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Sean McDermott: Focusing On The Here And Now

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 30, 2024 4:12 pm

Sean McDermott: Focusing On The Here And Now

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 30, 2024 4:12 pm

5/30/24 - Hour 3

Bills HC Sean McDermott tells Rich what it’s like having Josh Allen for his quarterback, what Buffalo’s WR corps will look like after the Stefon Diggs trade to the Texans and the drafting of Florida State WR Keon Coleman, his thoughts on possible changes to the NFL’s OTA schedule, his evaluation of Rich’s 40-yard dash, and more.

Two-time Emmy Award-winning actor Bobby Cannavale and Rich discuss his new ‘Ezra’ film co-starring Robert De Niro, his beloved New York Yankees and Jets, and much more.

Rich previews the NFC South and lays out the best-case scenarios for the New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

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Check, check this out. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Let me just get this off my chest too. Check, check, check, check this out.

Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Rogers is, is, we could talk Roger forever. They don't care what he does off the field, we just win. This stuff that you think is a distraction.

Players don't care about that stuff. They love this guy as a teammate. Earlier on the show, NFL on Fox analyst Greg Olsen, Saints head coach Dennis Allen. Coming up, Bills head coach Sean McDermott. Two time Emmy award winning actor Bobby Cannavale. And now, it's Rich Eisen. That's right, hour number three of the show. Great chat with Greg Olsen last hour.

Same thing with Dennis Allen of the New Orleans Saints. In hour number one we've got Bobby Cannavale who's got a beautiful new film out called Ezra and Robert De Niro's in it with him. He also, I can't wait to hear his favorite Robert De Niro story.

That's coming up. Vera Farmigo who we all know and love. Rainn Wilson at Lunatic, our friend, the program. He's in this film as well. Rose Byrne, Whoopi Goldberg as well. Geez, have a terrible cast like that.

It's unbelievable. Bobby's going to be joining us in 20 minutes time. The famed Jip Rossetti. Very well adjusted man from Boardwalk Empire.

Very, very well adjusted character. Okay, okay. So we spoke to New Orleans Saints head coach Dennis Allen earlier. Joining us now on the Rich Eisen show is the head coach of the Buffalo Bills.

Year eight for this man at the helm there in western New York. Sean McDermott back here on the Rich Eisen show. How you doing, coach? We're doing great. Rich, how are you?

I'm doing great too. What phase are we in? Where are you? What are we doing today?

What's going on? That's a great question. I ask myself the same question every morning. I wake up.

Where am I? What's today? No, we're in the OTA phase, phase three of our all season program.

I've had great attendance, great weather here in Buffalo and looking forward to getting outside to practice today. Yeah, so what are you thinking about as you're entering June, right, of a playing season a couple months from now? Well, we're trying to put together the pieces really.

I think every year you start fresh and every year you start with what's called a scattered jigsaw puzzle and you're just trying to see what pieces you have and how those pieces may fit together the best and try and keep it simple. Yeah, I'm sure. It helps to have a unicorn at quarterback too, right? That helps to have that puzzle piece on the table already. Oh, absolutely.

Yeah, I mean everyone's looking for that and we're fortunate that we have a player and a person like Josh Allen to lead our organization here. Did you just finish a workout? I gotta ask that question because you got that towel, you're wiping your brow. Yeah, I was just boxing. Just got out of the ring? Well, actually that sounds like a playing season to me. Coach feels like he just got out of the ring. That's what that sounds like to me. That's what happens to us. We go through the season and we get beat up along the way and once in a while I get a towel or a towel man just to wipe the sweat off your brow. Just a nice summer day there in Buffalo in Western New York.

Maybe that's what it is. So what is it like talking to Josh Allen, talking ball with him, you know, now that he is Josh Allen? No, I mean anytime you can be around, first of all, a person like Josh and secondly a talent like Josh, it's high level stuff. You've got to come in and be prepared whether you're the head coach, the coordinator or the position coach. I've found over the years to continue to take players like Josh to the highest level you can.

You've got to be on your A game and that's what he looks for and expects out of us as a staff and then we expect the same from him as a player. Obviously you've been around a lot of quarterbacks, you've tried to put a lot of quarterbacks on their behinds in your previous roles and obviously currently now. When did you realize first that he was different than others?

When was that first moment? You know what, honestly Rich, it was probably before we drafted him, just through that process, really watching a little bit of film in 2017 during our season of who were the quarterback prospects out there in that draft class that year. Josh was on our radar and you watched him, you got a feel for how he played the game and right away you saw the competitive fire, you certainly saw the arm strength. But you also saw a guy that his team likes to be around and those are the three things that really jumped off the film.

What about eye test? When was the first time you saw him throw in person then? When was that one? We went out, Brandon, myself, ownership, we went out to Montana to work him out in the lead up to the draft there. That workout, honestly I was hoping he'd still be around when we picked, knowing that we were going to try and position ourselves to move up.

You just didn't know how other people saw him or valued him and we're fortunate that we were able to get him. Sean McDermott here on the Rich Eisen Show and now obviously you take a look at the wide receiver room and there's a lot of new names in there, Coach, a ton of them. I heard Khalil Shakir say that Joe Brady is using a phrase that everybody eats. What does that mean, everybody eats, Sean? On Sunday, this past Sunday, coming off Memorial Day weekend into Monday, I think it was actually Monday, Memorial Day itself, Matt Collins, one of our receivers in that room, sends me a text Sunday evening and I'm thinking, okay, well, his life comes up for some of these guys this time of year.

Maybe his flight got cancelled, coming back to Buffalo, what have you. No, it's a picture of a snake eating and one of his snakes in terms of one of his pets he has at home eating its prey and he says, everybody eats on it. So it was a different way of saying it, but that's the life that we live, right? That's the life of a head coach.

So yeah, happy Memorial Day to everyone. So that's his way of, so everybody eats, meaning the opposition is going to be consumed by your offense? Is that what that means?

No, your guess is as good as mine. I just roll with it, right? That's what we do. What did you respond? Did you give the thumbs up emoji? Just like, hey, thumbs up to that, you know?

I said, hey, really cool, man. That's awesome. That works?

That might suffice? Because again, that's what everybody, certainly in my chair and probably Bill's mafia is trying to figure out is how this is going to look right now. No, I get it. Yeah. I mean, that's the case this time of year, almost every season, but I get it. We don't maybe have the names that people are looking for or have what some people would say is a true number one receiver. So listen, we are where we're at in terms of place and time, schedule, calendar.

It's beginning of June in this case, almost end of May, right? So we're trying to, like I said, get a feel for what we have and then put them in positions to help bring it all together. So when you say Mac Hollins is sending you a photograph of, I guess, whatever Darwinism is happening in his pet cage or whatever at home. I'm mandated to ask you if Keon Coleman has sent you any photographs or texts or any memes, because that kid seems to have a very unique perspective on life.

Coach? Yeah, very active personality. But I'll say this, I think a lot of people see that because of the access, right, in the social media. And he does have a very lively personality day to day. But what I really appreciate in this short amount of time we've been together is how important football is to him, how important being a good teammate is to him.

And the respect level he came in with for the building, for his teammates, really been cool to watch. The thing I've picked up from it, obviously, you know, him talking about his coats and asking if he can have the snacks on the side of the press conference room. The thing I've taken from it, though, is that he seems comfortable being himself and he seems like a, you know, just like a normal good dude who happens to be insanely talented at the wide receiver position. You know, and that counts for something. That's what I took from it.

I would say you're spot on. I mean, when you watch just how he handles his business, rather self-assured in this unpredictable first few weeks, first year of a rookie NFL career. But again, I think it comes from his focus on what his goal is, what the team's goals are, and then also the way Josh has reached out to him and really tried to develop a good relationship early on here with him. Bill's head coach, Sean McDermott, here on the Rich Eisen Show. So we just talked to Keon Coleman. He was the first pick of the second night.

It was your first draft choice after two trade outs in the first round. You know, listen, every coach I know is a Type A control freak. What is it like sitting in a draft room having two first round choices traded and you're waiting to see who you're going to get? Coach, what is that like for you?

Well, I think most coaches would tell you that that gets a little bit unnerving, right? Just from the standpoint of, you know, we in the coaching end of things need players. Listen, we're all better. I think we're all better. We would all admit.

I think the good coaches, at least the honest coaches, would say we're all better with better talent on our rosters, right? So yeah, I mean, you're watching good players go off the board, but there was a plan in place and Brennan executed the plan and, you know, Keon was there and we were able to pick up some other picks along the way. No doubt about it. So Keon was there, first pick of that night.

I imagine, though, the phone was ringing like crazy. That is out of any draft choices in a draft other than the ones that clearly are at the top of a draft for any team that is quarterback needy. That's with quarterbacks in the draft.

Those are very valuable. But the first pick of the second night is absolutely a pick that most teams would want to have. You get the whole day to sit on it. You get the whole day to think about it.

You also get the whole day of the phones ringing. I imagine your phone was still ringing off the hook to be trading out of that spot, too. Yeah, as you know, that's a popular pick. You're in the driver's seat of that round, so to speak, and there's a lot of people trying to get up into the bottom third of the first round or the top part of the second round because of exactly what you said. All of us, GMs, head coaches, all control freaks, type A personalities that want to get that player or we think that player can make the difference on our teams. So it is a good position to be in and we were in it. A few minutes left with the head coach of the Buffalo Bills, Sean McDermott. I've got your schedule to pop up on the screen right here.

When you first saw this a couple weeks ago, middle of May, you thought what when you first saw this? Like we do every year, all the respect in the world for our opponents. And we'll get to that part, but right now we've got to really focus on the here and now, which is, as I said, winning the day, putting our focus in the present moment and really getting a feel for who we are as a team and how we can bring this thing together. But do you like week 12 by? Again, I know you have no control over it, but is that to your preference, week 12?

I would say it's not bad overall, but again, we have absolutely no control over it. So I'm not going to be one to call the league and say, hey, can we move this around a little bit? Just like anything else, just like the way the schedule lays out with the opponents, teams are going to play where we're going to play.

I think we have the first four out of six, I believe on the road. It is what it is, right? We move on and we get ourselves ready to go. What's your opinion? Because again, this hasn't been done yet, but it's out there that the Players Association is putting together a proposal to reconfigure the way teams do business on the field in the non-playing season leading up to training camp, where on-field OTA work would maybe be centralized into a period in June leading up to a ramp-up period directly into a training camp in July into August. Do you like that concept, Coach? Well, yeah. I mean, everyone's always going to have their sides of the story or the positions that they think are best for what's best for them. That's why they call it the negotiation, right?

So those things will work themselves out in time, and I trust that the powers that be will get it done for the betterment of everyone involved. But you must have an opinion, right? Sean, you're sitting there. You must have an opinion.

As a coach, you might have an idea or two what's best for you and your program. Come on. What do you have? Come on, Rich.

Come on, Rich. No, but honestly... You know what I have an opinion on? What do you have an opinion on? Is the 40-yard dash that you're on. We're not talking about my training regimen. We're talking about the training regimen of the Buffalo Bills that could potentially be affected by a plan that's in front of maybe the commissioner of the NFL soon. You know what I mean?

That's where I'm going. I trust that the powers that be, Commissioner Goodell, and the leaders at the top will make sure that they make the best decisions for the betterment of the league and the great product that we have. So I understand where you're coming from. I understand everyone's angst over it. And to be quite honest, I do have my own angst over it, right? But I don't think they're really going to care what I say in this matter.

But yeah, they'll figure it out. Okay. So what is your opinion of my 40-yard dash then, Coach? What do you think?

What do I got? I think you've got tremendous short-area bursts. And look at this form.

We've been working a lot on speed around here. You're really hand-in-the-pocket. I mean, that's Carl Lewis-esque. Thank you, sir. Thank you. Yep. I agree.

I have that feeling, too. But the short-area burst is like one yard. That's my burst, unfortunately.

Gravity is my problem. What yard did that come in? One.

The one-yard line. That's it. That was it? The start or the finish? Well, I have a different sense of everybody eats, Sean. You know what I mean? That's my problem.

That's my issue from the very start. Last one for you. What's the dodgeball stuff? I saw this. What's going on with the dodgeball?

What'd you do? Well, we just try and integrate some things. Want to know how to break up the off-season. Helping our players enjoy some quote-unquote conditioning exercises and compete a little bit. It's fun to watch these guys. I mean, this is something as simple as dodgeball that we've all played since elementary school. And you watch these professional athletes. Look at the looks on their faces. Intensity. Yeah. It is fun to watch, I'll tell you that. Personalities come out. Leadership comes out.

It's an interesting, call it 30, 45 minutes. You break down the film later on? Is that what you're saying? Yeah. The cool thing is you're able to mix up offense, defense, special teams. Sometimes you've got to separate guys because it gets so competitive. Yeah.

We should put this on the ocho. You know what I mean? I don't know if you saw dodgeball. At least they're not throwing wrenches, Sean. I couldn't imagine getting hit by a dodgeball from Josh Allen. Seriously, Josh, I wouldn't want him pegging me as a good one. I wouldn't want him throwing a dodgeball at me at all. Look at him. We make the quarterbacks go left-handed.

They throw the ocho. Okay. Next level. Coach, thanks for the time. Really appreciate you taking the moments here in phase three or whatever phase you're in.

I appreciate that you join the program whenever you do. Thanks. Thanks, Rich. All respect, buddy. Right back at you. That's Sean McDermott, head coach of the Buffalo Bills here on the Rich Eisen Show.

Fun stuff. There he goes. By the way, that was a quick trigger finger. He was done. He's out.

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Huh? I call back if I do that. I'm one of those guys. I want excellent closure.

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Call or just stop by. I was so delighted when I heard this. Is it you up for talking to him?

And the answer is yes. He's Bobby Cannavale and he's got a new movie as we're in theaters nationwide tomorrow. Where are you joining us from right now, Bobby? Where are you? Boy, it's beautiful here, Rich.

It's so gorgeous. I'm here in Brooklyn. I don't remember. I don't remember Brooklyn looking like that, Bobby. I don't remember that. Otherwise, you'd be seeing my unmade bed behind me. And who wants to see that?

Because of restless sleeping. So what's up, Brockman? What up, Mike D? Good to see you, Bobby. How are you? Good. We're good. Yeah.

Great to see you, buddy. CJ Jefferson is part of our program now. He wasn't part of the show when you were here last time. There you go. Yeah. Ten years ago, you hosted this show. Yeah.

About that. Did you guys mention Joe Letrullo was on the show and his dad? His dad was on as well that day.

I didn't know that. Yeah, his dad. I put him on, you know, because he was here.

He was there anyway. So I just I talked to him a little bit, too. I tell you, man, that was that was I've never done anything like that since I probably won't do something like that. When I tell people how long I hosted that show, like how it was hours. But you've done you've done Broadway plays longer than that. You've done probably you've done two plays in a day.

I know, bro. But I had no but I got a script when I'm doing that, you know, I had no script. I remember I just I just kept asking what time it was. I think I asked about a hundred times. You're supposed to do that as a radio host for 10 minutes past the hour. Instead, you're like, how long have I been on?

How much? How much was the guest? I'm just remembering this. You know, who else was a guest?

Sebastian Maniscalco. Oh, before he became gigantic. Oh, I think you're right about that. Yes.

And I think you're right about that. And John C. McKinley was here. So Sebastian Maniscalco's first appearance on this show was with you.

Did you know? Did you know him like when he was just coming up and getting started? We all got to know each other, Rich. Oh, no, we did not know each other and I'm not sure he liked me very much. I think I tried a couple of jokes on him. You know, I was like, what about this one? What about this one?

Yeah, I'm just trying to kill time there, buddy. I'm not like Johnny C. Johnny C. Clearly, clearly rehearsed, you know, for weeks before you did your show. You had a jacket on.

I did not know what I was in for, but it was fun. Now, I know you did you did Glengarry Glen Ross with him on Broadway. That I know you did that. You had Johnny C. That's when you and Pacino were doing trotting the boards there on Broadway. I remember that.

That's right. I was playing Ricky Roma to his Shelly Levine. And now you're doing this movie with De Niro, which is out in theaters near you tomorrow.

You and De Niro, Vera Farmiga, Rainn Wilson, Whoopi Goldberg, Rose Byrne, your wife. Get a better cast next time. Great little boy, William Fitzgerald.

That's right, William Fitzgerald. Get a better cast next time. How about that I now have had De Niro and Pacino play my dads? Dude, what if I told you that when you're getting started? Hey, you're going to have Pacino and De Niro play your father and stuff.

I would have believed it, but I probably would have believed the easier that Morgan Freeman was going to play my dad. So let's get to it here. Give me a good De Niro story.

What do you got for me? What do you got for me, Bobby? You know, man, I just I will say this, like, you know, I worked on it. I worked on that movie The Irishman with Bob. And well, first, let me go back, because, you know, I never dreamed I'd even meet Bob De Niro. And then all of a sudden, like, he came to a play that I was in.

So I thought coincidence. He just came to see this play. But he came backstage and he said, you know, and that was the first time we met. I did this play, I don't know, 15 years ago and he came back.

And then every play subsequently after that, he would come to. You know, he's not the most he's not like a verbally demonstrative guy. He's not he's not like overly effusive at all.

He doesn't speak in hyperbole. He's just like like you would imagine, you know, just a lot of facial expressions. You just you go, I know he likes me, you know, he kept coming and coming. And I just he didn't have to say it. I could tell like he likes me. I think he likes me.

And then and then and then when when The Irishman happened, we had a lot of scenes together. And he same thing. He doesn't talk a lot. There's not a lot of conversation. But man, nobody's better. Nobody's more prepared. Like, I really have learned that from Bob from from just being on set with him. You know, I remember one day there was like Harvey Keitel was there. His friend Paulie was there. Joe Pesci was there.

Marty, of course, all these guys and then all these other guys from the neighborhood that he grew up in because Marty likes to put these guys in the movies. Yes. So like I had a day where it was all childhood friends of Bob's in the scene. There's a scene in The Irishman where I'm like eating a steak.

Yeah. And and he's you know, I first meet him and all those guys at the table grew up with him in the neighborhood in Little Italy. And and and Bob didn't Bob didn't chat chitchat with them.

Bob was just by himself, just reading, keeping calm, not getting not not taking the bait of all the activity that was going around. You know, it's it's a it's a lot going on in the set. And I got to say, man, I learned a lot from that because in that first in The Irishman, I did a lot of watching Bob in the scenes. And I got just eaten up. And to be perfectly frank, I got a couple scenes cut, I think because I was just staring at Bob. And so on this movie, I learned my lesson and I have a scene in this movie where we're in a Cadillac Eldo all day long in this convertible and it's a beautiful day.

We're shooting in New Jersey. And and there's like there's like no chitchat. I mean, there's we was like 10 hours of we do the take and he'd like put his hand on my lap and give it a smack, you know, give it a little slap like good job.

Or he'd reach over and squeeze my shoulder or give me like a. You know, well, that's good. Yeah, amazing, just amazing. And so I have to say, like, it's a great thing to learn later in your life. Like, I'm still pretty amped up guy. And to dial it back and to just relax, I learn from the best.

I mean, that got nobody more relaxed. There's a beautiful movie, Bobby Ezra, and you play a stand up comedian in De Niro plays your dad and your wife in real life playing your ex wife, Rose Byrne here. And William Fitzgerald is a neurodivergent actor playing your son with autism. And I'll give you the floor on the rest of it here on what happens. You're willing to reveal.

Yeah. So when we find our character, my character, I've just been fired from my job as a comedy writer for Conan O'Brien for punching him in the balls. And and so we learn pretty quickly that this guy is a pretty reactive guy and impulsive guy. And and then we meet his son, who we learn is a very reactive and impulsive kid who's on the autism spectrum and he's being expelled from his school.

And my ex wife and I disagree on what the next step should be. I don't think he should be medicated. She thinks we should consider it. I don't think he should go to a special needs school. She thinks he should.

And I think that the world should just get used to his uniqueness. And and so we we fail to agree. And so I in the middle of the night, I steal my dad's car, the Cadillac Eldorado, and I take off on a road trip with him. And I don't know what I'm going to do or where I'm going, but I'm going to try to figure it out with him. And that's the movie. And that is the movie directed by Tony Goldwyn with Whoopi Goldberg in it. So that's a nice little ghost connection right there.

And De Niro playing your dad and you playing a dad yourself trying to figure something out. It's beautiful. I don't want to give too much away of how it ends, Bobby, but it's pretty cool. Yeah, it is a nice it's a nice movie.

And, you know, it came about very organically. And, you know, sometimes, you know, I've been doing this a long time now and I've done more independent films than probably big, big budget films. But I've done my share of them, of those big movies.

And I have to say, it's just different and more exciting and much more rewarding when you are with a movie from the ground up and you've sort of build it and put it together. And this movie was really special like that, you know, like the station agent was like that. This movie took a while to make. It took us a long time to find William. We were committed to hiring a neurodiverse actor.

It took us a while to get Bob to sign on. We had to work on that script for a while. And and it's nice. And here we are now and it's coming out in the movie theater in a climate where like movies don't come out in the movie theater as much as they used to. And so I'm really proud of it.

I'm really proud that this little movie is opening in theaters today. So for those who are listening on the radio, Bobby Cannavale showing up wearing his Yankee hat very rakishly, very C.C. Sabathia with the sort of, you know, straight bill, little bit tilted. And Yankees are looking good.

Hall of Famer, Future Hall of Famer, C.C. Sabathia, right? I think so.

I think so. And Yankees winning with Future Hall of Famer Juan Soto leaving the way right now. I mean, it's pretty solid. How about it, Rich? What do we what did the Phillies have one game on us?

Right. And of all the teams took my youngest son last night to the game in Anaheim. I was there last night watching Luis Hill do his thing and crush it.

He's got he's got to be the pitcher of the month of May in Major League Baseball. It was great. It's pretty cool right now, Bobby. It feels good.

Feels very cool. We don't even have a base one. That's true. That's right. And if Garrett Cole does come back at all, I mean, obviously that's what we call important, if not gravy on top.

But it's pretty good. Have you gone any games or you just been too busy? Yeah, I did. I went to the I went to an Astros game that they lost. That's the only one of the C.C. That's the only one they lost. That's the only one that they lost. Are you the cooler, Bobby? Are you not? I think so.

I think so. It was not a good game. Although Aaron Judge hit his hardest, the hardest home run of the year, Major League home run. And I got to tell you, it was worth being there to hear that sound. All right. It was like guttural that that home run.

I never heard anything like that before. Honest to God. And were you what do you think of the Jets this season, Bobby?

What are your two cents on that? As usual, I don't want to talk about it because, you know what, I'm going to let QB one. Let's let QB one do all the talking. I'm not that guy. Jesus Christ.

Well, it's one I just need him to get on the field, stay on the field and lead us to victory. That's it. That's it. You know, I don't want to talk about whether I think Tariq Cohen is a great signing. I don't know.

You know, I don't know. I just want this guy. I just want Aaron Rodgers to stay healthy and do his thing. Right. And do his thing and be healthy.

And of course, the first games against San Francisco, which fields Leonard Floyd now, the guy who snapped his Achilles last year, still get to see him in night one on a Monday night, as if that's not a little old Lang Zine for you. But we'll see. We'll see what happens, brother. We will see. Yeah, that's all we can do, right? I mean, I mean, I feel like we exhausted all of the talk last season, right? We exhausted it all. Oh, my God.

Did they ever. We did the first first and ten dating myself. We did the hard knocks. That's right.

First and ten. You're right. Look at you.

You are dating yourself with an HBO show. My gosh. My God. Ten might even predate Arliss. Let's see.

Arliss. I think so. Yeah. I think we exhausted all the talk. In fact, we should just rerun hard knocks from last year. Or just have Aaron Rodgers in a new taxi cab confession.

You know what I mean? We could do that. We can mix them all up. I don't know if we can sell. We can pilot that one. No, no. You don't want to do that one.

All right. So Ezra is in theaters nationwide tomorrow. Everyone should go see it. An incredible cast.

A touching story. De Niro playing your dad. You got time to sneak in that. That park the car. No, no, no, no, no.

Not park the car. You got time to sneak in the the living with Pacino story. Bobby, you got time to sneak that in there.

What do you mean? Didn't you live with Pacino? Didn't you bunk with him? Or he stay with you at one point out here in Los Angeles?

Did that not happen? Am I misremembering something? No, no, we definitely haven't. You never bunked with Pacino? No, I've been to the houses and I've stayed pretty late, but I always go home. I thought you told a story that you knocked on the door. Well, maybe you didn't stay there or something like that.

Yeah, that wasn't during the Danny Collins movie. I thought you did say that. Okay. No, I guess not. All right.

So maybe we should park the car in the meantime. But I love him. You know, I love him. I mean, I would if he wanted me to.

I would spend the night. My first content was 1984. Wow. Well, that predates even the Red Shoe Diaries. Or was that Showtime? I forget all that. That predates. That does predate that.

But it doesn't. And also, I think that's around the time the movie channel started. Not to go off on the tangent here, but I remember when the movie channel started. And remember, that was the only channel that had rated R movies during the daytime. I used to call in sick to school a lot.

Postman always rings twice is on an 11. Great to see you, buddy. Good to see you, Bobby. Take care, brother. Be well.

Take care, man. That's Bobby Carnevale from beautiful Brooklyn, New York. Brooklyn? I thought he was in Hawaii.

The background's we've had today, man. Alright. I thought he told that story. Did he tell that story about... He did. He's misremembering.

Is that what it is? We'll take a break right here on the Rich Eisen Show. When we come back, the NFC South teams, I've got a couple of them with a chance to make the Super Bowl and win it.

In my best case, glass half full scenarios of the NFC South. That's next. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Hey, everybody. Game time tickets. Make sure that you get that app and put it on your mobile device right away. That's how I took Coop to the baseball game last night.

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Lowest price. Guaranteed. In case you're wondering how things go here on the show, sometimes we really put some hard work into coming up with segment ideas. We'll talk about it. We'll have meetings. We'll do stuff like that. Or right before the show, I'll turn to Mike Hoskins, our coordinating producer, saying, yeah, I want to do this. And you guys over here and go, yeah, that's not a bad idea. And the higher register, I'll just ignore and say, I think it is a good idea. So we decided, certainly since we've been inspired by Bill Walton's line to me years ago, and his handwritten note to me handing me, sending me a $1,000 check for a broken windshield he didn't purposely break and a check I would never cash.

And the note that he wrote at the end, shine the light, be the light. I love that. So we want to be positive. We want to come up with positivity. So we came up with an idea where over the next several days, division by division, I'm going to map out the best case scenarios, I believe, that are entirely feasible for all teams.

Best case scenarios coming up. And we did the NFC West yesterday. We're about to do the NFC South today.

We even have a drop now? Is that what you're saying? Oh, hit.

Best case scenario for each NFL team. Yeah. Here we go. All right. All right. Here we go. Here we go.

Very well done. NFC South today. Let's start with the Carolina Panthers. They had two wins last year. The record for most improved wins year over year in the history of the NFL is 10. It's 10.

The Indianapolis Colts the year before Peyton Manning had three wins, the year after having Peyton Manning 13. Okay. So we're going to throw that out.

I will say this. Best case scenario, Coach Canales shows up and his offense starts cooking, right? And their first round draft choice, Xavier Legette and Jonathan Brooks. They drafted that kid, the running back out of Texas.

And you add them to the mix of some of the veterans that are already there. And the Bryce Young, the light goes on in a way that it didn't last year. And the defense balls out despite, you know, Brian Burns not being there anymore. I will say this. I think the best case scenario is plus six wins. And they go eight and nine and they or plus seven wins. I'll even say that.

But that's a very, very tall order. So they're just a game above 500. I think is the best case scenario to go from two wins to nine wins.

I think is really glass half full and that's what I'll go with that one. The New Orleans Saints got them in year one of Cliff Kubiak as their new offensive coordinator. You already heard earlier on this program Dennis Allen say he thinks the offense is going to be significantly different. They've only done it the Sean Payton way, essentially, because Pete Carmichael was a holdover from the Sean Payton era and Dennis Allen's first couple of years there.

So I'm going to go out and say, you know, Khmer is still there. You know, they've got some really, Olave is going to potentially take a step forward. You know, they've got some good players there. Take some of this is still giving out some of the business and Derek Carr's first full year under his belt, living in the bayou.

Now he's got a new offense here. I'll say this team winning the division and making the divisional playoff round, I think is feasibly the best case scenario for them with the ultimate of respect. And then the defense, you know, they've got Lattimore, Tyron Matthew. I know Cam Jordan's not going to appear on the program now because I'm not saying that they could win their division and make an NFC championship game or win a Super Bowl. I just feel if I sit here and say the Saints can win the Super Bowl this year, I'd be out of pocket. But I think you nailed it with them.

Thank you. Next up, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. OK, I think the best case scenario for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this year is winning the Super Bowl. I think this team that had a possession to make it a really tight game for the Detroit Lions in the divisional round last year, you could sit here and say that they were on fumes, that they were basically running at maximum power, but they have a team that is being brought back.

The chemistry is there. Baker has been paid. Evans has been paid. A bunch of guys are being brought back.

Lavonte David is back. And I think that would permeate a locker room in such a way that they could win this division, maybe get a couple of home playoff games and go to the playoffs and shock the world. Best case scenario.

Am I saying it's going to happen? I can't sit here and say a team that was one of the final eight teams has no chance to win the Super Bowl this year in a best case scenario. If we're going glass half full and that's the way we're walking into this segment, how can you sit here and say a team that did that last year and the general manager said, we believe in you, we're bringing you back? They got a kid in the draft at a Duke that will hopefully replace Ryan Jensen successfully in the middle of that offensive line.

Tristan Wurfs is on the left tackle. Stay healthy and go win some games. Like 12 and 5, 2 or 3 seed, go to San Francisco, score the upset.

And Baker Mayfield is Baker friggin Mayfield. Like a 40 touchdown season from him. Best case scenario. Best case scenario for the Atlanta Falcons.

Here you go. They win the Super Bowl and they give Arthur Blank his trophy. And they made every right move from signing Kirk Cousins and going to get Raheem Morris as their coach. And he's putting something on the table of what he's selling and everyone buys in and Kyle Pitts has the season of his life. And Kirk Cousins finally has a spot in a dome, in a division that he can go in and start throwing it around.

He looks as spry as ever. Defensively, this team balls out because Raheem Morris is bringing his style of play. And on top of it, just for good measure, couple of games that Cousins maybe gets hurt in or gets knocked out in. Michael Penix comes in and wins both of them and shows that yes, we needed this kid. He also, in a Super Bowl year with Kirk Cousins, gets the requisite amount of reps and real time action in the NFL to start him off on the program that they are now going to be viewed as wisely undertaking.

Get the kid who's next while you've got the veteran here to put the one in the case for Arthur Blank that they wanted to do. Is that the best case scenario for the Atlanta Falcons? Would that be just off the charts best case scenario for them? But no quarterback controversy, right?

At all. So Kirk's out a week with a concussion. Right, and he comes back. Penix starts, wins the game, boom, plays job. Just well enough to win, doesn't screw it up. Kirk gets his job.

Maybe gets a couple more times and of course, no controversy at all. Because it's clearly Kirk Cousins' team and they had such a great start that it's his team and they love him and he loves them and Atlanta loves him and he loves Atlanta and Penix gets a couple of games in there, maybe a couple wins in and they go and they win the Super Bowl. Kyle Pitt scores. By the way, in New Orleans, in the home of the Saints.

Oh my God, is that the best case scenario for the Atlanta Falcons? Kyle Pitt scores American touchdowns. All of them. Bijan 1600, Drake London. Correct, right.

Cousins is MVP, Offensive Player of the Year is Bijan Robinson. Penix gets some wins. They win the Super Bowl in New Orleans. That would go over great in my house.

I'm just saying, you want best case scenarios? That's a good one. That's a good one. And that's how we wrap up this program. Fun stuff with Bobby Cannavale and Greg Olsen and I want to thank the coaches of the Saints and the Bills, Dennis Allen and Sean McDermott for joining us on this program. On tomorrow's show, in studio, all second hour, Tom Pelissero and his beautiful hairdo and his haircut.

Welcome to Talkville, the Ultimate Smallville Rewatch Podcast guest star Sarah Carter as Alicia Baker, although I didn't really work with her a lot, but Tom did and they had some real big smoochy scenes. Yeah. Should we talk about that? Could there be any more sex? What was the three page make out scene that just kept going? Good Lord. We get it. They have chemistry. Jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of Talkville on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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