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The coach after Belichick is a downgrade

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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January 8, 2024 3:17 pm

The coach after Belichick is a downgrade

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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January 8, 2024 3:17 pm

Rich weighs in on the factors that will determine Bill Belichick’s future with the New England Patriots, reacts to Aaron Rodgers’ comments on changing the Jets winning culture, comments on the New York Giants’ plan to stick with Daniel Jones as their starting QB next season and their contract dealings with star RB Saquon Barkley, and comments on the New Orleans Saints decision to stick with head coach Dennis Allen after missing the playoffs. 

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Learn more at slash credit card. Limitations apply. One, two, three. As big a play as you'll have all season. Minshew to throw.

Minshew swings it out to the back of the side. It's incomplete. This is the Rich Eisen Show.

No good. Greater misses from 51 and the Seahawks win. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. As far as the future goes, I'll sit down with Robert and we'll talk about things. Today's guest, two time Super Bowl champion and Greenlight podcast host Chris Long.

Plus your phone calls, latest news and more. And now it's Rich Eisen. Our number three of our show is on the air. What a crazy mixed up world we live in. But the sports world, that's crazy mixed up, too.

OK, this likes to be mixed up. Our number three of our program, Chris Long of the Greenlight Pod, was on earlier in hour number one. And if you missed it, we re-air as soon as this hour is over. Compelling conversation about the super wildcard weekend matchups as well as what in the world happened at the end of the Saints and the Falcons game. We'll get into that later on in this hour. Chris Brockman and Mike Del Tufo in their spots. TJ Jefferson in his spot. You in your spot right now with phone lines are all lit.

844-204, Rich is the number to dial. The national championship game is tonight. I'm already getting texts from people saying, are you nervous? Are you at the game? Yes, I'm nervous. I'm not at the game.

I'm sitting here in this Rich Eisen show studio as I will tomorrow because I'm a professional. And, you know, I just you know, I don't know what else to say. I've lost my mind. I'm just I just want the game to kick now. Can we just get this underway, please?

Right. I don't know how it feels. This is new.

This is all new for me, all of it. As I mentioned, 844-204, Rich number to dial. Let's take this phone call. Randy in Pennsylvania.

You're here on the Rich Eisen show. What's up, Randy? Good day, gentlemen, to the Sunset Coast.

Please pray for peace, gentlemen. How y'all doing? What's going on, Randy? Oh, I have several questions. You gave me time to write this stuff down. Oh, boy.

Mr. Patrick told me to land the plane while I spoke with him. So let's get to the point. Maybe I can segue into your discussion with Mr. Belichick and Mr. Kraft. Yes. Your thoughts on that, because, you know, well, I'm older than you are, but I am not politically challenged as you, I might add. OK. I've got great hair anyway. It sounds like you do, Randy.

Like if I had a guess, just by the sound of your voice, I would say you are more of your suit than perhaps me. But at this point in time, I think the plane's got a hole in the side, but we can land it. No, that's a whole other. I know that. Right. So you want to know my opinion on what? Well, Mr. Kraft, is that with a C or a K, am I talking cheese or a whole other industry here? Well, I just think let's stay the course with Mr. Belichick, don't go down a path of unrighteousness.

Give the man a chance with he's got some good draft picks coming up. Is that correct? That is absolutely correct. And thank you for the call, Randy. I'll give you my opinion.

Here we go, because I think I know what you're saying here. So Robert Kraft and Jonathan Kraft and Bill Belichick are going to get in a room. They could be in a room together right now, for all we know, and the future of the New England Patriots will be mapped out with a significant role in the conversation being the past, because this is not just anybody you're having this conversation with. This is the greatest coach of all time.

I have no problem saying that. Was I alive for all of Tom Landry? Was I aware of all of Don Shula, alive and aware?

Nope. I'm talking about right now, this day and age. And I don't want to hear what his record is without Tom Brady, because Brady needed Belichick in the same way Belichick needed Brady.

They were the perfect organism for each other, and what they did together will never be topped. Just won't. I feel safe in saying that, and Robert Kraft knows that, because without Robert Kraft, Belichick doesn't go there. Don't forget, Belichick, I guess, saw Woody Johnson coming and said, I want no part of it. I'll go to New England. And went there, and did get, yes, lucky to get Tom Brady at 199. And then saw what Brady did, and then had the gumption to keep him playing when Bledsoe and his $100 million contract got healthier.

We can go on and on and on and on. Kraft knows. Both Crafts know. And they also know that what they build there in terms of their history and their future is the legend of the past needs to be part of their brand.

Plain and simple. They give out red jackets for a reason there. And there's lots more red jackets to be given out that they haven't given out yet to people from their past. I'm talking about their Hall of Fame.

And it means a lot to them. As the Ring of Honor does to Dallas and things of that nature, when there are Rings of Honor and stuff like that, and you do have past to celebrate. Trust me, I don't know how many green jackets the Jets will be given out these days if they had such a thing.

Gold jacket, green jacket, all right. So Belichick's got to put a red jacket on one day. And what happens in this room has to, that's got to be part of it. It's got to be part of it. And there's a certain respect level that needs to be paid to both guys.

And I'm sure both guys feel that respect needs to be paid to both. But the idea that they're just going to run it back and there's nothing to be discussed, I think is fantasy land. The question is, what does Bill want? Well, we found out finally today because in his press conference today on Zoom, there was no more ability to say, I'm planning for the next game because there is no next game. So Bill finally gave some answers to some questions about what his future is and what he wants.

This is the first one up, his future. How much, it's one day after the season, but how much do you want to be here to fix this? And you often talked about your passion for coaching still being there.

How much does that all factor into you just want to get this right here in New England after the year that you guys just had? Well, Dan, I just hope I'm going to do everything I can every day to do the best I can to help our football team. That's what I've always done. It's never been any different for me in my career. I learned that lesson from my dad growing up.

You work for the team that you're working for and do the best you can for them until somebody tells you different. So that's not going to change. In the event you are no longer the coach of the Patriots, would you be interested in coaching for another team in New England? Yeah, I'm not going to get into a lot of hypothetical situations. Yeah, he's not, I mean, but by the way, good question and he's not going to get into that. He did say at one point he's under contract there. Yeah, first time we've ever really heard him address his contract situation. So in terms of him saying, does he want to be here, he's like, yeah, listen, I'm over 70.

I just stood in that snowstorm yesterday. You know, like I know I'm a professional coach, but the fact that it doesn't look like he even went home and changed, quite frankly, he is, I'm telling you, I saw him in person. He is locked in into coaching and into everything that involves coaching as possible. And when he says, I do it for the team that I'm contracted for, that's the way it always has been. He's also letting you know, I've got a contract here, but that's the way he looks at everything.

You know, I coach this down and then I move on to the next down and then move on to the next quarter and move on to the next half and I move on to the next game and I move on to the next opponent. And then more often than not, he wins it because he's an outstanding coach and the players he's had there have been outstanding. And that's the question about him being the one to shop for groceries.

Is it possible he stays and has a different structure around that? He was asked about that. Yeah, I'm look, I'm for whatever, um, you know, collectively we decide as an organization is the best thing to help our football team. And you know, I have multiple roles in that and I rely on a lot of people to help me in those, uh, in those responsibilities if somebody's got to have the final say, I have, I rely on a lot of other people to help and you know, however that, um, whatever that process is, you know, I'm only part of it. Just a cog in the wheel of the machine. Did he say I have it? Meaning he's got the final say.

I mean, I think that's obvious, right? I mean, it's entirely possible to get somebody who, who he respects immensely that will be the general manager, but then it comes, push comes to shove. Like this is part of the conversation that crafts are going to have to have with bill is like draft room.

We're on the clock. That person not named you is the one who's making the call on the draft choice. I don't think he stays for something like that. I don't think he stands for something like that. And I, can you blame him? Can you blame him? No, but at this point in time, I know things change, but at this point in time, at this point in his career, you don't think there's other teams out there that are going to give him full control who I think that would be tough if I'm an owner to give bill full control at this point, you don't think Arthur blank would do that. If I'm a Falcons fan, I would hope that he doesn't, or they once went to a super bowl. Thomas Dimitrov came from the Patriots. But they've, they've had a general manager who's come from Bill's cloth to take, to build a team that they damn near, they were up 28 to three on bill. You can't live in the past when you're deciding this type of stuff.

You can't. Well, that's what, I mean, I think we're laying out for you what this major puzzle is all about. I mean, Carolina just fired their GM this morning.

They have both spots because they're clearing the decks. They're hiring is going to have, I don't know, it could be my, my Michigan head coach. It could be for, I don't know, it could be for bill, but bill he's like, I'm coming to work. I bet you he's doing today outside of whatever meeting they might be having. If he is meeting with the crafts, I bet you, whatever he's doing today, if I had a wager is everything that he's ever done on a Monday after any season, he hasn't made the playoffs, which is rare. I mean, he's probably going about his business and taking some cold medicine.

I hope, imagine how this must feel. You just stood outside in a, in, in the snow, watching that against the jets team of all the 10. But that's another reason why he probably doesn't want to leave. You think he wants to walk out on a home loss to the jets.

That's his last game as a Patriot coach, home playoff loss with a pick six. I mean, it happens to Vrabel who I know, I know that's, that's who you're hope chest say it. Well, you take a line. So people, you know, in Columbus, Ohio, hoping the same thing also, I mean, I saw other people point this out. I kind of thought the same thing. Bill pointing out that he's under contract. You think bill, the GM is going to want to give up a draft pick of a new team he goes to. So he is either the head coach next year or he's fired, which is a way to maybe, but they have to listen, you have to understand this. Bill's got to come home at some point. I don't think bill would take it personally. Bill used to get rid of guys a year or two to where he traded Richard Seymour.

Who's wearing a jacket now before he was done in new England. Okay. Well, this all has to be hashed out. I mean, like, I think we have just truly laid out what is going to be had because if you're Robert Kraft, you gotta be like, listen, the players on the field are just not what we're used to. And you know, that bill like, you know that, oh, they're the worst roster in the league. And so, and, and the coaching staff that you put together for Mac, you know, Mac was a healthy scratch. He didn't even play. He wasn't even active against the jets.

He got benched for the AI quarterback yesterday. I don't even know his name. I just know him as the AI guy. Nate. Nate or Nathan or Rourke. Yeah, that's right. Nathan Rourke.

That sounds made up. The Canadian that the, the, uh, the Jaguars had for a bit. I know dude. It's just not Patriot. Like at all, Jonathan can convince bill to accept someone to help him in the player personnel department that has the final say in the draft room.

Yeah. Cause that ain't happening. I don't think bill does that. I would love if bill came back next year as head coach. I just don't know. You should. There's nobody just don't see it happening better than him.

Whoever you get will be a downgrade period and a story as somebody who will get you ready for game day and know how to handle in game situations. Correct. But he's in it. That's a fact. So what?

Who cares? But it's so it's Pete Carroll. He doesn't have final say on personnel. Well, I mean, sure. That's what I mean. Right.

So why can't we find that? I'm saying, I'm saying bill is not going to be as amenable to change. I don't know if they bring in somebody who's from his realm that he can handle. I mean, Scott Peele is on NFL network. Let's get him back in the building. It could be this, the Ziegler fellow, the Raiders just bounced. We'll see. I don't know. It's going to be an interesting week. I don't know when we're going to have a decision, but I'd imagine it'd be soon.

8 4 4 2 0 4 rich numbered adult here on the program. Let's take a break. When we come back, there's the jets part about that last game. And trust me, we're not going to be talking about the jets too much, but Aaron Rogers did speak today. Your phone calls. And then what's going on with the giants.

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Last minute tickets, lowest price guaranteed. Let's go back to the phone lines for Van in Washington, D.C. What's your how you been, sir? I'm doing good, Rich. How are you? What's on your mind? First of all, I'd like to say our Wolverines in the national championship tonight.

I cannot wait. Yep. And it's kind of awesome because it's in Houston. Once I checked, Rich, a Michigan man won a championship in Houston.

Chris, do you know who that guy was? TB12. TB12.

TB12. Yes, sir. Okay. Awesome.

I think he won twice there. And, excuse me. Sorry.

Shout out to my guy, Mike Del Tufo, and TJ Jefferson as well. There you go. Appreciate that. Thank you.

All right. So the reason I called today, Rich, was because it's such a big deal. Just the last night of the 14 college football playoffs, this is going to be expanding to 12. So I came up with the top five list for my Rich Eyes in a Ranch book. Oh, boy.

Top five college football games of the 14 playoff era. Oh, my God. Wow. Hold on a minute. Stravan, I'm going to put you back on hold because we're about to be joined back in the radio show, and we'll get you right to that when we get back. You put him back on hold, Mike? Yes. Be careful. He didn't hang up.

No, he's on hold. Okay. Mike, you've been off. Come on. Come on.

It's like you've never done it before, Mike. Yeah. No, I've held up. I hold up on people. You heavy-fingered people before. Yeah.

That's a different... I put him on hold. All right. So how much time have we got until we come back? 30 seconds. 30 seconds. Which is as much time as you'd want me to dedicate to this, but my fantasy basketball teams won seven in a row.

Oh, Jesus. Come on. Once upon a time, 0-3-1.

Don't let me in the tournament either. I'm the Buffalo Bills of our fans. I started 0-3-1. Great.

We won seven in a row. What place are you in, Rich? Second above T.J. Jefferson, who has fallen like a rock, fallen and can't get up. I'm in third place. I know. Who are we talking about?

I'm seeing asses and elbows of the guys sitting to your left. I can't wait to play you a gift. Fantastic.

I can't wait to play you a gift. All right. Back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network, sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grange with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Grange has the right product for you. Call or just stop by on our Roku-only segment. We had Sravan from Washington, D.C. on, and what would you like to do now, now that we have the real estate, to let you roam the studio space for a couple minutes? What do you have?

So I had, because the top five, excuse me, the college football playoff 14 seasons are coming to an end because of the expansion, so I wanted to run down my top five college football playoff games of the CFP 14 era. Okay, very good. You don't have any music for him. Okay, very good. Thanks, Sravan.

What do you got? Okay. Number five, Rich, I hate to bring this up, but this was in 2023 in Arizona. Yeah, yeah. I was there.

The Horned Frog, which launched this great run for the University of Michigan, but it was one of the great games because of what TCU was able to show with that student, Bitten Johnson and company. Wasn't very impressed. Not very impressed by the list so far.

What else you got? Number four, this is also a little bit painful. Does the name Ezekiel Elliott ring a bell? I don't know what's happening right now. What's happening?

I give this man real estate and he's just like, oh yeah, when TCU beat you and when Ezekiel Elliott won his national championship, what's up? I'm your fan here. Just wait for it. Okay. Number four was when Ohio State took out Alabama and the Sugar Bowl in 2014 to kick it off. All right, so now let's get to three then. Let's get to the good part. You will like this one. Okay. Very good.

John Watson, after a year after losing in Arizona to Alabama, decides to hit Hunter Renfro for a game winning touchdown. Yes. Many people think it's an illegal pick, but that's number three.

Okay. What's number two? Number two, Chris, this one's for you, my friend. Sony Michel sends the dogs to the national championship game in a double overtime victory in the Paratyak, the happiest moment of her life. It was truly unbelievable. Number one? Rich, this one's for you, man. It was some guy named Mason Graham and Kegan Kenneth Grant taking the hope of the great Rich Eisen and his beautiful bald head in the Rose Bowl, stunning Alabama to shock Paul Feinbaum and the rest of the fools.

And his beautiful bald head. Michigan comes up with a signature win to go to the national championship game. Thank you very much. There it goes.

From out in Washington, D.C. There you go. Well done.

Thank you. I always appreciate his love of... He's missing a beat.

Nobody else. He loves top fives. He is dialed.

He listens to us and we appreciate him being dialed in. He's the only one in the Rose Bowl, though. Okay.

Which one? Vince. Mike, it's the college football playoff.

He's talking about since 2014. This is the newest iteration of college football's playoff system. It ends tonight. I'll take off again.

By the way, this will be the last time that these two teams face each other from different conferences as well. Did you think he was doing like top five Rose Bowls or something? No. Just don't worry. He just presses the buttons and works the faders. He doesn't listen to the content. He doesn't listen to the content.

Yeah, I do. He's missing one. If I care. He's missing Vince Young.

It depends on how much I care about the content. Corey in Baltimore. Let's take your call. Been hanging on for two hours. What's up, Corey?

Hi. My question to you is now, because you called it, you said nobody in the NFL wanted to see the Bills in the playoffs and as a Ravens fan, I don't too. So my question to you is if the Ravens and the Bills do end up meeting in the AFC Championship game, do you think the Bills have a shot of winning in Baltimore? I do.

I do, Corey. But I think the Browns have the best chance of them all because they'd be coming in with the quarterback that would just freak everyone out. But I think, listen, if they play like they did in the last month and a half, two months of the season and the defense is healthy and my son Kyle Hamilton's out there patrolling the unofficial Aizen, Kyle Aizen, he has no idea. I did tell him. I think the Ravens are Super Bowl bound.

But I think the Bills, and thanks for the call, Corey, appreciate that. Was that Stavros actually? Didn't that sound like his character? Was that Randy? Stavibaby.

Is that Stavibaby? Just caught you off guard when they started. No, honestly. I mean, the teams that can upset you more than anybody in the playoffs are two. One is that they don't know any better because they're so damn young. That's why you look out for the Packers. And then a division opponent that knows you very well and is not at all afraid to walk in your building. And these Browns are playing better than the Browns that won in that building with Deshaun Watson a few weeks ago.

It's about teams as well right now that are out because everybody's relevant looking towards next year. Aaron Rodgers spoke today to the New York media. And this press conference, a little different feel to it than the feel good.

Remember when his Achilles was intact and everybody thought they had a chance to actually make the playoffs this year? And he said something dismaying to be straight up with you about whatever's going on in that building that isn't about winning. Listen to this sound bite. Everything in this building that we're doing individually or collectively that has nothing to do with real winning needs to be assessed. Everything that we do has to have a purpose too.

When you step in the building, there's intentionality with everything that you do. And it's not a half the time thing. It's not a sometimes thing. It's not a most of the time thing. It's an every time thing. If you want to be a winning organization and to put yourself in position to win championships and be competitive, everything that you do matters.

And the bull that has nothing to do with winning needs to get out of the building. I'm wondering what he's referring to right there. I think what he might be referring to if I had a guest was, remember Zach Wilson got out that he was considering not accepting the starting role again, which him entering a concussion protocol that lasted a month, even though as I pointed out, I think that lasted a month because they were doing him a solid because they'd already, my guess is they already told him he can leave and they want to make sure he's healthy when leaving.

That's the least you can do is to make sure that he can find the job quickly that you're allowing him to go find and I'm sure he's happy to go find elsewhere. But that came out of the building and I think that pissed Rogers off and I don't blame him. I don't know what else he might else be referring to. And I just, cause I always shoot straight here, you know, his appearances on Pat's show don't strike me as have anything to do with winning except winning whatever culture wars he cares to wage on ESPN's air.

That has nothing to do with winning for the jets. And he might sit there and think whatever he's saying on Pat's show, that's outside of the realm of football about the Epstein list and Jimmy Kimmel and all that stuff. Didn't he, was he, did he address that today too? Somebody asked him about that? Someone asked him about it. Somebody's going to talk about it.

Tune into the show tomorrow. I mean, it's so, so, so that strikes me as having nothing to do with winning, but I bet you he, again, I should, I'm sure he's thrilled that I'm, I'm ascribing thoughts in his head into this microphone. I'm sure he thinks that has nothing to do with preventing winning. He's just being himself and his, his, he's not a dude, but, but he, honestly, there's a large part of the Jets fan base that just doesn't want to hear that stuff. And it's like, I'm more interested in hearing from Aaron Rodgers, Hey man, you've been part of championship teams and championship cultures that clearly the Packers have because everything that Gudekunst has been doing, pressing buttons, they're in the playoffs again with a kid that looks to be just as, as ready to roll as Rodgers did when he first took the gig from Favre and just like Favre when he took the gig from the Magic Man. So if there's any of that secret sauce that Rodgers knows about from inside a building about what it takes to have a winning culture that he feels the Jets don't have, I'm all ears. But the Epstein list, I don't care.

That has nothing to do with my affiliations or my thoughts or whatever, cause that sounds like that has zero to do with winning too. And all it is, is it's now he's being asked a question in a press conference like this about that. And he's like, tune into something that has nothing to do with winning on ESPN. He's talking about the BS. He brought the BS to New York. Well again, he didn't have his, he didn't show up with a like, I'm going to go there and have my Achilles blow up in, in, in, in day five. Now if, if, if the, the moves that, that Joe Douglas didn't make, because, because they didn't want to inflame Rodgers or they thought Rodgers was coming back. You know, a lot of people made fun of the fact that the Jets players voted him the most inspirational player. Again, we're not in a building. We don't see what he's doing.

Again, he was like being the Sherpa to Makai Becton before his Achilles blew up. So he's, he, he's got, he has his teammates at hello and they have him as well, having their back. That's clear. They wouldn't have voted him most inspirational if they didn't feel that way about him, which is great for next year. And I love Robert Salas saying, yeah, the coordinators are staying the same as long as they don't get a head coaching job. I'm assuming he's meaning his defensive coordinator, not to be disrespectful, but you know, he's been, everything has been made to make sure they're going to win with him next year, all season long as I've watched Flacco light it up and Carson Wentz. I mean, I was wrong. I was like, don't sign Carson Wentz and don't sign Flacco.

What an idiot, honestly, I'm, I'm raising my hand. So I'm all ears about what Rodgers has to say about winning cultures in that building because he's been part of them for a long ass time. And he's been the leader in those environments, the leader and championship quarterback.

That's what I want out of him. But if he doesn't think that what he's saying outside of the realm of football elsewhere, is he's saying about, you gotta be that way all the time. If he doesn't think that that's not damaging him with other members of the fan base, that's insane. It's it's, it's not, it's not, it doesn't compute what is it, is it a technicality? Because he's at home, he just said, he just said that, that it's, it's all the time.

It's everywhere. And I understand he kept saying in the building and knowing him, every word out of his mouth is chosen carefully because he's home doing those interviews, it doesn't matter. I don't, I don't know, because I don't know if any of that stuff has anything to do with winning for the jets. It has stuff to do with winning about stuff that he wants to say in his mind and what he feels in winning, you know, elsewhere. But I'm talking about winning football and if he's saying, if it has nothing to do with winning football, I don't want to hear about it, then, then he should hear what's coming out of his mouth. Cause I, I, I, I'm putting every egg in his number eight basket next year, man.

You should, you should trade him. As a fan, you should want him gone. It's nothing but toxic.

Okay. Except it's not, they just voted a most inspirational player. It's not toxic to his teammates.

It's not. He's saying something is going on in that building and, and again, he may have nothing to do with it, but if he's saying it has nothing to do with winning, Hey, to a lot of fans, what you're saying elsewhere has nothing to do with winning football, eight four four two Oh four rich number to dial here on the program. Uh, where are we going? Fitz in Dallas.

You're here on the rich ice. What's up Fitz. Here we go. I liked that start. My PJ morale is great here in Dallas, but I had two parts to my, my question slash statement.

DJ. How many times were you yelling at the TV yesterday to pull players? Yeah. I don't know what's up with that. Yesterday.

They do that all the time though. Guys, guys, if you already addressed this at the beginning, go ahead. Go ahead. Fish. Yeah. So anyway, so I just, I mean, I just couldn't believe it. We were watching the corner of the TV with the score of the giant Philly game. We're going up and we're like, Jerry, make the call down to the sideline.

I thought the same thing, but they've always done that there. Don't you remember? Jason Garrett kept the Marco Murray in a game with his hand, like, like surgically repaired against Jacksonville, you know, and they kept running them in a game that was already decided. I was at the end of the third quarter, there was about two minutes left and that's when I was like, and I'd literally, I tweeted it out, I was like, I wonder if Jerry could call down and be like, get these the game right now, because every single minute, watching the red zone and watching, you know, and protecting me, you know, I keep my composure, but every time a play happened, I'm, I'm watching for an ankle getting rolled over or just like, and I'm sitting there like, please just get, just don't get hurt. At one point, DK Metcalf, you know, you know, ambled off the field for Seattle, AJ Brown gets it holding his knees, Sam Laporta gets carted off. I mean, there were some serious big name players that got hurt in week 18.

We were very lucky. And I'm like, man, I was thinking the same thing Fitz, but that's not what Dallas does. And well, I was very happy to hear Cooper Rushfield, here we go at the beginning of the fourth without question. So I was like, all right, thanks for the call Fitz, appreciate it. It's one last thing real quick. Yeah, brother.

Sorry. Hey, just going back to the Peacock broadcasting coming up this week. I don't like it because we were, we had the big 12 tournament here with Oklahoma State and Texas a couple of weeks ago, there was a direct TV dispute with the ABC affiliate or ABC and the bar that we went to, they were like, well, we're going to full stream it on our TVs. We're sitting at the bandwidth. So, I mean, I hear you, the NFL doesn't protect the shield. No, what they're doing is first of all, Fitz, you know, as we're streaming live on the Roku channel and on the Roku portal where you can get the game, you know, obviously you're coming to a streaming household. We love it.

And it's not, has nothing to do with business. I mean, we cut the cord in our house when we, when we joined the Roku channel and thanks for the call. Thanks, Fitz. And I, I, I understand bandwidth and latency and all that sort of stuff.

That stuff is going to get figured out technologically as we move down the road. I thought I watched you know, on the, on YouTube TV all season long, red zone, it was phenomenal. The Sunday ticket. I mean, watch it.

It was phenomenal. They just have to let you decide how you can split up the four box. You could get to, next technology, just let me choose which four I can do. And just create them and have me go find the one that I'm most interested in ish.

Give me the, I want to create the four. That's my biggest complaint. I got it.

But these things are, for the first year, I thought it was a smash hit. I understand people are like, eh, this, you know, they couldn't get it cause they couldn't get the bandwidth. We're coming to a streaming world, everyone heads up. We exist here on the Roku channel because it is an important part of, thank goodness, the Roku platforms, sports, um, plan, it's time to get, you know, and we're here to let you know. You can literally, I was on the Roku last night, last night, um, had, um, was watching the NBA league pass and watching the Lakers Clippers and watching the Sunday night game all through streaming. No problems. Uh, I loved it.

8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial. Let's talk about the other New York team. If you don't mind the giants. What did I tell everybody? By the way, I love starting sentences that way.

Started the show that way. Don't let the bills in the playoffs. You'd like to be, I might be wrong eventually, but who knows right now though, I told everybody, I told you, Chris told Alan Dallas, Daniel Jones is going to be your quarterback next year. That doesn't mean it's the right move, dude.

I understand. So what are they, what's their final draft order fifth. Is that what the giants are or did they win their win? Their win probably, um, you know, that up to six, there they are, there they are, six, there they are. It costs themselves a spot. And so they're six.

You know what? They're not choosing six, a quarterback. It ain't happening. Giants fans is Pennix lights it up tonight. Not Pennix is not going to be drafted sixth overall by the New York giants who need a lot of help still.

Joe Shane, the general manager sitting next to the head coach had exactly that to say about Daniel Jones to day. Does this sound like a team around a quarterback who has that injury history now with two neck injuries now torn ACL? Yes.

Yeah. I mean, it's, it's football and guys get hurt. I mean, you can't, you can't always predict it. I mean, I think, you know, guys that have previous injuries, um, you know, there, there's some, you got to look at the injuries individually and what they were, how they were caused. But um, you know, I got a lot of faith in our training staff as well. So again, hopefully he'll be back for, for week one. Again, we don't, we don't have a crystal ball here, but we'll continue to build the team the way we see best. You need to add to that room, someone who can potentially start and compete with Daniel for a job. Well, there's a chance he's not ready week one.

So yeah. I mean, we, you got to sign somebody that can help you, you know, a plan again, plan for the worst, hope for the best. Like you plan for him not being ready. So you're gonna need somebody that can hopefully win you some games early on if he's not ready. And if he's healthy, you know, you're anticipating to be healthy at some point, start of the season or early in the season. Um, you have the same faith of him and him right now as you did when you signed him to the contract.

Yes. I know what you're thinking, Chris, those two guys, and Joe Shane came on the show. I liked him.

I liked him and I liked Abel. Those look like two guys who are making this decision, who have been given the license to make this decision, who will lose their jobs because of that very moment right there. One thousand percent. You believe that. I believe that. Daniel Jones, if they're not going to go to the playoffs and those guys will be on the street in less than two years, if they stick with this guy. Man, he looked like Colin Kaepernick in the win against the Minnesota Vikings.

And I'm wondering if that turns out to be fool's gold. Then you're right. It was one game. And then this year it just was none of none of that before he got hurt. None of that before he got hurt.

Yeah, no glimpse. And then better after they put in Tommy Cutlets and then to Rod Taylor. So that's the plan, even though he's not going to be ready week one. And if he is, he's a guy that rushed back from a major knee injury and a neck injury this year. And then there's Saquon Barkley. We're back at it again with him now that we're turning the page because he's a free agent.

If they let him hit the open market and it sure doesn't look like they're going to let him hit the open market. This is what Joe Shane had to say about getting Saquon back in the fold. Again, Saquon and I will talk about that. That's a tool we have at our disposal. When we redid his deal before he came to camp, that wasn't taken out of that deal.

It wasn't a, hey, we'll do this, but no franchise tag. So that's an option we have on the table. We'll have those conversations. I'm not saying we will or we won't.

A lot of those conversations will be had over the next month or so. And in terms of Saquon, if you remember, they franchise tagged him. He got pissed. He started holding out and then started saying some very un-Saquon-like things like saying, maybe I should tell the team to go F off.

Remember they said that on the pod, on a podcast? And then the Giants offered him an incentive plan to just come in from the fold. And this just in, we looked at it, the incentives that would have paid him, what, like 300 grand each or something like that, 1,350 yards rushing, he had 962, 11 touchdowns, he had 10, 65 catches, he had 41. He missed just three games, but he also had, as you know, a revolving door at quarterback. An ineffective Daniel Jones and then Tarod Taylor gets hurt. And then they go with Tommy Cutlets, who actually starts playing football to the point where he was the football version of Jeremy Lin. And then Taylor comes back in. And so if you're wondering how this whole sits with Saquon, because there's, Joe Shane said they're going to talk about this because it's a tool in their arsenal, if you will, having a franchise tech, Saquon was asked about it today.

And the quote from Saquon Barkley, I believe got tweeted out by Pat Leonard of the Daily News, quote, they did it last year. So I'm numb to it. I don't have any feelings towards that at all. If you're going to do it, just don't wait until March 5. Just get it over with.

If not, let me go simple. And let me just, he's in no mood. Like sign him, sign him. And I'm back in this position again because I don't get it. I don't get it. He's 100,000% and I know that's an exaggeration, their best offensive player.

There's nobody in his realm. I know they've got speedy receivers and Darren Waller used to be really, really, really good. And when he was healthy again, he got hurt. This guy is without a doubt, their most famous player, their most beloved player, their Walter Payton man of the year candidate, and is an absolute gem in every way, shape or form. Sign him, honestly, and you're holding out hope that your $40 million a year quarterback is still worth throwing your entire possible Giants careers into hoping his neck and his knee is ready.

I mean, we have no doubts about him, but I don't understand it. And all I keep thinking of is the Indianapolis Colts who took the hard line with Jonathan Taylor. What happened when the rubber met the road Saturday night in a win or go home, do or die game?

What happened? He ripped one off from midfield to change the tenor of the game when it looked like the Texans were about to take this thing. And then in the fourth quarter, when they had a habit on the drive, they kept handing it to him after he probably, you know, had a moment in the locker room to get his heel right. Comes out, they keep on handing it to him and hand him, oh, so suddenly this guy's valuable after all, huh? Oh, the guy that you needed to see healthy before you signed?

Oh, okay. I mean, they lost the game, dude, but when it came down to it, pull them off the field and then what happens? And then they put somebody else in the game and they put it in Gardner Minshew's hands and then the ball gets wound up on the ground. Seriously, when push comes to shove, I know they lost, Chris, but the bottom line is the only reason why they had a chance to win it was because of 2-8. And 2-6 in New York is the guy. So I understand you got to say this in front of a microphone, but Barkley is clearly in no mood for it again.

Just get it done. It's crazy that you're going to have to, you know, play, play with fire with the running back, but with the quarterback who looks overpaid and could cost you your jobs. Oh yeah, we're ready to go with him. I don't get it. Let's take a break. 844-204-RICH, numbered Adal, here on the Rich Eisen Show. Don't go anywhere.

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Learn more at slash credit card. Limitations apply. Is it true your dad's a Jet fan? Yes, I mean, such a Jets fan that he has a Jets tattoo right here.

Oh, my gosh. When did he get that ink? Was he inspired by Richard Todd's play in the 70s? Was it Ray Lucas in the 90s that caused your dad to get that ink? What was it?

Do you know the story here? So the big thing about my dad and being a Jets fan, and I was once a Jets fan, now definitely a Giants fan. 1969. I'm sorry. I grew up a Jets fan and, um, go on. Yeah.

1969. The first AFC team on the Super Bowl, the year my dad was born, born in New York. Growing up, everyone loved the Giants probably a little bit more. So he kind of just went the other way, being a Giants fan, he kind of passed it on to me.

So I grew up being a fan of Curtis Martin, Thomas Jones, Chad Pennington, the Mark Sanchez era with Rex Ryan and those guys. So I think he kind of got it probably maybe like when the Mark Sanchez era was going on. I don't think he did it because of that.

Sure. He always had a passion. He always wanted to do it.

And one day he just made up his mind. He said, he's going to put a Jets tattoo right here. I don't know what I'm freaking out about more. The fact that you could be a Jet, you were living and dying with the Jets while I was living and dying with the Jets, or that your dad and I were born in the same year and you could be my son.

And I've got a 10, almost eight and a five at home and this is not about me. It's about you Saquon. But so was your dad disappointed that the Jets didn't take you? No, my dad was happy that, you know, he seen his son live in Israel. Or didn't get a chance to take you. Oh, yeah. Yeah.

But he was happy, just like I'm saying, his son, he's him and my mother, very fortunate to have both parents in my life. You know, I've always went to them and told them what I want to do and what I'm passionate about and they always give me great advice and try to show me the way of what I got to do to get to my dream and live out my dream. That's Saquon back in the day, right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Game time tickets, we're getting ready to do overreaction Monday with the game time tickets being its presenting sponsor and the same thing, what the football, Suzy Schuster and Amy Trask are going to have Albert Breer on tomorrow, that has just been confirmed.

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Last minute tickets, lowest price guaranteed. So Arthur Blank's final public appearance as a head coach for the Atlanta Falcons, Arthur Smith. Arthur Smith, his final public appearance as head coach of the Atlanta Falcons was to undress verbally.

Dennis Allen. You didn't need to read lips because you could hear it, the microphone of him getting so angry at Dennis Allen that the one yard touchdown that Jamaal Williams scored when it was 41-17, it was 17 all by the way in half, and the Saints scored everything unanswered, the Falcons fell apart, and Arthur Smith probably knew that this meant the end of his coaching career and he did not like the disrespect to have Jamaal Williams score and have the Saints celebrate like they just won the Super Bowl. When I think it was apparent that the Saints were out as the division winners too, they still had an opportunity to make it as a wild card. And Dennis Allen says, I understand, or I hear you, basically is what he said to him. And then we find out later that Jamis Winston, who was in the game as the backup, because the game was already decided, he's the one along with the rest of the team that decided give the ball to Jamaal Williams, who had the most touchdowns in the league last year, signs with the Saints and had zero going in. So it was important for him to score.

And we found out that they went rogue. Dennis Allen called a knee and they handed it off and here is Jamis after the game, just being Jamis. The play was victory, but also explained to DA that it was a team decision.

And I think when you have a team morale, and I asked the guys, I said, guys, what do you want to do? We know how much Jamaal means to this team and I understood from DA's perspective, so I give him that. But DA didn't condone that at all. He didn't.

Whatever. We decided as a team to do it and we got an interception to the one yard line. So if we would have scored, would it still have been disrespectful? I think it should be forgotten, especially when the score is already 41-17, so I don't know how much worse it can get. But I got a ton of respect for Arthur Smith and the coach that he is.

I think they do some incredible things. I didn't want to disrespect him, that was not my intention. My intention was to lead the team that I've been with the entire year and we made a collective decision that we wanted to get one of our guys who they fight with blood, sweat, and tears every game in the end zone and I'm going to feel good about that.

He should join politics. That was great. Actually he convinced me.

Yeah, sure. I'm fine with it. When a head coach, listen, listen, come on, I understand that, but the head coach said take a knee. And so he doesn't disrespect the coach and so he said, oh, I heard him, so he's got the coaches back. Don't blame the coach. Blame us and blame and don't blame us for being disrespectful. Blame us for just being a team.

Makes zero sense. No disrespect to the other coach, no disrespect to my coach. But when it all comes down to it, when it all comes down to it, I heard what the coach said, so I immediately asked the guys, what do you want to do?

Under what structure does that actually exist on planet earth as being okay? In case you're wondering how that's going to affect Dennis Allen's future, Ian Rappaport during the commercial break reported Dennis Allen is staying the head coach of the New Orleans Saints. Oh, wow. Did Dennis Allen say don't run this play or did he just say take a knee? Take a knee, which means don't run another play. Did Jamis then say, well, look, we want to get Jamal this touchdown? Got it. Right. So we'll find out if Jamis is still the backup quarterback of the Saints. Jamis should be starting somewhere.

That's a totally different conversation. How wrestling really works and how you get the ratings. Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson explain on 83 weeks. I mean, I dig Jay Uso because he's born out of great storytelling and he lived up to the opportunity and exceeded it. The LA Knight, he's way up on my list because here's a guy that's been around for almost ever. Should have probably quit a half a dozen times and he just forced his way into their life and now he's making money hand over fist. That is a story I love. 83 weeks on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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