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REShow: Brian Windhorst - Hour 1

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June 28, 2022 3:12 pm

REShow: Brian Windhorst - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 28, 2022 3:12 pm

Rich weighs in on Baker Mayfield’s latest comments on his situation in Cleveland and wonders if there’s a sliver of hope he and the Browns can mend fences with the possibility of a lengthy Deshaun Watson suspension looming. 

ESPN NBA Insider Brian Windhorst and Rich discuss Kyrie Irving’s long-term future in Brooklyn after he opted-in on his Nets contract for next season, says why the enigmatic guard had limited interest on the sign-and-trade market, if Kevin Durant could force a trade from the Nets and if the team would give in to such a demand, discuss the Lakers’ options with Russell Westbrook, which two teams would be at the front of the line for a possible KD trade, and what the Knicks have up their sleeve after all that draft night maneuvering. 

Rich comments on the state of affairs between star players and NBA teams and wonders if the latter should start being tougher with trade demands from players still under contract by simply saying “no.”

Rich and Brockman turn up the heat on their upcoming pickleball showdown with a caller suggesting intriguing playing partners for both.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. This is the Rich Eisen Show. What are we doing? Winker going over toward the dugout and both fences are empty. 60 guys coming at it and there's just four umpires and now the umpires have their hands full trying to separate guys. The thing I don't understand is baseball allowing the bullpen guys to come running in.

Holy smokes we have a melee in the index circle. The Rich Eisen Show. Today's guests ESPN senior writer Brian Wintourst. Sports media personality John Boy.

Plus your phone calls, latest news and more. And now it's Rich Eisen. Okay everybody yes lots going on everybody thinks it's a sleepy time of sports year and you may be you know somewhat accurate. But there is a lot going on here on this three-hour edition of the Rich Eisen Show and I hope you are settled in wherever you're settled in because it's going to be a blast. It's NBC Sports on Peacock. It's NBC Sports Audio Sirius XM 85. It's this Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate. It's the Odyssey app. It's the podcast version of the Rich Eisen Show. All three hours available where you can get a podcast thanks to the Cumulus Podcast Network. Hit that subscribe button just like we ask you to do on our YouTube page Rich Eisen Show 433,000.

Closing in on 434 just keeps going up which is the direction we like. And we appreciate you being here on on this June day. Good to see you over there Christopher Brockman. How are you sir? Rich what's happening? Well I'm doing well.

Mike Del Tufa what are you? Jogging in. You're jogging in from the pen.

Looks like he's getting his cardio going. I heard the click of the the lighting of the candle while I was opening. What do you have there?

What do you do? Well I just want to let you guys know that it started the Arch Manning football cards are starting to come out already. We're just getting ready. Do me a favor.

Get ready for young Arch. Put a pin in that. I want to talk more about that later on.

All right for sure. We have we have the real estate. Rich this might be my down payment on a boat.

You don't understand. I'm excited. Mike do you think that could turn into a down payment on a boat?

Archie Manning? It's somebody who's uh um what do you think? There's a dinghy right near my boat. That's like that's like there is a yacht in the harbor that that might be worth it.

Oh nice. I thought you were doing a pool and pond reference. You may get the yacht one day.

Okay. Rich I'm fine with the pond. I gotta be honest with you. So uh today's the the deadline day that um incredibly talented players who are uh incredibly overpaid in the NBA have to uh say you know what I'm gonna opt in to generationally absurd dollars.

Why are they overpaid Rich? Oh please. Come on. Russ Westbrook for 47 million and change.

That seems like a lot. Uh-huh. We can. Kyrie Irving for 36 million and change. I wouldn't do that. Certainly he's a guy I mean he'll play if he wants. So today's that deadline and sure enough uh Russell Westbrook has made it official and Kyrie Irving has yet to make it official but uh it's gonna happen because of the the the sign and trade takers are are not there for him. Not there and his best option if he wants to be paid six million dollars he can come here to Los Angeles California you can buy a very nice house for that amount of money and it's not like he's using just that it's not I don't think Kyrie is living check to check. Okay. So um you could make six million here the Lakers are like hey why don't you come here just don't don't opt in come here sign for the six million dollar uh contract that we can give you and and how about you hook up with with all of us here and his answer apparently is well I could stay where I am for 30 more million and either stay here and play with Durant or create a situation with my uh my bosses where now they've got to pay me 36 million and change and they have no idea if I'm going to show up for work because I don't want to take a vaccine or something's happening in the real world that's causing me to think about that and not be mentally ready to play a basketball game which is what I'm paid all that money for or that's a completely unfair way to to categorize Kyrie Irving but it's everything that we we we've heard and heard from him and seen that happened two years ago and last year maybe the Nets will take him in and say let's let's put the gang back together let's put the gang back together let's see how it goes let's see how it goes with Kevin Durant happy because he's got the best team that he has in Brooklyn around him with Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons and his bionic back you know that he's gonna play and he'll be the Ben Simmons that got drafted out of LSU right and he'll be that guy and Seth Curry and right Blake Griffin is still around there maybe Drummond I think Drummond is you know Drummond and what about Joe Harris is he is he is he gonna play basketball what do you think probably I don't know put it together and the Nets can run it back and uh unless the Nets kind of don't want to do that I don't know the situation it appears to be handled could be fluid our friend Brian Windhorst is going to try and make heads or tails out of all this stuff on this program meanwhile speaking of trying to put things back together again Humpty Dumpty like the Nets appear to be doing right now with Kyrie Irving even though they might not really want Kyrie back for long term but one year is fine unless Kyrie's pissed about the one year and we'll see how it goes just going to try and put that Humpty Dumpty back together they're attempting to do that in Brooklyn or they're now having to do that in Brooklyn because Kyrie opted in but there's no more broken egg to use that analogy there's no there's no more of a broken scenario quite like Baker Mayfield in the Cleveland Browns one would say I mean saying it can't be put back together again Baker Baker's the one who pulled a Costanza he's the one who said you're breaking up with me I'm breaking up with you first I'm gonna beat you to the punch I'm gonna send out a letter to Cleveland let's not forget that all happened when Deshaun Watson was being wooed by multiple teams two in the NFC South Atlanta and New Orleans and the Cleveland Browns and as a matter of fact he sent that letter to Cleveland out let's just go through the time on here he sent that letter to Cleveland out breaking up with the Browns while the Browns were talking to Watson and the day after that letter to Cleveland came out the news came out that Deshaun told the Browns they're out it's going to be between either Atlanta or New Orleans and we came on this show talking about how this die-hard rivalry that runs underneath the radar in the NFL because we're so focused on Bears Packers and we're focused on you know choose it an NFC East or AFC East because we're all East Coast biased sports media members talking about those rivalries runs underneath the radar Atlanta and New Orleans how much they hate each other it's like how Watson's gonna tilt this rivalry considerably in his choice and then he chooses the Browns anyway but in between all that there was a period of time where the Browns thought they were out Mayfield had already broken up with them and the idea was the Browns are now going to have to back channel in some way to Baker and say can we still be friends because we kind of told you at the combine that we were going to do this we told your agent at the combine that we were going to investigate it if it was possible and we all remember that the week before the Browns and Falcons and and Saints sent everybody from owner general manager coach to Deshaun Watson and his owner and his uh management teams to say we want you the week before that is when there was no indictment that came out of a grand jury in the state of Texas in this case that still has four open civil lawsuits accusing Deshaun Watson of sexual misconduct still open right now let's not forget there was that 24-hour period where the Browns were like maybe we can get back together so here we are on this day the 28th of June here we are on this day in which Deshaun Watson is having a hearing about his looming suspension with the independent arbiter that has been hired by the players association and the NFL to handle such disciplinary matters placed in front of her Sue Robinson everybody she is going to be hearing from the league and the players association and apparently Rusty Harden his lawyer Watson's lawyer about the suspension that is coming oh and it's coming on this day Baker Mayfield apparently having a youth football camp in Oklahoma and he was asked about a possible rapprochement how about let's just say oh yes big word alert a little uh a little kumbaya to use a different generational phrase he was asked is it possible if the suspension of Watson is so significant that's called let's just call it the playing season if it is so significant would he consider actually coming back and and doing it all again for the for the old Cleveland Browns and his answer was no this is according to Carrie Murdock who placed this Twitter this quote on Twitter he's a calls himself a finish he's a publisher of at Sooner Scoop okay he's quoting Mayfield as saying no I think for that to happen there would have to be some reaching out but we're ready to move on I think on both sides I asked if a reconciliation could be reached if Watson had to sit out this season now him saying no no no and then I think that has to be reach out to me and then I think that has to be reach out to me that's that's a that's an an ajar door would you not say small crap well it's a crack small that's this is a guy who told Cleveland I'm out before the Browns said we're in with Watson and as a matter of fact the day before Watson said I'm out with you Cleveland until Cleveland says you know how does every dollar guaranteed how does the best contract in the history of National Football League players how about that how about let me with all these lawsuits around you and no clue as to what else could possibly be out there or if you who we've kind of just met are telling me the truth and I don't know your tells just yet how about I just cut about a buck 80 and stick it in escrow believing in you how about all that before the Brown said that Mayfield said he needed me out and basically told the Browns at the time where they had a 24-hour period saying they maybe we'll just go back to Baker Mayfield uh pound sand this is not a pound sand this is they have to reach out to me first but they haven't reached out to him yet at all apparently they've told him don't have to even come to mandatory camps so he's saying it's yeah they've kind of moved on I think I've moved on too but I'm saying they have to reach out to me first makes me think that maybe just maybe there's a small part of him that thinks I'm not going to Carolina I'm not going to Seattle either just yet and I don't know if I won't even go to both of those places or I don't honestly I feel for this guy maybe his head's been so damn messed with because he's sitting at home waiting for his future to be decided but he's under contract currently to the Cleveland Browns for 18 million in change 18 million in change add that to the 46 million dollars that the Browns are paying Deshaun Watson this year and by the way no matter what comes out of this ruling today or whatever comes out of the hearing today the rulings no doubt going to be I'm assuming another day than today no matter what comes out suspension eight games ten games full full season or an open-ended suspension that the league has apparently whispered to other members of the NFL media world that it could be one of those deals where he's out indefinitely and he'll have to reapply for reinstatement next year if it's any of those any of them I don't know if Mayfield's coming back or would even entertain coming back or if the Browns feel that that door is closed could you could you because Jacoby Brissett can run this offense and he has played an entire year as a starter in the National Football League he has done that he has won some games is he going to win your Super Bowl could he be could he be the the the 21st century Jeff Hostetler of course you have no idea in the NFL that's the beauty of this league in this game you never know well that's doubtful so as of right now on June 28th the day that Deshaun Watson is having a hearing about his discipline on all of these cases that still haven't been completely settled and we still don't know what else is happening and this has now gone to a point where Ashley Solis the first masseuse who filed suit against Watson is now filing suit against the Houston Texans based on the New York Times reporting by Jenny Vrentis saying that not only did the Texans security provide him with a non-disclosure agreement to hand to his masseuses the multiple ones who he met on Instagram before they work on him or you know allegedly he works on them here's an NDA you might want to you might want to give this to them to sign that came from the Texans security apparently and some of these massages were taking place in a club in Houston where he had a room allegedly reportedly arranged by the Texans so the Texans think they're out Deshaun Watson keeps pulling them back in on this day though on this day June 28th 2022 there are two quarterbacks on the Cleveland Browns roster that the Browns owe 65 million dollars to and they might not play a single snap for them this year which may wind up being the most Cleveland Browns thing ever by the end of the day figuratively and maybe quite literally maybe quite literally so that's what's up there that's what's up that's what's up where Mayfield is like no but they have to reach out to me first man if I'm him I am hoping to go to Seattle that's where I'm hoping to go I'm hoping to go to Seattle I'm hoping Pete and and John Schneider are like yeah the Drew Locke and Gino Smith competition yeah that's that's not what we're cut out for right here Baker goes there and there's DK when hopefully he's happy and you know there is that running game there's Tyler Lockett and there's Pete always competing meaning there's somebody that they've drafted that we have no idea how good they can be until they find out and they usually do up there Kenny Walker from Michigan State and Seattle if I'm Baker I'm going I want to go there where I'm kind of like mostly left alone and I could just focus on my craft for one year and see if I could be the guy for the future for Seattle and Seattle winds up getting the first overall pick of the draft from five years ago and he gets a second act there a la Drew Brees that might be the most rosy scenario possible but if I'm Baker I'm telling the Browns thanks but no thanks get me out I want no part of that at all I want no part of you anymore I want no part of that anymore and I you know if he had said that though people would be accusing him of being a drama king and so I think he played it by half measure no they'd have to reach out to me first but it seems like we've all moved on seems like we've all moved on now let me go teach these kids something 844-204 rich number to tell what is going on with Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook and so on and so forth that's next on this show with Brian Winhorse also still to come Albert Breer on everything that I just discussed with Watson and so much more and then in hour three John Boyd joins us as major league baseball has suspended everyone involved in that Mariners Angels brawl from all the way from interim Angels manager Phil Nevin 10 games and then two games all the way down to one of their interpreters who apparently was too well versed in body language as well so there's that and John Boyd's breakdown of it is spectacular he will join us in hour three there's you at 844-204 rich there's TJ Jefferson's best players in the history of all four teams in the NFC East to wrap up the stirring conclusion of this eight-part series stirring conclusion yeah stirring conclusion that's coming up here on this very busy Tuesday so you say there's nothing going on edition of the Rich Eisen Show back here on the Rich Eisen Show 844-204 rich number to dial he makes us smarter every time we just love when he comes on this program he's a senior NBA rider for the worldwide leader in sports the host of the Brian Winhorse and the Hoop Collective Podcast on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line so much to talk about with this man back here on the Rich Eisen Show is Brian Winhorse how you doing Brian?

I'm good Rich thank you. Let's jump right into it with Kyrie Irving and was his decision or impending decision reported decision to return to the Nets just as his only best option do you think for him? You're asking a very clean question Rich I don't quite understand a hundred percent all the sides on this game I was viewing it a certain way and then I talked to executives in the league and they view it completely different way I was viewing it as this is what the Nets wanted and that this buys them time and you know they can extend with him later on it turns down the pressure it turns down the pressure with Durant but I talked to a number of executives who you know believe that this doesn't mean it's over that you know the Nets made it very clear that they didn't want the status quo and that this would be potentially the status quo so I wish I could give you a stronger answer but all I can say right now is I don't know I'm just gonna have to wait and watch for a little bit you know Kyrie also has to fill out the paperwork it's one thing to announce you're picking up the option and you know normally when somebody says they're picking up the option you the paperwork is a formality but until the Nets formally announce that Kyrie's opted into his contract which would be a course of business let's just not a hundred percent assume anything. So let's let's walk through it then piece by piece could this be the sign part of a sign and trade right where he signs here? No no no I mean I this is all I apologize Rich it's all salary cap ease okay once once you opt into a contract there's no sign and trade it's not possible okay and the other thing is that a bunch of different rules happen with a sign and trade the NBA for specific reasons has made sign and trade difficult so when the Nets said to Kyrie go ahead and look for a sign and trade they did that knowing it was very unlikely he'd be able to find one. If you want me to go into chapter and verse as to why I'd be glad to or you can just trust me it's up to you.

I will trust you I will trust you I'll take your cue. Sign and trades are I mean they happen obviously so I don't want to make it so like they you know I don't want to happen obviously so I don't want to make it like they're impossible but they're they're complicated because there's a whole set of rules that comes along with them. When you opt into a contract then you can be traded but it's just a standard trade but you obviously the only way you can trade a free agent is a sign and trade and Kyrie will now not be a free agent the question is is he just going to be back with the Nets and everybody's going to sing Kumbaya because very clearly what Sean Marks the general manager said at the end of the season was we can't have a repeat of last year and you know the idea was that there would be a contract that would have some protections for the Nets on number of games played and things like that and with Kyrie's decision to opt in it potentially sets up a repeat of last year. Okay so you're saying Kyrie's going nowhere for the upcoming season he's in Brooklyn.

I don't know what's going to happen. But if he can't be can he be traded or he's just what? Yes he absolutely can be traded will he be traded I don't know. Okay and so Brian Windhorst here on the Rich Eisen Show you've mentioned a couple times in this conversation that the Nets don't want status quo and I know you also mentioned just yesterday that the Nets quote unquote would rather lose both stars than go through what they went through last season. Now New York City has lifted its vaccine mandate and I don't I don't see that coming back anytime soon so they won't go through technically what they went through last season and the vaccine mandate what what what do you and the Nets mean by this the going through last season? Well I think here's the here's the thing you have to understand we don't really know where Kevin Durant is and if if Kyrie Irving had opted out of his contract and went and signed with the with the Lakers and the Nets lost Kyrie Irving for nothing the belief in the league and I mean you know Kevin could feel one way on Monday and a different on Tuesday so I want to be a thousand a thousand percent clear here that this is all very fluid but the belief in the league is that Durant would not be comfortable remaining with the Nets in that situation so when the Nets were playing hardball with Kyrie and they were basically saying we're not going to give you the maximum contract extension that you want and Kyrie was saber-rattling that he was going to opt out of his contract because asking for permission to look for a sign and trade which meant he was going to opt out of his contract that one has to go with the other so Kyrie was saber-rattling and the Nets were saber-rattling and so if the Nets were risking Kyrie walking which they one billion percent were they were risking they knew that they were risking Durant asking for a trade and the reason that they were playing hardball with Kyrie was because they wanted to get into an understanding or a contract that they had some protection over the way Kyrie went about the last couple of seasons and so my point was their strategy was even if this costs us Durant we are not going to bend down to to to fall towards Kyrie and it wasn't just about the vaccine mandate the entire way Kyrie has operated within the Nets for the last few years was building towards last season so it's it's really more about you know Kyrie is openly said I don't need a coach I'm the general manager Kevin and I are the general manager it's it's much more than just about the vaccine mandate there. So was the reason why there were a few takers on the sign and trade cap related or roster related or just the league kind of knows what's at the the large part of the iceberg we're just in the in the basketball viewing nation outside of the insider circle would seeing just the tip is does Kyrie have a reputation that nobody wants a piece of him after what happened with the Celtics and what's going on with the Nets right now? Yeah I think the issue is if you sign and trade for a player you had the contract has to be for at least three years and for the same reason the Nets were worried about giving a long-term contract any team would be worried about giving a long-term contract and then Rich when you sign and trade for a player like the Lakers for example the Lakers payroll next year is I believe right now projected to be around 150 million dollars once you sign and trade for a player it becomes an NFL situation you are hard-capped you you absolutely cannot go above a certain number and so if the Lakers had signed and traded for Kyrie like just to me let's just say for the sake of argument the Nets had an undying love for Russell Westbrook and they would they would have taken Russell Westbrook in a sign and trade they wouldn't have but let's just say for the sake of argument they would have taking Kyrie Irving in a sign and trade would have hard-capped the Lakers and they couldn't fill out the rest of their roster so just from a mechanical standpoint the Lakers couldn't do a sign and trade with Kyrie unless he was willing to take a significant pay cut and even that situation they would have had to guarantee him a lot more money the Lakers would probably were much more interested in giving him a one-year six million dollar deal as you can imagine and we're more interested in now if they if they trade for him now but you know if something happens in the next few days or next few weeks and the Lakers all of a sudden can trade for Kyrie they wouldn't have to guarantee more years they wouldn't have to they wouldn't have to be hard capped so I know that this is extremely dense but a sign and trade was just never going to happen and so really the the bedrock issue is this we wipe away all that stuff the bedrock issue is this is the owner of the Brooklyn Nets Joe Cy willing to have his team go through another season with Kyrie Irving behaving the way he has done for the last couple of years or is he gonna is he gonna say he wants to change because the because what Sean Marks with Joe Cy's blessing said is that they wanted to change and what Kyrie Irving said was see you in the fall and to me that's a guy who is like okay you don't want to extend me you don't want to help you on the sign and trade see you in the fall I didn't I didn't take that quote as the quote of brotherly love but what do I know Brian Windhorst here on the Rich Eisen show so let me just ask you this then and then we'll move on just a couple other items just on on on the from the Nets so Durant they're running the risk he said the Nets of having him opt out and just say I want out I'm asking for a trade and this may be the most naive question I've ever asked you Brian in the near eight years that you've been kind enough to keep calling into the show and I ask what if the Nets just now listen hear me out what if the Nets if if Durant says I want to trade what if they just say no yeah what if they just say no to that they would say Kevin we love you and you're under contract for four more years right what if they just say no what would happen yeah that would be an interesting thing wouldn't it yeah we're in an era right now in the NBA where the contracts actually don't matter and I don't know I don't you know like I watched it get you know get more and more and more out there I mean Ben Simmons did the same thing a year ago he had four years on his contract now that the difference was Simmons was coming off of a bad finish to the year so his value was a bit more complicated he also had a back injury which we found that was pretty darn severe but Ben Simmons essentially the same thing he said yeah I don't want to be here anymore and they said well you got a contract he goes okay I'm not going to show up until you trade me and it was messy and it was expensive and Ben Simmons got his way and Adam Silver has mentioned this you know that that honoring of contracts has to matter I mean Kyrie Irving I don't know if he's still on the board but I'm fairly certain is the vice president of the of the players union and you know I was interested for a minute there whether he was gonna honor his contract so yeah I mean you know they always say in the entertainment business rich right the contract is over when the talent says it's over that's been the kind of the the rule of the of the road in the in the NBA and like it's kind of the same in the NFL isn't it rich you know you got a contract you're not happy you just don't show up right well I mean in in the NFL that's the way it was in the NBA that's the way it was for a very long time but we're seeing now for just the first time in the 20 years near 20 years that I've been doing the NFL network and the NFL only thing on the on the cable side of matters is you know Devante Adams saying I want out and they're like okay you know like we're we're just now beginning to see that on occasion rare occasions but most of the occasions the NFL saying it's tough you're here guys would hold out sometimes they would lose I guess but guys would hold out and not show up they want a new contract right two two one or two games into the season when they're not they they don't get a paycheck that's when they're like okay and that's what happened with Emmitt Smith in the 90s you know I mean it's so rare to see a guy hold out into the season and that's why I'm just wondering what if the Nets just tell Durant no you got if you're here you know Durant loves playing he loves the game so much that's great you know the stuff off the court he sometimes gets you know sideways on but he loves playing like I covered him in Tokyo at the Olympics last year and I asked him I go Kevin you've got gold medals you know you're coming off an Achilles you mean you know why are you here I love playing and so to me like you know like what Ben Simmons did last year which was not play like that's the antithesis of Kevin Durant Kevin Durant would play every day of the year if he could he probably pretty much does so this is a different type of guy I don't know if that's what he could do but I also know he's 34 years old and he wants to be on a championship contender he came there to be a championship contender so you know look at the end of the day this could be Kyrie Irving back and by the way this is something that nobody seems to really be talking about they got a good team you know assuming that Ben Simmons is going to be healthy I mean I guess I can't assume anything with him but let's just for the sake of this conversation say he's going to be he's going to be a tremendous difference maker defensively Joe Harris who missed all of last season is a great shooter he'll be back um Seth Curry who they got in the uh in the Simmons trade is a great shooter they're going to have a great shooting team they got this really promising rookie in my opinion who was a rookie last year named Cam Thomas who's an explosive offensive player they got a top five seven whatever player still I think still think Durant's a top five player they got Kyrie who when he plays is breathtaking I know he doesn't play that much but he's breathtaking when he plays I mean I wouldn't pick them to win the title but they're a contender so like maybe everything does get smoothed over and everything's fine by uh by the fall but I don't know all right Brian Winhorse in a couple minutes I have left with you here on the Rich Eisen show just some quick hitters best we can uh Westbrook opting back in what does that mean what are the next steps for the Lakers no surprise 47 million dollars you're gonna opt into that all day you know so what do you have what's the Lakers next moves if any now that well they've only got six guys under contract and a couple of them are you know bench players so I don't know what their team's gonna look like and they have to be very judicious with that six million dollar thing that they now aren't going to be able to use on Kyrie they have to they have to hit on that they are getting Kendrick Nunn who missed all last season back um but they need they need AD and LeBron to be healthy that's number one um but in all honesty they finished you know 11th last year in the Western Conference even if they get a lot better they're still going to be potentially competing for a back-end playoff spot uh which is why the Kyrie thing was so tantalizing um because they really don't have any other avenues to dramatically improve their the talent on their roster they're just going to have to be better with the talent they have with LeBron and Anthony Davis you have a chance to win any game I just don't know what the what the rest of that roster is going to look like how they're going to look over 82 uh they have a new coach we'll see what Darvin Ham brings you know he could potentially change their mentality a little bit especially defensively because they lost their defensive edge last season but uh I'm it with with what I see right now I'm not bullish on their chances this year. And I'm always fascinated by Riley what what's he thinking what's his what's his plan that he's hatching right down now in South Florida? Well they're watching the next thing very very closely because if there's any wiggle room at all they're they're keeping an eye out both Miami and Phoenix in my opinion if Durant were somehow I don't I want to be a trillion percent clear Rich I don't know what's going to happen in Brooklyn okay I just don't know but if some event happens where Durant does become available I think Miami and Phoenix are the two teams are two teams that have the the draw that Durant would want to play on a championship contender and have the pieces and parts that they could offer Brooklyn in trade and so I'm sure that Pat Riley is sitting there waiting for that window if you know it may not it may never open but if it does I'm sure they're going to try to be aggressive on that. I've watched A Beautiful Mind I've watched you know Rain Man I've watched all these movies where people you know think differently and you know I'm trying to look at things from a completely different angle so you helped me with this one Brian Windhorst what the what the hell were the Knicks up to on draft night what was their plan I don't I don't I don't plan what was it their plan was to clear salary cap space and they did that so now we wait they also have now Rich they have eight first round draft picks that they can trade and something's going to happen with that we're I'm waiting to see what well is it for Brunson and the Mavericks are they going to try and sneak him out I mean like what what what's their plan who are they trying to get they definitely are interested in him and you know they're not going to take that many draft picks to get them if they do I think that's a possibility they could get him but they have to have more in their sights uh Jaylen Brunson is an excellent player but he's not a star Brian Windhorst thanks for the time uh I know your life's going to get more hectic over the next couple weeks look for my call in July thanks again Brian have a great rest of the day that's Brian Windhorst the one and only at Windhorst ESPN must follow I follow him as always makes me smarter right here on the Rich Eisen show lots of food for thought right there let me just linger here for another minute on on an idea I've been kind of percolating on and I just brought up with Brian Brian we're in Horst I just brought that up with Brian here again the whole issue with Kyrie Irving his best leverage over the Nets has been and might still be based on Brian saying he doesn't know if this thing's over just because he opted in in in Brooklyn um his best leverage might be you mess with me you could lose Durant too because all Kevin Durant needs to do despite having four years left on his contract is say I want out I demand a trade and the entire league as Brian just said Miami is closely monitoring the situation not because they want Kyrie they want Durant and the entire league is under the assumption that a guy who has four years left on his contract can create his own free agency with one single phone call this whole opt-in opt-out all the stuff you were the contract those are because it's written in the contract you can opt out you must have to you must opt in or or out this is a contract from which a star player a star player in the NBA can opt out at any time just by saying make a call I don't want to be here anymore what if a team told that star player no too bad what if that happened because you're hearing you know the commissioner and the league say lamenting the situation as if they're powerless but there is the contract hey star player all world player you're not happy here let's figure it out because we brought you here to win and you know the guy that we thought would be your 1A or your 1A to his one it's not working out with that guy and you see what goes on when he shows up or doesn't show up what how it affects the entire team and affects the entire franchise we're trying our best here we love you we covet you so much that we will not let you leave sorry what happens then does an NBA franchise have the temerity to do that no because you don't want to get nothing for the guy if you have a guy who's unhappy like what will he sit out for four years like end his career yeah that's not gonna happen is he gonna end his career i'm not playing anymore but you want to get an asset in return for someone who's unhappy you just don't want to let them not play and then all of a sudden you're just burning money i don't know despite this guy i don't know maybe if you do it like this so um you you play uh kevin or or rich kliman friend of the program okay go ahead go ahead go ahead i'm joe i'm joe sy i'm i'm the owner of the nets let's play let's role play and action uh hey joe uh mr sy uh great to see you but uh you know kevin's not happy so we uh we'd like we'd like out we'd like a trade and here's my response ready if i do it like this no sorry no are you still here excuse me i'm sorry what do you mean no no i know like what exactly do you mean by no i ducked you know i i i sought cover so you're not supposed to respond to me yeah no that's what i mean no so we're gonna we'll see we'll we'll see you soon so here are a list of my teams that i'd like to know i'm sorry no no uh is a team the brooklyn that's on there no sorry no no portland and we're in an impasse miami boston how about that let's try that star player no nfl did that for many many moons not anymore well not not for some tariq hill one and davante adams another and i know it's it's going in certain well i mean i know it's it's going in certain well i mean there are different circumstances he literally sat out of here eight four four two oh four rich number to dial here on the rich eisen show we'll take your calls and set up albert preer hour two coming up back here in the rich eisen show russ is like look me in my face i ain't got nowhere 47 million dollars i'm gonna put it in the front seat of my car i'm gonna put the the camera on me i'm gonna sing and i'm gonna tell everybody you can't you can't get to me i've got 47 i mean he's playing for he's getting paid 47 million dollars to play a game that he loves and the the coach that he couldn't apparently abide that dude is gone yeah he's gone he gone darvin ham's talking about sacrificing and all that business but right now he doesn't have to sacrifice a damn thing he's not playing defense yet he's been it hasn't been asked to play defense yet right he's gonna watch this on a loop today that's it go check it out let's take a phone call here uh eight four four two oh four rich stravon and uh washington dc back here on the program how you doing sir great to be back rich how you doing sir what's on your mind well like i know you and uh chris were talking about um doing a pickleball thing against each other right yes sir so i'd like to propose uh partners for both of you ah okay go for it so for chris rockman i will choose a seven times super bowl champion a member of the nfl 100 all-time team and the best promoter of hurts this world has ever seen and that would be tom brie okay all right rich yeah though your luck is so good so far michigan getting to the cost of all playoff the jets drafting so well your warriors beating brock mr celtic thank you something we need someone with equal luck and equal you know moxie to join your team to prove that you can overcome everything with that great luck of yours so your partner will be drum roll please from radio city music hall the man who had the spring spectacular cancel by one james dole okay all right so it's brockman and brady me versus me and james dole on the same team uh can i can i uh to use a phrase uh strenuously object can i strenuously object oh you strenuously object oh okay i'm sorry okay okay i strenuously object i strenuously object but thank you for the the idea um or we can do that and have uh security a drag james dole and off the court as i screamed how do you like that tell me how that tastes what if dolan is like sneaky good at pickleball there's no way but i would beat you and tom brady if brady ever dared to say okay i'll do it with it with your partner with whoever i choose oh yeah yeah dude you have no idea i'm gonna choose somebody older than me we're gonna go on the court and kick your ass all over it it's a fact it's gonna happen you've never played it before you have no idea there are rules you will have to understand those rules you just that alone will put you in the car hamilton did say once you get the rules down yeah i'm sure by the way did the callers say that tom brady was the best hurts pitchman did i i heard that like hurts car yeah well he wasn't he wasn't around when oj was i don't think sarvan was around for the i mean i know we may not want to mention his name but that guy did a lot for her it's thankfully the end of the hour i'm just saying actually the end of the hour you could run through an airport we are going to do this in july or early august this is going to happen we will record it it will happen this will be content for our social media streams sure sure sure and you have to choose somebody go find somebody you you know a lot of people here in los angeles i know you know a lot of folks here you can find somebody who knows how to play pickleball do it put your mind to it chris because this is going to happen you and i will be across a net in pickleball i'm play-by-play this will be this will happen on your field report yeah play-by-play you can't call play-by-play it goes too fast it plus tennis no tennis you're supposed to be quiet literally you can't be quiet when i first when when i served when i when i first took the job of us open cbs sports on us open she's still talking he won't no he won't because i was told i was told the first order of business if you were calling a tennis match is to shut up and then the second order of business is shut up yeah don't say anything those are the two things shut up and read the promotional card when we tell you to read it yeah don't say manhattan that's it be quiet during a point do not speak during a point and then shut up let the crowd take it just say the score let mackinac or mary carillo say whatever they need to say or pam shriver and then come back in and say whatever the point is and then shut up 30 all that's literally how you call a tennis match 60 minutes will be coming up following football followed by murder comma she wrote i'll reach out to russell westbrook how would if if if summer all if summer all if summer all pronounced the comma and murder she wrote by being silent okay right how would he how would he have called like a special with wham how would he have called like a special with wham george michael wham yeah exclamation wham wham coming up coming up tonight on cbs 60 minutes followed by murder she wrote and a special concert of wham yeah there you go what is that what he would do accentuate the m wham wham rich i'm sorry there's a guy just standing behind you and it's just like for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk hogan was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans super dome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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