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REShow: Bill Hader - Hour 3 (6-2-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 2, 2022 3:14 pm

REShow: Bill Hader - Hour 3 (6-2-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 2, 2022 3:14 pm

Rich reacts to Ryan Fitzpatrick announcing his retirement and chronicles the often-thrilling NFL career of the journeyman backup QB, and makes the case for Frank Gore, who also announced his retirement today, to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Two-time Emmy Award-winning actor/comedian Bill Hader tells Rich that the dark (but still hilarious) season 3 of HBO’s ‘Barry’ will get even darker, says why Henry Winkler might be the nicest person on planet earth, and reveals that he and the rest of the ‘Barry’ cast and crew are 100% obsessed with the Tommy Pham-Joc Pederson story like the rest of us. 

Rich weighs in on Tua Tagovailoa getting salty with the media when defending his status as the Miami Dolphins’ franchise quarterback, and reacts to Mike Trout addressing his role in the now infamous Tommy Pham-Joc Pederson fantasy football slap heard round the sports world .

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Upgrade today by calling 877-ASK-DELL, that's 877-ASK-DELL, to save up to 48% on our latest technology. So, Saban spoke... This is the Rich Eisen Show. the media yesterday. I didn't really say that anybody did anything wrong. Is Jimbo lying?

I have no problem with Jimbo at all. The Rich Eisen Show. He said he bought the players.

Saban said some sort of national leveling of the playing field on NIL. Earlier on the show, veteran NBA reporter Mark Stein. NBA on TNT analyst Kenny Smith. Coming up, from HBO's Barry, actor Bill Hader.

Plus, your phone calls, latest news and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Well, this is going to be a fun hour. I know it. I can feel it. I feel it in my bones. And I don't usually come on, you know, hour three and say stuff like that. Hour two, maybe.

But... I feel it. I feel it. We've got Bill Hader coming up in 20 minutes. And his show, Barry, is directing a lot of these episodes.

It has gotten darker and darker, but still has a sense of humor about it. And he is coming up in just a couple of minutes' time. 20 minutes, to be exact, to talk about the season three finale that's coming up next week. This terrific HBO program, Barry. Bill Hader is joining us shortly.

And if you missed anything, slash Rich Eisen Show for anything that you may have missed. So, a lot is in fact happening, because there's many camps all over the place in the NFL. And we haven't really hit on some of that. And later on in this hour, Tua has spoken today.

Oh. And it seems like Tua's getting a little salt in his diet, which is great. I saw Mike McDaniel spoke today. Yeah, a little salt in his diet.

A little salt in his diet. Okay. I'm here for that. That's coming up later on in this hour. Also, Mike Trout spoke. Commissioner Mike Trout has spoken. I'm like, should his nickname now be the Commissioner? The Commish. The Commish. Commissioner Trout has spoken.

Let's go. Commissioner Trout's team, which has suddenly hit a major swoon, is playing right now. And Otani has been taken deep by Matt Carpenter, who's been a terrific addition for the Yankees, and Glebert Torres, down 2-0 as Cy Young Award candidate, and he damn straight is. Nestor Cortez is on the mound for the Yankees today in a double dip. Could you imagine you're a Yankee fan or a New York fan, diehard Otani fan, and you have tickets to a game on Wednesday night, and it gets rained out, and it's like, hey, Thursday 1 o'clock. Thursday day. Thursday day.

You've got to go see him now. At any rate, so we'll hit on all outs, so there's a lot to pack into this third hour, especially since there's been some news breaking in the NFL. Two retirements today in the NFL, two very popular players, one of whom's going to the Hall of Fame.

We'll have that conversation in a second. If there was a Hall of Fame for excitement, based on excitement alone, pure adulation, a remarkable, remarkable stretch of football that this man played in the NFL for nine different teams. Unreal. That this man played at a level that not only was fascinating and interesting, but also unprecedented in terms of the number of opportunities he kept getting. If he was on your team and you were starting quarterback, you've got to have your head on a swivel, because this guy was going to get the start at some point. And his name is Ryan Fitzpatrick. He has announced his retirement from the NFL 2005 is when he first burst onto the scene out of Harvard.

In the same way that Matthew Stafford and Clayton Kershaw were teammates, went to the same high school as Drew Brees, all those facts that you keep hearing over and over and over again. Right up at the top there is Ryan, did you know Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard? No way. Yeah.

Like the Harvard? Yes. Oh, really? Yes. I had no idea.

Jerome Bettis is from Detroit. And this guy came in from Harvard absolutely firing and firing into windows he had no business thrown into. And certainly somebody smart enough to get into Harvard should know not to throw into those windows. Right.

Right. Don't make those passes. But man did he kept making those passes. Showed up and he was with St. Louis with the Rams back in the day. Fresh face rookie out of Harvard. Look at him. There he is. Doesn't even look like him.

That's Ryan Fitzpatrick, people. You could never pick that guy out of Ohio. By the way, if you gave me a hundred bucks, I would not guess that that was him.

No, of course not. There he is. Never seen that picture. There he is. And then look at that kid out of Harvard. He does look like Goodwill hunting, although he went to MIT.

There you go. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Department of Economics out of Harvard University, went to the St. Louis Rams and then stopped for two years in Cincinnati and then showed up in Buffalo, New York. And he was there for four years. And then at some point he got the chance to start. He got a chance to start. He played. He started all 16 games for the 2011 and 2012 Buffalo Bills. Best record though was six and 10. Tennessee Titans collected him then played one year there.

You bet. He started nine games, got a shot there. Went three and six. Then he went to the Houston Texans. You wound up starting 12 games there.

It's just amazing. He goes to a spot and you think, okay, he's our backup or he's our guy. We can, he can get you a few games here and there. And then he, he starts exactly what happened when he showed up at the Jets. That was Gino Smith's team until Gino apparently owed somebody some money and IK and Empale rearranged his jaw and suddenly who's the starting quarterback? Ryan Fitzpatrick. And who started winging it around and gave the Jets a chance at the playoffs?

Ryan Fitzpatrick. And he went 10 and six for those Jets in 2015. Then the Jets try to run it back with him and went three and eight in his 11 starts the next year. So the Bucks said, let's get him.

Bucks said, let's get him. And the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wound up giving him 10 starts over two years. And that's when we began to truly fall in love with this guy because he would come up with 500 yard passing games and then show up to postgame press conferences looking like Conor McGregor. He goes for it, man, with the shades and the beard and then as much hair on his chest than his beard. And we find out, you know, his family life. He's got tons of kids.

He's a fun dad and he's just going out there living his best life. Then the Bucks move on from him. He goes to Miami.

Okay. What's he going to do there? Well, crush it. Like only he can. He wound up going there. There he is showing up in the pandemic looking like, again, an hourglass, right?

You can't tell which is the top, which is the bottom with his hair and his beard. That's pretty funny. And he was showing two of the ropes, right? They even had to turn. They even had to turn back to him. They turned aside from him to give Tua the gig, even though Tua hadn't quote unquote earned it, but he was Tua and they drafted him in the top, you know, five. So they had to go to him and they did and Fitz was there as the consummate professional.

At one point, they even turned back to him later in the season when Tua was struggling. And then he got a shot with the Washington football team and I thought like this was it, man. He set up and get one more chance, showed up at training camp his first day with this incredible blackboard, like he was going to kindergarten first day of year 17, his teacher is Mr. Rivera, 38 years old, he's 74 inches tall. His friends are Terry and Curtis as in McLaurin and Samuel.

Happy first day indeed. And then he got hurt and never played again after one start with the Washington football team. That's it, got hurt and that's the end of that. And we will not see the last of him. I hear he's going to Amazon, that's where I hear he's going. I think we're going to see him on Thursday nights. I think he's going to be great.

And he's going to be a lot of fun and I just hope his opinions are like those missiles he would throw into tight windows. And I think fans dig him, they love him, he's a likable guy with a head on his shoulders and a big future ahead of him and I say to Ryan Fitzpatrick, good luck sir, thanks for everything. The last we saw of Ryan Fitzpatrick at an NFL game was in Buffalo in the stands during the wildcard boat racing of the New England Patriots with his shirt off. And fans digging it and every man, a Harvard man, a man who just kept getting opportunity after opportunity and did what he could best with it and gave us so many thrills, so many incredible games, so many wonderful performances, a fantasy football darling for many years.

Welcome to Ryan Fitzpatrick, we'll see you on TV next. Frank Gore is signing a one day contract with the San Francisco 49ers to finally retire from the NFL and the next time you see the inconvenient truth, I nicknamed him, which is what I gave him that nickname, this is way back in the day when he was running for the 49ers and the Al Gore documentary The Inconvenient Truth was in theaters near you and very popular and Frank was crushing it for the Niners and I was doing the game day highlights show with Mooch and Dion on NFL network, The Inconvenient Truth, he was exactly that, came off the campus at Miami, you take a look at the top ten running back list, the most prolific rushers in the history of the National Football League and Frank Gore is above Barry Sanders and beneath Walter Payton with exactly 16,000 rushing yards. Emmett's in the hall, Walter's in the hall, Barry Sanders is fourth on the list, is in the hall, Adrian Peterson's going to the hall, Curtis Martin is in the hall, Ladanian Tomlinson is in the hall, Jerome Bettis is in the hall, Eric Dickerson's in the hall, Tony Dorsett's in the hall, Frank Gore's going to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and in case anybody's out there and I am talking to the man across the studio from us here, I know you don't want to do it again and certainly on a day like this but you do give voice to a lot of people who feel like he's just a stat compiler, he's just stuck around for very long and what did he really do?

Here are two accomplishments, you say well what was the game that stood out? Unfortunately when you lose the Super Bowl it doesn't stand out for you but Frank Gore in the Super Bowl in New Orleans on the 3rd of February 2013 in the Superdome against the Baltimore Ravens, 19 rushes for 110 yards and a score. It's entirely possible if Kaepernick does find Crabtree in the end zone and Jim is the Harbaugh who wins that day and not John, it's entirely possible Frank Gore could have been in the mix for the most valuable player of that game. Kaepernick probably would have won it, I don't know Ravens fans would have said the most valuable person of the game was whoever purposefully unplugged the Superdome from the New Orleans electrical grid as Ray Lewis to this day still contends. Kaepernick had a nice game that day, 300 yards and 60 rushing and a touchdown. He might have been the MVP and then I have a whole different conversation about that too. Oh he definitely would have been MVP with the weird Chris.

But Frank had a heck of a day. He did, he actually had a good playoff run. He did indeed and then there's this particular statistic that I got from the NFL network when I asked who was the oldest player to rush for a thousand yards in a season, John Riggins and John Henry Johnson, both in the Hall of Fame, each had thousand yard rushing seasons in their age 35 season, how about that, Riggins in 84 had 1239 rush yards and John Henry Johnson had just over a thousand yards, 1048 in 1964. Only two other running backs have had a thousand yard rushing yards in their age 31 season or older since 2010, Adrian Peterson had a 1042 in his age 33 season in 2018 and Frank Gore led the Colts in rushing in 2016 when he was 33 with 1025 rushing yards and in 2014 he was 31 and he had a 1006 rushing yards.

Age 34. Correct, in 2014 he was 31 and he was age 34, correct, in Indianapolis when he had 961 rush yards, 33 had 1025. I mean could you imagine, the question is will we ever see a thousand yard rushing season from somebody age 33 again? Not the way they're running through any backs these days, Richard. Running the ball is just not as emphasized.

We might not see it again, so. That stat alone shouldn't get you in the hole. I know that but you put it all together, 16,000 rush yards is no joke, man, honestly, Emmett Walter, I know, but he doesn't want to go there again, he says he doesn't want to go there again. He thinks Ryan Fitzpatrick should be in the Hall of Fame. Ryan Fitzpatrick has had a more memorable career than Frank Gore. Yeah, I gotta be honest, when you were giving your Ryan Fitzpatrick soliloquy and saying all the excitement, I threw 223 touchdowns and 169 picks.

He never started over 14 games. I'm not saying he should be in the Hall of Fame in a million years, I don't agree with him by any stretch of the imagination. I think you were romanticizing the guy a little bit. No, I mean, look, in the day and age where there's conversation like this on shows like this, there's social media where you now see immediately what people say right after a game or look like right after a game, and you see people having fun. There's less fun sometimes. You know, we live in a day and age where a guy shows up with a backwards ball cap and a phone going to a postgame show, and he goes on his show the next day and says that's indicative of somebody not taking the job seriously. Like that's the world we live in, like heart attack funny, right? And then Fitz shows up and he's got chest hair and beard and all that stuff and a track suit and whatever.

So of course you're going to, that's fun. There's not enough of that and it's endearing. Frank Gore never showed us any personality in his career. Frank is a different guy. He's just a different cat from a different spot, different place, different lot in life. And what he's done with his life is unbelievable. And in terms of football and what you put down on the field and in the record books, this guy is a surefire hall of famer and should make it five years from today. So I view him. Let's take a break.

Bill Hader of Barry. When we come back on HBO on the Rich Eisen Show, this will be fun. Don't go anywhere. Does your antiperspirant keep you dry all day? Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on instantly dry for a cleaner feel and offers 48 hours sweat and odor protection. Let me repeat that, 48 hours of sweat and odor protection. Use it and don't even think about it. Also Dove Men Dry Spray contains Dove's unique one quarter moisturizing cream that helps protect your skin.

Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray, goes on dry, clean feel all day. We're back here on the Rich Eisen Show here on NBC Sports on Peacock, NBC Sports Audio Sirius XM Channel 85, our Odyssey app, the Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio listeners coast to coast. Love this guy, man. Love his television show, even though it's gotten very, very dark this year. It's as terrific a program as there is on television. It's called Barry.

And it airs Sundays at 10 p.m. Eastern on HBO, available for streaming on HBO Max the next day as well. And then also, by the way, we had Steven Rude on just a few weeks ago. Correct? He plays Fuchs.

Correct. And we have Henry Winkler on next week. That's how it shows you how much we love this program.

The Primetime Emmy Award winner for lead actor in this very comedy series, Twice Over, is back here on the Rich Eisen Show, Bill Hader. How you been, Bill? Hey. How are you guys? Pretty good.

How was that introduction? Did I get it verbatim as I got it from your people? Did I get that right? Yeah.

Just so you know, the show gets way darker. Oh, my God. So here's the deal.

I've got three small children. Well, that's so small. Yeah. Oh, they should not be watching. Well, that's what I'm saying.

They should not be anywhere near it. They're 13, 11, and 8. So my wife and I have to make sure that they're not only in bed, but staying in bed, and they're way out before it. So we're through episode four of this season. Oh, okay.

Okay. So I'm a couple behind, but I can already sense, though, that— It just gets so much worse. Well, I can sense that Midnight is kind of struck for Barry in terms of trying to live this double life.

It's just not working out anymore. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it gets way worse.

I mean, that's the funny thing. When the season finale, we have this very nice guy who's a colorist on the episodes, which is in post-production, and he said, you know, usually it takes me a day with only these episodes, but the finale took him a couple of days because he kept on having to take breaks. Really? It was too intense. I said, oh, I'm sorry. Yeah. Okay. Because there are some moments, again, where it looks like you've got to go to a particularly dark place. I mean, how are you getting to that place, Bill?

Do I have to be generally concerned? I don't know. Oh, no. I mean, I just hear playing the character, and, you know, it's only a matter of time, before the guy, everything starts coming to a head, you know? So it was always, I feel like since the series started, what you're seeing has always been underneath. And I think when we started writing season three, it was like, okay, now this stuff can all start coming to the surface because he's cornered, you know? So you're kind of seeing the real guy, but, yeah, people going, oh, Barry's so mean, and he's so awful, and I'm going, well, he's kind of always been this way.

He killed his best friend, you know, for doing nothing, you know, in the first season. I mean, you know, he's not a good guy. Well, and I kind of like sometimes, too, Bill, the commentary on this town and this business as well that lurks and bubbles beneath the surface and sometimes pops up that a psychotic psychopath could be a successful actor in this town and get gigs and get parts. And then, you know, I've been enjoying just a little stroll down history of, again, the Henry Winkler character, the acting coach, now former acting coach in Mr. Cousineau running into other people from his acting career who despise him, including Joe Mantegna.

That was a great little cameo. He is a great guy. He's in episode five as well, and he's the greatest guy, huge Cubs fan. We just talked about the Cubs and just one of the nicest guys on the planet. You know, he played golf with Michael Jordan once, and I got to ask him about that, and he just, you know, he was like, can I improvise, and I said, yeah, you know, do as you want.

He goes, you know, doing all those mammoth plays, you can't change a word. And I was like, oh, right, you originated, you know, Richard Rama and Glengarry Linn-Ross. I mean, the guy is, you know, a legend, you know, so we were really excited to have him there. Was he ever, did you meet him on SNL? Did you guys go back to him? No, no, the first time I ever met him was when I called him and said, would you be interested in playing yourself?

Because, you know, a lot of actors don't want to play themselves, which is totally understandable. And he, you know, I was like, are you comfortable with this? And he was, yeah, sure, yeah, I'll do it. And so that, why'd you choose Joe Mantegna?

How did that come about? It kind of was perfect. You know, Sherry Thomas, our casting director, we had this part, we said, it'd be great if you ran into somebody that Kuzno came up with who made it, you know, and we had a list of people and on that list was Joe Mantegna, and we just went, yeah, Joe Mantegna, he'd be amazing.

And would he do it? And then he was so game and so, played it so real, you know, he didn't try to push the comedy or anything. And he was really great.

But the restraining order that he needed is not, that's not real, Bill, I mean, you need to restrain. Well, having him, Henry Winkler and Fred Melamed on set one day was just one of the most fun things ever, because those guys have so many stories and they've been around for so long and just been working forever and they were so funny together. So it was just fun having them, those three guys in a scene together. And Bill Hader here on the Rich Eisen Show talking about Barry, Sundays, 10 p.m. Eastern on HBO, you know, I can't get past, even though he's so terrific in this and I do get lost in the scene. So let's not, I'm not telling any terrible tales out of school here, but I mean, this is the Fonz, right?

I mean, like that's the end and all be all. And he's just one of the sweetest people in real life, Henry Winkler. Yeah, he really is so nice. He brings food to the set and there's, you know, wait a minute, he brings his, I go like, Henry, we have a whole craft service truck. And he goes, I know, but Stacy, my wife, she made this cake and I just, the crew has to have just a little piece of it, you know, and he's always, you know, said one time, if you have like a disagreement with him, um, how to play a scene. So we, we've, we had a couple and I go, no, you know, Henry, I really think it's this and it never gets tense. He just kind of states his piece of, I feel like it should be this and I go, I hear you, but I think for the purpose of this, maybe go this way with it and let's try it. You know, just give me a shot this way and just see how it feels and he'll do it.

And then he'll come over to me and hug me and he goes, within your structure is freedom. Sounds like a fortune cookie. Yeah. It was like a fortune cookie.

I was like, right, thank you. That is fantastic. You, uh, you got a good story at all that he's told that, uh, that sticks out in your mind? Well, I will say for happy days, the thing that was wild was we were shooting the ending of season two where he sits up in bed and realizes, you know, the berry, you know, killed the, or that, that Fuchs is saying, Barry killed, um, Janice Moss, his girlfriend. And we're shooting that scene, which is the last shot of the whole season.

And we're trying to make it work. And that was when he chose the moment we were on stage 19 at paramount and he said, you know, this is where we did happy days. And the whole place just went dead. And we went, I said, are you able to say that again because this is where we did happy days and immediately.

What do you think? The first thing everybody said was, was can you turn the lights out by just hitting the wall or something like that? Where's the jukebox?

Where was it? Yeah, exactly. And he goes, Oh, I'll show you. And we took a 45 minute break where everybody just walked around and he walked us and just painted the picture of what the happy days said and goes, I would stand here and then I would get, you know, and this, there's an audience and everything. And we just were like, you know, it's, you know, he, to me, he was television. It was like Mickey Mouse and the funds. Like it was like, as a kid, I was like, Oh, that's like your, your TV. And then there he is and he'll go into Fonzie sometimes.

And when he does, you're just like this, what's happening and I'm his boss, right? What's happening. I believe a different ABC show at the time, but what's happening was a totally different era. Next season on Barry, we're going to get Bill Hader here on the rich Eisen show. So your co-creator and a collaborator on this is Alec Berg, who has a history of terrific comedy from obviously Silicon Valley, most recently, curb, Seinfeld and things of that nature.

I am friendly with him and I said, you were coming on today and I'm like, what should I ask him? And he sent me just one line back on an email, a bill saying, ask him to do his Hawaiian accent. Hawaiian accent? Yes. Oh, what?

Oh, you know what? We have a guy named Gavin Klein Top, who's our first AD, who I love and he's from Hawaii, but forever we thought he was from New York because he talks like, all right guys, here we go. Like he's very blunt and to the point and then you're like, where'd you grow up? And he's like, I grew up on Makalakalaka street.

So yeah, that was a bit that we would do with more of like a New York accent, but being like, Hey, when I grew up on the island, you know, I had no idea that it wasn't that funny. And I apologize that Alec Berg should be a better producer than that, man. No. Yeah. He's a better, uh, yeah, wait, weren't you the one telling me that Alec, when he putts a big telescope? No, what I told you is he, there's a, you know, a device where you can tell on the golf course how far you're currently standing from the flag stick.

I mean, it's, and it's a device that people use after they've driven the ball and they're 200 yards out or 180 yards out and actually does help decide which club to use in order to make sure you get the green. He used it when he's standing 10 feet from the hole. That's when he started, like he's standing there on the edge of the green. He's on the apron right there.

And it's just like 20, it's maybe a 20 foot chip and he's standing there with this. And I just turn, I'm like, really? Like are you really doing like, I only human I've ever seen do that ever. Yeah. He's an interest.

Yeah. He's an interest that, that makes, that totally tracks the thing. Everybody at Barry right now is obsessed with sports really wise, that whole Jack Peterson getting hit. And I don't know if he understands, like, cause I'm friends with John boy, so I keep texting him going, what's happening?

So he texts me stuff and then, uh, Ryan Johnson, the director at like, there's so many vast people, friends of mine who are all, uh, you had sending at, you know, have you seen this? Not even like baseball fans just going like, this is the craziest weirdest thing. And then we all kind of walked, looked at the meme that he sent and we all kind of fascinated like that pissed him off. But bill, I think, I think that the thing that, cause trust me, we have parsed this out.

What am I missing? Like, are you guys surprised by this? We have parsed this out. Like it's the biggest story in the history of sports because it is, by the way, it's not cause it's, we're, we're bored and we're trying to pass the time until football starts. But no, this truly is one of the greatest sports stories of all time because I don't, I don't know what fascinates me more the fact that this was a fantasy football argument and that then a meme within the chat got things sideways or the fact that he's been sitting on this spike for seven months and on site slaps him on site of him, hitting him to me looks like an elementary school fight. And then jock Peterson, when he's showing the thing, he's dressed like a third grader because he's got a knapsack on something very like, and he's so kind of contrite about it and like, I don't know, but here's, and him describing the meme is one of the most surreal and funny things I think I've ever seen. Like it had like Steven Wright delivery, you know, like it had that cadence and sort of underscored aspect, but then the, the hat looking askew, like bazooka Joe is like the lucky head. It really was like, I expected him to take like, you know, a stick in a tire and be like, all right guys, see you later. And then run off like a little, our gang was like, Hey Jack, come on.

And then all of a sudden we find out Mike Trout is the commissioner, like the, one of the most famous baseball players on planet earth. And he's like, I'm out, I don't want to talk about this. Like I can't talk about this. There's nothing better.

It just gets better. It really hits so many facets where you're like, what? Because I, again, I don't know that much about baseball, but I have been asking friends and everybody is just going like, okay, I got to, you know, it's one of the things when you text, Hey, can you explain this Sam Jock fight and it's the next Texas, let me call you. So we handled it the only way we could, which is to come up with the top 10 fantasy team names with the word fam in it to piss him off even more.

We came up, I wouldn't want to make that guy, I know wham, wham, bam. Thank you, fam. Another one was a fam goes the dynamite. That's our favorite one. We did silence of the fans, family feud, Brian Kelly's family. Good. Yep.

If it's bad, if it's basketball jock fams, volume one, I do not like green eggs and fam. We did it all. We did it all.

We just kept going and going. Cause it's too much. It's too good. It's too good. Nervous for you guys.

I don't want to get slapped. The video does look like you're on a playground and you should yell for a teacher or something. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Mrs. Jenkins. So you guys are, you guys are all talking about it and on the power community. It's become the editors, um, post people, writers, uh, our producer who doesn't care anything about baseball. He's just like, did you see this we get to the bottom of this and I was like, this is wild. It sure is, man. Just every step of it is like, if you put it in a comedy, you would go, Oh, but we can't dress him like a third grader.

I mean, this would have to be an acid confess and L was in season. This would have to be exactly, well, you couldn't do it. It's like, it's like it's done. It's like going like, like, you know, cook the Turkey, the cookies, the Turkey's cooking.

You can't improve on it. It's like we're served it. Oh my God. Well, bill, uh, congrats on another amazing season of Barry is there a season four, do you think?

Or what? We're working on a season four right now. And that starts shooting fairly like a couple of months.

Yeah. Well, uh, it's fantastic. I'm so happy about that.

I'm so, I can't wait to finish the end of this season and then see a season floor way far away. It gets very dark, but keep them away. Definitely make sure that they're in bed. We'll wait 15 minutes, a nice 15 minute grace period, and then we'll move on, please take care of yourself. Bill hater. Thanks again for the call, brother.

Thanks again. There's bill hater. Everybody.

Bill hater is one of the notes. Yeah. He is amazing. I love that. He's like, did you see this? And he sent him the text.

Did you see this thing? And then I'll call you. Let me call you. Let me call you.

Let me call you. It's like, I can't even be bothered to type this out. I have to speak this to you. It would be one of those things. It would be so long. Oh my gosh.

Talk to text. Every time he's on my sides hurt. I just laugh.

He giggles too. I gotta like massage my cheeks after. Oh my gosh.

All right. So Mike Trout has spoken. We got a hit on that. And Tua has spoken as well. Salty Tua.

Whoa. I've never heard Salty Tua. I haven't heard it.

It reads on the page as if there's a little salt in Tua's diet. Oh, let's see it. Oh my man. It's coming up next right here on this edition of The Rich Eyes Show.

That's funny. Back here on the show, 844-204-rich is the number to dial. Let's take the phone call. Dave in Baltimore is just chiming in before we head out of Dodge. What's up, Dave? Good afternoon, Rich. Please indulge me. I actually am a native Buckeye.

I bleed scarlet and gray. However, Mr. Rich Eyes from the school up north, I want to compliment you as an old radio executive for many years. Okay. You do something that is gold medal, blue ribbon better than anybody, and I listen to every talk show out there. When you interview people, when you interview people, it's tell us about your reporting, Mark Stein, John Harbaugh, tell us what you found out. You always so thankfully say people's names in the middle of a show where others, and I mean so many others on the national level, Rich say, never say the name and they talk for 20 minutes.

You don't know who they're talking to. So I want to compliment you and thank you for your professionalism, for your intellect, and also for mentioning people's names in the middle of interviews. Thank you. I appreciate that, Dave, and I appreciate you saying what you said and leading with your chin the way that you did, and interesting how you say it's gold standard and blue ribbon.

You know those two colors are associated with the finest of the fine, and you put those together what school up north, it's kind of like maze standard, but you understand what I'm saying. Right, Dave? Thank you for your courage. I didn't even think of that compliment to you again. Thank you, sir.

Safe driving there. There you go. There goes Dave and Balmer right there.

Dave walked into that one. By the way, I believe it's 20 years ago today, The Wire first premiered. No way, really? I think, speaking of Baltimore. Wow.

I think I saw that today on my Twitter feed. So look, everybody thinks Tua is not the guy in Miami. There's a lot of people who think that. There's no gray area with Tua.

Let's start with that. You either think he has no shot in this league. He's just a guy who just happened to have one great throw for Alabama one time and then one season where he wasn't the same guy and he got hurt.

The Dolphins were had by him when he made that one throw and he had them at hello. That's one end. That's the other end where you love him no matter what because you love who he is. You love what he stands for.

You love the inside. You ignore the film. That's the sense that people have because they call them Tuanon. Those are the Tuanon people. Tuanon. It's real. And so the Dolphins social media outfit didn't really do him many favors when they showed a video of him throwing to Tyreek Hill in practice because they're very excited that Tyreek Hill is now there and they had and the ball wasn't one of those let's just let's just put it this way it wasn't one of those classic NFL films zero in on the tight zoom on the spiral right and you pull out and it hits the guy in stride Tyreek had to like slow down to grab the it was it wasn't great it wasn't great and so that that was fodder for the uh the first crowd I mentioned which is that he's not the guy well Tua hears a lot about the first crowd and I think he heard a lot about what the first crowd latched on to with his uh with that social media video and this is what he had to say about uh about people's opinions of his play and viability to lead the Dolphins where they have a roster that can be led to you know for me it's just zoned that out I mean we come out to practice everyone else Twitter warriors you know keyboard warriors whatever you want to call them you know they're not out here practicing with us working hard so I don't know if you guys recorded that last one to Tyreek but I don't know about you but that looked like money I love it let me tell you something Tua let me tell you something Tua I like the salt in your diet wow I like it I like it more salt in the Tua diet will serve everyone appropriately maybe that's Mike McDaniel right maybe he's bringing a little bit of that heat you know well you know that video got out of Tua throw in the past to Tyreek Hill and it was just a little flutter but people took that one video and ran with it well you heard what the media said we're not allowed to shoot it we can't shoot it but he's like that was money look at him puffing his chest out Tua's like you wasn't with me when I was shooting in the gym like like Drake I'd love it I mean look at him with his chest out he's like you're you're Twitter fingering and we're out here working let's go salty Tua you know what he shouldn't shave either like get the beard going like fifth magic no I mean it's only one Fitz magic beard like like he's Rutherford B Hayes no I'm just talking about some little scruffy scary like the current Barry on HBO yeah like he's just you know what mean it up a little yes we want a better fate come out come out you know I know he and I know he has the the eye black sometimes come out like John Randall start barking at people there's he's got the facial hair he does but you know what it's too it's too manicured like he's taking care of it well it's still Miami rich you know he's still a single man in Miami rich he should do is he should start staring at people as soon as he's done with his answers did you see that throw did you like did you did you how he pretended to catch it it was a good throw play it one more time I didn't hear one more time here we go for me it's just zone that zone that out I mean we come out to practice he's not zone anyone else he's worried whatever you want fingers they're not out here practicing with us working hard so they're not there we do I don't know if you guys recorded that last one to Tyreek but see that I don't know about you but that looked like money okay he said it and he said it was rich how'd he say it with his chest yes a little vinegar yeah we'll see salt and vinegar chip right there hey I'm picking it the Dolphins are winning the AFC now I'm calling it settle down I got caught up in a moment salty too salty too I like it I'm here for it before you go out the door before you go out the door Mike Trout was supposed to meet with the media yesterday before the Yankees Angels game that eventually got rained out it was planned because not only does the New York market want to get a shot at the you know so-called or discussed modern-day Mickey Mantle but a lot of reporters from Philly and South Jersey came up because he's going to Philadelphia next and they want to write stories about him coming back home we see him at Eagles games right all the time and his Eagles uniform his Eagle jersey sometimes right because he's a football fan as we found out he is the commissioner of the Fantasy League that led Tommy Pham to be so angered by jock Peterson's either illegal rostering or uncaring meme sending that he slapped him across the face earned a three-game span this is this we can't stop talking about it without baby powder this is what Mike Trout had to say about it yesterday you know I talked to Tommy I talked to jock everybody and that was part of it you know just passionate about fast fantasy football so what's that am I going to resign I haven't made that decision I don't know but every commissioner I know always gets booed so no but it's like I said you know Tommy and everybody in that it was that was involved in that you know very passionate about fantasy football I think a lot of people you know put their put their hearts to it and I do too I lost that leg so I'm not answering them questions but you know it's it's in the past you know like I said you guys are dragging it on but it's a it's a legendary fantasy football league for sure he's like I can't believe I'm have to talk about this sort of thing right so we found out 12-man 12-man league okay $10,000 buy-in $10,000 penalty for finishing in last oh wait wait and Tommy fam left it so you pay 10 to buy-in yeah and if you come in last it's another 10 maybe once his money back that's big boys maybe he hit jock with the receipts wow yeah this isn't over by a long shot for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's gotta be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk hogan was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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