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REShow: Marg Helgenberger - Hour 3

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October 19, 2022 3:12 pm

REShow: Marg Helgenberger - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 19, 2022 3:12 pm

Rich reacts to Tua Tagovailoa’s return to action in Week 7 and says why he’s nervous to see the Dolphins’ QB play after his missing time due to concussions, and the guys reveal their NBA 2022-23 season predictions including MVP, Coach of the Year, Rookie of the Year and who wins the NBA Finals. 

Actress Marg Helgenberger joins Rich in-studio where she discusses her return to CBS’ long-running ‘CSI’ franchise and plays a round of ‘Celebrity True or False.’

Rich and the guys react to Ryan Fitzpatrick’s observation that Tom Brady looks disinterest this season and wonder if he can get his fire back in the coming weeks.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. Hey Nathaniel Hackett, whatever you're doing you need to take it and rip it up and throw it out. This is the Rich Eisen Show live from the Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles. As for the Chargers, the stuff they're running with Justin Herbert makes it seem like they don't know who they really have there.

It just seems to be like watching paint dry earlier on the show. Crime video Thursday night football analyst Ryan Fitzpatrick. Pro football hall of famer Chris Carter. Coming up from the CBS drama CSI Vegas, actress Mark Helgenberger. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Thank you. Our number three the Rich Eisen Show on the air. Chris Carter and my power rankings last hour.

Great conversation of where we think Odell Beckham Jr. might wind up. If you missed any of it stay right here because the Roku Channel 210 our show re-airs right after this hour in which we have Mark Helgenberger of CSI Vegas and the latest. We got a little Helgenberger and Roethlisberger this hour.

Love it. Because Big Ben has chimed in on the subject matter of Tom Brady. Yes sir. We had Ryan Fitzpatrick on in our number one of Amazon Prime video now and he talked about TB12 a little bit. We'll replay some of that before we go out of Dodge and then if you missed any of our number one or two well there are so many different ways that you're out of excuses quite frankly. Because not only do we re-air on channel 210 on the Roku Channel which is free on all Roku devices Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, the Roku app and the But on the Roku Channel app or home pages or the Roku Channel itself guess what there's something called the Rich Eisen Show collection and it's a video on demand service. You can watch the entire episode again whenever you want and you can also find our videos sitting right there. Our YouTube page is also a nice backstop slash rich eisen show. Please consume our show there and hit us with a follow and the same thing if you want to listen to our podcast version of this show on demand whenever you want for your Ear Gate hit us with a subscription on the Cumulus Podcast Network where all podcasts can be acquired.

Please do all that. So we got ourselves Marg Helgenberger coming into studio and she hasn't been here in eight years. Crazy. So that'll be a fun conversation whether we got a good celebrity true or false setup for for Marg and we'll talk CSI with her. People love those. Yes they do. They do and there's actually on the Rich Eisen Show collection page a whole bunch of our our celebrity true or false segments. Those are fun times.

We go deep diving into pop culture worlds with our celebrity guests. We have not heard from Tua Tungal-Viloa since that awful night on Thursday night. We talked about Tua with Ryan Fitzpatrick in our number one.

He was there for Prime Video's coverage of Thursday Night Football when the Bengals and Dolphins played one another and Tua got thrown to the turf. Warren Sapp even said last week that he thought Tua should have just braced himself for the fall instead of trying to throw and make too many plays. But Tua as we all know had a dreadful fencing response. Now the fencing response is when your arms go up in the air and a lot of players back in the day did not know that that was their teammate asking to be helped up. It's actually a natural response when your brain is concussed that your arms just go up on the air.

But I'd never seen what was happening with his fingers. It was terrible. Tua is returning. It appears this happened in week four for the week seven Sunday night or on NBC between Pittsburgh and Miami. This was his accounting of that night three weeks later. You remember much about that night? Yeah I remember the entire night up to the point where I got tackled. But yeah after I got tackled I don't remember much from there. Getting carted off I don't remember that. But I do remember things that were going on when I was in the ambulance and then when I arrived at the hospital. Wow.

Serious business. Man I just hope this guy protects himself and as you know concussions apparently become easier to occur once you've suffered a significant one like he has. My heart's going to be in my throat on Sunday night watching this. And again I still don't understand how he was on the field that night. And I know that the league said he was checked out as if he was in the concussion protocol but he wasn't. And the fact that he wasn't and was being investigated at the time as to what was happening with the independent neurologist in Miami. What was happening with the team doctor's evaluation of him in Miami on that Sunday before that Thursday night? That Sunday comeback win against Buffalo which is still their last win.

You know what? How was he allowed to play if there was still an investigation going on as to why he was returned to play four nights before? I just still don't know and I'm assuming that did lead to the reaction that we saw on the field that night.

I'm not a doctor I don't play one on TV. But my heart's going to be in my throat Sunday night that's for damn sure. He's expected to go and he's missed two games and hopefully that has been long enough for him to heal. Hopefully that will work for them because Miami again has not won since that day and Pittsburgh is coming. Pittsburgh just beat Tom Brady. Pittsburgh is coming and this is exactly why Tomlin never has a losing season because he has a team play like they did last week. They're one and four and they're not giving up.

Now they're two and four. They can get to three and four and the Pittsburgh Steelers after that is at Philadelphia before a bye. It would be just like the Steelers to do this right? Remember the Steelers were the team you know that uh they're just it would be just like them for the Steelers to go ahead and win these next two and go into their bye week at four and four and say we're back.

Laugh all you want but who knows. We'd be just like them to win this one and then be the first team to beat Philadelphia on the year. With like Trubisky starting? Yeah yeah no or Trubisky coming in like a relief pitcher. Like Pickett starts each one and sometimes he's in and sometimes he's not or Pickett goes in and starts bawling out. Because I'll tell you who's appeared for the first time over the last two weeks is George Pickens. The two of them have a bond. And that's a guy who can and Claypool you know showed up when Trubisky found him in the end zone? I don't know.

We'd be just like him. Just get that sense. 844-204 Rich is the number to dial here on the Rich Eisen show and uh I'm gonna you know here's here's what we're gonna do in advance of uh our annual tradition now of predicting who's gonna win the NBA campaign that's just begun. I'm gonna become a Memphis Grizzlies fan. I'm in. I think you should. I'm gonna. I'm in. I'm gonna hop on that bandwagon. I'll do it. Fun team. There's a lot of bandwagons to hop on.

I'll hop on that one. I'm gonna enjoy it and it's gonna start tonight against the Knicks, my old former team. I hope Dolan's gonna be there sitting in the front row seat. He'll be great. Oh I have nothing but distaste. I'm gonna hop on that bandwagon. Oh I have nothing but distaste and dislike for that man and his ownership of this team. What's he wearing tonight? Yeah well it's gonna be a scarf you know probably be drinking coffee. Ignoring whatever fans that might be there.

Or you might not be there. I don't know but I do like man. I do like Thibodeau. I do like the coach. Yeah but uh okay um here we go. I got it right last year. Let's do it. The it being who's winning the NBA championship. Who wants to go first? You go first. I go first. So I guess since I got it right last year and since I won the Rich Eisen show fantasy league as well.

I had no idea. I always live in my best life. Who had any I mean I did that on route to Michigan beating Ohio State and it's still going.

Still going. That's why I dubbed you a basketball guy. Okay nobody said last year the Warriors were going to win when I said the Warriors are going to win. Stephen ain't claims he did. Okay I'll take him at his word.

That's what he's claiming. Um here we go. I'm going to and just because I just proclaimed my love for the uh my newfound love. I'm becoming a Memphis Grizzlies fans. I'm gonna take Jon Morant to win the MVP but their process of winning as well as they I hope that they will and Morant being the MVP of the league. They're going to get derailed in the playoffs by the defending champs who are going to win it all again. I'm going with the Warriors winning it again and ice have they're going to beat the Atlanta Hawks. I don't have the Atlanta Hawks coming out of the east.

Nobody's talking about them either. Last year no one was talking about the Celtics at this time. I have a feeling like Trae Young and Murray and Nate McMillan is going to be coach of the year type stuff. They're going to be seated high enough where people are going to have to go in Atlanta and it's going to be tough to knock them off and I think Atlanta's going to make it all the way through and the Warriors are just going to teach them how it's done for the future and Paolo Banchero that's my guy out of Duke. Yeah. I'm going to take him as the rookie of the year in Orlando. So Morant and the Grizzlies are going to have a heck of a year but the Warriors are going to teach him a lesson and I've got the upstart nobody's talking about them Atlanta Hawks to win the east. I might be wrong.

That's crazy. But I just decided I'm going to throw it out there and see if it sticks. Won't that be fun?

That's what this is for. Okay Christopher what do you got over there? Yeah look I mean it's finally the year you saw last night I said it last year too and I was so close so I think I'm going to get it this year. Jason Tatum is going to announce his presence with authority. He was first team all NBA last year and he's going to take home an MVP this season.

This is about the time when guys his age really make the leap and he's going to do it. I'm with you on Paolo. He's got the shortest rookie of the year odds. So you're going with the Memphis coach. And I'm going with Taylor Jenkins. Yeah I think if Memphis does what we think they can do which is kind of make the final four and maybe get to the NBA finals he's going to be rewarded with coach of the year and look they're the betting favorite and I'm going to stick with my squad despite the offseason turmoil. I think the Celtics defeat the Warriors payback last year and get banner 18.

Well if you think hold on a second just real quick and I obviously appreciate Taylor Jenkins of my Memphis Grizzlies being chosen as coach of the year. If Tatum's MVP and the Celtics wind up being good enough to position themselves for a championship run that you think is completed and I know the voting is before the season. Why wouldn't Joe Missoula get the coach of the year with everything that's gone on with Boston?

Why wouldn't they go? He's coming into a stack situation even before the EMA stuff but Celtics were the betting favorite so maybe they're not the one seed. Maybe you know maybe Brooklyn's good maybe Milwaukee is fully healthy and they're the one seed.

I could see Boston being the three seed and still going to the finals. Okay TJ sir you have the floor. Yes sir it's really weird how close we have all these picks. We don't look at each other's picks but pretty dead on a lot of these. Look I'm Duke heavy in these first two categories. Jason Tatum as I've consistently said is going to haunt me for the rest of his career because the Sixers could have had him and they didn't. I've got him at MVP also Paulo Bunkero another Duke guy winning rookie of the year. My coach of the year Taylor Jenkins I guess of your Memphis Grizzlies is that what we're doing?

Now they are as of about 10 minutes ago. And um I kind of dug I'm from afar last year. And for my NBA Finals matchup look I ran a lot of you know I did a lot of work. I put a lot of statistics I thought you gave your answer to the crew to make up for the graphic about 40 minutes before the show.

Yeah it was a lot of work. When did you turn yours in? Same thing but I'm not sitting here saying I crunch numbers. Well I'm just saying you know like I'm an analytics man because I didn't email it. I did I have a model Rich. I have a model. I put the model numbers in and according to my model. On Instagram you have on Instagram you have that model? Yeah my 23 year wish the 23 year journey is going to come to fruition guys and we're going to get an NBA Finals matchup of the Philadelphia 76ers and the Los Angeles Cubbers and who's going to win the winner is going to be me because even when you lose I win I mean I'm saying it doesn't matter what are these two teams is winning and I'm going to be the happiest guy on earth and that is my final matchup and that is me by the way guys at the 2009 NBA draft where Blake Griffin was drafted number one I wore a Sixers jersey and a Clippers jersey. And you provided that photo for this for this graphic?

Well who else could have provided it? Okay very good. By the way let's just say if this happens if this happens do you think Doc Rivers will be the number one interviewed person or what for that Finals? Hey Doc what do you think? You're back in the Finals you're taking on the Clippers. Your former team. Right okay I as you know have been spending the last several weeks thinking about this.

Even when you lose I win. And I looked at you last week and I thought to myself I told you I was talking myself into the Clippers winning the last what happened was I just thought that if there's any team that's going to wind up using what happened between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole to their benefit it's this team and that I can I just thought to myself you know I always think about narratives and that's a hell of a narrative to play out in the NBA Finals if it is Doc's former team and Doc's current team coming in and playing for each other. It's the TJ dream for me. No no but it is I mean dude I mean it's all about the Larry OB. Absolutely that team is can put it together you know that the Clippers and Lakers Thursday night are just gonna be I can't wait for that. I'll be honest with you I I'll be honest with you I definitely can't wait for I guess more faith in the Clippers making it than the Sixers. But when it all comes down to it I just feel like I just saw in my head and I heard in my ears you know a conversation amongst the NBA, Twitterverse and on all the NBA shows I just saw the conversation of February right right around maybe the all-star break that man that time that Kavon Looney got everyone in a room and put everyone together and the leadership skills of Draymond to do what he did and Jordan Poole being able to put aside his jaw for the sake of the team and a four-year deal and and Steve Kerr got everyone together and look at the what the team's doing now and it just was a building experience it was it was something that how about this one you're gonna see a narrative that it kind of had to happen get it all out there and they were able to put everything out there it was necessary and close the book and turn the page before the season you know like it was brewing something was brewing no one's gonna ever really say what was brewing but just admit something was brewing like I saw that conversation and and then I just see Steph Curry being Steph man and we saw last night the way he lost Anthony Davis right with five different moves I mean I know I'm just saying I take I take moments and I take thoughts and I put them together and it spits out that's what I do that's what I do and that's how it worked last year for me I I envisioned you know warriors coming back from injury everyone's back together and watch them go and that's exactly what happened and I love being right I don't know about the Hawks the Hawks I just figured like there's got to be somebody you there's got to be somebody you don't see coming right yeah there's usually somebody you don't how about Maury and Young nobody talks about it no that's a kind of an exciting young backcourt damn straight you know another team nobody's talking about they're Cleveland Cavaliers too what's that gonna look like people are excited about that nobody's talking about that there's always gonna be a new fangled east conference eastern conference the hawks were kind of that two years ago you know the we all know the raptors year before right heat they're always a team that definitely took my advice and didn't break their team up for Giannis but ever since that awful Giannis take I've been on a roll yeah thank you let's take a break mark helgenberger is here to talk about her re-emergence in the CSI world universe CSI Vegas is mark helgenberger in studio when we come back 2000 2008 2022 when it comes to the economy those are some scary years dot-com crash housing crash and the roller coaster we're kind of going through right now one thing is certain it's a dangerous time to not know your numbers but over 31,000 businesses have the confidence and clarity they need because they rely on net suite by oracle the number one cloud financial system net suite gives you visibility and control of your financials inventory hr planning and budgeting so you can manage risk get reliable forecasts and 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friday night at 7 pm go to or download the free highlight app in the app store this sport with its intensity and athleticism is well worth watching check out all the action at matches are played similar to tennis with a player or team required to win two sets to win a match each set is played up to six points it's a sport you need to check out monday and tuesday at 5 pm friday at 7 pm back here on the rich isin show terrestrial radio outfit mark helgenberger is here we just saw a clip from csi vegas it's so cool to see you back in this role what is it like it's great what's it like for you what's it like for you you know it it feels i mean i loved playing that role for i did it for almost 12 seasons initially and i liked her passion and her swagger and her spunk and her focus and her drive and it was it was i knew that it was a role that um would be i could slide back into very easily and the whole group of folks the cast crew producers everybody were just incredibly welcoming and gracious towards me so it's that's a kind of a rare opportunity for an actor to return to a show with a whole new set of you know circumstances and actors and sets and whatever and and feel pretty comfortable because you know when you start a new show it's always like still finding your character still finding the tone of the show and building relationships and i feel like i just kind of like slid it is it was nice it's just a nice welcome homecoming i guess and it's kind of it's it's funny in a way that again you were on the original csi crime scene investigation where they literally had to put it in the title what csi stood for right and then all the other versions kept on coming out with different cities yes taking in the uh that being placed in the title and now you're in csi vegas which technically if we didn't have to be explained what csi stood for that could have been the original title of the show if you think about it right back in back in the day it was just a new show that found its way on cbs on a friday night at 8 p.m were you when they buried the time when they bury shows right you know were you and william peterson like stunned about the success of it back in the day where you looked at each other going this is um this is wild you know wild you know actually i do think i always believed in the show from reading the pilot and then seeing it cut together and i think billy had a pretty strong feeling about it too um otherwise he wouldn't have committed to it because i think he was very very choosy still is pretty choosy about what he does and but two four spin-offs happening like after two seasons and then after four seasons was miami first then new york and then cyber came much much much later but um that and that the global impact the show has had and the impact it's had on girls and young women wanting to go into the field and now most crime labs in the country maybe the world even are run by women and there's probably at least but probably more women now in crime labs than there are men and i that is something the influence that csi had on uh on that type that gen that demography what am i trying to say demographic yeah sure um so and then i'm really proud of that actually that uh you know if you can see it you can be at that kind of a thing where people are fans of something and they i'm gonna grow up and be one you know and that's pretty cool how often does that happen that is really cool you know and i and i have to thank you as well mark helgen really yes very much so because you know you you were last on the show chris we determined it was 2014 we were just like two months old last yeah wait november 2014 long time ago and not only uh so thrilled that you're back here but you're allowing me to tell you thank you for the success of csi crime scene investigation because without that i would not have appeared in two episodes of csi miami for which i am still receiving residual checks um every now and then um as i believe i played the role of reporter in one or was it and male reporter and another was that was i don't know what that was mail reporter and then sports sports host uh i'm still raking in the checks yeah sometimes it depends on how many people in latvia are watching it um somewhere around two two dollars and maybe uh 50 cents sometimes so thank you for that i appreciate that i'm i'm glad that it's a major day yes every i mean the the checks are rolling in and and um you know and i think at one time caruso gave me a pair of sunglasses that i promptly lost and that's something i i'm very upset about do i have this correct did you did you play that whatever that character's name was uh horatio kane thank you i did as a matter of fact do it uh for the we win the super bowl thank you my gosh that you would know this i think we talked about it the last time well it was for the super bowl one in miami that we just did a couple of um i i i did do a uh a piece where i went to the crime lab set in manhattan beach okay but since then i actually put on a wig and played the role of horatio kane there i am right there and i'm going to play the role of the horatio kane there i am right there in the show open for uh our super bowl appearances in miami a couple of years ago what do you think that is a red wig for sure correct you're spot on that's not my real hair um but you had fun oh my gosh yeah we got rex lynn and he did his his character as well he's a good guy i like rex he's one of my favorite people yeah he's very cool you know he's with reba i did not know that yes really reba mackintosh i'm not telling tales out of do we know this wow wow wow damn wow yes i know it's not a good cute couple i would i would i mean absolutely that's a word for it i had no idea this is fantastic i seriously i'm not telling tales they've been in award shows together and photographed and okay anyway and i'm happy for them very much so yeah so thank you for the your success is basically what i'm saying to you csi vegas uh airs thursdays at 10 p.m eastern on cbs and available to stream live and on demand on paramount plus um i've got a couple of questions for you through the lens of a game we like to play here called celebrity true or false where we read things about your biography and wonder if that's actually true it's just the internet being stupid okay ready here we go uh hit it uh celebrity true or false with marg helgenberger right here on the rich isin show celebrity true or false you can't handle the truth there we go that's our production value uh setting it all up all right first one's jack nicholson that was in fact yes uh here we go first up celebrity true or false uh true or false you began your career as a local weather caster by the name of margie mccarty is that true or false true what's that all about i was in college at uh carney state college which is now part of the university nebraska system and there was a man in my interpretation of drama class who was the regular weather guy the weekday guy right they were looking for somebody on the weekends and he said you know you might be they're auditioning women you might be right for this and i thought okay i'll what do i got you know and i just showed up and you know i i had no idea what i was doing of course and i i was like a green screen and everything yes and i ultimately just like i winked into the lens and that got me the job apparently oh no they didn't have to know anything about meteorology or anything just the wink did it anyway so i did it for a one summer and the reason i my name was margie mccarty actually i was known as margie then um but mccarty was my my paternal grandmother's maiden name it's kind of has a right you know little to it right anyway so i had to change my name because the the anchor guy the you know the news guy was named harvey nachlinger and wait a minute oh wait no no she he was the sports guy harvey nachlinger but and the the news person was a woman named joist eisenminger so they didn't want it to be the nachlinger eisenminger helgenberger oh my god that was the reason so i said okay what's his name harvey boogie nights harvey nachlinger n-a-c-h-l-i-n-g-e-r harvey nachlinger honestly it sounds like somebody named harvey grew up on mochlinger and lane you know like that's that that whole game so so is there like a video out there and here's margie mccarty there is there is yes i i even have a clip of it i would have been able to it's like harvey nachlinger is a professor at the university of south carolina damn wait a minute so you're rooting for the game cocks i'm sorry these things just come out of my system so there's a video of like you smiling here's margie mccarty with the weather that's like that's it gotta see that oh my god oh well i'll have to come back and breathe yeah we'll have to we'll have to all right next one up uh true or false marg helgenberger uh earlier in your career you made a guest appearance on matlock that's true and 30 something you're on yes yes all right i gotta hear you got a good andy griffith story you got a good one at all no not really okay well he was lovely towards me but when we he was introducing me to a young woman my age at the time i was like 27 okay and as he was introducing me to a woman looked to me about my age and he said um i'd like to introduce you to my wife and i but some thank goodness something inside me said don't laugh because i thought he was first thought he was joking but no it was his wife and then i guess she was with him until he passed so it was really a legitimate you know like uh so was the name of your episode robbing the cradle oh my god there was like i think there was a few people like dick godier do you remember he was uh he was a very funny actor yeah he was my lover and he was a bad guy and i somehow i get i got killed on that oh it was a two-part episode do we have the name of the episode chris do we have the name of the matlock episode shot in vegas actually or part of it did i know the gambler what's that the gambler okay well there you go yeah it was i think it was the season opener of uh what year that was i don't know getting residual checks from atlock i sometimes do how much was it you know like 83 cents and stuff but i do yeah uh i propose nothing i need to ask uh how how did did china beach come along for you that is a show i'm sure you still hear about every uh yes i'm still good friends with a lot of people from that show um how did it come about i mean i knew it was a script when i read it i i said wow this is this is terrific you know and said for those i guess who don't know you know it's uh i was set in vietnam during the war and it was mostly told from the women's perspective and my character was like this kind of mysterious woman like what is she she's not with the she's not a nurse she's not with the u.s though she's not a uh red cross donut dolly and um she was just i don't know somebody ultimately she was a woman who serviced the you know the upper echelon and but also did all kinds of things had uh a beauty salon on the on the on the uh i said campus sure right um because it was china beach was also a tree there was a triage unit there but it was also where and that was legit there was back in the during the war in denang it was near denang um they had uh like an rnr uh centers because it was near the beach those were guys and i guess some women mostly guys that would go there too if they had like a week off just to kind of recoup sure from being in the field i just remember the show and it being very popular and being very good i remember watching it yeah very dramatic and it was a great experience and um yeah loved it pretty cool last one for you true or false celebrity true or false with mark heligenberger true or false even though the producers of the original csi did not request it or require it you attended actual autopsies over the course of the series so you could know what it would literally look like for research purposes true i did i yes um it was the coroner in vegas in clark county um who had been a technical advisor he was you know operating as an actual coroner still but he was also helping us out with technical terms etc his name was dr gary telgenhoff i don't think he's with us anymore but he um he was a cool guy he had a rock band that they played like like death metal music and um like he was that's what he moonlit doing yes yes uh-huh damn and i know um and it was uh it was intense i would imagine imagine yes and it was um you know it's just feels like you what you go through a couple of because their offices are just in you know boring kind of cubicles or whatever and you go through a double set of doors and all of a sudden you literally enter like a chamber of horrors because it's right bodies everywhere and various um types of decomposition did you really find it helpful did it really help you in the role you know what it's one of those things you can't unsee yeah right because it's so the experience is is so overwhelming the smell the visuals and as it turns out that one of the bodies that we that was being examined or you know uh autopsy i should say was because i had been on a ride-along the day before and one of those ride-alongs was um the call came in as dead body at the hard rock so i got to go into the room where this person this body was and that that man's body was was they said i think this will be you know he'll be autopsy tomorrow and i went oh that was so and i so i got to follow it and i i uh you know exchanged email addresses with the the coroner it wasn't dr gary it was another corner because she followed it through so i found i tracked the whole case and it was then it involved like it was you know it was drug and alcohol related but the wife apparently like had you know filed a lawsuit against hard rock i'm going on and on with this story no but it's um this is actually it became a civil case sounds like an episode of the program well because there was like suspicious cirques you know like the door was left ajar kind of and there's like leaves on the back of his shirt and uh and apparently he had been stumbling because he had been quite inebriated and hotel security like in a wheelchair wheeled him up to his room and just got him onto his bed but they didn't but her claim was that well somebody should have stayed with him if he was that messed up yeah somebody should have stayed with him and she wanted somebody to to blame and somebody to pay the price for not following through it sounds like an episode of the program well like yeah so you got to actually see it in real life and then no doubt something ripped from the headline in that respect csi vegas airs thursdays at 10 eastern on cbs available to stream live on demand and paramount plus catherine willows is back folks and everybody check it out thank you for coming on here next time you come on you got to bring you that that uh that open of your weather casting i will i will yes okay yeah it's it's very like grainy and so because it's so old but margie mccarty doing her thing margie mccarty fantastic and now you're back doing your thing it's catherine willows again on csi vegas thursdays at 10 eastern time marg thanks for coming back thanks rich thanks for having me back let's do this before eight years are up again let's do this that's shocking i know it is eight years it has been that i know it's pretty cool oh yeah we gotta we gotta remedy that i'm glad you're back here and again back on on cbs we're back here on the rich eisen show in a matter of moments don't go anywhere this message is sponsored by discover did you know you could reduce the number of unwanted calls and emails with online privacy protection the latest innovation from discover discover will help regularly remove your personal info like your name and address from 10 popular people search websites that could sell your data and they'll do it 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are three and three next week a week from tomorrow week eight begins with the ravens at the tampa bay buccaneers so tom brady's coming to amazon prime video so i in advance asked ryan fritz patrick what is going on in his estimation with the bucks and he had something interesting to say about tv12 the bucks to me are just a team i mean he seems a little disinterested this season it's it's been interesting to watch because that's his thing has always been how focused he is laser focused all the time whether it's an inferior opponent or a big you know sunday monday night game he just always seems to be on it and there's something that feels a little off that's just missing this year i compared it to 2019 which was his last year with new england the thing is let's see is that right that is 2020 yeah correct um same thing where it's just something fell off with that offense and you know he was exasperated all the time and just not real happy with the way things were going that being said this bucks team todd bowles always has an aggressive great defense you know they haven't been playing as well as they can lately but they're gonna sleep walk their way to 10 and 7 and then hopefully everything gets right in the playoffs i just feel like that's what this tampa team looks like right now you know they've got a breather game in the panthers this weekend and then we get to see them on thursday night sleep walk to 10 and 7 disinterested that's why ryan fitzpatrick's good at this tv thing he's saying what's on his mind and he's saying it in a way that is um memorable sleep walking to 10 and 7 and if he is in fact comparing this to 2019 the um 2019 season for new england one looks back on it one and done and brady went through that with the general sense we all felt that he knew he was gone from new england it was his last year does he have that same approach right now in tampa or is it this is his last year in the nfl and if it's his last year in the nfl man and he is disinterested and he is walking around sleep walking part of that might just be because he knows up front he's got an issue that's not fixable until somebody can come back healthy or somebody can start growing up fast man you just get the sense and and that he's not as into it he said on his podcast and i know that he's gotten some grief for it as well he got on his get up let's go let's go right there's let's go podcast something along the lines of that when you go into a season it's kind of like going on a military assignment and clearly he doesn't mean that you know he's putting his life on the line what he's saying is he's saying goodbye to his family he's turning he's going into a spot where he's on assignment right on a tour of duty locked in i know that's what he's that was his analogy but to hear him refer to it this way he kind of wondered like why did he come back why did he come back well if this is the way he views that sort of thing if you think about it rich he he thought he was coming back to the dolphins he was going to miami it was all in place well excuse me when he came back he knew his lawsuit he had to he had to somehow and then it leaked out and then he had to say goodbye so then he had he had to retire then he had to say i'm retiring without saying retiring he said goodbye to tampa he knew everybody knew that that was it he said goodbye to tampa he wanted to play for the dolphins but he then he came back though and he played for tampa he had no choice this was a retirer right if you wanted to keep playing that's what i'm saying why you wanted to keep playing and i guess he thought he had a championship quality team in front of him and then offensive line the offensive line has just gotten right in front of you can not be to protect it and but there's ryan fitzpatrick saying he's disinterested and i'm wondering if he's sitting there thinking this is my last year in tampa for sure or is this it for him period i mean it looks like he just doesn't have the same joy and i know every single time we talk about this we're always skating on that thin ice of talking about his personal life yeah i cannot imagine that this doesn't creep in seems like that's real okay i don't know man i don't know it is a get right game against carolina and then we'll see what happens against tam against the ravens and you know i think his juices get flowing when john harbaugh is on the other side right the whole country's watching and everyone's looking past i'm sure there'll be a lot of folks though this is a ravens game and then of course for new england fans who root for brady like yourself chris the one person you definitely want to hear from on the subject matter is ben roethlisberger and he has his own podcast which i did not know and uh based on watch football with ben roethlisberger that's the name of footballing with apostrophe apostrophe fan apostrophe or okay wow footballing with ben roethlisberger i think we have half of the oh that's it right there hold on a minute foot balling there you go with ben roethlisberger uh i guess he he definitely saw brady up close watching uh the steelers and this is what ben had to say in the subject matter because i was watching the game and to me this is just my opinion and tom is the greatest i mean the super bowl rings show it and talk about it and whatever it didn't look like he wanted to be out there i mean maybe it was the pressure though and he was getting hit and the you know whatever was going on and i remember i at one point i looked down there i was telling if i told jason or brian but i'm like like there's no way he's enjoying this no way maybe you know but i so i was up there like just i was enjoying being up there watching the game but um it just didn't look fun to him he's not wrong not wrong doesn't look fun doesn't look fun football but there's an h in there it was like this is footballing but balling kind of like how pat pat does the you know oh but falling footballing right but balling because a lot of times people forget there's an h at the end of pittsburgh too yeah yeah i always do exactly i get yelled at but not in harrisburg that's so weird yeah that no harrisburg three and three didn't see that one coming nope for tampa definitely going in week seven definitely not get right game in carolina get right they and they need to put some points on the board because they really haven't been scoring that much either yeah i agree but if they come out with this win at 10 10 9 what do the hell they care it's a win you walk out i mean there's things as moral victories but there's demoralizing victories too i don't think carolina is a team that you're going to put 7 30 up on anyway to begin with that side of the ball has not been they've been they've been footballing yeah the offense carolina carolina down coaching i don't think they care style points are are for later on when you're when you're yeah but you want to feel good you want to go out there put you know put four touchdowns man this whole subject this entire subject matter that we have just discussed over the last several months i mean several months several minutes pardon me is that uh it's going to be front and center for that thursday night game and the ravens this week coming off of that loss against the giants the baltimore ravens of course they're hosting cleveland they want to eviscerate them oh my goodness imagine send them send the browns to two and five get a nice head of steam and go down to tampa john harbaugh and brady matching wits there you go there you go that's going to be on by the way over under on ravens patriots promos during tomorrow night's saints cardinals game on the heels of the last two touchdownless weeks of of uh of thursday night football over under uh i i will set the promo over under at eight twice a quarter wow twice a quarter eight and a half over under twice a quarter under i'll take the over take the over take the over this is a big game this will be a huge game and this is the conversation ryan fitzpatrick is gonna be sitting in the middle of that pregame show set is just setting the tone for you that's it it's coming i want to thank today's guests marc helgenberger i want to thank also chris carter and i want to thank the aforementioned ryan fitzpatrick and uh and i want to thank you guys for being so supportive of my power rankings always rich i appreciate that i'm here for you man thank you for that i mean at least i i made it through believe me you're over there giggling i was trying to sell it well because i knew you didn't believe it so it was hard you know laugh all you want laugh all you want and i'm so right these are the top 10 teams in the nfl so make your heart pills and buckle up number nine on the list even though they didn't play at all last week see you thursday okay ross matthews talks to celebrities friends and people with interesting stories to tell who's saying hello ross this week chelsea handler i'm not home enough to have a third dog my housekeeper basically is their parent i am not going to get another dog so that she has to take care of another dog until one of these dogs exits it's a good move i have three rescue dogs and only two hands and when you're one person that's too hard to do i recommend two max okay your foot ross hello ross available on youtube or wherever you listen
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