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REShow: Jason Kelce - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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November 17, 2023 3:30 pm

REShow: Jason Kelce - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 17, 2023 3:30 pm

Rich breaks down the Bengals’ Thursday Night Football loss to the Baltimore Ravens in their pivotal AFC North showdown that featured a wrist injury to Cincinnati QB Joe Burrow that could derail their playoff hopes.

Michigan alum Rich reacts to Wolverines’ HC Jim Harbaugh accepting his 3-game suspension by the Big Ten Conference for stealing opponents’ signs against NCAA rules.

Eagles All-Pro C Jason Kelce and Rich discuss Philadelphia’s Super Bowl rematch against Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night Football, why Philly’s ‘Brotherly Shove’ play works so well, and more.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show.

You know what was another surprise to me? Lamar Jackson. Jackson takes the snap. Fire to the end zone.

Touchdown Rashad Bateman. Live from the Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles. How's your wife's hands doing? Okay, the guy walked in the arena, everybody cheered, she gave him the finger, nobody got arrested. Today's guests, Eagle Center Jason Kelce, NFL Network Insider Tom Pelissero, Wrestling Hall of Famer Ric Flair, Pro Football Hall of Famer Rod Woodson. And now, it's Rich Eisen. That's right, we have got a heck of a Friday show for you. For guests, we've got Ric Flair and Rod Woodson. Is that the way I got to say his name?

I think it's pretty good, yeah. Rod Woodson! That's pretty good.

There you go. Ric Flair in studio, Rod Woodson on a Zoom. He's fresh back from calling the Ravens-Bengals game for the Ravens Radio Network. And he just landed, I believe, in Las Vegas, which means he could just skate right through all those flying manhole covers and get home in time for the Zoom in the third hour.

Well, actually, they've, I guess, welded the manhole covers down to the ground there in Las Vegas, Nevada. It's a little F1 humor for you to start this program. We've got Tom Pelissero on the show, we also have a great first hour guest. His name's Jason Kelsey, one of the sexiest men in America. He's on this program, and my coach at Michigan said, you know what, after all, I'll take the three games.

And maybe related or not, a linebackers coach was just fired by the University of Michigan today. We'll talk about all of this stuff. I mean, that's your interpretation of it. We'll see. We'll see. We'll talk about that on this show in our number one. And, you know, everybody's talking about our colleague at Fox and Amazon in Carissa Thompson. I'll give you my two cents on all that stuff. Just a heads up, I'm currently living with a very livid sideline reporter. Understood. So we'll discuss that on this program.

But I want to lead this show with Thursday Night Football. First of all, good to see you, Christopher Brockman. Rich, good to see you, man. Good to see you over there, Jason Feller.

How are you? TJ Jefferson, you must be genuinely excited that Ric Flair's coming. And if I'm not mistaken, there's a costume change coming up later on in this program. Well, I don't know that you'd call a custom made suit from Michaels in Kansas City a costume change. Oh, I'm sorry. Wardrobe change. I'm sorry, J-Lo. I didn't mean to. 16 times. A lot of woos today, Rich. And it's later on, it's Rod. Cincinnati Bengals are in trouble, people.

Again, it's kind of funny. I said that before, earlier on in the season when they fell into the dreaded hole to start the season at 0-2. And then rebounding in a way against the Rams that didn't look very encouraging and then getting smoked by the Tennessee Titans in Tennessee. Falling to 1-3 before Joe Burrow started feeling much better on that calf muscle. And then winning at Arizona, winning against Seattle by week. Absolutely taking the San Francisco 49ers to the woodshed, beating the Buffalo Bills and thought, OK, here we go. There's the Bengals right there. Rick Dalton, Jeff.

That's the one. That's the Bengals team that we know. And then a slip up is one way to put it against the Houston Texans. And then last night.

I said this. That's what was at stake against the Ravens last night. Do you want to win this division and repeat again as division champs? Or will you now be in a 5-5 mosh pit fighting for your wildcard lives and potentially having all sorts of tiebreaker problems? 0-3 in division, 1-4 in conference. Oh, my goodness gracious. Heads up problems all over the place. Certainly if the teams that you're you're fighting for a playoff spot, you know, include the Houston Texans.

So you got problems. And now the ultimate problem is what is up with Joe Burrow's throwing hand or wrist or what? Because that was the conversation going into the game of him being caught by a local camera crew coming off the plane in Baltimore on Wednesday, having what looked like a contraption on his throwing hand.

And there was a full on conversation about it going into the game. Was it something to protect his throwing hand? Is there something wrong with his throwing hand? Because if there is, why wasn't he on the injury report for it?

Is it something like tendinitis? Is it something to keep his hand ergonomically correct? Or, as many were pointing out to me on the old Twitter-verse, that he's coming off a plane or a bus, right? And maybe he was on in travel in transit on his iPad, and it looks a lot like a glove that you put on when you're drawing on your iPad to make sure that the bottom of your drawing hand doesn't rub against the tablet surface and must mess up what you're drawing. Is this Joe Burrow's travel hobby? He's not reading. He's not Netflixing. He's just drawing and chilling. I don't know. Yeah, sure.

Why not? Dude, it does look pretty similar. It looks a lot like it, which would explain why he's not on the injury report. But then he goes into the game and all of a sudden can't grip a football. As Jadavian Clowney puts him down on the ground, and the number of times that you see a quarterback hop right back up and get under center or in shotgun and just go right at it, suddenly he's now waving his hand.

You're taking a look at it. It's looking really swollen. The shot we have on the screen didn't have anything with his hand extended.

At one point his pinky looked very Baldinger-like, and it looked like it was in a different angle, although not Anthony Munoz-like, to use the Bengal analogy, but it didn't look great. And we're left to, because he did not speak after the game, doing stuff like what we did. Remember Sunday Night Football and Aaron Rodgers wouldn't give up his jersey to Jamison Williams last year? Because he's just like, no, I'm going to hold on to this one. And everyone's like, well, he's going to hold on this one because he knows that's the last time he's going to wear a pack of jersey, which turned out to be true. Although he was doing that because apparently Jamison Williams wanted to swap jerseys with him. And he said, we'll do it back. We'll do it when we see in Green Bay, thinking that that would be a win.

And it didn't turn out to be a win. And suddenly he would like to renegotiate that deal on the spot. Long story short is we heard him say to a member of the Ravens postgame, hugging it out, saying, I heard something pop or felt something pop.

And if he felt or heard something pop, oh, my goodness. Because I'll tell you what, folks, this is not a plot twist that we saw coming, although it's an epidemic in the NFL, rookie starting quarterbacks this year. Jake Browning of the University of Washington, now the backup to Joe Burrow in Cincinnati. Could he wind up being nine days from now, the Cincinnati Bengals taking on the Pittsburgh Steelers at home?

Could he wind up being the 11th? Rookie to start a National Football League game in twenty, twenty three. And if that's the case, because it's Pittsburgh at home, then at Jacksonville on a Monday night.

OMG. The Buffalo Bills, as we all know, struggling there, five and five. Everyone's wondering what's going on there. Is Josh Allen going to make the playoffs? The Bengals suddenly after a Thursday night game are holding that beer with two straight losses.

In a span of five days. And then over this nine day stretch, you know, one thing that we know Joe Burrow is not doing is drawing on his iPad with that hand. If that's what he in fact was doing. And Tom Palacera will join us later on in the show to talk about what is apparently happening, an investigation by the NFL saying, OK, we saw that rap.

Amazon put it on the air and we're going to start taking a look into this thing. But be that as it may. Regardless of whether the Bengals should have done this or didn't do that or an investigation here into that. The Cincinnati Bengals coming into this season, wondering if Joe Burrow is going to make it because the calf muscle starts playing like the Cincinnati Bengals of the last couple of years. With Burrow no longer seemingly having any problem with that leg now have a problem with him being able to grip a football.

Totally different ball of wax. So that clip on the sideline after he just like, oh, that's it. I can't do it. Can't even grip the ball.

Oh, I know. And then they kept following him underneath the kind of going back and forth. It's just like he got lost. He was looking for the room or the X-ray. I guess they didn't have any ways.

They didn't have any ways on where to find anything. The signage. And one point is walking through and I thought like, OK, he's coming back in the game. They just missed the tunnel to go back on the field.

Yeah, because there was about two minutes left in the half. Weird at that point. Yeah. Weird.

Bummer. And also pointing out Kelly Hartung with an excellent sideline report. To say, you know, pointing out, hey, man, everybody talks about sideline reporters. You don't you know, you don't need them until they're like lawyers, right?

You don't think about them until you need one. Yep. And and we needed one last night. She she was talking about how Burrow wasn't coming back. And maybe there's an issue with his availability for multiple games. Yikes.

And I appreciated that report because I was looking for that context at the time. So put it all together. I am really concerned about the Cincinnati Bengals this year. And is it possible we have a playoffs in the AFC without Allen and Burrow in it? As we are heading to week number eleven in bulk with both of those teams, the Bengals are currently tenth and the Bills are eleventh behind the Colts and the Raiders being quarterbacked by Gardner Minshew and Aiden O'Connell, respectively. With the Raiders on an interim head coach. That's what's up.

That's what's up. What is happening? And the Texans drafting second and third overall in the draft this year are sitting there at seven. Behind a Browns team that's about to start a rookie quarterback for a second time this year and potentially for the rest of the year. Joe Flacco is on a flight right now to Cleveland. People are snapping photos of him. Did you see that?

I didn't see the photos. I saw the report that he's being worked out. By the way, new fantasy team name.

Great movie. Seat shaming Joe Flacco. Oh no, is he middle? I don't know. There is somebody taking a shot of him boarding a plane.

I'm sure his hair looks great. The Texans are currently with a bullet right now. The AFC, man. Crazy.

Rich, I just put up a poll. Which five and five team in the AFC do you have the most faith in to make a run to the playoffs? Five and five AFC team Colts, Raiders, Bengals, Bills. I don't know, man. Normally some team can come from five and five and do that.

Five and five won the Super Bowl with Tom Brady. Bucks. Yeah, dude.

True. I don't know. I don't know.

We'll talk about that later. And so Tom Pelosaro is going to join us. We'll talk about what does he know about Burroughs wrist? What does he know about the investigation into Burroughs wrist?

What the hell was that drone about? And also the rest of week number 11. After Tom Pelosaro, Ric Flair in studio. And then after him, Rod. OK. Jason Kelsey coming up in about 15 minutes time, 20 minutes time. Good looking show.

Oh, yeah. So let's take a break and I'll talk about my alma mater. I will talk about my alma mater.

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That's slash eisen or text eisen to 500-500 to try Audible free for 30 days. Okay, we are back here on the show. There's always a goal in segments. And what do you, TJ, want to achieve when Ric Flair, Nature Boy, is here in studio in hour number two? That is such a hard question, man.

How do you ask questions of someone who you've been familiar with and have been a fan of literally your entire life? So what is the goal? The goal, man. Oh, a photograph we'll get. A photograph for sure.

I mean, I want to get a drop. I want to get cool stories. I always want great stories.

Like cool stories about what? Any story the man tells. Anything, Rich, from his initial, you know, jump into wrestling. The man's been in, he's survived plane wrecks. He's survived lightning strikes.

He's survived near-death health situations. He's been this guy, this character, this Nature Boy for over 40 years. So like, how did he come up with that? How did he cultivate that? When did he know that he was on to something?

That was something I was thinking this morning. Like, when was the moment that you knew? Like, okay, this is it.

This is going to work. Because you watched the old clips from the 80s and the early 90s, like WCW days. It was all about the suits, the hair, the glasses, the alligator shoes, the Rolex watches. You're talking to the Rolex-wearing diamond ring-wearing, kiss-stealing, wheel-and-dealing, limousine-riding, jet-flying, son of a gun.

And I'm having a hard time holding these alligator socks. Like, this is kind of funny. It's like, where do you come up with that?

Like, where do you, how do you pile on and stack and stack and stack? And it gets, you know, to be who you are now. Okay. Yeah, kind of fun. And the fact that, also something that's really cool, Rich, is, you know, you always see stories of, like, we wanted, you know, when you have a great in a sport, to have their son going and do the same thing their father did.

Well, here's a case where Ric Flair was the greatest wrestler ever, and now he has a spawn who's considered one of the greatest, and it's his daughter, not his son. Well, he's coming up an hour or two. That's amazing. He will be here. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network. I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger, with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. Okay. So, the University of Michigan football program, as we all know, fire and brimstone from the athletic director. You know how I was saying it as well in all of my videos, that there is no reason to suspend the head coach of the program until an investigation is complete, even if there are some dribs and drabs and things of that nature. And, certainly when the coach says he didn't know anything and there's no evidence that he knew anything, and the NCAA has a rule saying he should know it, and apparently the Big Ten says it doesn't.

It matters if he knew it or not, and the commissioner went ahead and suspended him three games. And, then Michigan and the Big Ten announced a settlement of the litigation that was supposed to be heard today by judge, and I don't know how you settle something that has yet to be litigated or we're not going to sue or try and get a temporary restraining order. And, Michigan said that the Big Ten was going to close its investigation, and the Big Ten said something a little bit different in its statement, and I sat there and thought to myself, okay, Rich, it's time for you to steel yourself and get ready to learn that there was a member of this coaching staff that knew about Connor Stallions and what the hell was going on with this guy who was buying tickets all over the place and Venmoing people to shoot videos and things of that nature.

You need to steel yourself and get ready for it. And, sure enough, today arrives, which means that yesterday's settlement certainly appears to be Michigan getting in front of something. And, sure enough, Dan Wetzel of Yahoo and Ross Dellinger, who's been all over the story in Yahoo, just tweeted out moments ago that the NCAA has presented Michigan with evidence that a booster named Uncle T. Really?

I got a cousin T. Just the letter T or T-E-E? I don't know if he's related to Mr. Got it. Allegedly funded part of Connor Stallion's scouting operation, an assistant coach attempted to destroy evidence after the scandal broke. And, sure enough, the linebackers coach of the University of Michigan, we're assuming these are related items, got fired today. See ya. And, it's a sad day for me, man.

I'm not going to lie. You can all have as much fun as you want to have. You know, Michigan deserves the scorn. We deserve it. I derive no pleasure from your pain, bro. TJ, I appreciate you saying that, and the way you say it means maybe you do, but I'll tell you what.

Fine. You know, Michigan, I've said it to you every single minute throughout this thing, and the people I feel the worst for are the players. I really do, because they're so damn friggin' good. This is the best Michigan team I've seen since 1997 when they had to share half their title with Nebraska. And, this is the best team I've seen.

They are really good. You're going to see them at the combine. You're going to hear their names on draft weekend in Detroit. And, I can only hope that JJ McCarthy and Blake Corum, just to name two that I'm particularly proud of, all those guys on the defense who just lost their linebacker coach because apparently something was up, that these guys can block it out because this is the way through. Just win, baby.

Just win. Because, Connor Stallions and everything else he was doing is gone. And, whoever on the staff, I'm assuming this is the end of it. I hope it's the end of it. I have no idea who the hell Uncle T is or why he's anywhere near this program.

Uncle T. It's embarrassing. There's just no other way to put it. And, I love everybody who's, you know, honestly, I love my school and I'm prideful about my school. And, this news that I'm hearing just without reading about it, it's just absolutely, totally gutting. And, I just want, hopefully, the kids to know who play this game for Michigan, they're the way through. They're the way through.

You are the way through. You go into Maryland and do your best to block this out without your head coach there and do your best to win this football game. Which, quite frankly, doesn't really matter in the long run that if they lose it, if they somehow get tripped up by Maryland, the Ohio State game is what it's all about. It just beat Ohio State. You go to the Big Ten championship game because Penn State has two losses. And, then you go and win the Big Ten championship. And, the commissioner, who seems to have acted prior to his investigation, seems to have acted on information that prior to the investigation being complete, again, that opens up a Pandora's box, in my mind, is definitely sitting there going, see, I told you so, to the point where Michigan and Harbaugh accept the three game penalty. And, there is no, in my mind, outside of, if you will, death penalty or telling the team they can't compete the rest of the year. Sitting out Ohio State is, that takes a bite.

That will take a bite. You know? But, they're the way through.

They're the way through. And, I hope to God, I hope to God, you know, the sports God, if you will. And, I still believe to my core, Harbaugh did not know. Now, you could sit here and say, how did he not know?

A member of his staff is destroying evidence. How did he not know? How would he not know? Why would he not know? I don't know.

I just have known him and I've gotten to know him. But, you know, do you know anybody, you know, 100%? Again, I owe it to everybody, including everybody at Michigan, to shoot everybody straight here because I represent my student newspaper here today. I represent my school here today.

I represent my pridefulness of everybody else in the University of Michigan, if you will, Michigan man. I represent you today by shooting everyone straight saying, I hope he didn't know. And, I am nervous as a cat about this because I want to win the right way. And, we don't know what everything that this guy got and how it did get disseminated and what it meant in actual real time and downs and distance and wins and losses.

And, when it all comes down to it, for being held accountable, does it matter? Maybe not. But, in terms of how good this team is, the Aiden Hutchinsons of the world, you saw, you know, half the secondary for the Bengals last night, either getting banged up or, in one case, insanely called for a pass interference on Zay Flowers that didn't really exist. But, you're seeing them all at the next level.

They are that good. And, in order to make sure the naysayers and the fine bounds of the world who refuse to acknowledge Michigan winning a national championship, if they do, that you are that good. This has been ripped out root and branch. Everybody's been given a way heads up that your signs that you were doing in the first month of the season, potentially, are inoperative now. Same thing for Michigan, too, as their signs were stolen last year, but this is about today, and Uncle T and whoever got bounced from the Michigan staff, according to the NCAA, must be true if the guy lost his gig. Uncle T. And so, you know, the way through is for these kids, go win football games. Yeah. Lock it out. Be yourselves.

You know, J.J. McCarthy has that smiley face on his hand to remind himself about, you know, the larger picture in life. Be happy. Be yourself. Do your thing. Do your thing.

And, if you want to say it's Michigan versus everybody and that's helpful, great. Great. You want to do it for your head coach that you believe, like I do, much to, I'm sure, much to skepticism of everyone else out there, including, I think, everyone else in this room. You want to do it for him? Do it. But do it for yourselves and do it for all of us who are dismayed over this news and think, to our core, doesn't matter anyway, because you're that good. And prove it to everybody.

And go blue. But this is not a great day. Not a great day. I thought today we would have our day in court and Harbaugh would be back out there on the sideline because nobody on the staff knew and instead the linebacker coach is gone in a terse statement and Yahoo Sports is getting leaks from the NCAA. What's up?

Yeah, because it did smack of questionable, it was questionable that a guy who needed to repair vacuum cleaners on the side was just shelling out money for tickets on his own. I don't even know what to say other than go win football games. 844-204 Rich, happy to take your phone calls on this. And that was a very difficult soliloquy and take for me to have. I'm not going to lie to you.

It was really tough. 844-204 Rich numbered a dollar. Let's take a break. I can't wait to see the smiling bearded face of Jason Kelsey because he's damn sexy. He's sexy. He's next. He's next.

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There's a game time guarantee which means you'll always get the best price. All right, back here on Roku. Jason Kelsey making his way to the Zoom, right?

Is that what I'm told? His name is in the box. So we are- His name's in the box.

We're waiting. What does it say? What's in the box?

What's in the box? It says Jason Kelsey. J and K are capitalized. Oh, is that right?

Lower cased Aison Elsie. We're ready to go. Is that right? Yeah.

It's a black box. We're just waiting. Okay.

I'll tell you when there's movement. You know, getting back to that segment we just did about Michigan and how you felt. But as Chris and I were talking off camera, I think we're all aware every program's got a booster or a friend of the program. So everyone's got a Mr. T, an Uncle T, a Booker T, you know, an Ice T, a T-Pain.

Everybody's got a guy like this who does things for a program. But I'm never going to come here and I'll always tell you what's in my heart. My heart is that I'm heartbroken.

This is a sad day. And I believe Jim didn't know. According to...and then I hopped on with the, you know, I hopped on and read the Yahoo story, you know, and I'm sure it'll be updated. The multiple sources told Yahoo that the linebacker coach is not alleged at this time of knowing about the advanced scouting by stallions, but acted after the fact to cover up evidence. Who's telling them to cover it up? No, we're just like, you know, I don't know. The booster may have at least partially funded the advanced scouting operation.

I mean, didn't stallions have an office in the football building? No, buddy. Now I know how you feel, huh?

You got to constantly defend yourself. It's going to come. It's happening. Yeah.

Welcome to the rest of you. It's all right, you can say it. Plenty of room on the bus, just plenty of room. And it's interesting you say that because Harbaugh kicked you off of bus one. I was on the last bus to the stadium that day.

Back here on the Rich Eisen Show. I wasn't even with like the punters and stuff, I was like... That's what, yeah, Harbaugh put you on the last bus. Last bus. So you got on bus one and you literally got booed? No, no, no, it was just kind of like... But Jim Harbaugh rolled out the carpet for you that weekend.

It was a super fun, I got to say, that was a super fun trip. Yeah, yeah. And stream the NFL and Westwood One for free, sponsored by AutoZone. All season long, you can listen to every Westwood One broadcast of the NFL on the NFL app live. By asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports or on your Westwood One Affiliate Station streams digital platforms.

That's right. Stream Kevin Harlan, Kurt Warner and me all season long for free and get in the zone with AutoZone. AutoZone's free battery testing and charging is available for free at your local AutoZone. Restrictions apply. Get in the zone. AutoZone.

How's it going? Good end zone. AutoZone.

AutoZone. Joining us right here on The Rich Eisen Show, one of my favorites, and I'm not just saying that because I think he's listening to me introduce him. He is a future Hall of Famer. Yeah, here he is.

And he and his brother have literally the hottest podcast known to man right now, the new heights man, Jason Kelsey. Good to see you, Jason. How are you? Yeah, great to see you. I'm doing good. You know, we're back at work. It's always fun off of the buy. You get back, you got a little bit of rejuvenation of energy.

Step away from the building and meetings for a week, and you always come back with a little bit more juice. So doing really well. Okay, fantastic. How are you and your mates viewing this rematch, Jason? Yeah, I mean, to be honest, I know I'm not viewing it as a rematch. I think that the reality is, you know, both of these teams are different, although we do have similarities, a lot of similar pieces, especially the starters on offense. For us, we are returning pretty much all of our guys. But every year is different, and, you know, for us, we're just really trying to focus on who the Chiefs are this year, who their defense is this year, and, man, they're playing really good ball right now. I mean, they've been playing great ball in the last decade with Andy Reid at this point, but, you know, Steve Spagnola has them playing great defense. They play well together, they hide things, they disguise, they have great players across the board, so we've got a challenge in front of us.

Yeah, I know. I had Chris Jones on yesterday, Jason, and then I was just remarking while I was kind of tap dancing with the microphone issue there that it's so rare for me to interview two people in a game who are actually facing one another, right? Like how often do you think when you're getting ready to snap the ball, you look up and 95 standing right there?

Hopefully it's not too much. That's right. He's a tremendous player, he's got a unique blend of twitchiness and power, speed, so he's got not only an array of moves, but an array of talent, which makes it difficult. You can't cheat for somebody going right down the middle of you and attacking with power, you can't cheat for him working an edge, you got to play him honest, and it makes it more difficult especially with a seasoned guy like Chris, no doubt about it. Well, obviously you're also seasoned in the world of media now, your pod, I saw you on Amazon last week, you were awesome, so you're aware of narratives. How do you respond to the narrative that an eight-in-one team isn't firing in all cylinders? That is the narrative about the Eagles right now. How do you respond to that, Jason? I think it's an accurate narrative.

I think that if you look at the way we've played, different phases have been phenomenal throughout that stretch, but we really haven't put maybe one game where all of them are working together and clicking, it's been very much been one of those things where the defense has been there some weeks, the offense has been there some weeks, and it's pretty remarkable that we are eight-in-one and that we haven't really played our best ball yet, so I look at it as a positive, we're very happy to be eight-in-one, but we also know that there's a lot of things to clean up and fix and that we can still become a much better football team than we've played to date. Well, and I need your help then too now, Jason, okay? I need you to help me make me a better broadcaster, okay? Because I will not say the words tush-push, won't do it, can't do it, can't do it, can't do it, and I'm beginning to get sick of saying brotherly shove. What do you call it? What is the play called? What is it called? We just call it a quarterback snake.

Really? It's just like sneak and you know what it is? Like that's the way it goes? Yeah, I mean, we have a code word for it, but I'm not, I mean, like all of our runs they have a specific word attached to them, but it's a quarterback snake with pushers and there's not like, I guess, a term that differentiates it from the push standpoint other than having like a H-push attached to it in the call or something like that.

And I don't mean to maybe get superstitious or any of your superstitions out there, but I am curious to ask you, why does this work so well, do you think, Jason? I think if you do it right offensively, it's an incredibly difficult play to stop just as is. And I think that not only do we execute it right and hit all the right angles and work together on it, but we have great players, we have, I mean, our left side alone is north of 700 pounds, that's a lot of guys, a lot of weight in two people.

So I think when you combine all the different factors and the fact that we all run it really well, we're in sync, I think that it's really, really hard to stop. You have to go all out as a defense and as we've shown, and if you go all out, there are things off of it that can turn into explosive plays. So as a defensive coordinator, you're caught in a bind, do we go all out to stop the sneak and prevent a one-yard conversion or do we kind of protect against a potential explosive play down the field while also trying to stop it, which kind of leaves it a little bit more open to the conversion. So it's one of those things that it's so hard to defend the extremes of it and the circumstances of the down and distance really dictate that.

And it's really tough, I would imagine, to rep if you haven't done it, right? I mean, other teams might not spend time during the week practicing that. How often do you guys practice that play? You talk about it, if there's a team that's actually practicing a full rep speed of this play because it's just not something that you would do in the middle of the week. And I think that that's one of the other advantages that we have, quite frankly, is at this point over the last, well, for those of us that have been here with Stout since the Doug Peterson days, but especially since Nick has been here and the prevalence of him getting called has gone way up, we've had so many more live reps running this play than most teams who are trying to defend it have had at this point, and that is also an advantage.

Then, no, you're not lying. One last question for you on this. We demoed it on the demo field at NFL Network on game day morning a few weeks ago with a bunch of kids, with a bunch of fifth graders, and Mariucci told one of the fifth graders who was playing you snapping it, hey, just snap it and kind of get out of the way, you know, like, but the kid fell underneath the pile, and when he came up, the look on his face is like he saw kindergarten flash before his eyes, man, you know? So what is it like for you? Can you describe what is it like at the bottom of that, Jason? At the end of the day, if you're on the bottom of the pile, it's a good thing. That means you got up underneath everybody, so you're happy, but you're sitting there, you're waiting, everybody's squished up on top of you, your shoulders are compressed, and you're hoping at the end of the day that there's somebody left around the pile to kind of help pick you up because you're pretty exhausted at that point.

Yeah. Jason Kelsey, a couple more minutes left with the Pro Bowl, All-Pro, All-World Center of the Eagles. How are you enjoying this past year, man? I mean, you know, a lot of folks wondering how you're enjoying it and how much longer you're going to do it. What's your mindset going into this week 11 game, brother? I'm loving it, man.

I mean, it helps when you're 8-1. I've got a bunch of teammates that I'm close with, you know, not only the seasoned guys like Lane Johnson, who's been here for a decade with me, but now, you know, Jalen Hurts, we've had another season to get to know each other, work with each other, solve problems, and, you know, it's fun right now. It really is.

It's a lot of fun. Is it harder in some ways? Yes.

And are the physical things of getting up and going out there and practice, is that more difficult? Yeah, absolutely. But at the end of the day, man, we're really enjoying it. I'm enjoying it and just trying to cherish it because, you know, it's not going to be there much longer.

So yeah, just taking it one day at a time and appreciating the people that I'm around. All right. And before I let you go, Jason, the big entertainment news going into Monday night, I need you to confirm this. Is it true that your parents, for the first time, are meeting the parents of Jake from State Farm in this game? Is this the first time for them all getting together, Jason?

What do you think? We'll see. I don't know what's going to happen, but my parents are gone. And whenever other parents show up, I'm sure, you know, football parents like to congregate in general.

And if fans of the team's parents, I think everybody can kind of, it's a good get together whenever it happens. With Jake from State Farm, that's who I'm, that's, I know what you're talking about. If you're talking about something else. Okay. All right, brother. You take care of yourself. Take care of yourself, Jason.

Okay. Say hi to everybody. Say hi to the whole fam.

You got it. Jason Kelsey of the Philadelphia Eagles right here on the Rich Isaac show. Oh man, you set it up and then the, he was up there and he teed it up. It was, it was like first and goal at the one. And then you got stopped on the brotherly show.

I'm telling you, man, that was, he's not wrong. That they have got more live reps in a game than the teams have had practice reps defending it. Name me another play. The most unstoppable.

No. Where the team running it has more live reps running it than the team has defending it. Right? There isn't one. Cause what other specialized plays are there in the NFL? Hail Mary. Right.

I was gonna say like, like a jump ball to Randy Moss or Calvin Johnson back in the day. That's it. I don't know. And Chris Jones knows it's comments. He's asking his friends who were in rugby world.

How do you deal with it? Yep. So, and I'm glad to hear that he's enjoying it.

He looks like he's enjoying it. And I'll tell you what, you know, if the podcast, um, means as much to them. And I think it should, because that is, that is next level, honestly, their podcast.

I know everyone makes the whole, how the Swifties have made it the, the number one podcast in the world and whatever. And I mean, they were there before that it is a genuinely fun listen because it's too, and it's why the Manning cast works. Kelsey's looking to crack the code with the Manning cast, right?

The same way that everyone's looking to crack the code from PTI and the issue with that is you need to find two guys who have known each other forever and have the chemistry on air of two guys who have known each other forever, which is why PTI isn't as great when there's somebody else in the chair for Tony or, or will bond or both. Right. And so everyone's trying to find out what's the next Manning cast.

Well, the Kelsey's have done it and, and, and for, for that to be as, I think what's the word for it current having both of them, active football players kind of works. Yeah. It's cool. I mean, they take that on Tuesday, they're off day and it's great. Comes out Wednesdays. It's great. It's number one.

I mean, and right. We so far, I hope he keeps playing. I know Philadelphia Eagles fans do he's going to the hall. Absolutely. He's going to the hall. No doubt. Both of them are going to be in the hall. They're going to be set for two Ohio kids. It'd be cool if they presented each other.

I mean, I'm not sure they, I'm sure they haven't even thought that far ahead, but that would be awesome. Right. And you know, everyone remembers Dion and Marshall going into their party and Dion had Snoop performing. They did it together. Marshall and Dion had a party together. Dion had Snoop and Marshall had, um, why am I blanking?

Nelly Nelly. Right. And then, you know, and then Jerry Jones topped it by having his own party on the 18th, on the 18th green of the, of the country, no, no, no, it's, um, I forget the name of it. Yeah. It's a country club that's there. Yep. And, um, Justin Timberlake performed Timberlake performed on a stage that he built out of whole cloth.

This takes a nice chunk out of the back. I'm sure it did. It was, uh, we, uh, Glenmore Country Club, we speculated.

It's the greatest party in the history of Canton. I think so, but I mean, um, if it all works out, Glenmore Country Club, Glenmore Country Club, when it all works out at the end of the gate and the end of the day, I mean, if it's possible, you know, that the, then who knows? Mrs. Kelsey performs in honor of, cause I mean, years from now, right?

The way it's going. Well, I mean, it looked out to me seven, eight years down the line, no pressure, right? No pressure.

She'll perform. Right. Right. And then Jason will go out there and have his insurance completely taken care of because it's Jake from State Farm presenting him, man, it was such a good line.

I was all ready to go. Yeah. They were Kelsey's in the, and the, and the Jake from State Farm family are going to be meeting together. I love that.

I also have a superstar in my corner that Jason Kelsey tweeted out that day that was week four. Funny. Yeah.

Yeah. That was, that was when everybody thought Zach Wilson couldn't play offense for the Jets and then wound up playing offense for the Jets that night, putting a scare in Kansas city. And it's interesting how we all come full circle entering week 11, Robert Sala saying moments ago that he is 100% thinking that Dalvin Cook's going to have more of a role in the Jets offense now.

Oh, 100%. I had a really good talk with Dalvin and you kind of saw it with Josh Jacobs at the Raiders. You miss an entire training camp and Josh kind of started slow and you watch the early part of his tape, but when you watch him now, Josh looks really good in terms of getting his legs underneath him. And when you look at Dalvin, he misses all the training camp.

Wasn't just in the building. And then you get to week one, you see that juice, that pop. So I should add Dalvin Cook. I just dropped him this morning. No, I don't. I don't. Because, I'll say it, screw it. What an hour we've had here.

You could say Josh Jacobs has come alive since the man calling the plays has changed, which is something that's apparently not an option for the New York Jets, but the Buffalo Bills is an option. Because again, it's all about eight. When is he going to speed bridge his way back and he's not going to sit there and watch his guy who he wants there when he returns? I'm sure that's in his mind. He wants that guy there. He doesn't want him sidelined. He doesn't want to mess with Zach. Just needs to play better.

Or what did you say? He needs to be better. More, better, more, better, more, more, better, more, better, more, better, more Rogers. What are you saying?

So it's all a cut the beard, dude. What a game this is going to be in Western New York. I mean, rubber is beginning to meet the road. If Rogers is coming back mid-December because the Jets are alive, they need to win this game and then the one that was all over last night's Amazon Prime game as a promo, Jets and Dolphins in a week from today.

Literally as we talk, it'll be about to go on the air. And then what are the odds the Jets will be six and five, winning both of those games, sweeping the bills, six and five, taking care of the Dolphins with their number one ranked defense entering week 11, by the way. And then, you know, Rogers is thinking of coming back at Miami in week 15 where he had, by the way, his last win as a Green Bay Packer last year on Christmas Day.

Right, I believe I'm correct on that front, at any rate, or his last road win, I guess. I'm trying to figure that one out. All right, let's take a break. Tom Pelissero coming up in hour number two. Let's talk to him about what he knows about Rogers. What does he know about the throwing hand of Joe Burrow? What about the investigation into all of that?

And then Ric Flair in studio. When are you going to do your wardrobe change? Maybe now. Right now.

I think you should do it. Go fast, TJ. You got five minutes. Can you do it in five? Of course. Okay.

Let's do it. Of course. You know, you got to pay homage to the man when he's in the building. A different meaning of just five minutes.

And to be the man. Just for TJ. Okay, very good. And then Rod Woodson in hour number three. What's more likely all still to come here on this wild first hour in the books edition of the Rich Eisen show on this Friday?

Still here on Roku. Very good. Packers beat the Dolphins Christmas to go seven and eight last year.

Okay. And then they won. Then they beat Minnesota.

Right. On New Year's and then lost to the Lions. So it wasn't his last win as a Packer. Second to last.

Second to last win. But that's what I'm saying is that for it to matter, the Jets have got to do it. And then the Bills have changed offensive coordinators. They went out and did it.

They pulled the plug. And they're the ones looking their quarterback in the face and saying, deal with it. The Jets aren't doing that with Aaron Rodgers, because maybe I don't know.

You read all the you read all the you look at the all 22 is the Orlovskis, the Kurt Warners and whatever, and certainly Orlovsky is pointing out their concepts. No bueno. So basic. So predictable.

No bueno. Yeah. Like the one where Spillane. But it's the attention to details are not there. And certainly not in the way the Detroit Lions have their attention to details all buttoned up these days. Well, everyone's trying to replicate what Miami is doing with all the motion and create mismatches and you create space with all the motions pre snap and nobody else is really duplicating that.

Obviously, they don't have the team speed right that Miami has. But you can still kind of create some space pre snap and nobody's doing it. Yeah, I don't know.

It appears maybe Rodgers doesn't want the pre snap motions because he can just go to the line and go. I got it. Right. I see it. Boom. Let's do this.

Yeah. Tom Pelissero coming up. And then Ric Flair in studio, Tom Pelissero. For decades, Rolling Stone has set the bar for entertainment publications today, Rolling Stone Music Now takes over in podcast form. We have Michael Azerrad, who was Nirvana's very first biographer. I'm not sure how many people realize how many of the best songs on in utero were written way beforehand. To be fair to Kurt, he was also a new father. There was a lot of stuff distracting him. It wasn't just drugs, although that was certainly a major factor. Rolling Stone Music Now, wherever you listen.
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