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Daniel Jeremiah: First Three Picks In NFL Draft Will Be A Quarterback

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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April 25, 2024 3:42 pm

Daniel Jeremiah: First Three Picks In NFL Draft Will Be A Quarterback

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 25, 2024 3:42 pm

4/25/24 - Hour 1

Rich and the guys are live from the NFL Draft in Detroit where they choose the draft room in which they’d want to be a fly on the wall to hear that team’s debate on what to do in the first round tonight.

NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah and Rich break down his brand-new mock draft.

ESPN’s Rece Davis and Mike Greenberg and Rich discuss the burgeoning hype around tonight’s NFL Draft, if Drake Maye is the best QB in the draft and more.

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Find out how to bring your ideas to life at slash welcome to now. The season begins tonight. Live from the NFL Draft in Detroit, it's the Rich Eisen Show. John Beck here. How many quarterbacks do you think go in a row to start this draft?

Ooh, I mean, I definitely think that it's going to be a one, two, three. Today's guests, NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah, ESPN, NFL analysts Mike Greenberg and Reese Davis, LSU head coach Brian Kelly, Pro Football Hall of Famer Kurt Warner, USC head coach Lincoln Riley, co-host of Good Morning Football, Kyle Brandt, and now it's Rich Eisen. Welcome to the Rich Eisen Show Draft Week Special Day 2 live on the Roku Channel from Detroit at the Total by Verizon Studio.

It is draft day, people. I am your humble host, Rich Eisen, doing all three hours right here on the Roku Channel. This Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate smart enough to have a serious XM odyssey and more. We say hello to our podcast listeners wishing them the best draft day, listening whenever they want to all three hours of this program.

And we have got a great guest list. Once this is over, I'm going to run down the street in a suit and tie and host the NFL Network draft coverage of the first night here in Detroit. One of the most highly anticipated drafts in quite some time. That'll be at 7 Eastern time with an hour pre-draft show. And then this commissioner of the NFL will come out with some luminaries that are still to be named.

No, no, they're still unnamed right now, but I know who they are. And it is quite a trio of human shields that are slated to come out with him here in Detroit tonight. And then off we go. Good to see you over there, Chris Brockman. How are you on this day? Fired up. Can't believe we made it. TJ Jefferson liked the candles. Rich, what do you got? Here we go.

Here we go. That's a round of applause for the entire crew. How many fake electric candles do you see lit up there? And by the way, the fans, if you're watching on the Roku Channel, there are fans strolling around the street here outside. The jerseys are out. I've seen jerseys from like a half a dozen teams already.

It's unbelievable. They're all there. You're the group of Bears fans just shouting you out this morning from the window.

I saw that. They're all excited. And Kyle Brandt is on this program. He's our last guest in studio in hour number three because Bears fans have got to be jacked up. Today is the last day of the rest of their previous football lives.

Possibly. You know what I'm saying? Tonight is the night they're finally going to get the quarterback that they feel that they have been looking for for quite some time. And I know they still have the emotional scars of the previous drafts of quarterbacks. Obviously, Justin Fields is a guy that they thought was going to be the guy. And they even went in on Justin Fields last year trading out of the first overall draft choice. And Carolina moving in. And they performed so badly with Bryce Young that the Bears are on the clock first overall again tonight.

And they decided to actually stick and pick with this one. And it's going to be Caleb Williams. And there's no doubt in my mind it's Caleb Williams.

There's no doubt in anybody's mind that it's Caleb Williams. I mean the Chicago Bears had one quarterback visit them in the top 30 visits. Again, you've got their top 30 prospects on their board, however you want to call it.

And a prospect will come visit them. They only get 30 visits with kids. And they used one of them on a quarterback. It was Caleb Williams. And Caleb Williams used only one of his 30 possible visits with anybody else. And it was the Bears.

That's it. So they only looked at one quarterback and only one quarterback actually came to visit them. And it was the only visit that the quarterback took. And it's going to be Caleb tonight.

But let's stop talking about that because that is the very thinnest limb that anybody could go out on tonight. And it's essentially what happens when the Washington commanders are on the clock. And it's going to be Jayden Daniels I believe. Brian Kelly who's joining us in studio in hour number two I think went on a show yesterday and said that Jayden Daniels is going to make plays for Washington. So even he thinks that that's where Jayden Daniels is going to go. And Daniel Jeremiah who's joining us in about 15 minutes time in his mock draft last night. His final mock draft and the one that he usually endeavors with trades. He finally took Drake May out of Washington's number two spot in his previous mocks and put Jayden Daniels in there.

So even he thinks that it's going to be Jayden Daniels at two. And interestingly enough for DJ his entire first 10 picks of his mock draft. And this is a guy who predicted the Houston Texans would move back into the first round into the third overall spot after taking CJ Stroud second. He predicted that Will Anderson would be taken third overall with the Texans moving up to go do that. He predicted one of the most wild draft day night trades we've ever witnessed. He says there's no draft trades at all tonight in the first 10 picks of this draft.

It's all stick and pick. That seems a little bit shocking right? Well not unless the Arizona Cardinals decide to just stick and pick Marvin Harrison Jr. for their quarterback. Which is not crazy.

Not crazy. And that's what leads us to tonight's draft room debates presented by Total Buy Verizon. Because if Daniel Jeremiah feels that there are no draft trades tonight.

And obviously he could be off, he could be wrong. Then you know it will however not be for the lack of trying for any teams to go and make some phone calls. And create some wild 10 minute moments while say the Patriots are on the clock at three. Deciding do they take Drake May or do they take JJ McCarthy. Or do they trade out of the pick for either franchises that want either of those two quarterbacks.

What do the Arizona Cardinals do and so on and so forth. So I want to ask you first TJ Jefferson which draft room would you want to be in tonight if you could. To be a fly on the wall for a draft day and draft room debate. Which one would you want to be on? I mean I think the obvious answer is the Cowboys but we would know that so I'm not going to say them. You can't choose. I don't want to choose them. So I mean this is pretty simple too the Bears. Look you've got to pick number one. This is going to change the course of your franchise.

You're hoping right? I've got two huge Bear fans in my friend group and I know they can't wait for the night. Which one is that?

The Chicago Bears? No the friend in your friend group. Which one? Just say his name. Why do you not say his name? We don't know. You're friends with them. It's well established. This is my favorite bit. It's been going on for four years and it's never going to end. You won't say his name.

I love it so much. His name is Justin Mooney is one of the friends. No no no the other one.

The other one. Nobody's ever heard of Justin Mooney. Oh that's disrespectful a little bit. I'm just kidding. His name is Ashton Kutcher. That's the guy. Hey. Okay yeah so he's a big Bear fan as we know. Did a little part of him just die? Yes. You're closer to him than I am.

Actually he said his whole name too which is still alive. But so you know I think the ghost of Trubisky is still hanging over that franchise so they want to get this pick right. But what's the debate do you think?

So I think the debate comes down to nine right? What do you do with that second pick? Do you give him another weapon in the form of maybe Roma Dunze or do you solidify the offensive line? Do you maybe hope Joe Ault's there?

Do you go defense? What do they do with this second pick because this is... Do you trade the pick to get more picks? Well I predicted that in my mock draft that Malik Nabors is going to sit there at nine and instead of handing Malik Nabors to Kayla Williams in the huddle they're going to maybe trade out.

So they have a lot of possibilities. This could be the chance for the Bears to really make that jump, make that next step. So I'd be interested to see what they're going to do, what Ryan Paul's going to do in that draft room and make Ashton and Justin very happy. Well Daniel Jeremiah says they're going to stick and pick and they're going to keep that pick and go Olu Feshanu the tackle out of Penn State and add to their offensive line. That would be the move.

I would think you've got to protect Kayla. Which is the draft room you would want to be? It's funny. I'm sticking in the NFC North and I'm looking at the Minnesota Vikings. They have two first round picks we know, 11, 23. They don't have a second or third round pick in this draft.

So what do they do? Do they move up? So many rumors surrounding this team. If Drake May goes number two to Washington could they be on the phone with New England? Are they trying to trade up?

Are they going to stick? DJ has them sticking and JJ McCarthy falls to them. That I think is a home run, 10 out of 10 scenario for Minnesota and Kevin O'Connell. We know the roll on the dice was Sam Darnold this year so no pressure on whatever quarterback they draft to start right away.

Could they package and move up? Like I said, I don't know but I think there's a lot of intrigue in Minnesota because if you look at what they have, they're a team that can contend for this division and be kind of legitimate forces in the NFC if they get these picks right today. And that leads me to the place where I would want to go and be and that's the Arizona Cardinals draft room tonight. Because Monty Osenfort, the general manager who last year was in the three spot traded out with Houston and then traded back in to go get Paris Johnson, the offensive lineman from Ohio State. He is well known to move around a draft board in the top 10 picks. And he has said he will not entertain any draft offers until he is on the clock tonight. And the reason for that is, is I guess he wants to know which of the quarterbacks didn't go in the first three and what does that mean for him and who would be willing to come and pay a king's ransom for that guy. And is that possibly Drake May?

It's entirely feasible. The reason why you didn't choose New England is because we have decided that you can't choose your own team to be in the draft room. When New England is on the clock at three.

It's going to be nuts. And they don't take Drake May. They take say J.J. McCarthy instead. Or just saying that the ultimate craziness if Drake May goes two and Jaden Daniels goes three and J.J. McCarthy is there at four or the Patriots choose McCarthy because they love him and Jaden Daniels is sitting there at four. That would mean the Las Vegas Raiders would just go absolutely crazy and be one of the teams to call up Monty Osenfort and start making some crazy trade offers.

It's possible that the Minnesota Vikings would do that as well. It's possible that they just stick and pick because it is Marvin Harrison Jr. that's sitting right there. You know how we feel about him. We know how we feel about him. And I'm sure Kyler Murray feels very strongly about him as well. And so you'd be able to get your quarterback protected from last year's movement over the draft board and now your quarterback having one of the best weapons we've seen from so many observers coming out of college for Kyler Murray and all of those things happening in the span of ten minutes. That would be a wild scenario.

And you know Daniel Jeremiah is going to be again joining us shortly here as he walks in the door. That bottom line he threw out on his Twitter feed today. The craziest possible night. This is wild that he in his mock draft predicted no draft trades in the top ten tonight. Yeah I can't believe that. So he then said the opposite of that would be New England trades with Minnesota. Trades out goes from three down to eleven. And then moves back up into four. New England then moves back up into four and takes the other quarterback that they would want. And then moves and then the Chargers would then move down from five to eleven and Arizona would pop back up into five and take the receiver that they want. So the third fourth and fifth overall picks would all be traded out and the ones who had three and four would be the ones to trade back in for four and five.

That would be insane. Did you follow what I just basically said? Well I have his tweet up so I'm really reading it to make it make sense while you're explaining it. Did I get that right DJ? Did I get that right? Okay.

I did get that right. So New England would go from three down to eleven so Minnesota could take the quarterback that they want. And if they leave the one on the board that New England would be fine with they would trade into the fourth spot with Arizona who then would take the eleventh spot. And then Arizona after New England traded all you know took the quarterback that they wanted they would trade into the fifth spot to take the receiver that they want. And the Chargers would be the ones sitting there at eleven. To take whoever's left? I don't know. Obviously then six, seven, eight, nine, and ten would have to go. And that is the opposite of nothing happening.

Yes. But I would want to be in Arizona's draft room tonight for that draft room debate because if Monty Austin Fort really has not taken any phone calls and hasn't set the table for any possible trades and parameters and truly is only going to he's finally after turning his phone off for the last month. He's going to turn it back on. He's going to turn it back on.

You have ninety six messages you know. And so he would then start taking these phone calls and if somehow some way Jayden Daniels is still on the board that's the least likely of them all. The most likely of them all it's McCarthy. It's possible somebody trades up or figures out what DJ is also saying and we'll bring him on in a second that it's possible he could go all the way down to eleven and Minnesota doesn't have to move and they get their guy anyway so why would they have to move up to four and then you sit there going well who else wants JJ McCarthy take some phone calls and then around three minutes to go it's like screw it.

That's Marvin Harrison Jr. out there. So let's get him and let's bring him to the desert and then obviously the charges being on the clock would be the next draft room I'd want to be in but we can only choose one and I choose Arizona's and the draft room debate presented by Total Buy Verizon is now in the books. The draft's all about getting a contract but when it comes to your wireless plan take advantage of no long term contracts with Total Buy Verizon. It's the power of Verizon. Price to win.

Find your local Total Buy Verizon store or switch to today. Look who's chilling out getting ready to join us. His name is Daniel Jeremiah at Move the Sticks as they say from the NFL Network. We're going to be spending an insane amount of time together over the next three days so why not start right now. That's next. This is the Rich Eisen Show on Draft Day from Detroit. Hey folks. It's time for the NFL Draft which means for me I need a good night's sleep because if I don't have one I'm just not myself.

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Fly on the wall and wherever you listen. Back here on the Roku channel radio and so rejoined just a couple of minutes. Good to see you Daniel Jeremiah.

How are you buddy man. We made it. We did didn't we. This is the most anticipated draft in a long time right.

I can't remember. I can't remember this many quarterbacks. That's much chaos as we're on the day of the draft.

But just in terms of interest and in terms of intrigue and rumor and conjecture and what have you. I kind of feel like once all the quarterbacks go. We'll just have to go. Now look you know but I feel like we do we ever get to the end of the quarterback line.

There's so many of them. I feel like once one goes we're like well where's the next one go. I mean it's entirely possible we get five of them by 13.

Yeah like seriously legitimately possible like 40 percent of the first you know 13 picks are quarterbacks. You know I think there's a chance we have like one or two defensive players and literally the half the top half was that Dallas Turner. Dallas Turner. Dallas Turner.

Maybe a corner. Which one? Well I mean Mitchell or or Arnold. Yeah.

I have Arnold but I think there's a chance Mitchell goes ahead of him. Arnold was sitting in that chair yesterday. He was a stud. What a kid man. Yeah.

Big energy. Oh my gosh. Great personality. He was great. Great talker. You know loved him. Big time. Yeah.

We enjoyed him immensely. By the way the draft connection you didn't know existed. Terry and Arnold's uncle my son's high school football coach. How about that. Whoa.

What was Kevin Bacon and all that. Three more degrees. More degrees. Yeah. Okay.

I'm just trying to figure out. No Kelly Hartung is on our broadcast. Kelly Hartung was with Kevin Bacon at the high school. Yes.

At the high school for footloose. Thank you. Okay. There he is.

And she will be on the stage potentially interviewing one of those guys tonight. We just went from my son's high school football coach to Kevin Bacon. Like that. There you go. Easy. Easy work. That's amazing.

Everybody cut footloose. All right. Very good. So Daniel Jeremiah's here. here. We got your crazy ass tweet from earlier this morning to bring our radio audience.

That's a C-A-T right? Crazy ass tweet right here on the Rich Eisen Show from Detroit. Back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network. I am sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Grainger has the right product for you. Call or just stop by. 7 p.m. Eastern tonight. One hour long pre-draft kickoff from our stage in Detroit. The stage belonging to NFL Network. Eight o'clock tonight is when the Commissioner goes and puts the Bears on the clock and it's great to see you Daniel Jeremiah. We will be hanging out from pick one to pick last.

Well I'll tell you what. A, it's beautiful outside. It is nice.

It's beautiful outside. There's energy and buzz in Detroit and this draft is gonna be crazy. It is gonna be nuts. How many how many quarterbacks going to row to start tonight?

What do you think? Three are going. I mean I feel very confident we get quarterback, quarterback, quarterback.

Then the interest starts of when does the fourth one go? Why on your mock draft do you think no draft trades in the top 10? So a couple things. There's two camps out there on the Giants. They've done a lot of homework on JJ. They've also let everybody know they've done a lot of homework on JJ.

So did JJ from that chair yesterday. Exactly and so a lot of people around the league are looking at that saying the Giants sure do want people to think they're in the JJ McCarthy business to try and get somebody else ahead of them and then you get another player that's like. There's the two theories right. So we're gonna find out tonight like which one of these theories is right. The other theory is Minnesota loves Drake May. Gonna try and make the Godfather offer to go up to three and and that could be even on the clock as we're sitting there together. If that doesn't happen, if they can't get Drake May, they like JJ. They also are comfortable with Pennock's which would then say okay we don't want to go in part with pick 23 to go up to four or five. Maybe we wait until he gets a little closer or one of those guys goes.

Now we get antsy and then we make our move. Let's dive into this a little bit more here because for New England to accept the Godfather offer, they have to have another plan to get a quarterback. You can't leave this draft without a new quarterback in New England right? I a thousand percent agree with that. Okay so then how do you move down to 11 and assure yourself of getting the quarterback you want? They'd have to be fine with McCarthy or Pennock's too right?

Well they need to read the CAT. The crazy ass tweet where you're like was asked this question. What's the wildest top 10 rumor? Here you go. Minnesota trades from 11 to 3 with New England. New England trades from 11 to 4 with Arizona. Arizona trades from 11 to 5 with the Chargers.

You dizzy yet? Yes. So let me summarize that. So this is how this ends up because people will look at this and say I get asked who's trading up for JJ McCarthy? Well if you really look at this, New England's netting a pick trading back getting JJ McCarthy. The Arizona Cardinals who we've been saying Marvin Harrison Jr., they net some type of a pick and still get Marvin Harrison Jr. The only team that's parting with something in this is the Minnesota Vikings and the majority of that haul would land with the Chargers. It's a lot to take in but basically everybody gets what they want under the assumption that New England likes JJ McCarthy and thinks it's close with him and Drake May or even have JJ over Drake May. They get JJ McCarthy plus a pick. And so you wouldn't consider the Chargers parting with the opportunity to draft Marvin Harrison Jr.? I think the Chargers want to get the heck out of there. Even if Marvin Harrison Jr. is sitting there at five?

Marvin Harrison Jr. being being there at five you know you could say that's part of the you know that would that would make it a more difficult decision. But I do think they want they want bulk. They want more picks. They want more picks. And then who's gonna catch the football for Justin Herbert?

How do you respond? Long draft. We got a long three days. Because there's so many of those wide receivers. Yeah. And they think it's deep enough and and let's go get some of those kids. Yeah and they also you know look they can go get some of these guys. The depth of the class is the wide receiver position. And also the belief and this is my opinion that if we get this offensive line where Jim wants it to be and we get this run game where it wants it to be it's gonna take a lot of pressure off of Justin Herbert.

We'll have guys open. So then let's psych I want to cycle back to your initial comment about the Giants letting people know how much homework they've done on JJ McCarthy. Yeah. I asked JJ here I'm like hey before I let him go yesterday do you have any idea where you think you're going? Yeah.

And I asked that of Pentax on a zoom early today and he's like I have no idea. And JJ's like well I'm thinking New York Giants. And he started talking about how they they they met twice that they had him throw on Easter which is a new one for him as he said. Yeah. And then he started talking about you know how Kafka and Deball have Alabama ties and Josh Gaddis was an Alabama guy.

He's run the version of that offense. And he knows the terminology and he went he went in on it. And so the concept of the Giants wanting people to know how much work they've done on them as a smokescreen to get more prospects that they are interested in closer down to them like does is that really a conscious decision that is made by a team and when do they finally make that decision to start screening some smoke?

Like how does that happen? Well I I think everything you got from JJ obviously is authentic and honest. Of course from him. Hundred percent from him. Right. The question is how many of those other quarterbacks have the Giants done the same amount of work and spent the same amount of time with?

So you know that that makes that conversation a little different. And absolutely I know of teams that will call information guys and will call people that they know will get the word around hey where's he going? Where's this guy going?

Where's this guy going? And just it's a lot. It just seems like a lot that's out there. But what's the what I'm asking is when is the tipping point from they are legitimately doing their homework on the kid? To saying like now we're gonna move on despite having done all we've done enough for our homework to start moving on from the due diligence phase to the smokescreen phase. Yeah.

I'm fascinated by this. Yeah well I mean once you make it through the process so once the coaches have gotten involved and then you go through it and they might say hey we like him but for us you know right now the decision could be neighbors we feel like neighbors bringing him in with what we have we you know we can make it work with Daniel Jones and we brought in Drew Locke and there's a dividing line you're always comparing your roster who you have versus the players you could potentially pick. And you will take like a lot of teams if you were looking at a quarterback you'll take your current starter you'll go up to the board where used to be the board with the magnets now it's all on a computer and a projection but you would go okay Daniel Jones where does it stop? Okay we have Caleb we have Jayden whatever order we have Drake but then after that we might say okay now it becomes more even we feel like maybe JJ's not that upgrade over there you know this is a scenario of how this works and you say okay well this is the line and then we would just take the receiver. So we've already termed New England as having to get one yeah Washington has to get one Chicago's going to get one then you've got Minnesota and you've got Denver and you've got the Raiders.

Quarterback alley 11 to 13. And you have the Giants but you've got six with a potential first-round grade which one do you think is the the team that could most afford to have us show up on this show Friday saying they didn't get one yeah which one do you think is that? You know it's interesting I would say I only ask those questions that's a good question 12 and 13 I would say Denver and the Raiders you could make a case there's a lot of roster work to be done there you know so we can go with we're gonna try and fill some of these holes and then we'll address the quarterback down the line but saying that I just go back to the Raiders you're in Las Vegas I just find it hard to believe I don't envision the billboard with Gardner Minshew up there that that gets your your city and your your your fan base pumped up whereas Michael Pennix who can absolutely spin it it's like there's some hope and something to dream on they have a lot of other roster holes they need to take care of you're not gonna be able to get that done in this draft but thinking more long-term outside of this year. So the the team that could most afford to come out with without Denver is the one I just feel like Sean Payton they made the move with Russell I feel like they're thinking a little bit ahead I you know are they gonna trade they just got done trading all the picks before he got there for a quarterback it doesn't feel like they're gonna try and be aggressive they have no second round pick this to me feels like okay we've got Jared Stidham we've got a reclamation project here in Zach Wilson we're gonna get a quarterback ideally you trade back the scenario I had they trade back into the 20s you get an extra pick and you get Bo Nix but in terms of missing out on those top five if we're gonna say Pennix is five I think of those teams I would say Denver is the one that could most afford to to miss the ride. You have McCarthy going at 11 and Pennix going at 13 to the Vikings and the Raiders and then in between you got the first draft trade being made by Howie Roseman and the Eagles course to move up to get Fawaga and I think that that could be Terry and Arnold you know that could be move up to get the Eagles have been calling a bunch of teams to move up and then you're talking about corners Quinnion Mitchell Terry and Arnold. Howie Roseman loves Alabama players we've talked about George in the past he loves Alabama players yeah so I think if Latham was there that could be another one that they could be in the mix to move up for I just know that the last the last first round quarter quarter corner they draft was Lido Shepard I believe that was 2002 they believe in drafting big people. Lido Shepard is a name I have not heard in a while. So if they traded up I just thought Fawaga he starts at right guard year one whenever Lane Johnson wants to retire down the road he kicks out to right tackle okay and so back into your top ten here explain to people why you think with Joe Ault on the board it's J.C. Latham for the Chargers I know the answer to it I'm just asking it because everybody had Joe Ault going to the Chargers ten times out of ten and I kept saying hold on a second because I know what you're about to say yeah well a couple things I have Joe Ault as my top tackle but in this situation fit I'm taking into account fit so when you have J.C. Latham 340 pounds he's a dominant run blocker he's young Jim recruited him in high school he's familiar with him Joe Ortiz is dialed into Alabama is very close with Nick Saban he's gonna have all the information on this kid and he plays right tackle so you don't have to mess with Rashawn Slater he stays at left there's no talk of moving a left over to a right everybody gets to be comfortable and also in a perfect world this pick with J.C. Latham the Chargers made it 11 not at five but I mean at some point time rich I've got to draw the line I mean I can't have 50 trades in the first round I got it no I hear you and so at the end of your top ten do you have the Bears having an opportunity to do to take Roma dunes yeah and have him hook up with his his plane mate flying out here yeah and and adding him to a mix with Keenan Allen and DJ Moore and you think they're gonna go offensive line this is very similar to the conversation we just had where I think that nine it end up being for sale I think the Chicago Bears you guys were talking about it before I came on don't have a lot of picks the New Orleans Saints for that the New Orleans Saints have a screaming need at tackle they're picking 14 this is the easy one to look at and say this could be the Saints come up to nine they get the tackle that they want they have to get one in this draft I thought okay so that's an option I'll put him in the ninth spot and then I also thought if you're the Bears your run the top two guys in your personnel department or offensive line guys right and you're looking at this thing we've got Caleb Williams let's serve him with our ninth pick we've got Darnell Wright who's a real promising young right tackle first round pick let's get another you know premier pick left tackle who also happens to be Caleb Williams high school left tackle interesting and then Bo Nix the Broncos trade back in no the Broncos just go from 12 to 22 with the Eagles that's so they're sitting at 22 and they get Bo Nix and they've got extra pick in their pocket and that so that works for them huh the bills go Brian Thomas jr. why do you think that's the wide receiver they go with why is my 17th overall player and I think this is a scenario that we could see happen tonight which is these top receiver the three guys are gone right the top three guys gone after those top three guys I think there's enough depth in that group that teams might address other positions knowing they'll have a shot at some of these other wide receivers in other words we're gonna see some good receivers I believe get pushed down because there's so many of them and because teams that need tackles if you need a tackle and a receiver the receiver lines a lot longer than the tackle line right so you better go get the tackle huh and then this would be amazing if chop Robinson stay it becomes a Viking at 23 because the Vikings don't make any trades they get JJ McCarthy dropping down to him and one of the reasons why McCarthy might drop down to him is a bunch of teams did buy into they well he was never really asked to win games at the next level and the one game that stands out of that is the game state against Penn that's the reason why they did run at 30 some odd straight times in a row is because chop Robin such a day yeah wouldn't that be ironic if those are the two I was told and we may we get this confirmed but I was told that JJ went up to chop after that game and told him how impressed he was and how he changed their whole game well again I asked JJ how do you respond to people who said you weren't asked to do him as much and he started talking about how tough it was he called it a tough pill to swallow yeah to buy into the Harbaugh system and he said he went up to Sharon Moore after that game and said do you not believe in me yeah and they had to have a conversation about it and then obviously he never said a word publicly and swallowing that pill and now you know he's got a title I was gonna say if they if they asked me that question I think I would probably take my hand out of my pocket and go I know right exactly so who's the guy that you you you would have to have you're in a draft room and you're like you're you are gonna be pounding the table for this guy to go in the first round tonight who would that be well if ej manifestation right okay we're good friends right I would agree I want good things for you thank you so much who did I have your Jets taken Brock Bowers no you had them taking Roma dunes a okay he's my favorite player in the draft so tonight that wise Roma dunes at your favorite place he can do he can do anything you can play him inside you can play him outside he can win with quickness he he's physical was like a power forward the ball goes up in the air you win I think of you know elite receivers number one receivers third down red zone everyone in the stadium 70,000 people including everyone on the sidelines know where the ball is going and you can't do anything about it yeah that is Roma dunes a and oh by the way he's incredibly smart he's a great kid worker leader off the charts so I want to enjoy the draft I want to have my friend as happy as can be and I want to see his team get my favorite player in the draft well would Graham Barton be a good one for you TJ if you were if we're making everybody happy on this set I mean tell what why do you think I love Graham Barton Cowboys are going for the the Duke lineman what he got there well you know Cowboys take offensive lineman in the bottom of the first round that happened to be centers it worked out pretty good with Travis Frederick so let's dip back into that well he's the best center in the draft he's someone who can do all the athletic stuff getting up to the second level but then he can also move people and if you have injuries it's played left tackle he's literally could play any of the five positions and 17 game season rich how many times we see it I mean a guy goes down it's nice to have a guy you can move around the board a little bit and then the one thing that everybody is talking about in the NFL calling you up saying what the hell is this all about what is that what is it out of all the stories going on it could be two Bengals demanding trades yesterday yeah you know it could be what Dallas is up to it could be give me one well I think that because I just want to know what the chatter yeah well there's there's you know ironically it's not sexy but a lot of it is the medical stuff like like Liatu latu is everybody everybody almost universally believes he's the best pass rusher like the most polished pass rusher in the draft he got medically retired at Washington he gets cleared up he is phenomenal at UCLA the last couple years but teams are split on their comfort level there so a lot of teams calling to say hey what are the teams have you heard about him are they okay to is he get the pass that he fail that's a conversation that's come up an awful lot and and the other one is even teams that are picking nowhere near the top of the draft what the heck are the Patriots gonna do at three that's that's where it starts that's words rug emoji the arts fantastic and this is where our appearance ends yeah here but we'll be spending an insane amount of time together on our draft coverage yeah good to see you Dan good to see you buddy it's gonna be fun see you tonight see tonight and look over to your left I would call them competition but they are dear friends as well good to see my Greenberg and Reese Davis I could have just sat and listened to Daniel all day spoken to each other the entire time give him our 20 minutes together it's a SportsCenter reunion if you will the host of ESPN and ABC's draft coverage Mike Greenberg and Reese Davis together with yours truly next on the Rich Austin show America starts the day with America in the morning first of three pushes of storminess hi I'm John trout your host for the latest news politics entertainment business and weather speech with political overtones our staff of correspondence provide a fast-paced look at the world with specialized reports from where news happens decision was based on finding there is a far the central bank appears to be threading that concise accurate and fresh each day America in the morning the podcast available wherever you listen back here on the rich eyes and show on the Roku Channel radio will return in a matter of moments the man who is hosting the ESPN broadcast tonight and Friday night and the man who is hosting the ABC broadcast all week long Mike Greenberg and Reese Davis here on the rich eyes and show good to see you guys long time this is it there's funny that we were talking like who's gonna sit where and I'm like it should kind of be like the old SportsCenter days if I remember whoever had tenure got to sit where they got to choose the first see that's what I told it was that it was not who arrived first we were told whoever arrived in the room first so Reese came a year before me right I got there in 96 Reese 95 I got there in 96 I think I beat you by a couple of months I think if I'm not mistaken I'm much better at the the Q than the a sometimes you know like because I we're all like control freaks we don't want the steering wheel you know I mean like that's what we do for a living but yeah I mean it that you thought it was whoever got to the studio we were told that when we walk oh I never like you guys I never had a regular rotation so like if I was doing the show with you I sat in the other chair if I were doing the show with Dan I sat in the other chair that's the way I did always sat in the other chair that's the way I did SportsCenter for the first several years yeah I was doing ESPN news I was sitting in the other chair from Dave Feldman and Ian Page and in any number of other people and so we did no one really cared where we sat to be completely honest with you I do that that's where I think I was the last person hired before ESPN news and I I went straight to you know free free parking you know I mean I came in like we were like a pledge class they hired like 11 of us within the span and we all started within a span of like two or three months ESPN news ESPN news and we all became good friends because we were all working we were all candid very aware that there was not a monstrous audience or enormous concern for what we were doing we played golf all day we worked at night we were all young none of us were married or anything like that so it was a nice group it was actually sort of a nice time to start I was at the dulcet tones of Mike Greenberg for the radio audience that just joined us hosting the ESPN coverage of the NFL draft tonight and Friday and Reese Davis hosting tonight through Saturday on ABC with the Saturdays broadcast also simulcast on ESPN I'm just so psyched look look at us we basically grew up together you know what I'm saying like I was there for seven years and you guys are how many years have you been there now just just rolled past my 29th anniversary you're coming up on your 30th yeah next April about a year from now it feels like just yesterday when I got there and you invited me over to your house for Thanksgiving yeah because I was just by myself up there in Connecticut you were so cool just to start with the rest of the crew was kind of like side eyeing me for a little bit Dan was hazing me yeah right from the get-go and then you and I started pretty much at the same time same year 96 so yeah and no one invited me to Thanksgiving you know I've spent Thanksgiving completely by myself are you serious no probably not I don't really remember Thanksgiving anyone's just trying to make me feel this is one of the most anticipated drafts I can recall in quite some time I mean because all the quarterbacks sitting at the top some teams that you aren't usually sitting at the top Mike would you agree with the thing Mel said that it is the most intriguing draft that he has ever been a part of in his 46 years yes of doing this and just listening to your conversation with Daniel Jeremiah the best thing about the draft is not what actually happens it's all the things that could yes right once it actually happens then it was what it was it probably most of the shocking twists and turns that were anticipating are not going to wind up happening tonight but the simple fact that they might is what makes it all so exciting if any one of the things that he's forecasting happen then it will be one of the best nights that we've had and you've been seeing a lot of these guys up close pretty much with your tenure on college game day as well you know so Caleb coming out of college with a can't miss label you agree with that association Reese I don't know that there's any such thing Rich's can't miss because there have been so many guys that have that you would think that wouldn't but I think he's a really good bet not to miss he's got everything you want he's got a personality that some people find a little unusual yet coaches teammates are kind of gravitate to him I mean look at his first year at Oklahoma it was clear no disrespect intended to Spencer Rattler but people wanted him to play he drew people to him and I think that's really important for for that position particularly if you're going to go one overall and it seems that the Bears did a wise thing of making sure that some of the players some of their leaders got to know Caleb a little bit I think he's I think he's going to be sensational that said green he's tired of hearing me say it I love Drake May I'm done with the Drake May blasphemy whoever gets to Drake may pick wins the draft so I'm very completely agrees by the way Tim Hasselbeck whose opinion I value says he is the best prospect in this draft but I would make two points the first is hmm far more young quarterbacks are ruined than developed in the NFL so who wants a personal experience it's not just the Jets do we think Sam Darnold's destiny was to be a journeyman back up somewhere when people were sucking for Sam you know all that time that he was at USC do we think that Justin Fields wasn't good enough to Mitch Trubisky wasn't good enough these guys get put into positions where they have almost no chance to succeed and then we call them busts so that's number one where are these guys going to wind up that's going to determine how good they are the second thing and I heard you and Daniel talking about this and there's a part of me that disagrees when we say the Patriots need to come out of this with a draft with a quarterback excuse me here's what I would say let's say you really want to get married you should not marry the first person who seems like they might be willing to marry you if that person doesn't seem like the right person to marry for whatever reason you're probably better off working on yourself for a little while and trying to find someone else which is to say if you draft Drake may I'm just using him as an example or JJ McCarthy or whomever because come hell or high water we need to come out of this weekend with a quarterback but they aren't someone that you fully believe in they aren't someone that you think is the right person to be there for you for the next ten years then on some level you may be making a bigger mistake than not coming out of it in the first place because you'll be chasing trying to make that work longer than you would it would take you to find someone else and I totally understand that you shouldn't just get married for the sake of getting married but the Patriots over the last couple of years have been in the basement screaming for the meatloaf and so I think it is time to crash this wedding after and certainly the owner has come out and basically said I'm gonna let the guys who are making decisions you know I like to delegate says Robert Kraft but I sure would like to see a young quarterback in our quarterback room he had a young quarterback in his quarterback room who looked pretty good as a rookie and led that team to the playoffs and then Bill Belichick for reasons known only to him decided to replace his offensive coordinator who departed to become a head coach somewhere else with two guys who never had coached offense and definitively didn't know how to and I'm not suggesting that Mac Jones destiny was to be a great player but maybe it was certainly to be better than he was he was a guy who is floor we all what we say about him maybe not that high a ceiling but a pretty high floor and all of a sudden he looks frustrated and confused and all the things we thought that a guy who graduated in two years with a 4.0 GPA would never look and he was because he's looking to his coaches and they didn't have answers so that's the point I'm making they screwed that up they screwed up Mac Jones way worse than Mac Jones screwed up again I'm not suggesting he would have been Joe Montana but so now you bring in someone else you better be sure you were ready to give that guy answers when he needs them especially if it's Drake man you know you also need everyone aligned because not to keep this on Alabama quarterback with the Dolphins came very close to ruining Tua because it appeared they weren't all on the same page I mean they're running they're pulling him out in the middle of drives and putting Jacoby Brissett in to run I mean Jacoby Brissett to find player he's not runner you know and they were doing all kinds of things that undermine confidence and it was as if they didn't believe whoever you wind up with if they're for instance tonight if there are people in the commanders camp who believe they should take Drake mayor JJ McCarthy and they take Jayden Daniels once that picks mate everybody better get on board and push in the same direction and not do things that are going to undermine their success because to Mike's point there are precious few guys out there talented enough to transcend everything around them top of my head Elway luck cam maybe Mike Vick I don't know that you know can elevate everything else around them coming out of college and you don't have to be in perfect alignment not sure you have anybody in that draft that is that caliber maybe Caleb but you better you better get on the same page once you make your pick why do you like Drake me so much he's a way better athlete reminds me a lot of luck a little bit of Herbert way better athlete than it gets credit for natural leader can make every throw I get the stuff that he gets a little lazy and will miss a layup every now and then because of the footwork character is off the charts took all of his NIL money made sure everybody else on the team got paid and if you want to talk about the gravitas that he has I was at a Duke Carolina basketball game and the most popular guy in the building was Drake me and to have that on that campus is pretty impressive people love him there and I think he's I think he's everything you look for but you still have to support it I think he's a patriot by the end of the night I really do I do too I think I think it's it's it's definitely Caleb Daniels may right and I think you have three win-win-win cuz I also like Jayden Daniels I call three of I would love it if may goes to because if that happens our Knights the three of us or the Patriots trade back which I don't think is out of the question and if the Giants trade up I mean do we just name the three things that if we could ask for just one of them you know like just the team that should get Drake may Drake may I think his ceiling is Josh Allen the Giants Brian Day ball was the doctor who turned Josh Allen into Frankenstein right or he developed him he turned him from this this he molded this incredible lump of clay into the best it could possibly be that's the same exact thing that Josh Allen needs and that's the guy who did it excuse me that Drake may needs people also will tell you that Drake may would be best served sitting a year well the Giants have that answer sitting right there play Daniel Jones and see what happens the worst thing or no the best thing that could happen is Jones plays great that's a wonderful problem to have Jones plays great now what are you gonna do with the kid you just drafted a team that can let Drake may sit for at least a little while I think is the best scenario for him I would love to see the Giants find a way to get him all right so in a couple minutes left I just finally hit on something here here we go so may go second the Patriots trade out or the Giants trade up maybe those two things might be connected let's just say one of those three things can happen because we want something to go off the rails tonight as hosts which one would you choose which one would you choose Reese Patriots trading back which one would you choose I think McCarthy going third which I don't think is out of the McCarthy breaking up that if one two don't want but being the one two and three we're expecting that would be fascinating because I think there will be a mad rush to go up and get Drake may that might not exist for McCarthy yeah I kind of want the Giants to trade up that one would kind of go that would go nuts because I think what you just mentioned would also potentially happen because the Giants made a move and and somebody would panic over the fourth quarterback that's that's still sitting there I would take that who's with you tonight who's with you tonight Mel Kuiper and so no Mel not the mad Mel no the actual Mel by the way we are approaching his 50th draft by the way I was talking about in our meeting this morning we've got to get all of the Mel impersonators yes together I think for his half century draft okay but Mel Booger McFarland Lewis Riddick and Adam Schefter and Molly McGrath will be doing the interviews on the stage and who's with you I've got Kirk Desmond Nick Saban Field Yates and Laura Rutledge okay and on game day Pat will be with us on game day and then he's doing his own thing on plus what's it like walking around this town with Desmond he's a legend man they do well guys I this has been a blast thanks for coming on it's a pleasure to see you thank you what a great setup oh we're just you know what love it the the Roku folks Roku Channel and you know our sponsors and everything going on here it's it's great so thank you you make me look bad because I didn't do my show today I should mention I'll be here for picks one they said do you want eyes and you want to go do eyes and show I said why is eyes and doing his show on the coach of LSU I thought it was a bank it is by the way we're all going to recreate the scene from heat in about five minutes you guys want to stick around but really it'll break things up before before I let you go we only have a minute for this and this could fill an entire hour put put it up on the screen you want to translate this one for me Mike Greenberg Thank You Zach Wilson want to translate it for me no I don't I mean what is that thing captions wrong only what where's that they say yeah yeah right wrong answers only listen I don't want to I'm not denigrating him it's just like not everything needs to be mentioned on Twitter you know what I mean like let him go to Denver and go crush it like we honestly like thank you Woody Johnson said recently I forget where he was but he said you know if we can't find a trade for him we may just keep him and he said it in a threatening tone was he trying to put the rest of the league I couldn't understand what he was trying to accomplish with that go to Denver go crush it like good luck that would be good luck better than thank you yeah thank you not everything needs to the social media department doesn't have to chime in on everything but good to see you guys like say hi to everybody back at the shop on ABC and ESPN we will see you tonight Brian Kelly's coming up next Mike Carruthers shares little pieces of Intel and interviews you can use to improve your life on the something you should know podcast the next time you're looking for a job and have to write a cover letter here's some advice from skip Freeman author of a book called headhunters hiring secrets add a PS to the bottom of that cover letter that can actually increase the chances of that letter being read by up to 75% some people actually glance down and read the PS first something you should know 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