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REShow: Ryan Fitzpatrick - Hour 1

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October 19, 2022 3:10 pm

REShow: Ryan Fitzpatrick - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 19, 2022 3:10 pm

Rich recaps the Golden State Warriors’ opening night win over the Lakers and says why concerns about Russell Westbrook’s fit with new Head Coach Darvin Ham were front-and-center right from the season’s get-go. 

Thursday Night Football Analyst Ryan Fitzpatrick tells Rich his concerns for the Broncos’ Russell Wilson, the Bears’ Justin Fields and the Cardinals’ Kyler Murray, says how Tua Tagovailoa has improved under new Dolphins Head Coach Mike McDaniel, says why the Bills are the team to beat in the AFC, and explains why he’s not too worried about Tom Brady and the struggling Buccaneers’ offense. 

Yankees fan Rich reacts to New York beating the Cleveland Guardians to move on to face the Houston Astros in the ALCS.

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See terms and learn more at online privacy protection. Hey, Nathaniel Hackett, whatever you're doing, you need to take it and rip it up and throw it out. This is the Rich Eisen show live from the Rich Eisen show studio in Los Angeles. As for the Chargers, the stuff they're running with Justin Herbert makes it seem like they don't know who they really have there. It just seems to be like watching paint drive today's guest prime video Thursday night football analyst Brian Fitzpatrick, pro football Hall of Famer Chris Carter from the CBS drama CSI Vegas actress Mark Helgenberger. And now it's Rich Eisen. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen show live from Los Angeles, California, Big Ten country. Every time I say that, it's a laugh line.

It's unbelievable. Me too. We're live on the Roku channel, channel 210 for another edition of the Rich Eisen show. The Wednesday right before week number seven of the NFL season begins, the Wednesday after the tip-off of the NBA 2022-2023 season that went down last night, we say hello to everybody who's watching on the Roku channel, channel 210 and everyone listening on Sirius channel 218 XM 202.

The app is 992. If you're listening on the Sirius XM app, there's also the Odyssey stream. There's a terrestrial radio network coast to coast, by the way, is how you can find your affiliate that has the brains. Let's just say it to pick this show up and put it into your ear gate through terrestrial radio waves.

Thanks to our friends at Westwood one. They also help put our podcast together every day. All three hours of this show available for your listening pleasure whenever you're darn well pleased on the Cumulus Podcast Network, where all podcasts can be acquired. slash Rich Eisen show is a nice backstop. So is the Rich Eisen show collection, as it is called.

By the way, it's a very Nancean way of me saying that the Rich Eisen show collection is available on the Roku channel, where you can check us out on demand. You can check us out live. You can check us out whenever you're darn well pleased because we re-air on channel 210.

And then there is the video version of it that you can see on demand whenever you want through the collection page where all the shows get chopped up. Bottom line is we're consumable and we appreciate it. Good to see you over there, Chris Brockman. What's going on, brother? Rich, I'm great.

DJ Mikey Diaz and Deez Nuts. Good to see you, sir. TJ Jefferson, light the candle, brother. How are you, sir?

Good to see you today. The fact that the Sixers didn't draft Jason Tatum is going to haunt me for the rest of my life. And because of that, he just drops 35 on them whenever he feels like it. And it just bothers me. Here's the deal.

Here's what I love. Let me just start this way. With last week when I said October is the best sports month that's out there. And I said the upcoming weekend, the one that just passed is a perfect example of it where the NFL and college football seasons have gone just enough for us to get a general sense of who the surprises are that are for real or need to keep going and winning games to prove that they're for real and stakes getting higher for teams like, say, the Denver Broncos where, you know, a two and three start, they need to start reversing course.

And they didn't. And then teams are eliminated from their seasons in Major League Baseball playoffs, right? Dodgers get eliminated, for instance, by the San Diego Padres. And by the way, I got hit by Kyle Schwarber's baseball on the way in. I wondered where that ended up. On the way in, I'm like, wow, that hit my front windshield. It came from south. I'm like, gosh.

Very far. As the NLCS began last night. But in this town of Los Angeles, California, unlike, say, my hometown of New York City, when, let's just say, had the Yankees lost yesterday and they did not. Had the Yankees lost yesterday, I would have turned the page completely to the Jets season because I despised the Knicks. And Mets fans, let's just say, for instance, you, sir, you move onto, you know, your basketball immediately, lover, lover, you know, or, you know, your football or what have you.

Here in Los Angeles, the Dodgers getting eliminated. They're not moving on to the Rams and the Chargers, not in this town. Some might eight clap for UCLA. Some might go fight on for USC.

A lot of them will. Yeah, I know. But no, they turned the page to the Lakers. That's where they turn their page here in this town with all due respect to your Clippers. They turned the page to Lakers and it took one night, one single night, for the off-season long narrative of Russell Westbrook doesn't fit here and Darvin Ham's plan for him is something he's not buying completely into. That, it took one day for that narrative to just roost as the Lakers lose in San Francisco. Golden State got their rings and then ran rings around the Lakers and the Lakers defensively didn't look all that terrific.

But, you know, when Steph Curry's ringing threes up and the Warriors are doing their business, they can put 123 on you and that's what happened last night. And it just took one half time to appear for Charles Barkley to say the Lakers should trade Westbrook now and that he's not playing with the same energy and vigor, right? And so he seemed to have a point and interestingly enough Westbrook last night had a better plus minus rating than both LeBron and Anthony Davis. LeBron was minus 10, Anthony Davis minus 21, meaning, you know, you put together the number of minutes they were on the floor and how many points the Lakers were down being outscored by. Westbrook minus six, 19 points, 11 rebounds, three assists, four, one steal and four turnovers as the Lakers now fall to 11 and 11 with all three in the lineup together. Well, Bron, 0 and 5 on opening night with the Lakers.

Shame. Darvin Ham after the game said that you wanted some energy and no one better than him, meaning Westbrook about getting the game started off right away and he wanted Westbrook's approach to competition to jolt the team. Quote, I mean it's what we have. We got some key guys hurt. It's game one.

Give them a chance to go out and compete at the highest level. I thought he was solid. Uh-oh. You know, solid for me is an infused word. Uh-oh.

That's a negative, but a lot of people don't view it that way. I bring this up essentially to say it's just one game in and we're still talking about it. There's 81 more to go and the Lakers open up their home court season against the Clippers on Thursday night, but Westbrook saying after the game that he's battling a hamstring tweak that came about because the final preseason game Darvin Ham was just experimenting and had him come off the bench and he's not used to that.

Okay. It is just a little bit more fuel to a fire that clearly in the NBA it's a long slog of a season and this may prove to be nothing, but already this is what you're seeing. Already this is what you're seeing. And you would think coming out of this if the Lakers had won, we'd be sitting here talking about should Draymond have actually been allowed to get his ring last night? Could the Lakers actually be any better?

Could this be possible? Well, we'd be ready for part two of his weird documentary that aired last night. I didn't know. Oh my gosh. Didn't see. 21 minutes aired on the TNT broadcast.

Is that right? Of just Draymond. Not really remorseful for punching his teammate. Look, that's something that could eventually come home to roost later on this season or whatever, but the Warriors are pretty damn good.

They're really great. And the Lakers appeared to be still full of holes. And Westbrook is the guy that they're going to point to even though he didn't have the worst night of them all. Just one game in. We're already talking about that.

And man, I love the association. Just one game in is Harden going to be the right guy there in Philadelphia. The one shot. I mean Harden looked good last night. Harden looked good, right? Harden looked good, but that one moment where he shook off was at Marcus Mott. He shook off and then had the whole wide open shot and shimmied and then missed everything. Well, if you're going to do that, you've got to hit the shot. And he's done that before.

Most of the times he does hit that shot. I'm just picking at it. I'm just picking at that sort of stuff.

I'm already picking at the offense looking exactly the same with him dribbling a lot and scoring. Right. That's what I'm saying to you. Can I make a plea to Joel Embiid, please? You are 7-1. You're 280 pounds of muscle, bro. You're going to play about 70 games this year and yet you hit the ground at least seven times per game. Like it's amazing how many times Joel hits the ground, right?

And I'm no mathematician, but 77, that's like 490 times a year. He's going to have to pick that 7-1, 280 pound frame up off the ground, Rich. And he keeps falling. He's going to get hurt. I don't understand it.

I don't understand. He took a fall last night and then immediately was like grabbing his head. You remember that? Then one time he knocked knees.

I'm like, do you know this, Ed? Is it just me? He hits the ground way too much. I don't understand that. Well, hopefully his off-season workout regimen will be helpful.

I don't know how helpful that can be. The association's back, guys. I'm pretty pumped. Association's back.

It's gonna be great. Congratulations. I know you guys love that. I do. Oh yeah.

Rich has a show basketball podcast. Season two debuts tonight. There you go. Fantastic. And then another narrative of the NBA season will go down tonight when Jon Morant chews up the Knicks like a play toy.

Kicking off the ESPN coverage. You're nuts. You're very optimistic about that.

You're saying that Rick Bronson is going to be able to stop him? There's a ton of folks on the old bandwagon in Memphis. A lot of bandwagon hoppers right now. That's a good squad, man. I know. Remember how good they were? They are long and strong and when Ja plays, he's a totally different, it's a totally different ball of wax, isn't it? They're good without them and they're great with them and they're long and can play defense and that's what can disrupt some team like say the Warriors. And they got a little bit of an attitude to them too. They sure do and that'll happen tonight.

So we'll talk about it throughout this three-hour edition of the Rich Eisen Show. Ryan Fitzpatrick's up first. How about them apples? You got yourself an Amazon Prime game tomorrow night. Game six for him. Week seven for him. Arizona taking on the Saints.

Sneaky good game. And the whole conversation I would think going into this game is how will DeAndre Hopkins just change the dynamic for an Arizona Cardinals team that can't do a darn thing right? More than one-third of the time. And one-third of the time is two wins in which they came from a 20-point deficit in Vegas and their only lead of the game was at the final gun when they kicked the field goal. And then Arizona Cardinals have got another win on the road. Taken down one would say a team that everyone should take down in Carolina.

They have yet to win at home. They should take care of business against the Saints. We'll discuss a lot about that with Ryan Fitzpatrick. Then another issue I want to talk to him about is what's going on in Green Bay?

Is it my young Jets that just punked him? What's going to happen when they go to Washington? Rumor has it that the Packers are going to be in the trade market for a wide receiver. DeSean Jackson just signed in Baltimore. There's an Odell Beckham free agency tour that's going to start happening very shortly. The trade deadline is November 1st.

What's up with that? Will the Packers go ahead and add somebody now that Randall Cobb is down for the season? Who could that somebody be that can start playing for the Packers and win football games for them? And then obviously what's going on with Denver? Did you hear Russell Wilson has got a hamstring injury that could be fairly serious?

We could see Brett Rippon for the Broncos on Sunday. And relation? Uh yeah. It's his son?

I believe it's his nephew. Okay. Get right about that. Uh Uncle uh Uncle Mark. So.

Nephew. Yes sir. I don't know as I said the Broncos should take their stuff and throw it out. What if Brett Rippon comes in here and starts dealing? As I said to you yesterday there is a small handful of quarterbacks that would be immune to what Dak just endured from the Twitterverse and the 24-7-365 sports conversation universe.

Universes like this one in sports talk radio. Very few quarterbacks would be immune from the maybe this backup should keep playing conversation. And Russell Wilson ain't one of them now. So Ryan Fitzpatrick's going to join us. Chris Carter is the subject of this week's NFL Icons on Epics. NFL Films produced Epics broadcast.

I do the narration for it. It's going to be great talking to Chris Carter whose Vikings and Eagles played each other in week number two on Monday Night Football and are sitting both atop their divisions. And then you know Chris will get a chance to see his Ohio State Buckeyes on big noon Fox for the first time this weekend as Michigan's on a bye.

Ohio State taking on Iowa. And I'll start talking to Chris with a little bit from my chest since that is what I've been doing lately. I know you like that. Oh yeah. And then hour number three a guest who has not been here since when? Our first full month of being on the air right? November of 2014.

November 2014. Marg Helgenberger will be here. She's back in her role that she helped create for the whole CSI oeuvre.

She's in CSI Vegas as Catherine Willows her character from back in the day of CSI crime scene investigation which took place in Vegas. Trust me we'll almost make it make sense. And that's in hour number three. My power rankings are rich eyes and show basketball predictions. Last year I got it right who was going to win the NBA Finals. Tune in to hear my prediction to make sure you sound right. When I get this one when I get this one right again.

Wow. I mean you did nail it last year man as much as I did. I did say Warriors over Nets so I missed that one but I did say Warriors.

I did say Warriors. Wait to hear where I got in this one. Nobody is predicting this. We know you picked the magic it's cool. Nobody is predicting this and I did not predict the magic.

I did not. Although there is a there is a magic uh element to it. Oh yes. Yeah I think I think we're in simpatico. You think so?

Because we're choosing NBA Finals coach of the year MVP and rookie of the year. Correct. Okay very good. Those are those are our predictions. And then there's you at 844204rich number to dial throughout. When we come back I'm sitting right in the middle of the prime video set. His name's Ryan Fitzpatrick he's doing a great job talking on the air part of the paparazzi now. I imagine calling in from Arizona where week number seven begins.

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Goes on dry clean feel all day. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show 844204rich number to dial. For those who are listening on terrestrial radio now you just missed a segment where we were I mean we're mind-blowing facts.

Mind-blowing facts you should look it up. Joining us here on the Rich Eisen Show after a lengthy NFL career where he just was one of the most joyous and enjoyable players to watch and now I'm enjoying watching him right in the middle of the set on Prime Video's coverage of Thursday Night Football where we're going to watch the Arizona Cardinals take on the New Orleans Saints and we are hoping for touchdowns. Joining us here on the Mercedes-Benz phone line is none other than Ryan Fitzpatrick. How you doing Ryan? I am good. I'm glad you mentioned the Harvard thing.

I'm here cleaning my degree right now. Is that right? Yeah something I like to bring up early and often. Also Chris Hogan played lacrosse. Oh I didn't know that. That's a good one.

Get out of here. Yeah he did. Wow didn't know that. Yeah I heard you went to Harvard. I heard about that. I heard about that. So way in the past though it's been a while.

Has it been? How'd you get there man? How'd you get there Ryan?

Very crazy. I did not know until I started getting letters from Harvard that they had a football team and that was like junior or senior year of high school because I grew up in Arizona and it's not you know we're not we didn't used to live in the day of ESPNU where I could turn it off see Harvard playing Cornell battling out on a Friday night. So I just didn't get recruited by many people so I decided to go to the best school I could. So it was my fallback. Hell of a fallback.

Hell of a fallback man. You're doing great in the TV gig Ryan. It seems like you're a natural for it and you're enjoying it.

What preps have you been doing for this gig? Yeah it has been so much fun. I think part of it is we've got Richard Sherman straight off the field. Andrew Whitworth straight off the field. Tony Gonzalez who's like the obviously he's been doing this for a while on different networks. He's got like dad jokes up the wazoo so it's like sometimes you laugh sometimes you make fun but and then Carissa Thompson's kind of our QB directing and making sure that all these rookies you know what the heck they're doing but it's been fun for me just to stay connected the fact that it wasn't a hard stop you know done playing football and done with everything in the NFL.

So my prep and homework a lot of it is watching football and that's something aside from like Monday and Sunday night games I've never really been able to experience with my kids before so it's been a lot of fun just to sit on Sunday and be able to sit back and watch the games with them. Ryan Fitzpatrick here on the Rich Eisen Show. What is going on in Denver? What can you diagnose for me what the issue is with the Broncos so far? It is hard to watch right now and in the maybe the hardest part about it is their defense is playing so well. So if they did anything on offense they would be such a better team right now but it's obviously hasn't been a good fit between Nathaniel Hackett and Russell Wilson because if you look at their offense there's talent and I think it you know it's tough that they lost Williams to the ACL for the year he was a big part of what they do but it's not like Russell Wilson doesn't have guys to throw to and you know sitting there watching the film it's kind of head scratching because there are a lot of plays where guys are open and I don't know if he's just not comfortable with the reach yet or he's not comfortable on the offense but there's just you know some stuff that I know coaching wise they can do better but a lot of stuff that falls on Russ as well he's never really been like at this point in his career where he's the one that's taken the brunt of the blame but I think that's kind of where it's shifting at this point.

Well I mean because anybody who makes that much right and is also you know puts himself out there commercials and memes and things of that nature you're going to get those slings and arrows there's just that's just the nature of the NFL. What coaching stuff though have you seen that you think needs to be buttoned up changed here because I think yeah I mean we've seen the clock management stuff you know we've seen some of the questionable decisions you know even in our Thursday night game I know we live in a world of analytics and this is the win percentages and but there's a third down late in that game where Russell Wilson ends up throwing an interception in the end zone and I'm just you know why not hand the ball off and kick the field goal to go up six because if anybody was actually watching that game Indy could not protect Matt Ryan it was a blood bath back there there was no way they were going to go down the field and score a touchdown. I don't care what the analytics said or the winning percentage it was an easy decision to hand that ball off on third down get to the two minute warning kick a field goal go up six and put it in the hands of your defense because they were playing so well and getting after Matt. Ryan Fitzpatrick here on the Rich Eisen show and then the conversation surrounding Justin Fields last week and what we saw last week on Thursday night we're going to see that front and center again on Monday night he's going to have a nationally televised game this is the Belichick defense he's going against this time too and normally he will just chew up any offensively challenged team and spit it straight out so what what's your sense of Justin Fields's development having watched that in person last week Ryan? Yeah it was hard to watch and even leading up to the game it was hard to watch because I did not know how good of a runner he is it is in my mind Lamar Jackson Justin Fields and then everybody else but he is that dynamic and I mean I guess all the Ohio State highlights and things and games that I saw you know his receiving core Ohio State he has you know potentially four first rounders that he was throwing to so Richard Sherman made the comment in the telecast like his receiving core has gotten worse going from college to the NFL and it's not any disrespect to Darnell Mooney and the boys but that's how talented they were that's how talented they were he just you know this offense needs to play to his strengths and right now his strength is not sitting in the pocket and throwing passes he's having a really hard time getting through progressions and there's been a little bit there's been flashes of getting him outside the pocket and letting him just read one two three and making it easy on them and they just need more of it Luke gets he needs to get away from the Green Bay style offense and play to Justin's strengths because there's some stuff that he does really well but sitting in the pocket you're not going to win games with him sitting in the pocket and reading one guy putting his eyes down and running well another guy you could definitely put in the category of running you're going to see on on Thursday night you're seeing tomorrow night and Kyler Murray what what have what have you seen on film prepping for this game um or we just throw it out because there was no DeAndre Hopkins and that's going to switch up right now Robbie Anderson's now in that house um what are you what are you making the Cardinals so far yeah I mean I think so one of the stats from last year when DeAndre played there eight and two when he didn't there three and four and so I think he obviously you know for a quarterback and I played with him back in 2014 and if you remember all the way back to then that was kind of the first year that a young DeAndre Hopkins overtook Andre Johnson in terms of being the number one receiver on that Houston team he's such a great safety blanket for a quarterback because if you get man-to-man coverage even if he's covered he's open because of his catching radius because of how dynamic he is with the ball in the air so that part is going to be good for Kyler he's not necessarily a burner it never has been but he's probably lost a little bit but he's still going to be able to get down field and make those plays I'll say the guy that has jumped out to me the last few weeks that was hurt early Rondell Moore who I didn't know a whole lot about he is really exciting to watch so I don't I mean I hope their offense gets going you know that the thing that is scary to me the two divisional opponents they played the Rams in Seattle they didn't support touchdown versus either of those teams so Cliff Kingsbury offense we always talk about the league just figuring it out halfway through the season it seems like the league has this thing figured out especially when you can't score a touchdown in your division Ryan Fitzpatrick of Thursday Night Football prime video right here on the Rich Eisen show a few more minutes left with him so Ryan I know it's not your game but Sunday night we're all going to be watching the Steelers and the Dolphins on a scale of one to ten Brian Flores and two Otunga Vailoa and together on the same field in the same house we're Miami and we all know what's going on there what's the awkward meter one to ten Ryan we got from me on that well I think I think they will avoid any interaction I don't think you'll get your handshake or your your bro hug before or after the game I think it's an important game for Tua yes he's because you know Brian Flores is on the other side I'm sure Brian's gonna you know say this is what we need to do this kid this this and this but you know for Tua and again what we saw Sunday versus the Bills and then that Thursday night game following with the the concussions and the fencing posture and all that for him to come back hopefully you know being completely healthy and being able to get through the season without any more concussions I think everybody's going to be dialed in and is rooting for him just to be able to stay healthy for the rest of the year well I mean I know this sounds like a tea spilling question but whatever you're willing to share what was happening back then when Tua was drafted you're there you're playing he's in Flores was making a decision it seemed like there was a that was a tip and there was an iceberg underneath is that a fair assessment to say yeah I mean you know I even as quarterback and on the front lines and in some of those meeting rooms you still never really know what exactly was going on behind the scenes but you know I've been in that situation quite a bit where they drafted to a high obviously it was going to be my game until they felt like he was ready and that was the COVID year our buy got moved I think up from maybe week 11 to week six and so you know the natural whether it's after a Thursday night game where you get the 10-11 days or it's after you know a buy where you can put a young kid in and start playing and get it cheat and get a few extra days that's probably when it was going to happen all along it was just tough because there was some stuff Tua wasn't ready for he wasn't prepared to go out and do but that being said his progression as a quarterback I think some of it you could point to that year and putting him in you know the problem is we went 10 and six and there were some guys on that team that felt like you know maybe I gave a better chance to win but long term for the dolphins that was the better move for them to do sure but he and I guess Flores were were not copacetic or were you just sort of in between the whole thing I mean what was it going on did you yeah you know and some of that got worse after I left right you know there's just there was a influx of offensive coordinators and they continue to change play callers and callers and nobody was ever really good enough for the head coach but Tua I think did a good job through all of that of battling through working hard putting his head down and I think this year he's been able to see the other side of it a little bit with a coach in Mike McDaniel that completely 100% believes in him as a player loves him as a person and you've seen the results early for Tua and you know how that mental part just giving him some confidence has really translated on the field I got I got a few minutes left with you here Ryan a few questions that I have burning here you got a Thursday night game Buffalo at New England are you going to show up without your shirt sit in the stands for that one I know it's not in Buffalo but that's the last time I saw you involved with a Bills game was shirtless in the stands. I think if the Bills score seven consecutive touchdowns like they did in that playoff game I may go ahead and do it on set okay I mean well I mean you could do it on set I mean whatever whatever floats your boat I think the country would like to see that again quite frankly what how did that come about that that moment it was awesome and we so I usually take my two oldest boys to the Super Bowl every year and just wasn't really feeling going to LA for the Super Bowl so with the Bills having a home playoff game against New England I just felt you know what better game to take these dudes to than this and so we went fans were crazy just walking in they were crazy the environment was awesome yeah it was obviously an incredible game and my knucklehead kids the whole time oh dad let's go shirts off dad shirts off and you know finally after I think it was a touchdown that Dawson knocks and literally seven possessions seven touchdowns I decided it was time and we did it and you know it was a lot of fun okay and how did how did it sit with the rest of the family when it got out there Ryan everybody cool no every everybody was cool with it everybody was cool with it okay yeah I mean I there were some comments about you know how much hair I had and it still looked like I had a sweater and all that we were all good got the layered effect even when you're wearing a shirt is that what they were saying okay yeah exactly that's how that works and uh is Buffalo your choice to win it all as we're currently sitting here Ryan yeah they they are and I'm definitely a bit of a homer I mean there's some bias in that selection but if we're looking at the the entire team the offense the quarterback the defense and even their defense how well they're playing with the injuries that they sustained um it's a it's a winning formula but it was great to see them knock off the Chiefs uh in arrowhead that was a big step for them and winning that game I mean and and Josh Allen best quarterback in the NFL right now yeah he's definitely my pick um obviously Patrick Mahomes is always up there as well but you know right now the MVP race is probably between those two guys okay and you're gonna see Brady next week what do you think he's thinking right now at three and three getting set uh to take on uh Caroline up Carolina this week in Carolina and then there's the Ravens the following week at three and three still have a piece of the division but it's he's getting a lot of pressure up front he was barking at the uh offensive line in Pittsburgh what do you think's going through his mind yeah I think they'll be fine um and I said this on a on a show the other day the Bucks to me are just a team I mean he seems a little disinterested this season it's it's been interesting to watch because that's his thing has always been how focused he is laser focused all the time whether it's an inferior opponent or a big you know Sunday Monday night game he just always seems to be on it and there's just something that feels a little off that's just missing this year I compared it to 2019 which was his last year with New England the thing is let's see is that right yeah that is 2020 yeah correct um same thing where it's just something fell off with that offense and you know he was exasperated all the time and just not real happy with the way things were going that being said this Bucks team Todd Bowles always has an aggressive great defense you know they haven't been playing as well as they can lately but they're going to sleep walk their way to 10 and 7 and then hopefully everything gets right in the playoffs I just feel like that's what this Tampa team looks like right now you know they've got a breather game in the Panthers this weekend and then we get to see them on Thursday night well I look forward to watching you the rest of this Thursday season I guess somebody's spending the day after Thanksgiving watching you next year too right that got added yesterday for next year's schedule you already yeah and that'll be on my birthday oh is that right as well oh is that right oh so do you get like a triple discount because you work for Amazon Prime it's Prime Friday and and then it's your birthday is that something you know what the crazy thing is even though now I'm working for Amazon and Prime videos blowing up I still have to pay for it just like you do what the hell have you not met Bezos yet has that not happened I have I met him how'd that go how was the how was the how was the Fitzpatrick Bezos Summit what happened there it was great we had dinner in Kansas City kind of with the whole squad uh he's jacked oh my goodness if we got in a push-up contest I know I would be in trouble no kidding okay so that means you have also if I'm not mistaken then since you said it was a big uh big dinner you have had the pleasure of sharing a steak with Al Michaels then which uh is one of the greatest things ever have you done that yet Ryan have we well documented steak no veggies ever he's not had a green he's not eaten anything green in his life and he is so proud of telling that to anybody who has dinner with him um that's a fact you saw that he uh he is the best I mean just even my 13 year old who met him last week in Chicago he said daddy sounds like exactly like he does on tv but it's such an iconic voice and I like more we could do a whole podcast or show on his hotel reviews I like every week Ryan talking about the hotel Ryan what's good and bad about him Ryan the first time I ever met Al Michaels it was the owner's meeting in 2004 so the year before you were drafted okay you were just you were in Harvard right that's where you were at the time yeah okay so graduate you're in Harvard uh I was uh the first year uh host of NFL Network and it was at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach Florida the famed Breakers Hotel Al was leaving getting in a courtesy car to go to the airport Howard Katz long time NFL executive and television executive where they go way back to the worldwide wide world of sports days says Al what would you rate the Breakers Al looks at him and says two and a half seasons got in the car and went off to the airport that happened oh it is the best and he usually you know we'll see I usually see him the day of the game so I'll get a full night's review on everything that happened but uh he is one in a million yes he is unbelievable he is he's a treasure and then just last one I'm assuming when the check was placed in front of Bezos nobody reached right nobody reached to the check it was just it's his right correct I don't think everybody even did the fake reach he didn't even do that no it's like that Geico commercial right we're just the fake alligator the fake reach okay very good Ryan hope this is the first of many times uh you appear here um thank you so much for doing it and like I said I really enjoy watching you and the rest of the crew on Thursdays thank you all right thank you right back at you that's Ryan Fitzpatrick formerly of Harvard now of Amazon right here on the Rich Island show well I guess once you're Harvard always Harvard my bad yeah yeah yeah the Harvard University I'm trying I'm trying to get no I'm just trying to get ready for that because I know uh Chris Carter's coming up next hour I don't want to screw that up got it yeah I don't want to screw it up let's talk about them not getting primed for free huh let's talk about them not getting primed for free what's up with that come on hook a brother up that would never be me if I'm sitting I'm like hey Jeff would you yeah say Jeff hey Jeff I'm gonna call him mister like edge yo Jeff I'm an employee what's up with some prime swag and prime right oh yeah does Ashton know Ashton must know he probably Ashton must know him I'm sure he does absolutely you know that's has nothing to do with me though I mean you know why you're friends with him okay do you want to throw to break I think we should go to break uh before I do just to let you know that you can you can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on via Westwood One station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports if it's the NFL it's on Westwood One where you can hear Thursday Night Football and watch it on Prime Video right here on Roku we're back on the Roku channel and more in a moment 844-204-rich number to dial Chris Carter and my power rankings right around the corner influencer it's a word that gets tossed around a lot these days there is a woman who went the distance who broke ground as the first true influencer by living a remarkable life her name Elizabeth Taylor I'm Katy Perry this is the story of the original influencer this is Elizabeth the first Elizabeth the first the podcast wherever you listen when you open up a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van you're opening up more than just doors you are unlocking potential the potential to do your own thing be your own boss do your own success and blaze your own trail or drive all the way from western New York to Kansas City to be part of a Bill's victory how great was that with Jordan Poirier yesterday talking about his family I was in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van back and forth are we there yet back and forth so he scratched all those great experiences off his bucket list like telling his daughter we're almost there 15 hours and also beating the Chiefs and Arrowhead pretty impressive look you can no matter how far off the beaten path that your dreams are going to take you through a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van guess what you're right on the road with 16 body types your choice of a gas or diesel engine thousands of ways to customize a Sprinter van is capable and versatile enough to help you drive your ambitions wherever you want to take them so now is the time to discover what it is that moves you most do not wait unlock your potential inside a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 844-204 Rich is the number to dial here on this here program so um Yanks took care of business against the Guardians I will say this about the Guardians they're a good baseball team they're a really really good baseball team that Stephen Kwan has blossomed into a hell of a baseball player who makes contact and the entire team makes contact they're so difficult to strike out and every single time they make contact they're getting the infield hit or a ball bloops in somewhere yeah I mean yesterday Yankees get a three-run shot from Stanton in the first and then a solo shot from Judge uh to give him a fourth run and the Guardians before that judge shot got one on the board because I think it was Kwan who made contact and the ball drops just in one little Bermuda Triangle spot out there and left field right on the line and Aaron Hicks gets uh knocked into by Oswaldo Cabrera is playing short Hicks by the way was just left off the ALCS roster unfortunately he's not going to be able to play against the Astros but anyway my point is that the Guardians just keep on keeping on and they're very difficult to get out and in this day and age where there's what those three most common outcomes of an at-bat strikeout walk or home run they're the outliers they're like well don't forget the infield singles and the bloops and then we'll maybe come up with a blast or five consecutive singles to come back from a two-run deficit in the ninth inning to go up two to one in the divisional series you know Terry Francona I think is a hall of famer the bullpen has a ton of great arms you know they shore up they're starting pitching a little bit and maybe add a little bit more pop or get some more pop from the young ones that are coming up they're going to be very difficult to get out of the AL central lead and we'll see what happens as they matriculate forward that said Glaber Toure has earned his pinstripes yesterday collecting the final out of the divisional series and rocked the baby at second base amazing and on behalf of all Yankee fans who were highly offended by Josh Naylor's insane trip around the bases I mean that wasn't a Cadillac that was I know in this day and age supposed to be fun I didn't find that fun at all and clearly the Yankees didn't either they only scored by the way the Guardians one more run since after Naylor's home run that was it and I enjoyed watching Glaber Toure's do that fully admitting that I'm also a jet fan who likes seeing sauce gardener with the cheese head hat on it's great when it's for you not done to you obviously but we are seeing in this day and age as it appears in baseball that as long as you do it towards your dugout you could do whatever the hell you want anything goes yeah it's kind of like our version of being disrespectful as long as you say with all due respect first if you say with all due respect first you could do whatever the hell you want you could say whatever you want you could be as disrespectful as all get out you could say well I gave you your due respect before I was absurdly disrespectful to you. I remember Rhys Hoskins Gronk spiked his bat but he did it in the direction of his dugout like if he'd done that to the opposing dugout or at the pitcher right different ball of wax different but he took it and he took at the pitcher right different ball of wax different but he took it and now everybody is hitting home runs and spiking the bat yelling and carrying it up the first baseline but as long as you're doing that towards your teammates I think that anything goes now all good and so that was the response that I got the most from me being offended by Josh Naylor running around the bases and screaming and yelling like a lunatic and doing this rock the baby and you know I'm your effing daddy you're my effing son even though he's saying that about the pitcher but he's saying it to his dugout so that's fine even though he's like he's he's mocking the individual he just homered off of right but it's fine as long as he's doing it to his dugout even though you know his dugout the pitcher who he's mocking is in between and it could be easily said that he was doing it towards the pitcher and he did on occasion turn his head towards Cole we're good but the Yankees were the kings of the last laugh they didn't do a damn thing in the game they didn't throw at him they pitched to him they didn't throw at anybody else they pitched to everybody else and once the final scoreboard was done glaber tours caught the final out at second base and rocked the baby and on behalf of all Yankee fans two salutes sir that was good stuff now comes the Astros oh and as you know get the thumbs out I have been very concerned about this get the thumbs out that is a band box of craziness down there man that is right that is a band box of craziness here we come the Yankees just gotta get Altuve or Bregman out problem is there's that kid Alvarez I mean kid monster he's a grown-ass man my bad yeah but here we go it's finally here Chris Carter and my power rankings coming up it's finally here okay and then yesterday Phillies look good Phillies looked really good yeah Bryce Harper and Schwerber Homer and the pitch enhancement makes it stand out that's it I mean you makes two mistakes he's been awesome right two mistakes boom lose Schwerber Jesus what a bomb that was an amazing him he as you know what do we call him when we were there for the home run derby years ago when he is a cub he was he's a fire hydrant with arms that moves he is just to ease a cranking home run guy Boston letting him go so can I just say something I'm sure he's gonna upset some people I'll do it anyway what if the Cubs had kept their team together I know the pitching's different dude right I thought that when they were fire still like why what were they doing I know the reason he's different but still Bryant Ryan Rizzo Schwerber Baez hobby yeah what if they kept him together three maybe four what was the reason why I what was the reason for I think money right I don't know is that what it was if I were Cubs fan though that was K.T. Madden around cash Madden right got rid of him I don't understand why they came up good they threw the talent I just you kind of thought like when the when the Cubs broke up that Schwerber's just a one note one hit wonder red socks then the Phillies he has been just a left-handed home run machine would have been nice to have that the Phillies are jacked up why not there are three wins from the world series Ross Matthews talks to celebrities friends and people with interesting stories to tell who's saying hello Ross this week Chelsea Handler I'm not home enough to have a third dog my housekeeper basically is their parent I'm not gonna get another dog so that she has to take care of another dog until one of these dogs exits it's a good move I have three rescue dogs and only two hands and when you're one person that's too hard to do I recommend two max okay your foot Ross hello Ross available on YouTube or wherever you listen
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