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Anthony Anderson & Cedric the Entertainer are grilling enthusiasts

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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December 22, 2023 2:26 pm

Anthony Anderson & Cedric the Entertainer are grilling enthusiasts

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 22, 2023 2:26 pm

12/22/23-Hour 1

Rich reacts to the Rams solidifying their playoff chances with a convincing Thursday Night Football win over the New Orleans Saints.

Anthony Anderson and Cedric the Entertainer join Rich in-studio to tout their new line of AC BBQ rubs and merchandise, share some GTFOH stories about Michael Jordan’s dedication to the Nike brand, the origins of their tight friendship, compare Rich’s sweater drip to Biggie Smalls’, and much more.

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Limitations apply. Hello, everyone. Happy holidays. This is the Rich Eisen Show. It's a holiday. Everybody get a gift.

New jewels, new cars, it's a new outfit. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. The top JUCO signing in the United States of America. Deon Smith showed up to his signing at Ole Miss in a Lamborghini.

Good for him. Today's guests, actors and comedians, Anthony Anderson and Cedric the Entertainer, NFL Network insider Tom Pellicero. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Love it. Welcome to this Friday edition of the Rich Eisen Show. Phone lines are already lighting up at eight four four two oh four rich number to dial. That means you're engaged with us and we with you. And we appreciate that here on the Roku channel, this Rich Eisen Show, terrestrial radio affiliate smart enough to have a Sirius XM Odyssey and more. We say hello to our podcast listeners who listen to this show all three hours.

Whenever you want. There's our YouTube subscribers. We place a lot of this show and a lot of clips on there.

And a lot of folks say, hey, we see you that way, as well as the Roku channel. We love hearing all of that stuff. And we've got two in-studio guests joining us in about 20 minutes time. And this is going to be outstanding because we've had them on before multiple times separately.

But Anthony Anderson and said the entertainer are joining us together. Boom. In about 20 minutes time.

And and that's going to be a delight. Tom Pellicero, an hour number three to tell us what's going on in the round and the rest of the National Football League. How are you over there? Chris Brockman, good to see you, Rich.

I'm great. I told you it was a big game last night. I was in the house.

It's so far. Whose house? Rams.

Thank you very much. Rams win. Not a coincidence. Understood. They've won their last four home games.

Were you at the other three? What? OK, Jay Feli, how are you? What's going on over there? What's going on?

Good to see you. D.J. Mikey about the towel bags. D.J. Mikey Diaz and Deez Nuts is on a flight to the East Coast. And we know that because he Instagrammed out a photograph of himself sitting in first class. So there's that. How are you, D.J.

Jefferson? What's going on? I'm great. You know, Mike just sent me a text message telling me to leave as early as possible because the airport's a mess. OK. All right. So Pukanukua is going to be on my fantasy team forever.

From 93 to infinity. So just get used to it. So you are heading back east, back home. And so I think you're tapping out here after the second hour of our program, which is great. Of course. Outstanding.

Don't worry about it. I got to go to Denver after today's show. I'm calling I'm calling Patriots and Broncos on Sunday Night Football.

Absolutely. A zappy holidays to one at all. It's on Sunday night. The Broncos defense hopes for many zappy returns. That'll be that'll be on Sunday night. So we start today's show. On March 24th, 2023. Oh, why are we doing that?

I don't know. You should know, Chris. It was on that day. You, as a Rams season ticket holder, received a letter from the chief operating officer of the Los Angeles Rams, Kevin Demoff, who I must tell everyone straight up is a is a good friend of mine. Love those emails.

He and his family are awesome people. And Kevin Demoff, however, got a lot of heat for this letter. Because a lot of folks, including maybe the season ticket holder who's sitting in this room, felt like it was kind of a white flag being raised by an organization that had followed up their Super Bowl year with a five and 12 season in which the stars got hurt and the team's stars were being aged out. And it was time to start paying the salary cap. Credit card and, you know, Jalen Ramsey gets traded to the Miami Dolphins and everyone's like, all right, what's up with that? And the letter essentially was talking about how, despite all of the moves that you were seeing in the 2022 season that they endured, they had every intention of competing for the NFC West and making, as Kevin wrote in the letter, a deep playoff run. And that change doesn't mean that we expect to take a step back.

They have 11 draft picks in this year's draft, including three in the top 77. And a lot of folks were saying, oh, all right. It's an interesting CYA letter. On March 24th.

And here we are, almost at December 24th. And the Los Angeles Rams are, in fact, making a run. And interestingly enough. Making a run with. Two guys they drafted in the fifth round the last two years.

So that letter was one big also in less need. We trust the general manager of the Los Angeles Rams. And look who ran for a thousand yards this season. A milestone he reached last night with his third consecutive 100 yard rushing game, sixth of the year, Kyron Williams.

Pick 164 of the 2022 draft. Out of Notre Dame, Notre Dame. And this guy, you know, he is really good at the football, and he's the first thousand yard rush of the Rams have had since Todd Gurley did it. And nobody saw that one coming behind an offensive line that was so banged up last year.

You can't even say the words banged up and really have a straight face. That's how bad it was. And. Kyle Cooper Cup started this year in injured reserve, another reason why you thought the Rams weren't going to be in the mix this year.

And look who had a night last night. Cooper Cup. Yeah.

No. His name is Puka Nakua Puka. Now, when Kevin Demof sent out that letter on March 24th, he's talking about the top 77 picks. He should have talked about the top 177 picks because the 177th pick of the draft was this kid out of BYU.

Another fifth rounder. Holy cow. He's so good.

We were saying yesterday Puka Nakua is Samoan for catches everything. Yeah. Always open. It's always open.

Yeah. Always open. Always open. He's not always open. He just makes every catch.

He's unbelievable. Catches everything. He had runs guys over nine catches targeted 11 times, one fewer than Cooper Cup, 164 yards. And the first touchdown of the night, by the way, on a fourth down play. And then when the Rams needed to ice a game that the Saints suddenly had made a game in the fourth quarter, they do an end around with Cup. I mean, that's how they won a Super Bowl, but. With Nakua.

And all. Behind a defense. Led by Aaron Donald, who is as good as ever and an offense quarterbacked by a guy that everybody thought might be washed or didn't want to do it anymore. In Matthew Stafford.

Who I must say this. The way he is slinging it, the way he is firing it, the way that he is playing sidearm in it, no look in it, going up top. He looks just like the Super Bowl year. Straight up at you.

Straight up at you. He looks as good as ever. And Calvin Johnson had his record triple crown year with him at the quarterback. Cooper Cup had his record triple crown year with him at quarterback. And Pukunakua is threatening rookie receiving records this year with him at quarterback.

He is awesome. And McVeigh dialing it up. Look out, they have won every game since thereby, except for the overtime loss in Baltimore, where everybody thought they would just be the Washington generals to the Ravens Globetrotters in the latest M&T Bank Stadium. Steamrolling of a non-division opponent. They they lost that game in overtime, as we all know, on a walk off punt, they gave the Ravens everything they could handle. They've won four in a row at home. They've won five of six.

They are eight and seven balling, and they are going to the Giants next. Before finishing up at San Francisco, which will put a pin in at the moment, but for the moment, this is Sean McVeigh after the game about his quarterback, the guy who he went to, as we all know, famously. He went to Mexico and ran into him, interestingly enough, in Cabo.

And then the rest, as we all know, wound up being history. Here he is. Matthew's done a great job of, you know, being able to distribute the ball. And I think he's playing as good as he's played, Sam. I mean, it's been outstanding. His leadership, he's feeling good, too. I mean, you know, people don't understand how much he was pushing through with the thumb injury. But this guy is a stud. He elevates everybody, myself included. And, you know, he's playing outstanding.

And I wouldn't want anyone else in the world leading our team than him. I love it. Oh, he's absolutely right. And Sam, I believe, is farmer, if I'm not mistaken, of the Los Angeles Times, the only guy in the room at the Super Bowl Commissioner Press Conference from day one of NFL Network to about 15 years later, the only one asking a question about when is there going to be a football team in Los Angeles? And everyone is laughing them out of the room. Now there's two of them there. And now it is. An equivalency thanks to one particular world famous athlete showing up last night, just the latest example of what happens when you win in Los Angeles. The stars show up. Shoei Ohtani wearing, by the way, 17 is his number.

But but it just happens to be Puka Naku is also come on showing up in his new balance shoes and his dad jeans and his member's only jacket or whatever it is smiling. And yes, the Rams put it. It's Rams house capitalizing the S.H.O. Rams house. That's funny. OK, Brockman's making fun of it is on.

He had big dad energy yesterday. It is on and cracking for the Los Angeles Rams right now. Yeah, stars. Now, what does this mean?

Because, you know, we always talk about what we're seeing. What it means. What this means is, you know, Kevin Demof said, we're going for the NFC West title, that ship sailed. That's already the 49ers division. They have clinched it already, which means with the NFC East loser, we're assuming is going to have more than 10 wins.

We're assuming and I think that's a safe assumption. So the five seats out the door, but the six seed in the NFC playoffs, the team that is playing the best out of everybody who's been sniffing it for the last few weeks in the hunt, if you will, or in the mix currently in a wildcard spot, because the Saints, in my mind, are now completely out of the wildcard race. They better win their division. The Packers have suddenly taken a hit. The Falcons just lost in front of three people in Carolina, and the Seahawks just played really well, as we know.

OK. But the Seahawks have been swept by the Rams. They're out if they're in a head to head with the Rams, who are currently in the sixth spot and the Vikings, as we all know, with Big Nick energy, good luck to them to get to 10 wins, because the Rams, I believe, are going to definitely have nine.

They're going to go to New York next. All I'm saying is this Detroit. Steal yourself, gird yourself, whatever you need to do to get ready for a playoff game on Wild Card Weekend in your house, which you've been dreaming of for a very long time, and they've earned it and they have earned it.

Get ready for the one who's going to walk in the building to prevent. A victory and a long playoff run that you've also been dreaming of and have earned the right to dream of it because you're real and it's a real deal. The person who's going to walk into that house is going to be Matthew Stafford. Because the Rams, I believe, will wind up as the six seed, the Lions will wind up as the three seed.

And get ready for it. Is it possible the Lions wind up the two seed? Sure. Is it possible the Rams wind up the seven seed?

Yes. It's going to happen. And the sooner you get ready for it, I think the better. Because that's going to be weird, because I know Lions fans are thinking and the Lions themselves are like, well, big take off anybody's kneecap and whatever, and we're ready to go and we're going to restore the roar. Oh, that's Matt Stafford walking in.

Oh, OK. And obviously, Goff has his own reasons to win that game of his own right. That will be lit. And I I proffer to say, what is that? Is that going to be the Monday nighter to wrap up the weekend? I know the Cowboys might be involved in that wild, super wild card weekend of some sort. Saturday night. Saturday night. I mean, Fox will be all over that like the proverbial rat on TV.

He'll rat on cheese unless it's possible. You know, they get a Cowboys game, then, you know, all bets are off. And then there's the Monday night window. All I'm saying is it's going to be in prime time and it is going to be lit. Certainly if the Rams come in off of. A win against the forty niners, which is where I would like to finish up this open of this program. Andrew Whitworth.

Of Prime Video was in the house last night, and he was introduced to the fans who gave him a very nice ovation and even grabbed the microphone whose house and you did the whole thing. He was here on Tuesday and said that the Rams have made themselves after their Super Bowl win. In the same vision and style as the forty niners, you see some of the same I mean, McVeigh and and and Shanahan are from the same coaching tree. Right. And so it makes sense. And you see what the division leader, if you will, or the team you need to beat in your division, you feel you need to get passing your division does.

And you want to, you know, fashion your roster to to do this. And this being is beat them. You take a look at who has an opportunity to beat the forty niners in a, say, divisional playoff game. Who's going to go into their house and beat them with all due respect, by the way? Which means about to be disrespectful to your cowboys.

Get out of here. Didn't see that. Do you think they're nervous about that? How about the Eagles? Do you think they would love to have the Eagles show up in divisional playoff weekend and just do as Michael Irvin would say, give him a spank a like a like a spank day? The Lions are also some team that they might be, you know, eager to have. I would say this out of every team that could walk into their house and divisional playoff weekend, the one team I think they would circle and identify is the team they don't want to see is the one that's walking into their house in week 18.

And I think I've had my I've asked this question multiple times. If the Niners have a shot. To knock the Rams down a peg or potentially even out of the tournament, would they, even if they've settled their one seed business. Play their starters against the Rams or rest them. I think they play them. I think they play them. I think they play them to the hilt. And I think they make sure the Rams don't make it. Because the way that this Rams team is playing right now. Take a look at the way that they won the Super Bowl. OK, with sort of a mixture at running back.

Karen Williams is not a mixture. And then you take a look at how they get Odell towards the end of the season because they knew they needed somebody to to put on the other side of the field or on the same field as as a Cooper Cup. How does Nakua look to you? And by the way, signed to June 12th as a free agent, Demarcus Robinson. Former Raven and by the way, former chief, you think the Chiefs would take him back right now?

Because he catches the ball when it's thrown to him, with all due respect. Shoot, I should have said that in advance before being disrespectful. Hey, I'm just saying this. They look great, the Rams and that March 24th letter from Kevin Demoff has aged like one of Stan Kroenke's fine wines, fine bottles of Screaming Eagle and look out. Fair warning to Detroit, I believe they're coming.

Wow. What a game that could be. And the 49ers have the Rams in their house week 18. I think they're going to give him a game like it's do or die for them, too.

I think that is the case, but I don't think it would knock the Rams out, I think it would just knock him down to the seven seed, which I think the the Cowboys or the Eagles would not really want the Rams to come in their their house either playing this way because they are playing lights out. Oh, by the way, within a half an hour of the end of that game, as I'm driving out in traffic with Coop News crosses that the Dodgers get Yamamoto to pair up with Ohtani and the rest of their billion dollar staff. Great of players. Well, just two players, two players, billion dollars. Just put them all together.

Two players. Well, I mean, if you add Freeman and Betts and now glass now you're getting close to close to an Ohtani and and a Yamamoto. Yeah. So we'll talk about that on this program today. But let's take a break because we have Cedric, the entertainer. Yeah. And Anthony Anderson together coming out.

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Go to safe place to sleep dot org today. We are back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network with our live stream on the Roku channel. I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grange with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Granger has the right product for you. Call or just stop by as we are thrilled to have together two guys who have been on this show separately, but now together the host of the Emmys on Monday, January 15th on Fox and Fox show. We are family premieres on January 3rd between him and his mom. Anthony Anderson is here to see you there.

He is there in season six of the neighborhood premieres on CBS. Oh, wow. Oh, wow. Talk about syndication.

And I'm sure the Super Bowl will be having tons of promos about that. Wow. Wow.

Well, I'm not done. His debut novel, Flipping Boxcar is available now wherever you get to. A novelist? He also has a contest called Comedy Pays. Oh, what is that? But together, Cedric the Entertainer is here together. They are on behalf of AC Barbecue, a barbecue lifestyle brand created by you guys and grilling enthusiasts.

Ladies and gentlemen, Anthony Anderson and Cedric the Entertainer. Oh, all right. Rich eyes.

Oh, rich eyes. How about that for the wave? OK. Hold on. Hold on. You're right.

Yeah, I'm that person that didn't get all the way up. Come on. It's not a race. It's a ripple.

It's a reporting fact. Good to see you, gents. Oh, I should have also said one last promotion. They are new best friends of Shoei Ohtani, who they met at last. Yes. Oh, yes. Yes. Yes. Did you did you did you get to?

Yeah. Got to shake his hand. You know, I told him I've been I've been in close proximity to billionaires my entire life, but I've never been in close proximity to a 700 millionaire.

He was my first 700 millionaire. And I told him, you know, I said, man, you know, that's good. You're doing good with that baseball thing.

But look, I got a car wash business. You family now. So I got to hit you with this.

You know, you get your boy off. I'm sure his interpreter had a field day with that one. Yes. Yeah, because he looked at me crazy when I started talking American numbers with him.

And yeah, I want to know where the real number I'm going to let him know where the real money is. Yes. Yeah.

Well, the money reside. Yeah. We'll we'll sell weaves in Atlanta. For everybody looking at home. Who's wearing the best sweater right now?

Wow. OK, which are the best, worst sweater right now? Center myself because we're having a cut. We're having a contest between ourselves. I was the worst Christmas sweater feels good.

Yours is really I think yours is stylish. I kind of went halfway. Biggie's, you know, halfway about it.

This is Biggie's down to the socks. I got the Baron Davis Christmas hat. You know what I'm saying?

Yeah, that's right. What a baby baby was at the game last night. He was at the game last night.

Yeah, he was at the game. So that's like Black Settle in the house, baby. Look at that. I thought I thought money was in the barbecue sauce. Now, not all money is.

That's what that's what the money resides right here. How did we how do we get here? So, you know, AC Barbecue, Anthony and I, we've been, you know, we call buddies, we go out, we've been through. So we found ourselves often grilling me, George Cheadle.

Chris Spencer is a group of DL. And we all go hang and we'll go in. And so we rent a house, me and Anthony and often the ones that end up cooking. And then this idea of doing something together, man. Grilling is always a is a big part of our community. And it's a space that we saw.

Anthony noticed it was nobody there in a national way. And he was like, look, it's not a national brand saying barbecue is our thing. And this is cultural. And I was like, you know what? And you write this is just like that. This is basically how all of our ideas start. You know what?

You write Anthony. And then we played then we saw this how we formulated AC Barbecue. We had a good time.

Oh, you know, you know, in the lab building it in the. Oh, man. A lot of people think we had to learn. Yeah. A lot of people think we just slapped our names on this.

No, no. Sat and I sat with culinary specialists, culinary scientists. They call them food scientists anymore. They're culinary scientists.

They have jackets. Yeah. Lab coats and everything. Lab coats and labels.

And they kind of and I read the scans to go into the room. It's a thing, man. It's not just you just can't put no little blends together like the old.

No, this ain't a half teaspoon of salt, a half teaspoon of pepper. No, said and I, we sat down and we actually developed these flavors based on our travels from around the world and just how we grew up with barbecue. So, you know, it's it's it's a labor of love for us.

This is this is real. These are a lot of fun, man. Walmart, you know, we're in Lowe's right now. So, yeah, a lot of great and of course, online. Anybody well, we got cool, cool items. You know, hoodies, hats.

Yeah, it's sweatshirts, T-shirts, lifestyle brand. Yeah. Three signature rubs. The MVP. Yeah. Lemon stepper. Stepper. Lemon stepper. Yeah. Stepper, not stepper.

Stepper. All right. Mm hmm. Yeah.

And speak the language, Rich. Midnight smoke. Midnight smoke. That's right there. You know, that just sound like something good. Yeah, right.

It's kind of like so good. You know, there we are in California. Yeah, we go with this.

Snoop is endorsing that one right there. Oh, I thought the smoke was from the ground. You know, it is a lot of jokes. Yeah. But we but we also like to think it's it's not just barbecue. You know, our one of our tags is put me on everything. Yeah. You know, for the MVP is put me on everything. You can you know, it's for, you know, poultry, fish, you know, your deeper meats, your brisket.

Yes. But also, you know, poor pork, all those kind of things. We should have a great time with the chips, popcorn, vegetables, you know. And it goes good with a lot of things that isn't barbecue. So, yeah, it's not just it's not just a barbecue blend. It's it's a modern day.

Lowries. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And but without without saying it, perfect timing is, you know, obviously the holiday season, perfect gifts and stocking stuffers.

But then the football playoffs, I mean, college football and then the NFL playoffs like this is what we're talking about. We're excited. That's what we you know, that's one of the things we want to do. We're actually you know, we want people to go out that that three pack that you have right there. That's in Lowe's. Got a special going on to the 27th. Anybody want to get that as a gift for people?

Go to Lowe's Lowe's dot com. That's the King's Trio. We call that one. Yeah. And so you grab that because we're the kings of barbecue. We did a whole show. Yeah.

Go to Kings of Barbecue. Not only is Cedric the king of comedy, he's also the king of comedy and the king of barbecue. Yeah. So two kings. Yeah. And I'm a cipher.

So it's two kings and a cipher. And it's the wild card weekend sweepstakes. Yeah. Oh, yeah. We've given stuff away to listen. You came down the 405.

I'll dig in the back. Yeah. Well, you know, the wild card weekend, you know, you get you get a year's supply of meat. Wow. Only available in the contiguous United States. Do you know what contiguous means? Yeah. That means the United States that are connected. Yeah. So unfortunately, in Hawaii and Alaska, this company can't ship meat to you.

But if you're part of the contiguous part of the United States, contiguous means contained. Yeah. Build a bridge.

Build a bridge. Yes. Yeah.

If you had a bridge, we could drive you this meat. Yeah. So a year's supply of meat, a year's supply of AC barbecue blends and sauces, a five hundred dollar gift card.

The Lowe's. Yeah. And a five hundred dollar gift card to AC barbecue dot com where you can come in, buy our swag and and more stuff for your friends. But what you just said, Rich, is on wild card weekend, what we've decided to do for anybody that's starting to rock with us, you know, come on, you go into like you buy this. You enter the sweepstakes wild card weekend football season.

Been amazing this year, first of all. And again, if you're not in Alaska or Hawaii, we're going to throw you the craziest wild card weekend party for entering this at their house or something like that, at their home bar of choice, wherever they want to be, we're not renting the space. But if you can get your cousin's bar, hey, yeah, OK, throw it there.

And you throw it there. And this on one on wild card weekend, wild card weekend is going up. And you know, who knows, guys? Rich Eisen might actually be there. I might be there. Yeah, we can't show up to what he says. Mikes, he means not really. Yeah, FaceTime, FaceTime.

I could say, oh, just zoom in. I won't provide the internet connection. Yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly.

I know the Wi-Fi code. Yeah, but provided to me. Yeah, I'm in.

Absolutely. That's nice. Maybe the Rams will be in one of those games. So maybe we have fingers crossed. They're looking good, man. We were there last night. You know, we actually and they are the Rams.

Good luck, Charms. We are, you know, you asked. We were wondering they won four in a row at home. You know, whenever we there the year they won the Super Bowl, we were there every home game right there. Then we came down, we went on the field. We were so much a part of the team. They literally let us in the locker room after they won. You think said and I suited up? Yeah, it was I was holding the Lombardi trophy. Yeah, like like Kobe was holding the MVP trophy after the game. You really thought I got off the field and did something, you know?

Yeah, I was so hyped. I took the trophy from Aaron Donald. No, you didn't know.

Of course not. That's the story I tell. But no, it didn't. I was there.

He did it. Yeah, I was like, Hey, Aaron. Well, I had to ask, because last time you were here, you said you wore the wrong shoes to a Michael Jordan birthday party.

So I thought like anybody who did that would definitely take the trophy. That was a serious failure that they make you take your shoes off. I was performing and I walked out with some Adidas on. Did you not know this, Anthony? Oh, my. Just like I mean, off the top.

Hey, I was like, yo, you made it with a shell. Well, I mean, from the beginning, I like good. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Hey, what's up with the shoes? MJ, you're serious about those shoes.

You've you've clearly corrected the issue. Yeah, I don't mess around now. I got I wear Jordan house shoes and socks. Yeah.

T-shirts, drawers. Caught off guard again. I was wearing an Under Armour T-shirt in his presence, and he got a he went and got a switchblade from somebody and cut a hole in my shirt with Under Armour was. I was like, but this is my Hamid Ali exclusive. I don't care, man.

That ain't my brand. And cut the Under Armour. True. True story. Yeah, Jordan did that.

Jordan did it to me. Yeah. Wait, what?

And now there's going to be a lawsuit. So you're wearing what? I was wearing and I was wearing. I'm a huge Muhammad Ali fan.

Why not? Michael Jordan. I had on this Muhammad Ali T-shirt and I had no idea there was just a little small Under Armour yeah, a trademark on the side of it. And that's what he saw. Do you didn't see that he was Muhammad Ali.

I was across the room. Hey, what's up, MJ? He goes, Hey, yo, yo, J. Bug, give me the blade.

I just want to know why didn't Steph Curry protect you? Somebody brought him a blade for your fans. And he cut a one and a half inch square out of the sleeve of my shirt where Under Armour was. Now, you must have kept the shirt, right? I kept the shirt.

And yeah, I swear. Yeah, I should have worn it. But you can't tell stories like that and not have the shirt.

I still have the shirt. And then you know what he did. He might try to get said to take his shoes off while he was performing. And I did it. God. And it was like Sade.

I like Sade on stage. I was just barefooted out of the room, man. Cedric the Entertainer, Bonet. Yes. Shout out. He'd be one of the.

Yeah, totally. Mary told me to raise up. Did he? Oh, my God.

Anthony Anderson and Cedric the Entertainer. Oh, my God. Is it over?

It is not. Oh, I would. I don't want you guys to leave. I'm having too good of a time. How did you guys meet? How did you guys meet? When was the first time you guys met? We figured that one out, man.

We've been knowing each other close to 30 years. I've known Cedric longer than I've known my mama. That's how. Yeah.

Right. There's Nick and Nick. Daddy. Who knows how funny that joke is for real?

All the jokes. If only we could tell the world. We'll tell you on camera. Oh, my God. We'll tell you on camera.

Yeah. Oh, my God. Mom, I'm telling.

I'm telling my mom. Oh, my gosh. That's how long you've known each other. OK, long time. Long time.

We can't figure out, man. But I think that's the mark of a true friendship. Yeah.

And it's one of those. It was one of those friendships that's been like this from the day from day one. Like when we met, it was like, oh, like that's my dog right there. We've just been rocking ever since, man.

You know, we would often be in New York at the same time doing different projects here. You know, before Anthony was like super sexy. You know, he's so sexy now. Like, you know, it was like two of the big guys.

And we would always be out for the movie roles, you know, saying so. You know, that's getting handsome, interchangeable. That's it. Yeah.

That's a part of the brain. That's about to say that that does sound like, you know, a style of barbecue sauce is hustling. Handsome. Oh, yes. Maybe that could be your fourth. You know, could be, you know, AC Barbecue. We like that. Yeah, we like that for the big fellas, too. You like that? That's a great slogan.

That's our slogan. You know, AC Barbecue, best friends in your mouth. What's the problem?

What's the difference between husky and handsome on your meat? Hey, is that wrong? So season six of The Neighborhood premieres on CBS the Monday after the Super Bowl. I mean, how about that? That's good.

That's that's you talking about prime real estate. Yeah. Oh, that's good. That's good stuff. And we're having we're having fun, man. This is the thing about this show is to to have something that works with a great cast. And we tell them really cool stories.

And, you know, just to have the opportunity to come back and do it for six season is very exciting, man. So and, you know, to Sheena Arnold and Max Greenfield, Beth Bears and Greenspan, all of them, Shion and Marcelle, all of the all the whole family amazing, man. And speaking of family, We Are Family features your new Fox show, Anthony, you and your mom. Yes. So yeah, we're a family. Yeah, great. So your mom's like a table reads and all that sort of stuff. My mom, my mom's my mother thinks she's the host and I'm the co-host. So that's how it is.

Is that basically what it is? Yeah, that's basically what I just show up when she tells me to show up to work. OK, but fantastic.

So We Are Family premieres January 3rd. What is it like working with your mom? I was great working. It's great working with my mom. You know, this was a dream of hers to always do this.

It never happened for her. So for me to be in a position to host a show, to be on television, to to live this type of lifestyle. So for me to be in a position to afford her that opportunity at this part in her life, it's a beautiful thing. That's awesome. Yeah, fantastic. And she thinks she's funnier than she's famous. Yeah, that's it. She's living her best life. Well, we go out, well, people can't wait to see Andy Mo.

They be knocking us out the way. Yeah. Yeah. Does she have things in her rider, her personal rider, that she needs certain things?

She has to be done at a certain time of day so she can get to the bingo hall to play bingo. OK. Yeah, that makes sense. Yeah.

OK. Yeah. And, you know, she likes she likes to she's like Stella. She likes the younger boys.

So she makes sure that the assistants are around with. Come on, man. You know, I'm going to tell the truth.

Shame the devil. Come on, man. I mean, it's all Hollywood. You know what I'm saying? And you're hosting the Emmys and I'm like, everything's awesome. It means, yeah. You know what's crazy? My mother's I'm bringing my mother's going to be a part of the Emmys with me.

So we're not going to have playoff music this year. You know, so when when your speeches go a little long, my mother just appears out of the curtain. Is that really good? Hey, hey, try and be out of here by 11. I got a date with Jesse Williams. Let's go. Yeah, that's my mama.

Because again, that's my mama. I'm just letting you know this, Anthony, because I'm you know, I know these dates because it is my job to, you know, with the NFL. It's entirely possible.

Rams might be playing a playoff game while you're hosting the Emmys. There might be. I mean, you got I think you're going to need some sort of setup where you might be able to figure that out. I mean, you got you have people that can figure that stuff out. Yeah, we got people to figure that out.

Yeah, they'll make it. I just what I'm also trying to figure out is why is there a life size? Cedric the entertainer. Could you want to answer that question?

You go. This is the guy's running for office in the 14th district. Can we talk about why there's a lifestyle, a lifestyle, a life size version of Cedric? Yeah, man. What's look, he's so big you can't even fit him in the camera.

I got to get him down. Now, what's that, TJ? You want to answer that question?

What do you want to talk about there? Why there's two sides on the on the set right now. I used to work at DirecTV and in our edit bay, somebody had that in the edit bay from a project that was doing. Yeah.

Wow. I go to my car after work because I never locked my car in the parking lot at his caddy, and it was in the front seat. Somebody took it and stuck it in my seat as a joke. I'm like, all right, I used it. The car pulled home and I've been using it ever since.

And I've escaped multiple tickets, haven't you? Yeah, that's right, man. It's carpool said that's what they call it. They said, who knew you were a gang banger?

What's up? Oh, man, that's the pocket square. It's a pocket square. The church, it's so old.

The church is so old. It's kind of like, why do you look like Wizard Kelly from The Proud Family? Oh, we don't even see a hand like that.

He just doesn't care if you're proud of him, he just. Well, not to be outdone. This is I had to snatch this off the wall. Yeah, it's all right. They're going to be outdone.

They got done. There we go. That's my sweater. Yeah, that's my sweater.

You just want to get across the middle. There's your one strike Christmas sweater. You get it. You get it on here. It's my one strike.

That's what I got. I wish they could do that thing where they switch and put Anthony's beard on your face right there. That would have been cool. Why don't you? I'm told. I'm told Smitch.

Shawn Mitchell came up with a special. There we go. That's me. Oh, yeah. Yes, sir. Oh, no, you stay.

Oh, that's oh, that sucks. I guess it was filled with rocks and your gym knocks in your Mitsubishi. Girls peep me when they see me. Navo's creep me in their teeth. Stop it.

If you think it's going to make a profit. Go see my ones. Go see my twos. Get it. Tell your friends. Popping it in.

Split it in two as I flow with the junior mafia. I don't know what I'm stopping. You're going to be clocking. Oh, no, he's watching. I'm in Detroit. I'll be right there. He's slipping on it.

He's flying. All right, give me a taste. Just give me a taste of lemon step up. Oh, there you go, Rick. There you go, Rick, lemon step up.

Yeah, that's right. Just give me some AC barbecue lemon step up. Let's go. I'll make it rain. You're just going to pour a sauce on. You're going to pour that Carolina wine on them. Squeeze it on them, Rick. Just squeeze it on them. Oh, oh, you're going to be a sticky situation. Listen to the situation.

You may go low. You should get it to the wife. She don't know that sweater shots. Well, it's just my face is hurting, too. All right. So the host of the Emmys on Monday, January 15th on Fox, which is where you can watch me. We are family premiering January 3rd.

You and your mom, Anthony Anderson. Season six of The Neighborhood premieres on CBS the Monday after the Super Bowl. So how many more seasons are you going to do? Are you going to be rocking more? You take it to 10. Let this go. I'm just talking to all these CBS execs right now as we speak. Let's just keep going, guys. You're going to 10. Keep it going.

Let's keep it going. His his debut novel, Flipping Boxcar is available now wherever you get your books. Comedy Pays Contest is also out there, just like AC Barbecue. Go out and check it out. Lowe's dot com, as well as everybody's on the sets.

Instagram and Twitter feeds as well. You guys are the best. I really appreciate you coming.

Thanks. Thanks for having us. It's a blast, man.

Absolutely. Hey, Richard, before we leave AC Barbecue, best friends in your mouth. Hey, we got some food for the guys. We do have food. You guys should say so.

Yeah, there's some stuff. I know it's early, but we got some cool burritos. We got some nice pulled pork sandwiches. We got the lemon stepper wings and waffles. It's good, man.

Best friends in your mouth. Yeah, man. Come on, man. You could have said it better, bro. Tuck my chicken and pull my pork. We're back here on The Rich House and show in a moment.

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AutoZone's free battery testing and charging's available for free at your local AutoZone. Restrictions apply. Get in the zone, AutoZone. I got to tell you, that went as well as we had hoped, I think, and even better. A lot better. It's just like you let it go.

You set them on, you turn the camera on. That's right. I did say that during our pre-show conversation. Roll the balls out.

I should have just started like, Dak, here we go. And out come the points. That was amazing. And this food that they brought is incredible. Oh, yeah, I haven't had any yet. Oh, man, I got a brisket burrito here, some wings, some sweet potatoes. Oh, the burrito's amazing. Is it really?

Because it does look great. Oh, man. So good. It's one of the, like, how, I can't, you know. You've got to do a lot of talking. And here's the thing. Before J. Felley and I get here, 7.30, we got breakfast burritos from across the way because we did.

Obviously, we did not know. But you come in, you're kind of hungry. I guess you should expect when Anthony Anderson and Cedric the Entertainer are, what, friends in their mouths?

Or is that what it is? Yeah, yeah, friends, yeah. I just had a waffle, so I had to do something.

This is amazing grub, man. Let's go to Derek in Missouri here in the Rich House. How have you been, Derek? Hey, Rich, how are you doing, sir? How'd that listen to you? How did that sound to you, waiting on hold?

That's crazy. You there? Yeah, I'm here. Go for it, Derek.

I got about 90 seconds left. Figured I'd sneak you in here. OK, so I wanted to ask a question to all four of you.

Two questions, actually. Favorite Christmas movie of all time, and what was your best in-person photograph you ever got from an athlete? OK, thank you, Derek. Best Christmas, favorite Christmas movie of all time. Yours is Die Hard, obviously, Chris, right? It's got to be.

No, it's top five. It's Chris' vacation. Oh.

Yeah. All right, Jay Felley, what do you have? I got to say Home Alone. Home Alone, that's a good one.

TJ, what do you think? I mean, I'll stand on this Die Hard hill, I'll say that. But Christmas Story, man, Ralphie, that's just timeless to me, man. All right.

Yeah. I'll go It's a Wonderful Life. It's a beautiful movie.

It is. It stands the test of time, and Chris Russo is taking gummies if he thinks he's sad enough of it. His second question, what was your favorite? Autograph you got? It was your best autograph you got in person from an athlete.

Oh, my goodness. Well, I don't know my best, but I'll just tell you my most recent, because I got the nature boy, Rick Flair. Oh, signing that belt.

My old school NWA. Nice. Nice.

OK, well, that's good. I'm going to say it's Jim Brown on the helmet in front of you. Jim Brown with the Syracuse helmet when he came in here in 2015. OK. Mr. Brown.

Jay, what do you have? When I was younger, Poo Richardson from the Clippers. Ladies and gentlemen, two live poo.

Thought of two live poo. And I guess, I don't know, Reggie Jackson just signed my Reggie Jackson 1977 All-Star card. That was an amazing day. After he criticized me for the way I threw out Reggie bars in the studio. Just kind of a sugar and spice moment. You know, the sports gods giveth and taketh away.

Yeah, our one in the books. That was awesome. Oh, my gosh.

Now they're on Roku. How about Derek in Missouri firing up that stuff? That was nice. Pretty good. So it tastes good, huh?

It's really good. And this so this is maple syrup. And it's like, oh, because they brought waffles with their with their with their barbecue chicken.

It's like smoky maple. Oh, my is just stupid. Good. You know, Rich also got Reggie to autograph my Oakland A's jersey while he was in here to TJ.

So this, you know, those two are pretty, pretty dope memories. We're lucky. We're lucky. Yeah, it doesn't feel like work that often. Well, it's never last hour.

Didn't always a good it was a good thing. Next hour. Well, because we don't have any guess. We got to talk. We will.

What's more likely coming up? Hey, and when we come back. We're in the billion dollar business. Oh, man, of watching the Los Angeles Dodgers get everybody.

Oh, oh, we need to keep throwing that baseball, Rich. I know that. Although he just he's kind of he bristles when I call him coup tony in front of other human beings. Oh, really? That's the highest compliment.

Coop. No, he's shy. He is a sweetheart.

But then every fifth day in 2012, it's in twenty twenty five. He'll be able to go out there and see Otani. But every day he'll see him in the Dodger blue uniform. Wow. Totally nuts. What a night in Los Angeles sports last night.

Phone lines are completely lit, which is awesome. Tom Pellicero, our number three, as we get ready for week 16 writ large. I don't know that I would call it respect that I have for Sandoval, but the world hated him. He still went out, performed shows with his head held high. He showed up to the reunion when we all were going after him like he didn't skip a beat the way he's handling it. If I were in his position and I said it straight up to the entire audience, thousands of people, I would tell you all to and the room was dead. Watch what Lala is talking about on YouTube or search for. Give them Lala wherever you listen.
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