pushing these lies so powerfully and with so much force and so I guess that there's almost come to a point where it's becoming so absurd. I don't know how many of your listeners saw that recently President Biden held a conference with young influencers and he had someone named Dylan Mulvaney there who is a man who is pretending to be a girl and really a sexually fetishized version of girlhood is what he's portraying and Biden basically said that in order to push this acceptance of this, what I would call a fetish, is women just need to be around more men like Dylan Mulvaney, basically suggesting that we need more exposure to these fetishistic males, so I find that really discouraging. On the other hand, I'm seeing Governor DeSantis in Florida doing some amazing things. He's really standing up strongly and saying we need to protect children and in fact there's going to be a legislative hearing on Friday where they're going to hopefully stop on medical transitioning of children in Florida and I'm so grateful for efforts like that, so I would say there's some definite wonderful things happening and there's also some things that are very concerning. Yeah, the positive with the negative is that the negative is so bizarre and so extreme and so over the top, just like the rise of drag queens and all it's like, wait, what's happening? So that you have a lot of people that didn't believe us or that were on the sidelines now thinking what in the world is going on? I mean, it almost becomes comic.

If not from my heart breaking for some of the people involved, it almost becomes comic like you've got to be kidding me, but that's the reality. Erin, I know you're full of enthusiasm and faith, but these are tiring, difficult tasks and sometimes it can be maddening and frustrating. So friends, pray for Erin Brewer. She's on the front lines and get this book.

What do they say about a little prevention compared to a whole lot of cure? So get on top of things. Parenting in a transgender world. Erin, is there a website people can go to before we're done? Yes, my Maria Kepler and I have a website. It's and this is sort of, we haven't announced this widely yet, but we have a new person joining us in and that's Dr. Michelle Curitela who's going to be joining our team at Advocates. So we're super excited about that.

Excellent. We have lots of resources. We're doing everything we can to protect our children.

All right, Erin, we're standing together with you. We believe the tide will turn. God bless friends. Thanks for joining us. We'll be back with you tomorrow. It's early Jewish Thursday. Another program powered by the Truth Network.
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