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REShow: Desmond Howard - Hour 3

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August 30, 2022 3:28 pm

REShow: Desmond Howard - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 30, 2022 3:28 pm

Heisman Trophy winner/ESPN College GameDay Analyst Desmond Howard tells fellow Michigan alum Rich why he was immensely proud of his Ohio State trolling at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Gold Jacket Dinner ceremony and why he’s predicting Michigan, Texas A&M, Baylor and Pitt will reach the College Football Playoff. 

Rich and the guys react to 42-year-old Albert Pujols homering and 40-year-old Serena Williams winning at the US Open on the same day and speculate which current athletes and/or offspring of athletes will still be balling out two decades from now.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the Rich Eisen Show. Love it. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. I played in the PAC-10 and now coached in the PAC-12 and now it's going to be the PAC. The Rich Eisen Show.

We'll see, but the longer term implications no one has any. Earlier on the show Pro Football Hall of Famer Kurt Warner, Super Bowl winning head coach Bruce Arians. Coming up ESPN College Game Day analyst Desmond Howard and now it's Rich Eisen. Now number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. 844-204-rich is the number for you to dial.

You got this. To join us. I've only been saying that phone number for eight years.

I know. 844-204-rich is the number to dial to join us here on our YouTube stream and we say hello to our terrestrial radio friends out there in the Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio network and Odyssey as well. We're going to be on Sirius XM back there lickety split and we're going to be on the Roku channel coming in September. One last friendly reminder in this third hour of the program that Roku devices select Samsung Smart TVs, Samsung Smart TV, Fire TV all going to have the Roku channel on them for you to stream as free. You can download the Roku app on your mobile devices. The Roku channel is free there as well.

Desktop you pop that one into your URL and then you start watching this for free. That's all coming and you don't have to pay a dime for it and we're so excited about that right here on the Rich Eisen Show. We've already talked to Bruce Arians and Kurt Warner, Super Bowl winners they. Kurt Warner a Super Bowl MVP and the same goes for our next guest.

One of my favorite people on the planet. There's not a lot of but last night Aaron Judge hit a 50th home run and I celebrated with my children jumping up and down. Very few sporting moments excite me.

I would do this professionally no cheering in the press box things of that nature. So very few people have given me as much joy as this man on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line joining us here on the Rich Eisen Show and talking to him about all things college football and all things Desmond Howard on behalf of the townhouse game day dippers if you will. Desmond Howard on the program. How you doing Dez? What's going on?

Rich I'm doing great. It's just an honor to be able to speak to you. I always look forward to these opportunities and you know my favorite quote right now is say it with your chest. You saw it! That's my man right there.

That's my guy. You saw my work in your native Ohio Desmond correct? You saw my work? I saw your work sir. Tremendous as usual.

Because boy do the Cantonians, the wonderful people of Stark County Ohio whenever I appear there every year with the NFL network is coverage of the hall of fame ceremonies and also honored bestowed the honor of hosting the jacket dinner. The OHs that I hear and over the last 10 years it's they echo. They echo and they stuck with me and I remember every last one of them and boy did I just really give it right back. I'm so glad you because I was going to ask you if you saw my handiwork. Oh absolutely. Watched it like a dozen times. You can watch it 42 times.

That's basically what I was trying to say. I know that's right. I should have watched it 10 more times. 30 more times. 30 more.

Yeah I know you're right. That was amazing. That was great. Loved it.

Yes the MVP of Super Bowl 31. 11 fewer than the number of points Michigan put on Ohio State this year here on the Rich Island. I could keep going on and on. It's just I have written however a very large check that I hope our Wolverines can cash in the horseshoe later in November Desmond. What do you think? What do you think?

What do you think? Well I know you like Michigan. I saw they were one of your four teams to make the college football playoffs. That's right. That's right.

Absolutely. Now you know I think that they have a lot of firepower on offense. They have two quarterbacks who are really outstanding players and obviously that put Jim in the position that he's in now where he's going to start one this week and start the other next week. So you got two great quarterbacks. I think the one-two punch with Blake Coram and Donovan Edwards is maybe one of the best one-two punches in all the college football. Two just extraordinary running backs. I like the quality of depth in the wide receivers room.

I really do. You got two tight ends who will be playing in the NFL. So I just think offensively they have a lot of firepower. My concern is it's a legitimate concern.

I know. I'm the offensive coordinator. Josh Gaddis is down in Coral Gables now with the University of Miami and Jim his approach to offensive coordinator position is like coordinated by committee meaning there's not going to be just one play call. So I'm really curious to see how this experiment plays out with this offensive coordinator by committee and defensively obviously you know we lost pretty much three first rounds. I mean Ojabo popped his Achilles so he wasn't trapped in the first round but there you know it's clear that everybody had first round talent and McDonald went back to Baltimore to be the DC with the Baltimore Ravens. But they bring in a new DC who actually coached in Baltimore with McDonald a couple years ago.

So it's the same system, same philosophy, same terminology. So there's not going to be a big difference in that department which is good. I do believe that they rotated enough guys up front where guys may not be quote unquote starters. Don't get me wrong. It's hard to replace Hutchinson and Ojabo. There's no doubt about that.

But guys got you know valuable playing time, valuable playing experience. So we're going to see. The defense may take a little bit lower to come around but they're going to have some time because the schedule is really not that tough early on and so it's going to be interesting man. It's going to be interesting.

Can't wait. Well Desmond I always have been you know thinking over the last 10 years dreaming that Michigan would be Ohio State and make the Big Ten championship game in the college football playoff. I just didn't think that the follow-up would be you know Jim spending signing day with the Minnesota Vikings and I'm serious and then and then starting the season with rotating quarterbacks the first two weeks and then changing coordinators and my concern out of all of that though is Hutchinson and Ojabo were such difference makers who are going to be the people to step up when Ohio State clearly is reloaded because that's what they do and they're better. I mean what what what why would you think Michigan could beat Ohio State again and and Ohio State is is number two.

That would be beyond great. I would by the way I don't know if they'd have me back in Canton next year knowing what would come but why do you think why why do you think that is basically what I'm saying. On paper it shouldn't happen. On paper this shouldn't happen.

That's clear. I think that people uh people are looking at Ohio State and just thinking about the offense no one's paying attention to the defense. Only thing you hear they got this guy Jim Knowles who comes from uh Stillwater he was Oklahoma State for the past few seasons and they became very good on defense eventually but if you look at his track record when he was there uh first of all Oklahoma State a year ago most people would tell you had better personnel in their defense than Ohio State has right now. That's what most people would say if you look at their defense a year ago. So it's not like he's going to just come to Columbus wave his magic wand and their defense is going to be instantaneously fixed. It took him about five years to get him get that defense the Oklahoma State Cowboys defense to the point where they were last season under him.

It's not like he came in and instantly they were like a top you know 10 defense or a top 15 defense it didn't happen overnight. So I still think there's some work to do defensively with the Buckeyes and um you know you can't keep it's going to be interesting to see what they do with with uh with him especially this Notre Dame game because I just don't think you know those days are seven 17 and a half point underdog against the Buckeyes. It's going to be really interesting to see how this game plays out because Tommy Reese the offensive coordinator for Notre Dame coached against Jim Nose the defensive coordinator for Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl when Jim Nose was coaching Oklahoma State. So he's now more familiar with Jim Nose and how he approaches his defense and how he's going to have to attack this Ohio State defense but now without the personnel that Jim Nose had and steal water if that makes sense. Desmond Howard here on the Rich Eisen show ESPN college game day analyst Super Bowl MVP Heisman Trophy winner and we'll talk about the game day dippers coming up shortly here on the program. So uh everyone knows I adore you Desmond uh you know and they know um you're my guy and you know Charles Woodson's my guy and you know that people know that. So when you predicted four teams to make the college football playoffs this weekend that um were let's just say a little out of the ordinary I got a lot of texts from people saying come get your boy that's what they say come get your guy right now uh what's going on with Dez has he lost it is he you know is he is he tripping with another Green Bay Super Bowl MVP like what's going on with your guy Desmond Howard. So I will give you the floor sir Michigan Texas A&M Baylor and Pitt with Texas A&M over our Wolverines in the national championship game what's up with that Desmond Howard. Oh my man so it depends on where you want me to start so let's let's start with Pitt I believe the ACC is wide open um Clemson is in the double swinging Clemson they're the same predicament as Michigan from the standpoint that he lost both his coordinators so his defensive coordinator Brent Venables long time DC at Clemson he went to Oklahoma to become the head coach and Tony Elliott long time offensive coordinator at Clemson when uh to take the head coaching job at UVA and you're looking at Clemson team that you know they they didn't look great last year especially under their quarterback DJ Uangalole and now he comes back we don't know what's going to happen with them like the ACC is wide open but I do like Patton Arduzi I like his style of of of play his team's already always tough very physical up front in the trenches they bring on Keaton Slovis who used to be a USC and a great year 2018 with them so I think he's a very capable quarterback the ACC is wide open so I can see Pitt for the second year in a row winning ACC championship game. Texas A&M people were just in sense with Nick Saban's comments about Jimbo Fisher and recruiting and Aggies well he made that comment because Jimbo I don't know if it's quietly or not but Jimbo has been stacking top recruiting classes year after year after year eventually that has to pay out some sort of big dividends for the Aggies and I think this year maybe the you know forget last year they beat Alabama so this is a team that don't think they think they don't believe like they know they can beat Alabama they can compete with Bama in the trenches and now they're going to circle the wagon man because the way he said about you know their recruits and Jimbo Fisher and all that that's just you know that's just gas on the fire on the fire so to speak so I I it's going to be it's the west day game Baylor I think Dave Veranda does a just a great job if you've ever had a chance to down with him man he just he gets it he's a cerebral coach he gets his guys playing a physical brand of football I like their quarterback who's coming back so I can see Bailey as a matter of fact if you watch game day like I think maybe two or three other guys picked Baylor to win the big 12 so you know you got Baylor Pitt you know I told you about Michigan and Texas A&M and so that's why it's just so easy though to pencil in Alabama the pencil in Georgia the pencil in Clemson you know it's just like will somebody have some testicular fortitude to think outside the box every once in a while I mean please that's all yes yes yes so when you said this in the game day morning I mean in the college game day meeting were they like okay we like it they of course they did you weren't you went outside the box they must have loved that in your meeting absolutely man absolutely come on okay I like it all right yeah well we're gonna check your work we will check your work as as the season goes along all right tell me I know your time is limited about the townhouse game day dippers campaign what is this Des yeah man so check this out so townhouse game day dippers there are these crackers that you know they still got the same you know classic townhouse taste and texture I mean they're delicious but they're shaped like football and because um you know football season here now that this is football like tailgating so big things are the perfect crackers to use see the elevator spice up your spread your tailgate spread and it makes every tailgating feel like a touchdown now the reason I combine hook that will because it combines my passion for football which I love just with um you know my favorite snack this is like my go-to snack and I have four recipes two okay recipes yeah one is the homemade half-town hummus I happen to love hummus and another one the first down jalapeno cheese dip and there's three dipping techniques you can use too but it's just like a match made in heaven now you got to go out get them now though because the limited supply no and then they just started in august go get them now and then look at the back of the box full of specially marked packages where you can enter a chance to win the ultimate fan cave makeover too I almost got fan cave and every now and then it needs a makeover my man Kellogg's family for the two for your for your uh for your recipes as well what do you mean there's different different dipping styles what are you talking I got I got three different I got three different dipping techniques one of the dip and twist yes one is a dive play and the third one is a daring double dip so you gotta check it out the Kellogg's family no double dips all right okay all right say it with your chest too right say it with your chest look I didn't get t-shirts printed with that on there man come on making you honestly uh I was saying on this program Desmond that you know you know my wife you know Susie uh right and and I've got three beautiful children you're a family man as well um outside of my marriage and my children I think that Canton experience with me saying it with my chest is the proudest I've ever made of myself I've ever felt of myself in my entire life and the fact that I've gave you joy and you said you watched it over and over again oh my god you've made my day absolutely absolutely I couldn't wait to talk to you to tell you that my man take care of yourself Desmond thanks for the call you be well take care of you too thank you right back at you at Desmond Howard I follow him you should as well truly is one of my most favorite people on planet that's my man right there that's perfect he was so happy I have to tell you okay how lucky I am to be outside of you again my my marriage uh which is you know going to be 20 years strong next June and my three beautiful children including my youngest daughter who turns nine today Taylor I I'm so lucky I'm so lucky to have a show like this I'm so lucky to have you guys and friends and what have you and but going to Michigan 86 to 90 Jim Harbaugh was my first coach I mean my first quarterback and then towards the end of the tenure there when the three yards and a cloud of dust Michigan Wolverines were were kind of losing a little bit of steam and then the final year um that I was there it was Bo's final year there they made the Rose Bowl and Elvis Gerback started playing quarterback and he found this small ish undersized wide receiver who started torching people towards the end of the year and I'm like where has this kid been all year where's he been they didn't use him that much in my senior year there next year and the year after beaten Notre Dame on a fourth you're going throwing it in the end zone on fourth and inches right and then winning the Heisman Trophy and then going to the NFL and winning a Super Bowl MVP in the year before I started on SportsCenter just the guy in terms of pridefulness because it's tough to remember you know with Brady and Charles Woodson that before the two of them was Desmond Howard and the pridefulness and joy that he gave me and the pridefulness he made me feel and all Wolverines fans through the roof and the fact that I get to call him a friend and I get to say what I said about the Wolverines in Canton Ohio and he's watching it over and over again to me I'm not a jaded man okay but that's freaking awesome it really is that is my man right there that's my man right there and I heard I heard Dan's show talking about it on the way in and they had a good question about Desmond's choices I think Pabst asked this of DP if he gets two of the four right that's enough right for him to be a sage if he hits 50 on his picks that's enough yeah because they're so outside of the box because we're choosing a Big 12 team not named Oklahoma or Texas right and we're choosing an ACC team to make the college football playoffs I know that Cincinnati made it last year but an ACC team that's not Clemson yes right correct and you're choosing the SEC team that that's not Alabama or Georgia right or LSU even and you're choosing a Big 10 team that's not only not Ohio State but is Michigan again right like everybody thinks last year was a one-off fluke that's what I've heard yep especially with how loaded Ohio State looks heading into the year correct massive offense you know big time Heisman Trophy candidate and the fact that Michigan that Harbaugh went to knock on the door of the Minnesota Vikings or at least answer their knock on his door within three weeks of of the national championship semifinal loss yep and both coordinators gone and both quarterbacks are getting the start in the first two weeks and both edge rushers are gone and Daxton Hill is gone to choose Michigan to go back again under those circumstances would be significant and oh my god would that be amazing and then I will show up to the jacket dinner jacket dinner like Scarface with the testicular fortitude of Scarface say hello to my little friend or I would just I wouldn't say anything wow no I wouldn't do that no you would not say anything yeah oh boy that's and I love the people of Stark County they know that too 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial all phone lines are lit and so keep trying we'll take some calls and and unload them when we come back and there's also something you know I I've called in the last hour talking about Serena and pool holes and from back in the day and doing well today still I went ahead look at that picture fantastic 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich is the number to dial here on the Rich Eisen show okay Chris Brockman TJ Jefferson you guys choose the last player of this crazy ass draft did you just pick I did I just made my last choice I chose uh Jarek McKinnon of the Kansas City Chiefs yeah interesting all right I figure uh interesting you know I took two chiefs at the end I took him and Justin Watson because stone street told me to take him interesting yeah are there no defenses left I was going to take Zach Wilson somebody snagged him too yeah crazy ass league it'll be great 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial here on the program mike and Tulsa Oklahoma's been hanging on for two hours we'll take your call mike what's going on sir hey rich how's it going what's going on uh so I kind of want to talk about that northwestern Nebraska game that happened this last weekend you know we've been hearing all about the Scott Frost faux pas and the the uh onside kick when they're up 11 I want to talk about how great Pat Fitzgerald really is and how how well he coaches his guys yeah like I feel like that that is severely undervalued in the Big Ten like he like he himself is undervalued in the Big Ten with all these great coaches there and I feel like he just doesn't get enough well I mean David Shaw who was on our program yesterday uh Pat Fitzgerald would definitely uh be able to have a conversation with him because they both have um constraints as to which players or who they can offer scholarships to and bring in um you know in some schools the provost is a turnstile like go ahead you want them take them uh northwestern and Stanford the provost can kind of put up the stop sign and say that person does not academically uh um is not academically viable for for your football program so he's got he's got some constraints on him but that's also a beautiful thing is as uh David Shaw said that they can offer kids something on the back end of their lives that they don't get right now which is a degree from northwestern which is what I have grad school so I I've I fully respect it and appreciate you wanting to even bring it up here on the program absolutely it's just like he he elevates all of his players so much and I feel like he just doesn't get enough love for it appreciate the call thanks for the call hanging in there for as long to give some Pat Fitzgerald love northwestern with the win in Ireland everybody they're one and all Ohio State Notre Dame is going to be big this weekend two versus five and the team that's that second ranked is favored by seven two and a half two and a half scores 17 and a half here's what you're gonna do here's what you're gonna do Rich you're gonna tease that down to 11 and a half what do you mean because you feel comfortable what are you gonna say words to it to tease it probably winning by at least two touchdowns I don't understand what that means you want to rule out that late field goal you know the little you know sneak back door you want to rule that out tease it down on the 11 and a half what do you how does one tease something down you gotta tease it with another game tease it you gotta take two two games together you came with the phrase teasing what is it why do we call it teasing it's probably mo green to be honest okay appreciate that update no problem tease it with Georgia too while you're at it Bradley and Baltimore you're here on the Rich Eisen show what's up Bradley thanks for having me I wanted to talk about basically how poorly the Trey Lance situation has gone for the 49ers because basically you gotta look at it is they traded three first round picks for him and the Rams to get Stafford and Von Miller which they probably wouldn't have won without traded two first round picks and a second round pick no I understand but look last year they didn't have to throw them in there and that's to a team's benefit to be able to allow him whatever seasoning they think he's it is required of him now you could sit here and say Matt Jones didn't require that and you didn't choose him you chose the other one and you could sit here and say Justin Fields needed it and didn't get it and that didn't really work out for him or his coach so the Niners did the right thing you got two examples of the quarterbacks that they left on the draft board that have different scenarios and which is why they did what they did because not only did they think it helped the player but they also had a situation where they could do it and the guy that they started was terrific and then decided to turn away from him and had he been healthy he had already been on another team but he wasn't healthy and the situation came up where they couldn't trade him they were gonna have to cut him and if he wound up on another team in their division that wouldn't help them and now they have kept him and as I started the show the issue is is it now brings doubt upon the kid that they wanted to have seasoned that's the issue so I don't think it's a total disaster yet how does that sound okay okay thanks for the call appreciate it there you go I think that's the approach to take there might be some saying well Jimmy G's here and Lance sucks and if he didn't suck Jimmy G would have been gone well Jimmy G would have been gone if he was healthy that's that's a fact they'd have traded him away and that would have been it and they would have used the draft choice in the draft yeah over they would they would have already that draft choice would have already been acquired and turned in for a human being that would be on their roster right now not named Jimmy Garoppolo and it would cost a hell of a lot less than six and a half million dollars as I said it just Belichick had a chance to take his rookie quarterback put him in right away because he was most game ready more than Trey Lance the Niners went with the kid who wasn't game ready because they knew he didn't have to play a game as a matter of fact Trey Lance let's not forget through the first touchdown pass of the season for the 49ers last year the idea was to put him in and last year going into the Niner season the question was how are they going to do it with uh Garoppolo what around the 15 yard line they're going to take him out and put the other kid in how's Garoppolo going to handle that and then the kid did come in and throw first touchdown pass of the season they won the game and nobody was going out there thinking what a mess the quarterback situation is because it was one and oh and they decided after a while not workable to do this better to just keep Jimmy in the whole game right and then Lance got a shot didn't look all that terrific when's Jimmy coming back because the kid wasn't ready now they decide to turn everything over to him and Garoppolo it's better for them to keep him if they can make sure Lance can handle it and they can handle the situation within the locker room I find it odd I'm not going to lie because there is an issue with Lance if they thought that Garoppolo wasn't helpful for being around entirely they got rid of him it's odd but if there's any coach and general manager who can handle it it's these two and if there's any coach and general manager that could survive it if they're wrong about it it's these two they might as well do it better than seeing them in week two starting for Seattle against you I guess let's go to Austin and Napa Valley oh god oh gosh I love saying the words what's going on there Austin how are the grapes awesome we're doing great we're starting harvest already here rich we're pretty excited about it well rich tj brockman j love your guys show thank you thanks for making up the Napa Valley I'd love to roll drink hard with you anytime oh my god what are you a cab guy what are you what are you a blend what are you what are you yeah I work for an ultra premium cabernet producer uh elita walker colt cabernet really small stuff and speaking of uh cocharians with uh you know heart health I'd be delighted to send you guys a little sample pack of wines to make your cardiologists happy this afternoon okay brockman wants free wine so what you're saying to me the off camera get free wine is that what you want yeah yeah I mean we've just met this gentleman told us to come up and hang out that's different than saying I'll send you something free you know all right okay sorry Austin what's on your mind I didn't mean for brockman to get in your pocket like that so quickly no we're rich in wine so we we got we got plenty of wine we could send you guys some samplers so as a uh just a really congratulations on a great interview with desmond howard as a buck guy it's hard to have him be so charismatic and just a wealth of knowledge and now I have to rename my fantasy team testicular fortitude that's a great one did you write it down chris did you write it down rich we have too many okay got it the shops closed oh my god shops closed I know I think rudd's coming on next week to help us choose okay this out go for it sir awesome yeah and just yeah I mean you hit off I called I'm a huge 49er fan and you hit on all the major points and I do agree that kyle can manage the situation and I think the major reasons for keeping jimmy is to buy time to extend his trade options till november 1st it's another you know as he was an asset if another qb goes down and like you mentioned he has a good insurance apology and he does know kyle's system which took a long time to learn if he has just five games after he was traded from new england and as a friend of your show albert breer mentioned I thought it was really wise that I think lynch and kyle likely had to consult with the roster leaders on the team to ensure that you know trey still is the unequivocal number one and you know also albert also mentioned that trey is now making more base salary than jimmy so I think those are just some things that I think are you know are something to think about in the situation and thanks for taking my call guys and go buckeyes okay thank you very much that was a great call right up to the end yeah should have cut him earlier it's okay I appreciate that he consumes his job like we the tent's big enough for buckeye fans to like us I mean most you know michigan players many of them come from ohio you know and and and the number of buckeye fans I run into or know so many michigan there's tons of michigan fans in ohio so I get it I mean I think we've covered this story today I mean there's no question about it no question just the again it I thought it's lance's team if it's lance's team then why why is jimmy garoppolo still on it because it was jimmy's team for a while now it's no longer jimmy's team it's trey's team and normally when that happens you get rid of the guy whose team it used to be you know texan's just released marlon mack yeah I almost grabbed him at the end um but that's damion pierce's doing right there season that's damion pierce is doing right there wow there's a new running back in houston and it's that kid any other cuts of note right there nothing uh nothing super surprising as of yet all right when we come back uh what's so what's uh old is new again right yes and what's old has kids doing well again so what's going on it's crazy what's going on in the sports world I don't recall anything else like it wild what we'll kind of hit uh we'll hit on that a little bit more when we come back here in the rich eisen show our pool host has been on such fire cooper and I picked him up in our fantasy league he was available we picked him up because he was homering quite a bit yep last night he hit 694 earlier in the day as albert pool holes hit 694 for the st louis cardinals earlier in the day serina williams in her final us open she won her first round match and that got some people to thinking because you know it's let me check here it's on my phone it's 2022 oh right yeah yeah okay and it got some people to thinking when was the last time serina won a us open match and albert pool holes homer on the same day and then somebody puts two and three others together that for the blue jays last night vladimir guererro jr and cabin bgo and bo bichette also had a hit on august 29th 2001 how about this 21 years ago yesterday serina williams won at the us open pools hit a home run and vlad guererro senior craig bgo and dante bichette in other words cabin and bo's dads they also had a hit 21 years apart on the same date so vlad senior craig bgo and dante bichette their children got hits 21 years later the day that they did and on the same day the very same serina williams and albert pool holes won at the us open and homered a major league baseball game it's nuts and we're also seeing lebron at the top of his game getting set to play another season with the lakers whose owner by the way apparently said in an interview that russell westbrook was the best player on the lakers last year looked that one up and um tom brady is getting set for year 95 for him and i just thought to myself let's just flash forward to 21 years from now is there anybody who's doing anything right now going to do the same thing that we saw yesterday because lebron back in 01 was in high school right yeah okay he was in high school yeah stewart scott and i were doing his sports center highlights he was a junior in 2001 and then in 2001 tom brady on that date august 29 2001 was just that kid that they drafted in the sixth round the year before that was coming off of a terrific training camp in preseason that got the patriots and some of their veterans to come out and play in the terrific training camp in preseason that got the patriots and some of their veterans looking in at him saying okay kids got something and then who knew two games into the season they would need them we actually looked it up uh in 2001 today august 30th he threw a touchdown pass against washington in a preseason game yeah and tom brady is now the goat who uh can uh doesn't need long to remember how to play football again as he said yesterday or over the weekend yeah you want to take a crack at it tj jefferson 21 years from now 21 so we're 21 years 21 years from now who that's in the sports world right now is going to perform so 2043 oh my god that freaks me out when i think about that stuff wow okay 2043 i hope to have a lot of s going on i hope you're still around to have a lot of s going on 2043 let's take a look at uh i think 38 maybe 39 year old quarterback who is uh probably coming off of his fourth or fifth mvp in his uh joe burrow third or fourth uh super bowl win and that is my man who's going to help buy me a boat because you know i've been already investing in his rookie cards that would be arch manning arched manning his fourth super bowl and there's no signs of arch slowing down in the year 2043 that's amazing love it and by the way i'll be on the boat because i invested all my money in his early football cards so you know ken golden will just be paying me some straight cash is that what are you really investing in his cars oh were you not here when he does he well that might have been over the summer when rich was gone oh yeah he's got a few i bought a few uh arts cards last year and this year he went on the old ebay yeah okay not so that's your retirement plan he's arch manning cards arch manning football cards what are your rookie he's not even a rookie anywhere yet he's an high school he's a high school that's even better literally a junior i guess 21 years ago somebody would be saying imagine if you had a lebron card from 2001 from st vincent st mary i have that sports illustrated so you want to take a crack at it sure uh rich speaking of uh lebron there tj oh here we go everyone knows lebron wants to play with his oldest son brawny yes you know i'm gonna say it's not gonna be brawny it's gonna be lebron's youngest son the middle child he's currently 15 bryce james will be 36 years old look at that handle right there just like his dad shoving off the defender winning his third title going for the fourth to match his dad he's a beautiful kid bryce james this is gonna be a price love it by the way that's a smart play right there because again in 2001 when i was on sports center i remember sitting there talking to stewart at some point and others as well we would have these conversations about venus venus was the williams sister that was going to be the game changer i mean it was serena the question was okay good luck to her filling her sister's shoes and uh okay mission accomplished the banner has been hung you know so that's interesting that you choose the younger sibling yeah i'm going i'm going bryce james i'm gonna go another uh child of a superstar player right now okay um but the child doesn't exist 21 years from now the currently unborn child of aaron judge i don't know if you have a photograph but the unborn child of aaron judge aaron the unborn get to work sir get to work uh the unborn child of aaron judge whoever he or she is going to be will dominate i think we've got some more there their world uh i got another one we got one man aaron judge i'll tell you what rich charlie woods is going to be walking down okay that's right come on that's mandatory that's the end of it right because he'll be what he'll be 34 in 2043 i just love how we're going with kids of the current what else because i guess in 2001 we weren't good like by the way dante bachette's kid how would we have known you could have guessed vlad senior right it was fun the other day because cooper was looking at some youtube videos of like the million to one shot billion to one shot highlights and there was a highlight of a base hit vlad senior had that he hit off of a dirtied the one that hit the ground right yes a dirtied i guess uh somebody dirtied a pitch and it hit a foot in front of the plate and he hit it off the bounce into left center field yeah he swung anyway they'll coop not to do that but i told him i'm like that's but that's like vlad senior was the best bad ball hitter i have ever seen and he didn't wear batting gloves it was amazing so that's funny so you're going charlie woods you're going bryce james charlie woods you're going arch manning i'm going with a you know i got a twinkle in the eye i got another one though i think you might like because we're always talking about you know the sons of these athletes but i got something for you here 2043 in her third year in the wnba coming out of usc she just wins the most valuable player of the wnba and leads the la sparks to a championship and that is the baby daughter of coby brian capri brian let's see her grow up and and accomplish what unfortunately gg couldn't do and watch capri go that's a beautiful thought and that's i hope that happens man beautiful thought that would be a beautiful fedex cup playoffs cage brockman versus charlie woods what's coming down 18. there's a big age discrepancy there too like charlie would be like the old man compared to cage what would give you like 23. what would the dad on dad chat be like as they're coming up the fairway just me and tiger and a golf cart what would you talk about what did you talk about basically it would be the it would be the chris farley show it'd be like remember that was awesome man i was crying on my couch meanwhile meanwhile tiger's looking at this other guy this mass hole thinking well you had a holiday in express last night how'd you get here what who's this mass hole that was awesome nobody's choosing a current player right now what about joe burrow 21 years from now current player that's he's already 24. what did you say about juan soto going for his 800th home run julio rodriguez why not on his new contract his six-year contract extension justin verlander's still pitching he just wants to put on the il today i don't know what joe how about joe burrow playing age 45 he could do it why not why not living out the whole he is tom brady and reincarnate i mean zach wilson's basically a high schooler right now i mean 44 year old brett bailey finally being with someone his age yeah 44 year old brett bailey leading the mix to another world series nice baby he does look like a child like did they card him before he goes to the plate or what he's 22 and he looks 17 oh my god oh my god he looks like a baby 44 at that point i believe that's this is the equivalent of what we're seeing right now it's nuts what we're seeing right now yeah it's it's pretty crazy talk what about uh deuce jason tatum's son right deuce could be out there here we go i mean oh man the possibilities are endless fun stuff good conversation fun stuff uh okay that'll wrap it up for this edition of the program i want to thank kurt warner bruce aryans and my bff desmond howard that is my guy that's your man in him and he how about him starting by saying say it with your chest oh baby what a delight my man right there thank you very much staten island's own wu-tang wu-tang that's me that is true thank you we need you need a wu-tang name i'm gonna put your name through the generator generator is there such a thing oh for sure oh yeah oh let's figure that out do that right now we'll give it to you tomorrow and we'll give it to the radio folks tomorrow but we're gonna we're gonna instantly gratify our youtube streamers we will chat with you on this show on wednesday tomorrow all right what did you got did you put it in there twinkly wildcat that's yours see i got what did you put in rich eisen yeah i got sinister wanderer did you put rich i put rich oh i found a different one though which site are you using uh twinkly twinkly what wu-tang wu-tang yeah that's what i got well let me do my own all right well i'm gonna put tj's it was much better what was it no whatever oh the sinister wanderer i'm not i'd rather be that than twinkle cat whatever twinkle toes yeah you can't be you can't walk down the streets of showering the whole thing with the youtube stream and the youtube uh undue mercenary oh that's dope i put in richard eisen then got sinister desperado oh that one is that's nice i am the sinister desperado okay that's how donald glover got childish gambino he put it in the wu-tang generator all right let's just get out of here i want to go home and celebrate uh my daughter's yeah buddy with her wrap it up taylor mattingly eisen turns nine years old today baby baby baby shark that's my girl that is amazing by the way that's that was on a tablet recorded that on a tablet at a hotel in florence uh italy that we kept on the tablet so there is a there's a room in this hotel in florence italy where people can listen to my daughter sing baby shark forevermore i left it i left it on that tablet but i did send it to me first she gets very upset when that gets played so sorry it's okay jason thank you it's all right happy birthday too thanks brother appreciate that we're off and running here on this program we will see you on back here on our youtube stream here on odyssey as well on wednesday for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk hogan was a baby face hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans super dome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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