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REShow: Javon “Wanna” Walton - Hour 3 (8-9-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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August 9, 2022 3:22 pm

REShow: Javon “Wanna” Walton - Hour 3 (8-9-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 9, 2022 3:22 pm

Guest host Ryan Leaf and the guys debate if it’s harder to find 32 good Ks or 32 good starting QBs in the NFL with Ryan revealing how he feels (STRONGLY) about kickers. 

The guys react to Serena Williams possibly retiring after the upcoming US Open and marvel at her remarkable tennis career and overall impact on sports.

Actor Javon “Wanna” Walton joins Ryan in-studio to reveal what it was like making his upcoming movie ‘Samaritan’ with Sylvester Stallone, reveals what the future holds for his beloved Ashtray character on HBO’s ‘Euphoria’ and how boxing keeps him humble despite finding stardom before he was old enough to drive a car.

Ryan reveals which teams would be better off swapping out their current starting QB for soon-to-be-ex-49er Jimmy Garoppolo.

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Mom, it's the best rap album that will ever be. Earlier on the show, Pac-12 Network analyst Yogi Ra, Kansas head coach Lance Leopold, columnist for the MMQB, Andrew Brandt. Still to come from Prime Video Samaritan, actor Javon Walton. And now, sitting in for Rich, it's Ryan Leaf. Welcome back, everybody, to the Rich Eisen Show. Ryan Leaf filling in for Rich alongside my main men, TJ Jefferson. Holler.

Michael Del Tufo. Chris Brockman. We've had a great show so far. Talked a lot of things football, which is what we're smack dab in the middle of, college and pro football. Had some breaking news out of Jets camp. Talked to Andrew Brandt. And now our main man, Chris Brockman, has got some headline news.

Let's do it. And now, with a report of the day's news from the world of sports and entertainment, someone who is not a journalist or newsman by any definition of the word whatsoever, it's Chris Brockman. Hey, guys. What's happening? Hi, Chris. Hi, Chris. Hi, TJ.

Hi, Mike. What's happening? Everything good?

Yeah, I'm fine. Just cracking. Alright, news of the day in the NFL.

We woke up this morning. Bears star linebacker Roquan Smith entering the final year of his rookie deal. He issued a very long statement stating his desire that he offered, that he wants to be traded. Can't come to a new contract with the Bears.

He's making about nine million bucks this year in his final, like I said, final year of his rookie deal. Great player for Chicago. Bears GM Ryan Polls just talked, said, quote, my feelings for Roquan haven't changed at all. I love the kid and love what he said on the field.

We've shown respect very early. I thought the offers showed to him the respect that he deserved, added that they will have to do what's best for the team, of course. But my intention is to sign him disappointed and surprised that things have deteriorated to this level in the negotiations. Does not want to trade him, but didn't rule it out. His intention right now is to sign him to a contract extension. They can't trade this kid.

I mean, they can, but they can't. Especially with a guy with an expiring contract, right? If you do, you better get something huge in return, right? Huge. Huge in return. I don't feel like they got too much out of the Cleo Mack trade, right?

I thought the Chargers won that one, definitely, in that scenario. So, yeah, you got to wonder, right? Allen Robinson now gone offensively. I would be hard-pressed to name a ton of people on this roster, to be honest with you. Yeah, outside of the quarterback, Roquan Smith. Moody? Is there a guy named Moody on that team?

Yeah, I think there's Moody. I mean, look, I think the Bears are going to be, we're going to be looking at maybe the team picking first overall in the NFL draft next year, if they're not too careful. It could go real bad for the Bears this year.

It could go real bad. I thought last year in the decision to hold on to Nagy and Ryan Pace, right? That scenario, it was almost like when they snuck into the playoffs as a seven seed member before getting obliterated by the Saints that year.

That did them a disservice because it almost made management say, hey, I mean, they just, we can't fire a guy that just went to the playoffs. David Montgomery, Darnell Mooney, Cole Komet, those are your weapons. Those excite you guys?

Cole Komet, I like him. David Montgomery could be sneaky fantasy T.J.? Yeah, definitely.

I don't even think that's sneaky at this point. You know, I need, you know, I, you know, for my new job here this fall, I'm going to need some help kind of with some fantasy stuff. Are you my guy? Are you my guy? Are you my guy?

I mean, come on. Are you both my guys to go to for this? Look, the last time Brockman and I actually teamed up on fantasy football. Tell them what happened, T.J. Tell them what happened.

Tell them what happened. I didn't get credit for it, but they won the Alice in Chains. Yeah, I don't give T.J. a lot of credit, but he was there. I was there. Silent partner. Not so silent.

We won the Alice in Chains league. No big deal. You know, it is what it is. Just saying. Well, why didn't you?

We're probably going to win it this year. Are you going to, are you going to team up again? Probably not because, you know.

Well, I don't know. It depends if the draft is in person. That was the last time the draft was in person. Yeah, that's true. Is it going to be in person this year again?

Probably. But I won't go. I think Rich and Chris will do it. No, Rich never goes. That is a good point. Because it's always the same night as the game day kickoff. That's true, yeah, yeah. So he can't go. Hey, T.J., the Cowboys sign a kicker.

You excited? Of course, because. Did they actually sign one?

Yeah, we lost multiple games last year because of poor kicking, so yes. Who do they end up signing? Brett Mayer.

Myher? Didn't we already have Brett Mayer? He's back, right?

He's back on a one year deal. Good luck. All right. So, yeah, Ryan, we are your guys for fantasy is, I guess, to make a long story short. So just just, you know, discerning from your expression, don't don't pick Brett Mayer this year for fantasy kickers.

Oh, nobody said that. Oh, OK. We'll never take the Cowboys game. When was the last time you had a Chris Bonyell? When was the last good kicker of the Cowboys? I mean, look, Zirline, despite the fact that he missed more first quarter kicks than any kicker in history, wasn't bad last year. But we definitely lost a few games because he missed some kicks. So how odd is it that that an NFL franchise of 32 teams, they can't find a kicker? Teams can't find a kicker.

It's still amazing to me that we can't find 32 good quarterbacks. That one doesn't surprise me. That's easy.

That's a row. I mean, this guy here can tell you more than my. It's the toughest position in sports, right? It's crazy. I just thought about the what goes through the mind of a guy that's rushing the passer in comparison to what the guys getting the snap, running the play on offense. I mean, just I was watching the Tuck rule 30 for 30 the other night. No game. It's called the snow game. The Tuck rule game.

A snow game. Yeah. That game where Brady fumbled. I mean, I mean, he didn't fumble. It's the rule.

Fumble is the rule. They correctly interpreted the semantics here. No, it's not. It's it was I didn't know that.

I didn't know really what how it was written. It's written that you have to tuck it back into your body before it can become a fumble. And he had not brought it back into his body yet. So he fumbled. It fit the rule. I would say it's a fumble, but that's not what the rule stated.

The rule states you have to pull it back into your body and tuck it. And he never did that. So then it was a fumble. No, it was a pass. An incomplete pass. An incomplete pass. And the rule says for it to be a fumble, he has to have pumpfaked it and then brought it back in and tucked it into his body. That's a whole lot, man.

And Charles Woodson got the ball. That's a whole lot. It is. It's true. But that was the rule. I mean, all I remember is Vinatieri making the kick. It was written.

Written the way it was. I don't I believe it should have been a fumble. There was no way he was trying to complete a pass at that point. But the rule written at the time said the ball had to be tucked back into the body for it to become a fumble. And it never got there. Therefore, that's how you discern the rule. So it isn't a fumble. New England wins. And it goes on. Just so you know, TJ.

I have no dog in the fight here. Me either. I just saw what I saw. Well, I mean, what do you see? It looks like a fumble. Yeah. Yeah. And just like I saw Des cut the ball and he, you know, the rule said he didn't. The rule said he didn't. Yeah. I thought that was a touchdown, too. But the rule said he didn't.

You ended up losing your game. We won ours. Wow. True. True. It was a fact.

True. I can't argue that. You know, Brock was looking at me when he said it. I was thinking like, was that what the Cowboys said? Oh, by the way, did you bring your Cowboys jersey for me? No, it's still up in mom and dad's closet. Oh, okay. I got to get it down here to you. You wanted, which one did you want?

Do you want just the white or do you want the throwback from Thanksgiving? Yeah. Yeah, that one. I like that one. What was the point?

You were watching the doc and what happened? I like that one. No, I'm off. All right. What were we talking about? Kickers. Kickers.

Quarterbacks. You were talking about just rushing the passer. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah.

The differences. Yeah. So Charles Woodson's talking about what he had to do on that play, right? Right. He just inches in, inches in, inches in. It just goes. It goes.

That's all he had to do. Now, as a quarterback, you have to see what the coverage is. You've got to see if there's a blitz coming. You've got to see a rotation. Catch the ball in a snowstorm.

Shift protection if you see the blitz coming. Right. So to your point around the quarterback, it's hard for you to imagine you can't find 32 great quarterbacks.

But yeah, it's a different scenario. If I could put my hand in the ground and just ran after the quarterback, maybe. Is it harder to find 32 good kickers or 32 good quarterbacks? I would argue that it's harder to find 32 good quarterbacks. Yeah, there's probably 30 good kickers. I will say this, though.

I just have no, I have no, what's the word here, no patience. I have no patience for kickers. Are you like Peyton, the idiot kicker? I hate, the kickers are so strange.

And when Peyton said that, by the way, about Mike Vanderjagt, he had the highest make percentage in NFL history. And he called him an idiot kicker. And we're talking about this idiot kicker. I just, kickers remind me of goalies in hockey. They're just strange. Yeah.

They're strange people. Would you ever talk to the kicker? I was a holder for a kicker for a long time. So we were the battery.

So yeah, I had to develop a relationship with him. But for the most time, it's just like, he's like Chaz's mom from Wedding Crashers. You don't know, what's he ever doing back there? You never see him. What's he doing back there? What's he doing back there, right? He's on the other field. He's kicking, moving his leg around and the next thing you hear, he's out on the golf course hitting the hole in one or something like that. You're like, what are you doing, man? You know, you're going to make me some milo back there?

What's going on? Let's get it done. Right? Don't miss a kick. Don't miss a kick. That's easier said than done though.

It is easier said than done. But that's all they have to do. That's all they have to do. There's nothing else they have to do. Nothing else. That's it. You had one job.

One job. Make the kick. Make it. Make it. Just see it. See the ball.

Laces out. That's your job as the holder though. If it gets blocked. If it's a hold scenario where it messes up, okay.

There's a bit of understanding there. But no. You get your foot on the ball. It better go through the uprights.

Like, if I was the general manager of a team, I may never find a kicker because I'd be firing one all the time. Ultimately. Like, Dion, just cut them. Cut them. Just cut them. Cut them. Go. I'd be the guy that just, or I'd turn into Brandon Staley and I'd just go for it every now and then. Yeah. Just don't even pull it.

That's pretty much what I would do. Unless I'm inside my own, like, 30, I think I'm just going for it every time. You know, because points are so precious in the NFL, it's important to have a kicker. But, like, if I'm a college coach, I'm never kicking.

You're like... Four down all day, all night. Punters are great. I love punters. They're a defensive specialist. That's what a punter is. He belongs on an all-defensive team. Playing a changed field position.

Yes. They're a change agent of a football game. So... Well, like you said, in college, why should you kick an extra point?

Just go for two. I don't understand it. Makes no sense. Makes no sense. All right, guys. They had an emergency owner's meeting to approve the sale of the Denver Broncos.

Unanimously approved. The Rob Walton and a bunch of other famous people that you've heard of. Condoleezza Rice, Lewis Hamilton, among others. $2.65 billion for the Denver Broncos. Pocket change.

Highest sale of an NFL team yet. I tried to get in on this. But... You tried to get in on this?

Yeah. I said, can I put 10 grand in? And they said no. There's a lot of people that have asked for investment stuff for, like, you know, for little things. And a $10,000 investment, it works.

It didn't this time. If you had given Zuckerberg 10K back in the day, bro... I'd have given him $10. Hold on. I'm going to try to... You've been... How much would 10,000... What percentage of $4.65 billion would 10,000 have gotten you?

$0.00002 of 1%. So I'd be part owner of the Denver Broncos. Worth it.

I think that would be cool. You know? But ultimately, it came down to, you know, I'm not a huge fan of Walmart.

And that's why I chose not to do it. Wow. Love Walmart. I love Walmart. The Browns have said they're... I'm kidding.

I love Walmart, too. Or did they just choose not to allow you? No, they chose not to allow. They passed on your 10 grand.

I also don't know if I passed the background check, either. So that's another thing in all of this. I'm guessing not.

Yep. The Browns revealed that they're not going to reveal if Deshaun Watson's going to play on Friday against Jacksonville, the team's first preseason game. Apparently, they do have a plan for the quarterbacks, but they're not talking about it publicly. Seems like Jacoby Brissette should probably play most of the game, right? We just had this conversation, right? Why is he even there?

It's so ridiculous. Jason Kelce underwent elbow surgery. He's back on a one-year deal with Philadelphia.

He's 35 years old, so not sure how much time he's going to miss, if he might miss the opener. But obviously, you don't have your center. That's a big deal. What else we got? TJ, we were talking about Juju Smith-Schuster the other day. Juju on the beat. Peter King saying that when he was a chief scam, Juju's lining up all over the place.

I tried to tell you. After spending about 80% of the snaps in the slot the last two years in Pittsburgh, he's given more chances out wide, like earlier in his career. Could he be a replacement for Tyreek Hill?

Well, I don't know if he could be a replacement, but I think there's a plethora of players that are going to have to be a replacement. I just assume if you look at the allocation of catches last year, it's going to be similar. Patrick Mahomes is not going to throw less, right? He's going to complete it just as much. Not going to throw less.

Right. He's not going to throw less. But what's going to happen is it's just going to be spread around more. We're going to see Sky more, see if he can be an influence early on.

Hardman, can he do something, right? And then you're talking about Travis Kelce going to be an even bigger part of what they're doing. The AFC, everybody, I don't care what anybody says about Buffalo or Denver or the Raiders or the Chargers or Miami or anybody, the AFC is still going through Kansas City. Interesting. Until it doesn't.

I'm not going to say it is, right? Last four years, where's the AFC Championship been? Arrowhead. Arrowhead. Now, hey, New England had to get through there and get it done, right? Cincinnati was able to do it a year ago. But until it changes, until I see something different, I believe it still goes through Arrowhead and the Kansas City Chiefs. We'll wait and see.

We'll wait and see how that plays out. All right, another big story we haven't talked about yet, guys, but it was revealed this morning. Serena Williams talking about hanging it up finally. She wrote an article, a first-person essay in Vogue, suggesting that the U.S. Open could be her final tournament, added she had mixed feelings about the next chapter, didn't even like using the word retirement, but did something that she's finally thinking about, and this might be it for Serena, who's obviously one of the GOAT athletes, male or female, in our lifetime. The greatest, greatest female tennis player of all time. Argument greatest tennis player. Arguably, easily arguable, greatest tennis player of all time. If this is it for Serena, how do you guys feel about having watched her whole career TJ?

Obviously one of the best. I mean, we got to witness greatness from a young age, right? When did Venus Serena kind of come into our consciousness? They were not even, they were 10? They were kids. They were kids.

So this is Serena's 27th year on the women's tour? Yeah, man. So, you know, you got to watch these young girls from Compton come up and we all knew about the dad, right? And we knew about Richard and we kind of thought that this guy was just loud, but then you realized that there was a method to this man's madness, man, and looking back at it the way he was really protecting and guiding these girls when everyone else was kind of coming down on them, but he had a vision. And look, it came to fruition. Yeah.

The point is, I mean, it was... It came to fruition. Spectacular. Not only, I mean, he had two of the greatest female athletes of all time growing up in Compton, California, what, 20 minutes down the road from here in a sport where girls, we talked to MJ Acosta Ruiz yesterday and kind of talked about, you know, what having her in her position is doing for girls that look like her.

So you imagine two girls like Venus and Serena who look like them in a sport where there aren't a lot of people that do look like them. And not only did you make it, you didn't just make it, you dominated. Like you went to the top of the food chain, and it's an amazing thing to watch, man. It was amazing to watch. I hope we get to watch her a little bit longer, but if she decides to walk away, what more can she do? You know, what a cool thing it would be if she found a way to... One last final run?

Win that U.S. Open, and then that would be the send-off, right? And we've seen it before. And by the way, Brockman, the hotel we stay at, I always forget this, the hotel we stay at in Miami, the Delano. I was in the Delano probably 10 years ago, probably longer than that, and Serena was by the pool. And I'm not just saying this, she was in the bikini by the pool, but I'm just saying this was a case where you're looking at a supreme athlete and just looking at this woman, the muscles, the shape, the form of her body, it was just like, that is, it is amazing to sit and look at something someone built like that for as great as she is, and the power and the strength and the grace that she brings to the game.

It was almost like looking at a statue, bro, like straight up, like you were in awe of this woman. And I think that, you know, not to be remiss in the importance of Venus in this conversation, she was the trailblazer. Yeah, she was the big sister. And then Richard Williams was always like, look, no, the younger sister's better. It's kind of almost like LeVar in a way, you know, LeVar was loud and got on people's nerves, but he put two or three in the NBA and he said the younger one was going to be the best one. And he looks like he's probably right about that. Well, it worked in the Leaf House, though, too.

The third Brady Leaf is the best of the three, so that's for darn sure. All righty, when we come back, something pretty cool. Again, studio guest Jevon Walton from Euphoria fame and his new film, Ashtrae, joining us next here on the Rich Eisen Show when we come back. Does your antiperspirant keep you dry all day? Dove Men PlusCare Dry Spray goes on instantly dry for a cleaner feel and offers 48 hours sweat and odor protection. Let me repeat that, 48 hours of sweat and odor protection. Use it and don't even think about it. Also, Dove Men Dry Spray contains Dove's unique one-quarter moisturizing cream that helps protect your skin.

Try Dove Men PlusCare Dry Spray, goes on dry, clean feel all day. Welcome back to the Rich Eisen Show here, I'm Ryan Leaf filling in for Rich. How many times have you seen the trailer now? Oh my God, I've seen it a lot. And every time I see it, I'm like, dang, I look so young in that, it's crazy. How old were you?

I'm speaking with Javon Walton from the new movie, Samaritan. How old were you when you filmed this? I was, I think I was 13 when I was filming it. Was it before the Euphoria?

Yeah, yeah, it was before that. So I filmed the first season of Euphoria, right? And then filmed other stuff and then later that year I was filming Samaritan in like the midst of all of COVID and all of that stuff. So it was like, it was a process, like trying to get that all to work out.

Samaritan launches globally on Prime Video Friday, August 26th. We're speaking with Javon Walton, the star of that film. I walked away from it. When you have somebody like Sly Stallone in a role there, but this story is about you. It's a backdrop of the superhero aspect, but it's about you and you growing up and having to fight dark and light and how to become that. I thought it was incredibly interesting that you kind of took the lead through this process and made it your own, your first feature film. Thank you.

I appreciate that. Yeah, it was amazing to be able to work with Sly on my very first film like that, you know, my very first feature film. So that was great. Me and him had a special bond on set too. We'd always argue about boxing and who's going to win this, who's going to win that. So yeah. The boxing aspect of things, I mean, you're 16, right?

You're 17, I'm sure you've seen and everything like that. What was it like to be a part of a cast like that where you had an individual who's so iconic in the boxing world because it's what you do and what you do well too? I think it was for sure special, you know, not many people say that they could be working with Sly and to be able to work with him on another level is just dope.

You know, we really built a bond between each other. It was good to be able to like talk boxing with people, you know, I've never been able to like really talk boxing on set. So it was nice to be able to have that, you know. And then the opportunity, any of you who will get a chance to watch the film, no spoilers here or anything, but there's a scene where you are up on the roof with them and you get to kind of showcase some of those boxes, how quick, I mean, I was so impressed with how quick they were in that instance, but your character really isn't, you don't really want to fight. No.

You are very capable. No, yeah. It's like a little sneak peek of all that, you know, on the rooftop. Yeah.

It was fun to watch. So Euphoria fans out there, if anybody watches the HBO series Euphoria, it's incredibly nuanced in terms of following a group of, you know, high school kids really through, you know, the difficult times and the drug world that goes on. And your character, right, is a guy that is surrounded in secrecy, really. We don't know much about him, but we just know how loyal he is and what it means to him to be a protector.

And we see it, how it played out in the finale last year. I think there's conversation around, is Astray really dead? Is he no longer there?

Where can we see this character if not moving forward? You know what? I honestly, I got no clue.

And like, I'm not just saying that just to say that because I can't, I really got no clue. You know, it's a bit crazy, but Euphoria has such an amazing fan base and I feel like a lot of teenagers, older teens can relate to it on another level. Not, of course, as intense, but you know, like take bits and pieces away from it. Well, being 16, I mean, you know, you have to be probably one of the younger actors on the show and you know, the topic is, I think, important. But as somebody who lives in a time where kids are learning and developing and figuring out these things, what has been the biggest takeaway from you from the fan base of your age who may have, who may see this as ways to be educated and learn how to do things better?

Oh, man. That was a good question, though. I think like, so basically like what kids can take away from it, right? I think like the main thing kids can take away from it is there's, there's a lot going on in the world, you know, and a lot of stuff that in a lot of concerns that you don't need to be worrying about yet, you know, there's like, I feel like you're extra sensitive at this age, you know, especially kids and it's, it's, it's a vulnerable time and if you can just find your happiness within, like within this time and, you know, staying grounded and be a kid, yeah, be a kid, you know, really just about being a kid at this age, right?

I mean, I didn't stress anything else. Yeah. If I could go back with any of that stuff when I was your age, it's just everything that happened felt like the end of the world, right? Right.

Yeah. And I feel like a lot of kids get caught up in that, you know, so you can just enjoy the moments you have because you're going to regret not enjoying it when you get older, you know, so you gotta, you gotta enjoy your childhood. You can't let all that stuff get to you. How have you stayed grounded with all this early success? I think, you know, you probably speak to the boxing aspect, the thing to keep you kind of a focus, but how have you stayed grounded with, with your success at 16?

Well, I think one of the most humbling things is boxing because people will test you on another level when you're fighting, you know, so boxing definitely plays a big portion in that. And I think just like the way I've, I've, I've just grown up in general, you know, like for a while I was living on 15 acres with goats and chickens and it was like, you know, and like I've kept the same friends, you know, I haven't switched up on anybody and I've been keeping the same people that have been loyal to me since day one, you know, and I really think that's really important, you know, to keep that alive. I think this is probably pretty cliche, but you know, you know, show me your friends and I'll show you your future is a, is a really good adage to, and it took me a while to figure that out because I think for the longest time I surrounded myself with people who told me yes all the time, who weren't willing to like show me the mirror because we don't necessarily see. You want people to be like, no, that's like, you know, like you want, you want people there for you and not there to just say stuff to make you feel happy, you know, like you want people that are going to be real, people that are going to better you as a person, you know. So it's, I mean, friends can either make you amazing and great and take you very far or they can ruin you. Yeah.

Support is a huge factor in all of this. We're speaking with Javon Walton, star of the new film Samaritan that will be coming out globally on Prime Video, August 26th. Check it out.

I saw it last night. What's next, right? What's next for you?

What's next on deck for Javon? So I've been focusing a lot on boxing recently, you know. I've been, I got some stuff in the works and acting world, you know, some really cool stuff that I can't wait to talk about.

I'm excited about that, but that's going to stay a secret for a little bit longer. But really just the boxing world, man, I've been really honing in on that, want to get to a hundred bouts and, you know, yeah. What, I know that the Olympics is something that you are pointing to, right, 2024? That was the goal for a while and I'm not going to lie, like winning a gold medal could be amazing. You know, I've wanted that since a young age, but I really think my path and where I'm at in this moment in time is going pro at 18.

I really think that's what I want to do and I want to accomplish a lot in the pro game and show people my ability and showcase that on another level. Well, that's wonderful. I love to see the ambition at such a young age and then your ability to listen and interpret and make the right choices.

Thank you. I appreciate it. Who do you, speaking about the boxing aspect, do you model yourself after, your style after anybody that, somebody that you looked up to growing up? Not really, you know, there's like certain bits and pieces I'll take away from certain fighters that I'm like, oh, I love the way he does this, I love the way he does that.

And really Manny Pacquiao's footwork is something that I've always loved, man, and how quick he is on his feet, you know, and primetime Pac-Man, nobody could beat him, you know, so I definitely take away things from him, but I got, I definitely got my own style. Alrighty. Javon Walton, everybody, from the new film Samaritan out on Prime Video globally, August 26th, joining us here in studio. Thanks for taking the time today.

Of course. We'll be right back here on The Rich Eisen Show. I'm Ryan Lee filling in for Rich. We'll see you in a few minutes.

What's up, everybody? We're back to The Rich Eisen Show, Ryan Leaf here filling in for Rich alongside TJ Jefferson, Michael Del Tufo, Chris Brockman, we just had Javon Walton on set here, that's pretty cool. You know, that's my first, well, I guess it isn't my first in studio, Kevin Connolly was my first, but that was kind of like, I didn't know him, you know, and Ash Trey's a cold, it was a cold dude on Euphoria, man, that kid was no joke. I don't want to spoil anything, I mean, if you're a Euphoria fan, you've seen it, the final episode, right, where this kid, like his, I mean, his character is a very young man who has grown up in the drug trade and worked alongside his, essentially his older brother, right? More or less.

More or less. And in the finale, when they'd been ratted out by a fellow, you know, guy in the trade, Ash Trey wasn't having none of it. No, he was ready for war. He was ready for war, he was ready for war. He's also in season three of the Umbrella Academy on Netflix.

I would say this, Ryan, if you take Tommy DeVito, Joe Pesci from Goodfellas, you make him like a younger guy, but set in like today's world, you'd probably have that Ash Trey mentality, like a kid who just don't care about tomorrow and is down for whatever, man. He was, right? There's a conversation piece out there around the idea of whether or not his character is really gone or not, you know?

By all means, it looked like him. I don't see how he's not. If you have a chance, go check it out. Also his new film, Samaritan with Sylvester Stallone, out again globally on Prime Video August 26th. Got a chance to watch it last night. Anything with superheroes.

I'm a big superhero film guy, like, you know, Marvel, DC Comics, any of those types of things. You've been watching the boys? Yeah. I've been watching the boys. You know who Brockman loves? Love the boys. Who?

Take a guess. Who's the worst person on the boys? Uh, Homelander. Yeah, Brockman loves Homelander. It's a great character. He's a great character.

He's a great character. I hate Homelander, man. Worst person ever, but yes.

He's the worst. Now the Soldier Boy might defeat the Soldier Boys, actually. No, you bring his papa in there, you bring Soldier Boy into the conversation, and it's actually worse than Homelander.

It's a different conversation. They're both awesome. Freakish. It's such a great show. That guy, Anthony Starr, plays Homelander, he got screwed, man.

He should have been nominated for Emmy. He's incredible. They're so good. It's so good. The Boys is a great show.

It is a great show. Um, what was it, herogasm? Yeah. Herogasm.

Herogasm. That was, that was, uh, there was things, I saw things in there that I, I particularly don't care to see anymore. Can you imagine sitting in the writer's room? You can't even describe it. No, I won't. Don't get me wrong. Yeah, please don't. Imagine being in the writer's room, going through that process.

It's just like anything crazy you could possibly think of, they're like, cool, let's use that. Let's do that. Let's do that. Why don't we do that?

And then we'll explode their head when it's all said and done. Let's have a guy who can shrink down really small and put him places. Just go anywhere, right? It's Ant-Man in the X-rated version. Yes. Right? Yes. That's the best way to put it.

Best way to describe it. But yes, Samaritan out on Prime Video here, August 26th, Jevon Walton. That kid's got a great future, man. It seems like his head's on straight. His mom is there with him. I asked him some questions around the importance of what he's doing and what it means and where his head is at with all of it. And so for somebody who, I had a moment, an opportunity to speak with his mom here during the break.

And she talked about just the world they grew up in. He's a twin. I didn't know that either. Oh, wow. Cool. Yeah, he's a twin.

He has a sister who's, I think, eight, she said. So I mean, he's been born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, and continues to do great things. Pretty cool to be up alongside Sly Stallone. I had an opportunity to meet Stallone when I was working out at this gym here in LA.

He'd pop in from time to time and be part of it. He told us the secret to looking jacked on film is you only work out three parts of your body. You work your tris, your bis, and your back. Pretty much shoulders. And that's all he would ever do.

Pull-ups, everything like that. No need to look at his legs at any point in film. That's how he's extended it. It's fun to watch him. It's funny to see him in this role because you just know him as iconic, as Rocky, right?

There's a bit of Rocky in it, in him, in the way he goes about his business with Javon in this role. All right. That was last segment. We are about to finish the show here.

We're in our last segment. I want to kind of get back to the NFL side of things. In your news of the day, in the first segment of the show, we just couldn't quite get to the Jamis Winston injury yesterday to the conversation around what that means for the New Orleans States, right? Moving away from Sean Payton as head coach, Jamis Winston coming back from the injury, signing with his team again this year, Dennis Allen taking over. They have had the Tampa Bay Buccaneers number in the regular season, right? Tom Brady's 0-4 in the regular season against this New Orleans Saints team.

Now, the most important piece in all this, you've got the one win that he needed in the playoff game, right? So with the additions, that wide receiver, Jarvis Landry, Chris Alave and Michael Thomas making the return, Alvin Kamara offensively, we know how good they are defensively. Jamis Winston was 5-2 last year before his injury took over. What is this team like with Jamis Winston at the helm? Do they have a real shot of fighting the Bucks for the division? And without him, is it going to be a real difficult year in Dennis Allen's first season?

That's the biggest question in all of this. The more I hear about the injury, it sounds like it's just a sprained ankle. Glad it happened early. He wasn't probably going to play much in the preseason. I think the consistency, it reminds me a ton of what happened in Buffalo, where Brian Dable went to the Giants. They promoted and kept Ken Dorsey on staff as the new offensive coordinator. Of course, he's going to make it his own, but there's going to be a familiarity for Josh Allen.

Same in New Orleans, right? Coach Carmichael, who's been there, who's been with them, who knows what Sean Payton has been able to do. Now, hey, don't get me wrong. Sean Payton may be the most dynamic schemer and play caller there was over the last decade in the NFL. Some of the things he's been able to do with a depreciating item in Drew Brees later in his career and doing some of the things he does with Alvin Kamara.

That's a big part of, I think, the success for Jameis Winston, that consistency and what this team looks like. Over the next few days, I kind of want to go through maybe some predictions and where we think the conferences, divisions in particular, are going. But to end the show, fortuitously wearing the Los Angeles Chargers sweater today, hoodie, let's talk about this division a little bit. We did a little exercise yesterday around the Jimmy Garoppolo conversation, whether he's going to be somewhere else, whether he's going to be in San Francisco. But if you were a fan of your favorite team and you had the opportunity to trade your quarterback straight up right now for Jimmy Garoppolo, would you do it? Regardless of cap, implications, anything, I don't want to get into any of that. If you were willing to trade your quarterback you have now in place to start the season with Jimmy Garoppolo, would you do it? And I honestly came to the conclusion there may be eight, nine teams out there that it would be an upgrade for them. Is that something you guys see as well? Is Jimmy Garoppolo a guy that- Well, what are the teams and let's talk about it. Let's go. Jimmy Garoppolo in the AFC West, wouldn't trade him for one guy in the AFC West, right?

Nope. How about in his own division, right? Yeah, he's an immediate upgrade in Seattle.

I think there's no question about that. He would go in there and I don't know if they'd be a playoff team at all, but they're not going to be fighting for a top five pick with Jimmy Garoppolo at quarterback, I think, in Seattle. Arizona, I'd rather have Kyler Murray, obviously I'd rather have Matthew Stafford. Clearly they in San Francisco want Trey Lance, but I right now would take Jimmy Garoppolo over Trey Lance because I don't know what I get out of Trey Lance yet. And I'm in that camp as well, but obviously they made a decision. They made the decision on draft night last year when they decided to, or before when they made the trade with Miami to move up, and then they made the decision to draft him.

Jimmy G's writing was on the wall. What's the chance that Jimmy G stays in San Francisco this year? Seemingly zero. Seemingly zero, right?

It's full Butarski. I mean, they've basically already given him permission to seek a trade. Everything they've been saying publicly in the last couple of weeks leads you to believe he's not going to be on the team come week one.

If you don't find a trade. When you make a statement like that. He's just going to be deactivated. Are you, you're ultimately, he's going to be released then. I think our team's waiting for him to be released.

I guess. I mean, look, because if you trade for him, you're on the hook for the 25 million. So you might as well just wait for the Niners to cut him, and then you can just sign him for whatever. If they don't get something worthwhile in a trade, does San Francisco hold on to him for that resource as a backup quarterback in case Trey Lance gets hurt? I mean, it's great insurance. It's a pretty penny insurance policy. But it's kind of like what New England did. At one point, Jimmy G was going to make more than Tom Brady, and he's your backup. You can't have your backup quarterback making more than your starter.

It's just bad optics. So he's going to get released at some point. All right. Well, who knows where he may land. Let's keep bouncing around in some different places. How about the AFC East?

It's not New England, not in Buffalo. I could argue New York and Miami would be a step up in those positions. That's why I always thought Miami might be a landing spot with Mike McDaniel in that offense. I think that's a... Well, I still think Miami's holding out for Tom Brady, to be honest. It's really up to two of this year. If he's not good or if he struggles like he has in the last couple of seasons, what is their incentive to keep him when you know that... Oh, no.

There isn't any. I mean, I said this especially after they went out and got Tyreek Hill, right, with Jalen Waddle. They're stacked. They're ready to win. There isn't an excuse.

They have so much talent. Yeah. There's no excuse at the end of this year, if that's the case. Now, the only excuse I could hear coming from anybody, maybe in that side of the camp, is year one under Mike McDaniel's offense. What does that look like?

What does that mean? We'll see. All right. Let's go to the AFC South.

Let's go Indianapolis. No. Matt Ryan, I think, is a solid, solid position there, especially the kind of offense they run with the play-action. Yeah. There's a lot of vision with Matt Ryan.

There's no question about that. Tennessee. Tennessee. Ryan Tannehill. Malik Willis. No. I don't think that's a step up. I don't think so.

Let's jump to Jacksonville. You got a rookie quarterback? Nah. Trevor Lawrence is the man. He's the man. But if you were to say, right now, without any implications of future stumbling for Trevor Lawrence, would you trade for this quarterback right now? Jimmy Garappolo would be a step up, I think, for Trevor Lawrence in Jacksonville right now.

Yeah. Houston. Davis Mills. I think Davis Mills is good, too.

So do I. That's an interesting division, with two quarterbacks kind of aging, where you have two younger guys that have a lot of optimism and interest moving forward. I think the team, for me, let's just go to the NFC South.

I think the team, for me, we were just talking about them, is New Orleans. You don't know what you're getting out of Jamis. I mean, he's played 11 games in the last two years because of injuries, decision making. I mean, he had 30 interceptions his last full year in 2019. You throw Jimmy G in that offense with Alvin Kamara, if he's back, whatever his legal situation is.

And then the three Robert DeStevers that you talked about before with Jarvis Landry and Chris Alave and Michael Thomas, who we talked about yesterday. That could be a playoff team with Jimmy G. Yeah. Leading the Saints offense. TJ, what do you think about that? So you think Jimmy G's better than Jamis? He's been better than Jamis. He's been better than Jamis for a while now, right? Has he? He's been to a Super Bowl and an NFC championship.

Yeah, well. Jamis can't get off the couch half the time. Has he or has the team been there?

So we go back to this like quarterback thing where... I'm saying, look, I'm saying Jamis hasn't played in two years. He played last year though. He played seven games. He played, what, he had 16 touchdowns in three picks, if I'm not mistaken. No, it was incredible. It was incredible. So he played fantastic.

I'm in a little disagreement with Chris here. I don't think that's a step up in New Orleans with Jimmy G. No, definitely not. But Jamis, you know, he had that 30 pick season.

But if you watch a lot of those. He also had 30 touchdowns. He also had 30 touchdowns. And what if you take away some of those picks, which, you know, some were bad plays, obviously. Some were receivers running wrong routes.

I can't speak on this as well as you can. But I don't think all 30 of those were necessarily his fault, right? But they're on him. They're on him. You're right. You're right. And that's carried with him in bullet points.

And when we're talking about things, that's a big part of it. So Atlanta, I would take him over Marcus Mariota. In Tampa, no, not over Tom Brady, right? Carolina? Over Baker Mayfield or Sam Darnold right now? I think so.

Maybe. I like Baker Mayfield. I like him. I think that Cleveland absolutely did him a complete disservice. And the chip on his shoulder is back once again. Unfortunately, Matt Ruhle, and we discussed this earlier, I think is in a little bit of a lame duck year. And there's going to be a lot on him to win.

And what does that look like? So all right, before we get out of here, though. Fourteen and three for Jamis, not 16.

Yeah, close though. Chargers, Broncos, Chiefs, Raiders. Best division in football? No question.

Right? Hands down. Do you have any picks in division easily? Yep.

Easily. Play each other twice a year? Is this a scenario where they just beat the hell out of each other and the products diminished? Or is this iron sharpens iron and we have a division that produces three playoff teams like we've seen from the NFC West last year?

I think so. The three playoff teams are coming from this division. I think Denver ends up being kind of the odd man out when it's all said and done.

I think, I still call him Oakland Mike, Las Vegas. The Chargers and the Chiefs end up making the playoffs. Is this the year that the Chargers get over the top, finally, in this division?

It's a question I had yesterday. I'm going to go out to camp here in a week or so. I think so. Justin Herbert can win MVP. I think he's going to take them pretty far. He's incredible. I got the privilege to play golf up at Bannon Dunes with him a couple weeks ago. For a guy that is arguably one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, continues to be so down to earth. His teammates love him.

His work ethic is spectacular. We played, I think, we played 49 holes of golf one day. We had a lot of fun. We'll talk more about this division tomorrow when we're back here on the Rich Eisen Show. Everybody, thanks for listening.

Appreciate you welcoming back. We'll see you tomorrow here on the Rich Eisen Show. For the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments, it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson, too. All-time Hogan opponents, Macho Man's got to be in the conversation. Where's Andre for you? I've always said Andre was number one. Because even going back before Hulk Hogan was a baby face, Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome, at Shea Stadium in Japan. Wherever they went, that was an attraction. Something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard. And wherever you get your podcasts.
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