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REShow: Kate Mara - Hour 2

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April 24, 2023 3:54 pm

REShow: Kate Mara - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 24, 2023 3:54 pm

Rich recaps the wild weekend in the NBA Playoffs that saw more ejections (Dillon Brooks) and lingering injuries (Giannis Antetokounmpo and Joel Embiid).

Actress Kate Mara joins Rich in-studio to discuss her new Hulu FBI series with Oscar-nominee Brian Tyree Henry ‘Class of ’09,’ her first football memories coming from a family with deep ownership roots in the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants, and shares what being on ’24’ and ‘House of Cards’ meant for her career.

Rich weighs in on the lingering Lamar Jackson-Baltimore Ravens impasse in the wake of Odell Beckham Jr.’s signing and Jalen Hurts’ huge new contract.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

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Also doubled. And the best part, you don't have to do anything ridiculous to get it. Nope, Discover does it automatically.

Seriously though, see terms and check it out for yourself at slash match. It's Rich Eisen. Yes, it is. Our number two of the Rich Eisen show is on the air in Los Angeles, California. Just had a very nice chat with our second hour guest, Kate Mara is here. She is absolutely going to tell us who the giants are drafting 26th overall. Yeah. And speaking of number 26, the two of us together in promoting a class of 09 that's coming to a television set near you in short order. We're going to solve the Saquon Barkley issue for the Giants together.

Nice. So you're welcome to big blue fandom. Peter King has the Giants taking Notre Dame tight end Michael Mayer. That's odd that the Giants would take a Notre Dame tight end.

It doesn't sound like a Giants pick at all. Just saying. Maybe she can confirm that. Fantastic. The actor Chris Davis, who plays George Foreman in the new film, big George Foreman also stars Forest Whitaker. He will be here in studio hour number three. Chris, Chris, you've got overreaction Monday where you like to overreact, have me to overreact to some things. Are we doing that now? No. Okay.

That's an hour three. I'm just walking people through how the sausage is getting made. Just talk to Daniel Jeremiah, my colleague at the NFL media group about the draft that's going down in Kansas city this week. I will be leaving later on this week. Susie will be doing the show Wednesday.

Kirk Morrison, Thursday and Friday. Awesome. So, but I'll be calling in unless you don't want me to.

No, you can call. Thanks Mike. I appreciate that. I want you to call.

I appreciate that. So craziness going on in the world. Tucker Carlson out. My blue check mark's back.

What the hell's happening? One day Tucker's there. My blue check mark's gone.

Then Tucker's out. My blue check mark's back. You're not taking over the APM spot, are you? I am not. Okay. I am not.

Got it. I am not aggrieved, but my blue check mark's back. And I just want to say this.

For verifying your phone number. I just want to say this. As you know, I lost my blue check mark on live Rich Eisen Show streaming television here on the Roku channel.

Spectacular fashion. And this Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate. If you're listening on Sirius XM or Odyssey, you heard me lose my blue check mark. And Chris, I have to say, having watched that segment back a couple times, again, I'm not Larry Sanders. I sometimes watch things back just to see how they played. You know, I'm trying to make the show better. That's why we're Emmy nominated for second year in a row. Two time in a row.

Three times. But, you know, as you know, I wasn't paying for it. I wasn't paying eight dollars for it. Just not. Wasn't paying eight bucks.

Honestly, there's so many different principled reasons why. And then to receive it back, that's like, I mean, you know, and then it says when you click on my blue checkmark that I have subscribed and confirmed my phone number. Brilliant. Make it look like I did it. So you take it away.

Then you give it back and make it look like I'm a hypocrite. Wow. What a great way to handle your business. What a business model. Sounds great.

Makes me want to stay. And just so everyone knows, I'm just confirming to you, didn't pay, didn't confirm anything. And in case you think I'm lying. He gave the blue checkmark back or his people gave the blue checkmark back to people who are dead. Kobe got his blue checkmark back, Jamal Khashoggi, my buddy Bob Saget, Anthony Bourdain, Chadwick Boseman, Norm Macdonald. You check on their blue checkmarks. It says they verified their phone number as well. And one more thing on the subject matter. I thought the blue checkmarks were removed from people like myself.

So those who can pay for it or want to pay for it, like, say, a certain audio executive of the Rich Eisen Show. I had Twitter blue from the day one. You are, you know what, man? And I told you guys, you were like the George Washington of Twitter blue. You cannot tell a lie either. No, I can't. I mean, I can embellish a little.

You're George-ish Washington. You did not chop down the team history. I thought the blue checkmarks were removed from people like myself because it should be just a level playing field, right? That's what you heard from the man himself.

And so those who bought it spent the money on it. And then now we're all the same, which is fine. I'm cool with that. I've told you I was cool with it. I'm totally cool with it. I don't honestly, I don't need a blue checkmark to live my life. I do. Clearly.

But now I got it back, apparently because I've got over a million followers. So what is it? Is the playing field level or it's not? Are we still creating some sort of tier system or not? I'm just asking.

I'm just asking because it kind of sounds like there's no plan for it. Just spitballing here, just showing what it looks like from the outside in. So I just wanted to mention that to everybody. Start hour number two. Now then let's get to the NBA playoffs.

Dude, I don't know man. It is a wild affair with watching the injuries. Your guy, Embiid, good thing the Sixers are sitting there, sitting out.

Got a whole week. Okay and I'm sure you're rooting for the Hawks to try and extend that series with the Celtics so you can get as much rest for Embiid. It's 50-50 that he's going to be there or he'll be 50%. I can't tell the percentage of that stuff like that.

I'm not a doctor. There you go. 50% for game one. Giannis out.

He's basically played a half a quarter. Bucks are down two games to one now. Heats up. Bucks down.

Okay. He got Kawhi Leonard. Kawhi Leonard.

I'm sorry. Load managed all year long so he can be ready for this moment. He played a whole damn game against the Portland Trail Blazers the day I brought my son there for a game that we thought maybe they should lose because they want to avoid the Suns and then they beat the Suns in game one and Kawhi looked great. He played game two and then all of a sudden he can't play two games in a row. Home games. No Kawhi. No Paul George.

Best thing. Hey if the Clippers, the Clippers are up two games to none in moral victories. They're down three games to one now in actual standings. That don't matter though.

Correct. Then you got suspensions. Draymond came back from suspension.

He's on the bench. He's suspended for stomping on Sabonis and then Dylan Brooks gets ejected because he hit King James in the crown jewels but he's not suspended. James Harden gets gets ejected. That was ridiculous. For who knows what. Nothing. Well they said he hit I guess the jewels are are an ejectionable offense. Don't hit anybody in the jewels.

Yeah. Dejounte Murray bumps an official. Nick Claxton steps over Embiid.

It's off the charts. Doc Rivers. He spoke the truth.

on Friday night. There's a lot of toughness going on in the NBA that wouldn't be going on if this was what Rucker Park? Is that basically what I'm kind of thinking about what he's putting down here?

That's what Doc had to say. And I'm going to say this probably shouldn't. Didn't think Draymond should have got suspended and I think the league is setting up a very dangerous precedent right now and this is not me campaigning all right and I'm dead serious. If we're going to start punishing the retaliators and not the instigators then we got a problem. If I was at a park and you stood over me we're going to have a problem you know but these guys know they can do it because they know most likely you can't do anything. I mean they're not you know picking on Claxton but I don't think at a park you're standing over Joel you know but when you got the refs and everybody else there you know nothing's going to happen and to me and all I'm saying is this and this is what I'm concerned by is teams targeting the better players with instigation to get them thrown out and the better player has to be above and can't retaliate and so we're asking our stars to turn their heads a whole bunch more than they can at times so it's it's a tough one for the league. I think they're they're in a tough spot. What do you say? That's untrue. Honestly.

Don't punch down. That's basically what they're saying at the league. I don't know but it's been an off-kilter first round. Good thing Giannis is expected to come back tonight. I'm excited to see that but all season long we're talking about stars not playing and now it's the playoffs and stars aren't playing in many different ways.

Let me talk about something that's positive though. As you all know I don't like the Knicks owner with the intensity of a thousand suns and I use celestial astronomical language because my dislike of James Dolan we call it the Dolan wormhole I can't stay away from the gravitational pull it would just send me in a totally different direction and we found out from Neil deGrasse Tyson it's really a black hole right scientifically I've been off but spiritually I think I've been spot on and I thought I would never want to reverse course. Again Charles Oakley spending a night in jail because of him being dragged out of the garden because Dolan didn't see fit to stop what was happening in front of him or target Charles Oakley for appearing in the garden at all. To me it's just the hype and it's tough for me to forget because this is one of my favorite Knicks of all time and I've been a fan since 1977 and then I would just watch the Knicks basically try and buy their way out of their way out of their problems by trying to get all-star players interested in coming to New York. Remember that one time they didn't they put Durant on a on a season ticket flyer or something like that they try to make you think that they could get Durant or something along those lines something was going on well look bottom line is they kept on trying and I thought no one's going to take Dolan's money and then the Knicks got smart.

I don't know what happened but they hired this fellow we all know Leon Rose from here in Los Angeles and he's well-versed in the NBA for many many years and they targeted somebody with their free agent dollars this past year and he's become one of my favorite Knicks of all time. God do I love Jalen Brunson and I watched him over the last year and I thought to myself this is the guy I would have rooted for when I was seven when I was 15 when I was ran into Bernard King in an elevator in Madison Square Garden and I couldn't say a word because I was totally tongue tied to see my idol standing in front of me living through the Ewing years and having Jordan rip out my heart and show it to me pumping and loving Oakley and Anthony Mason hoping Alan Houston could turn into somebody with Grandmama and trying to overlook Littrell Sprewell's hands on the throat of the coach and living through all of that and dying with Dolan doing his schmecky things and with Randall and yes the drafting of RJ Barrett and it's a team and I love the acquisition of Josh Hart so smart and obviously as I mentioned Julius Randall and coach Thibodeau who has the cojones to sit Randall in a playoff game against the Cavs when it's clearly not Randall's afternoon and Emmanuel quickly and the rest of this team that they've put together and the moxie that they have and the chemistry that they have and the joy with which they seem to play the game I love watching this team and it makes me forget about the scarf wearing harmonica playing silver spoon man who still needs in my mind some customer service advice Jaylen Brunson's made me a fan again that's how much I love him and I love his message up three games to one three games to one the series is not over as he counseled what's your message to the rest of your teammates in terms of being so close to moving on but focusing on the task at hand exactly that it's not over not even close to being over um we continue to keep focusing on one day at a time and um there's nothing to celebrate there's nothing to be truly happy about obviously be one tonight we're one step closer but um we continue to have that same mindset mentality and that we have um with past couple games god I love him what a dream thank you Dallas Mavericks thank you what a dream one of my favorite nicks of all time love watching him play love his shot making love his intelligence on the court love how he makes his teammates better the garden just thumps when he makes a play love it now obviously the series is not over but I just wanted to say that he's he's made me a fan again love watching him now he may be uh you know put into the Bucks meat grinder if Giannis comes back very healthy and they start asserting the nicks face him but this four five series supposed to go seven and unless the Cavs win the next two including one in Madison Square this is not going seven and the Knicks will go on to the second round words so rare for me to say into a microphone take on the heat could be hey I said that to Van Gundy the other day he's like whoa whoa whoa and I did yada yada yada the rest of the first round yada yada yada the rest of the first round of course but I love it thank you Jalen Brunson you've you've restored my faith 844-204 rich number to dial Kate Mara is here in studio she's gonna come out and she is gonna talk about her new show on FX and Hulu class of 09 and then she'll reveal all the Giants draft secrets that's coming up next men do you get distracted during the day thinking about your underarms sweating itching or emitting an odor do those thoughts keep you from showing care when it counts new and improved dove men plus care antiperspirant with 72 hours sweat and odor protection and one quarter moisturizing cream helps you forget about your underarms so you can be present for the moments that matter don't let underarm insecurities keep you at arm's distance from the ones you care about buy new and improved dove men plus care antiperspirant wherever personal care products are sold let's talk sleep number people because no matter who you are you want to reach your full potential and the way you do it is because you get next level sleep thanks to sleeping on a sleep number smart bed when you do that you're finally harnessing your unique potential every night that's what I do my sleep number setting is 60 my wife's is 70 it's just 10 numbers apart but it does mean the world of difference because I get to choose my ideal comfort and support on my side of the bed and change it whenever I like and my wife gets to do the same on her side of the bed it is nothing short of awesome and that's why sleep number makes sure that you get the quality sleep that you need sleep next level folks unlock your unique potential with a smart bed that can perform as well as you and now save 500 on the new next gen sleep number smart beds plus special financing for a limited time only at sleep number stores or see store for details I'm here with kate mara here our radio audience has just returned we just saw a clip of class of 09 that you can catch on hulu which is available right here on roku with brian tyree henry an excellent cast everybody check it out again on may the 10th and the new episodes released weekly on wednesday's kate here on the rich eisen show what interested you about this show? Well honestly brian tyree henry was attached to it already before I even read a script and I love him I think he's such a good actor so that immediately pulled me to it and then I read the first couple scripts and couldn't put them down it's a different role different world for me than I've ever been a part of. Did you have to learn about being an FBI agent? Yeah we did some training we had some great FBI old FBI agents sort of helping us out and they were always available to us while we were shooting yes yeah we learned a lot and we even went through a physical training you know an actor's version of boot camp yes and that bonded us very quickly.

And so what can you I guess tell folks about the show I'm trying to not much that's what I'm saying no no no because I'm you know I'm watching the trailer and I'm watching and it just seems that there's different time periods for your character there's a lot of twists throughout the episodes and so it's hard to talk it's one of those things that's hard to talk about without giving things away you certainly learn as you go along with each episode but it's fun because we all had different there were everyone had a different version of which character they liked to play the most you know I love the past stuff because I've always been really interested in how FBI agents actually become agents and like what they have to go through in Quantico those stories are are the most interesting to me so I always loved it when we had scenes to do in that world. It's called class of 09 Wednesday May 10th is when it starts on Hulu with two episodes Kate Mara here on the Rich Eisen show what is your first football memory okay oh that's a good question it goes so far back it's I don't know if it's a memory or if I made it up but um probably when the Giants were in the Super Bowl I don't know how old I was you'll probably be able to tell me um if you do fast math. So 1990 there's 86 and 90 with the Parcells years yeah so was it 86 that um Whitney Houston sang the national anthem? That was 1990 right okay so yeah that's when there's the Gulf War and everything going on I think I was seven you were seven the seven the Rose Bowl here in Los Angeles yeah okay so that's my first memory because Whitney Houston sang and it blew my mind um I didn't watch the rest of the game I was seven and I was yeah we were we were making um like we were cutting out napkins into into I don't know designs uh that's what we did for the whole Super Bowl um the designs were Jeff Hostetler jerseys yes exactly okay got it um but yeah no I just remember her singing and then everyone being very excited and crying at the end um yeah that was in Tampa Florida that was in the old sombrero in Florida okay not here at the Rose Bowl yeah because I think then we went to to Disney or something that makes sense yeah wow so you know it's my first um year at the NFL network we started it in 2003 and we in 2004 got to go to an owner's meeting for the first time and um we got to go inside the owner's meeting room and I'll never forget it it was just mind-blowing to me and just watching where the owners all sat and I I saw that the Giants ownership sat next to the Steelers ownership and I asked what's up with that because somebody told me that's the way it always is and they said there's a long family history between the two yeah and that's when I learned about your family history that the Steelers and the Giants go way back and your parents are essentially you know Wellington Mara's son right and yeah and Art Rooney's daughter granddaughter yeah granddaughter yeah yeah it's pretty wild I recently did um I narrated a podcast that Michael Strahan produced um and it's all about the history of the NFL and it's it was so wild to me reading narrating this because I actually was talking about my family for so much of the podcast yes a lot of it I knew but a lot of it I didn't know you know just um details about how it all began um and it was so emotional being able to read all that and you know really get a sense of where um we can't we come from and and um my mom and dad met because because of I think an owner's meeting back in the day and then right yeah and then they ended up going to the same college they went to Boston College but um I'm pretty sure I could be wrong my dad hopefully is watching and saying I'm right but uh I think they met at an owner's meeting a long time ago because again I was just blown away like they've and it's sort of like a same seats policy at these owner's meetings right and nobody was going to sit between the Giants and the Steelers yeah you don't don't get between the family not pretty much it is it is kind of wild and so does it blow your mind when you see your your grandfather's nickname on the football yeah yeah and and you know I have three kids and so trying to explain that to them um is pretty wild I even it still blows my mind now um yeah it's it's a very you know it's a really special thing to be a part of um it's kind of hard to wrap your head around yeah right I mean the Duke is the football yeah that's my grand my grandpa that was his nickname grandpa Wellington mayor do you do you um have a favorite Giants game that you've been to anything that you recall um well yeah the the Super Bowl when we beat the Patriots that was the first time that was pretty spectacular that was in Arizona when yeah uh he's a die-hard Patriot fan over there Kate so I know I know there are a lot of you who doesn't love an underdog story an underdog story is it that and that's what we were right and then we weren't I know there were tears and it was it was so exciting yeah I mean I will never forget that the helmet catch is just I mean the helmet catch was something else and then I was on the field getting ready to work afterwards and and Plexico Burress came right at me and I thought to myself when the ball's in the air I'm like he's wide open like what what's going on here and oh wow you were right there I was truly right there because I had to go to work right afterwards um that was unbelievable and then you know Coughlin and what happened with the team that year and Strahan what he since has become coming off of all that it's truly one of the most amazing stories that I've personally witnessed yeah it's it's it was pretty awesome to be there for that and to just see my dad and my dad who works for the team and um you know my my whole family was just so um excited and emotional about it and then emotional you sang the national anthem if I'm not mistaken after the passing of your grandfather yeah um uh yeah they they my family asked me to sing it then I still can't believe I ever sang the national anthem at all I'm not um you know the greatest singer of all time I'm more it's more of a hobby and um but those those are all my cousins at the time there's many more of us now my dad is one of 11 kids and everyone has at least three children at least my god wow it's ridiculous okay whose jersey are you wearing now who are you I think it I think it said the the age of my grandpa when he passed I think what that was yeah um but yeah that was a very special um experience to all be there together you know to um for my grandpa's sake so do you go to Steelers games too or I mean what's your not as often only because my you know I grew up in New York and my uh and I so I go back home a lot to be with my family sure um so we we still go to Giants games um every year and uh the Steelers is just a little bit harder to get to but right I am a huge Steelers fan as well I mean I mean come on now this is yeah how could I not be yeah I know and obviously your sister uh got both last names for the no you know what so Rooney is her is now her first name but both of us have the middle name Rooney so you do um I used to before I got married but yeah it was Kate Rooney Mara and my sister's uh name before she was an actor was um Trisha Rooney Mara and she just dropped her first name and went by Rooney um which now it's funny because it feels like that was sort of always her name but um yeah it's it is awesome to have both of those names is it true Kate that you have a writer in any contract of any job that you have during the winter time that you can be free to leave to go to a Super Bowl if the Giants the Steelers are in it um it's not really true that you missed the Steelers Super Bowl in Detroit because you were working right the Super Bowl 40 yes and that you know and that was heartbreaking and that you need a contractual out that you have actually codified it for you that's not true that you have it it's true that I would make that part of a contract if I was working during that time yes I was shoot I think I was filming the TV show 24 I think which is was one of my favorite shows to watch and then I and then I got a job on it yes um and I just wasn't thinking about the Super Bowl and then I couldn't make it to the game and it was so um you know it was very emotional to not be there with my whole family and it was a whole thing and so then I jokingly said well from now on it'll have to always be in whatever if I'm working at the time right and then um so yeah I I would do that but you don't have the same contract for every job you have so it's sort of true but it's also sort of not true so by the way 24 is one of my favorite shows too maybe one of the most bingeable shows I know of all time it really is and then so was there any ever any conversation on the set of 24 Kate Mara and the fact that Jack Bauer never went to the bathroom and always had cell reception has that ever been a conversation because I just can't believe yeah that some I mean for 24 nobody ever ate anything are you sure like you never even saw him pop a power bar like he didn't satchel that he had you know everything kind of Jack Bauer never went to the bathroom and it the phone always worked like what the hell that's the beauty of the show and he was always running out of time he's always running out of time he's so good I know he's so good in that role my favorite he for his amazing lines of all time no no I never thought to ask like you're just sitting around like really like Jack never has to do anything that other people have super human he's like a yeah he's a superhero what was it like being on that show I was so nervous because I was such a huge fan of the show I couldn't believe I was in um what was the room called oh CTU CTU yeah yeah I couldn't believe I was in that room and actually playing you know someone I think my character replaced Edgar who every I loved that character remember how he was so lovable um and I was also a psycho on the show so that was weird I was like great of course I'm playing a psycho that nobody likes maybe were you preparing for class of 09 without you even knowing what was going on not the psycho but the the whole like you know oh I guess I was yeah there you go see what I'm saying yeah see I'm trying to trying to put the connective tissue together and and what do people uh bring up for house of cards in your character and what happened uh what's your what's your two cents on spoiler alerts on that front well I think they did such an amazing job with that keeping that spoiler quiet um I I was convinced that people would just get a feeling or know what was about to happen to Zoe Barnes but um most people say that they were shocked by it so yeah they did such a good job of keeping that under wraps and um it was fun it was a fun it was really fun to film that um I think we even had like fake um see fake pages that we were handing out on the day that we filmed that in the subway um just in case you know one got left behind or whatever but um yeah they I thought they did an amazing job with that right and to my character well I mean you know that show put Netflix on the map there's no doubt about it I mean I I remember and I know I'm dating myself here I remember you know of uh sealing up DVDs into envelopes and sending it back to Netflix that's the way I would rent my movies that's what Netflix was then house of cards comes along and then I you could say I mean everything that's streaming that your class of 09 streaming on Hulu this show streaming on the Roku channel just the idea of putting a television show on a streaming service was so out there yeah it was the first of its kind period it's cool to be a part of that at the time I was just I thought well I'll do anything David Fincher is a part of because he's a genius and um that's a no-brainer and I guess I was right yes you were you were and the show is absolutely incredible and class of 09 is on uh FX again it premieres on Hulu as well Wednesday May 10th exclusively on Hulu with two episodes new episodes then released weekly I guess I'm mandated to ask you before you leave do you have a uh any desire wanting to see what the Giants should do in the draft you have any opinion on that front or I asked my dad I said what's the deal give me some good scoop yes and he said um that maybe something will happen on draft day that everyone is shocked by spoiler alert um okay never know breaking news breaking news I don't know the Giants might do something crazy but they also might not the Giants you heard it here first the Giants never do anything crazy come on we won the Super we beat the Patriots that was crazy no but just crazy like you know out of character like the Giants and the Steelers are the least crazy organizations one would think in the NFL and the Steelers you know I have a card for my my uh at each draft for each team with the number of draft choices that they have yeah and some teams have only three or four because they've traded them away or some have 11 because they've been trading like crazy the Steelers are always one through seven that's it they don't they hardly ever do anything in the Giants are the same way they're straight down the middle copying each other what happens if they ever face in the Super Bowl has your family ever had this conversation people have asked that but we just win them no matter what like what it doesn't matter you're definitely going to the trophy ceremony for us but well I will say my dad works has worked for the Giants my entire life yes I grew up at Giant Stadium and I'm a New Yorker so you know I feel I do feel closer to the my the Giants because that's what I grew up with and you know it's it's a it's my dad's life right so I still love the Steelers and if they played each other you know it would be great just to guarantee it would just be great you're gonna get a photograph with the Lombardi Trophy by the end of the night no matter what hey Kate it's a pleasure meeting you I'm a fan of yours I've always wanted to ask you these football questions because I'm just curious it's just amazing to meet somebody who's been so involved with two of the most storied franchises in the sport that obviously not only do I love but helps put a roof over my head with my family I I'm truly appreciative of you coming here thank you so much for having me anytime at Kate Mara on Instagram Kate Mara is here on the Rich Eisen Show Hulu is the spot to check out class of 09 when it hits streamers near you including right here on Roku on Wednesday May 10th and then every single Wednesday after that back here on the Rich Eisen Show with more in a moment no bull is a training brand for people who work hard and don't believe in excuses no bulls performance footwear apparel and accessories are worn by some of the fittest athletes on earth and is now the official combine training partner of the NFL and the official on field supplier of apparel and headwear for the NFL scouting combine head to slash nfl to see how noble forever changed the NFL combine and to shop football training essentials and more gear for your day-to-day workouts stay tuned to the Rich Eisen Show and keep your eyes on our twitter feed and youtube channel as I'm hosting a new segment sponsored by noble called from the combine of the draft I'll profile a few players journeys from the physical and mental tests of the NFL combine as we head towards the thrilling moment when the NFL is going to be in the NFL combine as we head towards the thrilling moment when the picks are announced in Kansas City during the draft that's slash rich eisen show and slash rich eisen show from the combine of the draft sponsored by noble I just learned discover credit cards do something pretty awesome at the end of your first year they automatically double all the cash back you've earned that's right everything you've earned doubled all the cash back from eating at your favorite soup dumpling restaurant doubled all the cash back from that trip where you sort of learn to snowboard also doubled and the best part you don't have to do anything ridiculous to get it nope discover does it automatically seriously though see terms and check it out for yourself at slash match uh wonderful chat with Kate Marrow um I forgot about her on 24 oh gosh yeah 24 I also didn't go down the uh the lane of um we are Marshall yep as well um next time she comes on got to get her favorite McConaughey story it's got to be one working with Matthew McConaughey uh 844-204 rich number to dial here on the program another in-studio guest coming from the world of entertainment Chris Davis who plays George Foreman in the new George Foreman film uh he'll be joining us shortly uh Big George Foreman is uh the uh the film available exclusively in theaters this very Friday yeah those trailers look awesome yeah so he'll be here um and then hour number three we also have some overreaction Monday coming up you know I found it weird the Ravens held their draft press conference first about three weeks ago they were way ahead of the draft talking about the draft and I think they just wanted to be as clear from the draft when they had to make their press conference appearance as as they possibly could knowing that going into draft week we'd be keeping an eye on Lamar Jackson and hey we're here draft week the Monday of draft week about 10 days I would think after they signed Odell Beckham and if the Odell Beckham signing and I told you part of the benefits of signing Odell Beckham is now a new voice other than the owner general manager or coach to tell Lamar we want you please come play let's come in from the cold and figure this thing out it's another voice it's Odell Beckham Jr who actually even addressed the camera in his press conference if you remember his introductory press conference address the camera seeing Lamar if you're out there or something like that so um here we are on the Monday of draft week and that Odell signing didn't break the dam on the spot and I thought the other thing that might break the dam is the Jalen Hurts contract signing because he's the first to go and sign a new contract this off season in the quarterback group that can get an extension Jalen Hurts along with Tua and along with Herbert and along with Burrow they're up now unlike Tua Herbert and Burrow Hurts was drafted in the second round and thus there isn't a fifth year of contractual control that can be picked up by the team so they had it they had really had to sign Hurts and he went first he went first and not every dollar was guaranteed it was insanely rich though enriching generationally enriching I mean the the the terms and the dollars were not 230 all guaranteed but you do take a look at his contract and it was over 50 million a year by an annual basis it's the richest contract in the NFL and the number of dollars that can be added on top I don't know if anybody's seen the actual language yet I mean Mike Florio pro football talk came in last week saying he needs to see it to see what's real and what's not but it's real in terms of making him a rich man for the rest of his life and his family as well but right now Odell's not signed and guess what I mean right now Lamar's not signed and guess what the Odell's signing didn't break the dam and neither did the Hurts contract and unless he was signed to an offer sheet yesterday that we don't know about I would find that hard to believe right guys that would be shocked we would not know about him being signed to an offer sheet I know twitter is all screwy but that news would get out because the Ravens would have five days to match it or to say no thanks we'll take your first round picks this year and yesterday was five days out so the clock's ticking and pretty much Lamar is going to go into draft night unsigned to a long-term deal and no tender signed and no team's going to be flipping a first-round pick to the Ravens for it and the Ravens in allowing Lamar to go shop look around and he's now hitting the draft week with nobody signing him to an offer sheet maybe he'll go through the draft just to see who doesn't get the players that they want in the draft on Thursday and Friday night and say well guess what I guess we'll sign into an offer sheet now and kick the can down the road of the 24 and 25 drafts which by the way brings Miami and San Francisco back into the equation or any teams that don't have a first-round pick this year Cleveland they're not going in that direction but I think you're picking up what I'm putting down bottom line is Lamar's going into draft night with his future still an absolute question mark and Jalen Hurts kicked off the 2023 kicked off the 2023 quarterback contract extension season with a deal that isn't all fully guaranteed like Deshaun Watson and today Jalen Hurts met with the media and was asked point blank why didn't you hold out for that fully guaranteed contract on Jeffrey Laurie and Howie Roseman the owner and general manager and I'm sure I'm screwing up his title basically the man in charge of these decisions for the Eagles why didn't you hold them up when you just did what you did and if anybody has the leverage to hold it on the Eagles and say give me Deshaun's contract it would be you he was asked point blank why not fully guaranteed why were you willing to take a longer contract that wasn't fully guaranteed well obviously I think you look at all the great teams around there and I won't get too much into detail but you look at all the great teams and great players it takes a village it takes a village and you know I know that last year I mean in my first three years but just just playing around with different guys that I've been able to play around um we got something special going on and um you know we we all want to do it for a long time so that was important to me to to take that approach with it yeah I think uh um money is nice championships are better put that on a t-shirt money is nice championships are better now obviously some pushback would be well both both are just as nice and you can have both that somebody like the Eagles and Harry Roseman can figure out how to pay this guy all that money guaranteed and still win championships but this way does give the team one would think I'm not a capologist I don't play one on tv or radio more flexibility that's the way I guess it was pitched to Jaylen and he said cool and Joe Banner who as we all know was in Philadelphia before Roseman he's the one who told us the story that how we sent him letters right unsolicited saying hey you should meet with me and so I assume how he does it the way that Banner would think or maybe might spend a quiet moment of time saying what what would Joe counsel or even speak to him I don't know but Banner pointed out when he was here in studio about a month and a half ago this whole fully guaranteed stuff when you're young and you're playing and and your contract you'll finish it through and you'll make all that money now obviously somebody can get significantly hurt and you need that fully guaranteed cushion but I'm just wondering how does this all land on Lamar Jackson how many times have I said that over the past month and a half how does this land on Lamar money's nice championships are better he might be sitting there saying I have the same opinion my money's just not as nice as Jaylen's but I'm just saying that maybe this is a template but here we are Monday at draft week this is unresolved in Baltimore and Jaylen he's the one who's cashing the checks going to the bank taking it to the bank and Lamar isn't how does it land on him we don't know the answer we don't know the money we don't know the details of what's been offered and what he's rejected we don't know it we gotta assume it's gotta be in the same neighborhood hailing distance not dialing nine to get an outside line you gotta be this has got to be somewhat in the local area of what the Ravens have offered so the Eagles go into this draft Jaylen's locked up Jason Kelsey's returning sleigh's back right they're pretty much keeping much of the band together and they're choosing 10th overall they're gonna get a heck of a player on Thursday night heck of a player that's why I'd be concerned for the rest of the NFC East you and our in-studio guest who just left she kind of like rolled her eyes when she found out that was a cowboy she's a giant DJ literally pointed at the flag and she just goes okay in case you're wondering Kate Mara is all about it and I was already a fan and it made me even more of a fan conspiracy theories paranormal UFOs in the 1960s the United States and the Soviet Union started developing directed energy microwave devices and even to this day the United States government is still continuing its research into high power microwaves it is nothing compared to what China is doing theories of the third kind on YouTube or wherever you listen
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