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REShow: Mike Florio - Hour 2

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October 24, 2022 3:09 pm

REShow: Mike Florio - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 24, 2022 3:09 pm

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio tells Rich why Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers might be regretting coming back to play for the Buccaneers and Packers, explains why the only players in the NFL safe as the Trade Deadline approaches are Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes, says if Broncos rookie head coach Nathaniel Hackett is truly on the hot seat, and why Sean Payton could demand $20 Million per year and why the Chargers would be great fit for the former Saints coach.

Jets fan Rich reacts to the news that promising rookie RB Breece Hall’s season has come to an end due to a torn ACL. 

In his ‘Overreaction Monday’ segment Rich weighs in on Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady’s struggles, Joe Burrow’s MVP candidacy, what Dak’s return means for the Cowboys’ NFC East chances, Kenneth Walker III’s impact on the NFC West race, Zach Wilson’s growing pains, Carson Wentz’s future as the Commanders’ starting QB, and if Lamar Jackson’s gamble on himself will pay off this season. 

Rich reacts to the head-scratching Week 7 decisions by Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel and Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson with an emphatic “I don’t get it!”

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Coming up, host of Peacock's Pro Football Talk, Mike Florio, Patriots linebacker Matthew Judon. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Hour number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. 844204 Rich number to dial.

We will take your phone calls. We love it when you want to chat with us whether you're watching us on the Roku channel for free on channel 210 on every Roku device there is or Samsung Smart TVs or Amazon Fire TVs or on the Roku app or on the We greatly appreciate you listening to us on the Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate group Coast to Coast. We also love you listening to us on Odyssey or Sirius Channel 218 XM and also the app as well. We appreciate all of you listening in to us and our Cumulus podcast network podcast 844204 Rich number to dial. Matt Judon will be on the show in hour number three. I will be in the studio chair for the pregame and halftime of Westwood One's coverage of Monday Night Football tonight between the Bears and Patriots in New England. Lots to talk about as always here on a busy Monday and one of our favorites is back here on the program and he is on Peacock every single day before Dan Patrick's show and he is also the founder of Pro Football Talk. His book Game Changers is still a great read.

Go get it where all books are sold. Mike Florio back here on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line. How are you Mike Florio? Rich doing great pal.

Great to talk to you again. You got it right back at you. Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers which one is wondering why did I resign here? Which one is more than that?

I think we can say both. I think they both have to be asking themselves what have I done for different reasons for Rodgers. Look I think the problem in Green Bay happened late last year when they knew Devante Adams was about to be a free agent and they didn't put an offer on the table that he couldn't and wouldn't refuse. They let the process get too close to the end. They gave him too much of an opportunity to decide he wanted to leave and go play for the Raiders and it was too late to do anything about it. When they signed him to his initial extension at some point late in his fourth NFL season they did it before he could get a taste of what it would mean to play elsewhere. I think they should have done everything they can to keep him around because this offense can't function the way it needs to without a presence who commands extra attention who Rodgers trusts completely and he hasn't put in the time. Rodgers hasn't put in the time. Tony Dungy told a great story last night on a video that we did after halftime of the Steelers Dolphins game and it just shows you what Aaron Rodgers isn't doing to get this new receiving core sufficiently comfortable and to a point where he can trust them. Dungy said that when there was overhaul with the Colts receiver room the year that they made Anthony Gonzalez a first-round draft pick, Peyton Manning got his car and drove from Indianapolis to Columbus every weekend to throw with Anthony Gonzalez. Rodgers didn't show up for the offseason program other than the mandatory minicamp. He didn't gather with his new receivers. He just showed up at training camp and expected it all to work and it's not working so I think Rodgers because of that the football reason Brady obviously all the personal turmoil and should he have just stayed retired was he trying to get to Miami where the case may be but I think both guys are regretting it I think it's amazing Rich this week we get to see both of them in prime time. We'll see Brady Thursday night we'll see Rodgers Sunday night we'll really get an idea of of whether to what extent they've fallen off. Well I mean Brady's at home against the Ravens and Rodgers as in Western New York against the Bills coming off a bye week and even he said after yesterday's game that they you know he he kind of used the uh the answer when he was asked can you guys go on a run do you still have the team that can go on a run um he he gave the uh the Jack Nicholson answer when asked if he pulled the code red in a few good men he said you're gd right we can you know and see I thought that was more Heisenberg it could have been that I I don't know why I don't know why I went Colonel Jessup I went I went straight to Heisenberg there's that gif of of when he was asked are you Heisenberg yeah you're gd right yeah that's right so I is he Heisenberg is the question you know I mean I was in Albuquerque so you know oh my gosh you know but that's but but at least Brady has a piece of the division you know Brady has a piece of the division I'm wondering if Gronk is even sitting here right now saying I don't you know I might have taken the call uh but if they've dropped to three and five and then after that game if they lose uh Tampa has a home date with the Rams before I get a chance to call their game in Germany with the rest of my NFL network crew against Seattle this is I I mean but I look at the rest of the vision I don't see who can win games to overtake them I just don't see it that's that's the reality all the teams are under 500 right now the Panthers if they beat the Falcons this weekend will be three and oh in the division oh and five out of the division this is like the NFC east of a couple of years ago where they all sink to the bottom and somebody's going to win it and somebody's going to host a playoff game and you know the thing about both Rogers and Brady number one they're not done there's a long way to go and at some point they can figure it out between now and the end of the regular season and also they can be very dangerous if they get into the playoffs and have to go on the road the Bucks did that two years ago when they won the Super Bowl they went on the road three times won three games and off they went now again they may win the division so they wouldn't have to go on the road all three times and the one time Aaron Rodgers won a Super Bowl rich 2010 on the road all three games and then won the Super Bowl I think and Sims and I've been talking about this on PFT live Chris Sims not Phil I've been thinking that the Packers when they're the one seed they feed up in one of those playoff games they got too much to lose the expectations are too high you into the playoffs skinny your teeth seven feet six feet different vibe nothing to lose let's go take our chances and air it out and I think that's the mindset Rogers needs in the postseason to be as successful as you need to be not worrying about well we've gotten this far we've made ourselves the one feeder we're in a squadron three hours on a Saturday night at home against the 49ers so they're not done and wouldn't it be a great setup if they get us to write them off and they both end up standing tall when the postseason rolls around Mike Florio here on the Rich Eisen show host co-host of PFT live and also the founder of pro football talk right here on the Rich Eisen show how is the trade deadline shaping up it's uh it's a week from Tuesday and obviously Green Bay would love a receiver obviously Tampa would love a receiver Odell Beckham looms out there is a potential saving grace for somebody who needs some help at that position what are you hearing here to the ground on this front right now and here's the key rich and this is one of those I mean I've been doing this over 20 years now and different weeks different months different points of the schedule bring back the same talking points and as we get close to the trade deadline it's important to remember it doesn't close until after week eight and things can change dramatically for teams as we even get to week eight a team that wins week eight has a different vibe a different feel a different overall attitude than the team that loses week eight whether it's a contender that wins or loses or a potential fire sale candidate that wins or loses who's really out of it right now we thought the panthers were they move Christian McCaffrey well they're not really out of it the Broncos I'm told if they lose to the Jaguars in London this weekend in a battle of two and five teams Bradley Chubb is likely to be gone by Tuesday even the last year of his contract just like Von Miller last year let's just move on get something now but if they beat the Jaguars then things change there's a huge difference you know even though teams are fairly bunched together for a lot of these games like three and four versus two and five that's a huge difference three and five versus two and six huge difference and and so we really won't know buyers sellers until we get there now obviously the McCaffrey deals already happened but um as we get through this week you know we have what I mean from the packer standpoint if they get blown off the field by the bills does it really matter to them to give up future assets to go get a receiver or do they become a team that potentially starts looking for guys they can trade off imagine that the packers is sellers at the trade deadline but if they if they lose in like a statement game changing the guard type of 45 to 3 outcome on Sunday night who knows what their mindset is Monday and then up until 4 p.m eastern on Tuesday I don't know for Green Bay if they if they trade people away because they get blown out with a a visit to Detroit right after that I don't know if there's enough ayahuasca in the world for Aaron Rodgers to not storm the front office to say what the hell's happening you know because his true his window is definitely closing and then that makes a big week eight game for Cleveland against Cincinnati right I mean if Cleveland falls to two and six could they be sellers as well what do you think well then they could be but you know they play Monday night so they got limited time to get those deals done if they decide that now's the time to try to flip some of these assets and it is complicated what can we get for these players how how coy should we be we saw the report from yesterday that the panthers said no to a pair of first-round picks for Brian Burns and they regard Burns and I saw I saw what you said about that too Mike I thought I agreed with you I thought that sounded like hey we're not tanking here we we we said no to all these guys and where they offered us more for this guy than the one that we just traded away you know we're not giving guys away I mean every player's got a price this is something that we've got on our list to discuss this week I've done this before on PFT live where we identify the players that are truly untradeable right now and I'm having a hard time adding to the list beyond Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes players for whom you would just knock you would say no to whatever the offer is beyond Mahomes and Allen I don't know that there's many Aaron Donald right now getting toward the twilight of his career he used to be on that list there was a time when Russell Wilson was on that list now he's untradeable for different reasons altogether so I I I'm talking about good untradeable not no we don't want that contract untradeable Allen's and Mahomes beyond that I think anyone's fair game and any of those guys on the panthers are fair game I just think David Tepper doesn't want to give guys away for nothing I say the name you just said TJ that this is not a bad one right there go ahead Micah Parsons Micah Parsons not a bad one I don't think Dallas is any any any figure on that one at all for Dallas I agree but you know and this is where the exercise can become a little rigged would they trade him for Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes yes they would TJ those guys aren't tradable mics off you're suddenly your mic's not working huh fantastic Mike Florio here on the Rich Eisen Show I also you know you mentioned the Broncos uh if they lose in Jacksonville I saw a post of yours prior to you coming on here is the is the seat that hot for Nathaniel Hackett already I know it's been a brutal start for Denver going into London and coaches there have been many that uh you know needed to get their own flight home from there uh what do you think on that well what I know is they have a group of owners who did not hire Nathaniel Hackett and the Walmart crowd they are smart they are rich and they are ruthless and I mean that in the most positive way the ruthless can ever be used they are not going to make anything other than a calculated strategic business decision about what to do with Nathaniel Hackett and you know one of the things that I've heard from people I respect in the league the idea of compounding mistakes by not admitting them and acting on them hey we've made a mistake here what do we do well let's double down on it so we don't look bad so we don't have to admit that we made a mistake the smartest and the most properly functioning football teams will the moment they acknowledge making a mistake set about the process of rectifying it and I think if they would lose to the Jaguars on Sunday they really have to ask themselves is Nathaniel Hackett a guy that can develop into a great head coach or have we seen enough to know that he's the latest in and I've got a chapter in PlayMakers that gets into this it's basically the peter principle and and that started his satire in the late 60s the concept is we all raise the rise to the level of our own incompetence and you get keep getting promoted and promoted until you get to a job you don't get promoted out because you're not any good at it and we've seen Brad shoulders we've seen North Turner we've seen Wade Phillips I mean Turner and Phillips over and over again do so well as coordinator they become coaches and then they lose that job if you've just gone to the conclusion that Hackett can't do it then why wait why why not give EJ Evero a chance to see if he can stabilize the team make it all about defense simplify and streamline the offense and see if you can kind of create a Seattle vibe from 10 years ago all over again in Denver because that's probably what it's going to take to get any real value out of Russell Wilson so I think they have to be thinking about it and I think we have to understand that these folks are not going to take any options off the table and they've got no loyalty to anyone who was working in that building the moment that they got the keys to the car and and we've already seen enough I mean he seemed overmatched and the customers the paying customers would love it if if new ownership would make that move so I'm paying very careful attention to that game next Sunday morning and then of course you know last one for you Sean Payton looms over everything when it comes to anybody who's looking for a coach you know our friend and colleague Jay Glaser who is really the Sean Payton whisperer went on Fox Sports Radio this week and essentially said the words to Carol hey Carolina fans he's not going to be your next head coach so he would obviously know that what is Sean Payton's uh gambit what do you think his game is here like where what do you think he's looking at in your I think it would be attractive to the Panthers if they had the first overall pick and they didn't have to give up a lot to the Saints to get him I just can't imagine the Saints right and letting him go right I think Sean Payton's gonna want to go and we've seen enough leaks about this you want to go to a place where you have a great quarterback or an immediate path to a great quarterback where you have real control and he's gonna want 20 25 million a year the Chargers make it and and he deserves every penny of it the charges make a ton of sense would Dean Spanos pay him what he wants and here's the real question would Sean Payton take less than what he could get to go somewhere else in order to work with Justin Herbert because really behind Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes number three right now I mean I'd say Justin Herbert but his current play like is it him or is it horrendous play calling and play design I don't know we've seen raw skill from Justin Herbert that I think would fascinate Sean Payton so Chargers people say the Broncos but Russell Wilson is diminished physically he doesn't run like he used to I don't think he can do the things he used to do I don't think that's attractive to Sean Payton I'm fascinated by the possibility of Sean Payton with Tyler Murray although you know the questions about the study rule and you know ways Murray really going to be all in and maybe Payton could convince him maybe he's the one who gets through to him if he if he ages and matures that he's got to give his life over to this if he wants to be as good as he can be but I think quarterback is going to be a key either a franchise quarterback or a clear path to one that's what's going to attract Sean Payton Mike Florio greatly appreciate the time look for more of my calls man miss Chatton with you appreciate you doing it right back at you at pro football talk right here I just don't know if Arizona which just signed Cliff Kingsbury would pay dead money and pay the what Payton's looking for and also send draft choices to go get him Chargers would make sense if they're if if they look at Brandon Staley and say this isn't working out and they lost again yesterday in a game at home not such a weird play calling like Seattle's near the bottom and and run defense and they only ran it 12 times I don't hey it is weird sometimes with watching that team yeah it's really weird it just looks off kilter and then the mistakes happen Mike Williams got hurt yesterday again Gerald ever too man 844-204 rich number to dial folks have been on hold guess what we're going to take your calls 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sometimes it just feels like the hole just keeps getting deeper and deeper well it's just again you you see on occasion and i think you're going to see over the next several weeks why jimmy garoppolo works in this system i think the 49ers are just just like last year showing you the inconsistencies that makes you think they're not going to do it this year or brockman loves pounding the table for shanahan's job right um i was gonna last year say something about that no but last year last year you remember they took on the rams uh in the middle of the season and then they started going on a run that ended when the rams finally beat them and next week they've got the rams coming off a bye it's in los angeles i have a feeling they're going to start feeling their oats again and mccaffrey's going to start getting um getting his reps and i think everything's going to be all right for san francisco but there are times when you see garoppolo do things and that makes you just get really frustrated and that's exactly why the niners wanted to move on from him and say we've seen enough let's go get this young kid and let's go and um unfortunately you're not going to see lance till next year so that's that's the lot you got for the 49ers which by the way is better than most lots in the nfl so we have one of the we have one of the most talented rosters on you know uh on paper and and i'm i'm still excited but we do have to run the table for me to win my uh 13 and four yes i don't think they're gonna i don't think they're gonna make it there i don't think you've got 10 straight wins left in you i agree with you also also i i do feel bad for breeze hall man like i i'm a huge fan of him thank you um i watched him all and i was eight man like it's my heart goes out to that kid he was he's a heck of a player terzo thanks for the call that's terzo and i were right here on the richison show last week when the jets punked the packers in green bay on the field and then after the game with the cheese head on their head and all that business with the sauce williams i mean sauce gardner doing that uh i came on the air here and i told jets fans just sit back and enjoy the ride just sit back enjoy the ride because the last 50 years are over the last 50 years are over these kids don't know about what we jet fans carry around every day which is the emotional scars of being let down and the absolute physical scars of getting kicked in the balls by the football gods all the time and i said what i just said and part of me when i little part of me when i came on the air and i'm like hey jet fans follow my lead here just sit back and enjoy the flight put your tray tables up and enjoy the flight take i thought to myself a little bit what are you saying this for because you know what's coming you know what's coming so be that as it may yesterday in denver breeze hall the young rookie running back who has been dynamite generationally dynamite fourth most yards from scrimmage by a jet in the first six plus games of a season coming in runs one in from 60 plus yards out against denver this is when the quarterback zack wilson is having trouble which he is and he's against a terrific defense in denver which they have and they also don't have a receiver in elijah moore because they left him home because he doesn't like what's coming his way he's not targeted enough not doing enough and robert solace trying to create his own culture there and here comes breeze hall touchdown and i tweeted out even though i thought to myself don't hit send rich don't do it oh no i must say that breeze hall is one of my favorite new york jets in a very very long time i capitalize the second very and he is is go about my business take my son zan to the mall susa's got coop taylor's occupied i ran out for 30 minutes get a text from chris brockman oh yeah breeze hall's been tech carded off i wrote you back what yep that's all i wrote was what yeah carded off and the news is official today torn acl we are not allowed apparently not allowed apparently as jet fans to have very nice things now then they're five and two and they still won the game yesterday even though by the way they lost their best offensive lineman to elijah vera tucker went out with an elbow and i'm waiting to hear if it's dislocated or he needs to have a freaking surgically repaired cory davis went out too they still won the game they're five and two but of course just getting said to take on the bills bella check in buffalo breeze solace done for the year their difference maker at the running back they had a difference maker at that spot and he's taken away so now i gotta go back and i gotta i gotta i gotta meditate i gotta meditate because it happened again for five the jets are five and two they're five and two they're the same number of wins the bills okay it's unbelievable what they're defensively they look terrific but who's who's the next one to go down huh do i need to make a sacrifice should i do it here on the program i don't know what what should i do what should i take like a piece of my wesley walker jersey that i had in camp locanda take a swatch of that put it in put it in something what else do i got to do like name is fur coat no no i mean or that's too valuable i mean just what what do i got to do here what do i have to do a lot a lot a lot of gas in those hair what do i have to do you know let's see um and i know other teams are having guys carted off dk metcalf got carted off yesterday you know unfortunately for him it wasn't because he had to go to the bathroom no surgery for he's gonna apparently avoid surgery there you go well how could he have surgery did you mean to tell me there's a knife that could cut that skin i don't think so i don't know man not allowed to have nice things so breeze hall's done for the year that sucks yeah it does it does because he was a star in the making and the jets had a star in the making at the running back spot and he was doing things that we haven't seen at that spot since curtis martin was doing it and maybe ledanian thompson a little bit after that for a brief bit that we had him in the autumn of his football years you have any faith in michael carter because i do but he's a baller he is a baller but he has he's not looking like breeze hall no home run hitter all over the place yeah and a match-up problem shouldn't have said it shouldn't have said what i said last week i blame myself i blame myself happened again i mean anytime you just think that something's different all right take one more phone call and we'll get to overreaction monday maybe i've overreacted a little bit i don't know ron and denver you're here on the rich eisenhower show what's up ron hey rich thanks for taking my calls up brother uh i wanted to uh apologize to you because i've been writing you even about telling bronco's country to uh wait and see and i think uh we found out that you obviously were correct uh we all jumped the gun i think we were going to be awesome right away and we have not been awesome uh the ride has stopped currently so uh yeah i'm gonna see the ticket holder it's been rough congrats to your jets i'm sorry about threes hauling up the bumper i was at the game i saw it didn't look great i was hoping he was okay um but yeah man you were right so i know you like hearing that you were right you were uh i appreciate it but i i i you know at the same time that was hand in hand with my other uh take about the afc west is that the raiders were going to win the division and that ain't happening right now i mean the chiefs are the the chiefs would have to go uh on a losing streak that that oh i don't think we've seen them go on for years so that that ain't happening but i appreciate you calling to say i'm right thank you for the call ron i appreciate anybody who anybody 844-204 rich never to dial for anybody wants to call in to say i was right oh boy and by the way it doesn't you don't want to be right about this one all right i'm just going to say it the hell you love it when i say it i mean with with your chest rich with your chest so you chest so you know what can every other network spare me the commentary about the jet situation from everybody who couldn't get it done when they were there please i don't want to hear it from anybody and coach all right i'm gonna stop it because i do like some of these people i'm in an ornery mood and they're five and two well tag brockman and he'll finish it they're five and two oh just wait a second all right it's a monday hit it hit it hit it hit it hit it that was terrible that was crap that was garbage this place sucks overreaction mondays monday what do you have over there christopher hey guys how's everybody feeling today great love you guys let's get after it all right uh no other way to say this one but uh tom brayton and erin rogers are just no longer elite quarterbacks i will push back on that and say that's an overreaction that they're not elite quarterbacks they are still the kings of knowing what the hell's coming in their direction pre-snap in a way that few other quarterbacks yeah but they physically can't do it anymore i don't agree with it run down run down the list you've seen the throws these guys over right now we could do that whole who would you take over them type stuff right now but you've seen brady make the throws and you know rogers could still make the throws and you know pre-snap neck up that they're still you know otherworldly when it comes to that there are just many other things that are happening right now in their worlds and they are part of what's happening in their worlds and they are definitely not making throws that they're used to making and they definitely don't have the same protection for brady and weapons for rogers so i will push back and call that an overreaction sir what else all right i am with you on this one ridge you kind of mentioned it earlier you teased it i didn't want you to give my takeaway but uh joe burrow needs to be in the mvp discussion um i still yeah i mean when you say discussion it's like what like he's in the mix he's in the mix and has to beat josh allen in order to surpass right yeah i think allen's clear number one and then i think the rest two three and four of those finalists quote unquote i think are in the air and i think joey burrow the way he's played the last couple weeks holy crap he's balling out he is and has been the difference maker for for the team certainly in new orleans uh you knew he wasn't losing that game in the super dome and when you show up wearing chases gamer i know and then and then against atlanta when atlanta had aj terrell down and you knew you know they were susceptible on the back end i mean burrows ran one in two straight weeks as well 400 yards plus yesterday yeah of course you could put them in the mvp race but again uh this is josh allen's world we're all rent payers in it and that will make cincinnati's game and visit to buffalo on the final monday night of the season week 17 potentially worth all of that but they gotta stay within a bit more handling distance and hope the bills get tripped up along the way maybe in division once i don't know who else is going to go get them i mean they visit detroit they visit chicago they have the jets twice minus a breeze freaking hall they play they host uh they host cleveland in brissett's final start for the browns you know and again that's where burrow will have to have a better record and beat the bills and be the one seed for him to snake that mvp from him in the back two games of the season throw that out there for you discussion but in the discussion absolutely freaking lutely along with if i may throw obviously patrick mahomes yeah and also jaylen hurts and you gotta throw saquon in that mix you must throw saquon barkley in that mix barkley in that mix 1000 percent what else chris i disagree that's okay uh tj this is for you and i understand this is hot you mentioned the giants rich they won again eagles obviously undefeated but with dak back i love the cowboys gonna win the nfc east false that's an overreaction the eagles are the best team in that division they already have a game on dallas false false that is an overreaction dallas that dallas has a game on the giants i'll take it right now who wants to take it you want to take it tj you're the big cowboy honk here you want to take it what's the bet just uh just like everything else around here a dollar randolph and mortimer sure ran off and you got it one thousand percent thank you looked a little more crisp defense okay got it eagles can't stay hot forever understood and i trust you to actually pay up got it wow what else chris yeah kenny pickett already has a professional football win you know chubisky kind of closed it like rivera but i got it he's still having he still hasn't paid you what else chris from draft day all hail the 12s okay i said they were going to be in the running for the top overall pick next year i completely wrong i missed it i get it all hail my lord and savior kenneth walker the third he is going to be a bigger factor in this nfc west than cmc down the stretch i like it yeah i like it i don't think that's an overreaction at all and i know that what he did yesterday was terrific and an eye-opener for a lot of people but everybody who uh goes to school in the big 10 and certainly in arbor michigan knows it was funny yesterday because i was you know uh in danger i had a i have burrow and fantasy in my poker league and i almost you know i had a sweat last night i had a sweat where he mostered last night because the guy i'm going to get the kids i'm going against have um kenneth walker oh and i look at coupe and i say to coupe i'm like i'm in danger because walker had the game of his life today and i said well actually the game of his life happened against michigan last year that is not an outside a liar that kid's really good he's really good and uh i agree with you he he will have a say in whether the seahawks win or lose in the same way mccaffrey might not even have as much of an effect on on his team yeah i like that one chris i'll agree with that one i'll say that's not an overreaction i don't know if you're gonna like this one though okay hey look the jets are hot but zack wilson is holding them back offensively um well holding them back meaning what like they're they're means they could be better if they could be better with flaco oh that wasn't can't throw the ball um can they be better now with flaco maybe they gotta they have to they have to this is what you do when you draft somebody as you go through the growing pace i understand this is when the niners tried to avoid last year with with trey lanson and and hoped to avoid this year and already went through in that first week game in chicago you know in the rain yeah you're gonna go through all these things but they're good enough defensively and had enough of an offense from breeze hall to win three in a row despite him not throwing a touchdown pass it does concern me it does concern me now that hall is done for the season that zack wilson is going to have to do more than he's capable of right now and that's kind of dangerous because he's doing crazy stuff like throwing back across the middle instead of just throwing it away i know he does a lot of crazy ass stuff so um i i will say he's not holding them back because they're winning games but we'll find out because he's gonna have to do it without hall against the two bills belicheck and buffalo next at home they should at least try to split those what else chris carson wince has played his last down as the commander's i kind of agree with you well i mean yeah there he doesn't have any if you will skin in the game there in dc and the coach already stared down a reporter when asked the difference between their team and the rest of the division that was doing so well and he said quarterback and then he tried to backtrack and then a mea culpa and then barked at the uh media after they won a game on a dreadful thursday night to try and you know cover whatever tracks he was covering but i think he told you everything he feels about wince and heinike you know just won that game and next up by the way at indianapolis how wild is that going to be can't wait to see dan snyder sitting in the porta potties outside and then you got the home game from minnesota and then um their their their next game is at philadelphia on a monday night so heinike might if he went yeah man by the time they come back if they go three and one two and two are they going to turn back to wince just cuz they're going to turn back to wince just cuz i i'm barring injury i i i'd say that's uh that's in the realm i don't think we're overreacting there all right last one yep they did get a win yesterday but it wasn't pretty lamar jackson's contract gamble on himself currently coming up crap i disagree i disagree going up crash he's not been good the last few weeks okay i got it i see i hear you i hear you but when he hits the open market next year that won't happen because the the ravens will make sure he's fine and paid and if he starts being tried and he doesn't want it hey would you like to be paid like kirk cousins or would you not yes the answer is yes if he's going to take the kirk cousins route and suddenly start making more money than uh otani and judge combined yeah man he's fine i'll say that's an overreaction it's not coming up craps for him coming up craps would mean that he either can't make it or he gets so damn hurt he doesn't have the security and right now he's healthy i would profit to say that brady's going to be a home dog for the first time in forever this weekend good question so i would say that's fine he's going to be fine he will be paid and he will be generationally enriched for the rest of his life i think he's gambled just fine the ravens aren't doing as well as you thought but still at first they are because they beat the bangles a couple weeks ago that's overreaction monday well done and and scene and scene you can listen to the nfl and the nfl app on the odyssey app on westwood one sports dot com via westwood one station streams or by asking alexa to open westwood one sports sponsored by autozone i have a feeling we might be piloting a segment next segment i don't know um if uh you agree we'll see how it goes the segment's called i don't get it a lot going on the nfl i just don't get i don't get it that's coming up next 844-204 rich is also the number for you to dial so influencer it's a word that gets tossed around a lot these days there is a woman who went the distance who broke ground as the first true influencer by living a remarkable life her name elizabeth taylor i'm katie perry this is the story of the original influencer this is elizabeth the first elizabeth the first the podcast wherever you listen back here on the rich eisen show terrestrial radio show we're all on big happy family with our viewers on roku and um and the listeners on odyssey and serious xm hey look um eight uh our your guy kenny pickett he had a higher register performance last night kp8 against miami hey that guy could make some boy he could make some throws hey george pickens is catching balls from him huh but another crazy ass sidewind and catch from hey how about how about the steelers you know i mean all i had to do was just catch all those balls that two have put up in the air for them to intercept and dolphins made their interceptions and the steelers didn't and that's what tomlin said was a difference in in the game you know catch here catch there pick their pick there and pick it is a winner it was a higher register game last night that was ripe for the taking though part of the reason why i was right for the taking is i don't get it what don't you get and i love mike mcdaniel but it is wild to me that with 8 43 to go in the third quarter it's fourth and three at the pittsburgh 14 and they're up 16 10 and you're seeing this is before pickett was winging it around and feeling comfortable completely kick the field goal go up by nine yeah so the other team's got to score twice and if your defense is playing well enough and you've got where he mostered going well enough maybe you could make sure that they only get what three four possessions the rest of the night they need two to win kick it no they ran it with chase edmunds and then those three points man they were they could have used them the rest of the night here was mike mcdaniel after the game at least uh asked you know asked him what were you thinking i have um a couple um guys within analytics that are in my ear you know in all those types of situations um in this situation they they did not advise me to to kick it i mean to go for it um so you know there's plenty of decisions that are made that you know it's a balancing act you take uh the statistical um you know percentage chance which is what they're evaluating um and you know it's it's one of those things i think it was a fourth and i think the scoreboard might have said three um i think it was like a long two and a half but it's one of those that if it's fourth and two they're they're a lot more supportive fourth and three they get you know the the percentages go way down um but that was something that i do pretty much every game where you're you're balancing that um with the momentum of the game and and where we're at and i felt um really confident that uh um that we'd be able to convert obviously we didn't that's why it's an entire team um function and a job to win a football game and they came uh the defense came through and we didn't turn the ball over um so we ended up on the winning side good for him to say he went for his gut gut not not analytics that's a rarity but i still don't get it i don't get it i don't get the gut just go up it just seems like nobody wants to go for three anymore it's just it it does look like coaches in the nfl are playing like it's a video game nobody wants to punt nobody wants to just kick three and just be boring and just keep adding to your lead just keep adding if you look and the whole idea is like you know we have the defense i i i went for it because i knew the defense would actually you know i trusted the defense if you trust the defense and give them more points to protect right am i wrong otherwise i don't get it another one if doug peterson was in philadelphia and not northern florida with all due respect to our friends in duval county i mean this is the sort of stuff that would light up phone lines for days taking on the giants a 12 plate 60 yard drive that winds up on a fourth and one with a minute and 30 to go in the fourth quarter and they snuck it up 17 13 take the three and if the giants scored touchdown then you're telling day ball all right you go for two again just like you did in week one let's see if you'll do it again on the road brian put the pressure on him and they didn't get it giants next drive right down the field and guess what we're still talking about what a wild finish that ended on the one-half yard line right there was just like there was just like you know rams and titans in the super bowl except it was a week seven regular season game between the giants and the jaguars oh man just wound up right right there and the giants escape with the skin in their teeth well jacksonville could have just kicked the field goal to send in an overtime those are three points man that you would think three points that you would think would be helpful but no it's just like nobody wants to take field goals in right i guess they're too boring and they're too boring is that what it is yeah three points is three points eight four four two oh four rich is the number to dial here on the rich i don't know if we've just made a new segment called uh i don't get it i like it because it's just like all i got to do is just watch a chargers game and i'll come up with three three of them i don't get it what are you doing with justin herbert what are you doing what are you doing not punning yeah what are you doing kicking it here i don't get it matt judon of new england and apparently breaking news out of indianapolis when we come back rich can we extend that i don't give it to the nba how about this one russell westbrook last night one point on top of the blazers okay he's dribbling up his teammates are all coming you know just jogging up the floor because there's 20 seconds left on the shot clock they're up by one 30 seconds left in the game and he hoists one nobody's underneath the basket of course he missed it i mean if you take the shot clock down and then you're one offensive rebound away from just wrapping it up i don't get it they're oh and three uh here's what i don't get yeah well i mean we've got victor wimbyana looming very largely seven foot five inches four inches yeah you know looming right there and and danny ang and the utah jazz have decided they were gonna clean house you know like you donate all your old clothes and clean out the cupboard you know take out the trash and do all that stuff to make room yeah for this for this prize treasure and yet the guys on the team apparently aren't getting the memo they don't know that they're not supposed to be winning these games and now the jazz are three and oh and i i gotta be honest i just don't get it i don't know what are you somebody i guess kelly olinic didn't get the memo and he threw one up in the middle of the paint and somehow made it through the bucket in overtime and zion and brandon ingram are out what are they doing i don't get it lori marcanin did you not get the the memo bro hey gents let's talk halloween for a second what is your favorite halloween memory one time i saw a nightmare before christmas performed live at the hollywood bowl walking with your kids it felt so magical and after they've got their candy and they walk away so pure do you the dad inside the house is handing you a beer my dad when i get home he would have me like empty out all the candy to make sure that it's safe and it wasn't until i was about 35 that i realized what's he was just eating my candy rude what's your favorite halloween costume one year i was matthew mcconaughey's character from days to confused one year i was like i would like to be roadkill the hallow costume was a plastic smock and then a really scratchy plastic mask i mean you were styling if you had one of those aquaman the plastic mask cutting into your eyes and then you get that little hole in the mouth to breathe through all night long what's your favorite halloween candy what's your favorite candy candy oh that rhymes anything reese's snickers bars it's all the food groups it's a meal you've got caramel yes candy corn me too wait really i'm one of the small percent of people who actually really enjoys candy corn it's a bad rap thank you so much everyone happy halloween halloween happy halloween from the cumulus podcast network make sure to subscribe and follow us at slash cumulus podcast candy corn is terrible it's atrocious it shouldn't be allowed it's not a candy happy halloween
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