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REShow: Henry Winkler - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 25, 2023 3:37 pm

REShow: Henry Winkler - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 25, 2023 3:37 pm

Rich reacts to the surprising announcement that newly signed QB Jimmy Garoppolo will miss some time after having foot surgery and ponders if that could open the door for another Tom Brady unretirement.

Actor Henry Winkler joins Rich in-studio to discuss the series finale if HBO’s acclaimed ‘Barry’ that left him “speechless,” his budding friendship with Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, reveals why he turned down hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’ back in his Fonzie heyday, and rates the guys’ acting chops after they do scene from ‘Happy Days’ and ‘The Waterboy,’ and praises Adam Sandler’s comedy genius.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

This is the Rich Eisen Show.

This fascinates me. I love it. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

You better get on board, you're gonna be left behind. The Rich Eisen Show. This is the Yeah Butt Team. Who else do they have other than Yo Kitchen Murray? Earlier on the show, senior writer for the MMQB, Albert Breer, from Hulu's White Men Can't Jump, actor Cinque Walls. Coming up, Bill's wide receiver Gabe Davis and the award-winning actor Henry Winkler. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Oh yes. Our number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air live on the Roku channel.

This Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM Odyssey and more. I just had a great little quick tete-a-tete, hug it out with Henry Winkler in our green room. I don't want to say how he's dressed. I don't want to say I don't want to give anything away. And as a matter of fact, I was about to give away what we've had planned. Where we have planned that TJ helped germinate the idea and produce a little portion of our conversation. I was about to tell him what we were going to talk about on that front and he says, don't tell me. Oh wow. Don't tell me. I said, we have a little fun planned. He just looked at me and goes, don't tell me.

Don't tell me. I love it. He's a professional. I'm so hyped for this. Oh yeah.

Truly one of our favorite guests in the history of this program is back in person. Barry coming to a close this weekend. The series finale, 10 p.m. on HBO and Max, but not HBO Max.

Two separate. So if you got cable and you got HBO, you can have it. If you got Roku and you've got Max, you can have it.

You got it. But if you have Roku and HBO Max and you click on it, it tells you to download Max. Happened to me yesterday. I got the same thing. You know what I did? Do you know what I did? You downloaded it?

I downloaded Max. Did you curse first? I did not. I rolled my eyes. It was actually very simple.

I was like, what? It knew my credentials and just signed me in. Boom. Very simple. Oh great. Very simple. You know what they have at the top on the bar on Max? It says HBO.

That's where I find all the HBO shows. It's simple. No way. You know, people are freaking out.

People are freaking out. They changed the color too. Yeah, it's blue. It's blue now.

What happened? It was purple. Now it's blue.

We like purple. But you know what is still the same? Henry Winkler.

Yes. Can confirm. Wait till you see how he is dressed. It's fantastic. I think Liz actually sent us a picture from the green room. Chris and I saw it. For the Roku channel audience. Just wait.

You're in for a treat. Stop me if you've heard this one before. Okay. But last year, as we all know, at this point in time.

Let's just flash back to one year ago. One James Garoppolo was convalescing from shoulder surgery that caused the 49ers to basically go, what is up with that? Okay. Because we were ready to trade you. I mean, you said goodbye after the NFC championship game loss, and we were ready to send you packing. But you're kind of, what's the word for it, untradeable.

Untradeable. Because you've got a shoulder surgery done that, you know, teams are going to wonder what's going on. And even though it was non-throwing, but it's still a shoulder surgery, right? And eventually because of that, he's still on the 49ers roster beginning training camp when they were like, we're not going to need you. And then by the end of the summer, they're like, hey, you want to stick around?

Jimmy, you up? And we all know what happened. And then finally the breakup happened. It's not the it's you, it's me.

It's both of us. We all knew what was happening. Garoppolo gone from the 49ers and he is now, as we all know, a raider. Las Vegas raider. And Garoppolo's in Vegas and, you know, ranches are offering free services and everybody's like ready to roll now. It's what's it going to look like with Jimmy G? And they didn't have any interest in Aaron Rodgers. And they went with Jimmy G and that was it. He's there.

And now on this day, May 25th, 2023, at an organized team activity, who knew? Garoppolo, not there. Why? Foot surgery.

What? Left foot, his left foot. By the way, the Daniel Day Lewis of the NFL, his left foot requiring a cleanup procedure, according to Tom Posaro, and he's recovering from his left foot injury.

Josh McDaniels, you have the floor. You won't see him today. There's a number of guys that you're not going to see. Again, I'm not going to you'll see him. I mean, I'm not going to run down a list every time here, but, you know, now he's he's going through his process just like we knew he would. Nothing has happened. It would surprise us based on, you know, the information we had.

Same thing with Tyree. Again, you know, there's a number of guys you're not going to see out there today. So, you know, rehabbing the things that they're rehabbing. And again, we know we don't play a game for over 100 days.

So, you know, they're doing everything they can do to get right. When they're all ready to go, then eventually they'll be back on the field. Nothing to see here. No football being played. Tyree, by the way, is Tyree Wilson.

Get out of Texas Tech, who they drafted atop the first round of the draft most recently. And by the way, the reason why he wasn't the first defender taken off the board. Will Anderson, obviously very talented. Rumor was that he had a foot injury of his own. And he's not out there today.

No. And of course, you might imagine Josh McDaniels from the Patriot family very open when it comes to talking about injuries. And so, of course, so Jimmy had foot surgery. You knew he was going to have it.

He's not here today. Even though it is three and a half months from actually Raiders opening game, it's a pretty good one, too, if I recall. It's a division game. Am I correct?

Yes. At Denver. Ha ha. Sean Payton's first game back in the NFL. First as the Denver Bronco H.C. Raiders in town. And so the question is, is he going to be back for training camp, at least? Like, we got that?

Can you give us that? Could be. I mean, I'd say with all these guys, it's about the same. Like I said, when they're ready. Some of them may be ready, you know, before the spring is over. Some of them may not, you know. And again, we're always going to err at this time of the year on being smart. You know, we don't play a football game until, like I said, three and a half months. So to try to rush them out there, to get them out there in May. I mean, it's that's a, you know, support decision. Nothing to see here.

We knew it was going to happen. Could be. He's not here.

Could be. He's back by training camp. I'm not telling you a damn thing. That's the funny thing is like we're not playing a game for three and a half months. So we're just going to be it's precautionary. But, you know, the not giving you the full answer makes it sound like this is a hell of a lot more than precautionary, but it could also be just the M.O. of an NFL head coach saying, why am I giving out any injury information to anyone?

Although that's normally an in-season thing. And as we just heard, they're not playing for another three and a half months. What the hell is this all about? Well, let me tell you what it's all about, Rich. I know what it is.

Let me tell you what it's all about. Do you know who the Raiders new part owner is? Tom Brady. Hey.

And if there's a quarterback spot that's open week one and Jimmy G can't go. Well, hey, just come on down from the. Come on down.

I said this like three weeks ago. And just there you are. And then and then it's Super Bowl.

And guess where the Super Bowl is being played? Oh, hey, has he done that before? No. Wait a minute. Has he played a Super Bowl as the home team in the home stadium? No.

And what happened in the first year of his tenure and his new team doing that? What happened? They won the whole thing. Yep. Dude. Hey.

Hey, I said that like three weeks ago. Hey. So amazing what a minority owner can do. So many minority owners. You know what they do? You know what they do? They sometimes just bring their family and go to the games.

Yeah. Some other minority owners. You know what they do? What they do is they just they just they just they do what Mike Del Tufo does with his one share of the Green Bay Packers.

They act like they own the whole damn team. I do. Others.

I do. Others. They put on the helmet.

Others put on a helmet. Oh, wait a minute. Hold on a second.

Does that mean we have the latest edition now? Of? I plead the fifth.

It's time for our TV smoking check. Come on down. Come on down. Rich, you know what the best one of the best numbers in Las Vegas is? Eleven. My God.

So I'm putting the Tom Brady heat check at eleven right now. You're ridiculous. This is absurd. Why is this ridiculous, Rich? Because. He's in the building.

Because, guys. Can we have can we there's one guy who can't be quit. Can't be quit.

Yeah. Thomas. Who's the backup in Las Vegas right now?

Oh, this is Brian. Oh, I forgot about that football gods can't quit Brian Hoyer. Or if you want to just what's in between the Brian Hoyer return and the insanity of Tom Brady becomes a minority owner of the Las Vegas Aces, too, just so he could be there in case of foot emergency that we're all learning about right now. But the Raiders have known all along while talking turkey with Tom right in between is let's just say training camp hits and he's not ready. Let's say training camp. You're proving our point right now.

Let's say training camp hits and he's not ready, but he'll be back at some point in time or whatever. Some point. But you need somebody.

I'm not doing it, which is entirely feasible. You and I both know it. You're having your fun. Let's put it this way.

Let's put it this way. Who's the quarterback that could be made available? Trey Wentz. Boom. Can't quit him either.

Zach Wilson. All I know is we have gotten a major surprise like really. So you knew he needed a foot cleanup surgery and you signed him anyway. And now, by the way, impressive to keep it secret, I know what happens in Vegas stays there. Boy, this has been nowhere to be found and all of a sudden he's not out there.

Why isn't it out there? Oh, he's got the foot clean. It's a cleanup. But we don't know. He could be.

He could be back by training camp. Have you ever heard that term used before? Oh boy. A foot cleanup? I actually try to look it up.

It doesn't even. It's a foot cleanup. It's very vague. I don't know.

I don't know. Watch ESPN. Rex Ryan will tell you. The thing is, who saw this coming? Wow. Who saw this coming? That Garoppolo would have another surgery that's leaving us all to wonder his viability.

And I will just counsel everybody, let's not go down that road because last year he questioned his viability and he damn near took his team to the NFC championship game himself. That's true. Wild.

That's some weird wacky stuff. Right. So that happened. I mean. Wow.

Oh. Are you ready to bring out Henry Winkler? Yeah, we're ready.

Yes. We got ready. Let's go for it. What do we got? No, I'm saying let's go for it.

I mean, what else? I mean, he's sitting in a green room. I know. We don't make Henry Winkler wait. We don't make him wait.

Of course not. One of the stars of the brilliant show Barry on Max is here. Let's bring him out.

The great Henry Winkler. Oh, look at that. Picture. My brothers. Best friends.

Fantastic. Back here on the Rich Eisen show with our radio family, with the Roku channel stream family, the great Henry Winkler, part of the brilliant cast of Barry series finale this Sunday 10 p.m. Eastern on HBO and Max. Back here on the program. I love what you know, what the difference is between HBO and Max. What is it? In HBO, you get a residual at Max as a streamer.

You don't. This is what it's all about. They changed it so that you don't get residual. But did they? Did they name Max after your son? You know what? I think so. Is that what it is?

I would. I just didn't know if that when he was a wonderful fellow and I don't know why, why they did that. But it's just in time for the has been around. You know, when I first got the call to be on this show, they said Bill Hader and I went, oh, my goodness, Bill Hader. And then they said HBO. And I thought, it's so established, it's so respected. It has such great quality.

I I've never worked there. I'm excited. And now they call and go, hey, you want to be on Max?

You and Max, you could go for a drink and make a TV show. It does sound like that. It does. But I mean, I can toggle to the HBO spot on Max.

Yeah. Then I find toggle. Who knows how to toggle?

I want to turn on the TV and watch. I don't want to toggle. I guess it's true. The extra toggling. Yeah, I'm not I'm not a tech guy. I know. And so we'll talk about Barry in a second. But let's talk about hold on. Wait for it. You're a toggery.

Let's talk about what you can have on right now. Henry Winkler. Oh, hold on a minute. You're standing up. Turn around. Turn around. Here we go.

That's the actual article. You're you're you're Mahomes Jersey signed by him. And you know, I wore it here because it all started here. I would not have this or the experience or the joy of making those radio commercials for Kansas City without you. Well, if you didn't say, do I know Patrick Mahomes?

I understand. So it all started. You picked it up and you and no pun intended, ran with the ball. And this is the actual jersey he signed for you and gave to you. It was the most adorable thing, if I may use that word, certainly.

This behemoth comes running across the field after the team meeting on the field. And he's smiling from ear to ear. And he says to me, I have a surprise for you. Like I like, you know, like, well, I'm so excited. And he gives me his jersey. I am speechless. Now, normally that stuff would be framed and hung on a wall. Yeah, well, it will be. But I did wear it during the Super Bowl in my house.

OK. Cheering. I also have a Funko doll of his, you know. And the only thing that I would say to him is what were the shorts he wore at the Met Ball? And I say that as a friend, you know, I mean, I if I was there when he was getting dressed, I would have had a chat with him because too revealing to know. I don't know what it was. All of a sudden, he looked like he was going to the beach at the Met Ball. Have you ever been to a Met?

I have never been to the Met Ball because I don't look good in shorts. That's not true. That's true on water skis.

Yes, that's true. You know what? I had good legs then. I know. Way back in the day. I want to tell you.

Yeah. From the belt down, I was amazing. I'm not kidding. But it was one of the great moments. I have met a lot of athletes, you know, I've met a lot of wonderful people who have made something of themselves on the universe. But to meet that young man and then to watch him play and then to watch him hurt and then to watch him run six or seven miles with a hurt foot, a hurt ankle in order to take his team, Mr. Kelsey, Mr. Smith and all of those wonderful players to the promised land, I thought was touching, amazing, inspiring.

And I thought it was neat again. He never calls for dinner. That's the next step here, because that is the final piece of this puzzle is for you to have him over for dinner. I'm telling you. Well, I mean, we're going to have to make something like that happen. But he really is the deal. Right. When you're in his presence now, he came running over and he's got a very big game to play.

Yes. And he is talking to me like there is nothing else on on the planet that he has to do right. He's such good people, you know, but you are, too.

And that's why it's pretty neat. And the fact that you were able to be part of a special season, too, I mean, for this moment to, you know, happen. And then his season happens.

It was great. You know, absolutely. And he played the way we talked about him when we first had that conversation here. Yes. He plays with his joy. He plays with this improvisation. He plays to win. He just is completely zeroed in. Yes.

On the task at hand. And then when I was there, Mr. Kelsey apparently was wearing the Chief's Family Fonzie T-shirt. But I didn't see him because I was taking a picture with all of the department's captain's coaches' wives. Yes.

You know, he has a podcast with his brother that you'd be a perfect guest for. There's the Football Family Fonzie shirt. That's it. That was.

And I but I now have it. Yes. I got to meet this wonderful man who was incredible on Saturday Night Live. He was. Was he not unbelievable? He was funny. He was. I mean, he committed to every single bit that he had. I know he was terrific.

And you know, he's got that twinkle. Yeah. Did you ever host SNL? I never did. I never thought that I was able to. When I was asked, I said, no. Why? Because I really was not ready. Come on. I could do it now, but I couldn't do it then.

I mean, I just I didn't believe in myself enough to stand toe to toe with all of those extraordinarily funny people. When was this? Was this the Belushi? That's right. Absolutely. That was it. Yeah. Really?

Couldn't do it now. Belushi and an acroid came to the two hundredth filming party of Happy Days, and we had our picture taken and we got to sit down with them. What was that like?

It was lovely. I mean, you know, when I heard Bill Hader, all I thought about was I watch Bill Hader every week on Saturday Night Live. Sure. Right. You know, I mean, the people we used to call Martin Short and Billy Crystal after every show because just because we enjoyed it so much. What do you mean used to call? We used to call them up and say, wow, what a great Saturday Night Live.

Yeah, then they pick up the phone at one in the morning or something. Well, or either that or I'd leave a message and never hear back. But I didn't care. I didn't care. But wow. Okay. So let me just go back to that.

Henry Winkler here on The Rich Hudson Show, two hundredth episode of Happy Days. Yes. And there was a party where on the set here in Los Angeles? No, it was it was on a soundstage, I believe. Yes. But not necessarily on the set.

Okay. And they had a cake and, you know, there was a jukebox involved. There's always a jukebox when I'm Fonz like, you know, and anybody. Can I just say to the family audience that's watching it. Any one of you has the power to hit a jukebox and start it. I'm not kidding. As long as there is a man named Fred on the other side of the wall who plugs it in at the moment, you strike the glass.

It just goes on and people think, wow, he is cool. So is the Fonz and Fred that put the power. It was Fred. Fred gave me the power. And it was an actual plug. It was an actual plug. We actually turned the sucker on.

The greatest moment. Yes. I'm in an alley with Ron Howard playing Richie and all of the lights in an apartment building are off.

I hit the side of the building and the entire building lit up. That is power. Did Fred have something to do with that too? I'm not sure. Okay. I don't know. That could have been Ronald who was in charge of another kind of lever. Another lever.

Yeah. Oh my gosh. But boy, that was one of my favorite things. And sitting up in the forest with all of the chatter of the animals and I couldn't sleep and I just sat up and I was very proud of myself because I had muscle at that time. I had a six pack and I could just sit up from a sitting position, a lying position and every animal went to sleep.

There was not a raccoon chattering after that. It was great. Oh my gosh.

The six pack to help you get up. Oh, I loved it. I was so proud and I had to do it twice. I could just, wow. Come on. I thought that was something. That's as athletic as I got. That's it?

That was it. Oh my gosh. Well, I played softball. You know, Gary Marshall thought if we played together, we stayed together. We were a stronger unit on the sound stage and so we traveled all over the world playing softball.

Is that right? What was your position? I pitched. I couldn't catch very well. I couldn't bat very well, but I knew if there was a pop-up, I just left the mound and Freddie Flox, one of our writers, came running out from second base and caught the ball.

If it was hit toward me, I just turned my body and I was black and blue for seven years, but I stopped the ball. So who hit cleanup? Did Tom Bosley hit cleanup? Ron. I think Ron did. Ron Howard?

Or Donny Most. I mean, they were really good athletes. Really? Ronnie could play every sport.

Is that right? Yeah. He was great at basketball. He was just an athlete. I didn't know that. Yeah.

You would not know that with those ears. Did you play like other TV shows or anything like that? We did. We played agencies, you know, agent agencies. We played the agents from CAA. We played other TV shows.

That's what I'm saying. Absolutely. Rhino Records we played. Okay. Oh yeah. Every Sunday at Hazeltine Park in the Valley. I'm going to take a shot at this one.

Henry Winkler. Were you ever in the battle of the network stars? Never. Never did that?

No, I never did that. Why not? It just didn't seem to be a winning proposal.

It would have been nice to see some of those young ladies in shorts, but it just seemed like I had to be on a team that won or get out of here. Understood. Howard Cosell opining about the running style of Adrienne Barbeau. That was not- No. No. That was fun to watch.

You know, you would have to say, Howard, what kind of problem do you have? This is Adrienne Barbeau. She was a looker, probably is still. I just remember those. Let's talk about Barry Winkler.

Let's talk about Barry. I am one of the luckiest men ever to sit in this chair that that show was given to me as a gift. Did the character, when you first heard about the character you're playing, what was your first thought about how you were going to play Jean Cusenel?

From the moment we started in 2016 until the moment we finished in November, the beginning of December 2022, you had an idea of what you were going to do because that's your job as an actor and Bill and the co-creator, his co-creator Alec Berg would take you on a completely different journey. Yeah. No doubt about it. I mean, this season in particular- And so what you did was you stopped thinking you could outsmart them and just listen. And they took you to where you had to be. And you know, last time you were on last summer, you were talking about a scene that was upcoming in the final episode with Robert wisdom. Right. Where you went to a spot that was particularly- His garage.

Right. When we, in my mind, this is what happened. We went to rehearse it, well, we didn't actually rehearse it. We went to look at the space we were going to be in and it was a full garage and we went to get our makeup and we got into our costume. We came back and it was empty, except for two folding chairs and the crane, not one crew member, which is unheard of, they were all outside of the garage.

It was Robert, me and the crane. That's it. Wow. And that obviously came through in the scene and in terms of what the show has become, I have written here the original synopsis for the show. Yes. And it doesn't look anything like what this season is about.

A hit man from the Midwest moves to Los Angeles and gets caught up in the city's theater arts scene. Right. That's what it was originally about. Right.

Now obviously it's gone on a totally different journey for you. But they promised us. Yes.

They would never repeat season to season. Right. They wrote themselves into a corner.

I thought to myself, how are they going to get out of this corner? Yes. And the next season was some same, but mostly different. And they walked right out of that corner into another corner at the end of the third season. And here we are in the fourth season. Yes.

And that this Sunday is mind blowing. It is. Yeah. And he told me, yes, Bill said in the middle of the season, he said, well, we finally broke the eighth script because we only do eight.

Want to know how it ends? I said, yeah. He told me.

And I am a pretty verbal guy. Yes. Speechless. I just, I made noise. And then I went and had some avocado toast. I didn't know what to do. And then I had to keep the secret from October until now. Until now.

Until this coming weekend, Henry Winkler here on The Rich Eisen Show. Okay. We have put together a couple of scenes here and want to put you into the role of Gene Cusinell. Sure.

If you don't mind. I don't. We have across the way, Chris Brockman, who you've met a couple of times.

I have. He has, you just came back from which charity golf tournament did you just come back from? Kevin Rahm in Jacksonville.

All right. And he played in a fivesome, you know, it's a celebrity tournament. He was invited to play as the celebrity. And interestingly enough, he was categorized as an actor. Which surprised all of us in the same way that it does seem to surprise you.

I'm in shock right now. Correct. And your credits are very few and far between. Yes.

I just showed quickly of the league back on FX and a small cameo in Dave. And I've done a few plays. Okay. So there you have it. Good enough, right? Good enough. Okay. So and I've been.

Especially for Cusinell. Yes. You pay in cash on time and I think you are golden. There you have it. You could be the Brad Pitt of the sports world. I knew we had the right person to bring this up.

TJ, who's behind your right shoulder. You've been in. How many credits do you have?

It's like three or four. You know, just married a few years ago. You know, I was a little Abner high school, you know, just with my my back to the gentleman. Yes. I hear the theater in him. Okay. Thank you, sir. Okay. And I know I've been told I emote quite well. I have a handful of credits.

CSI Miami. There you go. I've just received a one cent residual check. Yes.

But isn't that the craziest thing? You get a residual check. Now it's printed. It's in an envelope. It's stamped.

Yes, sir. And it's one penny. One penny.

It was forty nine cents less than the stamp that was on the envelope. That was unbelievable. It was sent to me. So what we have done to ask you to rate our acting skills live here on this program. We have chosen a couple of scenes. TJ has got a soliloquy. Chris and I have an exchange. Okay.

TJ is first for you, Henry Winkler, to play the role of Jean Cusinau. This is a soliloquy that you may remember from season three, episode 15, that aired in 1976 of Happy Days. Oh, my goodness. Called what's it called again? Dance.

The dance. Okay. Something that I had it written down here. Oh, gosh. I had it written down.

You know, the title is not as important as a performance. Okay. Very good. So this is the episode where Mrs. C is asked the funds to dance with her in a dance contest. We did the tango. Mr. C was thinking that she was having an affair with somebody and eventually they all come together. And the idea is that Mrs. C doesn't want to dance now. And then you step on the stage. Gotcha.

TJ Jefferson, you have the floor. Okay. Hey, now, wait a minute. I don't understand something here. I practice all week until I limp home. I got to soak my feet.

I spent eighteen dollars and fifty cents on a monkey suit. Two nerds come to my room, locked me in my bathroom and start calling me names. Sherlock Holmes here chases me and starts yelling at me. Cunningham. Hey, Cunningham over there.

He starts threatening me with physical violence. Shortcake kicks me in the leg and you want to go home happy? Let me tell you something. You're not going anywhere, lady.

The Fonz wants to dance. Wow. Wow. Wow. What do you think, Henry?

I think that I'm very lucky he was not around when I auditioned. Okay. That was great. Well, thank you, sir. You got the meaning of it. You understood it. You made us understand it. Yes, sir.

That I'm I'm telling you. Okay. All right. There you go. Well done, TJ.

Well done. Straight from that. Oh, and I remember that. What do you remember about that? I remember everything. I remember learning to dance with with Marion, who I adore. Yes.

One of the great women of the 21st century. I remember that soliloquy. What are you talking about? I did all this stuff and you want to go over there? Hey, let me tell you something, lady.

The Fonz wants to dance. There you go. Yeah. All right.

He got it all. I told you commit, right? That's the idea, right?

Isn't that right? That was it. Just commit. Had to commit to it. Very good.

Well, I couldn't I couldn't disappoint Mr. Winkler. Oh, well, we've got ourselves our hands full. Okay.

This is a scene from the water boy. Yeah. I play Coach Klein. Yes. Chris, the actor in question as Bobby Boucher.

Are you are you ready? All right. This is the scene where you meet Bobby for the first time. This is the play. This is the play.

Okay. Once the quarterback has the ball, he fakes to the left. He fakes to the right. He doesn't fake. He thinks about faking.

He pretends to fake. I don't know where I am. I can't breathe or the room is getting smaller. I have to sit down. Hang on.

He takes some water. All right. Right here. This is good. This is much better than what I serve.

That is the water that you serve your players. It is imperative that you allow me to be your water boy. I can't hire you.

I can't hire anybody with that. You do not have to. You do not have to pay me. I will do it for free.

Just promise me that you will never distribute the contents of that jug to any human person. That's a deal. That's a deal.

Thank you so much, Coach Klein. I will not let you down. All right. Be brutal. Be honest. Be honest. All right. All right. You were in the water boy and you were in the Iceman Cometh.

No, you know what? You should do that scene again, or at least the top of it. OK. You should do it again. You have to talk with your outside voice.

You know, you have to use a little more. What do you want? You want to work for him, right? OK. You want to work for him. And you are panicked. OK. You cannot just be in your sweater, in your chair. OK. I'm out of my sweater.

I'm out of my sweater. So do it again. I say do it again. OK. Here we go. Let's go. A note, by the way, you did not get TJ.

Congratulations. All right. Here we go. So from the top? From the top.

OK. This is the play. This is the play. OK. Once the quarterback has the ball, he fakes to the left.

No. He fakes to the right. He doesn't fake. He pretends to fake. He pretends to fake.

He pretends to fake. I don't know where I am. I can't breathe.

Or this room is getting smaller. I have to sit down. Hang on here.

Take some water. All right. Right there. This is good. This is much better than what I serve. That is the water that you serve to your players?

Uh-huh. It is imperative that you allow me to be your water boy. I can't hire you. I can't hire anybody with this. You do not have to pay me.

I will do it for free. You promised me that you do not distribute the contents of that drug to any human person. That's a deal. That's a deal? Thank you so much, Coach Klein.

I will not let you down. Now come on. Yeah?

Yeah. How much better was that scene? It was very much better the second time. Well done. Well done.

I thought you were less Mike Tyson in that one. Thank you. I have to say.

I think everybody did. You did a great job. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you. I'm not just saying that. No.

OK. No. That's our way of honoring you. We hope. I feel completely honored. I do.

I do. How much fun was it to be in that movie? Oh my gosh. When was that movie released? 1990. 1999. I think. Hold on a minute. Let me have it. 1999.

I was a freshman in college. You think so? 99? Yeah. It is still.

People talk to me about that movie. 98. It was just released. Just released.

Just released. I think that is like his most famous movie. Did he ever get you to crack at all or no, no, no. Oh my God. He is so funny. But you know, he is also so serious.

He's in charge of every detail. You know that that that bit where I'm kind of like waving and talking to the baby and waving and talking to the dolphin. He had about a million of those. And he just stood in front of it by the camera and said, OK, now you're talking like a baby. Now you're talking to dolphins. Now you're dead.

And then in the editing room, they pick what's the funniest. Really? What about me standing in high heels with a phone that's not attached to anything? I literally did not know what I was doing. I said, what is this? Did you say no to anything or just yes, you don't say no, no.

You know, unless it goes against your entire gadera, you don't say no, because they have a vision. And your job as the actor with your imagination is to help them create their vision. And this man is a brilliant creator. So he said, trust me, yeah, he is a brilliant, brilliant creator. He's in charge of every detail. He knows what he wants.

It works. And you know, I when I first got the job, they wanted me to wear a pork pie hat, which I wound up wearing. I believe in that picture. I wanted to wear a baseball cap. I thought I was going to wear a baseball cap like a coach. And I said, I'm going to wear a baseball cap. And they said, no, no, no, Adam wants you to wear a pork pie hat. And I didn't realize at the time they're not telling me. They are telling me that you're going to wear this.

That's what Adam wants. It works out. It works out. People are still talking to you about it. Henry, you are a joy.

I do not take for granted that you come here and you tell stories and I heard you were telling us stories about us on other shows, about your relationship with Mahomes, and it truly means the world that we were able to do this for you. It was. It was.

It started in this chair and I have had the most wonderful ride because of just a quip I threw at you. Right. And it all worked out. Yeah.

And now here you are in your Mahomes signed jersey and your Nantucket reds and it looks awesome. Fantastic. And then let's get this dinner on the books.

Absolutely. Let's do it. Thanks for coming in, Henry. What a pleasure. I'll see you soon. You bet. And I'll see you on Barry. The series finale this Sunday, 10 p.m. Eastern on HBO and then on Max.

You can check it out. Available right here on Roku. Henry Winkler at H Winkler for number four real on Twitter right here on The Rich Eisen Show. Rich Eisen Show radio network back with The Rich Eisen Show desk that I'm sitting at furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger is the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. Well, TJ, I said to you before the show when you had this idea of let's do some readings for Henry Winkler, I'm like, you got to do the Fonz voice. You got to commit. You committed? Thank you. And he appreciated it? Nailed it. And by the way, then he did it off the top of his head. That was amazing. By the way.

That was awesome. And then Chris and I did our scene, which we did not rehearse beforehand, and it was apparent. Yes.

Yes. I'm not going to lie. The fact that he gave us notes. He gave you, which we kind of wanted. And then I think we took the notes and I think we improved our performance. I think it was a better performance.

The second reading definitely was better than your first for sure. And then told a great story about the water boy. Fantastic. That was awesome. That's wonderful.

That's funny, funny, funny, funny show, funny, funny, funny, funny show. Let's go to this phone line before we get out of Dodge here. John in Vancouver. Kenna, what's up?

John? Hey, how are we doing? We're great. What's going on?

Super excited to be on the phone, just trying to comport myself and form words right now. You got it, bud. Let's go.

What do you have? Yeah. You're good. You're usually being pivotal, Celtics are obviously down one game to three. What are the chances this is a pivotal game and Celtics can build some momentum and actually force a game seven? Well, 100%, John, the percentage you're looking for is 100. That's what's happening. That's absurd.

100%. The fact that Gabe Vinson's out is not- But I feel like that's a little out of line. Yes, it is out of line. Even a Canadian is telling you you're out of line.

All the way in Vancouver. But I agree with Chris, wholeheartedly. Gabe Vinson being out is big. Big. Yeah, but really honest answer, it just comes down to are the Celtics making threes tonight or are they not? Last year, are they turning it over? Even this series, are they turning it over or are they not? If we're in the 15, 16 turnover range, they're not going to win. If they're shooting 30, low 30 percentage from three, they're not going to win.

They've got to be over 40%, single digit turnovers, and then it should be an easy win tonight. Thanks for the call, John. Appreciate it.

Thanks for being on the program. We'll find out right away. Do you want Grant Williams to talk smack to Jimmy Butler? I want Grant Williams to wear the Hannibal Lecter face mask where he cannot speak at all.

That's what I want. Do not feed the animals. Honestly, they probably shouldn't even let him in the building. I know he had a good game last time out. He did? Hit a bunch of threes.

Just stay home. That was great. Where Jimmy Butler's like, I respect him. He shoots threes. He plays defense. I really respect him, but maybe I'm the last person you want to talk to.

100%. I'm the wrong guy to talk to. Wrong guy. Do not agitate Jimmy tonight. Zip it. Zip it. Don't poke the baby.

If you're Grant Williams, zip it. And the thing is, it's in Boston. The crowd's going to be going nuts. Everyone's probably been drinking since this morning there.

Sully and Fitz is rolling. Ready to rock. And so you're going to feel juiced and you're going to want to live up to that moment and maybe feed into the hype and the vibes and talk some smack. Don't do it. Mouth shut tonight. Zip it. Zip. Zip it. Zip it. Zip it. Zip it. Zip it. Zip it. Zip it. Zip it. Zip it. Zip it. Zip it. Zip it. Zip it. Zip it. Zip it. Zip it.

Zip it. Woo-hoo. I got everyone. Okay, but what do we want? You know what I want? I want Big Poppy. I want Kevin Millar. I want Dave Robert.

I want everybody in the building tonight. That's what we need Rich Isaac. Whatever.

No we don't. Now you, now you lost me. You had me into the aroma of Justin Bieber. Yeah. Please.

He took it too far. No same. Not as Just like Grant Williams. Okay. Tomorrow, John Harbaugh the Ravens. and so much more.
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