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The SEC could have three teams in the College Football Playoff

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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October 19, 2022 2:32 pm

The SEC could have three teams in the College Football Playoff

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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October 19, 2022 2:32 pm

The SEC could have three teams in the College Football Playoff. Adam Gold is joined by Chip Patterson of CBS Sports to discuss the possibility of Alabama Football, Tennessee Football, and Georgia Football all making the College Football Playoff. And if that happens, how does it impact Clemson football and Ohio State football.


This is the Adam Gold Show. State reminds think States offense reminds them of the Panthers offense or vice versa. Honestly, in terms of approach.

It's kind of hard to tell the difference. A lot of things to do as I mentioned in the last segment. We spend a lot of time here, especially on Mondays talking about the NFL Panthers disappointed us and we got a bunch of other things we want to talk about the league is important and then we get to State.

Carolina Duke Wake app ECU blah blah blah. We don't do a lot until we get later in the week, although we do this with chip, but we kind of generally tend to stay to issues with chip. We have a little bit of a further review edition of the cover three podcast.

I think you and Danny and Danny canal comes on the show every once in a while. Tom for Nellie, who has no time for us, but that's fine for now. You guys are all great. So I appreciate all that you guys do so you and I've already chatted offline about what we're going to start with Tennessee Beats Alabama and it really is set up for essentially.

I'll use use this because why not? An SEC three-way with apologize apologize for starting there. We because we have Alabama the rest of the way the toughest regular season game. They'll play other than the rivalry game with Auburn, which they should have no problem with but rivalry games.

They have a trip to Oxford in a few weeks. They have to go down and play Ole Miss and they're they're an undefeated top 10 football team at this point. That's going to lose at LSU. Yeah, very possible and I heard you say that and I'm not even arguing that but that's I'm just saying that's Alabama's toughest regular season game remaining. They've got then Tennessee still has to play Georgia, but I think it's in Knoxville. Not a hundred percent sure think think it is and that's their toughest remaining game.

Although will not be easy. Maybe the game is in Athens, but they have to play Kentucky next Saturday. I believe under the lights, which I think Kentucky is good.

I don't think Kentucky is great. And that's also George's best most difficult remaining game and then one of them is going to play Alabama. So Alabama doesn't lose again Tennessee loses to Georgia Georgia loses to Alabama.

So now I've got all three of them with one loss. One of them has 12 wins that would be Alabama in this scenario. How does that shake out with an undefeated Ohio State and an undefeated Clemson team because I think Clemson will be undefeated. For the college football playoff the way that I see that scenario shaking out. First of all, Ohio State is going to start the college football playoff rankings in the top four and if they are undefeated like you've laid out in this scenario, then they're not going to get bumped from the top. Ohio State is in so what ends up happening is that Alabama will be granted a head-to-head advantage over Georgia and Georgia will be ahead of Tennessee because of its head-to-head advantage, right? And if Alabama is the conference champion as you have laid out in this scenario, then I think the conference championship bump puts Alabama and Georgia in in Tennessee on the outside looking in as a furious one loss team.

They would be they would be absolutely furious and that and that is all logical. But here's This is my eye test and like I know everybody rolls their eyes at the eye test, but there's really no good way of doing it when we have so many so limited a sample size of Non-conference matchups. It's not like basketball where you've got eight or nine or ten non-conference games against good teams to really parse through these things. If just my eye I've watched Tennessee. I've watched Clemson similar colors. I think Tennessee is better.

I'm not the expert here. All right, so the team that the college football playoff selection committee uses are put together by a company called sports source analytics and it's not like the most advanced statistics, but it is pretty comprehensive. And what Tennessee has is some bad numbers and they are bad numbers on the defense defense. Yes, they're a better version of North Carolina, right? Oh, hey Tennessee, at least as a power five level defense not a conference USA defense as we have discussed with the North Carolina Tar Heels, okay, Tennessee just has some bad numbers in Alabama while our eyes are frustrated on both sides of the ball. Alabama's numbers are not going to spit out with as many bad numbers. They are actually a little bit more balanced in terms of offense and defense much more so than Tennessee is where Tennessee is elite offensively and just okay defensively. So when it comes time to justifying some of your decisions and trying to figure out how to stack these teams up against each other.

I think that Clemson which is elite defensively and fine offensively. I think that that's where Clemson's undefeated record as opposed to having one loss where Clemson being a little bit more balanced and where Tennessee again, just having enough of those bad numbers mean these selection committee members are looking at no 18 different statistics. And if there's a couple of Reds on there, it's kind of like the NCAA basketball committee when you see the the greens and the Reds with the bad losses and losses like if you've got any bad numbers on there that is a reason for you to not be winning those tiebreak arguments. It's kind of hard for me to make these decisions based on statistics because your statistics invariably are built on who you played, right? So yeah, whether it's fair or not.

I'm going to use this the way I would process and I would love to talk to the to some of the people in that room and how they really do this. But that game Alabama at Tennessee Alabama's defense didn't look elite to me. Correct. So is that maybe part of that is obviously Tennessee is elite. I don't want to talk about Hendon hook here in a second. But the other part of that is that maybe Alabama was exposed as not having an elite defense and Alabama has been pushed by teams that like, I don't know. I didn't think Texas was that good then Texas does that to Oklahoma. Maybe Alabama is not quite the team.

We thought they were I think that outside of Ohio State who I vote in the CBS Sports 131 is the number one team in the country. I think the gap between Georgia and everybody else is smaller than I expected coming into the season. I think the gap between Alabama and everyone else obviously has been exposed to be a little bit less than it was coming into the season and Ohio State just frankly hasn't been tested to the point and we may not see a team that is going to test Ohio State that point until they played Michigan at the end of the regular season. So like Alabama is not that great. Yes, but what Alabama has is one superstar and enough other good players to be able to win a lot of these games. So I look at that game against Tennessee and like this. This was a Tennessee team that benefited from a lot of breaks and also made some mistakes.

You know, we always end in hooker. He hasn't thrown in an interception. He had to one count, but he had to in that game, right? Where's the fumbled mesh point that turns into the quick scoop and score right this when Jameer Gibbs so at halftime of the game because we've been talking on the cover three podcast. They said if Tennessee wins, we're going to have cigars for the instant reaction show right at halftime. I go out to the gas station get only the finest of their selection a black and wild and I text it to the group chat, which includes diehard Tennessee fan producer Jordan beginning in the second half Jameer Gibbs touchdown ties the game and I'm like, well, I jinxed it. Here we go.

You know that this is where it all breaks down. I, I think that Alabama may not be as good as we thought but we also probably had an unfair standard for Alabama, based on them being Alabama. They were an awesome football team a team that can win a national championship, but as Tennessee show, they are not unbeatable. Yeah, and look, I know this is a separate conversation that maybe we'll have another time Tennessee that that environment Neelan Stadium was that what a unbelievable.

I'm not I'm going to finish a sentence at some point here chip. The, the biggest selling point to me about college football has always been that the environments, make the games, better than they are. And that's cool because it's the entire package of college football is what gives it it's, I think, a large part of its appeal, the, the, that does not exist at all anywhere really in the National Football League. So that is the advantage college football has been way better than the NFL way better than the NFL.

This year, maybe even the product has been better, but the whole package has been so much better but I don't know what kind of bump you give Tennessee for that, like was that it was that a 10 point bump at home at New this year. So, Alabama's players at Monday's availability said we had anxiety, we were coming out we were coming into the tunnel and we weren't, we weren't being ourselves we weren't focused and I don't think that that is the, we didn't care about the game I think that is admitting that they did not bring the right mental approach into this spot. And a lot of people have started to drag Nick Saban's, you know, coaching decision making play calling down the stretch of that game. I've got a galaxy brain theory that I haven't really uncorked yet.

Okay, I've been doing it for you. Thank you in a way that we have seen, Roy Williams, and Mike Shushefsky let their team lose, because they think it would help them down the road. I think Nick Saban knew his team had played poorly at his school record 17 penalties, they had not executed well on either side of the ball they'd dropped passes they had been making mistakes all over the place, and they nearly stole the game that Tennessee had outplayed them thoroughly. This is a game that Alabama, as we discussed at the beginning of the segment could afford to lose, not a division opponent. And as long as Alabama defeats all of its division opponents and doesn't lose another game, then Alabama can win the SEC championship, a one loss SEC champion Alabama ain't missing the college football playoff. This is a super galaxy brain tinfoil hat theory that I've been cooking on for a little bit, probably too long, but Nick just let his team lose. He said you guys did not have the right mental attitude you think that you can play your C plus game and you can't.

You need to step it up. And that's what it's going to take to win a national championship. It might not be a wake up call. And if this team ends up losing like one or two more games, I wouldn't be that surprised. If that's the case, and we might be watching, not the end of the dynasty, but we might be watching the real sort of pivot point in Alabama as this Goliath in the sport for.

I can't, I can't tell how many times we've heard. Well there's just the end of the Alabama dynasty, and it's never the end of the dynasty. He can't get through to the players, the Nick might check out. That's like I think Alabama will continue to be elite even after Nick Saban, because what he's built in Alabama is laid out, but it might be more like Georgia, where they're winning 1011 games getting top five recruiting classes. I think Nick Saban is how you turn the Nick Saban is how you go from a Georgia recruiting level to winning six out of 12 national championships. I think the work that Nick Saban has done is going to make it such that you walk in, and that program should be able to win nine games are recruited a top five level for five years after he's gone, but if he thinks that he can't motivate these players anymore. He's led other Hall of Fame coaches to say that's what tipped me off now it's time to get out, you know, the interesting thing about that.

And we'll just hit on this and then we'll take a break because I want to talk to you more about a national look at some teams that are still in it. In college football there's only been one school that has not seen a any sort of dramatic, if not if a dip at all from coach to coach to coach to coach to coach, and that's Ohio State. Everybody else, every other school has suffered with, you know, Alabama, they won a national championship after Bear Bryant, Gene Stallings did, but for the most part, they were just met.

And then they went through a long. I mean, the funny thing about their, their 15 game winning streak over Tennessee is that Tennessee had kicked their rear ends for about 15 years before then. I mean, I think Tennessee one all but two I think they went 10 out of 12 in that stretch. When you know, Phil former was the coach and Alabama was going through all of their they were still good but they weren't great Florida Tennessee was bigger. From a national championship race perspective, that time where Tennessee was dominating Alabama is because we looked at Florida, Tennessee, as this national championship elimination game mean Florida State hasn't really mean I know they had a good run with Jimbo Fisher but it took him a while to get to that. I just think that the guy who follows Saban at Alabama, you might be able to live off of the talent that's there right away but there's something else that goes with the talent, because there have been a lot of talented teams that didn't quite get to this, get to what Alabama is Saban is also an elite coach and motivator that's going to be, it's going to be very difficult, I think for Alabama to maintain without Nick Saban but that's just natural.

Oh, again, only Ohio State has not seen a dip. All right, well because of the neighborhood to. Oh, I think it has something to do with it. Yeah, yeah, there's just so many, so many programs that are willing to do what ever it takes. Is that air quotes that you air quote that I was just trying to like give you the emphasis of what ever it air quoting it for chip Patterson to win at highest level, Ohio State's neighborhood is, you know, it's got some got some programs that want to do it the right way. All right, we're going to talk about one of those programs that you just referenced doing it the right way, a certain way.

Next, the cover three cover three podcast moderator there upon further review edition is always a must listen I checked it out yesterday as I was waiting wide, a lot of a lot of downtime I was a little bit of a drive and was waiting for my son to do something with soccer so I was listening to the cover three podcast because I do that chip Patterson joins us every Wednesday. All right, let's talk about that team that you were saying, does it the right way, the Michigan way, if you right. I think Michigan is good. I don't know how good, because I don't know, even though they just beat an unbeaten Penn State team Penn State might not be that good. That's that that's where I would you finish my sentence, I'm not sure they're good. That's, that's a team I think that should have lost to Purdue.

At the beginning of the year. Is Michigan national, are they college football playoff good, or are they just good. You know they, they are going to show up to a new year six bowl, because there's not many teams on Michigan State schedule that are going to be able to beat them. They're going to lose to Ohio State in Columbus at the end of the season, so they're not going to be playing for the big 10 championship. They're probably going to finish, seventh, eighth, you know in the college football playoff final rankings but there is an absence of an explosiveness that they've got with JJ McCarthy, who came in as blue chip prospect who, you know, Jim Harbaugh is really winning over all the locals saying that, I'll tell you what he reminds me of a young Jimmy Harbaugh, you know he runs around he spins out of it, like, like, yeah, sure that's cute and all but this, this is an offense that they ground they pound they mash you they went at the line of scrimmage, but if their hand was forced.

I just, I don't think that they've got the difference maker at quarterback at least I've not seen it so far this season, and their wide receiver room is not incredibly deep. So when we really start comparing Michigan to, you know, the very best teams and all of college football and as I mentioned that the very best teams, I think are not as good as I thought there was like the gap between the top tier and everyone else is much smaller than I thought, but I think that this Michigan team is beatable. And, you know, they, they mess around with Maryland, they mess around with Indiana, I was close in the first half. Yeah, they jumped out to a 13 nothing lead and just kind of quit.

You know there's like, all right, we'll just sort of sim to end from here. So I think that Michigan is a very very good football team that is very confident in its identity, but look at what happens when Michigan's offense gets into the red zone. And I think that the number of times that they've had to settle for short field goals and not been able to punch those in for touchdowns, those against better teams get you beat. All right, so how does Michigan compare, because I've seen Michigan play, and I've seen Clemson play, and maybe this is my overall I like Clemson, and I want Clemson to be back where they were a few years ago. But I don't see Clemson as being that I see Clemson as being very good, different than Michigan, but I don't see Clemson as being great. So, Michigan Clemson, who you got, I guess is what I'm saying. I would, I would take Clemson, if given that opportunity, it wouldn't wouldn't be great in terms of trends because Clemson over the last couple seasons has kind of been one of these teams where if they're favored to win, then they are that's where you get them but if they're an underdog that we're probably gonna end up losing there's a reason they were an underdog, but I look at the Tigers, and I see compared to Michigan, an offense with a much higher end.

Even, I think DJ we uncle LA is an upgrade over JJ McCarthy, yeah, as much hand wringing as we do about the wide receivers if we include the tight ends and that the way that Davis Allen has been so strong this season. I think I would take Clemson there, and just the way that they handle business is a little bit different. I was thinking about this as I was breaking down Clemson Syracuse two teams with very very good defenses, but Clemson, like still doesn't huddle a lot, and they don't get like a blitz, you know, Tennessee type pace, but they still can score pretty quickly and move the ball and they sort of handle their business on offense with a little bit of tempo to, to at least to threaten the ability to keep the defense on their heels so I think that I would take Clemson, you know as efficiently as Michigan has been mashing the run game Blake quorum, you know one of the best backs in the country Donovan Edwards phenomenal change a change of pace back. I think I would still take the versatility of Clemson's offense, and I would take Clemson's defense over Michigan's defense, because I think Clemson's defense. They've been banged up in the back end of that defense, but as they are getting healthier. I think when they return from the by before Notre Dame, that group that takes the field in South Bend, that will be the final version of Clemson's defense, and I think that group will dominate the month of November. So let me ask this and we're not going to have to worry about undefeated Clemson versus undefeated Michigan when we get to the college football playoff with that because Michigan will not be undefeated I agree that I think there's a big gap between Ohio State and in Michigan. Michigan's probably not the team type of a team that would give Clemson a hard time because they're not a great throwing team. And I think Clemson can handle the run, but I also remember and I don't know how much of this was based on the fact they had so much success throwing the ball. I remember late in the game against Wake Forest where Wake Forest was moving the ball down the field on the ground.

And I know Dave Clausen was the announcers in that game were giving Dave Clausen a hard time. Like, why are you running the ball? You had so much success throwing it as they're picking up eight yards a chunk.

Like, why are we criticizing what's working? And he was clearly trying to melt as much of the four and a half minutes left at the start of that drive as possible. Now it backfired, didn't work out because Brian Bracy made a big play that took them behind, you know, behind the chains or whatever off schedule. But I do remember Wake moving the ball on the ground with some success.

So it was a numbers game. That's what I had in my notes that Clemson realized their defensive backs were overmatched against Wake Forest receivers, and they pulled players out of the box. They went to more of a zone approach. They were committing so many players to stopping the passing game that I mean, remember, there is an R in RPO like there is the run pass option, right? And it is up to the quarterback and the rules of the system dictate if I see this many defenders close to the line of scrimmage or in the box or however the system is set up, then we hand the ball off. If we see this many, then we throw it like I just think that Clemson's defensive decision making is what drove Wake Forest to run the ball in that situation. And that was their hand being forced by the fact that Wake Forest wide receivers were absolutely feasting, which guess what? It's a lot easier to feast in a one on one in band coverage than it is when every single pass is going to be into double coverage because of the new zone schemes that Clemson's defense was running. I think for Wake Forest run game, you know, if we're just to give it to give a compliment to Wake Forest, the way that they melted away the Florida State win.

Now, that was something that was very impressive, especially against a defense that even with the injuries, I think it's been pretty solid this year with eight. But still, even if they get fully healthy, the teams that are going to be able to beat Clemson have to be able to throw the ball effectively have to be able to have multiple receiving options that can be difference makers. You know, Ohio State could be a real threat, and there's a team in the ACC if they play him on the first Saturday in December, that it could at least make it interesting.

That team is going to give up half 100, probably 52 to 49. But, you know, if you want to, if the Tar Heels can keep winning, which is a big if, then I think that that could provide a very entertaining final test. One that again, if the Tar Heels have a higher ranking is going to help Clemson with any kind of seeding or college football playoff arguments. If we are sitting there, and there are three one loss teams from the SEC, like you mentioned at the beginning of our conversation, Clemson having a win over the number 14 ranked team in the country is going to look a lot better than over an unranked team.

So, well, bigger picture here about about how the ACC looks in terms of those other bowls, those, those, I guess they're called access bowls. North Carolina could have, let's just say North Carolina's 10 and 2. They lose to Wake Forest, they're 10 and 2. And Carolina still wins the coastal and Clemson beats North Carolina in the ACC championship game. And Wake Forest is 11 and one, and Clemson went to wake and won that game. Now, the chances of this happening perfectly probably not great. But if those two things happen, if Syracuse finishes with 10 wins, and they are undefeated at this point, they'll play this week.

I've seen Syracuse's schedule. They're going to finish 75. Yeah, I mean, you're probably right. You're always right about these things, Jeff. But just so just so you know, ahead of time, and I have no problem with that. Not just you being right, but me being wrong.

I have no problem with that at all. But if I mean, if Syracuse finishes with nine wins, I know you, you say there's seven and five team. I think that's over, right? They already have six wins. So, look, is it possible that that Clemson's resume is just going to look so much better than it actually is?

No, I think that these are qualities would be quality wins. I mean, especially compared to Ohio State. How good is the state win? I mean, it is better because Devin Leary was on the field, right? You know, it's, it's better than Syracuse's win against state.

I can't even think about that game made me so mad. Do you know what the you know what the bet of this week is? So Clemson's got, as I mentioned, an off week next week. They're trying to get healthy. All they got to do is win this game. Like Syracuse's defense, they got some really good runners, I think are going to cause problems for the passing game. Give me Clemson kicker BT Potter over however many field goals, because it's going to be a game where it feels like Clemson's winning and dominating, right? They're going to be getting 33333 bunch of red zone stops is what's going to keep that game closer. Who knows on the spread on that one. But I think that Clemson at the biggest surprise at the end of the season is that Clemson's win against Wake Forest Clemson's win against Syracuse and a potential win against North Carolina are going to be the deal breakers that help the Tigers not Notre Dame or Miami, as we all expected at the beginning of the season, because they get by the orange. Boy, it is just cruising the rest of the way for Clemson, at least until Charlotte. Just just don't do something dumb against South Carolina.

Right? I don't I don't see that. I don't either. But rivalry games are dumb. They're just they're just silly, stupid things happen in these games. This you you are not wrong. But I don't I don't see that particular one playing out that way.

And here's why. Steve Spurrier made Dabo Swinney's life awful. Like Steve Spurrier talked about that game, just drove in. I don't think Steve Spurrier ever lost to Clemson.

I need to check. No, I think he did. I know. Oh, maybe it was Spurrier against Swinney. Like, that might be it. It might be that the the Spurrier, Swinney, Clemson, South Carolina might have been all Gamecocks. And if not, it was overwhelmingly Gamecocks.

Oh, yes. He would start talking about that in mid-October. And I don't I just I don't think Dabo's forgotten the Dabo Swinney tweet that was he and Spurrier were were there at the same time. My understanding was that those guys were friends. Oh, and and by the way, that game's at home, too.

This is the most absurd. Yeah, this is this is Clemson's schedule. They've got Syracuse at home.

You know, huge game, as I mentioned. Then they're off. Then they go to South Bend against the Notre Dame team.

That is so bad. North Carolina's embarrassed to show you their record because they don't want you to ask about the one. Right. Right. North Carolina's not even excited about six and one because but oh, who'd you lose to Notre Dame? Yeah. They lost to a bunch of five star recruit. Yeah. So then it's Louisville home, Miami home, South Carolina home. If they get bored, they might like win close.

They're winning all those games. Then it'll be fun when we get to Charlotte and I hope it is North Carolina. I really do. All right.

Chip Patterson, you're the man. I appreciate your time. I can't wait till next Wednesday. Sounds good.

You'll be well. Halftime. Let's kick it.

All right, a couple of these big ideas with Chip, but he always takes out a logic club and smashes me in the face with it. Well, that happens from time to time. It gets all of us. It gets all of us.

A couple quick notes here. Bubba Wallace suspended for one race by NASCAR. I saw pushing a fellow driver.

That's not why he was suspended. Actually, not. No, I know that's what happened.

Well, the no, he did. Adam was an Adam Larson, Kyle Larson, Kyle Larson. One of the Larsen. Yeah, he's he pushed Kyle Larson after actually, I think it was during the race when he got out of the car and yes, but according to NASCAR because I read this today that it was entirely about the incident that got them both out of the car. That it was a dangerous incident where he spun Larson out after he thought that Larson did something to him, but then he deliberately spun Larson out and it could have and actually it did impact the playoff race.

The playoff chase because somebody who was in first place is now in eighth place based on how they finished last week and it caught them. It that driver got caught up in the in the wash there. Yeah, but it was entirely about what happened during the race that got Wallace suspended.

So, by the way, he is gone. Yeah, one one race and did you I saw the I read the statement that 23xi. That's the race team that is co-owned by Michael Jordan and Danny Hamlin. I saw the statement that they put out.

They entirely support the one the one race man. Yeah, there's like, yep that note. We've talked to Bubba can't do that. Can't have it. He understands it. So there you go. That's where we are. All right next bit of news.

What an upset is that? I actually had information in my brain on that. There are people there are people driving around go my gosh. Gold read the story on it that he did that you did it was the race read the story Sam Darnold and brave young Roy designated to return to practice for the Carolina Panthers. Now, what good news is it? It is news. It's news.

I don't know if it's good news, but it's news nonetheless about that. So what a designated to return to practice means that they have now opened up the Carolina Panthers a 21-day window for these two guys to be able to practice and be activated in those 21 days. Now, if they don't activate the player within the 21-day window, they go full-on season-long IR. Okay, so that's it kind of allows players to get back in the mode of practicing before returning to play now they can activate them off of IR now at any moment. So if they say hey Darnold's good to go.

We feel good about them. They can activate him on Friday. Put them on the 53-man roster and he could play on Sunday.

That is a potential thing. Same thing with brave young Roy who had a hamstring injury back in week 2, but it doesn't necessarily guarantee that they will play this weekend. They still have to be activated off IR, but again, it opens up that 21-day window for them to return to practice. Gotcha. So that's what that means for anyone out there is wondering now question is who are the two healthiest quarterbacks for the Carolina Panthers right now? It seems like it's Jacob Eason and it might be Sam Darnold because of the neck injury that PJ Walker suffered last week.

Uh, yes, so that might be who started Jacob Eason very well could start on Sunday for the Panthers. Wow. Yeah. That's the fit. That's their fifth quarterback.

How many? What are we in week 7? Yeah.

Week 7 and the Panthers could be on their fifth quarterback. I mean, yeah, if you count Mal Corral. Yeah.

Yeah. No, why wouldn't you I mean because he hasn't I mean technically hasn't played nobody got hurt. Yeah, that's why so Baker one. Yeah, Darnold to Corral three PJ for for Jacob Eason fine.

Just wrap yourself in bubble wrap. Who would back up Jacob Eason if Walker can't play? Yeah, which means he's hurt. Do they have is there another quarterback that is on the practice squad now? I don't know has to be right. I've great question.

I gotta find that out now. I'm sure they probably worked some guys out this week and might put some guys on I or on practice squad Ryan St. Pierre. Yes. Does anybody remember that? I do remember him because he used to back up in Pittsburgh for a long time, but he was like, maybe they should trade for Mason Rudolph. Actually, I don't know now. I take that back as Kenny Pickett's out or he's okay because I actually read that Mason Rudolph was on the trade block. Well, he was but I don't think they will now that that pick is has the concussion but still it's a it's a thing.

I don't know. Maybe it's Jacob Eason start and Sam Darnold backs up. That very well could happen. Well, if Sam Darnold practice as well. Mm-hmm.

He'll start he'll start over. Yeah, Jacob Eason. Gosh, you would have to write you would think crazier things have happened with the Panthers. Yes. All right final thing here Harrison Ford is officially in the MCU. That's right.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe. What? Yes, so he's going to take over the role of general. Why did we allow that? What do you mean allow it?

Why didn't it happen already is the question. So he's going to take over the role of general Thunderbolt Ross. He's 80.

That's fine. I don't know what he's still here close to it. And so William Hurt who passed away had played the role of general Ross in previous films, but now he's going to take over as Thunderbolt Ross in the Captain America new award order movie, which is the fourth Captain America movie. And what's going to feature Sam Mackie now as captain or his character Sam Wilson Anthony Mackie's character Sam Wilson now is Captain America and Thunderbolts is another movie coming out and will play the role of Thunderbolt Ross. So here we go Harrison Ford not only Star Wars, but also Marvel Cinematic Universe to biggest entertainment franchises of all time Harrison Ford is now going to be part of both of them. The Indiana Jones. Oh, yeah, and it won me I'd seen two biggest being Star Wars and Marvel's I was just making a joke at the expense of Star Wars, but he was only in one star. No, he was in two.

He wasn't for was it. Oh, yeah, never mind the whole original trilogy. Never mind. Never mind. You understand. I still haven't caught up my sleep after Monday night when we had a 1030 hockey game.

I was up then to yeah, but I pulled a double shift yesterday. I don't even want to hear it. I don't want to hear it. You just got to go look at chickens. I had three hours three hours.

I watched a cow poop it at my son and his friends directly at them. It's tremendous. Awesome. I couldn't I have nothing further. I couldn't have said that any better. I could not have scripted that any better.

Just say you deserve it. No, I was too busy laughing. I could I could barely breathe.

That's fair. I could barely breathe. This is the Adam Gold show. Sure, we have 30 seconds to tell you the drivers who switched to progressive could save big but then what well radio has been called theater of the mind. So let's tell a story with sound effects. Wow, it's like I was in the story almost makes me forget this was supposed to be about saving big with progressive progressive casualty insurance company affiliates.
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