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REShow: Rich Eisen (in Cleveland) - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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December 16, 2022 3:13 pm

REShow: Rich Eisen (in Cleveland) - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 16, 2022 3:13 pm

Guest host Suzy Shuster and the guys recap another solid outing by 49ers rookie QB Brock Purdy in San Francisco’s Thursday Night Football win over NFC West rival Seattle Seahawks, and debate what Purdy’s emergence means for the Niners futures of Jimmy Garoppolo and Trey Lance. 

Rich calls in from Cleveland, Ohio and says why Brock Purdy looks more like a 7-year pro than a 7th-round rookie quarterback, why Purdy has a legitimate shot be the 49ers’ starting QB in 2023, reacts to Zach Wilson being named the Jets’ Week 15 starter due to Mike White’s injury, and reacts to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones saying Odell Beckham Jr. is on the verge of joining Dallas.

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See terms and learn more at slash online privacy protection. Some guy walks up to me in the middle of Munich. He says to me, this is the Rich Eisen Show. Aren't you Susie Schuster's husband?

No. With guest host Susie Schuster live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. I don't want to be controversial, but almost the worst thing that could happen for the 49ers right now is Brock Purdy takes them to a Super Bowl.

Throws down the sideline wide open George Kittle. Today's guests Rams head coach Sean McVay plus your phone calls, latest news and more. And now sitting in for Rich, it's Susie Schuster. Well, he's not Mr. Relevant anymore, is he? Brock Purdy.

Wow. Hello, everybody. Susie Schuster in for Rich Eisen.

He is in Cleveland getting ready for the big game tomorrow on NFL Network. Again, I'm Susie Schuster, Chris Brockman, Mike Daltufa, my old friend TJ Jefferson and crew. Good to see you guys here on the Roku channel.

Happy to be with you. I went to go look for something purple today, but it was in Xander's closet because he stole it. So I couldn't wake him up and get it. So here I am with you excited to talk to you about that game last night, because wow, can I say just one Purdy Purdy, just one like the ribs and obliques look pretty, pretty good last night. I've been waiting all week and Rich is like, the joke is over. Don't go there.

And I said, why? It's Friday. It's like, I got to go with the Purdy pretty good. I would say that joke is going to live on forever. As long as Brock Purdy keeps throwing dimes to George Kittle and the Niners keep winning division games and the double pump fake. There he goes.

And George Kittle, by the way, is basically reading the paper, right? He's by himself. He was wide open every time he caught a ball. TJ Jefferson, that is when you knew how comfortable Kyle Shanahan really is with this kid.

First quarter in Seattle, a vertical stadium up and down where it is loud. The twelves are loud and guess what he does? Whatever he wants.

That was bananas. And watching him last night, how old is he, Chris? 22 years old. Is he 22? He might be 12. He looked like, he looks like he's playing Pop Warner with that face, right? I mean, I'm a mom. I can say that, but boy, did he look, I mean, everyone's like, oh, he looked poised.

Everyone's throwing up the cliches today. He looked poised. He did though. Mr. Irrelevant is no longer and he could be, let's just go down the road.

He could be the first rookie to start a Super Bowl. What if he wins it? And then what happens? Okay. Now we just keep going down the wormhole, right?

Oh, it's great. The Jimmy G wormhole. I'm kind of upset because is he going to get shopped around? He's expensive. Who's the starting quarterback? A lot of questions today. Good thing I'm married to Rich Eisen because he is calling in at nine 20 and he can answer a lot of these questions for us.

Rich said it already. And I don't think it's really too crazy to think about TJ. If Brock Purdy wins out and the 49ers win the Super Bowl, that's what like eight, nine straight wins for him. He's going to be the starting quarterback next year. And Trey Lance is going to be his backup.

I don't think that's really too crazy to extrapolate out and really look down the line and say that for 2023. What this kid's doing now is so impressive and we have to throw him his flowers. And it's been just two games as we, you know, as we pointed out, but still it's really impressive. The poise, the trust factor, his teammates love him, which I think is the most important thing. He gets the ball out on time. He puts it where it's supposed to be. And look, when you have Christian McCaffrey back there, TJ, it's going to make everyone's job look easier.

Yeah. And like I was saying earlier, it was as someone, as a Cowboys fan, who's not a big Niners fan. I was getting very annoyed last night watching this game and seeing every Niners wide receiver, like you said, Susie reading the paper, chilling out, standing on the corner alone, like, hello, it didn't seem like every time he threw a pass, there was no one around the receivers.

And then you got this Nick Bosa guy, man, who just, my goodness. I mean, I know, I don't know what they test for in the NFL, but my man is so chill and so laid back. He kind of kind of wonder what mindset he puts himself in, but that dude is a monster. The way he comes off the line, he is vertical. I mean, he is flat to the ground. He comes off like a sprinter off the line.

It is spectacular to watch. And TJ, that you brought up the Cowboys plays into how we weave this show together because Micah Parsons, of course, is getting so much flat from his Von Kast episode talking about, you know, calling Jalen Hurts his system quarterback. But what he was trying to say, and I don't think he was really out of line, was he's a defensive guy. Let's now give the 49ers defense crazy props because all we're talking about today is Brock Purdy. But man, they stifled Seattle.

And there was that one moment, Chris, we were talking about it today. DK Metcalf made some kind of bananas catch that was obviously called back. But aside from that, it was kind of quiet in Seattle on the offensive side. And even Geno Smith just looked like he was shaking his head a couple times.

Couldn't get anything going because that defense in San Francisco is bananas. Yeah. Yeah.

They're always in his kitchen. Nick Bosa making a strong case for defensive player of the year. He's got to be the front runner right now, Chris. The crazy BS roughing the passer call that negated a pick six. You know, we can talk about that some more if you want.

It's just absolutely atrocious. But Nick Bosa has just proven why he was a top pick coming out of the draft, proving why he might win defensive player of the year this year. And it just goes to show when you have a defense like this best defense in the NFL, I think I think that's safe to say right now. You don't need your quarterback to go out there and win you games.

You just need him to not lose it. And Brock Purdy playing the way that he is. He's not going to lose you a lot of football games when your defense essentially gives up six points.

I know Seattle scored a touchdown, but when you hold a team to less than 13 points, you're going to win a lot of football games when your quarterback doesn't make mistakes. How many head coaching jobs are going to be open for D'Amico Ryan's the way he's playing right now, the way he's talking right now? I mean, talk about standing there and just he's there. He's got his headset on. He's whispering sweet nothings to all of the defensive minded guys out there. And he is fantastic. I mean, you got to be you got to think that there's some people out there looking at him thinking, oh, I'd like to see him in my colors. Yeah. And we met, you know, I brought up Nick Bosa, but like we've talked about this defense for weeks and they they have some beasts on there. You know, Fred Warner, of course, friend of the show.

He's called in Hufanga. He's a terror out there. I mean, man, I want to see this team in the playoffs. Would you?

No, no, absolutely not. You don't want to see this team in the playoffs. And like I was kind of reluctant to really say, yeah, this team can win it throughout the year because it's just like, really? Like they always find a way to kind of lose in the playoffs the last few years.

You know, Jimmy G, his limitations, what have you. But man, why can't they win the Super Bowl? Can they go into Philadelphia and win a game? Sure.

Of course. I don't really think I know the story now is Brock Purdy and what he's bringing to the table. But I don't know that they're any better with Brock than they were with Jimmy because they were still rolling before. It's kind of the same. So I think they're in the same position.

You know, they got the shiny new toy and everyone's like ooh and an aah and over it. But I think they're in the same position because at least the thing about Jimmy G is he's been there. Everything with Brock Purdy is now, you know, an unknown.

We don't know how he's going to act in a certain situation. But this team is good and they're rolling and... I think the one thing that Kirk Herbstreet pointed out in the broadcast last night, it was late in the game and Brock Purdy had a scramble to pick up a first down that basically iced it. And I don't think Jimmy G really makes that play. It was a tough scramble. He got out of pressure. He went to the line of scrimmage. He slid. He was smart enough, headsy enough to put the ball in front when he slid. And so he got the first down by a half yard and iced the game. I mean, that's kind of a, you know, an X factor that Purdy is kind of bringing to the table that maybe Jimmy doesn't have that.

I don't know. Jimmy's been there before. He's won. He's got some rings. He saw Tom Brady do it.

He was a throw away from winning his own Super Bowl against Kansas City. So we're going to see. Obviously it's a wait and see. We're going to see. He's going to have a chance. He's going to have a home playoff game. And somebody's going to have to come in there and beat them and beat the defense, which obviously it doesn't look like anybody can do. I mean, Groundhog Day for Jimmy G. He's like, really?

Again? You've got to be kidding me. I was just about to get crazy paid. But he'll get crazy paid somewhere. Yeah, I still think he's going to be a starting quarterback somewhere in this league.

It's not going to be in San Francisco next year, most likely. Well, do we think? Are we already writing this off? Are we already writing the Purdy Chronicles?

I mean, I'm just curious about how far we're going to go down this wormhole. I think if Brock Purdy fails or kind of crashes or comes back down to earth, it's going to be like, OK, great. It really makes it easy for us in San Francisco to turn to Trey Lance. We did pay all this draft capital for him. He did kind of flukey get injured at the start of the year.

That kind of derailed any progress. Look, San Francisco might be in the Philly spot right now if Trey Lance had stayed healthy all year and developed like everybody thought. So, yes, they're not going to bring Jimmy G back next year, especially as well as Purdy played. It's obvious that he can be a starter.

So it's great to have someone like that in your back pocket as the backup. Should he go on a magical run and win the Super Bowl? Yeah, he'll probably enter 2023 as a starter, like we said.

But San Francisco is in great shape in the quarterback position. And what about Trey Lance now? I mean, Rich is calling in at 920. It's his show. He's calling in. But what about Trey Lance now?

I mean, what about the fact that we've got a quarterback controversy, which I love because it's fun and it's a Friday. But is there any chance that Trey Lance just found himself out of a really good job? Always a chance. Yeah, always a chance. I mean, what are the chances that Brock Purdy goes 9-0 this year and wins the Super Bowl?

Small. It could happen. And I think that's really the only way that he ends up being the 49ers starter next year. But it's going to be Trey Lance's team like it was heading into this year and, you know, barring a miracle, a title run, it'll be his team going in next year. And Jimmy G will be where?

I have no idea. Jimmy G will be somewhere else, either starting or a high level backup. So I think San Francisco is looking at at least a, I mean, there's going to be competition next year. You'd have to think between the two of them.

So good spot to be in, I guess. Did Rich tell you when Jimmy G got hurt? I'm like, didn't hurt his face, did he? He's okay, right? He was very salty when you told that story. Yeah, it's very funny.

He comes in the next day and always looks at us and goes, guys, how am I supposed to react to this? You know, my wife says, oh, it was at least it's not a space. Look, you are an Emmy award winning journalist, Susie. So, you know, and you're asking a question that probably wasn't the first question asked because everyone's going to ask one question. You're like, well, let me go around and let me find another angle to the story. So that that's where your mind when I think and I don't see it. I'm just out there representing the fans. I'm just asking the questions that they want to know the answers to.

I am trying to find a unique angle. I understand. That's how that's how I took it. I think we all wanted to know. I think Chris wanted to know. Well, Chris definitely wanted to know.

He did. 844204 Rich, by the way, watch us on the Roku channel. Happy to be here with you guys. Twitter, Instagram at Rich Eisen Show. Don't bother with me because I'm not very social. We all know that.

Subscribe to our YouTube page, slash Rich Eisen Show. But I love calls. I'm asking you. Come on, it's holidays. Colin, love to hear from you guys.

I'd like to hear what's going on in your lives. Favorite Christmas movies, favorite Christmas movies. That's what I wanted, because I'll tell you what I tried to do and failed terribly gift ideas. I wanted to come in here today with the Nakatomi Plaza Christmas sweaters and they're not coming till Monday. And I'm oh, no, I don't know.

I think it was a Kyle Brand has the Nakatomi Plaza Advent calendar. Does he? Yeah. Yeah. So I ordered the sweaters and they got delayed.

I have a feeling they are not made in this country. So I wanted to talk about Christmas movies. What have you?

Christmas food, what have you? I'm open to conversation is what I'm trying to say. Do you get what I'm putting down? I like the calls.

They're fun. So call on in and please call and please call TJ. TJ said the craziest thing moments ago. He said, do you want to wait to the third hour to open the champagne? What's your problem? It's Friday. In the commercial break, we're going to go open it. I mean, like, I mean, this is the saddest thing I've ever seen in my life. It's an empty glass. It's an empty glass. That's terrible.

I don't know what I was thinking. That's terrible. I apologize. Almost as bad as the news for the Jets. Oh, it depends on how you want to look at terrible.

Well, it's terrible. It's not terrible for Zach Wilson because this guy's got a shot. But I think when Rich heard the news, Adam Schefter breaking the news, of course, that Mike White out rib injury. Correct. Rib injury. Yeah, he took a beating last week. Took a beating. Yeah.

Well, that's what happens when you're flat on your back, but whatever. So, yes. So Mike White cleared for practice, not for contact. Zach Wilson. Boy, it's a tough week in New York. Yeah.

And this is this is great. It's going to be a great moment for Rich, too, to come on the air because he so ceremoniously a couple of weeks ago, T.J. declared that he didn't care if Zach Wilson ever started again for the Jets. Man, Rich's takes where he makes big, bold claims are just not aging well.

Well, here's the deal, right? You kind of you kind of force him into making hot taste because you like hot takes and he doesn't. So he's uncomfortable saying these things because it's not something he really wants to say. And then he says it.

That's a HB. That's his problem, man. But now he's got to care if Zach Wilson. He's got to carry the playoffs are still alive for the Jets. They have a championship level defense.

It's the offense that have so many question marks. We thought Mike White came in and gave this team a big spark offensively. And now it's back to Zach Wilson, who, while they won games with him starting, it wasn't because of him. So we'll see what happens against a really hot Lions team coming into New York.

It's going to be a really fun, exciting kind of a haywire. I don't know what's going to happen in this game type of game, but also it's not like a long term injury. Zach's only probably going to get this one start.

Maybe what if Zach Wilson has like three touchdowns at 300 yards away? There we go. I mean, he's not going to get his job back. He's not going to get his job back. You don't think so? I think it's probably the damage was already done. Right. And I feel like once Michael, Mike White would have been starting, had he been able to clear protocol.

So I get it. I think this is a one and done for Zach and I don't think he should get too comfortable. Well, you never know what can happen when the Jets hit the gridiron, but here's what head coach Robert Sala had to say about this. Sunday after the game, obviously it's well documented. He was taken to the hospital to get x-rays and all that stuff. And all that stuff cleared. He got on the plane, everything was checked out fine.

Monday, Tuesday, same thing, get more evaluation. He was cleared for practice, which he has been doing. He feels fine, but our doctors, and rightfully so, would not clear him for contact. Mike White, who is an absolute warrior and has been doing everything he could this week to try to find another opinion to get him onto the football field, to find somebody who will clear him for contact, has exhausted every measure he possibly can because he wants to be out there for his teammates, that that opinion will not change. And it's gotten to the point where we could drag this out to Sunday guys, but this is one of those deals where we got to do what's best for the player and protect the player from the player. So he's been cleared for practice.

He has not been cleared for contact. And so with that, this can be a great opportunity for Zach. When he was elevated to the number two quarterback, it was with the understanding that there's a strong possibility that he was going to play. And to prepare accordingly, he's gotten a vast majority of the first team reps. He'll get all the reps today. He'll get all the reps tomorrow. And so we feel very comfortable about Zach's preparation as the first string quarterback and that he has gotten his normal workload as a starting quarterback would normally get.

Well, there you have it. I mean, we know it's going to happen now against the Lions. And I know that Rich somewhere is in the hotel room getting ready for the game, probably nervous, freaking out, slightly screaming inside, being the Jets fan that he is. Rooing what he said about Mike White.

Rooing it, but that's okay. We can ask him when he calls in in the next segment. But you know, I have a feeling though that the inner Rich Eisen is pacing and screaming inside. Hey, you got a left-handed starter for the Yankees. So I mean, so I feel like it's like a yin and a yang of New York sports life right now. And Chris, what was Rich's response when I tweeted or I text him that the signing and he was like, lefties should stay at home or yeah. I just think it's cool that he got real cocky this off-season guys are taking so much money to avoid playing in the World Series. It's so nice. Wow, that's cold. Yeah, that's a little cold. The Yankees have spent like their payroll is like 562 million.

They spent a lot of money to just lose in the divisional. Wow. Wow. It's awesome. I know it's tough.

Good for them. Yeah, but the Red Sox nation isn't exactly like right now. We're talking about the Celtics and the Beats. We're not thinking about the Red Sox whatsoever and how they've let us down and how I hate ownership.

I know. He's ready to walk away. Do you hate ownership? Oh, come on. I do hate ownership.

Chris is ready to walk away. And your brother agrees with me. Okay, but Scott's angry at all times about all things sports.

That's pretty much the mass all kind of way of being. Let's focus. Speaking of calls, what's Scott Schuster doing today? I mean, I think Scottie should call in. Express his displeasure. Text him. I haven't spoken to him yet today. I usually speak to him by 730. No, he's not. He could care less.

No, he's not. And by the way, if he is listening, I'll get a list of what I didn't do right. That's basically how every game on ABC went. You know, I think I have a great game. It's like, well, in the second quarter, your silent report was kind of garbage. I'm like, okay, thanks.

But whatever. Hey, Scott, if you're out there, 844-204-rich. By the way, let's not even give him the R.E.S. calling number like the bat phone.

We're going to give him the 844-204-rich. Come on. You're willing to circumvent that system.

That's right. Because we have no system of hierarchy here, TJ Jefferson. We are a show for the people. No doubt. No doubt. The people's choice.

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Get yourself a Sprinter van. They are amazing. Rich Eisen calls in when we come back. He's sitting in Cleveland, Ohio, waiting to call into the show.

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Susie Schuster in for him. Did you wear a Michigan sweatshirt when you walked into the building in Ohio last night? That was my question.

No, no, no, no, I did not. I'm trying to be respectful and I'm trying to save it all up for Canton in August. You know, I'm just, it's still too soon for a lot of people around here. I think it's still too soon. And to be very honest with you, there's still a chance that we see them again in about three weeks.

So I need to sort of take it one game at a time, hope for the best, and if we see each other again, then we'll deal with it at that point. But no, I did not. I did not.

All right, I'm surprised a little bit at that. Maybe you would have come in with the hammer, but then I know sometimes you like the, what was it, the golden hammer? The velvet hammer.

The velvet hammer. Yes, that's right. Exactly. Yes, exactly.

Yes. I know he was right up your style. So Rich, let's talk about the game last night. Let's talk about Brock Purdy, the artist formerly known as Mr.

Irrelevant. What did you think when you watched him last night? I just saw a guy who, you know, you were texting me during the game, Suze.

It looks like he's been there seven years. I mean, it's really unbelievable. And yes, you could sit here and say it's a system and the defense is lights out. I mean, the game, in my opinion turned last night, uh, seven, three, the Seahawks took a huge punch at the very beginning. And we're surviving a lot of body blows to make it a seven, three game with them getting the ball back. And they could have gotten the ball back on the Niner side of the field, uh, had, uh, Condray Diggs actually, you know, come up with that interception.

He let it bounce off his hands. Seattle did get the ball back in the Niners. Dre Greenlaw knocked it out of Travis Homer's hand and placed it inside the Seahawks five, instead of it being a four point game, or maybe even a one point game going into halftime being seven, six, it was 14, three. And, and that was just too, too much sledding for Seattle to come back from because Purdy didn't turn it over.

He also had complete awareness of, of when there was pressure on him. There was the only, I guess he would have turned it over, had digs, um, squeezed the interception instead of bouncing off his hands. But it really was, um, remarkable to watch Purdy make the throws on third down for him to pick up the first down and essentially salt the game away last night by ha by having the decision it was placed in his hands on third one, needing the first down to wrap it up. They called a play where he would either flip it out to McCaffrey or run it himself. And he had to make the decision and he, he did, you know, and it sounds simple, it looks simple, but it isn't when you're making your first career start in Seattle. Um, even one third down throw that would have, um, you know, helped wrap it up. Had, had IU grabbed it, it did look like he had a lot of grass in front of him or turf in front of him on third and, and short. He, uh, Purdy hit, hit him right in the hands on the move and, uh, he was on the move and, and I was on the move. He just dropped it. The guy's beyond impressive.

He's not making the mistake and he's, he's just keeping everything on the tracks and then, uh, and then bringing the train to the station when it's put on his shoulders or his legs or his arm or his brain or his heart. I really like what I'm seeing. And now, um, the Niners, uh, have a shot at catching Minnesota. That's, that's the, I guess, biggest drama that's left because I don't think they're going to, they're going to catch Philadelphia, but can they be the two seed? And if they're the two seed, then, then it, it sure looks like Purdy is going to have two home playoff games. Um, so that, that would mean the only time he goes on the road, um, um, in a, in a must have game from here on out is, is potentially Philadelphia.

And, um, yeah, I mean that, that is the reality of it and the kid can bring them there. I don't think there's anybody who could sit here and say he's going to suddenly deteriorate. That would be shocking to me.

Yeah. He started the game 11 for 11, didn't throw an incomplete pass until 10 49 to go in the second. And that double pump fake where he just looked around George Kittle, as we said, was reading the newspaper down the middle, but it shows you just how comfortable they are with him. Kyle Shanahan is that they're going to let him go out there and run a play like that with the twelves in a vertical building.

It just shows that they just think this 22 year old has a veteran's head on his shoulders. They definitely, I mean, that play call is a perfect example of, of their comfort level with him, you know, and, and how, um, you know, practiced they are on it. Um, they, they might've been working on that for two weeks and then pop that thing out right there. And then they, they were in another play where, uh, the backup tight end was the one who released down the field and, and Purdy found him. And, and again, these are, these are great play calls and they're well-practiced and they're well executed, but at the very end, the kid has got to plant, make the throw and make the layup.

And he hasn't blown any of them yet. And like I said, now, now they've got that, that, that home playoff game for the first weekend of the playoffs. And if they continue to perform as well as they are and, and, and Minnesota trips up in a way, um, then they could be the second seed where my gosh, I mean, could, is, is it Dallas that goes to Philadelphia? Could it be, you know, a back-to-back, um, uh, could it be a back-to-back home date for, for Purdy against the commanders, the giants, the lions could be the same Seahawks team, um, before the Vikings stroll in there.

I mean, I think those are definitely very winnable playoff games for a team that's playing as well as they are in every phase. And that includes the kid at QV. Is it too soon to ask if there's a quarterback controversy in San Francisco, Rich? I know you love the controversy. Well, and yeah, um, you're right.

Um, but you, again, asked me that question earlier, DP, about the future of it. And it really does depend on how Purdy, how, how well he plays when, when the chips are down. Um, again, the year that they made the Superbowl with Jimmy Garoppolo, um, if you remember, that was, uh, they, they had a, um, uh, a playoff game at home against Minnesota and they essentially ran the ball every down. They had very little confidence and much was made about that, about how Garoppolo handed the ball off the entirety of the second half.

And that they basically had, you know, their hands on 10 and two on the wheel and a foot on the break during a playoff game with their quarterback. And we'll see how, how they play it with Purdy. Uh, if they feel comfortable enough, if he is going to swing it around, if they need to, and again, Deebo will be back. We'll see how it does play out between now and, and the rest of the season. But if he goes on a deep playoff run with them and the, uh, the, the locker room falls in love with them and they dig them and they also see how, how he can perform, um, when he's got a full season under his belt practicing and, and training camp ones, uh, reps with the ones and things like that, then maybe they, they do keep them there. And Trey Lance is the backup and they go into battle like that, because again, and it's a similar situation that's playing out with the jets. If the GM who drafted the guy, the quarterback highly, and the coach who was attached at the hip of the highly drafted quarterback, if those guys are not on the hot seat, because they missed on the quarterback who was drafted so highly or the quarterback they drafted so highly has now been surpassed by somebody on the roster that was either in the case of Purdy drafted last or the case of Mike white undrafted and acquired elsewhere, uh, by the team.

I know he was drafted by the Cowboys, but the jets didn't draft him. If, if the owner's fine with it and the coach and the general manager have a winning team around them, then they'll make the move. I mean, there's no sacred cows. There really isn't in the NFL. So if Purdy goes on a run and they trust him and they can open the offense up and he might win a playoff game for him, then why, why can't he be the starter in 2022?

I mean, it's a realistic possibility as we're sitting here one game in a week, 15. So you opened the door to talk about the jets. So I can ask you, how are you, how are you, how are you doing, honey? How are you doing? How are you handling the news? I said to the guys that like, he, he gained, uh, what's it like?

It's like, it's like, uh, losing a daughter, getting a son because you got a really good left-handed starter today. But I would have imagined that maybe the jets, uh, news may have made you a little ill. Well, no, I'm, I'm fine. Uh, you know, I, I, I, I want to see where, what Mike white could do, you know, I, I want to see what he can do and I want to see him out there in a consistent basis, but this is now the second time, um, you know, um, he's, he's gotten hurt and I hope that's not a, um, you know, uh, an indication of anything.

I think he's tough as nails. We saw it last week, but last year I wanted to see more out of him and he got hurt in a, in a, uh, in a, in a Thursday night game that he, you know, he came in, uh, like a house of fire into and he couldn't complete it. And now it's happened again this time around though.

It's none of his fault. He got basically sawed in half by the Buffalo bills and Matt Milano, but here's the deal. Like the coach said, the coach said that they needed to hit the reset button with Zach Wilson and Mike white came in and showed him how it's done. And, and so has, by the way, Brock Purdy, it's the same offense. It's the same concept.

It's the same ideas. And, and if Purdy could do it in San Francisco and Mike white could do it in New York, then Zach Wilson should be able to do it there too. And if he did need this reset and if he did absorb the right things and is bringing the right mindset and attitude and games to the field, then he should win this football game. And it's time to do that. And if Zach Wilson is going to be the future of New York or have an opportunity to be the future of New York, which he says, he still feels he is.

Cause again, like I said, it's San Francisco showing there are no sacred cows at quarterback or anywhere in the NFL. If, if somebody else is going to take an opportunity and run with it. So, um, um, this is it for Zach.

This is it. If he wants to be the future, he now has another opportunity to do it. He's very lucky because Mike white has captured the locker room and the fan base and the fancy of all in, uh, New York who root for the jets. So now Zach has gotten that opportunity back and let's see what he'll do with it.

Uh, personally, I wish it was on the road because, um, you know, uh, teams bond better on the road and you can focus more on the road. And if he throws a couple of, um, Garrett Wilson's feet, or he tries to do too much and throws one of those many balls up for grabs, like he's done in the losses to new England, he's going to hear it. And then we'll find out if he's cut out for New York, cause he's going to hear it from jets fans.

It's going to be loud. Certainly if the lions come in of all teams, of all teams that could beat them, it's the Detroit lions, which is, uh, uh, you know, we're playing terrifically and we've talked about on the show how well they're playing, but, um, when it comes to the New York fan base, these are still the Detroit lines. I mean, like I'm, I'm looking at my notes for the, um, Browns and the Ravens game. And, um, I just, here it is, I just passed off on this note, the Browns, the Browns, um, if they lose on Saturday or any of their remaining games would have a 21st season since returning to action in Cleveland with a losing record 21 and the team that's right below them on that list of the Detroit lions.

So it doesn't matter how well they're playing. The lions are a franchise that's supposed to be in the jets, mind's eye, even worse than, than the jets and a dire straits more than the jets. If they come into this building and want the floor with a jets defense that might be without Quinnen Williams here and Zach Wilson can't perform well, he's going to hear it.

And it could be particularly, uh, ugly for him if he can't handle it. And Rich, more importantly, more importantly, are you worried that you're becoming the kiss of death when it comes to takes? Because, you know, a few weeks ago you were so, you know, boisterous about saying you never wanted to see Zach play quarterback again for the jets. And here we are.

And now he's starting. So are you worried that you're, you know, just, you know, all of you, Chris, to not only be, first of all, what a glass house, the cooler of the Rich Eisen show is throwing a stone from right now. Okay. My teams have won a lot, so I'm just, you know, okay.

Well, with you physically being there and sitting there, I was there in 2018 when the Red Sox won. So that ended the cooler talk. That's all I'm saying. Okay.

Very good. Look. Um, but you, you, you misconstrued what I said. It's not going to say, I don't want to see him start.

I can go back and look at the video. I said, no, no, no. I said, I don't care if he doesn't start another game for them. Okay.

There's a difference in that fact that I'm done with him and I don't want to see him anymore. I said, I don't care if he doesn't start another game for the jets because I liked what I saw in Mike white. He found, you know, he found a Wilson on the field to the point where we were talking the other day. Cause Koopa asked if Brock Purdy could be rookie of the year offensively. And we're like, well, Garrett Wilson is currently the front runner for that. That's not Zach Wilson finding him. It's Mike white finding him Elijah Moore.

We need it in terms of proof of life. When Zach was a quarterback, he had to hold up a newspaper to see what day it was to make sure that he was still alive. Okay. So Mike white has shown how it can be done. And so I said at the time, Zach doesn't start another game for him.

He now is starting another game for him. Are you pacing right now? Are you walking across the, I mean, I just, I can, calmly sitting in my chair, uh, talking about Brock Purdy.

This got me out of my chair. I am in fact, do me a favor, take a moment, compose yourself and talk to us in your New York voice and address this to Zach Wilson for what you're hoping to see this weekend. Please give us a little, just direct to Zach.

It's just you and Zach. It's 1998. It's 2 AM. You're driving home to your apartment in New York city and you're like, Hey, I'm going to call into the fan. And then let it, let it, let it, let it, this is Dickie eyes from Staten Island. Let's go to Richie on a cell phone. Here we go.

I've got to comport my, I got to comport myself. Long time. Listen, the first time calling Staten Island, calling, listen, listen, Zach Wilson has got to get his head out of that spot where his son doesn't shine because now's the time to show that he doesn't have this thin skin from Utah.

Okay. You're not in Kansas anymore, Toto. It's time to get out there and show everybody how you can play ball because otherwise get out.

I don't want to hear from anymore. It's time for even Flacco. This team can win now. This guy couldn't do it before. Of course, Mike White is going to get shot in half, but get it.

It's time for Zach to do it. Otherwise get out of here. Okay. Nice. Let me ask you guys a question.

Do you think if you'd had that accent when we met, we'd have three kids now. That's my question. That was rough. Huh? I don't think so.

I don't think so. You know, when I, when I first started doing TV, I would say tournament. Tournament tournament, NCAA tournament. Like when I was up in Redding, California, that's how I would say let's go to the NCAA tournament to the point where I had to sit down and write the word tour on my script, T-O-U-R and just underline it. So I started to say turn T-U-R-N is when I started scripting it.

T-U-R-N dash event. You know, cause I'm a professional. I'm still pacing.

I understand. Hey Rich, relax. Hey, cause we do have latest news from Dallas. Have you seen the stuff from Dallas this morning?

Nope. Oh baby. It looks like Odell Beckham is going to the star. Jerry Jones, last night to USA Today. Odell is going to join us. There's a good chance he will with the complete goal of getting ready for a playoff game or two.

And then I'll look at the future, but mostly of it being about now. He has wanted Odell Beckham Jr. He has been focused on Odell Beckham Jr. Rich. Why wouldn't he? Why wouldn't he? I love it.

I love it. This makes him even more must-see television. Hey, then you want to just, I mean, so they're going to really throw him in the mix in a playoff game for the first time. Is that really what they're going to do?

In Tampa? He's a Super Bowl winning professional, lead pipe building professional, Rich. Okay. That is true. He would have been, I mean, we saw it with our own two odds. He would have been the Super Bowl MVP last year if he didn't somehow hurt himself again.

But as Hoskins just told me, it's not official yet. But don't you think that Jerry Jones is so irritated that everyone's talking about Brock Purdy and everyone's talking about the Eagles. He does not like it when people aren't talking about them Cowboys.

That is correct. Everybody talking about him, but you know, I think there's more to it as I think we all agree. It's been a PR move. I mean, if the guy is the same Odell Beckerman can do that, you know what, how he can just flip a field and create problems. And that just will only open the door more for a running game. And you want to talk about, again, if he is as healthy as, as, as, as before, um, one of the top playmakers in the NFL when he's healthy. And you know how I feel about Tony Pollard that gives them back to Beck, gives them two home run hitters to where they could just take the ball and see you later.

Um, but again, uh, getting people up to speed is one thing, getting them up to speed in a winter, go home game. I don't know, man. I don't, I don't, I don't see that, but hopefully the now means they do get them out there. I would love to see him in like week 17 or 18, just knock the rust off. And then, and then what, what, what would that make them a, the guaranteed Saturday night game, right? For, for wildcard weekend, 1,000%, especially Tom Brady. Oh, come on. No doubt.

Yeah. Brady hosting hotel and the Cowboys would be that would break televisions. That would be so congrats, TJ on that and congrats in advance. You know, rich, I'm wearing a t-shirt now. It's a new herb was coming on and I have all the great 88s on it.

You know, we've got drew and Michael and Des and CD, you know, and maybe I'll find a way down here to put OBJ somewhere. All right. We're going to go to break, which we're going to have you back in, uh, in the 11 o'clock hour to preview your game.

And we got a little bit more lightly by that. Stop pacing, sit down, relax, take a load of chill. Thank you. Thanks rich. See you buddy. A lot more rich eyes on the show when we come back eight four four two Oh four rich.

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I don't like that. Wait, wait, are we on the air? Hello? Anybody out there? I mean, we're gonna have to do something about that.

You know, I have to say that George Kittle saying that tequila is his natural libation. Yes, it is. Of course it is. It's a vegetable. It's actually made of a vegetable, right? I think it's agave.

Agave everybody. I mean, I don't understand like Rich will not even smell my tequila if I drink it. Like he doesn't like tequila at all. Me neither. I keep trying to tell him it's clean.

There's no hangover. I'm also, let's face it, a control freak. So I'm a one drink alcoholic. I don't have more than one because you know, I'm me.

You're both control freaks, which is kind of weird. Like how does that operate? Not so well.

You know how it operates? I'm controlling. That said, this is a really good mimosa today. You did a beautiful pour. I want to thank you for that. Thank you. I poured it with love.

You know, you really did. I want to thank you for that. You can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on the Odyssey app on via Westwood One Station Streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports sponsored by AutoZone. I like that the phone lines are opening up and lighting up. Thank you very much, guys.

I love the calls. This is my Christmas present. This is my Hanukkah gift from you to me. Somebody's waiting and I have to put my glasses on because I'm 50 and I'm 50. Matt in Tennessee, we are going to get to you. Can we take him now because he's saying any story about Rich in which he's failed in something but not too embarrassing. Hey Matt, you there? Yeah. Hi, how are you doing? How are you, Matt?

I'm pretty good. Try to enjoy the day. I got a long weekend. Oh, you got a lot ahead of you? Yeah, I do, but I at least get to enjoy the day listening to you guys.

Yeah, that's what's up. We're thrilled. Thanks for joining us today. That just made me so happy. What I was asking about, TJ, we're coming, New Year's, but what I was going to ask about with Rich is what is something that Rich has failed at that you can tell that ain't too embarrassing for him, that you've seen him like try and it's just like, oh, please don't.

Please don't. I got you, Matt. Ready?

I got you this in 60 seconds. So when Rich and I were first dating, I'm a big skier, right? I love mountains. I love snow.

I love skiing. Rich was trying to be a good sport. He's like, okay, I'll meet you in Colorado because I was doing the Lakers broadcast. I was in Fox. He was at ESPN. We used to meet in the middle of the country. He said, okay, I'll meet you there. I said, have you skied? He goes, yeah, I've skied. So he goes to call to make an appointment for a ski lesson.

They said, Rich Eisen from Sports Center. He's like, I'm not going. They're going to make fun of me.

I said, oh, it'll be fine. I'll take you. We go to the top of the mountain. Happened to have skied, happened to have snowed the night before. Beautiful powder everywhere. We take easy rider the whole way down.

It circles the mountain. It was three yards and a cloud of dust, Matt. Boom, boom, boom. And he's just falling. And I hear him, God. And he's swearing.

And it's a nightmare. And I'm waiting and waiting. And he's trying to be strong. And he finally gets to me. And I go to give him a kiss to say, great job, honey.

And I started laughing, snotted all over his face. Merry Christmas, Matt. That's from me to you.

Watch more Rich Eisen Show when we come back. Because Roku people, I got to tell you, I wanted to be there for him. I wanted to be this like, you know, warm, great girlfriend. We were just boyfriend and girlfriend then after three years of being friends.

And there he was like such a good guy. What? Three years you made my man wait?

Three years. Wow. Yep. Our kids are miracles.

Yep. And so what a great boyfriend he was. He wasn't a skier. He actually loves to opera ski. He is Mr. Opera. He loves like a heavy sweater and a fireplace and wine at 10 in the morning.

And, you know, opera. That's what he's all about. He was a really good sport. So I snotted all over his face. It's really gross, really warm moment. And I just, we came down. He's like, I'm done. So we spend the whole day.

Yeah, I'm done. He goes back to the room. I ski all afternoon and I am psyched. And I'm like, I'm feeling like, like, like I'm feeling good about myself. I'm walking back.

My skis are on my shoulder. I get to the, to the room and there he is with a strawberry smoothie and he is spotted up. He has hit the spa hard. And so I may have called him spa boy for a while, but that's neither here nor there. But Matt, thank you so much for calling in and asking about that because who am I not to share embarrassing moments for Rich Eisen on his very own show?

Agreed. He's not here. He's in Ohio.

He knew what he was getting into. I'm just saying so much more rich eyes and show ahead. Marshall Falk is going to call in from an airport kind of a little sketchy Michael Ervin ahead as well too, and more rich eyes when we come back. You're hanging out with some friends and putting back a few drinks. A few becomes a few too many. As the evening comes to an end and people start to head out, you think of calling for a ride. Ah, you live nearby. You can make it home.

Okay. It's no big deal. What are the odds you'll get pulled over anyway? And even so what's the worst that could happen? Your insurance goes up, you lose your license, you lose your job, you total your car, you kill someone. Everyone knows about the risks of driving drunk.

The results are tragic and often deadly. However, that still doesn't stop everyone from getting behind the wheel while under the influence. That's why police officers are out there right now looking for impaired drivers on our roads to save lives. So if you think you're okay to drive after a few drinks, think again. Play it safe and plan ahead to get a ride. It only takes one mistake to change your life or someone else's forever. Drive sober or get pulled over. Paid for by NHTSA.
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