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REShow: Myles Garrett/Gerald McRaney - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 16, 2022 3:12 pm

REShow: Myles Garrett/Gerald McRaney - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 16, 2022 3:12 pm

Browns All-Pro DE Myles Garrett and Rich discuss Cleveland adding that giant painting of their Brownie the Elf mascot at midfield, what it was like facing former teammate Baker Mayfield in Week 1, how the team and backup QB Jacoby Brissett are handling Deshaun Watson’s 11-game suspension, and what winning the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year Award would mean to him.

Actor Gerald McRaney joins Rich in-studio for a game of Celebrity True or False, discusses his memorable role on HBO’s ‘Deadwood,’ and tells a great story about ‘The Rockford Files’ star James Garner.

Brockman offers up his ‘Sneaky Good Games’ for NFL Week 2, TJ debuts his ‘Fantasy Football Advice’ segment, and the guys react to the latest ‘Bill Belichick Press Conference Moment of the Day.’

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Try Dove Men PlusCare Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. Hello this is the Rich Eisen Show. You saying this to me is supposed to like bring fear to me or something? Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Picked off at the goal line the seventh round pick Jalen Watson. Watson yes.

That boy is good. The Rich Eisen Show earlier on the show Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts, Browns defensive end Myles Garrett, legendary TV executive Dick Ebersol still to come. From NCIS Los Angeles actor Gerald McCraney and now it's Rich Eisen. All right everybody welcome to our number three of the Rich Eisen Show here on the Roku channel, channel 210. If you missed any of the first couple of hours Jalen Hurts the uh I love talking to him I just uh he'd make me one through a wall just listening to the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles. He was on an hour number one, hour number two. Dick Ebersol the brilliant television executive with a new book from Saturday night to Sunday and if you missed any of that guess what on the Roku channel 210 we're going to re-air right away after this hour and so catch up on anything that you may have missed.

It's free the Roku channel on all Samsung smart TVs, Roku devices, Amazon Fire TV, the Roku app as well as the Roku The actor Gerald McCraney is going to be joining because it's in studio. Myles Garrett's about to join us from the Cleveland Browns. One of the things I love about this program is not just the fact that I get to talk to top-notch uh athletes like Jalen Hurts and Myles Garrett and top-notch people um and just actors and and executives but you never know what's going to be a topic of discussion from day to day week to week. For instance when I woke up this week I I thought there's no way I'm going to be talking about a a huge ass elf in the middle of a field in Cleveland Ohio.

I just didn't think that that would be possible. I didn't even know I knew who Brownie the elf was and I now I learned that there's like a 90, 80 year history with this uh this mascot um and there he's going to be right in the middle of the field um and a Heisman-like post and a Heisman-like post. Mike Prefer the uh the special teams coach of the Browns was everybody's being asked about it. This is what Mike Prefer the special teams coach had to say about it.

What do you think about the the new midfield logo? Ball security it's bad he's not covering up the tip of the ball it's the first thing I think of his hand is back here the tip of the ball is exposed I can't believe they're going to put that on the 50-yard line no but he will not be our returner no. So there's no returning no returning in the future Brownie the elf. All right so I mean.

Ball security. I guess I mean he's only a defensive player of the year candidate one of the best in the business in the National Football League and as a first overall selection of the 2017 draft he sacked the first overall selection of the 2018 draft last week and season opening win for the Browns have to be his former teammate Baker Mayfield. There's so much to talk about with Miles Garrett on the Mercedes-Benz fans phone line but I guess Miles first thing's up is what do you think of the what do you think of that elf sir what do you think of the elf? Oh man I didn't think I'd be talking about an elf either so makes two of us makes two of us but you're the grown-ass man who's going to be on top of the huge ass elf so what do you think what do you think of it?

I'm gonna be honest I agree with you I had no idea about the history I didn't had no idea went back 80 years and to me I was always completely all in on the helmet yeah and the dog and then the elf came in out of nowhere and I was completely lost I had no idea where this this elf came into things. Well Miles you know again my problems are not really yours but I kind of took a very strong stance against the elf and man did I hear it from Browns fans oh gosh um I heard about it significantly so I guess they're into it Miles big time you know well let me not go too far on my stance you know I don't have a problem with the elf I just wasn't expecting the elf I didn't know that we're so proud of it but you know if it makes us proud and you know that's what we voted for to be in the middle of the show I got no problem kicking ass on top of the elf. I guess I know the answer to this question we're last gonna have you ever kicked ass on top of an elf before have you ever done anything like that uh Miles Garrett no sir but it's the first time for everything that's it this it is yes it is so I guess all right let's get down to the football um so what did you what was your takeaway from the week one win in Carolina for you?

uh I mean on defense we looked very very talented very athletic uh I mean we had a couple of minor mistakes that turned into the big plays with their offense but for the most part well we were doing very well in containing uh their offense containing uh Baker and McCaffrey and uh we got we got to make sure that we're lasered in at all times because those couple plays brought them back into the game but the offense did know what they were supposed to do and gave us a good lead special teams look good words to Mike Priest but no us in the defense we have a lot of potential and if we're focused then we we could have held them to maybe under 100 yards total. Yeah were there any moments when because you did meet at the quarterback uh did you have anything any exchanges with Baker Mayfield on the field? No exchanges uh other than before and after the game you know told him to a happy game to luck to him and uh after the game said he said he had a good one so I wish you the best. Right so that was basically it just a chit-chat before game nothing nothing in the middle of it nothing like uh on you know when you're after you sacked him a couple times. I remember I blasted him on one play and uh he got up and he actually completed the pass I looked back and I was like nice throw and so I was I was back there with him I guess he took that as an opportunity to hurry up and get on the line I was like this son of a gun. I was running back to get in position they're about to you know stop me and they're about to start a new play and I was like of course you'd use that against me. Oh so you actually were trying to compliment him and he used you taking a second to do so against you to try and hurry up another snap that's what you're saying? He did he did it was a heads up play by him but you know I know for next time. That's about to say you got to respect that a little bit deep down right you got to respect that a little bit no?

I do you know he's a smart guy I'd probably do the same thing if I was you know uh having someone west down by my uh my back end. Okay very good uh are you aware the last time the Cleveland Browns started 2-0 Miles Garrett do you know that number? Cool I am not I'll try to keep up with the statistics. I will help you out it's 1993 it's been a very long time since that happened what would that mean for you based on everything that's gone on with your team and your franchise over the last half year to start off 2-0 what would that significance be for you? I try to keep things small so to me last week's gone no last week's drama and news cycle is over so to me it's just about being 1-0.

I've had people ask me if I could I'll keep up another pace that I had last week I said I don't need to keep up anything I just need to you know show up this week and play the game that I've always played so these guys don't even worry about being 2-0 or 3-0 we just have to worry about taking care of business this week and worry about this opponent right now and worry about the rep that we had ahead of us and it's just one play at a time if we just keep on stacking those together I think we'll be in a good place. What is Jacoby Brissett's I guess role right now leadership does he is he's front and center is he somebody that's taking the mantle in the 11 weeks that he has it for the moment Miles? I think he has I think he's been able to be front and center and lead this offense and this team at times when he has to especially you know this week he's really you know come on strong he's looked very crisp getting the ball off on time putting it where it needs to be.

I like what I've seen from him over the last few weeks but this week I feel like he's gotten a little bit comfortable getting the game underneath his belt and I think he'll look even better this week. How much in contact are you with Deshaun Watson, Miles Garrett? You chit chat with him at all? Yeah I talk to him when I can you know when I see him in the in the building I talk to him and then I try to text him and see how he's doing and when he's not available just seeing how other guys are how they've been interacting with him and talk to him you know each relationship is different so they're saying nowhere has had that make sure he's staying up and positive and when his time comes ready to go. And how does Brissette handle I mean were you or you just block it all out the concept that you hear well you got to get Jimmy Garoppolo right you got to get somebody else that Brissette is not going to be the guy for 11 weeks you need you need that help.

What happens there when that filters into the conversation? I don't think he killed it at all. I feel like he's heard that a couple times this career and he's been proving people wrong for quite a while so I think he takes that on and so do we as a defense being able to keep points off the board making it stop a little bit easier it makes our job as a team a little bit easier and uh you know lighten the load on them and what he has to do and I think we're going to put him in put our team in position to win and you know and table positions and field positions so that he can put some easy points on the board. Miles Garrett here on the Rich Eisen show and the few minutes left here with him on the Friday before taking on the Jets on top of a huge ass elf to kick off the home schedule for the Cleveland Browns. How's that for a reset? You like that reset right there?

That's a radio reset right there. You like that? Great. Thank you sir. I appreciate that. I'll take any compliments from you because I know I'm sure you throw them around like manhole covers for some people. Hey what would it you know so you said you like to keep it simple you don't think you know about stacking week on top of week on top of week you just take it one at a time but defensive player of the year you have that ability it's obvious everyone throws you in that mix.

What do you think about that very often? What would it mean for you to win that award in this NFL? Miles Garrett. I think it'd be a a dream come true for me you know something I've wanted to achieve since I've been a football player when I started in high school but I know that you know greatness takes consistency and breaking down consistency is just knowing it one at a time the same way each time and so I have to be great from week to week to week and I don't have to worry about being great every big game or every opportunity. There's 50, 60, 70 plus opportunities each game and it only takes you know three or four of those game-changing plays you know for you for those those looks and those eyes start to turn your way and you know you're starting to be appreciative of what you're doing and I feel like I just need to stack those and make those happen with more often from game to game from rep to rep and even though the small details and the lagging shirt the guys are running on my side and playing the run as well as I can and not taking any plays off. And I'm going to ask you this question feel free to answer it as much as you want or just take a pass it's up to you clearly but you know Aaron Donald is always in the mix for defensive player of the year and he swung a couple helmets in a practice of the No suspension in the time frame of the year there, there's always my talk path but there's always your own path and so I think there's so much talent and as much practice skirmish and got no suspension it appears certainly not from the NFL what did you think of that you got any thoughts on that subject matter miles Garrett for me I didn't see about it because I really don't pay attention to social media like that okay so my friend actually reach out to me and they they told me about it but I don't really have an opinion just because that's his situation mm-hmm and in a day they're going to as an organization handle how they will as far as discipline action but know that I don't think it no I think each situation is different and know what with his know his team knows the kind of guy he is and the kind of work he's put in that the level detail that goes into sometimes no emotions run high especially joint practice we've seen that a lot so I'm not excusing his behavior but there's disagreements there's stuff like that and at the end of the day he's gonna handle it he's gonna you know figure it out get it fixed with his team and with the Bengals and now I'm sure it would be a great matchup they see each other again hmm I bet I bet some soon probably most likely be in the Super Bowl but you have your own two cents on that subject matter how far do you think the Browns can go before I send you on to your Friday miles Garrett give me your two cents on that subject miles how far the Browns can go what do you think how far they go yes you know we know as far as we want you know as far as we really want to we have a lot of a lot of talent all over the field and thing at every group and it's all a matter of how focused on the job we are each week so if we if we want to be so detailed in our work and and prepared for every game and taking each one one at a time and not getting too high or too low with so whatever streaks occur or whatever no ups or downs that we we suffer no I think we can go pretty far I think we can we can play and beat a lot of the top teams in the league right now but that all depends on of the mental stability and awareness of the young guys and us as the the older guys now I'll keep everybody on the task and focus on this one job and no staying staying low to the ground avoiding all the distractions and other the people are going to you know try to lift this up if we're doing well or tear us down if we're if we're not you know just trying to keep the straight now and not letting the tension happen well not to dare to put words in your mouth but I'm assuming when you say there's talent all over the field you are including Brownie the elf in that correct miles that is correct when you say that all over the field right I'm into the fans and players included okay very good all inclusive good to know miles thanks for the time I always appreciate you saying yes when I call to see if you'll join or truly appreciate it thank you thank you right back at you at flash underscore Garrett when he is on social media that's miles Garrett grown-ass man defensive player of the year candidate the Cleveland Browns I just I tweeted it out like I got no problem kicking ass on top of the elf I think I don't think it matters to him what's on that field he's gonna put some bodies into it I I highly respect that man in his game that's a big man you can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on the Odyssey app on Westwood one sports com via Westwood one station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood one sports sponsored by AutoZone free battery testing free battery charging and replacement batteries that fit your needs that's what makes AutoZone America's number one battery destination get in the zone AutoZone all right this is good stuff before we bring him out this is one of the greatest things we have on this set this is a Deadwood hat that Susie got when she was working at HBO my wife and I are big-time fans of Deadwood and on this hat are autographs and I'm glad you can't see what's written on it other than the autographs zoom in because I have every single guest that's appeared on this show that was on the show Deadwood to sign the hat along with their favorite curse word that they've said on the show or heard on the show and those who have signed the hat Timothy Oliphant had signed the hat we had W Earl Brown signed the hat Garrett Dillahunt signed the hat Kristen Bell signed the hat Ian McShane signed the hat and the next guest Gerald McCraney brilliant in this show among many other items in his great career as George Hurst now on NCIS Los Angeles Gerald McCraney when we come back in studio we could talk about how complicated other banks make it to redeem 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command system a five-star dealer network and an available gas engine it runs like well a dream so what do you say head to the Mercedes-Benz van dealership and get that Sprinter tell them your dream sent you. Back here on our terrestrial radio outfit that's now rejoined us with Gerald McCraney here in studio again I am a huge fan of your work and when I heard that you were available to come in I'm like absolutely so let me just dive in right now with NCIS Los Angeles and just looking at your career of playing roles on television and things of that nature did I don't see too many sports titles in any of this did you ever have any sort of sports no no I never played you know an athlete of any sort but major dad was a Saints fan because I'm a Saints fan and okay yeah I did not know that yeah and I was one of the producers on the show and that's you know the major was a Saints so you had to make sure that you know made if was there anybody was attempting to make a major dad and a Falcons fan and you had no no down you had to stop it no but we had we I knew they were developing an episode about missing a football game and I said make it the Saints so why the Saints why is it my brother I'm from Mississippi yes and my brother worked for John Mecum senior when the franchise was first bought by John Mecum jr. and my brother helped negotiate for their practice field helped in signing some of the original players and things like that so I've been a Saints fan since before they were Saints really so then when Archie Manning joins the franchise and I went to school at Ole Miss it I was there when Archie was there so bingo yeah like that that hit the that hit the general McCraney target right there absolutely that was the trifecta so you were there when our when Archie was on yeah oh yeah doing his thing that was a spectacular thing to see when he was playing at Ole Miss right because them if I'm not mistaken the miles per hour on campus matched his uniform 18 that's right that's that's still that's the that's the top speed at Ole Miss is 18 and then of course Eli goes there as well yeah so did you ever have any sports playing possibility later in high school but that was it you know I think I weighed maybe a hundred and fifty one hundred and fifty five pounds yeah and I was fairly quick I could do a 10 flat hundred in those days yes we had a guy at Ole Miss who weighed like 280 pounds could do it in 9-7 or something like that so I theater department for you that's where it was so how did you get into acting how did that get started for you actually that was related to football in a way I was in junior high school mm-hmm and I messed up one of my knees just twisted it badly but I was out for the season and my father was in construction he built houses for a living yes somebody suggested that for me to have something to do in the afternoon I go help out and the drama club building sets for them and stuff like that so I did and they put me in one of their plays and I sort of liked it and thought I think I could do this mm-hmm so since the age of 14 I've sort of known I wanted to be an actor and so the twist I'm still working on it you still you're still working on it for sure what do you get the most when you're walking around and people see you and depends on their age right so walk me through what do you get the most then from different age groups or what yeah it's different age groups the you know the people on walkers fans of Simon and Simon Simon and Simon then comes major dad and here lately it'll be people who are fans of Deadwood or NCIS Los Angeles you must get some Longmire too right oh yeah oh yeah I get a lot of my fans right and so I don't know I mean I'm 53 and I would give you Simon and Simon too I don't use a walker or anything like that you know a lot of them do okay I'm glad that it's all worked out we like to play a game here Joe McCraney to sort of touch base on a lot of parts of people's filmography or television ography oh that's a word called celebrity true or false where things have been reported or written and you say if they're true or not okay okay very good I appreciate you playing it you've got celebrity of true or false with Gerald McCraney and we also have some great production value go ahead and hit it please there you go that's the that's the old that's the production okay okay very good you've been around if you I'm sure you're impressed by the production value first up for you Gerald McCraney true or false you dropped out of Ole Miss and then you worked in Louisiana oil fields on offshore rigs in the Gulf of Mexico is that true or false I've worked both onshore and offshore rigs I was what's called a mud logger and that's sort of a half-assed geologist you keep track of the drill rate and the material that you're drilling through and you determine whether there's an oil oil bearing sand right and things like that but I worked half the year in the oil field and the other half the year in a repertory company in New Orleans and that but working in the oil patch allowed me to afford getting an acting career started well I'm were you the only one working in the oil fields pulling such double oh yeah yeah did you did anybody who worked in the oil fields with you you know get come watch you and your other job did they come check you out it's an interesting thing the first job I had in the oil field was actually working on a survey crew for an oil company and one of the guys who was on that crew with me had a son who wound up out here in Southern California and got in touch with me yes when I was doing major dad and I had him come out and sit in the audience and and be there for the filming of one of our episodes of major dad but there and another guy on that crew actually would hold book for me when we were finished with our work for the day he would hold book for me do my audition scenes for the rep company that I wound up joining in New Orleans so and that's some very nice people and that's what happened to help to get you started oh yeah yeah but some great guys in the oil patch down here next one true or false you hold the distinction of being the last guest star to meet Matt Dillon in a gunfight and gunsmoke is it not a gunfight a showdown where we both go for our guns there was other gunplay in the rest of the episode that I was the last one to draw against Matt Dillon in the last episode of the 20th year how'd that turn out badly for me didn't turn out well but no so but you were the last but I did beat him okay as a matter of fact we're doing the rehearsal and I had practiced drawing the gun so I didn't look stupid doing yes but I can only do it at one speed and we're rehearsing the thing and our Ness is there and I pulled him out and he was just about to touch his and he looked at the director and said a good 20-year run okay at least he took it in good humor oh yeah yeah oh that would that cast they were such great people the first episode I did of gunsmoke I had a scene with Milburn Stone and I was nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof and the scene itself wasn't working and Milburn Stone thought that it wasn't working as well right and he just said to the director let's just stop for a minute and he took me aside and we started improvising the scene back and forth and we came back and Milburn said all right here's what we're gonna do just go ahead and roll the cameras go for it and we went for it and it worked and but he sensed my discomfort with the scene and made it work for me and everybody on that show was that way next up for celebrity true or false with Gerald McCraney true or false you were up for the role of Luke Duke on Dukes of Hazzard said true or false well in a way I did an early audition for it and they asked me to do it again and do it in a really broad way and I just I didn't feel comfortable doing that mm-hmm you know I think they wanted a really redneck dumbass southerner in that audition process and being you know a dumbass southerner I rather resented that sorry you didn't say I've done repertory come on now okay so then then you were not right for the role is what you're saying okay how did you wind up with Simon and Simon then how did that because that was that was your first long-term gig there a pilot for a series called gypsy warriors yes that Phil Daguerre had created and they did their pilot and I was up for one of the two leads in it but they decided to go with some guy named Selick instead I don't know why but anyway the the same guy created Simon and Simon yes and they had already hired Jamison Parker and they had gone through everybody else in Hollywood and New York and nobody quite fit in so you know scraping the bottom of the barrel they came to me and asked if I would come over and read with Jamison and I did I think that was on a Wednesday and the following Monday I was in Florida shooting the first pilot that we did for it and then you did about what eight years eight years that was on and then you went to major dad directly from that right yeah I think I had three months between Simon and Simon or major dad and the producer but started out as line producer and wound up executive producer of Simon and Simon was the guy who came up with the concept of major dad so it all worked out perfectly why do you think major dad worked Gerald McRae I think people at that time were ready to embrace the military 1989 through 93 yeah and one of the reasons that I wanted to do a show like that is I had family people who were career military and in television throughout the 70s all you saw was stuff that was like about the crazed Vietnam veteran well I knew a lot of people who served in Vietnam and you know they were not the crazed Vietnam veteran and they weren't Rambo they were just ordinary people who had an extraordinary job to do and they did it and I wanted to sort of represent that on television and that's why you think it worked as well as yeah and I think people were ready for that and people are still coming up to you and talking to you about that yeah to this day Joe McCraney here on the Rich Eisen show I've restrained myself from jumping in about Deadwood from the minute you walked on the set because it is truly one of the most remarkable dramas I've ever seen you joined it midway through last episode of the second season right and then came back for the third season where you were a real bad man I was a son of a bitch you sure were playing George Hurst who is the father of William Randolph Hurst who is citizen Kane and you know you came in and just totally upended the town of Deadwood what was that like for you to join that cast and that show that was some of the greatest fun I have ever had fun I like it oh yeah and to be able to do such delicious writing that was that was a gift and every actor on the show will tell you the same thing that David's writing is what made that show such a joy and when we came back to do the movie after 15 years I came back to do a movie it's an interesting thing all the actors had their little trailers you know outside the stage but between shots between setups between scenes nobody went back to their trailer everybody hung out just offstage to catch up to just shoot the ball with each other it was because nobody we missed each other so much and we missed doing that show so much and there was so much anticipation it sounded because you know I was waiting for for the film I was waiting for a fourth season to be very honest with you and when you're referring to Dave you're referring to David Milch who wrote the most filthy iambic pentameter in the head oh yes I mean it just I didn't know words could come out and sound so lyrical and be so filthy as he did is it true he was writing new lines literally up to the minute before you were absolutely absolutely that couldn't been easy at all for you actually I found it terribly easy because his writing was a good deal like doing Shakespeare there was a rhythm to it and once you caught that rhythm it was for me actually rather easy to learn the dialogue we had one scene that I had to do that originally was like a page of dialogue and on the day that we were to shoot it I'm in makeup getting ready to go shoot the scene yes they bring me a rewrite I think it was like five pages most of it was just me talking and we got through it on the first take so hey again the words good words have a tendency to go into your brain easily yes bad writing doesn't it you know your brain wants to reject bad writing and I've had to do some things like that too and those those scenes are hard to learn but David's writing was easy to learn so who was the one that you and I mean of chat make you choose favorites but who was the one who you did scenes with where you knew this was gonna crackle who was it everybody everybody really everybody but I guess especially Ian and god bless him powers booth may he rest in peace may he's I told her yeah he's seized every word out of his mouth seized yes yes he was brilliant he was yeah yeah I know well and then NCIS Los Angeles again it is returning to CBS and Paramount Plus on October 9th on Sunday what's it like for you to be back in the old good old procedural crime drama what's that like for you Gerald McCraney what do you got don't let them know but it's like stealing money you might leave fingerprints that sounds like an episode yeah yeah it's like stealing money huh yeah it really is I mean I'm just looking at the way your career started where so many procedural dramas that you were in crime and you know Rockford Files back in the day police woman I mean like these are some Petrocelli Beretta I mean you were on you were on the some of the best of the best and all the Quinn Martin shows way back in the morning productions sure yeah but I I have to say you mentioned Rockford Files yes sir you got a good story one of my favorite things about that show yes I the first one I did I had a scene to do and I'm in my little dressing room one of I don't know four or five in a row yeah and I had just arrived and there's a knock on the door and I thought geez can they be ready that quickly I opened the door and there's Jim Garner who says hey Hoss I'm Jim just wanted to welcome you to the show hope you have fun that was it but that was the way that man was I'm a day player I'm doing a scene and he went out of his way to welcome me to his show months later my parents had come out here for a visit and I arranged for them to have lunch with me at the commissary at Universal which was a big to-do for them sure and I saw that Rockford Files was shooting right across the street from that and I went over there just to see if Jim was there and he was and I knocked on his trailer and his assistant came and answered the door said hi to me and everything I said I just wanted to see if Jim was gonna have a moment to say hello to my parents well there was an executive in there with Jim who said something to the effect of we don't have time for that to which Jim responded well we're gonna have to make some time came out and spent like the next hour with my parents and just kept that executive in there cool in his heels learning some manners I will never forget that as long as I live he was the finest gentleman I think I've run across in this business again rest his soul but he was such an outstanding man and you must have been I'm assuming a fan of maverick and the great yeah exactly who that was oh sure going into that yeah he was one of the guys I looked up to when I was you know an amateur and just getting started and I look up to him to this day well I truly be huge fan of your work sir a huge fan and I can't wait to see more of what you're doing because you are you just own the screen every time you're on it and everybody should watch again NCIS Los Angeles 14th season of that program it premieres Sunday October 9th 10 Eastern on CBS and Paramount Plus I appreciate you coming on as my pleasure and before you go out the door I I do need you to sign the deadwood hat oh absolutely I will do that when we take a break the deadwood hat that has been autographed by everybody that's come through here Titus well over I left his name out he came in to promote the latest season of Bosch I need you to sign it with your favorite curse word you got it okay very good Gerald McCraney here on the Rich Eisen show we will take you to your weekend of football viewing when we come back Geico asks how would you love a chance to save some money on insurance of course you would after all who doesn't love a great deal right and when it comes to great rates on insurance for all the things in your life Geico can help like with insurance for your car truck motorcycle boat and RV even help with homeowners condo or renters coverage you could save even more with a special discount when you bundle your coverages plus add the easy to use Geico mobile app available 24-hour roadside assistance and more and choosing to switch to Geico becomes an easy choice switch today and see all the ways you could save with great rates and discounts it's easy simply go to Geico calm to get a rate quote or contact your local agent and get started seeing how much you could save this episode is brought to you by Tostitos the official tip and dip of the NFL if you love the Cowboys Patriots Packers Rams or the Steelers Tostitos as the perfect thing to help spice up game day their chip and dip bundles come with Tostitos medium chunky salsa Tostitos salsa con queso and three Tostitos team bags and you can get it no matter where you live but they're only available for a limited time on supplies last so hurry and buy your bundle today at snacks calm you can listen to the NFL in the NFL app on the Odyssey app on Westwood one sports calm via Westwood one station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood one sports sponsored by AutoZone what makes AutoZone America's number one battery destination well because they offer free battery testing and charging and reliable replacement batteries and they've always got your battery solution get in the zone AutoZone Chris Brockman do you have some sneaky good games to get people some assistance do it let's hit it please right here on the Rich Eisen show here's Chris Brockman with sneaky good games contests likely to surprise you with their heretofore undisclosed competitive Dick Ebersole just call back and want to know how we got Tom Brokaw Tom Brokaw for that open so I just told him look all right what do you got over there Chris what do you got over there all right we were one and two last week Panthers hostess we should have won that game to be honest we should be two and one who's we who's just all the collective we okay who are tailing all right so let's do it and first up I'm looking at the total at New England and Pittsburgh this is going to be a slog I can't anticipate a lot of scoring in this game I'm going under 40 and a half that's a low number but I feel like I mean it was 20 to 7 last week I don't know how the Pats are scoring under in Pittsburgh okay also let's go to Dallas you saw what they did last week with Dak Prescott what are they gonna do without Dak Prescott lay the points take the Bengals they bounce back big bangles minus seven Raiders also gonna get a bounce back game Arizona might be in the bottom five teams in the NFL this year they look oh it's just one week Chris we're gonna lay the Raiders five and a half I like the Raiders by at least two scores maybe two touchdowns under New England Pittsburgh lay the points bangles lay the points Raiders let's go okay that's their sneaky good games you know wow I don't I can't imagine Arizona's gonna be that bad just because the Chiefs just boat raced him in week one I don't know Raiders are good all right tell me about it back your play tell me about it million agrees at that game okay so TJ Jefferson you'd like to assist people in their fantasy conundrums I guess or is this do we call this TJ's stardom sitem you know I am working that's what you know everybody in the fantasy world has a stardom sitem yeah you know I'm working on a name I just don't want to let go with something you can't do that everyone like a stardom sitem I know that's what I'm saying I don't want to I'm looking for the right name but as of today we're just gonna go a fantasy starts and starts let's get some more NFL films music for TJ Jefferson what do you got over there at your boy thank you very much what do you got Chris Chris and Jason Feller because I know you come to me for fantasy advice I'm just gonna go I'm gonna give you guys three starts and three six and then one play that you should leave alone for the week okay for the starters I'm gonna go with Kareem hunt no disrespect rich but Kareem hunt against the Jets the Browns against the Jets it's not just by land hunt by air he's gonna pile on the stats rushing and receiving he's gonna hit the end zone at least once on Sunday and Brown the elf is gonna rejoice Cleveland this is for you I'm just trying to smooth things over with those guys you know I do Robbie Anderson Panthers you know remember Chris Robbie Anderson's had some not so nice tweets about Baker over like the last year right now I'd look I thought it was more like he was kind of standing up for his QB Sam Darnell well guess what Baker's his guy now and Robbie had a big week one man eight targets five catches 102 yards I like his target volume and I think he's gonna find the end zone again Robbie Anderson he's gonna be a sneaky a good play and then we got Travis ATN I was very much into this Jags game last week and I I noticed two things he and Trevor they kind of their timing was a little bit off there was one play in the first quarter Lawrence overthrew 18 in the end zone wide-open touchdown I think in the fourth 18 dropped the ball that he could have literally walked into the end zone so I'm expecting Travis ATN to bounce back and have a pretty good day let's go to our sits real quick uh you know I'm gonna sit and if you have I'm gonna tell you to sit Devin Singletary of the Bills strictly because of this Zach Moss and James Cook you know I played the Bills running back by committee game last season it it's just tough man and you don't want to go into Monday night and have Devin Singletary standing between you and a win so if you've got another person you could play I would go with it because you don't want any part of that three-man band we're shot Bateman Ravens against Dolphins he had two touch-ons last week look really good I'm just gonna give you two words Xavi and Howard because he's gonna be guarding him I don't want any prior to that so I'm gonna sit Rashad Bateman and Pat Fryer Muth look he had a great week one but Brockman you know this better than us Bill Belichick does a great job in shutting down opposing teams tight end so I'd be a little bit worried with Pat so I'd say sit him okay so then what's your last one to say is just go back to something back in 2014 the very first week of the Rich Eisen show ah it was a Thursday you had to glee because you were calling a Thursday night game well I was yeah I was I was I was doing the the pre and post in half yep so Andrew Siciliano was hosting and I was sat in first first week of the show actually came to set you weren't here I gave a little fantasy football advice and I mentioned the movie that you hate but it'll make sense there's a scene in there where Bruce Willis asks his buddy head or gut and that's all fantasy is right Chris yeah you look at the stats and use your head I'm gonna make this decision or you go you know what I know what the stats say but I'm gonna trust my gut on this one so this might be a little weird but I'm gonna tell you to sit Tom Brady this just simply because in three games with the Bucks he's yet to defeat the Saints in the regular season and also Marshawn Lattimore has Mike Evans number and Mike Evans hasn't practiced as a matter of fact it seems like the entire Bucks team is on yeah the Bucks having some looks like a good old-fashioned Patriots injury list 19 people are questionable and yeah go good luck trying to figure out who's playing yeah so I mean Mike Evans hasn't played Oh hasn't played practice all week he's normally a must start but Lattimore man that's a tough matchup so I'm just gonna say roll the dice if you got a better option maybe sit Tom Brady and you know that's my fantasy advice for the week okay we got fantasy out of the way and we got your your sneaky good games Chris Brockman very very good the NFL season every Westwood one NFL broadcast stream this NFL season every Westwood one NFL broadcast streams live for free Mondays Thursdays Sunday nights Thanksgiving and Christmas triple headers the international series in every postseason game check it all out can't wait for this weekend sneaky sneaky good game which one is your biggest upset of the weekend rich I don't know why I'm nervous about the Falcons for the Rams oh my gosh oh and two I am we're Lions beating the commanders but you say they're they're supposed to win it they're favored but I'm nervous for your Cowboys to TJ that's completely understandable I saw an article today in the Dallas Morning News that Michael Gallup's the answer because that means you can't just put three guys on CD lamb and Rich that's why I wasn't worried like James Washington as I told you broke his foot about five weeks ago so he should be back within the next few weeks and go back yeah I don't think a Cooper Russians that you're going to your problem oh by the way I want to thank the Browns yeah your boy Nate's ago yesterday on Segura they they over they uh they overnighted that thing looks so good it is it's a hoodie fresh it is it's huge and only problem is an elf on it that wrong but thank you to the Browns for sending this to me kids will love it be huge we'll see you Monday everybody for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson to all-time Hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's Andre for you I've always said Andre was number one Wow because I even going back before you know Hulk Hogan was a babyface Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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