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REShow: Zach Harper - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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April 28, 2023 3:30 pm

REShow: Zach Harper - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 28, 2023 3:30 pm

Guest host Kirk Morrison and the guys review the best and the worst of the NFL Draft’s players’ wardrobes.

The Athletic’s NBA Writer Zach Harper tells Kirk why he would be shocked if Giannis Antetokounmpo forced his way off the Milwaukee Bucks, how the Eastern Conference semifinals series could shake out, previews the Suns vs Nuggets, Lakers vs Grizzlies, Kings vs Warriors, and if the Clippers should blow it up and try to move Kawhi Leonard and/or Paul George. 

TJ lists his top athletes who displayed greatness late into their careers including Tom Brady, Serena Williams, Nolan Ryan, George Foreman and LeBron James.

Kirk, a former 3rd round pick in the NFL Draft, offers up some words of wisdom for players still waiting to be selected or who will go undrafted. 

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No refunds. Sitting in for Rich, it's Kirk Morrison. Our number three here on a Friday, the Rich Eisen Show.

Kirk Morrison here filling in for Rich. I'm just getting in, getting my coffee going. I'm all ready to roll as we get ready for this Friday. A lot going on. Is it almost one of those, is it today like one of those sports Equinox days close to it where we got a lot going on. We've got NHL hockey going on. We got the NFL draft going along. Baseball's heating up. NBA tonight as well.

You got a little bit of everything. I gotta say, you know, the Equinox usually is just in October. October, right. But this is, I think this counts. I think NFL draft rounds two and three tonight. Like you said, two NBA games, hockey tonight, Bruins trying to close it out in Florida and of course full slate of major league baseball. I think it counts.

It counts. I'm counting that because a lot of people gonna be watching the NFL draft. It was like that yesterday and we'll be watching it again tonight.

Again, find out what the rating was for last time. Are the ratings out yet for the NFL draft? And usually it's always a peak at the top, right, when you see one of the quarterbacks. But was the Will Leviss drama enough for people in the round one to stick around to see when Will Leviss would get drafted or Jalen Carter would get drafted? I said this about the NFL draft for all the people out there. The NFL lucked out. The NFL lucked out with this NFL draft. You know why? Because they picked Kansas City as a whole city a couple years back.

So you're like, all right, cool. Drafts coming to Kansas City. I don't think the NFL could have ever imagined that the Kansas City Chiefs will be coming off of a Super Bowl victory and hosting the actual NFL draft.

So what does that mean? When you win a Super Bowl, what does that mean? That means you pick last. Pick 31. So had this game, or sorry, this game, had this draft been in Houston or Indianapolis, teams that are picking at the top, you've kind of got the fan base there, but I've been to a draft before. After your fan base picks, you're like, all right, I'm good.

I'm good. The Texans would have picked last night two and three and everybody would be like, all right, we're done. Let's go home. Because our team has already picked. But because the Chiefs were picking last at pick 31, because there's only 31 picks last night. Thank you, Miami. Last night, the Kansas City Chiefs fans had to stay to the end because they wanted to know who was the pick that was joining the Chiefs' kingdom.

So they stayed all the way to the end, almost close for me, which was almost close to 9 p.m. Pacific time here, but close to midnight Eastern was when the draft ended. And I'm telling you, those pictures, those aerial views, that place was still packed because they were waiting for that pick. The NFL lucked out last night, TJ. They lucked out by doing it.

They lucked out by the fact that Clark Hunt got to place the Vince Lombardi trophy up there with the rest. But my whole point was, once we got around pick like 27, I started thinking, is there, like, they wouldn't, they're not going to trade out. Like, are they, what if they get like an offer they can't, I was wondering, would they do that? They know that they've got to, mind you, fans of all the teams are there, but primarily you're in Kansas City. That's the largest fan base there.

And around 28, like I said, I'm thinking, what would be the chances? Like, that would be awful for the fans. They couldn't do anything with the trophy, but like, what if they got an offer that they couldn't refuse? And I was like, kind of like, what are they going to do here? But they kept the pick and, you know, things went to plan. That was the funny part because the final eight picks last night and, you know, I'm doing postgame or post draft show coverage. And so we're trying to gauge when will the draft end? It's like, oh, what was eight picks left? And a colleague of mine said, hey, let's just put maybe five or seven minutes on the clock for each team. And roughly, I said, no, each team is going to use these picks that maximum amount of time. They're going to use all 10 minutes. It was like, well, because you're at the end of round one, you're closer to round two.

I'm going to wait and see if any team gets super thirsty, right? Gets super, like, excited. And calls in for a draft, calls in for a trade to try to get back into round one.

Or, hey, you know what? We had this guy ranked in our top 10, top 15. Right now you're at 27. We're jumping to 27 and you can gain another pick. So I always felt that the last, like, six to eight picks of a round, you usually go the full duration of the time on the clock because you're hoping someone calls you and do what?

Trade with you. You get more picks. You're able to get more picks. And I think that's why a team like Pittsburgh, maybe they wanted to trade back into the first.

They said, no, we're better off being the team that starts off the picking in the second round than trading back into the first round. But one of the things I did enjoy, always love and join is because, and my wife says, oh, you're not very, she says my fashion style is different. Yeah, because I'm a dad, okay? I'm just like, there's dad clothes that I wear. I'm not into the, like I said, when I was in my 20s, maybe mid 30s, now it's like, I go for the comfort. I go for comfort.

So I do always watch the draft in terms of what the drip looks like. What's the clothing attire? What are the guys start to wear when it comes to the NFL draft? And especially a day like that, when it's your introduction to the world. Introduction to the world. We want to see you because we've seen some of those suits, like one of the more memorable suits is the member of the LeBron James, 2003, the double breasted all white always to it, to his, to the knees.

I always think about the, what's that? The 96 draft with Kobe and Stefan Marber, all those guys, just gigantic suits, the box sets style back then, man, where it was like a 10 button minimum. Jalen Rose, of course, in his red pinstripe suit.

That was legendary. So we go from that to some of the looks that we saw last night in the NFL draft. I'm still trying to figure out this new look that's going around.

We saw it with Travis Kelce when he hosted Saturday Night Live. Bryce Young also had the same suit look. It's a suit, but yet it's like, and for our TV viewers, you can see it for our radio listeners. I'll try to describe it. It is a, basically a signature suit.

That's a nice little salmon color, salmon color. I rock with that. But there's like two like sleeves, like shoulder sleeves with the buttons that are hanging down at the bottom. And people are saying that it's kind of like a scarf look, like the scarf hangs down at the bottom. You put a suit on, but the scarf is in and you let the scarf hang down.

I'm still trying to get this look. I don't understand. What did you say earlier it reminds you of with a sweatshirt? Yeah, it reminds me of like the soccer mom, you know, they tie a sweatshirt around the waist and the sleeves are hanging down a little bit and then you put a suit coat over it. That's what it looks like.

Hopefully that description works for the people out there listening on radio. Well, you know, Kirk, it's like whenever you buy like a jacket or something, you usually get extra buttons, right? This type of suit looks like it gave you extra sleeves. Just in case, I don't know, you get in a fight and one rips off, you have another sleeve you can sew up in the joint. Look, I'm all for it though, man.

Why not? It's different. It's different.

It's something different. Other suits I saw last night, I mean, we can kind of go through some of them. I think the guy who was the most colorful in terms of his was Tyree Wilson, the pick for the Raiders at pick seven. It was a black suit with a colorful arrangement. That's great. It's a tuxedo, but man, it was good.

It was nice. Is he wearing an undershirt or is it just a button? It's an undershirt. Yeah, he's got an undershirt, but it's like Miami Vice undershirt. It's like he's four buttons down because he's got to let the ice show. He's got the chains on. And so if you're going to have all of that bling, you can't go one button down. You got to go at least three to four buttons like Miami Vice. So he was Tyree Wilson, the guy who stole the show.

CJ Stroud went pick two. And for me, for all the people out there with young kids, I thought he sat in some Play-Doh or some clay or something like that because of these patches of clay or look like. But it was part of the design of a suit. Clean look, the clean look. But there's like the little spots throughout the suit.

And I'm like, what's going on here? It has to be a nod to the Buckeye. That is true. TJ, you did say that we have to come together. The NFL must come together for the guys who do have the long hair. Yeah.

I was about to get into that T room. We got to get into this with the long hair guys. When my locks are done and I'm wearing a hat, I like to have like a do-rag or something to put on, you know, to keep the hair.

You know, if you know, you know, if you don't, you don't. But I feel like maybe when they're giving these cats with the braids and the locks, maybe we should give them like a do-rag or something just to pull over the head. And then they could put the hat on so you don't mess the hair up. I'll even say with Bryce Young.

Bryce Young, the number one overall pick. You got waves? He's got a nice little crop of hair on the top. And then he goes and they give him the hat and the hat don't fit. Like the hat doesn't fit.

Like literally. So he, I remember I watched him put the hat down once and it pops off because he's got too much hair. He pulls it down again. And then finally it's just like a prop. He just puts the hat on top just for everybody to see, hey, I got the Carolina Panthers hat on, but it doesn't fit.

So now the NFL, they got to do something. Maybe it's you give them a visor. Could a visor work?

Perhaps. Yeah, a draft visor. I don't think you necessarily, they're ever going to change the hat. It is cool. And it's also sometimes fun to see when cats can't get the hat on.

Think about it. You give them the hat and he says, I can't do the hat. Oh, here's the draft visor. I know a lot of visor guys out here too. Come on now. A lot of guys, a lot of dads throw NFL draft visor on, right?

I mean, you are a dad. You can't do a draft beanie though. Yeah, no, the beanie would work. Next year in Detroit, it might be a little colder. It might have to go draft beanie.

Or maybe we give them options. You could wear a baseball hat. You could wear a beanie. Maybe they got a team issued scarf.

She put the scarf on. Soccer. Yeah. Soccer. That's big in the soccer world right there. You know what?

Also, it just dawned on me again. I forgot to talk about this a little bit earlier, but kudos to Roger Goodell. Outstanding job last night because he did something. He brought out human shields last night.

Right. He was smart. He was smart. He brought out human shields. Yeah, but he still got the booze. He got the booze, but the booze quickly turned to cheers. You can't believe it. And now Travis Kelce, Patrick Malone.

Oh, he's followed by Patrick Malone, Travis Kelce. And the fans were like, yeah. I thought that was funny. That's cheating. He cheated last night. Because Stonestreet came out and he did do something. And you could still hear, even when Stonestreet was up there, because like I said, a lot of these are all Chiefs fans in the crowd.

There was still kind of murmurs. But then once he brought out Kelce and Mahomes, you got to show respect. Because they were going to boo Goodell for a long time. I can say it's a tradition that we love to see. It's like you boo the commissioner.

I still don't know why we do it, but people love to do it. And then all of a sudden. When did it start? How did it start? When did the first Goodell booze hit? I think the first booze really started, that I can really remember as like a unit, was hockey with Gary Bettman. And, Feller, you can probably speak on this. When Gary Bettman was doing the Draft Man, he would get booed out of the bill.

I mean, viciously. I know, but for Goodell, honestly, you want to know when it started? When did the Goodell stuff? I thought it started Deflategate with the Patriots fans. I thought when Deflategate happened, that when Goodell was kind of the, it seemed like the point guy. And everybody blamed Goodell for Deflategate, but Patriot fans did.

So I felt like everybody kind of always got. But it happened in the NBA too. Like David Stern was getting booed.

So I think it's just something that just started at one of these drafts and just, it's carried over. Stern would get booed. David, you know, all the commissioners. Nobody likes management.

Yeah, that's why. Do we like Rob Manfred? Do they boo him? They don't have a draft.

Baseball draft isn't like the NBA and NFL draft. If they did, oh, he most certainly would get booed. Yeah, I don't think Adam Silver gets booed.

Oh yes, he does. It's amazingly, yeah, I can understand that. I think this is the thing now.

People just do it. I don't think Silver deserves to get booed. And I remember I was taken aback. It was like his second, maybe his third year when the boos started coming. I'm like, why are we booing? Rest in peace, you know, guy, rest in soul, David Stern would get booed by Lakers fans because he nixed the, Stern would always deflect the booing. He kind of turned it on the crowd. He was pretty good at that from what I remember. Stern knew about it though.

He was like, you know, I'm good with it. But Lakers fans, they didn't like it because of that trade. They wanted Chris Paul and he stopped the trade. He did the right thing. Well, it could have been CP3 and Kobe, you know, it could have been fun. Chris Paul would have gotten hurt and then you would have lost the playoffs. It would have been a thing.

Oh, look at that. The perfect segue. The perfect segue.

Perfect segue. We were talking all NFL, but we got to talk a little NBA because we got two games tonight, a double header tonight, two game sixes, starting off the Warriors, Kings, later on, Grizzlies, and also going against the Lakers, but also some other questions involving some teams that may need to blow it up. That's why I'm bringing in Zach Harper, our NBA guest in just a couple of minutes. Kind of want to get his thoughts on what may be happening.

And then also too, there's this rumor that maybe Giannis is done in Milwaukee. We'll get to all of that coming up next here on the Rich Eisen Show. Zach Harper coming up next. Kirk Morrison here filling in for Rich. Nobel is a training brand for people who work hard and don't believe in excuses. Nobel's performance footwear apparel and accessories are worn by some of the fittest athletes on earth and is now the official combine training partner of the NFL and the official on-field supplier of apparel and headwear for the NFL scouting combine. Head to to see how Nobel forever changed the NFL combine and to shop football training essentials and more gear for your day-to-day workouts. Stay tuned to the Rich Eisen Show and keep your eyes on our Twitter feed and YouTube channel as I'm hosting a new segment sponsored by Nobel called From the Combine to the Draft. I'll profile a few players journeys from the physical and mental tests of the NFL combine as we head towards the thrilling moment when the picks are announced in Kansas City during the draft.

That's slash Rich Eisen Show and slash Rich Eisen Show. From the Combine to the Draft sponsored by Nobel. Men, do you get distracted during the day thinking about your underarms sweating, itching, or emitting an odor? Do those thoughts keep you from showing care when it counts? New and improved Dove Men Plus Care Antiperspirant with 72 hours sweat and odor protection and one quarter moisturizing cream helps you forget about your underarms so you can be present for the moments that matter. Don't let underarm insecurities keep you at arm's distance from the ones you care about.

Buy new and improved Dove Men Plus Care Antiperspirant wherever personal care products are sold. I said we've been talking a lot of NFL because the NFL draft finally came the first round went but we also had NBA action on last night as the Atlanta Hawks took care I mean the Atlanta Hawks lost 128 to 120 to the Boston Celtics who now advanced to the Eastern Conference semi-finals. We got a double header tonight as the last spot the last I guess uh two teams to get into the Western Conference semi-finals still up for grabs and maybe that could be settled tonight and a guy who's going to help me understand what's going on in the NBA and a lot of rumors flying around my guy Zach Harvard the NBA writer for the athletic radio host on Sirius XM NBA and Sirius mad dog radio and follow him on twitter at tall coops. Zach I need your help man before we get to tonight's games and what happened last night just rumors circulating over the last couple days with that early exit from the Milwaukee Bucks that could Giannis answer to Kupel possibly saying you know what I'm maybe done in Milwaukee what's what's going on over here in Milwaukee Zach? I think that's extreme I'm not I'm not buying that I think Giannis is I think the weird thing is like Giannis is one of those like insanely loyal dudes right and so when he starts throwing Mike Budenholzer under the bus which is exactly what he did after that loss man you're gonna make adjustments I would have liked to guard uh you know Jimmy Butler more but that's the coach's call that's like that's very throwing him under the bus Giannis doesn't talk like that and so I think Mike Budenholzer is probably going to be out that's not confirmed but it's probably going to be out and then I think we see the like where they want to go with the coach whether that's Charles Lee they're they're a very popular assistant or whether that's someone else like maybe bringing in Nick Nurse who just got fired in Toronto like I think that's the change we're going to see I can't imagine Giannis to be like all right get me out of here yeah I'm just disappointing Lawson so you see the fallout over the last couple days and people I'm just saying watching is trying to figure out their roles on the team it's just so much up in the air and I can't believe it they're out of the playoffs but now you talk about the teams who are in the playoffs and we talked about last night's game the Boston Celtics they get a win they win game six they move on to the eastern conference semifinals now we know Sixers Celtics how does this eastern conference semi-final conference semi-final match up for you on both sides whether it's the Knicks versus the Heat and also now the Celtics versus the Sixers I mean is it weird that I'm more interested in Nick's Heat because both these teams are kind of scrappy and we have the history like you look at the rich history of just the last like 25 years 26 years between these two teams there's a lot of fights remember Amari Stoudamire once punched a fire extinguisher like there's been a lot that's happened in this rivalry and to get it renewed with two hard-nosed teams that make a lot of like hard-nosed winning plays like I'm excited for that series like don't get me wrong Sixers Celtics is going to be great right we've seen this story before that's just all about can Joel Embiid be dominant against the Celtics which he hasn't been in the past like his numbers over the against the Celtics in the playoffs are good but they're not dominant and it hasn't led to very many wins and so like that's just a can this guy get over the hump against the team next heat who knows what's going to happen when Jimmy Butler's out there is there a legitimate shot for the winner of that series whether it's the Heat or the Knicks to actually win an NBA title or is it just about getting to the NBA finals and see what happens when you get there I'm still in on the Heat like look the Heat were a shot away from making NBA finals last year okay right and would they have beaten the Warriors in the in the finals like probably not I can't imagine they would have but I think it would have been tough and I think they would have put up a good fight um so I think it would probably be more like that I don't think the Knicks quite have it Jalen Brunson's really good the role players are playing really well I think Julius Randle needs to be a lot better if they're gonna start thinking about all right can we beat the Celtics or the Sixers but I do think the Heat there's still enough there over the last few years where if they're hitting three-point shots everything else they do makes it really difficult to beat them. NBA writer for the athletic and radio host on Sirius XM NBA radio Zach Harper joining the Rich Eisen show Kirk Morrison here filling in for Rich you know Zach obviously we talked about one side of it but 76 or Celtics what should we expect uh this going six seven what should we possibly expect I know the health of Embiid is a big part of this but what should we expect from this series well it should go seven but you're like you said like Embiid it just man it seems like there's always something right like there's one time he was sick there's one time he's been dealing with injuries he got his face broken last year like there's always something with Embiid in the postseason and it is man it is this like this just black hole of misfortune when it comes to every one of all the singers like James Harden always finds a way to flame out right right like Joel Embiid always finds a way to to flame out Doc Rivers the like the king of blowing 3-1 leads in NBA coaching history so you have all of these good things like I mean the Sixers have had some decent teams and they've made it to the conference finals once in the last like 22 years right like I mean it's like they don't have success whereas the Celtics they're this institution and everything but it all comes down to if Embiid plays like the MVP it puts the Celtics in a tough predicament but we don't see that consistency from Joel Embiid in the postseason year after year you know Brockman brought up a little bit earlier when you think about the Western Conference and the Denver Nuggets versus the Phoenix Suns is it an upset if the Nuggets lose to the Suns because the Nuggets are a team that's been built all season long where this Suns team has been built five minutes ago so if the Suns team that comes together beats the Nuggets it's not a big upset how do you see that series playing out isn't it kind of messed up that if the Nuggets lose to Kevin Durant and Devin Booker and Chris Paul were like oh you guys blew it right exactly but that's that's the thing like you're the one seed you're the team who's been saying for two years hey if we're just helping the playoffs look out well you're helping the playoffs now and you have a two-time MVP who I don't know maybe wins the third one in a row this year yeah I don't know how that voting shook out but but you have at least a two-time MVP who really has not done much in terms of team winning in the playoffs they made the conference finals one year in the bubble but you know we we don't know what to do with that yet we still don't have the space historically to properly judge that and so a lot of people say look you're the one seed you got MVP everyone talks with team up and talks this dude up we need to see postseason results and yet you have Kevin Durant and Devin Booker like other than Jimmy Butler nobody is playing better than Devin Booker right now like he is he is an absolute destroyer in this in this postseason so far and and now you have you know a team with a lot of questions defensively on the perimeter trying to handle him and Kevin Durant but at the same time the suns go about four and a half deep right now in their rotation like they they don't have any depth and Kevin Durant's playing like 45 minutes like a night like I just there's part of me that fears that that's not going to hold up it sounds like Jimmy Butler too though Jimmy Butler playing about 55 minutes a game in a 48-minute game in 48-minute games I don't know how he does it he's just going out there at halftime and running drills exactly um the Lakers win tonight because or the Grizzlies win tonight because the the Grizzlies win tonight if if they can push the pace I think they found something in the last two games is the second half of game uh game four and then and then all of game five when they push the pace against the Lakers teams I guess you can't really hold up right like they can't keep up with this team and so when Desmond Bain and John Moran are able to just get out in transition and whether that leads to a fast break fast break bucket or not you at least create some defensive mismatches by by the Lakers having to scramble back and so I think that's how they keep the series alive is like look LeBron had a great game with the 2020s other night last couple of games he looks old like he's like he's not moving the way you expect him to move and that's a tough standard to hold him to but I I think if the Lakers can slow this thing down and make it about skill and make it about stars I think they they close this thing out the same thing over in the other matchup tonight the the early match of the appetizer which is the Kings and the Warriors can the Kings pull one off in in uh in at the Chase Center in San Francisco or is it finally the Warriors have found something with Draymond Green coming off the bench for this series I think they found something but if you look at at the Kings right now maybe this is maybe this is just the lack of experience although the guys that are struggling right now do have some experience um Kevin Hurter shooting 16 from three that's a guy that should hit over 40 percent Malik Monk shooting 32 from three that's a 40 percent shooter Harrison Barnes shooting 22.7 percent from three that's a 40 percent shooter if they can make threes and compete at the three threes and compete at the three-point line they can extend the series but like look we've said it all year with the Warriors at home they're a monster well they're at home tonight and I they should close this out but also nothing about this Warriors team makes sense this season it's the weirdest title defense I've seen like I don't know what to make so you could tell me look the Kings gonna win this seven I get it Zach as a Warriors fan I'm just counting the victories I saw we need 13 more that's all I'm saying it doesn't matter how you get them as long as you get them we just need 13 wins that's all I'm saying just a couple more minutes here with Zach Harper NBA writer for the athletic and also Sirius XM NBA radio host at Talk Hoops on Twitter um as I sit here in the El Segundo Rich Eisen studios not too far from the Intuit Dome home of the future Los Angeles Clippers the way that it ended this week obviously injuries to Paul George injuries to Kawhi Leonard Zach the talk around Los Angeles his other team the Clippers is it about breaking this thing up because if you're breaking up what do you go out and get and what is there actually actually for you to obtain what does Russell Westbrook do I'm just sitting here can the Clippers ever compete especially when you're opening up a new arena it's a great question I mean look I I don't know you I don't know that you could get anything for Kawhi Leonard right now because of the injury history right like you tell people he's going to be healthy you could get the world for him but you can't tell anyone he's going to be healthy your nose will start growing like you should you're just a liar right so you can't do that I think you could get something for Paul George even with the injury history he has I think that he's still a dynamic enough player on both ends if you were going to shake things up you could get something for him um Russ is an interesting situation because they can't offer him a lot they don't have any cap space and they don't have his bird right so he would have to take a discount to stay there but he really found something that he was good for them he was they acquired him um and so that's something that they need to consider I the problem for the Clippers and this is really a advantage for Paul George and Kawhi Leonard's agents is you're going to open that state that new arena around the time that these guys would need to be on new contracts if I'm Kawhi Leonard's agent I go look I know I know my guy's hurt all the time but you're gonna open that new arena with Norm Powell and Marcus Morris as the stars like I don't think so like give me a new four-year max or whatever yeah whatever that has to be so the Clippers have some decisions to make I think you run it back another year because the whole goal is can you keep these guys healthy in the playoffs if you can you think there's a title there or at least a title contention we just don't see it but I get it like you it's the definition of insanity you keep doing the same thing over and over and you're getting the same results all right Zach got to let you go do we have multiple game sevens on Sunday we have one or do we have none prediction we should always root for game seven so yeah go Grizzlies go team here's some game seven come on man you can't do that can't make me nervous as a Warriors fan don't do that to me I guarantee they win game seven which I can't because they're on the road I'm sorry all right I can do that I'll live with that especially with the other team possibly in the game seven I appreciate the time Zach thanks guys appreciate it that's Zach Harper the NBA writer for the athletic radio host on Sirius XM NBA radio great follow as well on Twitter and Instagram at talk hoops yeah man two game sevens we could possibly have two game sevens on Sunday I don't want that as a coach man that's great don't want that no I don't no we got a basketball fan game seven yeah we do because we don't have anything to watch on Sunday so yeah well I guess we watch golf I guess yeah we can watch golf yeah oh they're Mexican today oh in Mexico right yeah okay all right coming back uh we got some stuff with you TJ right coming back a little dig into a big ass grab bag oh big ass grab bag today TJ's grab bag today all right we get to the grab bag we'll wrap things up here on the Rich Eisen show coming up next Kirk Borson here filling in for Rich April is national financial literacy month what is financial literacy it's applying different skills effectively including managing your finances budgeting and saving it just so happens the cumulus podcast network has three great podcasts to help raise your financial IQ stacking benjamins with joe saucy hi bank rates 2023 best personal finance podcast what's 2023 best personal finance podcast what's one of life's biggest expenses that we can maybe talk about reducing housing is housing on the list buying a house is the number two expense of all these expenses what's a way that we can reduce our housing expense we're from seattle to florida wow it's fucking like somebody with a little knowledge of that situation afford anything with financial journalist paula pant you have many financial goals you want to buy or pay off your house you need to replace your car you want to pay for a wedding send your kids to college travel the world and one day retire but how and webby award-winning brown ambition with tiffany the budget nista eliche and personal finance expert mandy woodruff when i was crafting my resume in my career i wasn't thinking about the job i had i was always thinking like what's going to impress the person who has my next opportunity and make them want to have a conversation with me and yeah i think people are not thinking that far ahead that's why we'd be leaning into you career coach so as you look to improve your financial literacy follow stacking benjamins afford anything and brown ambition wherever you listen oh i got a big uh big weekend coming up you know what i mean because you got the nfl draft you know the rounds four through seven a lot of people don't care about i do you know because i have a vested interest when it comes to the draft some gems in there man not only is it just gems in there but you know every weekend throughout the college football season i get a chance to go to different universities and you fall in love with a lot of the players and their stories right you're like oh man this kid he was a you know former walk-on and he earned a scholarship and then here's a kid you know there's some more stories out here in the nfl draft that you'll get a chance to learn about this weekend and the next thing you know they're part of your team then you got the undrafted players who will be getting picked up on saturday and next thing you know the 2023 season is officially off and running man we've already had the free agency period we'll now have the draft period then we'll have the mini camps see your players that you've just selected and they're now team colors and team uniform numbers it's always an exciting time and then after all of that is said and done we get ready to have a little break summer's finally here and before you know it we're in the end of july and we're talking about football training camp it happens pretty way back it's going to come pretty quickly like ferris bueller said yeah so i'll watch you know obviously the draft knowing that after this it's a kind of a cooling down period it's this big buildup the nfl draft is a big buildup and then after it's over you exhale for a little bit actually a lot of guys take a break go on vacation like deeply unplug detox because you've had to get information you've been calling all the general managers and executives and trying to get little pieces to put out of information now that's all over with now it's all done and we got rid of two stories this week aaron rogers and lamar jackson so those stories will not be talked about at nos and we're done with those so what will be the new stories coming out of the nfl over the coming weeks after the draft i know i've got an idea or two but after that it really is the focus of the mba because now we're down to eight teams well currently seven teams we'll be down to eight at the end of this weekend either it's a two game sevens on sunday or both teams we'll have one tonight in elimination and now it'll be the final eight and i'll be watching mba every single day every single day i'll throw on some baseball obviously playoff hockey is heating up as well but the nba has been a fun first couple weeks but we'll see even more now when we got some story franchises man this is where i'm looking now this weekend and i'm saying gosh it's all going to end at some point i gotta be lucky to watch i'm lucky to watch these things kind of play out because i think to your point earlier brockman i don't know who's going to win i'm hoping my warriors win again but you can make a case for why all of these teams have an opportunity and it is new stories watching the nicks be a part of it could the celtics avenge last year's loss and win a championship can kevin durant get a another championship without the warriors but with joining another big two or big three if you want to call it there's a lot that goes into it and so i'm looking for that over the weekend and also too i got to do some coaching i think by i think by sunday i am just going to kick my feet up and hopefully not have to watch a game seven smoke a cigar do something i just need to relax man get in the pool it's like information overload right now y'all guys ever have information overload whereas it's like you're constantly you look this this this and that i mean i was on spring break a couple weeks ago with the kids and i'm still like the information is just still coming and it's like i don't need information anymore i'm done i'm ready to move on all right so we know what you're rooting for tj you're rooting for game sevens i'm rooting for game sevens two let's go i want more i need more more hoops baby i'm solo this weekend i want to plop my son right in front of the tv and say this this is us obstacles let's rock i love it i love it all right man what's up with this uh with the grab bag we got a grab bag let's do it let's do it fellas what in the world is in that bag what you got in that bag like we always do it this time kaboom guess who stepped in the room tj here listen you know we've been talking a lot lately about erin rogers right and with that erin rogers talk came a lot of age talk right we're talking about this guy's almost 40 can you get it done and and i've said this on the show to you before chris and just in private i feel like sports has really messed up our view of age kirk like we kind of think that people are old because they're old for a sport but that don't make you old for life right you know 30 years old is not old man 40 years old is not old 50 years old is not old man there's a lot of life ahead of you so the thing we always talk about with this is father time and how you can't beat father time yeah but i feel a few athletes have gone and done that i feel there's a few athletes more than a few actually who have beaten father time and i decided to reach into the big ass grab bag and i'm gonna give you tj's top five athletes that i believe did in fact defeat father time now coming in at number five we got nolan ryan okay the ryan express nolan ryan one of the greatest pitchers of all time from the ages of 40 to 44 40 to 44 years old from 1987 to 91 nolan ryan he won 61 games lost 52 he had 1234 strikeouts in those four years including seasons where he had 270 k's and 301 k's now he finishes his last two years i think he had five wins for those last two seasons but in this stretch of time i feel like nolan ryan looked father time in the face and threw it high and hard down the middle and father time took a swing and just whiffed on this one i think nolan ryan definitely defeated father time in my opinion three things i think of with nolan ryan number one obviously the fight with robin venturo that goes that is classic always that that also told you he beat father time because he was like the old dude beating up the young dude that's number one my second all-time nolan ryan memory is that uh growing up in the bay area it was a big thing the all-time stolen base record for ricky henderson where he goes out he steals 9 39 to beat lou brock's record and everybody was talking about ricky henderson all throughout that afternoon and then nolan ryan threw a no-hitter that night and everybody thought i always wrote as a kid and then my last memory is that my mom actually went to see watch nolan ryan he threw a no-hitter against the uh athletics and she always told me i saw a no-hitter tonight it was like pretty cool this is what no hitters were a thing like remember when somebody had a no-hitter everybody stopped what they were doing because it was a big deal now it's like oh this team they had a combined no-hitter it's he threw it no it's like it's not as but nolan ryan made no hitters and he threw two in that amount of in that time paying spent we're talking about two to no no so nolan ryan like i said i think he took out father time now moving to number four when you think tennis the the average length of a tennis career is not that long i think somewhere around the 24 for women maybe 27 for men when you you kind of either leave the sport you kind of peak a little bit earlier in tennis but i mean this woman's the goat she's the greatest of all time and she definitely just hit father tom with a few aces to uh win uh six love six love that's serena williams you know she turned 30 in 2011 and in that time until recently when she retired she went to 19 finals of major tournaments she won 12 including two doubles with venus so i think serena definitely just punked out father time and she she took father time out of the box um coming into number three we got your guy he's still doing it right now 38 years old no one in the history of basketball has done it like that that's lebron james lebron james come on he's all he became the all-time leading scorer in the history of the nba at 38 and you know this year he averaged 29 29.8 boards seven dimes he's got his team in the playoffs and to some maybe he could lead them back to the finals but lebron still has about five years left kirk he ain't going nowhere man i i do believe he's going to want to play with his sons we all know this he's i believe so i don't see lebron the way he takes care of his body the things that he does lebron has definitely taken father time to the hole and just flushed on him like why not you see him stopping anytime soon yeah about five i mean that's that's a long it's going to be at least three for brawny to get to the league right yeah i understand that that part but brawny can be there in another season after one more year because he'll be eligible he has to be one year like he's really ready though i i trust me he's lebron's son if he wants to play someone's gonna take him somebody well that's my guess that's just my guess i think lebron's gonna play to at least he's like i don't know 42 i know it's not five but whatever coming in number three we got brockman's boy this just makes the most sense that's tom said we're great i'm sorry number two i apologize tom brady coming in number two look you know 34 and 18 were the team record over his last three seasons with tampa 108 touchdowns 33 picks he also won the super bowl he's going down as the greatest quarterback if not the greatest football player of all time tom brady definitely stared father time down as they were rushing up the middle and he just dropped a dime to he probably dropped it down to chris brockman if he won the mvp at 40 40 yes and then he went out last year i mean he was eight nine but he still finished with 25 touchdowns and nine picks i mean two nfl records last year it was unheard of for quarterbacks to play uh play in his 40s quarter back in his 40s like wow quarterbacks in his 40s he set the mark now that quarterbacks now say i know i can play into my 40s because i know what it looks like he's he's done that yeah and he's an anomaly we keep talking about chris if karen roger played 45 or can this guy or that guy tom brady is an anomaly he don't come around often you're not going to see this very often because not many people can do it tom brady did it tom brady beat father time and coming in number one you might be like well who's number one well i look at it like this you know those are all sports that you rely on teammates except for tennis of course you're out there by yourself but to me an athlete to beat father time you really have to get physical with father time you got to put your hands on father time and kind of ragdoll him and nobody did that more than big george foreman oh 45 almost 46 years of age this man went out and won the heavyweight boxing title of this world and in doing so when he beat michael moore in 1994 people might not know he broke three records he became the oldest man to ever win the heavyweight title he celebrated the longest time between the first and second title reign which was i believe 20 years between reigns and he also was the biggest age difference between a champion and a challenger for the heavyweight title you know big george stood there and he waited all fight if you remember this fight he just won two michael moore right down the middle he took a lot of punishment he took a lot of hits but george knew what he was doing and he finally put michael moore away with that just bang bang bang and he became the heavyweight champion and jim lampley with one of the great calls of all time when he went it happens it gives me chills just thinking about this fight and that's why i think because he had to go out there and physically put his hands on another man who was much younger i believe that's why george foreman gets my number one rank as the athlete who defeated father time and of course i'm always interested to hear what everybody else thinks yeah i mean are you uh part of the publicity team for the new george foreman well that's the other thing you know we had did you get a little gusty we had chris davis coming we had chris davis who portrays george foreman he was in studio this week and that kind of helped me kind of come to that conclusion that like 45 he was only miss 46 kurt right playing not playing a game but boxing you don't play boxing man it's physical it's violent and he went out there at that age and did something no one else could do so um for me uh what about especially watching this past masters what about phil mickelson i mean dudes 51 still getting it and hanging with the young dudes man i'm just saying i'm looking at his resume he's also defeated father time a little bit when you look at a dude finishing second in the masters for sure and some of these young guns i watch full swing on netflix he out there playing with the he playing with the young dudes right uh that's an interesting one you know phil's the oldest oldest winner of a major ever he won the pga two years ago is that not what is the definition of being you know kind of uh he had an amazing weekend at augusta to finish second that's not bad golf's a little strenuous on your body i mean i can never put phil over george foreman like because tiger woods is whooping tiger wood i mean tiger father time is whooping tiger was bad well i know some injuries i know it was also like he almost died in a car accident i know but i'm just saying like it is whooping him up too though yeah yeah that's true anyway like i said that those are just a few there's this many more you know phil neekro he did a good job yeah nancy lieberman she made her she came back and played i think she was 46 you know yamir yaga former pittsburgh pen feller he was playing at what 47 46 he's still playing you know satchel page came in late you know roger federer is still doing that at an older age but yeah that's my five i still think that you know tom brady still could have played he just walked away because i haven't done yeah you know what i mean like tom brady really could have still been one of the top quarterbacks he could be getting ready for this season it could be oh man well give it to baker mayfield so good man all right dude i like that one i like that old man all right man i appreciate y'all giving me the floor yes it's always great to have my family my cousins hey i appreciate y'all jason brock tj the herbal essence they appreciate rich for coming on today appreciate brooks cabina from the houston chronicle our guy zack harper as well this has been a blast conspiracy theories paranormal ufos in the 1960s the united states and the soviet union started developing directed energy microwave devices and even to this day the united states government is still continuing its research into high power microwaves it is nothing compared to what china is doing theories of the third kind on youtube or wherever you listen
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