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REShow: Ernie Johnson/Adam Ray - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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November 22, 2022 3:14 pm

REShow: Ernie Johnson/Adam Ray - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 22, 2022 3:14 pm

‘Inside the NBA’ host Ernie Johnson tells Rich his fondest memories of growing up around baseball legends Hank Aaron and Vin Scully, reveals what it’s really like on the set of ‘Inside the NBA’ alongside Charles Barkley, Shaq and Kenny Smith, and recaps the top storylines of the young basketball season so far. 

Comedian Adam Ray joins Rich in-studio to discuss his new Hulu series ‘Welcome to Chippendales,’ his abhorrence for Caesar Salad-flavored candy canes, reveals his list of slogans for Russell Wilson to replace “Let’s Ride,” reveals what Henry Winkler asked him the first time he met him and more.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

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Be 21. Still to come, TNT's Inside the NBA host, Ernie Johnson. Plus, actor and comedian, Adam Ray. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air.

We just said goodbye to Sonny Dykes. It was a great chat with the TCU head coach, Ian Rappaport, and now our number one. If you missed any of that, don't worry. If you're watching this on the Roku channel, and why aren't you?

It's free. We re-air right away. As soon as this show is over at the end of the hour, boom, right away. And we're so excited to have Adam Ray in studio. The actor and comedian is back in studio on hour number three in about 20 minutes time. And we are also excited to kick off hour number three of this program with one of my favorite humans.

It also is helpful and great that he's stupendous at his job. Tonight's TNT doubleheader of NBA action is going to showcase the Nets and Sixers, Lakers, and Suns. Lakers.

With pregame coverage beginning at 7 p.m. Eastern time. A man who hosts must-see TV every single time he takes that chair on the NBA on TNT. The great Ernie Johnson here on the Rich Eisen Show. How are you, sir?

Rich, I am outstanding. I hope you are too. I am too, man.

I just always love connecting with you and talking with you. And I want to go, I want to hit way back machine first, Ernie. Your first sports, let's do it. Your first sports memory thanks to care of your dad. What do you got for me on that one, Ernie Johnson? First sports memory.

What do you got? Well, you know, I was only a young shaver when he was playing baseball for the Milwaukee Braves. So I can't, you know, I'm not going to say, oh, yeah, I remember him pitching the so and so. But, I mean, I just, I remember, you know, just going to the ballpark with him when he became an announcer. And those were rich times for me because it was, you know, he's on the field doing his pregame interviews. I'm leaning against the batting cage and watching Hank Aaron take BP.

Unbelievable. You know, it's like, those were really, those were great memories. And then just being able to sit in the booth and watch him do his job. And so I just learned an immense amount about his preparation and his respect he showed for folks. And how fortunate he always felt to be doing something he loved.

And those are the things that stick with you for a lifetime. What was it like getting to know Henry Aaron, Ernie? Well, it was awesome.

I mean, I mean, if you picture it, Rich, you know, here's a guy taking swings in the cage and then coming back outside the cage and you say, so how was your little league team doing? And it was that way with him. That way with Phil Necro, with a lot of those Braves legends who were on those teams when I was growing up. And so it was, and what was nice is to be able to stay connected to those guys. I know when my dad retired and I was putting a video together that was going to run on SportsSouth, the regional cable, the night that he retired. And one of the first guys I reached out to for his memories of my dad was Hank Aaron.

He met me down at Atlanta Fulton County Stadium. We sat there and talked about, you know, he was saying, no, I like to hear a lot of announcers call home runs, but there's nobody I like hearing, you know, more than your dad calling one of my home runs. And, you know, thankfully for my dad, he was able to call 500, 600 and 700 as he worked, you know, Braves radio back in the days. And he only had two innings of play by play in those days. He got to call the third in the seventh inning and by golly, wouldn't Henry get five, six and 700 all at one of those innings?

Unbelievable. And then, you know, before he passed, I interviewed Craig Sager and asked him about being at home plate when Aaron crossed it. After, you know, passing the babe and just seeing him there in his trench coat and his microphone, you know, and how he kind of talked his way on the field, I think he said something along those lines. Craig could talk his way into anywhere.

Rich, he really could. And that's the way he did his job. He always loved being where the big story was going to be, even if it wasn't part of his job.

We didn't have that game that night. You know, he always just wanted to be where the story was. And, you know, he was, you know, Craig was a classic. You know, if you just get all, you know, tied up in what he was wearing and that kind of thing, you miss the whole, you miss the point because he was a great reporter, asked wonderful questions, asked the questions that nobody else in the room wanted to ask. He didn't care. And so, no, he was a classic and that piece of video with that same Craig Sager hairstyle, which he had an entire life, and he's got his little Radio Shack tape recorder out there to capture anything he can. And you just can't see that happening.

It wouldn't happen anymore. You know, you can't, you know, it'd be like him standing at home plate when Aaron Judge hit his 62nd. You know, it's like, you know, it's like him standing in the end zone when somebody scores a touchdown. He just, you don't see it anymore.

And that piece of video is just classic. I'm just going to take a stab here, Ernie Johnson. Did you meet Vin through your dad, Vin Scully? You got any stories about him? Yeah.

What do you got for me? Not really many stories about Vin, but yeah, I mean, I met, you know, I would meet Jack Buck and I would meet Vin. All of those, all of the guys that were contemporaries of my father. And I can remember, you know, when we would drive home from a game that he had done, he knew exactly where to tune on the radio and say, OK, now we're going to listen to Joe Nuxall and listen to, oh, they're going off the air listener. He's going to say, this is the old left hander, rounding third and heading home, you know?

And so he knew exactly where to find all those. So there was really no music in the car when we drove home from the Braves game. It was all, OK, let's catch Jack Buck.

Let's see what the Cardinals are doing. OK, let's catch Marty Brenneman. You know, it was that kind of a deal. And to know that he was a contemporary of them was great. And Vin, and I talked about that video I did for my dad, Vin was part of that too. You know, we reached out and said, hey, would you say something nice about my dad? And you could just see as he did this video, it was just, it was heartfelt. And you knew it was just one take. You know, it was just Vin being Vin. And then to be doing play-by-play later in the playoffs, you know, and to do a Dodger series and sit in the Vin Scully press box, you know, with Ron Darling and do a playoff game, that was, that's stuff you never forget.

Love it. Ernie Johnson, Turner Sports, inside the NBA hosts here on the Rich Eisen Show. When did you first meet Barkley? You got a story about that? Was it at a press conference? Was it on the set? Was it before he joined Turner?

You got something on that? It was before. Yeah, it was before he joined Turner. And I was, you know, it was early on in my days at Turner.

I've been here since 89, so it was like 90 or 91. And my boss at the time, Don McGuire, said, hey, why don't you go out and sit down with Charles? And, you know, just, you know, went out to Phoenix, kind of hung out at practice with him, you know, sat down and did an interview, went out later and met up with him.

I think it was probably at a happy hour. And he was just, he was so engaging then. And then he would come in a couple of times during the playoffs and be a studio analyst while he's still playing.

And we'd run those clips from time to time, too. He was so soft-spoken. And it was nothing like the Charles that I work with every night now. You know, it was just like, you know, he was the guest and he'd answered my questions.

And there was nothing like that was setting the world on fire. It was, you know, your standard answers, but then he, you know, just getting over the last 20-something years a chance to work with him and do the podcast. You know, I just got done doing a podcast with him, the steam room that we do every week. He's just a dear friend. And it's, you know, I owe a lot to him.

Rich, I really do. I mean, he's, the impact he had on our industry and not to mention our show is profound. And, man, I'm happy to be along on the ride with him. No, and some of the greatest compliments I get about NFL Game Day Morning, which I've hosted about, well, let me just do the math in my head, about a third or maybe the quarter of the time that you've hosted inside the NBA at Turner, is that it reminds folks of your show. And that makes me so happy because of you and the rest of the guys there setting the gold standard and, of course, the production crew that sets you guys up and that you work together as one unit. And when people ask me what makes my show on Sunday morning successful, I say we genuinely love each other, like we genuinely like each other. And I get that sense from you guys for sure, no doubt.

No, without question. No, I mean, you hit that right on the head. I mean, and I think that the way a show like ours works is that nobody tries to make it about themselves.

You know, and that's never, it's never been a situation where somebody says, well, I need more FaceTime or you need to come to me or this. We just kind of do our thing, you know, and when we sit down to do the show, it's not unlike four guys sitting in a living room where nobody asks for permission to talk or in a commercial break we say, hey, when we come back, I'm going to say this, you say this, I'll laugh and then you say this and then we'll go to another break. We're just kind of doing whatever comes natural. And I think the fans, the viewers appreciate that, too, because there's an element there of, look, I don't know what's going to happen next on this show. And it's like, hey, join the call.

I don't have any idea either. We'll let her rip and see what happens. Again, I know, Ernie, what it's like to be on live television with some very strong personalities and where anything can happen. And so I can see, I watch you, I watch you. And the thing I love about you and what you nail is when you realize that you can make a full course meal of what's about to hit and lay back and let it occur. Like the shack trying to figure out how to fill up his tank of gas.

And I don't think he still has figured out what's a half a tank and when you can fill it up to make it a full tank. And I just watch you and you're just like, you let it happen on occasion, you'll just throw a dart in there to keep it going. Oh, my gosh. That's the good stuff, man.

That's it. I know. And you and I both know. I mean, look, when you're working with guys who have played the game, what's important is their perspective on what's going on. Nobody cares what I think about what might be going on in a huddle with 1.3 seconds to go. But these guys have all been there.

And so any time I can set them up to be the best they can be, I kind of see that as why I'm there. And so that and the fact that I can talk when somebody is talking in my ear, you know, the producer, you know, and not like as Charles has done before, you know, responded to the producer by looking up at the sky and saying, I know that I'm going to get there. And somebody at home has no idea what he's talking to. Oh, no, no, exactly.

He doesn't. I'm getting to that, TK. You know, and so I think that knowing your role is important. And I think I think appreciating the fact that we've got four distinct personalities on that show. We somehow have made it work for a long time. You know, I can't define it. I can't describe it.

I can't say that here's how you make chemistry. It's just we kind of we kind of have something that is pretty special and I never lose sight of it. What a blessing, man. Ernie Johnson at Turner Sports. E.J.

Twitter handle right here on The Rich Eisen Show. And then tonight, Nets, Sixers, Lakers, Suns, Tuesday before Thanksgiving weekend. I mean, is it still too early to have a storyline that's developing in the NBA season?

What what would you pull out of the first month plus here of this NBA season? Well, yeah, it is kind of early. I mean, we're under 20 games in. But I think I think I think Boston has shown us that they can deal with the upheaval they had in the off season and kind of compartmentalize that in terms of what the players are able to do.

And, you know, playing great under Joe Missoula so far. I think I think Milwaukee, you know, I think Milwaukee is going to the finals. I think that they've done this, you know, 12 and four without Chris Middleton yet. So I think they are the class of the East. But in the West, it's like I don't I don't know exactly what's going on. But that's more of a mystery to me to see. You know, nobody thought Utah would be where they are right now. And folks are thinking they might be lucky to get 25 wins and they got 12 right now.

So I don't know. It's there's a there's a lot to to still happen in the team. I think one of the most intriguing, intriguing stories is the team that we've got tonight with Brooklyn taking on Philadelphia.

Both of those are pretty intriguing to me. But to watch to watch Ben Simmons return to Philadelphia tonight is going to be it's going to be interesting to see how the Philadelphia fan base responds. And it will likely not be very kind as they watch it.

They watch their own team that doesn't have and be or harden tonight. And, you know, so I think that's one of those things where everybody just wants to see how how weird it gets there or how and how they and how they treat Ben Simmons. I mean, that's Philadelphia. I got food in Philadelphia once when I was trying to hand out the National League championship trophy.

What'd you do wrong? I mean, come on. You know what happened? It was it was I mean, this is back at, you know, 20, 11, 20, 12, whatever the last time before they made the World Series.

And and so there was not like a P.A. announcer saying now direct your attention to the field where Ernie Johnson. So I kind of introduced myself. Hey, you know, the place is going crazy. They're excited. All the players are out there, all the execs. Hey, this is Ernie Johnson, the TBS. My boy looking down at Ryan Howard, it was about 10 feet away from me and just like palms up, you know, like, hey, that is everybody. I mean, they had just won the National League and they are just letting me have it. Oh, my goodness. See what happens to Ben Simmons tonight. Right.

And then obviously the Lakers are a significant subject matter here in Los Angeles and nationally. It just seems that there's no way out right now. It doesn't it just seems that they are boxed in to a rebuilding situation that that unfortunately they're not even. Rebuild right. I mean, it just seems like stasis, you know, it doesn't even seem like I guess seeing what you have in Austin Reeves might suffice. You know, I don't I don't know.

Lottie Walker. Right. Like that's what we're it's and I always love it when you guys chop this subject up because it's the straight talk. It's a significant straight talk, you know, on that subject matter. And it's looking at what they've been doing lately. I mean, you're coming in because this is game two of our double header tonight. And, you know, here's a team that's what five and ten and and won a few lately and LeBron hasn't gone out there. A.D.'s playing, you know, playing well. But, you know, the Westbrook thing. Yeah, it's a it's it's going to be very touch and go with that team to even talk playing. So, you know, I'm I'm kind of more intrigued with what the Clippers were able to do and how they've gotten off to their start with, you know, with Kawhi limited minutes and Paul George playing last night. I mean, they're to me, I mean, that team is certainly top to bottom, a better a better team than the Lakers are putting on the floor.

I mean, the way it's going, Patrick Beverley might just try to get into the play and not get out of the play. Well played. Well played. Thank you, sir.

Not unexpected. Thank you, sir. Greatly appreciate it. Have a great Thanksgiving, sir. You're the best. I'd love to chop it up more often with you whenever you're you're up for it.

I wish we could. I always enjoy it. Rich and best to you. And Susie, I hope your Thanksgiving is blessed. And it's my favorite time of the year, man.

Love being surrounded by family on this time. So you guys have a great one. And and rest assured that we will be diving into deep fried turkeys and enjoy each other's company. Fantastic. You be well, Ernie Johnson. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and appreciate the time. I'll see you tonight. Right back at you.

Seven Eastern Time is when Ernie Johnson and the rest of the crew will have a doubleheader of NBA action. Do you like that path that line right there? Because they went all in on him as well. He went. I mean, that was that that moment. It was played on the Internet so much and put a song behind it like you could tell where everybody got. You could see Ernie was trying to like get off the subject because he's such a nice guy. Just the other three guys were just all in on it. About two weeks ago, Chuck did a read for the World Cup and he was very like, yeah, the World Cup. And Ernie just goes, you ever watch this full soccer game? And Chuck. And after Chuck does the read, like you were like, oh, he's excited. Ernie, just like you could see him. He was just kind of like, so, Chuck, you ever watch a game?

Charles goes, oh, no, that's the best. The greatest. That show is amazing.

That's why they made a documentary of it. Adam Ray is here. We'll chat with the comedian, actor of the new.

Hello, show of welcome to Chippendales. Adam Ray, when we come back. This episode is sponsored by FX's Fleischmann is in trouble, starring Jesse Eisenberg, Claire Danes, Lizzie Kaplan and Adam Brody. This drama tells the story of recently divorced Toby Fleischmann, who dives into the world of app based dating with the kind of success he never had in his youth.

Then his ex-wife disappears, leaving him with their two children and no hint of her return. FX's Fleischmann is in trouble. Now streaming only on Hulu. The World Tournament of Soccer happening in Qatar is finally here. And with all the weird kickoff times and all the other sports happening simultaneously, it could be kind of hard to keep up. So to make sure you're up to speed, be sure to listen to Qatar Kickaround for the daily wrap up of all the action from the tournament.

From the group stage all the way to the final. Andy, Lars and Peter are here for you with recaps and opinions of what happened that day in Qatar. Everything could be found at the, the Cumulus podcast channel on YouTube or wherever you listen. Adam Ray is here on the Rich Eisen Show, the first two episodes of Welcome to Chip and Dale is available today exclusively on Hulu. New episodes will release weekly. Kamil Nanjiani, who is on the show, he's going to be on. Oh, great.

He's going to be on next week. So we're going to let's let's talk about this here on the show. Good to see you, by the way. Great to see you, man.

Pete's going to outlive all of us, by the way, Brock. Let me tell you something. I saw your team in Munich, Germany. I followed your adventures. Oh, yeah.

You did a great job. I Instagram when I'm on the road. I Instagram food, which for some reason upsets Brockman. That does not upset me. It does upset you.

No, it doesn't. I want you to put down the phone and enjoy your vacation because I care about you. But I can take a photograph of the food. I can then Instagram it out and then put the phone down and eat the food. I'm a multitasker.

And you had a big, you know, capture the adventures type. Are you like, live in the moment? Not as it happens when at night you can be like, hey, here was my day. Yeah. Oh, you don't have to post in the moment. Yeah.

Live in the moment. This guy. Don't you have that tattooed on your back? I think so. There's a word for him. The word hater. Hater. Yeah. Look at us.

Look at us, dude. He's a hater. He's a hater. And you know what?

You're hating the player and you're hating the game. Someone has to. Someone has to.

I disagree. I will watch a full on Rich Eisen travel show, a la Bourdain style. I would love to do it. I don't know if I, where's my Roku cam right here. Don't know what you guys are waiting for.

Rich showed you what he's got on the road. And you know, and you know who would, you know, who would do the VO? No, no, no, no, no. You know, who would be in on that completely if I said, let's do it. Who? And would you, that guy. Right over there.

Suddenly you just like take all the pictures of food you want. That guy, not Sam Elliott over there. Wait, I was just going to say, who have we, who have you been compared to with the stash? Because it's, Everyone here hates it. There's a little Mr. Magoo, there's a little Monopoly, Pasco collect 200. There's it's thick.

It's full. He needs a top hat and a monocle. Is that what you're saying? I wouldn't be mad about it. He looks like a narc.

I'll say this upon first glance, which all dudes do the initial stash to face assessment. Big fan. Thumbs up. You're getting two. Ebert and Roper. Well, the one for Cisco in there. I grew a stash out from November, let's say maybe five, six years ago.

How'd it work out for you? I found out that if you have a stash and you look like this, you can't talk to kids. I was in an elevator and this this family was in there and this kid, little chubby kid wearing a Dodgers hat. And he was just in there just making all these fad noises.

Right. And I looked down on him and he was chowing down on a Kit Kat and he stared at me and I go, that's a cool hat, man. You like the Dodgers? His dad turns around and sees me with the stash and just pulls his getaway. And I was like, dude, nothing malicious is happening. What's happening right now?

First of all, he was flirting with me. I didn't even start this. But the stash has it's an interesting piece of real estate to maneuver through society. It is. It is. It's a choice. God bless you.

Definitely a choice. When I pick my son up from school, I get a lot of looks. I don't know the name of the I don't know the name of the amber. I don't know the name of the actor. I'm sorry to interrupt, but because it just hit me. It just hit me who you look like right now. The name of the who ever played Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs.

Really? That actor in Heat had a mustache just like you. And you look like that guy in Heat as well. Thank you for not comparing me to the Silence of the Lambs character. You look like a guy that sells Caesar salad candy canes out of his Hyundai Tucson. By the way, I saw that great post. Disgusting holiday season. Take it easy. You do follow me on Instagram. Thank you.

I posted that last night. I don't know how it wound up. Caesar salad candy canes from the makers of diarrhea gum comes the worst holiday treat. Caesar salad candy canes. I mean, who does that? What are we doing?

What are we doing? Because look, Pop Tart started this trend. And Oreos, too.

And Oreos. Adam, this just in. This just in.

I'm a Jewish man. Me, too. And so my parents wouldn't think much.

Gotcha. So so we went next door. Growing up in Staten Island, New York, we went next door to the Fredericksons were their name. They were wonderful family from Iceland.

One thing, they were not Jewish. So we went over there and they had this huge Christmas tree, which I did not have in my household. And and it was I went I grabbed every candy cane I could. Wow. If they were made of Caesar salad, I'd be like, what the hell is happening? That is abuse.

You tell neighborhood watch petition for the Fredericksons to move. What the hell? Yeah. Because have we have we gotten tired of the the regular candy cane taste?

No, it's it's unbreakable. I'm not someone's job is on the line. That's like the I mean, because you need something minty to get the Caesar salad taste out of your mouth. Yeah. So and no knock on Caesar salad.

Like you've been a nice go to for me at a late night Postmates from a BJ's if I'm in Sacramento. You know, Caesar salad is not in my top correct. Fifty flavors of things.

I'd rather do it, you know. Yeah. Taco candy canes. I mean, no taco. What's wrong with you?

No. OK. Candy canes. There are lanes. There's a meat lane. There's a roughage lane. And there's a candy lane. These should never intersect. No, there are lanes. They should they should run parallel.

If you're ever thinking about running for office. This is the platform. Yes.

I thought you were one thumb to the cam away from getting a vote. Meat and salad. I get it. Yes. Right.

Chicken salad, a salad with meat together in separate lanes. Yeah. Understood. Candy at the end of the day.

These are all lanes. But in terms of turning one into another, let's not turn meat and or roughage into a candy. This is just not appropriate. Now, let me ask you this. Is Russell Wilson becoming the Caesar salad candy cane of football players? Yes. That's dangerous. That's dangerous. That's the danger, which what if there's a Caesar salad candy cane in that danger, which sandwich that's why she was so damn hard. Exactly. Caesar salad candy cane nation. Let's not There's a bunch of people, by the way, who are about to call in.

Yeah, that's fine. I'm ready to take their phone calls. Some guy. What's the matter with you? Yeah. Have it in your salad. Have it in a bowl. Don't hang it on a tree for a little Jewish kid to come over and grab that guy right now.

By the way, I do have if you don't mind. It's just speaking of Russ. Yes. You know, obviously he's on a he's on a course right now that, like we said, none of us saw coming. I didn't see last time I was here. It was like I was I was legit sad because it was also Bobby Wagner on the same day. Oh, man.

It was a tough day. Yes. But I think that the whole Let's Ride, you know, kind of slogan is probably it's time to mix it up. Yes.

So I've come up with a few replacement raises you. Oh, Adam. Right. Do you need I feel like Letterman. Do you need music for this? I would love music. Right.

The problem is, is Delgufo is too busy on France taking a two one lead on Australia, which is great for Brockman's parlay. I now need a score, which is something I don't condone. Would you please give me some of that music? I'm not sure.

I was talking about my brother in law, Durtay, the white rapper last time. I'm not sure if there's any curse free tunes on YouTube. I don't know.

But there we go. Anything instrumental? I don't know. This is some guitar riff.

Go for Tracy Chapman. Fast car. Mike, a little lower. Don't blow him out. No, he's talking. Great. This is great. This is classic. Yeah. So, Russ, let's ride worked. I did it. I don't know.

It's it's what you started with. Here's some alts as the season moves forward instead of let's ride. Let's hide. Let's hide those nation Broncos country. Let's let's hide. It's a daisy classic.

You know, let's everybody know that one's on me. Now, do you have to front load it with Broncos country? Country. Broncos country.

Oops, a daisy. I like that. You've got to marry it together because he will never give up on Broncos country. He won't. Okay.

So you think let's ride is what's probably has an expiration date. We're swapping that out. We're swapping that out. Broncos country. Oops, a daisy.

Oops, a daisy. Broncos country. All aboard the Russ bus. That's him trying to get them back. Okay.

They've probably cashed their ticket in for a train or a plane somewhere. He's like, no, no, no. The Russ bus. Yes. It's we traded a horse for a bus. Yes. Okay.

Broncos country. Sorry about that. I'm drunk. That's letting everybody know this guy's human. And that he's because right now I would venture to assume everyone's like this guy maybe had a Zima in 1998.

Maybe half. Good mention of Zima. By the way. Before you continue. Yeah. I like it.

Little, little cumbersome for a hashtag. You got it. Okay.

Yeah. This is your show. That's that's okay. I'm just I'm commenting. I shouldn't I should just let you go. No, no. Broncos country. Sierra told me to say that again.

Letting people know I'm in a relationship. Right. Not everything I'm doing is my call. Okay.

Broncos country. Danger, which on one little product placement. I don't know how well the sandwich is doing. I think they pulled it. No. The thing is, they pulled it before somewhere. Jared's like, and that's karma.

They pulled it before the season and then the commercial came out and went viral anyway. Yeah. What else you got?

Broncos country. Put on your Hackett jacket. I don't know. I just something that might not that might not be germane by the end of the season. Unfortunately. Yeah. By the way, Russ, maybe just player coach at this point. Has that been?

Let's ride Broncos country. I miss Pete. That's my favorite. He does. I feel like that's probably down.

Mrs. Pete. You don't think so? No.

Neither miss each other and bummer. Yeah. Yeah. And I watch all the highlights now and I see like the gum. You can tell when the gum chew gets a little more aggressive.

Like if there's like a some sort of a play that Justin peaches. All right. Yeah. Last one. Yes.

Broncos country. You have a debit deal. Apropos of nothing. I like I always like a non sequitur.

You know, it's kind of a classic throwback and it lets people know of this guy's a little more into with pop culture than we thought. Of course. There we go. Because I think that's the problem. Disconnect. It is in this day. I mean, that that that's that society in general. Don't you think disconnect? Yeah.

These days. I mean, look at you posted in Germany. You know, that's that's what I was doing. You're trying to show the kids and the followers.

He was hoping that I was going to do that at the end of the day as opposed to take part out of my day to just hit send on something. It's tough for me to watch soccer. I know you guys are way into the cup, but the last game I played was in nineteen ninety three and I scored on my own team.

And my dad's my my friend's dad called me an effing idiot. And that was a wrap for me on the game of soccer. And they'll be like you were like 10. Yeah. That'll be that'll be by the way. That'll that'll be a 30 for 30 called the two rays. The different the different own goal story. Someone really should make a 30 for 30 series on all those types of sports blunders that don't get the you know, the notoriety, the fanfare. Yeah.

Which is heroes. Your own goal in the AYSO days of back in nineteen ninety three. Yeah. When I was quick fat, you know, the coach called me Krispy Kreme Abdul Jabbar. Like there's a time and a place for weight problems and hoops to meet up. Shout out Oliver Miller. Let's talk about welcome to Chippendales.

Let's talk about it. How did you get this gig? So I played Jay Leno on Pam and Tommy.

Right. The Hulu show. And Rob Segal, who created the show, hit me up.

I was in Australia doing Young Rock and they were doing a table read for it. And and I joined it on that. And then he hit me up and was like, hey, can you roller skate? And I was like, of course. And I sent him this like fake resume of all these tournaments I won. And he was like, dear God, is this real? It's like, no, man, I haven't been on skates since ninety one. And and he was like, oh, and he's like, well, can you?

I was like, yeah, muscle memory. I'll get it back. So so he gave me the gig. And I'm Larry, the house emcee.

I'm on skates. Yikes. And and yeah, it was it came back quicker than I thought. I definitely took a spill quite a few times in front of tons of of fired up horny extras. And when I say horny, I mean, include me in that. These guys come out and you do you. I mean, TJ, I know you're like, man, I would that that wouldn't turn me. All right, man, I'd love to see you around that much meat.

It it just makes you question everything. These guys are dancing phenomenally. They're in great shape.

They're in great shape. And and so I'm warming up the the gals and into the guys. And what's cool about that part is that I got to ad lib up a storm because Rob was like, man, anything you're on a hot mic. So I ended up basically doing commentary underneath like these full dances.

So they're coming out doing a full on dance to Macho Man or something. And and I'm just like screaming like, ladies, the more you scream, the more they sweat, the more they sweat, the more clothes come off. It's getting hot in here and just not in my pants. There's something that's brewing and it's not in between my legs. It's your excitement. I mean, I'm just screaming everything.

And they use pretty much all of it. Hey, so that's cool. That's so, you know, this is what I moved down here for was to be on skates and to play Vince McMahon and play Vince McMahon. Yeah, you're you're getting quite the resume from Vince McMahon to Larry the MC. You know, this is this is fantastic. Yeah, I mean, I go first.

What's that? Jay Leno first. Jay Leno first. Yeah. And Wolverine at Universal Studios when I first got here. That's the gig that started it all.

And now you're going to be you're currently on Welcome to Chip and Dale is available today exclusively on Hulu. What's the Tony Caruso returns? Oh, yeah, you got it.

You got it. OK, so Brock, you remember when we met at the Roast of Big Poppy in Boston circa 2016, 2017. And I did a full prosthetic as as this old Yankees fan and named Tony Caruso.

And nobody knew his name. I gave him a name, created a back story, went out there, roasted Poppy, roasted Burr, roasted Anthony Mackie and just crapped on Pedroia and and Gronk. You know, I was I really went into Pedroia hard to where my buddy Josh Wolf put it together, was like, yo, who is this old guy? He's like relentless. And I'm like, I might beat up an old man tonight. And I mean, I was saying jokes like, you know, Dustin Pedroia is here, of course, Dustin plays second base. But we all know his most natural position is dancing next to a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

And he wasn't a big fan of that. And so and so I took that character and did this this documentary of him returning to the stage after a 20 year absence. I went around, did a bunch of spots in town and it's on my YouTube channel, Adam Ray Comedy. Fantastic. Yeah.

Adam Ray Comedy dot com is also where you can find out more dates and tickets for your standup. Lexington, Kentucky, December one through the third right here in L.A. in December. Snoqualmie, Washington. Isn't that the home of Twin Peaks? I think it might be. I think that's the home of Twin Peaks, man. Yeah. Snoqualmie Casino. Yeah, you go back.

That's in December 11th, Sacramento, December 16th. And you just got married, too. I just got married. Welcome to the club.

Guys, any advice? It feels good. I'm getting a lot of advice. I've got advice from my stepdad, George. Shout out to George. He goes, here's two very important words. Yes, dear. And then my actual dad goes, I got some advice.

If the trying the shoe, if it doesn't fit, you know, grab another shoe. And you know, that adds up because, you know, he, you know, started a new family. But and then my step uncle, my step uncle gave me some great advice.

He goes, hey, if you get real bored, I know massage parlor in Phoenix. It takes Bitcoin. So everyone's giving me everyone's kind of.

Yeah, I'm getting it from all places. She's the greatest. You know, I hit the jackpot. Has she seen Larry, the emcee's exploits? Oh, she's this is what sealed the deal.

This is you're going to be on how many wheels and no brakes, no brakes. She's she's real supportive during the wedding. You know, my rabbi from back in Seattle came down to do it. And there was a moment. He travels, your rabbi travels. Your rabbi travels. It was a road game for the rabbi. It was the road. It was a road game.

It was a road game for me. He came in and, you know, that's so funny, Rich. He he came down and he at one point he's holding up the tallis in front of my now wife and having a moment. And there was a bunch of stuff. You know, there wasn't a super. There were things on the the Jewish tradition menu that we chose to leave off. Now, she's not super religious and not Jewish, but she was like, I'm down for the glass break.

And yeah, because and everything, you know, she's like, I may or may not have a grandpa that's going to be there. That's like, you know, you know, how many do the Holocaust did it really? You know, so I tried to try to skate around that. But yes, but it was but it was great. And so when he held the tower around the Holocaust, a great fantasy team name that right.

I'm sorry. So he holds up the tallis in front of us. And I'm I'm firing jokes throughout and keeping it real loose and just like I do in my act. I'm breaking the fourth wall to connect with the crowd.

Sure. And and it made it more fun. There are a lot of comics there.

And Google has played it. And so I hold up the tallis or he holds the tallis in front of us. And all I can think is he's having this sweet moment. He's like, this is so great. Really take this in like, this is so great. Like, look at you guys.

Everyone's here for you. And all I can think is, what's the line I'm going to say when he lowers the tallest? Like, what am I going to say that he said to me? And so he lowers it. And right before he speaks, I go, guys, Rabbi just pitched me his new app to invest in big pop. My mom afterwards was like, you're always just making so many jokes and nothing can just be serious with you.

Well, as long as your your new wife has no she's all about it. Fantastic. And I married. Well, then there's another thing Adam does that I love on your Instagram is your celebrity sightings on airplanes. Oh, yeah. That's not really them. So you're going to follow me on the gram.

I'll do it now. I'm a big fan of the mall TV shows. I'll tell you that to both of those couple things that I'm trying to like, you know, you're just looking for ways, especially as a comedian, to like carve out pieces of content that no one else is messing around with. And so I started doing this thing in the mall where I would basically anytime I'm in a city and I like Madison, Wisconsin or, you know, Peoria, Illinois, I go to a mall in the area. There are stores that don't exist in other malls. Right.

There's a place called, I think, like hot lunch or box lunch. And I'm like, what is that? So I do these fake teasers where it's like, you know, and I'd pull them up.

But some of them are pretty blue. And and and I'll be like, you know, what happens when two Rancho Cucamonga MILFs, you know, decide to open a drug layer at the bottom in the bottom of their kids? You know, Xbox, you know, Dungeon, Mario Lopez and Maria Menouna star in hot lunch or what? You know, and then I reveal the name of the store. Yeah, that's on the ad at Adam Ray Comedy. But then there's celebrity plane sightings. That's the one that really gets a nice pop.

Basically, I board the plane in an earlier fashion when when the upgrade provides it. What's that now? You're in 1A. 1A? Oh, man.

No, you you don't get enough. You can't they don't like when you put your feet up in the very front like that. You got to have a seat in front of you.

So people board the plane. I sneak some pictures of them. Some would say, hey, that's illegal or creepy. Others would. Yeah.

And have I gotten caught? For sure. Do some people sometimes stare right into the barrel of the camera? Yeah.

And do I just go, I'm sorry. And so I take these pictures and then I put up a whole run of basically who they are, whether it's Jeffrey Dahmer's dad or Carol Baskin's mom or, you know, Rich Eisen. I don't know if we had a Rich Eisen spotting, but I look forward to seeing it. And at Adam Ray Comedy, Twitter and Instagram. Welcome to Chip and Dale's available today.

Exclusively on Hulu. The Tony Caruso Returns doc is also where you can get stand up date information for Adam Ray, And then there you are the co-host of the podcast Icebreakers with Chuck Liddell and Adam Ray on Audible, which, by the way, is sponsoring today's hold on, I got to do a read here sponsoring today's conversation. Audible is where you find the best stories on sports and entertainment. It is the home of storytelling. Listen to audiobooks, originals and podcasts, including The Rich Eisen Show.

Sign up for a free 30 day trial at You want to stay for one more segment? I would love to. I will leave. It seems like you got more to say. We all have more to say right here on The Rich Eisen Show. Don't go on here to wrap up this Tuesday.

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Learn more at slash veterans insured by NCUA and Equal Housing Lender. Half time between France and Australia. France fell down one nil and scored two unanswered.

It's 2-1. Adam Ray, appreciate you sticking around here for one more segment. I'm telling you, I will not leave until you guys escort me out. I'm not that much of a fan of the show.

Well, Del Tufo is also security, so he might be the one escorting you out. You were saying in the commercial break, you know Henry Winkler. You know him very well.

You saw his summit, his yalta. The way you guys brought that together. So my first Winkler encounter, his son Max, great director, was in my fraternity, APY, USC. And parents weekend happens. And also I'm in the quad and Henry walks in.

There's maybe 10 people in the middle of the day in the house. And Henry just walks in and I go, oh my God. He walks up, he goes, hello, Henry Winkler. And I go, I know who you are. He goes, of course you do.

Pretty good Henry, right? And so then he goes, he goes, he goes, I have my son Max's laundry. Do you know Max? I go, love Max. He goes, everybody knows Max. And then I go, what do you want me to do with the laundry, Henry? He goes, I want you to take it to a safe, secure place. Make sure that Max gets this. Make sure it gets cleaned and that Max can wear the clothes that are in this bag. I go, it sounds like exactly what you do with laundry.

I'm on it. And then as he hands it to me, he pulls it back and he goes, now you're not going to do anything weird with the clothes, are you? And I go, what? He's like, you're not going to defecate on these clothes, are you? I go, did the font just ask me if I'm going to poop on his son's clothes? And I go, Henry, with all due respect, that's the last thought on my mind.

I'm, you know, you got my, you got an Adam Ray guarantee. No poo in the clothes. Zero. Not happening. He goes, we're in a fraternity.

I know crazy stuff happens here. Poo on the clothes doesn't seem too far fetched. But if you guarantee it, I go, Henry, I guarantee it. Hands it back. He goes, no poo on the clothes. I go, no poo on the clothes. He goes, all the best and turns around and walks out.

So after you pooped on the clothes, then what did you do? Yeah, so I just went to town and boxes of salad, candy canes. No, but and then and then I interned for him at Hollywood Squares when he was producing that show when when I think Martin Mole was a center square drink, drink five, by the way, if you're playing the Martin Mole drinking game. And every time he's mentioned and then and then he came on my podcast about last night, which you can check out on YouTube, iTunes and Audible and Audible. Had some fun guests, Sandra Bullock, Bill Burr, waiting for the great Rich Eisen to respond any time. And I appreciate you being on here.

Welcome to Chip and Dale's available today exclusively on Hulu. I want to thank you for being here. I love you, man. You guys are the best. Thank you, Ernie Johnson. Appreciate him being on here. Sonny Dykes and Ian Rappaport. If you missed any of it, guess what? We'll be right back to wrap this show up on the Roku Channel and it will rear that everyone else chat Wednesday.

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