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REShow: Rhea Seehorn - Hour 2

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February 28, 2023 3:09 pm

REShow: Rhea Seehorn - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 28, 2023 3:09 pm

Rich tries to decipher the latest comments from Packers GM Brian Gutekunst about Aaron Rodgers’ uncertain future in Green Bay.

Actress Rhea Seehorn joins Rich in-studio to discuss her new movie with comedian Jim Gaffigan ‘Linoleum,’ how she landed her memorable role of Kim Wexler on ‘Better Call Saul,’ reveals the origin story behind BCS’ Mike Ehrmentraut character, who she thinks Kim and Saul’s lives played out after the series’ end finale timeline, what her favorite scene with Bob Odenkirk was, and filming that Jesse Pinkman scene with Aaron Paul.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

Five, four, three, two, one. With the first pick. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Who is the number one guy in this draft? Doesn't matter position.

Atop your board, Todd. Bryce Young. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

He's a smaller version of Patrick Mahomes. Earlier on the show, NFL network analyst Daniel Jeremiah. Bears head coach Matt Eberfluse. Coming up, Emmy nominated actress Ray Sehorn. Actor Matt Barr.

And now, it's Rich Eisen. That's correct. Can confirm.

And the Roku channel streams shows. There it is. Oh, I just refer to myself as it. Here I am.

I'm sitting here at my desk here in Los Angeles, California. After the show's over, I'm going to Indianapolis, Indiana for the NFL network's coverage of the scouting combine. The least well-rounded event on the NFL calendar.

There's nothing well-rounded about it at all. It's just guys in shorts running, straight lines jumping in the air, and then there's interviews, and there's, you know, testing and medical exams, and a lot of head coaches and general managers are there. We just chatted with Matt Eberfluse, the coach of the Chicago Bears, who basically said all options are on the table at the quarterback position. They love Justin Fields, but they got due diligence. He said, yes, we're talking to Bryce Young this week.

Yes, we're talking to C.J. Stroud this week. If you missed it, don't worry. The show re-airs as soon as it's over. And we got two hours left here on the Roku channel, so we're live on the Roku channel, which is free and also available on all Amazon Fire TVs. It's available on select Samsung smart TVs. It's available on the Roku app, which has the Roku channel free within it, the for those using the old internet tubes.

It's free there as well. We chatted with Daniel Jeremiah, my colleague from the NFL Network. We're going to be talking nonstop about all these prospects coming in from all across the football landscape, defensive linemen coming up with the linebackers on Thursday night.

It's a long first night, then the defensive backs on Friday night, quarterbacks and wide outs on Saturday, tight ends and running backs on Sunday, and then I'll be back here on Monday. Tomorrow, Suzy Schuster, my... Wife.

No. Stop it, because she doesn't like it when you do the Borat thing. But she's not here. My betrothed. Your wife. My wife.

Will be here sitting in for me tomorrow. mimosa wins it. And then Bobby Bones. Let's go. Yeah, she's going to be bringing... Let's go.

Jesus, she'll be bringing the alcohol. We'd love it when Suzy goes. Bobby Bones, Thursday and Friday.

Bobby Bones. Then I'll be back here Monday. That's the way we're rolling. Richard's going to be 70 tomorrow in Indianapolis. Are you serious? Yeah. Wow.

Okay, great. I'll walk to work. I'm saying nice weather. I'll walk to work.

Normally take the tunnels and then the catacombs or whatever there in Indianapolis. Nice weather to me. Hey, all the weather out there.

Thank you. Matt Barr from CW, Walker Independence, will be joining us in studio in hour number three. And look, we've been on the air here for eight plus years. Can you believe we're turning nine this fall? Can you believe it? No, I can't.

Okay. Our first in-studio guest, first ever in-studio guest was Vince Gilligan. Day one. And it was right as Breaking Bad was ending. And he gave us a little extra time because he had to leave the writer's room for his new show called Better Call Saul. And we've had Giancarlo Esposito here and we've had Bryan Cranston here multiple times. And so as you know, we have been into the Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Hoover, Jonathan Banks called in, cursed his head off. Patrick Fabian, who plays Howard Hammond, has been here in-studio. Michael McKeon called in, Bob Odenkirk we've had on this program as well. When we found out last night that we were having Ray Sehorn, who was nominated for her role multiple times as Kim Wexler, you texted the group, Chris, and you don't ever really do that. No, because I was watching a show last night and it was like getting ready for bed. The show being the Celtics losing to the Knicks, or is it a different show?

Without Jaylen Brown, I mean, you're going to count that. And I was just checking. It's like Better Call Saul without Ray Sehorn. I was just checking the show email and I was like, oh, holy ass, let's go. Here we go. Here we go.

Let's ride. I got a Walter White Heisenberg piece of blood right here that's said every day. I don't think she, she actually, her character was the one with Aaron Paul, Jesse Pinkman. That was the, what a choice that was. Let's connect those two characters together in Better Call Saul. At any rate, we love that show and the new movie Linoleum, Jim Gaffigan, another, the cast includes Jim Gaffigan, Tony Shalhoub, Michael Ian Black, they've all been on this program. Michael Ian Black, a two time Super Bowl champion through seven years of his NFL career.

You see on his bio of Twitter, I did not, yeah, two rings, nine years, two rings or something like that. Whatever. Anyway, Ray is in studio coming up in just about 15 minutes time. We're all excited.

So clear your workspaces. And then in hour number three, when Matt Barr comes in, yet another difficult two shot for the kid. He's a handsome guy, kind of like Brandon Sclenar, who was here from Friday from 1923. And you're, you're now seeing his work for the first time, TJ.

Yeah. I started it. Like I said, I, for whatever reason, I didn't think I'd be into 1883 and then Brockman kept trying to get me to watch it and I powered through it.

And then I started 1923 and now you're off. There's a couple scenes in there that made it tough, but I know Brandon, he's, he's amazing. Very good.

Great in it. Speaking of roughing it, Aaron Rodgers still is and well, I mean, he has, he is, you know, we haven't heard from him. Nobody knows. He wasn't even on Pat's show yesterday, right? Well, today's Tuesday. Oh, okay. So maybe he'll show up on Pat's show and see his shadow or it'll be longer winter for Green Bay because he hasn't given an answer yet. Man, that was cold blooded. And so we haven't used that Gus Johnson drop in a while.

No, that's the truth though. I mean, we're all waiting. We are waiting. And it's not just we in the media, it's teams that are looking for quarterbacks who happen to be first ballad great, you know, who may just be available to help you win a championship in his remaining years of a window of greatness. But apparently there's other stuff that comes with Aaron Rodgers as is evidenced by him not responding to the Packers yet. And before we play the soundbite from Brian Gudekunst, the general manager of the Packers who spoke not at a podium, but locally to reporters, or he spoke to the local beat writers and reporters of the Wisconsin world and maybe some other interested national folks who might be interested, you know, New York writers who were interested if the Jets are interested in Aaron Rodgers and so on and so forth. Just understand this in advance, the fact that Rodgers hasn't told Brian Gudekunst anything yet, significant yet, he's not anywhere near the drama of Brett Favre from back in the day when Rodgers was the Jordan Love in this equation waiting for his chance.

Not at all. First thing, if Rodgers was not telling anything to Gudekunst by March 28th, then he'd be entering the Favre era. And then him then saying, I'm retired and coming back and saying, I want to come back to the Packers on June 28th, now he's entered Favre territory.

So I front-load that when we now listen to Brian Gudekunst talk about the latest between the Packers and Aaron Rodgers. Yeah, really no updates, you know, again, I think like I was talking earlier, haven't had the conversations that we need to have yet, so really, really no update, but looking forward here for being an MD and looking at these prospects and trying to help this football team. Who initiates when those conversations will take place over there? Yeah, there's been some contact back and forth. Obviously he's had some things on his plate, but hopefully those things will happen soon. Do you want him back as the quarterback in effect? Yeah, I think those discussions have to happen and making sure that it's the right fit, but obviously we know the kind of player that Aaron is, and once we have those conversations, we'll be able to move forward with a lot more to say. Now the words, the right fit. He's not coming back.

Jump out at you and just hit you over the head. Aaron Rodgers, not the right fit for the Green Bay Packers. Really? What does that mean? And I asked this of Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated yesterday, and I'm going to ask it of everybody until we get an answer here. Because you hear all the time, Rodgers, the Packers need to know if he's all in.

And I asked Breer, what does that mean? Because when they need him to hear that he's all in, how was he not all in last year? Because he wasn't at all the off-season workouts? He didn't have a Rodgers minicamp of his own with the young kids who just got drafted? And don't listen to all that stuff about how he's estranged from a lot of the locker room. Favre went through the same thing, because guess what?

The kids in that locker room are literally half his age. What's he going to talk to him about? New Tech Tox?

Seriously? What's he going to talk to him about? Hey, we're going to make a TikTok. Call of Duty? And we're making TikToks over here.

You want to join us? Seriously. Christian Watson is 23. Yeah, I mean, you know what I mean? Like, there's not much in common here.

So that might be what he's talking about, too. So don't make it seem like Rodgers is the a-hole that won't fit in the square peg-hole. It may just be we're a young team.

Jordan will be the guy here. He loves TikTok. He... Want to TikTok? Hello fellow youths.

Who wants to TikTok today? You know, I mean, so that's maybe what he's talking about, too. Right fit. Jordan Love may be the right fit, because that's a 23-year-old. That's a 22-year-old. That's this guy who's grown up. And Rodgers may be like, you know what? I'm done with the child care. I want to go someplace where there's a grown-ass man named Devante Adams, or I want to go to a spot where, you know... Was a grown-ass man named Mike Evans.

So you know, or Derrick Henry. I don't know. And like, so let's just, you know, bide our time a little bit more, because there is time.

The new league year begins two weeks from tomorrow. The... What's it called again? Negotiating... It's the negotiation. Negotiating period. Period.

Ah! That begins two weeks from yesterday. So...

I printed that out for you. There's time. There's time. He could even go, you know, in the dark again for three, four more days and still... Hello darkness my old friend.

I understand the Packers want an answer. I would too. Like, just ask Jerry, agent to the stars. When I'm waiting to find something, I'm like Mona Lisa Vito. My clock is ticking, you know, when I'm trying to make a business deal for this show and everything else.

I'm like, let's go. So I understand the Packers want to know, certainly when they're walking around and evaluating talent and what direction they're going to go in, and maybe, just maybe, they're hoping Rodgers comes out and says, I don't want to play anymore, or for you, or I want to go somewhere else, send me somewhere else. And you start Jordan Love's tenure. Like this is the way I'm reading it all, here. And you know, I think people are going to be like, the right fit, Rodgers and Rodgers not the right fit. He may not be the right fit anymore.

Maybe he is. And I do speak to some fans that are like, we're done. We're done. The Sky Caves and everything else that he's saying, we're done. He's making us wait.

He's like, okay, this is not even remotely close to Favre. Got some time. Oh my goodness. He hasn't given an answer yet. I'm a little surprised by that.

I mean, but it's not like he's gone radio silent. So we're going to find out. And I can't wait to get to Indianapolis. I am going to hear all sorts of insane things. All the tea is going to be spilled there, Rich. Oh man. It's going to be like the Boston Tea Party. Start a burner Twitter.

And then text it to me and then I'll just hit it with retweets, but it'll be like a wink wink that we know that you're telling us what's going on. At B. Colangelo? No. Overheard at the Combine. It's an old school NBA reference. Thank you. I don't like that one either. Sorry. I ruined his team. Sorry.

Overheard at Combine. And then just like, you hit me, I'll just like subtly retweet it. Could you imagine I do something like that?

How stupid could I be? Well, you wouldn't be doing it, Gene. You're not doing it. You don't know what I'm going to do instead, I'm just going to go take a nap because I got three kids and I'm honestly, there's three things I'm going to do at the Combine. I'm going to work my ass off. Sleep in.

Not work out. I'm going to on occasion have a glass of red at night. Oh, that's mandatory. And then whenever possible, go to sleep. I'm going to create my own little darkness cave in whatever hotel room I've got and it's just going to be like, I want blackout curtains.

You want a hack for that? Oh, I got, I got, I got like some eye pillows. Your eye pillows.

Oh yeah. Take the curtains. Good night.

My left eye is twitching having this conversation. You know the hangers in hotel rooms that have the little hooks on it for your pants? You take those and you put the curtains together and you use those to make it shut and that's how nothing, no light seeps through. You didn't know that? I'm in. I'm in. I got it. I got it.

Oh gosh. So that's my plan. Okay.

For the NFL Network's coverage. You can text me things you hear and I'll just hit it from one of my burners. And that's my take on Aaron Rodgers from soup to absolutely nuts. Soup to nuts. Okay.

Put that on the t-shirt. Let's take a break and let's bring out. I cannot wait to meet her and have a chat. Ray Sehorn. She's in the new movie with Jim Gaffigan called Linoleum.

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That is the only way that I'm ever able to accomplish anything. Rolling Stone Music Now, wherever you listen. Back here on our radio show, we're here with the great Ray Sehorn. We just saw a clip of Linoleum in select theaters near you. Two things. First things first, we've got to get your characters a more reliable man.

One's building a rocket ship in a garage. Another one is, well, we all know what Jimmy did, but let's talk Linoleum here with you. And maybe I should only ever work with leading men that are great comedic actors and you didn't know what else they could do. That's correct. That's another theme right here. That is.

Or you bring it out of them. I doubt that. So let's talk about this new movie that you're in with Jim Gaffigan. Michael Ian Black is in the cast.

Tony Shalhoub, a terrific cast. And I want to, if you will, to use a phrase from Another World, tread lightly here, right? Because there's I'll give you the floor on what the movie's about, because I don't want to give anything away.

There's many layers to this film. So are you going to make me say it? Yeah. Well, there's another comparison with Saul, right? I think I'm destined to talk about shows where I'm not allowed to say anything. That's right.

Well, then we'll talk about your next project as well with Vince Gilligan. I think I can say less about that. Right. Yeah. No, it's it is hard to describe. And you've seen it. And so, you know, why I was just talking to Liz here that it's there are definitely some narrative nonlinear, nonlinear narrative plot lines that you may feel like you're not sure what's happening and there is some satisfaction to how they are, how they add up.

But in my experience, it's actually better to just let go of trying to add it up and let those last 15 minutes find you wherever you are, because I've been around quite a few people watching screenings now. And I know I'm not summing this up well, but it is about it's about the chapters of life we go through. There is a sci-fi element. There is a dark comedy element.

But it's it's a love story about trying to get through this life with your partner and the different roles that we have to take on to get there. And it's in select theaters near you right now, Linoleum, you and Jim Gaffigan, who is I love that guy. I love him.

I love him. And Jeannie, his wife and his kids. We were shooting in upstate New York, height of the pandemic, pre-vaccine in a little Best Western bubble. Yeah. But on the weekends, I couldn't fly home to L.A. so I would stay with Jeannie and Jim and his kids. So you were you were a Gaffigan? I was a Gaffigan. You were an unofficial Gaffigan for a while?

Yeah. I also like forced Bob Odenkirk and Patrick Fabian's families to adopt me. And we the three of us live together shooting. That's my jam.

That's your jam is just to go into these shoots and do all that stuff. We've had Patrick here on the show. What a great.

He says hi. He said to tell you something about he got to do the twin towel, the terror towel, the terrible towel. Yes. Yes. He's a diehard. I'm so afraid.

I'm going to be asked a sports question. Yeah. By the way, you ever see the movie Diner?

You ever see that? Yeah. OK.

This is not that like we're not we're not going to quiz you. You know, and then and then you're allowed to come out of the room when you've passed enough. Like that's great. That's not the way it's on. Constantly my house. There you go. Every sport there is.

Is that right? Because of my two boys and grandma. So what sports are on in your house? Every sport. OK. Did you watch this? Everything.

New York. Did you catch the Super Bowl? It was it was on. OK.

It was on. I love it. So New York.

Yeah. My my fiance, Graham Larson, is a New Yorker. The boys were born here.

I'm step mom. I'm from the East Coast, but he's made the boys believe they're New Yorkers. I think they think they actually are from New York. But you grew up all over the place, right? Yeah, I did.

I did. D.C. and where else? Japan, Virginia, Arizona. Yeah, that's all over the place. And kind of. That's right. Yeah.

So it's tough to, you know, land in one spot sports wise. So you've adopted the New York. OK, yes. That's it. It's but the New York sports scene has adopted you in passing is the way to put it right there. Yes.

OK. I'm from New York City myself, so that's what. Yeah, that's my scene. That's my scene for sure. I love New York. So do I. It's my favorite place. So let's just jump into the Kim Wexler character, if you don't mind.

Sure. How were you introduced to her? How did that get introduced? I actually came in red for it. Vince and Peter were already down in Albuquerque scouting. I knew Breaking Bad very well. And Sharon Bialy, Sherry Thomas, Russell Scott of Bialy Thomas casting that I've been in for for years and years and years and years. And I was doing sitcoms when I was doing theater back East Coast. I did drama and comedy. But once I came out with a sitcom, that's kind of where you get put. And but Bialy Thomas casting had been calling him in for a lot of dramas for years. And so they thought that I was a good fit for the role and sent tapes to Vincent Peter.

And we went through that process and then I did a chemistry read with Bob and then came on the show. Boom. But I knew very little about the character. Right.

Very, very little. And so did we, obviously, as viewers. And so did they. They told me. Is that right?

Yeah. It was not sort of planned out. There was a lot of elements that changed. Michael McKean, the great Michael McKean playing Chuck, he was at one time supposed to be the thing that made you see the soft side of Jimmy. Jimmy was going to become Saul right away, I believe within the first season.

And Chuck was going to be this sort of invalid that had to be taken care of. But Michael McKean played it with such gravitas and such so much complexity and subtext that they were like, oh, I think this is a formidable foe. And then Howard, Patrick Fadiman playing Howard came in and there was this complexity of the way he was like, it's easy to project onto him that he's one simple thing, but he was playing it with Morse.

Excuse me, I hit your mic. And then, and then I was in these scenes where she says very little, but it's constantly present and observing. And I thought, well, not speaking in a room can be a position of weakness or a position of power. And I find the latter more interesting.

So we all were kind of coming at our characters that way and things got jostled around and suddenly Michael McKean's was the foe and I was his heart and, and Howard was the person that Jimmy was projecting everything onto who doesn't deserve it. It was interesting. It is, it is fascinating to me because obviously as fans of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, the fan base ascribes to Vince Gilligan and Peter Gold, the, the, the, I guess the belief that they've got it all mapped out from beginning to the very end. And they fully admit that is not the case.

It's a journey for them as well. I know you've had Vince on here and I don't know if you've had Peter, but it fascinates me. Even when I did the the post, not the post shows, but the the podcast that we would do. I just couldn't believe it. I kept like quizzing them like, you know, the stuff.

Yeah. I was like, you had to know the stuffed animal, why the stuffed animal was floating in the pool. I don't believe that that wasn't like a deep plant. And they were like, well, no, we knew it fell out of the sky.

We weren't sure why. And then we got around to, you know Jessica's character dying. I'm sorry, Kristen Ritter's character dying. Jesse's girlfriend is what I meant to say.

And we're like, oh, maybe her dad flies a plane. And I'm just like, I don't know how you didn't piece this together. And I'm sure they told you that Saul Goodman wasn't going to exist, except that Jonathan Banks was not available, sorry, I said it backwards.

Bob was not available for Saul Goodman to clean up her body. And so the Mike Ehrmantraut character was created. That is actually used to me and us, right? I did not know that.

Isn't that crazy? Say that one more time? So when she dies, when she chokes on her own vomit, one of the best episodes ever, Kristen Ritter. And by the way, her name in it is what? You can look that up, Chris. We've had, if you don't mind, we've had Bryan Cranston here multiple times. He said that's one of the toughest scenes he's ever had to do, is watching that character, Kristen Ritter's character choke because he thought of his own daughter.

Horrible. Right? And so that's, and so he said that about that scene. He writes about it and his autobiography is great. Right.

Yeah, we have it actually. It's a side copy right there. He talks about that scene and how originally he was supposed to actively strangle her. I forget, he was supposed to be more active instead of passively just not turning her body. Oh, I think he was supposed to turn her on her back and instead of just not helping.

Just watching it happen. And there's something more insidious in that moment because, I guess because of what Peter and Vince do so well and all the writers on that show where they make sure the lines that you're crossing are a little at a time. So that by the time somebody is in a horrible position, you're like, oh, I would never do that. But you might've done step one. You might've just cheated on your taxes. You might've not put a note on that person's car that you had.

You know, it's just like they make these steps, obviously passively letting somebody choke on their vomit is a big step. But anyway, what I was saying is that, rather than leaving out a receipt on your taxes, nobody understand what you're saying. So I asked Vincent Peter in one of the podcasts, I go, okay, I know you guys just like to say that you didn't like map it all out, but you would have to know if you have guest stars, whether or not they can come back. How do you write a story if somebody might not be available? And they said, funny, you should ask that, Bob, I think maybe Bob was shooting Alexander Payne's Nebraska maybe at the time, but he was shooting something and they wrote when Kristin's character dies, that he comes and cleans up the body in this very cold unfeeling manner and that was going to be where his character started to go and he was simply not available. So they made up the Mike Ehrmantraut character. Oh, thank goodness. Thank goodness.

Right. And Jonathan Banks played it and now it's like, you know, invaluable to the show, that character. And also like, I'm so glad that that's not how we saw Saul.

That would have forever changed how we saw him as well. Ray Sehorn here on The Rich Eisen Show again, linoleum in select theaters at her new movie. And I don't mean to talk about you like you're not sitting here. So let me just get right back to what you just, we just had a conversation about Brian Cranston and him being here and him conjuring up a vision of his own daughter as he's watching a character, you know, Jesse Pinkman's girlfriend, Jane, Kristin Ritter, choke. So where did you find the emotion for the second to last episode?

We've talked about it with Vince on the show, you even saw it on Twitter. You tweeted back at the show, which we were all delighted about is that you playing your character, Kim Wexler in the second to last episode, fittingly called Waterworks, A Better Call Saul. Your character has just come clean to Howard Hamlin's widow in the form of an affidavit.

You've now come clean to a court on everything that you've done in the history of the program. And you're now flying back to your new life in Florida on a bus in an airport. And you break down crying. Where do you, what were you thinking? Like where do you find that, Ray? I started with like emotionally what might be going on.

But in the end, you need to know how to do your job at three o'clock in the morning for multiple takes, freezing cold at the Albuquerque Airport. Luckily, I have the most supportive family and Vince Gilligan, who's a dear friend, and I admire him so much looking on and encouraging me. But at the end of the day, I felt like I truly understood what Kim would be grieving in that moment. And it is not just what happened that day, it's the loss of this relationship, the loss of herself, the loss of the man she knew Jimmy could be, fear for him, fear for herself, she might go to jail, she doesn't know at that point. It's a true tragedy. And the questions that they had throughout the whole show of like, who are we innately versus who are we because of the people we come into contact with. And the summary of your experience, like all of those things, they felt tragic to me.

And then I placed different things in my body. I think we've all been in public when we were going to fall apart. And honestly, it's an old phrase that people use too much, but your job is to play against.

That's why it's interesting. What do you mean? You fight to not cry because that's what we do when we're in public.

Nobody wants to ball in front of a tram of strangers. Yeah, returning a rental car. Yeah, returning a rental car. And I went in thinking these things and by the time you sit on that bus with the lump in your throat, which we've all had before, if you try to swallow it hard enough, it will fight you back. And that's what ended up making me. And then just, I felt everything.

I felt everything of following this woman and this relationship for seven years. Yeah. And just how you shake your head, that's what got me to start because I have done, you know, had similar moments where you just like, did that really happen? That's what was so believable, obviously, your emotions. How did we get here?

How did I get here? Yeah. And also, please don't come out right now. That's the other like, nope, save it, suck it up. You've been sucking it up for seven years and you can still suck it up. And I told Vince, I was like, I'm afraid to like, it's always more interesting to fight not to cry.

Or we really want him to cry. And he was like, Ray. And Peter said the same thing. He's like, you, Kim has kept her shit together for six seasons.

She's allowed to fall apart. Yeah. I mean, as I pointed out, even like your hair was always in a tight, you know, ponytail. Yep. So, but what you just said, though, Ray seahorn here on The Rich Eisen Show, what you just said, though, is that, you know, she lost herself. Yeah. But did she really though? Because it seems that, you know, part of her was- She's still in there. Yes. And the way that things ended, spoiler alert, it did kind of, when you visited Jimmy in prison, it did seem like, you know, you kind of scammed your way in there. Yep.

She did. And it seems like, you know, that you're, the losing yourself is the character in Florida with the schmoe. Absolutely. With the schmoe you're shacked up with or you're with, you know, with mayonnaise, there's a side, like, and it's just, you know, you're- There's nothing wrong with that. You're writing for Sprinkle. No, no, no, no, no, no. I'm not saying that's wrong. Just compared to the living on the edge of what you had.

Which is also a good try. I mean, people are watching that knowing Kim that she was, you know, it's one of those things like I'm up late at night thinking like, who are all the authors will never read? Who are the paintings, you know, what are the paintings we'll never see? There's just like, there's, you know, there's people like working at the grocery store that are beautiful poets.

And so there's nothing wrong with their life. The tragedy is that, uh, you know what she's capable of and you, and you hope she has those opportunities again. So where is she today? I am a hopeless romantic. So even though I know that the series, Peter nailed the ending as far as like, he's like, I want people, I want their lives to live on and for them to continue to have questions, the audience. Yes. And I said, well, I think you did that.

I said, but I'm a hopeless romantic. So if anyone asks me, I'm going to say she definitely tries to figure out how to reduce his sentence. Um, I don't think she scams and we did have, you know, when he does finger guns, we shot me giving them back. Kim. Yeah. And they took it out. Um, and at first I was sad at first I was really sad. And then, um, Peter said, and Vince said, well, um, it was important to us that it not look like she just went right back. Her car, you know, car tire just went right back into the rut. She is different. She has changed forever.

Um, and she truly might get back into practicing law and figure out how to do something about this, but it won't be by scamming this time. So you reduce his sentence. And what are you living together? I don't know. What do you think? I don't know. I know. You know what I mean? Like you can't say with Glenn and just do puzzles with no pictures on them.

I do jigsaw puzzles. And when I read the script that she's doing one with no picture, I was like, oh, he hasn't decided. Cause he's very particular, as you know, the most beautiful way I was like, oh, he, oh, it's a placeholder.

He hasn't decided. And then I got, there was legit, just a blue puzzle with no, I was like, that's maniacal. She's lost it. Yeah. I mean, how do you do a puzzle with no pictures on it? I mean, that's nuts. People do what about people do them.

And then they kill people. Sorry. I'm not going to get any free puzzles out of the tub. My goodness. Ray. No, but it is just a, I mean, what a world, uh, did he tell you we weren't in Florida either for any of that?

We were, Oh yeah, we were in Albuquerque and it was freezing for really walking around the yard in like a little skirt, Florida, chewing ice. So your breath doesn't show my gosh. And here I thought your most impressive acting was on that bus returning your rent a car. It's not, it's about the countdown before they say action and you and uh, all the wonderful gals playing my friends, we would look at each other when we would say shoulders down on five, five, four, three, two, one. Cause you're like, Oh my God, it's a joy.

Everything on that sense of joy. Of course. And so your favorite, your favorite scene, uh, with you or Jimmy or you and whomever, you and Patrick, I don't mean to put you on the spot, but I'm just doing it and I'm going to tap dance a little longer. That's impossible. Well, I mean just for your, for your character, for your moment that you're, you're, you're, you look back on, you're like, that was it.

That's impossible. I loved, uh, is this season three? I loved it like, uh, yelling at Patrick yelling at Hamlin or um, when I, when he wants to tell Jimmy that my, uh, that Chuck left him nothing. I also loved my stairwell scene with all the montage post-its. That's the first time they gave me a story like alone and it was so great. Um, okay.

That's great. I love all my quiet scenes with, with Bob the most. We have explosive scenes that were very, very hard and very, very challenging, but when we would do stuff like laughing at the same joke or brushing our teeth or, uh, watching a movie or eating Chinese food, we, we, we developed this respect with each other and each other's work so much that, um, nothing could be said without hanging. It was a, it was a real volleyball match, which I believe is what people are seeing when they say there's chemistry. It's when there's a, there's an invisible tether between the two that it does not matter if you planned your performance in your trailer to, to the teeth, it cannot be the same until you find out what your scene partner is going to do.

And um, I just loved every, every pitch he threw me. I love it. And then, you know, the choice that they made to connect your character with Jesse Pinkman so fun cause your character again, and that that's what kind of got us on pins and needles watching this is we didn't see you in Breaking Bad. We did not, so we had no idea how your character was going to wind up. Me neither. At all.

Right? Nothing. Were you like getting scripts thinking, looking to see if you were wound up? Didn't Patrick tell you?

That's all we would do. Cause he and I are cut from the same, I won't even see self deprecating, I'll say self loathing cloth and like constantly flipping, going like, I'm not dead. At least I'm not dead. I don't care what I'm doing. At least I'm not dead.

Not, I live another day. We, we, you even thanked Vince for Kim not being, every single week it was a thing on the podcast and every recap you would read is just like, thank God Kim lives another week. Cause, cause, cause again, and also because you're the one who actually, you know, broke good. Right?

Yeah. I mean, and, and everybody, everybody broke bad and then never broke good. And we were kind of rooting for you to do that and take Saul Goodman with you. That's the way I was watching this entire show. This, this slow burn and that's the way they made you wish that when you already actually know the outcome. Exactly.

No, he's not going to be okay. Well, I mean, and that's, that's, that's one of the many brilliant parts about it is, but to hook you up with Aaron Paul and Jesse Pinkman, um, just before I let you go, what was that scene like for you to be, I guess in Breaking Bad in a way I didn't know those guys were coming and I was just going to pretend like I had stuff to do that week so that I could stay in town and go, Hey, I've met them both and they're so, so lovely and generous, but I didn't think I'd have a scene with them. And then because of the location of the front of that office, that strip mall and Aaron and Brian's schedules and you know, coordinating all of that and getting them into town under deep cover and all this stuff. We had to shoot the scenes out of order and I had to shoot that scene well before that episode. So I did not, I didn't even know that they get divorced and they're like, and she's carrying her divorce papers. And I was like, wow, and um, I Jen and they did have, when we were saying earlier that they don't plan everything out because of a COVID they had written their scripts much more further along than we normally have as well as we knew it was a finale. So there were a mile plus that had to be hit. I mean, Peter had to hit so many different storylines from the Breaking Bad world and from the Better Call Saul world.

So I generally don't want to know too much ahead of time because it's my RAM space is full with the job I'm doing at hand. But I did call Peter. I was like, clearly you have to tell me a little bit. What happened? What was I doing?

I had never seen the front of Saul Goodman's office in that era. So I was like, what am I doing there? What's happening? And he told me exactly what I needed to know to play the scene, which had less to do with what is this interaction with Aaron Paul's character. That's for the audience to sort of wonder about the mystery of, but he told me what the scene was that was inside, which we did not shoot until much later. The scene where she comes back to get the divorce papers signed. And when you ask about like the bus scene, like what do you think about when you're doing that? That's one of those scenes where I've never been divorced. I hope I don't have to go through that, but I was like, oh, we've all been there where you were deeply in love with someone and then you show up at a party and they act like it wasn't a big deal. And you think like, you're both going to be like, oh, this is hard, isn't it? And they're like, no, it's not.

Nope. I haven't even thought about you in years. And I knew Bob was going to play it that way. And so it made me want to throw up. So that's how I played the beginning of the scene. I was like trying to smoke and I was like, I'm going to throw up. Well, you stuck the landing, right?

I mean, just like you did. So what's, what, all right, I know that I was, I say, what's next linoleum in theaters, select theaters. And then, then what's going on with your, that doesn't mean I'm not proud of Better Call Saul.

I hope I never have to stop talking about Better Call Saul. So what's next, the next project with Vince, can you tell me anything about it other than apples involved? What else? What else?

When do you, have you started? He told me that he's had these ideas brewing, they have nothing to do with Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul world. And he was trying to figure out how to make them work and how to get them to gel together. And that sometime during our show, I don't know when that he was like, it should be, he was talking to me, he said, it should be, it should be you. And I realized like, and then I wrote it for you. And then I cried my eyes out because I had called all of my writers and my producers and my directors saying like, wherever you go, you got a background person that needs to like be, you know, whatever, let me, let me know. I want to, I want to follow the storytelling that that group of people is doing. And I will show up wherever they need me to show up. And they were all like, yes, we love you. But kind of hemming and hawing.

And I couldn't figure out why, but it was because Vince had told them he's going to do something with me. Well then, do you start? Have you started? I have not started. Have you seen, have you seen a syllable yet on a page? I've seen two scripts. Let's FaceTime Vince right now and get some details. Let's do it. I'm sure he'll spill it. I've never seen anything like it in my life.

I've never done anything like it in my life. FaceTime Vince, you mean? Yes. We're going to TikTok, right? Guys, let's make a TikTok. Let's all TikTok. I was laughing my head off when you said it. I've been on, I've been on sets where I'm the oldest person there and they're like, I'm like, are we, are we TikToking? Oh, let's TikTok.

Oh my God, I love it. No, I do. Linoleum in select theaters right now, you Ray Sehorn have earned in my mind, in my mind, the right of seeing anything that you're in. Oh. Fact. Wow. You are, you are awesome. I'm going to cry again. Thank you.

Anything that you were in in Linoleum is that, and I can't wait till what you're doing with Vince and everything else. Thank you very much. So we're, we have Ray of Sehorn here on the Rich Eisen Show. Thank you for being here, Ray. Greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for having me. At Ray Sehorn on Twitter and Instagram and in select theaters in Linoleum. We're back to continue our show in just a moment. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network on the Roku channel live stream, sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger is the right product for you.

Call We'll just stop by. I love doing the show. I love doing it with you. Um, I want to thank all the fans who might not be Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad fans for, you know, uh, bearing with us in that respect and cause, uh, we talk here about what, what's of interest to all of us here and that show and is of complete interest to us. And I am so thrilled that we go deep, man. When we get somebody on from Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul, we go deep in it cause it's a deep show and I just love her. She's incredible.

Ray seahorn. I mean, yeah, I know you're not, you didn't really watch Better Call Saul, right? Yeah. The thing is I'm, believe it or not, I'm way behind. I'm on the final season though. So I've got like six, seven episodes. I don't think we really, you didn't really, because it's so deep in, in, you know, it's, it's difficult to turn my brain off when I knew stuff was coming up. I kind of just like Del Tufo.

You pull a Del Tufo. But yeah, she, you know, I started watching her on a Whitney Cummings sitcom a few years ago and she was definitely like, you're like, this, this woman is good. And then that's when she, right after that Better Call Saul was the next thing. And she's, she's amazing.

She's seen two scripts. We're getting closer. Automatically in. Automatically in. Automatically in.

So was apparently Apple, you know, I mean. Could you not be? So Vince Gilligan walks in. I got this idea. Done.

Over. We don't care. We don't care. I got an idea. Here's a checkbook.

We don't care. Who do you need? Sold. Brilliant. What must that feel like to sell something in the room like that? Not sure. In this town? Unglare. Get out of here.

I mean, I sold a book once, but that was also in New York. So here's what, here's what we got. There's his bear and it loves cocaine. Really? Sold.

Sold. You don't say. Wait till Suzy gives you her two cents on cocaine bear tomorrow.

Ruby about three months is in. You ask her this when you, when she sits in your tomorrow and you have a moment, how does she not jump? Oh, she didn't. Are you a jumper in movies when something happens? I don't watch those movies. You don't flinch? Yeah. He doesn't. Come on. But you've seen some. I jump. Right.

She doesn't flinch. Are you a jumper? I don't think I jumped at this one. You didn't jump at any of these moments? Come on, man. But there were some times like, ooh. Right. I didn't jump.

Ooh. I jump. She doesn't flinch.

Steely-nerved. Doesn't move. Does she also do puzzles with no pictures? That is psychotic.

That is psychotic. What is the point? Puzzles with no pictures. You're just literally trying to fit them together.

There's no basis to go on. What is that? The color blue. A thousand pieces.

Puzzles with no pictures. Go. Also, the current Packers quarterback situation. Hey. Look at you.

Just waving. It's a tapestry every day here. And that's why, again, I appreciate the Roku channel saying, go deep onto pop culture.

Go for it. And I appreciate the Rich Eisen Show, Terrestrial Radio affiliates having this show and providing the pop culture conversation. Sports is that world. So it was great with Ray. Coming up in hour number three, Matt Barr of the CW show, Walker Independence. He'll be here. He's a diehard Dallas fan. But when we come back on this show, Sean Payton spoke and Josh McDaniel spoke. We're back to the world of the combine when we come back. Joe Douglas is speaking of the Jets.

Another quarterback situation that's a puzzle with no pictures. What's better, Rich? Fantastic. Or terrific. Fantastic. Eighty five percent. OK. Who is the Bears starting quarterback week one?

Ninety two percent. Justin Fields. Justin Fields.

They got to get a market somehow going. If DJ, you heard what he said, he's like, yeah, Bryce Young, just not a fit for Chicago. Everybody's going to know that. That kind of hurts him. And we go Stroud. It's suddenly Stroud. He's the guy now. Push him up.

Push him up. Could be either of them. He's like a Fields clone. They're the same height. They're doing the same way.

They went to the same school. And guys, we're just we're just doing due diligence. That's all we're doing. This diligence and it's due. That's what we're doing.

Doing. By the way, the fact that you were the first one who used that phrase in conjunction with this three weeks ago and now, you know, the GM saying due diligence, the coach is due diligence. This just in. There's an NFL.

It has a block. I've been around. It's my 18th combine going Indianapolis for an 18th time.

Do you have your own booth at St. Elmo's? No, because I'm not a shrimp cocktail guy. That's also breaking news. I'm not.

It's not insane. It's not everyone loves shrimp. Honestly, you're you're you're you're going to find me in the Steak and Shake more often than not. You love Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules.

Now get to know her on Give Them Lala with her assistant Jess. L.A., it can become suffocating. Did something happen where you felt like I have to get out of here or do you just think it just happens sometimes? I think it just happens, but also just everything going on in my personal life. Like, I want to get on this mike and be like, this is what I've been dealing with for 14 months. Give Them Lala wherever you listen.
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