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REShow: Khris Davis - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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April 24, 2023 3:56 pm

REShow: Khris Davis - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 24, 2023 3:56 pm

In ‘Overreaction Monday’ Rich weighs in on the NFL Draft, the Aaron Rodgers trade, and Deion Sanders’ NFL coaching future.

Actor Khris Davis joins Rich in-studio to discuss playing the titular role in the new movie ‘Big George Foreman’ about the former boxing heavyweight champion and what it was like co-staring with Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker, his deep Eagles fandom and what it was like being in the middle of Philadelphia when fans celebrated their Super Bowl win over the Patriots, and more.

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The Rich Eisen Show
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Seriously though, see terms and check it out for yourself at slash match. It's Rich Eisen. Hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show on the air, live on the Roku channel here in Los Angeles, California. If you missed the first two hours, you missed Daniel Jeremiah calling into the show. I walked him through the first round quarterbacks and Bijan Robinson and the defensive group. And he does not think Will Anderson is the first one. He thinks Will's the third defender off the board. He said Tyree Wilson will go first, maybe to Arizona. And then he thinks that it'll be Jalen Carter maybe to Seattle. And then Will Anderson would be there for the Lions to take as quarterbacks will go around them. That might be a way for this thing to go. Although just to point out how much of a, I guess last year in Vegas, you'd call it a crapshoot.

Here in Kansas City, how much of a, what would you say? I'm trying to make a barbecue analogy. I know, I'm just trying to think. Can't figure out what it is. Just how much of a mystery it all is?

There's a lot of smoke, you can't see through the smoke. Is that good? Yeah, it's close. He said he received a text from one evaluating source. And then another one said the Seahawks are never going to let Carter go past five. And the other one was that Seahawks will never take Jalen Carter. I love it. And as DJ said, what to make of all that, Rich?

Yeah, keep bringing up Peter King. He dropped his mock, the only one he does on his column this morning. He has Will Anderson as the third defender. He has Tyree Wilson going second to Houston. CJ Stroud going third to Tennessee, who trades up from 11 with Arizona.

What a night that would be. Will Levis, fourth to Indianapolis. Jalen Carter, fifth to Seattle. And then Will Anderson going sixth to Detroit. The Lions would just lose their minds if that happens. And then DJ mentioned the Raiders being in the market for a defender. He has them taking Devin Witherspoon from Illinois. Could you imagine if this happens for the Lions?

That means they would have Will Anderson, who you could say is one of the best pass rushers college football has had on the field for the last two years, right? On one side, and Aiden Hutchinson on the other. What? Yep.

Like what? Really? And then they've got another first round pick their own in their back pocket for later. And Daniel said, if it's possible, Bijan Robinson drops and he's sitting there at Detroit at 18. They walk out with Will Anderson and Bijan Robinson, then that's it. There's no like who wins the draft conversation.

It's over and it would be Detroit. Yeah. Wow. So this is all up there and it's out there. It's in there. I'm here, you're there. And I'll be heading to the draft in short order. I'll be there all week. Try the wine. Take the waitress.

Yes, exactly. I just had a nice chat with Chris Davis, who plays George Foreman in the new film, Big George Foreman about, wait for it, George Foreman. And that's in exclusively in theaters this Friday. I'll give you two choices, guys. One is he's one of those actors that are shorter than you think. Okay.

Two, he's playing all of Big George Foreman because he's as tall as, say, Deontay Wilder almost. Oh, goodness gracious. And again, I'm a shorter man. Wow.

When it comes to that sort of thing, it might be tougher for me to, you've been around the Bronze Bomber, so. What's your choice? Well, I'm going to say option two. Well, all I know is he got up from the couch and he kept going. From Camden, New Jersey, Mikey.

Whoa. What exit is that? On the, probably three. Well, that's a turnpike. Turnpike. Parkway, you got to go across the whole state, so it's, you're going turnpike. Okay.

Turnpike to Camden, right? Definitely. Okay, very good. Well, we'll ask him that when he comes out shortly. He'll know.

I'm sure he will. Hey, Chris, how do you get home? I might be wrong.

Well, I'm looking right now. All right. Chris was also in Atlanta. Had a little role in that for a few episodes. We'll be talking about it all with him. He'll be joining us shortly here on The Rich Eisen Show in studio. We just said goodbye to Kate Marham, who's in class of 09 on Hulu. Hulu. And she's going to be joining us class of 09 on Hulu.

Hulu. And we just went down memory lane with her as her dad, family owns the Giants and her mom's side of the family owns the stairs. How about that? Yeah. My parents were just public school educators. That's legitimate NFL royalty.

Coast Guard and my mom stayed at home. There you go. There you have it.

Yeah. And I tweeted out that thing that she said, and obviously it's a joke, people. Everyone's tweeting back like, Whoa, what's going on?

I love it. It's called creating a buzz, Chris. It's Twitter, man. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. You don't have a blue check mark, so people don't know. The show doesn't have a check mark.

We lost that, too, huh? Mike, is there a way, like, can you ask your buddy, Elon? I will. I can call Elon. I got his number. Is it one of those things where you might get like 10% off your Twitter blue, like you might get 80 cents back. Like getting friends to sign up.

And if he does offer that, get in immediately, because he might just reverse course and just change his business model the next day, because that's what he seems to do a lot. Yeah, that's every day. Yeah.

Every day. I'm just one of those elitists that need to be owned, and I got my blue check mark back for nothing. You're rich.

Congratulations. No, I'm just wondering, Mike, how does it make you feel that you spent money on it and I don't spend a dime on it and I've got it, and my only cost is that people think I paid for it and I don't want them to, and you're so happy that you did, and you're happy to let people know you're in on that paper. Like, this was a Lufthansa heist and you're the wig man who have come up with the idea. Mikey the wig man, first of all, doesn't need his money, but getting back to it, I started Twitter Blue from the first moment it came to stop ads, which I shouldn't because ads shouldn't because it's out, but it doesn't matter anymore because why I did Elon's destroyed that part of the business too.

The amount of revenue that this show made off of Twitter ads has been cut by about 95% because all of the things that he's done has ruined that part of the business too. So just throwing that out there, I'm just, you and I are on the, we're supposed to be the same playing level. We're not. Well it is. I'm upset.

It is, you've got it, I've got it. You just paid for it. You're an elitist again. I'm elitist again.

You're an elitist again. I'm back where I belong, looking down on Mike. I have no idea what you guys are talking about because I can't get onto this site. All right, it's a Monday and it's the Monday draft week, which means this is an epic edition of overreaction.

Monday hit it. That was terrible. That was crap.

That was garbage. This place sucks. Overreaction Mondays. All right, Christopher, what do you got over there?

Hey guys, what's up? We got a lot, so let's just go fast. All right, NFL draft.

Here we go. Rich, I look at the betting odds. I know what they say. I believe them. Will Levis is going second overall.

Your current better favorite, he is minus money. No, but this is overreaction. It's not an overreaction to say that now. If you had given me this two weeks ago, that would have been an overreaction then.

Now it's not. Well, Daniel Joe Murray said it. Daniel Jeremiah, but he believes that CJ Stroud is the better evaluation and I don't believe Will Levis is going second overall, but it's not an overreaction to say that now because people are going crazy. The crazy thing is like, how is CJ Stroud now worse than Will Levis in the eyes of the Texans when I guess they had to meet Will or Will's put on muscle on top of muscle? Do you buy into this test score thing that's been going around? Oh gosh, that's the worst thing ever. That Stroud out of 100 got at 18? Come on, man. That's kind of the latest buzz from the weekend. So you're not going to take him?

Really? No, I watched the Georgia tape. I would take him number one.

When you had your heart in your throat. I would take him number one. Were you thinking CJ Stroud is not going to test well mentally or academically? I don't care.

And this is how I think it's so ridiculous part of a story is here I am having an opportunity to take a shot at Ohio State not being as smart as you think and I'm not taking it. No, because he's awesome at football. Give me a break. I'm not taking it. No, because he's awesome at football.

Give me a break. He should be second overall. I would take him number one. But it's not an overreaction to say that Will Levis will be right now.

What else you got over there? All right, here we go. Last year, as we said, there were nine trades in the first round, including that gigantic AJ Brown trade.

I think there's going to be at least another one of these. Shocking trade involving a star not named Aaron Rodgers. I'll agree with you.

I'll agree with you. Not named Rodgers. Boy, why am I just looking at Derek Henry, although our buddy Akbar set things aflame about Derek Henry going to the Eagles, and that is not happening as of this current airing. I'll go with you and I'll peg Derek Henry being that guy. If he's out there, why wouldn't you? You can't draft Derek Henry in the first round of this draft.

Let's see you miss on Bijan. I don't know, man. Who else would it be? Who would be?

Is it? Derek would be Hopkins instead. Who else would it be? Devin White is that big enough name for you? What if some Lamar stuff is brewing? Lamar's not going anywhere. Buddha Baker? That's not up there with AJ Brown, I don't think.

Buddha Baker is significant. I don't think he's going anywhere either. I don't think he's going anywhere either. So I'll go with you. It's not an overreaction.

Again, it may not happen, but it's still not an overreaction. What else, Chris? All right, one of the quarterback names we see slipping, mock drafts, having them down in the 20s now is Anthony Richardson. I think that's Bunk. It's going in the top five.

Yeah. I still think quarterbacks go one, two, three, four. Just, but here's the thing here, Chris, then I think it just shows you how absolutely nutty this whole process is. At what point in this entire journey, from the combine to this moment, would Anthony Richardson being drafted in the top five be considered an overreaction?

Not at any step of the way. But now here we are. And now it would be based on everyone here and he's dropping, he's this, he's that.

So this is not an overreaction. I think he will be still drafted in the top five. And I think that'll be shown in my come at me mock draft tomorrow. My come at me mock draft. I got to work on that tonight.

Maybe in between innings of Cooper's little league game or in between serves of Zander's volleyball game that I got as soon as I'm done with this program. Anthony Richardson is the favorite to go fifth. Yeah, I think he's top five. I'll say that.

How about this one? Yes, sir. CJ Stroud is going to go outside the top. No way. That's an overreaction. This is nuts.

Can we stop this? Let's get the hell out of here. Come on.

Come on. He was so amazing against Georgia. He is.

He is as good as they come coming out of college. I threw him. I saw him throw at the combine. He was flipping it around like effortlessly and dropping it in buckets. Come on, everybody.

I think the test stuff. He should be second overall. And the only reason why, you know, you might give you a pause is you're watching the Michigan tape. I think that's fair. Two years in a row. Yeah. Like us being nominated. Yeah. What else you got over there, Chris?

Bijan Robinson. Not going to make it past the Falcons at eight. I don't think that's an overreaction either. Why would the Falcons pass on this kid? I don't know.

Sarah will be so happy. He's on. Did we get him? We didn't get him. We're trying to get him for tomorrow's show. We got Will Anderson on tomorrow's show. Pardon me. We now have Bijan. Good. I want to meet him.

I've heard nothing but amazing things about him. And if you're an evaluator, a coach, an owner in the NFL, this should be paramount to you. Paramount that you love this kid and you're going to send them all around your community. Stick them in the ATL. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Take a look at the rest of their off season moves.

They hit the hell out of their defense. Load it up. Let's go. And you want it. You have to give Desmond Ritter the opportunity to show what he's doing.

Then that's what you do. Yep. Okay. Big year for Kyle Pitts. Yeah. That'll make or break for Mr. Pitts. Mr. Pitts. Right. Hey.

How about this one? Peter King had it in his mock draft. Somebody we're not expecting is going to make a big move up for a quarterback.

Say it again. Someone we're not expecting. A team we're not thinking about. Big move up for a quarterback.

I don't know. I'm going to say a team we're not expecting. That's an overreaction is what I'll say.

I'll say that's an overreaction. And I think that we're not... I'm going to go... What if Washington moves up or something? I don't think so. I don't think Washington's moving up. I don't think... Would Minnesota... Would you categorize Minnesota? I think that'd be not expecting.

They're hoping somebody falls to them, but what if they move up? Baltimore? I'll go... No. No way. No way. I don't think any of these guys are like, we have to move up from...

The only one that I think would merit moving up to go get to not expect them to do it, like somebody in that not expected category is someone in the second round moving up to the back of the first to take hand in Hooker and get a fifth year option on them. I don't know. I'm just going to be part of... We're not evaluating the quarterbacks in the media the same way that they are in the pros, but I still think Richardson's going to be the third quarterback off the board.

I don't know. Feels good not to have to worry about a quarterback, man. Well, mine's coming in the trade. That's what you think.

And his is going to be rehabilitated by Bill O'Brien, who he slagged on for his evaluation as a coach and an evaluator from his Texan days earlier in this program. I don't want him picking the groceries. I want him cooking the meal. You got one more? I got one more. You saw the picture of Colorado spring game 2022. Yes, I did. Colorado spring game 2023. Yes.

What was the big difference there? Deion Sanders, sir. Yeah. Well, he's going to be coaching in the NFL in three years.

Yep. I don't know about the NFL. Honestly, I haven't spoken to him about that, if he wants to do that or not. I don't know if he wants to do that. I think he may love the kids. I don't know. He may love the process.

I don't know. He may get sick of it, but that's not an overreaction. And let me just say this, to all the schools that had a chance to get him. Right. And didn't. Putting his own four to state. All the schools that thought he was maybe fugazi because he's just prime time and he's not going to be, it's just window dressing. They may not win, you know, 10 games this year.

They may not even be above 500, but what they're going to be is relevant, which is what you want them to be in year one when you are coming off of some kind of such a disaster, a disaster. So all the schools that had a shot at Dion didn't get him. Oops. Your bad. Sorry, folks. Sorry, folks. That's a pride. Pride time.

Love them. Good for him. Eight four four two oh four rich number to dial here on this program. When we come back, Chris Davis, the man who plays big George Foreman in theaters near you later this week, he is here. That's next.

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That's slash rich eyes and show and slash rich eyes and show from the combine of the draft sponsored by noble. Big George Foreman in theaters near you exclusively this Friday. The man who plays George Foreman, Chris Davis, is here on the rich eyes and show when you first got the opportunity or you knew you had an opportunity to play George Foreman.

You thought what? Uh, it's a huge responsibility. I mean, I was a little nervous because I, I didn't want to mess it up, you know, and we're talking about not just somebody who you're doing a biopic about, you're talking about an icon over the span of several different generations. And he's not just the grill guy. He's got a huge fight legacy, you know, and then I had no idea when I came into the job that he had a religious background, religious part of his life. That's a lot to cover and we're going to cover the span of several decades. So how do I do it?

Right. And you get it and you don't really know how you're going to go about it, but you just start eating the elephant one bite at a time. And what'd you learn? I learned everything about Mr. Foreman. When I first got the script, I just, what I knew about him was that he was the grill guy and he was the guy who lost the alley. That's about as far as it went, you know?

And by the way, I totally get that. How old are you? Yeah, I'm not old enough to remember his first career.

I'm 53 and it's, you know, it's kind of hazy in my head too. Yeah. So going back and reading his autobiographies and yeah, watching all the, as much footage on him as I could, it was also eyeopening to me who he was, because I did, as a fight fan, always wonder when I was watching that rumbling in the jungle, who that guy was, right?

I have my, I had my own feelings about the fight, you know, in regards to what the ref was doing or wasn't doing. And I was curious. So having the opportunity to go back and dig deep on who this guy was, man, I was, I was, I was floored by his experience in life, you know? How much were you exposed to the real George Foreman?

How much contact did you have? I went and I met him. Okay. Yeah. And I spent three days in Houston with him, which is incredible.

You go to his house? Yeah. So I had gone down there because, you know, I, I had seen so much film. I had read the autobiographies. Yeah. But we're not doing a movie about interviews.

You know what I mean? If we're going to do just a bunch of vignettes of Mr. Foreman's interviews, then fine. Then maybe I don't need to talk to him, but we're not. We're doing a movie about his personal experience, his human experience.

Yeah. So I wanted to go meet him, you know, not to extract any, anything else from him other than what his natural way of state of being was. And so what happened? Uh, I wrote down a whole bunch of questions.

You wrote them down? I wrote down, you know, I was, you know, I'm not a media guy, so, but I knew that I had to ask him something, man. I had all these questions. I got in front of Mr. Foreman and all I could do is stare at the guy. That's all I could do is stare at the guy because I couldn't believe that I'm actually sitting in front of Mr. George Foreman, the legacy that he had, you know, uh, as a fighter, I had read his books.

Now I know, now I know who he is, what he's done, man. I couldn't talk and something in the back of my mind was like, Chris, ask him a question. Oh, Mr. Foreman. I, you know, and I'm trying to ask him questions, but I couldn't, and I'm just watching him talk and he's trying to find things to keep saying to me and really, I listened back to some of the tape, right? Yeah. And my, I had like this high pitched tone as I was talking to him.

So yeah, Mr. Foreman. I don't know where that came from. Did he think you were doing the Tyson movie? I don't know. I don't know, man, but I didn't know that I was doing that, but maybe that was my nerves.

Or maybe I was just over overthinking that I didn't want him to think that I was some corny dude who was going to take, you know, take on his life story because I wanted him to know more than anything that I was serious and that I was going to treat it with as much care and delicacy as I possibly could because you had to think he's sizing you up. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Yeah. Damn. Yeah. Okay.

It was wild. All right. Now I'm mandated to ask you, uh, did he cook you something on the grill? No, he did not.

No, he did not. Cause I would've walked in there. Okay. Where's the grill?

Where's the grill? You know, actually I didn't want to ask him about the grill because, because I didn't want to, I didn't want to ask him any like, cause it's too unserious. Yeah. I understand.

And I really wanted him to know that I was taking it serious and I wanted him to take me serious as well as somebody who's going to be doing the job. So I didn't want to, you know, yeah, I get it. I'm just an unserious person.

I'm just being an unserious person with you. But I, cause again, he is, uh, it's pop culture, right? It's, it's more than just a fight game with him. He's a total pop culture, um, you know, icon in many ways about certainly when he comes back and then he does it again.

I mean the oldest, you know, or the most, uh, aged, um, heavyweight champion in the whole career. Right. To ever do it.

I mean, I don't think when you hear it, right. And unless you're, unless you're 35, let's say 35 and you think about sitting at home, you haven't played a sport since you were in your twenties and you're 35 now. And you say to yourself, I'm going to go and be a pro at this, right? Like sitting in the house. I played football years ago growing up.

It'd be like me sitting in the house saying, Hey, you know what? I think I'm gonna go to the combine. I think I'm gonna, I'm gonna think I'm gonna be in the NFL. I want to do it.

God told me that I'm going to go to the NFL and be a top tier tight end. That's crazy. That's nuts.

And he did that. You know what I mean? And I think that people need to understand just how miraculous this dude's story is. I mean, even winning the, uh, gold medal at the 68 Olympics, you're talking about a kid who never gloved up before. Now we know fighting, right? Never gloved up before.

From the first day he put gloves on and sparred a year later, he won gold at the Olympics. Unbelievable. Come on, man. That's an impossibility.

That's an impossibility for real. Sure. You work hard, you become heavyweight champ, right?

There's a lot of work that goes into that. You can't take that away from him, but he did have these really miraculous and as you know, it's in the story title for that reason, really miraculous moments that are rather impossible in any other circumstance. Yeah. Big George Foreman in theaters near you exclusively this Friday, the man who plays George Foreman, Chris Davis is here on the Rich Eisen show. Um, what was it? I mean, you were talking about the moment you meet George Foreman. What about hearing that Forest Whitaker is going to be in this film?

What about that one for you? That one was, that one was a big one for me because, you know, I grew up watching Mr. Whitaker grew up respecting his legacy as well. And I felt humbled because, you know, he came into this job in a sense, kind of to, to uplift, not just Mr. Foreman's legacy and things like that, but he was, he was there uplifting me and he didn't have to do that. You know, how do you do that?

What do you mean? Well, you know, he's Mr. Whitaker, he should be number one on the call sheet, you know, and he, he, he, I'm number one on the call sheet, man. Well, he, what a grace to be able to come in and just say, I'm going to do this and support this young actor.

Come on, man. I didn't take that for granted. So I wanted him also to know that I was serious and that I wanted to show up for him too, when we were doing our scenes. So I didn't want him to feel like he had to pick up my slack or anything. I wanted him to know that I'm, I'm able to hold, hold my own so that you can continue to shine as Mr. Whitaker and that, you know, that we can do this together as a team.

You know, I wanted to be a proper teammate for Mr. Whitaker. I didn't want him to ever doubt that I wasn't showing up. Did you ever communicate that to him or you just did it with your work? I told him, thank you. You did.

Yeah. I told him, thank you immediately. You know, I told him that, um, because I needed him to know that I wasn't just walking in there feeling like, you know, I'm the man and you hear, you hear busting it down behind me ever.

Never that, never that you didn't call him old, like no, no, sir. Well, he did tell me to not call him Mr. Whitaker. So I apologize. I apologize for it.

You did call Mr. Whitaker on the set. Yeah, man. Yeah. Because I wanted to show deference, you know?

You know, he put in 40 years in the game. That's deference. I got to show deference to that.

That's earned. You know what I mean? Same thing with Mr. Foreman.

I'm not going to walk around calling him George Foreman. We didn't go to high school together. That's not my elementary school, buddy. You know what I mean? I got to show some deference.

We go to high school together. I love that. I've got Chris Davis here on the Rich Eisen Show. So you're from Camden, New Jersey? Yes, yes.

Okay. That's way down south in New Jersey. That's right across from Philadelphia, right? Yeah. So you're Philly Sports?

Philly Sports. Okay. Yeah. So the Eagles were going on their Super Bowl run this year was something you were fired up about? That was great. I mean, it was cool that I got to see them do it twice or three times.

Yes, that's true. You know, and the first time was with McNabb, you know, leading the charge and Andy Reid, you know, and that was a tough one for a lot of different reasons. You know, I had a lot of feelings about the way that the team was behaving with T.O. and yeah, and that whole T.O. and McNabb energy that was hurtful because it was like, you know, we're here.

That's when you squash it. That's when you go for it, you know, and I think that that did play a part, you know, and in the media, it was real heavy. You remember it was real heavy.

And Chris, let me tell you something. Yeah. After that Super Bowl, that was the second one NFL Network covered, and we flew from Jacksonville, which is where the game took place, all the way to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii.

And it took, you know, the full day. And this is way before, you know, Twitter was on cell phones and anything like that. So I had no idea that T.O. had called out McNabb for vomiting in the huddle towards the end of that game.

Yeah. And so we showed up at the Pro Bowl for NFL Network and we're setting up for a show because the Eagles were coming the next day. I had no idea what was going on there. And we had McNabb and Terrell Owens together, slated to be interviewed together. And then about an hour before the interview was taking place, we were told neither would come if both were going to be there.

And we kind of looked at each other like, what is up with that? They just played in a Super Bowl. And T.O. with his leg basically reconstructed, dominated.

He had an incredible game. Yes. So I remember we were stunned that there was something going on there. And to your point, it was definitely simmering. Yeah. I mean, Philly fans are rough on their sports teams when they're not behaving properly, you know.

But after that, you know, it's not a personal thing that I was saying. But, you know, everybody started calling McNabb, Willy Beeman, you know, calling Willy Beeman. And people were hurt by the fact that they couldn't squash whatever they had going on to bring home Chip.

Now, when Foles got there, you know, nobody expected that to happen. Nope. You talk about I heard what's her name was just talking about an underdog story.

Yeah. That was the underdog story. You know, all these old cats, nobody expected them to win. We got Nick Foles in there.

And didn't he perform, man? You talk about a Rudy moment, you know, and I was there. I was there when they won. Now, I'm an Eagles fan. I'm cool if we lose. I'm used to us getting to the really high point and then falling back.

I get it. I'm still a fan. But this time felt different. So I went and I. You went to Minnesota?

No, no. So I went and I got myself a hotel ticket in Philadelphia, right? Uh huh. For when they were going to, you know, go to the Super Bowl.

Yeah. So I got myself a hotel ticket in Philadelphia because I know it was going to get crazy if we won. I knew it. It was going to get crazy.

But nobody was buying hotel tickets because nobody expected us to win. So the hotel room was like 30 bucks a night in Center City, Philadelphia. Wow. Yeah. It was crazy.

Like 30 bucks a night. Right. So I had this hotel room and I had just finished a job. And I was like, you know, if if if we lose, I have the hotel room and I can go see family in Camden. Yeah, I don't care.

It's all good. So I get down there and we're watching the game. And to the last second, yeah, it was like nobody could breathe. We were winning.

But nobody, nobody wanted to jinx it. Right. And the moment we won, everybody started screaming. We walked outside. And, you know, if you're in Philadelphia, if you've ever been Center City, City Hall is right in the middle of this circle. Yeah.

Right. So you walk out and it was like being on a movie set. It was like a movie.

We walked outside. We're all cheering from inside the hotel. And then suddenly from either side of the building of City Hall, swarms of people started coming. It was like a movie, man. And people were out there with thousands of people. And I'm out there.

People started climbing. It was nuts, man. And when I knew it was time to go home, was when I started seeing beer cans. I said, OK, y'all, I'm out.

I'm gonna see y'all later, man. It's getting crazy out here. It wasn't when the horses got punched.

Yes, man. It was crazy. It was wild, man. But it was a beautiful experience.

So I was excited that we went back again. And now you've got Jalen Hurts leading the show. I mean, I love that guy.

Yeah. I love everything about him. I love the way he carries himself. I love the way he speaks. I love the way he plays. I love the way he leads. I love his heart. I love his mind. I love his soul. I love the whole damn thing. I agree.

All of it. He's a dream come true. He's what you want to have as your quarterback. I agree. I think that this team is, overall, I think it's probably the best complete squad we've had in a long time. I agree. And the Super Bowl team. Yeah.

I'm really happy with this team. And you know, Jalen Hurts and I are actually frat brothers. I don't know him personally, but we are in the same fraternity. So I have a lot of love and support for him. Which is that? Which one?

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated. Okay. Yeah. So I have a lot of love and support for him. And I look forward to seeing much more of his success. Him getting this offer to be paid. I mean, I'm wanting this for him. I'm wanting this for him. Big time.

Yeah. And he deserves it all. He deserves it all. Are you a Sixers fan, too, or not so much? I am a Sixers fan. I'm a Sixers fan. So is TJ, the man behind you, from Altoona, Pennsylvania, too.

Oh, word. Yeah, I'm a Sixers fan. And like I told you back there, I didn't grow up a Sixers fan. My dad is a Lakers fan. And I grew up watching Kobe. Well, he's Philly, right? Yeah.

I didn't even know that until much later. Okay. All right. So yeah, I mean, I grew up a Lakers fan.

And then once Kobe retired, it was like, it's time to be a hometown boy. You know what I mean? Sure. Yeah, for sure. I got you. Well, this is fun, Chris.

This has been a fun conversation. Big George Foreman exclusively in theaters this Friday. I know TJ wanted, you want to ask about Atlanta?

Yeah. I just, you know, Atlanta was such a great show, man. And when you came onto Atlanta, the way I kind of described your character, man, was kind of like, this was like Bra Man from Martin, but kind of like a little bit more dangerous than Bra Man. So what was it like for you just to work on the set?

Because, you know, we talked about Brian Tyree Henry earlier. Of course, Donald Glover is amazing. What was it like? It was nice. I mean, so I have the theater background, you know, so I've done a lot of theater. I've been on Broadway, just finished a Broadway run of Death of a Salesman in January.

You know, and that was crazy. Playing Biff on Broadway was nuts. Yeah, but I had I have a theater background and that was my first time really doing a show where I had that much responsibility.

So my first day going in, you know, I felt a little tense, you know, because sometimes the directors don't give you a lot of flexibility when you're doing TV or at least back then. And the director walked up to me, man, he said, Chris, you do theater, right? I said, yeah. And he said, well, look, just do whatever you want.

And if I see something that's a little crazy, I'll come and we'll talk about it. Man, he took the reins off of me and I just cut it loose. And I wanted more than anything that Tracy was likable. I needed him to be be understood on a human level. Right.

Rather than being like just just a bra man or somebody that you could poke fun at. I'm a firm believer that every character, whether they're an off a real person like Mr. Foreman or a made up character like made up character like Tracy represents somebody. Right. If they come from my mind and then they're put on paper, that's from an experience that a human had. And we're telling a human experience. So I wanted people like Tracy to be seen and to be respected for people to know that, you know, when you're walking through a Wal-Mart and you see somebody that looks like Tracy or you're, you know, you're on a train in New York and you see somebody who looks like Tracy, that person has a lot of love to that person, has their own experiences.

That person has the need for joy and connection as well. So I wanted Tracy to have all those things to all the crazy circumstances that he was going through on the show. And I didn't know that people were going to relate to Tracy that well. I just wanted Tracy to just be a full, flushed out human being person like everybody else on the show. You know what I mean?

Sure. And people really related to Tracy. And I think everybody knows a Tracy. I know what Tracy, you know what I mean?

You know, Tracy, you know, Tracy, you know, Tracy, you know, Tracy, we all know what Tracy and I wanted Tracy to have the traces of our lives to have some representation and to be shown some love, man. Do you have a Donald Glover story going out the door? A Donald Glover story? I mean, other than the fact that I had to whoop on him in the show.

That's a good one. No, there's an episode where I beat up Donald Glover and that was a lot of fun, you know, him and I roaming around. And the thing about Donald was, you know, sure we could have used stunt people, but we didn't. So me and him just were like, we're just going to go. So me and him, we understood the choreography. We understood the stunts and we did it together and he was going the distance and I was going the distance. So I have a lot of respect for the willingness to trust me, you know, and to go there, you know, because not everybody will. I've never met him, but you must have a few inches on him, right? Quite a few.

Quite a few. But that's how you do it. You go the distance, you know, just like with this film. I gained all the weight. I gained 50 pounds in five weeks. I went from 225 to 275 in five weeks.

Did you enjoy that? No, I ate 7,000 calories a day to do it. What are you eating? I did it all pescatarian, right? No dairy, no sugar, didn't eat any beef, pork or chicken. Did it all pescatarian, clean. You gained weight that way? Gained weight, gained weight.

Yeah, so 7,000 calories on a pescatarian diet. All the fight scenes, I didn't use no stunt doubles, nothing. Nobody threw a punch for me. Nobody took a punch for me. That is my bald head.

That's my afro. I did every single thing that you see. That was me, man. And we also made contact. We were striking in this film.

I've been calling it sparring plus. You know what I mean? So Donald, I believe, is a person like that, right?

Who can go to distance like that too. So it was cool to meet somebody like that on set and to be willing to do that. What a pleasure chatting with you, Chris Davis. Come back anytime.

Seriously, this is the first of hopefully many times. Come back anytime with whatever you're doing. Thanks, Rich. What a pleasure to meet you and chat with you and and for you to be as successful as you're becoming and then also have the sensibility to get out when beer cans are flying and I think you've got the winning combination. I think you've got the sensibility and the forthrightness.

Rich, maybe next time the Cowboys beat up on the Eagles, Chris can call in and just tell us how he's feeling about the situation. You need to stop it back there. The level of disrespect. See, I can't see you. You're talking behind my back, literally. I love it. Our tour and studio guests pissed off by the Dallas Cowboys fan, Kate Mara with the Giants and now obviously an Eagle fan and Chris Davis.

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Buy new and improved Dove Men Plus Care Antiperspirant wherever personal care products are sold. Let's be fair and balanced because Kate Mara came out and talked about the Giants and Chris Davis just talked about the Eagles and both of them rolled their eyes and had a visceral negative reaction when TJ Jefferson talked about his beloved Cowboys. I mean you know it happens. Let's be fair and balanced.

It's your damn act together. Well the Joneses, the Joneses held a press conference today. Yes I heard. Pre-draft press conference. The Dallas Cowboys currently are 27th in the draft order right behind the Giants.

Yeah it means we had a great season. Will they trade up? Could they possibly trade up?

Bijan Robinson when the mock drafts first started if you had him falling to the Cowboys 27. That's not happening now that we've hit draft week. Well the Cowboys trade up. Will they? Will they trade up?

There they are. Did you read all the mock drafts? You can see all the things that maybe were officially pulled quietly by other general managers but you'll never know till you're there. You make a quick decision if we say hey here's an opportunity and oh by the way it's a guy we had quite a bit higher than where he's fallen to now. It might be worth considering giving up something.

Well I made one on Manziel a few years ago and that didn't go so well. You know when we're six, seven, eight picks out and you know we always ask the question what would it take up take to go up and get him. Take your bottom of the second round pick to go get him and you know we nine times out of ten we'll have that conversation so. Drafting's not our problem.

Coaching is. He's got to get everybody. That's a walk-off line with Mike McCarthy sitting there. I didn't even know Mike McCarthy was awake.

Well I mean come on that's a press conference where we chose sound bites that the Joneses were talking. I know but look alive Mike you're just sitting there like. Yeah he doesn't look yeah because me and Brockman were like. Like look alive. He didn't want to be there.

Look like a human being. Coach has a lot of stuff going on. He didn't want to be there. There was no need for him to even be there when Jerry's got the money.

It's remarkable that he's there at all after he was hired to tell the Joneses I've watched every snap of your team from the last year and then once he's hard admitting you didn't. I mean how many of us haven't embellished a little bit on that one. Embellished a little bit on the resume. I mean come on. Remember that one?

Yeah. We've all twisted a little bit. Don't go after Mike McCarthy. You leave my coach alone Brockman.

Just because you don't like your coach all right. How about Jerry? How about Jerry? What if Steven and the rest of the organization didn't tell him back in the day we're not taking Mansell. We're not taking him.

We're not trading up to go get him. What about Jerry? Just flat out. Jerry wanted Johnny so bad. Almost as bad as Skip Bayless in that video that went viral. How wrong can one man possibly be in the same video where another man is so right?

Merrill Hodge. How about that one? Yeah if you've never seen that video look it up. Well at any rate.

Well what if you want to talk about a sliding door and how different organizations would be? Yeah. Because if he couldn't handle Cleveland. Can you imagine if the star was on the side of his helmet?

Maybe it would have worked out. Maybe. Yeah. Oh by the way you know who's killing it in the uh USFL? AJ McCarron.

AJ McCarron is balling. Or is it XFL? XFL. Yeah he's in XFL. Ben DiNucci. No Ben DiNucci's killing it in the XFL. Yeah he might might be coming back you know third stringer. He might. He keeps doing this he might he might be he might be in the live action Moana with the boss. Hey Rich I don't want to.

Ben DiNucci and The Rock. McCarron is the MVP favorite. Yeah Mike would know that you know what? No.

Because he's he's he's riding the faders. No that's USFL. Mike's doing USFL. Oh you're doing.

No don't under. No McCarron. Which one is McCarron in?

XFL. I can't tell. Oh I'm sorry Mike I didn't mean to. I'm thrown off by the guy who's literally right behind me now. I didn't want to. I was trying to break that tee a little bit easy.

I mean of all the places like literally there's only one. Get out of the frame. They heard you Rich I think. This guy. Get out of the frame. Hey but he's got a lot of keys.

Keys open doors. You want me to put a little speaker out there so you can like just do like please move. Nope. It's okay. This is way.

You don't want to do that. Let's put the blinds back up for pizza. Hey hey Fair Balance Troy Aikman slated to call in tomorrow. That's my quarterback. And Carson your your your brother in uh in twitter accounts being suspended. Carson Palmer.

Yeah we gotta get to the bottom. What did he do? I don't know. He was probably like me.

Didn't do nothing. Will Anderson tomorrow too? I'm on the show. Look at us.

Look at us. Wrestling fans feel the podcast heat. Join Hall of Fame wrestlers every week sharing their stories from the past.

Click this with Kevin Nash. I'm in the ring in my mind saying that's Hulk Hogan. Like Hogan's with us.

And insights on what's happening now. Strictly Business with Eric Bischoff. We love breaking down the business of the wrestling business. Rick Flair, Mike Moly, Jakesa Snake Roberts, Gold JR and more. Get into the WrestleMania spirit. Just search podcast heat wherever you listen.
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