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REShow: Cris Carter - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 19, 2022 3:10 pm

REShow: Cris Carter - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 19, 2022 3:10 pm

Pro Football Hall of Famer Cris Carter and Rich discuss his episode of EPIX’s ‘NFL Icons’ and what’s in store for this year’s Ohio State-Michigan rivalry.

Rich makes the case for free agent WR Odell Beckham Jr. to sign with the Kansas City Chiefs instead of the Packers, Rams or other teams, and reacts to Indianapolis Colts Owner Jim Irsay saying there’s cause for removing Daniel Snyder as the Washington Commanders’ owner. 

Rich reveals his still controversial NFL Top 10 Power Rankings for Week 7.

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The ball reaches speeds of 150 miles an hour. The action is intense and the danger factor is high. Six-person teams of professional athletes play the sport at the Magic City Fronton in Miami, Florida. I invite you to check out all the action Monday and Tuesday at 5 pm and Friday night at 7 pm.

Go to or download the free JALAI app in the App Store. This sport with its intensity and athleticism is well worth watching. Check out all the action at Matches are played similar to tennis with the player or team required to win two sets to win a match. Each set is played up to six points. It's a sport you need to check out., Monday and Tuesday at 5 pm, Friday at 7 pm. Hey, Nathaniel Hackett, whatever you're doing, you need to take it and rip it up and throw it out. This is the Rich Eisen Show, live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. As for the Chargers, the stuff they're running with Justin Herbert makes it seem like they don't know who they really have there.

It just seems to me like watching paint dry. Earlier on the show, crime video Thursday night football analyst Ryan Fitzpatrick. Coming up, pro football hall of famer Chris Carter.

From the CBS drama CSI Vegas, actress Mark Helgenberger. And now it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. 844204 Rich is the number to dial. Chris Carter about to call into this program.

He's a pro football hall of famer. And his episode of NFL Icons is coming up this weekend on Epix, which you can see and get right here on Roku. The same thing as us, the Roku channel. You can get us right here on channel 210 on the Roku channel, which is available on all Roku devices.

And we say hello to everybody watching on any Roku device or any Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV. Speaking of Amazon, we had a great chat with Ryan Fitzpatrick. He did in fact confirm with us last hour that he went to Harvard. I've been waiting to get confirmation from Ryan. Was that the first time he's ever been on this program? I actually think that's true.

I think that is true. Yeah, we've never been able to track him down. I know he's been on others.

I don't know. Did I say I kind of always used to have a little bit of fun with how many stops he made? And for every team in the National Football League. Not just that, he always wound up with an opportunity there too. Where some people are waiting for their opportunities forever. Jordan Love, perfect example, right?

He's waiting forever for his chance. And Ryan Fitzpatrick, wherever he showed up, he would get in the game. But it was great chatting with him, talking about what's going on in Denver and his thoughts on, he said something, he thought Tom Brady looked disinterested playing football, is what he said. I kind of want to touch on that subject a little bit more and later on this hour at my power rankings. I love my power rankings. I love them very much and I love how you guys like to poke holes at them and you are going to love this week's power rankings. Oh goodness. You're going to love them. Please don't miss it. Hour number three, Mark Helgenberger of CSI Vegas. All right. She'll be in studio.

It'll be a fun conversation with her when she joins us. Our NBA predictions now that the NBA season is tipped off. Who's going to win? Who's going to make the finals and lose? Who's the MVP coach of the year and rookies of the year?

Last year I got it right. The it being the Warriors winning it all. No one was saying what I was saying. And I guarantee you what I'm going to say in hour number three to predict who wins this year and who makes the finals.

Nobody's saying it. NFL icons coming up on Epics on Saturday night. We talked to Steve Young prior to his episode a couple of weeks ago. A Hall of Famer Steve Young and the same for our next guest on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line. Love chatting with him and his episode is very moving.

Heck of a story that winds up, by the way, spoiler alert, in the Hall of Fame. He is none other than Chris Carter on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line. How you doing, Chris? Rick, what's going on, buddy? What's going on with you?

All good, man. Where have I found you? Where are you going right now?

You going somewhere? We're in South Florida. We're in South Florida. Headed over to the country club. It's a little cloudy day. The weather's finally broken. Okay, very good. It's stifling hot, but all good here, man.

How you doing? Have you seen your episode of NFL icons yet? Have you checked that out?

Have you peeped it? I haven't seen it. They've sent me a couple clips. I've seen those, but I am excited to see what they put together. It is amazing.

Again, NFL films producing it. Epics is putting it on the air and I'm narrating it. You know, I just thought of you the entire time, obviously. It's your story, but, you know, the fact that you wound up where you wound up and the manner in which you did is pretty amazing.

You ever sit back and think about your journey at all, Chris? Well, it wouldn't be the type of advice or a do-over. You know, people say, give me a mulligan. I wouldn't try to do that one over. I think, you know, all those steps were necessary for me to be able to pick up a little bit of something along the way, but I wouldn't try it again. Okay, I bet not. And so what is your proudest achievement, looking back, Chris, of your career?

What is that? To me, it's got to have been, everything really came off of, you know, my sobriety. You know, Labor Day 1990. You know, got cut by Philadelphia a couple weeks after that. Finally gave up drinking, haven't had a drink since then, over 32 years.

You know, so for me, it gave me really the tools, a lot of really self-discipline, and also gave me the confidence back in myself that I had lost, you know, along the way. And who's the most talented player you played with in your career, Chris? Anywhere, at any level. Who's the most talented player? I have to say Reggie White. I mean, it's a toss-up between him and Randy Mulls, because you just don't see people that move like that. I think Reggie's ability to play up and down the defensive line, not have any type of weakness, not only his athletic ability, but the human spirit behind him, you know that. You know, Reggie White, you know, 6'6", 290.

That's a pretty tight package, if I'm building an athlete. And did he ever counsel you, try to counsel you, when you were in Philadelphia, Chris? Oh yeah, he did some of his best work, and then once he got traded to Green Bay, or once he hit the free agency in Green Bay, we became even closer than ever, talking on a weekly basis, getting as much as we could get together. Yeah, he was truly one of the great role models that I had in my life. And then Randy Moss, what was your role in helping unlock his potential in that day?

Well, this is the thing, Rich. I don't take credit for what Randy Moss did. Of course. Because we have a lot of talented players that come into the league, and they make up their mind, I'm going to be great, regardless of what happens. I just happened to be there with Dennis Green. We had a great system. I played the position that he wanted to know about. So he did everything he could to be as good as he could be.

So a lot of times, you know, you have to give the person credit for being able to make adjustments and to learn all the things he had to learn, coming from, you know, Marshall to the National Football Club. And then just watching you guys play together. Did I see a video on Twitter the other day of Reggie White throwing you out of the club when you were trying to actually block him in a game? Did I see that, Chris? The thing about it, Rich, it's one of those segments that your producer tells you, oh, it's going to go great. I don't feel it. It's not going to go well. And then you get in the actual show, you put the segment out there, then it bombs.

But you're the one out there. But you don't tell them afterwards, hey, I told the guy not to put that out there. But I told Brian Billit not to run that play.

Because Reggie was going to be located on the back side, and then that's what ends up happening. He throws me into the quarterback. I think that actually my stats might have to be changed.

I might get credit for a fact. He did throw you, right? Was it Randall? Did he throw you into Randall? Is that who he threw you into?

Warren Moon. Yeah. That's a Hall of Fame. That was right. Yeah. Oh, my gosh.

What a Hall of Fame combination that is. He threw you into Warren Moon. I saw that the other day. I'm like, if Chris comes on, I got to just bring up your memory of that. So, Billic, you told him, don't run it.

And then he ran it. Yep. Oh, my gosh.

I love it. Chris Carter here on The Rich Eisen Show. And my favorite part of this NFL Icons show, you haven't seen this clip yet, is when you sat down and you talked about how you wish you were recruited by Michigan. It was a great moving moment of that show, Chris. Wait a minute. I'm being told that didn't happen.

That wasn't part of your show. No. Do you want to hear a Michigan recruiting story?

Sure. I mean, of course, when you grew up in the Midwest, you got a lot of respect and everything for Michigan. So on my visit there, Bo Schembechler, he throws me the number one jersey. In high school, I wore a number one.

That's the one. That's the big jersey. That's the jersey. That's Anthony Carter's jersey. You want to talk about Vikings, wide receivers, too.

Okay. And then he said, you know, a kid last year wanted it. And I told him, no, he couldn't have it because a kid from Ohio was coming next year.

And he was going to wear number one. And I was a little insulted that he thought that I would be coming to Michigan. Like, at that point, I was going to play basketball. And I had more interest in the Michigan basketball program than I did the football program. So, of course, I decided to go to Ohio State and I decided to play both basketball and football. But after being Rose Bowl MVP my freshman year, we decided we're going to concentrate on football.

So, wait a minute. What year was that? What year was that, then? Tonight, the winner of 83. The winner of 83. So that's when Bill Frieder was there, Gary Grant, right?

Those were, yeah, Antoine Joubert. Another reason why I couldn't come is because Gary Grant, he was the number one point guard in the state. And I was like the number two two guard. But I knew that I would have to play two and I had to guard something because Gary wasn't going to guard nobody. So, I was going to have to guard the best guard in all the Big Ten.

And that was going to be a rough assignment. So, wait, hold on a second, Chris. So, you're offered the number one jersey at Michigan. Which, by the way, just for instance, Chris, that's similar to being offered 44 in Syracuse. It's similar to being offered 55 if you're a linebacker at USC. It's the highest honor. Bo Schembechler says, I saved one for you. And you took that as an insult? Is that what you're saying?

So, the thing about it is you can't predict like something like that into the future. You know, and I wasn't going to wear number one in college anyway. I'd already decided that I was going to turn a new chapter and wear number two.

So, anywhere I went, I was going to be wearing number two. So, it was probably a good little, you know, he was a good salesman. Not a great salesman because he would have been off the landing. And he would have known that. And he would have been in more in cahoots with the basketball coach. And he wanted me to play football only. So, it was going to be tough. I don't think he was a fan of Frieder, as we found out years later when he was the athletic director.

And he told Frieder to get out. I think you were trolled. I think you were, you strolled into some serious political infighting at the time right there. And plus, oh man, if you'd worn two, if you'd worn two, you'd be able to look at Charles Woodson now and say, I was, you wore my number. You could have done that.

You could have done all that, but that would have changed your whole story anyway. You, are you concerned about, are you concerned about Michigan this year? You concerned about losing two in a row to the Wolverines?

Chris? I mean, I'm not concerned about it. I think we have a good football team. Last year, Michigan, you know, they took it to us, especially in the trenches. And I think that we've gotten better as far as the offensive line. Our defensive line is definitely getting a lot more pressure on the quarterback. And I'm not overly impressed with your quarterback.

So I look forward to the third week in November when Big Blue's got to travel to the horseshoe. Okay. All right. You know, I will be on my phone that day, Chris. I will be on my phone that day. And you know, I've been talking a lot and saying stuff with my chest.

I've been writing some verbal checks. And so I'm looking forward to this day, Chris. This is going to be fun. It's going to be a lot of fun. It's always a big day for you guys. You're going to get right back on track the same way you were 10 years before you won last year's game.

We'll get you right back in your spot. Are you going to be there? You have plans to actually physically be there that day? I plan on being there. Of course you are.

Okay. Chris, we're bringing out all the stops. What stops are those? What stops? Because on third down, those third down stops?

Third down stops? We got LeBron. We got LeBron. We got Bronny coming back into town. We got, we're doing it all. Are you saying that just to say, or that's actually happening? You know that?

I'm just saying it to get under your skin. I love you, Chris Carter. Thanks for calling in. And I'd love to hear what you think of the episode. It really is beautiful. It's great stuff.

NFL Icons with Chris Carter coming up Saturday at 10 Eastern on Epics. Thanks for the call, brother. You're the best. You know I always appreciate you, man. Right back at you. Hit him straight today. That's where you're heading. Okay.

Hit him straight. At Chris Carter, 80 on Twitter. At Chris Carter, 1965 on Instagram. And of course you can watch this show by streaming Epics on the Roku Channel. Soon to be MGM Plus, by the way. Oh, really? Yes, sir. In a rebrand. Oh, cool. You start a free trial today on the Roku Channel.

I love that sort of stuff right there. Go look that up on Twitter. I don't know if you can... Chris Carter, Reggie White. He runs a play. He is trying to block Reggie White, who throws him like a rag doll into Warren Moon. I forgot it was Warren Moon.

And they all occupy the same... Their busts talk to each other every single night. This is a great play. Oh my God. I found it. I will... Everybody check it out.

Go on the Twitterverse and do that during the commercial break. When we come back, are you ready for my power rankings? You better be. It's gonna be dynamite.

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Join and get 30 days free at the home of storytelling, Um, if you're Odell Beckham Jr. right now, you have your choice to sign. Where do you sign? Where do you sign?

You've gone around on a tour. You made it, you know, you made it seem like the Rams are putting you on a paino mind list. The Rams, and as you know, responded to that tweet where he said that he didn't feel wanted in the spot where he thought he had a new home. And he said he was going to give, they're not done giving him his final offer. What matters most to me? Ring, a ring. Another one. Another ring. Do I care about targets or playing time?

You're caring about, of course you're caring about targets, playing time, and ring. You want it all. You can. You have the chance.

November 1st is coming up. Word is the Packers are looking to acquire a receiver by trade. Nobody who might be available by trade is anywhere in the realm of a healthy Odell Beckham Jr. I'd go to Tampa. You'd go to Tampa. You'd go to Tampa at three and three and play for this team where Brady's having trouble being protected. Still a terrible division.

So they're going to win the South and get a home game. Okay. And then after that you have the GOAT. I know, I know, I know where I would go. I'm going to ask my colleague to my right, TJ Jefferson. Where would you go if you're Odell Beckham Jr.?

Don't forget he's also stopped by the Giants, right? They're five and one. You keep saying, you said today before the show, what did you say? Like, stop me if you've heard this one before.

What did you say? Golladay and Toni. Golladay and Kadarius Toni are in practice.

Golladay. Yeah. I mean, yeah, that's one way to look at it. You could go back home where it all started. New York City, you're going to be... King of New York, Frank White.

Everywhere. And they need the receivers. I mean...

Von keeps on talking about, hey, get the band back together. I came by trade deadline. You came by free agent trade. They don't really need him. I mean, look, you can always use him, but they're pretty set at receiver. Put him in the Isaiah McKenzie spot with all due respect to him.

Nah, McKenzie's fine. They need Christian McCaffrey more than they need Odell Beckham. Man, I think the Giants would be...

I mean, honestly, Green Bay, because you have Rogers, but it depends if he wants to play in that type of cold. But they're also three and three. But you can make a difference here. Like you on that. I would look at like me on that team. They're not going to be three and three.

They're going to be... But you're the guy, at least in Los Angeles. There's cops at the time, a much more stout offense than what you're seeing in Green Bay. I would say, honestly, Green Bay or going back home to the Giants if I was Odell would be...

I know where I'd go. None of the teams we said? None of the teams you said. None of them. Interesting. And? Kansas City.

I was thinking that too. Kansas City. And if you're Kansas City and you're sitting here saying, oh yeah, we do need a little help stretching the field. We do need a little help taking somebody off the top. Yes, we do like the diversification of our offense. And yeah, we have done well, but we do, staring in the mirror, heart of hearts, missed Tyreek Hill and his ability to get open and take the top off and be a major concern for anybody playing safety and deep in the secondary or anybody then that week leading up to the game, worried about being beaten deep.

Who are they sending out on a pattern right now that's causing them to be genuinely concerned about beaten deep? We think Odell still has that speed after ACO? I'm just assuming, this is all assuming that we're talking about a healthy Odell. We're talking about the Odell that we saw in the Super Bowl last year on his way to winning Super Bowl MVP before his knee blew out. He was on pace to win the Super Bowl MVP and then his knee gave way.

I would be all over him. If I'm Mahomes, I'm calling him up. Well, pretty convenient that Travis Kelce just restructured his contract. And that's another thing that you're like, what's up with that mid-season?

Why are we doing that? I believe, why wouldn't you go there, right? If they're willing to have you and you got Mahomes as your quarterback, Reed and the enemy as your coordinator, and you want to win a ring. That they're, I have a better chance to win a ring and give him what he's looking for more than you chose the Bucks. Yeah, Tampa. And you chose the Giants. Or the Packers.

Or the Packers. I think it's better than, better than anybody that we just mentioned. Tampa is just a fascinating one. With the Julio experiment, I think it's better than anybody that we've ever seen. It's just a fascinating one, but the Julio experiment clearly hasn't worked. I mean, I can't, he's, he's not, he hasn't, he's answered the bell like once healthy, but suddenly you add him to Godwin and Mike Evans. But can Brady be protected up front?

You know, I want to point that out. You know, when we spent the whole summer, just like wondering what the Cowboys were going to do because Tyrone Smith was gone and that was like going to implode the season. I sat here multiple times and asked you, what about Tampa Bay? They've lost three linemen and most people didn't even think that that was going to be a problem.

It's a problem, man. You have to give it up to Dallas and how they have played very well up front. Yeah. I mean, Cooper Rush, Cooper Rush wasn't rushed. Cooper Rush was able to play clean games and play boring because he wasn't making bad decisions forced by a pass rush in his lap and running the ball. I mean, Zeke ran one left side against the Eagles to score that touchdown and make it a three-point game. Pollard's busting it. It's very interesting.

Why not Odell maybe for Dallas? What do you think? That's what I thought you were going to say. What do you think about that? It would just be too obvious for me to say that.

Why? Well, because I feel like everything I go Dallas, Dallas, Dallas is a joke. I'm talking about what Odell's looking for. Of course, I would love to have Odell.

The Money Division star on the side of your helmet. You're walking in there, Dak is your guy, right? I don't want to get my hopes up, Rich.

Dak could be your quarterback. No, I'm just pointing out like. You just said star on your helmet and I just it flashed and I saw him walking in with the lights and uh, stop it.

It's a damn act together. Come on, Rich, don't do this to me. Don't do this to me. All right. I saw I'm seeing him right now.

He's walking. Are you a Dallas person telling me not to F with you? There he is last time. Rip straight from the headlines? Come on. Rip straight from the headlines?

I'm dropping bows like Dusty Rhodes right now, you know. I would have walked in that room. Hey, man, the nothing is more juicy when you're talking about the NFL than one of the 32 members of the National Football League. And that's what the owners are called within the walls. There's membership and the membership is meeting the membership is meeting right now. Well, I guess there's nothing more juicy than when the membership is meeting about the paycheck of the commissioner, right?

That is so juicy. And apparently, Jerry Jones wants to talk about the compensation for the commissioner. He lost the eventual vote 31 to one. But Robert Kraft, that's a landslide, was, I guess, getting that coalition of the 31 together. And according to Seth Wickersham, tweeted this out that this is fresh from the owner's meeting yesterday is that Jones and Kraft got into it.

And Jones told Kraft not to F with him. Hey, I mean, and I'm wondering, you want to talk about this? You want to talk about a mole hunt on like who's talking? Because, you know, Don Van Natta and Seth Wickersham were part of the consortium of top notch.

I mean, you can their credentials are impeccable. When it comes to reporting and deep dive reporting, you know, their story on Dan Snyder, the owner of the now commanders and everything that he apparently is cooking up for his fellow members, including allegedly hiring private investigators to look into their lives. Something that he denied in a in a in a letter to all the members that got posted on Twitter that it was apparently placed in the membership, I guess, underneath the door. Was it part of the turndown service the night before? I don't know.

Leave that on the pillow housekeeping, you know, and basically saying, you know, hey, I've never done this. This is all false. The investigation into the team that's undergoing by the NFL is not completed.

So anybody commenting on it, you don't know the full thing. We've turned things around over the last two years. You know, as if what the statute is, limitations has run out on all the other things alleged to have been done by this owner and this team. And but so when Jim Erce of the Colts stepped to the microphone yesterday. And said this about Snyder, because everyone was saying, based on this ESPN report. The membership had to get together and definitely sit down and say, you know, let's talk about getting 24 people together to get Snyder to sell the team.

I've never heard and you've heard rumors. I've been around this league for 20 years. I've heard rumors that Dan Snyder is, shall we say, not the most well-liked individual in that room. I've never heard another owner say this into a microphone live as he did yesterday.

Here's Jim Erce of the Colts. There's consideration that you should be removed. You know, we have to complete the investigation. But but to me, it's something that I think serious consideration has to be given to the removal and we have complete authority to do that. Of him or just what a family, period. I think in general of him being removed and selling the franchise. Wow, that is a first.

That is a first shocking yesterday. And Erce said, you know, when someone was asked about the allegation of of a private investigator being hired to look into other owners, which again, Snyder has denied in a letter to the his fellow members. He basically said, you know, come investigate me. Everything's out there.

You'll find nothing. I'm not afraid. That's what he said. The commissioner later on was asked about that. And he's like, there's an investigation going on.

It's not helpful to talk about it by by Albert Breer via our buddy Bert. He tweeted out what he got from a commander's spokesperson, and it is bombastic, to say the least. It is highly inappropriate, but not surprising that Mr. Erce opted to make statements publicly based on falsehoods in the media. It's unfortunate that Mr. Erce decided to go public with his statement today while an investigation is in process and the team has had no opportunity to formally respond to allegations. I think the Washington Post would differ with that. The commanders have made remarkable progress over the past two years.

We are confident that when he has an opportunity to see the actual evidence of this case. Mr. Erce will conclude that there is no reason for the Snyder's to consider selling the franchise and they won't. Okay, now, how about this after Taylor Heinecke, after the commanders try to hit the Packers with the Heinecke. Guess where the commanders play next in week eight? You want to guess?

Yes, you. Indianapolis? Yes, they do. That's going to be an interesting...

Yes, they do. Week eight. Commanders at Colts. How does that advance phone call from the Snyder's to the Colts go and like talking about their arrangements for the suite?

Will the food be a little tepid? Are the Snyder's going to have like a taster, a food taster in there for the sauerkraut? Or they should make them buy a ticket.

And the owners always meet on the field pregame, Rich, you know. I mean, they don't always do that. There is an opportunity to do that. And, you know, I don't know if it'll happen this time.

I don't think that might happen at this time. I mean, they do. That's common. And then I'm assuming Rivera will at some point during the game point to the suite in Indianapolis, where he said he did the breakdown of the Wentz tape, had nothing to do with Daniel Snyder making the decision.

It's that happened in that building, too. Rivera spoke today, had no comments on all this. I mean, that's all he does is just take questions on this. He's got to be like, he must get out of here. Get out.

He must lay down a night in his bed. What did I do to deserve all this? Never ends. You know, go ask somebody else. I have nothing to say. What do you want me to say here? What do you want me to say? Any questions about the Packers? Yeah, I know you got Aaron Rodgers coming in pissed at the world. Ron, what do you got? You got any comment on your next opponent after this one's owner saying the guy who signs your check should be forced to sell? That's a new one. This is a new one. Week eight, baby, week eight, but it's only week seven.

Heinecke versus Ryan. Dan Snyder out by the porta potties trying to watch the game to get in. It's like Wi-Fi isn't working on his phone.

That's right. He's down the street trying to watch the game at Dick's last resort down from the Steak and Shake out there in Indy. A red zone goes out in the bar. What's going on? What the hell is happening? That's strange.

The Elmo of St. Elmo's turns out to be a Muppet rolling out that red carpet. It's a shrimp cocktail. There's just one. That's it. What's up? What's up? What's up with that? Oh, my God.

It's juicy when owners go against owners in the National Football League. And who's the one? Who's that mole? Is there a mole hunt going on?

You're looking around the room. Who's talking ESPN about everything? Yeah.

Who are the owners? He's running off. They're talking as soon as like as soon as Kraft got an F bomb dropped on them by Jerry Jones, allegedly. That's showing up on Twitter. Day of.

Yes. They had a story like six o'clock at night. I have been in these. I have been in these owners rooms.

You send them like chatty cabbies. When it is membership only. I mean, it's locked down. They would kick us out of the room when we first started at NFL Network. They let us in with the cameras to show one of the conversations that they're having. And it turned into like an NFL C-SPAN is what we call it on NFL Total Access. We loved it because that was cool. Actually backing the branding of our tent pole show of total access.

Yeah, it was cool. But when it came down to membership only, it's usually members and then plus one team presidents and that's it. And the commissioner and a couple of league executives and everyone get out. We are talking and it's just us. And that's it. There's only like less than what if you did the math?

70 people in the room sometimes 70 or fewer. Who's got Seth on speed dial? I mean, it's like no way out. We're looking at that photograph to try and see who's who. Oh yeah, man.

Who's the guy on the Polaroid? Oh boy. All right, we'll take a break. And then if you're if you want NFL and you want controversy and you want juicy, my power rankings are are are that here we go every week. It's coming up, baby. It's a Wednesday. It's coming up next. Influencer.

It's a word that gets tossed around a lot these days. There is a woman who went the distance, who broke ground as the first true influencer by living a remarkable life. Her name, Elizabeth Taylor. I'm Katy Perry. This is the story of the original influencer. This is Elizabeth the first.

Elizabeth the first the podcast wherever you listen. Oh, we've just talked about how the Sixers and Lakers, having lost the first two games of the season, are already having an inside track on land, on tanking for Webayana. That's funny.

You imagine him in L.A. And you're saying that they get the first overall pick and trade it to the Celtics? Yeah, probably. And do something that's going to ruin me for the next 15, 20 years. I think that's great.

We should do that. Man. Come on. You know. You know.

You know, you know, anybody that's thinking of tanking for Webayana somewhere. Danny Ainge is saying, hold my non-alcoholic beer. It's jazz.

It's not that easy, baby. It's rockets. They're going. The Thunder's still got what, 18 draft picks?

Hard. The Thunder begin tonight, right? Oh, we got a drive for 82. We got a big slate tonight. Jazz drive for 82 L's begins tonight.

82 L's. That's going to be somebody's mantra, right? Host in the nugget. Who's hosting the nuggets? Jazz. Oh, that's a loss.

Fail for the Frenchman. Where are the Thunder tonight? Where's the Thunder? In Minnesota.

In Minnesota. Oh, that's a loss. They're really, they're off and running. Oh, yeah.

Yeah. Houston. Where's Houston tonight? Where are the Rockets?

Let's see. Where are the Rockets? Are they home? In front of the home folks? Rockets are in Atlanta. In Atlanta.

With De'Jaunte Murray. That's a loss. So the Sixers and the Lakers are about to get company. Those were all double digit spreads for an NBA game. That's a lot.

That's a lot. Okay. It's a Wednesday. Oh, yeah.

It's a Wednesday in the National Football League season. Rich, do it. Hit the drop rankings. Here we go. That's aggressive.

It's aggressive. Here we go. My top 10 teams in the National Football League.

Come on, Rich. In my power rankings. Number 10. New to the list.

New to the list. First time since 2010 that this team has won its first three games on the road. That has not happened in 12 years since they won their first three games in a row on the road. And they're going for four because they not only have potentially the defensive Rookie of the Year, they have a guy up front right in the middle of their defensive line who's gunning for Defensive Player of the Year period. And this team that fits all of those facts are the New York Jets. Number 10 on the list coming for Denver, going to Mile High, fresh off of the Lambeau Field Cheesehead. We're in celebration.

Here they come to go to five and two. The Jets are on my power rankings list. I didn't think that would be at all possible, but they're there. Well, you didn't know you're going to do power rankings.

That's true. All of it is weird. All of it is weird. Like I said, I'm going to see if they're barking. Are pigs flying? Number nine on the list is new to the list as well. And I know you're going to have a lot of fun at me that they popped up on the list and that they're on the list from being off the list. And they were on a buy last week.

That's right. The Tennessee Titans are number nine on the list. They are number nine on the list. What are you smoking, bro?

Give me something. You got a team that goes to Green Bay and embarrasses Aaron Rogers, and they're below a team that didn't play and has less wins. Yes, the Tennessee Titans right now are three and two coming off a by Derrick Henry. And this team has won three in a row, which the team I just mentioned has not. And they're also last year's one seed, which the team I just mentioned was not that don't matter. And this is my power rankings.

I'm just saying that don't matter. And if the Titans play the Jets, I would be genuinely, genuinely concerned that they would lose that game the way that the Titans are currently playing and feeling about themselves. I'm taking the Tennessee Titans. They're number nine on this list, and number eight is back on the list. They're back on the list. They were off the list. They're back on the list out of fluctuation. Yes, they are three and three, and I don't care that they're above a three and two team and a four and two teams.

But this three and two team beat the four and two team. The Cincinnati Bengals are back on the list. Joey Burrow and this Bengals team, which, by the way, to this point in the season, have yet to give up a single touchdown in the second half of the season.

The defense is beginning to ball. Joey Burrow went to the Superdome and wore the Jamar Chase gamer, and he had an incredible football game. He had his best game of the year.

Joey Burrow. He had 300 yards passing. He ran one in.

He threw one to Jamar Chase. The Bengals are back on the list. Number seven on this list is down three spots, and I know they look terrible and they shouldn't have lost this game, but they were banged up. And I'm just going to still say the 49ers.

I can't quit them. They're number seven on this list. I like the 49ers still. I think they're one of the best teams in the NFL. You might be able to pick them off now, but guess what?

And they got the Chiefs coming up this weekend, and I'm concerned about that, but they still have a championship quality team when healthy. They're seven. Number six new on the list.

I'm finally doing it. Oh, thank you. Six is a little low, though.

That's not. Minnesota Vikings skull. Welcome to the list for the first time. They're six on the list. They're five and one. I liked what I saw out of this team in Miami, where crazy things happen, like Teddy Bridgewater coming off the bench and looking terrible one second and then driving him down the field of jail and waddle.

What a crucial fumble that was. The Dolphins are off this list, by the way, for the first time all season jail and water with a terrible fumble, and the Vikings just took that fumble and made sure they didn't lose that game. They're five and one. They're sitting the top their division two plus on top of a Packers team. That's not on the list fell off the list, not on my top five of my power rankings up two spots.

Finally breaking the top five are the New York football Giants. They're sitting there at five and one. They're up two spots. They just don't go away in games when it looks like in the previous years they're going to fold.

And I know Mooch came here on Monday and said that they're winning all these games that are one score games. And sooner rather than later, the pendulum is going to go back the other way. But the pendulum still pinned in the positive direction for this team, and they just keep making plays when they need to. And Kayvon Thibodeau starting to make some plays as this rookie, and he's only going to get better. And at some point, Galladay and Tony are going to do something for this offense.

One would think, but the Giants are number five on this list and up one spot. Despite losing TJ Jefferson, I liked what I saw out of the Cowboys in that game on Sunday night in Philadelphia, and they're getting back. And I think they're going to win the next two games. And I love this defense.

Good God, do I love this defense? Finally, I think I can agree. And I think I get it.

They lost and they're going up one spot. Makes sense. I think so. I do think so, man.

I'm cosigning this. I'm taking the Cowboys as number four in my power rankings because I like the way they finish that up. And it was a perfect segue from Cooper Rush now to Dak Prescott.

Number three on this list is the same as last week. The Kansas City Chiefs. They almost won that damn football game for them, and they are really, really good. They still have my homes. They still have everybody.

Look, you don't need to know. You saw what the hell they did, and they might be gunning for my number seven team on the list in the 49ers this week and doing to them what they did in the Super Bowl a couple of years ago. Number two on the list is still the lone remaining undefeated team in the league in the Philadelphia Eagles. No change for them. 6-0. But I still think when push comes to shove, the team that still has not been shoved out of the first spot of my power rankings. Period.

End of story. The Buffalo Bills are the best team in the NFL with the MVP quarterback. We had Jordan Poyer on yesterday. I love the story of him saying he got in a Sprinter van with his wife and his daughter and drove 15 hours because he didn't want to leave his teammates by the side of the road just because he couldn't fly. So he drove, and I just love what this team is doing, man.

They're doing it all, and they believe in each other. And that's why they still are my top team on my power ranking. So no change in the top three. Still bills one, still Eagles two, still Chiefs three. I'm taking the Cowboys to move up a spot even though they lost, and they're top of the Giants who they beat. And I think if the Giants and Vikings play each other, I'll still take the Giants.

I kind of dig them. And the Jets are 10, Titans 9, Bengals 8, San Francisco 7, and the Ravens, Packers, Bucks, and Dolphins all dropped off my top 10 list. So is that it?

That is, sir. The Cowboys lose and go up one and go up. Titans don't play appear on a list at nine ahead of a team that won on the road and has more wins. Right. And I still need to see a little bit more out of my Jets.

How does that sound? I think I'm going to see some more out of my Jets coming up this weekend. And the Chargers, even though they're four and two, I still, you know, that could have been. I mean, if they didn't get that break on special teams, they're playing weird.

They might have lost that game even or tie, whatever. I don't know what's going on with them either. They should be so much better. And even though they're foreign to the Ravens, too, man, the Ravens are looking about like, we should have won that game against the Giants and against the Bills, and they should have won that game against the Bills and the Dolphins.

Don't forget that one. They could easily be six and oh, they're going to be there at the end. They're working through some injuries. They're getting some guys back. Their run game is a little weird right now.

It is. Isn't it amazing that they got Dobbins coming back from injury? Gus Edwards still hasn't been activated, even though he's been practicing. He's coming back from an injury.

And yet their running game is okay, because, do you know, I saw this one before, and here we go. I just want to make sure I did see it correct. Do you know what the fifth leading rusher in the NFL is? Is it Lamar Jackson? It is indeed.

It is indeed. 34 yards behind Miles Sanders, who's fourth. Josh Jacobs is third at 490, even though he was on a buy. Missed a game, and he's at 490. You have 180 in a game. Saquon, 616. Nick Chubb, 649.

How about that? He's got 649 yards rushing, and the Browns are two and four. And they got a field goal from Cade York at the final gun. They could have lost that one against Carolina.

Some bad turnovers from Jacoby Brissett late in games. That's my power rankings. They're okay. But, you know, I think I'm being consistent, and I think I'm proving myself right. And I think I'm enjoying the endeavor way more than I thought I would. That I know for a fact.

What took so long, man? But they're different. They're different. Tell me somebody else's power rankings who look like this, because you could just take, well, this team's five and one. That team has to be above a team that's four and two has to be above a team that's three and three. Well, I mean, you cannot put somebody four and two above a team that's three and three, because this is a power ranking and you must rank them powerfully. You're doing that.

That's the point. How was your day today? How was your day today? How are your power rankings today? Well, my power rankings were just by record. We don't do that here.

All right, I just use the royal way. I love how he never did power rankings, right? He refused to do power rankings. And now he's making the rules. He wrote the rule book for power rankings. Here, don't talk about me like I'm not sitting here.

I'm just saying, it's like you never participated. Now you wrote the rules. Good one. Good Cartman drop. Good Cartman drop. Martin Yogenberger coming up. We get to watch Zion play basketball today.

Yeah, that's a beautiful thing. In Brooklyn, the audacity of people trying to write Zion off last year. You'll see. Yo, Zion is, you'll see he's going to be great. Do we see our first moment of walking past Steve Nash as they call timeout?

We're all wondering what the body language is saying. Does that happen tonight? Yeah, you're in there. Does Ben Simmons make a three tonight? No, stop it. Is he a temp one?

No. Ben Simmons suits though tonight, right? Ben Simmons is playing. He's playing. Zion's playing. Two guys are going to play it all last year. Ben Simmons is going to get 10 dimes a night. That's pretty much guaranteed.

Double double. Does he shoot a layup? Well, that's all he's going to shoot.

Nah, really? Because that's what left him. That's what showed in the door in Philly.

That was kind of a little bit of a jumper. He'll take you to the rack though. He'll take you off the dribble to the hole. Or is tonight the night the Nets just put it all together and put it right on New Orleans until the rest of the league loses it. That's the way it's going to go. There's some that's going to get put on Rich and that's someone on a poster by Zion. Let's go. We are immunized and ready to go.

I don't think any of those guys are even immunized. Never know. Never know. 40 for Durant tonight?

That's probably going to happen. Here we go. There we go. Nets and Zion tonight, right?

Marant and the Knicks. Job, baby. Job, baby. I have never, I have never rooted for the Grizzlies harder in my life. You should just be a Grizzlies fan. I will. Done. In.

I'm in. Our predictions for the NBA season and Mark Helgenberger coming up, Ross Mathews talks to celebrities, friends, and people with interesting stories to tell. Who's saying, hello, Ross, this week, Chelsea Handler. I'm not home enough to have a third dog. My housekeeper basically is their parent. I am not going to get another dog so that she has to take care of another dog until one of these dogs exits.

It's a good move. I have three rescue dogs and only two hands. And when you're one person, that's too hard to do. I reckon I'm going to get another dog. I have three rescue dogs and only two hands and when you're one person, that's too hard to do.

I recommend two max. Okay. Here's your foot, Ross. Hello, Ross. I'm Mark Helgenberger, and I'll see you next time.
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