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REShow: Chris Long - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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December 20, 2022 3:05 pm

REShow: Chris Long - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 20, 2022 3:05 pm

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

What's Right with Nick Wright is a rapidly growing podcast from the Fox Sports Podcast Network. You may know Nick Wright from co-hosting FS1's First Things First. This podcast gives Nick a chance to develop, deep dive, and defend his sharpest opinions. During the show, Nick faces off against a ticking clock, a team of producers, and even his own family to try and get his points across.

New episodes drop Monday, Thursday, and Friday wherever you get your podcasts. This is the Rich Eisen Show. This might be one of the dumbest games I've ever seen.

Silly, stupid, moronic, whatever you want to call it, boneheaded. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. We have to play better situational football. The Rich Eisen Show. What can you do to make that happen?

Work on it. Today's guests, two-time Super Bowl champion, Chris Long. Vikings quarterback, Kirk Cousins. Writer and director, John Ridley. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Hey everybody. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. We are live on the air here on the Roku channel in Los Angeles, California.

Live on this Rich Eisen Show, terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM Odyssey. We are live is basically what I'm saying. There's three games left for everybody in the National Football League regular season, and things are getting tight. We have got as much on the ball to try and tell you what's going on, whether it's our eyeballs or yes. Later on in the program, crystal ball. You're going to crystal ball it this NFC playoff picture that's awful tight.

Awful tight. We got three guests on this program today. Chris Long is going to be joining us in about 18 minutes time in his usual Monday spot.

We missed it yesterday. He's going to be joining us today right here on the Rich Eisen Show. So, we've got a whole full complement of games from week 15, the craziest week I've seen in quite some time to talk about with him. For instance, in terms of crazy games, how about the quarterback who led the 33-point comeback for the Minnesota Vikings, Kirk Cousins, will be joining us in advance of a Christmas Eve contest that could very well be a playoff preview, Giants at Vikings. So, he'll be joining us in hour number two, the Academy Award-winning writer and screenplay writer, now huge in the comic book world. John Ridley will be here in studio hour number three with his latest comic from the DC Universe. He will be joining us in this program.

He's a diehard Packer fan, so there's lots to talk about on this program. Good to see you over there, Chris Brockman. What's going on? Great. It looked really cold last night. It sure did.

Just visually, I was getting myself ready for calling that Saturday night Christmas Eve game, the Raiders at Steelers in feels like minus five. Good to see you over there, my friend, Jason Feller, in for DJ Mikey D. What's going on? Happy Hanukkah. Thank you. You got a little something to say.

Oh, you got a little menorah. Day two for you guys today? Day two? Me three. Night three.

Night three. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. We do things in nights.

Got it. Good to see you over there, TJ Jefferson. And the we is not the collective we. It's just me and EJ Feli, the Jews. How are you over there, TJ Jefferson?

What's going on? I'm stupendous. Very good. Good to see you. Good to see everybody here on this program. The Green Bay Packers. To make this analogy.

Like Don Corleone. That's right. They've taken eight shots. And they're still alive. Still alive. They've taken eight shots.

I think I could have got to the done before. They're still alive. The Green Bay Packers. The freaking Green Bay Packers, who everybody left for dead at four and five. They beat the Chicago Bears going to bye week, come off the bye week and beat the Rams. They're six and eight.

And you take a look at them. Are they still perfect? Are they still missing some throws?

Are they still not on the same page? Allen Lazard took full credit for the Aaron Rodgers interception last night. A pick that Aaron Rodgers never throws, like way over the head of his receiver, directly into the gut of a waiting defender.

It was really bad. And Allen Lazard said he had bad body language. He should have been where Rodgers was thinking he should go. And he gave Rodgers a very bad look. And Rodgers went for the other look. And that's the only blemish on Rodgers night, essentially. Touchdown pass. Aaron Jones runs one in.

A couple for A.J. Dillon, who couldn't finish the game. And I do hope he's back in a very short week. Well, actually, it's a full week. They play on Christmas Day, so it's just a short week, not a very short week. But hopefully he is back for that Christmas Day game that is way bigger than it looked two weeks ago, when everyone was talking about those Christmas Day games need to have some flex in them. Tom Brady taking on maybe Trace McSorley, not the apple of everybody's Christmas eye, and certainly not the Broncos versus the Rams, who just got eliminated last night. Brady needs a win, Rich. So if it's Trace McSorley, it's Trace McSorley.

Understood. It's pretty big for Tampa. But in terms of Packers versus Dolphins, that's a pretty darn big football game, because the Packers are still alive. They're sitting there currently at ten, at six and eight, two seven and seven teams in front of them. And a commander's team at seven, six and one.

Man, that one, that one for the commanders might serve them very well when it's all said and done. Again, we're going to crystal ball it later on. But for the Packers, they must win out. And as for Aaron Rodgers, watching them play defense, yes, against a banged up Rams team that is starting Baker Mayfield for the first time. Don't forget John Walford started the win on Thursday night against the Raiders.

No cup, no Aaron Donald, no offensive line, no shot. They were game, but the Packers got it done. And Rodgers walked off smiling. And he knows he's still got a lottery ticket in his back pocket that he's yet to rip up, because they still have a shot. This is Aaron Rodgers after the game.

See, I don't know. I mean, look, before the Bears week, we knew we had to buy afterwards. And those of us who sometimes peek ahead knew that we had to win five and then have a lot of things go our way. So we won two, and just about everything we've needed to happen has gone our way.

Just about, right? So, things are looking up. What went their way? Seahawks losing it home to Carolina Panthers, that went their way. What also went their way? That, believe it or not, that the commanders and giants didn't tie again, by the way. That went their way. That went their way. I guess, in a way, you can thank Carl Johnson for flagging Terry McLaurin after seemingly telling me he was fine on the line. That's why it was crazy to think that Rodgers should have been sat for Jordan Love. Well, we're not there yet.

Just put a pin in that sense. What else went their way? I guess the fact that Detroit's the only thing that didn't go their way. What really would have gone their way is if the Jets had not let Brock Wright run 51 yards untouched on fourth and inches and then had a much better final two minutes. But Detroit won. And then I guess, turning to what you're saying, TJ, that they didn't sit him.

When that Rodgers wasn't like, my thumb's broken in four and eight, I'm out. And they still have a shot. What is their shot?

I looked it up. They got to win all three. They must. If they do not win all three, they're toast. Nine losses is no bueno. You could go to any playoff generator you look and look at. Nine wins, nine losses ain't cutting it.

Nine and eight and getting some help. That's what they need to do. They've got to go to Miami and hand Miami a fourth straight loss. And if Miami shows up with the same game we saw in Buffalo, which is Jalen Waddle and Tyreek Hill scoring and Rahim Mostert running for 100 yards, does Green Bay have the offensive pot firepower? Can they avoid the mistakes of Lazard and Rodgers not being on the same page? Can they get the same out of Christian Watson and Romeo Dobbs now that he's back? And will Dylan be healthy? And can Aaron Jones and Dylan provide three touchdowns? If they can, then they can win that football game.

And then hope to stop Hill or Waddle and make sure that Tua doesn't just plant his foot and just get all the yak from their passing game. They lose one, they're out. If they win three, then they've got to hope Washington loses two of three.

That's what they got to hope. They got to win all three, their last games against Detroit, and then Washington with their six losses currently, losing two of three, finishing up eight, eight and one. And their nine and eight would put them in. Of course, the Giants are sitting there at eight, five and one. If the Giants lose all three, they're eight, eight and one, that would help. Packers win all three, Giants lose all three. And then Seattle loses two of three.

All possible, man. Because Seattle's at Kansas City, home against the Jets, home against the Rams. You gonna rule anything out in this crazy ass season? Detroit's at seven and seven, a game in front of them.

Detroit's already beaten Green Bay, but, but, but if Detroit loses to Green Bay in that final game in Lambeau Field, and Green Bay does in fact win out, they would have the same division record, the same conference record as the Lions. And that's when I just throw it to the folks at 345 Park Avenue with their slide rules and everything else out. You figure out tiebreaker. I mean, you've got the Google machine in front of you. I guess it would be common opponents or something like that. I don't know.

That's where you, that's where you really have to turn to a computer to figure this stuff out. But they're still alive. A million percent still alive. And as for the Rams, they are now freshly eliminated. And I mean, that Christmas Day game is going to be a tomb, quite frankly, with Denver coming in. I mean, they're the, they're the hotter team. They just won with Brett Rippon.

I mean, and they have to be competitive. And you're hearing all of this conversation about, well, Sean McVay was thinking of retiring last year or leaving the team last year. He resigned. And since then, the spots in television booths that he would have slipped right into, what a monster contract, by the way, Amazon would have paid him a lot. And had Fox not gotten, I mean, had, had Fox not decided to break up Buck and Aikman, it's entirely possible that ESPN could have hired Sean McVay. And I don't know who would have called the games there, but those jobs are filled now.

And the Rams are one of the best jobs in the National Football League. Who, I mean, Sean Payton reportedly wants to coach in Los Angeles. I mean, Sean Payton reportedly wants to coach in Los Angeles. If he returns, he would like to coach in LA for a reason. That building is amazing.

The facilities are great. Who the hell wouldn't want to come free agency to come out here? Certainly if McVay's the coach, look what he did for Stafford's career. Look what he did for Odell Beckham Jr's career. Look what he could possibly be doing for Baker Mayfield's career. Why wouldn't you want to go play for Sean McVay? As long as he still has the desire to coach and apparently what the Rams are paying him somewhere in the neighborhood of $15 million, and to use the Jack Walsh phrase from Midnight Run, that's a pretty respectable neighborhood. I don't know. I don't know what's going on in his head.

He did come on the show last week, as you know, and he started talking about how this season has made him take stock and his own potential shortcomings and what might be going on with him. This can't be fun for him. How about Brian Allen in the center going out one snap in last night? I mean, it has been a total dumpster fire on that offensive line since the minute they started playing football this year.

Right down the tubes. No Stafford, no Cup, no Aaron, Donald. I mean, and no first round draft choice this year either. But as the 49ers proved, all you need is the right draft choice, maybe even the final round to make a difference. So if I'm a Rams fan or I'm the Rams, I'm just, you know, take the temperature on Sean McVay. I don't think in the same way that you're looking at Brady saying, why would he step away to go take the job that he already has in the booth when he's performing at the same level that he's performing?

We also don't know what it takes for him to perform at that level, we assume. You look at Sean McVay and go, I don't think he's less than a coach at all this year. I know you said that he needs to do a better job, X, Y, and Z. I mean, what, making sure these guys don't constantly keep getting hurt? Yeah, right, right.

You know, and this happens all the time. These seasons happen. It's just kind of a throwaway year. Guys get injured. It's not going your way. You're like, that's the way I'm looking at it.

Let's just come back in 23 and see what we got. That's what makes your run even more impressive. The Patriots run is the fact that they didn't, it lasted two decades.

How, I mean, how rich, how was that possible, man? They didn't win for 10 years. Yeah, but you were still win it all for 10 years when it, sorry, I'll rephrase. They didn't win any championships for 10 years. But they never had a season like this though. Correct.

Yeah. I mean, you guys were always, which is what I think his point is for 20 years. You just never, you never fell off quite the way that. There was no hell moron in those two decades. There was not.

There was not. So I look at this season, it's just a lost season. You chalk it up. Would it be great if they had that first overall pick? Of course, because it's a top five and anybody who sits there and says, boy, this is really going to hamstring him. Guess what they're doing on draft night? Just looking in the case and looking down at that polishing walnut that they have for a Super Bowl championship ring. That's what they'll be doing. And then looking at Stafford saying, you want to keep playing again? And cup will come back and Donald will come back and everyone could sleep on the Rams next year. But why would McVeigh leave coaching in this spot to go get a studio job? Because he's not strolling in a booth right now. I don't know.

Unless it takes a significant amount for him to actually do this. So it's just one of those seasons for the Rams and the Packers are still alive. And later on this show, I will crystal ball the NFC playoff picture for you. Also on this program, we'll talk about Jalen Hurts and his shoulder injury, which might put Gardner Minshew in shotgun and under center against the Dallas Cowboys.

That's what we'll discuss later on. There's a team that has totally fallen off the radar screen and they're sitting there writing the wildcard mix for sure in a conference. I want to hit on that. Bryce Young had a fascinating comment about why he's playing in his bowl game when it's not a college football playoff bowl game.

There's you at 844-204-RICH and the number to dial as well. Chris Long, when we come back, his two cents on the wildest week we have seen in the regular season in maybe ever. Two-time Super Bowl champ, green light podcast host Chris Long when we come back. What's Right with Nick Wright is a rapidly growing podcast from the Fox Sports Podcast Network. You may know Nick Wright from co-hosting FS1's First Things First. This podcast gives Nick a chance to develop, deep dive and defend his sharpest opinions. During the show, Nick faces off against a ticking clock, a team of producers and even his own family to try and get his points across.

New episodes drop Monday, Thursday and Friday wherever you get your podcasts. You're hanging out with some friends and putting back a few drinks. A few becomes a few too many. As the evening comes to an end and people start to head out, you think of calling for a ride. Ah, you live nearby. You can make it home okay.

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It only takes one mistake to change your life or someone else's forever. Drive sober or get pulled over. Paid for by NHTSA. 844-204-RICH number to dial right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Joining us on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line a day later than usual, but so much was happening yesterday.

It was insane. And plus I figured let's give him another day to talk about the Monday nighter, if that was necessary as well. Two-time Super Bowl champ, green light podcast host, the delightful Chris Long back here on the Rich Eisen Show. How are you doing Chris? What's up Rich? How are y'all? I'm great. So man, is there so much to talk about with you? Your best guess as to the inner monologue of Bill Belichick as things were playing out at the very end in Las Vegas?

Chris Long. Like how do I open an airplane door and throw the players off the plane? I'm not really sure. I mean it's pretty unprecedented.

I've never seen anything like that in my life. I mean like you've been through with the Miami Miracle, but this was supposed to be like a handoff right? Just we're going overtime.

We're going to overtime. And you know, Stevenson, I feel like triggered some instinct in Jacoby Myers brain that like, oh, we're doing this thing that Scott Van Pelt calls the pitchy, pitchy woo-woo. And you know, I feel for Jacoby Myers a little bit, but I don't at the same time because I'm not even sure he knew the score. Like that's not, if Mac Jones got to come back to the football ridge, you know, he's got to come back and make fun of the ball.

It's a joke. I can't take that play seriously. Like I can't analyze the end of that game seriously.

I've just never seen anything like that in my life. The thing is so crazy Chris too, and you know too, of course, and you know this too, you know, the Patriots, for Jacoby Myers to not know the score, this is a team where everybody on the field in a Patriot uniform not only always knows the score, they know the down and the distance, and they know if the ball that's rolling around on the ground that everybody on the opposition thinks is incomplete could possibly be a fumble, we should get on it. I mean, don't leap for the pylon. If you're a running back, don't leap for the first down. If you're anybody on offense, they're normally so perfect situationally, and this is the most situationally boneheaded play maybe ever, and I can't compute it.

I don't compute it. And I felt bad because like Jacoby's been such a great player. Him too, yeah. And has been such a, you know, smart player for them, and it just goes to show that like everybody has lapses and judgment. You just try not to have them in a big way at the absolute wrong time, especially against a former assistant with the playoffs on the line and then like a five, seven hour plane ride to boot after the game. That was a 4 p.m., right?

This whole weekend runs together. I mean, think about how he stopped that from that trip. I feel terrible. I mean, like I'm laughing because it's like just, it's the humanity. Yeah, and Bill is just like, yeah, I just got to coach it better.

I mean, he's got to be mortified. I mean, like this is so, does he take stock? Do you think where he'll just sit here and go, clearly something's off, right? And what is it that he fixes? Because everybody up in New England thinks he'll never change a coaching staff. He'll never change anything because, you know, he's loyal first and they to him and so on and so forth.

What stock can you take from this, do you think? I just think it's like the offense has been a disappointment this year. Mac Jones's development has fallen flat. And I think like Mac has kind of made that clear that like the setup was different for him last year.

I could coach harder. He saw the embrace between him and Josh during the game. I thought it was, it was just like, uh, Bill had to wait to hug Josh.

Josh was hugging Mac and just the whole thing. I, I, um, listen, I like Matty P. I like Joe Judge. Uh, they're, they're good people and I played under both of them, but you know, this is a production business and you can't have, um, if I'm Bill and I don't know what the motivations were for bringing them in, uh, you know, to coach the offense.

I don't know if it was a thing like, we don't want to bring an outsider in, um, you know, I, I don't know what it was. Uh, but you can't have those guys calling the offense next year. Not that this was a product of the offensive, you know, play calling, but you know, you're in the situation you're in because the offense hasn't did their defenses. They've done their jobs this year collectively. Um, they're a very good defense and, um, you know, it's not like Mac Jones has a lot of weapons to throw to, so you need a really efficient, highly functioning offense and they haven't had it all year. Chris Long here on the Rich Eisen show, how concerned are you about the Eagles if Jalen Hurts can't go for more than one game here?

What do you think? Uh, I'm not, you know, I think they need to win one game to wrap up home field advantage and that's what it's all about. I'm mostly concerned about like them handling his rehab correctly and you know, they'll have a buy, um, hopefully they'll have home field and all that stuff. Um, but there is rust that's associated with, you know, a guy who's been on fire taking a few weeks, weeks off. Um, there's also an untold amount of like, it's his throwing shoulder. So I don't know how he comes out of that thing. And you know, with, with all the conversation about him as an MVP and what he has or hasn't done this year, what's around him.

Um, I have, I have been adamant about this. There has been nobody better at throwing the ball outside the numbers this year, um, and deep. And it just is such a, it's such an explosive element for that team. Even in the, the frigid times the other day, I mean, you saw those balls he was delivering, um, they're perfect. And you know, the margins, um, uh, you know, obviously change a little bit if you're not completely healthy, you looked at how much they ran the ball with him on Sunday, I think 11 out of his 17 carries were designed runs.

Yes. The 17 total times, you know, being factor in scrambles and that sort of thing. And that's a lot, I think it was one of the most, um, the biggest numbers of the season for him. Uh, but even after the injury, he was six for nine for one or two in the fourth, um, including that big bomb to AJ. So, um, I think we can go back and say, Hey, you shouldn't be, I know this guy has a weapon for you on the ground, but it may be save him for the playoffs a little bit. Maybe that's a lesson they'll learn as they go down the line with him as their franchise quarterback, because you don't want to lose the threat of him talking and running the ball. And I'm not real big on, Hey, this guy's taken a million hits this year and delivered a million heads.

It just so happened that this one was, was, uh, really beacon. The guy landed right on him. I don't want to say like, Hey, shame on y'all for, for running Jalen hurts. That's a big part of what he is and what he adds that equation for them. But Minshew is, is a very good backup quarterback. Um, he doesn't throw pitch and that's a big one, you know, just run the offense. Um, and, and, you know, do, are we going to have another backup situation like Nick Foles?

No, because I don't think we're going to need one. Um, but he's going to be able to give them a lot of value. It's good that they hung on to him because they absolutely need home field advantage. I believe this team, uh, you know, like anything could benefit greatly from it, but with the strength of this team, the defense, the defensive line, you got four guys, not going to door double digits.

Um, they're, they're really fearsome to play, uh, at home, uh, at the Lincoln. And so that, that's what you're gunning for. You got him for home field and you want to be able to rehab this guy correctly. So when he comes back, he looks just like you look the rest of the season. Um, if I was the Eagles and this is a little bit of a hot take, I might consider giving some of your good players a buy this weekend. You know, don't lose another starter trying to beat the Cowboys. We don't need to beat the Cowboys. They just blew it in Jacksonville.

Um, you know, the more wrinkles you're going to need the third time you play them, don't exhaust those wrinkles. So I think I'm not an NFL head coach. I believe Nick Ceriani should win coach of the year. He knows best. Uh, it'll be interesting to see how he approaches this weekend, what he does show, what he doesn't show who plays.

If there's anybody on the edge, I wouldn't play him. Um, and the frustration that might cause the, the Cowboys, if you go toe to toe with them with the backup quarterback, and it doesn't really look like you're, you're, uh, you're bringing your everything to, to the ballpark Saturday could be really interesting. Chris long, two times, Superbowl champ, giving us food for thought right here on the rich eyes and show how real are the Jacksonville Jaguars, Chris long, Jagger. I remember rich, uh, feeling stupid all October because when, uh, you asked me point blank and I had no time to think about it. Um, I think it was in September who's going to win this division.

I think I said the Jags and their game out now. Um, I think Trevor's, um, Trevor Trevor's development has been awesome. I think it's just two things. It's amazing that urban Meyer hit him so well. Like I have no idea how they hid this talent and how they, you know, kind of, you know, darken his light. Um, and, and this year the polar opposite situation happens in Doug Peterson. He's really good at developing talent, working with quarterbacks. Um, I, you know, I've said this before when, when we were in Philly and Carson was having his MVP season, uh, Carson throws really well off spot, you know, Carson threw through really well on the run and made things happen outside the pocket when the play broke down. And, you know, they do design stuff to get him out of the pocket because he is such a good throw on the run. Uh, Trevor isn't what I thought was so impressive about him as he threw that pick this weekend and they're down, I think 27 to 10 or whatever it is.

And he comes right back and delivers that strike. Um, and they just go on a run. Uh, and I think being at home, the tide changed and it was just too much water for the Cowboys. Um, and I, I really, I really liked the Jags and so are they for real? Yeah, I think they are for real and teams don't necessarily want to play them. It's proved out that Christian Kirk and we all made a lot of jokes about the way he drove the market up, um, is a legitimate, you know, elite receiver.

Um, and you know, they killed the intermediate game, the short game. Um, but they've also shown that they got a quarterback who, when you get behind somebody, he can get you the ball. Uh, so I really do think the Jags are, are scary.

Um, if they slid in, they're a tough little out man. Um, and they're a year ahead too. Uh, but I do want to say this about that game. I, you know, it was not Dak Prescott's fault. You know, he threw one bad pick earlier in the game, but when he had a chance to drive them down and, uh, and, and, and, and go for the win in crunch time, he did that. I mean, that, that I think it was a third down, um, you know, where, um, Walker barrels in there and he just kind of spins off and rolls out and throws that touchdown. Um, you know, it was a really great play by Dak.

I'm with you, Chris. And the, if I had a point at a couple of things, it's the play call from, uh, Kellen Moore on third down, when the Jaguars are out of timeouts, there's a minute and change to go in the game. And they called a, a very tough to complete beyond the sticks type throw as opposed to give Pollard or, or, uh, Lamb the football, maybe short of the sticks and opportunity to be in space and make that first down short of the sticks. Cause at least if you complete it, you get a shot at getting to the sticks. And if you don't, the clock's rolling and instead, I'm absolutely, I'm absolutely with you.

I mean, the point that, that I made as well this weekend. And I mean, a couple of things in that sequence because they absolutely needed that time out. Um, you know, with 17 seconds left Ingram who might make the play of the game, like Ingram caught the ball between, uh, the hashes and the numbers and, uh, you know, by, by my calculations, he's running, I mean, this guy's running 60 feet with somebody hanging on his back, trying to get out of bounds and does it in a heroic fashion.

And they need that time out because then they set up the field goal, take time out, um, and they, and they go to overtime and, uh, they're able to win this thing. So, uh, the pick one on deck, um, at the end of the game there and, you know, the Cowboys will be fine. They're, they're a dangerous team, but so are the Jags. And if they can find a way to slide in, if you look at like, if you hear Kevin Byards comments after the Titans game, um, I've been on these teams. Uh, well, you know, I've been on teams that are kind of middling and that feels like a team that just can't quite get out of its own way.

Um, you're not quite as talented as we thought they might be in, in Titans. And there's a lot of frustration there. It just feels like these two teams are two ships passing in the night. Um, and, and the Jags have a real chance to, to finish the season strong and possibly win that division.

Yeah. The other thing about my concern about the Cowboys too, is the pass rush seems to have disappeared the last two weeks. It just, they're, they're not getting pressure. I mean, both Davis Mills and Jeff Driscoll had their way the week before and Trevor Lawrence obviously is playing elite, but, um, you know, he wasn't pressured, uh, nearly as much as he needed, needed to be. And that's a concern of mine right now for Dallas. Well, between Dallas and, uh, and, and, and Philly, uh, at least one of the differences where I pointed this out before, I think the quarterback has played at a higher level this year, uh, in Philly. And I also think that, um, or at least more consistently. And I also think that the D line's deeper, um, you know, the depth of the D line, you know, Micah Parsons might be the best player up front on the field.

If those two teams played, he's the best. He's the, he's the lead dog. There's very few like him in the league. Um, in fact, it's, you know, it's him and only a couple guys at the top.

Um, but, but you can't, you can't do everything alone. And I'm not saying there are other good, exciting players. Um, I love tank, you know, the Williams kid, um, they've got some nice players, but, but the eagles are just, they're 10 deep and, you know, they just, they just roll bodies in and go and go. And so, uh, in a game like that at the end of the game, when you need to win rushes, um, and you've, you've been out there a while in the second half and it feels like this team has just jumped you, you need to win a rush and you're right.

I mean, that, that, uh, that defense, that wasn't their best day. Chris Long, few minutes left with the green light podcast hosts two times Superbowl champion here on the rich eyes and show you can only put this as sports talk radio question time. You can only put your marker on the bills, chiefs or Bengals right now you put it on which team? Those chiefs are bangles.

Geez Louise. Um, I think the bangles, when everybody's healthy as the best team, uh, out of those three, I think Josh Allen is, is, is, uh, is an absolute like, Hey, put everybody on my back. I mean, Saturday night was epic. There's no one game, right? Your offensive line.

Okay. You got Stefan Diggs, but they take him away. You're having a hard time getting the ball to him. Um, and he's still able to just will that team to win. Uh, so he's, he's a, he's a warrior. Uh, Patrick Holmes got a complete 20 straight to a bunch of people that like, you know, casual fans don't know who, you know, these guys, my home's to fortune.

I remember like my home's out of the, the band zone, uh, through the ball day, your 84 tight end, like 60 yards, just hero stuff. And he drops the ball and you know, these guys fumbling and he just haven't overcome so much. Joe burrows not going to have to overcome as much. And they have the chief's number. I don't think the chief's defense is playing at a really high level. Um, and, and the Bengals had nobody dude.

Okay. Like, cause I bet, I bet that the Bengals big and the first half I'm just sweating bullets and they got no pass rushing to get picked apart. And the box, it was so interesting. The box, it felt like they knew the magnitude of the game and they saved up this big hard right turn in their offensive game plan, more play action, emotional things they were talking about. And they were just, they were picking them apart because they had no trade.

Henderson Hubbard went out with a cap. Um, you know, they're missing a couple guys and they're missing either missing key guys. And, uh, they still found a way to win, you know, aside came in, uh, flashing some really nice rushes, uh, that third quarter, uh, Lou Annaromo, uh, deserves a lot of credit with what he does with that defense. I think they played really sound across the board to the point that they're elite, but they don't have any guys that, that, you know, they don't have a Micah Parsons.

They don't have, you know, one of these guys that, uh, you know, a super superstar in the league, although I don't think Trey Henderson gets enough credit. Um, and, and they find ways to win, man. Uh, I just think they have that find a way to win type mentality and yeah, they're hot right now.

And I might be like buyer beware, but last year when they got hot, they stayed hot. So, you know, I, I'm not saying that I would take them head to head. I'd have to see what the circumstances when the Bengals play the bill bills possibly in the playoffs. But right now, if I blindly had the three teams walk into the room, uh, and they randomized the location and played in an alley, I kind of feel like the Bengals right now.

Well, you can't, you don't have to wait till the playoffs. The final Monday night game of the year week 17, um, is, is Buffalo at Cincinnati. And if Cincinnati wins out, wins out, you know, if they beat new England this week in new England and home for Buffalo and then home for Baltimore, they're the one seed because they'll have, they'll have the same record. Assuming if the chiefs and bills win every other game that they have, they will have the same record as the chiefs. Um, well, I guess the chiefs have to lose once too. They got to tie them.

They're one behind them. They need the chiefs to lose once. And then they beat the bills and they're the one seed problem is the chiefs are got home games against Seattle, Denver, and then out Vegas.

Maybe they, maybe they get, uh, I don't know. I don't, I just don't, I don't think the Vegas game scares me a little bit. Um, I mean, certainly I don't think, I don't think Kelsey's going to throw one to a Chandler Jones, you know, at the end. Um, but no, I don't think so, but that team has met, that team's done a better job lately in, in the, the, the whole, the homes and the Raiders saga. Um, and I think they're, I think they're, they are playing better football. Like you just don't get a 10 point lead at the half, you know, play if you're the Raiders, everybody close, play them in phase because really it got lucky. They almost, they almost, it blew another lead this weekend.

Um, but yeah, I, I, I love the, I love watching all three of those teams play man. And we're so lucky, you know, to have all these quarterbacks kind of graduate matriculate and, and, you know, maybe Brady's not who he was and Rogers is having a bad year. And, um, but we, we have these young quarterbacks to fall back on. And I heard you guys talking about Justin, Herbert's got a chance to slide in the playoffs too. What a time to be alive in the AFC, man. Absolutely. Uh, who's on your pod this week?

What do you got? We've got Tom Segura, uh, popping on tomorrow, but, uh, yeah, he's the dude. We love Tom and, uh, you're going to join me and Kyle, uh, later today and we'll pop that out tomorrow. So we're all podcasts can be acquired green light podcasts with Chris long, Kyle and Tom Segura. Uh, that'll be a great lesson this week as it always is guys in me, rich, I'm not going to make any vulture couple ball, good looking, handsome ball guys. And then me joining me tomorrow. So come on, join, uh, join the show. We're not discriminating.

We like all of them. So thank you. Thanks for the call. Chris have a great holiday season with you and your, you and yours.

You're the best. Thanks. You too, buddy.

Okay. Same to everybody on set. See ya. That's the only one and only Chris long right here in the program. Love talking ball with him. Love it. Eight four four two Oh four rich number to dial here on the rich eyes and show the playoff clinching scenarios coming up along with our conversation about Jalen hurts.

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Message and data rates may apply. Visit for more information. Our members are the mission at Navy at Navy Federal insured by NCUA. Back here on the program Mike Tomlin just announced Kenny Pickett is starting for the Steelers on Saturday night in Pittsburgh, PA against the Las Vegas Raiders. I will be in the booth with Mariuchi, Kurt Warner, and Michael Irvin. All four of us are calling that game.

That's a fun game. The night game of Christmas Eve. The entirety or the bulk I should say of week 16 is on Saturday, Christmas Eve. A lot of early like short weeks for for the NFL.

There's three on Sunday, one on Monday, and then obviously one on Thursday. We'll talk Jaguars and Jets a little bit later in this program because it's a big anniversary for us Jets fans that Chris Brockman likes to point out. We'll talk about that.

Congrats. And so we're gonna we're gonna be there. It's gonna be frigid. It's gonna be cold and Pickett against these uh the Raiders is gonna be interesting. Just two offensive touchdowns will be one more than I called with Kurt Warner in Cleveland last week. That's kind of what I want to hit right here with you because with the Jaguars doing what they're doing and I just mentioned Chris Long. Hey put one marker on either the Bills, Chiefs, or Bengals. Those are the three teams in the AFC and Herbert's doing what he's doing. Two wins for the Chargers in a row right.

Seeing what they're up to. The Chargers team now up to sixth in the seeding and then of course you got who's gonna make it in the seventh seed. The Dolphins, can they hold on? You got the Jets and the Patriots at seven and seven. Can the Browns actually pull it together?

And I've been talking about this Steelers and Raiders game. Whoever wins this has got a chance still at seven and eight. Whoever loses this Saturday night game will be out and that's not just hype that's fact but lost amongst all this are the Ravens. Well I got a chance to see up close and personal and this is a team that can clinch a playoff spot this weekend believe it or not. Yeah because they got nine wins. They got nine wins and they could still win this division because they've already beaten Cincinnati and that's who they go visit to end the season.

So they still have the division and a home playoff possibility as an opportunity and just a playoff position period by winning this weekend at home against Atlanta. A rookie quarterback in his first outdoor road start okay. He just had a road start in New Orleans coming in. This is a defense that yes will be without Kaleis Campbell it seems like. The 15-year vet limped off at the end of that game and Marcus Peters I believe in the series before. He limped off.

He might not be there either. Those are two big guys on a defense though. I saw this defense play in Cleveland and Roquan Smith is a beast. I don't have to tell you that but every single player and coach that I spoke to leading up to this game it was like one of those Broadway marquees for a hit show. Spectacular. Unbelievable. Astounding. Life-changing. Dynamite.

Go see it. That's what it was with Roquan Smith. Kaleis Campbell told me that Roquan Smith likes to call out run plays if he thinks it's coming and he's confident it's coming. He'll call it out behind the defensive line with what the run play is and where it's going to go. He told me that to that point Roquan Smith had only been wrong about the run once. But it's the offense that's of concern. Mark Andrews hasn't scored a touchdown since week six.

The last receiver to score touchdown receiving touchdown by a receiver for the Ravens was week three. And in our meetings I didn't say this in the game but I'll say it here John Harbaugh told me they were in on or still are on Odell. I had not heard that.

It was one of those needle rips off the record moment in the meeting. Like really? I hadn't heard that. Yeah they were right. Remember I brought that out when we were first like throwing around where he should go? I was like I'd love to see Lamar get someone. Well Odell, John Harbaugh said he personally spoke to Odell. Really?

About it. Because they know. I mean they need help and the help that they're gonna get is coming back this weekend because I believe he's going to be back. They didn't want him out there with the brace and the road and the cold and the potential snow. But it's Lamar and they're the most valuable player of 2019 is coming back and it's gonna have to be him. JK Dobbins looked terrific.

He said he hasn't gotten that full speed that burst yet and as a matter of fact he got through the line at one point had nothing but open field in front of him and he was caught from behind. Gus Edwards and him have got that run game down pat. Lamar's got to come back and be the MVP. Because if that MVP comes back and creates so much pressure on that front seven then maybe somebody does get open down the field and he can find Mark Andrews on a chunk play let alone a receiver in the end zone.

But this is it. You know he's the MVP of this team. He has a former MVP of this league.

He wants to be paid in a certain manner. Well Superman's got to put his cape on for this team because they have a chance to clinch a playoff spot this week and the division by the end of the regular season and then who knows what in this league that just had a you never know I don't believe what I just saw week and he's that type of player and that's what I saw. I mean Tyler Huntley was a sweet kid to meet and he's really good and he can be two touchdowns in the air two touchdowns on the ground like he was against Green Bay last season. He has that ability but right now the rest of the offense isn't as good as it was last year. It just isn't and they need Lamar to come in and make these running plays and the eye-popping plays and run straight through people's defenses and get in the end zone and get this team's mojo back because with the way the defense is playing Mark Andrews even told it to us in the in the meeting that if the offense plays to the capabilities that it can they're going to start blowing people out is what he said. I mean the defense is that good since Roquan came aboard they are top two in pretty much every category and every category that the Niners aren't number one they are.

That's how good they're playing on that side of the ball and Landis I believe going to find that out this weekend and then after that Buffalo's got Pittsburgh there and then they're at Cincinnati and then all bets can be off but Lamar's gotta be them the Lamar that's the difference maker that's the guy who can transform it all and then the defense plays that the way that they're doing and Lamar starts putting out eye-popping plays and getting in the end zone this team still has a chance don't sleep on them is what I'm saying but they got to get healthy and they got to get Lamar 2019 back. How wrestling really works and how you get the ratings. Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson explain on 83 weeks. You're either growing or you're dying. I think it'd be hard to recreate the kind of growth that WCW experienced between 95 and 98. This audience should be growing. The character should be coming more and they're not.

Everybody's gradually losing audience. Not that people will say well but the AEWs they'll figure it out. They'll figure it out. They'll figure it out. But there's variables there. Let's see where we're at year from now.
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