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Rome Odunze: Entering The NFL At A High Point

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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April 24, 2024 4:08 pm

Rome Odunze: Entering The NFL At A High Point

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 24, 2024 4:08 pm

4/24/24 - Hour 3

Washington WR Rome Odunze and Rich discuss the possibility of him playing with Caleb Williams on the Chicago Bears, why critics of Huskies QB Michael Penix Jr are dead wrong, and why he, not Marvin Harrison Jr. or Malik Nabers, is the best player in the NFL Draft this year, and more.

NFL Insider Tom Pelissero and Rich discuss the intrigue surrounding the top quarterbacks in the NFL Draft, if we’ll see more quarterbacks or wide receivers taken in the draft’s first round, which veteran player is most likely to be trade in the coming weeks, if the Dallas Cowboys’ “all-in” approach will eventually pay off, and more.

In ‘What’s More Likely’ Rich weighs in on the NFL Draft, the Patriots, Bills, Jim Harbaugh, the NBA Playoffs and more.

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Green 18! This is the Rich Eisen Show.

You guys ready to get started? From the NFL Draft in Detroit, it's the Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show, NFL insider Adam Schefter, NFL draft prospect Cherion Arnold, NFL draft prospect JJ McCarthy, CBS NFL analyst and NFL Network draft analyst Charles Davis, ESPN NFL analyst Lewis Riddick. Still to come, 2024 NFL draft prospect Romo Dunsay, NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero. And now it's Rich Eisen.

That's a fact. Our number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Welcome back to the Rich Eisen Show Draft Week special live from Detroit at the Total Buy Verizon Studio. The draft is all about getting a contract but when it comes to your wireless plan, take advantage of no long-term contract with Total Buy Verizon. It's the power of Verizon, price to win.

Find your local Total Buy Verizon store or switch at today. Hour number three is on the air from Detroit. Day one of three for us here at the NFL Draft and joining us to kick off this hour from the University of Washington courtesy of our friends at Sharpie is Romo Dunsay. Good to see you sir, how are you? I'm doing well, thanks for having me. And I'm glad to see you here in one piece since you flew the plane, right?

That's right, that's right. I flew the plane over here yesterday morning and you know I took some lessons since I got that question at the combine. What is the history of this at the comp? Like somebody asked you the combine, what did they ask you? They asked me if I would be able to land a plane in an emergency and I said no because that was the reality of the you know of my expectations. And I assume it still is, you know. Yeah I mean I've took my lessons and I think you know I'm a little bit better at it now for sure.

Okay very good and and there you are with Caleb. So you just happened to be on the same plane? That's right. Was it from LA? It was from LA, yeah. Yeah we flew out from LA and we just so happened to be on the same plane and he tweeted that he seen me on the plane and said he was a big fan so I had to let people know I was going to get him to Detroit safely.

Safely? That's right. And it's entirely possible you leave Detroit together right? Yeah definitely. Do you guys talk about that like when at all? A little bit, definitely.

I mean you know he's trying to have a tremendous wider supercorp which he'll already have you know regardless of how right you know it shakes up but definitely you know been in talks a little bit just just seeing how it would all end up but definitely would you know be a fan of that. Did you have a top 30 to Chicago? I did. You did?

Yeah I did. And how did that uh how'd you come out away from that? It went well I thought you know there was a you know a sense of winning in the air in the sense that you know um they were gonna make things happen and the team was you know prepared to to go all the way and I think you know I could be a vital piece in that but um you know they're looking to add a few your weapons for Caleb or you know some protection for him so um it was a good visit.

Obviously can go in any direction. Who else have you personally seen visited with? I visited with the Cardinals as well as the Jets and the Giants. Okay so you hit both New York teams? Yeah both New York teams. Okay so who'd you see when you were with the Jets? I saw Sean Jefferson the wide receiver coach when I was out there. I saw I met with the OC as well. Was Rogers there?

No Rogers was not there at the time I think it was a week before OTAs had started so he wasn't there but there was a lot of confidence in Rogers as there as there there should be he's a hall of famers. That goes without saying. Yeah so um I think they were you know kind of that same thing they already have one of the best defenses in the league so just looking to add a few weapons and you know like my game but you know we'll see how it all shakes up. How'd you wind up at Washington? I really winded up there because of the coaching staff coach Chris Peterson and junior Adams recruited me there and I really just thought they were super genuine guys and great coaches as well so I was looking for that in a college program. It's crazy the journey you had at Washington right?

Yeah. In terms of coaching changes, quarterback changes and let's if you don't mind I'll give you the floor here to pound the table for your quarterback Michael Penix Jr. so much conversation about what he can do at the next level and what he was unable to do at Washington according to some but I'll give you the floor to pound the table for him. Yeah I mean I don't know what people are saying he's unable to do I mean the season before he was there he was we were four and eight and he came in with that offense and two years later we were in the national championship game so I don't know if any team has ever done that in history before but we were you know led by him you know I think he's my QB one I really don't see how you can turn on the tape and say that there's anything on the field that he can't do at a high level in the NFL regarding his college film and you know to speak on his personality he's a leader of men exactly what a quarterback should be and how so I think you know through holding people accountable as well as you know being that guy that's encouraging you know I think a leader has to balance those things together where you know he knows that the standard is high and he holds us to that standard but he also encourages us to go out there and play our best and and be that voice for us to hype us up so I think he's a balance between those two. How quickly did you feel that when he showed up how quickly did you immediately immediately I mean I felt it before he was in there when they was turned on his film from Indiana I was like oh okay you know I wasn't trying to you know give my poker face away when I was meeting with DeBoer and Coach Grubb but you know I was sitting in the back of my seat like oh my goodness what kind of the throws that he's making and then when you meet him you know he's from you know Dade county Florida real real family-oriented guy so I'm a real genuine dude and it was day one. What's it like catching a ball that he throws what is that like? It's the most natural thing uh you know it really is you know a difference from quarterback to quarterback how um it's you're able to catch the ball from them just because of their release you know whether it's a deep ball the the angle of it or whether it's a short pass whether they're putting touch on it he has the whole arsenal so um it was really natural really easy. Yeah I mean who did we have on recently that said his passes were like extended handoffs because he's so accurate somebody said that recently right I mean all the all the all of our guests kind of bleed in together these days but that was the way it was described is he's so accurate and it is such a you know an easy football to catch. Yeah someone said he threw the most violent ball he's ever that's another one that he throws he's he's out of his hand got one but the ball just explodes out of his hand.

He fires it he fires it out and he can do it from you know any you know body position because he's so talented he doesn't have to be you know set or anything you know as as much as he'd want to be um he can do it from any position I think that's what makes him so special. Rome Odunze here on the Rich Eisen Show what does the team get if they draft you? You know I think they get a very versatile and complete receiver you know one that hasn't hit his ceiling yet I'm still you know gaining my skills and perfecting my game but I think I'm entering the league at a pretty high point um so I think I have you know all all the skill set from a NFL wide receiver perspective and then I feel like in a locker room I can get along with you know any any group of guys and encourage you know any group of men to you know hold a specific standard and strive for for something great which is exactly what I did at Washington. Well I'm sure how are you handling the conversation about well there's Marvin Harrison and well there's neighbors and oh yeah Odunze is in there too he's a top 10 guy how do you handle hearing your name sometimes not being the first out of people's mouths at the wide receiver group? Yeah that's okay you know everybody has their opinion for me I believe I'm wide receiver one and I think the film has said that and I think through the performances throughout the combine and all the different things that I've done throughout this process I've continued to prove that fact but um everybody has their own opinions right and they're great receivers as well and I want to see them succeed so um at the end of the day it is what it is but for me um I think you know based on the film and the the things that you can't actually see uh even wide receiver one. Why'd you do the combine? I did the combine because I felt like I had to prove to people that you know exactly that that I was wide receiver one and I think I had a great performance there at the combine you know I beat you in the 40s so that was um I feel like after that I was definitely number one. Well I mean you know um if you are going to throw out to people why you're wide receiver number one and your speeds being one of them I would I would say go further down on the list that you're faster than me okay you know what I mean okay because that's kind of I would imagine um understood. Yeah okay so something a little bit okay right better but no souls perished when I run that's true just to use your phrase yeah no that's true okay oh yeah so you have seen me run I have multiple times yeah and forms good I mean I think you might need to get some athletic gear for one of these years I mean you're running in a suit I mean I don't know but I don't I mean dude I don't it's kind of the brand it's not the I mean yeah I mean that is the logo of the show 20 years in a suit who wants to see me in athletic gear yeah nobody you're not supposed to answer that question but yeah the the suit acts like a parachute it does you kind of look like a superhero a little bit like call to action I'll take it all right but so you think my form actually is yeah actually you got a solid form 100 he went higher register on our show we point out if you go higher register you don't really believe what you're saying you know like you do have a great form thank you you do have a great one see he went you do have great form yeah I think he'd be a good pilot nice fantastic um and so um now that you're getting set uh for this draft you're going to be in the green room tomorrow yes okay who's gonna be with you I got my grandparents my parents um my girl my brothers aunts and uncles there as well so um got some people in the theater as well so a bunch of family so you're plus how many what is your plus seven 19 19 all right I mean I'd used up as many tickets as I could it's about to say so who's who's been in charge of making sure the 19 are handled not you right I mean yeah I mean all my people I mean me as well you know they've been all been in works my mom and pops are all kind of coordinating it but um it's it's not as you know big as the pakto championship game I had like 80 people there 80 yeah okay not as bad as that uh what does this moment mean for your folks oh I think it means a lot uh you know they've seen me you know from when I was little playing football when I was six years old to get into this point they've seen you know the adversity and all the things that I've gone through to get to this point so um it's a tremendous accomplishment and I think they know and I know as well that you know this isn't the stop this isn't the end of you know my tenure it's just the the beginning you could say but just to watch you finally get this dream right have you been when you were six that's what you were dreaming that's right tomorrow night that's right yeah since I was six uh you know I dreamed of initially being an NFL quarterback but as a wide receiver that'd be a uh that's a pretty pretty good consolation prize so um yeah I've been dreaming for a long time who is your quarterback when you were six that you wanted to be like who was that I mean I don't know I mean probably Mike Vick I wanted to be like Devin Hester so I was just a quarterback but Devin Hester you know yeah inspired by that's right well maybe you know with the new kickoff rules maybe you'll go back there and you can do some Devin Hester things it's true yeah I don't know if they're if your new team's going to want you to do that but I'm just throwing that stuff out there yeah no something that's in the cards for sure and who knows I mean hopefully with the new uh the new change to it there'll be some exciting you know kickoffs and stuff like that man if you're a bear and you say in your first press conference I wanted to be like Devin Hester oh man that's good stuff that's a good stuff yeah yeah if you're a bear if you're a bear guy you start talking about Devin Hester he's going to the hall of fame uh what are you doing with Sharpie what are you doing with them I'm with them um I've been working with them for a minute we uh were able to me and Mike both be with them you know they're just um gonna be with along with me my entire you know rookie season being there for all the important moments that I'm signing you know my contract I'm using the s gel pen it's very important to me because you know I like an elite pen you know when I'm taking notes when I'm signing things I like it to be elite so the s gel pen it allows me to do that no smear no smudge like I like it yeah yeah I spoke to Mike this morning uh on zoom because he couldn't make the live show right he said you know he's a lefty it's very important not to have the smudge exactly which I thought was a good line out of him I liked it oh no good pat if I don't have a good pen uh it drives me crazy you need one I'm like that guy so you and I are kind of we're kind of like that we're right there we're fast yeah you know yeah if we both can't fly planes and you know although on national championship night we had to go our separate ways you know I'm a okay I'm a wolverine yeah that's all right I mean you guys got you had the better night so understood it's and listen you're gonna have a great career I'm looking forward to it um New York City Chicago there's so many awesome spots that you're being mocked to land in absolutely and I hope you get to go wherever you want to go yeah thank you fantastic uh what you say I just my producer got in my ear you put a photograph together what do you got you put something like that oh there I am there you go so you're that was me on Sunday at the Rose Bowl okay now you've performed in the Rose Bowl yourself yeah okay very good what do you like the surface you liked it thought you I thought it was fast fast I agree you you you it was a fast turf you were there as well totally agree what do you so what do you think like right there I mean I think it looks great you see you're very even you know you got your your arm coming up and the one extending back getting full extension there um it's too straight my hands are too straight right yeah it looks like you're a little tense there keep them natural keep them natural for next time okay I mean I truly do want to see you in some sports gear you know go out there and give you your best performance but if the suit is signature then you know it is what it is but what was that a six that has not been revealed just yet it's not been revealed yet that that's on Saturday and we're trying to raise as much money in between that yes so okay good to see you Rome yeah good you got it everybody a round of applause for Roman good luck to you courtesy of Sharpie uh right here on the Rich Eisen Show sitting right now uh getting ready to join us Tom Pelissero my colleague from the NFL Network and NFL Media Group we're live here on the Roku channel back with more on this Wednesday at the draft hey folks it's time for the NFL draft which means for me I need a good night's sleep because if I don't have one just not myself you know the deal you know exactly how important it is to have quality sleep it's a game changer for all of us so sleep number helps me my sleep number setting is 60 my wife's setting is 70 we both get a great night's sleep because we could adjust the firmness of our 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Power 2023 award information visit slash awards only at a sleep number store or sleep our house is a mess come on in I'm Amber Wallen internet comedian and host of your new favorite podcast fly on the wall okay that's pretty presumptuous to assume that this is going to be their favorite podcast by the way anyway that wasp that you just heard interrupt me is my husband and co-host Benjamin Wallen listening as we discuss relationships and keeping our sweet baby kid alive fly on the wall and wherever you listen back here on the rich eisen show live on the roku channel he's here everybody hey is here tom pelissaro making the very bold choice of having no socks on right now and that is bold sir it's so cold in the 30 degrees outside what the hell are you doing you know I'm more concerned with tomorrow when I will be outside for tv but I mean look at this from Minnesota I understand that I think that anytime you can show off a little bit of ankle on especially on your show rich understood ratings gold there is those are elite ankles I appreciate that we call those athletic ankles okay a a a what a a you could do that next week when you're sitting in the show chair on Tuesday and Wednesday well now I have to no you're pretty sure but no one will see you can wear shorts it's even bolder to cross the leg to get the suit I figured you want to see the full inseam maximum cash this is what is happening you might as well run roku there's there's no rules here you should just wear culottes today I mean what is happening but seriously that's a choice well that's a choice nice suit I think the whole thing works I'm just trying to give you material come strong don't come clearly not you have no material on the lack of material that we're talking about right now look at sharp tom don't let them fool you yeah tom appreciate that tj is always on my side that's my man it's very cliff kingsbury uh uh dread I mean cobra draft clif kingsbury remember that were you sitting there with his low feet on the fire outside where it's 110 degrees in the backyard and you got the fire going kingsbury's hair could never let the fire pit never touch my hair over cliff that's what I'm saying his hair he's also got a strong suit game his hair could never touch listen no way nobody's touching your hair I mean seriously pomade versus pomade nobody can see she did a great job back there I said just keep the height so I judge my hair especially since she's definitely not used to doing having a lot of fun sitting at the rich eisen show desk furnished by granger with supplies and solutions for every industry granger has the right product for you call click or just stop by and look who has stopped by our favorite tom pelosaro back here on the program nfl network insider part of the nfl network draft coverage again that begins eight eastern time when the bears go on the clock thursday night um greatly appreciate having you here thanks for having me um so the general sense right now like what is it like for you I mean we had chefter on an hour one and and he we were telling you off the air he had one of those calls where it looked like of all of course you don't think it was the stage call that he set up to look like he's really busy I really you know what I want that to really be the case he said his alarm the rings are 10 minutes nine twelve you know pacific look I'm gonna call tom right now it's it's non-stop because everybody is trying to figure out what everybody else is doing and and people you like folks use you for your information in a way they'll call and you know sometimes they're asking questions where you can kind of tell that they are trying to get at something that they're trying to figure out other times it's you know they talk about other things and maybe try to lead you down the wrong path there's there's a lot of that but I think that you know a big piece of it is they've done all their homework on this stuff like you know the whole idea that you know teams will put out stuff intentionally to like mess up the draft board get guys to fall it doesn't happen because every team's done their evaluations everybody's got their own board all they're trying to do now is figure out where the hot spots are going to be at certain positions you know if you're in the quarterback market where are the quarterbacks going to go if you're in the corner market when do those guys start going how many wide receivers go in round one and you'll get completely different answers from team to team and part of that's because everybody's got their board set differently they got different grades you're not going to find you know in any draft but especially this draft you're definitely not going to find 32 guys with first round grades in any building but there are some players are going to be much higher on one team's board than another's I mean Michael Penix Jr is a perfect example where I mean I talked to people who had him as the number two quarterback I talked to people who had him as the seventh quarterback and that's real because it's you know with him it's how he plays and it's rhythm and it's in the pocket and if you believe in that and you got a really good offensive line you got weapons around him he can distribute that football if you prefer a quarterback who's going to get out use his legs extend plays that probably not your guy but you know the gamesmanship of this entire thing I think is less about leaking false information or trying to get people to say things that aren't true it's more so just trying to figure out once you're in it and teams are on the clock how is this whole thing going to fall and do I need to move up to get my guy am I safe to move back to get my guy I talked to a GM a short time ago who I don't think is taking a quarterback possible I don't think he's taking a quarterback he said you know you just can't get too cute when it comes to the quarterback like all this discussion about well the Patriots could trade down and then trade back up maybe but you also might cost yourself somebody here there's a risk factor that's involved with that especially at the quarterback position if you think you've got a franchise type of guy you got to make sure you get them so three in a row to start your best guy let's play best guess with Tom Pelissero everybody I would be shocked if it's not three in a row okay at the top right now Caleb Williams to Chicago barring an act of God Washington nothing's a hundred percent but I would say certainly a high percentage chance and the belief within the league is Jaden Daniels goes at number two and that puts New England up at number three certainly Drake May to New England is a strong possibility you have other teams like the Giants and the Vikings that have an interest in moving up but if you know if it's not Jaden Daniels it's still there at three I don't think the Raiders are in the mix to move up I don't think the Broncos are in the mix to move up if anything the Broncos trade down in the various scenarios that exist right now then the real question becomes if it's chalk one two three yes those three quarterbacks Drake may being the third Drake may be in the third yes the really interesting part becomes where does JJ McCarthy go he's going to go my belief somewhere between four and eleven in other words you could potentially have whether it's the Vikings whether it's the Giants somebody's saying we just have to go up and get them because you have the threat of multiple teams that are in that mix or if the Vikings believe the Giants aren't actually going to take JJ McCarthy you could sit there and wait you could see if he just comes to you at eleven and again there's risk factor involved in that because somebody else you're not expecting could vault up ahead of you here this is a really rare quarterback class where you've got depending who you talk to six or seven guys here who are legit can be NFL starting quarterbacks and they're going to come off the board quickly here it then becomes all right at what point do some of those other guys start to get pushed up I believe Michael Penix goes in the first round and I think that it's at least 50-50 the bow Knicks comes off the board on Thursday night as well so best guess Tom Pelissero the inflection point the first inflection point in this draft is where at which pick well I think that it comes down to four and five and whether the Cardinals or the Chargers can trade down from those picks we know Monty Ostenfortz open for business with Arizona they have 11 draft choices though and Marvin Harrison Jr sitting there and and Hollywood Browns against City Chief now I mean let's say you've got those three receivers though graded pretty similarly because you'll find those guys in different orders on different boards yes if you believe Marvin Harrison Jr is above and beyond the best receiver by far in this draft then sure you stand in there and take them and I'd say sitting here right now not knowing exactly what's going to take place at four and five so that's the most likely scenario as Marvin Harrison goes to Arizona but if you got those guys graded similarly and let's say the Giants are willing to trade up from six to four to go get their guy do you go all right we just picked up an extra high draft pick and we're still getting one of the top wide receivers in this draft that's the unknown part of it is there's different teams do it different ways there are a lot of teams that stack their board horizontally and vertically and part of that is to make sure that you kind of know the players you've got grouped together in other words if we get one of these three we're good or hey this guy is so far above and beyond we can't run the risk of losing him so we're not going to move again it's it's the strategy of how the draft plays out but in a lot of ways here Monty Austin Fort is sitting on the number one pick in the draft the number one non-quarterback pick in the draft and there's going to be value in that if in fact there's somebody willing to trade up if not he can take anyone he wants Marvin Harrison Jr is certainly a pretty good bet Tom Palacios of NFL Network here on the rich eyes and show best guess on how many trades occur in the top 10 within the top 10 it's going to come down to to somebody trade up for the fourth quarterback or do the Patriots get blown away with an offer to this point they've not gotten the offer that's made them consider moving is there an offer out there is it Mike Ditka style your next two drafts to move up that move a lot of different people but we know Robert Kraft said publicly they want to get a quarterback here I would say I'd put the over under this is not betting advice just to make abundantly clear here one and a half trades in the top 10 I don't think it's going to be completely wild five trades and you know Monty going up and back like he did last year just because you know there's a bunch of teams that it seems would like to trade up and make sure they get an offensive lineman there's a whole bunch of offensive linemen six seven guys that are going to go in round one in this draft you've got a bunch of teams that are interested in the corners I'm just not sure that those guys get pushed up into the top half of round one and there's a whole bunch of teams that would love to trade down the Cardinals have been open to it the Chargers would love to trade down from five the Broncos at 12 would love to trade down there's some GMs like you know Seattle with John Schneider who every year the Seahawks seem to trade down they're sitting there at number 16 they could be a candidate to trade down as well um you know at the top of two there's a bunch of wide receiver needy teams I would say this I think we get more trades there's more possibility of trades in the bottom 10 than the top 10 just because you look at the number of teams that need a wide receiver who are at the top of two plus if Bo Nix is sliding down into that bottom 10 in the first round there could be somebody who decides to vault up and get the fifth year option I think you'll get a lot of action down there in the 20s would be my prediction for tonight and uh I'm sorry if I'm if I'm cannibalizing any of your what's more likely that's coming up have I have I tread have I have I approached have I bro it's close okay um the uh your best guest Tom Pelissero more wide receivers or quarterbacks taken in the first round I I had this conversation with a GM who told me I was out of my mind on this but I ran through it this morning yes and placed the guys where I think they're going to go I came up with seven wide receivers in round one because you've obviously got the top three guys everybody's talked about with Marvin Harrison the guy you just had sitting in this chair Roma Doonze who kept it warm for me which I do appreciate especially since you're not wearing any socks that's right exactly and you got Malik Nabors who's also going to be a high draft that's three you got the kid from Virginia Brian Thomas Jr yeah the other LSU wide receiver who that one's got a little bit more variance he could go in the middle of round one he got the end of round one but I think that he in all likelihood he gets taken you got Keon Coleman from Florida State who's dropped out of every mock draft since he ran 4-6 at the combine but the fastest guy in the gauntlet drill this year when you talk to coaches coaches really like him he was a basketball player at Michigan State didn't even he hasn't filled out totally because he was training to for two sports so he's got room to grow he's a big guy and his play speed is really fast he's one that I think everybody's going to sleep on here I would not be surprised at all if he comes off later on in round one Xavier Legette another one from South Carolina he's the guy who did run fast he ran like 4-3-9 he's a bigger guy one year of production but I think that he ends up getting vaulted into round one and then there's somebody else who's going to go it's probably Xavier Worthy would be the seventh the fastest guy in one of the cleanest prospects what about the other Texas wide receiver what about Adonai you know what about Adonai Mitchell what about him he's another possibility so is Lad McConkie right now if I had to guess I'd say they're probably into two but they're all that's that's what I'm talking about with there's gonna be a run on wide receivers let's say from like the early 20s straight through 40 how quickly do those guys go off and once they start going as you know all of a sudden then everybody might panic and decide we got to trade up or we're going to run out of all these it happened last year when there was that run of picks between Quentin Johnston Zay Flowers and somebody else went three picks in a row in the 20s yes and and it's because teams looked at this they're going well if we don't go now we're going to miss out and so people get aggressive with trades huh so you're saying more receivers than quarterbacks I would say more receivers than quarterbacks I think this was one of his questions uh is it but I'd still I still have six quarterbacks sorry if I said I hit you did I hit it okay five or six quarterbacks and I would say six or seven wide receivers in round one all right Tom Pelissero here on the Rich Eisen Show a best guess of a veteran player who gets traded seems happens every year and it seems like the Eagles are always involved in one that's two years in a row well how he's in on how he is in on every single deal DeAndre Swift last year and obviously AJ Brown being the blockbuster a year before a couple years ago Hollywood Brown was also traded that night in the deal that nobody even remembers because that was the uh the second trade it was like seven picks later I want to say AJ was I think pick 18 and uh Hollywood was pick 25. There's a bunch of receivers that are for one reason or another potentially available here Brandon Aiyuk is certainly on that list we know John Lynch has said we want to keep him have him be a 49er for life here but look at where the wide receiver market is going you got Amanrah St Brown's deal got done today we'll see the real numbers on that but from a cashflow perspective it's like a legit 28 million dollar a year deal which is a lot for a guy who plenty people within the league consider to be a slot if a Justin Jefferson gets deal gets done it's going to be up in you know the mid-30s somewhere it's going to be a monster monster deal if you're Brandon Aiyuk you know arguably you're not the most important wide receiver on your team because Deebo is there it's complicated to get the numbers right I don't anticipate the 49ers deal him for a low price you know we've seen Keon Allen got dealt for a fourth we've seen a bunch of day three stuff that would not be Aiyuk if Diggs got sent for a two right so it was a two right with a another pick coming back correct I believe Aiyuk if he gets traded it's for at least a first round pick that's a high price when you also have to pay that guy near the top of the wide receiver market but that's certainly a possibility we know that Courtland Sutton is not overly thrilled with the situation in Denver as he goes on his 10th starting uh quarterback there during his time he would like his contract adjusted to this point there hasn't been a lot of movement in that could Courtland Sutton go traded the Broncos have said they think they're in a good place with them but it's certainly within the realm of possibility you know there's some of those types of deals I'd say the wide receiver position in general is one to watch because some of these teams also are going to miss out on those wide receivers in round one because they're going to go so fast maybe there's a veteran out there that they go get what's the scoop with Dallas do you want to do you want to give a shot at uh at uh Jerry Jones's press conference from yesterday his response to Jane Slater's question in particular is one that we played uh on yesterday's show and has gotten some traction about being an option quarterback and he's not yet ready to pitch it he needs to see more what he's what do you say needs to see more leaves fall off I enjoyed when he started when he said the uh we're all in all in all in he said it six times if you look at if you look at Mike McCarthy Mike McCarthy's just sitting there and then just goes the full-on like Kermit T meme it was like okay yeah it's easy he's heard that all along what are we all in with we got uh we signed Eric Kendricks and saw our starting center and our starting left tackle and our starting running back Royce Freeman Royce Freeman on a minimum deal coming in maybe a factor in the return game they'll sign an and or draft a running back they're still going to be active at that spot but if you're Dallas you kind of you're in the need territory in this draft you know a lot of people have mocked Graham Barton the Duke interior offensive lineman to them just because they lost their starting center they also lost their starting left tackle you need to start there if you're going to have a chance through the course of this uh season here running back may not be the highest priority Mike McCarthy said love to get one of those running backs well can you justify taking a running back in the second round when you've got all those other needs of premium positions around him well it would have been helpful to maybe create the cap space by resigning your guys that are going to be only more expensive as you wait for the leaves to fall you know and and and thus hit somebody in free agency of of significance the last deal I remember Dallas really getting done early and this is a little different situation was Jalen Smith and that's going back aways and maybe that's why they're a little gunshot do you think well that did not obviously work out a couple years later he's off the team it's this has been how Jerry's done business in recent years which is you push it and you kick the can and you worry about the problems later Dak's first deal now they did make a run at it earlier but they ended up having to tag him twice before they actually got the the long-term contract done which ended up being a shorter term contract than Dallas always does why because Dak and his agent had the leverage in that case now they've got the maximum leverage in all this which is he is going to become a free agent he would be because technically they had to use the second tag because they didn't sign the deal in time they didn't paper it in time so it will be a third tag not a second one for Dak next year which is 144 of his current cap number which is like close to 90 million so that's that's not happening here he's going to be a true unfettered free agent he's going to be the Kirk Cousins unless they're able to ramp this thing up with C.D. Lamb the prices are just going to continue to get more more more outrageous that's going to be 30 million dollars plus per year and you still got to sign Micah Parsons on top of this as well that's what the explanation has been from the Cowboys which is we're saving to pay the core types of players here but Dak's is big of a core piece of the team as you can possibly imagine and right now looking at it if you were guessing and you hate to project things this far out but it's hard to imagine that Dak Prescott's the Cowboys quarterback in 2025 if things don't change really do you really believe that he's going to be an unfettered free agent the Cowboys to this point have not made substantive strides toward getting a long-term deal done with them he can pick any team that he can go to and maybe Dak wants to ride things out with the Cowboys maybe he'll come back on whatever deal they put in front of him but we know this about Dak at this point he's willing to go to the wall on contract matters he's willing to play on a franchise tag even when he busts up his ankle he's willing to wait and wait for the right deal that's certainly a possibility they could bring him back next year but if Dak Prescott hits free agency like Kirk Cousins did this year I would envision nothing for sure but I would envision that it plays out much like Cousins which is the Vikings were willing to make an offer but there was another team that was willing to blow that offer out of the water Tom Palacero here in the Rich Eisen show you good with that I know but so say it again I know your mic is not on right now but you take the Patriots he's saying Patriots draft Marvin and then sign Dak and free agency who says no New England Dallas they're not going to do that you think is there any chance he's he's he's so desperate for New England to take Marvin Harrison and not take a quarterback because he's so nervous the quarterback's not going to be the right one anything is possible but that would qualify when you said it's possible but that would qualify when you said what's the the surprise the shock going to be that would be the biggest shock I have not talked to anyone in the league again doesn't mean that it doesn't happen we've seen weird stuff happen before I haven't talked to anyone in the league who believes that if the Patriots stay at number three they don't take a quarterback in all likelihood that would be Drake May there's still there's still a lot of twist to this I mean even Washington at number two you can't say with 100 certainly what it's going to be I believe it's going to be Jayden Daniels yes the signs point toward Jayden Daniels yes one of those four quarterbacks who visited for the top golf trip got picked up at the airport by Dan Quinn and the other ones took a shuttle bus to the hotel that was Jayden Daniels it was picked up by Dan Quinn oh there's a lot of things that point toward Jayden Daniels being the guy for Washington at number two if he's not if there is a scenario where Drake May or even JJ McCarthy goes to then you have chaos because then the Raiders specifically Antonio Pierce are going to be pushing hard to find a way to come up to number three and if you're the Patriots as much as you don't want to trade from three down to 13 you would have such a haul put in front of you that it would be a really interesting decision albeit one that I don't sitting here right now I don't envision they're gonna have to make did Dan Quinn hold up a Jayden Daniels sign I would how have you not asked that follow-up question if you have that information how do you not say did you hold a sign up did you have it on I would I would hope there's some there's some anonymous head coaches in the league like Dave Canales was telling stories today about being in the room yes with players having dinner with Deontay Johnson and then realizing at the end of dinner Deontay Johnson didn't know who he was the entire time Dan Quinn I feel like is recognizable enough he did not know who his new head coach was he had no clue I mean you've seen Dave now Dave also does not wear socks by the way I'm just trying to keep up with Canales here okay uh no but he's he's a you know he can blend in I feel like Dan Quinn is a known type of thing and immediately you hear his voice and you see him like you probably know yeah these guys though they get flown all over them there's players with 12-15 visits I imagine your head is absolutely spinning at some point when you're visiting all these teams trying to figure out where you are thanks for the time Tom I'll see you later on tonight see you all throughout the week beautiful can't wait you're the best and again uh because I'm uh I'm with Roku for a couple days in New York next week you'll be in the Rich Eisen show chair for two days after the draft Tuesday Wednesday we'll recap all of it see these boys get some tacos Tuesday let's go bring bring some socks it's gonna be cold what's more likely to wrap up this show what will be more likely to happen in this draft on Thursday night Chris Brockman will hit me up with that as we wrap up our first day from Detroit in a matter of moments America starts the day with America in the morning first of three pushes of storminess hi I'm John Trout your host for the latest news politics entertainment business and weather speech with political overtones our staff of correspondence provide a fast-paced look at the world with specialized reports from where news has happened decision was based on finding there is a far the central bank appears to be threading that concise accurate and fresh each day America in the morning the podcast available wherever you listen it's very rare that I begin uh an interview with somebody asking who's your real estate agent but coach who's your real estate agent Lisa Roberts she does a great job with anybody in Scottsdale needs a spot oh my gosh oh my gosh three products oh this is uh yeah man I mean this is uh this is the spot this is you got a guest room apparently yeah there's a couple you're always welcome there I appreciate that uh the question I have for you is the fire in the background that was extra yeah that was now did you did does it light up when you draft Isaiah Simmons or I mean like yeah it's yeah the whole house lit up when we got that ticked we were fired up I bet like you you're like fire up the coals fire up you know that that that probably had to happen who took this photo people want to know yeah yeah you know you're allowed to have one it guy there okay house so it was one of our it guys okay and he stayed in the cabana it guy he did not he did not scare the hell did you like the fire or did you like the fire we're all fascinated this is fascinating to everybody it is fascinating isn't it um yeah I lit the fire okay go ahead Chris go ahead and ask did you get in the pool at any point I did not get the pool that's maybe next year what's the one um I guess comparison you've heard about the photographs before I guess we give one what it looks like to people what have you heard the most funniest one I saw was like it was and they had the browser's logo that was actually like really well done I was gonna go cologne I was gonna go cologne you know what like you know bond back in the day game time tickets is ready for you to pop it on your phone and start buying tickets or any mobile device game time tickets is there to give you the best possible deal on virtually any event in your area football basketball concerts comedy theater and more baseball game time is now an authorized ticket marketplace of major league baseball makes tickets getting even easier and faster there because prices on the game time app actually go down the closer it gets to the pitch and the first pitch and you get to see all in prices important uh for me because I like uh not having sticker shock you have absolutely no guesswork when you buy tickets with game time you see the total up front and of course you also get to see views from your seat download the game time app create an account use code rich for twenty dollars off your first purchase restrictions apply visit game time todd co for terms again create an account redeem my code rich you get twenty dollars off download the game time app today last minute tickets lowest price guaranteed what a day adam shefter tarion arnold jj mccarthy charles davis lewis riddick roma dunes and tom pelicero and we can add one more uh michael pennix jr i zoom with him from my hotel room first thing this morning and uh he had this to say when i i asked him uh about i believe we're it's me asking what he tells general managers that might be on the clock and wondering whether they should choose him or not if there's a team that's sitting on the clock thursday night kind of going back and forth needing a quarterback maybe they take a different position and you're that quarterback sitting there what what do you want them to know yeah like i said man you're gonna get a winner you know you're gonna get a competitor you know a guy that's gonna help the team uh win championships you know and that's my goal you know i spoke about that whenever i came back to university washington for my second year you know i said we didn't i wanted to win the pac-12 and i wanted to win and that i got one of them i didn't win the biggest one so i guess i got to do it at the next level so so they'll get and right now do you have a general sense do you think where you're going to go or you truly have no earthly idea i have no idea i have no idea well that'll change soon it's a good kid the entire video can be seen the of the entire conversation on our youtube channel slash rich eisen show all right you're ready christopher let's do it we normally do this on a friday but we figured we're going to do this here on a wednesday since we have uh no idea what's going to happen on thursday night and we'll have to figure out what is more likely it's time for what's more likely presented by applebees the official grill and bar of the national football league what what's more likely never say never but never all right christopher how about hey rich what's up you good i'm hanging in there tj good oh yeah i'm fantastic wondering what's more likely it's up on a wednesday hey uh who's more likely what we've heard everybody talk about mock draft this your mock draft everybody's mock draft speculation who's more likely to be drafted first not first overall but just first among these two guys marvin harrison jr does he stay does he go forth or jj mccarthy our second hour guest i'm still gonna go marvin harrison jr i think he's gonna go i think he's gonna go um first although shefter talking in in hour one first up saying how how new england really likes mccarthy and then jj talking about how he had a great visit with new england yep and how he really enjoyed meeting them but he also said when i asked him who do you think is most likely where do you think you're gonna go the same question i've asked michael panics i have no idea mccarthy said i met with the giants twice twice and i know their system because you know our old offensive coordinator used to be in alabama and alabama's the system that day ball brings and it's very you know i i picked up on it so maybe the patriots trade out mccarthy goes before but i still think it's chalk and marvin harrison goes fourth overall to arizona that's what's most likely so i agree you got to give collar a weapon right i think so too what else you got over there it's an interesting thought it is a great first it's a very very it's an outstanding kickoff to what's more likely okay presented by apple let's stay i love apple let's stay in the afc east what's more likely talking patriots here patriots trade down and still draft a quarterback or the bills trade up for a wide receiver i'll go bills trade up for a wide receiver that's more likely i agree with you that's more like i don't think the patriots are going to trade down and still draft a quarterback i don't think they can run that risk i think they've got to walk out of the door with the quarterback and the only question is who are they going to take third overall is there an argument in the building for drake may or who's who's the one of is it pelissero saying or or is it no it was uh lewis riddick who's like or no it's charles davis i'm sorry we have all these i think it was charles davis like bob craft love tom brady where you go right no michigan so it was adam schefter who said a lot of people like jj mccarthy in the patriots building so i don't think they can run the risk they can't run the risk so i think it's more likely the bills trade up for a wide receiver what else sir all right here we go what's more like a more defensive players taken in the top 15 okay or trades for a quarterback in the top 15 i think trades for a quarterback in the top 15 will be one and i think drafted defensive players in top 15 will be more than one uh and i think it's the two alabama guys dallas turner and our first hour guests and tarion arnold are are good are good guesses i think there's going to be more defensive players taken in the top 15 and you think i think at least four so i will i will go well that's a that's a large number but i'll go defensive players okay okay that's pretty fun rates record all right this one's kind of fun uh how about this one more quarterbacks drafted by the afc west or georgia players taken in the first round well it's bowers and what mcconkey maybe lad mcconkey sneaks in the back end of the first round i'll go with uh nfc afc west teams drafting quarterbacks i think it's panics and nicks nixon panics maybe i don't know what the order is but i think the broncos are going to walk out with nicks and i think the raiders walk out with panics and i think that that will eclipse uh more than just brock bowers being taken okay there's three both bulldogs going in the first three bulldogs oh you like names in the first round then if he's not wearing a star on the side of his helmet by the time our show hits on friday i would tune in to the roku channel people who we do pick okay what else chris all right last one uh more likely to be the higher total michigan players jim harbaugh drafts in the whole draft in the whole draft or lower seeded teams to win a first round nba playoff series so interesting i think harbaugh is going to walk out with quorum and sanders still okay so that's two that's two okay um and so lower seeds the maverick sorry tied it up last night tj that's an l let me tell bro they tied up the clippers and then the pacers and the pacers and bucks tied it up i'll go damn it i'll go hardball michigan i'm gonna go that jim can't quit a couple of his wolverines and why would he one of them won't be jj mccarthy which is the craziest rumor i've heard in my 18 years of being out of draft in 21 years of covering one that that the odds of the chargers overall are are dropping it's crazy that's nuts that ain't happening that is definitely in terms of what's more likely that's the least likely i've ever heard in 21 years of happening in a draft but i'll go hardball not quitting uh a nipple wolverines all right celebrate the nfl draft by the way that was what's more likely presented by apple bees the official grill and bar of the national football league celebrate the nfl draft with 20 free boneless wings with any 40 online purchase from thursday april 25th through saturday april 27th it's the start of a delicious partnership between apple bees and the nfl what a grateful first day this was here in detroit michigan again like i told you you're interested in the draft and who isn't you're going to find out pretty much every question you need answered uh through uh today's show which re-airs on the roku channel as soon as we are done also if you missed anything there's our podcast for you to check it out wherever you want for your ear gate it's uh on demand thanks to cumulus podcast uh the uh through the through cumulus podcast all three hours and there's our youtube page slash rich isin show i want to thank adam shefter tarrion arnold jj mccarthy charles davis louis riddick roma dunsay and tom pelicero on tomorrow's program first up we're moving the sticks daniel jeremiah he's got his mock draft tonight and so last year he predicted appropriately that the texans would take cj stroud at two and then move back up to go to number three with arizona to take will anderson and that's exactly what happened and no one else was saying that how do you know that uh because he's his ears to the ground man superhuman his ear is to the ground so i can't wait to see what he says tonight and then obviously we'll discuss it with him on tomorrow's show uh mike greenberg and reese davis are here together so all three if you will hosts of the nfl draft on all three family of networks nfl network espn and abc will be here together brian kelly of lsu football talk about jaden daniels will be here kurt warner my pro football hall of fame friend and lincoln riley of usc football and we're always adding guests as well so great job gentlemen good job rich this was awesome busy busy day went fast i know and um so and and if you missed it jj mccarthy gave his video uh that his father shot on a camcorder the day he was born he and his mom were going through what they were going to call him and then he said his son jj was going to be his uh his future little quarterback quarterback i mean it's dusty it was dusty in here for that so i want to thank you guys and i want to thank everybody here in detroit we will see you uh from detroit on thursday on the rich isaac show the rolling stone music now podcast gets inside the biggest stories with rolling stone senior writer brian hyatt now here is my conversation with jacob null your story is is an amazing one and obviously you lost your dad when you're only one year old it was definitely a screwy way to grow up i think that a lot of people never heard of who i am and then they see me joining this band and they must think this kid must have handed everything or nepotism kid is a gift that i have an opportunity to sing in such a big band like my father and my uncle's band sublime rolling stone music now wherever you listen you
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