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REShow: Steve Smith Sr. - Hour 1 (10-6-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 6, 2022 3:11 pm

REShow: Steve Smith Sr. - Hour 1 (10-6-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 6, 2022 3:11 pm

Rich breaks down the pivotal Thursday Night Football matchup between the Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts laying out the huge stakes for both underperforming teams. 

NFL Network Analyst Steve Smith Sr. joins Rich in-studio to discuss how some athletes manufacture things to get fired up about to stoke their competitive fire, explains why the Eagles are soaring high while Russell Wilson and the Broncos are still scuffling on offense, says why the Miami Dolphins are legit contenders in the AFC, says why the Carolina Panthers shouldn’t fire embattled head coach Matt Rhule, and previews Denver vs Indianapolis on TNF. 

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

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It's just everything he wants to say and talk about is right. The Rich Eisen Show. I'm a Jew on Young Kipper interviewing an Arab.

Okay. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Today's guests, NFL Network analyst Stephen Smith Sr., plus your phone calls, latest news and more. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Well yes it is. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show here from Los Angeles, California and we could not be more excited to be here today on the Roku channel and to be able to be heard on this terrestrial radio station on the Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio network that we have cobbled together thanks to the help of Westwood One which also puts out our podcast all three hours of this show every single day on the Cumulus Podcast Network. We could not be more excited to be heard on the Odyssey app or Sirius XM radio, Sirius channel 218, XM channel 202, 992 on the app. We could not be more thrilled to be homing in on 470,000 subscribers on our YouTube page on slash Rich Eisen Show and then of course couldn't be more excited once again to be right here today on the Roku channel which you can see for free on any Roku device and you can see for free on any Samsung Smart TV or Amazon Fire TV and then there's the Roku app.

You can just get that app for free. The Roku channel is on it for free and then you could see us on a desktop or a laptop at the through the internet. The reason why I'm laying all that out for you is not only just because we're proud of it but the fact that we have a heartbeat on this program today is very significant because it was eight years ago today that this show launched for the first time right here in El Segundo, California back in the day for DirecTV then AT&T then Bleacher Report, Be Our Live for a hot minute and then YouTube, just us and chickens and then for a couple years on Peacock and now here on Roku. Eight years ago today we had no earthly idea what the hell we were doing but we did it anyway and we're eight years old.

We're fully adolescent even though we're really children at heart. Good to see you over there Chris Brockman. Happy anniversary to you brother.

Same to you man. You were back there in the podcast days and good to see you. Happy anniversary Mike Del Tufo, DJ Mikey Diaz and Deez Nuts, our audio executive.

Yes. Good to see you. TJ Jefferson, light that candle man. It's eight years. It's our birthday today.

Happy anniversary fellas. You know nine years ago today I was sitting approximately where Brockman is because this studio used to be a cafe. I know. I used to come as an employee. I used to come in here and have lunch so I've seen this whole thing evolve man and it's amazing. Congratulations. I got it right back at you and it reminds me I got to call Chris Long today.

Make a mental note of that. The major domo of Audience Network, a spectacular network that birthed many shows that by the way still live today on various streamers. At any rate, we're thrilled to be here today. Shout out Chris Long. 844-204-RICH is the number to dial for you to call in. That number has been our number for eight years and so we're here and Steve Smith Sr. is about to join us on this program in studio in person just to come on out of the box. We all iced up waiting for him. Ice up son. He is going to be here and he's part of game day kickoff on NFL Network that leads off tonight to Colts Broncos.

Hey so many of you out there might be like one two and one versus two and two. You know what you could say that Chris but tell that to the two coaches. One of whom whose seat is suddenly getting hotter and Frank Reich even though you know you might not think so but Jim Hersey is one of those guys that does give his people time but sometimes the clock strikes midnight out of nowhere and I don't know if he would be so impetuous to make a maneuver in the middle of the season but one three and one one three and one is not what the Colts expected once they dispatched Carson Wentz elsewhere. Did not let the door kick him in the you know what on the way out to Washington DC and then they get Matt Ryan.

Remember that? Everyone's like who they're gonna get? Was it gonna be Baker Mayfield?

Could they get him? And they said no we're gonna go much older and we're gonna go much more mature. We're gonna go with a CEO quarterback instead of the progressive kid.

We're gonna go CEO. We're gonna get Matt Ryan and we're gonna get him out of Atlanta. We're gonna put him behind the best offensive line he's ever been behind and the offensive line has been nothing but trouble for this team and tonight they go into Denver without Jonathan Taylor. This is a kid who didn't miss a practice his entire life. I'm assuming he didn't miss a practice in Pop Warner but high school, University of Wisconsin and Indianapolis never missed a practice. Now he's gonna miss a game and the overall first overall pick of fantasy drafts coast to coast.

Absolutely. He has been a non-factor. He has been a virtual non-factor as well in your fantasy leagues and the Colts are on a short week licking their wounds after the Tennessee Titans just came in and did the tighten up thing to him with Derrick Henry and Ryan Tannehill is now beating back the barbarians at his gates. He's two and two and the Tennessee Titans are sitting atop that division with the Jacksonville Jaguars who've already beaten the Colts.

Shut them out. Tennessee is at Washington this week. They're gonna say hey Carson Wentz you're not on the Colts anymore but guess what you still see us. I mean one three and one with the Titans at three and two and Jacksonville's at home against Houston which is yet to win. They could be one three and one looking up at two three and two teams who have already beaten them. Naim Hines is taking over the top spot and running back and that offensive line.

Hit them with the Hines. Yeah that offensive line better get it together tonight at least for their benefit. Randy Gregory is not going to be on the field this evening and he's part of a banged up Broncos team that has lost Javonte Williams for the season. Latavious Murray was in London wearing a Saints uniform scoring a touchdown against the Vikings on Sunday. Tonight he's wearing a Broncos uniform because as soon as Murray was done with that game I guess he went back on the practice squad for the Saints and the minute that happened the Broncos signed him. We'll take that.

That is so wild. Think about it tonight you're going to see a running back in orange for the Denver Broncos who four days ago had a fleur de lis on the side of his helmet for a Saints team in London that was ready to win if not for a double doink. Scoring a touchdown in that game.

Field goal they were they were ready to show the Brits what overtime looked like in a crazy ass football game that included everything soup to nuts. Latavious Murray might be a crucial member of the Denver Broncos because Javonte Williams is out for the season and Melvin Gordon has got the top spot and hope for his sake he stops fumbling. Yeah he's got a fumble problem.

Mike Boone who got all of those reps and snaps while Javonte Williams was healthy. That former Viking now he's got a crucial aspect in an offense that has not had Russ cooking and everybody thought Russ is going to do nothing but cook. And the Broncos are two and two and that's the way they walk into this house tonight with Russ having a dinged up throwing shoulder.

And we assume that got hurt in Las Vegas and not him lifting all of those Subway sandwiches. Let's ride. Let's ride Rich.

It's dangerous. And this is a Broncos team that was supposed to just add Russ. That's it.

That's the ingredient for the cooking. Just add Russ because you got Jerry Judy and got Courtland Sutton and you got the rest of this offense that now a new head coach is coming in and this new head coach was the Aaron Rodgers wonder kid. So you're going to bring a guy in who Aaron Rodgers loves so much and now you're going to put Russ into that offense and the rushing attack and the Russell attack together along with Randy Gregory added to a defense that does have a top-notch kid in Patrick Sertan II.

That's supposed to add up to a Super Bowl run which could potentially still materialize. But they're two and two and the coach Nathaniel Hackett needed to hire an old you know what an old man Hosberg right? And add him to the mix to say challenge, go challenge, call timeout.

He didn't get it right either. Decline the penalty, accept the penalty, telling the new head coach helping him out how to administrate a game. And the coach pushed all the right buttons in week one inside the red zone but everybody kept fumbling and then when it came time to actually try to win the game in Seattle the coach fumbled saying let's go for it on a field goal because you were on the 46 yard line that's good enough for us 64 yards let's try it even though we're not in altitude and then other games they're on the 41 yard line instead of the 46 yard line and they're punting. It's been nothing but head scratching in Denver over the first four weeks of this season. So these two teams facing each other to kick off the de facto second quarter of the NFL regular season to me is fascinating because the loser of this game is in a world of hurt. Now you could say Denver isn't all that hurt I mean two and three isn't that bad. Well how good did Kansas City look on Sunday night? Okay that's correct and you got a three and one team in second place in the AFC East. You got four teams at two and two, three teams at two and two in the AFC North and you got the Chargers back at two and two as well seemingly going to get healthy at some point Keenan Allen's going to get back on the field. I know Joey Bosa is on IR but for a guy who had fractured rib cartilage I mean Justin Herbert looks uh pretty good. He looks like Wolverine it just healed.

It's unbelievable excellent analogy. Thank you adamantium. And the Chargers are going to Cleveland before a Monday nighter at home against Denver. Yeah Denver needs to win this game tonight at home against the Colts team that is banged up without Jonathan Taylor their big toe out with toe problems and more. Oh yeah they better win this game tonight. The whole country's going to pull up a chair again and watch how the offense looks and how Nathaniel Hackett's running this offense and calling time outs. Now here comes Alan Michaels talking about a coach 40 years in the business sitting upstairs no one's ever heard of in the ear of their new head coach telling him hey call timeout hey throw a throw the challenge flag. So yeah it would behoove the Broncos to win a home game on a short week at home against a one two and one team and go hunt a Matt Ryan that is sitting back there like a an iron deer on your front lawn unable to hold on to the football because his offensive line is so terrific is unable to block and the Colts better win this game despite being on the road on a short week because the Broncos are banged up and you do have a much more steady staff and head coach and Frank Reich who's been there and done that and you do have a better offensive line if they can all freaking block and you do need it because you can't follow one three and one at least their one is against the Chiefs go figure that man but at least they did that yeah I think this is a big game tonight between two teams I chose the Colts to win the north I mean the south pardon me the AC south and a lot of people thought okay Broncos let's ride because it's rust rest time and if they go to two and three and the rest of the league then plays everything out this weekend the Chargers win man the Chiefs the and let's just say that the the Raiders shocked the Chiefs what if that happens that would be helpful to the to the Broncos if they lose tonight but they would then be in last place because the Raiders would be two and three with a tie break against them they'd be looking up at three teams assuming the Chargers win in Cleveland which is a large assumption I'm just laying it all out for I I'm not here for the yeah one two and one against yeah I'm not saying all of that everything you said is obviously valid and true I'm worried tonight is going to be 16 13 and like really unwatchable well I can't help you yeah especially especially when you have Russell Wilson in fantasy can't help you on that one yeah but this is a lot of fascinating aspects of tonight's game Steve Smith Sr. is here to talk about it and then we're here to talk with you at 844-204-rich being the number to dial on our eighth anniversary uh we've got a lot in uh in store uh we this is a tradition that we have done uh almost every year even though we found out I guess we didn't do it last year I don't know how the hell we didn't either yeah but we've been doing this for years uh the way too early one quarter of the season in the books awards that's a very large mouth with the one quarter season awards one quarter postseason awards quarter post awards quarter post awards yeah we like course racing the MVP coach defensive player of the year and comeback player of the year just four games in just cause and then we put it in the freezer and we take it out at the end of the season and see if we were right I love that see if it holds up there's no chance and then I've got a top five list with four weeks in the top five burning questions for me that I'd like to see answered over the next four weeks of the season taking us to the halfway point uh Aaron Rodgers using his potential retirement now as inspiration for his young receivers that's interesting what Mike McCarthy with some bulletin board material uh-oh why uh-oh from the media of course he's not giving it out you know that guy won't do it yeah okay we got some of that we got that I think they're gonna win this week and Bailey's happy news oh let's go can I get more credit for that by the way I haven't gotten any flowers this week for what guys what you do what did I do you know what I'm gonna give you I'm gonna give you something in bronze and pottery because that's what you get for the eighth anniversary thanks my man seriously I was the first one in the national media to call on Bailey's happy national media Chris Brockman ladies and gentlemen we are we don't know Zolack didn't call out for him anything you just said let's talk about this call ice up ice up ice up Steve Smith Sr is here we like Steve decides oh no we don't have to don't we're not dragging him into our nonsense we got enough we have enough runway after Steve says goodbye after hour one to hit all this happy anniversary to us if you don't mind us saying eight four four two oh four rich number two dollars Steve Smith Sr folks when we come back audible has everything you love listening to and more it's the home of storytelling there's no better place to find all the stories your imagination craves like the hottest new releases of the year audiobooks exclusive originals and popular podcasts including the rich isin show they're all on audible whatever you're in the mood for audible has an incredible selection of audio entertainment for you to choose from maybe you want to get the real story behind your favorite team's winning streak maybe you want to hear celebrities talk about their lives and careers or maybe you could use some pro hacks on how to better your business better your relationships or just get better sleep and there's knockout performances from your a-list entertainers and comedians too the best part is you get to have it all because with audible there are thousands of included titles that you can listen to all you want and more get added every single week so come to the home of storytelling and try it for free for 30 days you can sign up right now at this episode is brought to you by tbs it's october and that means the mlb postseason is back on tbs you can watch the biggest and brightest in the american league take the field and battle it out for a spot in the world series there will be crazy hits and clutch performances jaw-dropping action from the division series on october 11th and of course you have to watch the crowning of the next american league champion catch the best of the mlb postseason all month long on tbs steve smith senior from nfl network and so much more here on the rich eisen show and i'm looking forward to talking to you about nfl's most interesting jobs which is a show that you're hosting for the nfl's youtube channel um that when you played you you said you would manipulate oh yeah okay so man is that another word for saying manufacturer is this sort of like jordan coming up with things that didn't really exist to get him all pissed off so he can go torch the opposition well first of all me and jordan in the same category only way that is possible is because i live in north carolina let's let's let's go ahead and divide that right now i see what you're saying but i think what i've just put out there is somewhat similar to your mindset of what you're you're creating it's not necessarily true um because there are times right you know with sam mills going in the hall of fame great job for sam mills uh well deserved the best carolina panther ever uh i believe the first guy that you know to represent an organization to go in there you know i remember i was having dinner with our former president it was a good friend um mark richardson and we were having dinner probably it's probably about six seven months ago we're having dinner um he he was in town and we were just all rehashing it was a group of us we were talking and he had said something that kind of sparked a conversation and he goes man not bad for a punt returner and i just kind of and i and i said a punt returner and he goes he rolls his eyes oh here we go and the reason i'm using that as an example is in college i play wide receiver who happened to who happened to play punt return who happened to and the reason i played punt return i was capable of playing punt returns because my dad was a semi-pro growing up 126 avalanche right down willowbrook slash magic johnson park my dad was a semi-pro punter and a fullback and by the age of nine or ten years old i was catching punts so in pop warner high school college i was pretty i had 10 10 10 plus years of expertise of catching punts and i just did it why because i wanted to be around my pop and so me being a punt returner was the added part i played wide receiver i was a wide receiver now scouts didn't want to say that i was maybe a wide receiver that was undersized at a non-respectable school at the time which is the university of utah because if you go back in 2001 there was another wide receiver who was the same height as me who happened to play at a school that started with a u called the university of miami who named was santana moss who he was the same height and he was a first rounder and no one ever said anything about his height and so i you know and so i mentioned all that to say i'm not manufacturing that i was given i was it was taken away things are slighted i was slighted and to the point of where my former president of the team is still saying we only drafted you as a punt returner and i am the all-time receiver for the organization and he still put me in the category of well we didn't really think you were going to be what you are today so i'm not like holding on to the manufacturing i'm just it's not a chip it's a i i i was in a three-legged race and i was three-legged but all other people have four legs and i was expected to do the impossible i've done it and then now people are saying i'm manufacturing some of the things that people told me to my face and so i'm just trying to like you know i'm shaking it off and trying to be a duck and smiling and laughing and and really enjoying um just kind of doing some of the silly stuff that i get to do now and one of those is to come on to to come back home come to la and be on the show that's well respected by a guy that i've been watching i'll talk about sports for for my whole life of playing sports you you everybody wants to be on sportsmen or be on this be on that and i've had the opportunity to be and integrate my life and our lives together and be on that stage and it's just been it's been pretty darn cool for screw up from la yeah you get the last laugh though steve people saying all that things about you like you're laughing last now yeah i'm not laughing a little bit because i got to explain myself all the time you know every i do give off the uh and these are my words not anybody else's words i do give off the angry black guy face you know i do so i i'm working on it smiling more look at that smile right it's actually pretty good all the all the you know all the dental work i've had done sure i need to show that thing go brush my teeth this morning the the manufacturing i was talking about steve though uh isn't what you just mentioned that you say facts the facts of the matter is how you were born into this league and how you were perceived in this league and the perceptions that you had to break in this league and that you still need to break in your estimation about what people view of but i've also played into that as well and i understand that the manufacturing i'm talking about is just on a game day oh no it's real when you're across it's not manufactured it's real that you that every guy that you had a grudge against really was a legitimate grudge you think some guys were legitimate grudges some guys would try to i've had several guys at times and even as an analyst now as a player i had a guy one time like he asked me a random question before that it was like right at the snap of the ball he was like hey man you before the uh by the end of the game man you think i can get your gloves i said my gloves and that played into it because there was a play a running back there was a run play coming our side and i could have i could have smashed him and i didn't because he asked me for my gloves and i don't want to be a dirt bag i was like i can't i can't go over there and knock the snot out of this guy and he just asked me for my gloves you're a real you're a dirt bag if you do that so he got me uh i think i was going to get so uh got me do you think you really want your gloves or he was just you know he really wanted my gloves but i think it also because he wanted my gloves it kind of hit me in that soft spot right where i was like oh i can't i can't destroy this dude i can't destroy it i can't be a dirt bag right um antonio comarti he was playing with the jets first play he goes how's the fam that's it good it just threw me off right but you should ask the same thing about him no stop it stop stop it he's a great dude stop it stop it stop being inappropriate that's not very nice stop being inappropriate that's not very nice i'm just pointing out you don't need to as media we don't always have to re we don't always have to regurgitate all the information don't reach for the low hanging fruit if it's just there is what you're saying just move on okay so you were saying best dad ever that should be antonio's sign oh stop it now he's not wrong though what else you're saying not to my recollection no so what did happen with the key a keep to leave that day the ice what led to the ice up son come on now let's just do that and then we'll and then we'll move on no let's just do that and then we'll move on we're moving on we are yeah we're just moving on yeah i'm not gonna like angrily look at you on the move on i'm gonna smile and look look at him look at steve smith because i would back in the day i would be like still in there yeah no i'm like well okay to leave is a good dude we've talked uh when he was with he was with denver he was playing the eagles uh we had went uh took my son boston took him down to see tori uh i was doing a show out in philly so we watched the game and actually tori smith yeah tori smith he's good people great people um and he was we went saw him and uh i actually have in my phone i have a picture of uh my son boston and talib took a picture and um so a lot of a lot of things that people associate or think that i'm you know just the angry black man walking around looking to fight everybody and all of that i would say um about 89 that was pretty factual when i was playing i did look for like i i look for you know not to have a good day you know like some people wake up you know they say uh some people wake up like uh you know i'm looking for it i wake up looking for that right i had a buddy the other day text was hey good luck on the show i said good luck i just woke up boy i'm ready right and so now just like using that same energy uh to express it and show my admiration for all these guys that's playing so when i come in as you know in the in the locker rooms and stuff as analysts i get them up they tip to a little bit like is he still angry steve and then i'm like what's up and they're like hey it's the awkward like dude you want to know if it's sunny or cloudy outside you know we'll see what it is yeah well and plus your you know the the um that line what was that the famous line the nfl films picked up if you see this face what that means i scored that means you scored that play we were we were playing against atlanta falcons and my family was in the in the stands and uh that had a penalty somebody did something it was a penalty and i was uh saying words that my kids can read my wife was andrew was so on me so shout out to angie she kind of pushes me a lot to um she's like baby you know you just gotta be a better example for the kids so shout out to and your your wife is uh spectacular she is she deals with me i've met her many many times so she told so where did that line come from where did that line you just came out of the dome if you see this face that means i've scored yeah and then i said it so i had to redo it so if you see this face i i'm kind of a i don't know i just sit around and think of stupid stuff that's the part i'm just i'm really kind of silly i really am that's great more people should know that about you i'm glad i didn't show that earlier on because now it's kind of helped me now later in life there you go well rich steve has quote he's a quote machine and there are websites just devoted to some of the great the best quotes of your life i mean some of these are incredible like the lunch money i look in the eyes of all my victims before i take their lunch money uh that's because i i got my lunch the money taken a few times when i was a kid and i took a few people's lunch money so that's that's more of a what else is on this site that film was a coaching session they're going to be coaching that i'm 35 years old and i ran around them boys like they were schoolyard kids that was one against the panthers that was really that was really mean of me to say or because you gotta think about it like these are former teammates and i just said it's kind of bottom and then like you know then a couple of weeks later in the bi-week i see him at the at the whole food so like what up dog another one family members i got like if if this is like a i'm not catholic i'm christian but this was this is like a confession it's a confession right now you know father help me another great one family members get to see you play ex-girlfriends that wish they wouldn't have dumped you they're questioning themselves right now that was after a game on monday night you know i was i was dumped alone i was a kid i had a bad attitude go figure oh my gosh this is turning into poo ball steve come on hey trying to play victim man no no this is because you're you're one of one man that's true one of one no you're one of one dude's at the house i know that i know that funny he's pretty he called me uh i said something he goes hmm stupid it's pretty fun we like we like to have a lot of fun at the house okay you know what i like to do i'd like to take a break come back and then we'll talk about the current day uh in the nfl and then we'll talk about your show as well the most interesting jobs nfl's most interesting jobs that you can see every tuesday one eastern time on the nfl's youtube channel with steve smith senior right here on the rich eyes and show on our eighth anniversary oh yes sir what'd you get me it's our anniversary you should have brought something it's our anniversary you gave it to me we'll take a break this episode is brought to you by samsung unfold the all-new galaxy z fold 4 and expand your world with flex mode it stands on its own so you're hands free to get more done during calls and with multi-window view you can use up to three apps at the same time plus the edge-to-edge screen allows you to fully immerse yourself in your favorite games and shows visit to learn more about galaxy z fold 4 back here on our terrestrial radio outfit steve smith senior is still here on the program all right let's get into it um the best team in the nfl through four weeks in your estimation has to be the philadelphia eagles just remarkable to what they're doing uh nick seriano um what he's doing he is you can see his game plan varies each week is based on his opponent there are coaches out there that are doing uh things like you talk about the jacksonville jaguars i love what doug peterson was doing i did not like what doug peterson did last week because as you watch on the football field you watch that tape it was not raining on half of the field it was raining on both sides of the field but yet you had one team the philadelphia eagles who adapted and ran plays that were successful and you had another team that was trying to throw the ball and it cost them and i just love what the philadelphia eagles are doing jaylen hertz is playing wonderful defenses playing lights out the wide receivers a slim reaper aj brown miles sanders uh it's really becoming a team um when you talk about the nfcs everybody wants to say it's the cowboys to lose it's really starting to become dominant and the fact when is the last time we've been able to ever talk about the nfcs and say the philadelphia eagles at the same time it's been a long time it's been a while even in their super bowl year you remember they wore the dog masks because they were underdogs in every single game i mean even the year where they won it all folks weren't thinking that they were for real did you refer to devonta smith as the slim reaper absolutely yeah the slim reaper hello i haven't heard that one yeah that was a nickname people were trying to throw on kevin durant and he refused it okay yeah so it's so it's available slim reaper i like devon i i like him he's really good everybody had all these questions about him right for his height and and weight his weight and a whatever he could play it's never his speed the height and weight was always a question about him hey he could play so you like the eagles for some reason um i might be overreacting to this the 49ers the way that they played this past week it was for me a reminder that they could be that team you don't want to face again and and it it happened even though they looked really uh inconsistent horrible uh is another way to put it against denver on that sunday nighter against the rams they just looked world beaters they they did look that good to me defense offense uh jimmy is jimmy garoppolo is is uh i think dangling that carrot to get him out um has made him actually push the ball down the field he's notorious he he's notoriously not known for pushing a ball down the field he's more of a system quarterback there's nothing wrong with being a system quarterback i rather have somebody that knows the system that actually doesn't know the system or is trying to figure out the system right now which what we're watching with the denver broncos with russell uh russell wilson he is a top-tier quarterback but he's still trying to figure out this system this system is completely different than the system he was in with p carol this system i know very well this system i was in with baltimore gary kubiak quarterback coach is clint kubiak so that tells me and knowing that daniel hackett that tells me that this system that they're in is exactly the system i know to a t and this system is all about timing and russell wilson is all about making plays without timing uh off schedule plays this offense is not about off schedule plays this offense only moves with on schedule play so getting to understand his style of play russell wilson nathaniel hackett and this offense this system you also have uh tim patrick going down has really hurt them cordon sutton is coming back two years removed from his knee injury but jerry judy is just a guy and when you have just a guy and you have the guy and then you have no guy uh at the number three position it is really stressing this offense and then they don't have a running game and this offense is built on play action run game because this style of offense is built on kyle shanahan uh it used to be primarily with uh sean mcveigh but now they're primarily throwing the ball more running second just a guy jerry judy i mean he is just it's nothing wrong with being just a guy but he's not the guy he's he's not better than courtland sutton uh statistically or uh how he how he's utilized in this offense and i did it that isn't a slight or i'm upset with them or saying that he can't play i'm just saying he can play just not that the expectation that his draft status was and and when you were talking about on schedule off schedule plays about russ and that offense is that why at the end of that sunday is that why at the end of that sunday night game against san francis against san francisco when russ started doing off schedule stuff the offense we saw russ throw it down the field in a way that we didn't see for the first three plus quarters of that game yeah but this is that simple or it's not that simple it's not that simple it's a lot more complicated than two guys two handsome guys sitting at the desk discussing but unfortunately the plays that are are printed on the on the paper are all touchdowns and they're all completions it's it's the it's the the defensive coordinators and defensive players and the pro bowlers and the potential hall of famers down on other teams who have uh their hand in and saying hey we don't want you to do what you want to do that's scheduled on paper steve smith's senior here on the richison show what do you what are you thinking of what uh of what we're seeing out of miami because uh we're bill bill's chiefs going into the season everyone's thinking we're gonna see that again yeah we saw what the chiefs just looked like against the bucks the bills despite you know the last two weeks they they're three and one with a very difficult quarter of the season now behind them on their schedule what do you think of the dolphins can they truly jump in there and join this party well you look at their defense their defense is crazy physical uh they're playing lights out um i i owe terry kill apology i i've said some things that kind of really uh didn't think he was going to have the amount of success that he's having right now because of his speed allows him to do so many things that other guys just don't have to do you know i i in the past i would say he runs he runs crayon routes right you see so many stuff and it's you know zigzag and it's not traditional but what uh mike mcdaniels has been able to do uh you know hopefully to uh uh is able to have some clarity and understanding what his life will be outside of the concussion and and it's not about football it's about it's about him and and his family but what mike mcdaniels was able to do the one read look toa has struggled at times uh in college uh and in the pros of going beyond the second and third read toa also has never really done to date on film a two-minute drill the last two-minute drill that he was close to doing was the las vegas rage and they took him out and put in ryan Fitzpatrick it's not a slight that's just something that when you look at someone's game and you analyze it you go what what's missing that part is missing about his game everything else he's playing lights out football um they're running they're not even running the ball the way this offense is built for them to run the ball so when they get that going they're going to be uh still problematic and then you see teddy bridgewater uh hopefully you know to glove teddy or throw the ball down the field as well so we'll see so bill's chief still you think it's still that conference or lamar despite what's you know i'm not sure at the end of games uh what do you think i'm not sure just because there's so much parity and this is it's so much parity is making fans it's making us very like you cannot turn away it's making so attractive to watch you have to watch it to the nth degree and talk about the 49ers 49ers travel up down there to carolina and play them and uh man just gotta help them i hope it turns out well for us yeah this is maybe the worst opponent they could see right now i mean right now they got some other ones coming up too i know what do you think what do you think the carolina panthers are should do uh hold on hold on tight and pray and stuff man it's tough i'm not sure i don't believe firing matt rule right now would be the answer because if you fire matt rule who's coming in here who's coming in carolina right now with no draft picks and no quarterback that's not an attractive position we gotta build this team up and fix fix some of the issues that we have and fire matt rule is not the is not gonna fix it it's not gonna change uh the the season we have to just be play better and get the best out of our offense and utilize a lot of the pro bowlers and playmakers that we have on the team that we're not using right now steve smith senior here on the rich eisen show speaking of nfl jobs nfl's most interesting jobs you visit nfl teams to learn more about some of the most interesting jobs in the league new episodes tuesdays one eastern on the nfl youtube channel uh you're you're going deep you're going deep into nfl buildings to it's fun it's been fun have you met who you met i've met a ton of people i've uh we've shot five episodes in off season um i was able to shout out to charlie yuck uh he was i i think spring i i pitched him this this uh this show that what is it like about football like what you know our jobs get let me be our jobs guy and so got the opportunity to work with uh jonathan james uh uh director of unscripted stuff and so we sat down and me and him getting a get in the lab and we we text message and talk about what what all does it take so right here you're in there with with the minnesota vikings uh so i was a chef i was i was a chef with uh with the minnesota vikings and learn how they cook and all that stuff and talk to my god they were uh minnesota vikie chef page uh they had mayor flavor town over the grill and i said man i know that guy they look you know when you say you know somebody look at me like here i'll say what she was saying how do you know guy fear what do you and guy fieri have in common i love to cook i'm actually i love to cook okay my wife's a 10 times better cook but i love to cook and um we watch food network we watch uh diner drives oh yes all of that stuff the whole family we all do so i've known him for years and always you know i'm always pestering them and having fun and and we're at different events together and so um well i'm sorry he's at events i happen to you know get a ticket let me rephrase that he's he knows flavor town he's a diehard raider fan too it's been it's been fun and uh so i did the minnesota vikings uh i was the k-ball specialist for the canada city chiefs okay uh the the giants one i did that uh back in the during the season in june um there's another few teams that i've been i've been to and then we're working on some stuff uh maybe around the super bowl did some stuff last year in the super bowl as well so we the next uh three or four episodes are gonna be pretty fun okay i look forward to that yeah i look forward to that um so everybody check that out tuesdays one eastern on the nfl's youtube channel who do you think wins tonight in the minute i have left with you here i gotta get you gotta go with the denver broncos their defense uh even though they they're there patrick's attained the second never seen a second year guy he's good be able to play as well as he playing he hasn't even scratched the surface it's unbelievable right so you have him um offense is gonna sputter a little bit they're just not gonna you know uh especially for the coast uh last year there were a game away i mean a quarterback away right now a quarterback away from being a a a playoff team yes their offensive way from being a good team it is struggling um no running game their offensive line isn't actually as good as it used to be matt ryan uh he's been a nuisance to us in the carolina panthers for years down on that eight i-85 battle um carolina versus the falcon so to get him out hell i wish he was back in there right now because that would actually help us because the way our defense is playing lights out well matt ryan is just he doesn't look comfortable he's not delivering a ball uh pressure that's getting to him off the spot offense they can't run the ball just um i like frank right i'm actually concerned for his job because i think he's a unbelievable coach great man and i'm not sure what the heck happened from last year to this year it really is just a quick amazing turnaround steve smith senior thank you for coming on here man anytime come i'm sorry that uh all the years of me uh staring at staring at you has has can has contributed to your hair loss i really i'm sorry i appreciate that i apologize for that i appreciate that you're very kind to to mention that and um as a as a fellow ball we're in ball brotherhood look at i just shaved you too that thing is deon left us on the battlefield he left us on the battlefield let me tell you something he calls himself uh comeback player of the year prime tell you about prime yes every time i look at prime for a split second i go should i i did that the other day he called in the other day for restore yeah like on behalf he was doing a tour for the people who put the lid back on his head every i think i've thought about when he first did it i was like if prime could do it i know i could do it well i mean these guys put different hairdos on my head to make it seem like they put the less need on my head right the problem is is where they get it from i'm not good with that you're not talking about the store you're talking about parts of your uh well i just know what used to be there and where they have to recoup it from i'm not sure it's gonna grow back the same texture right so i'm not willing to roll that dice no i'm gonna roll that dice this is the hand i was dealt yes let's rock and roll it's working out if you see this face that means i've restored that's a pretty good one i like that do i have to get the hair plugs the commercial it's not a plug there it is there that's that's the less need on my head looks good you look handsome oh do it hey rich thanks steve i like dang ross matthews talks to celebrities friends and people with interesting stories to tell who's saying hello ross this week chelsea handler i'm not home enough to have a third dog my housekeeper basically is their parent i am not going to get another dog so that she has to take care of another dog until one of these dogs exits it's a good move i have three rescue dogs and only two hands and when you're one person that's too hard to do i recommend two max okay here's your foot ross hello ross available on youtube or wherever you listen
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