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Adam Schefter: Giants Have Done A Lot Of Work With JJ McCarthy

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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April 24, 2024 4:05 pm

Adam Schefter: Giants Have Done A Lot Of Work With JJ McCarthy

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 24, 2024 4:05 pm

4/24/24 - Hour 1

Rich and the guys are live from the NFL Draft in Detroit where they react to the Detroit Lions making Amon-Ra St. Brown the NFL’s highest paid wide receiver, and to Reggie Bush getting his 2005 Heisman Trophy win reinstated by the Heisman Trust. Rich also reveals the top 10 of his 2024 ‘Come @ Me’ mock draft.

ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter and Rich discuss what the New England Patriots could do with the 3rd overall pick in the NFL Draft, how many quarterbacks will be selected in the first round, and more. 

Alabama CB Terrion Arnold and Rich discuss his expectations for the NFL Draft and what going to the NFL means for his family, what it was like playing for the intense Nick Saban, and more.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show.

You guys ready to get started? From the NFL Draft in Detroit, it's the Rich Eisen Show. Today's guests, NFL insider Adam Schefter, NFL Draft prospect Jerrion Arnold, 2024 NFL Draft prospect JJ McCarthy, CBS NFL analyst and NFL Network draft analyst Charles Davis, ESPN NFL analyst Louis Riddick, 2024 NFL Draft prospect Romo Dunsay, NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero. And now it's Rich Eisen. Yes, welcome to the Rich Eisen Show Draft Week special live on the Roku channel from Detroit at the Total by Verizon studio.

Look at us here in the Motor City baby for an NFL Draft. I am Rich Eisen, thrilled to be here with you live again on the Roku channel. This Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM Odyssey and more. We say hello to our podcast listeners all three hours out there thanks to the Cumulus Podcast Network. Basically, if you're interested in the NFL Draft, which means you'd fog up a mirror if it was placed in front of you, we have got you covered.

Every single thing you might be curious about this draft, every single thing once the draft takes place that you're wondering what happened in the NFL Draft. Those questions will be answered right here over the next three days thanks to our stellar guest list and also you taking in this show. We greatly appreciate it. I am here and guess who also is here made the flight to Detroit. Good to see you, Christopher Brockman. Rich, what's happening? Good to see you, TJ Jefferson. How are you, sir? You've got a fake candle?

The candles lit. I like it very much. Did you steal that from a local restaurant? I'll never tell.

I'll never tell. Okay, good to see you. DJ Mikey D is back in our Los Angeles studio making sure that our radio feed sounds great because he's way too important to the NFL coverage this very weekend to actually get on a flight to be with us here.

That's how I'm throwing him under the bus. Good to see you and again our guest list is great. My buddy from back in the day at the University of Michigan at the Michigan Daily back in that day, Michigan's finest as well, Adam Schefter from ESPN is going to be joining us. Terry and Arnold of Alabama. JJ McCarthy is going to be here and he has provided us with some video from his parents about when they decided he was going to be a name JJ and be an actual quarterback in the NFL one day.

Wait till you see this video. He's joining us here in studio. Charles Davis is going to be with me on the NFL network draft set. Louis Riddick, part of ESPN's draft coverage. Roma Dunsay of Washington is going to be here and then also Tom Pelissero.

I've got my mock draft, my come at me mock draft that's about to be revealed in a matter of moments and yes, I use the word revealed because it is that important to me and then later on we're gonna do what's more likely on a Wednesday in advance of the draft to figure out what is more likely. But there's some news to start this show from USC. USC is front and center and we'll tell you why. Number one, right here in this town, this football loving town of Detroit, they love their Lions and why not?

The roar has been restored and one of the reasons why the roar has been restored is because of Amman Ross St. Brown, the outstanding wide receiver. Remember guys, a couple of years ago I said he was top 10 worthy wide receiver and you looked at me like you're not. You said top five. No, I didn't say top five. I said top 10. You said like top 30. I remember.

I know what I say into these microphones and you clearly don't. Top 10 I said. Sun God.

The Sun God. I saw what he was doing at the end of his second NFL season. I saw all that okay and then we saw what he did in this past NFL season and in terms of top 10 I think you can all agree he's a top 10 wide receiver in the national football league. Top three.

Okay you can make that case. He's now number one in terms of being paid. My buddy Ian Rappaport who is on this show on Friday with the breaking news and Adam Schefter is going to be joining us no doubt to talk about it as well. The Detroit Lions have given him a four-year deal worth more than 120 million dollars, 77 million guaranteed. He is the highest paid wide receiver in the national football league and he plays his football right here in Detroit at Ford Field just around the corner from us and it is a great reminder to everybody out there prior to this draft. Certainly if you are a wide receiver in this draft and this is supposed to be a very deep wide receiver draft. How about how about a guy once upon a time a fourth round selection 112th overall prior to this year's draft being named and bestowed this contract and being named the highest paid wide receiver in the national football league. That just goes to show you you have no idea who you're drafting and when and what they're going to be turning into right and certainly in this year's draft if you don't get Marvin Harrison Jr. at the top of this draft or one of our guests today Roman Medunze or Malik Nabors you can get somebody equally as terrific in the first round, second round, DK Metcalf in the second round, Deebo Samuel in the second round, AJ Brown in the second round and Aman Rah St. Brown a fourth round wide receiver drafted 112th overall is now the highest paid wow paid that man his money and uh and congratulations to the Lions for doing the right thing. Speaking of being paid from USC. Hey now look at you. Reggie Bush we all understand when he won his Heisman Trophy deserved it because of what he did on the field. He was the best maybe the best player ever.

Oh my god. What Reggie Bush did on the campus of USC and what he did as a USC Trojan without a doubt earned him the Heisman Trophy and the fact that he had it taken away from him in 2010 because of impermissible at the time payments that he received or benefits that he received to the point where the BCS vacated the 2004 national championship of USC they vacated it and they wiped out 14 victories. Stupid. Because of what happened with Reggie Bush and I imagine there were some other these details they get so fuzzy. Don't forget that's the reason why supposedly Pete Carroll went left to the national football. All the sanctions that followed the loss of scholarships etc. Well the NCAA nonsense quite frankly. Yeah. Okay and so um the now obviously I'm biased as we're here in the state of Michigan. Of course.

Uh-huh. And um but the fact that Reggie lost his Heisman as if any of these impermissible benefits caused him to make a single move on the football field better than what he would have done otherwise what because he had a nice night's sleep and whatever you know. He was driving such a nice car he was able to cut all the way across the field against Fresno. Insanity and so again the fact that you know I know you love this word as a New England Patriot fan once upon a time had a forfeited first round draft selection right? And we've had multiple forfeits. But the fact that Reggie had his Heisman trophy he forfeited it and he has been fighting to get it back and just you know even the other day you know um when um I'll bring it up here when O.J. Simpson passed away and the Heisman trust tweeted out um a a condolence to him and didn't mention anything that happened in his life at all and I said at the time how does Reggie Bush feel about this that Heisman that O.J. was able to keep his Heisman and Reggie forfeited his and today finally that got rectified out of the blue I had no idea and this was in the making this was coming because it happened at a Wednesday meeting that was going down in Jacksonville Florida of the Heisman trust. Ten Heisman trophy winners were on hand for the Heisman trust to restore the Heisman trophy to Reggie Bush. This happened and he Instagrammed out a photograph and clearly he is a happy man and why not and it also looks like Reggie can play today. He has his Heisman trophy back and he could not be more happy about it and we could not be more happy for Reggie because he deserves to have never lost this in his entire life and his career. Other Heisman trophy winners Johnny Manziel, RG3 name them Eric Crouch they were all tweeting out and posting about how happy they are that the Heisman trust did this and the Heisman trust in making this announcement said the reason why they restored it is because of quote unquote enormous changes in college football. Let me tell you what they would never would have got back from me is my Heisman. Yeah I would have never given it up in the first place but it's good better late than never glad they did the right thing. Well the replica that USC had USC gave it back too. Yeah well I mean because you've got to play by their rules.

There's only one trust. Mine would have been in a storage unit somewhere and I and like remember when Spicoli went into the pizza shop in fast times and Brat was like you had a shirt on where is it and something happened to it that would have been my response where's your trophy and I said it's gone. Well in terms of me if I if I may say and I'm I'm going to go out on a limb and say this okay I'm just wondering due to enormous changes in my life and circumstances and status in the world I'm wondering if my prom date might regret no might take back the Heisman I was awarded the night of the prom. Interesting. Wait I don't know this story. I don't know. We'll just leave it there.

I received my first Heisman. Gotcha you got stiff. Good lord I can't believe sometimes how I have to explain my jokes. Explain my jokes.

I forgot about that. Right here. Come on.

Due to enormous changes. Wake up T.J. In my life. Uh okay so congratulations to you Reggie Bush.

No doubt. Every year I do this the day before the NFL draft. First time though I'm doing it on this show live on television from an NFL draft. I'm so excited. This is the first time in my entire existence that I'm doing two shows at an NFL draft. I could not be more excited as a TV host doing this show today on Thursday and Friday live from Detroit and then Thursday night I'll be starting gavel to gavel coverage which is what it's called when you do pick one to pick last as a host even though there is no gavel at an NFL draft. Can we get you a gavel? Seriously.

It's possible. Amazon delivers. And then Roger Goodell steps up to put the bears in the caucus.

Who the hell put this gavel here? So I'm very excited as this is kind of a milestone for all of us here for this show for the Roku channel and then obviously for me professionally and personally with the NFL network. That said it is time for my one and only mock draft. It is my come at me mock draft presented by Total by Verizon. Let's go. Here we go. Now then. What do you got?

What do you got Rich? Here we go. Starting at the first overall pick.

J.J. McCartney. No no no. I'm going out on a very very very long limb and saying the Chicago Bears to kick off this National Football League draft. They are redrafting Mitchell Trubisky. Oh boy.

Oh come on. Chicago will burn down. It's Caleb Williams. We all know it's going to be Caleb Williams. Caleb Williams is first overall and then now we'll go to the second overall pick. I heard this at the combine and despite all the craziness I heard over the weekend and it's still even out there that Jayden Daniels if he had his druthers if he preferred to land somewhere in the NFL draft he would like to go to Las Vegas because Antonio Pierce and he have a history from Arizona State days or Minnesota because of Kevin O'Connell's greatness as a coach and coaching quarterbacks but as we all know there are no druthers. You may not have your druthers in an NFL draft if you're a draftee. So Jayden Daniels is going to go to the Washington commanders. I heard it at the combine and it's going to happen here on Thursday night in Detroit. Jayden Daniels is going to be your quarterback of the Washington commanders.

Now number three on the clock in the New England Patriots. They're taking offers. They're listening but Jonathan Kraft is reported to be very involved in this draft decision in the draft room in all these conversations and if that's not the first indication that Bill Belichick's on the set with Pat McAfee instead of the Patriots draft room don't go looking any further. That's a great indication that Belichick's no longer in a draft room but I think he's involved in this to make sure at the end of the day that if they trade this draft choice and don't take a quarterback they're getting a mint.

I think they're not getting a mint. I think they're sticking and picking and Drake May is going to be your quarterback Chris Brockman third overall pick. Rock and roll. Fourth overall pick.

This is where things can begin to if you will rock and roll. Trades galore but the fact that Drake May is gone means the Minnesota Vikings are not trading all the way up to four. Plus the Arizona Cardinals have 11 draft choices.

How many draft choice yachts can they water ski behind? Certainly when they have a if you will Maserati and Marv sitting there at the fourth overall pick to stick out there on the field for their quarterback Colin Murray. Marvin Harrison Jr. is going to be an Arizona Cardinal. Now with Marvin gone and with the three quarterbacks gone this whole talk that the Los Angeles Chargers might take a quarterback. Are you telling me that there's some sort of draft odds that's going on right now Chris? You can bet on everything on the NFL draft right? A couple days ago the Chargers odds to take a quarterback with their first pick were 100 to 1. Then all of a sudden they were mysteriously 15 to 1.

That's interesting. As of right now 6 to 1 the Chargers draft a quarterback with their first pick. Let me tell you something this is my 21st NFL draft I'm associated with with the NFL network.

18th being here in person. That is the dumbest thing I've heard involving any draft that Jim Harbaugh is going to take this job and trade away Justin Herbert and take a cap take a cap hit that's probably equal to the amount of money that Terry Benedict has in one of these casinos here in town. Get out of here with this nonsense. I think the Chargers are going to trade this pick once this circumstance is hit and everybody's putting Joe Ault in in Los Angeles. I think Joe Ault is a left tackle.

They're not going to stick him in with Rashawn Slater's spot and move or move him the right tackle. I think they trade out. I think this is where the Vikings make their move for JJ McCarthy and I'm just saying this just because I think there's going to be some sort of a draft trade on Thursday night although I'm hearing a lot that there may just be a lot of sticking and picking. So I'm going JJ McCarthy here Chargers move out Vikings move in and then when McCarthy's gone the Giants have a choice at their wide receiver. I'm going with them going with Roma Dunze at sixth overall and then you've got the Titans on the board at seven.

This is their dream scenario. They want Joe Ault. They're going to draft Joe Ault seventh overall and then eighth overall you've got the Atlanta Falcons.

I think this is as sharpy as you can get. Dallas Turner for a defensive pick. They're going to Atlanta eighth overall then ninth overall with Malik Nabors sitting there instead of the Bears going and getting him. I'm going to say there's one more trade. It's the Colts and I you could even put Jacksonville up there too. I'm going to say one of those two teams moves up from Malik Nabors at nine and then at ten just for me because this is going to have to happen. New York Jets. Brock Bowers give him to Aaron Rodgers and rip the freaking knob off.

Will you please? That's what I want. I may not get it but that's my mock draft. Come at me presented by Total By Verizon. The draft is all about getting a contract but when it comes to your wireless plan take advantage of no long-term contracts with Total By Verizon. It's the power of Verizon priced to win.

Find your local Total By Verizon store or switch at today. Look who's sitting here on the Rich Eisen show. He was taking notes the whole time. He's not taking notes.

He's sending texts or responding to people because his phone is no doubt blowing up. My personal choice for the first guest here my college friend here back in the state of Michigan the one and only Adam Schefter is here on the Rich Eisen show as our first guest in Detroit from the worldwide leader in sports. That's next. This is the Rich Eisen show from the 2024 NFL draft. Hey folks it's time for the NFL draft which means for me I need a good night's sleep because if I don't have one just not myself.

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For JD Power 2023 award information visit slash awards only at a sleep number store or sleep Our house is a mess come on in I'm Amber Wallin internet comedian and host of your new favorite podcast Fly on the Wallin. Okay that's pretty presumptuous to assume that this is going to be their favorite podcast by the way. Anyway that wasp that you just heard interrupt me is my husband and co-host Benjamin Wallin listening as we discuss relationships and keeping our sweet baby kid alive.

Fly on the Wallin wherever you listen. Okay back here on the Roku channel already the audience will join us in about two minutes time look at us Adam Schefter in the state of Michigan look at us look at us seriously. You know what when we think about being in the state of Michigan yes right this is where essentially it started for you and you too and essentially it started for me and Michigan means a lot to both of us it's in our souls yes and last Friday I had to go back to Ann Arbor for the day to do a sit down with JJ McCarthy for my podcast and and and and he also you're talking about how great Jim Harbaugh is yeah and JJ McCarthy also you'll have him on later today right he's in 40 minutes he's class aces the best I know the man so good so while I was back there I came across your student ID card.

Is this the one from the hotel? If you want to show your audience hold it up right here there's Rich as a freshman at the University of Michigan checking in and that may have been no that was not the photo you used it was the photo I used at the Michigan Daily that was no not the Michigan no not at the Michigan Daily yeah yeah but yeah you could see it's at the the uh what's the name of the hotel there the uh graduate the graduate hotel so there's really my ID and my signature and my and my not like they you know so when I checked in I got the Rich Eisen room you did so I figured I would bring the student it's all yours I sure I don't need the key to the room anymore rich I feel like I should pull a Joe Fodgeman should I just autograph it without him asking and say you're welcome I'm not asking you to autograph I'm giving it to you no it's already autographed that's legitimate me of my signature that I signed on my student ID card back in 1986 you can give it to one of your children they probably would enjoy that right I don't know that is crazy they'll be like wow you had hair dad that's how it works so Adam Schefter is here on the Rich Eisen show our radio audience is about to rejoin JJ McCarthy is later on as you said Terry and Arnold's about to walk in through the door we're so happy to be here on the Roku channel back on the Rich Eisen show radio network I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen show desk furnished by Grange Wood Supplies and I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen show desk furnished by Grange Wood Supplies and solution for every industry Grange has the right product for you call click or just stop by as my buddy from back in the day here in the state of Michigan from the campus of the University of Michigan now from ESPN by way of NFL Network where he used to work together Adam Schefter good to see you brother rich it is always an honor to be with you come on man great to be with you in the state of Michigan in particular giving you the Michigan student ID card that you had as a freshman in Ann Arbor as a little gift to see you here in person for your big draft week well as you know and you guys may not know I called Adam last week and I'm like you you know if you can if your schedule allows or you're free or because you're probably on 15 family of networks on ESPN I want you as my first guest because honestly if we were sitting at the Michigan Daily Sports you know area of the of the Cove and the old Michigan Daily and I would turn to you and say I'm going to be so fortunate to have a show of my own with my own name on it in Michigan at the NFL Draft and you are going to be the man in your own right in your own world in your own way and we're going to do be able to do it together we would have been like okay where do we sign for that like what if you had presented this scenario to us in the late in the mid to late 1980s we wouldn't have believed it correct it would have been beyond anything we could have imagined and when people say are you doing what you're imagining this is beyond what and I'll speak for you beyond what we could have imagined no question no doubt coming from Staten Island you didn't think that you were doing the draft 2024 show on Roku going to host the draft on NFL Network you didn't think that that was going to be happening I would have certainly since I've been what's streaming what does that mean I don't understand about streaming what is the internet I mean seriously and you know you growing up on on Long Island you'd probably think the same damn thing and so it's pretty cool man I used to stay home from school the draft used to be during the week if I remember correctly it might have been like Tuesday and Wednesday and I would stay home and watch the draft I would feign to be sick yeah so I could watch that and you know you think about it it's they would do it in a hotel room in New York City yeah then it moved to Madison Square Garden then it moved to Radio City Music Hall then thanks to the Rockettes the NFL took the show on the road and here we are in Detroit and it seems to get bigger and bigger every year and it's just out of control and I kind of feel like it's um it's like by the way you got your phone on your leg right now right and are you getting draft information literally what's happening is that what's happening yeah well you don't have to say what it is but I mean you just want to make sure that nothing is particular going down okay I understand and and during the commercial break after I just uh delivered my my my only mock draft I do feel like I'm back in the day at the University of Michigan where you were checking my work editing and editing me yeah pretty much not so much there at the Michigan Daily do you want to run through what you think of my well I think your mock draft is excellent by and large finish I think I would give it an A oh you would I would give it an A all right I would give it an A now we'll see whether it actually turns out to be an A when push comes to shove but what do you think Caleb Williams one Jaden Daniels two yeah right putting up on the board yeah Drake May 3 I could see that four I think one through four spot on now are the Vikings going up to five I think that's a prime trading spot I think the Chargers would love to trade out certainly if the first four are like that right I mean if somebody jumps if the Cardinals trade out and gets JJ McCarthy and somebody jumps and gets JJ McCarthy there and they have Marvin Harrison Jr. at five I think they stick and pick him would you agree with that I I think that again I think the first four are pretty chalky right now okay pretty sure but the whole thing is right now to me what's going to happen at three because huh okay I think I think New England will wind up staying but they've gotten calls from the Vikings and they've gotten calls from the Giants and everybody's saying New England staying and that's fine but what happens what happens when we get on the clock and New England's there and the Giants or the Vikings say we've got 10 minutes to go get to go get the quarterback we want like what's gonna happen then and because nobody really is showing their full hand so to me you've got Drake May going to the Patriots and that is perfectly plausible I could totally see it but I want to see what happens when New England comes on the clock right I want to see the phones in the room I want to see who's calling in and what's gonna happen who's gonna step up who is stepping up tomorrow night what tons of drifts are seven o'clock it's at eight eastern eight eastern yeah yeah yeah so we're talking about thank I think so eight eastern eight eastern yeah so at about I should know you both should know here's the thing I'm going there at two o'clock I'm there all day at about 8 18 8 19 yeah the first moment of truth has arrived and so the question is what it would take it would take a lot right a lot well certainly more for Minnesota it would be both for us this year and right well here's the thing Minnesota in my mind is more desperate to get up there Minnesota has more ammunition to get up there but the Giants are within striking range of getting up there so what in the end is more valuable the more desperate team with more ammunition or the team that's at six to where the Patriots could go from three to six and still get the quarterback that they want if they're not leapfrogged at four or five for JJ McCarthy you think or maybe JJ McCarthy goes three or maybe JJ McCarthy goes three or maybe whoa or maybe he's doing the wind horse he's doing the win-horse excuse me wind horse was doing the Schefter all right just saying all right wind horse was hanging with Lebron fresh out of high school when Schefter was doing the shift but here's the thing uh I think that I think that if Minnesota comes up there I think it's Drake May and I think I if Minnesota comes up there at the Instagram I think if New England stays it's a question and I think like I don't I don't know ultimately you're saying New England would take stick and pick and take JJ McCarthy I'll say this to you I'm not saying that of course I'm saying that JJ McCarthy does have support in that building he has support in that building now how that turns out my son Cooper who is a Michigan New England Patriot fan would lose his mind what do you got oh my god you really have to take uh hold on a second yeah okay okay hey I'm just on here can I call you this is tremendous taking a phone call on the air but I just hit that well you're off in five minutes Adam yeah no it's all good fine it's all good um my point to you was that a GM my point to you he rolled his eyes no no he won't say it don't put him in that position how dare you my point to you is that JJ McCarthy JJ McCarthy does have some support at three I'm not saying he's the pick yes but that's a choice that New England has to make and I think New England likes a few different quarterbacks there okay Minnesota if it's coming up they'll move like I get the sense it would be for Drake that's my sense okay could be wrong sure and the Giants are sitting there and um probably Drake but I don't know they they've done let me say this yes they've done a lot of work with JJ McCarthy private work out in Ann Arbor dinner in New York dinner on Easter like a lot of work in time with JJ McCarthy who we know is a special guy JJ's got heat right now is what you're well it just depends how it goes down you know one day and I'll say this to you one day it feels like boy JJ's going up there and then you say well maybe not as high maybe he's gonna slide back to maybe 11 yeah and then you hear some things you're like I don't know he's gonna slide so here's the deal he's gonna go somewhere between and it's not anything all that great three and 11 but it could be it could be three how long do you think Penix's night is going to be Thursday night what's your best here's the issue Rich okay remember this tomorrow night okay we got quarterback needy teams or teams with quarterback questions at one two three six eleven twelve thirteen there are seven in the first thirteen that have some type of significant quarterback question that doesn't include any other team later on in the draft that has its own quarterback question or has a particular liking with a certain quarterback that again when the Chiefs traded up in 2017 did anybody mention the Chiefs as a potential trade-up candidate in 2017 no they ambushed everybody so we've got what we know are seven teams with quarterback questions in the first 13 picks I can give you a few more teams behind them the Rams the Seahawks the Cowboys they have their own quarterback questions not to mention any others that are out there there aren't enough quarterbacks to go around there just aren't so even if you're not as good even if your grade is not as high the chances are you're going to get elevated and because of the need the demand exceeds the supply so based on that I'm going to say we get six in the first round including Michael Penix okay and and obviously that's Bo Nix as well I've got three minutes left with you here so I want to use real estate with what you just said Rams obviously we know Matthew Stafford he's in his nearing his mid-30s right now we also hear you know about Seattle Geno Smith you included Dallas as potentially looking at as a quarterback I don't see it in the first round I don't see it in the first round but doubt Dak is in the last year of his deal they can't tag him right Dak controls whether he's staying or going right so we'll see okay I mean there's there's just a lot of teams with quarterback questions but I mean the Cowboys at some point are going to have to I mean you heard that what Jerry Jones said yesterday in his press conference said that he's like an option quarterback he just doesn't know when he's going to pitch the ball uh to to re-sign one of his guys Dak and CeeDee Lamb and but they haven't even had any meaningful discussions with Dak about a deal so like to get a deal done you gotta have some actual discussions he said he was working on it no that's not your reporting on that right now I don't think they're particularly close to a deal Rich oh for Dak for Dak right and I think look they know they want to try to get all these guys done at some point right but CeeDee and Micah would come I think right now before Dak okay so how many texts did you receive during our 12 15-minute conversation what's the grand total do you think right here Adam you can look okay 10 during 11 he received 11 okay there you go see you should have taken the over over uh Adam I know you got to go brother uh I appreciate Rich that was awesome dude welcome back to Michigan hey man uh it seemed well I guess you're just here on Friday as well yeah um have a great broadcast on we'll see you in the tent yeah we'll see you pretty much in the tent and uh around town here and good guys enjoy your draft here on the Rich Eisen show. Terry and Arnold just sat down on our Roku channel guest couch he's coming up next with JG McCarthy behind him off and running here on this draft Wednesday from Detroit. America starts the day with America in the morning first of three pushes of storminess hi I'm John Trout your host for the latest news politics entertainment business and weather speech with political overtones our staff of correspondents provide a fast-paced look at the world with specialized reports from where news happens decision was based on finding there is a far the central bank appears to be threading that concise accurate and fresh each day America in the morning the podcast available wherever you listen back here on the Roku channel our radio audience will join in just a couple minutes time so the first of two times I welcome one of the top defensive players available in this year's draft from the University of Alabama Terry and Arnold courtesy of Old Spice and the Big Brothers Big Sisters program good to see you sir how are you I'm great man how you doing yourself I'm doing well um I'll be honest with you though I'm a little staggered right now um because I told you in the commercial break when you asked how long I've been doing this that I was on Sports Center from 1996 to 2003 and then you responded by saying what did you say so that's when I was born that's when we were born back in 2003 so uh hold on a minute let me give them the the natural reaction of since I have the car here from the hotel in Ann Arbor that uses my old college photo this is what I used to look like wow wow wow hair oh can't confirm no by the way that's an obvious observation and you was clean though you got your little tie right here yeah like a scholar man what was your GPA um three one three two hey above a 3.0 you're doing great I was doing I was doing some work yeah it looks like um I was you know joining a club or something I don't know but yeah that that's me and I used to have that hair when I was on tv too there you go now I am this is what I got right now that's a good thing though I appreciate it I'm out of moves yeah I'm 54 years old I'm completely out of moves you're just getting started yourself okay fantastic um and I my colleague from NFL network Stacy Dale sends her best to you you had a nice chat with her at the combine that went pretty viral Stacy is amazing man she is that she is that and so uh man the combine feels like it was last year at this point in time right it really does because you're you're pretty you're done with the whole process now it's time for a draft couple more hours man just a couple more hours we got Terry and Arnold right here on the Rich Eisen Show back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network one big family uh wearing an Old Spice sweater right now courtesy also of big brothers and big sisters from the University of Alabama Terry and Arnold here on the program what's your what's your going through your mind right now as of right now um even being here today with Old Spice just the opportunity uh to really instill confidence in kids you know Old Spice and Big Brothers what they're all about is just bringing kids together and giving them confidence I would consider myself a very confident young man and um just being around the youth and looking at them in today's generation you have a lot of people that lack confidence so me being able to partner with Old Spice and Big Brothers as they partner together it's all about giving back man like you yourself getting up here talking in front of all these people you can see your confidence is infectious and I feel the same with mine I appreciate you saying that yeah I mean you can see it man you can tell that I have confidence yeah oh really it's just like I play cornerback man so I'm very good at observing people okay so um does that mean I have shut down ability otherwise no I wouldn't say all that okay but you have confidence you have confidence hey when it comes to this right here you do what you do there's no question about that I feel very confident in my ability sitting in front of a microphone but it didn't used to be that way that's for sure it did not no no no absolutely there's a lot of doubt there's still even some questions that happen every all the time where do you get your confidence from I would say my confidence comes from my upbringing being around my grandparents my mom when I look to her I just see a very confident young woman and then being around my grandparents and uh I always say being on the roof with my granddad like on that roof it really turned me into a man because if you would shake if you would tremble I mean the slightest wrong step you would fall I ain't want to fall off a two-story house so I mean I had to get some type of confidence and your grandfather is a was a roofer no still is he still is still is still on the roof 60 years old okay and I imagine part of the plan of going to the national football league is to get him off the roof no okay no not at all because he wants to stay he wants to do it huh he could have been stopped okay but it's like one of those things just like playing football I love doing that and like my granddad always says it's going to come a day where I can't do what I love to do anymore and that's when I'll stop it's just like when they say like about playing sports like one of the favorite sayings or famous saying that I like is the moment I stop having fun with it I'm done with it yeah he's having fun with it which uh that wasn't really my type of fun right there but I mean he likes doing and it brings him joy same thing with me when I step on that field or with you even on your show you can tell like just meeting different people in relationships and then getting the feel for people and seeing how they are you have fun doing it now I know when you were on NFL network again I had mentioned moments ago with my colleague Stacy Dales at the combine you were talking about your mom and how you um you pay tribute to her and every movement that you make so what what relationship with your mom adds to your confidence level as well I would say just um I even said in my interview with her having me at a young age so it forced her to grow up and uh sometimes I look back and say it forced her to grow up faster than she wanted to so even like with me being 21 years old it's a lot of things I can do with my friends or go out there and just be myself and do because I don't have kids so with her having that responsibility and just owning up to that responsibility and being a nurturer being there for my siblings and then um like I always tell her the confidence that she had to be able to do that the confidence that she had to say okay your teacher is doing this you need to do better I mean Terry I'm struggling doing this and like she never I would say like she never faked it with us like it was always I can't do this right now because I don't have what that other person's parents might have so for her to be able to do that like it just made me when I went out there and competed I would say okay my mom is struggling doing this why won't I run this extra sprint she's sitting in the car she's waking up early in the morning sacrificing doing this so even me being able to give that shout out or pay tribute to that it just lets her know that I remember her doing all that and making all them sacrifices and hopefully tomorrow like I told her I said don't cry but I think she's gonna cry but I'm gonna try my best not to cry because I just feel like I'm a man well no but but I hey listen um in the years that I've done this I've lost track of how many times I've cried on the air just because it's a natural reaction this is this is the journey yeah I mean and this is just one part in the journey obviously you've got miles to go here yes sir you know even after you get your name called on Thursday night here in Detroit but how many siblings do you have I only got two just I have a younger brother who's 18 I have a little sister who's six okay when you said your mom uh sacrificing what other sacrifices did she make to make sure that you were on the field and getting getting to where you have to go I mean because that's that's half the battle too is to make sure that you're you're you're in places you need to be so you can go on your journey I would say uh just even sacrifice her dreams so like my mom uh like natural speaking ability being able to interact with people I get that from her and she always had that gift and she wasn't able to pursue that because she had us so um when I look at her I always say mom like you were supposed to be an actor or you were supposed to be this when I'm on uh tv that's just the confidence I have of being up here and even like with Leo great to come on the show I'm just telling him like man you have a naturalness about you that you could just tell like he was saying he was nervous and I was like man don't be nervous just be yourself so I mean when even when he comes on here you'll be able to see him like he might be fidgety or something like that but I'm gonna tell him like man don't do that just be yourself like you have a gift even you saw something in him I saw something when I first seen him he's gonna go a long ways even with that you're referring to Leo who's uh representing big brothers big sisters of southeast Michigan and he's going to come out here and and take my job essentially right he's both of our jobs both of our jobs he's gonna he's gonna interview you uh Terry and Arnold here on the rich eyes and show courtesy of old spice as well so how'd you wind up at Alabama how did that go down I just wanted to go to the school that I felt like was going to develop me the best and when coach Saban came and he recruited me he didn't try to sell me a recruiting pitch or anything he just really sold me on if you want to come and be with the best and compete against the best and if you consider yourself the best why not come to the best and he showed up in your living room or where did he show up we had covid so I didn't get any home visits you didn't get but he did a funny story I was going to this catholic school of saint john paul showed up to the church like it was crazy he didn't come in the church but like we were literally in mass and um I'm not catholic but I found out he was catholic he was like I mean I could have just came in there so uh that just kind of spoke about I was like wow man like he really came here to find you okay huh and then you helped him find religion no no no no he already had he already had and one thing about is what I meant now yeah one thing about coach Saban though like when it comes to that like as far as what people don't know about him like man he takes his faith extremely um like he really cares about it I'm on top of that like he said it before as far as how well he cleans up house but now the guy is really like a neat person like his office is never messed up if you go to his home it almost looks like an antique shop what do you mean like man it's just so clean like if you drop a pencil you can hear it because it's so clean and then obviously like the prestige almost like if you walk into the house when the door opens up you almost seem like what they have on the movies like you need that you need that like that yeah yeah yeah he had to be sitting on the couch like this how's it going terry on arnold welcome sounds pretty intimidating nah not at all oh that's good all right did he ever do a deez nuts joke with you a couple times yeah he did a couple times were you surprised the first time he did it nah because uh they told us like one thing about him when you when you're around him for a long time it's kind of like when you're around older folks like my great-grandmother I have to laugh at the same story even though I've heard the same story like five times yeah so like that's how you would know like the when the guys who uh I would almost say like you're trying to get on coach's good side they'll still be laughing at the same joke versus coach you already told us that huh okay uh what's the angriest you've ever made him by the way I ask this of all alabama players that come through the draft I think y'all saw it on national television man when he was chewing me out versus mississippi state when I didn't time up the blitz on the motion like he was hot and that was that the one where you were already up by a gajillion points yeah so you that's right you were the recipient of that I was so what happened I didn't time up the blitz on the motion and this was the previous third down and then they scored so when they scored man he just came and like one thing about him like he doesn't forget and on top of that like like I say again with older folks when he's mad he can make himself more mad because he's already old so it's like yeah so like it'll be like I'm already mad at you because of what you did but then on top of that I might be hot or I already might be agitated so I'm gonna just throw that in too so it was like that even like that's how he'll be at practice like he'll be like you guys I mean you guys can't get nothing right and then it's hot especially like man we had no energy oh man like he like he would light us up when it came to that like we went out there you gotta think I played corner so I was with him like right here like we start our practice if we get him in a bad mood like starting our practice oh practice is going to be a long day but you can't do anything about the temperature or how old he is no you can't and that's why and that's why he would get mad about that if we didn't have any energy like it would be like man could be like probably day 17 going into fall camp we'd have already been at full pass we'd have had two scrimmages and it's just one of those days but your body just hurting and he'll be like I mean are you okay three and I would say I mean yeah I mean yeah coach uh I'm okay and he was like no three tell me the truth oh okay no I'm not really okay well I don't really care three and that's how you like that's how you know like like one thing about him like you know that you've earned like your strikes with him when he gets to start calling by your name so you know I went from 12 then I went to three then I went to Terrion and then I went to Terrion Arnold when he's mad okay full name full name well that's what a parent does right yeah oh my gosh because like my mom when she's mad she called my middle name oh no and which is what I can't tell you that okay so um you're you're you're the school of what is that what is that school it's uh it's a site that they can visit and just help old spice as far as the relationship and the mentorship program if they want to find out more information about what they're doing with big brothers okay and I would man I would say go and visit that site because what old spice has partnered with big brothers and done like I already talked about giving them confidence but even just the younger generation as far as giving back man if you're the type of person that likes to help people or even if you just feel it on your heart to give you should go and look into that okay uh let's get leo out here now leo of the representing big brothers big sisters of southeast michigan come on out here leo all right ladies and gentlemen leo is here yes you have questions right yes no no hold on a second do you want do you want this seat if you're gonna ask him um yeah yeah come on leo yeah get it right buddy all right leo's gonna sit down here there you go right in the seat right and i'll sit in the guest chair should i sit there okay very good take a seat there you go man what up leo what's up hi everybody chilling man you're good man i mean you look at start hold on a second let's get this microphone i just showed my best side unfortunately to the camera all right go for it leo so i have three questions for terry okay my first one is did you have a mentor when you were growing up yes my mentor growing up would be my grandfather and i would say my grandfather just me being able to be around him it is still as they would say just the ability to be a well-rounded man would you say like who he was the best person for you yes i'm saying i mean he was hard on me or anytime he would build me down he would pick me back up and he never allowed me to fall on my face but at the same time he never let me get too high or get too low and uh even with the draft tomorrow like he says you know it's a blessing it's an opportunity but at the same time you got to get to work after that i like that i like that number two what advice do you have for kids my age that want to be a professional athlete i would say believe in yourself a lot of people they kind of believe in themselves but are you going to be able to believe in yourself when it feels like the whole world is against you when in a big game you didn't make that play and everybody's saying okay he's not this he's not that or he can't be this how are you going to channel that like channel it and turn it into confidence and ultimately like i said believe in yourself but really really believe in yourself because at the end of the day if you don't believe in yourself nobody else will it's going to be highs it's going to be lows and it's a journey do you like that answer leo yes i love that look at the dimples by the way by the way a full head of hair and dimples like i'm i'm out i just lost my job it's over you might as well just go home you might as well change the logo real quick it's so respectful it's a confident it's a great answer for kids my age to want to be a professional athlete or if not a professional athlete to want to be a athlete so um what's the coolest thing your mentor taught you hard working mentality um it just never thinking you're bigger than people or life itself i mean being in this type of atmosphere our environment i mean you could kind of stroke your ego a little bit like okay i am going into a part of the one percent by the end of the day with my faith and even what i believe in like god gives certain people different tasks and one thing about it as quickly as he gives it to you he can take it away from you so never think that you're too high or above others and treat everybody how you want to be treated i like that i do too we have we have about one minute left before our radio audiences have to leave okay i got one more there you go if you had to give help or advice to one person in your family what would it be my little brother that's reminding me of my little brother he's over there hey who's that what's his name laval laval laval laval leo and laval terry on the leon with my little brother okay fantastic i love it great job by the way leo you did good outstanding great job man you got it yeah i know exactly you got the same damn pat so uh i guess last one for you that i have uh in the 30 seconds we have well actually you know what we'll wait for this for the uh for the roku channel audience uh i appreciate you coming on courtesy of old spice and obviously big brothers big sisters of america uh jj mccarthy's coming up in the next hour have a great draft and i hope you uh you wind up exactly where you want to go thank you man and great job leo thank you so much i am gonna have to ask for that chair back though good job even though you look great in it you look great in it this is uh this is a very special opportunity for me to meet future nfl players i appreciate you saying that as well we've got about 90 seconds left here uh on the roku channel so let me ask you one more question if you don't mind terry what what what will an nfl team get if they draft you on thursday night i would say that they're getting a quarterback and a quarterback like obviously a quarterback carries himself with his prestigious um personality and just as far as never getting too high never getting too low i'm the same thing on the defensive side of the ball i'm a natural born leader and i'm i'm there to withstand everything all that adversity and uh like a talented player man not only am i that off the field but on the field man i'm a competitor and i feel like i'm going to get the best out of my teammates and i think they'll get the best out of me so as far as reciprocating that energy every day it's going to be amazing and then on top of that a fan favorite like i really love the fans man off the field activities getting them into the game man home field advantage when you have your fans and playing in front of them that's a big thing it's so important it is no doubt so important and i cannot you know wait to see you get your draft moment you're going to be in the you're going to be in the green room yes sir okay your mom's going to be there who else can be there my granddad your granddad so he's off the roof for draft night yeah okay that's good that's fantastic and um it's okay to cry if you cry on thursday night now if i do cry do not cry but i'm not planning on crying we won't think any less of you crying on having a big opportunity to do something it's called a moment of joy oh leo everybody way to wrap up our one on the rich eisen show jj mccarthy's coming up next the rolling stone music now podcast gets inside the biggest stories with rolling stone senior writer brian hyatt now here is my conversation with jacob null your story is an amazing one and obviously you lost your dad when you're only one year old it was definitely a screwy way to grow up i think that a lot of people never heard of who i am and then they see me joining this band and they must think this kid must have just been handed everything or nepotism kid there's a gift that i have an opportunity to sing in such a big band like my father and my uncle's band sublime rolling stone music now wherever you listen
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