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REShow: Brandon Staley - Hour 2

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October 14, 2022 3:05 pm

REShow: Brandon Staley - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 14, 2022 3:05 pm

Rich recaps the rather ugly Thursday Night Football game between the Bears and Commanders and breaks down the inner turmoil surrounding Washington owner Daniel Snyder that could be affecting the team’s play on the field.

Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley tells Rich why he’s not underestimating Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos despite their sputtering start to the season, why Justin Herbert battling through a rib injury is as impressive as his skill as a QB, and if he and Keenan Allen are cool after the WR publicly questioned Staley’s 4th down decision that nearly cost L.A. a loss in Week 5 vs the Browns. 

Rich lists this ‘Top 5 NFL Week 6 Games’ including the Jets vs Packers, Vikings vs Dolphins, Ravens vs Giants, Cowboys vs Eagles, and Bills vs Chiefs…with an extra Cardinals vs Seahawks preview.

Rich and the guys celebrate the anniversary of ‘Pulp Fiction’ by debating the best scenes from the Quentin Tarantino classic, and react to the latest Bill Belichick Press Conference Moment of the Day.

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Washington gets a stop inside their own five. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Everybody keeps wanting to say I don't want anything to do with Carson because the young man doesn't deserve to have that all the time. Earlier on the show NFL Network insider Ian Rappaport still to come. Chargers head coach Brandon Staley plus writer and comedienne Sarah Tiana and now it's Rich Eisen.

Power number two the Rich Eisen Show on the air. Brandon Staley of your Los Angeles Chargers and I say that if you're a Charger fan he will be joining us in about 20 minutes time as he and the Broncos will wrap up a week that just started last night. We'll get to that game in just a matter of seconds. Chris Brockman good to see you over in your spot. DJ Mikey D after his two-day walkabout is back.

Good to see Mike Del Tufo. TJ Jefferson is going to give us some fantasy advice still to come on this program. I'm about to give you my top five games of this week.

About to do that. And I do that not just because I like giving people lists. I do like doing the top fives.

I mean now that I'm giving power rankings and top fives and stuff like that I do like it. You know it kind of cleanses the palette from last night's game on Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime and I'm this is a very sore subject with me because you know NFL Network rebooted Thursday Night Football. We started doing it in 2006. Yeah in Kansas City it's right. That was the night where Adam Schefter scooped everyone including Pat Bolen may he rest in peace to announce that no matter what Jake Plummer was going to do on the Thursday night Thanksgiving night triple header nightcap against Trent Green's Kansas City Chiefs.

No matter what he was going to do it was Jay Cutler's job moving forward. That's how long ago it's been since NFL Network rebooted Thursday Night Football and just to give you a full awareness of just how deeply Mike Del Tufo cares about his free swag. I do believe you're wearing a Thursday Night Football original pullover. There it was. Given all the old NFL Network.

Here turn to your left Mike. So everyone can see it. There it is an old NFL Network logo. That's the original. That's ancient material right there.

It's a 16 year old zip up. You got one that's sitting. Good for you. Good for you. But it's a sore subject to me because we got all sorts of grief. Oh your games suck. There's not a lot of scoring and it's because the players shouldn't be playing on short weeks and blah blah blah blah blah. As if there aren't crappy games on Sundays or Mondays either.

Okay. And then everyone's just like oh yeah I mean how dare these guys have to play an early week game. Nobody plays Thursday games except people then forget Thanksgiving is played on a Thursday right?

Yeah but that's different. Oh yeah because you want those games. These are being force-fed to you. We need those games.

Again I'm very very it's a very sore subject for me because I would be flying all over the country and trying to do my job and and hopefully get you interested in it and and some games stunk on ice and the last two weeks have had ice and a lot of stinking. And just only one touchdown last night and from Brian Robinson Jr. who as we all know was involved in a carjacking in the summer and the fact that he's playing and starting and scoring you know 60 yards in that score last night and it was gift wrapped by Vilas Jones who had one go right off his face mask on a punt because the Washington offense couldn't do jack squat. Carson went sacked three more times just 99 yards passing and you knew it was just another one of those games. Another one of those games is the Bears had opportunities inside the red zone inside the 10 twice one was a tip pick because for some reason you know we got to keep we got to keep Justin Fields as a a a pocket passer.

I understand you're cutting off half of the field when you're rolling them out inside the red zone but moving fields around I think is what we're looking for you know. That's what I'm thinking and it's a tip pass pick up a pass picked off and then they go for it on fourth and uh half yard line and they don't get it. The Bears turned away and look we knew it was another one of those Thursday night games where it was tough to watch and whoever lost would get eviscerated.

Last week it was the Broncos in that spot and the Colts it was kind of forgotten hey you weren't all that great too but the Colts were winners and we love winners in America and certainly the sport made in America played in America in the national football league. So then why was Ron Rivera so angry in the press conference? Well he was spun up because this team didn't perform well and there were a lot of mistakes and yeah they're two and four and they hadn't won since that week one game against Jacksonville. Normally when you have a four-game losing streak ended your um your problems your your your pressures get lifted but Wentz just had 99 yards passing another three sack game they couldn't really run it very well part of it's the offensive line part of it is Wentz just holds on to it too damn long part of it's also the play calling at one point Wentz inside the 10 they had a keeper with him and I tweeted out take the Carson Wentz red zone keeper play rip it out of the playbook and never acknowledge its existence because you're not gonna I mean at one point Kirk Herbstreet's like nobody's taking the cheese with Wentz running and holding on to it. He rolled his ankle and needed to get retaped after that. What are we doing? You got Terry McLaurin and Curtis Samuel just for two guys names to throw out there. So put it all together it ain't pretty and then of course it's the week that started earlier this week that even Rivera admitted himself he created the controversy and distraction when he was asked earlier this week about the difference between his team and the rest of the NFC he's doing so well and his answer was quarterback and then started talking about how other quarterbacks have systems that they've been in or they've been around in their organizations a while and the retort is like well Daniel Jones is a new coach and he's a new man he looks like a new man that's one guy Kupa Rush I guess he knows the system because he's been in it even though he hasn't played in it and then you got Jalen Hurts yeah as a new system it's been there for a year plus Wentz is just new here okay but it sure sounded like we're we're throwing a lot on the lap of Carson Wentz in the same way it happened in Philadelphia and Indianapolis and it's now part three you know and this part three isn't going as well as the godfather either so that's part of the backdrop and then on top of it there's a report from Don Van Natta Seth Wickersham and more from ESPN yesterday this full-on long read on Daniel Snyder being execrable you can look it up if you need and part of that long read about how Snyder's got dirt on other owners and the commissioner according to a lot it was a lot of unnamed sources in there but there's a very sensitive subject matter so a lot of people were just talking to this group of top-notch reporters for ESPN anonymously saying that Snyder's got dirt on people to try and award off being forced to sell the number of investigations into Washington and Snyder and then he was there last night and ow michaels even turned into to uh um information man slash analyst by saying he believes reading the tea leaves that the lead just wants him out that kind of surprised me that he said that a lot of people so this is the whole backdrop to Rivera showing up in the postgame press conference because part of this story also included the nugget that Daniel Snyder had something to do or was the one person who said let's get wince and everyone's like well yes mr snyder will do it and the point of that one was like wait a minute you're supposed to have been suspended nothing to do with the team so how is he chiming in on a subject matter subject matter that he has no business chiming in on whether it was allowable under the suspension from the league or just in general like hey man i if i were you based on your track record i'd kind of stay out of matters as to who should be the quarterback or not and leave it up to the professionals you should be delegating to so when Rivera strode to the podium last night was asked if he had any advice for Carson Wentz this was his answer no what's important is these guys okay for the last couple of weeks honestly i'm gonna i'm gonna speak my mind for a second for honestly it's been hard it really has you lose four games in a row and everybody wants to get you you know just get on you and they've played their asses off they have they play their asses off for everybody they come out and they show up they work hard all right they don't complain okay they hear all the stuff and they got to deal with it i get them i respect them for that because they're resilient they come back everybody keeps wanting to say i don't want anything to do with Carson well i'm the guy that pulled out the sheets of paper that looked at the analytics that watched the tape in the freaking when we're at Indianapolis okay and that's what pisses me off because the young man doesn't deserve to have that all the time i'm sorry i'm done that's it and by the way when he means Indianapolis and pointing up he's talking about the combine which is in Indianapolis and where you know we had Frank Reich in the booth on the last day of the combine it was obvious like can we get rid of Carson now so it was obvious he was in play and part of the process is you know Washington was kicking the tires on trying to go yolo on Russell Wilson and Aaron Rogers and anyone else who was allegedly reportedly rumored to be available but i saw that last night and i thought to myself is this the manifestation of months and you know years of his tenure being there and being the one who answers all the questions about what's going on with the team outside of the football world he answers Ron Rivera answers for a lot of what ESPN was reporting on with Dan Snyder a lot and it reminded me of the sound bite Alex Smith delivered to us back in March when he called into this program about how you can't help but be distracted in Washington with with the everything else here's what Alex Smith had to say i think you got to try to eliminate the noise there you know there's a lot of noise there's a lot of distractions that entire organization um everything surrounding it and and obviously deservedly that it's it's been flawed the last 20 years there's a lot of there's a lot of stuff going on there a lot of distractions and it makes it difficult to kind of focus in on on the football so you're saying whatever was going on in the front office was affecting your ability to to to play football and focus on yeah i mean how could it not how could it not i mean for me like yeah i mean all the stuff there uh with with you know just the entire organization from ownership down head coaching and gm install it's a lot of you know there's been historically a lot of drama there that organization is a really storied franchise and and uh i just yeah there's a lot of turmoil a lot of distractions so to say that the stuff going on in the building doesn't infiltrate the locker room or out on the field it would be crazy that happens everywhere i think that's what great organizations eliminate um and the bad ones have a hard time with i think we're seeing that right now what do you think gents thousand percent i i i think that's being brought to bear yeah now again a lot of the subtext here is the the exchange that revera had with a reporter about wenson saying just the word quarterback when he was asked about the differences between the five and oh and two four and one teams and his at the time his one and four washington commanders but i mean revera has been the guy at the forefront of talking about the name change about the logo change about the color scheme change about everything anytime that anything gets brought up about daniel snyder they ask him i'm wondering if he's chafing under all that he won that was a winning coach last night exactly they won you know and he sounded like a guy like the last time we we we saw a coach rant after a nationally televised game against the bears that was denny green he lost that one washington next game against green bay and then at indianapolis so he can look up ron revera at the suite where he made these evaluations i guess dance snyder apparently will be allowed in the building for that then home from minnesota at philadelphia look out that's the carson wentz monday night lets everybody sit down again and watch washington nationally return to his initial place of business all right there's a they're two and four they won their first they won their latest but there's a hell of a lot going on as usual more just feels like there's been a black cloud over this theme for such a long time well hopefully let's for them hopefully they'll get chase young back that's got to be a difference maker i don't know when he's going to return that guy montes sweat they got some players man they do and that kid who scored the touchdown last night is yeah is really really good there's a reason why antonio gibson is not coming he's coming off the bench now i guess they see it and they're going to use it he started last night and he scored yeah only touchdown of the game he played well but not enough mclaurin last night it just seems like they weren't getting the ball out i mean he had less than a hundred yards right when we come back on the rich eisen show the head coach of the los angeles chargers brandon staley i'll also have my top five games of week number six that's just for all of you 844-204 rich is also the number for you to dial right here on a busy friday 2000 2008 2022 when it comes to the economy those are some scary years dot com crash housing crash and the roller coaster we're kind of going through right now one thing is certain it's a dangerous time to not know your numbers but over 31 000 businesses have the confidence and clarity they need because they rely on net suite by oracle the number one cloud financial system net suite gives you visibility and control of your financials inventory hr planning and budgeting so you can manage risk get reliable forecasts and improve margins everything you need all in one place so how do you prepare for uncertain times the answer is simple net suite it's why 93 percent of customers say they improve their visibility and control when they upgraded to net suite so what are you waiting for right now net suite is offering a one-of-a-kind flexible financing program head to net suite dot com slash rich pod right now net suite dot com slash rich pod net suite dot com slash rich pod influencer it's a word that gets tossed around a lot these days there is a woman who went the distance who broke ground as the first true influencer by living a remarkable life her name elizabeth taylor i'm katy perry this is the story of the original influencer this is elizabeth the first elizabeth the first the podcast wherever you listen back here on the rich eisen show let's get to uh our next guest on the mercedes-benz vans phone line lots to talk about with this man the head coach of the los angeles chargers they are three and two after a narrow victory in cleveland that got a lot of people talking so we're very appreciative of the head coach joining us in advance of the week six finale against the denver broncos the hc of the lac brandon staley back here on the rich eisenhower how you doing coach i'm doing great rich how are you i am doing well how's my parking spot doing first and foremost is alive and well is um we've got even more endowment for the you know the parking spot we were able to raise even more money in a year and you know the the people willing to donate for your spot is the list is long and distinguished wow i am uh humbled i am humbled i had no idea that campaign was going thank you for but you're well you're a must you're a multitasker i should have been able to expect that i should have been able to expect that well we're trying our best for you bud thank you thank you sir uh what is the challenge presented uh with your team taking on the denver broncos from what you've seen on film so far and been able to prep at this point in time coach yeah i just think that they've got an outstanding team in all three phases rich i think it's a very deep team they've gotten off to a great start on defense you know they had a tremendous defense you know when vixanjio was there who i worked for so a lot of those pieces are in place and i think they were able to add a couple defenders that even make them you know more dangerous and they're going to get healthy here with you know justin simmons coming back who you know is as good of a safety as there is in the nfl so um i think they're very good on defense and they're very good on special teams they've got good team speed um and they've got an outstanding kicker brandon mcmannis uh and then on offense they've got a lot of dangerous weapons you know you start with the quarterback and then the receiving corps uh the runners you know they have an outstanding running back who got hurt gervonta williams which is really unfortunate but um they're trying to find their way on offense but you know all the pieces are there rich to be really dangerous so we see a team that could be very easily uh five and oh um you know they beat san francisco who's you know probably playing as well as anybody right now and pro football and um that was a really tight game and um you know so this is a very very good football team and just when you thought your days of trying to make sure russell wilson doesn't uh succeed twice a year against you were over here you are again um so so now he comes in uh two and three and a team that i'm sure you're aware of has been um beaten up physically and then also just uh 24 7 365 media wise as well what is the challenge with russ in your in your history as well as now what you see in his new circumstances yeah rich um 2018 when i was in chicago we played them and then when i was with the rams we played them three times in one season so i've got a healthy dose of this guy and then the guys that i used to work for you know vixanjio ed donatell those guys used to see him two or three times a year when they were in san francisco so um you know he's a dangerous player every snap um you know a big play can happen you know he's outstanding deep ball thrower um you know really good in the gotta have it situations you know in terms of third down red area two minute uh and you know you gotta respect the resume in terms of all the big games and all the big environments he's been in uh so again an outstanding player and i think the best is to come for him and and that's certainly what we expect on monday night what's your two cents on whether a team's due or not right i mean they're two and three they've been struggling in the red zone significantly as i'm sure you've seen on film what what is your your sense when you get a team that's been struggling at something so significantly over a season and then you've got to face them yeah rich i mean i think you got to go process over a result i mean nathaniel where he came from in green bay they were one of the top red zone teams you know in the world you know when we played him in 2020 in the playoffs they were about ready to set an nfl record for touchdown percentage you know so he comes from a very you know high pedigree in that field zone and then russell on his you know experience has been an outstanding red red zone quarterback so they're just they're at the beginning there you know they're brand new uh and they're figuring it out and so uh you just gotta go off you know the people that they have and uh what can happen you know not what's happened but what can happen and um you know again we're gonna have our work cut out for us on on monday night chargers head coach brandon staley here on the rich isin show getting ready for monday night football let's talk about your quarterback and look i i'm sure you didn't know in that kansas city game just how significantly um justin herbert was hurt and i'm sure you had your sense of it when he turned down the opportunity to run for a first down on third and short leading to a fourth down situation for you having to go for it and um then he uncorked one of the most beautiful throws i've ever seen ever and i know i said ever twice yeah you're you're a former quarterback yourself what do you think of when you watch that kid in that moment that i just referred to right there i think you know it was a real chance for him in front of the entire world to to prove just how tough he is and how fierce of a competitor he is i think when the outside sees justin they just see the beautiful player and they see all the things that he's capable of but uh it's probably the first time in his career where he can really show you know that that makeup that he has that i think is by far his best trait and um leading us in that game and um making sure we had a chance at the end of the game if we get you know uh that on-site kick um but you know first teammates to see him that way and then for them to have seen him uh in the days and weeks since then um go out there on the practice field and and continue to compete and continue to improve um it sets the example for everybody any thoughts of sitting him out because of his injury at any point in time coach you know the jacksonville week was a tough week because it was truly day by day we didn't really know how he was going to feel because he was feeling for things for the first time so we tried to manage that week the best we could uh to try and get him you know in a spot where he could be ready to play uh and i felt like towards the end of the week um we truly didn't know what was going to happen in that in that game um and then you know towards the end of the week towards saturday kind of felt like hey i can i can go give this a go um and he gave it a go and i think since that game what we've done is we've got a lot better at you know managing the week and i think he's been able to get the practice time he's been able to get the rest and the recovery um and he's played really well since so i think we're just you know continuing to you know make sure that every day that you know he's getting closer to being right it's still going to take some time but um i think we've gotten better at it as we've gone and um he's been a stud the whole way he sure has i mean he just looks like no worse to wear but uh and i know i'm asking a head coach in the nfl about an injury so my apologies but i mean it is your quarterback and it is quite a significant injury one would think for someone who throws he's still there is a lingering effect that you have to manage with this yeah i mean i think uh you know the nature of that injury with the rib cartilage it's going to be present for a bit um i think you know i'm not going to speak for justin ever because you know every day is a different day you know it's uh you go out there in the nfl and you're gonna you know experience some hits and stuff but i think the last two games he's he's been he's made it out um you know really safe and he's been able to practice you know because of it and you know i think he's he's such a smart player and i think that that's also something when you're playing with something he just he keeps himself out of harm's way um because of how accurate he is the quickness of his decisions and his pocket presence his feel of the game so um that's also an advantage so you're not you're not exposing yourself to unnecessary hits but um just more than anything like i said it's just the example he sets for everybody on the team and um i think it's been awesome for the uh for the world to see just just how tough of a customer he is a few minutes left with the brandon staley head coach of the los angeles chargers here on the rich isin show i don't usually fish for a compliment but i'm going to do it right now if you don't mind coach are you are you impressed of how long it's taken for me to bring up your decision making in cleveland are you impressed by the fact that i've held off this long well i think that you know you're one of those guys that's going to you know save the best for last well yeah and really kind of create a uh you know sort of a crescendo um and and really end the you know end the conversation with a bang yeah i appreciate uh you giving me the compliment i fished for coach i really really do you're a giver um what so i mean i feel like we've had this conversation before with your decision to go for it on fourth down more than not uh can you walk me through what you were thinking uh in that game in cleveland coach please yeah just similar to uh the week before in houston we felt like um you know our offense was rolling felt like we had really good matchups and you know they were out of timeouts and we really felt like you know we could end the game right there and we had the matchup that we wanted um we had the ball in the person's hands that we wanted and um you know we were on the road and it was a really tough game um all the way through the fourth quarter was really tough and um we wanted to finish the game with the ball and that's what i was thinking um and if it didn't go down i felt like we could cover them uh because i felt like we had covered them in the passing game um and i had faith that you know if we didn't make it that we could get the stop and their kicker um had had an up and down season to that point uh and i felt like giving the ball to justin and trying to locate mike that that was the best decision for our team so what are you thinking as kade york is teeing it up coach what goes through your head yeah it was tight i was you know really happy with how our defense played in that circumstance i felt like our guys competed we knew that we had to play tight coverage we knew we needed to rush the quarterback well making sure that he didn't scramble because he had made some loose plays in that game and i thought our guys executed and um you know you know that uh that that's what was going to be required in order to keep them out of you know keep them out of the end zone keep them uh from making that kick so um we made a couple big plays defensively um and you know it was one of those you know awesome road wins as a team sure and uh you look you're you're a savvy guy you're a head coach in the nfl you know you're going to be second guessed and certainly on the spot as you were uh including a member of your own team and a significant one as well i mean keenan allen tweeted out as it was happening wtf are we doing uh have you had a conversation with keenan about this i have yeah of course i have um you know the very next day so um keenan i as i've told you uh every time i've gone on the show and i know that you've spoken to keenan um you know he's as close i'm as closest with him as anybody on our football team since i've become the head coach so um you know i think that uh i'll keep that conversation between us okay i know that um i know how keenan feels about the chargers i know how he feels about me and um you know it's one of those things where i'm sure you're going to get the chance to ask him live but um i know that uh we're a lot closer because of it um i know that you know competition that's that's part of the game um and he wishes he was out there and you know like i said you can you can talk to him about all that stuff but i know that um you know i don't i don't question keenan allen and where his heart is and um how he feels about me or this team uh and you know that that's just part of competition and um you know i think that uh as you're seeing uh every single week i'm not alone the other 31 coaches in the league are going through the exact same thing and as part of why sports is so special and um you know i'm always going to take full responsibility for for what happens well maybe when i have keenan on let's say a month from now it won't come up because you'll be on like a six game winning streak what about that well hey you know we i don't think that uh with keenan and i uh we don't have anything to hide and and i think that um you know i think that as you know with keenan he keeps it as real as anybody in the league and you know he's one of the favorite my most favorite guys that i've ever coached so i'm just happy that he's uh one day closer to being back out there for us and um you know he's going to be a big reason why um we have a special year i was just positively manifesting which is what i do and return in kind for somebody who gives me the compliment i was fishing for that's the quid and the pro and the quo right there right there all in one thank you for the time coach i really appreciate it thanks for having me always always that's brandon staley the head coach of the los angeles chargers who are about to host the broncos on monday night football and you can listen to the nfl in the nfl app on the odyssey app on via westwood one station streams or by asking alexa to open westwood one sports sponsored by autozone in the uh middle of that interview uh john carlos stanton uh facing a 3-1 count watched ball four hit the mitt of the guardians catcher and the home plate umpire called his strike i mean it was way low he made uh quite the gesture and uh yankee dugout exploded and then the next pitch stanton hit out of the yard for a two-run shot so that actually would was beneficial hot take also oh careful you see he called hot take so that's why that trumps you sorry yeah that's why stop okay this is totally ludicrous okay but the the cleveland manager should be able to challenge to retroactively have that call the ball i mean they'd rather have first and second two outs with josh johnson up this second thought good idea good idea good idea chris we'll run that up the flag pole i was just gonna say what you i don't know conveniently or inconveniently left out of that story was your reaction well i had no i had no reaction i was in interviewing a head coach of the national football league you looked over you looked over when brandon's picture came up full screen i'll just tell the people and it happened and you kind of mouth some words that we can't say on thank you that's all i'm saying tj i'm a professional not helping not helping i'm just saying okay um let's get to it it's a list no i got a list i got a top five list the music's on it's great top five list i've got the top five games of week number six there are so many good ones okay you just made the list let's go number five on the list and by the way uh i'm gonna let you know how important these games are not just not just by my commentary but where they rank on my power rankings list as well another list that i like to do right now yeah another list i like to do is it syracuse nc state nope it's number five no these are all professional oh you didn't do both i mean i did not do both there's two huge college games i get it so we talked about those yesterday gm here we go week six that's my list top five games of week six six here we go number five on the list battle of three and twos winner goes to four and two loser goes to 500 and if the home team goes to 500 that would be far more significant that would mean a five alarm fire breaking out amongst their unrelaxed fan base they would need a cup of ayahuasca if the jets come into lambo field and improved to four and two it's zack who says he grew up emulating aaron rogers in aaron rogers house whose house did gyre alexander when he said that he believed in the defense now but not if they lost the next game did he start manifesting negatively uh-oh can the jets walk into lambo field with breeze hall and garrett wilson and sauce gardner and germaine johnson and the rest of that stellar draft class and shock the packers fresh back from their loss to another new york team in london i will be tuned in for gang green versus green bay in lambo field number four on the list we will find out the value of a ping-pong table with the miami dolphins 10th on my power ranking list against the team that is not yet ranked much to the chagrin and his dismay of my colleagues here in studio the the four-in-one minnesota vikings who could easily be one and four but but they're not they're not four and one i just see a team and i see a team in the dolphins that can win this football game and dare i say despite tyreek hill purchasing a new ping-pong table in a walking boot where the third string quarterback starting dare i say this team miami should win this game what yes it's your third quarterback playing i get it i like mike mcdaniel and i cannot lie that's number four on my list vikings at dolphins number three on the list a six versus seven in my power ranking list how about the new york giants at four and one hosting the three and two afc north leading baltimore ravens how about the ravens fresh off that win at home against the cincinnati bangles with justin tucker splitting the uprights and when i say that based on the math and i guess the metrics it literally did split the uprights like you can measure where a ball splits the uprights and how it is in the middle justin tucker and the ravens coming in off of that win taking on a giants team everybody's waiting for the other shoe to drop on the giants what if that other shoe doesn't drop what if they drop it right on lamar jackson what if that happens i would be pretty surprised you know we will see we will see what a big game this is between the afc north leading baltimore ravens and for the giants to basically go into the clubhouse at five and one and kick back and watch the cowboys and eagles beat each other up that would be pretty nice are you really gonna pick the giants i'm just talking about i know but i'm asking you who you're picking i don't know yet i'm thinking about it though i'm thinking about it number two on the list is a sunday night football game cowboys and eagles two versus five on my power ranking list two hosting five i think this is self-explanatory yeah and this game would be number one because it's the lone remaining undefeated team in philadelphia taking on a cowboys team that is starting cooper rush again with everything going on with the starting quarterback and the possibility growing and growing and growing that the cowboys say is not growing of what to do when dak is healthy that would be number one on the list if it were not for the rematch between the game of the year last year and potentially you'd have to say if you made a list of top five playoff games that i've watched covered discussed in the 19 years i've been with nfl network 19 soon to be you know my 20th year this is my 20th season um it would be the bills and chiefs and the bills watch the chiefs make the super bowl a couple years ago in arrowhead and that's that famed photograph of stefan digs standing out on the field in his uniform watching the celebration of the lamar hunt trophy being awarded to the hunt family's team and then last year when the bills had them beat with gabe davis going nuts and both quarterbacks going back and forth and 13 seconds left on the clock and we all know that the bills wish they had squibbed kicked that baby because it was better than the alternative can't wait for this one that's number one on the list so what's up is that it is not need one more thank you thank you all right the ed o'neill george glooney double dip all right here's the one more here's the one more how about the two and three cardinals at the two and three seahawks that is really sneaky how about the winner of this game goes to three 500 at three and three in the nfc west to stay one would assume behind a 49ers team that has a supposedly winnable game in atlanta although they're banged up on defense going into that one and atlanta's been sneaky competitive this year but the winner of this game goes to 500 and what if it's arizona that means they split the games without diondre hopkins is their last game of diondre hopkins's suspension or will they wind up going two and four in those games and geno and the seahawks go to three and three and another interesting aspect of this game is the start times up in the air it would start at its normal time of one o'clock pacific if the mariners somehow don't pitch to your don alvarez if they get your don alvarez out in game three there would be a game four and that start time would be pushed to 230 pacific 530 eastern the rare new window of nfl games so that's an interesting aspect of this one and when it's going to be played and of course kylo murray against this speedy defense and you know i think the winner of this game has a good chance of making the playoffs uh well look they certainly um keep themselves afloat right in the division and put themselves in the mix of hanging around for a playoff spot absolutely no doubt i agree with you you'd rather be three and three than two and four especially when the rams lose to the panthers and certainly with the with the cardinals you know with the cardinals and the cardinals have performed better away from their stadium than home so i just want to make sure i got something right you did you did six on a top five well i did i did one more yes okay i okay just just just make sure i had that right do you need a hug man no i'm just saying now he wants the he wants the same energy from this side of the room yeah my guy this guy acts like i'm committing like federal felony it's a top five there shouldn't be more than five on okay but you didn't say a word when he did it well he didn't say this is part of my top five he didn't put it i'm just saying he didn't just say how about not saying anything to either of us it's five there's only five are you ready you want to do you want to do your fantasy when we come back nah i'll wait for the end of hour three yeah well we're gonna be up against it i feel like let's do it yeah we'll do it next i'll take brother jefferson's quite ready okay there you go all right phone calls 844-204-rich number to dial when we come back right here on the rich isin show 844-204-rich number to dial here on the rich isin show 2000 2008 2022 and it comes to the economy these are some scary years dot com crash housing crash and then whatever the hell we're going through right now over 31 000 businesses however have the confidence and clarity they need because they rely on net suite by oracle the number one cloud financial system it is a dangerous time to not know your numbers and net suite gives you visibility and control of your financials inventory hr planning and budgeting so you can manage risk get reliable forecasts and improve margins everything you need all in one place so how do you prepare for uncertain times the answer is simple it is net suite that's why 93 percent of customers say they improve their visibility and control when they upgraded to net suite what are you waiting for right now net suite is offering a one-of-a-kind flexible financing program head to slash rich radio right now slash rich radio slash rich radio 28th anniversary of pulp fiction in theaters near you i'm just coming up with a poll what's the best scene the watch the best scene for me there's there's if i if i could give you four just off the top of my head the best scene in best scenes in pulp fiction are christopher walkins soliloquy the watch that sets up that sets up and where he it's just him it's his one scene him on camera delivering a soliloquy to young bruce willis about about the meaning of this watch and oh my gosh it's that's my favorite scene in pulp fiction the second my second most favorite scene is the moment that bruce willis gets into a car accident all the way through to what goes down in the in the basement of zed's shop the gimp the gimp correct bring out the gimp which that could be one scene in itself but it's just you can't have right that's the whole yeah that's the whole thing yeah yeah where he runs over marcellus if you will he sees him at the yeah bruce willis that that's number two the whole number three is you know i i think if you had to choose a sam jackson it is the one with frank wally right okay yeah well so kind of the opening and kind of right okay right so not the diner you guys want the diner one got the big brains on bread you know yeah the big brain on bread okay that's a good one kahuna burger about the wolf and cleaning the car the wolf and cleaning that whole scene i mean it's a good one i shot marvin i shot marvin in the face it's not it's not it's not it doesn't compare to the other crackling intensity the other one would be um uh oma therman needing the shot give her the shot give it a shot oh okay that's better than the wolf stuff yes yeah i would all right i mean that's intense oma dancing in the shot i like the wolf's line the shot give it a shot and then with uh eric stoltz give him the shot big brain on brad i like the don i like the scene in uh in the jackrabbits i mean when they're in there and they're ordering the the steak oh the royale with cheese no no no no they're ordering it's got a five dollar shake oh i don't know i mean those that that's mirthful i'm talking about pulp fiction where it just absolutely crackles like quentin tarantino at his finest this is a great soundtrack to that movie that the uh reservoir dogs is another reservoir dogs is great obviously you know marcellus marcellus tell him butch how he had to lay down for the fight yes when they were in the bar and he just was like that's a good one that's just pride messing with your mind right can i be can i tell everybody something that's just real quick that is that is a great scene rich and i had a moment where i was working for at&t and i thought i might like leave this job and so i had a meeting and i was offered another job and i came back to you and you were in the green room and you were like how'd it go and i was like well they told me this they told me that but i'm not sure and you looked at me and you went that's pride messing with your head isn't it and i'll never forget us having that conversation and that kind of made me go yeah i don't want to leave so i ended up that's just pride messing with your mind yeah you told you to take a dive did i tell you to you essentially told me don't take the dive right you know bro i'll never forget us having you might not remember but i'll never forget i remember i remember because that's truly one of my favorite lines in a movie you know and that is a great scene that is a hell of a scene and ving rames is amazing but if you had it like the greatest tarantino movie character oh to me oh jeez it's hard no i i think it's a no it's a it's a it's a it's a clear-cut winner really yes you know it's kristoff waltz in inglorious bastards he won the oscar for it and that character he's great kristoff waltz plays it you know what's crazy is i had a grab bag top five of my five favorite tarantino characters i never got around to and yeah that hit me oh my gosh that character was he speaks fluent german french and italian i mean in that one scene where he's calling out brad pitt who clearly doesn't speak german and italian i mean my gosh hey bonjourno all right let's get to it bill belicheck's latest exchange involving matt jones's availability is in fact this day's edition of today's bill belicheck press conference go today's bill belicheck press conference moment oh we prefer to win can you tell us if he's been cleared or is that to kind of fall upon chilsey's question is that something that wouldn't happen until saturday you know it could happen anytime okay there's no like deadline on that the injury report is the injury report there's a deadline on that there's a classification on that and that's what we follow internally we can do whatever we want based on information not do whatever we want but based on the information that's available we can make you know make any determination that's appropriate but no i'm not going into like what we have internally we talk about the players and all that and no we're not definitely that's definitely not doing that feel you forget about that put that file that i'll go right there i appreciate that i really do i sincerely appreciate the opportunity to to talk about max medical status but i'll skip that i'll pass on but thank you for the opportunity and you guys think bill is like oh he's just messing with you guys you think bill has hired a writer no that was really smart yeah he does himself appreciate the opportunity because now he knows he's got to bring it every day now he loves it someone asked him about day to day too he was just like i think i've done that already day by day as well don't forget his god spell phase of september i still think that was top of the food chain but these are all great you're right they're all great bella check press conference member and by the way he speaks a lot and brock he's available just think we'd be missing out on this let's go sarah tiana let's go is in studio hour three and what's more likely when we come back still here on roku still on roku all right so hit that uh hit that pole is that what's the best scene in pulp fiction uh the walk and watch the walking woman dancing and the shot big shot give a shot big brain on brett and bring out the gimp bring out the game game sleeping camp sleeping we'll wake him up wake him up that is just um quite something that scene zan wants to see the godfather oh i think he's 14 yeah i think i i think that i think that's fine yeah because there's only one like you know questionable no there's killings and well i mean that's the toll booth scene is a little dude it's a you know the horse's head i mean oh yeah that looks so fake i can't imagine it was a real horse though i know but i'm saying if you look at it i can't imagine the kid today i gotta tell you this i gotta tell you this all right i hit it with a retweet um he's got to have already seen worse on tiktok he's or he's had oh yeah that's probably true i don't know if there's horse heads on dude tiktok you're not on it i am no he sees it he's not posting for us why wouldn't you if you're on it why don't you do it do you know what an opportunity we're missing not to sound like my 14-year-old i posted on yeah really we don't get a whole lot of views on tiktok that's because we're maybe you need to tend that garden a little bit more well tiktok is fertilized tiktok's a lot of like original stuff we're we're just putting clips that's fine well i'm saying that's probably right back in a moment ross matthews talks to celebrities friends and people with interesting stories to tell who's saying hello ross this week chelsea handler i'm not home enough to have a third dog my housekeeper basically is their parent i am not going to get another dog so that she has to take care of another dog until one of these dogs exits it's a good move i have three rescue dogs and only two hands and when you're one person that's too hard to do i recommend two max okay here's your foot ross hello ross available on youtube or wherever you listen
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