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REShow: Jim Jackson - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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April 21, 2023 3:25 pm

REShow: Jim Jackson - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 21, 2023 3:25 pm

Rich recaps the 76ers narrow win over the Brooklyn Nets that featured a Joel Embiid ejection that should have happened but didn’t and a James Harden ejection that happened but should not have and pronounces the Clippers’ title hopes D.O.A. if they have to load manage Kawhi Leonard like they did in their game 3 loss to the Phoenix Suns.

FOX Sports/NBA on TNT analyst Jim Jackson and Rich discuss Draymond Green’s impact on the Warriors-Kings first round series, if the 76ers vs Celtics is a fait accompli, his reaction to Kawhi sitting out the Clippers GM3 vs the Suns, how LeBron James will exact his revenge on Grizzlies’ F Dillon Brooks for calling him old, and if Draymond Green’s latest suspension will teach the Warriors’ F anything about being a team leader.

Rich reacts to Colts GM Chris Ballard’s latest comments on Indianapolis’ NFL Draft plans with the #4 overall pick.

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It's Rich Eisen.

Yes, yes, yes, yes. Welcome to this edition of The Rich Eisen Show, live on the Friday before the NFL Draft, the Friday before the second playoff weekend of the NBA, the Friday before the first playoff weekend of the NHL season. It is, it's a great day to be in this neighborhood right here on the Roku channel. This Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM, odyssey and more thrilled that you are here.

Give us a call 844-204-rich. Don't you dare worry, we'll fit you in amongst our four guests today and also Chris Brockman with his usual Friday staple of what's more likely and you're wearing, you're wearing a little lime green today. Chris, good job, excellent choices, all of them.

Is it too bright? No, no, it's looking good, it's looking good. Thank you. By the way, that question should be answered before we go on the air.

I mean, I mean, but it's all good, just you keep rolling dice brother, you keep rolling dice. Very good and it looks like you're wearing, I'll just grab this for our radio audience, is that a Smedium you've got working? Oh boy. You're wearing the Smedium today, like a little Ed Hockley collection showing off the.

It's a large, thank you. He's just swole like that. I'm just super swole.

Okay, you're taking your, your, your, your fashion advice from Michael Ervin and Kyle Brandt. So what you're doing right now? We're in the Smedium.

Can you just cause it this morning? TV 12 protein over there. Good to see you. How are you Jason Feller?

Good to see you. Los Angeles Kings hockey tied with the Edmonton Oilers, one game apiece. Big game tonight. Here we go. Is it at the, is it at the, where, where is it? It's home.

It's home. Yep. Are you going? I am not.

Okay. How are you TJ Jefferson? Good to see you. Well, it's good to be seeing Rich.

In addition, the other Friday you forgot is it's the Friday after tax day. So very good. Nice to say, I don't think many of us are doing that great. What a day, what a night for you.

If let's just, let's start with this. If you're like TJ Jefferson in route for the Sixers and Clippers, what a night, right? What a night last night was.

I don't know. You are. You've been around town. If you're from Philadelphia, Colin, do you know somebody in Philadelphia who roots for the Sixers and the Clippers?

Because I've been around Los Angeles. You're the only Sixer Clipper fan I know, period. I mean, you're one to one. You're one to one, sir. You're a unicorn. That's how I like to go through my life, Rich. You're a unicorn. I want to be like everybody else.

You're a unicorn. So your night began with Joel Embiid should have gotten ejected, didn't. And then James Harden got ejected and shouldn't have.

That was awful. So you got that working as the Brooklyn Nets put the scare in the Sixers. Tyrese Maxey's a very talented basketball player. I like that. And Embiid with a huge defensive stop. And despite, I mean, if I told you going to that game five of 13, 14 and 10 would be his stat line, you'd go, uh oh.

We might be in trouble. Correct. And 102-97 is the final score.

And the Sixers are up three games to none. That's your ultimate headline. But boy, is there a lot in the copy?

A lot in the copy. And I guess, you know, interestingly enough, Ty Lue being the other coach of your of your favorite double dip right there, he was the first guy to get famously stepped over in a playoff game. And he didn't do anything now in Iverson. But we saw we saw we saw somebody step over a sixer last night and Embiid flipped his leg straight up.

And let me tell you this. If Draymond Green had done that, he might have been arrested. But Embiid didn't get ejected. Perception and well, and Embiid also missed. How do you miss with such a huge leg too?

Not sure. Because he wasn't really trying to he was just trying to get him over top of him. He does not get ejected and Harden gets ejected later on.

That was so whack, man. Is that the worst ejection in the history of the NBA playoffs? Oh, it might have to. I mean, I'm serious.

You might be right. Not remembering every ejection from every NBA playoffs. I can say of all the bad ejections. This was the latest. It's terrible.

It was the latest one. It was terrible. And Harden after the after after the game had had this to say. And I don't blame him a word out of his mouth, out of the beard.

I don't blame a word that came out of a mouth that you probably couldn't see because it was surrounded by such facial hair. He was hard. Unacceptable, like unacceptable flagrant to like the first time I've been ejected. I'm not labeled as a dirty player. You know, I mean, I didn't hit him in a private area. Somebody's draped on you like that defensively. It's just a natural basketball reaction.

And I didn't I don't I didn't hit him enough hard enough for him to fall down like that. But for a flagrant to is unacceptable. Like this is a playoff game you've seen around the league, things that are much more worse than what that play was.

Honestly, I don't even think it was a foul on me, but that's unacceptable. That can't happen. That can't happen. He don't believe anything he said. I said I said every word out of his mouth is oh, this is the truth. And you got to see his mouth. You just couldn't see him. I was like, well, wait a second. Every word he said is true.

Every word he said is true. Look, the league's got it. I mean, I think does every league have officiating problems? Because everyone has 4K television sets and you can see everything and you could actually rewind things yourself or you could see it in the palm of your hand. And we're seeing, you know, as soon as it's happening, it's it's right there in your head. And the problem, too, is it's happening so fast.

It's happening. Just look at the Draymond Green and Sabona situation. That was a quarter of a second incident and that we have the slow mo and the 4K, 8K. You can parse it down and see every last frame of what happened. But that's not how it happened in real time. And I think that's a huge issue now. Royce O'Neill flopped. I mean, there's no other way to put it, didn't he?

I think so. And by the way, the private area that he said he he said he didn't hit him. And it's not like it was behind piping and drapes. You know, that's not the private area he's referring to. Like, we didn't go somewhere out of the public.

You can see it on replay that he didn't hit him where they the referees said that he hit them. So what are we doing? That's the problem right there, Chris. The fact that they're going back reviewing this stuff, looking at it and still getting it wrong, still getting it wrong.

Like, I can understand you're right. It's going so fast. But hey, at least for you, your sixers won and they're up 3-0 and this thing should be a wrap at some point in time. But NBA's got themselves an officiating problem, I would think. Nobody's happy. It's unbelievable. Like, literally nobody's happy.

Even the team that's up 3-0 is saying, that sucked. How about this one? TJ Jefferson, I'm going to do you a favor. We're going to have a seance here on The Rich Eisen Show. We are going to we are going to make the house of the Los Angeles Clippers clean or clear or whatever that little woman in Poltergeist said. Whatever the hell's happening and maybe just maybe the Jets will get cleansed as well.

We'll just maybe we should just have a seance for all the curse teams. What's more Clipper than making sure Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are ready for the playoffs by load managing them all season long. They're not playing either the front or back end of back-to-back. They're just not going to do it.

It doesn't matter. They will wind up tanking games. Even one game in Denver. Remember that game in Denver Clippers at Denver and the Nuggets just came out and hit the Clippers in the mouth and they didn't even play Kawhi in the second half. They just sat him. Like, this game's over. They tapped out of an NBA regular season game at halftime. Rested their guys saying we're just that's all we're going to do.

We're going to make sure Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are ready for the playoffs and Paul George gets hurt before the playoffs. And the only series I believe, correct me if I'm wrong, there's only one of the eight NBA first round playoff series where they play every other day. Yeah this is the only one correct every other one every other day. Every other series has sometimes got two days off in between games.

Yeah this was the only one which like you are playing on this day and two days later you will play on that day and then two plays days later and so on and so forth. Only series. It's the Clippers.

I don't understand that. Versus the Suns and sure Suns are bang everyone's banged up I guess but Paul George is out. And then Kawhi and the Clippers without Paul George go into Phoenix in game one and absolutely play one of their best playoff games we have seen the Clippers play under the circumstances, against the competition, on the road, truly to steal home court advantage right off the bat without Paul George against the Suns playing their first playoff game with Kevin freaking Durant with Booker and Paul and Aten. And then damn near take a two games to none lead by putting the scare in the Suns in game two. And then all right before tip-off few hours I thought I got punked. I honestly thought you and your your friend Ashton had gotten together in his barn and say let's just come up with this whole idea of Kawhi Leonard's not playing in game three due to a knee injury like what the what.

I would never sign off on that. What the what. And sure enough he's out and the Clippers all season long all season long to make sure Kawhi coming back from the knee that he blew out in the playoffs two years ago would be ready for the playoffs this year and they take game one they snatch it from the souls of Phoenix to come home and take on Durant who owns that arena as a visiting player his entire career they'll show you KD in your new spot clipper nation hashtag and Kawhi's in street clothes in Los Angeles and they got to take on the Suns and try and maintain that tenuous home court advantage without Kawhi and Paul George. You can't make it up. I mean it truly is the height of clippering and I say that as a jet fan they're the jets of the NBA the jets are the Clippers the NFL flat out if something can go wrong despite everything seeming to be put in place to go right it will go wrong that's the clipper way I cannot believe it. Here's what's even harder to believe we're doing the basketball podcast yesterday you're on live I know we've got the whole by the way for everybody not to cut you off just we got Jim Jackson coming up and we got Vince Carter coming up to talk about all this we'll play that in about five minutes time you being on live Rich Eisen show basketball podcast time after you Brockman and Adam Chudwin our call screener lavishing craze on Kawhi great and trust me you reacted in the same way I reacted when I was on live Rich Eisen show tv and radio learning I lost my blue check mark on twitter. Us sucking. That's it. Or as the uh the owner of the Clippers himself would say it's perfect he would say it toilets that's it toilets toilets you got Kawhi you got Paul George we're gonna load manage them all I shouldn't say load management and toilets in the same sentence I just did but toilets that's it yeah that's what's gonna happen and of course they tried their best Norm Powell can fill it Norm Powell Norman Powell's really good man Bones Highland well he was a very nice deadline deal pick up nice Russ he did his best he did his best but you know it's it without those two you gotta figure a five-point loss at home is the high water mark without those two absolutely and let's hope that they can get Kawhi back for game four in two days but the problem is is you gotta find the reserve here and I know these are professional basketball players but the coach himself Ty Lou flat out admitted what a gut punch this was after the game I mean it's very deflating you know and um you know I think more so for Kawhi because you know you have a guy who's coming off ACL and hasn't missed a rehab session eats right eats clean does everything you can for his body works extremely hard to get to this point and then you know you have something like this happen you know so it's it's tough for him you know um for all the work that he puts in you know and so I feel bad for him you know and you know our team like I said you know our guys have you know been through a lot this year the last two years and just for us to you know compete to to get to the point where we made the playoffs and we're feeling you know pretty good outside of having PG out you know it's like you said and this happens you know it's it's a blow it sure is especially when it's not just any team you're taking on you're taking on a team of all stars all over the place the rant being a headliner of course and then Devin Booker Devin Booker scoring 45 which is not only crucial for his team but for him personally because by scoring 40 points he gains the respect of Dylan Brooks which is what you need now he can go at Dylan Brooks well he didn't put 40 on Dylan oh is that what it is it's got to be on him to get his respect I think so I think it wasn't before that's what he would switch can you do me a favor and send me the rules of gaining Dylan Brooks's respect you got it thank you how the hell did that happen what the hell's going on well they said I mean the hell going on you know team executive Lawrence Frank said that uh it didn't get better after game two and they just had to they had to sit him oh my god you got to come back for game four but the problem is is then what happens between four and five will he be out in five like I hate to tell you I'm sorry it's over I know it it's over what are you gonna load manage him throughout the playoffs Paul George comes back the whole idea that the Clippers can have George and Kawhi together and they're gonna have I mean they don't have George what he's just gonna come back and play 40 minutes a night you have to load manage him and then you're gonna get through the Nuggets after that with that really you're gonna get past KD and Booker and Paul and Aiten load managing these two guys one in the lineup one out one's totally out of lineup you'll get through that and then you'll start load managing your way past the Nuggets only to try and load manage your way past the Kings Warriors Lakers or forget it I'm sorry I'm just trying to spit truth here I'm a Clippers fan rich I'm a jet fan I get it I'm saying I'm used to this type of you think I'm enjoying seeing all these headlines and Rogers might go to the 49ers anyway seriously sitting here waiting this thing is done the Packers have to get it done Jets have to get it done and it's not done yet but this is not a me thing it's a you thing at this point Tom sorry folks I'm here for you yeah I mean it I wish I could say I was shocked but so we'll talk about it with Jim Jackson in a matter of moments and then Vince Carter's on the program Zay Flowers who is you talk to anybody of their team is anywhere between 10 and 20 in the NFL draft elect that's the guy I want after Jackson Smith and Jigba yesterday's guest Zay Flowers also worked out recently with Patrick Mahomes and everyone's like well stick him on the Chiefs and you can see what's going on but I don't think he will be available when the Chiefs pick 31st overall they don't pick 32nd overall which is normally where a Super Bowl champion picks but there's only 31 first round picks because the Miami Dolphins what's the word for it Chris uh forfeited they forfeited their draft choice and Patriots fans know all about the forfeiting of draft choices or that it's called as such real voluntary uh-huh and uh in in studio hour number three from the new Hulu Hulu show Saint X Betsy Brandt is here uh and she's one of my favorites for many reasons um obviously Breaking Bad and she one of the remarkable cast members of Breaking Bad back in the old day um and uh also um her son and my oldest son go to school together hey okay and uh both of them on a basketball court we've seen contributed as much usually in their games as Kawhi and Paul George did last night wow wow what wow I'm just spitting spitting Friday look I don't need that man I'm hurt over here I told you it was Friday after 10 o'clock Xan does not need to be well managed come on okay DJ's hurting dog don't ask me how I'm doing I'm hurt dog shout out Ed Reed so I'm a big life I was a big life and pieces fan too oh that's true yes that's true oh Colin Hanks one of our favorites yes indeed oh my phone just buzzed I think Susie's upset with what I just said let's see let's see hold on a minute please hold on a minute hold on a minute the answer is no that wasn't her it was not her okay all right we need to get the break before you say anything else all right Jim Jackson everybody Jim Jackson maybe we have to talk about the last couple of Novembers with him too oh 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do you get distracted during the day thinking about your underarms sweating itching or emitting an odor do those thoughts keep you from showing care when it counts new and improved dove men plus care antiperspirant with 72 hours sweat and odor protection and one-quarter moisturizing cream helps you forget about your underarms so you can be present for the moments that matter don't let underarm insecurities keep you at arm's distance from the ones you care about buy new and improved dove men plus care antiperspirant wherever personal care products are sold Jim Jackson will be calling in in a matter of moments I think he's doing the next celtics hawks game god lord tonight that's been a real competitive series no actually that's sunday that's his next one I think he's gonna watch the rap tonight's games boston in atlanta okay denver minnesota okay yep cleveland and new york that's going seven isn't it it feels like it it feels like it that arena is going to be lit msg is going to be maybe the coolest place on earth and abc uh abc is airing it so i'm on the big really big net tonight wow didn't van gundy say he's doing the next two games there when we had him on earlier this week right that's really cool yeah yes sir and nuggets timberwolves and celtics hawks are on the worldwide leader in sports and I love him calling these games he's just terrific at it him and iron eagle are a great great watch and listen uh from turner sports back here on the rich eisen show none other than jim jackson how are you sir enjoying life man enjoying these uh crazy players crazy crazy i know how are you rich i'm doing fine i'm doing fine look jim i'm fine unless somebody steps over me and if somebody steps over me it's on you know and just i just like just so you understand somebody steps over you what do you do well i just understand this jim uh in this conversation my my foot's gotta land somewhere so okay i'm just saying that and you were awesome in that uh you were awesome in that moment jim you know what were you thinking watching that go down what so kind of the chains that the camera panned right away where we were city i saw where sabone grabbed you know draymond's update and then i didn't i saw draymond's step but i didn't see how how how much more initiative into it replay but i thought it was something that was going on but at the moment you can it was something more than just draymond tripping over some bonus that was an added incentive to stop because the bonus grabbed the leg but uh i mean it was it was a crazy situation and go they would have you know kind of figure out a way through it without having driven especially going back from the game hey jim if you don't mind i'm gonna have you put back on hold your phone's going in and out chris if you don't wouldn't mind quality controlling this so with jim jackson i think he is calling in from uh south florida uh right now and i don't you normally uh cell reception is doing very well you know on that did mb'd say his foot his feet his foot's gotta land somewhere i i don't even i didn't hear any quotes from him so i'm not sure what went through his mind wouldn't that doc rivers has got to be like what in uh hell was that but tyree smacks he saves the day though he really did and you know he's been positioned to be that number two right guy and he's been showing up and like you know it like you said earlier when mb'd has a stat line like that you automatically assume that's a sixers loss but the thing about joe and why i think he is the mvp is no matter if he's scoring on the offensive side his defense is usually always on par right always on point that game winning block shot last night just kind of went and showed you that yeah you know he's a force on both ends of the court no matter you know if they're scoring or not well i mean this looks like um sixers and celtics will just be kicking back and rooting for the heat to take you know the bucks out to take the bucks out yeah and then and then those two just fight those two just fight it out yeah and then they'll just they'll both be sitting around having the same amount of time like it now behooves both of them to complete their sweep yeah and another thing rich you know as a sixers fan you know a few years ago i kind of went through and did a list of just bad draft day moves that the sixers have done since the moses malone days and then you watch bridges a guy who the sixers drafted then traded on draft day for a guy who's not even in the nba and you realize that guy should be on this sixers team right now right and it's just as a sixers fan some of the moves that they made have been so frustrating and especially watching michael bridges play a guy who doesn't load manage by the way who's never missed a game and you had him and you let him go for nothing and now you've got to like watch him put up 25 30 hey though you came up with the win and that's all that matters i believe jim jackson's back on you there jim i'm here oh oh please it literally it it's truly like you just took your foot and put it right on my stomach it's great so i think i think i think there's your theme that you should run on uh throughout the playoffs right now oh gosh is there but uh let's get to that moment first since you were you were there and then we'll get to to last night uh in a moment so when you saw what happened with draymond you thought what in first blush moment in that one jim that is going to be a flagrant flagrant one flagrant flagrant two just because of the stomp right now the every you know everything that happened after that of course is up to debate but i knew at the time and because of draymond what i transpired in the past that when they called it and went back and looked at it i knew it was going to be a flagrant one flagrant two immediately just because of the emphasis when he stomped out and i know a lot of people like you know you know where else is he supposed to put his foot i get all that but his draymond green so as much as he gets benefit of the doubt in regards to maybe being a little bit more demonstrative in his arguments with the officials and stuff like that and that's a long line in regards to how they allow him to speak to them but then there's the other side of it too which is the history part of what has happened with draymond that comes back to haunt him as well so you can't have one without the other and this time the other was the suspension part that adam silver handed down based on you know history what happened in the arena and things like that and the warriors took care of business last night game four can even this series and i imagine uh when draymond steps on the floor in game four in san francisco there will be a thunderous ovation and that'll be another emotional tide that the kings will have to survive how do you see this series playing out from here on out jim jackson well i always thought that golden state had the advantage from the championship experience now they're not as deep as they were their margin of error rich is not the same as it was in the past and what i mean by that is that in the past because they were so great defensively and i thought their bench gave them a little bit more from a scoring punch that they could overcome those turnovers they've always been a high turnover team okay but their margin of error was a lot bigger because of those intangibles i just talked about now you can't it's tougher they've got a slim margin of error so them turning the basketball over in particular in sacramento defeats what they're trying to do authentic because they're not being able to get the kind of stops they need in particular on the road to win those games so they can't turn the basketball over so i thought going in that i still favored in a higher seated golden state because of the maturity and championship experience and that's not a knock on sacramento it's just that i haven't seen them perform at this level against this team at this at this kind of on this kind of stage what i'd be surprised if sacramento heck no i'm happy for mike brown i love what they've done with that um lineup and the roster they streamlined it they have guys that are low maintenance guys the aaron pox is a low maintenance superstar everybody buys in but going into the series i quite honestly i thought that gold state could win that in six or seven well we are going to have to see them win on the road in a way that we are accustomed to seeing them on the road in the playoffs winning games of 27 straight series with at least a road playoff win a remarkable streak that may just come to an end to be very honest with you because they haven't really been able to play lockdown defense on the road since last year's finals essentially and you know draymond being back would be would be a no doubt a feather for them but they're going to have to defend in sacramento in a game five and presumably one would think a game seven uh and i don't know i'd be concerned for him here's the thing think about this the first two games they were right there hey we're gonna do a 10-point lead in that and game one okay what steve her really wants him to do more so than that in particular on the road is this attack the basket a lot more remember golden state was you know we we fell in love and got enamored with them shooting three-point shot but remember all the layup for you to get back door cuts and every all the easy baskets because you have to guard the perimeter well steve carr really wants his team to one especially on the road shot selection is the key because those long quick shots lead to fast breaks with sacramento okay your defense is not fit so your defense will be compromised so better shot selection be a little bit more patient second attack the paint by attacking the paint you slow down the pace a little bit more you scored a basketball now sacramento can't get out and run those little things right there help you defense okay so if you are deficient in one area defensively your offense can be your best friend in regards to protecting and hiding that a little bit and insulating you from those opportunities where golden state can take i mean work sacramento can take care of it that's the key for me because they're not all of a sudden become better defensively they can but their offense really has to i think tighten up a little bit on the road and sacramento in order to get a w jim jackson nba on tnt game analyst 14 year nba veteran right here on the rich isin show all right let's get to some of the other headlines uh that we've seen in the in these playoffs um let's start with the the last night of it all hardened shouldn't have gotten ejected for that no right what happened what's happening at all what's happening then what is going on i don't know that i was i'm sitting there watching the game had a nice cigar with me too by the way nice right to the gate and i thought okay played with one he pushed now did james harden intend to hit him in the ground no james harden uses that move a lot of time to push off and to create the space to move it just so happened he got hit low okay you're kind of logical hitting them more fine move on played with one that right there in the playground too i was just i was blown away on that call and that's i think the argument that a lot of players and coaches have in regards to the inconsistencies in the calling because depending on the rep of the official crew officials crew it may go one way or another like you don't know what a flagrant one is or flagrant two you know from game to game because it the officiating crew may view things a little bit differently and that's where the confusion comes in especially like last night what do you think what do you think i thought there was first of all why are we ejecting players uh like in the nba playoffs like that i i i don't know draymond um stomp um i i can i can see i don't understand the the one game suspension after it as well but um oh wait wait let me say this adam silver in the stands and he's yelling all kind of obscenities to the fans yes while he's there okay so and then remember on his podcast last year and i love draymond i mean i covered him since he was a freshman at michigan state this is my guy but there's consequences to your action remember last year he said emma's podcast about the officials they don't come to see you they come to see us i can do what i want i won't get get kicked out the game so all of these things go into that decision making so i just wanted to digress all right no and i appreciate i appreciate you doing that um so that's what i thought and i just thought to myself this is getting a little out of control certainly when you start to review it and then you come back and i thought okay they'll keep him in the game and then he then they don't it is it is it is really weird there's just no other way to put it and um i'm just thankful for the Sixers uh that they they got through anyway they're 3-0 and it looks like they and the the the celtics will sweep and we'll get the playoff series that we're all anxious to see when both teams have a full compliment arrest you know like that's how it looks to me so at that point you know and i think boston was three and one against the Sixers during the course of the year we had we had the game there i don't know i think it was boston at philly yeah few weeks ago um and that that's the the tough thing about the fiction from this perspective is the matchups on with boston because boston is just so deep i thought one of the things that got taken away from joel and b was a jay-jay credit type player and what i mean by that rich is that a guy when he comes off of a downstream by joel you have to stick with him and honor that because he's a shooter if he's initiated in the past on the to to um indeed on the post or mid post you got to stay at home you can't help they really don't have that type of player that knocked down shooter orgata can come off the screen and i think that took away from the two-man game downstream switching opportunities that that uh that type of player can bring to the table for philly that makes them more effective offensively jim jackson nba on tnt game analysts here on the rich eyes and show getting set if i'm not mistaken you're doing hawks celtics on sunday right that's your next game on sunday okay first round we bounce around a different series uh just because of the way the tv contracts are set i hear you it's me and abc and all that what'd you make of the kawaii news last night four hours of four tip that he's out i mean unbelievable talk about a game changer a series changer yes well you know i cover them during the course of the year so having more of an intimate insight into what goes on i mean i was thoroughly surprised but i knew that he had been playing with that injury since game one it's just to happen that it's swole up after you know the second game and unfortunately it is what it is that i just tired my guy kylo we play together with the rockets and of course i cover him and he's a good friend and it's only so much you can do to manipulate your lineup and your roster to be competitive they were very competitive you know outside for him to do to be able to get his guys to be over 500 over 500 on the road to to be where they're at to compete it's just been a phenomenal job but at some point you know this rich you can only ask so much of the roster that you have and you can only pull out so much in particular against a tough talented phoenix suns team and at some point it comes to an head and then when you lose to paul georgia now kawhi leonard it's just a tough ass tough task moving forward against a tough phoenix team so yeah phoenix is going to advance right if kawhi's needs to be load managed or is out every now and then i mean i don't know how they pull this off quite frankly despite the performance we saw from them last night yeah uh-huh okay uh and one last one for you because it sounds like your hotel phone is running out of battery i'm not gonna lie i heard that i hear the i heard that i hear the beeps jim um i can hear it's all good um so uh what'd you make of dylan brooks calling lebron old what'd you think of that i mean it's you know it's what i said about memphis is this talented young group exciting for the league um but they're they were they're still seeking their basketball maturity not from a human perspective basketball perspective because they're young they're brash they're bold but they really haven't won anything yet and this is the way you talk about it and dylan brooks is kind of taking on the role of being the being the villain but he got to understand from poking the bear lebron is not that kind of guy he's not like micah or kobe i mean those two guys you say that to them oh it's over lebron is going to beat you in a different way he's going to come out there and try to play outside of the game and try to go get 40 on dylan brooks now would he be a little bit more aggressive yeah but the prana is a different kind of cerebral player that tried to beat you in different ways i'm mike colby and mike they're going to go out to your throat they're going to tell you that from day from the beginning of the game from jump ball they go pretty much in the media but then they go give you that look you don't want when the jump ball tipped off and you better be ready for the promise of different animals he's built differently why and and i know we're kind of opening the door here or at least i am by going down this road that is the argument many people have to say that lebron isn't as good as kobe or jordan because that he doesn't have that gene in him or he doesn't care to have that gene in him um and and of course that that that completely uh sidecars his greatness um but that is didn't have i mean magic was different right magic didn't have that killer like that magic beat you all the way around smile at you pat you on the butt then drop you know 18 to give you 15 assists and 10 rebounds okay and then he commanded and controlled the game what's the difference there the bra can only peep weep can beat listen rich when he was in high school and i've got a chance to follow him because he's from ohio he was the same player very easily he could have averaged 40 45 points a game as a high school senior okay and dominate but he understood at the time that in order for us to be successful this is my personality and this is how i need to play i give it up to my teammates they need to be involved so he's been that way his whole life yeah so why i don't understand why people expect him to change or want him to change or want him to be somebody different when he's not he's lebron james that's his personality that's who he is and i judge him and i view him from matt uh prism and not from mike because mike is different not from coby's coby's is different alan iverson is different that's uniqueness and i think the greatness in each of these players is that they all are unique but they all are top tier top you know 15 20 top five players that ever played the game with different personalities so then let me go in the 90 seconds i have left in this direction with you how about how about because lebron would be happy to pass it up to rui hachi mora for instance to to win the game and then stare at dylan brooks and go see you later son you know like he'd be happy to do that um then how then how about draymond getting part of that in his game where instead of stomping on somebody he'll go down in the moment realizing in the moment that he can stick subonis with a flagrant he'll go down and then instead of stomping on subonis he just will wink at him saying gotcha what we're how about him being part how about him having that part of his game jim what about that great great question and that's something that draymond would have to answer because after he got you know the 2016 when he got suspended he said he learned he wants to mature he wants to grow from that but yet we're at this point again where he put his team at jeopardy of losing a game or a series because of his action so at some point that maturity level has to meet the words that you're saying it can't digress and we've seen it kind of close to the edge with draymond on a couple times but now it hit the point where it did hurt the team but not enough where they lost the game i don't know draymond can actually do that in regards he's an entirely intelligent player we know that come on man individual he is i know so highly intelligent he's got that in him one of the probably one of the smartest players to play the game but can he control the emotions at the time is the question okay at when the infraction happens to him can he control that enough to flip that script to force the other player to make the mistake and then it benefits the team while he still can smile and walk away and say like you said gotcha gotcha absolutely i i i would love to see that it would really it would really be great to see jim thanks for the time uh i greatly appreciate your time and uh let's do this again in a uh and you know short order as the playoffs progress i appreciate that really i really enjoy listening to you with ian and the whenever you do any game thanks for the call all right appreciate it i appreciate you my man have a good one enjoy the game yes enjoy the cigars uh that's jim jackson right here on the rich isaac show see what i'm saying draymond if just in the moment that intelligence just leaves it poof it would be great if he just realizes in the moment oh i got him he's got me around the ankle see ya yeah that was your it was your instead of saying my foot's gotta land somewhere how about he breaks it off inside him with a nice heady play let's take a break right here on the rich isaac show we've got vince 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improve your financial literacy follow stacking benjamins afford anything and brown ambition wherever you listen what if the texans don't take someone to tudy could just stay put hold to use the brave heart phrase and just get who he wants so he was asked today this is going to be great i haven't heard the answer but he uh he's got very he's got zero filter none asked who do you think's gonna go one two and three so what quarterback do you think you'll have a shot at it for the answer as you sit here do you have a pretty good idea how one two three go or not yeah no idea no and i don't think anybody does now everybody thinks they do i mean of course everybody thinks they do and everybody has an inside source that's giving them information of what's going to be done but i think as you all know just look at the mock drafts and tell me how accurate they are after the draft you don't nobody knows nobody's giving out information how much lying do you think right now oh everybody's lying i might be the most honest unfortunately um but everybody's lying i think you know melly well enough like usually if you answer a question i'll either dance around it or give you an answer today i'm a dancer ladies give it up i appreciate that everybody can we all get a round of applause for chris ballard today i'm a dancer not a tiny dancer you see he's swole are you jojo dancer my annual come at me mock draft yeah by the way i nailed trey lancet three a couple years ago so that's good everything else that i might have gone wrong not gonna mention here today i'm a dancer says chris ballard whose hair is perfect we have no idea we have no idea that's what i'm saying oh it's got to be bryce young really yeah really texans aren't thinking you're going to take a quarterback oh really texans are going to take a quarterback it could be bryce young because it's cj stroud definitely for carolina oh really so will anderson's going number one is what and arizona that that uh that i could be sure this ain't happening because the panthers didn't trade all that from nine to one to take a pass rusher good got andy dalton that's true you're a dancer now you're dancing oh stop it stop it believe me when i say it's lying season oh i know that i got it and i know how i see what you're doing as well we all know it's lying season but it took someone in his position actually come out and say it i don't think anyone's done that it's pretty funny it's great and we don't know one through four i have no idea whether it's possible to to see a trade up at three it's entirely possible that guy who's a dancer or dances around the subject or gives you a straight answer can sit there at four and get the second quarterback in the draft that's entirely possible wrestling fans feel the podcast heat join hall of fame wrestlers every week sharing their stories from the past click this with kevin nash i'm in the ring in my mind saying that's hulk hogan like hogan's with us and insights on what's happening now strictly business with eric bischoff you love breaking down the business of the wrestling business rick flair mike moly jacob snake roberts good old jr and more get into the wrestlemania spirit just search podcast heat wherever you listen
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