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Ime Udoka Suspended For Season (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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September 22, 2022 10:04 pm

Ime Udoka Suspended For Season (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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September 22, 2022 10:04 pm

Did the Commanders make a mistake in trading for Carson Wentz instead of Jimmy G? l Celtics officially suspend Ime Udoka for the 2022-23 season l Closing Bell

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That's That's right, it is Zach Gelb's show on CBS Sports Radio. We're coming to you live from the live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios. Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours, Rocket Mortgage can help you get there for home-owned solutions that fit your life.

Well, Rocket can. 7-7, week three is underway between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns. George Pickens just made one of those Odell Beckham type of catches that you saw on Sunday Night Football during Odell's first year up against the Dallas Cowboys. He was about to go out of bounds and then as he was like falling down, he makes a one-handed catch. The first thing that you think of is the Odell catch. That was the closest thing with all these one-handed catches that we've seen throughout the years. That catch by George Pickens was the closest thing, Ryan, to the Odell Beckham catch from all those years ago. It's insane because you see a lot of one-handed catches and you can kind of almost cradle it in.

It's like over the middle, a little fade route. This was him like falling down to go make the extension, grab the one hand like behind your head, all that. It was nuts. It was crazy.

It was so impressive. Catch of the year, honestly, so far this year. It's two weeks in. This is now the third week of the season. I'm not saying so far.

I didn't say the rest of the year. I said so far, catch of the year. I don't think we'll see a better catch though than that this year.

It's gonna be tough to top. You may have more important catches. You will have more important catches. I hope so. But in terms of the athleticism and just the actual catch and not taking the importance of the catch into consideration, there will not be a better catch in football this season than that catch.

And I think I can say that pretty confidently. Now the Browns are running a reverse. Then it's back to the quarterback and then they just dumped it off to Kareem Hunt. And it goes for first down. Steelers Browns 12-12 remaining in half number one.

This game all tied up at seven apiece. I read an article today that the Washington commanders, because I've been someone that said, why did the commanders end up with Carson Wentz? With all the people that were available on the market, why did the commanders end up with Carson Wentz? And not only end up with Carson Wentz, why'd they swap twos where they got the lesser of the twos and then give up two third round picks where one of them is a conditional three that could turn into a two? I never got the move that the commanders made other than our quarterback room has been awful for years and years and years. Wentz isn't great, but at one point he showed signs of being an MVP and is that ego maybe from the coaching staff thinking, even though the Eagles couldn't do it towards the end and even though Frank Reich, who won a Super Bowl in Philadelphia when Carson Wentz was a starting quarterback, I know he didn't do so in the actual Super Bowl, but Wentz did lead the Eagles to the onesie that year before tearing up his leg out in LA up against the Rams. If Frank Reich couldn't get success with Carson Wentz, why are we thinking that a third time is going to be a charm? Now, if they just signed him, or if they gave up like a fifth or a six round pick, or if it was just one third round draft pick, I guess you could talk me into it.

But when you swap twos and then you give up two threes and one of those threes could become a two, I just don't think you're setting yourself up to succeed. Like you look at the Colts last year, they gave up a conditional two that turned into a one. And we saw how quickly they wanted to move on after knowing that that was going to be a first round pick because he played in what was it 70% of the snaps. Now I'm cognizant that Jim Irsay was really the driving force behind Carson Wentz no longer being in Indianapolis anymore. Now you could say, well Wentz's play did that.

I get that. And you're not wrong. And Jim Irsay made the right move, even though the Colts aren't looking like a successful team, but you couldn't go back at it again with Carson Wentz in my opinion. So now you have Jim who makes that move and says we got to get rid of him. And I was shocked that a team after seeing bad years of football were willing to give up that much for Carson Wentz. But you got to know that desperate teams do desperate things.

And the commanders are a desperate team with talent on that roster. They just don't have a quarterback. And you see Carson Wentz, if you either have a quarterback or don't have a quarterback in league, I don't think many people realistically believe that Wentz is going to be a franchise guy, but to just have that guy be a guy and give up that much when there were other options available. And I know with time, say 2020, we didn't know Baker Mayfield was going to become available at the time. And I know Baker Mayfield's 0-2, but I rather Baker Mayfield than Carson Wentz.

You look around. Yeah, you didn't know necessarily all the guys that were going to become available, but I think it was pretty clear at the end of the game pretty clear at the end of last season, that Trey Lance was going to be the starting quarterback in San Francisco. And the only way he was going to be taken off the field was because of injury.

And that's the way that it played out. Now in this article, it's at the 49ers believed Jimmy G would be traded to the commanders. And that changed once Jimmy Garoppolo had the surgery and then wasn't going to be able to throw a football until August. So for you, Ryan, since you are a resident Colts fan on this show, would you agree with that sentiment that it was Jim Irsay who was the driving force with Carson Wentz no longer being there? And if it was up to Frank Reich, Frank probably would have stuck around with Carson for another season. Probably.

Yeah. But it was tough without a doubt with Jim Irsay was the one to get out of town. He was done. Kate York just missed another extra point.

Oh boy. Isn't that crazy? It just shows you how bad the luck is for the Carolina Panthers. You have this kicker that drills a 58-yard field goal in week one where you need to win that game. The next week, he misses the extra point. I don't want to say it started the comeback because there was a lot of other problems with the Browns in that game, but he missed an extra point that would have put him up by 14.

And now today, I almost combined today and tonight there. Tonight, Kate York misses another extra point. Kicking is the most week-by-week thing probably in this country, in the history of this country.

One week you love a kicker, the next week you can't stand them, the week after that he's out of a job. But when we get back to the whole commanders and cold steel, you're saying that yes, Frank Reich probably would have kept him? Probably.

Sure he would have given him a second chance. Are you starting to regret it? No, not at all. You were done with Carson.

Yes. Thunzo, not even right now and Matt Ryan's throwing three interceptions against the Jaguars and your team's all one-on-one and Carson once beat the Jaguars. Nothing that makes you say, meh, maybe we should have Carson back. No, no regrets so far. I like Matty Ice.

What do you like? Well, nothing right now, but I'm hoping, I think he's better than what he's shown so far. Yeah, well his offensive line sucks right now. Michael Pittman out with an injury. Do you think they have any shot this week to beat Kansas City?

No. Only confidence? I've been brutal picking games. I'll get to your confidence in a second. I've been brutal picking games.

Which means? I don't get how you don't lay the points this week of five and a half with Kansas City. If Patrick Mahomes can't beat the Colts by seven points, I don't want to hear all the mea culpas that people have been issuing the last two weeks with the Kansas City Chiefs of what they said in the offseason and what they've been saying the first two weeks of the season. You cannot lose to the Colts. You know what? This is a gotta have it game for the Kansas City Chiefs. Actually, it's just that you can't lose it.

You can't lose it. You know what? There's good teams. Good teams win games. Great teams cover. The Chiefs are a great team. They gotta cover this week.

They gotta. Now, what's your only optimism? My only optimism is that everyone is on the Chiefs. You know, sometimes when you get everyone on one team. They're all on the Chiefs. They're all on the Chiefs. Given the Colts no chance. Maybe. I'm in that group, by the way. Given the Colts no chance.

Yeah. Maybe we not overlook the Colts, but they surprise us. So you want to know when I was screwed last week when I said that I take the Colts minus three and a half up against the Jaguars. I saw the graphic from an Indianapolis radio station that it was all Colts, Colts, Colts, Colts, Colts, Colts, Colts, Colts, Colts, and the moment I said that I got that will end up in all takes exposed. But this week, if it's all Chiefs, Chiefs, Chiefs, Chiefs, Chiefs, Chiefs, Chiefs. I will not have any skepticism about the Kansas City Chiefs winning this game. The only way the Chiefs lose this game is if my homes gets hurt. It's the only way you got a bad football team or St. Elmo's serve some bad trim. Be a real shame.

Hate to see that. Oh, I will go down to Indianapolis. That would be really bad.

Would then eat a good meal at St. Elmo's and then beat the living snot out of the chef afterwards. If he's going to sabotage me, I need, I need a winning week this week. It just has to happen. I need a win. So whatever it takes Indies all in. All right.

It doesn't matter. You know, if the team can't get it done, someone else has to get it done. But if your optimism is all everyone is on the Kansas City Chiefs, you really have no optimism for this game.

Yeah, exactly. And I think they're going to lose by 14 points. That works.

31 17. I I've never rooted for one of your predictions to be more right. I hope this prediction is let's go.

St. Elmo's do the right thing. Would you rather have Jimmy G, who I'm not a big fan of, than Carson Wentz? Yes. If you're the commanders.

Yes. Now, if Jimmy G was on the commanders, and I've been clear, I think Jimmy G is an above average quarterback. Jimmy G could win games. I don't think you'll ever look at Jimmy G as a top 10 quarterback. I don't think Jimmy G is a great quarterback. I don't even think Jimmy G is a very, very, very good quarterback. If Jimmy G was on the commanders this year, and let's say Carson Wentz was still in Indianapolis torturing him each and every Sunday, which let's be real, it doesn't matter who the Colts bring in that quarterback. They just get tortured once Peyton Manning has left. Like you had luck, luck look like he was going to be great.

Injuries. Phillip Rivers was better than advertise, but you knew it was a one year and that was it. Then Carson Wentz disaster.

Matt Ryan so far, ugly. If the commanders had Jimmy G, how would we be talking about the commanders right now? I think it's a playoff team.

I agree with that. I would have picked them as one of my wildcard teams. I probably would have picked them as the seventh team to get into the post season.

And I probably would have put them in front of the Dallas Cowboys. I like the commander's roster. Scary Terry's great.

You have Jahan Dotson, who I've been a big fan of. I like Curtis Samuel, Wentz healthy. Defensively, you're getting Chase Young back at some point. The defense, underratedly, the defense has not been as good as we thought it was going to be the last two years. And I'm surprised they brought Jack Del Rio back this off season. This is a major year for Jack Del Rio and so far the returns for this commander's defense have been ugly.

Very ugly. Like Jacksonville did a nice job on you. Then last week you're down to a 22-0 start right out of the gate when I thought the commanders were going to win last week. I never think Carson Wentz was going to win. I thought they were going to win last week and that defense got shredded early on. It gets Jared Goff. I know Iman Ross St. Brown is a stud, but this commander's defense where we thought it was going to be, remember that year when they went what, seven and nine and won that division, the NFC lease at the time? That defense has regressed last year and it's not looking like it's getting any better this year. But if you put a more competent quarterback on that team in a conference that is not great this year, Ryan, I do think they could go win nine games this year, 10 games this year if Jimmy G was the quarterback of the Washington commanders.

And that will get you in. I think they're better than the Cowboys if they have Jimmy G. Yeah, especially now with the Dak injury and not knowing when Dak is going when Dak is going to come back. It looks like it's going to be earlier than when first reported. But I know the injury is tough because he couldn't throw all offseason, so it's kind of tough to commit. But it's like, man, commanders, man, you didn't have to rush into Carson Wentz. That's the thing, too.

They rushed into it for really no reason. You know what I'm just thinking about right now? We're going back to the Colts and all the problems that your team has had trying to find the quarterback post paid a man.

Would you have been OK? And I know you're a big Carson Wentz guy at the time. If Philip Rivers wanted to play another year, would you have been OK giving Philip Rivers another year? Because I think he wanted to play, but the Colts didn't want to bring him back, which was I get it.

He's older. You weren't winning Super Bowl with Philip Rivers. But Philip Rivers. Had a better year in Indianapolis than a lot of people thought. Hindsight, yes, I would like to be back in 2021 in the moment.

I was happy he retired one and done. I was kind of done with Philip Rivers. Yeah, but Carson, well, that's you know, that's why I say hindsight, because you're looking to see how last year went.

Oh, yeah. You know, I love to have Philip Rivers back if that's what you're going to get from Carson Wentz. Now, here's my question at the end of this year with the commanders. Is it are the commanders going to move on after one year? Well, after this year, will they say, yeah, that's it, turn out the lights, the party's over, just like Indianapolis did.

Now, we know Dan Snyder is a crazy owner, and I don't mean that in a good way. But Rom Rivera does seem to be like a man of patience, and I don't think anyone went into this year having high expectations for the Washington commanders or even thought the commanders were going to be a playoff team with Carson Wentz at quarterback. So at the end, is Carson Wentz week one next year? Is he starting for the Washington commanders? I'm going to say no. I'm going to say yes. Now, I don't think he'll be good this year, but I think yes with a caveat.

I do think they will draft someone in the first round next year. And then Carson Wentz, Mr. Rabbit Ears, will be thrown out there once again. But you thought I was going to tell you Carson Wentz was going to be back and he was going to start 17 games and it was all going to be great? It was all going to be a nice, warm, great story? No. Carson Wentz is going to show once again what happens when people doubt Carson Wentz as... Was that a true busky rushing touchdown? Yes, it was. That it was. Look at that.

Mitchie wheels. And now it's 13 all pending the extra point, then it could be 14-13. But I do think they'll take a quarterback in the first round. And then Carson probably starts like the first four, five, six games of the year and then gets replaced.

That's what I think happens. Oh, he may be down. I don't... Was he touched? Before he falls? Yeah, he was touched. I think that's going to be down at the half yard line. You got a better look at that?

That's just... I think it's the ball's right on the line. I think he's in. I think it's bang, bang, knee down. Did the elbow hit? I saw the knee. I think the elbow hit. Oh, he puts his hand down. The right elbow doesn't hit.

Oh, that's close. I think his knee was down right as the ball was over the line. I did roll a touchdown. So I thought at first that left hand was an elbow, but it was the left hand that was down. His elbow never hit. And then when you get to the right side of the body, the ball is right there. The question just becomes when that knee does hit the ground.

So we'll see this touchdown will stand 13-13 right now with 350 to go in the first half between the Steelers and the Cleveland Browns. Here we go. Here's the angle. Is that knee down? Oh, yeah, that reply. I think he's down. That's really close.

Oh, there. They say it counts. Yeah, they're going to say that counts. So let's see if the extra point is going to be good.

It is up. And it's through. Steelers 14, Browns 13. More points than you would have thought here in the first half, hot take. Said 13-10 final. You said that? Yeah, I crushed that one. Yeah. Man, we're great at predicting games here on this show.

Look at us right now. It's like that GIF online. Zach Gilm shows CBS Sports Radio. Looking for cloud data or web help? There's no tech shortage in the room. The Room is a talent community offering highly skilled, ready-to-work talent when you need it. The Room's tech talent is trained to Silicon Valley standards, vetted through a rigorous data-driven process and individually matched to fit your needs. Find top-tier tech talent fast, just like the kind of people who develop this cool streaming app you're on right now.

Visit slash tech. You're listening to The Zach Gelb Show. You know, I'm all fired up for this Michigan Wolverine season. I think Michigan's going to be undefeated before that game against Ohio State. I think Ohio State is going to be undefeated before that game in the horseshoe up against Michigan, the game on Thanksgiving weekend. Hot take Kiki, would you agree with that? Ohio State undefeated going into the Michigan game and Michigan undefeated going into the Ohio State game.

I would not agree with that, no. Whoa! Where's the loss coming? From Michigan? I think they lose to Michigan State and I'm not sold right now. They beat both Penn State and Iowa. Really? Iowa's offense stinks. I get it.

It's not very good. Now, what makes you think that I know Harbaugh has struggled up against Michigan State, but Michigan State just lost to Washington, who I like Michael Penix. I know that's a sensitive subject for you because he beat Penn State and I like Calum DeBoer who's been on the show before. But if Michigan State couldn't beat Washington, what makes you think that they're going to go into the big house and beat Michigan, other than the fact that you're just the Michigan hater? Well, Michigan State has plenty of time, has been not very good and has beaten Michigan. So it's not like they have to be good.

Like in 2020, I get to, okay, fine, 2020, whatever. But that Michigan State game was not very good. They went into Michigan and won the game. So it's not per se, you have to have a good Michigan State team in order to beat Michigan. They just can't beat them consistently. And last year, Michigan was dominating until Kenneth Walker just said, yeah, checkmate, I'm going to go win the game.

Make a play. Is Ohio State going to be undefeated before that Michigan game? Yes. Okay.

I think you'd be a little bit disrespectful to the Wolverines. Really? That's just me. I'm believing in JJ McCarthy. I think JJ, I think they're better at quarterback this year.

Do they lose Hutchinson and Ojibwe? Yes. But the speed on this offense this year is, is electric. And even Urban Meyer has noticed that speed. Urban Meyer does not give compliments. They didn't even say Michigan.

Yes. Cupcake games, the first three games of the season, but he's been very complimentary, Urban Meyer, already about this Michigan offense. Well, that's it.

I mean, I'm not taking anything for what they've done the first three. They played Little Sisters of the Poor. They played a JV football team, I think, and like Directional South Carolina U.

Like, so I know they've smoked them all three. Colorado State, Hawaii, and Yukon. Can we show some respect to those schools in college football?

You elitist? Worst teams in college football. Let's see, look. But the Big Ten sucks. Maryland was not even a real test. But the Big Ten sucks.

Other than Ohio State and then also Michigan this year, the Big Ten is not good this year. You disagree with that? No, Elitist, no. Yeah.

I would say it's Elitist, no. It's not good this year. Ohio State and everyone else. But also too, Michigan outside of last year has never shown an ability to consistently beat even the middle tier teams. I'm not saying that it's a lot that Michigan's going to beat Ohio State this year. But to say that it's Ohio State and then everybody else with the way that Michigan just dominated Ohio State last year, I know they lose Hutchinson and Ojibwe, but they have now passed the baton to J.J. McCarthy and Kate McNamara's hurt. They just think that's going to be a walk in the park for the Wolverines. The Wolverines are automatically going to the Big Ten championship game and they will have no competition. Well, it's like with J.J. McCarthy, what is he?

I have no idea. He's a highly touted prospect. He's played Connecticut well.

He beat Hawaii. Okay, that's something. But it's like, is he actually a good quarterback? I have no idea.

I can't tell you that. But you're ready to tell me that Drew Aller's the next stud and that Penn State's going to win the national championship in 2024. Yeah, a few years from now. But you haven't really seen him play all that much. Oh, I've seen him play.

He looks good. You haven't seen him play that much. Seen him play. No, but you have not seen him play that much. Yeah, okay. You've seen J.J. McCarthy play more than Drew Aller. I mean, barely. But you're also asking J.J. McCarthy to play well this year.

There's no developmental period. This is just you're jumping right into the fire. Okay, I don't know what to expect. By the way, it is funny how we're dumping a little bit on the Big Ten outside of Michigan and Ohio State and you look at the Big Ten East, only one team has suffered a loss in the Big Ten East so far to this season. That's Michigan State. Did you not know that?

No, I didn't know that. I figured Rutgers have a loss in there somewhere. They almost lost to Temple if it wasn't for an Elijah Warner pick-six. But Rutgers is 3-0. Ohio State's 3-0. Michigan's 3-0. Maryland's 3-0. Penn State, 3-0. I know you know that one.

And Tom Allen with Indiana. That's what I really want to know if he wants to go. Okay. Is the Big Ten back? I don't know. You tell me.

I mean that's a lot of zeros in the loss column. Now you didn't ask me about the Big Ten West. Northwestern 1-2.

Rode the boat with P.J. Fleck in Minnesota 3-0. Iowa 2-1. And we'll see if Iowa could go actually score some points this year.

Yeah, for real. Wisconsin 2-1. Illinois 2-1. Purdue 1-2.

Nebraska 1-3. Yeah. A little bit of a difference between the East and the West. Tiny bit.

Tiny bit. Because you have the two top dogs in the Big Ten East. Michigan and Ohio State. I wish that was the Big Ten Championship. Big Ten East is too loaded. I wish they played on that Thanksgiving weekend. And then we just took the two best teams in the conference and play them again in the Big Ten Championship. I agree. And that's the direction most conferences are heading.

So we'll get that wish sooner rather than later. Well, anyway, why am I asking you about all these opinions on Michigan football? And I think this is going to make you want to throw up, by the way. I've told you my two best friends did attend Michigan. I've been to multiple games in the Big House. I have watched so many Michigan football games. I have made a purchase so I could fit in when I go to a few Michigan bars this year. I have bought a military camo Michigan sweatshirt.

Your thoughts on that? How are they going to see you? You'll be able to see. I don't know. You're in camo.

Your friends won't be able to see you. Trust me. I'm a large man. You'll be able to see me. I don't know. Where is that, guys? I don't see him. No one starts to play Where's Waldo when Zach Gelb comes walking into a small bar.

They usually just run in the other direction and go, this large man is going to take up a lot of space. Anyway, enough about getting Hickey's opinions on Michigan, which is just his hatred for Michigan. Let's listen up to Blake Corum, who had five rushing touchdowns last week, which tied a school record for Michigan. And I asked him, he was on that Michigan team last year, if the Michigan team in 2022 is better than the team that just won a Big Ten championship in 2021. I think the team is better.

I really do. I think we have weapons all over the place. Obviously, like you said, we're missing some great players from last year, but guys have stepped up, especially on the offensive side. Roman Wilson's going crazy. Ronnie Bell's back. The offensive line is great.

Added some new additions with Olu. Defense, they're doing their thing. You know what I'm saying? Guys are stepping up, Mike Morris, Chris Jenkins, you know, the junior.

And then you got, you know, in the back end, Makari Page, you know what I'm saying, DJ, a corner, you know, just so many guys on the team that can just, that are just good ballplayers. I don't think we missed a step. I mean, I think we actually took a step forward, and I think we are better.

So there you go. That's our Michigan running back Blake Corum. I was a little bit surprised last night, Hickey, that he said he thinks this team is better than last year's team. Just because, not that he's necessarily wrong, but usually right, the player in the moment that was a part of a championship team that's also a leader, you would usually expect the typical answer from the athlete of, we have a lot of potential, we can be better, but we got to prove it first. How about yourself on that? I like that. That would have been a measure take, especially again, considering the right now, the opponents you played are no one.

So it's hard to kind of see exactly what you are when there hasn't been any competition to measure up. So far, he's issuing the bar set so high last year when you make the couch well-plef, and one of the four best teams in the country. But if he's right, this team should be right back where they were last year. Breaking news, this has just officially come down. We know that Eme Udonka was reportedly going to get suspended for the entire season.

The Celtics have not issued a statement all throughout the day. They leaked this report to Adrian Rojanowski. All we know is allegedly Eme Udonka had a consensual relationship with a female staff member inside the Celtics organization. And how I opened up the show today was discussing that what the punishment is doesn't really make sense to me for a year-long suspension when this is team-issued, not league-issued. If all we know so far is that he just had a consensual relationship inside the organization, I get it.

He has a big-time job, gets paid a whole lot of money. And if you have someone working underneath them or underneath them in the organization, that could always potentially create some problems. But if this is a consensual relationship and there was nothing else that happened here, then you wonder why is he being suspended for a year. You can only speculate because Celtics really haven't given you much information on this.

And I said, maybe, just maybe, don't have any information on this to be true. Maybe he slept with someone's wife in the organization that also, like someone higher up in the organization, that wife also does something with the organization, and maybe that strikes a nerve. Because to spend the guy a year for just having a consensual relationship with someone else in the organization that's a female worker, that doesn't scream to me as a team going out of their way to suspend a coach that just took the team to the finals for a full season. But the Boston Celtics have now officially announced that Eme Udonka has been suspended.

And this is all they wrote. The Boston Celtics announced today that the team has suspended head coach Eme Udonka for the 2022-2023 season for violations of team policies. A decision about his future with the Celtics beyond this season will be made at a later date. The suspension takes effect immediately. Now, when you read the last two sentences there, a decision about his future with the Celtics beyond this season will be made at a later date.

The suspension takes effect immediately. I think they're going to try to either do a few things here. One, mutually agree to part ways, or if Eme Udonka is not going to mutually agree to part ways or Eme Udonka from Chris Haynes is not willing to resign right now, then I think ultimately the Boston Celtics will fire. But it has to be something else to this story because it does not make sense to me why the coach is suspended an entire year if all it was was a consensual relationship with a female member, a staff member of the organization. And quite frankly, the Celtics need to be a little bit, they need to provide some more clarity here.

And I wonder if they're going to hold the press conference, but when they say that a decision will be made at a later date of his future, makes me think that Eme Udonka, who was just in the NBA Finals, has coached his final game with the Boston Celtics. Now, when I'm sometimes confused about some things, or I'm wondering if there's something more to this story, or maybe I'm just missing the mark here, I go to El Capitan, Marco Belletti. He is our wise owl here at CBS Sports Radio. He is our leader, and he's gone through a lot of crap in life.

That's just nice words of me saying that Marco's old, pretty much, or older than me and older than Ryan. Year-long suspension for just having a consensual relationship with a female staff member in the organization? It seems like we're missing something here. There's definitely something else there. Yeah. Look, I would love to say that the Celtics are the first in a long line now, that we're going to stop with all this nonsense, and everybody's going to be held accountable.

And if you're in a position of power, you cannot be doing these types of things because it can open up a can of... I don't buy it. Yeah. There's no way. And also with that, that last two sentences, you hit it on the head, there is no way that Udoka is going to coach another game for the Celtics. It's a question of, can we not have to pay him the full amount of whatever's remaining on his contract?

That's all that is. He's not going to resign because he's not going to walk away on his own, which is what we wanted. So we're going to suspend him because we need to stop this now, but we've got to figure out a way to not pay him the entire remaining amount. A way to not pay him the entire remainder of his contract. Because if this is just, hey, don't have relationships with the subordinate in the organization, I think there's a way to work through this and not suspend a coach that's pretty popular with your team that just took you to the final.

I'm just going to go out on a limb and hope I'm not naive here. I think there's a way with how much crap we don't know that's going on behind the scenes in these teams, and that gets swept under the rug that we don't know, and there could be tell-all books about. You could work around that. And that's, I just keep on going back to it and I have no proof on it. But this just screams to me that it's something personal that maybe the person that's involved here, which in a weird way has a relationship with someone else already that's a higher up.

Not only can you work around it, we would never know about it. Exactly. There is no reason.

This is not a league suspension, this is a team suspension. There is no reason for us to know this unless they wanted us to know this. And they wanted you to know it. And I don't, so obviously there's something more there. Why do you want us to know this?

Other than to embarrass Udoka? Because there's something there. There's some reason as to why you want us, I mean, forget the Neil Long aspect or whatever. And now we're going down a rabbit hole that like, you know what, look, we don't know everything that goes on in everybody's personal life. And you know what?

Good. Because we shouldn't know everything that's going on in everybody's personal life. But this seems like there's so much more behind it.

And it does, I think you hit it. It feels almost personal. Why do we want to embarrass Udoka? Unless the Celtics are annoyed with whatever happened in this situation. And I think the Celtics grossly miscalculated what the reaction was going to be because they leaked this to Woge. And then maybe they thought they could pressure Udoka into resigning because maybe there was going to be outrage here. But I don't think in 2022 there's going to be outrage if all it is, is there was a consensual relationship. And there was something wrong.

If Udoka did something wrong to the woman or something like that, then there would have been outrage. But just a consensual relationship in the workplace. Yeah, this is not 1945 anymore.

There's a lot of workplaces where there's relationships going on consensually. It was happening then, too. But again, it was the idea that we weren't going to know about it. And we shouldn't know then. We shouldn't know now. But it also shouldn't be happening.

I don't want to, you know, go glaze over that. You shouldn't be doing this. If you're in a position of power, you shouldn't have those types of relationships, especially when you're already married.

But again, I don't want to know who the woman is. Right. But still, if you're in a position of power, you shouldn't be in a relationship with somebody that you work with that's beneath you on the ladder. It opens up problems that you don't need if you're a franchise. But it's not something where you suspend the guy for a year. That's where you sit him down in the office and you go, are you serious? Like, what do we really need to do?

It's almost like you got to go through PR training. Like, we don't want this out. We don't want this as the image for our organization.

You're not doing what you should be doing. But this is more of a, you know, I hate to say it, but this is more of a slap on the wrist. I mean, look at Robert Sarver. I mean, he was going through a one year suspension through the league.

I get it for 20 years worth of things that he shouldn't have been doing. This is just an image problem for the team. I know different sport. Deshaun Watson gets suspended less games than email is going to. I don't want to set you off because I know that annoys you. No, no, no. Another filthy situation that we don't want to go down. But again, this is not in the grand scheme of things the worst thing you can do, but it's not something you should be doing. This is more of, to me, a conversation starter and something where we can learn from it and move on, not part ways. Even if, let's just say your boss went up to you and said, hey, stop sleeping with that girl. And you said, OK, boss, you're no problem. And you still sleep with that girl.

If you're successful as a coach, 9.9 times out of 10, even though your boss tells you to do something, there's a way that you still work around it. If you are worth potentially adding to a championship for Boston, which he proved they increased their odds last year. So that's why there has to be something personal here, which I don't know who the girl is, but that girl has to have a relationship with someone that's a higher up in the Celtics organization.

That's my best guess. Yeah. I mean, look, if that's a I'd like to think if you have like a point of ego and pride, if you're talking about like an owner or somebody that's sitting you down and saying, look, I told you not to do this. Now you've flat out basically lied to my face and and told me to go to hell. You know what? I'm not standing for that. Good for you if you're standing on that platform. I just don't believe you.

I don't know. You've got to show me that that's the reason why you're doing this. I hate to say it, but I mean, I think we all are. We're all skeptical of everything, right? We all kind of assume everybody can get away with so much. Prove to me that that's the reason why you're doing this, that you're actually standing on good morals. I'll applaud and listen.

I just don't buy it. Now, for example, let's say we got to take a break. Like Spike Eskin said to me, hey, Zach, I don't want you talking about this. And I said, you know what?

I know it's good for ratings. I'm going to talk about something. And I talked about it. And then Spike didn't like it. If the success of the show is there, you could probably gloss over that. But then if I got on the radio and said, bleep, this family member of Spike Eskin's family, that then gets personal and then maybe makes him do a move that goes, you know what?

I don't care what your ratings are. Like, just like how maybe someone in the higher up said, I don't care if you're helping us win game. You did something that personally offended me and personally hurt me. So now you're screwed because of the person that is going on with.

No, that could be. And again, there's a line. I mean, Howard Stern built a career on this, right? I mean, how many times did they tell him not to do things?

And he did it anyway. But if everything's there. So there is a line. Success will allow you to push that line.

I probably should have used a different talk show. Well, I'm just there is. I mean, you know what I mean? But you got to be careful because there is a line to cross. I get it.

I just don't. To me, there's there's more here because it's not enough. Like there's got to be a long stand. He's only there a year as the head coach.

Like it's the finals. Yeah, there's something that we're missing. Yeah. And that's fine if we don't know.

But then you shouldn't have leaked the information that you already leaked unless it was coming from Madoka, who was like, this is ridiculous. And it came from him. It's possible. I don't know. Maybe because he realized, you know what? I'm really not doing anything that that's a big deal. So maybe it could be coming from his side. It's the only thing that makes a little bit more sense unless the Celtics are going to come forward and let you know all the details. And that's a slippery slope because you better be right.

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That's You're listening to The Zach Gelb Show. Another day is in the books and we're taking stock of the sports world. It's time to find out who's up and who's down. Let's end the day right and hit the closing bell.

Only on The Zach Gelb Show. All right, let's start things off with Josh Allen. The Bills quarterback said earlier today that he loves watching after he plays football NFL Sunday red zone with Scott Hansen.

I'm glad to note that Josh Allen knows how to pick his red zone host and doesn't go with the other guy that hosts red zone that looks like the Browns mascot, Brownie the Elf, give a stock up to Josh Allen. 15 years ago, Mike Gundy had this rant. Where are we at in society today? Come after me. I'm a man. I'm 40.

I'm not a kid. Write something about me or our coaches. We're writing about a kid that does everything right, that's heart's broken, and then say that the coaches said he was scared. That ain't true. And then to say that we made that decision because Donovan was because he threatened to transfer. That's not true.

So get your facts straight. And I hope someday you have a child and somebody downgrades him and belittles him and you have to look him in the eye and say, you know what? It's okay. They're supposed to be mature adults, but they're really not. Who's the kid here? Who's the kid here? Are you kidding me? That's all I got to say. It makes me want to puke.

That and then the Dan Hawkins. It's Division One football. Go play intramurals, brother. Go play intramurals, brother. Are my two favorite rants of all time when it comes to college coaches. Stock up to Mike Gundy. Happy 15 year anniversary. JPP back in the NFL signing with the Baltimore Ravens.

Give him a stock up. And let's hear from Shane Beamer. He highlights the good fourth quarters that South Carolina has played in the most pathetic fashion possible. We had ups and downs last year, but I want to say that we won the fourth quarter and I think it was 10 of 12 games maybe, you know, so we just continue to get better and we don't worry about the score and we just keep playing.

So that was the message in that huddle on Saturday afternoon. Now that was a coach who was getting a lot of hype before this year. They were seven and six last year. Very good season. The year before that, he wasn't there.

They were two and eight. They started off one and two and now you're talking about the fourth quarters you won. Just the fourth quarters after you get off to some slow starts.

Yeah, that's a bad job by Shane Beamer. Stock down. And that is the closing bell for today. Before we get on out of here, we just told you about this in the last segment that the Boston Celtics have officially suspended Emo Doka for the entire 2022-2023 season. The Boston Celtics announced today that the team has suspended head coach Emo Doka for the 2022-2023 season for violations of team policies. A decision about his future with the Celtics beyond this season will be made at a later date. The suspension takes effect immediately.

So that's what they said. Now the allegation or what he may have done is had a consensual relationship with someone inside the organization. Emo Doka has just released a statement and we'll read this quickly. He says, I want to apologize to our players, fans, the entire Celtics organization, my family for letting him down. I'm sorry for putting the team in this difficult situation and I accept the team's decision out of respect for everyone involved. I will have no further comment. Yeah, we're not being told something here. We're just not.

Over just a consensual relationship, there's got to be something more that did transpire here. That's the Zach Guilf Show on CBS Sports Radio. Big thanks to Donovan McNabb for joining us today.

Big thanks to Hot Take Hickey. Good to have you back producing this extravaganza. And we'll be back on a football Friday tomorrow at 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 Pacific across all of our great local CBS Sports Radio affiliates, Sirius XM, Channel 158 and that free Odyssey app. Talk manana right now. Steelers 14, Browns 13. Second half just underway. Bye bye.

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