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REShow: Myles Garrett/Gerald McRaney - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 16, 2022 3:12 pm

REShow: Myles Garrett/Gerald McRaney - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 16, 2022 3:12 pm

Browns All-Pro DE Myles Garrett and Rich discuss Cleveland adding that giant painting of their Brownie the Elf mascot at midfield, what it was like facing former teammate Baker Mayfield in Week 1, how the team and backup QB Jacoby Brissett are handling Deshaun Watson’s 11-game suspension, and what winning the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year Award would mean to him.

Actor Gerald McRaney joins Rich in-studio for a game of Celebrity True or False, discusses his memorable role on HBO’s ‘Deadwood,’ and tells a great story about ‘The Rockford Files’ star James Garner.

Brockman offers up his ‘Sneaky Good Games’ for NFL Week 2, TJ debuts his ‘Fantasy Football Advice’ segment, and the guys react to the latest ‘Bill Belichick Press Conference Moment of the Day.’

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
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It helps protect your skin tried dove men plus care draws break goes on dry cleaning fee all day hello hello the franchising shell history is very fearsome is from the ranch shell studio last shell earlier on shout grounds to Gary to get worse still to come. Gerald McCranie and their eyes on everybody welcome our number three literature doesn't show your on the Roku channel channel 210. If you missed any of the first couple of hours jail and hurts the love talking to him just make me want to wall just listening to the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles. He was on in our number one number two Dick Ebersole the brilliant television executive with a new book from Saturday to Sunday and if you missed any of that just what on the Roku channel to temper the rear right away after this hour and Sue catch up on anything that you may have missed. It's free Roku channel on all Samsung Smart TVs Roku devices Amazon fire TV. The Roku app as well as the Roku Dr. Joe McCranie could be joining us in studio Moscow. It's about to join us from the Cleveland Browns. One of things I love about this program is not just the fact that I get to talk to top-notch athletes like Jaelyn Herz and Miles Garrett in top-notch people and just actors and and executives but you never know what's going to be a topic of discussion from day to day, week to week.

For instance, when I woke up this week.

I thought there's no way I'm to be talking about a huge SL for the claimant just didn't think possible. I will probably elf was a night now.

I learned that there's like a 90 year history with this. This mascot and Mary easily right in the middle of the field, and a husband like post and a husband like those might prefer the these special teams coach the Browns was asked about this. What might prefer the special-teams coach had to say about ball security that is not covered at the tip of the ball traversing his hands back here looks bought typical balls expose. I can't believe it and put that on the 50 yard line, but you will not be a return returning in the future itself also. I was only defensive player of the year candidate.

One of the best in the business National Football League and as a first overall selection of the 2017 draft exact the first overall selection the 2018 draft last week and season-opening win for the Browns have to be his former teammate Baker Maple is so much talk about Miles Garrett on the Mercedes-Benz fence online but I guess my first things up is what we think of what you think about elf makes all this makes two of us, but are you a grown ass man is given be on top of the huge SL so what you think will be on no idea what you all in on the helmet and the dog came out of nowhere. No idea what the hell. Well Miles that you know again. My problem is not really yours. I I kind of took up a very strong stance against the elf and made I hear from Brown sent gosh, I heard about it significantly. So I guess there into a mouse now okay but I guess I know the answer this question will ask you never kicked ass on top of an elf before a beaver done anything like that. Miles Garrett is.

This is, yes it is. So I guess I lets get on the football so what to do. What was your take away from the weak one when in Carolina for you very minor way most very well the training Baker and McCaffrey make sure that were all times J with good but a lot of potential we could help them make any moments when could you did meet at the quarterback.

Did you have anything any exchanges with Baker Mayfield on the field last week. Mouse intellectual at the right so that was basically just to chat beforehand that nothing nothing in the middle of nothing like you know when you're at the second couple times a member of glass about one play.

He got up and looked back out there with him about. I got a lot of court so you actually were trying to complement him and he used to you taking a second to do so against you to try and and hung up another step using respect and a little bit deep down right you respect my my back okay very good are you where the last time the Cleveland Browns started to know how scared you know that number and I will help you out its 1993. It's been a very long time since that happened. What would that mean for you based on everything that's going on with your team and your franchise over the last half year start off to an all that significance before you think small gone over so that people keep up. I don't need to keep up. So you got on the web update to know what you know where we right now about back in the good sense I guess right now leadership to CDC's front and center see somebody that's that's taking the mantle in the 11 weeks that he hasn't for the moment Miles time, especially among strong doom about law, but liberty. I like him like a good looking, but how much in contacts. Are you with DeShawn Watson, Miles Garrett, to chitchat with the middle and not doing how they directly with percent handle IMing or you work for you. Just blocking all out the concept that you hear about Jimmy or I'll blow right you got to get somebody else.

The percent is not to be to God for 11 weeks you need you need that help what happens there when I filters in the conversation. The board by the load on them and what you have to do that when you Miles Garrett here on the rich eyes and showing a few minutes left here with him on the Friday before taking on the jets on top of the huge SL to kick off the home schedule is reset you like that recent radio reset like that. Thank you sir I appreciate that I will take any confidence from you as an option sure you throw them around like manhole covers. For some people hate what what what you know so you said you like to keep it simple. You don't think you know about stacking wiki on top of week on top. We can just take it one at a time, but defensive player of the year you have that ability.

It's obvious where everyone throws you in that mix. What do you think about that very often what would it mean for you to win that award in this NFL mouse care book where I got great week whereabouts of the great big game every opportunity builders. It only takes nothing for the game play out for you or the look I turn your way and like backbone and make a block from game to game even soggy child. I cannot play the question. Feel free to answer this much longer.

Just take a pasts up to you. Clearly, but Donald is always in the mix for defensive player of the year and he swung a couple helmets in a practice skirmish and got no suspension, it appears, certainly not NFL. What you think.

Jenny thoughts on that subject matter. Miles Garrett about it okay my friend made good today they're going to start out different but with with you know you sometimes emotions run high lot behavior of this agreement like that no doubt that the bank. Great match of each other and probably most likely to be in the Super Bowl.

But you have your own two cents on that subject matter how far you think the Browns can go before I send you want your Friday Miles Garrett give your two cents on that subject mouse. How far the Browns can go 20 think yes you all the all matter of how on-the-job yardage node worked in prepared for every game one at a time and not getting too high or too low.

Whatever doubt that we not play empty out the all and on ability and awareness of all young guy older guy now focused on this one thing, the ground, aborting all the distraction of the people about the outlook for doing well and not trying to straighten out an outlet's words in your mouth, but I'm assuming when you say there's talent all over the field you are including browning. The elf is not correct mouse that is correct when you say that all of the field right and all-inclusive good to know Miles.

Thanks for the time. Always appreciate you saying yes when I called to see if you'll join truly appreciated. Thank you right back at you at/_Garrett when he is on social media, that's Miles. Garrett grown ass man defensive player of the year candidate. I just I tweeted out I got no problem kicking ass on top of matters to him what's on that field. He's in the put somebody I highly respect that managers game is a big you can listen to the NFL and the NFL out on the Odyssey app on Westwood One via Westwood One station streams or by asking Alexa to open westward.

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I mean talk about amazing. Now that we've talked about that.

Let's get back to the rich eyes and show you know the stuff we talk about here. Learn more. rewards terms apply day was last time you seriously considered your dream. I mean, used to think about all the time.

What happened I say it's time you and your dream get back together. Think about it, you could live the van life in a totally customized Mercedes-Benz printer you could tour around all 423 national Park sites build a mountain cabin with your dad or start your own business really every dream up and it's a Mercedes-Benz band were talking about here, so expect innovative safety features like crosswind assistant blind spot assist expect amazing performance and reliability with an MBA UX voice command system a five star dealer network and available gas engine runs like a drink. So what you say head to the Mercedes-Benz band dealership and get that sprinter tell them your dream sent you back your honor terrestrial radio outfit that's no rejoinders with Gerald McCranie here in studio again. I am a huge fan of your work when I heard that you are available to come in on my apps so lewdly, so let me just dive in right now with NCIS: Los Angeles and just looking at your career playing roles on television and things of that nature did, I don't see too many sports titles and any of this. Did you ever have any sort of sports. No, no, I never played think you know an athlete in the start button major dad was a Saints fan because I'm a Saints fan and okay I did not know that and I was one of the producers on the show and that's all the major was a Saints so you had to make sure that you made to bridge was anybody was attempting to make a major dad in a Falcons fan and you and all I know down yet to stop at nothing.

I had to weed that I knew they were developing an episode about missing a football game and I said make it sing. So what why the saints might sting my brother. I'm from Mississippi and my brother works for John become senior when the franchise was first brought by John become Junior and my brother helped negotiate for their practice field help in signing some of the original players and things like that.

So I've been a Saints fan since before they were Saints really said and when Archie Manning joins the French on I went to school at all minutes. It was there she was there something like that that hit that hit title McCranie target absolutely was a trifecta. You were there when art when Archie was on all you do anything. I was a spectacular thing to see when he was playing at Ole Miss might consider my phone not mistaken the miles per hour on campus matches you to maintain strict estate sale at top speed at Ole Miss is 18 and of course Eli goes there as well. So did you ever have any sports playing possibility later in high school but I was. I think I weighed maybe 100 and 5055 pounds. Yeah, and I was fairly quick. I can do a 10 flat hundred and those days just where a guy at Ole Miss away like 280 pounds could do it 97 or something like that. I feel her department. Her swear was somehow did you get into acting. How did that get started for you. Actually that was related to football. In a way I was in junior high school and I messed up one minute is just twisted and badly but I was out for the season and my father was in construction built houses for letting just somebody suggested that for me to have something to do in the afternoon I go help out in the drama club building sets forth enough like that. So I did and they put me in one of their players and I sort of liked it and thought I think I can do this since the age of 14. I've sort of known wanted to be an actor and so I'm still working on it.

You're still working on it for sure what you get the most when you're walking around and people see you and your hands up in their aging rights and what walk me through what you get the most from different age groups are what drives different age groups and all the people on Walker's hands of Simon and Simon Simon.

Simon then comes major dad and here lately, and will be people who are fans of deadwood door NCIS: Los Angeles. Muskets and Longmire to write to get me now Ali I get a lot of on my right and so I mean I'm 53 and I would give you Simon and Simon to use a walker or anything like that. You know them to do. I'm glad that it's all worked out. We like to play game here Joe McRae need to sort of touch base on a lot of parts of people's filmography or television biography.

Let's work on celebrity true or false were things of been reported around and see if they're true or not. I appreciate you planning celebrity true false or Gerald McCranie. And we also have some great production volume, please, that's that that's the that's the production on a very good you been around in your country. Impressed by the production. First up for you Gerald McCranie. True or false, you dropped onto Ole Miss and then you worked in Louisiana oilfields on offshore rigs in the Gulf of Mexico is a true or false. I worked both onshore and offshore rigs. I was once called my blogger and that's sort of 1/2 ass geologist you keep track of the drill rate the material that your drilling through in you determine whether there is an all oil bearing sand right and things like that.

But I worked half the year in the oil field and the other half the year in a repertory company in New Orleans but working in the oil patch allowed me to afford getting an acting career started.

I'm really only one working in the oil fields. Such double digit anybody worked in the oil fields with you. You know it didn't come watch you and your other job today. Come check you out. It's an interesting thing.

The first job I had new oilfields actually working on survey crew for an oil company and non-one of the guys who was on that crew with me had a son who wound up out here in Southern California and got in touch with me.

That's when I was doing major dad and I had him come out and sit in the audience and be there for the filming of one of our episodes, major dad and another guy on that crew actually what whole book for me when we were finished with our work for the day, he would hold book for me, my audition scenes for the rep company that I wound up joining in the walling and some very nice people and that's what have you helped get you started.

We have yeah but some great guys in the oil patch down there. True or false, you hold the distinction of being the last guest star to meet Matt Dillon in a gunfight and Gunsmoke is an out-of-town fight showdown where we both go for our guns.

There was either a gunplay in the rest of the episode that I was the last one to draw against Matt Dillon in the last episode of the 20th year cut.

The term badly for me didn't turn out well, but somewhat you're the last I did meeting okay. As a matter of fact were doing a rehearsal and I had practice drawing the gun inside and look stupid doing just I can only do it at one speed and were rehearsing the thing in our analysis, there and I pulled out and he was just about to touch is and he looked at the director and said a good 20 year run. Okay Lisa. Lisa took it in good humor. All doubt that cast they were such great people. The first episode I did of Gunsmoke. I have seen with Millburn stone and I was nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof and the scene itself wasn't working and Millburn stone that it wasn't working as well. Right.

And he just said to the director to stop from and he took me aside and we started improvising the scene back and forth came back and Millburn side here's what were going to do is go ahead and hold For and we went partner worked in but he sensed my discomfort with the scene and made it work for me and everybody on that show us that way.

Next up first literature, false or Gerald McCranie. True or false Europe for the role of Luke Duke on Dukes of Hazard. True or false. Well anyway, I did an early audition for it and they asked me to do it again and do it in a really broad way and I just I didn't feel comfortable doing that and I think they wanted a really redneck dumb ass saw the assassin you know I done asked Southerner, I rather resented and said to him repertory, now okay so that instead. And you are not right for the role as we know, okay, how did you wind up with Simon. Simon then how did that because I was at that was your first long. There there a pilot for a series called Gypsy warrior. This that fill the gear had created and they did their pilot and I was up for one of the two leads but they decided to go with some guy named Selleck instead. I don't know why but anyway that the same guy created Simon and Simon and they had already hired Jamison Parker and they had gone through everybody else in Hollywood and New York and nobody quite fit in so you know, scraping the bottom of the barrel that came to me and asked if I would come over and read with Jamison and I did. I think that was on Wednesday and the following Monday I was in Florida shooting the first pilot that we did and did about what's eight years eight years. It was on and then you went to major dad directly from that right yeah I think I had three months between Simon and Simoneau major dad and the producer started out as a line producer and wound up executive producer of Simon and Simon with the guy who came up with the concept of major dad so it all worked out perfectly. Why do you think major dad works Gerald McRae.

I think people at that time were ready to embrace the military 1989 through 93. Yeah, and one of the reasons that I wanted to do a show like that. As I had family. People who work career military and in television throughout the 70s all you saw was stuff that was like about the craziest Vietnam veteran.

While I knew a lot of people who served in Vietnam and you know they were and not the craziest Vietnam veteran and they want Rambo. There were just ordinary people who had an extraordinary job to do and they did it and I wanted to sort of represent that on television and that's why you think it worked as well as he and I think people were ready for the and people are still coming up to you and talking to about that yet to this day Joe McCranie here on the rich eyes and show I restrained myself from jumping in about deadwood from the minute he walked on the set because it is truly one of the most remarkable dramas I've ever seen you jointed midway through last episode of the second season right and then came back for the third season where you were a real bad man. I was stunned, but you sure were playing George Hearst was the father of William Randolph Hearst and Citizen Kane. And you know you came in and just totally upended the town of Deadwood. What was that like for you to join that cast in that show. That was some of the greatest fun I've ever had fun. I like it all. Yeah, and to be able to do such delicious writing I was. That was a gift and every actor on the show will tell you the same thing that David's writing is what made that show such a joy. When we came back to do the movie after 15 years just came back to do a movie. An interesting thing all the actors had their little trailers and all outside the stage but between shots between setups between scenes.

Nobody went back to their trailer. Everybody hung out just offstage to catch up to just shoot the bull with each other is because nobody we missed each other so much and we miss doing that show so much and there were so much anticipation. It sounded because I was waiting for for the film. I was waiting for 1/4 season to be very honest with you and when you refer to daily, referring to David Milch who wrote the most filthy iambic pentameter and they held hands that I mean it just like I didn't know what words could come out and sound so lyrical and be so filthy as he did. Is it true he was riding new lines literally up-to-the-minute before you were an isolated absolutely couldn't been easy at all for you. Actually, I found it terribly easy because his writing was a good deal like doing Shakespeare. There was a rhythm to it and once you caught that rhythm, it was for me actually rather easy to learn the dial. We had one scene that I had to do that originally was like a page of dialogue and on the day that we were to shoot it.

I'm in makeup, getting ready to go shoot the scene they bring me a rewrite thing was like five pages.

Most of it was just me talking and we got through it on the first take so again, the words good words have a tendency to go into your brain easily. Yes, bad writing doesn't it. Did you know your brain wants to reject bad writing, and not I've had to do some things like that to. And those those scenes are hard to learn that David's writing was easy to learn. So who was the one that you and I mean if We could choose favorites but who was the one who you did scenes with where you knew this was going to crackle. Who was it everybody. Everybody really everybody but I guess especially Ian and God bless them powers booth, may he rest in peace me out of it for you see every word out of his mouth seems to guess yes he was brilliant he was.

Dino well and that in NCIS: Los Angeles. Again, it is returning to CBS and Paramount plus on October 9 on Sunday. What was it like for you to be back in the old good old procedural crime drama what's it like for you Joe McCranie. We got don't let them know but it's like stealing money we might leave fingerprints. That sounds like a an episode yes like stealing money. It really is something I'm just looking at the way your career started where so many procedural dramas that you were in crime and the Rockford files back that he plans you and I mean like these are some Petra Sally Beretta you are on your on the some of the best of the best and when Martin shows, way back in productions sure yeah but I I have to say you mention Rockford files this her to get started in my favorite things about that show this out. The first one I did.

I had a scene to do and I'm in my little dressing room. One of four, five and a row and I just arrived and there's a knock on the door and I thought these can they be ready. That quickly. I opened the door and there's Jim Garner who says Tejas I'm Jim just wanted to welcome you and show hope you have fun was it, but that was the way that man wants. I'm a day player. I'm doing a scene and he went out of his way to welcome me to a show. Months later, my parents come out here for a visit and I arrange for them to have lunch with me at the commissary universal which was a big to do for sure and I saw that Rockford files were shooting right across the street from I went over there just to see if Jim was there anyone is and I knocked on his trailer and his assistant came and answered the door said hi to me and everything I said I just wanted to see if Jim was going to have a moment to say hello to my parents live as an executive in there with Jim who said something to the effect of we don't have time to which Jim responded well were going to have to make some time came out and spent like the next hour with my parents just kept executive in their cooling.

This key learning some manners. I will never forget that as long as I live. He was the finest gentleman I think I've run across in this business. Again, rest his soul, but he was such an outstanding man and you must've been. I'm assuming a fan of maverick and the grain is galloping highly as Ackley who that was all sure going into that. Yeah, he was one of the guys I looked up to. When I was in an amateur and just getting started and I look up to them to this day while I truly huge fan of your work that be huge fan and I can't wait to see more of what you're doing because you argue just on the screen every time you're on it and everybody should watch again NCIS: Los Angeles. 14th season of that program at Premier Sunday, October 9 10 Eastern on CBS and Paramount plus I appreciate you coming on is my pleasure before you go out the door, I do need you to sign the deadwood hat home absolutely. I'll do that when we take a break. The deadwood hat that is been autographed by everybody that's come through here.

Titus Welliver left his name out. He came in the permit, promote the latest season of boss I need you to sign it with your favorite curse word.

You got a okay very good job McCranie here on the rich doesn't show. We will take you to your weekend of football viewing when we come back.

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Get in the zone AutoZone Chris rock then you have some seeking good games to get people to gather some assistance.

Let's enter please right here on the rich eyes and show Chris Brockman with good games contest likely has arrived there hereto for undisclosed competitive. Dick ever sold his callback and want to know how we got to Brokaw Tom Brokaw for that open so I just told him look. We got over there Chris, their eyewear wanted to last week, Panthers hosted we should've won that game should be to lose weight is just all the collective we who're tailing eyes let's do it on first Avenue and one of the total in New England and Pittsburgh. This is going to be a slog. I can anticipate a lot of scoring in this game. I'm going under 40 1/2 at the low number but I feel like it was 20 to 7 last week. I don't have the patches going under in Pittsburgh okay also is good. Dallas is all that they did last week with Jack Prescott. Will you do without that Prescott later points take the bangles they bounce back big bangles -7 Raiders also to get a bounce back game. Arizona might be in the bottom five teams in the NFL this year they just one week.

Chris looking away the Raiders 5 1/2. I like the Raiders by at least two scores maybe two touchdowns. Under New England, Pittsburgh way the points bangles away the points. Raiders let's go okay that's your sneaky good games you while I honor I can imagine Arizona's good to be that that just as the Chiefs just boat race them in week one. I don't know there's a good arch tell me about it back here play tell me about it. Million degrees that game okay so TJ Jefferson you'd like to assist people in their fantasy conundrums.

I guess her existence recall this TJ's started to set up

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