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REShow: Hour 2 (12-8-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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December 8, 2022 3:39 pm

REShow: Hour 2 (12-8-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 8, 2022 3:39 pm

Rich recaps the latest in the Odell Beckham Jr. free agency tour and says if it’s worth it for teams to invest in the talented-but-injury-prone WR for a short-window and reveals his “Top 5 NFL Teams That Always Seem to Be Missing Something.'

Rich unveils a brand-new segment called ‘Crystal Ball It!’ where he predicts how differently things would have gone if the Broncos hadn’t traded for Russell Wilson, if the Packers had kept Davante Adams, and if the Dolphins had drafted Justin Herbert instead of Tua Tagovailoa.

Red Sox fan Brockman rants over losing Xander Bogaerts to the Padres while Rich marvels at San Diego suddenly spending like a drunken sailor on MLB free agents.

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The Rich Eisen Show.

Ah yes, welcome to our number two of The Rich Eisen Show. Great chat with Tom Pelosaro moments ago about the current state of affairs of the Odell Beckham Jr. sweepstakes. Not much of a sweepstakes right now and the way that he described it was fascinating to me because we're all just assuming that Odell can just get out there on the field and run around and start right now and get in somebody's house in somebody's building and give him a few snaps and get up to speed and by the time they hit the playoffs he'll be fully functional and dynamic. In other words, we thought this thing would play out just like last year with the Rams. The difference between last year and this year is last year he was just overcoming the Browns. This year he's overcoming a knee injury, quite frankly, and he starts showing up or he was overcoming his relationship with Baker Mayfield. I mean how about this, if you had told us last year at this very point entering week 14 that Baker Mayfield would be there with the Rams but Odell wouldn't be, right?

That's pretty shocking. On this night of week 14's Thursday Night Football kickoff Baker Mayfield could very well be the starting quarterback of the Los Angeles Rams on Amazon Prime's coverage that would include LeBron James having a shop version of a simulcast with Odell Beckham Jr. as a guest. So hey folks at the shop, two things. I mean there's some journalism to be conducted tonight. We got to find out what is going on with Odell, okay?

What is going on? Is he, these are the things I want to know from Odell tonight. How quickly can he get out there and is he upset that the Cowboys are talking about it? Is that a deal breaker because the Cowboys are talking about it?

The Giants are like great visit. We had Sean McDermott on this week and he's like yeah great visit and I asked him point blank hey are you concerned about not having a guy out on the field and you're signing him? And he just talked in generalities of course but Jerry went on his radio show and he's like absolutely I've got a problem and then Ed Werder's tweeting out about how this is more of a 2023 issue and Micah Parsons saying hey you know he told me he's not gonna be ready for five weeks. Take a look at the Cowboys schedule. If he's not ready for five weeks the Dallas Cowboys next five games are this very week against Houston at Jacksonville home for Philadelphia at Tennessee at Washington. They would finish the season without him and it would be if they don't somehow some way get that bye week and I don't think they will they're two games behind the team that's already beaten them you know if they don't get that bye the next week it'll be Odell's debut. In the playoffs. In the playoffs and by the way the same thing goes for whoever he signs with. The Buffalo Bills their next five games the difference between the Cowboys and the Bills is the Bills are entering the final five games of the season as the one seed in the AFC and Odell wouldn't be able to get out there so maybe just maybe the Buffalo Bills would be the best spot for him to sign because he'd have that extra week of preparation but still his debut would be in the divisional playoff round. Really? I mean last year you saw the first game that he played again you know for the Rams that was that Thursday night game I believe it was the Thursday night game in San Francisco remember that where Stafford went up top kind of forced it in there interception it took about two three weeks for Odell to really get started and then by the time the Super Bowl hit that was like a seven eight week ramp up and if you're the Giants as Pelissaro points out you know you're signing him now to what rehab for a five-week period that might wind up because he's not out there you need him you don't make the playoffs you're out. You know I mean that to me is a fascinating development that we just all thought okay his knee's good he's gonna decide once he's done with his tour two days later he's gonna make it it's his decision maybe he does announce it tonight on uh for I mean you want to talk about making news that'd be cool uh you know what's he looking for because this now makes sense that this is a two-year is a two-year venture for him he wants this year and he wants next year because this year might not materialize he wants to use the desire to maybe I can help you in the playoffs look what I did last year in Los Angeles as a cudgel to get that second year right now to say I can help you for a full season yes I didn't I don't think anybody saw this coming and Tom the way he described it was very matter of fact he's like hey this is a knee injury that he suffered 10 months ago so he's kind of on course and everybody's kind of learning that hey the timing may not work out if you need Odell to make the playoffs and the timing may not work out that his debut could come in the playoffs that's a risk I'm talking about a risk yeah you're suddenly trying to figure out when when when the uh the action is live and winner go home and you have no timing with the receiver you know yeah yeah and suddenly a ball flies you know tipped up in the hands of somebody else and now the whole team's home you just run them on a fly I guess but I don't know if we're gonna see Odell this year man now it's not amazing at the beginning of the week I'm like okay by some point by the end of this week we're gonna find out where he's going I think we do see him this year though I think we do see him this year that somebody's just getting he's so damn talented and so damn good in such a difference maker he really is two knee injuries in two years though man I got it I hear you but he is just that damn good that if he could take the top of a defense off he gives you 10 15 snaps just even 10 15 snaps where the defense has got a shade somewhere to his side of the field because just the threat of him yeah because the bottom line is this conditioning this conditioning that he could run a straight line and put his hand up right you know I said we're gonna fly with him Jackson did it last week hey here I am yeah like if you had to choose five guys in the league that you'd want to just run straight line and put a hand up he's one of them and he yeah throw it up go deep go deep baby eight four four two oh four rich number to dial here on the show uh you know what I got right here I have a top five list hey hold on to your angst about the Red Sox Chris we're gonna get that we'll get to you keep hanging on to it trying hard man I'm trying to be the chef I have a list here I have a list here one more day for one more day a top five I've got a top five list about what rich um I just yeah what is it I mean we gotta what kind of music I gotta know what kind of NFL films you know yeah you know Del Tufa needs to be prepared I'm just sitting around I'm sitting around as we're now in rubber meets the road time we we know who everybody is you know who you are you are what you are however you want to use those phrases in the NFL but I I've been just sitting here thinking about I've watched enough football this year that there are five teams that when you watch them there always seems to be something missing that they could be better than they already are or they're not as good as they should be and I've got those five teams number five on that in this list top five teams where there always seem to be something missing and they're number five on this list opposed to any higher because of their record uh you know it's amazing that I'm putting a current division leader on this list at eight and four but you look at the Baltimore Ravens and there always seems to be something missing there always seems to be that gear like the Ravens fans will know and and I may be a bit off obviously beating the Bengals is their that's that's the that's a win I mean the beating the Bengals and the Bills for them this year have been tremendous wins actually they they lost the Miami Dolphins pardon me the Ravens lost the Miami Dolphins um you know their their ability to win football games against tough opponents have really been impressive okay but for me taking a look at this team I guess the first three quarters against Miami is what I think they can really look like offensively and they just can't do it consistently you see what I'm picking up I do and a lot of it is health and I think a lot of it too is when we talk about the Ravens they they just don't have that receiver they have a pass catcher Mark Andrews like one of the top tight ends when you're just looking at fantasy perspective they don't really have the receiver and fantasy that you want he doesn't have that guy TJ that goes in the top few rounds they don't ever have the guy that in your auction league you're spending 30 dollars on they just they never have that guy they talk about it all the time and it's just it's frustrating as a fan I'm just frustrated I can only imagine how Lamar Jackson they're eight and four and again their best win of the year was that 1917 win against Cincinnati 19 points they came close against Buffalo and they they as you know were up on Miami and that first three quarters of their game was spectacular that's what I know that's what we're looking to see and everything else has been feeling like pulling teeth yeah that loss of the Giants they lost their teeth you know obviously the loss to Jacksonville it's just there always seems to be something missing and um that's why I thought maybe Odell could be that guy but who's the one who said recently that wide receivers just didn't know who he was that wide receivers just don't go to Baltimore that was RG3 said that recently not wrong number four on this list another division leader but we all know it every time the Buccaneers play there's something missing I don't know what it is man there's Brady there's Fournette there's Evans there's Godwin I think the one that what's missing you know is Grump that's the guy not only helped the run game immeasurably but that's Tom's guy from from the red zone in that's it and um maybe Rashad White can put some games together right now you're seeing it from the rookie he did grab that touchdown pass to win it but the way that they've won their last two home games in America the game that they they can't it's not sustainable the game they put together in Munich now that's the team where nothing was missing it was all there 100-yard rusher Devin White running all over the field Brady making his throws it was one bad interception that kept the Seahawks alive in that game though it just seems something missing you know it is too rich it's like something's up with Mike Evans in the last since week four no touchdowns one 100-yard game just something just seems off with him whether it's an injury yeah whether maybe it's age finally catching up with him been a great player for a long time that element in their offense is also missing and it's just like you said just something off number three on this list top five teams of this always seems to be something missing uh we're gonna get more and more obvious as we get to the top but number three of the Denver Broncos I mean you watch them and it is defensively I don't think anything's missing they're there they've got a team that's been putting up enough of an effort and certainly successfully keeping you out of the end zone keeping the games alive while we watch the offense struggle you know it's it's terrible it's it's the paint drying it's watching a guy in a hall of fame career trajectory at quarterback regress week in week out watching the ball from his arms sail out of bounds or bounce in front of somebody or a drop pass the running game the running game has been terrible this year I mean I don't know what is missing on offense it is I think what is missing on offense is just let I know the whole phrase let Russ Cook has been so overused but maybe you just say Russ start there's your one option when he's not there then you you take it from here you go yeah I mean I know that sounds stupid and some overly simplistic but when he steps up in the pocket and he's running around he's looking down the field and he's throwing they're they're better go fast and let him just go by the seat of his pants yeah losing Tim Patrick in the preseason didn't help he was a great receiver at the end of last year and then obviously you lose someone as talented as Chavonte Williams just it's gonna be a struggle number two on this list it's happening again folks it's happening again when you watch the Arizona Cardinals play football something is missing and I don't I fear it's chemistry and a relationship a rock-solid relationship between the two guys on the screen right there it's a good photo Kingsbury and K-1 guys going in opposite directions Patrick Peterson has his two cents on what's missing you know less of an I in in Kyler even though it's spelled with a Y but you're you're you're I don't know man we got Buddha Baker on tomorrow's show he is one of those warriors one of those dynamite warriors and JJ Watt I mean they have hearts of lions on that team in that locker room but on offense obviously what was missing the first six weeks being DeAndre Hopkins but it just in offense where Kyler doesn't just run around and make first downs and then occasionally make a nice throw or something is missing something is off I don't I can't put my finger on it number one on this list are the Los Angeles Chargers you look at this team and you're like what is missing this is a can't miss quarterback prospect this team should not be six and six entering this week in week 14 they should not be on the edge of their seat with their season on the line Herbert versus Tua the last several years that question was asked and answered Herbert it's a million percent Herbert and Tua is walking in the door with a team with a better record a better coach quarterback dynamic although Brandon Staley is not the one calling the plays calling the plays in the same way that McDaniel is but I don't know what the hell is missing wins are missing big plays are missing big play moments are missing too much defensive players out defensive players missing tackles kicks at least they got Dicker the kicker right I mean I I I automatic once again we are entering the stretch run of a football season saying what's happened to the Chargers why aren't they better than their record shows this is a team that we all so many people thought this was the team that was going to beat and depose the Chiefs oh man how many people in the preseason likes Chargers sneaky AFC West pick Herbert MVP like over and over again you look at their schedule the rest of the way after this home date here come the titans with their heart pills and buckling up and you got to bow up and beat them you tell me you think they're going to go in Indianapolis and beat the Colts I mean it could be anything they think they are right I mean come on that's the Monday nighter of Christmas weekend home for the Rams at the Denver Broncos and it's not even Brandon Staley like doing all kinds of wacky fourth downs this year and I loved I loved the guy it's just a bad bounce here a hamstring there like Keenan Allen is finally back something Mike Williams is out always missing yeah where they're never at full strength full strength and then Austin Eckler will weirdly fumble and you're like well the guy never fumbles what are you doing they're number one they have to be they have to be that's my top five teams where there's always seems to be something missing right here on the Rich Eisen show okay we got a new segment when we come back call well I mean have we done it before we haven't we've done it before we haven't had yeah we've danced around it but right never to the levels that I know this is going to rock the entire world when we come back I wouldn't miss it if I were you it's popcorn I think it's going to be great could be a total disaster but we're going to give it a whirl one way to find one way to find out rich right next on the Rich Eisen show the Roku channel and more 2000 2008 2022 when it comes to the economy those are some scary years dot-com crash housing crash and the roller coaster we're kind of going through right now one thing is certain it's a dangerous time to not know your numbers but over 31,000 businesses have the confidence and clarity they need because they rely on NetSuite by Oracle the number one cloud financial system NetSuite gives you visibility and control of your financials inventory HR planning and budgeting so you can manage risk get reliable forecasts and improve margins everything you need all in one place so how do you prepare for uncertain times the answer is simple NetSuite it's why 93% of customers say they improve their visibility and control when they upgrade it to NetSuite so what are you waiting for right now NetSuite is offering a one-of-a-kind flexible financing program head to rich pod right now rich pod rich pod one of my favorite coaching cliches one of my favorite coaching cliches is hey I'm not answering your hypothetical question I don't have a crystal ball coach when's this guy going to come hey ask Kyle Shannon hey coach Jimmy G what's going to happen with Jimmy G I don't have a crystal ball he won't but he that's a bad example because the one time he answered a hypothetical his answer to the whole question was hey we might not we might all be dead by Sunday right remember that it's like coach that's the one time we wouldn't mind you using the cliche yeah they're gonna asteroid can hit us but uh so uh the Rich Eisen Show now however once if we ever hear a coach say this that's a problem they should just reach out to us because we now have a crystal ball look at this baby look at this thing that's amazing I mean we busted the budget for this thing I have an actual crystal ball right here for a new segment called crystal ball hit it you know I tell you I don't have a crystal ball I have no idea very good I appreciate that thank you crystal ball it's called crystal ball it I have a crystal ball right here uh Chris Brockman you have sir uh some scenarios that would cause a head coach or a prognosticator or an opinionator to say I don't have a crystal ball yeah I can't use that excuse I now have a crystal ball here what do you got okay here we go so the first one we were live on the air back in March when Russell Wilson was traded from Seattle yes to Denver now what if look into that crystal ball Rich and prognosticate what if they didn't do that the Broncos did not do that and instead kept their ninth overall pick yes in the 2022 draft and had taken TJ's boy Kenny Pickett I would say if Kenny Pickett was so you're asking me how many wins oh how many wins would Denver have if they drafted Pickett instead of trading for Russ yeah how different would this season have gone they're currently three and nine and we see how Pickett's been balling okay for Pittsburgh here we go um I have the crystal ball let me let me look into it and I'm looking at it and I see I see a seat that is less hot I see a head coach that's just been hired from the world of Aaron Rodgers and Nathaniel Hackett I see him now having more of a road in Denver I see him now being attached at the hip of this young quarterback and I see and I see a lot more happy faces I see a young quarterback who started in week one I see a schedule where they didn't start in Seattle and I see Nathaniel Hackett as the head coach of the Denver Broncos in 2023 to see how much better Kenny Pickett can be at the job I see a much better Denver Broncos team and I would say they would have more wins right now than their three I also would have won my bet with TJ you would have well well he would have been a top 10 pick right yeah okay very good I would have paid that off how many by the way how many Broncos fans would take that ticket right now oh my god all of them all of them all of them I gotta think all of them okay what else you got over them all right this trade didn't happen while we're on the air shortly thereafter though another blockbuster Devante Adams goes from Green Bay to Las Vegas yes Raiders right how different would the Packer season look if they didn't trade Devante Adams well first things first I can look in the crystal ball and I can I can look into the pass with the crystal ball as well oh week one that throw to Christian Watson gets caught ah for a touchdown yes and the entire season is different just based on that one that one pass Adams catches that one and it's a it's a totally different season totally different season in Green Bay I would say that how about this Devante Adams stays there I think the the the Green Bay Packers would have shot at the division if not only lead it right now their record would be the exact opposite if Devante Adams was there right now so I'm looking into the crystal ball and I see a team that is eight and five not five and eight that I see for sure that's my crystal ball analysis right there all right last one last one let's go all the way back to the 2020 NFL Draft yes different times wow we were in Rogers basement yes there was a lot going on a lot of quarter zips and this was the hot debate in South Florida the tank for two a thing was on for years but yes they had a chance to take yes they had a chance to take Justin Herbert yes at number five look into that crystal ball Rich and tell us how each the Dolphins and the Chargers would look if the Miami had taken Herbert at number five instead of Tua and then Tua goes number six to Los Angeles they play each other Sunday night oh my goodness gracious is Brian Flores still the head coach no do they tamper with Tom Brady I did they definitely don't they definitely have their draft I'm looking into the crystal ball and I see a less forfeited draft choice in 2023 as a matter of fact they are choosing um man I I I don't I don't even know if they yeah I I still I still see both coaches still where they are but Flores would have been gone by then too Mike McDaniel well Mike McDaniel is the head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers I see that in my I see that in my crystal ball right here yeah I I see I see a charger team that probably in all honesty looking at my crystal ball I see a charger team that would have given up on Tua already and I see Brian Flores still the head coach in Miami with a way different offensive coordinator and and that's the way I see it don't you think Tua would never have gotten the the do you think Tua would have gotten the new offensive coordinator he would have gotten the new guy I don't know just think about it because they just moved to LA they're opening the new stadium yeah they're co there with the Rams and they're trying to keep up with the Rams and make this big move for Matthew Stafford and Tua is in there struggling you're right maybe he would have been benched already I don't know but would Herbert even have gotten a chance would the same thing have happened because Ryan Fitzpatrick was there Herbert would have gotten the chance Herbert would have a million a million percent gotten the chance but Herbert only got the chance because of the needle the doctor screwed up and Herbert would have absolutely gotten the chance there so no fit's magic in Miami right and I think he would have absolutely gotten the chance that's just a crazy what if if those two picks have been swapped could you imagine that would be a great conversation to have on Sunday Night Football this weekend yeah but I have a crystal ball and the way I see it is Brian Flores would still be the coach there with a new with a new coordinator there wouldn't have been any requests for tanking because they would have seen what they gotten in Herbert they would have a draft choice next year we wouldn't have gone for Brady they would have seen what they had in Herbert and he would be that guy there he's that guy anywhere and I don't know if Tua would have gotten the either either my crystal ball I need to I need to what tap it on the side is I've never had one before I'm gonna tap it on the side I would I would say what's more likely than that is that Tua would have not gotten the long leash here he would have he would have succeeded with Anthony Lynn as the head coach there I don't know I think he'd have been gone Mike McDaniel could be here instead of Brandon Staley that's what my crystal ball says there they go so now I have one but it's tough to move around I can't move it I think you should just kind of slide it off okay very good crystal ball it baby crystal ball it I'll have it right here on the Rich Eisen show let's go over the phone lines right here 844-204-rich is the number to dial Sam in Iowa let's take your let's take his call what's up Sam hey buddy I got a good uh good crystal ball dilemma for you what do you got I'll look into it so so I'm a chief fan and uh they win Super Bowl uh 54 and the next year they have a 30 second kick in the draft and only needed supposedly a running back and as you know they took client it was Hilaire I would like you to look into a crystal ball and do I see Jonathan Taylor do I see Jonathan yeah obvious choice would be Jonathan Taylor but also what would they if they took DeAndre Swift DK Dobbins or even Cam Akers who are holding that draft I'm looking in the crystal ball and I say it wouldn't have mattered for any of them because Randy Reid doesn't really like to run the football as much no but I think Jonathan Taylor being there would be if they had one of those guys if they had Jonathan Taylor could you imagine thanks for the call Sam well that's a good one what if they had chosen Jonathan Taylor with that pick the Colts would have uh been choosing number one number one overall last year can you imagine if they didn't have Jonathan Taylor last year in Indianapolis with Carson Wentz they'd have gotten they'd have gotten rid of Carson Wentz in the middle of the season also just thinking about their name Heinz was their number one running back like does Tyreek maybe request a trade a little earlier because the offense becomes a little more run heavy I think 2020 I think that's a criticism of Andy Reid that I think is overblown he just you're not going to have a guy who's 25 30 carries there when you've got Patrick Mahomes it's just that simple you don't need to you don't want to your difference maker your your your Sean McCoy pretty good ball carrier right eight four four two oh four rich number two dial here on the Rich Austin show when we come back here on the program guess what uh you're gonna have your say Chris the Boston Red Sox lost their shortstop and anchor right up the middle of the field I'm ready to the San Diego Padres how about them apples that's coming up next right here on the Rich Austin show well Chris hey rich the hot stove got really hot yesterday and um you know Xander Bogarts your shortstop love him your all-star shortstop right there in the middle of the lineup two-time champ he is uh he was a free agent no longer yeah right and um he got a new deal to go to the San Diego Padres 11 years 280 million dollar contract so there's that yeah I have a lot of thoughts of a lot of thoughts first off when a deal when he wasn't extended in the offseason or any point during the season yes I assumed that he was not coming back I just assumed like when you let uh you know one of the best players in all of baseball just walk I mean I know they traded Mookie Betts a few years ago but when you don't bring that dude back the writing's kind of on the wall for your young superstars like Xander and Raphael Devers so I kind of expected him not to not to be back I mean I was hopeful also you know in the same in the same breath signing a 30-year-old player to an 11-year contract is is irresponsible and so I can kind of get behind you know Heim Blum and and Red Sox management being made legal we're not going to give you an 11-year deal now if it was just about money you know his average per year isn't as crazy as Aaron Judge or some of these other guys but 280 million dollars is still a lot for a shortstop especially one that's older than Trey Turner who got 300 million dollars so I get all of that but if they're in the ballpark of the 30-year you know 30-year average of like seven for 210 then that that's a little bit more reasonable but when you as a player when you can get 70 more million dollars from somewhere else I totally understand four more years too and understand taking that I totally understand that from Xander's perspective it's just really disappointing as a fan when you see this ownership group who also owns Liverpool and they just forked over 900 million dollars for the Pittsburgh Penguins like whoop-de-doo like do you or do you not care about your fan base of the thing that you claim to care about the most which is the Boston Red Sox and clearly what they have told fans and what they've illustrated the fans over the last few years beginning with the Mookie Betts deal is they do not they do not care about the fans and so it's going to come to a point that the fans have to make a decision look if Raffi Devers is not resigned I'm going to really think hard about not being a Red Sox fan anymore because you won't come on now rich I am not kidding baseball's been losing a lot of baseball's been losing me the last few years and this has just put me one step closer towards taking that jump and if Devers does it comes back it's going to be really tough to support anything this ownership group does and so it's basically going to come to a point where I'm not going to really be a fan anymore until this group does not own the team well Devers is signed through next year yeah well now's the time now's the time to get an extension done and if they don't do it I'm out it's over I'm done really and I make zero apologies for that why continue to support something that doesn't respect you as being a fan of their team why why still do it then the thing is maybe they want it but maybe how about this one and I trust me I'm not trolling you okay they hired somebody who has built a team like the Tampa Bay Rays maybe that's the type of team how many championships have the Rays won I got you I really missed all those great parades down main street in Tampa the Sox have won four times in the last 20 years that's more than any other team in major league baseball okay and they've done it by building the homegrown guys and paying the homegrown guys we've seen guys like I know they got Manny Ramirez in free agency but Ortiz was a guy that they brought up okay they traded for him when he was a nobody and he became the face of major league baseball right through all these championships and they're just continually disrespecting the fans by doing this and getting rid of guys for nothing we didn't even get a bag of balls for Serzana Bogarts like we got for Mookie Betts all due respect to Alex Verdugo who's a very fine young player he's not a franchise player these guys are Betts Devers Bogarts and just gonna let them all walk why should I support that as a fan you know at least mad respect to the Yankees and what they do they will do whatever it takes to keep their guys they overpaid for Judge the last four years of that contract is going to be awful but at least he's there he's going to be the captain right it's exciting and invigorating and inspiring for the fans that the their ownership group will do whatever it takes to keep these guys the Red Sox organization and the management does not do that ever and it's time to like just stand up and be like I'm not going to put up with this anymore I can't support you if you're going to continually do this so I'm not I'm not all the way out Devers is gone I am out Devers would break you it seems like you've been broken 1000 percent it seems like him him him T.J. praising the Yankees for doing what they did and saying that he's out on the red I'm just I'm concerned that the Bogarts thing is breaking you isn't that clear what we're listening to right now this is a this is a small market move we're not the A's we're not the Rays we're not the Twins we're not these teams that have no money and and and our ownerships are broke are cash starved yeah we're the freaking Red Sox okay like yeah the Yankees became the evil empire we're just as evil because we spend just as much we're on par with the Cubs we're on par with the Cubs and the Yankees and the Dodgers and guess what we've won more than all of those teams in the last 20 years you know the team with the highest payroll right now what are we doing you know the team with the highest payroll right now is it's probably the Phillies his team the Mets yep exactly all of those teams are maybe number two spending money to win and what is Boston doing we're buying the Pittsburgh Penguins by the way like why do you say why do you poop i understand you're hot but like poo-pooing buying the penguins who are one of the premier franchises that doesn't help you're buying the penguins and you're like we don't have enough money to pay Zander Bogarts by the way like bs right now what are you talking about right now the Red Sox again you're taking Liverpool for two billion and now you're trying to sell them for seven you're you don't have any money to pay these guys you're taking uh uh several people obviously off of the the the uh payroll but right now the Red Sox have the 18th highest payroll in Major League Baseball just 9 million fewer than the Seattle Mariners what are we doing 13 million fewer than the Detroit Tigers Brockman you know what though who do we think we are i like your fire i like your intensity if you're gonna leave Red Sox i welcome you to come to us he's not absolutely not doing that i'll be a Padres fan and let's talk about them let's talk about them for a second the San Diego Padres i mean they're not you know are that your father's Padres or even our Padres like i i just you know kudos to the ownership group there 1000 okay Peter Seidler is the uh the man who runs the show never heard of him exactly well let me tell you about him he is the grandson of Walter O'Malley and the nephew of Peter O'Malley there you go okay and and he you know he's um you know that he's part of a um you know a hedge fund and he's apparently made of money this is booming and i had so so now what the Padres have done is they have a 10-year contract with Manny Machado that runs through 2028 he'll be 35 years old when that runs out they have a 14-year contract with Fernando Tatis Jr for 340 million dollars that runs through 2034 he will also be 35 years old when that runs they now have an 11-year contract for 289 million dollars to Xander Bogarts that runs through 2033 he'll be 40 years old when that runs out that is you could put it all together almost 1 billion dollars in salary to three players and one must think there's no way on this green earth they will ever let Juan Soto out of their midst as well i mean his contracts and they don't have to do anything right now right like so there's still a couple years left you can take a look at how you can move this money here and there from one year to the next but at some point i think the Soto contract will dwarf Tatisas right certainly when judge goes up to 360 and Soto will be signing this contract in his mid-20s he's way young so they're going to do that too and Padres fans must be looking around and just saying what the hell is happening around here because this is back in the day you know when they when they went to the world series in the late 90s when it was Gwynn and you know Mark Langston and Caminiti you know obviously but i'm just naming obviously Gwynn and Langston are different ends of the spectrum here but that was a team that going against the Yankees it was David versus Goliath you know like the Steinbrenner Yankees against the same the little San Diego Padres this little engine that can't but Peter Seidler taken a pen like he he doesn't need to be told how the Dodgers operate for many different reasons if you're in the Dodgers division you gotta basically say i see your money or Goldman Sachs or whatever and i raise you my hedge fund and you know they went after Trey Turner and Judge and they're in on everybody so everybody thinks it's just big market here big market there but the Padres are raising their hand and saying we are players here and this is the latest shot across the bow i mean because Machado was a guy as you know that the Orioles were done with and he went up here to Los Angeles and they signed him in free agency and Tatis is a homegrown guy this is a guy that they have now taken from the heart and soul of a team in the same way that Dodgers did in acquiring Mookie Betts and i think that they they are they are one million percent showing that they know what it takes and they're putting it out there so it's his guy well his guy i i would rather his guy your guy i mean your your guy is spending look Alonso is a future and i think you know obviously you know Lindor is generationally talented and you got him at the right time you know when he's entering his his blossoming years right but the two guys at the top of the rotation i mean it's like cocoon seriously you know where city field is like this beautiful you know pool house and you know you're jumping in the pool and you're hoping that Scherzer and Verlander can continue to do what they're doing i'm i'm looking at the Padres they got some young oh the left side of the field stallions where is where is is Tatis gonna go to the outfield is that what yeah so i think he's gonna move to right and then Soto's gonna go to left now yeah out of here oh my god and the Rangers are basically saying we'll spend money too i mean the Rangers and Padres never used to sit here and i mean the Rangers i guess back in the day when they went and got a rod and paid him all that money the Rockies are eighth on the list here are your top 10 the Phillies are 10 currently in terms of payroll Astros 9th Rockies 8th Padres 7th Rangers 6th Dodgers 5th Angels are Angels are fourth they got to be looking around i mean Yankees are second Mets are first and uh the Boston Red Sox sitting down there currently at 18th the Diamondbacks talk about a uh a step down right now that the Red Sox are 18th with 80 million in payroll that's gonna go up you know they're gonna spend it it won't be somebody like Bogarts though um and then after that the team right behind them is the Diamondbacks at 58 million dollars the Washington Nationals are 20th at 53 the Orioles currently have a 12 million dollar payroll 12 yeah that's what it says here by the way they had all those young kids and they they almost made the playoffs last year oh my gosh that's the whole thing with baseball at least and majorly and in football all these teams that there's a floor they all got to spend this money yeah i mean i can see people calling in calling me a baby and i don't feel bad for me call me spoiled whatever i'm sorry that you root for a bunch of losers who are just happy to break the playoffs like careful like Boston is its title or nothing like and so yeah i'm allowed to be angry when you're homegrown guy the team just refuses to pay for it i don't blame you for being angry like i don't blame you for feeling crazy if we lost judge to the San Diego Padres i'd be like get out of here still be yeah i'd still be livid i'd have an arm band i don't i don't blame you i still had Alonzo on my team so we have fans calling to tell us that we're wrong though and we'll handle it i'm not wrong Terrence Dwinner will be joining us yeah i think Brockman wants to take ownership of the Red Sox and put them in long-term parking yeah i'll sell the boat absolutely
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